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Grand Coulee Dam Area Visitors’ Guide 2016-2017

The Grand Coulee Washington’s Grand Canyon

A Supplement to The Star Newspaper


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Table of Contents

Basic Questions................................................................. 3-6 Grand Coulee Dam Facts.............................. 6-7, 8, 12-14 Where Can I Camp.............................................................15 Are the Fish Biting?..................................................... 16-17 Monthly Fishing Guide.............................................. 17-18 Hunting the Coulee.................................................... 18-19 Lake Roosevelt Facts.................................................. 20-21 Parks or Viewpoints...........................................................26

“Coulee” Facts............................................................... 27-28 Colville/Native People............................................... 30-32 Chelan............................................................................. 34-35 Laser Show Facts.................................................................45 Welcome to Wilbur............................................................36 Welcome to Okanogan County.............................. 37-49 Ad Index.......................................................................... 43-44


Banks Lake.............................. 4-6,10,14-16,20-25,24-25,28-30 Lake Roosevelt.................................................14,20-21,22-24,28 Camping/Accomodations ............. 7-8,17,26-27,37,39,41,43,47 Map of Area...............................................................................29-31 Casinos.................................................................................................5 Municipal Parks .................................................................26-28,41 Crown Point Vista................................................................... 4,6,26 Museums ...................................................................................21-23 Fishing .......................................................................................18-20 National Park Service.................................................17-19,23-24 Fruit Stand....................................................................................... 7,6 Native Americans - History..................................................32-34 Grand Coulee Dam.................... 3-4,6,8-10,16,18,23,26,30-31 Steamboat Rock State Park....................................4-5, 19-20,28 Golfing.........................................................................................43-44 Spring Canyon Campground/Park............. 4,5,17, 19-20, 23,28 Hiking.....................................................................5,14,17,23,28-30 Swimming...........................................................5, 17-18, 22-23,2-28 Hunting, Wildlife......................................................................18-21 Laser Lights at Grand Coulee Dam.......................................4,47

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About the Cover Looking north from the "Million Dollar Mile" above Banks Lake, shadows from clouds in this September photo help bring out the immensity of the walls of the upper Grand Coulee. Steamboat Rock is in the background. The drive from Soap Lake at the southern end of the Lower Grand Coulee to Electric City at the upper end of Banks Lake is one of the most spectacular in the state. The Grand Coulee never looks the same twice, often dotted with waterfalls in spring, or ice climbers in deep winter.


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Basic Questions

What town am I in?

There are four towns adjacent to the Grand Coulee Dam. The city of Grand Coulee is above the dam. Electric City is two miles west of Grand Coulee.These two municipalities are located in Grant County. To the north, the town of Coulee Dam is directly below the dam. Coulee Dam — divided by the river — lies within three counties: Okanogan County on the east side of the river, and Douglas County and a tiny portion of Grant County on the west side of the river. The town of Elmer City, less than two miles north of Coulee Dam, also is in Okanogan County. The Colville Indian Reservation begins in the middle of the Columbia River Bridge in Coulee Dam and extends north to Omak. The east side of Coulee Dam and the town of Elmer City are within the boundaries of the reservation.

What time does the laser light show begin?

The laser show is held nightly at Grand Coulee Dam as follows for 2016: May 28 to July 31 at 10:00 p.m. Aug. 1 to Aug. 31 at 9:30 p.m. Sept. 1 to Sept. 30 at 8:30 p.m. The show is about 28 minutes in length. There is no admission fee. Call 633-9265 for more information.

Where can I view this show?

• The best location — the Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center (VC) at the dam and from the park below theVC. These areas are covered by an outdoor sound system. • On the east side of the bridge and across the street from the Coulee Dam Casino, a terraced, grassy park makes a great place to watch the show and hear the accompanying audio. • Other view spots: from Douglas Park in Coulee Dam, from Crown Point Vista atop the granite cliffs and above Lake Rufus Woods — access from SR-174 toward Bridgeport. • The USBR broadcasts the audio portion of the Laser Light Show nightly at 90.1 FM.

photo courtesy of USBR

How do I take a tour of Grand Coulee Dam?

At the U.S.Bureau of Reclamation’s Visitor Center on SR-155 just north of Coulee Dam, tours are offered. The VC offers movies about the dam, informational displays, and guides can answer questions.You can get the latest information there,or call 509-633-9265.

Where are public restrooms? • Steamboat Rock State Park, SR-155 eight miles south of Electric City • Coulee Playland, SR-155, Electric City • North Dam Park, SR-155, west of Grand Coulee • Grand Coulee City Hall, SR-155, Grand Coulee • Grand Coulee City Park, SR-174 • Etheta Anderson Memorial Library, Grand Coulee • Spring Canyon, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, SR-174 east • VC and park below • Mason City Memorial Park, Coulee Dam, across street from shopping center. • Coulee Dam Town Hall, 300 Lincoln, Coulee Dam

Where can I find overnight accommodations? • AREA MOTELS: Coulee Dam - Columbia River Inn, 10 Lincoln Avenue, 509-633-2100, 800-633-6421 Grand Coulee - Grand Coulee Center Lodge, 404 Spokane Way, 509-633-2860, 866-633-2860; TrailWest Motel, 108 Spokane Way, 509-633-3155, 866-633-8157. Electric City - Sunbanks Lake Resort, 57662 SR-155 N, 509-633-3786, 888-822-7195; • The Skydeck Motel, on Banks Lake, 509-633-0290 • AREA CAMPGROUNDS - Steamboat Rock State Park on Banks Lake, 11 miles south of Electric City on SR-155, 509-633-1304; Spring Canyon on Lake Roosevelt, 1.4 miles east of Grand Coulee on SR174, 509-633-9188; Coulee Playland Resort on Banks Lake in Electric City, 509-633-2671; Grand Coulee RV Park, SR-174 toward Bridgeport, 509633-0750; Lakeview Terrace Mobile Park, 2.4 miles east of Grand Coulee on SR-174, 509-633-2169; King’s Court, SR-174 toward Wilbur, 509-633-3655. 3


Where can I eat? Family Style

Fusion Café & Espresso, Electric City Melody Restaurant, east of the bridge, Coulee Dam Pepper Jack’s Bar & Grille, 113 Midway Ave., Grand Coulee R&A Cafe, 514 Birch St., Coulee Dam Sunbanks Cantina, on Banks Lake

Fast Foods

Jack's 4 Corners, Grand Coulee Hometown Pizza, Highway 155, Grand Coulee Electric City Bar & Grill, Electric City


Siam Palace, Main St., Grand Coulee La Presa, SR-174, Grand Coulee

Where can I have a picnic?

Where can I launch a boat?

Public launches on Banks Lake are at: Coulee Playland, Jones Bay, Northrup Point and Steamboat Rock State Park. On Lake Roosevelt, local launch ramps are at Crescent Bay in the city of Grand Coulee, and at Spring Canyon campground, both operated by the National Park Service. The Columbia River below Grand Coulee Dam (Lake Rufus Woods) can be accessed at Seaton's Grove, north of Elmer City.

Where can I buy postcards, gifts, souvenirs?

Many area retailers carry postcards, as do motels, restaurants and area concessionaires. • In Coulee Dam: Colville Tribal Museum Harvest Foods & Variety Coulee View & Fuel • In Grand Coulee: Jack's Four-Corners, Spring Canyon Exxon • In Electric City: Coulee Playland Resort H&H Grocery Sunbanks Lake Resort Coulee Pioneer Museum • Outer Area: Trading Post, Nespelem Grant Co. Museum, Ephrata

• Steamboat Rock State Park, SR155, eight miles south of Electric City in the Grand Coulee • Spring Canyon, SR-174 east toward Spokane • Grand Coulee Dam’s Visitor Center Park, below dam and Roosevelt Memorial Park. (Look for the bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt off SR155 near the top of the dam.) • Municipal parks are located at: North Dam Park, SR-155, Grand Coulee (covered eating area); Grand Coulee City Park, SR-174 east toward Spokane; Douglas Park, SR-155, Coulee Dam; Cole Park, just off View from the park below the Visitor Center SR-155 on Columbia Avenue (do not cross Columbia River Bridge); Mason City Memorial Park, across • Colville Confederated Tribes street from Coulee Dam shopping center; National Casino, 516 Birch, Coulee Dam Park Service headquarters, Crest Drive, Coulee Dam. • Banks Lake Golf and Country Club, public golf, SR-

What else is there to do besides tour the dam?

Where can I fish?

