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Annual Report

Stark County District Library Locations Main Library

715 Market Avenue N / Canton, OH 44702 330.452.0665

Bookmobile Services

715 Market Avenue N / Canton, OH 44702 330.458.2824

DeHoff Memorial Branch

216 Hartford Avenue SE / Canton, OH 44707 330.452.9014

East Canton Branch

224 N Wood Street / East Canton, OH 44730 330.488.1501

Jackson Township Branch

7487 Fulton Drive NW / Massillon, OH 44646 330.833.1010

Lake Community Branch

11955 Market Avenue N / Uniontown, OH 44685 330.877.9975

Madge Youtz Branch

2921 Mahoning Road NE / Canton, OH 44705 330.452.2618

North Branch

189 25th Street NW / Canton, OH 44709 330.456.4356

Perry Sippo Branch

5710 12th Street NW / Canton, OH 44708 330.477.8482

Plain Community Branch

1803 Schneider Street NE / Canton, OH 44721 330.494.3399

Sandy Valley Branch

9754 Cleveland Avenue SE / Magnolia, OH 44643 330.866.3366

A New Strategic Plan Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, noted that “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” For nearly a year SCDL has been determining where the library is going so we can continue on the right road in serving our community. Last fall the library completed the planning phase of SCDL’s third Strategic Plan. This time around the library has based its planning on the Public Library Association’s model. Six roles were identified as being priorities around which to build library services and devote resources. They were: Satisfy Curiosity, Connect to the Online World, Literacy Across the Lifespan, Express Creativity and Stimulate Imagination, Make Career Choices, Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces. These roles provide a framework to address such critical topics as important job training programs, literacy programming and expand our reach in the area of technology and social networking. While public libraries are sometimes seen as being all things to all people, our planning will help us focus our resources which are scarcer and more limited than ever. We believe this type of disciplined focus will continue to help us meet the needs of Stark County and continue to be an award winning library. Our world is always changing and SCDL is evolving with it, remaining essential and relevant in your lives.

Kent Oliver, Executive Director The goals of the six priorities are: Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning •Add new and innovative technologies to improve and expand customers’ access to services. •Increase the percentage of all materials checked out to customers. •Add programs that our customers need and want. Connect to the Online World •Improve our customers’ experience in our facilities and virtually via online resources. Opposite page: Summer Reading Kick-Off (One World, Many Stories) 2011 at Main Library. Cover photo: 2011 Job and Career Fair at Main Library.

•At least 15% of the unique collections held by SCDL will be digitized and made available electronically. Literacy Across the Lifespan •The library will be a leader for literacy. •Literacy services and knowledge will be available at every location. •Digital literacy will be improved. Express Creativity & Stimulate Imagination •Programs which promote reading, viewing or listening for pleasure will be expanded. •New technologies which enhance our customers’ online experience will be added. •We will attract new customers through new programs and services. Visit a Comfortable Place •Library buildings will be maintained and updated on a regular schedule. •The library will implement a green retrofit program for all facilities. Make Career Choices: Job & Career Development •The library will build partnerships with other local career and employment services. •Career-related collection materials for children, teens and adults will be increased. •More people will find and use the career and job search pages of the library’s website. •More people will attend job-related programs. The individuals who participated in the process of determining the goals for the Library, and those in charge of implementing the new services, worked diligently to create achievable goals. It is now the Library’s challenge to lead the community to those resources.

Library Board of Trustees Steven O. Pittman, president Susan Rodgers, vice president Bert Nero, secretary Robin Austin Beth Borda Ray Griffiths John Mroczkowski Shawn O’Brien

General Fund Receipts Public Library Fund (PLF) Property and Other Local Taxes Intergovernmental Patron Fines and Fees Earnings on Investments Services Provided Other Entities Contributions, Gifts and Donations Other Receipts Total General Fund Receipts

$6,678,554 4,095,536 1,084,978 236,599 2,005 58,547 18,567 80,525 $12,255,311

General Fund Disbursements Salaries Employee Benefits Supplies Rents and Leases–Buildings and Equipment Utilities Professional Services Communications and Publicity Maintenance–Buildings and Equipment Other Purchased and Contracted Services Library Materials and Information Capital Outlay Other Disbursements Total General Fund Disbursements Excess of Receipts over Disbursements General Fund Transfer Out Beginning Balance, January 1, 2011 Ending Balance at December 31, 2011 Reserve for Encumbrances

