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How Did "In The Heights" Get To Jerusalem? Check Out These 13 Humans Who Made It Happen Music & Lyrics Lin-Manuel Miranda

Book Quiara Alegría Hudes

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"That's some gritty piece of news..." And you heard it first here!

Conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda On Stage Signs Rachel Jacobson

Costumes Dena Davies

Translation David Gellman

Sound Dadi Nada

Stage Manager Elianna Rosenschein

Props Stage Manager Abigail Ellis

Producer Richie Mann Choreographer Danny Freedman Director / Choreographer Yaeli Greenblatt Director / Scenery & Lighting Eli Kaplan Wildmann Music Director Jeff Rosenschein An amateur production by arrangement with R&H Theatricals Europe. Development of In The Heights was supported by the Eugene O’neill Theater Center during a residency at the Music Theater Conference of 2005. Initiallly developed by Back House Productions. Originally produced on Broadway by Kevin McCollum, Jeffrey Seller, Jull Furman Willis, Sander Jacobs, Goodman/Grossman, Peter Fine, Everett/Skipper

Feb/March, 2019

what to wear temp: wear:

We all remember our first time visiting Daniela’s Salon. Your mother took you for a first grown up haircut, or you got to tag along with your big sister when she went to get her nails done. But after decades in the Heights, Daniela’s is packing up and moving to the Bronx. The salon’s assistant, Carla, seemed unavailable for comment, but Daniela was happy to speak

about her connection to Manhattan and the move north - “I’ll keep our island in my mind, and when it's time to find home, we know the way. Come visit us at our new location. The Bronx isn’t that scary - just screw your courage to the sticking place. It’ll be good to see your face.”

The action takes place in and around one block in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood over the course of the few days surrounding July 4th 2008. Act One


Major Change In The Heights As Salon Moves Further Uptown

You Won't Believe How Great This List Of Songs Is (Number 7 Is Completely Mind Blowing!)

Benny is a guy with big dreams. He is currently working at Rosario’s Car Service, across the street from his friend Usnavi’s bodega (pictured below). However, anyone who talks to him knows right away that he is inimitable, an original. He is dispatching himself towards success, be it on an elevated train, Jet Blue, or riding the heat wave - just not the 9 Train.

In Order Of Appearence

Graffiti Pete Danny Freedman

In the Heights Usnavi, Company Breathe Nina, Company Benny's Dispatch Benny, Nina It Won't Be Long Now Vanessa, Usnavi, Sonny Inutil Kevin No Me Diga Daniela, Carla, Vanessa, Nina 96,000 Company Paciencia y Fe (Patience and Faith) Abuela Claudia, Company

Usnavi Shimi Herman Piragua Guy Daniel Lewin Abuela Claudia Gabrielle Shine Carla Sarit Brown

When You're Home Nina, Benny

Daniela Shlomit Leah Kovsalski

Piragua Piragua Guy The Club/Fireworks Company Act Two

Kevin Oren Habot

Sunrise Nina, Benny, Company Hundreds of Stories Abuela, Usnavi

Camila Inbal Caplan

Enough Camila Carnaval del Barrio Daniela, Company

Sonny Gadi Zaig

Atencion Kevin Alabanza Usnavi, Nina, Company

Benny Yair Farkas

Everything I KnowNina No Me Diga (Reprise) Daniela, Carla, Vanessa

Vanessa Shir Arbiv

Champagne Vanessa, Usnavi

Nina Maya Kristal Tenembaum

When the Sun Goes DownNina, Benny Finale Company

About Starcatcher

Deana Fein Advocate

These Actors Walked On Stage And The Results Are Amazing


Starcatcher Productions is a Jerusalem based theater group, whose purpose is to provide Israeli audiences access to high-quality productions of progressive live musicals, to expand the audience for this art form, and to develop the talents of those cabable of producig this art, both as cast and crew.

