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As I ponder years here spent and watch the flurry of images cascading through my mind, I listen also to the rumblings of my soul: I hear the insistent cacophony of the words "if I could" and am deafened by their discordant tunes. But now I shall have the chance to mold their dissonance into euphony , into a symphony of myself and of my dreams.




The sun will soon set on this day but I fear not the night For another sunrise awaits me, A new horizon rises above the old, and wilted stalks display nascent buds Promising new blooms, fresh flowers and another day.


Therefore, as I leave Academia's reign and enter a new world, a new day, I need to pause for a moment to catch my breath, to take new bearings. I must face up to myself and evaluate my life and my doings .




n ~,

the old,

asce nt buds hjlow ers





Have I learned? Do I now hold the omnipotent key which unlocks the doors of the world? Or in the end has it all just come in one ear and gone out the other?




I attempt to transform the torrent of names, novels, nouns, numbers, -Learninginto a unified whole: essaying to forge an enduring creation out of ephemeral components. But it is a difficult, tedious task and often are the failures.


In pursuit of the all-mighty grade, assignments and homework seek me out and haunt my being like alphabetical specters. Seeking to please those under whose domain I toil, I feign my interest with a pasted-on smile yet real earnesty occasionally breaks through. Strugging to fit together a world that seems to be missing some pieces, My mind is whirling as it wrestles with people, places, questions, and ideals.


Gentle reflections of teachers and friends and happy hours passed; Chafing memories of unknowns, boring classes and forgotten work; And amidst it all, daydreams of sunny fields and faraway shores.


Yet my education is not consummated solely in the classroom or at my desk; But also on the field, in the halls, and outside these doors .


. I am deluged with questions, both from within and from without. But responses come slowly and answers but rarely. And though I struggle to create a liveable code from my beliefs and ideals, Must I forever seek philosophic intangibles with which to sooth my soul?





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Dedicated to Mrs. Mary A. Lederman Using avid knowledge to combine the culture of a foreign nation with that of our American one . . . Unselfishly concerning herself with student interests, involving herself in various community activities . Always willing to contribute her services to one who needs a helping hand . . . It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that the Peer is dedicated to Mrs. Mary A. Lederman by the 1974 Senior Class.


) co mbine th e culture of a lt of o ur Ame rica n one . . .

1erself with stude nt interests, 1ri ous comm unity

ute he r services to one who

tion a nd gratitude that the icated to Yl rs . Mary A. b ~ th e 1974 Se nior Class .

. ~



The Administration- Nerve Center of the School Mr. Hurt . . . our friend, Mr. Goodwin . . . th e seniors' own, Mr. Sessoms . . . th e juniors' domain, Mr. Anderson . . . the sophom ores' guardian, Mr. McCauley . . . our friend , th e watchdog of the halls. And below, yet beyond them , rejgn th e secretari es - Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Bryan t-sometimes su sp ected of actually runnin g th e school. One h ea rs in thi s office of ours many familiar sayings such as: "Mr. Hurt, my child would never "

" Late again. What's th e excu se?" " You don't look sick. Are you?" " O.K. , thre e days of vacation without any make-up work for that." "I have a student h e re who claims to have an appointment with his doctor but he doesn 't hav e an excu se." In spite of all that has been said, th e office is th e spoke of school life.

John . Anderson B.S.,M.S., Virgin ia State College; Virginia Commonwealth University; Univ ersity of Virginia As sistant Princi pal

F. Hurt ., Hampden-Sydn ey College, cipa]

John C. Sessoms B.S. , University of orth Carolina; M.Ed., University of Virginia Assistant Principal

Ze lda Murray, Office Secretary


James N. McCauley, Administrative Aide

Ruth E . 81")




.vealth U nive rsity; Un iversity of Virginia

Ben F . Hurt B.A. , Hampde n-Sydn ey College; M.Ed ., Univ ersity of Vi rginia Principal

Donn A. Goodwin A.A., Wingate Jr. College; B.S ., Appalachian State University; M.Ed. , University of Virginia; Adv. Grad., University of Virginia Assistant Principal

Mrs. Hurt, " A Woman F or All Seasons," makes h er de but today as b ookkeeper.

ames N. McCaul ey, Admin istrative Aid e

Ruth E . Bryant, Atte ndance Secre tary.


As gradua tion draws n earer, many se ni ors can b e found in th e guidan ce office and th e staff has to cope with su ch questions as th ese . . . " But Mrs. D offl emeyer, it's got to be in by n ex t week. Can't you have it ready tomorrow ?" "After hi gh school , what am I goin g to do?" Th e underclassmen hav e th eir question s too and one ca n h ear them quizzing th e couns e lors . . . "S h ould I take my College Boards now or n ext year?" "S ummer school? You 're kidding!" At th e rece iving end, th e counse lors provide sa tisfying answers to th ese inquiri es.

Our "HELP!'' Department

John B. Titus B.A., M.Ed., University ofVirginia Guidance Counselor; Bi cycle Club; Lacrosse Club; C.G.B. Re prese ntative


Inez Bowler A.B., Virginia State College; Unive rsity of Virginia Guidan ce Counselor

Virginia R. Doffl emeyer B.S. , Longwood College; M.Ed., Univers ity of Virginia Guidance Director



Ethel M. Johnso n, Guidance Secretary

IJ.I Gale, Jr. eopre!>entative

, Wake Forest Un iversity; M.Ed. , Uni vers ity of Virginia da nce Counselor; Guitar Club ; Intramural C lub

ewassa Via Ge ntry, Guidan ce Secre tary

Dani e l Monahan B.A. , St. Francis Coll ege; M.Ed., Un iversity of Virginia Guidan ce Counselor; Motorcycl e

Mattie Lee G. Fornes B.S., North Carolina State Univers ity, M.Ed., University of Vi rginia Guidance Coun selor


Into the Second Year of Operation, the Elective Th e phase-electiv e program , introdu ced las t year, h as grown and es tabli sh ed itself as p art of th e acad e mi c s tru c tur e. D es pite so m e pr ob l e m s, whi ch w e re of course in e vitabl e, w e h ave adju sted to th e d e parture from tr a diti o n. F o r th e m os t part , th e ch a n ge h as b ee n goo d . It ha s b oth stud e nt a nd faculty supp ort a nd h op efull y will co ntinu e to b e res p onsive to criti cis m.

Jim Watts A.B., King Coll ege; M.A.T. , Un iversity of Virgini a English 10,11,12

W. C urtis H olga te B.A., Un iversity of Akron; M.A. , University of Virginia Eng lis h 11,12

Maril yn Pirkle B.A. , Le Moy ne Coll ege E ngli sh 10,11,12; Harlequin ; Juni or C lass Spo nso r


Beverl y An n Yates A.B., Ce ntral Mi chi ga n Univ ersity; M.Ed., Uni versity of Virginia Engli sh 10,11,12


Program is Swinging More .


·.{arion M. Th omas B.A., Livingston Coll ege English 10,11,12; Concern ed Bl ack Youth of A.H.S.

Virginia Barnett B.A ., Wh ea ton Coll ege; M.Ed. , Uni vers ity of Vi rginia English 11,12; Peer

Z . Jam es Estes Jr. B.S. , M.A., Un iversity of Virginia English 10,11,12; C.G .B. Representati ve

An n Yates ntral Michigan Un ive rsity; M.Ed. , ty of Virginia 10,11, 12

Verona L. Fra nklin B.A. , Longwood College Eng li sh 10; J.V. Ch eerl eade rs

oyce P. Johnson ., Di ckin son College; .... E mory Unive rsity mdis h 10,11,12; Critique Club; Se nior Class


Marilyn J. Fantino B.A. , Emory and H e nry College Engli sh 10,11,12; Seni or Class Sponsor

Fredrick T. Hardy, Jr. B.A., M.A., Univ ersity of Richm ond English 10,11,12; Cross Country; Track

David L. Hill B.A., Crace Coll ege; M.S., St. Francis College English 10,11,12; Se ni or Class Sponsor; }.V. Bas ketball ; Critiqu e Club; Prism


Sara h E. Maddox B.S. , University of Virginia English 10,11,12; D ebate and Fore nsics

Toward Acceptance by All of Us " I t's more work and more exciting for a teach er. It forces a teacher to do research in areas that h e is not familiar with. It' s an e ducational experie n ce for th e teach er as well as th e studen t." · " One dis advantage is when on e finds a course h e lik es because of the material u sed but can' t take it sin ce it is not offered in hi s tract or period. "

~ · ··

M.A. , Univers ity of Michigan nglish 11,12

E. Mad dox University of Virginia h 10,11,12; Debate and Forensics

ictoria T. de Vries · .B., Douglas Coll ege; M.A .T. , Un iversity of Virgini a nglish 10,11,12; Harl eq uin; I chthus Club; C.G.B. Representativ e

Mary E. Wi lkes · B.A., Un iversity of Kentucky; M.A. , Unive rsity of Virginia English 10,11,12

Noreen G. Mu lli ke n B.A., San Francisco Si:ate Un iversity and California State University at Los Angel es English 10


Are You Physically Fit?

dc~L Harry E. ull B.S. , H ampde n-S ydn ey College Ph ys ical Education; Athl e ti c Director

Jam es Arbau gh A.A., Gree nbri e r Militar y Acad emy; B.S.Ed. , Un iversity of Virginia Driver's Educa ti on; Varsity F ootball ; Varsity Baseball

Leo nard J. Hri ca B.S. , M.S. , Un iversity of Virginia Ph ysica l E!lucation; Soccer; Intramu ral Soccer, Intramural Baske tball ; Psychology Club

Brenda F . Langdon B.S. , East Carolina Univers ity; M.Ed. , University of Virginia Ph ys ical Educa tion ; Driver' s Edu cati on; J.V. Bas ketball

D e nnis C. Craddock A.A ., Ferrum Jr. College; M.Ed . University of Virginia Ph ys ical Edu cati on; Driver's Educati on; Indoor and Outdoor Track; F .C.A. 24

. .; V


niversity of

.P. Moore B.S., M.S. , North Caroli na Central College Dri ver's Education


Ralph A. H arri so n, Jr. B.S ., South West Missouri State; M.Ed ., D rury Coll ege Driver's Education ; Varsity Football

Football; Varsity Baseball

Jumpin g jacks, sit-ups, ph ys ical fitn ess tes ts and man y oth er routin e tortures are a small but vital part of our ph ys i ca l e du ca ti o n pr ogra m. Th e co mp e t e nt s t a ff o f coac h es and t each e rs is co n ce rn e d with h e lping th e stude nts to realize th e ir p ote ntial, both m e ntally and ph ys icall y. In additi on to ph ys ical exe rcise, classroom courses in h ealth and driv er edu cati on are manda tory. Th ese courses are d es ign e d to m old th e stud e nts into future res p onsible citize ns.

Intramu ral Basketball ;

usa n A. Miller a.S. Madison College ys ical Education; G.A.A.; Varsity T e nnis

Mary Anna S. Kaplan B.A. , Bridgewater Coll ege; M.Ed. , n iversity of Virginia Ph ys ical Educa ti on; Varsity Baske tball and Softball ; G.A.A.


Mathematics- The Precise and Logical Way To Ever since ewton was hit by that fatefu l apple, mathematics has played a major role in the world. Mathematics helps us in solving complex problems from th e outer limits of space to the inner limits of a triangl e . What's more, it is mathematics upon which an increasing number of careers are based. Aside from its practical application, math ematics demands logi c and precision and is a vital tool for abstract reasoning. Do not despair th e n if geometric principles or algebraic formulas frustrate u n mercifully. Th ey are mind stretching and w \whi le.

