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2015 Adult Poetry Contest



Stark County District Library’s

16th Annual Poetry Contest

We would like to thank all participants for their hard work and the 46 poems we received this year.

Final Judging was done by a committee of community volunteers. Thank you for volunteering your time to read poems. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

Table of Contents Introduction ............................................................. 1 Award Winners ......................................................... 2 Poetry ...................................................................... 3-20 Index of Entries ........................................................ 21-22

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest

Award Winners Brian Cozby A Soldier ······································································· 18 Glenda Derwacter So Good ········································································· 5 Adam DiMambro Flintknapping in the High Desert ········································ 14 Michele Gash Only God Above ······························································· 8 Jamie McAllister Broken ········································································· 12 Kelly Mergner One Life, One Love ··························································· 3 Indira Nidamanuri ON TURNING FIFTY······················································· 14 Luisa Kay Reyes A Christmas Poem ···························································· 8 Priscilla Smith Dragnar Lothrock······························································ 6 Purple Feet ····································································· 5 Tom Woodliff Surreality ······································································ 15

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest One Life, One Love By: Kelly Mergner

Nancy Drew . . . By Luisa Kay Reyes

“Everlasting Love”

Since Mildred Wirt Benson could write Some plots full of daring and might The syndicate thought She was just what they sought To bring their new series to light!

A beautiful life you both made The same sex but one love A great love story being played

Miss Mildred made Nancy quite bold But still from the feminine fold Her brave little sleuth Could outwit the uncouth And the Drew girl’s adventures soon sold!

A tender gift sent from aboce Ignoring all of society’s laws Predetermined, not a choice

With logic Miss Drew hunts for clues In clocks and in attics or shoes The criminal set Know they now have to fret As Nancy, they just can’t confuse!

Accepting of each other’s flaws One life, one love, one voice Gentle memories held tightly Of both the good times and the bad

A local collegian named Ned On several adventures is led By Nancy who dares To explore the thief’s lairs So none of the perps get ahead!

Holding each other nightly One left so very sad To be the one who found her

Though many a decade has passed Since Mildred’s first story was cast The adage holds true That regardless who’s who With Nancy we all have a blast!

Surely took it’s toll As strong as both of you were You lost a piece of our soul God had chosen to take her home Your loving a beautiful wife

Bound By: Sally Martin

Not just a love story but a bittersweet poem She was the light of your life

If your breath should glide warmly on cheek and tendril down neck swirling round shoulders to become a silken sash securing the embrace, then would I sigh; our two exhales entwined, a lariat of longing

Always, as in the past, my friend You know we are here for you The sweetest memories never end One life goes on from two…

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest What Love! BY: Barry Huddleston What love does not care to express itself, In giving to others instead of satisfying self?

They’re killing the children and throwing us out, What love supplies arems and is based on clout?

When all around are social needs, What love closes its eyes and feeds its own greed?

I have shown you their wrong you can no longer hide, What love turns within and feeds its own pride?

When people are hungry and being overlooked, What love indulges itself in a biased book?

Can we continue to live in houses burnt down? What love gathers gold to add to its crown?

Sleeping on street corners And under cardboard What love has blind eyes saying, “Praise the Lord”?

Working for wages to only buy bread, What love fosters hates and wishes us dead?

The cries of help have a deafening ring, What love does not hear but gathers its things?

We too know love and the freedom it brings, But your love we know not to yourself only you cling.

All possessions have been stripped away, What love only hopes for a future day.

Can you see our children the families we raise, While you practice your love And sing out your praise?

My need is now! Please alter my fate. What love turns in with an attitude of hate?

Allow us to live, open your hearts and share, And your love will turn out and show us your care

Only you can help by hearing my cry, What love dust itself off and walks on by.

We can all live together, Find peace and be free, For love is an expression of the one who can see.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest PURPLE FEET By: Priscilla Smith What if you had purple feet, what would people say? Would they walk around you and look the other way? Would they stick noses high up in the air and change the way thought of you and pretend they didn’t care? Or would they come to like your feet and wish they had a pair?

