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NEWS 17 JUNE 2022


Dear Members of the St Stanislaus’ College Community, I am fascinated by the effects of Cognitive Dissonance. I am as prone to it as anyone else. Cognitive Dissonance is the awkward feeling that we all get when we are confronted by information that is inconsistent with our beliefs. We feel ill at ease when evidence challenges our existing beliefs, ideas and values. We all have an inner need to ensure that our beliefs and behaviours are consistent. For example, I believe myself to be a good person but I have just been rude and condescending to a colleague. So psychologically uncomfortable are the feelings of Cognitive Dissonance that we go to great lengths to reduce them. We will ignore key facts, distort our memories, blame others or even declare that we never really cared in the first place. In fact, we will do almost anything to avoid the realisation that what we believe has not matched the reality in a given circumstance. As US author Janet Malcolm noted: “We go through life mishearing and mis-seeing and misunderstanding so that the stories we tell ourselves will add up.” I sat with a senior student affected by Cognitive Dissonance this week - it’s not unusual at this time of year. This student believed themselves to be a more than capable student dedicated to their studies and to be fair, that would be my observation too. However, they got sidetracked by outside school activities, left an assessment till the last minute, rushed it through, handed it in late and received, to me at least, a predictably poor result. In their mind though, it wasn’t predictable or even rational. It didn’t make sense that a more than capable student, dedicated to his studies could get such a poor result. To make sense of the situation and reduce the dissonance, the excuses started: I got the

assignment after the others, the teacher wouldn’t help me, the teacher doesn’t like me, I didn’t have the resources at home, I had to work, and on it went. Any of these things may well have had an impact but nothing could take away from the fact that this student had made a choice to behave in a way (participating in co-curricular activities when an assignment is due) that was not consistent with their beliefs (I am capable and dedicated). Eventually, we needed to confront this reality and make a plan to move forward. To do this the student needed to amend their belief. It became “I am a more than capable student, dedicated to my studies and I was not as organised as I should have been.” As families and teachers, we don’t like to see our students struggle. Sometimes we inadvertently play the game of reducing dissonance by accepting excuses or apportioning blame. This is especially easy when we only receive one side of the story. The problem with this is though, that we don’t help the student to deal better with a similar situation in the future, in fact, we increase the likelihood they will end up in the same spot again. Learning and personal growth involves struggle and a continual consideration of our beliefs and values. As families and teachers, it is our role to guide and support young people through these processes rather than shield them from it. We need to allow students the space to grapple with their mistakes, their learning and their beliefs. Let us pray for all our students at this time of term as they feel the stress of assessment deadlines and competing priorities. Mr Lindsay Luck, Head of College Stannies News | 1


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Pastoral Care Wellbeing Support Year 10 Mental Health Presentation Agriculture Year 9 Agricultural Technology Excursion Vegetable Production Wingham Beef Week 2022


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P&F News Trivia Night: “Let’s do in 2022!” The P&F are looking forward to their Trivia Night tomorrow night. With 120 tickets sold, it promises to be a fabulous night. The P&F have decided that proceeds from the night will be put towards new sound and lighting equipment in the PAC. Thank you and sincere appreciation to the following business for their generous donations: •

St Stanislaus’ College

Comfort Inn, Dubbo City

Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre

The Victoria Hotel

P-Ready Driving School

Moubar Vintage Coffee Shop


Vanessa Pringle Florist

Race Track Car Wash

Bourke’s Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

Farmgate Meats

Because You’re Special


Group 10 Rugby League Carnival Stannies will be hosting the Group 10 Rugby League Carnival on 9 and 10 July. Once again, we have made this a joint venture with the P&F and Year 12s. We will be providing the canteen, coffee and barbecue for the Carnival. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise more funds to go towards the purchase of sound and lighting equipment in the PAC and the Year 12 gift to the school. We will need many helpers on the weekend. If you can lend a hand, please email pandf@ and indicate how and when you can help and include your mobile number.

Rugby BBQ and Coffee Many thanks to the band of helpers who have assisted at the barbecue or made coffee at the Rugby home games over the past month. If you can help out at any of the remaining home games this year, please send your details through to the P&F email address pandf@

Next Meeting The next meeting will be held on Monday 20 June at 7:30pm in the Senior Ref. All welcome. Mrs Nicole Twohill-Scott, P&F President

Western NSW Local Health District Webinar Vapes are not safe. Join Western NSW Local Health District and headspace to find out why it’s a big deal and how to speak with your children about the risks of vaping. Click below to register and propose any questions about youth vaping before Tuesday 21 June. Webinar registration here All participants are invited to complete a post-webinar evaluation for a chance to receive one of four x $150 petrol vouchers. For any enquiries, please email:

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COLLEGE NOTICES Term 2 Bronze Awards The Stannies Awards system is based around three areas: Academic Awards, Stannies Man Awards and Positives. Positives can be given at any time by any staff member and can be awarded for a range of reasons through the Student Planner. Once a student reaches a multiple of 10 Positives, they should show their Planner to their Tutor, who will then upload this information onto SEQTA. This will generate 10 Award Points to their Student Profile. Academic Awards are presented by teachers for a student’s efforts in course and class work and are allocated according to the nine dispositions of the Learning Disposition Wheel. These are awarded to students deserving of recognition for specific higher than expectation achievements in academic work. Stannies Man Awards can be presented by any staff member for a student’s efforts in meeting one of the College Values – Compassion, Humility, Honour, Leadership, Service and Faith. These may be class related or could occur as a result of any College activity. Both of these Awards are added to SEQTA with notifications automatically generated to inform families. They will each generate 20 Award Points to their Student Profile. Students receive a ‘Rewards Card’ each time they achieve these commendations. If students accumulate 40 points, they reach the Bronze Award, which grants them a Pizza lunch on behalf of the College at the end of the term. On earning 80 points, the student will be eligible for a Silver Award, including a credit towards Stannies Merchandise

