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SET SAIL Poetry Contest

17th Annual Youth Poetry Contest

Grades 2 & 3

Table of Contents Introduction ......................................... 2 Grades 2 - 3 Awards ......................................... 4 Poetry .......................................... 5-20 Grades 4 - 5 Awards ......................................... 22 Poetry .......................................... 23-35 Grades 6 - 7 Awards ......................................... 37 Poetry .......................................... 38-68 Grades 8 - 9 Awards ................................................ 70 Poetry .......................................... 71-103 Grade 10 - 12 Awards ......................................... 104 Poetry .......................................... 105-114 Index of Entries ................................... 115-118

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2014 Youth Poetry Contest

Grades 2 & 3


SET SAIL Poetry Contest


Stark County District Library’s

17 Annual Poetry Contest th

We received 381 poems from 40 Stark County schools. We would like to thank all participants for their hard work this year. Thank you Teachers for teaching and encouraging your students to participate in this year’s contest. The following Stark County Schools participated: Amherst Elementary Barr Elementary Belden Elementary Canton Central Catholic Canton Montessori Carlson Academy Dueber Elementary

Home School Hudson High Jackson Memorial Middle Karachi Grammar Lake Cable Elementary Lake Center Christian Lake Elementary Lake High

Early College Academy @ Souers Mason Elementary Early College High @ Timken McAuley High Edison Middle McKinley High Minerva Elementary GlenOak High GlenWood Intermediate Parsons High Hartville Elementary Portage Coll. Montessori (PCMS) Safety Harbor

Sandy Valley Elementary Sandy Valley High Sandy Valley Middle St. Joan of Arc St. Michael's School Strong Tower Christian Academy Timken High Uniontown Elementary Wadsworth High Watson Elementary Whipple Heights Elementary Worley Elementary

Final Judging was done by a committee of community volunteers. Thank you, for volunteering your time to read poems. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

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SET SAIL Poetry Contest

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Grades 2 & 3

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 2&3 Awards Andrew Harold Sharks ···································· 17

Marina Lee Scalise If I Were a Bird ························· 13

Brooke Hurd The Softball Game ···················· 19

Mary Metz I Wish ······································· 6

Collin Kornish The Line ·································· 18

Matthew Potshnik I Think I’m Dying ···························

Daniela Scheffer Im a Flower ······························ 16

Michael Bliese Late at Night ···························· 20

David Barrett A Dream to Remember ·············· 20

Sarah McCloskey China······································ 11

Ellen McDaniel The Old Apple Tree ······················

Sophia Dobbins Best Friend ······························ 12

Evangelina King Itter the Otter ··························· 16

Tayten Crable Lobster ··································· 13

Grace Hurd If I Had a Cat ···························· 10

Tessa Palshook Bad Dreams······························· 6

James Bunnell The Pickle ······························· 12

Tyler Firth Hail ········································ 10

Jenna Slates Dreams ··································· 12

Tyson Gamble Dancing to the Beat ····················· 8

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 4

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 2 & 3

Ther was a Big interesting book Ther was a big interesting book That the man at the library took He ran with a snack And never came back I wish I coud get another book Kludayshia Atkins 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

In the hall I like to be in the hall. Mostly in the fall. I usually see someone really tall.

Untitled Ice cream flavors cones when sropre reosp trey ean Darren Wade 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

It is super tall. but it is still a doll. Corrin Smith 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

Also in the hall there is a room full of balls. Also a room full of little old dolls.

Awesome School My school is cool. My school is fun. I made this poem for everyone. I like green I like blue. Do you? I like math I read books. It’s so much fun for you. My school is awesome for everyone! Chryssa Hill 3rd grade- PCMS Seasons Roses are Red, Blossoms are Blue, there is nothing as beautiful as you. Spring is green. Winter is all white, there has never been anything as wonderful in sight. Summer is bright, fall is all dull, still both are fun and have the same role. All seasons Are beautiful, But nothing is as you. Grant Blake 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

A Little Brother Do you want to hear about my brother? My brother likes ice skating. My brother also likes tennis and basketball. His favorite color is purple. His favorite Cavs player is LeBron James. My little brother likes to play with trains. His favorite show and book is Paw Patrol. His favorite movie is The Polar Express. He likes to play with his brother. His favorite sport to watch is basketball. His name is Joey. He is the best little brother ever. Bobby St. Jean 3rd grade- Lake Cable Elementary Dreams Your dreams are big the sky is too do what you have to do to make them true if you can’t just try again and again and let eyes of friends and family watch you all the way though. Jared Holmes 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 5

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

I Wish I wish I could float, go into the sky. I wish I never had to cry. I wish I could find a better friend, with a friend ship that would never end. Sometimes I wish I could go far away. But with my family I want to stay. All these things I wish, I know they won’t come true, but I think life is good when I’m close to you. Mary Metz 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Untitled A person is a person no matter how small. I could be a wall. Or a small play ball. You start small. You get tall. When you’re a baseball player, you say “play ball.” A person is a person no matter how small. Avery Simpson 3rd Grade- Amherst Elementary Cats cute and fluffy pering scratching. frendle and grate loving kitte Domenico Serri 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Bad Dreams I feel a pounding in my head I hear a huge monster under my bed Bigfoot is crawling right behind me He roars and it is quite frightening Ghost Face gave out a big scream But then I realized that it was all just a dream. Tessa Palshook 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Stars All the stars in the sky light up the night They are so beautiful. They twinkle and sparkle and everything else! Just take a look at them and you will have belief! Aubryana Richardson 3rd grade, Lake Cable Elementary

The dream I thought was true I woke up this morning and there was a light in my eyes. I said whoever you are, do you mind. Then I heard a voice from outer space. I was a robot holding a green case. I said “who are you and where am I? But then a strange creature came up from behind and said boo. But then I heard my moms voice saying get up or we will be late for toms wedding. Ben Iraheta 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 6

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 2 & 3

I had a Piggi I had a piggy that was silly and his nose was kind of squishy and he was zippy then I’d breed but first I need to feed him and he was kind of smelly Ryan Bowers 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary Basketball Basketball o basketball, i love you your my glee you make me run and shout YIPPEE!!! Basketball 0 basketball your so cool, but all my friends think you’re a fool! Zara Wood 3rd Grade Whipple Elementary

Limerick Friends There was a woman named macy she liked to play really crazy her friend is daisy after that they met gracie then they all played crazy Jazlyn Stepanovich 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Egypt Elegant statues lay in tombs Great temples lie in ruins Your favorite monuments are in sight Pharaohs ruled the ancient land The pyramids tower high above Egypt is wonderful and grand . Andy Gray 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

The Forgotten Cake There was once a cake lying in the dew of the grass. then a guy came with his rake and smashed it all up. And for goodness sake it was a forgotten cake! There was a cottage by a lake and a girl named Alice Pake and she had a passion to bake . She lived in Norway and she too owned some cows they go Moo. She went through a isle in a store and she couldn’t Find the Flour she wanted to bake a cake. She went back home and dozed off into a deep sleep. She dreamed of cloud time. She met a lot of people in the clouds even a mime!! It was a Fun time in the clouds but she told the people in her dream she needed to go She hit her knee in her sleep but She was still in her dream on top of a tree eating ice cream! She traveled to the ocean and baked a cake there! It didn’t taste salty at all! Ymm cake! Sami Pallone 3rd Grade- PCMS

Clock Tick tock Click clock. I think clocks are noisy, Do you? You wake up In the morning. Do you? Clocks can be Big, small, large And little. Tick Tocks say Hey, hey Get out of my way. Number one, two, three My number is four! Hey, hey, I forgot It is time for bed. Hey, hey Good night! Leah Faye 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 7

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

I Am Awesome Roses are red violets are blue I am awesome and what are you. Drew Bonvenuto 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Dancing To The Beat My brother is dancing He knows what to do He’s got the grooves to do the moves. When the music starts He starts to march. He bounces and pounces to the sound, He dances all around. When the music is done He is so sad He can’t wait to do it all over again. Tyson Gamble 2nd grade, Amhert Elementary

The Pity Kitty We have a pitty kitty. Should we send him to a city? No, in a city there’s nothing to pity, so we can’t send him to a city. Well, what about a knick-knach’s toe? No, we should give him a strong blow to make him go, go, go! But if he starts to fuss We’ll send him on a bus. What about the doctor, can he hel[? No, no, no! He’ll just yelp. What if he is slow? Yes, that’s right, we’ll do it early. I’ll wear my hair curly, So we all can see How cool our cat can be! Brandon McKinney 2nd grade, Uniontown Elementary PIG There once was a pig. He ate a fig and then a twig. Then after he ate the fig and the twig He turned into a donkey. Gus Mastroine 3rd Grade- PCMS Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue had a shoe that was a clue. His shoe had always blown away. Everybody searched for it every day. Maybe it was in a bed or it was in some thread. One day, Mr. Blue was walking in his one shoe he found his shoe stuck in glue. Mr. Blue pulled the shoe but then he fell in hay. He put his shoe on his foot but then he got stuck. So then people looked for Mr. Blue and his shoe but couldn’t find them. Mr. Blue had the flu on a cold winter day. People heard him say…”achoo achoo! I have the nasty flu.” Mr. Blue and his frozen shoe were stuck until they heard…”We will help Mr. Blue because he has the flu and his frozen shoe!” The people said to Mr. Blue…”take off your shoe to get unstuck so we can help you with the nasty flu!” Mr. Blue did as they said and the people helped Mr. Blue with the nasty flu and his frozen shoe. That’s the end of Mr. Blue. Lindsay Ketterman 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 8

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Babysitting The babysitter was Mrs. Mcglitter she was babysitting the twitters, they Love Mrs. Mcglitter they call her Mrs. Mcbitter. They call her Mrs. Mcbitter Because when Charlie throws a fitter, she sits on the twitters for fun there happy when it’s done. We love Mrs. Mcglitter P.S. she is obsessed with twitter! Carlie Kleve 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

Shea’s Nose Shea’s sniffer is sniffing, Shea’s sniffer is a good nose. Shea’s sniffer is cool. by Tony Dragomier 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Maggie All the shopkins all the shopkins if only I cloud have some. All the shopkins all the shopkins are so sweet to me. All the shopkins all the shopkins are so cute to me as well. All the shopkins all the shopkins oh how I love all the shopkins. Maggie Howard 3rd grade-PCMS

Grades 2 & 3 Untitled WE ARE GOING MY BROTHER IS COOL TO TOYS OR US Zayden Wesley 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Monster Cookies These cookies are called monsters cause one time when we made them they started eating everything except for each other. Josiah DiMarco 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Cute, Cuddly Kittens, Cute, cuddly kittens, soft as could be Small little kittens, sitting with me. Graceful little kitties, cute as could be, Soft fluffy balls, so cute can’t you see. Sleepy little kittens, snoring quietly, Cute quietish kittens as cute as could be. Purring little kittens, sitting on my lap Jumpy little kittens pouncing on my lap. Nonwater liking kittens, scratching and hissing there, Good at that soft kitties playing playfully there, Good at that soft kitties playing playfully mad. Crazy little kitties hissing at me, Hungry little kittens meowing at me, Adorable little kittens scratching up my chair, Cuddly little kittens sitting everywhere One thousand little kittens sitting on my chair filled with hair. Funny little kittens rolling on my chair. Cute little kittens having hissy fits, Small jumpy kittens climbing up my wall Furry little kittens rubbing on my legs. I love kitties! by Charlotte German 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 9

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Carnivore in the Kitchen My mom asked me if I wanted cheese, and I said “I don’t want cheese. It makes me sneeze.” Then my mom asked me if I wanted pie. I said “I don’t want pie. It makes me fly.” Finally, my mom asked me if I wanted a pickle, and I said “I don’t want a pickle. They make me feel like I’m being tickled. Mom asked what I wanted to eat. I said “All I wanted to eat was some meat.” After that, Mom said “I thought you said that you liked beets, but you just told me that you like meats. Oh, wait. You’re a carnivore!” Adam Hess 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary If I Had a Cat My little kitten has the cutest face. She likes to run around and race. Acrostic Her fur is soft, like cotton candy. My kitten And its color is kinda sandy. My kitten is little My cat likes to run through the house. My kitten is a girl and I Especially when she is playing with her toy mouse. love her The cutest thing of all…. My kitten Is when she sleeps curled up in a ball. Tariah Washington Grace Hurd 2nd Grade Worley Elementary 3rd grade, Homeschool

Nothing Cats Always Think Sad Peyton Tanner 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Hail Ice, bumpy, Falling, snowing, flying. The hail falls down. Frozen. Tyler Firth 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Jolly Molly My name is Molly I am very jolly Around the holidays I am very holly But…I am still MOLLY!!! Molly Marceric 2nd grade, St. Joan of Arc


Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 10

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

fox all over foxes I see a lot of fox. Ow they are in a line. Foxes Foxes I see one that is orange. There is a fox in a box. It is a good fox day. Kristian Gates 3rd grade-PCMS

Grades 2 & 3 My Family You are cool You are sweet You are likeable You can never be beat I love my family They are such a treat Nakia Collins 2nd grade, Barr Elementary

Acrostic Marvelous Energetic Yogurt Ocean Night Night Amazing Meyonna Dabney 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Chips I went into the kitchen to grab a chip and there was a cave full of dip for my chip. Ad ate my chip in the cave next to the cave full of dip which was full of whipped cream and a team. Which started shoving their faces into the whipped cream with some chips and dip. Sarah McCloskey Acrostic 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary FOOT WORK OUT SIDE OVER TIME boll TOUCH DOWN I like to play doll BENCHES Star Wars Her name is Tinkerbel Reid ATHLETIC Violets are blue And I like to play LINE BAKER Roses are red Nyah Reid LINES May the force be with you nd 2 Grade Worley Elementary David Thompson Is what Luke Skywalker said. 2nd Grade Worley Elementary Jaelyn Tillison 2nd grade, , Watson Elementary

Monsters Monster trucks are big, That is a pretty cool gig. Clouds are white... My cousin likes the light, Because he's afraid of the night! Nolan Troyer 2nd Grade, Amherst Elementary

Xavier Xylophones are my favorite beat! Apples are my favorite treat! Vice Presidents are very neat! Ice cream, yum what a treat when you're walking down the street with your feet! Eating right can make you feel good, like let's just start with meat! Ripe peppers are good to eat! Xavier Sheridan 2nd grade, Lake Cable Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 11

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Dreams Dreams are fun! Dreams are fat! And sometimes they involve a cat. Dreams can be about anything…like tomatoes or pet Or knees dipped in cheese. Dreams are magical. Dreams are tragical. And sometimes about a piggy Doing a dance called the jiggy. Dreams are good. Dreams are bad. Dreams can be sad, But don’t give up because they can be rad! Dreams can smell like berries and cherries. Or dreams can smell like a person named Larry. Dreams, dreams, they happen while we sleep. Dreams, dreams, oh the memories to keep. Jenna Slates 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary Snow Snow is white a wall in the night red as a rose bright as the moon the perfect color just like you are. Elena Snyder 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary Best Friends Like a unicorn and a Pegasus Playing on a rainbow, having fun, And dancing in the clouds. Go down the rainbow. Find a pot of gold. Laughing, playing, So much fun. Best friends forever! by Sophia Dobbins 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Untitled There was an old lady who stand on a bold man then she told a deer why the chicken cross the rod a toad Alexander Lindsay 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

The Pickle! What is this thing all bumpy and green? A butterfly? It can not be. Or a Veggie? No. A pickle. Yes. A pickle all tasty and green. James Bunnell 2nd grade-PCMS

Itter the Otter Itter the Otter is quite a sitter. She also has a pretty pet critter Who is also coverd in glitter, And Itter the Otter likes Twitter. Itter the Otter is a Knitter. Itter the Otter is friends with Mrs. Kidder. Mrs. Kidder is quite a quitter And also full of sugar. Itter the Otter lives in the city. Itter the Otter says she is pretty, She puts on makeup in a jippy. Itter the Otter likes to sing ditly, ditly, do! Evie King 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 12

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Holiday Holidays are my favorite thing. Jesus was born on Christmas. Turkey is my favorite ho My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. by Cassidy Dentler 2nd grade, St. Michael’s Love Love, oh love, such a beautiful thing. It’s like you can take off with a wing. Love, oh love, such a beautiful sight. When you’re with love you can never feel a fright. Love, oh love, you have beauty I can see. Love can be taller than the tallest tree. Alyssa Willaman 2nd grade, Dueber Elementary

Grades 2 & 3

Mya’s Persinality MOST LOVEABLE YAY IT’S MAYA AWESOME FRIEND IS AWESOME SO PRETTY KIND IS A FRIEND TO MANY NOT MEAN DOES THE THINGS SHE IS ASKED Mya Thompson 2nd Grade- PCMS Lobster 1. A lobster is red and it has claws 2. Boiling boiling as it falls 3. I don’t like it when is raw 4. Pinchers punchers must get sawed Tayten Crable 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

If I were a Bird If I were a bird, I couldn’t say words and all I could do is sing. Of course that would be swell with Mrs. McFell because she loves the sound. I’d stay on the ground, until I learned how to spread my wings and fly. Snow Day Up in the sky, flying up so high, On a snow day there I was just soaring, I would run and play but it kind of was boring, I would go outside when I was just soaring, I would go for a sled ride and not doing any tricks. I’d come in to warm up So I picked up 2 sticks, And play with my little pup And then I did tricks, My mom would have hot chocolate ready and boy it was fun. For me and my brother Eddie If I were a bird, We drink it until it was gone I couldn’t say words, Then we let out a big yawn but I know at least Mrs. McFool would think I was cool. Dani Eberly Marina Lee Scalise rd 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary 3 grade, Amherst Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 13

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Little Sally Twinkle Toes Little Sally Twinkle Toes is like nobody else when she mows ‘cause when she mows she does a flipity flopity flee and a blipity blopity blee so that is why Little Sally Twinkle toes is nobody else when she mows, but I don’t think you know what Little Sally Twinkle Tows knows just because little sally twinkle toes is good when she mows doesn’t mean she can’t know all the crows that crow when she mows. Then when she stops mowing all the crows stop crowing then Little Sally Twinkle Toes goes inside to doze. Kelsie Smith 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

The awesome acrostic poem Asher Wonderful Epic Super Outstanding Myself Empire Asher Diuk 3rd Grade- PCMS

Fall Warm, Fun Playing, falling, shining. The leaves are falling. Autumn. Jillyan Stevens 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Life is Good Sunlight on the beach. I love how it shines colors Life is good with God. by Hannah Shiepis 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Dogs Soft, fluffy Jog, Jump, sprint Bring joy to hearts Cute Gabby Waggoner 2nd Grade Worley Elementary The Slithery Dee The slithery Dee came to eat me. It ate the others but it didn’t eat SLURP!!! Gavin Knobb 3nd grade Amherst Elementary

Bye Tristan Dalesandro Reading is good for you guys you should like it reading is good for you guys no one is righting about it only I am righting it I’m the only one who is righting about it no one else is righting about it. Tristan Dalesandro 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Acrostic Climb trees Attact Trash Scratch Nadia Burgan 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Clowns Funny clowns, Dogs doing tricks, Throwing water, Falling on the floor. by Rocco Ross 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Sweet Bees Sweet bees fly in the air, I've never had one in my hair though, I think it would be really bad, They get sweet honey, I don't care for it though, People put it in bottles, It's really sweet, Have you tasted honey, Come on give it a try! Laurel Balcom 2nd grade, Lake Cable Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 14

SET SAIL Poetry Contest The Note I was in a boat I had a note It said to float wear a life coat. I knew not what it meant so I thought to make a tent. I used my oars to get to shores Two of them. I stopped on them I made a lodge so the wind I could dodge. The next day I saw quail and set sail. I was done. I had fun. Roger Herstine 3rd grade, Minerva Elementary

Branch a big dinosaur Adrian Haddad 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

The Old Apple Tree I like the way you sway in the breeze and by you I always find bumble bees. The flowers always look so sweet, and they’ll even be better when they’re on the table to eat! Ellen McDaniel 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary

Grades 2 & 3 the bare with hair There was a bear named hair. One day he went to the market and said look there! it is a green pair. When he went home he cared abod a chair. Cael Baringer 2nd grade-PCMS

Ellie Ellie is a cute one Little shy she is Loving, caring, kind I ndescribeable of any mind Ellie’s favirte animal is a elephant to find Ellie Cribbs 2nd Grade Worley Elementary Mrs. Allhouse M orning meeting R ealy loveble S illy A wesome L ove L oveble H ouse O utstanding U seful S miley faces E mma’s teacher Emma Smith 2nd grade-PCMS

Each Each…is it a beach. or is it Bleach. I can’t figure it out. Should I get each. Or maybe a teach. Or a peach. This is hard. Should I preach. But I can’t reach. I can screech. But I stll can’t, Decide from each. Should I do a free speech. or am I impeach. I think I’m outreach Or is it a figure. of speech

Summer Summer is my favorite. I get to run and play. I get to have my birthday on a I think I’ll get…Each. Gage Bolon hot, hot day. 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary Isabella Liber 2nd grade, Lake Cable Elemen-