So Good By: Glenda Derwacter The Birth of Poetry By: Lizzie Lukens Conrad

It all started out so good He seemed to protect you Blinded with the rosy glow of love You think it is all so grand Then the shock of it all He hit you. And the terrible screaming You can’t seem to do a thing right Working yourself to tears Hoping it is enough Then it never seems to end Oh yes, there are good times And days when it is quiet It all seems to fit together For a short time But the explosions Get more frequent and severe You get so scared That all you can do is quake When he is there You know that getting out Is an absolute necessity Suicide seems an answer But then you know it hurts To think of your children Who might turn out like this You run one night After he beats you In just your nightgown Oh blessed peace It is all over No more will you suffer.

From where did it arise, this life, An art swelling inside of me, What seed conceives a poemGod, love, rage, hope, agony?

A brazen percussion it kicks Pyrotechnics in my wombI’m touching, turning, glimpsing words, Lacing lexis on a loom.

O mystical union relent, For I am pregnant with fire I’m nauseous from this unborn babe and retching up sapphire.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest

DRAGNAR LOTHROCK By: Priscilla Smith When Dragnar speaks the air grows cold. Dark and dank like days of old. Smoke and fire and blood and gore. Warlocks, wizards, days of yore. Flash of steel, castles tall. Men, like giant oak trees fall. Torture, murder, plunder, pillage. Women, children, an entire village. Razed to the ground in just one night The chill of death greets morning light. The stench of Lucifer fills the air. Dragner Lothrock had been there.

Friends? By: Stephanie McIntosh You said you would meet me for lunch, but how much can be said in an hour? We say that we’re friends but, the time that we spend is used up before I can devour that sandwich I bought while I stood deep in thought of the things that I wanted to say to you my friend true while I sat there with you only wishing for more time to say the things in my head things never said thoughts of a friend so true Never having the time never spending the time with my friend my friend so true.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest REALITY By: James Harvey Fly Me To The Moon By Tom Woodliff

The dread of the truth, Can be worse that facing the fact, But in fear we lose faith, That we’ll never get back. When two men are close, Like brothers they seem, But disappointments will grow, As each follows his dream. A life of poverty, Is a dream for the young, But loses appeal, As ages we become. Sentiment will kill you, Just a moment of bliss, So there’s no final meeting, And no final kiss.

Fly me to the moon and I'll sing a lullabye, we'll make our dreams come true, we'll soar high 'bove the sky. With moondust in our hair and starlight in our eyes, we'll wish the world away, hear no more plaintive cries. Sail with me to Eire and we'll sing a bonnie tune, we'll frolick on the shore, we'll run along the dunes. No one there will harm us or cause us e're to fear; we'll only see the good, shed only happy tears. Run with me to Eden and we'll play amongst the trees, we'll taste each juicy fruit, suck nectar with the bees. We'll run with pure abandon and sleep with pleasant dreams, we'll navigate the landscape, bathe in crystal streams. Ride with me to Avalon on horseback in the rain, we'll stop at every town, we'll race with every train. With no one here to stop us we'll leave this awful place; let us go in haste, leave this town without a trace. Fly me to the moon and we'll never have to die, the universe is ours, we'll sail through endless sky. With a rainbow as our guide and a moonbeam for a sail, we'll leave this earth for good, we'll walk on stellar trails.

So while he fed me, And asked would I stay, I knew all he wanted, Was that I’d go away. TRUE BEAUTY LIES IN ME By: Leamber Cowling I was looking in the mirror, tears streaming down my face, I didn’t like what I saw there, and said,”Jesus I’m out of place.” For the first time I heard him, I heard him loud and clear, he said,’Dearest i’d never place you anywhere that I wasn’t near, I always have you close to me, I always have your hand, I always catch you when you fall and stand you upright before you land. You’ve always looked to others to fill the traveling black hole inside, my love I love you wholly, and to fill that hole I died. You are more than just clothes you wear, way more than the size of your waist, you are more than a face in the mirror, who deems themselves beyond my grace. I knew EVERYTHING about you, and STILL created you to see, those parts of you that’d shine brightest, those parts of you that are me. I knew one day you’d hear me, and on that day you’d see, the makeup and the clothes are useless, because true beauty lies in me.”