Dena Buckman Davies Kesem Yosef Fine Sraya Goldstein Hallel Hanoch (Rabinowitz)

Previous Productions

Elinor Kaufman

From the people who brought you Divine Right and Off the Derech Dolorosa…

Nuria Levy Pippin 2018

Singin’ in the Rain 2017

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!‫תמיכה ֹלבני נוער בסיכון‬ !‫עזרו ֹלעמותה שֹלנו ֹלהמשיך ֹלרוץ‬

‫רוצו את‬ ‫מרתון ירושֹלים עם‬

‫ֱקבוצת צומת‬

Richie Mann

Spring Awakening 2016

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Invites you to its spring production of IN A STRANGER’S GRAVE by Miriam Metzinger Details at

Sharon Libovsky

Atara Mayer ’15-’17 Photos - Ita Arbit

Horkanya 33/1 Jerusalem 93305 Israel Phone: +972-2-679-2587 Fax: +972-2-679-1348 E-mail: Mobile: +972-52-263-3746

RENT 2015

A Chorus Line Little Shop of Horrors With Encore!, 2014 With JEST, 2013

Get involved! or online at or

Shira Potter Sivan Raz Dovid Singer Marty Weisel Hadar Yaday Omer Yavin

Local Band Plays Broadway Beat Jeff Rosenschein, Conductor/Keys Alon Aviv, Keyboard Maayan Heymann, Trombone Dar Levi, Percussion Akiva Meller, Drums Shy Oren, Bass Dennis Sobolev, Guitar Bob Trachtenberg, Reeds Yohay Vered, Trumpet

Juicy Details About The Cast! Shir Arbiv (Vanessa) is a recent graduate of Eidan Lipper's Musical Theatre Academy in Tel Aviv. She recently portrayed Alana in a short version of "Dear Evan Hansen". Shir has been singing since she can remember, and she's super excited to participate in this show. Sarit Brown (Carla) has stomped the stage many a time with the wonderful community theatre groups of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Some of her credits include "Annie" (Lily St. Regis), "The Importance of Being Ernest" (Cecily), "West Side Story", "Oklahoma" and more. Fresh off a run of "Cabaret", Sarit is excited to join the ranks of Starcatcher's stellar cast and crew for the first time. She sends a special thank you to her husband Tzvi for his support during this busy and exciting time! Inbal Caplan (Camila Rosario) has been in theatre for almost two decades. Some of her favorite roles include Bombalurina in "Cats" (Israel Musicals), The Narrator in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (Israel Musicals), Lucy the Slut in "Avenue Q" (J-Town Playhouse) and many others. High school theatre teacher by day, stage makeup artist by evening and actress by night. This is Inbal’s first show with Starcatcher and she’s really excited to be a part of this amazingly talented cast and production! Dena Buckman Davies (Ensemble/Costume Design) is a fashion designer by day, and an actress, costume designer and makeup artist by night. Previous stage experience includes "Peter Pan", "Hairspray", "Second Star to the Left", "Count the Stars", "Singin’ in the Rain", "Cinderella", "Second Labor Live Monologues", "Pippin" and most recently "West Side Story". Dena would like to thank her husband CB for being so supportive and for everything he does for the larger theater community. Check out the website he created: Jerusalemenglishtheater.wordpress. com Yair Farkas (Benny) is a recent graduate of Binghamton University where he earned his BA in music focusing on composition, musicology and vocal performance. This is his first musical theater performance in almost ten years and he couldn't be more excited to be a part of this production of "In the Heights," one of the most brilliantly written pieces of contemporary art. Yair currently lives in Jerusalem where he works for the podcast "Israel Story." Kesem Yosef Fine (Ensemble) is a musician, freestyle rapper, lyricist, dancer, improv comic and songwriter. His last production was the highly successful Linkin Park Israeli tribute which toured Israel, selling out the Barby (Tel Aviv), Yellow Submarine (Jerusalem) and Wunderbar (Haifa). He completed his theater program of Improv comedy at HaStudio in Haifa. This is his debut performance in musical theater.