Pamela P. Bate man B.S., University of Georgia Elementary Fun ctions; Trigonom e try; Algebra I; S.C.A .; Liberation Club

Virginia L . Fulcher B.S. , Longwood College Geometry; Algebra II - Trigonome try

Ri chard H. Ergler B.A ., St. Vincent College Math Analysis; Calculus


Marth a L. Be nn ett B.A., Sweet Briar College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Math 10; Geometry; Photography Club.

Courtenay T. Stanley A.B. , College of William and Mary; M.Ed. , University of Virginia Trigonometry; Analytic Geometry; Math Analysis ; Peer


r tan

ogical Way To


ewton was hit by th at fat eful tics has played a major role in hematics h elps u s in solvin g !ms from th e outer limits of ter limi ts of a tri angle . What' s :hematics up on whi ch an inr of careers are b ased . its practical a ppli ca tion , mands logic and precision and tract reasoning. Do not tric prin cipl es or algebU"' mercifull y. Th ey are 1while. D oroth y Su lock B.S., Glasboro State; M.A. and Ce rtifi cate of Adv . Grad. Studies University of Virginia Math 10; Geometry; Sophomore Class Sponsor

Conn ie L ogan .B. , Me redith Coll ege Algebra II ; Math 10, J.V. Chee rl eading

Bre nda R. Broad well B.S. , Radford Coll ege Algebra I ,II

II - Trili::onometry

-Y lli am and Mar y; M.Ed. , Un iversity of

Bess ie P. Bri ckh ead B.S., Mar y Washin gton Coll ege ~lath 9; Al gebra I

Ann A. Broaddus B.A. , Bryn Mawr College Al gebra II ; Geome try; C.G. B. Represe ntative

lytic Geome try; Math An alys is; Peer


Th e Watergate h earin gs and th e current iss u es di scussed in th e gub ernatorial race have tou ch ed th e lives of all of us. Th e courses offere d thr ou gh th e Social Scien ce departm e nt giv e th e stud en ts a chan ce to look cri tically at th ese a nd oth er prob le m s in our world. Th ey may analyze th ese eve nts in t e rm s of hi s tori c importance , th e ir l egality and th e political press ur es which influ enced th em. The courses examin e th e content in term s of how th e eve nts affect p eopl e, th e influen ce of blacks in America or h ow th e world reacts to th e events in our country.

laney C. Grim B.A ., Longwood College; M.A. , Univers ity of orth Carol ina U.S. History J. Da ni el Patte rson A.A. , Blu e fi e l-d Coll ege; B.A. Mad ison Coll ege U .. Hi story; Se nior Class Sponsor

Social Science Classes Dissect

Willis C. Wake c.&z~JB.A. , Lynchburg Coll ege; M.Ed., University of Virginia U.S. Hi story; .S. Governm ent Franklin W. Allen B.A., Roanoke College Sociology; V. Baske tball; Junior Class Sponsor; F e ll ows hip of Chri stian Ath letes


Dan ielL. Gibbes, Jr. ~ B.A., Un ivers ity of South Carolina U.S. Government

il tl Issues

n iv r ity ory; Black tudi e ; Black Youth of A.H . â&#x20AC;˘ Brown i ¡ersity of Virginia ___ ..,.u~ent; .' t Var ity Ba ke


elL Gibbes, Jr. ~} of South Carolina


Vital Issues

Douglas J. Selden B.A., Norwich Un ivers ity; M.A .T., Un iversity of Virgin ia U.S . Government; Outing Club ; J.V. Football

••1ary A. Tann er B.A., Virgini a Union University World Hi story; Black Studi es ; Co ncern ed Black Youth of A.H .S.

Catherine Q. Hitchcock B.A., College· of William and Mary; M.A. , Univ ersity of Arizona U.S. History

Harold F. Paris B.S ., M.A ., Madi so n Coll ege Gov~rnment; Social Problems; Ath le ti c Equipment Manager

Jam ie H. Brown B.S., Un iversity of Virginia Government; Ass .'t Varsity Bas ke tball Coach; Se nior Class Sponsor

Carolyn H . Saunders B.A., Radford College; M.A ., Univers ity of Virginia U.S. History


Science :

Ri chard D . Monfort B.S., State Un iversity of e w York; M.Ed. , Un iversity of Virginia Bi ology I, II , Science Clu b

Cracked t est-tub es, s h a tt ered coverslips, wandering fruitflies , appalling od ors, a nd un exp ected explos ions are just a few of th e occurre n ces that h e lp keep us on our to es in th e ch all e n g i q_g pro g ra m s our Science department offe rs. H owever we soon J> learn that th ese bumps alon g th e road must be traveled over if we are to give some order to th e intricate formulas, the length y lab reports , and th e multitud e of minut e facts that partially compose th e often ch ao ti c world of science encountered for a t leas t fift y minutes each day. Hop e full y th e perseverance will pay off and it will lead t o a broader und e r s t a ndin g of th e hows a nd whys of scie n ce and even life itself.

Thomas M. Dugan B.S ., West Virginia Institute of T echnology; M.A.T., Miami Univers ity Chern Study; Chem istry II; Chess Team; Chess Club

S. Timothy Grey B.A., Presbyterian College; M.S., Jacksonville State University Psychology; F.N .A.

Guy B. Oldaker, III B.A., University of Virginia Chemistry I; Cross Country; Indoor an d Outdoor Track; Bicycle Clu b



The Pathway To Progress

ted test-tub es, s h a tt ere d ps, wan dering fruitfli es, appal•rs, and unexp ected explos ions a few of th e occurren ces that ep us on our to es in th e chal: progra ms our Science d e llt offe rs . However we soo n these bumps al ong th e road led over if we are to give rder to the intricate formulas, ·hy lab reports, an d th e mulfacts that p artially n chaotic world of ntered for a t leas t fifty h da}. Hopefully the p erill pay off an d it will lead der unders tand in g of th e d whys of science and even

Sally S. Stringfi e ld B.A., Wellesley College; M.A., Duke University Biology I


amuel W. T erry, Jr. <~ B.S., Arkansas A.M. and N. College Biology I; Varsity T enni s



William L. Bi shop, Jr. B.S. , University of Virginia General Ph ys ics; PSSC Ph ys ics; Ph otograph y Club


)tate Un iversity

Beverl y B. Otis B.S. , Madison College Biology I; Ecology Margare t P. F owler B.S. , Madison College; M.Ed. , University of Virginia Bi ology I


Experience A New World If you want some thin g different, take a fore ign language . You don ' t just learn a language but a whole new culture. F or beginners, th ere are th e h eadphon es for listening to di alogues and programs.You may feel like a Martian when wearing th ese but th ey accomplish their purpose. New lan guage books were thi s year's good news. Th e teach ers, of course, may hav e b een more excited than th e stud e nts. Years of t eaching from obsolete materials is oppressive even for the most good-humored teachers.

Joyce M. Ri ce B.A. , Madison College; M.A.T., Un iversity of Virginia; Univers ity of Messina Latin I,II ,IV; Latin Clu b; Majorettes

Valerie D . Lane B.A., Mary Washington College Spanish II ,III,I V; Spanish Club

Mary A. Led erman A.B. , Syracuse Universi ty; M.Ed. , Un iversity of Virginia French III ,IV,V; at:iona l H onor Society; French Club

Eugene E. Norton B.S ., Spring Hill College German I,II ,III; German Club; Senior Class Sponsor



n Brubaker

B rea College; M.A .T ., raduate School h II; Spanis h Clu b


University of Virgin ia; Univers ity of

Ju lie H . Crover A. B. , Immacul ata College; Universidad de Va lencia Spanis h 1,11; V. Cheerl eading; Spanish Club



Evelyn Brubaker B.A., Berea College; M.A .T., AntiochPu tn ey Graduate School panish II ; Spanish Club







Jo elle M. H obson A. B., Ches tnut Hill College; Certificat de Ia Sorbonne, Paris M.A .T., Univers ity of Virginia Fre nch I ,II ,III ; Drill T eam; French Club

Beverl y H . Jones B.A. , Washington Coll ege Fre nch I,II,III ; French Club; National Honor Society; Senior Class Sponsor; C.G.B. Represe ntativ e


The Fine Arts' Connection With Construction

Dav id A. Blanchard B.M.E. , Wes tminster Choir College Ch oru s I,II ; Music Theory; Juni or Class Sponsor

j ane Gallan t B.S ., Maca les ter College; M.A ., Uni versity of South Florida Library

Waldo E . j ohnson B.F.A. , Cath olic Universitv: Rutg ers Univ ersity Art 2, 3 , 4; Visual Arts Club

Beverl y Lecu ye r, Library Aid e





'o ry Goodall ., Un iversity of Virginia; Averette College 'brary

Th e renovati on program , started las t year and con tinuin g thr ou gh out thi s schoo l term, has been geared mostly to th e Fin e Arts department. L arge r an d better equipp ed rooms h ave been given to th e a rt , dram a and mu s i c clas ses and th e library. A n ew addition is b e in g finished to hou se th ese departments n ext to th e auditorium . Th e new art rooms will be behind th e auditorium so th at items may be rolle d onto th e stage. There will be dressing and storage rooms for th e act ors. And for th e band , rooms for classes a nd for pra cticin g will b e available. Th e Me dia C enter, form erly th e library, h as b een complete d on th e old library site. It contains research room s and a large area for readin g on th e low er level. On th e upp er level, th ere are conference room s, workroom s, and th e audio visual room.



Kath erin e C. Gardner B.F.A ., University of North Carolina; Tufts University; Boston Mus eum of Fine Arts; Univers ity of London Art 1, 2; Art C lu b

c:6 uc路 _:d-?

E . Marcia Dobbs .F .A., Drake Un iversity Drama; Albemarl e Playe rs; Thes pian Troupe 500; Autodram ati c Activiti es


Ken neth E. Moulton B.M ., Boston Un iversity; M.M.E., East Carolina Un iversity M.M.E. , East Carolina University Band 1, 2; Musi c Appreciati on; Band Club


Business Education strives to m eet the n eeds of business , th e worker, and society by integrated programs within a block of time . The block program increases student understanding of basic office concepts and fundamental principles applicable to various business fields. Co-operative office education is available for those students who wish to participate on the job. This program co-ordinates classroom study and on the job training. The office instruction is an extension of the classroom instruction.

Reba H . Sandell B.S., Madison College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Cle ri cal Typing II ; Steno Bl ock II; F.B.L.A. ]an ne tte S. Hunt B.A., Kearney State T eacher's College T yp ing l

New Block Programs

ancy G. Small B.S ., Madison College; M.S. , Old D ominion University General Business ; Cleri cal Accounting; F.B.L.A .


¡mulate Office Conditions



Bre nda J. Graves B.S. , Longwood College T yping 1; Ge neral Business; Drum Majorettes

.â&#x20AC;˘ Old Dominion University

I Accountin11:; F.B.L.A.

largare t W. Burruss B.S., Mary Washington College Typing 1; Data Process ing

Agnes ]. Anderson B.S., Montr ea t College Cle ri cal Typing I ; Ste no Block I; F.B.L.A.

berry Aylor B.S., Radford College Typing 1; General Business; J.V. Cheerleaders

Katharin e Hancock B.A ., Lynchburg College T yping 2; General Business


Learning by Doing


Vocational Training

There exis t eve r a l e du ca ti ona l programs h ere designed to give th e stud e nt mastery in a sp ecifi c marketabl e skill. With thi s, h e can b egin hi s career imm edia tely up on graduation , or t empo raril y en t er th e job market until h e can earn money for furth er e du ca ti on. Th e goal for Albemarle is for each stud e nt to be prepared for hi gh er educa ti on or for imm e di at e s kill ed j ob opp ortunities. Th e avai lab l e fields a r e h ome econ om ics, agri culture, and offi ce occ up a ti ons. Th e DECA , VICA, a nd ICT organization s furth er ad vance thi s goal.

j osep h R. Gil le nwater B.A., Emory and H e nry College; M.S. West Virginia I. C.T . I , II ; V.I.C.A.

niv ersity

D arrell C. Gardn er B.S. , Virginia Com monwealth Un iversity Distributi ve Education 2,3; D .E.C.A.