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest Only God Above By: Michele Gash Only God above could make a sunset so colorful that it takes your breath away to see it is to behold it for a moment then it changes to become more beautiful still so beautiful that words from every language known could not tell the beauty seen while gazed upon Only God above could make so many shades of green and leaves that dress trees so dense then others light as air and when close together are so lush you can smell them almost drink from their life force they line the shore to wave in the wind and to sip the earth others in the forest so huge we’re mere pebbles before them Only God above Could make a flower so beautiful gentle and soft Its petals become transparent in the sunlight they gather together and sing a symphony a story of the love and care with which they were created Only God above could make a drop of water so pure and simple that the rays of the sun reflect on its tear drop form they come and go in the clouds and the rain down mountains into streams on and on they travel to meet between the sky and earth to form a sea of glass by day or night the sun moon and stars dance on the surface Only God above could send a breeze so soft and sweet its fragrance carries the scent of flowers trees dew so clean the aroma refreshes our souls it caresses our body tousles our hair gently says I love you from afar as it came so it goes leaving a message it cares about mankind Only God above could make a being so kind heart so warm laugh so light smile so real one touch of his hand changes the lives of all he meets Only God above could have made a heart like yours so full of love a treasure to know and I’m glad He did

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A Christmas Poem By Luisa Kay Reyes May your stockings be full And not just with wool. Your tree full of lights That are cheery and bright. May your family be near And bring you good cheer. Let the carols ring loudly With you singing proudly. May the Christ Child inspire Us all to not tire Of doing what's right With so much delight! <>

2015 Adult Poetry Contest What will cause our downfall? By Donna Robinson Being sightless… Have you ever been in a room, As darkness swallows up all light, Been scared of the unknown, Shaking with pure fright? What if you were born blind, In darkness, you can only wonder, Others see the flash of lightening, And all you hear is the thunder. Smiles, make you smile back, A hand reaching out to yoru hand, If you live in the dark, It’s hard for you to understand. You move about by touch, Slowly … in places you don’t know, You have to use your imagination, When listening to a TV show. Colore of the rainbow, Our flag; red, white and blue, Simple things to you and I, To the blind… they haven’t a clue. But, they can hear happiness, And the sadness in your voice, They can pick out their favorite food, Their scent will make the choice. Take the time to hold their hand, And giver them a hug Hellos, Your thoughtful gesture, Will give the: a heartfelt glow.

To My Valentine By Valentina Ranaldi-Adams Shall I give you candy, old-fashioned and message-topped? Shall I give you balloons, heart-shaped and crimson? Shall I give you animals, stuffed and whimsical? Shall I give you chocolates, bronze and luscious? Shall I give you roses, ruby and aromatic? I shall give you kisses, earnest and irreplaceable!

The Blessed Trinity by Bernadine Ziegler What is the Blessed Trinity, you ask? Well it says in the Holy Bible, or some people call it the good book, if you take a look it will say the Holy Trinity, is three in one. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost who I adore the most. You ask how can they be three in one? I say God is the father, Jesus, is his son, and when Jesus died on the cross for us, his spirit became the Holy Ghost, that is why I love him the most because with out him, I wouldn’t get to speak with God, or be saved by his Heavenly Host. This is why we all should get down on one knee and pray to all here, and say God, and your Blessed Divinity, I pray to you for pity and mercy, because if we don’t then where would we all be? What would we really have? The answer is nothing! We would have nothing! We would also be nothing! Just like the riddle my father told, me, what is more powerful than God? What is more evil than the devil? The rich people want it, the poor people have it. Again the answer is nothing! For this I say pray, love and obey the Blessed Trinity, made of three in one so we all don’t become undone.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest Lifecycle By: John Nimen

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest We By Valentina Ranaldi-Adams We constantly attempt to find one path to take, in the journey of two lives. We have shared memories that don’t match in every detail. We are always treading water in a stream of unending compromises. We have a unique history that others do not share. We use one sight that does not see each other’s faults. We have lives that have swirled together like paint on an artist’s palette. We have much more to do and share together.

To My Daughter With Autism By: Lizzie Lukens Conrad

Trails By Chris Singh

Today I ambled through the roses fair, The lush perfumes and perfect buds contained Withing the courtyard. Soon my eyes were stained With twinkling rubies, red, red everywhere! But see! A tessellate weed! Can it dare, Screaming, trespass this garden, now profaned? Or, both bitter and sweet, is it ordained? Has it unleashed itself through secret prayer?