Danny Freedman (Graffiti Pete/CoChoreographer) has been active in the Jerusalem English speaking theatre scene for over a decade. Onstage he has performed in "Pippin" (Player), "West Side Story" (A-rab), "Grease" (Doody), "13" (Malcolm) and "Sound of Music" (Kurt). He previously choreographed "Company" at J-Town Playhouse and has done set design and backstage work for several Starcatcher productions. He is immensely grateful to be on both the creative team and performing in his favorite musical. Danny is a firstyear student of architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Sraya Goldstein (José) has acted with various companies in Jerusalem for the past eight years. Selected credits include: "Hans Christian Anderson" (The Nightingale), Starcatcher's "Singin' in the Rain" (Young Don Lockwood), "The Wizard of Oz" (The Scarecrow), "Aladdin" (Omar), "The Secret Garden" (Colin), "On Golden Pond" (Billy) and "The Phantom Tollbooth" (Milo). Sraya is currently a full-time student of ballet, modern and contemporary dance at the Jerusalem Dance Theater. Oren Habot (Kevin Rosario) is an actor and musician. A graduate of H.T.S UK in acting and musical theatre, he was an Equity and Spotlight member until 2001. Currently in "Shimmer" (leading character), an original Shanghai Hengyuanxiang (HYX) Drama Development Company musical production, and "Carousel", a self-produced original play. Recent credits include: Habima's "My Fair Lady", "Jericho" at the Musical Festival, "Guys and Dolls", performances with the Goshen Theatre Company and Yiddishshpiel Theatre. Other productions include "Pippin", "Honk", "Fame", “The Wizard of Oz” (Lion) and Habima's "West Side Story". Oren has also worked on T.V. and as a presenter for shows and mega-events. Hallel Hanoch (Rabinowitz) (Ensemble) has appeared on stage in "Aladdin", "Hairspray", "West Side Story", "Annie", "Tender Offer" and "Peter Pan". She was Assistant Choreographer for "A Chorus Line" and "Little Shop of Horrors". Hallel has training in classical ballet and modern dance. Recently out of the army, Hallel lives in Jerusalem with her husband Negev. She is a programmer, airbnb host, game inventor, Torah trope teacher and generally curious about life. Shimi Herman (Usnavi) is thrilled to be making his Starcatcher debut in "In the Heights". A graduate of New World School of the Arts, Shimi is currently studying at Yeshiva Aish HaTorah and aspires to create honest art which heightens the human experience. Previous credits include: "Wally Weasel’s G.O.P. Jamboree!" (Malt. Jr.), "Wait Until Dark" (Roat), "Twelfth Night" (Sir Toby), "Spring Awakening" (Herr), "Lend Me a Tenor" (Saunders), "9 to 5" (Hart), "O Beautiful!" (Lennie), "Rumors" (Lenny), "Women and Wallace" (Wallace), "Our Town" (George), "The Pillowman" (Director) and "Gruesome Playground Injuries" (Director). And yes, that was two Lenny’s. Elinor Kaufman (Ensemble) is very much enjoying being a small cog in the large wheel of "In the Heights". She has been in numerous past productions in Jerusalem both on and off stage. Past credits include “Mikado” (Peep-Bo), “Pippin” (Player), "Avenue Q" (Christmas Eve), "Beauty and the Beast" (Babette), "Grease" (Jan) and "Little Shop of Horrors" (Chiffon). Elinor has also