available from the Uniform Shop. At 120 points, a student will have achieved the Gold Award, which will entitle them to an excursion on behalf of the College at the end of the year. Congratulations to the following students who have achieved Silver Awards so far in 2022: Joseph Allen (Year 7), Lucan Cowell (Year 7), Jordan Nelson (Year 10), Kyan Schmidt (Year 9), Cooper Stephen (Year 8), Clayton Tarrant (Year 9). Congratulations to the following students who have achieved Bronze Awards in Term 2: Year 7: Charles Abercrombie, Deakon Ah-See, Buster Goninan, Ryan Kell, Logan Kelly, Callum Lang, Baasil Mahmood, Jesse Maiava, Aidan Rogan, Tye Saul, Ralph Tilley, Raihan Usmani. Year 8: Kai Barclay, Wilson Chenhall, Oscar Corbett, Ed Curtin, Campbell Dorman, Jack Larsen, Brendan Mitchell, Jack Mulligan, Jaymen Rippard, Byron Short, Tyler Simister, Logan Sollorz. Year 9: Sam Hamer, Max Humphries, Olsen Kennedy, Thomas McIntosh, Jamie Mulholland. Year 10: Bevyn Daunt, Luke Hogan, Ryan Windsor. Year 11: Jack Heffernan, Jack Nunan. Year 12: William Arnold, Riley Langfield, Alistair Scott, Fintan Sinclair, Caden Taylor. Mr Mark Elliott, Deputy Head of College - Vincentian Identity and Practice

Friends of Stannies The Stannies SVDP Committee have a new fundraising initiative and have introduced an apparel line for parents and friends of Stannies. Blue and White hoodie $90 Blue and White jacket $110 Friends of Stannies apparel is now available. The SVDP will have items for sale at the rugby this weekend or contact Reception to organise payment over the phone. Stannies News | 3


Welcome to the Team Ms Tess Hotham, Executive Assistant Tess joins us at Stannies with a history of Administration and Personal Assistant roles in both Bathurst and Sydney. Before coming to Stannies, Tess worked at Simplot Kelso as the Administration Officer. She is very passionate about her new role and being a part of the Stannies community. She enjoys reading, swimming, gardening, catching up with friends, shoe shopping and watching re-runs of Friends in her spare time.

Mr Jackson Hughes, Buildings and Grounds Team Jackson Hughes graduated from Stannies in 2021 and has returned to join the maintenance and cleaning staff during his mid-year university break. He is currently studying Musical Theatre at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and is excited to return and learn a multitude of new skills. Jackson is a local Bathurst boy who enjoys traveling, gaming, performing and DJ-ing. Jackson is so excited to be back among us and is enjoying catching up with everyone.

Mr Mason Martinez, Inclusion Support Team Mason Martinez has joined the College as part of the Inclusion Support Team. He is a proud Wiradjuri man and a Stannies Old Boy (Class of ‘21). Mason is very excited to be returning to the College as part of the Inclusion Support Team, with his passion for helping others and assuring students achieve their goals and aspirations. This year, he has planned to take a gap year, and so has been able to gather many skills and life experiences, having worked on a feedlot and in land conservation. Outside of school, he plays Rugby League for Bathurst St Pats and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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CURRICULUM 2023 Subject Selection Process The process for subject selection for Years 9 and 11, 2023 will begin in Term 3. While more information will be distributed closer to each event, the following is an outline of the steps in the process. The first step is the release of the Junior and Senior Curriculum Handbooks. These booklets provide an overview of the subjects which will be on offer. They are a great place for parents and students to find out about the subjects and to start a conversation around selections. In Week 2, Mr Paul McDonald and I will hold zoom meetings to provide more detail around the pattern of study for Years 9 and 11, 2023. In the same week, students will have the opportunity to meet with older students to discuss subjects at their Year Meetings. Further information about this process will be published in upcoming newsletters. Mrs Virginia van Gend, Dean of Curriculum, Compliance and Analytics


Subject Selection Action

Week 1, Term 3

Curriculum Handbook available from under ‘Join Us’ > Curriculum

Week 2, Term 3

Year 8 and 10 Form Meetings to discuss subject offerings

Week 2, Term 3

Subject Selection Zoom Meeting

Week 6/7 Term 3

Subject selection choices completed online

Week 9/10 Term 3 Subject selections finalised and student course clashes resolved. Courses run dependent on numbers and some students will need to make second-round choices. Term 4

Senior Study Interviews (Year 10)

Term 4

Subject allocations released to students and parents

Term 2 Assessment Timetable MONDAY W9A T2

20 Yr11 SLR Fitness testing research task Yr12 & 11 Acc SOR 1 in class essay Yr12 SOR 2 in class essay

TUESDAY 21 Yr12 Eng Ext in class essay Yr12 Catholic Studies hand in task

WEDNESDAY 22 Yr10 Metal Lantern Yr11 Eng Std/Adv in class essay Yr12 STD1/STD2 Mathematics Yr12 ADV/EXT 2 Mathematics



23 24 Yr12 Eng Std/Adv Module End Term 2 C PPT

Maths Hub Every Wednesday afternoon 3.30pm - 4.30pm in the Library. See Mr Gilbert for more details or email

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PASTORAL CARE Wellbeing Support The Pastoral Care Team have been developing a visual representation of the wellbeing support available to every student at Stannies. This concept is designed to demonstrate to students and their families the various layers of care surrounding them throughout their time at Stannies. The circular shape is significant in that it represents how care is wrapped around each student, beginning with their Tutor and teachers.