Banks Lake in the Grand Coulee, Lake Roosevelt behind Grand Coulee Dam, and Lake Rufus Woods below Grand Coulee Dam. All three are year-round fisheries. Fishing is also permitted on the Colville Indian Reservation on McGinnis Lake and Buffalo Lake. FISHING REGULATIONS KEEP CHANGING. PLEASE REFER TO THE CURRENT STATE AND TRIBAL FISHING REGULATIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION. 4

155 west of Electric City, 7 a.m. - dark • Hiking trails at Candy Point; Northrup Canyon; Steamboat Rock; down river below Grand Coulee Dam; Bunchgrass Prairie Nature Trail at Spring Canyon; a historic walk through old Coulee Dam • Houseboat, skiing and fishing boat rentals on Lake Roosevelt • Boating on Banks Lake, Lake Roosevelt and Rufus Woods Lake; Small boat, party boat and pedal boat rentals at Coulee Playland, Electric City; • Swimming at Steamboat Rock State Park and Coulee Playland on Banks Lake;and at Spring Canyon Continued on page 5



Spectators watch a demonstration at Grand Coulee's Skate Park in North Dam Park.

on Lake Roosevelt • Canoeing with a National Park Service ranger on Crescent Lake, below the city of Grand Coulee. Dates are subject to change. Call 509-754-7886 for info. Check with a ranger for times, which change as the summer progresses. Not guaranteed each summer. • Gehrke Windmills, North Dam Park, Grand Coulee • Panoramic view of Grand Coulee Dam at Crown Point Vista. Take Highway 174 two miles west toward Bridgeport and watch for signs. Great spot for camera buffs. • Bowling at Riverview Lanes in Coulee Dam • Public library, Federal Avenue, Grand Coulee • Tennis courts at North Dam Park, Grand Coulee; behind the credit union in Coulee Dam's Cole Park; and at Lake Roosevelt High School • Year-round fishing • Skate Park, North Dam • See Chamber's "play" page on for other activities

Where are the grocery stores/ mini marts? • Electric City — H&H Grocery, Coulee Playland and Sunbanks Lake Resort. • Grand Coulee — 4 Corners where SR-174/155 meet; Spring Canyon on Grand Coulee Ave., Safeway on SR-174.; Coulee Gas, on the Midway. • Coulee Dam — Harvest Foods & Variety, Coulee Dam Shopping Center, Coulee View 2 Okanogan Ave. • Outer Area — Trading Post, SR-155, Nespelem

Where are holding tanks dumped?

At Coulee Playland,Electric City;Steamboat Rock State Park on Banks Lake;Spring Canyon on Lake Roosevelt; and at Coulee Dam's station on Stevens Street, one block off Columbia, near Coulee View 2 Mini Mart.

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Visitors on a tour bus stop on top of Grand Coulee Dam to take photos from the top of the massive spillway and roiling river below. Some people find it hard to grasp the size of the dam, often thinking it’s smaller than it is. A careful peek over the edge is called for, and more than a few selfies are taken with smartphones.

Grand Coulee Dam Facts When was Grand Coulee Dam built and by whom? The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation began construction of Grand Coulee Dam in 1933 as the key structure in its multipurpose Columbia Basin Project. It has since become the linchpin in harnessing the second largest river in the United States. It took nine years to build the dam, but even more years of battling and political maneuvering before construction started. While it was recognized early in the century that the Columbia Basin had rich farmland that only needed water to flourish, the method for providing that water caused much controversy. A Spokane group insisted upon a 134-mile gravity-flow canal from 6

Lake Pend Oreille to the Basin, while a Wenatchee/ Central Washington group favored building a big dam on the Columbia at Grand Coulee. The battle raged for 13 years. At its conclusion, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized $60 million to get the dam project started. In the Grand Coulee, life changed dramatically and quickly once work on the dam began in 1933. Not only did the undertaking of this massive project forever change the shape of the river, but overnight it created towns where nothing but sagebrush, sand and rocks had previously existed. Thousands came to the Grand Coulee looking for work in the midst of the Depression. They worked around the clock to finish the dam by 1942.



Big job

Above, workers are doing maintenance on the drum gates on top of the spillway on Grand Coulee Dam. At right, a shot of the full height of the dam while the same work is happening. The two photos together give some sense of the size of the dam, which is often difficult to grasp, even while standing in front of it. The drum gates, which hold back and allow the regulated spill of the water behind the dam, are in the fully lowered position, except for the two that are slightly raised. Lake Roosevelt must be lowered at least 35 feet from full pool to do the work.

How many dams are on the Columbia River?

How big is Grand Coulee Dam?

Altogether, a total of 11 dams have been built on the river in the United States, as it winds its way from the Canadian border toward the Pacific Ocean; Grand Coulee Dam is the keystone of the Columbia River system dams. Five other dams in the Big Bend region of the river also offer facilities for visitors — Chief Joseph Dam on Highway 17 in Bridgeport; Wells Dam, south of Brewster on Highway 97; Rocky Reach Dam, north of Wenatchee on Highway 97; Wanapum Dam, six miles south of the I-90 crossing of the Columbia; and Priest Rapids Dam on Highway 243.

Grand Coulee Dam dwarfs the Great Pyramids of Egypt and generates more power than a million locomotives. An engineering wonder, it is also the country’s largest hydroelectric project. Grand Coulee Dam is one of the largest concrete structures in the world, containing almost 12 million cubic yards of concrete. It towers 550 feet above bedrock (as high as the Washington Monument) and is 500 feet wide at its base. There is enough concrete in the dam to build two standard six-foot- wide sidewalks around the world at the equator.



What is the dam’s main purpose? Actually, Grand Coulee Dam has three important functions: irrigation, power production and flood control. Although electricity was not foreseen as a primary function when the dam was built, today the production of electrical energy is one of Grand Coulee Dam’s most important jobs. Recreation is another important function, facilitated by the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

How is the electricity produced? Electricity is generated by unseen torrents of water rushing through the turbines within the dam’s hydroelectric plants. There are three powerhouses at Grand Coulee Dam with a total rated capacity of 6,809 megawatts, making this dam the largest hydroelectric producer in the United States.

How many acres does Grand Coulee Dam help irrigate? Water supplied by Grand Coulee Dam irrigates more than 600,000 acres of rich farmland in the Columbia Basin annually. Water from Lake Roosevelt (behind the dam) is lifted 280 feet up a hillside to flow into the Banks Lake reservoir, where it starts a journey that eventually covers an area more than twice the size of the state of Delaware. Each of the six conventional pumps in Grand Coulee’s Pump-Generator Plant is powered by a 65,000-horsepower motor and will pump 1,600 cubic feet of water per second, or 781,128 gallons per minute. In addition, six pump-generators, each having a 67,500-horsepower rating, can pump 1,948 cubic feet of water per second. One of these 12 units can fill the water needs of a city the size of Chicago.

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A full moon rises behind the bridge and the spillway gates on top of Grand Coulee Dam.

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How does Grand Coulee Dam help in flood control?

Each spring,the water level of Lake Roosevelt,behind Grand Coulee Dam, is lowered to make space for massive amounts of water that will flow down the Columbia River in late spring and summer as rising temperatures melt snow in the Rocky Mountains.The water is “captured” in the lake to prevent flooding downstream and to provide a steady flow of water for the whole year.

How big is Lake Roosevelt behind Grand Coulee Dam?

The dam’s blocking of the Columbia River has created Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, which extends 151 miles upstream to the Canadian border.The reservoir has a shoreline of 660 miles, a surface area of 82,000 acres, and a total storage capacity of 9,562,000 acrefeet of water.

How is Lake Roosevelt managed for public recreation?

Recreation on the lake is managed cooperatively by three federal agencies and two Indian tribes.The National Park Service has authority for the portion of the lake and adjacent shoreland comprising the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (LRNRA). The Colville Confederated Tribes and the Spokane Tribe manage public recreation along the areas of the lake and shoreline that fall within their reservation boundaries. Other partners cooperating in the lake’s management are the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Each year, more than a million visitors enjoy the beauty and recreational opportunities of the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.


The Visitor Center at Grand Coulee Dam offers great interactive and fun displays, plus knowledgeable guides, to help you learn about the dam and its role in our past and present.

How do I take a tour of Grand Coulee Dam?

This 50-minute guided tour is free of charge and available only on a first-come, first-served basis.The tour begins at the tour building, on the east side of the river above the Third Power Plant,where you will board a van and be taken to the Pump-Generating Plant. Highlights include a look at the large pumps used for transporting water from Lake Roosevelt to the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project, concluding with a van ride across the top of the dam. HandicapAccessible tours are available with advanced notice by calling (509) 633-9265. All tour participants are required to pass through a metal detector prior to beginning the tour.Weapons, purses, bags, backpacks, fanny packs, and packages are not permitted on the tour. Cameras, but not camera cases, are allowed on the tour. On-site storage for personal belongings is not available. Be sure to lock your car. A federal armed security officer will escort all public tours.



Knowledgeable Bureau of Reclamation tour guides are full of information and tips about Grand Coulee Dam. Tours can change, depending on activities and scheduled maintenance within the dam.

Taking the tour The Visitor Center at Grand Coulee Dam is full of interactive, engaging exhibits, and is the best place to get information. But guided tours of the dam actually start across the river, where you’ll board a bus or van staffed with a knowledgeable guide to take you first to the John W. Keys III Pump-Generating Plant. The 50-minute tour is free and offered on a firstcome, first-served basis. It’s a good idea to arrive early. Call 509-633-9265 for the latest information. Visitors are first screened through a metal detector and cannot take bags of any kind on the tour, including camera, diaper bags, or purses. There is no on-site storage. In addition to the tour,ask at the award-winning Visitor Center about their Geocache Challenge.