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 15

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

I’m a flower I’m a flower with a thought I also can talk but no other flower will do so as well. No flower will join me for Christmas Eve. I don’t see what’s wrong with me. Is it because I’m a flower? I don’t see why but no one will greet me with a Hi or a Bye. I wonder what the other flowers do when they don’t take my invitation, do they have another party to attend? Is something wrong with them and not me? I am a very lonely flower who can talk and doesn’t know if something’s wrong with me or not. None of the other flowers will talk with me or walk with me. What do you think is wrong with me? Daniela Scheffler 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary Itter the Otter Itter the Otter is quite a sitter. She also has a pretty pet critter who is also coverd in glitter, and Itter the Otter likes Twitter. Itter the Otter is a knitter. Itter the Otter is friends with Mrs. Kidder. Mrs. Kitter is quite a quitter and also full of sugar. Itter the Otter lives in the city. Itter the Otter says she is pretty, She puts on makeup in a jippy. Itter the Otter likes to sing ditly, ditly, do! Evangelina King 3rd Grade – Amherst Elementary

Remington James Remington James Weird loved Playing, brushing, sleeping He is the best. Dog Lily Sims 2nd Grade- Canton Montessori School

Sunset Sunshine bright Shining, warming, setting, Sunset is at night. Shiny by Joshua Jacob 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

My Puppy Fuzzy, wuzzy Cutie, beauty, Playful, helpful, That’s my puppy! by Stamatios Paxos 2nd grade, St. Michael’s

Everyone’s Different Snow is white flowers are green everyone’s different when you follow your dreams everyone has a talent and that little spark to make you you. Devin Bailey 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Haiku Brittany My dog is Brittany Black, Brown, White, Eat, Run, Play, Bark I love her so much Alexis Hunt 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 16

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 2 & 3

Calm Blue Calm blue ocean, calm blue sea, a wave washes over me. Calm white sand, calm white sand, Oh! That pod of whales is grand! Leaping dolphins, summer sun, this ocean poem is done done done! Mia Draper 2nd grade-PCMS

Cats Funny calm Sleeping, standing, chasing Cats have live babies Pets Ava Liotti 2nd Grade- Canton Montessori School

The Weird Horse There was a weird horse that had a beard and that was why he was weird. Now he was not really weird, people just did not like him. They did not like him because he was mean. He was mean because he wanted just a little bean. So I told him that he did not need a bean. Then he told me, so I got mean and I wanted a bean! Ryan Lippe 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

What if Chimps Ruled the World? What if chimps ruled the world for a couple years or two?. I bet this will happen someday. I bet they will tear down buildings like the Washington Monument or the White House. Or break all the light bulbs off the Ifle Tower. What if they destroy the pyramids? Or take Queen Victoria’s crown and rule the castle of England? Oh what if chimps ruled the world? Just what if . Lydia Skeggs 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Kittens Kittens Cute, cuddly Run, playful, jumping Unique as a button Cats Sophia Esway 2nd Grade Worley Elementary

Sharks Sharks in the water, Sharks in the sea. Sharks that are eating You don’t want to see. They breathe through their gills As they swim through the sea. I’m in the water And ouch! It bit me! Andrew Harold 2nd Grade- St Michael’s


Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 17

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Life of a Cat I am a cat but I’m not like the others I am an unusual cat. I can write, I can type, I can squeeze a mouse tight, and I can make the water tempter for my bath just right. But my favorite thing to do is DANCE! La la la the other cats think I sing badly. Olivia Siles 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary Delicious Chocolate It’s brown and delicious. A sweet treat. It’s made with Cocoa beans. It’s a little hard but still soft. It’s my favorite Dogs desert. It comes in some different kinds. Have you Lick me, guessed? It’s chocolate! Wag their tails. Charli Evanish Big, wet noses, 2nd Grade- PCMS Loud barks, Nice, Playful, The Line Soft, The line the line it led me to be lost. Funny, I followed it and it followed me. Big, At last I found the end and followed it back through Small, Alaska Cute. Arizona by Arkansas Madison Lepley California 2nd grade, St. Michael’s Connecticut And some places I didn’t even recognize. At last I found the beginning Summertime Breeze I screamed. I love to look up at the sky I’m back home. and to lay in the soft grass. Collin Kornish Oh, how good it feels to feel 3rd grade, Amherst Elementary the summertime breeze on my skin. It feels like my mother is hugging me good night. Oh, how I love the summertime breeze. Bailee Wynn 2nd grade, Dueber Elementary

Untitled There was an old lady who stand on a bold man then she told a deer why the chicken cross the rod a toad Alex Lindsay 2nd Grade- Worley Elementary

A Football Player A football player plays football. It is painful and really fun. You are on T.V. Yes it is fun, really, really fun! Grayson Snavely 2nd grade, Lake Cable Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 18

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Purple Purple is the color of royalty. Purple smells like irises and taste likes grapes. Purple is my personal favorite what is yours? Dakota Demshar 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Grades 2 & 3 Yoyo I got a yoyo it flung in the air my mom said stop but I don’t care I want to use it and walk the dog and my dad stayed as stiff as a log I said to my dad what do ya think he said that’s as easy as a wink he grabbed it from my hand I said no that’s my man Cole Kiser 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

The Softball Game The feel of the cleats on my feet… And the breeze blowing through my hair… And the snap of the ball hitting the glove… And everyone cheering for my team… Brooke Hurd 3rd grade, homeschool

Fall When the wind goes on my cheek and the leaves fall on the grass that means that fall is coming. Though the days are cold we love fall and that is all. All the seasons like summer, spring and winter, they are special in their own way. No other season is like fall. Jaden Harris 2nd grade, Lake Cable Elementary

Happy Butterfly Dark day Butterfly’s birthday, easy by play She imagine’s princess cat Joyfully in dreams by Gianna McDaniel 3rd grade, Mason Elementary


I like Dogs I like dogs and I like to take them on jogs. Also I like dogs because they are my favorite. If they are in trouble I will save it. They are so cute. But when they howl I just want to put them on mute. I like puppies and they like to watch Bubble Guppies. I like to teach it tricks but I get slobbery when it licks . June Price 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 19

Grades 2 & 3

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

I Think I’m Dying My head hurts and it’s shrinking. And I can’t go to school. My brain is getting bigger. I am gaining weight so quickly that my bed is breaking. I’ve counted 28 measles and 32 blue chicken pox. My teeth are rotting and they are falling out. I have a fever of 120.3. What did you say mom? Today is Saturday well I’m going out to play. Matthew Potshnik 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary

The Crazy Man There once was a man who ate everything. He would eat in a ding of a bell, or a bling of a ring. He would eat a pie or a dime none of these rhyme oh, why oh, why? He would eat a cake or a steak oh, I think I need a break, oh, hey Drake! I love pickles they give me a tickle oh, I think I need a ice cycles! Oh hey, I’m the man who eats pie, dime, cake, steak, pickles, and ice cycles! Oh could you give me a blouce? I’m hungry don’t bounce! Oh, hey look! a mouse! Camryn Jeffries 3rd grade- PCMS

Dogs Digs Overwhelming Good Matthew Bair & James Massey 2nd grade, Worley Elementary

Late at Night In my yard late at night, A lump of fur gives me a fright. Scared it might, Give me a bite. . . A closer look reveals a carrot. An ever closer look reveals a rabbit! Michael Bliese 3rd grade, Home School

Seas Splish, waves, splash, cold, Freezing, warm, wet. Cool by the shore. Wavy, salty waters, wet. Water met you When you swam in it. Carter Lenigar 2nd grade, St. Michael’s Arcrostic Danny Aware Nerd Nice Young Danny Decker 2nd Grade- PCMS

A dream to remember I had a weird dream with a lion and a tiger they roared so loud that it knocked me over. It felt so weird my stomach was dancing it was crazy it was like ooooooooooooooooo that felt weird. then my arms started shaking I couldn’t control them it was like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this feels weird. Then I woke up I screamed I woke everybody up they all yelled they said don’t scream like that again! He said ok and went bed then the same thing happened again. David Barrett 2nd grade, Hartville Elementary Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 20

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 21

Grades 4 & 5

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 4 & 5 Awards

Abby Antram Colored Pencils ........................ 23

Logan Riggins Sports ...................................... 29

Alyssa Mayle My Baby Brother ...................... 34

Michael Pipo Outside It’s Fun ....................... 33

Andrew Carlson Blaster Master .......................... 29

Myca Wilson Basketball ................................ 35

Calee Lukowski The Mighty Tree ....................... 31

Nadia Robinson I Need Funnel Cakes ............... 24

Connor Burkhart Pizza!! ...................................... 26

Olivia Richardson A Yard Once Beautiful ............. 32

Emma Fox My Pencil ................................. 35

Tori Leali Dance Drama .......................... 27

Josephine Crowder Birthday All Star ....................... 24

Tristan Niehaus Mischief’s Trouble.................... 33

Kahlen Burns Sneak Peek ............................. 24

Vaden Voyles The Sword Fighter ................... 32

Liliana Liotti Untitled..................................... 27

Vallon Voyles Cleaning My Room .................. 33

Lizzie Pomesky The War ................................... 33

Zyler Best My Cat Minxx ........................... 34

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 22

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

I Love Penguins I love penguins the very most I tried to feed one a slice of toast They are so clever and they’re cute. It looks like they’re wearing a little suit. All they do is slide on ice. They will never ever eat mice. They go fishing a lot Their eye looks like a great big dot The babies get in a group I let out a great big “Whoop!” They are stiff and cannot bend. I will love them till the end. Gavin Baxter 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

DOGS Dogs Obedient, adorable Play, dig, chew Brightness of my day Animals Sophia Kleinhenz 4th Grade, Amherst Elementary

Grades 4 & 5

Canton Spikes cool awesome national Association totally out standing nail biter Special Perfessional Incredible Kind energetic Super Kyle Benson 4th Grade Amherst Elementary

Colored Pencils Colors of the Rainbow Plans to keep you busy Never know what to do My drawings are great Or my drawings are horrible Just try I say to myself You can do it I did it I reached for my dreams I made it I love it Abby Antram 4th Grade - Watson Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 23

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The Monster Under My Bed There was a monster under my bed, I couldn’t get him out of my head. He was pretty scary, And I found out his name was Larry.

I Need Funnel Cakes I love funnel cakes, yes I do. If you see any give me two. I really really want a bunch. I’ll eat them breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

I ran down the hall, Till I got a call. So I picked up the phone, Uh-oh I heard the moan.

I can smell them in the air. I always eat them at the fair. I might get powder on the couch. If I don’t get one, I’ll be a grouch.

I went to get my sister to find no one there, But instead a bear. So I exited the room, But got stopped by a broom.

I do not care if I get hit. What if I had one with chocolate? I don’t care if I don’t grow. If someone says that I reply “So?”

I went to the kitchen, To only find a pigeon. So I went back to bed, To find it was all in my head. Kaidee Guy 4th grade, Whipple Heights Elementary

I want five as big as my yard, But I will not eat them if they’re hard. I went to the store and that’s what I bought. As you can see I like them a lot. Nadia Robinson 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

Birthday All Star Today I am an allstar, But only for today. So I’m going to savor it, In each and every way! Today I am an allstar, There are some things I need to do. Cut the cake, blow out candles, And hope my wish comes true! Today I am an allstar, My friends and family are in the room. When they first come in, I say “thank you” amidst balloons! Josephine Crowder 4th grade, Whipple Heights Elementary

Sneak Peek I peek through the fence To find the horse cantering Around the pasture Kahlen Burns 4th grade, Minerva Elementary School

A Beam of Light A beam of light will always find its way no matter what day. It is never complete darkness, light will always show. Through the deepest tunnels, the light of your happiness will always glow. It will always glow and it will always show. No matter where you go. Anna Jenkins 4th grade, Amherst Elementary School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 24

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Oreos Oreos I love so much! They’re so deliciously great. They make me so happy. I’ll eat an entire plate! If I could, I’d buy a million! I’d eat them all in a day. At the store, my mom picks them up. I always say, “Hooray!” I see piles and piles of Oreos. I give a big beam! I wake up and turn off the alarm. It was only just a dream! Hope Miller 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary My Magical Cat I have a magical cat. My magical cat is very fat. My magical cat plays tricks on me. My magical cat is silly as you see. My magical cat can talk. She can turn invisible when we walk. We talk all day long. She can sing a pretty song. She can decorate all the walls. She can clean up all the halls. My magical cat can make art. She is very, very smart. Jocelyn Morton 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

Grades 4 & 5 Abigail the Teacher I am a teacher, A nice one and sweet. I love the sounds, Of when birds tweet. My class is so nice, And special to me. “Oh my, oh my! I can’t wait to see!” They’re so kind, helpful, and respectful to others, I can’t wait to meet all of their mothers! Tomorrow starts testing, I hope they do good! They all do great, Like I knew they would! Abigail Desantis 4th grade, Whipple Heights Elementary

School Pencils, scissors, paper, glue, All the things I need for school. And I’m really, really, sure, sure, sure, That there will be fun things to learn. Pencils, scissors, paper, glue, I cannot wait to go to school! There will be fun things, I do declare, Oh, school will be beyond compare! Pencils, scissors, paper, glue, Wait! There’s two more days ‘till school? Darn!!!!!!!!!! Sophia Manus 4th Grade, Amherst Elementary

If I had a Dog If I had a dog, I would hope he wasn’t blue. And even if he was I would probably name him Sue. And I know that sounds a lot like Johnny Cash but who knows he might be just like Dash. If I had a dog, I would hope that he was bold. And even if he wasn’t he would not be too old. And I know that if he was old his teeth would be very cold. But they wouldn’t turn to gold. If I had a dog, he would never chase a dove. And even if he did I would shower him with love. And I know he will run up ahead and around the bend. But I would chase him until the end. Cole Bolon 4th Grade- Amherst Elementary Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 25

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Cookies Rock I like cookies with choclate chips. It is good to dip it in milk. Choclate chip cookies are so good. They slide down just like silk.

Pizza!! I love pizza better than my toy. When I think of pizza I think of joy. Pizza is part of my life. I hate to see it eaten with a fork and a knife.

Cookies make me feel like I’m in the sun. They give me energy to run. Eating cookies is so fun. Too bad Mommy says, “Only one!”

Stuffed crust pizza, lots of cheese. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, please, please, please. Not just one slice, but much more. Two or three pieces, or maybe four.

Cookies are so good hot from the oven. Cookies have a lot of kinds. There are different kinds of cookies. Cookies of any kind I don’t mind. Quinlin Bubenchik 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

When the pizza is gone i’m sad. But when the pizza is here again i’m glad. I make it myself or buy it at the store. Pizza, pizza, pizza you I adore. Connor Burkhart 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

Friendship case First day of school I met my best friend

Lemonade I Live For Lemonade I live for. I can’t live without it. Lemonade is not a bore. No lemonade? I throw a fit!

We will be best friends till thee end We blend in together like a tree and camouflage Remember having ups and downs We had big fight that caused a break It caused her to have a big frown We hadn’t talked for weeks and it made us feel down I had a dream that pulled me right around Then i found myself in a cold,sad place Me and my best friend was at home base We figured out the whole case Of the friendship case Riley Jones 5th grade, Sandy Valley Elementary

It is sweet and sour, With cold, crunchy ice. Lemonade I want to devour. Try it, take my advice. That is my conclusion, About lemonade. Lemonade is the soulution. My love for it will never fade! Kaylee Gidcumb 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 26

SET SAIL Poetry Contest God Is That He Is God is good. God is great. Think of Him ‘til morning light to the darkest night. Think of Him from above with lots of love, kind and caring. In Heaven above waiting for you. Mariah Schuler 4th grade, Amherst Elementary

Grades 4 & 5

Dance Drama I love to dance, but not the drama, I discuss it with my mama. Girls fight over stupid things, Like who’s in front or in the wings. Don’t get me wrong, dance class is fun! Of exersize I get a ton. Mess up and the song is stopped. Yelling makes my eardrums pop.

What I Wonder About Otters Do you wonder about otters? Do they even have daughters? Do they swim in an ocean? Do they cause lots of commotion? What about their tails? Do they even tell tales? What’s an otter’s favorite sport? Do they even have a court?

I try to do my very best, It’s yelling and screaming I detest. I still like dance the most, I am good but will never boast. My friends at dance will mess around. That surely makes the teacher frown. When we do well she is so proud. I know because her clap is loud. Tori Leali 4th Grade - Whipple Heights Elementary

Do they play football with beavers? Do they have good receivers? Do they have a happy hour? Do they have an otter tower? Do they even have pets? Do they make a lot bets? Do they play video games? Do they have any Hall of Fames? Ian Morales 4th grade, Whipple Heights Elementary

Untitled Freedom Happy Joyful Wearing Speaking Believing Do what is right. Independence Liliana Liotti 4th Grade- Canton Montessori School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 27

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

My Brother My brother like’s to have fun. evan though I’m having none. He always throws a ball at me. I’d rather get stung by a bee. Finally, at last it’s dinner. We dash to the table he’s the winner. If I win he will hit. I do not like it one little bit! I really think he’s the worst. The way he acts its like I’m cursed Im stuck with him no matter what. I just wish his mouth would shut. Noah Jones 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary My Mom is the Best She needs some more rest! She works too hard! I should make her a card! Or, make her a vest. Kinnie Holshu 5th grade, Belden Elementary My Dad Has a Farm My dad has a farm and a dog named Marm A horse named Kevin A cat named Devin A tractor that's pink A well full of ink A garden that's full of gnomes With all sorts of homes A box of games That don't have names And a swimming pool filled with tea That's all left for me. Laura Bliese 5th grade, Home School

Spring Has Sprung The spring is in the air The bright sun shines everywhere The skies are clear blue With birds happily soaring through Chirps and blossoms are all around Filling the earth with colors and sounds The seesaw and swings squeaking sounds Are bringing the life back in the playground Grass is filled with dandelions so bright Bees and butterflies take a flight Bunnies and squirrels are all around Running through the colorful grounds Hearts are filled with so much joy Like a picture infused with life Lift every voice and sing Because now is finally spring The spring is in the air Life has sprung everywhere Khushi Pasrija 5th grade, Lake Cable Elementary

Daisy Daisy I love her the very most. Whenever I see her I want to boast. She plays all day and night. She always puts up a fight. Daisy likes to really run. Whenever we do it’s lots of fun. She loves to play ball. She loves it most of all. She really loves to eat. Her favorite food though is meat. I promise not to lie. I’ll love her till I die. Mikayla Mutko 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 28

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Sports When you see me I’m playing a sport. Basketball is played on a court. You play football on a field. When somebody got hurt, then we kneeled. Baseball is very fun. Hit the ball. And then you run. You steal a base and slide into home. We score and hear the crowd cheer. The other team gets close then, we fear. Sports can be hard, but they’re just a game, But after all they aren’t that lame. Logan Riggans 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

Grades 4 & 5

Rosebud I have a dog named Rosebud. I love her very much I like to play with her. She likes to watck me double duch. She follows me all day and night, And comes when I call. Then I take her on a walk, And chase her down the hall. Now I know I love my dog, And I will forever. She will always love me, And stop never ever. Katelyn Thomas 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

Pages Turning pages, turning pages I think I’ve been turning for sixteen ages When will it stop When does it end All this reading and turning is hurting my head! I can’t take it anymore Not one last bit So I closed up that book With a nice hard hit! Olivia Howell 4th Grade, Amherst Elementary Blaster Master There once was a young boy named Andrew Nerf wars were all that he knew. He saved up to buy a new blaster And practiced to be a Nerf master. He shot all the bullets that were blue. Andrew Carlson 4th grade, Carlson Academy

My Dog Baby I have a dog named baby. She acts just like a lady. I take her for a walk all day. My dad hopes she runs away. She always runs around. One time she ran out of town. When I got her I was mad. She wanted to thank me for the time had. Baby bites my friend Ben. When I laugh Ben turns red. But I love my dog the most. From the east to the other coast. Shaun Wiegreff 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 29

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Setting Sail With Me Set sail with me In the sea On a boat That’s afloat In an ocean of blue That holds a single clue To this mysterious deep That will never sleep Hear its roar Washing treasures ashore Our boat is rocking From waves it’s been blocking Hanging on tight As we sail through the night Gliging across the ocean In what feels like slow motion Casey Yokley 5th Grade- Lake Elementary Life Life is full of surprises, You'll never know where you'll go, Its surprising when you find a way, To where you think you'll go. You might be afraid now, But think about yourself, You'll find a way through it all, Just believe and it will help. Caitlyn Geisheimer 4th Grade, Amherst Elementary

Grace the Track Star by Grace Harper I love to run everyday, But when I run, stay out of my way! I like to do Girls on the Run, Hanging out with my friends is so much fun! Even when the day is done, I still like to run, run, RUN! I run all the time, August through May. When I run, I shout HOORAY! And sometimes when I start, I can’t stop, But if I do, chances are I’d drop! When I run, I take my own path. I like running way more, Than doing some math. Tshirts, shorts, tennis shoes, and water bottles galore, Now you see me in the house, now you see me out the door! You can run in the fall, summer, winter, or spring, When it comes to running, I’m the champion...the KING! I like running so I can stay fit. I like running to stay calm and sit. You don’t have to run to be who you want to be, Tag! You’re it! You can’t catch me! I believe in myself and who I truly am, When I run, I can run really far...bam! My motto is “leave can’t out of your vocabulary,” Giving up? Not finishing the race? Trust me, not necessary! Now this poem’s just about done, Remember, I love to run, run, RUN! Grace Harper 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