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We are very proud of the pastoral care and wellbeing support offered to our students, as it is an essential part of who we are as a Catholic school in the Vincentian tradition. Each section will be explained in following newsletters, but please do not hesitate to contact your son’s Tutor or Year Coordinator for any urgent information you may require. Mr Mark Elliott, Deputy Head of College - Vincentian Identity and Practice

PASTORAL CARE Year 10 Mental Health Presentation On Thursday 9 June, Year 10 students attended a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention presentation by Mr Nic Newling with representatives from local mental health services Headspace (Jarred and Jake) and Lifeline (Greg). They participated in a question and answer panel discussion. This presentation was coordinated by the College Counsellors (Jodie and Rosemary), Mr English (Year Coordinator) and the Pastoral Care Team to provide wellbeing and mental health information. All the presenters promoted discussion and knowledge of how, when and where to seek local support services and resources.

Greg, Nic and Jarred Q&A panel

Stannies students can access mental health and wellbeing support within the school through the College Counsellors, Health Centre, Year Coordinators and Tutors. Local mental health resources include Headspace, Lifeline and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (CAMHS), Bathurst Hospital, GP, Psychologists and other Allied Health professionals and the Mental Health Line 1800 011 511. Ms Jodie Macmillan, College Counsellor

Nic Newling

Nic Newling was an engaging and informative presenter sharing his personal story of experiencing anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, psychosis, bipolar disorder and dealing with the huge loss of his younger brother to suicide during his teenage years. Nic discussed his recovery journey through seeking support from his friends and family, school counsellors, school, GP, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, the mental health system and inpatient admissions. The students were able to ask questions of the panel and the questions asked displayed their interest in Nic’s personal story, managing their mental health and wellbeing as well as how best to support their mates.

Year 10

For crisis assistance please: Phone 000 or attend Bathurst Hospital Call 1800 011 511 (24 hr Mental Health Assistance Line) or visit your doctor For non-urgent support: Kids Helpline - 1800 551 800 Lifeline - 13 11 14 Parent Line 1300 1200 52 for a web chat Phone 1800 650 890 to speak to someone Stannies News | 7

AGRICULTURE Year 9 Agricultural Technology Excursion - Vegetable Production On Tuesday this week, Year 9 Agricultural Technology visited Koala Farm at White Rock to investigate intensive vegetable production. We are fortunate to have access to such wonderful farm businesses and processing facilities in our local community and were given an excellent tour by Willem Myburgh (Year 12) and his parents, Willem and Diana Myburgh.

Year 9 Ag at Koala Farm

It was a great experience for the boys, who witnessed a large scale intensive system and Willem’s passion for the agricultural business that his family manages. The farm produces a wide range of vegetables and melons throughout the year, including lettuce, baby spinach, pumpkins and brassicas. The focus of the Year 9s visit was on cauliflower production. The boys saw cauliflowers at different stages of growth. They also learnt about the farm’s market specifications,

Benjamin Noonan and George Grover

marketing chains, major pests and diseases, soil nutrition and water management. The use of cutting-edge water and soil management technology and traceability of the product were eye-opening for the boys. To see the class learning from one of their peers showed what an incredible resource we have in our boys. The Year 9s deserve congratulations on their exemplary behaviour. Sincere thanks to the Myburgh family for giving their time to the class. Mrs Virginia van Gend, Agriculture Teacher

Wingham Beef Week 2022 Stannies debuted at Wingham Beef Week in 2022 with two Angus x Hereford Cross steers. These steers had previously been entered as part of our Sydney Royal Easter Show team as trade steers - however, they had not entirely laid down enough fat to suit the carcase competition. The decision was made to keep them on for a few more weeks and send them to Wingham in the Unled Carcase competition. ‘Spot’ and ‘Mitch’ were entered individually and as a pen of two. ‘Spot’ placed fifth, with 84.18 points in the middleweight carcase class, while ‘Mitch’ won the heavyweights with a score of 92.30. This great score was enough for ‘Mitch’ to go on and be awarded the Champion Unled Carcase. The pair were also awarded Reserve Champions in the Pen of Two. Clearly, the decision paid off and we are thrilled with the results. We thank Mitch Meredith for his support in the supply of the steers and Conqueror Milling Company for their ongoing support of the Ag team. Year 9 Ag learning about Cauliflower harvesting

8 | Stannies News

Mrs Alex Clements, Ag Team Coordinator

CREATIVE AND PERFORMING ARTS Supporting Individual Achievements Over the last few weeks, students who are involved in the Creative and Performing Arts have been working hard in their individual pursuits and I’d like to highlight their successes.

Alistair Scott, Year 12 Alistair has received an early entry acceptance to the Australian Institute of Music, Sydney.

hours was such an experience. I was offered the chance to play an authentic Hammond B3 organ, of which I haven’t done before; and a whammy clavinet! He guided me through his techniques when composing, performing and writing. The experience that Lachy was able to offer me was unparalleled to any other musical opportunity I have had yet, and if given the chance, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Throughout my high school journey, music has always been part of my life. From playing with Vinny and the Boys, playing the Bass guitar in the stage band (which further developed my performance skills), to taking Elective Music both at Stannies and MacKillop, which has continued to develop my production, theory and composition skills. I believe all these factors and the countless hours and lunchtimes spent practising have all contributed to my acceptance into the Australian Institute of Music - a life long dream.

Liam Gildea and Lachy Doley

Harry (Year 11) and Charlie (Year 7) Morrissey Brothers, Harry and Charlie Morrissey, have had a great start to their eisteddfod season winning the Senior and Junior Championships at both Cowra and Gulgong Eisteddfod. They were invited back to the Cowra Grand Concert of Winners and performed well. Cowra Eisteddfod results

Alistair Scott

Liam Gildea, Year 11 About one week ago, I was given the amazing opportunity to be mentored by Lachy Doley, Australia’s most celebrated blues soul rock organ player in the world today. Lachy dabbles in many different genres of music, but mainly focuses on soul, blues and rock. His pieces lift the soul and energise the listener, and being able to work with him for the better part of two

Harry - Major Awards • Senior Solo Scholarship Winner $2k • Doris Grey and Bessy Twigg Trophy Best Bible Reading • Invited back to perform at the Grand Concert of Winners. - Section Placings • 1st Open Sacred/Inspirational Verse Recitation • 1st Open Telephone Conversation Duo • 1st Open Bible Reading • 1st Open Impromptu Mime Solo Stannies News | 9


2nd Open Humorous Verse Solo 2nd Open Senior Championship HC – Open Prepared Reading, Open Prose Memory Reading, Open Australian Bush Poetry, Open Verse Recitation, Open Australian Theme Recitation.