Unfettered misfit, by yourself you play Among unvaried roses. Little weed, Kaleidoscope of green, of orange, of blue, You have become the prize of my bouquet. Although the days will come when thorns exceed Your blossoms, I will always cherish you.

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Mysterious love – it was keep in you eyes destined to roam with the fireflies. Couldn’t I realize when you gave no rely – our love that was captured was a love that would die. Like an old seaman you knew many tales, But excluded the ones that told how we failed. The sweet air was calm, I felt love in your sails. Then the storm was upon us, He heard sighs and saw trails. Why you have written that book for the just, Explain what you meant by the words “total trust”. But make sure it’s copper; iron will rust. Like my heart that turned cold and then crumbled to dust.

2015 Adult Poetry Contest Broken By: Jamie McAllister

A City Made of Gold By: Stephanie McIntosh Oh, I’m moving to a city, A city made of gold He tells me to be ready, to come quickly when I’m called.

I spy a broken Heart with no hope, I spy a shattered Faith with no pulse, I spy a shaken Will with no life.

He’s taking me to this new place where my rewards will be. He’s taking me to this city where his face I’ll finally see.

Struck with doubt and cradled with despair Eyes close as silence takes over Hearts beating with fear. Taken over with temptation, and caressed with distraction A whispering so ominous, a creaking so eerie A vision so impossible, a vision so unseen. Close your eyes with the passing time, life goes unchanged.

He says he’ll never leave me in this city made of gold He says all things are new there passed away are all things old. He says he’ll wipe away my tears and take away my pain. He says He’s going to be my King And Righteousness will reign. I’m looking forward to this city, This city made of gold. Everyday I’m getting closer. Every year I’m growing old.

Until Tomorrow By: Carla A. Cook Sitting in silence just taking it all in, releasing the stressors of my day that have been locked within. It’s time to un-think my daily problems that grind upon my brain. I just sit back and relax and let go of the strain. Slowly I feel myself coming back to where I want to be. Ever so steady I begin to feel like me, not that other person tied in knots who’s ready to explode. Finally I have released all my chaos And lessened my load. As I free my body and my mind I’ve regained control. I managed to climb out of that dark depressing hole. That is, of course, until tomorrow.

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He says the old things pass away and everything’s made new. I’m going to this city. Yes, I believe it is true. I invite you all to come along, our ransom has been paid. He’ll write your name down in His book, it’s a promise that he made. He said if we were born again He’d come back again someday and take us to be with him where forever we will stay. So, won’t you come and go with me to that city made of gold. Is your name written in His book? Remember, you’ve been told.

2015 Adult Poetry Contest This Dream I Call Life By Andrea Amstutz Living this dream l could not ask for more than the love and warmth from the man l adore Each day l live the dream l imagined my life would be with you forever holding me With you by my side l am finally complete for there’s nothing in life that we cannot defeat As days turned to months and months into years the dream become ours there’s nothing to fear with years of waiting for the time to be right who would have thought our bond would stay tight? This dream l call life cannot be better with our hearts intertwined we ended up together Could this dream l call life be too good to be true? Then l wake up lying next to you................


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2015 Adult Poetry Contest Inspiration By: Susan Bliese

On turning Fifty By Indira Nidamanuri

A tiny spark Dropped into my head, Ignites a flame And becomes a fire.

Me-fifty? No, that can't be. Not long ago, Y2K was so far away.

Flickering oranges and blues Burning away ideas, Producing warm words Amid flowing strands of poetry.

College days feel like yesterday, My daughter, eighteen, no way! Five decades, half a century, Sure seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. Living in the present, Savoring every moment. Enjoying the simple pleasures of everyday Ever ready for what life brings my way. Filling my days with memories Grateful for family and friends. I sit back and reminesce, With contentment and happiness. I am filled with wonder and curiosity, At the universe that I see. And look forward to the next stage, My life journey's next page.