Welcome to Dream World Welcome to Dream World where all your worries melt away, where you have all you want, and where you want to be forever. Dream world is what you make it, yours is different from mine. But beware, don’t become too attached to your Dream World, because your stay is limited until reality returns. Madison Lloyd 5th grade, Lake Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 30

SET SAIL Poetry Contest The Mighty Tree Once stood a mighty tree, Under which, some believed, One would be granted life for eternity. Some once saw this mighty tree, As a friend deliberately. Even though it may seem, Like the world has changed. If you look to the mighty tree. You will see the day, The children still played. The mantus still prayed. And the wind still knew your name. The time the eagle called. And the brook still longed. For a land so far away. Look to the mighty tree, He has stood so firm. Let him guide you back, To the life you never earned. For he was your, Compass when you were lost. Your road when you traveled to far off the trail. Your light when darkness had been thrown around you. Your home when home was so far away. Your strength when you had none left. Your hope when you had none to spare. He was your friend. He was your brother. Now he stands, Forgotten. Unloved. Alone. In the forest. Where you once roamed. Calee Lukowski 5th grade, Minerva Elementary

Grades 4 & 5 The King’s Bling The King, as he puts on his bling As he asks the jester to sing As he looks in the mirror and sees his Reflection he looks more like Prince charming As he sees his Queen with her Ring, As he looked out his window, He saw a bird with a injured wing, He thought he should put it in a sling. He heard a buzzing and felt a sting, He tried to swing at that thing, And all that happened because of His bling. Nadelia Perdew 4th grade, Sandy Valley Elementary

Furry Friends I like dogs, dogs like me. It seems like we were meant to be. Yellow Labs and Border Collies. One time a dog chewed my dolly. They walk through the flowers, I tell them no. I wish they would listen as so. I pick up a tennis ball covered in slime. They take off running with a smile really wide. I like dogs, dogs like me. Now I know we were meant to be. Ashlyn Oswald 4th grade, Home School Zed And His Friend Fred There once was a lion named Zed. He loved to lie all day in bed. He had a friend who would bite. Who gave him the frights at night! That’s why he dread to hang out with Fred. Lucy Shaffer 4th grade - Barr Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 31

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

A Yard Once Beautiful A yard once beautiful Destroyed. My Grandmother's garden Gone. 5,000 trees it seems Vanished. A yard less beautiful Now. Why I wrote this poem: There is a gasline under my grandmom’s yard. A company is digging in her yard to get to the gasline. Most trees are gone and her once beautiful garden is gone. She even had to move her shed. In her garden she had beautiful flowers. Some were from Virginia. This is really happening! Olivia G. Richardson 5th grade, Amherst Elementary

Furry Friends I like dogs, dogs like me. It seems like we were meant to be. Yellow Labs and Border Collies. One time a dog chewed my dolly. They walk through the flowers, I tell them no. I wish they would listen as so. I pick up a tennis ball covered in slime. They take off running with a smile really wide. I like dogs, dogs like me. Now I know we were meant to be. Carli Oswald 4th grade, Homeschool

Volcanoes Aren’t Allowed Volcanoes aren’t allowed Even if I’m at school. My mother say’s “NO”, Even though they’re cool. I dreamt about a volcanoe I’t just wasn’t real I’t was scary though, The lava I could almost feel! I drew a picture of one at school My teacher said that’s “cool!” But you drew it during class…. Now I fear you will not pass. Hayden Dalton 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

The Sword Fighter Sword fighting is my favorite sport, It’s better than baseball or games of that sort. I challenge my opponents to a duel, I always fight fair, I am not cruel. The light saber is my favorite sword, And Darth Maul is an evil Sith lord. If he and I ever did clash, Our swords would meet and light would flash. Everyone knows that swords are for fighting, And dueling Sith lords is very exciting. I win every battle, and the reason of course, Is that no one is better than me with The Force! Vaden Voyles 4th Grade- Whipple Heights Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 32

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Mischief’s Trouble My cat Mischief causes trouble. I am lucky she doesn’t have a double. She spills my water. I’m lucky she doesn’t have a daughter. She is so big and fat. She looks like a great big rat. She likes to play with her toys, But she doesn’t like playing with the boys. She eats food every day. But she doesn’t have to pay. When I pet her she will purr. I’m lucky I have her. Tristan Niehaus 4th Grade – Whipple Elementary

Outside it’s fun Outside it’s very fun. You can exercise and run. I you fall and get hurt, Go inside and wash off the dirt. Also you can play tag. Play to hard cloth turn to rag. You can play hide and seek, If your it do not peek. You can also play catch. If you have a dog it can fetch. In the winter you can sled. Tired now! Im going to bed. Michael Pipo 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

Grades 4 & 5

The war We all unit together I will fight this war forever We will hang the flag for you I wish I could fix my partner with glue The sky may be turning black But there’s no going back I entered the war and I won’t leave till they fall to the floor there’s a price I can’t afford did you know about the reward it’s all your smiling faces when we return Lizzie Pomesky 4th grade, Sandy Valley Elementary

Cleaning My Room Today I couldn’t wait to play some games inside my room, But then when I got home from school, my mom handed me a broom. She said I better clean up quick and make it spic and span, But my room is way too messy, and I don’t know if I can. I’d rather play a made up game with all my Beanie Boos, Than clean up all this misplaced junk and gross and icky ooze. I really should get moving fast before the darkness comes, But first I’ll take a really quick break and play something on my drums. Little by little, I clean up my mess. I fold all my undies, and hang every dress. I fuss and I cry, this isn’t much fun. There’s so much to clean, I’ll never get done! But I just keep cleaning, on into the night. And finally, I realize, my mother was right! THere;s nothing as comfy as lying in bed, When cleaning no longer hangs over my head. Vallon Voyles 4th Grade- Whipple Heights Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 33

Grades 4 & 5

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

My Cat Minxx I have a cat I love so much. She’s fun to see and fun to touch. She likes to curl into a ball. She never comes when I call!

My Baby Brother My baby brother is so very cute. He likes it when I play the flute. His cheeks are so very chubby, So, I like to call him “Bubby”.

She is always very lazy. When we give her catnip, she goes crazy! She’s addicted to Fancy Feast. She’s so fat, she looks like a beast!

My baby brother spins round and round. When he’s done he falls to the ground. When I come home he’s really happy. Sometimes I feel like his pappy.

I love her eyes, they’re blue as ice. She looks like a grumpy cat, but nice. She loves to taste Kraft mac and cheese! She meows to say “please”! Zyler Best 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

He hates it when I leave for school. He will never think that that is cool. When my sister walks out the door, He is not, quite frakly, sore. Alyssa Mayle 4th Grade - Whipple Heights Elementary My Friend My friend is the very best. She is welcoming, friendly and kind. She’s the one from east to west, Who allows me to unwind!

My Sister My sister is so bossy. She thinks she owns a posse. She cry’s all night and day, Until she gets her way. She doesn’t like to share, And she definitely does not care. She always has an attitude. After reading this poem you would think, I don’t like her with all those kinks. But I love my sister. Marley Ward 4th grade, Whipple Heights Elementary

Oh my friend’s hair, It is very frizzy. Her hair looks like a bear. Looking at it makes me dizzy. She is also very respectful. She would never hurt a fly. She is very caring. Well, I guess I should say goodbye! Natalie Miller 4th Grade - Whipple Heights Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 34

SET SAIL Poetry Contest BasketBall I love basketball the very most. I enjoy it everyday. I play at recess with the guys. It makes m shout “Hooray!” I dribble down to the basket. I set up my shot. I put my body on the line, Im in the perfect spot. I throw the ball into the air. I watch it as it gose. I hear a swish nose then. I feel it as I pose. We win the becaus of me. Im glad I helped the guys. Alarm gose off! It all a dream. And so I give so sighs. Myca Wilson 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary

My Pencil It’s in my hand, well, it’s not so bland. It’s purple and blue and it’s a number two I draw my life and maybe a knife, or evil Darth Vader swinging his light saber. I could draw my dreams and some laser beams. It’s my favorite pencil. Emma Fox 4th Grade- St. Joan of Arc School

Grades 4 & 5 I Love to Read Come along with me, This is the place to be, Books for as far as I can see! I can’t wait to read them all, Look, this book is about a ball! Maybe I will read it in the hall! Before I go, I would like to say, It has been, A great reading day! Zoey Kryah 4th Grade - Whipple Elementary My 11th Birthday Party I truned 11 today! We went outside to play. Hoory! I got some money! My grandma said lets go shopping honey! We had delicious marble cake! Then we had a stomach ache. My friend had a great time. I hope next time year is just as fine! My candles were lit. I wished I got a sewing kit! My wish came true! I am so glad my sewing kit is blue! Mallory Heron 4th Grade- Whipple Elementary

Thinking of You Roses are red, violets are blue, got some strawberries chocolate too just want you to know I’m thinking of you. Alyssa Snyder 4th Grade- Amherst Elementary

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 35

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 36

Grades 6 & 7

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7 Awards Abby Haught Fightor Flight ························ 56

Hailey Wagner Reality ································ 45

Atira Anthony And the Laughs Continue ················ 42

Hannah Malek Design ······························· 65

Bella Huston What You Don’t Know ············ 49

Jessica Spitaleri Mask ·································· 56

Benjamin Carlson Benny’s Pennies ··················· 64

Kaitlynn Yoder Resurrection morning ············ 50

Bitsy Bauer Frozen Moment ···················· 61

Mary Bliesse The Magic of Books ·············· 47

Camryn Zuercher The Singing Tree ·················· 48

Noah Tatum Trees ································· 42

Christian Secrest Minutes of Jail Time ·············· 41

Noah Fox Clock ································· 46

Darby Smith True Beauty ························· 68

Paige Spidell I am Paige Spidell ················ 43

Emily Kasler Living Silence ······················· 62

Payton Slider Rips and Tears ···················· 47

Felicity Pixler Sorrow ································ 44

Sam Bigham Woods ······························· 46

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 37

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Anxious I exit my house, feeling anxious. I head to my bike, then wiggle it free from the others. I clip on my helmet, then step onto my bike. I begin to pedal down the driveway, then onto the street. I start pedaling harder, to get up the hill. I emerge on top. Bits of anxiety fly away as I continue on my ride. I take a left at the stop sign, then bike along the road with leisure. Then I view the tall hill looming in front of me. I start pedaling harder, and I envision myself going down the hill. I reach the top, then turn around and head home, speeding down the hill, retracing my ride. I take a right at the stop sign. Then I go down the hill I started on.

Grades 6 & 7

New Bike “You can do it!� my dad screams as he lets go of my shoulders. My hands firmly on the handles, my knuckles turn white. The world beside me flashes by like a lightning strike. Up ahead I see my goal as bright as the sun, so close I can almost touch it. I start to lean to the left and struggle to regain balance. I hit the ground and slide across it. As I get up, I look down at my knees. Drops of bright red liquid fall from them. I clean them off and get back on. I keep trying, trying, and trying but never succeed. My parents leave to go tend to my new sister. I see all hope floating away and begin to give up. I push that thought away and pick up my bike. I walk up the steep and treacherous hill. Looking down, I hesitate and back up. My bike slips, and I go plummeting down. I fall off again with a terrible thud. I scrape across the hard mixture of gravel and cement. The bright red liquid begins to peek out of my knee again. This time, I leave it alone. I walk to the tree where a broken piece of metal lays. I stare at a scratched, battered, stained piece of my life. I wonder how this was once my new bike. Aaron Washington 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian

Then, turning in my driveway, I feel my anxiety melting away. Nathaniel Capeta 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 38

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest The Drive The sun beams down on the black car, the worn black leather seats getting hotter. I wonder when we are going to get there. After a couple of minutes I start to get bored. I glance outside, my thoughts cluttered in my mind. I wonder when we are going to get there. We pull up to the border, and we get a ticket from a small gray box. I wonder when we are going to get there. I am excited to go to Canada. I wonder when we going to get there. We start to stop. I take a look outside to see houses lined up for miles and the grass as green as it can be. We all get out of the car and go to the front door. We knock. My thoughts all together now. Then the door opens and we walk in. I take a look around in the house to see brown carpet and brown couch and walls with white paint on the walls. I start to get tired, so I get into bed And let myself drift off to sleep. Matthew Jaber 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian

Masterpiece I stare down at a piece of paper, thinking of what to draw. I can draw anything I want, so I raise my pencil, and I design many different shapes and lines to form a picture. I keep editing and revising those lines until my drawing is complete the way I like it. I also wipe out unneeded lines, and I create lines that are needed. Once I finish my drawing, I outline it with a dark and bold color to make it more distinct, and I also color it in. As I focus on my picture, I feel accomplished as I finish my masterpiece. After all the work I did and time I spent making it my finest picture, I have finally did it. Mac Joyner 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Winter Nights The room fills with warm air Smells of hot chocolate carry The moon shining on the white ground Children sit by the fire getting warm Hearing the stories of winter The room fills with the children’s voices Sounds of amazement and joy The sit with their eyes wide open From the stories of winter As the day turns to night There are footprints in the snow From earlier that day The moon rises to the sky And the children hear the stories of the Winter Nights Rylie Buso 6th Grade- JMMS

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 39

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7 That’s Life

You cannot believe it It cannot be True What you thought Was there Never really Was? Well, My friend, That’s Life It’s a dream! You feel like you Could fly What did you do To deserve this? This new feeling That shocks you That holds your tongue That blanks your mind Well, Lover, That’s life

Empty. Hallow. Hurt beyond Hurt Pain beyond Pain A sole without a body You are now Wet and tired Only a fraction Though sleep pleads with you Your dreams are filled With those you No longer have Well, depressed one, That’s life A fire boils You Heating your Feelings Move or regret Punch before pity

Christina McDaniel 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle

Anything to fulfill This new hunger for Bloodshed Well, hater, That’s life Smiles and Laughter Tears Of joy Happiness is like A cold Once you have it You cannot stop From spreading it Well, my jokester, That’s life Life has ups and Downs Please ride the Roller coaster with causion Well, you, That’s life

Weber Do you remember climbing the cold tree’s in Fall? Well that’s Fall . I remember dancing under the cold paintings of the tree’s of Fall. Do you remember jumping in monstrous piles of brown leaves? And the smell of fall all around? You remember making the best of the paintings of light under Fall’s creations. Do you remember looking at the haunted tree’s begging to come inside. Do you remember the Ending of Summer? Do you remember the fall colors of the leaves. Do you remember the breezes not to hot,not too cold? Do you remember me? Victor Weber 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 40

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Never Leave I clean the turkey as Mom pulls out the ingredients We are seasoning. All help comes from Mom. Her seasonings are special. I am the turkey and she seasons me with love. As we put it in the oven, it is baking and changing, like me as I change, her love still remains. Until we eat, it is still there. But afterwards we can’t get it back. I will still get married and move away, but our relationship will stay the same. I will never leave her. Malachi Peacock 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian

Seven Minutes of Jail Time The flood light hits the ground, lighting up the twigs and stumps longing to trip me. The spotlight sweeps over the lawn like a bat madly flapping through the sky. It is a cold Friday night. All my friends are there, trying to reach the same goal. My objective is clea. Completing it is the difficult part. Correct timing is the key. If anyone is caught by the spotlight it is jail time. I move cautiously through the thicket, First behind the thick tree, wait for the beam of light to pass, then make the mad dash to my target. Then I’m trapped. The light is fluttering right over me. I’m like a wild animal who fell for a trap. The call goes out, “GUARDS!” I try to run, but the sticks and stumps make quick work of me. I try to sort myself out, but it is too late, I’m caught. It’s jail time for me. Christian Secrest 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 41

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Trees Driving up the leaf-covered hill fills me with excitement. I know I am on my way up to the log cabin my grandpa built. I get to the top, and all I see for miles are trees. Some tall, some short, but every single one is amazing. They are guardians of the forest protecting me from rain and snow. Amazing. The trees God created with his own hand. I will never forget the experience of exploring the tree. Noah Tatum 6th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 6 & 7

Halloween Halloween it a time of fear, scary music, and costumes. People either get scared or have fun. You never know what can happen on halloween. Maybe someone will give you candy or scare you bad. You never know what will happen. There are a few different things to do. Like go through haunted houses which is my favorite. The possibilities are a long line of scares. You can even be a monster with lots of hares. Or you and your friends can be scary bears. Or even make a scary lairs in a haunted house. See the possibilities are endless. Hopefully you love halloween like me. And if you dont its still ok. You don't have to be like me. So be like how you want to be. I hope you enjoyed this poem and remember be yourself like me Zach Brown 6th grade, Jackson Middle

And the Laughs Continue I AM I+am=i am I am Mackenzie Roach I wonder when i’ll get to see my sister again I see the icey blue water in the pool I am cool and funny I love my family I’m a pig when i eat I am like a cupca ke,sweet and colorful I pretend i’m a co mb I feel happy when i am swimming My phone looks like an elephant I am dancing Mackenzie 6th grade, Jackson Middle

The laughs all started at the crib When there was Enfamil dripping from my bib Then we laughed at the animals at the zoo What else is expected of a 6 year old to do She wiped my tears when I hated to add Only because she never wanted to see me sad A laugh was sparked during my Christmas speech Being so short, the podium I could not reach I still laugh even though grandma is gone Because it’s the laughs that help me carry on. Atira Anthony 6th grade, Strong Tower Christian Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 42

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Basketball Five seconds left on the clock and we are down by three as the other team gets into a one-two-two-press. Our team gets into three, baseline. Macy slaps the ball while Bitsy, Alex, and I pin the defenders at the baseline and burst off. Macy passes the ball into my hands, and I turn around and pass it to Bitsy.Bitsy passes to Alex, and Alex passes it to me. I stand there at half court, and my coach yells at me, “SHOOT.� I shoot with one second left as I throw the ball up. The buzzer goes off, and it gently swishes into the hoop as my team comes and surrounds me. We celebrate because we just won the PTC Championship, but it turns out to be only a dream. I wake up; it is morning. I was dreaming of winning today so we can go into the semi-finals. Today we play Waterloo. I score the last point and Macy makes her first three pointer the score fifteen to thirty-seven. We lose, I think my dream would never come true, but there is still next year. Hannah Mang 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

I am Paige Spidell I wonder what softball team I will be on I hear people cheering in the stands I see the pitcher pitching I am a fighter I am blond, tall and brave I love basketball, football and softball I go to games every day of my life I am like a pro softball player I am a young lady I pretend to be a football player I feel happy for new sports I worry for my family My bat tells me to swing I am a tomboy I feel the w o r ld on my shoulders I want to be a pro softball player I dream of happy endings I hope to win the game I am Paige Spidell I am a softball player BAM! I run and run F aster ! The fans yell. Faster! I run my heart out My helmet telling me to go faster I am a homerun maker Paige Spidell 6th grade, Jackson Middle

Football Victory thanks to our coach When i stop that's when a referee calls a penalty Cheerleaders cheering our quarterback's name cause he gets all the fame We kickoff to the other team just to get ball back Touchdown and then we spike the ball We make their helmets fly off after we tackle We beat the visiting team i guess after that they will be visiting the hospital Yeah Logan Elliott 6th grade, Jackson Middle

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 43

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7

Tennis in the Morning I wake up to start running to the tennis court to play tennis with my friends. Untitled I start running as fast as I can. One two three Empress Theodora we might see I see my friends already practicing the beauty is only natural, the mind is a miracle for the day that we will be playing with another team. do for the better, she changed history It’s the day today. My friends are all doing trick shots it wasn’t a mystery except for me I do a long shot that goes up to the air No one sees it because of the sun. They miss. we win by fifteen points. we celebrate. Then the next day we start practicing for the next tournament. Some people say tennis is a boring sport, but I say tennis is the best sport ever. Ivan Soto 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

With the greatest short speeches to influence other woman she helped she served she took a stand For God o mighty make equality for woman freedom for the people Do for love for what you believe for what you stand in peace

Sorrow The cries from the Triangle factory, the screams of the poor girls hitting the ground feel real to me.

For Empress Theodora is like a cup full of water in the middle of the dessert

Each story can be as real as I would like it to be. The old ones or the new ones make me smile through and through.