Charlie - Major Awards • Junior Speech Championship Winner • 12years Pointscore Trophy • Invited back to perform at the Grand Concert of Winners - Section Placings • 1st Australian Theme Recitation • 1st Prepared Reading • 1st Impromptu Mime • 2nd Bible Reading • 2nd Character Sketch • HC – Prose Memory Reading, Reading at sight Gulgong Eisteddfod results Harry - Major Awards • Senior Speech Championship Winner • Most Promising Art of Speech Performer 15yrs & Over • Phil Crossley Memorial Henry Lawson Poetry Competition Senior Winner • Drama Daze Best Senior Monologue

Harry Morrissey

- Section Places • 1st Bible Reading • 1st Verse Speaking Solo • 1st Humorous Verse • 1st Australian Verse • 1st Prepared Reading • 1st Mime Solo • 1st Character Sketch Charlie - Major Awards • Junior Speech Championship Winner • Phil Crossley Memorial Henry Lawson Poetry Competition Junior Winner • Drama Daze Best Junior Monologue • Kay Tuckerman Memorial Overall Best Verse Speaking • Best Australian Verse Winner - Section Places • 1st Bible Reading • 1st Mime Solo • 1st Character Sketch • 1st Verse Speaking Solo • 1st Humorous Verse • 1st Prepared Prose Reading • 1st Australian Verse • 2nd Reading at Sight • 2nd Story from a Picture

Ms Victoria Roth, Academic Care Leader - Creative and Performing Arts 10 | Stannies News

Charlie Morrissey

ENGLISH Six Minutes of Writing

“This person was just out in the snow with shorts on. His body was shaking. His hands and body were red, his breath - you could see it. He had his arms wrapped around him.” Henry Smithers

Keyword: Tired “My giant sleep comes to an end. Sadly though, because my eyes resist opening. The horrific alarm eats at my brain through my ears.” Cully Craig “The sleepy puppy lay in his bed with his beloved family patting him. You can hear his cute little snores as he dozes off with his family around him.” Cooper Healey

Could you be creative in six minutes? Year 7 students have been working on a unit about Teenage Identity in Media but at the start of each lesson they have been given six minutes to practise their imaginative writing, as part of a process to enhance levels of creativity in the classroom. Six Minutes of Writing, or “6 M.O.W.” as it is known among the Year 7s, gives them a chance to explore some of the techniques writers use. In the last few sessions, the focus has been on the ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ principle, where students are given a keyword. However, they cannot actually use the word in their writing. They must describe it – show it – using a situation or character. Here are some of the lines from Six Minutes of Writing so far: Keyword: Hot “The squawk of the seagulls at the scorching beach, everybody with sunscreen all over their backs. The sunscreen is useless against this Death Valley weather. The feel of the sun on my back as well as my stink piles up to one damp-like smell that not even 100 deodorant bottles can fix. But then I get to the glorious saviour – the ocean”. William O’Rourke “A bright light hit my eyes like my hero in front of me. The beach! It sent a delightful shiver down my burning spine. The cooling of the shining ocean freed the painful sting.” Callum Lang “Seagulls gliding through the sky, finding chips from the people eating on the beach.” Kai Naylor

Keyword: Cold “Brrr’, I moaned as I stumbled out of bed. My bones had never felt like they were going to snap off before. But still I stumbled on, searching for my ugg boots. When I found the boots, I slipped them on. My feet had never felt more saved and sheltered.” Patrick Walsh “The weather is freezing. It’s really cool. I want to go inside. The breeze is blowing against my cheek like a knife cutting through butter. I feel so weak. Ten more minutes and I can leave this place. The feeling of this wind is hurting my face.” Riley Goodsell

Keywords: Very happy “My belly relaxing on the sand, underneath the umbrella. I swim in the ocean. My friend and I hit the ball back and forward to each other.” Tyrhys Dennis The class exercise in writing for six minutes assists students with generating creative ideas and helps them become more comfortable with using their own ‘voice’ in writing. While essay writing is a vital skill in English, it is also important for students to enjoy being creative with opportunities for imaginative, persuasive, discursive and informative writing. These skills need to be built upon from Year 7 onwards, all the way to Year 12. One of the common HSC modules is The Craft of Writing. Each six-minute exercise adds up to a lot of writing throughout high school. Well done to those boys who have embraced the opportunity to share their stories. Ms Christine Sams, English Teacher

Kids Literature Quiz Last week, students in Years 7 and 8 (Oscar Corbett, Edward Curtin, Flann Hart, Quinn Jones, Felix Cumming, Cody Myers and Lucan Cowell) represented Stannies in the Kids Literature Quiz against schools from as far as Blue Mountains and Nashdale. Quinn, Flann and Oscar all won $5 for correctly answering spot prize questions, while all the boys won a book for scoring highest in a quiz round. Congratulations to the boys for representing the College well and scoring competitively throughout the day. Mrs Danielle Cain, English Teacher

Books for the highest score in a quiz round

Stannies News | 11

INCLUSIVE LEARNING The NCCD provides state and federal governments with the information they need to plan more broadly for the support of students with disability. The NCCD will have no direct impact on your child and your child will not be involved in any testing process. The school will provide data to the Australian Government in such a way that no individual student will be able to be identified – the privacy and confidentiality of all students is ensured. Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers Re: Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

What is the NCCD? The NCCD is a collection that counts:

All information is protected by privacy laws that regulate the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information. To find out more about these matters, please refer to the Australian Government’s Privacy Policy. Australian Government’s Privacy Policy

the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability

Further information about the NCCD can be found on the NCCD Portal.

the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.