Flintknapping in the High Desert By: Adam DiMambro Veins of the desert have dried long ago, but still their oranges and blacks shine so bright. A native man walks obsidian road, and his hat covers his eyes from the light. But still their oranges and blacks shine so bright. So under a tree he rests in the shade, and his hat covers his eyes from the light, then he pulls out his old hammering blade. So under a tree he rests in the shade, in the sand he finds the perfect pieces. Then he pulls out his old hammering blade, pressure flaking arrowheads for his nieces. In the sand he finds the perfect pieces, pumpkin colored glass that is slick and smooth. Pressure flaking arrowheads for his nieces, working to a very old rhythmic groove. Pumpkin colored glass that is slick and smooth, That is fashioned with exact precision. Working to a very old rhythmic groove, he has fulfilled his intended mission. That is fashioned with exact precision, A native man walks obsidian road, He has fulfilled his intended mission. Veins of the desert have dried long ago.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest "AN UNFINISHED POEM" By RANDY LOGAN

What will cause our downfall? By Donna Robinson


Being sightless… Have you ever been in a room, As darkeness swallows up all light. Been scared of the unknown, Shaking with pure fright?


What if you were born blind, In darkness, you can only wonder, Others see the flash of lightening, And all you hear is the thunder.


Smiles, make you smile back, A hand reaching out to your hand, If you live in the dark, It’s hard for you to understand.

Surreality By Tom Woodliff

You move about by touch, Slowly … in places you don’t know, You have to use your imagination, When listening to a TV show.

whirly, twirly, swirly clouds in a liquid sky mother says be careful dear have some tulip pie mongrols, thieves, and vagrants dream life beyond the sun daddy says he's coming home war was so much fun cats and dogs and lizard things raining all around grandma flying toward the moon won't stay on the ground truthful lies and purple eyes chaos at the door people crying, pigs with wings search for evermore comets crashing people flee rivers turn blood red candy canes and chocolate drops everyone is dead dreams and 'scapes and vision quests reality a blur am I sleeping or awake wish I could be sure

Colors of the rainbow, Our flag; red, white and blue, Simple things to you and I, To the blind … they haven’t a clue. But, they can hear happiness, And the sadness in your voice, They can pick out their favorite food, Their scent will make the choice. Take the time to hold their hand, And give them a hug Hello, Yoru thoughtful gesture, Will give them; a hearfelt glow.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest So much to do right now. By: Amy Vaughn

Who I am… By Tracy Lemus Santos I'm not perfect Nor do I pretend to be. I love completely And I give myself entirely. I am proud But I am humble. I am short of stature But not short of spirit. I am not afraid to admit my strengths Nor my weaknesses. I am ignorant But not unintelligent. I am quick to forgive But not to forget. I have a quick temper Which can be quelled easily. My cup is not half full It runneth over. I am a servant of many Master of none. I value life But sometimes fail to live to the fullest. I recognize the good And am blind to the bad. I look inward And keep moving upward. I am spiritual Although my thinking is grounded. I am competitive But not afraid to admit defeat. My eyes are not afraid to cry And my heart doesn't hesitate to sing. I look to others for advice But to myself for the answer.

So much to do in life. So much time to do it in. So many which ways to go. I don’t know if I should come are go. Sometimes I wonder if I can love someone. Are if someone would every love me. How could I found the one? Am I looking in the right place? Or am I looking in the wrong places. I know one day I would find my true love. But right now there is so much to do. Little time to do it in. So many ways to go in life. I know where I’m going in life. That this me until I find that someone. Finish my last years of college. That why there so much to do right now.