Jea nne F . Thompson B.A. Marshall University Consumer and H om emaking Education I , II , V; F.H.A.

Clarence M. Anderson B.S., University of D e laware; M .Ed ., University of Virginia Vocational Coord] nator


John H . Pleasa nts B.S., Wes t Virginia State Industri al Arts I , II; Woodworking


: Le Roy H. Smith B.S., Virginia Polytechni c Institute and State University :'\ lechanical Drawing; Industrial Arts I; Power Mechanics

Edwin 0. Ru ssell B.S ., Virginia Polytechni c In stitute and State Un iversity Agriculture 2,4; Natura l Resources Management; F.F.A.


~~\~ _)


Dorothy B. H arraway c.&.c~ B.S. , H ampto n In stitute H ome Economics I , II, IV; F.H .A.

Francis W. Bughan .B.S., Virginia State College; St. P<;t ul' s Coll ege uto Assistant

John H. Pleasants B.S ., Wes t Virginia State Industri al Arts I, II ; Woodworking

D elsie T. Han cock Registered Nurse; University of Virginia H ealth Assistant; V.I.C.A.


V. Ray Clark B.S., Eas t T e nn essee State Univ ersity Voca ti onal Guidan ce

Suzann e Mawyer B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University Di stributiv e Educati on I ,II ; DECA

Linda Lee Davis A.A., Averett College; B.A., Wes t H ampton College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Vocational English


James Lacey B.S. Un iversity of Virginia Basic 3; Track Coach Charl es de Kraft B.S ., Appalachi an State Univ ersity; Gardner We bb Coll ege Vocational Math ; Job Ori e ntation; Voca ti onal Guidan ce; Outdoor Club

tc I ,.

bb College

New Programs Prepare Students for the Future.


The Charlottesvi ll e-A lb emarle Technical Education Center is a new addition to the total educational program for the County of Alb e marle and the City of Charlottesville . The primary objectiv e of th e ce nter is to increase the potential of individuals through specialized trainin g in sa lab le ski ll s, thu s enhancing th e ir opportunity for e mployment in th e competitive labor mark et. Programs are designed for emp loyment after graduation from hi gh schoo l or for further educa ti on in institutions of higher learning.


Clevester Logan B.S., M.S., Virginia Polytechni c Institute and State University istant Principal

Bernard J. Snyder B.A., Salem College; M.Ed., Un iversity of Virgini a Guidance, Curriculum Jean L. Brown, Secre tary-Bookkeeper

J.idance; Outdoor Club

L ym an R. Corney B.S ., Virginia Pol ytechnic Institute and State Un iversity; M.Ed. , College of Willi am and Mary Prin cipal





Virgin ia H. Nowlin B.S. , Longwood Coll ege; M.Ed ., Un iversity of Virginia Data Process ing; .F.B.L.A.

George A. T eed Jr. B.S ., Madi son Coll ege; Danbury State College; University of Virgin ia Draftin g and D esign ; V.I.C.A.

Ru ssell P. Wood Virginia State College Auto Mechan ics; V.I.C.A.

Blain e E. Mcintyre Plumbing, H ea ting and Cooling; V.I.C.A.

Jani ce M. Evans Blue Ridge School of Nursing; Watson School of Hair Des ign; U. ofVa. School of Ed. ; Va. State College Cosme tology, V.l.C.A.


Jam es E. McDani el B.S ., Virginia State College Carp entry; V.I.C.A.


·Col •


With a Marketable Skill

lie n W. H e lmandollar U. of Notre Dame, Indiana State Welding; Machine Shop

ina Louise Estep B.S ., Eastern Mennonite Coll ege Co mm ercial Food Service; V.l.C.A .

and Cooling; V.l.C.A.

wiel tate College C.A.

Ruth G . Updike Registered Nurse, University of Virginia Practical Nursi ng; V.l.C.A., Nursing D ept. Sponsor

Hu gh N. Billhim er B.S., State Un iversity of New York at Buffalo; T echni cian's Dipl oma, Coyne El ectroni cs School El ectroni cs; V.l.C.A. P.M. Secti on Advisor; School Safety Commi ttee Chairman

Ke nn e th Lee Brown Pi edm ont Va. Community College Electricity; V.l.C.A .

Wi lliam H . Johnson B.S. , Tuskegee Institute Brick Masonry; V.l. C .A.




- -




Homecoming Weekend: A "Fantabulous" Pep Rally.


Varsity Cheerleaders proudly get th e ir corsages pinned.

" I got that feeling!"

J.V. Cheerleaders give th eir team support .


Victory! Victory! Victory!


p Rally . â&#x20AC;˘

. . . A Parade featuring floats requiring time and TLC



Rhoda Morton and Jacki e Terrell Varsity Bas ketball T eam.

Sen ior Memb ers of Girl's

Second Place: Th e Frenc h Club


First Place: The Spanish Club

Th ird Place: Concerned Black Youth Club

Honorable Menti on: Eurtan Club .


The Court- Composed of Girls Chosen for

Susan Hunt- Maid of H onor

Liana Solorzano- Homecoming Queen


Bonnie Cutright -

ty as


Senior Re presentative

Melissa Locher- Senior Representative

ub M upin -


Beauty as well as Personality.

'rls Chosen for

er -





-' enior Representative

Pat Lee -

Sherry Conway- Junior Re presentative

Senior Representative

Ruby Maupin -

Junior Representative

Lindsay Nelson- Sophomore Represe ntative

Sophomore Representative





~ -




. Enhanced by a Dance Through "The Enchanted Forest.''

The Lafl

Debbie Queen Li ana Solorzano an d he r escort , Mark Patterson.

" Party-time!

, ed and Al ex enjoy th e scenery, th e musi c, and th e company.



What do you m ean you don 't kn ow how to dan ce?

And th e crowd dances on.

anted Forest."

What The Lane Game Means To Me.



Spirit is what it' s ca ll e d .. . th e best City Slicker Day ever . . . Red and Blue D ay with th e best Pep-Rally of th e season . . . Then there was the game itself . . . "N, N -0 , N 0-T-H -I-N-G , that's w h at Lan e High means to me, nothing, absolutely nothing." Albemarle - 7 Lane - 0

D ebbi e D eane , Mr. Grey, and Kathy Thalmann "Party-time!

~", , ,. '




know how to da nce ?

John Nelms

Beth Stephenso n

Chip Berry

Tri-Captains: Mike Lewis, Bobby Albert, and Greg Barbour.


Powderpuff: Juniors Emerge As Victors! Sweatshirt cla d girls brave d and s urviv e d c hill y prac ti ces s o th ey might stomp th e ir opp on e nts wh e n th e m om e nt cam e. Wh e n it did fin all y arriv e, th e juni ors prove d vi ctori ous b y b eatin g b oth classes. ow th e ra in d ren ch e d fi e ld and mud e ncru sted legs and feet are hi story. Th e up comin g se ni or girls are th e team to b ea t.

Se ni or Pat Was hington run s for a TD .

Th e Se ni or huddl e .

Th e Juni ors gath er.



'You're A Good Man Charlie Browrt"




a TO.

The World War I Fl ying Ace- Snoopy.

Big- mouth e d Lu cy threatens poor Linus . OH GOSH! Wh o stole th e fl ag?

"You're A Good Man , Charlie Brown," directed by E. Marcia D obbs, was a n ew c h a ll enge for the Al b emarl e Players. Without th e use of traditi onal sets or plot, th e musical relied sole ly up on th e cas t of six . Th e s how was a n os ta lgi c exper i e nce. Schulz's subtle humor held th e audience captiv e throu g h th e final numb er, "Happiness." Th e choreograph y b y John Owen and sp ec ialeffects photography by Tom Math ews brou ght "C.B." tog e ther , creating a thoroughly d e lightful production. The play was also presente d at a special showing at H enley.

Look, I ca n run this show, Mea th ead! ow see here Charli e Brown ...

Students bring Honor to

Nationa l Merit Finalists , first row: Susa n Ru ssell , Yvonne Walle r. Second row: Cary Bran ch, David Me rkl e.

Cooperative Governing Board, first row: Mr. Monahan, Mark Patterson, Scott Cohen , ed D eets, Alan Hodge, Mr. And e rso n. Second row : Mrs. D eVri es , Thea Hurt , D emmie Coyner , Bes Fis her, Jack ie Maupin, Ms. Bate man . Third row: Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Broddus, Mr. E stes, Mrs. Logan , Mr. Van Fossen, Miss Brubaker, Mr. Goodwin.


Betty Grocker Hom emaker of Tomorrow Award: Mary Ann Thompson . Lo ca l Soroptimist Club Award: Me lody ightingale .

Girls' State Representatives: Nancy Rutland , Emily Graebner.


Boys' State Representatives : Craig Van de Castle, Cary Branch.


' ring Honor to


Co hen, Ned Deets , Alan


ae Coyner, J3es Fisher, Jackie

, :\Irs. Logan, Mr. Van Fossen,

Govern or's School Representatives: Susa n Ru ssell , Emil y Graebn er, Sung Wh a Hong .

Regional Band, first row: D oug Webbe r, Quinton Congdon, John Pe te rson, Eugene Hilbe rt. Second row: Chris Samuel, Je ff Wol路 frey, Joe Bunts, Ali ce Ave rette, Kare n Jam eson. Third row: Authur Busby, Ray Conway , Glen Adam s, Tim Ad ams. Not picture d: usan Smith, Bill Huber.

D .E.C.A. Dis trict Leadership Conference, first row: Mary Beth Zivic, Judy O' Mary, Barry Boggs, The resa Ste phe ns. Seco nd row: Cindy Hughes, Joan Roach , C laude Walto n, Dann y Ro ach , Tracy Bl a nk e nship , Linda Willi s, Carolyn Wood.

~ ~~;,::_-

...... .

.. 路..




presentatives: Craig Van de Castle,

State Forensics Con testants: Mark Patt erso n, Craig Van de Castl e.

District Fes tival Ch orus , sea ted : Candy White. Reclining: Chris Samuel. Standing: Me li ssa Loche r, He le n Short e ll , Paul Lancas ter, Jim Res p ess, Ke nn e th Coles, Bru ce Robin son. Not pict ured: Jim Ri chardso n, Peti e Hall.


Honor Graduates: 1974

Third: Susa n Ru ssell

Sixth (tie): Pam Sprouse


Val edi ct orian (tie): Emil y Graebn er

Sixth (tie): Steve Rungw erth

Val edi ctorian (tie): Sung Wh a H o ng

Eig hth (tie): David Me rk el


rth : D oug

ndr w

'Eighth (tie): D avid Merk el


Left to right: Tw elfth, Jan e Grinn e ll ; Fiftee nth, Ruth Judg e; T wentieth, Kl aus Ziock; Eleventh, D e nnis Peck; Sixtee nth, Be th Ste phe nson; Thirt eenth (tie), Gary Pas te rn ak, Larry H artman ; S eventeenth, Ann Sanfo rd; Eightee nth (tie), Nancy Rutl and , Craig Va n d e Castle.