Empress Theodora we might see, you could say she saved the universe for you and me. Anya Cherevko 7th grade-Early College Academy

The stories can be true or not to you and me. Felicity Pixler 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 44

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Good Times My nerves and excitement build up for weeks. As my youth group climbs into the bus, I give my family a good-bye hug. Time seems to slow as we drive to the gathering called Mix. I arrive As the sun sets, I trek across the college campus to the dorms where many have slept. I wake in the morning and start my day anew. We play Outer Realm, dodge ball, and capture the flag. Paul skips a Frisbee across the pavement as my roommate and I pass, eager to escape the nonsense. The next day there is dancing, singing, and balloons in the air. I say good-bye to Cedarville as we drive away, leaving behind good times. Dylan Shrock 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian

Reality I hear whispers all around me. My mom and dad walk into the silent house with tears that have stained their faces. They sit me down, their mouths quivering as they try to hold back tears. They stare at the floor, and then they start to speak. She was in a coma and hung on as long as she could. My dad talks to me, trying to stay strong. He says she died unexpectedly. I got to see her one last time. Tears well up in his eyes. My dad walks out of the room, So I don’t see his tears. My grandma was one of my best friends. Tears gush out of me like a waterfall. The world seems dim and dark. Everyone seems so sad. My parents struggle, as even butterflies remind us of her. A yellow butterfly appears from the date of her death until now. They follow us everywhere as if saying she’s taken care of and is watching out for us. When the funeral comes, nobody can help but shed a tear. When I see her in the center of the chilly room, eyes shut, laying in a brass coffin, my worst dreams turn into reality. Walking up to her is the saddest thing. Her body is ice cold and hard as a rock. Waiting for her heart to beat, I stare and think I never thought about death before until it became a reality. Hailey Wagner 7th Grade- Lake Community Branch

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 45

SET SAIL Poetry Contest For Years For years on end I’ve sat here, Staring at this blank piece of paper With An open mind and heart Invariably wishing for it to end, To have something to believe in To find a way to stop the pain To gather the courage, And stand up for myself To stop the glares, And pointed fingers in my direction To be treated with kindness and respect To be important to many people To find a way to stop what others think We all have seen that clock that is as slow as a snail But it keeps ticking That wind that blew so hard you fell over But you got up again That leaf that runs away from its problems But we know we can't do that To be true to yourself around anyone Just to find a way to stop what others think Madison Phillips 7th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle

Grades 6 & 7 Clock I look up to the clock, and hear its “tick tock” an infinite beat, like the pounding of sleet on my house’s roof, or the chattering of tooth on tooth, stone on stone, bone on bone. The sound is repeating over and over again. When will it end? It’s not from in front or behind, it’s in my mind my ears can perceive it, but I know I can’t leave it, it’s in my skull. It doesn’t help to bang my head on the wall. But then the clock strikes twelve, I lose myself in the infinite fright of the darkness of night. The sky is black, When will the sun come back? The moon is dead, I’ve lost my head inside the madness of all this dread. Noah Fox 7th Grade- St. Joan of Arc

Untitled Thoughtful Helpful Exact Opportunistic Directive Opinionated Righteous Ambitious Derek Murphy 7th grade-Early College Academy

Woods The fallen leaves crunch under my feet. I step over the logs to reach my spot. I sit down on the rotted out log. I look over the lake to see the sunset. I hear the birds chirping at the top of the trees. It’s amazing! Sam Bigham 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 46

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Rips and Tears I wrap my finger I am Griffin Barnett around the string I wonder what life will be like beyond me hanging from your edge, I hear the crack of the bat as I hit the ball your holes I see the fans cheering me on in the middle I am like lightning as I run the bases of your warm I am Caring , Supportive ,And loving thread. I love Baseball, my parents I’ve had you The donut on my bat weighs a ton since age I am like a cheetah chasing a wild gazelle two. I am funny , giving You’ve been I pretend I am in the MLB to the store, I feel brave in baseball when I am at bat you’ve been I worry when the pitcher is in his windup in the car, My family is caring you’ve been I am determined to Florida, Chicago, and South Carolina. I feel determined to catch or hit the ball You know I dream for a better lifetime all my secrets, I want to cheer my family on through tough times you know I hope I can be in the MLB every doubt I’ve had, I am Griffin Barnett you know Griffin Barnett the things I wouldn’t tell anyone, 6th grade, Jackson Middle you know when something good happens, you know when I’m sad because your rips and tears are from the places you’ve been, and your love and comfort are from the things you know. Payton Slider 6th grade, Lake Center Christian The Magic Of Books If you read a book It feels as if you can do anything. You can fly high up in the sky, You can meet giants and magicians, kings and queens. You can solve mysteries, You can live on the moon. You can climb Mount Everest, And discover long lost Indian tribes. When you open a book A whole new world awaits…….. Mary Bliese 6th grade, HomeSchool

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 47

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Goal The striker flies through our defense and cuts through everyone, streaking down the sideline, avoiding our defenders with ease, and sprinting with the ball. He goes faster and faster towards the goal, not stopping for anything. A shiver goes down my spine on this cool, rainy day. I can’t let them score now; it’s a 2-0 game, and I’m the defender of the castle, the knight protecting his fortress, the last warrior safeguarding the palace. The goalie. He approaches the goal and I dive down to stop the ball. His leg swings back like a trebuchet and hauls towards the goal. But I am there. My face shrieks in pain, and my ears ring. I hear a slapping sound, as I look up searching for the ball near the goal. The crowd is roaring and my face throbbing as I find the ball. I see it at the sideline and smirk at what I have done. I deflected the ball, and I did my job.

Grades 6 & 7

The Singing Tree Silence. Up high in a maple tree. The wind blowing, the sun shining and the sound of something running by. I look up at the sky, feeling free. I hear one more sound too beautiful to describe, the sound of my friend’s voice worshiping the Lord. I join her in song, every note giving glory to the one true king Up high I feel like there is nothing stopping me from worshiping my God. As the song stops. we look at each other, feeling different, special, renewed. Camryn Zuercher 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

It all happened so fast, life felt like it was in fast-forward. But they weren’t going to score on me, not today, not tomorrow, not ever in my house. Jaden Ickes 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 48

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

What You Don’t Know You were my dad, my bodyguard, my teddy bear. You had my heart, and you crushed it the day you told me you were leaving. You don’t know how hard it was to see you walk out of my life, taking your black suitcase with you. You told me that you were leaving for work, so I waited by the window to see your car pull into our driveway.

Perfect Recipe The wind, making my hair fly into the air like a balloon reaching toward the sky.

You said you would come back, and I believed you, but you didn’t.

The trees, covered with leaves, creating shadows for birds to cool themselves down under.

You were my dad, my bodyguard, my teddy bear. Now you aren’t anything to me except a distant memory. Bella Huston 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

The sun, beating down on my back, making the day hot. The flowers, flaunting their vibrant colors, giving the ground a colorful touch. The grass, drenched with green, tickling my feet as I walk through it. The birds, chirping a sweet little tune as they fly from ground to tree, looking for their next meals. All these factors mix like a baker puts ingredients together in a recipe to create the perfect summer day. Nadya Hudak 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 49

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Resurrection Morning They put Jesus to death on an ugly tree, He endured the pain for you and me, He loves us! His grace will be enough, So in Him let us put all our trust. The women, weeping, went to His grave, To put spice on the One who is mighty to save, But the cold, death stone was rolled away, And an empty place where Jesus lay. An angel told them, “He is not dead, But He is risen, as He said.” The women rejoiced, and ran to tell, That Jesus lives, and all is well. Jesus is alive, today and forever, His love for us no one can sever, His blood has covered every sin, Just open your heart and let Him in. Kaitlynn Yoder 6th grade, Home School

“Theodora” The baddest Homage is given Especially for that speech Over the edge Daring

Grades 6 & 7 The Season The first time I saw you play was when the Tigers took on Mogadore. I was proud of you even though you lost. The last time I saw you play was in the championship against Richmond Heights. All of you had everyone cheering, waiting for that final “Swoosh!” When Richmond Heights stole the ball, they tried to shoot, but we fouled him. He got two shots. He made both, so they were up by one point. We had five seconds. Five...Four... We run down the court. Three...Two... We shoot and miss. One... “BEEEEPPPP!” It was a disappointing loss but you did your best. It took you a while to come out, but when you did, you were all a mess. The whole team was in tears. That was a disappointing loss even though it was only one point. Even though the season’s over, I will always remember it as the season that we became a team. Kelsey Watkins 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Other laws established Respected Amazing women Hunter Broucker 7th grade-Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 50

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Safe I chipped the ice away to reach the open water. She was watching me. The raft popped and started to overflow with water. I sunk out of the raft and began to swim. The lake started to freeze again. I reached for something, but nothing was there. Only thin ice. Gone I walked into the hospital and looked through the dirty glass window and saw Riley’s pale young cancerous face. I burst through the doors. “Alec,” she cried with a sense of desperation. Her hand was beckoning for mine. As I touched her hand, I felt a strong connection that was about to be lost. I remembered our first time together, our anniversary, our petty fights, pranks, and raising three little brats. Slowly her grip loosened on my hand. And she was gone. Everything we had. I will now be lost without her. I felt gone. Shaddai Oney 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

She stood there and wanted to help but couldn’t. The only word I could say was a faint, Halp. I couldn’t say it properly, and I knew I didn’t want her help. The ice kept breaking but stopping me. I used all my energy to step out. I saw my best friend standing there in a blanket. I was happy because she didn’t freeze, because I didn’t freeze, because we were both safe. Della Skello 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 51

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7

Pain Late April rains gave way to early June pains. Morning noon to dawn, till all the hope is gone. Searching around she looked and sought, but it was only herself she truly fought. Over and over day after day. No words of hope could ever mask the pain. Whatever happened to joy and cheer, is love and kindness ever near. I wish I knew to tell her my thought, that it was only herself she truly fought. Then one day she broke all loose. Hurt or be kind it is yours to choose. Emmeline Stoltzfus 6th grade, Lake Center Christian

Childhood Rewind I put my Tostino’s Pizza Rolls(™) in the oven and went to see what my little cousin was doing. He was watching TV. It was half past one, and I asked my little cousin if I could change the station. He said no because his “favorite” show was coming on. I doubted him at first, but then I saw what the show was, “Little Einsteins”. All of a sudden memories started flowing back into my head like waves on a California beach. The memories of going to preschool and having nap time in the afternoon. After all that, I would come home and watch this exact show. I actually remembered the exact episode he was watching. Back then I thought the world was full of nice people everywhere who were kind and selfless. My flashback was interrupted by the smell of something burning. My Pizza Rolls were still in the oven. Logan Jones 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 52

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

I am Londyn Blaylock I wonder if I will be a vet when I get older I hear the sound of my dog barking when I get home I see her beautiful brown and white fur I am a veterinarian I am creative and smart I love my family and my dog My dream is to be sucessful and to be me I am like a story waiting to be completed so it can be read I’m happy all the time I pretend with my brothers all the time I feel like I have the BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD I worry that my mom and dad won’t be there to see me get married At my house when you walk in you will see 5 wonderful people greeting you I am grateful I feel excited to see my new church when it is built I want it to bring many visitors to my new church 4th Of July I dream that my family and I will have the best lives ever I hope that my new church is built one year and a half I remember I love hanging out with my family when we returned from the store I hear the sound of my brothers acting like banches with fireworks in boxes, I can’t wait till my family and I go to Florida next year when we showed the little kids, I feel like i’m loved so much who all couldn’t wait to see I miss my old house and my old best friends what the fireworks did. I am Londyn Blaylock Londyn Blaylock I remember 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle when we gathered around the campfire to watch the neighboring fireworks, all the colors were amazing, their splashes of red, white, and blue filled the sky. I remember when we played with sparklers, writing words in the sky, when we threw water balloons that were glowing in the dark. I remember when we did this together every year, and how much fun we had. Gavin Sommers 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 53

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7 Fight or Flight I pull out my book, ready to take notes.

Mask I was once sad and lonely, Having nobody by my side, So I wore a mask that always smiled; To hide my feelings behind a lie. Before long, I had many friends; With my mask, I was one of them. But deep inside, I still felt empty, Like I was missing a part of me. Nobody could hear my cries at night For I designed my mask to hide the lies. Nobody could see the pain I was feeling For I designed my mask to be laughing. Behind all the smiles were the tears And behind all the comfort were the fears. Everything you think you see, Wasn't everything there was to me. Day by day, I was slowly dying. I couldn't go on, There was something missing Until now I'm still searching For the thing that'll stop my crying. For someone who'll erase my fears, For the person who'll wipe my tears. But till then I'll keep on smiling. Hiding behind this mask I'm wearing. Hoping one day I can smile, Till then, I'll be here waiting. Jessica Spitaleri 6th grade, Glenwood Intermediate

Suddenly, The signal of danger runs through my head. My lungs struggle for air as I know its presence. It’s left me many scars that will never leave. Anxiety has found me again. It finds me when I’m hiding, forgetting the fear it brought from the last attack. I grip my pencil tighter. They tell me it’s all in my head. It’s only a false alarm, but I can’t control it. It takes me prisoner, which is where I battle. I stay and fight it, trying to ignore it, hoping it will lose interest and go where it belongs and come when I need it most. Or I can run, releasing its grip on me, taking away pain from all the panic I suffer. This happens today to me, “that quiet girl” in the classroom. Abby Haught 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 54

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Us

The Decoy I walk outside. I feel the cool, swift breeze upon my face. It’s a mixture of winter’s frostbite and summer’s sky. I see a tree. Its leaves are a crisp brown with hints and flashes of red and yellow. There are many colors to see in them, yet we can see only a few. I seek out a squirrel. He’s digging a hole, a decoy, that deceives a thief and leaves him nothing. I see the sky. Its innocent baby blue color deceives a great many things. Then, it pounces on them with rain, thunder, and lightning. I call this fall. Kyle Saltsman 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Night Light shines from every star, I sit under a tree and watch the moon dance of the water. I wait for the sun to come up as my fire like friends put on a show in the sky. So calm, so soft, so sweet like candy that lights up the stars. Then i see a ray of sun peeking over the hill. And I say good bye to all my new friends. I’ll see you when the sun leaves again, and i'll be waiting for you, hurry back. Makayla Anderson 6th grade, Jackson Middle

Together we are powerful: unstoppably troublesome, inseparable friends. Anyone who looks will call us close. She takes my frowns and makes me smile, laughing so hard I cry. I tell the jokes, compete and challenge, and try to gain something more when she won’t look towards my eyes. We rule our world, arms linked, smiles big, as the rain pours down on us. Sure, we have battles, arguments, and sometimes hard hearts. But we also have our friendship, made up of a war: the war of me and of you. Aravelle Boone 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 55

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7

Great Grandpa I ask about you a lot, Stars Only Need Themselves Great Grandpa There are stars that shoot across the sky, I never knew you. (Whoosh, whish, crash .) I was too young to understand. But they are not stars. I was there at your funeral They are meteoroids. but didn’t shed a tear. They could even be considered I didn’t know what had happened, Real that you were gone forever. Fake. I stand here in my great grandma’s house, There are vacuums of space thinking about what we could’ve done together That suck everything in like a big, black, empty whirl- if you would’ve lived longer. pool. We could’ve made memories There are galaxies that swirl I never had the chance to make. And universes that twirl, titter, and dance, We could’ve done things I But yet, curiously so, they never seem to fall . never got to do. Great Grandpa, Galaxies are infinite. I write this for you, Universes are infinite. in memory of you, Space is infinite. in honor of you. Stars are not infinite, but Stars do not need light to shine. I miss you. They are their own lights. Patrick Miller Stars only need themselves to shine. 7th grade - Lake Center Christian Bright, but not with the intensity of even a single soul. But, they do, after all, shine the best in darkness. Drifting In The Wind Trang Pham th I see the leaves drifting in the wind 7 grade, Edison Middle As I lay on the pile of leaves It begins to grow again As we travel through the market I pursude my mother to get a caramel apple I am Celeste Leininger As they open the popcorn popper the scent fills the I wonder if i will get another dog store I see the future And we pass the scented pine cones I am a playful kitten As well as the wood burning fireplace I am funny As we leave the market the wind starts to whistle I love to ride my bike Like a referee at a football game my family is the size of florida The bonfire roars as we roast hot dogs over the I am like a cheetah open fire I pretend i am a grown up The song of the bird to the tune of fall I feel happy when halloween comes And the warm pie after a hard day's work My bike runs with me alot As We Throw caution to the wind I am honest Winter comes again Celeste Leininger Duncan Buckerfield 6th grade, Jackson Middle 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 56

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Be Yourself Has anyone told you who you have to be To have perfect hair And to never climb trees But you don’t have perfect hair You think you’re not pretty So you change your flair And who you want to be But then you say that’s not me Julia Garaux 6th grade, Lake Center Christian

New Language I stared at the text in the book, trying to decipher the meaning, but couldn’t. The message was like a code of the government. The language was called music.


With my guitar pic I could make in the air like an artist makes art on a canvas of paper.

Your little arms and legs curl up against my chest. Your innocent little face is too much for me. You look at me with your little blue eyes,

I could be an author, an author of music, not books. Instead of writing words down, I could let them march in a band or praise at a church.

With one look I can see you when you grow up, as the kind of person who cares about the world, the kind of person who cares about the homeless, the kind of person who likes to spend quality time with his family, the kind of person who is trustworthy, the kind of person who loves God and will stand firm with God no matter what happens.

But I can't do that now. All I can do is pluck the guitar blindly, only making pitiful noises. Now I look at the notes in the book, understanding the meaning, rarely misreading a note.


But all I can picture now is you, and I will cherish this moment with you and the memory that will stick with me forever, just like you stick to my heart. Logan Byler 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

With my pic I make music in the air like an artist makes masterpieces. Jacob Lewis 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 57

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7 A Longing I sit at my desk, bored of doing nothing at all. I glance over at my bookshelf and pull down my purple sparkly notebook, which holds over five years of memories.

NO MORE WINTER!!! SPRING is in the air, And the mare is grooming her filly’s hair. The flowers smell nice, And there are baby spring mice. Flowers have many colors, And the fawns love their mothers. The rain is so very wet, When I am out to walk my pet. Facing the breeze,

I flip through the pages and try to imagine walking through a creek on horseback to the fear on my mother’s face when we accidently left my four-year-old brother at home by himself. I read my sloppy nine-year-old handwriting, telling about all the cute little toys I got for Christmas that year, talking so highly of all my best friends I had in the second grade, who now have seemed to drift away. When I finish flipping through my book of childhood memories, there’s a longing deep inside, a longing to be a young child again with my purple sparkly notebook. Samantha Varga 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

While I’m at ease. Pinecones are so sappy, And Flowers make everyone happy. The mothers at care, While Spring is in the air. Hannah Peterson 7th grade, Sandy Valley

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 58

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

‘November’ As I walk down the street I drag my feet through the crinkling leaves When I walk up to our house I say to myself YAY Cookies! Once I step in the house I shovel three cookies down my throat Chomp!Crunch!Chew! My brothers and I play football after family time That night when you go trick or treating you need to dress up Some kids go as Goblins Zombies, or even Clowns but what most kids care about is the candy But it's really about the people you do it with It may be just scaring kids But that's making great moments with the people you love That is November Dominic Salvino 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle School The Person Behind the Mask Who is behind the mask? The smiling mask that conceals your feelings The mask that blends you in until you’re like them all. Can you escape? Will you escape? Will you break through the firm, faux mask? If you put on the mask it might not come off. It might stick or stain to you permanently. If you pry and pry it might just come off. Take off the mask and be who you are. Embrace who you are. We all have a route to follow But, please, stick to your own. Create your own directions. Your route might not be perfect, but your destination will be. Go now, your destination is up ahead a few more miles. Olivia Passerini 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle

Jabberwocky T’was evening and the tall trees Did sway and rustle in the wind; All sung were the children, And fearful parents cautious. “Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The hidious Beast! He took his mighty sword in hand: Long time the elusive foe he soughtSo rested he by the willow tree, And stood a while in thought And as in deep thought he stood, The Jabberwock with eyes of flame, Came running through the overgrown wood, And roared as it came! One two! One two! And through and through The mighty blade went chop! He left it dead and with his head He went trudging back. And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms my valorous boy! One joyful day! Hiphip hooray! He chuckled in his joy. “T’was evening and the tall trees Did sway and rustle in the wind; All sung were the children, With parents fast asleep. Stavros Spanakis 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 59

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Wonderful Fall Every fall you go trick-or-treating, & every fall a fluorescent orange pumpkin, awaits for you on a door step. As you turn around you see horrifying costumes, As you stare at them the room darkens all around me. As you walk home the cold air, burns my nose from the cold. As you enter the house the smell of pumpkin rolls wrap all around your nose. Your mother is ready for you, to carve our pumpkin. As you finish, yoir mother grabs our pumpkin seeds, she drys them out and then cooks them and saltes them. As you go to sleep You remember the trees wonderful green colors. When you wake up you see the trees dancing in the rain, Later in the afternoon you look across the lake, to see the trees have changed color. Every time you look at trees, it looks as if an artist has painted a picture, right in front of you. Raquel Stoll 6th grade, Jackson Memorial Middle School

Falling Leaves Have you ever seen falling leaves that are always dancing in the wind? Remember when you were a kid and always jump in the leaves and jump as high as you can. I remember! After you jumped in the leaves your dog was chasing around your yard and you will go right back to the leaves again and again After you jumped in the leaves you would climb the trees and look at the leaves and always say how Mia 6th grade, Jackson Middle

Grades 6 & 7

Stronger I walk into my room and jump onto my bed with sadness and anger in my heart. I’ve had a bad day, so I do my usual. Cry. But I know the only way to help myself is to stop crying and listen to music. I listen to Mandisa’s song, “This is Going to Make You Stronger,” and it reminds me that if I believe God will help me, He will. With a renewed mind I live, knowing that He will make me stronger. Faith White 6th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 60

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Lockers We walk down the silent hall as it echoes the sounds of our voices. The old and small lockers held our memories as if we were at Beulah Beach yesterday. Some were taped shut, others lingered open, always reminding us of how the doors squeaked when we used them and how we used to complain about them being cold and small. Even though we all secretly loved them. They held the memories that we will soon forget and long to remember. Now we walk the halls where new lockers stand in their place, where new memories will be made and held for generations. Kendra Ek 7th grade, Lake Center Christian Frozen Moment I slip my brand new cello out of its flimsy case. I make space in my crammed room. I adjust the height so it fits perfectly. Old, Bent, and Yellow I was six when Dad brought it up from the basement. It was scratched, bent, and yellow. My first dirtbike. I remember when Dad helped me put on my helmet and showed me where the throttle and brakes were. I slowly took the trail out to the field, Dad running right beside me. When we reached the field I hit a bump and crashed. Dad told me to get back up and try it again, so I did over and over again. I came home that night with a sprained ankle and a ton of purple bruises. But thanks to my dad and that two-foot-tall dirtbike, I can fly! Shauna Wilson 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