Access NCCD Portal here

Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This help allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

If you have any questions about the NCCD, please get in touch with me via email or via Reception, 6331 4177.

Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD).

The information collected by the NCCD helps teachers, principals, education authorities and governments to better support students with disability at school.

Why is this data being collected? The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about the support provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD guidelines (2019).

What are the benefits of the NCCD for students?

The NCCD encourages schools to review their learning and support systems and processes. This helps schools to continually improve education outcomes for all students. Ms Jacqueline Hunt, Leader of Inclusive Learning Services

Information provided about students to the Australian Government for the NCCD includes: •

year of schooling

category of disability: physical, cognitive, sensory or social/emotional

level of adjustment provided: support provided within quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive.

This information assists schools to: •

formally recognise the supports and adjustments provided to students with disability in schools

consider how they can strengthen the support of students with disability in schools

develop shared practices so that they can review their learning programs in order to improve educational outcomes for students with disability.

12 | Stannies News

Kathy is one of our Learning Support staff who work in our classrooms

CAREERS SBAT of the Year Western Region NSW In absolutely fantastic news for the College, Caden Taylor (Year 12) was awarded SBAT student of the year for the Western Region by Training Services NSW. Caden had to complete an application looking at four criteria. The main focus was on team and communication skills, career and study achievements, how to be an ambassador for VET and Training NSW and future pursuits and aspirations. The result of this application got Caden to the interview stage, where the winner is decided. Caden has been working on Mondays for the last two years at Intersport with one of our great College supporters, Shane Cantrill. To complete his Cert II in Retail, Caden has been working with Sureway, the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Bathurst which delivers this course. Sureway have been fantastic with keeping Caden up to date with his work through Old Boy Justin Mobbs and his trainer Max Rabbett. Thanks must also go to Stannies staff Mr Paul Wright and Mr Peter Fitzsimmons, who help manage our ever-growing SBAT students with professional guidance from their experience in the trade industry.

SBAT student of the Year Regional Winner, Caden Taylor

When Caden first approached me about choosing this SBAT as part of his HSC, I was a little surprised, knowing that his chosen path was more looking like carpentry. Caden believed that the skills acquired in retail, dealing with people, selling and organising stock, were skills that he could use in any future job. Caden now has to go through another interview process in Sydney, with finalists for the State award being chosen from this. We are all very proud of Caden and wish him well in the next round of tasks. Congratulations must also go to Daniel Belfanti, who joined Caden in Mudgee as a finalist for the awards. Daniel has been completing a Cert II in Hospitality and has also done his training through Sureway. For his 100 days of work, Daniel has been employed by Peter and Deb Weekes at Banjo’s Café in William Street. Since Daniel was initially looking to gain an ATAR to keep his university options open, his work has been over the weekend so as not to miss any classes at school. This has worked well for Daniel and he is now looking to continue his qualification with full time work in Bathurst next year. While in its infancy, the SBAT program at Stannies has been quite successful. We currently have 12 students using an SBAT as part of their HSC study, with all students also completing school with a Cert II or Cert III qualification. Our current SBAT students are working in the following fields: Hospitality, Supply Chain Operations, Agriculture, Electrotechnology, Retail, Construction, Automotive, Flooring Technology, Carpentry and Sport and Recreation. Already next year we have four Year 10 students who are ready to start in a traineeship in Sport and Recreation, Disability Services, Retail and Butchery. Students need to find the employment themselves and then I will endeavour to match it up with a qualification to make it a HSC subject. Please feel free to contact me via Reception if you have any further questions about this opportunity.

Daniel Belfanti, Sureway Trainer Mr Max Rabbett and Caden Taylor

Stannies News | 13

CAREERS University of Wollongong Discovery Day Last week, 12 students interested in studying at Wollongong University made the trek to the South Coast to act as a student for the day at the university. We stayed the night before in the dormitory and were treated to a massive big screen to watch the Origin game before the boys headed to bed in preparation for the next day. While on campus, the students had to choose four different seminars to attend in which they were given information about potential courses in a tutorial-style way.

Year 12s in the Café after breakfast

It was another great trip put on by the university; all boys got something out of it. I would like to thank Mrs Alissa O’Mally for helping out with the students on this trip. Below are the thoughts of Nic Gibbons on his day. I began my day with an introduction to the physics course. We walked into a room with multiple tables, each set up with an experiment. After a brief overview of the physics course, we immediately jumped into finding the wavelength of a red laser. My group of three people quickly recorded a wavelength of 696 nano metres which was extremely close to the measured value in an optical spectrometer. Afterwards, we experimented with a superconductor, which is strong enough to levitate against metals and an induction coil which is the basis for wireless communications. Next up, I had Biomedical Physics, which is similar to straight physics, except it also delves into chemistry and biology and is one of the multidisciplinary courses offered at uni. It started with an introduction to the journey of a Scientist, by applying for a bachelor’s degree and then a quick lesson about an honours degree. The lecturers showed us the research they were conducting on brain tumours. We then used microscopes to investigate the difference between healthy cells and brain tumour cells. They involved our group in the discussion about the differences and asked us why the two were different. We found that the infected cells were sparse and extremely spread out, whereas the healthy cells were much denser and less grainy. They then explained the process of eliminating the infected cells without destroying the healthy ones using radiation. After a lunch break and exploring the university grounds, (which were a LOT larger than I anticipated), I made my way to the course on mathematic modelling. Initially, 14 | Stannies News

they explained the application of simple mathematics to analyse various problems, such as COVID-19. They walked us through the process of modelling the most effective way to test a certain population. Using basic maths, we found that the most optimal way to test was to combine 9 – 10 small samples of different people. After further discussion, we discovered a discrepancy: if one person in the sample tested positive, all 10 would have to test individually. By using the expected value for the number of tests saved and multiplying it by a sample population, we concluded that the most effective way to test a given population for COVID-19 was in batches of four. The final course of the day, which was my favourite, was biomedical engineering. We investigated eye-tracking based on the release of micro voltages released from the temples. We then placed electrodes onto a volunteer. Using an application, we could measure the movement of the left eye in the horizontal and vertical plane. We then had to estimate how many lines the volunteer read based on the signals on the recording. Overall the day was fun and engaging and really broadened my potential fields of study.