Fourth: D oug Andre ws

Fifth: Mary Ann Th ompson

Te nth: Patti e Ham n er

Eigh th (tie): Kare n Jameso n


SCA SCA is a very prosperous school activity composed of homeroom r e presentatives, class officers, and a newly formed CGB. Seeking to improve the student voice in the school and trying to dissolve some of the apathy that had grown within SCA itself, the CGB worked to grant seniors new privileges and to give studen ts th e opportunity to hold dances after football games. It is hoped that student participation will b e greater in SCA activities next year. The following officers: M. Patterson , President; B. Fisher, Sec.-Treas.; C.G. Maupin , V. President; B. Huber, Reporter; and their sponsor, Ms. Bateman de se rve spec i al recognition for their wholehearted effort s put into the functioning of SCA.

S.C.A. , officers: C. G. Maupin , Vi ce presiden t ; Mrs . Ba te man , Sponsor; Bess Fischer , Sec retary-Treasurer; Mark Patt erson, Preside nt; Bill Huber; Reporter.

S.C.A.,juniors , first row: M. Stuart, V. Foster, S. Buchanan, D . Jones , D . Brown. Second row: B. Las ley, B. Word, C. Weary, J. Quasebarth , C. Hurt. Third row: E . Tull, N. Ke ndall, B. Huber, J. Maupin, C.


White. Fourth _row: R. Adams , T. Crenshaw, A. H odge, D . Corrigan , K. Seabrook. Fifth row: ]. Graham, B. Chisholm.

man, :sp o nsor; Bess Fis cher, â&#x20AC;˘ Rqorter.

S.C.A., sophomores, first row: S. Kauz lari ch, A. Coffman , D. Coyner, T. Hurt. Seco nd row: C. Car re ll , T. Hu gh es, M. Binn s. Third row: F. Ruiz , M. Lange, D . Winstead, L. H e nn essey, S . Co hen.


T. Crenshaw, A. Hodge, D. Corrigan, oam, B. Chisholm.

J. Terrell , S. Winter, A. La Ru e, I. Juui-Ni e lse n, M. Jac kso n, Ms. Bateman, Sponsor. Third Row: R. Ke nt, J. Pitts, D. Leake, J. Ri chardso n, M. Lewis , B. Bailey, M. Wolfe, M. Sandell, L. McVey.

.C.A., Seniors, first row: M. Cart er, B. Fisher, R. Golladay, T. Norcross, K. Thalmann, M. Nightinga le , H . Glasgow , N. Rutland. Seco nd row: C . Van de Castle, D . Merkel , R. Owen , P. Sprouse, L. Arbaugh,


Prism After being called The Highlight for years, the school newspaper received a new name: Prism! The Prism staff has been striving to create a new format. Alo~g with this new format , the staff tri ed to enrich the minds of th e students with coverage of community activities. Another new service of the Prism has been to keep the students informed on student government affairs. Offering their solutions to current problems , whether school or community oriented, the staff has attempted to bring across sincerity as well as objectivity in their opinions .

l Honor Society, first row: Hamner, M.L. Wolf, M. Tho mon , T. Mathews, B. Stephe C. an de Castle, J. Bate , C r; . Russell, B. Lind ey Prism, editors,first row: T . Goodman, Publici ty; T. orcross, Exchange; K. Thalmann, News; L. Wingfield, Typing. Second row: Mr. Hill, Sponsor; B. Curtight, Features; ]. Owe n, Layout; T. Haigh, Art; L. Ricciardelli, Editor-in-Chief. Third row: S. Van F ossen, Photography; L. Anderson, Ph otography; ]. Terrell , Business Manager; K. Kin g, Sports . Fourth r ow : R. Ow e n , Editoral .





Prism , staff, first row: M. Wolf, B. Tiglor, M. Pearce. Second row: N. Epstein, K. Brown, A. Cote, G. Ki ser. Third row: S. Claytor, S. Re nnolds, T. Bowen, S. Alle n.


quin, editors and staff, first 1 row: T . Haigh, C. an d e I C. immons, Publishing; . R1

, Exchange; K. Thalmann, News; L. rtight, Features; J. Owen, Layout; T. Van F ossen, Photography; L. Andering, Sp orts. Fourth row: R. Owen ,

Third row: S. Claytor, S. Rennolds,

ational Honor Society, first row: J. Huie, D . Deane, M. Nightingale, P. Hamn er, M.L. Wolf, M. Thompson, B. Cutright. Second row: C. Simmons, T. Mathews, B. Stephenson, P. Sprouse, K. Jameson, B. Drash, C. Van de Castle, J. Bates , C. Branch. Third row: Mrs. Jones, ponsor; S. Rus se ll , B. Lindsey, D. Merkel, L. Solorzano, E.

Graebn er, A. L~Ru e, S.W. Hong. Fourth row: D . Peck, S. Rungwerth , C. Berry, B. Cutright, D. Andre ws, T. Goodman, L. Ricciardelli, A. Echols, B. Fi e lds , M. Carter, T. Rennolds . Not Pi ctured: T. Quasebarth, S. Roge rs , J. Sandridge, A. Sanford, W. Snow, M. Walton.

Honor Society

The Honor Society is composed of a group of students who have exhibi ted sup erior qualities of leadership, character, scholarship and service. Students are nominated by a panel of teachers, reviewed by the entire faculty, and chosen according to their contributions to Albemarle . In the spring, parents are invited to an Honor Society Tea where n ew members are inducted into the society.


The Harl equin has essayed to incorporate the talent and the creativity of the student body and faculty into a fine arts magazine. It is hoped that th e magazine will be establishe d p ermanently and will gain more support from the school body. Special thanks go to th e English Department for it's aid and enthusiasm and th e Editors-in-Chief, Emily Graebner and Craig Van de Castle.

Harlequin, editors and staff, first row: B. Cutright, D . Merkel, M.L. Wolf, Literary; M. Thompson, N. Rutland, Publicity. Second row: T. Haigh, C. Van de Castle, Co-editor-in-Chief; R. Owen, M. Nightingale, S. Terhume, M. Ryder, Art. Third row: C. Simmons, Publishing; S. Russell , Circulation; E. Graebner, Co-editor-in-Chief



Peer Underclassmen, first row: R. Johnson, A. Colony, S. Claytor, P. Min or. Second row: D. Graff, B. Craig, V. Fo st e r , J . Moore, R.

Hantske , J. Tremblay, C. Jones, R. Comfort . Standing: D . Congdon.

The Peer is a continual strivance of patience, the efforts and contributions of many. The staff, which was larger this year, has attempted to produce a yearbook to suit the interests of many. With the guidance of sponsors, Mrs. Courtenay Stanley and Mrs . Virginia Barnett, the Peer staff has formulated what they believe to be a true representation of the 1973-74 school year.

Editors: Jane Huie, Me lody




, R. Com fort. Standing: D . Congdon .

Peer section editors, sitting: R. Morton, Circulation and Activities; B. Stephenson, Circulation and Activities. tanding: C. Simmons, Seniors and Underclassmen; T. Mathe ws, Photography; J. Bates , Clubs; J. Nelms , ports; S. Topper, Ads.

Choosing pi ctures are N . H ei lm an, A. Lu ck, Mrs. Stan ley, Sponsor; I. Juui-Ni else n, B. Smith and P. Dun ca n.

elody Nightingale.

Peer, seniors, first row: D. Deane, S. Hunt . Second row: K. Kindrick . Third row: L. Solorzano, J. Grinstead, A. Kni ght, B. Linds ey. Fourth row: L. Harri s, D. Jones, D . Garrison. Fifth row: R. Ke nt , A. Sanford, D . Robins on, A. Jaeger. Sixth row: B. Maxa, D . Thacker, M. Snyder.


French Club "Le Tour Eiffel" was the French Club's first undertaking of the year. The effort was successful as " Le Tour" placed second in the Homecoming Parade. Th e "Cercle" h e ld a tradional br ea d and ch eese meal, and was later in the year en tertained by Christmas skits written and perform e d by French IV and V stud e nts.

French, se niors, first row: L. Hartman , B. Cutright, M. Thompson, B. Stephenson, P. Sprouse, J. Howe, S. Ru ssell. Seco nd row: P. Hamn er, S. Taylor, K. Stahl, S. Martin, M. Wolf, C . Simmons, E. Graebner. Third row: T. Math ews, Ms. Jones, Sponsor; D . Brown, K. Hall, S. Nelson, Mrs. Lederman, Sponsor; P. deTerre, A. Echols, L. Ri cciard elli , R. Owe n, C. Van de Castle, D. Merke l, B. Harri s.

German Club

This year, with the aid of Herr Norton and club president, Tom Quasebarth, the members of the Ge rman club recreated th e German bi-plan e of yes ter yea r for the Homecoming parade and had a get together of connoisseurs at the Schnitzelhaus re staurant for a night of Sauerbraten and apple strudel. Speakers were also at club meetings to give th e me mb ers a better understanding of the Germanic culture.


French Club, underclassmen, first row: A. Hall, S. Hermansdorfer, H . Kupk e, N. Epstein, D . Dras h. Second row: P. Harmon, C. Winston, P. Null, K. Bain , C. Curme. Third row: R. Ru scher, J. MacLeod, K. Adams, L . Thorsey , M . Ke ll y, J. T ow n se nd . Fourth row: R. H a nt ske, K. Dulan ey, C. Bondurant, E. Cutitta. Fifth row: T. Bowe n, H . Run gwerth. Sixth row: V. F oster, B. Craig, N. Ke ndall , S. Hauser. Seve nth row: C. Ke iser, V. F ong, G. Goldstein, E. Solomon. Eighth row : S. Critze r, L. Meyers , K. Jackson, G. Madiso n, D. Madi son, J. Le wis. Nin eth row: P. Humphries, C. Carroll , S. Wingfield. Tenth row: M. Sedwick, N. Garnett , B. Via, N. Jagorem , L. Ogilvie, D . Slosse n. Eleve nth row: B. Chester, A. Averette, W. Stamp, C. McKeen, K. Wagner, M. Bain.

German Club, first row: M. Ryde r, K. Wright, D. Brown, S. H oltz . Second row: K. Kunkl e r, . H e ilman, J. Langman , J. Jones. Third ro w: K. Wade, K. Blank enbaker, D. Brown. Fourth row: A. Colony, P. Milks, S. McCann, S. Hudson. Fifth row: R. Conway, T. Haigh, S. Baggett, J. Ohman. Sixth r ow: J . Co tt en, M . L oc h e r , R. Langman , G. Wade. Seventh row: G. Welbon, R. Long, H. Shortell , G. Ru ssell. Eight h row: T . Kuder, T. Simpson, G. Harl ow. Nineth row: C. H olland, R. Kain, B. Harl ow. Te nth row: S. D e llin ger, G . Ki ser, A. McDermott. El eventh row: J. Alliso n, L. Lindamood , S. Rungwe rth , C. Leary. Twelfth row: B. Grimm, M. Waugaman.


Spanish Club

10mpson, B. Stephenson, P. Sprouse, J. tahJ, S. Martin, M. Wolf, C. Simmons, 1r ; D . Brown, K. Hall, S. Nelson, Mrs. li, R. Owen, C. Van de Castle, D . Mer-

panish, underclassmen, first row: C. McWilliams, R. Ward, E. Jon es, A. Hawks, K. Wad e, K. Clarity, P. Powe ll. Second row: J. Ru ssell , E. Batten, B. Houchins, D. Armstrong, D . Graff, K. Kane , J. Crowell, D . Phillips,]. Powell , I. Shiflett. Third row: J. Hutchinson, C. Wheeler, P. Compton, R. Sheridan, N. Bain, C. Riall , G. Spottswood. Fourth row: S. Jenkins, B. Starke, B. Pritchett, S. McVey, V. Merkel, D. Smith, K. Brown , C . Jon es.