From n Washingto Penn U Heights to m le sa to Jeru

Jerusalem Office Tel: 02-500-0316

directed "West Side Story" and "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" and produced "Rent" and "Singin’ in the Rain". Off stage Elinor works as a tour operator at Ramah Israel. Shout out to Aryeh, Zevi and Ash for their support. Shlomit Leah Kovalski (Daniela) is excited to return to the Beit Shmuel stage and work together with the Starcatcher family on this 'fabuloso' production. Currently a student of classical vocals and music education at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Recent productions: "Off the Derech Dolorosa" (Felicia), "Duel with the Devil" (Dean Evan/Janis Joplin), "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (Lucy). Recently portrayed Sarah Imenu in the opera "Imahot" by David Sebba. Would like to dedicate this show to my father, Lee, Gilad and Haim. Sharon Libovsky (Yolanda) studies translation and musicology at Bar-Ilan University. She has a B.A in Spanish which comes in handy in this production of "In the Heights" given that her character does not speak English. This is her second appearance in a musical following Beit Hillel's "West Side Story". Nuria Levy (Ensemble) is so excited to be part of Starcatcher’s "In the Heights". Previous credits include Starcatcher's "Pippin" and "Singin’ in the Rain", AACI’s "Second Star to the Left" and Beit Hillel’s "Aida" and "Oliver!". In her spare time she is getting her masters in English Literature and works as an English teacher, a translator and a tour guide at Yad Vashem. Daniel Lewin (Piragua Guy) made Aliyah 4.5 months ago from South Africa. While here on a student visa, he was a part of many amazing productions in Jerusalem such as, "Spring Awakening" (Georg), "Singin' in the Rain" (Ensemble/villain), "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (Charlie Brown), "Pippin" (Ensemble), and most recently "West Side Story” (Snowboy). Daniel is currently studying at Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem and is so grateful to be playing one of his small dream roles as Piragua Guy. WEPA! Richie Mann (Producer/Ensemble) holds an MA in political science and works in translation and public relations. Part of the Starcatcher family, his previous credits include "Pippin" (Lewis), "Singin’ in the Rain" (Policeman/ Butler), "Spring Awakening" (Otto), "Rent" (Mr. Jefferson/Pastor), "A Chorus Line" (Don Kerr), "Little Shop of Horrors" (additional roles and puppeteer) and "Hairspray" (Fender). Offstage: "Soul Doctor" (Production Manager). No stranger to "heavy lifting", he was happy to take on the responsibilities of producer for this special production of "In the Heights". Atara Mayer (Ensemble) made Aliyah in September from Silver Spring, Maryland, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in education management. In her free time, Atara enjoys escape rooms, aerial ropes courses and street jazz dance classes. This is Atara's Jerusalem theater debut, and she is so grateful to the incredible production team and cast for raising her Aliyah experience to new Heights! Shira Potter (Ensemble) is excited to be appearing in "In the Heights" again after playing Yolanda a few years ago. She has studied film acting and musical theatre in Vancouver, Boston and New York. Most recently, she was the Assistant Stage Manager for "Soul Doctor". Credits include "A Chorus Line" (Connie Wong), "Hairspray" (Tammy), "Merrily We Roll Along", "Kindertransport" (Young Eva) and "Grease" (Patty). Sivan Raz (Ensemble) has studied acting for the past 5 years, and performed in plays such as "Romeo and Juliet" (Romeo), "Waiting for Godot" (Estragon), "On Ladies and Peddlers" (Ensemble), "Private Investigator" (Director/Tamara). She also had the honor of performing at the Habima theatre. Sivan has