James Champion, Jacob Cullen, Jaiden Gunning and Nic Gibbons

Year 10 Work Experience Work Experience will take place at the end of Term 3 for two weeks. Week 1 will commence on Monday 12 September, with Week 2 commencing on Monday 19 September. It is an opportunity for Year 10 students to try a career that has piqued their interest or to get out and do something different. There are many important aspects to work experience than just the job at hand. Students will likely rise and leave home earlier than usual and return later than on a regular school day. Meeting adults, looking them in the eye and conversing with people they have just met is an invaluable part of these experiences. I could go on about the value these two weeks provide. Students should have submitted their forms to a potential employer by now, with many students having returned their forms to me already. Could I please ask parents to assist in this process and help their sons to get organised for this valuable experience. Please do not hesitate to make contact with me if you need further clarification. Mr Paul McDonald, Careers Advisor

BOARDING What has been happening in the Boarding House? After a well-earned long weekend, we are now in the final push to the end of term. While it would be easy to have our thoughts drift towards the three week break, there are still some assessments to be completed, a round of ISA sport to be played and rooms to be cleaned and sorted before we can depart for the semester holidays.

Boarding Matters It was great to see a significant proportion of the Boarding Community attend the State of Origin on 9 June as part of the Cantor Group. The Cantor Group makes a significant and special contribution to many of our College events and one of the benefits for the Boarders who are part of the Cantor Group is the fact that they are always here on a Wednesday night when practice is on, meaning they can still attend to their usual routines such as study and have time to participate in Cantor Group.

in Tamworth on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July. We truly value the opportunity to see any Stannies families there or speak to any families that you, as parents, may have sent along to see us. Memorial Town Hall Fitzroy St, Tamworth Friday 12.30pm-6.00pm Saturday 9.30am-2.30pm I wish all families a restful and connected mid-year break and we look forward to seeing all of the boys back in the dorms, ready for Semester 2. Yours in Boarding and with God’s Blessing Mr Daniel Bradford, Head of Boarding

We also had some Year 12 boys attend Wollongong University with Mr Paul McDonald as part of the Year 12 Careers post-school undertakings that are being offered. Each boy who attended spoke positively of the experience and importantly, is now starting to prepare our boys for what life “beyond the gates” might look like for them over the next six months.

Reminders A reminder to parents that return time to the Boarding House is 4pm on Sunday to allow boys the time to prepare for the week ahead.

Year 10 Boarders at the movies

We are limited in providing station pickups after dinner time on Sundays, so I recommend that you discuss travel arrangements with a staff member before booking transport that may result in a later than usual arrival into Bathurst on Sunday night.

End of Term A reminder for the end of term, that the Boarding House will be closed from Friday afternoon 24 June. Boys can be collected after school on Friday and return from 3pm on Monday 18 July. Boys will not need to take everything home with them, but they will be required to store their belongings in their press so that room checks and cleaning can be undertaken over the holidays. It is important that they are considered in what they leave over the holiday break.

Boarding Expos 2022 The College Registrar, Bev Oxley and I look forward to connecting with current, prospective and past Stannies families next term at the Boarding Expo that is being held

Year 10 Boarders waiting to see Top Gun

Stannies News | 15


Stannies Kitchen TERM 2 WEEK 9 Monday






Continental breakfast with yogurt, juice, porridge, fresh rock melon & berries

Continental breakfast with yogurt, juice & spaghetti or baked beans


Chicken nuggets fresh fruit

Egg & bacon roll fresh fruit


Sandwiches or subs with salad lettuce chicken tuna avocado & cheese

Salad bowls with potato salad coleslaw pasta salad chicken silverside roast beef or ham

Sandwiches or wraps Beef or chicken Chicken tender salad with salad curried sausages in a roll roast beef salad or with cheese mustard egg lettuce chicken ham cheese salad beef & salami & sauces subs

Afternoon tea

Fresh fruit available

Fresh fruit available

Fresh fruit available

Fresh fruit available


Beef or vegetarian nachos guacamole sour cream & tomato salsa

Beef or chicken rissoles gravy & vegetables

Teriyaki beef and vegetable stir fry & steamed rice

Lemon rosemary & potato chicken bake


Assorted salads & cold meat cuts

Assorted salads & cold meat cuts

Assorted salads & cold meat cuts

Assorted salads & cold meat cuts


Chocolate lava pudding & cream

Fruit salad & cream

Ice cream & topping

Mango & blueberry pavlova


Cheese toasties

Muesli bars

Fruit toast & spreads

Sweet biscuits

Continental Continental Continental breakfast with yogurt breakfast with yogurt breakfast with juice mushrooms in juice & raisin toast yogurt, juice, cheese (prefects breakfast) butter sauce & fried & chive omelettes eggs bacon & eggs Homemade warm chocolate chip muffins or cakes fresh fruit

Warm cheese & spinach savoury muffins fresh fruit

Flavoured milk fresh fruit

Fresh fruit available

Meet us at Tamworth Meet Head of Boarding, Mr Dan Bradford, and College Registrar, Mrs Bev Oxley, at the Tamworth Boarding Expo Memorial Town Hall, Fitzroy St, Tamworth Friday 12.30pm-6.00pm | Saturday 9.30am-2.30pm 16 | Stannies News

CO-CURRICULAR NEWS Chess Western Chess Competition Round 3: Stannies vs Kinross Date: 15/6/22 Result: Loss 2-2

Traditionally at Stannies, our strength has been in the areas related to stock work including the challenge events, team penning as well as the gladiatorial polocrosse. In saying that, the boys have always participated in as many events as they can, demonstrating the great character of the Stannies Man - to pitch in and have a go.