John W. Keys III Pump-Generating Plant Guided Tour This 50-minute guided tour is free of charge and available only on a

first-served basis. The tour begins at the tour parking lot on Tour first-come, Times the east side of the dam where you will board a bus to be taken to the

April 1 Pump-Generating – May 27 Plant. The tour concludes with a bus ride across the top of the dam. Accessible 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m., 4 are available with advanced notice by calling (509) 633-9265.

All tour participants are required to pass through a metal detector prior

May 28toand –beginning Sept.the5tour. Weapons, purses, bags, backpacks, fanny packs, packages are not permitted on the tour. Cameras, but not camera 10 a.m., 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m. belongings cases, arep.m., 3 allowed on the tour. Onsitep.m., 5 storage for personal

is not available. Be sure to lock your car. Call (509) 633-9265 to inquire about tour availability.

Sept. 6 – Oct. 31 For More Information 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m. Bureau of Reclamation

Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center PO Box 620 Grand Coulee, WA 99133-0620 (509) 633-9265



Interactive exhibits offer fun at Visitor Center Redesigned and installed in 2006, exhibits at the Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center aren't just to look at. From a highdefinition video game that lets you fly through the dam as you learn, to the hands-on experience of touching tools used to build the dam, to a newly produced (2014) documentary film in the upstairs theater, the VC offers something for everyone.

Open 24 Hours

Great Convenience Store & Deli 509.631.7466 212 Midway Ave., Grand Coulee on SR 155, north of Safeway 14



Where can I camp?

At a private campground

Coulee Playland Resort , SR-155, 509-633-2671 King’s Court RV Park, SR-174 (East), Grand Coulee, 509-633-3655, with laundry and more Grand Coulee RV Park, SR-174 toward Bridgeport. 509-633-0750.

At a state park

• Steamboat Rock State Park — One of the most popular attractions along Banks Lake, this park is a 900-acre camping, swimming, hiking and boating mecca. One of more than 100 state parks, Steamboat Rock is among Washington’s best. It has a sandy beach and sheltered swim area (no lifeguards), plus a modern bath house and a concession stand. The wide grassy picnic area contains playground equipment and a truly unique view of Banks Lake and Steamboat Rock. For overnight camping, this state park offers 100 campsites with full hookups.Water, electricity, sewer, tables and stoves are on each site, and 26 standard sites with table, stove, and tent pad, plus 12 boat-in campsites located on the north end of Steamboat Rock. The restrooms have hot showers. The park also offers 80 primitive sites at Jones Bay and Osborn Bay Campgrounds, with tables, stoves and vault toilets, but no running water. Steamboat Rock State Park is part of the state’s reservation camping system. Reservations can be made year round by going online at or by calling 888-226-7688. The popular campground fills up fast and early reservations are recommended. The park is open for camping year-round. Please Note: A permit is required at all state parks for boat launching, and trailer dumping. Permits may be obtained at the park office or from the Washington State Parks Commission in Olympia, Washington.

At one of the NPS Campgrounds

There are 35 campgrounds located along the 660 miles of shoreline around Lake Roosevelt. Five of these are maintained by the Colville Confederated Tribes, two others by the Spokane Tribes and 28 by the National Park Service. These facilities are available for camping, picnicking, boating, swimming and fishing. NPS camping sites along the lake vary from fee campgrounds with major facilities, including picnic areas, swim beaches and interpretive programs, to

primitive boat-in campgrounds. • Spring Canyon on SR-174 is the closest NPS campground; turn left approximately three miles east of the town of Grand Coulee. There are 87 campsites including RV (dump station but no hookups), tent and group camping sites. Fees are charged. Reservations are available by going online at or by calling 877-444-6777. Other major NPS campgrounds are located at Keller Ferry, Fort Spokane, Porcupine Bay and Kettle Falls. • Keller Ferry is about 14 miles from Spring Canyon by boat,or 15 miles overland from the Highway 2 cutoff near Wilbur.This area includes a marina, store, and free ferry across the lake to the Colville reservation. • Fort Spokane, built in 1880 and used by the U.S. Army until 1898, became an Indian agency,boarding school and tuberculosis hospital until the late 1920s. It’s about 50 miles up the lake from Spring Canyon at the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers. To see Fort Spokane, take SR-174 to Highway 2 east, watch for road signs and turn north at Miles-Creston Road, just east of Creston. • The Fort Spokane campground is the second largest in the recreation area. Picnic area, historic trail, swim beach and boat launch are available. • Kettle Falls, at the north end of the lake, is enjoyed for its beautiful setting and good boating. It has a houseboat rental operation.

Indian Reservation Camping

There are several campsites on the Colville Indian Reservation open to non-members. Various permits and random camp fees (for boats along the lake) can be purchased for one day, three days, seven days and seasonal. If a ranger sells a permit in the field,there will be an additional fee. Look for reservation camping guidelines at area camping outlets, or call 509-634-3145.

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Are the fish biting? Is fishing good in the GCD area?

The three largest reservoirs in the state of Washington are within 10 miles of Grand Coulee Dam — Roosevelt, Banks and Rufus Woods all offer excellent year-round fishing. McGinnis and Buffalo Lakes on the Colville Confederated Tribes‘ reservation can also be fished. Many changes have occurred to the warm-water fisheries on Banks Lake and Lake Roosevelt. Increased smallmouth bass and walleye limits and reduced size restrictions should keep you out on the lake all day! Make sure you measure your fish and keep only what you can eat.

What kinds of fish are found locally?

There are over 14 species of game fish found in nearby Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, Rufus Woods Lake and Banks Lake. These include: largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, kokanee, perch, crappie, whitefish, ling cod, sunfish and sturgeon. The sturgeon is by far the largest, and has been known to measure over 13 feet and weigh over 1,000 pounds. For fishing information, call Coulee Playland Resort at 509-633-2671.

When can I fish Lake Roosevelt?

This major waterway is a year-round fishery in Washington state. Fishermen are reminded to adhere to state and tribal fishing regulations. Copies are available where fishing licenses are sold. Rainbow and kokanee are the stars of the lake, with walleye and smallmouth bass in supporting roles. In the summer months, trolling is the most popular way to fish the lake. During the cooler months, bank fishing is popular where fishermen can stand by a fire or sit in their rigs while waiting for the fish to strike. Still fishing is popular above Grand Coulee Dam during the winter and spring. A tribal license is required on the north side of the reservation on Colville Reservation and above the Third Powerhouse.

What kind of fishery is Banks Lake?

The sprawling Banks Lake reservoir covers 30,000 acres and is regarded as one of the finest fishing lakes in the state for bass, perch and walleye. In 16

Catch bass on Banks and Lake Roosevelt. spring, summer and fall, it provides plenty of room for fishermen, both along its shores and from boats. In winter, ice fishing is popular and, depending on the winter, can last as long as four months. Banks Lake has a growing reputation and is becoming increasingly attractive to bass organizations hosting tournaments.For more information on these tournaments, stop by or call Coulee Playland Resort at 509-633-2671.

Where are some tribal lakes?

Rufus Woods Lake – 52-mile reservoir stretching from Grand Coulee Dam to Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, is an excellent fishery too. In the dam area, a boat launch is located near Elmer City on Lower River Road.Heading north,turn left onto Lower River Road just past Lake Roosevelt High School on SR-155. Or ask one of the friendly folks in Elmer City. Boating is prohibited between the SR-155 bridge and Grand Coulee Dam. McGinnis Lake – Take SR-155 north from Coulee Dam toward Nespelem. Approximately one mile past Elmer City (three miles from Coulee Dam) turn right on the Peter Dan Road. Drive about three miles, then watch for a sign which indicates a left turn toward McGinnis and Buffalo lakes. Three or four miles after this turnoff, the road comes to a “T.” Take the right turn and the lake is a quarter mile away. Buffalo Lake – Follow the same directions to McGinnis Lake, but turn left at the “T” instead of right. Buffalo Lake lies another three to four miles beyond, on a good dirt road.



Clear waters and sandy beaches on Lake Roosevelt make for happy dogs, as well as humans.

Can you fish on the reservation?

Fishing is permitted on the waters of Rufus Woods Lake or within the Colville Confederated Tribes "designated fish area" with either a tribal permit or state license. More designated areas will be added later. For updates, call the state Department of Fish and Wildlife at 509-754-4624. Non-members of the Colville Tribes must purchase a special permit for all other reservation waters. These can be purchased at certain local businesses, such as Coulee Playland Resort in Electric City. Please note: a state license is required when fishing from the shoreline of Douglas County on Rufus Woods Lake. Also, anglers fishing the Spokane Arm (of Lake Roosevelt) must have a Spokane tribal permit when they fish from the reservation shore out to the midpoint of the Spokane Arm’s channel. Anglers wishing to fish the Sanpoil River arm of Lake Roosevelt would do well to check with tribal authorities for permits.