studied music for 5 years and performed in numerous concerts. In her free time, she translates musicals. She is thrilled to be making her musical theatre debut with such an amazing cast! Gabrielle Shine (Abuela Claudia) is shocked to realize that she first appeared in the Jerusalem theatre scene before most of this incredible cast were born. She is healthily in denial of this despite playing an abuela for the first time and being a mum of 4 in real life. Gaby returned to the stage in 2015 as Dolly in Beit Hillel's "Hello Dolly" after a 14-year "maternity leave" and feels blessed to be "back where she belongs". Off stage, Gaby is an advocate for the inclusion of people with special needs and for prevention of breast and ovarian cancer amongst Ashkenazi Jews through BRCA gene awareness. Dovid Singer (Ensemble) is an 18-year-old Oleh of six years. This is his first performance with Starcatcher. He most recently appeared in J-Town Playhouse’s "You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown", "Assassins" and "Cabaret". He currently works as a dance motivator and seeks a career in dance. Maya Kristal Tenembaum (Nina) grew up in Manhattan and went to the Professional Performing Arts School. She is a recent graduate of Eidan Lipper’s Musical Theatre Academy in Tel Aviv. Currently she can also be seen playing the Bad Idea Bears and Mrs. Thistletwat in "Avenue Q". Recently she portrayed Heidi in a short version of "Dear Evan Hansen". Maya is also a tap dancer and teacher. She is very excited to be part of this production of "In the Heights" and bring her Latin roots to the stage. Marty Weisel (Ensemble) STARCATCHER DEBUT! Marty is ecstatic to be a part of this amazing show with this incredible cast, and thanks his family and friends who continue to support him in following his dreams. In addition to acting in many shows in Florida, Marty most recently wrote and directed "Aliyah The Musical" here in Israel. Hadar Yaday (Ensemble) is 27 years old and an English teacher at Denmark High School. She holds an MA in Jewish education and a BA in education. This is Hadar's first time participating in musical theater and it is without a doubt the best first show and the best fellow cast to share this amazing experience with. Omer Yavin (Ensemble) is thrilled to be performing in this fantastic one of a kind show. She previously appeared in "Pippin" (Ensemble), "Singin' in the Rain" (Ensemble) and "Rent" (Ensemble). Omer has been dancing since childhood and is currently a 9th grade homeroom teacher at Hoshen High School. She also teaches acrobalance lessons for adults. She is 28 years old, a member of the Dror Israel movement and has been living in a commune with her friends for the past ten years. Gadi Zaig (Sonny) immigrated to Israel at 14 from New Jersey. He studied voice and music at the Jerusalem Arts School. In addition to writing his own songs and being a selftaught multi-instrumentalist, his performance background includes an acapella group, 3 choirs, around 6-8 bands, working on shows by multiple theatre companies in Jerusalem and posting music covers on social media. He volunteered in Sherut Leumi as an English teacher and now majors in Spanish/Latin American Studies and English at the Hebrew University. Production Team Yaeli Greenblatt (Director/Choreographer) is a dancer performer and teacher, trained at the Vertigo workshop. Previous theatre experience includes: Director-Choreographer for Starcatcher’s "Pippin", "Singin' in the Rain", "Spring Awakening", "Rent", "A Chorus Line"; Choreographer for "Little Shop of Horrors" (Jest & Starcatcher); "Grease" (Center Stage); "West Side Story", "Hairspray", "Aladdin",

"The King and I" (Encore!); "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" (J-Town Playhouse). She has worked on original musicals by Danny Paller including "Ah Jerusalem!", "Danger" and "November". Yaeli is currently working toward a PhD in English Literature at the Hebrew University. Eli Kaplan-Wildmann (Director/Designer) lives in Jerusalem and loves creating and designing in this ancient and vital city. With Starcatcher, he has directed "Hairspray", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Rent" and "Singin’ In The Rain". As a designer he has worked with most theaters in Jerusalem in addition to the Light Festival and other site-specific installations. He is a creative consultant for Schusterman’s ROI Community; former chairman of “Havruta - Religious Gays”; and a gabbi at the halachic egalitarian minyan Sod Siach. He also founded Unbound Jerusalem, creating unique visual books, including a Passover Haggadah and other upcoming surprises. @kaplanwildmann Jeff Rosenschein (Musical Director) is delighted to be working on “In the Heights”, his thirteenth show as pianist/conductor and/or musical director. Prior shows: "Rent" (2009), "13", "Grease", "West Side Story", "The Last Five Years", "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", "Hairspray", "Little Shop of Horrors", "A Chorus Line", "Rent" (2015), "Spring Awakening", and "Pippin". He sang for 3 years in the Zamir Chorale of Boston, was "Rosh Musica" for 6 summers at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and sang in the chorus of 5 "Encore!" shows. Jeff, a Professor of Computer Science at Hebrew University, is married to Shira, father to Chana and David, Moshe, Yair, Margalit, and Elianna, and grandfather to Michael and Sammy.