I don’t hesitate when my bow first touches the strings. It’s not long until I realize I’m actually playing. I feel vibration and hear the sweet sounds that touch a deep part of me. The bow glides back and forth. Every note pushes me along to play more and more, and that’s what I do. It’s an endless spring Sunday with just me and the strings on my brand new cello. It’s ok if the moment stays frozen forever. Bitsy Bauer 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 61

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Old Man THERE WAS An Old MAN WHO SWALLOWED A BED There was a old man who swallowed a bed I don’t know why he swallowed a bed he didn’t tell.There was a old man who swallowed a person he swallowed the person to sleep on the bed I don’t know why he swallowed the bed he didn’t tell. There was a old man who swallowed a lion he swallowed a lion to catch the person he swallowed the person to to sleep in the bed I don’t know why he swallowed a bed he didn’t tell.There was a old man who swallowed a cage he swallowed the cage to trap the lion he swallowed a lion to catch the person he swallowed the person to sleep on the bed I don’t know why he swallowed a bed he didn’t tell. By: Owen Elliott 6th grade, Jackson Middle Never Forget The wind blows harder. The storm is starting to approach the lodge, but Kendra and I head for the pier for the last time. We try to step on it, but the wind is too strong, and water is lapping over it, so instead we sit on a bench near the pier. There we celebrate her birthday, watching the churning waves, and though there is a storm, we can still see the Top Thrill Dragster with its lights flashing. As we sit there, I realize this is a trip I will never forget. Nelia Smith 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 6 & 7 Living Silence I lay back on the sand with you by my side. I look at the world around us, everything so beautiful. The sky filled with the hopes of people around the world, every shooting-star wish of all the dreamers like me. The water, wave after wave crashing down, sending a cool breeze. It gives me chills as we talk about past years. The silence so still like you and I are the only people living. Everyone disappeared somehow. The sand soft and warm like a fluffy blanket on a cold winter night , but somehow I am still shivering. The people digging their toes in the soggy wet sand along the shoreline while we talk, dreaming of a future The light of the moon and stars blinding every living creature on the beach. The perfect moment still calm but I know never again will I have this moment back. Emily Kasler 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 62

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Never Forgotten Whenever I walk down to your grave on these chilly mornings, I like to tell you how much I love and miss you. My heart is aching for you. I’d do anything to have you back in my life. I didn’t realize how great my life was before you were gone. You hurt no one, not even your little sister who kept harassing you. Even she is sad. I remember that adorable face you had. Whenever I said “treat” your ears went up, and you tilted your head while those warm brown eyes stared right at me. I think of you wrapped in your favorite blanket with your toy and treats buried with you. On top of all the layers of dirt, your gravestone lays that says, “Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts.” And it’s true. The worst part is not knowing. I don’t know if you walked off to die, or if an owl picked you up. All I want is my buddy bear back. I know that the hole in my heart will never be fully mended. No matter how many more dogs I have, no one will ever replace you, Henry. Grace Liechty 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Ole Faithful As I waited for ole faithful to go off I stand in shorts and a tank top, shivering in a blizzard. I was waited for a half hour. I feel like I was going to freeze into a solid block of ice. it goes off. The hot water shot into the air. I stare in amazement as the water slowly collapsed. James Abernathy 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

My Experience in India When I arrived in India, the first thing I realized was the terrible smell of the open sewer system. On the way to our hotel I noticed beggars And houses made from dirt and tarp. Once we got to our hotel, I felt terrible and fell asleep instantly. After a week I absolutely hated India, the people, where we lived, and worst of all, sensory details. I hated the filthy streets I saw. I hated the smell Of open sewers, burning trash, and people who hadn’t taken showers in weeks. I also hated the noise of cars constantly honking. India was the worst, Worst, worst! But one day I was with my parents, and they were talking to me about how so many in India were poor and couldn’t afford food or a stable house. This made me think about how fortunate we were. After thinking about that I thought of India as an experience where I got to think differently about less fortunate people. Jono Strunck 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 63

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7

My Imagination I stare at the books that take me into other worlds where my imagination can run wild. places where I can escape my anxiety and fears. A bookshelf awaits to be discovered story by story, page by page, word by word. My bookshelf holds an assortment of nonfiction, fiction, romance, comics, and my Bible, mysteries that holds secrets to unlock. My bookshelf creates characters That brings the stories to life. I pick up a book, and I snuggle into bed, and I sit for a minute and wonder what kind of adventure I will have today. I pick up the book, and I leave my bedroom and travel in a far away land in another world. Alex Davis 7th Grade- Lake Center Christian

Benny's Pennies There once was a boy named Benny Who worked hard to save every penny. He’d found a rare X-Man book And all of his money the comic book took, Now pennies Benny doesn’t have any. Benjamin Carlson 6th grade, Carlson Academy

My Second Family I sweat. I run. I hit. The sound of helmets crashing on helmets, reverberates throughout the field. I sweat. I run. I hit.

tweet tweet! My sweating stops. My running stops. My hitting stops. I calm down as I walk off the field. My friends walk with me.

We talk about football The straining of muscle and today's practice. burns every We say goodbye ounce of strength and slip into our cars. from my body. I relax myself and sigh. I sweat. I run. This is where I belong. I hit. This is my second family. My heart’s pumping faster and faster and faster, Ben Stauffer 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 64

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Flashing Lights I dash through the dewy grass. It hugs to my feet as I move forward toward the flashing lights. I see light through the pitch-black darkness, the light that ushers my way. I hear the laughter of others trailing behind me as I run on toward the light. I feel the cool breeze of the night as I stand there lingering, waiting for everyone to catch up.

Design Design is a way of life Don’t you see In the way iron is carved into a knife Or artist paint a tree Without design life would be bland And many things the same But a painter with brush in hand Cannot be tamed Hannah Malek 6th grade, Lake Center Christian

Guilt It’s been eating you alive No one would understand I lay down on the hammock that rocks back and forth Why you had to build silently through the night. That horrible scheme you’ve planned The spider web of lies I am then reminded That has trapped you inside of the flashing lights Guilt, that aren’t silent but loud. When you are ashamed of who you are And when you just have to run real far I listen to the noises that sound as if an airplane When your heart won’t stop shrinking is crashing down onto the earth. Because you can’t stop thinking About the horrible things you’ve done I stare out at the colors bursting Guilt, everywhere throughout the darkness. When your mind won’t stop racing And your feet won’t stop pacing I watch as thundering, And all you want to do is tell booming lights flash across the sky. Make everything well And just apologize Now, we all watch with unity. Guilt, As time slows down, When your palms get all sweaty we forget about all the chaos And your heart is feeling heavy and admire the fireworks. And you don’t know if you’re ready to confess Alex Bauer But if you do, the elephant will step off your chest 7th grade, Lake Center Christian Because you know what you’ve done was best. Guilt Jessica Ickes, Lizzie Yoder, Kiara Zook, Kaydri Sommers 6th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 65

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 6 & 7

Untitled Thankfully Theodora the Heroic woman in the Eyes of the Oppressed Did not give up the thought Of Receiving equality in the Abandoned world. Theodora Hammered the idea of Equality and said that woman could do whatever they set their minds to. Egniting the light of Making sure that all People had the same Rights, and today Encourages Students to treat everyone the Same and equal Aliza Pennington 7th grade-Early College Academy Horror Movie I sit up in my chair as a chill runs down my spine. I stare tensely at the screen as I hear a loud scream fill the room. A face pops out and makes my heart race with fright. I stuff my hand into the buttery popcorn as I start to hear myself murmuring about the movie. I try to look away from the screen but I can't with the movie being so thrilling and action packed. Finally I see the black screen say, “The End.” I recline back before I slowly fall asleep. Kobe Byler 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Camping To the woods we go Look at the water flow We might get lost But I’ll be the boss We’ll go for a hike We can take our bike Or we can just walk And talk, talk, talk I love summer fun In the sun We might see a bear I’ll be in fear My best friends at my side We’ll have to hide From the bear That we fear I love summer fun In the sun I misht lose it all I fear From that scariest bear Dasha Starudet 6th grade Jackson Middle

That was fall have you ever jumped in a pile of leaves sure you have. Remember that time when you jumped off the roof into a pile of leaves. Remember how the leaves flue Everywhere t hat was fall remember that time when we slid down the roof into a pile of leaves remember how I fell off the roof. Xavier Barnett 6th grade, Jackson Middle

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 66

Grades 6 & 7

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

A Peaceful Place Songs of silence Whisper in the wind Devoid of violence For sinners who’ve sinned Peaceful and soundless Colors of all kinds For those distressed Here peace you will find Where song birds sing Where telephones ring Where magic runs free Where you, you can be Where wild things are tame Where insane things are sane Where you can come down And just mess around Where time isn’t real Where feelings we feel Where light always shines Where poems always rhyme Except when it rains ‘Cause then we get pains In our eyes In our toes In our chest In our nose

Wherever they go We always feel low Were cold And were wet And were tired And depressed And mad And sad And we just feel bad Were trashed And bashed And we’ve all been lashed All the work that we’ve done Is breaking our backs Then the sun comes back out And we lose all our doubt We feel brighter And our best And lighter And all the rest There’s nothing to stop us When we feel our best Earth is ours for the taking The universe is next Kathryn Magee

Kathryn Magee 6th grade, Jackson Middle School

Lost I hide in the locker room. The screams from the game become a distant sound as my thoughts take over. Anxiety clouding my thoughts, past wrecking my present, lost breaking my heart, fear returning, A fall on frozen glass, a hope shattered, friends turned foe, a lost game, a lost team. Tears stream down from my face to my jersey I regret ever loving. Addie Woodberry 7th grade - Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 67

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

AAU Basketball I feel my heart beating harder than ever. As I box out my guy, I jump as high as I can to grab the ball. As I gather myself, I watch the basketball kiss the backboard, and it drops in the hoop. We demolish the other team. After that I go out to eat, knowing that I am undefeated! Jacob Jaber 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

True Beauty Walking on the dock, I look at the masterpiece before me: The sun shimmering in the water with all its brilliant colors. The water, Just high enough so that the white caps are visible on top of the waves. The sailboats gliding across the horizon. I stand in awe. How can people see things like this and not know that God created something so beautiful? They pass by without a second glance at the small and simple but gorgeous things in life. Darby Smith 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 6 & 7

What’s Going To Happen Next? I’ve been living with two brothers for the past thirteen years. For thirteen years, we fought. We never got along well until we grew up. For thirteen years, we always played basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. For thirteen years, they always hung out with friends or at practice, but they were always there for me. They taught me to ride a bike and to shoot and make my first basket when I was five. For thirteen years, I always cheered them on at sporting events. I always went to every game no matter how far it was even when I was a baby. Now all the memories from the past thirteen years are still with us even though we are all grown up, TJ’s twenty-two, Chad’s nineteen, and I’m almost fourteen. I’m the only one going to be living at home. TJ lives in Arizona; Chad is moving out next month and getting married. What about me? Who will I play with? Who will teach me something new? Who will I talk to all the time? What’s going to happen next? Macy Kline 7th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 68

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 69

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9

Grades 8 &9 Awards

Cameron Cox Prince Raww ............................ 78

Abbey Stoltzfus Trees ....................................... 80

Kaili Hatchett Changes .................................. 74

Rachel Harker Lost Treasures ........................ 87

Rachael Fiore Summertime ............................ 99

Delaney Snyde Panting in the Sky.................... 85

Katelyn Schank The Wise Spirit ........................ 79

Savannah Evans Change .................................... 77

Kaleb Stock Ring ....................................... 101

Anna Bower Not Exactly ............................. 75

Erin Raber Society ..................................... 74

Anna Meyer Blue ......................................... 97

Nikaala Collins Hope .................................... 72

Jakob Dreher Change ................................... 82

Eilise Gambol The End of Us .......................... 91

Damarias Jenkins Overwhelming Adventures ..... 84

Leven Carter The Day ................................... 88

Jacqueline Leclerc Fish to Thousands .................. 97

Kenneth Roberts Math ......................................... 94

Abigail Ryan Hypothetically .......................... 96

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 70

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The Secret I wake up and look around, I’m in a room with no windows, a light flickering in the center. I’m chained to the wall with the door on the far side straight across, a man in all black walks in to give me my food, it starts to get blurry it seems real, but it can’t be.

I look at him straight in the eye, one eye as I search through trying to find his secret, then it all disappears. I open my eyes again and I’m in my room, my pulse is pounding, then realize, it was all just a dream.

Tessa Galletta 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The Dream The delicate light melodious tune continues to escape the wooden box of hidden memories and contained joy. The ballerina, my dream in action spins spins and leaps across the air. Then in one final, abrupt note, the music stops. The ballerina slouches her back and bends her head, and I almost see the tears in her blue glassy eyes. I twist the golden rod, and my heart picks itself back up. My memories are brighter, the world replays, and the dancer smiles as if to say, “Thank you”. Stephanie Ijoma 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 71

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9



Trees, They are towering, have brown bark and green leaves, But how often do you think about them? They have a big significance of life today. They are used to make paper, pencils, furniture, toys, homes, and a lot more. Many people don’t think about them that often but maybe when you are outside one day, you can look at a tree, and realize it’s importance, to life today.

When all is lost No hope to be sure We find ourselves thinking about What’s outside the open doors

David Barton 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The day will come when all will not be lost and We will see each other for who we really are No matter what we look like hair, skin, or scars Our hopes and dreams will become a reality and Our love will be indefinite

We ponder our thoughts Cry out and pray We wish for the pain To leave and go away The sky is blue and my mood seems to fade My mind draws a blank and i'm not sure what to say My hopes and dreams have come to pass Soon the day, when my pain shall not last

Nikaala Collins 8th grade, Oakwood Middle The Snowflake As I walk away from the others I think to myself out of all the snowflakes in the galaxy I was the one who was going to fall because of gravity The cloud opens up my knees buckle up I fall from the sky I thought i was going to die but it turns out I can fly I wave back and forth through the air where I land I don't care As long as I don't land in a little girls hair Matthew Starcher 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The Best Soccer Camp Ever Ambassador Soccer camp one of the best around people from different countries from Asia, Africa, South America coaching kids from America to make them better learning Bible verses and having talks about them before lunch then worshiping God. after worshiping going back outside to play World Cup playing the beautiful game i will never forget Ambassador Soccer Camp. Mitchell Muqlueen 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 72

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Hypothetically Sitting at my desk, the sun beats in. It is the last period of the day with only fifteen days of school left. I want to stand up and protest this prison, the nightmare of every child in the middle of August. If they want to encourage our creativity why do they stuff our heads full of facts and numbers. It is hard to form an opinion and dream if scientifically it wouldn’t work but maybe it would if you tried. We need to work with the emptiness that comes with the summer air, with the washing that comes after the dive into the smacking cold water, that comes with laughing and memories and bonfires. If we are going to change the world shouldn’t we experience it first hand? Shouldn’t we be free just a little bit longer before the confinement of school?

Fintastic time with Grandpa As I sat in my grandpas boat I felt a chill and zipped up my coat I baited my silver hook Then I took at second look Lake Erie, Lake Erie, Lake Erie Why do you look so leery All of the sudden my grandpa yelled Walleye I jumped up and said oh my Grandpa said this one feels real big Then he started dancing his jig With diamonds sparkling in his eyes He reeled in the fish without any cries All of the sudden before my eyes Appeared a huge dark brown and yellowish colored Walleye The mouth was large and filled with sharp teeth I helped take the hook out and stood with disbelief The Walleye is now laying gasping and flopping Grandpa shouted with joy we don’t have to go shopping As I stared into the Walleyes pearlescent eyes I said goodbye I was not concerned about the Walleyes fate All I could think about was the Walleye on my dinner plate Then we heard a roar and a massive wave came crashing Grandpa and I started laughing The waves were whirling and dragging us along As we headed back to shore it became calm I told grandpa that I loved him because he was wiser and strong I’m so glad I tagged along Aisha Smith 9th grade - Ellet High

Abigail Ryan 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 73

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Broken Memories The filled frames show she doesn’t want to forget. The tears that fall, fill or regret. The calls she doesn’t get, make her cry. Now people wonder why she’s so shy. The day of the eleventh she wishes he was here. All by herself her emotions show fear. Yes, she feels all alone. She still smells the scent of his cologne. Alaina DiPietro 8th grade – Early College Academy

Grades 8 & 9 Society The makeup on the desk said “I hide your flaws not fix them.” The A’s on the report card said “no matter how good i am you’ll never remember the greatest lessons.” The empty words on the essay said “Is this really the problem in society?” The child hunger flyer that lays in the trash said “Is this what society does today?” The razer blade with blood on it on the bathroom floor said “Things like this are part of the problem. not just people.” The blank book on the bookshelf said “Tell people how it is. give them the truth.” The iphone on the charger said I’m a big issue in society.” The shoes in the closet said “why can’t people see past their feet?” The baby blanket folded on the bed said “I watched a pure thing get destroyed.” The mirror that shows your own reflection said “look at yourself are you part of the problem today in society?” Erin Raber 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Story of a Black Midnight Rose Its petals black as a cloudy night, no moon no stars, no light for people to see its beauty. The crash of waves, like an echo in an empty Hallway, drowning out the cries of loneliness from the sad little flower. With its sharp thorns to a point like a dagger, so Sharp that no one dares go near. So is the lonely story of the black midnight flower. Matthew Beck 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Changes Leaves change in the fall, classes change in the hall. People change from day to day, everything changes in some way. Kaili Hatchett 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Untitled He was weird and everyone knew it, then one day he changed, his hair cloths Everything about him was different, his friends ask him if he was ok, he said he was fine and went on his day, people kept asking and asking and he finally said I am tired of being weird and I am staying like this, soon people stop asking him, like they changed so he asked them and they said they changed and won’t change back until he changes back, so he did and everything went back to normal. Andy Faber 8th Grade- Early College Academy

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Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Not exactly Freedom The U.S. has done some terrible things It’s not like history has angel wings So many innocent people are gone But that’s because people can be wrong They say “America the Brave” but Why kill innocence if you’re not afraid They say “Equality for all” but This excludes people who can’t pay at all They say “Land of the free” but That only counts if you’re not a refugee Ana Bower 8th grade – Early College Academy

All alone She’s had a hard life, Says the boxes in the hall. And she feels all-alone, Says her blank gray walls. She’s afraid of the things, Says her screams dead at night. And she can’t escape, Says the thing that gives her fright.

See My friend is very kind Even though he is blind She always tells me she wish to see all these magical things. When were at my house and she tells me these things, I say just relax and try to see what I see. The next day she says this again, I close my eyes and see the magical things she wanted to see. The End A’Niyah Broyles 8th grade – Early College Academy

Says The Things That Represents Her She was very smart, says the awards tapped on her wall. She grew older, says the picture collage on her phone of her being a baby to 8th grade. She was into cheer and track, says the uniforms hanging in her closet.

She’s tried to run away, Says her packed bag on her bed. She wants to kill herself, Says the letter that says she dead.

Seven years later, she is a nurse, says the nursing clothes She has She can now drive and she’s 21, says her driver Licenses in her wallet.

She cuts herself often, Says the knife on her floor. Who knows what happened? Says her closed locked door. Cassidy McGirr 8th Grade- Early College Academy

She has a little girl and a boy and they live happy, says the two rooms that are blue and pink full of toys. O’Sheanna Thomas 8th Grade- Early College Academy

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SET SAIL Poetry Contest You Through your broken eyes I see that I mean nothing that I could die And you wouldn’t even care; this life just isn’t fair And I could only ask why as I just sat and cried And when the blood hits the air you’ll have to ask where Where? Where I have I gone? I’m sorry I’m long gone I hope you see me in every picture with them And I hope you hear me in the lyric of every song You’re having the time of your life and I’m left to fend When I think of you I just feel down and blue And when my friends what happened to me? I can just say you… Matthew Bainbridge 8th Grade – Early College Academy Change Change is a great thing, when you can look at your Game and say wow! I’ve got a whole lot better, It’s a great feeling when all your hard work adds up and you start to perform, when you drop crazy numbers or break for 5 touchdowns a game, and everyone chants your name, It’s truly a great thing. Avi’on Culler 8th grade-Early College Academy

Forever Friendships Sometimes I wish friendships can last forever, However my Friendship lasted with a certain someone. She is really clever whenever it comes to distance, We thought we’d never meet. People always tried to sever our friendship.