Monthly Fishing Guide

January: Ice fishing attracts its own special following in the coulee. Some years, Banks Lake has safe ice for four months; other years, for only two week; and at times, no ice at all. Ice may form as early as December and run through February, or be available only for a fortnight in January. A unique way to ice fish on this lake is at night using a gas lantern with the prey being whitefish. The best ice fishing spots on Banks Lake is the causeway area west of Electric City—for perch. Many anglers fish the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt for large rainbow by parking their vehicle next to the lake. (Caution: unattended poles warrant a $100 fine.) A

two-rod endorsement may be purchased; check the fishing regulations. February: Walleye fishing now comes into its own, with boat fishermen launching their boats at the Elmer City ramp (below the dam; check on accessibility) and fishing either upstream to the Highway 155 bridge or downstream to Chief Joseph Dam, a distance of approximately 50 miles. Shore fishing continues along Lake Roosevelt for large rainbow and kokanee (silvers or landlocked sockeye salmon). March: During the month of March, the ice is about gone from Banks Lake and now the big walleye are caught. Fishing on Lake Roosevelt, is good not only from a boat but also from the shore. Crescent Bay Lake, midway between Grand Coulee and the dam, offers spiny ray fishing from the bank. Boats with motors are not permitted on the lake. The fishing is also good for walleye and trout in the Columbia River below Grand Coulee Dam. April: The month of April is a continuation of March fishing patterns, with a few additions.The lakes on the Colville Indian Reservation open to fishing. McGinnis and Buffalo lakes provide excellent trout fishing. McGinnis Lake has only eastern brook, with some exceeding three pounds. Buffalo carries “brookies,” rainbow and kokanee. Weekend bass tournaments are scheduled April through October on Banks Lake. Bass tournament headquarters are usually at Coulee Playland Resort (between Grand Coulee and Electric City). The Banks Lake Triple Fish Challenge is held the last weekend in April.



Hunting the Coulee

What’s it like?

To the outdoorsman who likes to hunt, the Grand Coulee Dam area offers unparalleled hunting pleasure. No matter if the hunter is in pursuit of fur, feathers or horns, the coulee has much to offer to the sportsman. Beginning in September with the opening of dove season, through the middle of March when the rabbit season ends, the hunter will find a variety of Many great spots to fish around Banks Lake. animals, birds and waterfowl to test his or her skills. Weather extremes are also a factor. The dove seaMay: Many area fishermen head for Grand Coulee son opener usually brings the warmest weather of the Dam in May, where they fish directly upstream or year. A goose hunter in December and January may downstream from the dam. experience sub-zero temperatures, while the March Rainbow and walleye are caught not only early in rabbit hunter will encounter weather comparable to late October and early November. the evening, but also during the pre-dawn hours. The mourning doves arrive in July and by the first A major bass tournament is held on Banks Lake over of September, the normal opening day, this migrathe Memorial Day weekend. tory buzz-bomb is ready to test the mettle of the best wing shooter. They always fly fast. Then add a June: In Banks Lake, the walleye are taking jigs and tail wind and they will appear and disappear in the spinners, just about anything tipped with a nightblink of an eye. These birds can be found in stubble crawler. fields on both sides of the coulee walls and can also Lake Roosevelt is dotted with boats fishing for rain- be found in sagebrush and scabland surrounding bow and silvers.Some fishermen use“hardware”(Pop some stubble fields. Geer and Ford Fenders) while others use small spoons With the end of dove season, usually around the fished from either leaded line or with a downrigger middle of September, the hunter waits for the open30 to 50 feet below the surface. ing of the general hunting season in which upland birds, deer and waterfowl open on one glorious July/August: Lake Roosevelt is usually warm enough by the end of July that the water is tolerable for October Saturday. Mule deer can be found in sagebrush-covered swimming close to shore. flatland and draws surrounding the coulee as can a During these warm months, however, fish will seek few whitetail close to timber. Special archery hunting the cooler deep waters of the lake. seasons can also be found in the area. Opening day also sees the upland bird hunter, Other spiny rays that offer fishing all summer long with his flushing and pointing dogs, hunting the are perch and “slab” crappie in the small coves along brushy draws for quail, the rugged hills for chukkar, Banks Lake. and the stubble fields for Hungarian partridge or September/October: While the fishing is still excep- more commonly known as “huns.” At the same time, the waterfowl hunter, with his tional in September, hunting season arrives.With the emphasis now on hunting, sportsmen tend to taper retriever, is scouring the small potholes and lakes for off their fishing during October. ducks and the stubble fields for geese. As any bird and waterfowl sportsman knows, the November/December: If the month of November birds soon become wary. Quail, chukkar, “hun” and has been cold, Banks Lake is beginning to freeze and ice fishing comes to mind. The small bays freeze the occasional Chinese pheasant flush as the 4x4 first and offer fishing for yellow perch. By December, stops and it is only the skillful hunter who can put the lake is often ice-bound and holes are being cut birds in the game bag during this period. The ducks cannot be found, as they spend most in the ice. of their days out of harm’s way on the waters of the FISHING REGULATIONS KEEP CHANGING. PLEASE REFER big reservoirs. TO THE CURRENT STATE AND TRIBAL FISHING The goose hunter spends his days, when he is REGULATIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION. not hunting, driving the miles of back roads in the coulee looking for feeding geese. Once the birds are spotted and found to be using a particular field, the 18



hunters dig their pit long before daylight the following morning. (They have, of course, been careful to obtain permission from the landowner first.) Once the pit is dug, they wait in hopes that the geese will return to the same field as they did the morning before. By the middle of November, the deer season is usually over, except for a few special hunts, and the only quarry to be bagged are the upland birds and waterfowl. By the end of December, the dedicated goose hunter becomes a solitary figure in the fields, as most seasons usually end the first of January. When goose season ends in the middle of January, a few hunters will begin hunting the cottontail rabbit until the end of February. And then there is always fishing if a hunter gets tired and wants a change of pace during the day. Coulee country encompasses many acres of state and federal land that offer free hunting.Write to the Department of Natural Resources, in Olympia, for information and maps of the area. Or visit one of the local businesses advertising hunting licenses.

Mule deer are abundant in the Grand Coulee Dam area.

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Lake Roosevelt begins its 151-mile stretch north at the city of Grand Coulee. Even when the lake is lowered to make room for spring runoff, as seen here, it still offers plenty of water, beauty and big beaches to explore.

Lake Roosevelt facts

When was Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake formed?

When construction of the Grand Coulee Dam was completed in 1941, the waters of the mighty Columbia River began to backfill behind this enormous concrete structure. As a result, the waters of the once-untamed river swelled to create a 151-mile long reservoir, first called Columbia Reservoir. It was renamed Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake in honor of the 32nd President of the United States on April 17, 1945, five days after the death of Roosevelt.

What is the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area?

Lake Roosevelt is a federally-owned reservoir which is administered by the Bureau of Reclamation. However, recreation on the lake is managed cooperatively by three federal agencies and two Indian tribes. The National Park Service (NPS) has recreation authority for that portion of the lake and adjacent shoreland comprising the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (LRNRA). The Colville Confederated Tribes and the Spokane Tribe manage recreation along those areas of the lake and shoreline that fall within their reservation boundaries. 20

The two other partners in the management agreement are Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

How many campgrounds are there in the LRNRA?

Thirty-five campgrounds are located along the 660 miles of shoreline around Lake Roosevelt.Five are maintained by the Colville Confederated Tribes, two by the Spokane Indian Tribe and 28 by the National Park Service. The facilities provide opporunities for camping, picnicking, boating, swimming and fishing.

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Where can I hike in the LRNRA?

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area consists mainly of Lake Roosevelt and has very little land base. As a result, there are few hiking trails within the park. There is a self-guided nature trail at Spring Canyon, which starts at the campground. There are also trails at Fort Spokane and Kettle Falls.When the lake level is low, you can walk many miles of interesting shoreline.

Does the NPS offer programs?

Maintaining the giant

Bureau of Reclamation employees tackle maintenance on the big “drum gates” atop the dam. The gates, here completely lowered, float in water reservoirs that are controlled by operators. When you see the water spill before the laser light show, these enormous gates have been lowered slightly.

The National Park Service often offers rangerconducted canoe trips on Crescent Lake, below the city of Grand Coulee. All canoeing equipment (canoes, paddles, life vests) is provided. First come, first served. Visitors often see beavers, deer, muskrats, great blue herons, Canada geese, turtles, frogs and nesting cliff swallows. Other NPS-conducted activities at Spring Canyon include: • campfire programs at the amphitheater • hikes on the Bunchgrass Prairie Trail • night sky astronomy tours • Contact NPS before making plans. All programs are subject to change. Call 509-754-7843 or check campground bulletin boards.

Where are the other major Is there a fee for camping? NPS campgrounds? Camping sites along the lake vary from fee campgrounds with major facilities, picnic areas, swim beaches and interpretive programs,to primitive boat-in campgrounds.

Which campground is closest?

The closest NPS campground is located at Spring Canyon on SR-174; turn left approximately three miles east of the town of Grand Coulee. There are 87 campsites including RV (dump station but no hookups), tent and group camping sites. Reservations are available online at or at 877-444-6777. A fee is charged.

What else is at Spring Canyon?

Spring Canyon has a beautiful sandy beach and adjacent shaded picnic area, including grills and playground equipment. There are restrooms plus boat launching. A fee is charged.