Personals -=Shimi as Usnavi, ¡no me diga! Couldn’t be more proud of you. It’s so exciting to see you back on the stage doing what you love. ¡Te queremos muchísimo!

Abigail Ellis (Props Stage Manager) is enjoying her second year on Starcatcher's production team. She previously managed props for Starcatcher's production of "Pippin" and stage managed AACI's "Assassins". Also an actress, she is known for her roles as Lucentio in "The Taming of the Shrew" and Horatio in "Hamlet" with Theater in the Rough. You can also catch her as Truvy in AACI's production of "Steel Magnolias", opening this spring!

Special Thanks The cast of the show contributed endlessly to its success, helping with so many details and spending many hours working on production aspects of the show. The following people also made invaluable contributions.



























-=Atara, break a leg! Love, Mommy, Abba, Avi & Arella, Rami Whitey & Gus Gus -=Good luck to all the cast of “In the Heights” From Ari Greenspan, Dentist, Derech Hebron 101, Jerusalem -=Shira, It's wonderful to see you shine on the stage. Love, Mom, Dad, Ruth and Daniel -=Sivan, We wish you the best of luck on your first "real" stage performance. We are so proud of you! This is just the beginning... Love, Mom, Dad, Noga & Uri -=-

To Sharon, We can't wait to see you in this show we've heard so much about. Based on your dancing all around the flat, Elianna Rosenschein (Stage Manager) is on it looks like it will be great. an extended break from her theater hiatus Break a leg! Love, Your family in order to fulfill a decade-long dream of working on "In the Heights". She previously stage managed "Pippin", "Rent", "A Chorus Line", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Hairspray", "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", "West Side Story" and more.


-=Break a leg Daniel! You are a star and we are so proud of you! Love from your family in South Africa. -="Good luck Mommy" from Aryeh, Zev and Ashi -=Dear talented cast and crew, These past few months have been amazing. We feel so lucky to have been able to get to know each one of you. You are the watermelon of our hearts! Now, it's time to show Jerusalem what Washington Heights is all about. Endless love, Shir and Maya

Costume Items – Dena Buckman Davies Rehearsal Space - Tomer Belity-Dagan and the Jerusalem High School for the Arts Makeup - Dena Buckman Davies, Karen Feldman, Leah Stern, Geula Atlas, Shlomit Kovalski, Inbal Caplan, Sapir Ohayon, Ruth Wahnich Tech Crew - Aryeh Superstein, Asher Halperin, Frankie Trachtman Front of House and Translation Operators Rebecca Fox, Abigail Fox, David Gellman, Yael Valier J-town Playhouse, AACI Encore! Educational Theater The Jerusalem Foundation, Canada & Jerusalem Administration - Bar Kayma with Noam and Lydia Photography - Ita Arbit, Yona Kaplan


Dr. Steven Weisel 5 Shatz Street, Jerusalem Licensed in Florida and Israel with over 30 years clinical experience. Relaxed, friendly, pressure-free environment. Late afternoon and evening hours available. Will work with your American dental insurance.

Call or e-mail today: 052-687-1517

Dear Dovid, You will always be in our spotlight. Good luck with In The Heights... Keep on shining! Love Baruch, Yonit, Natan, Mheroes, Chana and Aaron Singer

Encore! Educational Theatre Company is proud to present Gilbert & Sullivan’s

you already saw



Directed by Robert Binder Musical direction by Paul Salter Choreography by Yaeli Greenblatt Designed by Roxane Goodkin-Levy

26, 27, 28 May 4, 5, 6 June 2019 Hirsch Theatre Beit Shmuel 6 Shama’a Street Jerusalem Tickets on sale as of 7 April or call (054) 578-9006

Hair Designs by Debra Haircuts for men, women, and children; color, highlights, blow dry, and styles


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cut or colo 15% off a



Shlomzion HaMalka 11 Jerusalem, Israel





‫ורג׳‬ ‫ך ג׳‬




‫מל‬ ‫ה‬

5 ‫אבן ישראל‬







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