Grades 8 & 9

EMOTIONS She listens to bands, say the overflowing downloads and band tees she owns. She plays an instrument, say the strewn picks and keyboard that’s shown. The broken pencils and overflowing sketchbook say she draws, numerous drawings emphasizing her flaws. The dolls and plush toys say she shares a room with sisters, ballet shoes giving their delicate feet blisters. A box of nail polish says one likes makeup, dresses strewn on the ground, one owns a play tub. Something went wrong, say the tear stained pillows. The drawings full of shades of red, delicate like willows. Her heart is hurting say the lovesick poems, the strips of photos next to a frame that’s broken. Something went wrong in her heart, or was she like this from the start? Aminah Freeman 8th grade-Early College Academy

But then they realized they can’t break friendship, However we did break distance. I hope we can do it a lot more often Maryia Norris 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 76

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Why Why do people change we’re like the weather we don’t know that we change we just do its like a switch that goes off in are head like sparks on the 4th of July but why, girls are like cats and dogs They fight all the time for no apparent reason even boys do that but their different we’re all different as the years go by people are drained like a deranged cat why do people change its horrible right The seasons go by the years go by like a flash we’re still different why is this we don’t know this but it’s breaking us apart we don’t know the people we knew for years but they think it’s all cool until one day we break Shanice Mercer 8th grade-Early College Academy

Things change life changes you have family ties then some family dies. You can try to stay alright until your parents cry that night. Things change from the color of your hair to the big thoughts of despair. Things change from little to an adult now. Momma always said keep your head up and be proud. Things change. Elizabeth Blair 8th Grade- Early College Academy

In My Hands I watch as the cloud rib-cage Encases the moon as it’s heart With my eyes fixed on the sky I’ll step on a pebble almost every time I turn up Green Day As I walk down my own lonely road I must look funny from your couch But this is a calmness you can’t find on TV

Change Change…that word could mean lots of things. Could be the way you talk, walk, or sing. Or change could mean everything. Every day people go through some kind of change. The way they grow, the way they eat, the way they learn. This could effect the future or the grades you earn. The way you think, the way you speak could show everyone if you are strong or weak. When you sleep, when you wake could show the outcome of the day. Who you are really can show if you’ll make it far. So next time think, who are you or who will you change to be? Savannah Evans 8th Grade- Early College Academy

I turn up the volume to my music That only I can hear Pretending it’s the world’s theme song Like a movie where nothing’s real And where illusions to the eye Are reality behind a screen Where it seems as if I can hold the world In my hands Kaya McDonald 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

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SET SAIL Poetry Contest A roar arose from the other team’s bench. My eyes wandered to the source of the racket and glared. I shook my head in disgust as my foot found the rubber again. The catcher flashed one finger with the opponents still cheering. I reared back and fired. Time seemed to slow as I watched the seams spin. The catcher reached to his right and out of the zone for a ball. I leaned in. Twoseam. I reared back and challenged the hitter again. The bat left his shoulder, only to fling at and miss the heater. Silence arose from the home team as I strolled to our bench, glove on my hip and head held high, looking as if I had done it before. My face revealed no other emotion or even a hint of the joy and excitement that flowed through me. Brandon Yoder 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 8 & 9 They Have Changed Yes they have changed, People might not feel the same, There is so much anger, So much hate, Why waste the time you have, You know its limited, there’s not enough time, Time is running out, So because of that you cannot fill yourself, Nor should you fill yourself with anger, If indeed they have changed Giana Feliciano 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Acceptance The boy was oblivious and looking for acceptance from his father. He was sent to a prison for a reason unknown to him. He met a rather rough girl and they escaped from the prison together. They went on a journey, with another man, and looking for something lost. With the more memories he made and the more he came to understand, the boy was no longer looking for acceptance Esta Leglise 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Prince Raww It was back in the day in the old 2k, saw tha homies in tha back and didn’t know what to say; Went ova to my dudes and said wasup, then a dope white car just pulled up; I was lookin at tha car when I peeped in, and a girl hopped out fine and lightskin; Looked at the homies and then took a double take, she fully got out tha car and I saw the cake; My homies talkin bout getting her name, That’s when I engaged my mackgame; Went over to the chick with tha dope shades on, and knew her house distance wasn’t too long; When she seen me she smiled and liked what she saw, and I plled down tha shades and said “Aye girl I’m Prince Raww. Camaron Cox 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 78

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The Wise Spirit (The girl is very stressed out about an interview to be attended, when she finds that a voice in her head, will make her feel better about what is to come.) What do I do? What should I say? Hush. It’ll be okay. But what if I mess up? What if I ruin it? You won’t mess it up. Not even a bit. But you cant be sure! My mind keeps racing about. I can be sure. Stop flipping out. But how, may I ask? It’s a simple task. Maybe I shouldn’t go. I’m going to ask you the same thing. How do you know? What are you saying, You don’t want to spend your days paying. Paying for what? Your wrongful mistake. Soon you’ll ask your self, “what could have been await?” I don’t want to end up like that. Then go now child. No more wait. But if I go, when I soon return, will you be there? I have a lot to learn About life, it is true, but you’ll figure it out. You’re a smart child, now hurry along. You have to be going, or you’ll be far to late. And all of this will have been for not. Katelyn Schank 8th Grade- Early College Academy

She Thinks She thinks she doesn’t belong Say the scars on her arms. She feels as if she has no friends, said the tears from her eyes. The empty dressers and closet Say she wants to be in a different place, Where she can go with no worries or pain, says her brain. Linzee Garnes 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Mrs. Mysterious She is mysterious saying the unknown items on her bed she’s a creeper showing the pictures she had of other people on her wall she’s very dark showing the all black clothes in her closet who is she Mrs. Mysteriou. Shattered the glass on the floor a screech next door the sirens of the cops keep going roar, roar, roar did she die or did she live we don’t know but the question is who was the killer who came through the back door. Camarie Patterson 8th grade-Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 79

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9 Trees

Perfect Warm blankets engulf me while I take a sip of a warm, chocolaty drink. I crochet as I view the silvery snow outside the large, glass, double french doors. Dad would come home with a new pet for the familya white, fluffy dog. I would play and cuddle with it, and invite a friend or two over, on the perfect snow day I never had. Julianna Mizener 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The Silent Witness The dark shadow casts over the sky Bloodshot, scorching balls no longer have power To expose the wicked, but the night She is not one for the cowards An accomplice of scandalous souls that lurk The beauty queen witnesses the crime; Knowledge becomes a sin, the innocent is hurt A man ripped away from life Wayward ones screaming for advice Simply, silently, she sees it all She sees them rise, she sees them fall A murderer in a newborn’s clothes The keenest wolf in a sheep’s skin Beware of the siren; she might just steal your soul With her seductive grin Ayra Siddiqui 9th grade, Karachi Grammar School, Pakistan

Always moving, bending, swaying, in the breeze. Then the harsh wind comes. At first, they're still bending, still swaying, and then it hits them, like when you almost fall in your nightmare, and you wake up with a jolt. Now they're dancing, and moving so fast, I thought they’d run away. But they stand there, swaying to the music of the wind. ready to fight any storm. Abbey Stoltzfus 8th grade, Lake Center Christian Life is Rough All I ever wanted was something real But then you had to make a big deal it made me feel like steel it took me a long time to heal but it was always just a big deal All I ever wanted was you in my life but then you stabbed me with a knife then I looked at my thighs and wonder about my size When life gets rough I just try to get through stuff I’ve just had enough Kayla Perkins 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 80

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

To Them To Me I hear their teasing, I hear their whispers when they think that I’m not around. Your now in the picture like the knight they all believe in. You’re a prince, a hero, a champion. But you’re not. I feel sick to my stomach when I see you. I feel like my lungs are being smashed open. And they clap when you flash that 100 watts smile. The only thing in that smile to me is leeches. Thoese teeth are sharp enough to tear at my skin and spit me out. You sit on your imaginary throne like a god. While inside I feel nothing but sadness and bitterness. They don’t see it. They don’t see the hurt in my eyes. They don’t see how much you’ve hurt me. How much you’ve messed me up. Dvena Schleg 8th grade, Jackson memorial Middle She Was She was nice and sweet says her bright blonde hair, She was sassy Says her eyes that glared, She had a laptop she loved to play with her friends on, The glasses on her face says she needed little help seeing, Though if she ever took them off She was the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen, Her taste in music says she was sad at times, But in the end It turns out she is fine. Isaiah Heaton 8th Grade- Early College Academy Things unseen Our teary eyes, the beaten lies The words said, the things in our heads The hurting names, her broken frame The fist held high, even more and more lies Our adrenaline high while he’s saying goodbye The screaming, the screaming, the screaming Keely Aaliyah Campbell 8th grade-Early College Academy

Hate Hate is what makes the world what it is today Hate is what makes love go away Hate is strong and hate is wrong But that doesn’t stop some people Hate is what you see but love is what it should be Be love too everyone and everyone will love back Makayla McClanahan 9th grade, Perry High School

The lie She lives in the darkness She wears a mask Everyone wants to be her friend Everyone loves the lie She has black hair and blue eyes But the diary tells the truth about her An old diary tells a story… She lives in the light Everything she dose is for the time No one thinks she is good at anything People laugh at her No one wanted to be her friend Everyone hates anything true She still lives in the light Now she lives a lie

She is now caring while hating She is in the light but she can’t see She is wondering if this would be her life She is wearing the mask of light This people make her be like this People love the mask she bears. She is wearing the mask of light But she live in the darkness” Becky Covell 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 81

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9

Listeners He has many sides in his personality says the mountain of clothes on the cold Oakwood floor; he’s a bad man they say says the thick fresh blood leading outside. He likes being noticed says the 1,000 flawless sunglasses, don’t forget he’s forgetful says the hollow phone case in the dark living room, he’s lazy too says the motionless broken rocking chair. He’s a wealthy man I thought? Says the diamond incrusted alligator skin leather checkbook. Well you must have gotten confused says the dirty holey sock on the brown couch. No I think he’s rite says the queen sized water bed. He’s a very bad man all of you are wrong says the clear glove sitting on the dusty staircase, He’s rite says the recently used loaded 30 caliber on the dresser. He’s a big feared man so don’t forget says the size 14 cowboy boot. He doesn’t go out unclean says the newly brought colonel on the TV stand. He’s fearless too says the broken wall in the unsteady weight room. Overall he doesn’t care say’s the intentionally burnt house in the middle of nowhere……. Jada Lynn Howard 8th grade- Early College Academy

Seasons’ Change The seasons change like us, with emotion. Fast or slow, they go in motion. Summer comes with a shout of happiness. Fall comes with a mellow drowsiness. Winter comes with a harsh, cruel smile. Sometimes it takes a while. Spring comes with a kind, shy “hello.” It can come and go. The weather will change, so will we. They will also come back, like thee. Nah’eelah Gardnar 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Untitled She has a lot of close says the over flowing dressers. Bed mad says she likes something’s clean A dry erase board to write things to remember things. Pictures of her family so she never feels alone. Firewood outside reminds her of summertime. Her home and family reminds her of what she’s thankful for. Stevie Boswell 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Change From the lush green field To black clouds of smoke From thriving habitats To inhospitable toxic flats From crystal blue lakes To acid plagued From sunny skies To smog clouds and lies What we call progress What we think is best Our “progress” has demoted The world which we should be devoted The perfect place to death and waste. Change is needed When are we going to do it? Jakob Dreher 8th grade – Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 82

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Infused with Hope Infused with the military prowess of Colin Powell Believing soon that ISIS will be foul Infused with the freestyle of Oprah Winfrey Knowing humanitarian acts will dominate gentry Infused with the liberation of Barbara Brown Hoping standardized testing will soon be brought down Infused with the pace of Phyllis Wheatley Rejoicing in Hillary Clinton’s win so geekly Infused with the love of Dr. King Now, I too say, “Let freedom ring!” Gavriel Anthony 8th grade, Strong Tower Christian Academy Where I’m From I’m from a basketball and a baseball glove. I’m from a candlelit Christmas dinner with sparkling grape juice and cheesecake.[ I’m from every Sunday sitting on the couch and hearing HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO WOOF WOOF! I’m from the tears on my face after The Decision and from screaming in excitement after The Decision Part 2. I’m from heated arguments about sports in the car. I’m from listening to music, coming from red Beats, blaring into my ears as I shoot hoops. I’m from being outside on a starry night in summer and hearing the crackling of the fire as we roast s’mores. I’m from a dark room, tucked in bed with voices in the air. “Night.” “Love ya.” I’m from a caring family of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Cade Zook 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Where I’m From I’m from pick-up football games, weekends in football season, LCCS basketball games, the thrill of shooting a deer, and Cleveland teams. I’m from a messy house, outdoor work on Saturdays, watching TV before bed, parents taking Sunday naps, and siblings yelling at all times. I’m from weekend sleepovers, staying up late at night, making fun of each other, and everything being a joke. I’m from posters all over my walls, sharing a bunk bed with my brother, never getting any quiet time, reading before bed, and waking up early to watch TV. I’m from sports in the living room, being yelled at for everything possible, always getting the blame, always being in a hurry, eating on the go, and sports all the time. Blake Sommers 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 83

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9

Lamps Lamps can be one of the most useful Invention in the world. It provides lite when there is darkness It lets you read one more chapter in your book, that one last paragraph that explains everything. It helps you at midnight when you’re supposed to be in bed, to finish that last bit of homework. It sits there next to your bed waiting to be used. The lamp is a very trust worthy thing. Unless the light bulb fails it. Just a flick of da switch, You have instant light to your room. Austin Boatfield 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Don’t Kiss Me don't kiss me in the rain don't kiss me during a sunset don't kiss me when the moment is right kiss me to surprise me kiss me when it's cold where i'm shaking and you lean in close leave me shocked and stunned and wanting more

No Me Beses No me beses en la lluvia No me beses durante una puesta de sol No me beses cuando el momento es correcto Bésame de sorprenderme Bésame cuando hace frío donde estoy temblando y se inclina en cerca me deja sorprendida y aturdido y querer Más

Melody Joyner 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Overwhelming Adventures My mind is a computer, analyzing and filing through all of the titles in front of me. I process all of the choices and try to make a decision. It’s impossible. So many adventures to take. Will I go into a futuristic world? Or into a land of my wildest dreams? The choice is mine. The choice that will change the course of the next few weeks. Maybe I should use my own creativity and make up a masterpiece of words and pages? At least then, I won’t have to choose what book I should read. Damaris Jenkins 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

A.I. Number three you couldn't compete He’d hit you with the cross and you would get sauced Who MJ couldn't guard He could get so hot you would be charred. He played for four teams And made his own themes He rocked the timberlands He would shake and bake then switch hands. He’s in the hall of fame A.I. was his nickname. Adam Nowak 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 84

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Paintings in the Sky Slow mornings and lazy eyes, a cup of steaming coffee and a cold car ride. Moistened pavement flashes by, while the earth’s teardrops splash against humans’ rubber tires. White crescent, barely even there stars begin to disappear, dulling the sky. Sunshine peeks its way through the trees streaks of light help awaken my eyes. Then around the corner and over the hill it waits for me there, Splashes of colors spread way up high, Cotton candy clouds and lilac skies. Always there to greet me before my day begins. With all the distractions in this world, those paintings in the sky give me joy, and help me forget the struggle, hurt, disappointment. Delaney Snyder 8th grade, Lake Center Christian Procrastinator I said I’d start my homework at 4:30 But it’s now 4:45 So I might as well wait til’ 5:00 to start. Then by that time Mom will have dinner ready And while I eat I might as well watch netflix. By this point I know I’m not starting my homework anytime soon, “But it’s ok,” I’ll say to myself. If I don’t get it all done tonight, I’ll wake up early to do it in the morning. And if all else fails, I still have study hall. Claire Mooney 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

I Finished This Poem, and It’s About Time Too Time definitely moves slower in class. I just sit here, waiting. But for what? Who even came up with time anyway? And who decided when a day will start or end? To separate second from minute from hour from day? And day from year? And why? Separation gives order. After all, what is orderly about one constant forever? But would life be so bad if everyone stopped counting, and left everything to be as it was, when it was? No more minutes or days? And yet the hours and days we say exist fly by. Despite the passage of time, one thing is constant. Today. It will never be tomorrow, or yesterday. In fact, tomorrow will never exist. So when we say we will do something tomorrow, we never will. Because there will only ever be today. And when we say we will do something later? We lie. There is no later. Only now. So use Today. Use Now. Seth Smyers 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 85

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9

The Breeze that Ended One little step, Where He Lived and it all began. Red mushy clay lie The ship began to sail. on the dirt road. Oh man! Oh man! Is this where my grandpa walked? You take a deep breath, for your ship is now sailing. The hot Alabama sun is burning my skin. You take out a pen, Was it always this hot? and begin your long writing. “This ship is beautiful! Why can’t you see? Overgrown, dried grass is on either side of the road. If you were here now, Was it like this when my grandpa lived here? you would believe me!” Time goes on, Shack styled houses are together but separated. you stay on your ship. They are together like communities, but you won’t see wind in your face, them for miles. oh this is pure bliss. Is this the kind of house my grandpa grew up in? You open your eyes, just for a peek. One power is all I see. Terror now rises But the power line is half split down the middle. for what seems to seek. “A cannon! A cannon!” Abandoned houses and buildings hide One crewman now yells. quietly behind trees, waiting to be touched. You look in despair Waiting to be heard, waiting to be talked to. as another just fell. “No keep going!” I look up and I see a street sign that says: “Lewis- Miles Lane.” You scream with your might. I say to myself: Yes this where he grew up. This is where pawpaw grew up. “We can’t give up now Micaiah Andrew Miles get ready to fight!” 8th grade, Lake Center Christian You grab up your arms, will this be enough? The captain of their ship might just be too tough. You do all you can, but ends in defeat. You walk to the deck Her Future looking so bleak. She knows her future and she sees her life. You stand hand in hand, From the things she posts to the things she reads. hoping it isn’t true. She plans everything and always thinks too much. You’re scared out of your mind, Could identify her from her clothes or from her friends, Thinking you might lose. The ones that give purpose. She cherishes every moment, The shot was fired, Pushes through the tough and won’t stop believing until she comes the ship now done. true. She ignores the negative and embraces the positive. She You lay on your bed saying Encourages you to not give up on your dreams and won’t give up. “Oh man! I really liked that Sofia Horner one!” 8th Grade Early College Academy Patricia Campbell 9th grade- Early College High Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 86

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Lost Treasure

Death by a Loved One Did you do track? No. The why do u have That hoodie? It’s my sister’s. Did she give it to you? Yes, before she Went away. Away? what do you mean Away? She left she Said the world Was mean To her. Do you mean She is dead? Yes. Amanda Rodgers 8th Grade- Early College Academy Home Broken is what he is, He feels like he’s always alonge, But he didn’t know he was on his way home He was hurt, pained, Tired and stressed, I dare to say he was depressed His smile, his laugh, Started to fade, His skin started to turn into a lighter shade Soon he was gone, Face never shown, Now it’s my turn to realize he’s already home Artaesha Barrino 8th Grade- Early College Academy

She watches me with the careful, calculating eyes that had once comforted me. I smile at her cautiously and hold my breath, waiting for her next move. We exchange basic formalities, knowing the distrust laced behind each word. I turn, but continue to watch her over my shoulder. I watch the girl who was once my closest friend. I watch the girl that I had trusted completely. I watch the person I had loved like a sister. I pause, remembering the many untimely things that had driven us apart. I sigh and continue walking, wondering why fate had been so cruel. I think about all of the memories I could have had, with one of the greatest treasures I had ever found. Rachel Harker 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Paige Schratt By the way she acts you can tell she’s always there. She always gives the best advice and never fails to help. She always put’s people before herself never after, and she always manages to keep a smile never a frown. Paige Schratt 8th grade – Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 87

SET SAIL Poetry Contest She Seen Herself She’s born August 19th, 2001 She seen the big world in those tiny eyes She laughs She cries She held in her mother’s arms She loves her so much She seen herself She’s in kindergarden She’s alone She watches the eyes of the other’s She sees them watching her August 19th comes again she’s with family She seen herself She’s in first grade She has friends She’s in the hospital She wants her friends to visit but they don’t know She seen herself August 19th comes again 12 now Now she’s in middle school she is the same but with A little more confidence She’s in trouble all the time now She wants to go but she doesn’t want to She’s hurt very She doesn’t know if she will make it She doesn’t know if anyone loves her She seen herself August 19th happened again 13now in7th grade The sadness is worst now the troubling is worst suspended now She fights on the bus leaves. It’s the most action I her life Except from elementary when she got in a fight No birthday, no presents, no nothing her behavior had gotten worse. No relationship with her mother anymore. She seen herself They bring up about her grandmother She’s gone into space when she hears lectures from anyone She doesn’t look people in the eye she’s scared of what the think of in their eyes. Kashyia Williams 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Grades 8 & 9

Stairs As I climb this mountain Each step brings me closer to a world with different adventures than I can experience down where I come from where I was before. Each step leads me down a path that many have traveled before me younger and older. Each step shows me a new place that seems so familiar, but yet so new. Each step helps guide me to where I belong. Where I take refuge in the comforts that l know. Where I can reflect on my day or think about what has happened. Each step brings me closer to the world I’ve been so many times before. Nate West 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The Day I remember posted up on that block Where people kill just to be on top And you can’t leave without the mop If you snitch then you get shot Normal kids playing with rocks Out here they playing with Glocks Round here bodies going to drop People around here going to flop Claiming the reason why that body drop But I was chasing that guap I guarantee I won’t stop And im not stressing over the ops And I ain’t Scared to let it pop Gang Leven Carter 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 88

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

My Brother His blonde hair blows in the wind his brilliant blue eyes stare at me. He splashes me with water to snap me out of my daze. He gives me a cute smirk and I splash him with water. He’s my boy. He steals it from me and races past. I turn around just in time to see him score. Another point, I think. He’s my basketball player. He knows he can’t do it, I’m too fast for him. He’s still trying though. I’m gaining and finally I’ve got him. I grab his waist and spin him around. I set him down. He’s my little brother. Ainsley Doyle 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The Perfect Day A steaming cup of tea by my side. A blanket carelessly tossed over my torso. A big storm brewing outside. And one more ingredient to make this moment perfect: a book. A book with its pages crisp to the touch. A book with its newly made scent wafting up to my smelling pleasure. A book with its words so sweet to my eyes that it nearly brings me to tears. A book. One of the only things that can make an ordinary day a perfect day. Ally Cooper 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Shining Bright From my room there was shining light and it was bright and it was something shining in my bedroom and it follows her everywhere she goes and when she goes into the woods and she saw two bright light and she didn’t know that she was dreaming and when she goes into the wood that somebody was helping her out. And when she woke up from her nap she notice it was real but when she went back to sleep it dark and shining outside she thought she was somewhere else but she in a house and it had lights all over the place and she was afraid of it but somebody walked in and she ruined up and hided somewhere. And she didn’t know it wasn’t her house but her mom was looking for her and her dad but she didn’t know were was they but she had to hurry to find them but she had to find a way out of the house Aalyiah Birdsong 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 89

SET SAIL Poetry Contest She Will End She is one of them, I know she is. Now others agree. It is for sure now. She will come to an end. We shall hang her today, We are already on are way. I see the spot, Were the rope hangs. It has a loop, Fit for her neck. She will end today. On the barrel she will go. The rope now around her neck. The barrel is now gone. She can no longer breath. It is her end. Now there she hangs. No life at all. Never to be seen again. But at least she is now free, From the devil Who was once inside her. Joy Timbroon 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Grades 8 & 9 Lost Treasure She watches me with the careful, calculating eyes that had once comforted me. I smile at her cautiously and hold my breath, waiting for her next move. We exchange basic formalities, knowing the distrust laced behind each word. I turn, but continue to watch her over my shoulder. I watch the girl who was once my closest friend. I watch the girl that I had trusted completely. I watch the person I had loved like a sister. I pause, remembering the many untimely things that had driven us apart. I sigh and continue walking, wondering why fate had been so cruel. I think about all of the memories I could have had, with one of the greatest treasures I had ever found. Rachel Harker 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Changes Everything changes and we may not Notice at all. We go from winter to spring To summer to fall. We learn how to talk. We learn how to walk. We learn how to drive. Yeah, its how we thrive. Payton Welch 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 90

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The End of Us We used to talk all the time promising each other we wouldn’t burst each others secrets. We used to giggle and have “laughattacks”, because it didn’t matter what we looked like or sounded like, but now you’re different. Now, you do care, you care how you look, how you sound making sure that those around you notice how “in” you are. You don’t understand what it’s like to get left behind, all the moments and times we shared just gone, and why? to be liked by “them”.