Major campgrounds are located at Keller Ferry, Fort Spokane, Porcupine Bay and Kettle Falls. Keller Ferry is about 14 miles from Spring Canyon by boat, or 15 miles overland from the Highway 2 cutoff near Wilbur. This area includes a marina, store, and free ferry across the lake to the Colville Reservation. Fort Spokane, built in 1880 and used by the U.S. Army until 1898, became an Indian agency, boarding school and tuberculosis hospital until the late 1920s. It’s about 50 miles up the lake from Spring Canyon at the confluence of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers. To see Fort Spokane, take SR-174 to Highway 2 east, watch for road signs and turn north at Davenport on SR-25 Besides some of the original outposts, there is a visitor center and a trail.The Fort Spokane campground is the second largest in the recreation area. Picnic area, swim beach and boat launch are also available. Kettle Falls at the north end of the lake is enjoyed for its beautiful setting and good boating.It has a houseboat rental operation. St. Paul’s Mission includes the original site of Fort Colvile, once the second-largest center for fur trading in the Northwest, and a rustic log missionary church. Nearby are Sherman Pass and the Kettle River, where hiking and canoeing are popular.



With some 600 miles of shoreline and 3 trillion gallons of water in 150 miles, Lake Roosevelt provides for plenty of swimming, beaches, boating and fun, including some creative water-on-air painting. Looks like a heart, don't you think?

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Four-Town Map The Grand Coulee Dam community is made up of four towns and more than a dozen unincorporated areas between and around those towns. Electric City is the farthest south on SR-155. Next, heading north, is Grand Coulee, then Coulee Dam, which straddles the Columbia River, then Elmer City. Heading north toward Omak as you cross the river in Coulee Dam, you enter the Colville Indian Reservation.


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Try Crown Point Vista for a bird’s-eye view of the dam. You will find special delight in seeing the Grand Coulee Dam and surrounding countryside from this hilltop. Take SR-174 two miles west of Grand Coulee (toward Bridgeport) and watch for signs.

Parks and Viewpoints

What are the local choices for a picnic, viewing, easy hike or bike trail?

• Banks Lake Park – maintained by the Bureau of Reclamation, is located on SR-155, just 0.3 miles south of its junction with SR-174 just above North Dam Park. It overlooks Banks Lake and has picnic areas, water and restrooms. • North Dam Park offers a shady picnic area, tennis courts, softball fields, amphitheater, horseshoe pits, a covered grill, picnic areas and playground equipment for children. A novelty of the park, the Gehrke Windmill Garden is a frequent tourist stop. Built by a local resident, who made over 680 before his death several years ago, the windmills are constructed of castaway iron pieces and painted in bright colors. Emil Gehrke’s windmills are recognized as “folk art” treasures and have been given media coverage on television, and in National Geographic and Sunset magazines. • Grand Coulee City Park – located on SR-174 east. A children’s play area and an adjacent picnic section are found in this tree-shaded park. A large basalt rock in the center is typical of the natural landscape of the Grand Coulee. Restrooms and water are available. • Douglas Park – found on SR155 in the town of Coulee Dam. This well-manicured park, just below Grand Coulee Dam, has large evergreen trees shad26

ing its picnic tables. A paved sidewalk takes the visitor to a scenic spot along the river, providing an excellent view of the dam. • Cole Park – also maintained by Coulee Dam, affords a variety of recreational activities. It is located just off SR-155, five minutes north of the Visitor Center. Do not cross the Columbia River Bridge but continue north onto Columbia Avenue past the bridge. The park is located one block ahead on the west side of the river next to the Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union. It is a pleasant area shaded by large trees and offers, tennis, handball, horseshoes and basketball courts. • Mason City Memorial Park – a Coulee Dam town park, is located in east Coulee Dam adjacent to the shopping center and post office. It contains picnic table, grills and play equipment in a shaded setting. Mason City was the early name of a portion of the town now called Coulee Dam. The town of Coulee Dam boasts a new park with provisions for viewing the laser show at Grand Coulee Dam. Freedom Point Plaza is adjacent to the Columbia River Bridge, across the street from the shopping area, and features live performances from time to time. • Downriver Trail – a 6.7 mile hiking/jogging/biking trail along the Columbia River (Rufus Woods Lake) below Grand Coulee Dam was constructed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in late 1989. The landscaped trail, part of a road that is used by the U.S.B.R. for maintenance, is open to the public. No motorized vehicles are allowed. A foot bridge connects the system to the town of Coulee Dam across from the Coulee House Motel.



Cut from repeated, huge prehistoric floods, the Grand Coulee is never the same twice. It hosts wildflowers in spring and summer, a contrast of colors in fall, waterfalls during runoff, ice cliffs and eagles in the winter. And it presents a completely different sculpture each minute of a sunset.

Is Banks Lake a natural lake?

Coulee Facts

Banks Lake is a 31-mile long reservoir, which was filled by the Bureau of Reclamation in the 1950's to provide irrigation water to the Columbia Basin. The reservoir starts just east of the city of Grand Coulee and extends south to Coulee City.

What is a coulee?

As a geological term, coulee means a ravine or deep gully, usually dry, which has been cut by water. The Grand Coulee of Eastern Washington was formed over millions of years by eruptions of lava which solidified and was later swept away by massive and tumultuous Ice Age floods. Forty million to 60 million years ago, a large inland sea covered the Columbia Basin.The basin was formed as a result of uplift in the surrounding territory. Ten to 15 million years ago, volcanic eruptions began to occur and many layers of lava flowed over the basin, forming the Columbia Plateau. Today, these layers can be seen as they erode, exposing the different lava flows. Approximately two million years ago, the Ice Age began. Several times, the ice pushed south and then retreated. Glaciers covered some of this area. It was during the last Ice Age, approximately 10,000 years ago, that an ice dam holding the waters of Lake Missoula (Montana) broke and massive floods swept through the area. Evidence suggests that one of the last floods had waters that were over 800 feet high.

It is these successive floods that carved and shaped the coulees and other landforms that are so prominent throughout the area.

What will I find in the Grand Coulee?

Besides the geological wonder of the Grand Coulee and the Banks Lake reservoir, there are some surprises hidden here, too. It is a wonderful wildlife habitat for dozens of species of birds, as well as for deer and coyote. The only natural forest in Grant County is located in a canyon of the coulee. Called Northrup Canyon, it is located across the highway from Steamboat Rock State Park and is open to hikers.

Can I camp in the Grand Coulee?

Yes, campgrounds can be found at each end of the Grand Coulee and in the very heart of the coulee. • Coulee Playland Resort — In Electric City, it's two miles from Grand Coulee and two miles from the golf course.It features 40 sites with full hookups,25 primitive and 10 tent sites, showers, restrooms, laundry, mini-store, dump station, playground equipment, boat launch, marine fuel, boat rental and overnight docking. Campers also will find a swimming area (no lifeguard). Open year-round. Continued



What about hiking?

• Steamboat Rock State Park — One of the most popular attractions along Banks Lake, this park is a Adventurous hikers should try Steamboat Rock.Head 900-acre camp for swimming, hiking and boating. toward the saddle of the monolith,which can be seen It has a sandy beach and sheltered swim area (no lifeguards), plus a bath house, a concession stand, from the park roadway.There are steep spots,but they a grassy picnic area with playground equipment, are not difficult for most hikers. The panoramic view and a truly unique view of Banks Lake and Steam- from the top is wonderful. There are approximately 640 acres at the summit. boat Rock. It offers over 100 campsites with full hookups.Water, Hikers may also venture into Northrup Canyon where electricity, sewer, tables and stoves are located at they will find 3,120 acres of forested ravines tucked each site, and 26 standard sites with table, stove, away between coulee walls. The area harbors the and tent pad, plus 12 boat-in campsites located on only natural forest in Grant County and is a nesting the north end of Steamboat Rock. The restrooms ground for the bald eagle and a peaceful home for other wildlife. To hike the area, have hot showers.At Jones Bay contact the rangers at Steamboat and Osborn Bay are 80 primiRock State Park. tive sites with table, stove, and A few cautions: Do not wander too a vault toilet, but no running near the edge of the rock. Basalt water. is not stable rock upon which to Steamboat Rock State Park is depend for sound footing when part of the state’s reservation approaching the edges. Stand camping system. Reservations a respectable distance from the for camping can be made edge. Be aware also that this is rattlesnake country. While they are online at or by generally not lethal,they should be calling 888-226-7688. The avoided.You will find them around popular campground fills up most of the local trails during sumfast and early reservations mer months.While not particularly are recommended.The park is aggressive, they have been known open for camping year round. to bite. If bitten, seek medical help. Please Note: A permit is Finally, if you plan to hike an hour required for boat launchor more, carry water to quench ing and trailer dumping at your thirst and prevent leg cramps. the park. A boat launching annual pass may be obtained at the park office or from the Washington State Parks Commission in Olympia, Washington. Yes, the public may golf at Banks Banks Lake Golf Course Lake Golf and Country Club, located approximately 1.5 miles west of Electric City and about five miles from Grand Coulee Dam on SR-155. The 18-hole course is carved out of the natural slope of the coulee landscape and provides golfers a chance Boat launching ramps can be found at Steamboat to hike through the quiet countryside while playing Rock State Park, 11 miles south of Grand Coulee on an unusually wide-open course. Golfing equipment can be rented at the clubhouse SR-155,and at Coulee Playland Resort in Electric City. There are two other launching sites found about from 7 a.m. to dark, early spring to late fall. Food and midway along the lake. One is at Barker Canyon on drinks are also sold at the clubhouse. Superb golfing is also available nearby at the Sun the west side of the lake, and the other is on the Lakes Golf Course, south of Coulee City. small peninsula that juts out toward Steamboat Rock from the east side of the lake, just off SR-155. While boating is great fun on Banks Lake, navigators are cautioned that the lake can become rough Tucked away in the coulee is the Grand Coulee Dam very quickly. Keep an eye on the weather, and airport. Operated by the port district, this landing carry the necessary safety equipment—flotation field for small aircraft is located alongside the lake devices for each passenger, a bell or whistle and a and accessed by car from the golf course road. fire extinguisher.