Me & The Ocean’s Pleasures By: Sandra K. Owens Here I am sitting on the pier looking into the water, like a mirror. Seagulls are flapping their wings in the sky All around me, the world drifts by. The sun is shining so very bright The atmosphere is oh so right. The waves are rough, rough as can be Being on the ocean is oh so free Every now & then a jet flies above me so high Making me wonder where they’re going and why. Up from me there’s a fisherman casting his line in Just waiting for a sign of that great big fin. Oh so many different people we all are From here, there, & away so far. We all enjoy the very same thing Down here in the South, where we’re all the King, I’ve found my place in the sun Where I can relax & have fun No fears, woes, I’m not fit to be tied I’m just me, my time I’ll bide.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest Shine On My Priceless Pieces By Annetta Rojek A glitter streams from the vanity mirror; It is priceless jewels that adorn their necks. Two little girls modeling Grandma’s jewelry. Feeling grown up and dazzling in their best, Giggles filled the room, As the little girls tried on the fine pieces. After sometime Grandma would say, “Now girls, it’s time to put up the jewelry and go play!” Jewels locked up in darkness for so many years, A black box on my closet shelf, As if it had just appeared. Unlock the jewelry box, Let my jewels shine, For the light will tell you stories about those times. Trays filled with earrings that sparkle, Strands of shimmering stones, Being ever so careful because they are old. Lifting the hair clasp that looks like pure gold, Entwined in the clasp I find, A single strand of silver hair which reminds me you are still here. Decades later, the jewels glisten once again, Modeling in the vanity mirror, There are two little girls from a different era. Bracelets of ivory and gold wrapped around their wrists, The girls hold the jewels with their fingertips, Gently, the reflective sunlight provides a kiss. While smiling and giggling, Sparks of joy fill their eyes, The girls plead, “Please, Grandma could we try on another?” Shine on, shine on Those priceless pieces of mine, I can only hope great memories will come of this time.

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My Grandma’s Chair By: Sandra K. Owens Although it’s bare It still stands there Looking at us all Against the wall. Many an hour she sat in it Smiling at us, her eyes all lit She didn’t mind that She couldn’t walk She had a “heart” & she Still could talk. The days they went by & by Only once in awhile Would my Grandma cry. Then she’d brighten all up As we’d fill her coffee cup. Happy were the days when We were there Grandma knew we all did care. Those days are gone now But, oh do I remember how I’d jump for glee When my Grandma I did see. The look on her face I will never erase. She left behind with me Her heart & its key. Many memories galore And so much more. Like her, my Grandma’s chair Was so very rare.

2015 Adult Poetry Contest The Promised Land By: George D. Cozby For many years I have sought A place away from what man has wrought. A place that’s free from strife and war, A place that people cannot mar. It would be a paradise of which I speak, A home for all the lost and weak. With mountains and streams both far and wide, A place where all the world can hide. With flowers and trees and things to eat And skies of blue and music sweet.

A Soldier By: Brian Cozby

I will always seek this blessed place, For there I will find God’s holy face. Although my eyes grow dim, and my steps often stray, I must keep the faith and always pray. Though stooped with age and old am I, I am not ready yet to die. But lo, an angel comes, from on high; Perhaps my journey’s end is nigh. I will ask her to take my hand And help me find this Promised Land.

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Traveling across this land to far off places Forced to leave my home & family with long drawn faces Months on end they hear no news of my travels Except of the many dark fierce battles Long to hear the voices of their sons, daughters & spouses But all they hear is the echoes in their lonely empty houses Drive to fight no matter the situation To say I was one who helped free a nation Sometimes engaged in battles for unknown reasons Fighting for months at a time through all kinds of seasons Following orders and continuing to fight No questions are asked in this way of life A shot rings out, echoing in my ear The shot was not for me, but comes near A man goes down, I pray to God to save his life. Once again I must continue to fight For a soldier is what I am in this life.

2015 Adult Poetry Contest Dream By: Carla A. Cook

In God’s Hands By: George Cozby

We dream about our future and our past. We dream about a love we lost, that we thought was meant to last. We dream about those who have been lost to death and who we loved so dear. All we have left are their pictures and wishing that they were still here. We dream about past loves that weren’t true, The ones who falsely claimed their love; Until they had no use for you.

As we walk upon this earth and marvel at it’s wonders We smell the flowers and listen to the ripple of a nearby stream We see a squirrel playing on the ground and birds flying in the sky We stop & rest beneath a tree and watch people walking by

We dream about tragic events that have left their mark. And even though the memory fades away It doesn’t completely fade into the dark. We dream about happier times when we felt like we could fly. But, at times, it felt like you’re on a down-hill slope, and happiness was passing you by. We dream about mistakes we’ve made that have impaired our life. We made too many wrong choices that have left trails of never ending struggles and strife. We dream about betrayal of those who claimed to be friends. But, yet, they were so cunning that you didn’t feel their stab until the end. We dream about things we should have done, And hope we hadn’t sealed our fate. Maybe we’ll get another chance to do things right and find the open gate. Dreams are like pieces of a puzzle because they are pieces of our lives. As long as we live we will always dream; To dream is to be alive.