This week Stannies went head to head with Kinross in the third round of the Western Chess Competition. Unfortunately we came out with a loss, but the boys fought till the very end! Boards 2 and 3 (Tom Rodenhuis and Mitchell Peters) fought hard but were defeated at around the 30 minute mark by their opponents. Here, we knew we had lost the round, but Gabe Krause (Board 1) and Jake Davis (Board 4) weren’t giving up easily. Jake took the win in about 45 minutes with a queen and pawn checkmate. Gabe Krause and his opponent played for an amazing 72 minutes and were basically even in material until Gabe won his final rook and went for the checkmate.

Chess in CR1

The boys then had some social games and the Board 1 and 2 players analysed their games together as opponents to discuss different strategies to improve their game. The boys were really well matched and had some awesome games. It was great to play against Kinross and their talented Chess team. Stannies will go on to compete in the “Second Place” competition next term. Ms Ellie Shields, Chess Coordinator

Equestrian North West Equestrian Expo - Coonabarabran After some time away from this event, Stannies once again had a presence at “Coona”. The North West Equestrian Expo is the largest inter-school event of its kind in Australia and in 2022 there were more than 500 competitors over a range of disciplines. The competition ran from 3 to 7 June. Riders competed in dressage, show jumping, combined training, pentathlon, sporting, polocrosse, stockman’s challenge and working horse challenge, show riding and team penning. It truly is an event with something for everyone.

Levi Howarth with his horse “Hinsey”

This year we were represented admirably by Levi Howarth in Year 8. He competed across most of the events but really surprised himself with his outstanding performance in combined training. This event sees riders completing a dressage test and a show jumping round. Points are tallied across the two phases to give final placings. Levi worked diligently in the lead-up to the competition to prepare for his dressage test and was rewarded with an excellent score that saw him placed first in that phase. He rode a solid show jumping round and, despite a few penalty points, he was placed fourth in the event overall. This is an amazing achievement given the number of competitors and the standard of competition. Levi was a superb ambassador for our community at this event and he deserves hearty congratulations. I am looking forward to taking a team of riders to this event in 2023. Mrs Virginia van Gend, Equestrian Coordinator Stannies News | 17

SPORTS REPORTS Rugby League Team: U15s Coach: Cooper Earsman Assistant Coaches: Archie O’Mally and Ollie Connaughton Result: Loss 42-12 Best Foward: Riley Williams Best Back: Austin Comerford On Thursday 9 June, the Under 15s travelled to Cubis Park in Eglinton for a Rugby League Gala Day. The boys were scheduled to play two games, but unfortunately, Cowra had pulled out and the boys ended up playing one game against James Sheahan Catholic High School. A cold day in Eglinton with the rain the night before made for an interesting field (quite muddy) and a big effort from the boys. After a close first 10 minutes with Austin Comerford scoring our first try and Charlie Culnane slotting a goal from the sideline, the boys were keen. Sheahan started strong in the second half with a good lead on the boys, but the Stannies team kept their heads up the whole time and Austin Comerford jagged a double with another try in the corner. The boys went down 48-12 but held their heads high till the end. All of the boys had a great day.

Rugby Team: 15A Coach: Mr Ben O’Mally Opponent: Waverley College Date: 04/06/22 Result: Loss 0-54 Best Back: Thomas McIntosh Best Forward: Archie Newman With a long trip to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, our opponents, Waverley College put on a quite brisk, beautiful sun-filled morning. With several players unavailable due to illness, uncontested scrums were announced and gaps were filled with some players getting an opportunity in the A’s side. Hugo O’Mally was back and provided some positive leadership, to which Archie Newman responded well. Archie’s intent in defence and looking to pilfer the ball was a standout from a game that many of the boys wouldn’t mind erasing. Put it simply, poor defence on a quality side reflected the 0-54 scoreline. To the boys’ credit, they made Waverley work harder for their points in the second half and were able to apply some pressure to their goal line but, unfortunately, could not crack it. Back to training to get reform cohesion as we look forward to taking on St Pats in Round 2 of the ISA competition Team: 14A Coaches: Miss Lily McIntosh and Miss Isabella Jacobson Opponent: Waverley College 18 | Stannies News