Is there golfing in the coulee?

Where can I launch my boat?

There’s an airport, too?




Coulee Dam





Colvilles — Native People

The Colvilles’ 155,000 square foot headquarters about 12 miles north of Grand Coulee Dam. The $36 million project was completed in October 2015.

Who are the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation?

For hundreds of years before explorers and settlers reached the lands of the Columbia Plateau, numerous tribes of native people occupied the territory of Eastern Washington. Up to the mid-1850s, the ancestors of the Colville Confederated Tribes were nomadic,but life changed for them with the coming of settlers in the 1800s. Today, the Colville Confederated Tribes is made up of 12 different bands of Indians. Eleven bands are from eastern Washington state, and one band, the Nez Perce, is from northeast Oregon. The 12 bands are: Wenatchi, Entiat, Chelan, Methow, Okanogan, Nespelem, San Poil, Lakes, Moses, Palus, Nez Perce and Sweelpoo.

How did these native Americans live?

As nomadic peoples, the different bands followed the seasons and their sources of food. Deer and other big game, plus dried salmon were the primary food of winter. Small groups lived in the mountains and hunted the abundant game. In the spring, the native people congregated in slightly larger groups to gather camas and other roots in the lower valleys. Through the summer and fall, the Columbia River provided abundant salmon and other fish, which encouraged large concentrations of Salish-speaking Colville people.

Indians excelled at trapping and stalking game for the large fur trade. For this purpose, a new fort was established at Kettle Falls by a man named Simpson. The new post was to be called Fort Colvile, after the leading member of the committee of directors in London, Andrew Wedderburn Colvile. Andrew Colvile, who was in the rum and molasses business, never set foot in America.He had,however,advanced Simpson to his position of leadership. Trading took place at Fort Colvile almost daily. From 1826 to 1887, Indians traded beaver, brown or black bear, grizzly, muskrat, fisher, fox, lynx, martin, mink, otter, raccoon, wolverine, badger and wolf. Beaver and otter were most important, but martin and bear became popular after the 1840s. As many as 20,000 pelts a year went out of Fort Colvile. The word “Colville”was used by government officials, not the aboriginal Indians, who never met Andrew Colvile. As time went on, and for convenience, the term “Colville” came more and more to be used as a designation for the native people of this area. Because of Fort Colvile, all neighboring bands were eventually confederated as Colville Indians. By executive order of President Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1872, the Colville Indian Reservation was formed and became the permanent home to the 12 bands. St. Paul’s Mission, near Kettle Falls today, includes the original site of Fort Colvile, once the second largest center for fur trading in the Northwest, and a rustic log missionary church. Nearby is the Kettle Falls Historical Center Building, which features native American crafts, history and a retail shop. The exhibit is open weekends in May, and Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. from June 1 through Labor Day.

How did the different bands come to be called the “Colville” Tribes?

Many different tribes fished and traded goods with each other in the area of Kettle Falls, Washington. In the 1820s, non-native people learned that the 30

The Colvilles operate three casinos.



When were the boundaries of the Colville reservation established?

Root Feasts, and the memorial give-aways in honor of the deceased. Today, many of the young and elder tribal members continue to celebrate seasonal events such as the annual Sunflower Festival at the Paschal Sherman Indian School in Omak, the July 4th Powwow CeleThe original reservation was in existence for less bration at Nespelem, the powwow than three months of 1872 when at the Omak Stampede in August other executive orders and agreeand other traditional gatherings. ments began to take portions of the At these events, and at a number reservation for public domain. Over of locations on the reservation, a 10-year period, the Colville Indian members display traditional bead Reservation was reduced to its presand buckskin items often done in ent size, less than half the original. designs handed down for generations. In Nespelem, the powwow takes place in the Tribe‘s “Circle,” a traditional gathering place. Indians arrive from reservations in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to join in the festivities. The Colville Indian reservation is Authentic ceremonial dress, stick 2,300 square miles — about 1.3 milgames, dozens of teepees and lion acres. It is bigger than the state Tribal officers staff a booth on a long-established rodeo make of Rhode Island. Earth Day. the celebration memorable. This Annual Fourth of July Celebration lasts for 10 days. The public is invited to attend the powwows and other tribal-sponsored activities, including a meal of traditional foods.

How big is the Colville reservation?

How many Colvilles are there today?

More than 9,000 people are members of the Colville Confederated Tribes.

How is the reservation governed today? Today’s Colvilles, an enterprising and progressive community of people, are a sovereign nation governed by their own administrative and judicial branches within the boundaries of the reservation. Leading the tribal membership is a 14-member business council, elected from the four reservation districts of Omak, Nespelem, Keller and Inchelium.

Reopens in May, Closes After Labor Day

Where is the tribal government located?

Tribal headquarters are located on the Colville Indian Agency campus near the town of Nespelem.

What are some of the cultural/religious practices on the reservation?

Proud of their heritage, the Indian culture and religions are very much alive and active on the Colville reservation. There are the Seven Drums and the Indian Shaker religions as well as the Indian Winter Chinook Dances, the annual spring thanksgiving

Hours of Operation:


Mon. - Sun. 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 512 Mead Way • Coulee Dam 509.633.0751/FAX 509.633.2320 e-mail - 31


Fascinating displays at the tribal museum explain culture and tradition and dispel modern myths.

Is there an Indian museum?

near Nespelem or the other reservation communities. Just another two miles north, in the town of Nespelem, is a memorial to Chief Joseph who was sent to the reservation in 1884 with 150 of his band of Nez Perce Indians.Joseph,famous for his intelligence and peacekeeping efforts, is best remembered for the heroic march by his people in the late 1800s in an effort to resist the gradual and painful takeover of Indian land by non-Indians.

What is sold in the gift shop?

Spectacular View Grand Coulee Dam

The Colville Tribal Museum is open from 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m., Monday through Sunday, until Labor Day, then on Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. for fall and winter. The museum first opened in 1995, and is located in Coulee Dam at 512 Mead Way. During 2009, the exhibit gallery was closed for renovation. In March 2011, the Grand Opening became a reality for the 12 bands of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation, representing the Okanogan, Nespelem, Sanpoil, Chief Joseph Band of the Nez Perce, Chelan, Wenatchi, Entiat, Methow, Lakes, Colville, Palus and Moses peoples.

The Museum Gift Shop features such items as traditional clothing, beaded items, books, silver and turquoise jewelry,and Pendleton Woolen Mills items, such as bags, cups and coats and blankets. The inventory includes tribal members’ artwork, beaded items, and items with the tribal seal. The museum merchandise is always changing to include new items and artwork. The public is invited to the free museum. Donations are accepted.

What can visitors see and do on the reservation?

While traveling through the Colville Reservation, visitors are invited to visit the tribal headquarters 32

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Other great day tours

A car travels past “haystack” rocks, dropped by glaciers in ancient times, as towers in the distance carry Grand Coulee Dam's power to Seattle. This is McNeil Canyon Road, west of Mansfield, the most interesting, and quickest, way to Chelan.

Cruise North America’s Deepest Gorge Any trip to North Central Washington is not complete without a tour of “North America’s Deepest Gorge” and the mountain community of Stehekin, at the headwaters of Lake Chelan. Just a little over an hour from Grand Coulee, Lake Chelan is an easy jaunt, though the far end of the lake is only accessible by boat or float plane, as there are no roads to the upper half of the lake. Not to worry, the “Lady of the Lake” provides year-round service and tours to the far end of this lake. The boat trip takes you from the lower basin

deep into the Cascades.The ultimate destination is the small isolated community of Stehekin, which sits at the head of the ancient lake, and at the foot of a mountain pass once used by Indians traveling on foot over the mountains. Stehekin is an old Indian word meaning “the way through.” During your layover in Stehekin, make sure to enjoy one of the several valley tours offered. Reservations can be made in advance with the Lady of the Lake to ensure availability. The new “Lady Cat“ cuts the travel time to the other end, with speeds up to 50 miles per hour.