In order to aid th e club members in gaining a greater insight of the Hispanic culture, the Spanish Club has invited speakers from the Hispanic nations. Also through the use of visual materials in the form of slides and films, the club ha s achieved its goals. Under th e direction of Miss Brubaker, Mrs. Crover, and Mrs. Lane, a trip to Washington, D .C . was planned. This trip was intended to serve as a cultural experience for the club.

of Herr Norton and club presimembers of the German club i-plane of yes tery ea r for the had a get together of connoistaurant for a night of Sauerpeakers were also at club rs a better understanding of


panish, seniors, front row: S. Batten, T. Plymire, M. Nightingale, J. Huie, M. O'Leary , S. Jones, S. Mondy, K. Thalmann. Back row: L. Wingfield, T. Norcross, R. Judge, P. Markwood, E. Terrell, D. Brown,

A. Luck , L. McVey, M. Carter, L. Soloranzo, D. Andrews, G. Pasternak, B. Lindsey, S.W. Hong.

Latin Club

路der, K. Wright, D. Brown , S. Holtz. man, J. Langman, J. Jones. Third row: Jwn. Fourth row: A. Colony, P. Milks , u: R. Conway, T. Haigh, S. Baggett, J. M. Locher , R. Langman , G. Wad e. g, H . Shortell, G. Ru ssell. Eighth row: ' 路 Nineth row: C. Holland, R. Kain , B. :r, G. Kiser, A. McDermott. Eleventh Rungwerth, C. Leary. Tw elfth row: B.

After years of being called "dead" the Latin Club has at last been reivedl Several club members attended the State Latin Convention in Roanoke. Everyone at the convention as aware of the Albemarle delegation after they placed in scholastic as we ll as in art contests. Other events were dinner at the Villa Capri-' and atten dance to the Classical Certamen. nd, as usual, the Latin banquet was held during Latin week. After making th is comback, it is hopeful this club will survive. Latin, first row: K. Kindri ck, J. Grinnell , D. Smith, C. Durrer. Second row: D. Deane, J. Wolfrey, R. Payne. Third row: B. Cutright, N. Ozerov.


Albemarle Players Thespians is an honorary society for the advancement of dramatic arts in secondary sc hools. This year, the Thespians , with the aid of the Alb e marle Pl ayers, celebrated the tenth anniversary of Thespian Troope 500 with a banquet. The Albemarl e Players w e re also quite busy with "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" , which was pre se nted in November. The Pla ye rs host other ac tivities in the Spring . These include a night of one act plays and a spring production.

Alb em arl e Play ers, underclassm en, fir st row: J. Res p ess, E. Sil ve rm a n, A. H odge, A. McDe rm ott, M. Amato, C. Leavy. Second row: G. Berry, H . Bazzarre, B. Word, N. D eets, B. Tignor, A. Colony, F. Root. Third row: D . Shiffi ett, S. Crider, S. Buchanan , C. Weary, P. Treal, T. Jones, J. Snyd er, L. Gibbs. Fourth row: R. Creasy, L. Williams, T . Friend, D . Huckstep, A. Coffman, L. Peelman , R. Adams, A. Dave nport, G. ArnholT. Fifth row: A. Di cki e, K. Bree n, C. King, C. Wolfe, R. Pe terso n, C. Norman .

Albemarle Play ers, se ni or s, first row: D . Leake, S. Smith, J. Owe n, V. Garrison . Second row: M. Jackson, S. McCann, B. Smith, K. Thalmann. Third row: K. Jam eso n , M. Loch e r, S. Pu ll en, S. Ta ylor, A. E chol s. Fourth row: T . Ewe ll , M. Wolfe, A. Cote, E. Graebne r, N. Rutland, M. Thomps on, M. Wolf, K. Stahl , J. Brochu. Fifth row: D. Merk e l, M. Garnett, B. Kl epach , M. Carter, E. Fi elds .


Thespians , first row: F . Rothacker, Mrs . Dobbs , Sponsor; M. Weeks. Second row: A. Dave nport, M. Amato, M. Locher, K. Stahl, D. Conkli n, J . Ow e n , T. Math e w s, Mrs . L e derman , Sponsor. T op, first row: M. Thompson, S. McCann, E. Graebner, V. Garrison, . D eets, M. Garnett, B. Klepach, B. Word. Top, second row, sitting: S. Smith, B. Leake , B. Fields , S. Pullen. Ladder: M. Wolf, J. Respe ss, N. Rutland , K. Thalmann.

, fir trow: B. H ub r, D . I

D. Garri on. Third ro : I B. Rial!.

:r, Mrs . Dobbs, Sponsor; M. Weeks. ato, M. Locher, K. Stahl, D . Conklin, ~ rman , Spon sor . Top, first row: M. er, V. Garrison , N. D eets, M. Garn ett, row, sitting: S. Smith, B. Leake, B. lif, J. Res p ess, N. Rutl and, K. Thai-


.. Chess, first row: J. Pape, S. Collins, D . Lee, J. Nelms, B. Dras h, D. Congdon, R. Comfort, B. Boring, G. H earn, D . Huff. Seco nd row: D . Garriso n, T . Buchanan, J. Wolfrey, B. Lasley, W. Huber, B. Maxa, J. Tremblay, B. Cochran, C. McClure, R. Peck, B. Rial!. Third row: K. Ziock, C. Burkhart, K. Crider, D. Vernmillion, C. Benjamin , D. Mawyer, T. Via, J. Davis, J. Baker, J. Cleme nts , T. Jay, J. Stephens , C. Tann er, A. Mosca, S. Wood.

Exhibiting th e qualities of tru e sportsmanship, th e Ches s Club competed in tournaments mat chin g th e masterminds of strat eg ica l sk ill and concentration. Coached by Mr. Dugan, all members attempted to improve their game and to s u cceed in making the Ch ess Team. Th e highlight of th e club 's activities was agreed to be the double-elmination tournament which took place during the school year. The person emerging as th e winner took top position in our rank of impres sive chess players.

Debate Team: David Merkel, Elizabeth Tull , Cary Branch, Craig Van de Castle, Cathy Simmons.

Debate Team

Chess Team, first row: B. Huber, D . Congdon, Second row: R. Comfort, B. Drash, D. Garrison. Third row: D. Lee, J. Tremblay, A. Mosca, C. Benjamin, B. Ri al!.

Last year, the Debate Team did extremely well in its first year of formal competition. The negative team won the District division , while the affirmative was runner-up. This year, the team has been invited to participate in serveral tournaments and hopes to better last year's record. The topic under discussion was "Resolved: that the federal government should guarantee a minimum annual income for each family unit." The successfulness of this team depended solely on the effort put forth by the Debate Team members .



Th e purpose of th e F e ll ows hip of C hri stian Athl e tes is to promote fa ir play, fe ll ows hip and sp ortsm an ship among th e athle tes at Alb emarl e . They rai se mon ey for variou s sp orts at Albemarle an d th ey are also require d to vo lu nteer their services with tw o comm unity an d sch ool projects which do not necessaril y have to b e relate d to athl e ti cs.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, kneeling: C. Pryor, R. Kelso, M. Pearce, L. McCaul ey, M. Granger, R. Pay ne, S. Mahone, D . Napier, R. Slosso n, G . H oward, R. H arris, M. Wawn er, T. Marshall , B. Albert, D . Co rri ga n, B. Abbott, L. Washington , G. Miller, D . C raddoc k, Sponsor; A. He nderso n. Second row: M. Wright, S. Cohe n, M. Faniino, B. Snyder, S. Shifflett , P. Compton, L. Ba in , A. Con ley, P .

Minor, D . Winstead , B. Mawyer, S. Craig, B. Word, T . Broade r, M. Wade, D. Wes t, B. Fi e lds, L. H a wkins, G. Barb our, Coach All e n, Sponsor; B. Branch, L. Churchman, G. Dav is, J. Dav is, J. T ow nse nd, D . Leake , J. Carkin , J. Chi sholm, C. Be rry, B. Atkinson , G. Hunt, J. Martin .


ed Bla ck Youth, Und erc . Johnson , L. Harris, row: T . Anderson ,

F.H . A. Th e Futur e H omema k e r s of America is a club that h e lps individuals in th e surrounding community to improv e th e ir family r e lation s a nd p e rsonal lives. This year som e of the members visited Bloomfi eld and have brightened th e day for th e childr e n th ere. Oth er members of th e c lub have ad opte d a family and h elp ed th e fami ly impr ove it s s urr o unding s. Through th ese an d other activiti es th e m emb e rs hav e gained und e rstanding of oth er p eople and th emselves.

Future Hom emakers of America, seated: E. Frankfort, C. McCauley, F . Losche lde r, K. Chapman. Standing : W. Shiffiett, P. Armstrong, Mrs . Harraway, Advisor, P. Martin, R. Mars h, A. Fitzgerald, S. Nap ie r, Mrs. Thompson, Advisor; C. Taylor.


ed Black Youth , Seniors, fir ro w: L. Jordon, B. Byrd, . 1

ote fair play, fellowship and lr various sports at Albemarle mmunity and school projects

. McCa uley, F. Losch elder, K. Chapvay, Advisor, P. Martin, R. Marsh , A.


Co ncer n ed Bla ck Y outh , Und ercla ss, fir s t row : R. Ma upin , F. Thomas , S. Johnson, L. Harris , W. Whit e, T. Robin son, C. Ragland. S eco nd row : T. Anderson , S. Agee, A. G o rd on , S. J ohn son , B.

Maupin. Third row: J. Barbour, S. Walle r, C. White, J. Maupin , J. Ste ppe, D. Smith, M. Swingl er, M. Parham , T. White .

Concerned Black

Youth The Concerned Black Youth strives to induce the knowledge of a proud heritage into the school sys tem and the community. The youths are urged to freely express their culture in dress, dance, and song. Improving the image of the black man in our society today is one of the club's main goals. The club engages in some activities in the community such as Black History Week and talent shows. The Concerned Black Youth hopes to gather more attention and members in the future.

Concerned Black Youth, Seniors , first row: C. Thompson, G. Howard, T. Bradley, Y. Waller. Second row: L. Jordon , B. Byrd, N. Thompson. Third row: L. Branch , R. Agee, M. Burton.



Monogram Club The Monogram Club was a new club start ed for th ose girls w h o are seriously and acti ve ly inte res ted in women 's athl e ti cs. Thi s club also tri e d to raised mon ey for th e sch ool's athl etic department by sponsor in g th e powderpuff game and th e s tud en tfacult y game. The members of th e club w ere restricted to those girls who hav e received a le tter from a sport or who have been ch eerleaders.

Motorcycle Club

Monogram , fir st row: G . Burt on, R. Morton, T. T odd , L. Smith. Seco nd row: D . Gra y, P. Thomas , P. Bull , R. Armistead , L. Rexrode. Third row: D. Mille r, H. Smith, C. Toms , P. Arm istead, L. Pettit , D. Sprouse, V. Hens ley.

Ever ridden a motorcycl e before? If th e reply is n egative th e n whoever said no is missing some fun . This two-wh eel machin e provides an irresistabl e escap e from th e h o-hum world of big cars. Th e members of th e Motorcycle Club try to promote the image of e ffici ency, safe ty and fun through various m eans. Thes e ways include learning techniqu es of riding an d planned trips through th e roads of Virginia.