Date: 4/6/22 Result: Loss 24-34 Best Backs: Cooper Stephen and Kai Barclay Best Forwards: Arthur Morrison and Jackson Rodwell The As had a phenomenal game. The cohesiveness of the team was notable by all who spectated, with the implementation of set plays benefiting us and allowing us to break through their tough defensive line. Once we remembered our ‘cheek-to-cheek’ methods, even the biggest props came tumbling down. The structure was consistent and with Kai Barclay swiping an intercept and taking advantage of the break in their line to score an impressive try, bringing the score to 7-17 after Ethan Kovac’s conversion. This lifted the boys’ spirits significantly, who were down-trodden by the progress made by the other team in the first quarter of the game. From there, it was an absolute nail-biter with Jackson Rodwell scoring two tries and Cooper Stephen taking the score up seven more points with a try and a conversion. This is one of the most exciting games of Rugby seen in a while, with many other Stannies teams gathering to watch and support. At 24-27, with six minutes remaining on the clock, it was an absolute nail-biter, with the boys determined not to let them through. The score did not reflect the mammoth effort made as a team, and I am so proud of the boys. Setting up our pods, coming in with a bit of depth and improving our ball skills so that we don’t lose as many opportunities will be the focus of our training sessions. A huge thank you to Mr Rob Kovac, Mr Mark Elliott and all the parents as well as Year 12 students Caden Taylor and Wil Taylor for their help with getting the As set up and improving their gameplay; the boys are incredibly lucky to have such enthusiastic and passionate people around them for support. Team: 13A Coach: Mr Jack English Opponent: Waverley 13B Date: 4/6/22 Result: Loss 17-14 Best Back: Leroy McNamara (1) Best Forwards: Paddy Phillips (2), Paddy Nunan (3) The 13A’s wound up the trials for 2022 well. Our hit outs as a team are constantly improving, and we continue to reform with many players fortunately making long-awaited returns from injury of late. The boys again did exceptionally well and I am excited for what the season ahead will bring. The opening minutes were physical but we were dominating possession. The early break came when the forwards controlled possession and Buster Goninan went in alongside the posts and the try was converted by Edward Hiney to give us the early lead at 7-0. The pace slowed and both teams showed promise, but we were still controlling possession on the whole. Then, against the run of play, Waverley strung together several plays and then sent it wide through the backs. They realised

SPORTS REPORTS that there was no getting through our forward pack and were running scared at this stage. We struck again later in the half with Cooper Williams breaking free and scoring a great solo try. The conversion was successful thanks to Max Condon and we pulled 14 – 0 clear. Late in the half, when it seemed the plays just kept on coming, and following a sustained period of attack, Waverley found space out wide on the stroke of halftime to draw nearer at 14-5. The second half saw the boys warned that the game was in the balance, a try to them and they were back in the match likewise, if we were to score first we would take control. The physicality remained the same, the odd call went against us and the Waverley team altered their game plan

and gradually clawed their way back into the game. This resulted in two further tries to them and despite our best attempts no more tries to us. The end result was a hard-fought 17-14 loss. We look forward to this week opening our ISA season against St Pats Strathfield and have most of our players fit and looking to take the field. Also of note over the long weekend, while many of us rested, four of our players took to the State Championships and put their best foot forward. Well done to William O’Hara, Paddy Phillips, Cooper Honeysett and Callum Lang on their 5th/16 place finish against tough opposition.

SPORTS DRAW St Stanislaus’ College Rugby v St Patrick’s College Saturday 18 June 2022 SSC




1st XV

St Patrick’s


Stannies No 1 Oval

2nd XV

St Patrick’s


Stannies No 1 Oval

3rd XV

St Patrick’s


Stannies No 1 Oval

4th XV

St Patrick’s


Stannies No 1 Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies No 1 Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Clifford Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Clifford Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Clifford Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Clifford Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Stait Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Stait Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies Stait Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies No 2 Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies No 2 Oval


St Patrick’s


Stannies No 2 Oval


Oxley College

15/ 16

Blue Mountains Grammar

Postponed 12.30pm

Blue Mountains bus departs 9.30am Stannies News | 19

CALENDAR 2022 KEY DATES Term 2: Wednesday 27 April to Friday 24 June * Denotes compulsory Student attendance JUNE 18 20 21 23 24

Rugby v St Patrick’s College (H) P&F Meeting, 7.30pm Charles House Feast Johns House Feast End Term 2

Term 3: Tuesday 19 July to Thursday 22 September JULY 9-10 Group 10 Carnival 18 Boarders return, 3pm - 6pm 19 Term 3 classes commence 23 Rugby v St Gregory’s College (H). Team photo day. 25 P&F Meeting, 7.30pm 26 2023 Subject Selection Meeting 30 Rugby v St Augustine’s College (A) AUGUST 3 Parent Teacher Zoom Meetings, Years 7 - 12 6 Rugby v Kinross Wolaroi (A) 13 Rugby v St Pius X College (H) Old Boy’s Gala Dinner 15-26 Trial HSC 20 Rugby v Oakhill College (A) 29 P&F Meeting, 7.30pm Snr Ref 29-2/9 Year 11 VET work placement SEPTEMBER 1 Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast 3 P&F Graduation Working Bee 4 Father’s Day 9 Sports Awards Dinner 11 P&F Golf Day

12-19 12-23 19 20 22 24

Preliminary HSC exams Year 10 Work Experience P&F Meeting, 7.30pm Year 12 Final Assembly End Term 3 Year 12 Graduation Mass & Dinner

Term 4: Tuesday 11 October to Friday 2 December OCTOBER 10 Boarders return, 3pm - 6pm 11 Term 4 classes commence 12 HSC commences 14 Footy Sock Friday 18 Year 7 Vaccinations 19 Eucharistic Ministers Commissioning Mass 22 ISA Summer Sport Round 1 24 Year 7 2023 Orientation Day Year 7 2023 Parent Information Session 26 Miraculous Medal Devotions, 7.30pm Chapel 29 ISA Summer Sport Round 2 31 P&F Meeting, 7.30pm NOVEMBER 5 ISA Summer Sport Round 3 11 Remembrance Day 12 ISA Summer Sport Round 4 14 Patron’s Day Mass, Lunch & House Touch Football 19 ISA Summer Sport Round 5 21-23 Year 11 Retreat 26 ISA Summer Sport Round 6 28 P&F Meeting, 7.30pm DECEMBER 2 11am Speech Day* End Term 4

Group 10 Rugby League Carnival 9 and 10 July 2022 Joint P&F and Year 12 fundraising venture. Lots of volunteers are needed to help run the canteen, make coffee and cook the barbecue. If you can lend a hand, regardless of how much time - an hour or the day - please email Indicate how and when you can help and include your mobile number. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise more funds to go towards the purchase of sound and lighting equipment in the PAC and the Year 12 gift to the school. 220 Bentinck Street (PO Box 97) Bathurst NSW 2795 Phone: 02 6331 4177 Email: 20 | Stannies News