But I do, you ripped my heart into a million pieces when you began to care what others thought, because somehow I didn’t matter. My heart still goes out to you, but every time you throw your head back and guffaw or flaunt yourself around I get the pain once again, that unexplainable pain that only you could cause. You don’t see the damage you’ve caused but if I told you, you would go behind my back and stab me, one more time.

Basketball Isn’t Easy The pain in my legs when I’m running down the court and back. I wonder why I’m here doing all of this. Then I remember why. I do it for my coach, I do it for my team, no, for my brothers. I know the people I’m going to face are working hard to get better. I just have to work harder than them. To win a basketball game you have to handle the pain longer than the other guy. Zachary Spickard 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Elise Gambol 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Ten Years Later Ten Years Later I see myself as a tall successful WOMEN. With her own CASH. Starting off SMALL building something NEW, as I go on I SEE something NEW. BIGGER is BETTER, but not in my case I like it SMALL just in case. London Wilder 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 91

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The Third and The Fourth Franklin Burton It all just kind of happened, in lunch during my 5 th grade year. It all started as I just gotten my disgusting lunch, my friend Stephen was no where to be seen for a hundred miles. Eventually, he had shown himself from the behind, showing me where to sit. We were in front of two unexplained strangers saying “hello” and their names were “Joshua” and “Christopher” but I just called them “Josh” and “Chris”. Than we talked about them and who they are until the period was over. Thanks to them our group has expanded and I have new friends thanks to the third and the fourth. Franklin Burton 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 8 & 9 I’ll Never Forget I'll never how once I got to meet you, How once I got to believe That you will be with me this year, As you said you would be. I'll never forget how you changed my mood From discouraged to hopeful again, How you talked to me softly, How much I wanted to smile now and then. I'll never forget your voice, I'll never forget your eyes That even from a thousand miles Would shine as bright as the stars in the sky... I'll never forget how you made sure I was doing all right every day, How much I wanted to cry when you were leaving, How badly I wanted you to stay... I'll never forget how you took that essay from me, Last assignment I had to turn in, How you said I will do good, How you said it was in my power within. I'll never forget how you made me feel, How much I depended on you, And how you took care of me To the best you could. I'll never forget how you helped me Not to get behind in the class, How you did everything for me What was possible and what was not. Lina Gotovtseva 8th grade, Safety Harbor

Changes People change. Everyone does. When people were littler we always wanted to be a princess or firefighter, but now those little kid kids want to be a lawyer, doctor, or billionaire. The posters on your wall go from little ponies and Star Wars to your celebrity crush. You start to get taller and smarter. But most kids want to change fast, to become an adult. But that changes your life is what teenagers don’t see. You have to pay bills and get up early for your kids. My point of making this poem is that everyone changes and it doesn’t matter who you are, but change for the better. Krislynn Kutzli 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 92

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Infused with Hope Infused with the military prowess of Colin Powell Believing soon that ISIS tactics will be foul Infused with the freestyle of Oprah Winfrey Knowing humanitarian acts will dominate gentry Infused with the liberation of Linda Brown Hoping standardized testing will soon be brought down Infused with the pace of Phyllis Wheatley Rejoicing in Hillary Clinton’s win so sweetly Infused with the love of Dr. King Now, I too say, Let freedom ring! Gavriel Anthony 8th grade, Strong Tower Christian Academy

Benched You never know how much you love something until you can't do it any more. Just sitting Watching Begging to complete your task but you can't Your out Unable to do anything So you sit and watch You think to yourself why me So you sit and watch and sit and watch Jackson Tucker 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

The Tree I feel dirt pile in all around me as I’m planted in the ground I’m frozen in place all I can do is watch as the days go by one by one every day kids run by, playing in winter they’re throwing snowballs in spring they’re riding bikes in summer they’re playing in the sprinkler in autumn they’re raking leaves and yet through all this I stand here doing nothing but growing older but their fun doesn’t last eventually they grow older and get consumed in technology then own day a sign goes up in the yard Sold a new family moves in along with a new group of kids the cycle starts over but this life doesn’t last my body starts to rot my arms fall off in the wind the family notices that I’m dying and puts me to sleep the last thing I see before the world goes black is the house. My house. Graham Duff 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 93

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Math. That wretched thing that claws along the ground like Golem. Giving me nightmares every time I lay my head down. Math It searches me out trying to destroy me. with every lunge of a test Math The hypnotic movement of numbers in a confusing order Bring even the strongest to their knees. Math Kenneth Roberts 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

My Room Is Full of Love My room is full of pictures, gives away all the memories. Shows the love, that I have too my family. My animals are loved, showed they are cared. Which means that I am an animal lover. Also love sports, wish too play everyday. Mariah Hupp 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Grades 8 & 9 Untitled “You were a piece of complex art i needed to figure out, to decipher” I say I love you, & you reply to me to Twice you left me, said we were through. “I moved closer to get a better look” You say I love you when I help you through stress I’ve started to think you only like me undressed “That’s when I realized I needed glasses” For two years you told me about “our” dreams All the while smothering my too silent screams “For you’re just scribbles on a page, titled complexity” I’ve taught myself a lesson When my thoughts began to swarm. “Don’t light yourself on fire to keep someone else warm” Shavelle Midgett 9th grade-Early College HS Thank You Leaving your spouse, your one true love. Leaving your children the one who could always make you smile. You left them for me. Having the thought in the back of your head that you might not watch your children grow up, Or grow old with the one you love. you did that for me. Putting your life on the line. Everyday. To protect my people. All of the sacrificed everything for me and you ask for nothing in return. You are truly an American soldier. Sincerely, America Grace Lawson 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 94

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Wonderland As I sit near the Babbling Brook, I hear the voices inside my book. The book I wrote, in my head. The book I had sewn with needle and thread. The voices are screaming and yelling at me. Saying that I’ve got something to see. It’s all so complicated to listen. So I feel in the river, as it glistens. A seemingly endless rabbit hole, I passed the white rabbit, and a mole. He told me that he hasn’t got time. A party to plan, a hatter to mime. I followed him in my curiosity. I found a place, not a city. One filled with wonder galore. I didn’t have to worry, not anymore. A place where you dance upside down. The Tulgey Wood where the hare is found. A queen who favors hearts of red. Flowers who sing of one day being wed. Caterpillars listing A E I O U. The Cheshire Cat appearing to go boo! I could hang with them all day, But I’d make them worry while I’m away. It’s not a dream because I’m not Alice. Just escaping the life that I find callous. Just know when a day’s pessimistic. Or when you’re down with a kick. Follow me to a place indeed grand. I’ll take you to Wonderland. Kimmy Polite 9th grade, Perry High

Sacred Life The “twin towers”- a tragedy in historyAmericans will always remember. But in’73 a far worse tragedy When abortion was made legal. We know life always is sacred Whether it be human or animal. Some cultures carry brooms for sweeping Tiny insects rather than kill life. But where is this in America? We can throw life out like it’s nothing. We can get in an uproar over mass shootings Yet ignore the murder of millions. Our God is serious about abortion. He clearly states it is wrong. As said in Exodus 20:13, “Thou shalt not kill,” even babies. In Exodus God gives instructions: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But sadly many skip the first one Which says – A life for a life. Mariah Yoder 8th grade, Faith Christian Academy

Change She was a broken girl, say the people around her the pictures and the memories reminded her of what Is gpne forever. She was a strong girl who was empty says the now abandoned house, she was strong but why was she scared, says the man trying to break down the locked door. She is strong now, says the man comforting her But all we know is everyone will experience a kind of pain. Alyssa Mcilvain 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 95

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Lefty is Besty I’m different. Much stranger than you. I’m a lefty and that makes me special. I get it from my dad and I’m glad that I did. In sports it throws people off when I stand in the left-sided batter’s box. People I’ve known for years are shocked when they realize I’m left-handed. People who already know still get surprised that I’m a lefty! Some people say that “righty is mighty”, and that might be true, but you must always remember that: lefty is besty. Morgan Smith 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 8 & 9 Hypothetically Sitting at my desk, the sun beats in. It is the last period of the day with only fifteen days of school left. I want to stand up and protest this prison, the nightmare of every child in the middle of August. If they want to encourage our creativity why do they stuff our heads full of facts and numbers. It is hard to form an opinion and dream if scientifically it wouldn’t work but maybe it would if you tried. We need to work with the emptiness that comes with the summer air, with the washing that comes after the dive into the smacking cold water, that comes with laughing and memories and bonfires. If we are going to change the world shouldn’t we experience it first hand? Shouldn’t we be free just a little bit longer before the confinement Abigail Ryan 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 96

Grades 8 & 9

Who Am I I am a sweet tasty treat that you can put in your mouth. It is a very sticky and gooey treat. Even if you thinks this taste good does not mean it is good for you.

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Fish to Thousands. Cast out into the ocean, lost in the storm, but even in the freezing cold I have hope to be warm. Waves crash over me, drowning in anxiety. But his love saved me in that sea, filled me ever so peacefully. Don’t try to hand me a towel, I want to swim with him, I don’t see sand but I don’t care, he’s my shore, my light in dim. Jacqueline LeClerc 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

It is something that is made in a store that you would like. it is that sweet juice treat. It is a candy bar. a juice yummy candy bar. Jonathan Trombka 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

blue the mind is like an ocean so big yet full of tiny thoughts some as small as a puddle some as big as a sea and all important making up a person not their looks or their situation but their personality and heart how they act and what they believe how they look at life and others and see it differently than i would or anyone else seeing red where i see blue and crying where i laugh unique anna meyer Anna Meyer 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 97

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Treasures I walk into the room, and take in, the musty and wonderful smell that fills the air. I love to look at you, and hold your worn out binding, ad flip through your torn up pages. I love you because you are vintage, and treasured. As I hold one of you now, all I can think about, are the memories and stories that you hold within you. All of the action, romance, and fantasy that is hidden away. All of the thoughts you bring out in all of your chapters, as you take me on adventures in different worlds. As I say these things, I know only of one name, of what to call you, my books. Faith Stalter 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 8 & 9

Untitled *Two teenage boys on the phone* I’m Lost In Confusion I get it, it’s almost like an illusion man the keep sayin’ it gets worse before it gets better, but for years... Hey man I knoow. Its like you shed all these tears... But nothings changing I know, I know but lifes just rearranging I just wish someone Would get the hint That I’m about to Give up Nah bro. you got this just stay strong and Stand up... *GUN SHOT* ...He’s Gone... Katrina Miller 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 98

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Summertime School is over Homework is over Class is over Another year feels like it’s years away Nothing on your mind Nothing lost that you have to find Summer is upon us Summertime is a time for laughter and joy Summertime is a time for long walks, morning runs and long exhilarating Swims in the pool Summertime is exciting and cool You many get ice cream Or Your wildest adventures may turn into reality and not a dream You may go camping Or take long walks staring up at a big tree lush with green leaves Your shadow is following you wherever you go You are with the people dearest to your heart The sun is setting, the fire is burning bright Giving off warm heartening light Gazing up at the stars in dark All you see is the end of the fire with the last bit of bark The morning is better then you can even remember Watching the sun rise With it being over 4,000 miles in size In the summer you can always stop to smell the roses Petals leading the way across a journey of green Summer is the time of laughter and joy Summer is the time of family and friends Summer is the time of being together in the spirit of warmth The feeling is so great So look up in the distance and open the gate that determines your fate Rachel Fiore 8th Grade- Jackson Middle

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 99

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Where I Am From I am from cheese stuck on the fridge waiting to harden I am from home videos where i was just being myself I am from making fires under the deck with my brother to stay warm in the winter I am from tears when i scraped my knees I from crawling in my moms bed when i have bad dreams I am from playing out in the snow for hours at a time I am from taking walks on the warm sand I am from hanging up ornaments on our christmas every year I am from riding skateboards with my friends around my neighborhood I am from doing front flips on my trampoline with Justin and epically failing I am from reading book at one in the morning just to finish it I am from ice skating on my lake with kids i grew up with I am from getting pushed around by my older siblings I am the girl i am today because of the people around me who shaped me to be this way China Raines 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Grades 8 & 9

Finding Truth Track. It’s not just for the ones with strength, for the ones with skill. The ones in first do not always win, the ones in last do not always lose. The ones who give their all do not always give their best. The ones who will fight through the pain are not always the toughest. Those who cross the finish line have not always finished. And some who wait at the white paint of the starting line have already finished. Joshua Klatt 8th grade, Lake Center Christian School

Time Time is peculiar. It does not stop, it does not wait, It just goes, without a care. Time is something we must use right, If we run out, then we make some more. When it comes, we must be ready, Or it will use it’s power against us. We can’t touch it, we can’t feel it, We can’t hold it, we can’t feel it, as I have done for years. Michael Lewis 8th grade, Early College

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 100

Grades 8 & 9

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The Tree I feel dirt pile in all around me as I’m planted in the ground I’m frozen in place all I can do is watch as the days go by one by one every day kids run by, playing in winter they’re throwing snowballs in spring they’re riding bikes in summer they’re playing in the sprinkler in autumn they’re raking leaves and yet through all this I stand here doing nothing but growing older but their fun doesn’t last eventually they grow older and get consumed in technology then own day a sign goes up in the yard Sold a new family moves in along with a new group of kids the cycle starts over but this life doesn’t last my body starts to rot my arms fall off in the wind the family notices that I’m dying and puts me to sleep the last thing I see before the world goes black is the house. My house. Graham Duff 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Ring! I sit there and wait silence silence I turn and look at the clock tick tick I tap my desk tap, tick tap, tick I draw a picture scribble, tap, tick scribble, tap, tick I stretch out my legs crack, scribble, tap, tick crack, scribble, tap, tick I imagine other things as I close my eyes blink, crack, scribble, tap, tick blink, crack, scribble, tap, tick I listen for the bell as the teacher shushes the class shh, blink, crack, scribble, tap, tick shh, blink, crack, scribble, tap, tick I sit there and wait silence shh blink crack scribble tap tick RING!!!! Kaleb Stock 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 101

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 8 & 9

Change it is fall says the colorful leaves beneath his feet says the wind that whistles in his ear and crashes the old windows. It is fall says the leaves falling from the trees, says the cold that chills up his spine. Change It is winter says the snow beneath his feet says the ice slik and sleet says the hat apon his head and the gloves he thickly weave it is says the days with no school says the snow balls thrown through the air. Change It is spring says the rain drained from the skys says the puddles that cover the concrete, it is spring says the dark and grey skys and says the boys curfew that has changed to 9:00 Change it is summer says the fresh green grass that grows beneath his feet says the trees that grow new leaves it is summer says the kids that get out of the house and play. Change Erique Nelson 8th Grade- Early College Academy

Where I am from I am from jumping off the back of the boat and into the water, only to get out and be pushed back in. I am from being squished in the backseat of the car on two day long road trips. I am from running around all day long until it gets dark outside. I am from sleepovers on the trampoline just to watch the stars. I am from family bonding and getting along. I am from tire swings, backyard hideouts, and playing ship on the swing set. I am from running through the sprinkler until we are freezing. I am from family and the love that runs through mine. Byanca Palmer 8th grade, Lake Center Christian

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 102

Grades 10-12

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 103

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 10-12

Grades 10-12 Awards Autumn Schultz, Canton Central Catholic Targets......................................................................... 111

Izzy Frabotta, Hudson High School A Brain in Space .......................................................... 107

Ophelia Knight, Timken High School Burning Oblivion .......................................................... 112

Lucy Peloso, GlenOak High School Illusion ......................................................................... 105

Talia Zelle, GlenOak High School Forecast ...................................................................... 113

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 104

Grades 10-12

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

“Nostalgia” Riding my bike down the paved road all night Listening to my favorite songs repeat Our youth is something that makes us feel right Our youth is just like Cherry Blossoms, sweet As we grow older our memories fade out I think about my future in front of me I know beyond a reasonable doubt This is the only place I want to be We'll look upon these days with utter joy Thinking of the times we used to cherish These thoughts placed back on a shelf like a toy These years are ones that I'll surely miss We don't want to think that we're growing up The only thing I can say is "Good luck" Savannah Sparks 10th grade, Early College High School

Illusion I’ve come to the conclusion That the whole world is an illusion. What is the deal? This script written in our minds, All the wonders you will find, Perhaps none of it’s real. The ground, the sky, the entire world, It all seems like a massive swirl. The trees, the sun, rivers, and grass, The glimmering stream, It was only a dream, Even that bird who you just saw pass. The people, bustling about the streets, Only in your dreams do you truly meet. Who is this person that you call friend? They too, do not exist, It does seem odd to think like this. I wonder if the imagination has an end. In front of our eyes is the landscape, But only in our heads does it actually take shape. The mind is strange The world, just a figment of our imagination, Simply a neurological creation, But nothing will ever change. An illusion, the world may be, But that does not mean you have to stop the discovery. Lucy Peloso 11th Grade- Glen Oak High School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 105

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 10-12 “Only You”

Only you Mean the world to me, Only you Mean everything, Only you make me happy when I’m down, Only you make me smile when I frown, Only you can fill this hole in my heart, it’s the reason why I’m falling apart Tis the reason why I cry here and there, shedding each and every tear. Only you are the one for me and only you… Only you make me feel worthy. Janita Noch Feeling Strong 11th grade, McKinley High Feeling proud, Feeling wrong, Feeling weak, The Sinking Stone Feeling strong. Pondering aboard this adrift ship When I look at you, I feel paralyzed, Fingertips absently let my worry stone slip, But simultaneously energized! Slowly sinking in the clear blue sea Every time you speak, Leaving only a small splash for o poor me. You confuse me even more, It’s strange to think that beneath the waves But somehow, Lies a whole new life, a whole new grave. I’m surer than I ever was before. Oh dreadful world continuing after death I feel weak and shy, Still the same at final breath. But brave and strong, The waves will still rise and still fall by and by. As will the sun in her relentless crawl. Feeling proud, Like a single stone in the tide, Feeling wrong, Most will never know you ever lived or ever died. Feeling weak, The stone simply disrupts some sand, Feeling strong. Sending it drifting, further from land. As my feelings take me around the bend, Eventually settling sand awaits disruption more I wonder, Drifting further and further from the peaceful shore. What will I be feeling in the end? Oh dreadful world of sea and sand, Abigail Thouvenin Oh how I need my worry stone in hand 10th grade, Home School Emily Paul 11th grade - Canton Central Catholic

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 106

Grades 10-12

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

A Brain in Space I think that for all the vastness of space For all its grandeur and splendor And huge-ness, It is still smaller than the space inside a human being’s skull And I mean that in the least pretentious way possible. I think the best way to come to terms with the size of a brain Is to imagine that every thought that runs through your conscious mind Leaves a shining silver deposit of thought gunk And it builds up in your brain tubes. Not in a bad way like cholesterol Or a muddy hose. Because once a brain tube gets filled Two more open up. In this way, Everything you’ve experienced is tactile and present in your mind Because that space has become So unthinkably large. Meanwhile— When I think about space, I know it’s HUGE and GREAT and BROBDINGNAGIAN, And that’s just words. I have not experienced the entire vastness of the universe As deeply as I have experienced the feeling of my fingers tracing a single ripple on a bedsheet on a spring morning In 2012. The infinity I believe in Is small and terrestrial and present in my capability To feel. The infinity I know Is here And deeply, righteously knowable— Like a sunbeam on a soft brown sheet in a twin-size bed— And unlike the nebulas And seething black holes Which I know are big enough to swallow up the universe and then some, The infinity I keep Is kept in the space Just behind my forehead. Izzy Frabotta 10th grade, Hudson High

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 107

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Foster care Do they really care? Why don’t they share If they care isn’t that rare? That they say they care? Kinnina Smith 12th Grade, Parsons

Forecast a pair of weathered beings that’s what you and me are you have a place in the universe as mighty orion leaving me behind in the sky as a cumulonimbus

Grades 10-12 Paradox Life for me ain’t been no rose-lined path; It’s been a thorn bush. Prickers and briars snag every last shred Of hope from my war-weary frame. The thicket’s so dense you Can barely see the sun. It’s been a struggle, It’s been a journey. And just when I think The vines will ensnare me, I fall quite blindly On an unexpected rose. Anna Freeman 10th grade, Home School

without you, i am a single cloud, white and fluffy along with the rest doing my duty to nature and watering the flowers but with you, i am a thunderstorm, hurricane, collection of clouds speaking and changing and commanding a company of purples, greys, blues, blacks making the rules righting the wrongs helping the flowers and bushes and shrubs and trees and forests and ecosystems and environment and world and i am the cloud covering your constellation in the midnight sky i will turn transparent so they can see straight to your eye i hope to be the cloud making you proud i speak my love for you aloud (i like being a storm, i wish to be yours) Talia Zelle 10th grade, GlenOak High School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 108

Grades 10-12

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Fluff-a-Luff Fluff-a-luff, puff-a-luff, dashing through the breeze. A furry little fuzzball, Lets out a massive sneeze! He glides through the wind, attacking birds as he flies. He takes down a robin, a snack for the ride! He next picks a crow, for they are slightly bigger, gobbling it up, just in time for dinner! He then spots a duck, he’ll eat quackers and cheese! He accepts this midnight snack with a determined, yes please! But his stomach still grumbles, a growl, a burp, he takes down every bird, as a meal, as an h'orderve. A goose, a bluebird, and some chickadees too, he slowly gets heavier as the night passes through. Plummeting to the earth, his fat a parachute,

he lands softly on the ground with a great, thadump! But little did he know, he had landed on a hill. His body became a boulder, he rolled nonstop! Fluff-a-luff, puff-a-luff, rolling down a hill. A fat little fuzzball, eats as much as he wills, eats until his belly is filled. He eats a tiny mouse, then a mole, and a beaver, he even manages to find a groundhog to tide him over. Fluff-a-luff, puff-a-luff, rolls up to a house. The owner hears a thump, she gingerly cracks the door. Finding a quite chubby little kitten. She scoops him right up, her little fluff-a-luff. The fluffy, black kitten, who can never seem to eat enough.