Motorcycle Club , first ro w: M. Shiffiet, D. Critzer, C. Sandridge , D. Berry, B. Tirrell , B. Walker, W. Estes, J. Ri chardson . Second row: G. Hall, B. Clements, S. Brown, D . Shafer, P. Sawye r, M. Bell, R. Payne,


S. Costello, R. Crick e nburger. Th ird row: D. McDonald, P. Carpenter, P. Thomas, R. Bell , P. Shaver, K. Sheets , B. Carpe nte r, C. Campbell.


iness Leaders of Americ. , R. Maddox. Second ro w: I

路 by, C. Boatwright, T . Pa

p urpose of th e Bi c cl 路 m le. In these tim e oJ 1 i the most effecti c mping trips and d for road and tra k 1

cle Club , first row: C . b e1 , L. Engberson, R. Hange r, I etchl ey, N. D eets, A. Lan , ] 're, S. Wats on, J. Ratcliffe , J. I

F. B. L.A.


L Smith. Second row: D. Gray, P. iller, H . Smi th, C. T oms , P. Armis-

then wh oever said no is istable escap e from th e lub try to promote th e include learning

. T hird row: D. Mc D onald , P. CarShave r, K. Sheets, B. Carpe nter, C.

Future Business Leaders of America, first row: I. D ollins, C. Ba nton, D . Solomon, P. Shifl ett, W. Snow, R. Maddox. Seco nd row: P. Bain, C. Scru ggs, P. Shiffi ett, N. Joh nso n, D . Lamb. Third row: D. Kirby, C. Boatwri ght, T. Pay ne, L. Brown , W. Jones.

Th e FBLA strives to create more interes t and unde rstanding in th e intelli ge nt ch oice of a busin ess occcupati on. D eve loping ch aracte rs, trainin g m e mb ers to b e useful citizen s and fosterin g p atri otism are th e goals of th e FBLA . M e mb e rs a r e e n co ur ag e d to p articipate in worthy undertakings for th e improvem ent of busin ess and th e community. It's m e mb ers are involv ed in d eve lopin g th e m se lv es into individu a ls pre p are d for a futur e in th e busin ess world.

The purpose of th e Bicycl e Club is to advance th e sport and pleas ure of bicycling at Alb em arl e . In thes e tim es of h eart di sease, p ollution , and rati on e d gas, it is fe lt that th e bicycle is th e mo st effe ctive and in exp e nsive way of e ndin g all three. Along with ove rnight camping trips and w eekend riding, th e club has a rugg ed race training program de signe d for road and track racing.

Bic ycle C lub , fir st r ow: C . Ab e rl e , J . Respess, C. Hurlbut , B . Thomas, L. Engberso n, R. Hanger, D . Leake. Second row: B. Gentry, G. Sketchl ey, N. D ee ts, A. Lane, J. Quasebarth, I. Juul -Nie lsen, P. Pl ymire, S. Watso n, J. Ratcl iffe, J. Gregg, Mr. Ol daker, J.H . Ki n, C.



D eane, G. Hanso n. Third row: R. Wi ebe ], M. Snyder, P. Thompso n, C. Lane, J. Cronemeyer, R. Norve ll, K. Hasenfus, C. Tay lor, F. Root, S. Birkhead, C. Van de Castl e.


Outdoors, si tting: M. Walker, S. Wells, J. Hoy, R. Kent, D. Robinson, D . Thornley, S. Davi s S. Chronister. Second row: S. Hunt, L. Stembridge, L. Poole, T. Jones, P. Trail , C. Weary, C. Rea, J. Olson, A. Sterling, B. Clark, D. Coyner, J. Sowers, D. Echols, M. Arata, K. Gentry, L. e lson, R. Smith. Third row: C. Hurt, L. Jon es, J. Maupin, J.

Outdoors Club

Terrell, A. Jaeger, S. Nefos, P. Duncan, S. Buchanan, P. Bue hl er, M. Avery, G. Berry, N. Brown, M. Sandell, T. Ewell. Fourth row: D . Chronister, J. Topper, H . Jones, J. Snyder, P. Woodson, S. Kauz, L. Las ley, J. Pitts, J. Garrett, B. Thomas, L. Sprouse. Fifth row: B. Gentry, C. Ru sche r, B. Carriker.

Being a very large group this year, the Outdoors , Club, under the direction of Mr. Selden, was divide d into two sections. On e section was for those members whos e main interest was skiing. The other section was composed of hikers and th e like . This club , unlike the others, welcomed the participation of non-members throughout th e year. The activities included trips to sk i resorts in Virginia a nd nearby states, hiking a nd canoeing excursions.

Phot ography Club, firs t row: Ms. Be nn ett, spo nsor; . Mc D e rm ott, A. Farley , J . Moore. Second row: G. Honn, L. Rain ey, G . Jarman. Third row: S. Van Fossen, Mr. Bishop, spo nsor, N. Ozerov.

l chtus, first row: J. Brochu, T. T ay lor. Second row: P. Roach, B. Martin. Third row: M. Marlb y, Mrs. deVries, sponsor; A. Tann er, A. Hodge.

Photography Club


Working to improve th eir skills, the photography club has spent the year studying the te chniqu es for cap turin g emotions on film. With the aid of guest speakers, the members have been enriched in the art of picture taking and processing.

The Ichtus Club is composed of individuals who meet in order to grow in understanding of God and mankind. They have guest speakers and have made a donation of books to th e Media Center.


, first row sitting: C. Shea, S L. Holmes , T. Riffe, M. Col C. Fulcher, K. Montgomery, L ll, D. Deanne. Kn eeling: [ ey, S. Carson, D. Wolfrey,

Euratan Club

osse Club, first row: Mr. Titu , Robe rts , B. C hi sholm, P. Crawl ee ney, M. Steward.

, ~. Buchanan, P. Bue hl er, M. U, T. Ewell. Fourth row: D. nyder, P. Woodson, S. Kauz, L. , L. Sprouse. Fifth row: B. Gen-

whose main interest was This club , unli ke th e others, rear. The activities included od ca noei ng excursions .


Erutan, first row sitting: C. Shea, S. H earn. Seco nd row sitting: K. Pa yne L. H olm es, T. Riffe, M. Coleman , J. Brochu , S. Burrus, C. Kino , C. Fulcher, K. Montgomery, L. Fulcher, J. Charlton, M. Jones, J. Shotwe ll , D . D eanne. Kneeling: D. Shiffiet, L. Gibbs, B. Fischer, D. Kirksey, S. Carson, D . Wolfrey, S. Hunt , J. Grinstead, R. Golladay.



Standing, first row: S. Conway, J. Dunbar, S. Crider, J. Radcl iff, M . Hall , L. Garrett, A. Averette , B. Ch es ter , K. Kin g, D . Jones , P . Rousenbaum , K. McNulty, N. Drucker, K. Eways, A. Maupin. Last row, sta nding: K. Wyant , N. Ri opel , R. Seabrook , T . Grind e, A. Busby, E . Price, N. May, B. Towl er, J. Smith, T. Rainey.

Under the direction of Mr. Grey, the members of the Euratan Club (nature spelled in reve rse), worked toward making th e environm e nt more presentable and at the sam e tim e, the m emb e rs strive d to e njoy th e environment. In addition to having guest speakers, the club planned clean-up s in various places visual intere st and e njoyed numerous nature hikes.


Club The Lacrosse Club, under th e direction of Mr. Titus, is on e of the n ewer clubs. Th e purpo se of th e club is to generate intere st in the sport at Alb emarl e. This year, the club has b een busy raising mon ey for equipm ent and working on a sch e dule for aft er school games. A visit from University of Virginia Coach, Gl enn Thiel , furth er e ncouraged th e small but eager nucleus of Lacrosse e nthusiasts .

. Brochu, T. Taylor. Second row: P. 'hird row: M. Marlby, Mrs. deVri es, . Hodge.

ub is comp osed of individuals der to grow in understandin g kind. They h ave guest sp eaktde a donation of books to th e

Lacrosse Club, first row : Mr. Titus, sponsor; J. Macleod, C. Bonderant, M. Mill er. Seco nd row: T . Roberts, B. Chisholm, P. Crawford. Third row: B. Borch ers. Fourth row: G. H ew itt, J. Sweeney, M. Steward.



- -- --

V.I. C. A.



Teaching many studen ts practical skill s in trade and industrial edu cati on, V.I.C.A. attempts to give it's members alternatives to straightforward high sch oo l and co llege e ducation . In training programs , these stude nts learn trades such as brickmasonary and skills for jobs in th e h ealth fi e ld. These stude nts put forth wholehearted efforts in orde r to shape them selves into better individuals, self-suffi cient and re sponsible en oug路h to handle employment after graduation.

VICA,first row: D . Walker, P. Toet, S. Morris, J. Garver, M. Gilmer, P. McDani el. Second row: R. Ru sh, J. Shiffiett, W. Butler, S. Leath-

Guitar Club

ers , S. Bryant, P. Leake. Third row: A. Wood, W. Tay lor, R. Critz er, J. Harre ll , P. Shiffiette, E. Wood.

D. E. C. A.

of tici de1 the cor

. , itting: J. Roach, K. Von H, b ray. Second row: Mrs. Mawye T Thomas on, T. Gentry, K. Walton

This fr ee-spirited club is for anyon e who enjoys guitars. The meetings are workshops in folk, rock, soul, and country music. Novice musicians , accomplished artists and avid liste n ers come together to experime nt with new techniques and sound. Me mb ers share th ese various techniques learn ed during th e club m eetings and continuously experiment with n ew ones independe ntly. In its first year of ex isten ce, th e Guitar Club has b~en successful and the m embers hope for the club's long life .

ation, first row: S. Wil ey, D . B1 \ inne r. Third row: K. Kirkl and, 1

Guitar Club, first row: M. Andrews, S. Barrett, T. Hamm , S. Smith, B. Smith, . Rutland, L. Fi e lds, M. Armentrout. Seco nd row: R. Witt, C. Hunt , B. Holland, C. Branch, D. Merkel , B. Thom pson, W. Poindex ter, Mr. Cale, Sponsor. Third row: J. Webber, R. Berth old, J. Aker, R. Meadows, C. Johnson , M. Mitchell, V. Maupin, R. Wood, F . Miles .


Liberation Club

:ial education, V.I.C.A. igh school and college ) as brickmasonary and ~ hearted efforts in order respons ible enough to


. Wood, W. T ay lor, R. Critzer, J.

DECA , sitting: J. Roach , K. Von H erbulis, M. Davis , J. Webber, S. Mowbray. Second row: Mrs. Mawyer, Sponsor; T. Steve ns, K. Leake, T. Thomason, T. Ge ntry, K. Walton, R. Glasgow. Standing: R. Seal ,

M. Trunzo, F. Rawlin es, C. Walton, D. Puch, B. Murray, R. Layne, A. Seal, M. Staton, D . Bentley, J. Ramsey, E. Brown.

are workshops in folk, nd av id liste ners come these various techniith new ones indepenl and the members hope

. Rutland, L. Fields , M. Armentrout. W. Poindexter, Mr. Cal e, Sponsor. , V. Maupin, R. Wood, F. Miles.


D. E. C. A.

Encouragin g lead ers hip through marketing and distribution was on e of th e main goals of DECA. This was accomplished by on-th e-job and classroom training. Members participated in various school and comm unity projects. They also compe ted in leaders hip development contes ts on th e local and state leve l. Winners were ch osen on th e basis of th e ir con tributi ons to th e ir high school chapter and to th e community with which th ey come into contact .

Liberation, first row: S. Wil ey, D. Bush. Second row: S. Maine, J. Maupin, C. Jones , K. Winner. Third row: K. Kirkland, M. Sandell, J. Ri chardson, B. Bail ey, P. Lee, M. Le wis.


Liberation Club

The Libe ration Club, n ew thi s year, was formed to generate stud en t discuss ion on th e roles of women as defined by socie t y. Th e club ha s had speakers who attempt to broaden th e club members ' knowl edge of th ese roles.