$5,921,363 2,332,366 234,998 75,465 262,530 158,189 215,185 822,870 149,778 1,301,036 212,468 40,635 $11,726,883 $528,428 (500,000) $1,441,443 $1,469,871 $568,186

Library Donors Sisters of Charity Foundation SCDL Foundation E. A. Mahoney Family Foundation Genealogy Patrons Rotary Club of Jackson In Memory of Monica Itoi Sone, Author Stark Library FOL PNC Foundation State Library Board Dollar General Literacy Perry Friends of Library Friends of Jackson Township Library Friends of the Sandy Valley Library Laubacher Upholstery St. Peter’s Church In Memory of Mary Morey

General Statistics 2011 Library Statistics 1,301,691 3,479,343 156,224 325,157 2,682 8,230 211,095 1,771 24,068

Library Visits Circulation Total Borrowers Computers Used Bookmobile Stops Programs Program Attendance Volunteer Hours Downloadables Loaned

This page: The Library helped sponsor the Zing in the City celebration in 2011 with stories, crafts, and fun for all. Opposite page: As part of Summer Reading Club 2011, the Library Puppet Players performed “Jungle Pie,” an exciting show featuring singing monkeys and dancing grannies.

STARK COUNTY DISTRICT LIBRARY FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Janet Baker Mary Byrne Mary Calnon Kathy Catazaro-Perry Barb Cockroft Gary Davison Jeanne Freitag Scott Gwin Audrey Lavin Paula Mastroianni

This page left: North Branch Summer Reading Kick-Off. This page right: Students who participated in the 12th Annual Poetry CafĂŠ and Youth Poetry Contest. Opposite page: A library customer uses a computer at Plain Community Branch on Ohio Library Snapshot Day 2011.

Nancy McPeek Kent Oliver Denise Scala Leslie Schneider Kevin Smith Rob Vail Darlene Violet David Waikem Marcie Williams Candy Ziegler

SCDL Foundation Key Donors

Library Foundation Financials

The Albert W. and Edith V. Flowers Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Emil Alecusan Dr. and Mrs. Roger Baker Brewster Dairy, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Byrne Michael and Mary Calnon Sharon Cardno Corita Childs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clevenger Gary W. R. and Susan M. Davison Anthony Delis E. A. Mahoney Family Foundation M. E. Flood David and Jeanne Freitag Raymond and Carole Griffiths Judge Scott and Monica Gwin Carla Hagen Dr. and Mrs. William Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Russ Humerickhouse Jane Williams Mahoney Philanthropic Fund Mr. Carl and Dr. Audrey Lavin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Manse Dan and Paula Mastroianni Rick and Jean McFarren Ken and Nancy McPeek Daniel Meehan Mr. and Mrs. John Mroczkowski Beth Ann Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Regula Chris and Denise Scala Dr. and Mrs. Carl Schleich Mr. and Mrs. Allen Schulman Robert Shearer Sam and Karen Simmerman Kevin and Linda Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Szeles Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vail, Jr. Jim and Darlene Violet David and Nancy Waikem Mrs. B.J. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Derek Williams Wm. H. & Jeanne G. Belden Philanthropic Fund Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Ziegler Dr. and Mrs. Jamie Zucker

T he S tark C ount y D istrict L ibrary Foundation raises funds to financially support

and advance the mission and values of the library. The Foundation has received donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses which have been used to support library programming and to build an endowment fund. In 2011, the Library Foundation created an endowed fund at the Stark Community Foundation. This partnership will enable the Library Foundation to provide better service to donors and to benefit for being a part of a much larger investment pool. This marks a true milestone on the road to establishing an additional revenue stream for the Stark County District Library.

Opening foundation assets: $119,825 Closing foundation assets: $125,288 Donations received: $27,349 Contributions to the Stark County District Library: $18,278

715 Market Avenue N Canton, Ohio 44702

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Stark County District Library 2011 Annual Report  

The 2011 Annual Report of Stark County District Library

Stark County District Library 2011 Annual Report  

The 2011 Annual Report of Stark County District Library