We enjoy this wonderful land because we are all in God’s great hands.


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2015 Adult Poetry Contest Reflection on the Coming of Spring By: Andi Michelson I

Forsythia Etch your sunshine pattern into this canvas of pastel blue Gracing it with your youth and softness Into my forehead press your blessed blossoms For the winter has been hard So long and so cold

LOVE IS, LOVE WILL BY: Marcus Howell Love is unconditional, Love is the very thing That will last forever, Love will make a person Walk through fire a Thousand miles,


The earth Dark in its wetness and seasons of growth Lies Open and beckoning Cushes under (between) my toes While happy mud dances at last Emanates its richness The earth

Love will leave you Speechless, Love is the feeling of Flying above the clouds, Love is kind, In a dark room love will be

Kayaking in Fog By: Sally Martin

The light that will make everything Shine,

The window frames a spectered gauzy view of silver mist that swirls at water’s edge. The sun’s a faintly yellowed hazy hue; the shimmered blue of kayak on the ledge is dulled now to a sleekly granite sheen. Where lake and wetted bankstones moistly pair, the calm and newly slategrown grasses green caress, yet chill, my barefoot progress there. Down glides the kayak from the rock seawall and paddles sluice out in silent tow. A waterfowl skims low, sounds just one call, then all is fog in veils of silk shadow. I feel the damp and slow pulse of this day; I feel my body seep into the grey.

Love is finding a dime in a penny less Place, Love will make a magnificent face, Love will keep you safe from Harm’s way, Love is the greatest gift, Love is real, LOVE IS,LOVE WILL.

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2015 Adult Poetry Contest

_________ L ________

________ A ________

Lemus Santos, Tracy --------------------- 16 Logan, Randy ------------------------------- 15 Lukens Conrad, Lizzie ----------------- 5; 11

Amstutz, Andrea ---------------------------- 13

________ B ________

_________ M ________

Bliese, Susan -------------------------------- 14

Martin, Sally ------------------------------ 3; 20 McAllister, Jamie --------------------------- 12 McIntosh, Stephanie ------------------- 6; 12 Mergner, Kelly -------------------------------- 3 Michelson, Andi----------------------------- 20

________ C ________ Cook, Carla ----------------------------- 12; 19 Cowling, Leamber ----------------------------7 Cozby, Brian --------------------------------- 18 Cozby, George ------------------------- 18; 19

_________ N ________ Nidamanuri, Indira ------------------------- 14 Nimen, John --------------------------------- 10

________ D ________ Derwacter, Glenda ---------------------------5 DiMambro, Adam --------------------------- 14

_________ O ________ Owens, Saudra ------------------------ 16; 17

________ G ________ Gash, Michele ---------------------------------8

_________ R ________

________ H ________

Ranaldi-Adams , Valentina ----------- 9; 11 Reyes, Luisa Kay -------------------------3; 8 Robinson, Donna------------------------ 9; 15 Rojek, Annetta ------------------------------ 17 Rudy, Richard -------------------------- 13; 19

Harvey, James --------------------------------7 Howell, Marcus ------------------------------ 20 Huddleston, Barry ----------------------------4

Page 21

2015 Adult Poetry Contest

________ S ________ Singh, Chris ---------------------------------- 11 Smith, Priscilla----------------------------- 5; 6

________ V ________ Vaughn, Amy -------------------------------- 16

________ W ________ Woodliff, Tom ---------------------------- 7; 15

________ Z ________ Ziegler, Bernadine --------------------------- 9 Ziegler, Mark Edward ----------------------- 6

Page 22


Stark County District Library 16th Annual Poetry Contest Booklet Adults  

This is the Stark County District Library 16th Annual Poetry Contest Booklet, containing poems from adults.

Stark County District Library 16th Annual Poetry Contest Booklet Adults  

This is the Stark County District Library 16th Annual Poetry Contest Booklet, containing poems from adults.