DECA , 2 and 3 , fir s t row : L. Bowl es, K. Shiffl e tt , C . Pryor. Second row: P. Highlander, D. Riddl e, L. Willis , M. Zivic. Third row: K. Wood, G. Zapata, J. O' Mary, S. Sheler. Fourth row: G . Sprouse, V. Pace, A. Frank. Fifth row: R. Gibso n, D. Glasgow, R. Chri stmas. Sixth row: D. Roach, Mr. Gardn er, Sponsor.


- -- - - - - - - -

Science Club Under the guidance of Mr. Monfort, th e Sc ience Club delv e d into th e m a n y m ys t e ri es co ntain e d in th e world of science. Th ey u se d exp e rim e ntation and e valuation to solve problems that interes te d th e m . Outside of the club periods , the members worked on their various projects. The main goal concerning th ese proje ct s was to have the m presented at one of th e state science fair s.

Science Club, first row: L. Workman, D. Earle. Second row: D . Thacke r, B. Ratcliffe, K. McAffe, D . Dav is. Third row : J. T agge rt, W. Hunt, D . Porritt, Mr. Monfort, Sponsor.

d Cl ub , fir st row: S. Lawrenc or. Seco nd row: D. Mawyer, e tte r, J. Pe terson . Fourth row: I

Art Club

ology Club , first row: S. Hanco 路 L. Hardin , V. Morris, L. Hrica

Art Club, first row: J. Webber, T. Goodman , C. Via, H. Marks, R. Sprouse, T. Gibson. Second row: M. John son, L. Cockerille, C. Roberts, T . Trunzo, K. Corrigan, J. Riffe, D. Vander Linde, L. Bitt, R. Thom pson, A. Davis, B. Micham, R. Wag ner, K. Etheridge, K. Meeks, G . Bond, Mr. Johnson, Sponsor.

Art Club, sitting: L. Mills, D. Morri s. Seco nd row: T. Sklany, S. Bi sh op, A . Meredith, Miss Gardner, Sponsor. Third row: G. Bond, S. Morri s.


Art enhances one's ability to see and define things in our world with the many available materials. The art clubs of Albemarle High School have been very active this year. In previous years, the art club has been one group, but this year, th e club had to be split into two groups because of overwhelming interes t. In order to make Albemarle a better place in which to learn and work, the clubs have done paintings for the cafeteria, th e majority of the halls and th e n ew fine arts wing. In addition to this, the club helps in involving students in school activities such as painting scenery for various dances including the Junior-Senior prom . The club also has submitted various cover design s for the yearbook. The clubs participate in various art festivals and contes ts. Many m e mbers have won prizes in thes e contests on the local and state level. Much of the members' success can be attributed to the guidance given to them by their talented sponsors, Mr. Waldo John so n and Miss Katherin e Gardner.

, firs t row: B. Hurt, P. Maupin, . pradlin, B. Gibson, J. Frazi er,) . E

Band Club


Band Club , first row: S. Lawre nce , S. Critzer, E. Tu ll , B. Ba ll ard, ] . Ford , Mr. Mou lton, Sponsor. Seco nd row: D. Mawye r, C . Samuel , K. Jam eso n. Third row: M. Figgatt, K. Barber, B. Lassetter, ]. Peterson. Fourth row: F. Brown, M. Wolfe.

The Band Club is primarily an organizational structure with in th e ranks of the Band itse lf. Its function is to coordinate a ll the student activities associated with th e Albemarle Band. H aving bee n inactive for th e p as t two years, the m e mb e rs are pre se ntly reorganizing and planning th eir objectives for 1974-75 sch ool year. In additi o n , th e m e mbers sponsor fundraising drives for the purpose of sending the co ncert band on trips , to purchase new music sh eets and for repairing instruments.

Psychology Club

Psycholog y Club, first row: S. Hancock, L. Whitcomb, M. Brubeck. Seco nd row: R. Carver, G. Morris L. Hardin , V. Morris , L. Hrica, Spons or; C. Loving.

Psychology is th e science devoted to th e study of human behavior. The psycholog y club ex plored various levels of human behavior. It was concerned with the four major functions of behavior: description, understandin g, prediction, and control. The club members' knowledge, as revealed by th eir differe ntial studies, found th at th e goa l of e nhancing th e quality of hum an life can be, at leas t p artiall y, fulfilled through endeavoring to understand ourselves as we ll as oth ers .

rlarks, R. Sprouse, T. Gibson. Seco nd Corriga n, J. Riffe, D. Vander Linde, :. Etheridge, K. Meeks, G. Bond, Mr.

F. F. A.


things in our world with the High School have b een : club has been one group, but rups becau se of overwh elming r place in which to learn and cafeteria, th e majority of the â&#x20AC;˘ this, the club help s in involving scenery for various dances ;o has submitte d various cover tte in various art fe stival s and hese con tests on the local and 1 be attributed to th e guidance ..1r. Waldo Johnson a nd Mi ss

~ mar ie

~\\\t~tBS OFAH!II/tJ



Future Farm e rs of America is an intra-curricular activi ty of vocati onal agricu lture. Learning to conduct and participate profitabl y in meetings is a major objective of th e group. In addition, the group strives to foster a spirit of cooperation and to encourage financial and civic respon sibility among its members.

FFA,first row: B. Hurt, P. Maupin, S. Klapp , M. Hicks, D . Shifflett. Second row: M. Wingfield, D. Spradlin, B. Gibson, J. Frazier, ]. Bickel. On Tra ctor: M. Walton, R. Mayo.


r: M. Amato, S. Bagg tt,

, J. Brochu, A. Burru , 1

Dol n, M. Erick on, H. I C ood, R. Golladay, P. l n,

Concert Band : R. Adams , M. Adams, M. Amato, A. Avertee, K. Baber, M. Bain , . Bain, B. Ballard , S. Batte n, J. Berry, M. Binns, A. Bri e, J. Brown, L. Bryan t, J. Bunts, A. Bu sby , M. Butl e r, B. Ca rri cke r, B. Cheste r, S. Cohe n, A. Colony, A.M. Colony, Q. Congdon, R. Conway, J. Cotte n, P. Crawford, S. Crizer, C. Dav is, J. Evans, B. Fie lds, B. Figgatt, M. Figgatt, J. F ord , C . Gibs on , G . Good , C . Goodlo e, W. Gordon, T. Grinde , J. Hahn, T. Hardin g, S. Hearn, V. H e nsley, E. Hilbert, W. Huber, C . Hughes, C. Hurt, J. Hutchinso n, K. Jameson,


J. Jones, S.

] one , K.

D. Jones, T. Kim , K. King, T . Lange, W. Lass itter, S. Lawre nce, D . Lee, M. Mattby, D. Mawyer, V. McCaul ey; P. Merkin s, P. Murphy, D . Napi er, J. Peterson, J. Pitts, D. Porritt, W. Porritt, J. Quasebarth, L. Rainey, J. Res pess, T. Rey nolds, J. Ritchi e, R. Ru shi a, C. Samuel, M. Sedwick, T . Selde n, J. Rainsey, S. Smith, W. Stamp, J. Starke, M. Tull , J. Va cott, D. Ve rmilli on, S. Watso n, C. Webber, C. Wh eeler, D. Williams, G. Wi lliams, C. Wingfi eld, M. Wolfe, J. Wolfrey, R. Wood, B. Ward , E. Ward.

The concert band is an organization co mposed of many tale nted musicians. They prepare challenging music for two concerts and th e Distri ct V F es tival, where th e band competes for ratings. The beginning band, a " re serve group", .is mostly con cerned wi th individual improvement of skills and techniques of music. Under th e skillful dire ction th e Mr. Kenneth Moulton, both th e concert and beginning bands provide concerts for th e whole stude nt body during the year.

, 2nd period: S. Agee, B. T . Bradl ey, J. Brown, K. an , I. Flick, D. Grady, G. Hall , D . Howard, D. Hutchin on , ]. Lee , F . Losche lder, J. : H . Mundie, C. Ragland, M. R~ p on, T . Thurston, S. Wall er,

Beginning Band: R. Ah re nd, M. Arm e ntrout, S. Brow n, C. Burton, D. Cavanaugh, J. Clements, R. Cle me nts, L. D orman, C. Dunn, M. Durrette, M. Erickson, M. F orbes, J. Garrett, G . Gentry, G. Hall, 0. Harri s, T. Harri s, S. Kauzl ari ch, C. Leavy, 0 . McCullough, A. McDermott, G . Mol yn e ux , M. Morri s, S. Morri s, L. Morris , J. Payne, R.


Pe terson, C. Pugh, L. Rex rode, D. Rhodes, D. Shafer, J. Sheridan, D . Shorte ll , T. Steppe , K. Stout, W. Sudduth, J. Wright, H . Yancey, J. Yates, W. Johnson, T. Hunt; W. Hunt, R. Johnson, D . Huckste p, L. Anderson .


Concert Choir: M. Amato, S. Baggett, C. Barbour, S. Batten, D . Bralley, C. Branch, J. Brochu , A. Burruss, T . Carr, B. Chester, K. Coles, A. Conklin, C. Dolan, M. Erickson, H. Fitch, S. Fitch, A. Gardner, M. Garnett, M. Garwood, R. Golladay, P. Hall , T. Hamm , R. Hill , P. Hinton, M. Jackson , J. Jones , S. Jones, K. Konkl e , P. Lancas te r, L. Later,

M. Locher, R. Long, C. Loving, J. Martin, B. Maupin, C. McKeen, M. Mitchell, K. Montgomery, J. Paige, M. Patterson, P. Price, M. Pugh, B. Rees, J. Respess, J. Ri chardson, B. Robinson , C. Samuel, H . Short ell , E . T erre ll , C. Thompson, D . Tinsley, C. Vest, M. Walton, C. Wheeler, C. White.

Choir Mr. Blanchard's choruses have sung their way to success for a third year under his leadership, but the year was not without frustrations. Months of practice for the Annual Christmas Assembly were thwarted by Mother Nature and the consequent school closing. As if to compensate for our holiday loss, the chorus delivered a truly outstanding concert for us in the Spring.

. They prepare challenging 'or ratings . The beginning en t of skills and techniques of concert and beginning bands

Mixed Chorus , 1st period: A. Agee, F. Barbour, G. Barbour, R. Bolden, D . Brown, G. Brown, M. Brown , K. Burrus, M. Butl er, N. Coleman, M. Corbin, W. Dowell, D. Eubanks, A. Farley, W. Fisher, V. Garrison, R. Glasgow, W. Graves, A. Gray, R. Gray, K. Haynes , M. Henderson, J. Heslep, E. Holt, B. Hughes, J. Jackson, R. Jackson, A. Johnson, D. Jon es, R. Jones, R. Ke ithley, T. Lamb, ]. Mahone, M. Moneymaker, S. Moore, A. Morris, B. Morris, R. Norvelle, C. Powell , G. Powell , L. Price, D . Shiffiett, D . Smith, S. Swingler, J. Thomas, S. Thomas, N. Vest, F . Walker, S. Wallace, K. Walton, D . Woodson. Mix ed Chorus, 2nd period: S. Agee, B. Anderson, M. Barbour, R. Barbou r, M. Bell , J. Bishop, P. Brackett, T. Bradl ey, J. Brown, K. Carr, B. Carter, W. Carter, D. Critzer, A. Dillard, G. Dyer, D. Feggans, M. Flick, D . Grady, G. Hall , L. Hardin g, B. Henderson, E. Henderson, G. H erndon, G. Hewitt, D . Howard , D . Hutchinson, L. Johnson, P. Johnson , R. Johnson , D . Jones, J. Jordan, K. Kirtl ey, J. Lee, F. Loschelder, J. Louderback, C. Maupin, M. Moneymaker, E. Morris, S. Morris, H. Mundie, C. Ragland, M. Rexrode, K. Shiffiett, G. Steppe, F. Thomas, D . Thompson, T . Thompson, T. Thurston, S. Waller, C. Wolfe, D. Wolfrey .