Sefra Manus 11th grade, Lake High School

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 109

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

The one I love Every day, night, I’m not with you The one I love I can’t get you out of my head You’re always in my mind, I can’t sleep Until I cry Crying over the one I love, you You and your blue eyes Bluer than the sky Deeper than the ocean I drowned in them Waiting for you But I know now I know that we can never be For your heart belongs to another Love is a one way street With mine leading to hell Burning so deep inside my heart With the roses bursting to flames Dying, dead, red turning to black The firefighting the rain While both succeed in containing and controlling me Because I know there is no way to stop No way to stop me from loving you For the roses to stop burning And for the fire to stop fighting the rain I know now that we cannot be No matter how long and bright I burn I’m just another star in your sky for you to gaze upon Soon to blend in with the rest And to burn out, to extinguish, then I’ll no longer be in your mind Shelly McKenzie 10th grade, Wadsworth

Grades 10-12

Golden City Alison Troyer Can’t sleep, can’t smile. I’m seeking the golden city. Sifting through piles of memories, Cleaning away the cobwebs, Trying to put a light on the Allencompassing darkness. My tears won’t dry up. They stain my pillow at night. My mind weeps for the day, The light, The escape. I’m seeking the golden city. Can’t sleep. Can’t smile. Wake me up. I’m dreaming. Alison Troyer 10th grade, Lake High School

Seagulls and Snow Seagulls fly over open water Over beaches and shores Over coasts and oceans But never have I seen one That is so very beautiful As the one that flies over mounds Of snow and ice The grays and whites combine To make a swishing sea Of colorless motion More beautiful than any ocean Natalie Thouvenin 12th grade - Home School

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Grades 10-12

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Targets

A twisted mind and a melted soul An easy target and they have the dart They pierce your heart and it leaves a hole They tap the button that says “restart” It's not a game, this life we're in Yet someone always loses and someone always wins You hold the trigger and aim your shot Will you make it or will you not? Fighting chances do exist Just look down at your bloody fists Life is a battlefield Filled with sorrow You keep putting things off, “I'll do it tomorrow” Your thoughts consume your veinless brain So worn down from all the pain We're all easy targets once in a while They shatter your emotionless profile They aim at the board with another dart This time, shield your wounded heart Fight back until you've won This game of life This so called fun Don't be an easy target anymore Pick yourself up off the floor You've won this battle once and for all Now let them be the ones who fall Amanda Carano 12th grade, Sandy Valley High

Retreat Dust, -A week’s worth of neglect, Swirls around his fidgeting foot. My father, The one I hold highest, Constructs his sentences carefully. Details, Points I often overlook, Surge to the forefront of my thoughts. Look, the curtain, The old white lace fabric, Billows when I tap my toes. Look, the paint, The forest green wall, Is faded below the window. Look, the light, The glow of the lamp, Sparkles through my tears. My father, The one I hold highest, Presses me to his chest. And my tears, My tangible thoughts, Soak into his blood red shirt. Autumn Schultz 10th grade, Lake High

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SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Grades 10-12

Burning Oblivion It burns deep inside like molten lava On the verge of explosion A heat to a degree beyond comprehension a struggle to keep afloat on the burning of the proverbial shield skin It melts, trickling down my bones like chocolate in its humanized form Ready for consumption It bleeds from within, no power to stop it Powerless To its progression Drowning in its hold, choking on Its abundance Screaming like souls lost on the Coming to Terms Wind for sweet The moonlight filters through the billowy curtains Sweet As our eyes flicker towards each other for a brief moment Recognition And my heart instantly fills with dread Ophelia Knight th The once small fractures in our foundation 12 grade- Timken Senior High Have grown into gaping breaches We are falling apart before the stars And this has finally begun to sink in We are on the brink And this is merely the beginning of the end My mind is in shambles As I rethink and reminisce I can’t seem to form a single coherent thought Was everything we ever had Anything at all? Was our fight to keep love alive in vain And selfish and disillusioned? Did we, like all loving fools, Succumb And become tainted and bruised? Madison Jones 12th grade, McAuley High

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Grades 10-12 INDEX

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

Mackenzie .................... 42 Mia ................................ 60

_____ A _____ Abernathy, James ........ 63 Anderson, Makayla ....... 53 Anthony, Atira .............. 42 Anthony, Gavriel ........... 81 Antram, Abby ................ 23 Atkins, Kludayshia .......... 5

_____ B _____ Bailey, Devin ................. 16 Bainbridge, Matthew ..... 76 Bair, Matthew ................ 20 Balcom, Laurel ............. 14 Baringer, Cael ............... 15 Barnett, Griffin............... 47 Barnett, Xavier .............. 66 Barrett, David ................ 20 Barrino, Artaesha .......... 87 Barton, David ................ 72 Bauer, Alex ................... 65 Bauer, Bitsy ................. 61 Baxter, Gavin ................ 23 Beck, Matthew .............. 74 Benson, Kyle................. 23 Best, Zyler .................... 34 Bigham, Sam ................ 46 Birdsong, Aalyiah ......... 89 Blair, Elizabeth .............. 77 Blake, Grant .................... 5 Blaylock, Londyn........... 55 Bliese, Laura ................ 28 Bliese, Mary .................. 47 Bliese, Michael ............. 20 Boatfield, Austin ............ 84

Bolon, Cole ....................25 Bolon, Gage ..................15 Bonvenuto, Drew .............8 Boone, Aravelle ............53 Boswell, Stevie .............82 Bower, Ana ....................75 Bowers, Ryan ..................7 Brown, Zach ..................42 Broucker, Hunter ...........50 Broyles, A’Niyah ............75 Bubenchik, Quinlin.........26 Buckerfield, Duncan ......54 Bunnell, James ..............12 Burkhart, Connor ...........26 Burgan, Nadia................14 Burton, Franklin .............92 Buso, Ryle .....................39 Burns, Kahlen ................24 Byler, Kobe ....................66 Byler, Logan ..................57

_____ D _____ Dabney, Meyonna ......... 11 Dalesandro, Tristian ...... 14 Dalton, Hayden.............. 32 Davis, Alex ................... 64 Decker, Danny............... 20 Demshar, Dakota .......... 19 Dentler, Cassidy ............ 13 Desantis, Abigail ........... 25 DiMarco, Josiah............... 9 Di Pietro, Alaina............. 74 Diuk, Asher .................... 14 Dobbins, Sophia ............ 12 Doyle, Ainsley ............... 89 Dragomier, Tony.............. 9 Draper, Mia ................... 17 Dreher, Jakob ............... 82 Duff, Graham ................. 93

_____ C _____ Campbell, Keely ............81 Campbell, Patricia .........86 Capeta, Nathaniel ..........38 Carano, Amanda .........111 Carlson, Andrew ............29 Carlson, Benjamin .........64 Carter, Leven ................88 Collins, Nakia.................11 Cherevko, Amya ............44 Collins, Nikaala ..............72 Cooper, Allison ..............89 Covell, Becky .................81 Cox, Camaron ...............78 Crable, Tayten ..............13 Cribbs, Ellie ...................15 Crowder Josephine........24 Culler, Avi’on .................76

_____ E _____ Eberly, Dani ................... 13 Ek, Kendra .................... 61 Elliott, Logan ................. 43 Elliott, Owen .................. 62 Esway, Sophia .............. 17 Evanish, Charli .............. 18 Evans, Savannah ......... 62

______F _____ Faber, Andy ................... 74 Faye, Leah ...................... 7 Feliciano, Giana ........... 78 Fiore, Rachael ............... 99

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SET SAIL Poetry Contest Firth, Tyler ..................... 10 Fox, Emma ................... 35 Fox, Noah...................... 46 Frabotta, Izzy ............. 107 Freeman, Anna ........... 108 Freeman, Aminah .......... 76

_____ G ______ Galletta, Tessa .............. 71 Gamble, Tyson ................ 8 Gambol, Elise ................ 91 Garaux, Julia ................. 57 Gardnar, Nah’eelah ....... 82 Garnes, Linzee ............. 79 Gates, Kristian............... 11 Geisheimer, Caitlyn ....... 30 German, Charlotte ........... 9 Gidcumb, Kaylee ........... 26 Gotovtseva, Lina ........... 92 Gray, Andy ...................... 7 Guy, Kaidee .................. 24

_____ H ______ Haddad, Adrian ............. 15 Harker, Rachel .............. 87 Harold, Andrew ............. 17 Harper, Grace ………….30 Harris, Jaden ................ 19 Hatchett, Kaili ............... 74 Haught, Abby ................ 56 Heaton, Isaiah ............... 81 Heron, Mallory ............... 35 Herstine, Roger ............. 15 Hess, Adam................... 10 Hill, Chryssa .................... 5 Holshu, Kinnie ............... 28

Grades 10-12 INDEX Holmes, Jared ................. 5 Hopp, Mariah ............... 94 Horner, Sofia ................ 86 Howard, Jada ................ 82 Howard, Maggie .............. 9 Howell, Olivia ............... 29 Hudak, Nadya ............... 49 Hunt, Alexis ................... 16 Hupp, Mariah ................ 94 Hurd, Brooke ................ 19 Hurd, Grace ................. 10 Huston, Bella ................ 49

_____ I ______ Ickes, Jaden .................. 48 Ickes, Jessica................ 65 Ijoma, Stephanie ........... 71 Iraheta, Ben .................... 6

_____ J ______ Jaber, Jacob ................. 68 Jaber, Matthew ............. 39 Jacob, Joshua ............... 16 Jeffries, Camryn ............ 20 Jenkins, Anna ............... 24 Jenkins, Damaris .......... 84 Jones, Logan ................ 52 Jones, Madison ........... 112 Jones, Noah .................. 28 Jones, Riley .................. 26 Joyner, Mac .................. 39 Joyner, Melody.............. 84

_____ K ______ Kasler, Emily ................ 62 Ketterman, Lindsay ......... 8 King, Evangelina ........... 16 King, Evie...................... 12 Kiser, Cole .................... 19 Klatt, Joshua ............... 100 Kleinhenz, Sophia ......... 23 Kleve, Carlie ................... 9 Kline, Macy ................... 68 Knight, Ophelia ........... 112 Knobb, Gavin ................ 14 Kornish, Collin............... 18 Kryah, Zoey ................. 35 Kutzli, Krislynn ............. 92

_____ L ______ Lawson, Grace.............. 94 Leali, Tori ...................... 27 Leclere, Jacqueline ....... 97 Leglise, Esta ................. 78 Leininger, Celeste ......... 54 Lenigar, Carter .............. 20 Lepley, Madison ............ 18 Lewis, Jacob ................. 57 Lewis, Michael ........... 100 Liber, Isabella .............. 15 Liechty, Grace .............. 63 Lindsay, Alex ................ 18 Lindsey, Alexander ....... 12 Liotti, Ava ...................... 17 Liotti, Liliana .................. 27 Lippe, Ryan................... 17 Lloyd, Madison.............. 30 Lukowski, Calee ............ 31

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Grades 10-12 INDEX

SET SAIL Poetry Contest

_____ M _____ Magee, Kathryn ............ 67 Malek, Hannah.............. 65 Mang, Hannah ............. 43 Manus, Sefra .............. 109 Manus, Sophia ............. 25 Marceric, Molly.............. 10 Massey, James ............. 20 Mastroine, Gus ............... 8 Mayle, Alyssa................ 34 McClannahan, Makayla 81 McCloskey, Sarah......... 11 McCollum, K’mya .......... 10 McDonald, Kaya .......... 77 McDaniel, Christina....... 40 McDaniel, Ellen ............. 15 McDaniel, Gianna ......... 19 McGirr, Cassidy ........... 75 Mcilvain, Alyssa ........... 95 McKenzie, Shelly ........ 110 McKinney, Braden .......... 8 Mercer, Shanice............ 77 Metz, Mary ...................... 6 Meyer, Anna ................. 97 Midgett, Shavelle ......... 94 Miles, Micaiah ............... 86 Miller, Hope .................. 25 Miller, Katrina ............... 98 Miller, Natalie ................ 34 Miller, Patrick ................ 54 Mizener, Julianna.......... 80 Mooney, Claire.............. 85 Morales, Ian .................. 27 Morton, Jocelyn ............ 25 Muqlueen, Mitchell ........ 72 Murphy, Derek .............. 46 Mutko, Mikayla .............. 28

_____ N _____ Nelson, Frique ............ 102 Niehaus, Tristan ............ 33 Noch, Janita ................ 106 Norris, Maryia ................ 76 Nowak, Adam ................ 84

_____ O _____ Oney, Shaddai .............. 51 Oswald, Ashlyn ............. 31 Oswald, Carli ................. 32

______P _____ Pallone, Sami .................. 7 Palmer, Byanca ........... 102 Palshook, Tessa .............. 6 Pasrija, Khushi ............. 28 Passerini, Olivia............. 59 Patterson, Camarie ...... 79 Paul, Emily .................. 106 Paxos, Stamatios .......... 17 Peacock, Malachi ......... 41 Peloso, Lucy ............... 105 Pennington, Alize .......... 65 Perdue, Nadelia ……….31 Perkins, Kayla ............... 80 Petersen, Hannah ......... 58 Pham, Trang ................. 54 Phillips, Madison ........... 46 Pipo, Michael ................. 33 Pixler, Felicity ............... 44 Polite, Kimmy ................ 95 Pomesky, Lizzie ............ 33 Potshnik, Matthew ......... 20

Price, June .................... 19

_____ R _____ Raber, Erin .................... 74 Raines, China ............. 100 Reid, Nyah .................... 11 Richardson, Aubryana .... 6 Richardson, Olivia ......... 32 Riggans, Logan ............. 29 Roberts, Kenneth .......... 94 Robinson, Nadia............ 24 Rodgers, Amanda ......... 87 Ross, Rocco .................. 14 Ryan, Abigail ................. 73

______S _____ Salter, Faith ................... 98 Saltsman, Kyle ............. 53 Salvino, Dominic ........... 59 Scalise, Marina Lee....... 13 Schank, Katelyn ............ 79 Scheffler, Daniela .......... 16 Schleg, Dvena ............... 81 Schratt, Paige ............... 87 Schuler, Mariah ............. 27 Schultz, Autumn .......... 111 Secrest, Christian ......... 41 Serri, Domenico .............. 6 Shaffer, Lucy ................. 31 Sheridan, Xavier ........... 11 Shiepis, Hannah ............ 14 Shrock, Dylan ............... 45 Siddiqui, Ayra ............... 80 Siles, Olivia ................... 18 Sims, Lily ....................... 16 Simpson, Avery ............... 6

Stark County District Library ~ 2016 Youth Poetry Contest ~ Page 115

SET SAIL Poetry Contest Skeggs, Lydia ................ 17 Skello, Della .................. 51 Slates, Jenna ................ 12 Slider, Payton ................ 47 Smeyers, Seth …………85 Smith, Aisha .................. 73 Smith, Corrin ................... 5 Smith, Darby ................ 68 Smith, Emma................. 15 Smith, Kelsie ................. 14 Smith, Kinnina ............. 108 Smith, Morgan ............... 96 Smith, Nelia .................. 62 Snavely, Grayson ......... 18 Snyder, Alyssa ............. 35 Snyder, Delaney ............ 85 Snyder, Elena ................ 12 Sommers, Blake ............ 83 Sommers, Gavin ........... 55 Sommers, Kaydri ........... 65 Soto, Ivan ..................... 44 Spanakis, Stavros ......... 59 Sparks, Savannah ....... 105 Spickard, Zachary` ........ 91 Spidell, Paige ................ 43 Spitaleri, Jessica ........... 56 St. Jean, Bobby .............. 5 Stalter, Faith .................. 98 Starcher, Matthew ........ 72 Stauffer, Ben ................ 64 Stepanovich, Jazlyn ........ 7 Stevens, Jillyan ............. 14 Stock, Kaleb ................ 101 Stoll, Raquel .................. 60 Stoltzfus, Abbey ............ 80 Stoltzfus, Emeline ......... 52 Straudet, Dasha ............ 66 Strunck, Jono ................ 63

GradesINDEX 10-12

_____ T ______ Tanner, Peyton ............. 10 Tatum, Noah ................. 42 Tharp Bolli, Jeremiah .... 17 Thomas, Katelyn ........... 29 Thomas, O'Sheanna .... 75 Thompson, David .......... 11 Thouvenin, Abigail ...... 106 Thouvenin, Natalie ...... 110 Timbroon, Joy .............. 90 Tillison, Jaelyn .............. 11 Trombka, Jonathan ....... 97 Troyer, Alison .............. 110 Troyer, Nolan ............... 11 Tucker, Jackson ............ 93 Thompson, Mya ............ 13

_____ V ______ Varga, Samantha ......... 58 Voyles, Vaden .............. 32 Voyles, Vallon .............. 33

Weber, Victor ................ 40 Welch, Payton............... 90 Wesley, Zayden .............. 9 West, Nate .................... 88 White, Faith................... 60 Wiegreff, Shaun ............ 29 Wilder, London ............. 91 Willaman, Alyssa .......... 13 Williams, Kashyia .......... 88 Willis, Benjamin ............ 19 Wilson, Myca ................ 35 Wilson, Shauna ............. 61 Wood, Zara ..................... 7 Woodberry, Addie ......... 67 Wynn, Bailee................. 18

_____ Y ______ Yoder, Brandon............. 78 Yoder, Kaitlynn ............ 50 Yoder, Lizzie ................. 65 Yoder, Mariah ............... 95 Yokley, Casey ………….30

_____ Z ______ Zelle, Talia .................. 108 Zook, Cade ................... 83 Zook, Kiara ................... 65 Zuercher, Camryn ........ 48

_____ W ______ Wade, Darrin ................... 5 Waggoner, Gabby ......... 14 Wagner, Hailey ............ 45 Ward, Marley................. 34 Washington, Aaron ....... 38 Washington, Tariah ....... 10 Watkins, Kelsey ............ 50

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Stark County District Library Annual Poetry Contest Booklet Grades 2-12  

This is the Stark County District Library Annual Youth Poetry Contest Booklet, containing poems from children and teens grades 2 - 12.

Stark County District Library Annual Poetry Contest Booklet Grades 2-12  

This is the Stark County District Library Annual Youth Poetry Contest Booklet, containing poems from children and teens grades 2 - 12.