Come Together. Play Together. All Day Fun...starting at $17

Open Daily @ 10 am

#7 Waterpark in the U.S. (according to Trip Advisor)

Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day 509-682-5751 102 Waterslide Drive Chelan, WA



Lake Chelan Valley

The Lake Chelan Valley has long been a destination known for the cool, refreshing lake, warm summers and crisp winter days. Pleasure-seekers visit year-round to experience the friendly communities and abundant opportunities for recreation, especially during the summer, when the lake is at “full pool” and conditions are ideal for playing in the sun and water. Hikers, backpackers and campers flock to the idyllic valley, which is surrounded by parts of North Cascades National Park, two national wilderness areas and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

Lakeside Park In the resort community of Chelan, visitors will find lodging options and dining choices to fit every budget and palate. Chelan has been the choice for family vacations for generations, many returning to the same hotels year after year. Water sports abound from jet-skiing and pleasure boating to fishing and splashing around at one of the parks or resorts along the water’s edge. Another great way to enjoy a refreshing splash is at Slidewaters Waterpark, with a variety of slides, many designed for adults to ride with small children, a Lazy River, Thunder Rapids tube slide where you can group with friends, and even side-by-side racing, with a concession stand and more! Seven miles from Chelan is the village of Manson, around which the majority of wineries and tasting rooms in the valley can be found. Downtown Manson sits on the edge of the lake, and a scenic drive through the vineyards and orchards surrounding the town offers views of not only Lake Chelan, but Dry, Roses, Antilon, and Wapato Lakes (great fishing locations), as well. At the head of Lake Chelan is the remote community of Stehekin, accessible only by float plane or passenger ferry. The Lady of the Lake II and the Lady Express offer daily service to Stehekin in the summer, and regular scheduled service all year. Choose a one-hour or a three-hour layover in Stehekin, and enjoy the serenity of this quiet mountain valley with a visit to the small shops at the landing, or take the shuttle to view 312’ Rainbow Falls and Slidewaters Waterpark Stehekin’s One-Room Schoolhouse. The 34



longer layover allows time to rent a bicycle and take your own tour, with a stop at the bakery, and a visit to Historic Buckner Orchard, or hike one of the trails for a grand view overlooking Lake Chelan and the Stehekin River. Located near the center of Washington state, about 150 miles from Seattle or Spokane, Lake Chelan is the deepest gorge in North America. Just over 50 miles long, the lake is fed by the Stehekin River at its head, and over 27 glaciers of the Cascade range. At its deepest point the lake is 1486 feet deep, which puts the bottom 386 feet below sea level; this depth occurs in the narrowest area of the lake, where it is less than a mile wide. The warm summer days and crisp, cool evenings create perfect growing conditions for fruit. Chelan’s apples have been known throughout the country since the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. In recent years, vineyards have replaced some apple orchards, and the Lake Chelan AVA was established to reflect the unique qualities of the wine grapes grown in the valley. For information about the Lake Chelan Boat Company and their fleet of passenger ferries and the scenic tour, call (509) 682-4584 or visit

Stehekin Landing 35


Welcome to Wilbur

Undulating wheat fields on the way from Grand Coulee to Wilbur offer beautiful scenery. Take State Route 174 south when the sun is low in the sky for the best views.

If it‘s outdoor recreation you’re after, Wilbur is the place to be! Visitors are always welcome to stop by the semi-private Big Bend Golf and Country Club at the west end of town to enjoy a round or two on the challenging nine-hole golf course. The course features well-maintained greens on a relatively level course with a few sand traps. Rental clubs and carts are available and lessons can be provided for a novice golfer. The clubhouse gives visitors a place to relax and enjoy a cool drink or a bite to eat. Emerson Park, at the east end of town, belongs to the school district, but is available for public use. You can enjoy a jog around the track, a fast-paced game of tennis, or bring a group of family or friends for a game of baseball or touch football. Downtown, relax in the shade of one of the most beautiful city parks around.The well-kept lawns are framed with splendid old trees and a rustic footbridge crosses Goose Creek, which flows through the center of the park. The Centennial Pavilion, at the south side of the park, is available for public use. Across from the creek is the public swimming pool. The Wilbur pool is open throughout the summer months and, for a small fee, local residents and visitors can take advantage of the opportunity for a refreshing swim. The west end features a diving board, and a wading pool for younger children is available at the east end of the facility. A couple of blocks to the west of the pool, you can find an outdoor rink for in-line or roller skating. Hockey has become a year-round activity at this site. 36

Extensive recreational opportunities are available within a short distance of town. Hunting, fishing, boating, camping and water skiing are among the most popular of these activities. If you decide to stay around for a few days at one of the town’s RV parks or motels, be sure to take advantage of the Hesseltine Public Library, located at city hall, a block north of Highway 2 on Division Street. More than 1,000 books are just waiting to be read and enjoyed. The Big Bend Historical Society Museum, located in a former church building a block north of Sandy’s Thrift, allows the visitor to step back into Wilbur’s past. Among the many items on display is the gun taken from the hand of Wilbur’s founding father, Samuel Wilbur Condon, after he was killed in a shootout over a woman in January 1895.



Welcome to Okanogan County You have just discovered Washington State’s bestkept secret — Okanogan. Okanogan is the heart of the scenic, historic and fruitful Okanogan Valley. Located in north central Washington, 50 miles from the Canadian border, Okanogan residents enjoy a quality of life characterized by extraordinary scenic beauty, low taxes, recreation, low cost of living and four distinct seasons each year. Okanogan has become a magnet for young families, retirees, businesses, tourists, light industry and recreation enthusiasts looking for a pristine environment. The Okanogan Valley is one of the few remaining locations where individual boldness and enterprise are rewarded, and where past, present and future are viewed with enthusiasm and promise. Okanogan is a Salish Indian word meaning “Rendezvous.” Sometimes called “The Late Frontier,” the Okanogan Valley saw habitation by Native Americans for thousands of years, and — belatedly, compared to other regions of the country — saw a succession of explorers, prospectors, miners, trappers, cattlemen, settlers, loggers, farmers, missionaries and orchardists, providing in every respect a colorful history that carries forward to the present day. The history of the region is ably depicted in the acclaimed Okanogan County Historical Museum in Okanogan. Part of that history now includes a replica of the old Okanogan fire department building in Legion Park. It’s an exact replica of the original fire station building. It is used as a fire department museum, as well as a research center for the Okanogan County Historical Society and the Okanogan County Genealogical Society. A refurbished, early model fire truck is displayed, along with other interesting items. With first-rate schools, medical facilities and other amenities, Okanogan is a great place to visit, live, work, establish a business, locate an industry, enjoy recreation and more. Okanogan is served by rail, highway and air, and is home to first-class motel and restaurant services. Okanogan is home to Okanogan Public Utility District, which provides Okanogan County with reliable, inexpensive electrical power. Infrastructure is in place or in development for commercial and industrial expansion. A lively retail business district provides a complete range of goods and services for visitors and residents alike. Distinguishing Okanogan in the Okanogan Valley region is one of the most precious commodities in the area — water! Okanogan has plenty of pure,

A replica of the old fire hall in Okanogan

clean water for residential and industrial use. Okanogan enjoys more than 300 sunny days per year. The area has four distinct seasons during the year, with hot summers, snow in the winter, and perfect spring and autumn seasons. Conditions in the Okanogan area have produced the finest location in the world for orchards, including apples, pears, peaches, cherries, nuts and others. Okanogan is the center of the Okanogan Valley fruit industry. The scenic Okanogan River winds its way through the center of the city. Each year, thousands of Canada geese and other waterfowl migrate throughout the Okanogan Valley, following the river. Visitors can hike, camp, fish, hunt, swim, boat, ski, snowmobile, golf, climb, sight-see, as well as enjoy clean air, clean water and all the amenities of an

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The Okanogan River winds through the Okanogan Valley, here seen from an overlook above east Omak, through the cleft of what geologists say is the meeting point of two ancient subcontinents once separated by a sea.

Center of the Okanogan Valley Omak

The busy hub of the Okanogan features yearround entertainment for tourists from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation full of camping and recreation activities or you want to attend a play, go to a rodeo or play some softball, you can do it all in Omak. Visiting Omak is like taking some good medicine. At least that’s what some of the Indians thought when they traveled across the vastness of what is now called Okanogan County. The center of the county is Omak, which means “good medicine,”because of its dry, healthful climate. Warm summers and mild winters lead to an average of over 300 days of sunshine a year. Located in the fertile Okanogan River Valley near the pristine Pasayten National Wilderness,this lumber town is the largest in the north central part of the state and is known for its production of apples and its many orchards. Visitors are encouraged to make the Tourist Information Center their first stop. A friendly staff will provide updated information for all areas of Okanogan County, the state of Washington and neighboring British Columbia, including available tourist attractions, facilities and services. As the hub of the “all season” Okanogan vacationland, Omak offers vacationers a wide range of recreational opportunities.The city-operated Eastside Park offers full camping, R.V. facilities and showers, a new swimming pool, a golf course and bowling. 38

Conconully State Park

Conconully State Park, located in a side valley above Omak, is a cool, restful oasis on the banks of the Conconully reservoir, developed in the 1900s for irrigation. The park features standard and primitive campsites, and an expansive picnic area, complete with enormous shade trees, a picnic shelter, and a wading pool and play structure for youthful visitors. Near the park entrance, a replica of the first county courthouse stands. It features a sod roof and is typical of many of the ranch cabins that dotted this landscape in the early years of white settlement in Okanogan County. To reach the park, take the Riverside cut-off road



from Highway 97, 5.2 miles north of Omak. The cut-off road will intersect Highway 215; follow this highway 10 miles to Conconully and follow signs to the park.

Bridgeport State Park

Bridgeport State Park is located near the enormous hydroelectric facility at Chief Joseph Dam.The green, fertile lawns of the park form a welcome relief from the brown, barren desert surroundings. The park features standard RV hookups and handicapaccessible campsites, picnic sites and shelters, a children’s play facility, swimming beach, trailer camp and a nine-hole golf course. To escape from the summer heat, cottonwood and aspen trees are scattered throughout the campground.Wildlife that can be seen in the park include marmots, coyotes, rabbits, quail and (watch your step) rattlesnakes. The park is located near the town of Bridgeport on a spur road off Highway 17.

Alta Lake State Park

On a forested side canyon, above the arid valley near Pateros, is lovely Alta Lake State Park. Elevation, foliage and the cool waters of Alta Riders and horses plummet toward the Okanogan River in the Omak Lake make this park a popular Stampede and Rodeo, held annually the second weekend in August. summertime attraction. Boating, trout fishing, camping and hiking are some of the many activities available here. laxation and entertainment combination are urged Campers can find standard RV hookups and to attend a program at Omak’s Performing Arts primitive sites, plus a group camp for clubs and Center. The organization's ultimate goal is to bring organized groups. Nearby attractions include a golf the world’s great performers to Okanogan County course, guided horseback rides and boat rentals. To in its state-of-the-art theater. find the park, drive 1.8 miles west on Highway 153 The center presents live music, dance, and serifrom Pateros, turn left on Alta Lake Road, and follow ous adult theater. Stand up and clap aloud as family the signs to the park. entertainment abounds from the 564-seat center. After a busy day, tourists wishing for a little re39


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Ridge Riders 2016 and still going strong...


•Banquet & Auction – March 19, 2016 •Riding Clinic – (date to be decided) •Barrel Racing Clinic – April 4 – 5 Also one in June (date to be decided) •Colorama Rodeo Activities - May 6-7 •Cleatis Lacy Memorial Bull Riding - June 17~7 pm •Ranch Rodeo – (to be decided) •Junior Rodeo July 16 – 17

1950 Ridge Riders on Trail Ride at Grand Coulee Dam



The crowd reacts to a mixture of horsemanship and patriotism displayed by the McMillan Family Trick Riders at the annual Colorama Rodeo, which has been honored as the best in the state in three of the last four years. The Colorama Festival takes place on Mother's Day weekend each year.

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AD INDEX AIR CONDITIONING/HEATING Silver Creek Systems........................... 38 AUTO SALES & RENTALS Jess Ford....................................................9 BODY SHOP Bird‘s Auto Glass & Body Shop...........9 BOWLING Riverview Lanes................................... 23 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GCDA....... 48, inside cover,back cover CLOTHING Coulee Playland............................. 10,40 Harvest Foods..........................................2 CONSTRUCTION Coulee Construction.......................... 23 FISHING SUPPLIES Bentz Tackle........................................... 23 Coulee Playland................................... 10 H&H Grocery......................................... 10 GASOLINE/MECHANICS Coulee Gas............................................. 14 Jack's Service............................................9 Whitley Fuel........................................... 37 GOLFING Banks Lake Golf Course..................... 15 GUNS / AMMO Buchanan Armory............................... 22

GROCERY STORES/MINI MARTS Coulee Gas............................................. 14 Coulee Playland............................. 10,40 H&H Grocery......................................... 10 Harvest Foods..........................................2 Jack’s Service............................................9 Sunbanks Lake Resort..... inside cover LAUNDROMAT King’s Court RV Park........................... 23 MEDICAL FACILITIES Coulee Medical Center...................... 42 INSURANCE Foisy & Kennedy Inc............................ 22 State Farm.............................................. 10 INFORMATION CENTERS Chamber...48, inside cover,back cover Grant County Tourism........................ 10 GCD Visitor Center.............................. 14 MOTELS/CAMPING Columbia River Inn................................5 Coulee House........................................ 32 Coulee Playland............................. 10,40 Grand Coulee Center Lodge........ inside front cover Grand Coulee RV Park........................ 23 King’s Court RV Park........................... 23 Sky Deck Motel............................... 19,40 Sunbanks Lake Resort........... inside front cover Trail West................................................ 23 MUSEUMS Colville Tribal Museum...................... 31 Grant County Historical Museum........................... 19 43



REAL ESTATE Foisy & Kennedy Inc............................ 22 Windermere (Tina Craig).................. 20 RESTAURANTS/BARS/BISTROS DRIVE-INS/ESPRESSO STANDS Café Espresso...........................................9 Electric City Bar & Grill....................... 22 Fusion Café & Espresso...................... 23 Grand Grindz............................................2 Hometown Pizza.....................................9 Jack's Service............................................9 La Presa......................................................8 Melody Restaurant.............................. 23 Pepper Jack’s Bar & Grille.....................1 R&A Café................................................. 23 Siam Palace............................................ 11 Sunbanks Lake Resort Cantina....... 40

SOUVENIRS Colville Tribal Museum...................... 31 Coulee Playland................................1,40 Grand Coulee Center Lodge........ Inside front cover GCDA Chamber... 48, inside and back cover Grant County Historical Museum.......................... 19 H&H Grocery......................................... 10

Harvest Foods..........................................2 Jack‘s Service............................................9 Sunbanks Lake Resort...... Inside front cover, 40 TIRES/BRAKES Jess Ford....................................................9 Les Schwab Tire Center..................... 11 TOUR BOATS Lady of the Lake................................... 35 TOWING Jack's Service............................................9

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Laser Light Show facts

An entirely new laser show debuted in May 2014. It tells the history of the dam and the region and people it changed forever. — Photo courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

How long is the laser show?

The laser light show lasts approximately 30 minutes, during which time colorful images created by the lasers dance back and forth across the huge surface of the dam.

How are the lasers used at Grand Coulee Dam?

As one of the largest entertainment laser projection systems in the world, and certainly the largest outdoor laser show in Where can I view the show? North America,the lasers at Grand Coulee Dam tell the story The best locations are the seating area at the Visitor Center of the Columbia River and how its power was harnessed and from the park below the to provide multiple benefits to Visitor Center.These areas promankind, including electrical vide an outdoor sound system. power, irrigation for farming, 2016 Laser Show Times The town of Coulee Dam has and exciting recreational opNightly at Grand Coulee Dam a park — terraced and grassy portunities. As a result of the for viewing the laser show — open process of scripting the May 28 to July 31 at 10:00 p.m. adjacent to the east end of the new show in 2014, viewers Aug. 1 to Aug. 31 at 9:30 p.m. Columbia River bridge. will also understand the costs Sept. 1 to Sept. 30 at 8:30 p.m. Other viewing spots: from of building the dam — cost to Douglas Park in Coulee Dam; wildlife, and to native peoples from Crown Point Vista atop whose way of life was depenthe granite cliffs above Lake Rufus Woods, with access dent on that wildlife,in particular,the salmon that no longer from SR-174 towards Bridgeport. could continue upstream to spawn. The USBR broadcasts the audio portion of the laser light How much did the lasers cost? show nightly at 90.1 FM. With the original equipment in use since 1989, the Bureau What is a laser? of Reclamation commissioned a new show and new equipLasers are intense beams of light commonly used in ment.The equipment began operation in May of 2013, but medicine and science, but they've also found a niche as projecting the new show began in May 2014. Lumalaser, of a high-tech, fast-moving form of entertainment.They are Eugene, Oregon, bid the project at $1.6 million. controlled by computers which, at Grand Coulee Dam, How big are the laser images? are in the Visitor Center. Although a single dot of light, lasers can trace an image Pictures are beamed at the awesome height of nearly so rapidly it appears as a solid figure to the human eye. 300 feet. The term “laser” is actually an acronym for Light Am- How far do the lasers project? plification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is so The laser lights are beamed between 2,000 and 4,000 feet commonly used now that the tradition of using capital to the surface of the dam. letters for an acronym has been dropped.



NPS provides fun and recreation

Whether they're jumping off the swimming dock at Spring Canyon (left), canoeing on Crescent Lake (above), or taking advantage of any of the many offerings along Lake Roosevelt, visitors have options because of the work of the National Park Service, which manages the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. During 2016, the NPS is encouraging Americans to “Find Your Park" to realize the opportunities they have to recreate in places preserved and protected for public use by the agency charged with doing so. Programs at LRNA vary from year to year, but this year will include canoe trips on Crescent Lake and nighttime astronomy programs. Check with the NPS for specific times. offers updates online

You can also check this guide's updated website for updated information at The online guide also offers things to do in the area, popular hiking spots, fishing tips, boat launch sites, lake levels and more.




The late summer sun bathes cliffs on Lake Roosevelt as a boat pulls a couple of girls tubing on the smooth water. The 133-mile-long Lake Roosevelt Recreation Area is managed by the National Park Service. Despite drawing annually between 1 million and 1.7 million visitors, it remains uncrowded.


Grand Coulee Dam Area Visitors' Guide 2016-2017  

A complete guide to the Grand Coulee Dam Area of Washington state, including motels, campgrounds, restaurants, lakes, hikes, boating, fishin...

Grand Coulee Dam Area Visitors' Guide 2016-2017  

A complete guide to the Grand Coulee Dam Area of Washington state, including motels, campgrounds, restaurants, lakes, hikes, boating, fishin...