. D. Rh odes , D . Shafer, J. Sheridan, D. W. Sudduth, J. Wright, H. Yancey, J. V. Hunt, R. Johnson, D . Huckstep, L.


A Victory over Lane Highlights a Gloomy Season

Coach Harri son d oe n

Varsity Football, first ro u;: J. Ri chard son , ]. Bates , B. Ba il ey, J. Chi sholm, j . Ca rlin , G. Barbour , M. Le wis, B. Alb ert , M. Sa nd e ll , L. Dowe ll , L. Ste mbrid ge, A. He nd erson . Seco nd ro w: D. Leake, J. All en , R. Sm ith , L. Whitcomb , J. Alle n , G. Howard , R. Conl ey, J. Nelms, B. Fi e lds , J. Ritchi e, J. Gil b ert. Third row: D. Pu ll e n, L. Cockrum , S. Von He rbuli s, S. Mah one, M. Mill e r, S. Swingle r, D.

Why h as our Varsity foo tball tea m been h avin g troubl e winning ga m es? Was it becaus e th e n e ws m e di a op e nly predicted that th e team was to be th e leading conte nd e r for th e 1973 Commonwealth District Title? Was it b eca u se th ey we r e ove rpr e par e d or were th ey und e rpre pare d? Th ese are ju st part of th e e ndl ess li st of ques tion s asked b y everyon e in cludin g th e footb all p layers and th e coach es. Asked why th e team did poorl y, a football p laye r a n swe r ed , " I think what th e team n eed s is th e sp irit of togeth e rn ess and th e w ill to win th e gam e . A lot of gu ys h ere hav e th e skill but th ey lack thi s sp irit. If you really love to play football, th e n you 're goin g t o dedicate yo ur tim e in practicing and puttin g yo ur who l e h ear t and m in d into th e game." In th e las t gam e of th e season , th e team finally got th e m se lves tog e th e r. The tea m really put th e ir minds into th e game; th ey kn ew th ey had to win and th e y did . Th ey beat Lan e! Nex t seaso n , hop efull y, our t eam will h ave th e sp irit th ey h ad at th e last game a nd th e skill to mak e a goo d w innin g team.


Shiffi e tte, M. Fi gga tt, B. Gibs on, D. E chol s, J. T ownse nd. Fourth row: B. Carrik er, j . Bi cke l, M. Reed , G. Wad e, B. Ballard , K. Hase nfu s, R. Gra y, P. Min or, D. Brown. Fifth ro w: M. Wade , D. Rhod es , j. F ord , M. Warn e r, M. Durre tte, M. Mitche ll , S. Rawli ngs, T. Cre nshaw, C. L. Vest, L. Churchman. Sixt h row: R. Gard ner, T. Mah one, T . W. Marshall, R. Brown , M. Wright, B. Abbot, B. Tirre ll , B. Ross er.

Bill Bail ey hands ofT to ma nagers and tra in ers: B. Rate , D. Conkli n.

Ri chard so n and Gi lbert close in on th e runn er.

rty Season

. <

Coach Harris on doesn't look too happy.

J. T ownse nd . Fourth , C. Wade, B. Ba llard , K. Hase na. Fifth row: ~I. Wade, D . Rh od es , J. M. ~litchell, S. Rawli ngs , T. C re n. Si:cth row: R. Gardne r, T. Mahone, rit:ht, B. Abbot, B. Tirre ll , B. Rosse r.

n, D. Echols,

n th e runn er.

Coach Arbaugh shouts instru cti ons.


James Wood


Albemarl e



15- 21





Bill Bail ey ha nds off to Larry Churchman. Albemarl e

14 - 19

James Monroe

Our managers and train ers: B. Ratcliffe, T. Abb ot, B. Kl epach , B. Word , D. Conk li n. Albema rl e

Albemarl e


15- 20

Albemarl e

0- 18-

Albe marl e

15 - 3 1


7- 0

Garfi e ld


Woodb ridge




That's a p re tty small hole for Art to be squeezing through.

Lewis sti cks Johnso n just as promis ed.

Greg Barb our juggles th e ball but makes th e ca tch .


A las t seco nd re lease b y Bail ey.

Le wi s and Reed ge t to 1inor.

It's as easy as takin g ca ndy from a baby!

Jeff Chisolm gets ready


.s easy as taking cand y from a baby!

Vi ctory! How sweet it is!!

Bill Ba il ey keeps th e ball.

Je ff Chisolm ge ts read y to boot anoth er one .


Jayvees Raml

Mike Sande ll tri es for extra yardage.

Le igh Stembridge ca tches a tough toun chdown pass .

Art H e nd e rson turn s upfi eld.


. Footba ll, kneeling: M. Bab r , ite, S. Wells, T. Maxa, G. H arl Cavana ugh, W. Dowe ll , ]. Brown, J ord. Third row: B. Atkinson, Mr. H , . Wright, C. Corrse, D. V in elden, coach .


0- 2


7. 14


20- 0

18- 0

Coach Beamer gives Mike Wright some advi ce.

The defense closes in on th e Hand ley runn er.


Jayvees Ramble Through Rough Season


ough tounchdo wn pass .

ms upfie ld.

}. V . Fo otball, kneeling: M. Baber , T. F elker, G. Johnson, M. Wood , M. F antin o, R. Pay ne, R. White, S. Well s, T. Maxa, G. Harl ow. Second row: B. Ratcliffe , B. Gardn er, M. Carson , D . Cavanaugh , W. D owe ll, J. Brown , J. Watt, C. H oward , D . Howard , R. Whiting, J. Sullivan, B. Word. Third row: B. Atkinson, Mr. Flint, coach ; V. Maupin , S. Cohe n, F . Mil es, B. Eas tee n, J. Haas, S. Wright, C. Corrse, D. Winstead , D. Bates, M. Stuart, L. H enn essy, H . H enderson, Mr. Selden, coach.


0- 2

R.E. Lee


7- 14


Th e season was a tough on e for Mr. Se ld e n 's jayv ees . Th e offe n se, with L es H e nn essey, Ri c k y Whiting , Tomm y F e lk e r a nd D e lano Cavan au gh leadin g th e way , got off to a s low start. In th e second h alf of th e seaso n , th ey improv ed con sid e rabl y, but it w as th e d e fe n se's con sist e nt , g ood efforts th at ch eered th e fan s and con so le d th e coach es. L e d b y su ch stalwarts as Scott C oh e n , Bill Atkinson , Ve rn on Ma upin and Tim Maxa, th e d efe nse did th e ms elv es proud. Th e 2 - 4 record is d e ce ivin g b ecause it can not show how close all th e gam es we re. No oppon e nt e v e r b ea t th e t ea m b y mor e th a n on e t ou chd ow n , but s u ch truth s are unknown or forgotte n and th e sta ti sti cs re ma in. Th e tw o win s ove r our cross town ri val is not apt to be forg otte n so eas il y. F or th e seco nd y ear in a row , L a n e h as fa il e d to scor e against th e t ea m . It l o ok s as though th e re ar e som e impr es siv e prosp e cts for n e xt year' s varsity team.

Ooh l That was close !

the H andl ey runn er.


Albemarle Rooters Earn Respect Now th a t the y a r e mor e familiar with th e European style of playing, th e team tes t ed th emselv es with what was probabl y th e tou gh es t sch edul e in th e state. Th e players improved their skills trem en dou sly from las t season. And in th e eyes of Coach Hri ca, th e team was th e best squad this schoo l ha s had , although th e 4-9 record doesn ' t show it. In four of th e ir games, th e hooters , could not outscore th e ir high class oppon ets in a ra ce against th e clock. The team simply was unabl e t o prevent th e ir opponents from scorin g the decisive goals. An outgoing m ember of th e socce r team conclud e d hi s career with thi s sentiment, " We feel th at althou gh our season was not as su ccessful as expected th e soccer program has 'turned th e corner' and is on its way to becoming a major sport h ere ."

Socce r, Kneeling: S. Snow, W. Estes, R. Owe n, C. Van de Castle, M. Reed , R. Golladay, S. Wood, P. Crawford, C. Hurt. Standing: D. T horn ley, C. Benjamin, B. Borch ers, J. Thacker, M. Snyder, A. Powell , D . Amdre ws, T . Se lde n, D. Minter, T. Ryalls.

Charlie Hurt e

Coach Hrica grimaces after a near miss .

Bobby Borchers prepares to defend hi s goal.


Craig Van de Castle in a<

le Castle, M. Reed , R. Go lladay, S.

mj:lmin, B. Borchers,

Charli e Hurt exhibits good ball control.

Dale Minter watches th e acti on.

J. Thacker, M.


T om Se ldon and Warren Estes try to decide who's going to ki ck it.

to defe nd his goal.

Craig Van de Castl e in action.

D oug Andrews fo ll ows th e fli ght of th e ball.


Cross Country

Bob by Borchers makes th e save.

Albema rl e

Randy Go lladay takes th e free ki ck.

Cro s Co untry , first row: . Ep tein Davis, R. Peck, B. F iggatt, R. V illian

H oly Cross

Albemar e

We jump out at th e

Charli e H urt passes to T om Se lde n.


Cross Country Enjoys a 6 - 5 Season


::olladay takes th e free kick .

Cross Country , first row: N. Epstein, D. Peck, P. Bain , D. Moyer,]. Saunders. Second row: R. D av is, R. Pec k, B. Fi ggatt, R. Wi lliams , F . Root, D . Napier.

Th e sport n o on e pays a tte nti on to is Cross Country. The h arr i e rs sp en d hour s of runnin g a nd running a nd runnin g over th e sam e sp ecifi ed route . Dull , isn't it ? H owever, it d e m a nd s sta min a from th e runners. To th ese p eople, cross country is very rewarding since it is really a tes t of e ndurance for th emselves. Coached by Mr. Hard y an d Mr. Oldaker, th e harri ers boas t ed a ni ce 6 - 5 season. La s t yea r's Most Va lu abl e Runn e r , J eff Saunders has improved him se lf and was ou tstanding this season. Oth e r outstanding runners include d senior Rob e rt Willi am s a nd junior D ave Moyer. Wi th th ese runners in th e lead, th e t ea m earn e d a trip to th e district m eet. Cross coun try is not dull. It is more of a n indi v idual sport rath e r than a team sp ort.

We jump ou t at the start agains t Lane.

passes to Tom Se lden.

Bret gives a teammate final instructi ons.

Moyer warms up.


G.A.A. Cheerleaders, Majorettes, and

Drill Team M l

G A .A . Cheerleaders ,first row: L . \ c Bri ne, D. Coyner, J. Shotwell , K. Dul

Drill Team, first row: ]. Ratcliffe, M. H all , B. Reese. Second row, . Ri opel, K. Thalman . Third row, K. Adams, C. White, A. Davenport, Fourth row, N. Kendall , M. Carter, S. H earn. Fifth row, L. Garrett, K. Seabrook, S. Conway. Sixth row, T. Dunbar, C. Shea. Seventh row, S. Crider, K. Wyant, V. Fos ter.

Nancy Ri opel dances to the m usic.

The drill team p rf The G.A.A. Cheerl

The G.A.A. Cheerleaders run thru a cheer.


Cheryl Fulcher entertains the crowd.

Drill Team Members Create Excitement.

[ajorettes, and


G.A.A . Cheerleaders,first row: L. Word, J. Townsend, N. Drucker, L. Workman, Second row, K. Brine, D . Coyner, J. Shotwell , K. Dulaney.

Maj orettes, first row: C. Fulcher, K. Roberts. Second row : W. F erguso n, K. Hanes, M. Sutherland. Third r ow : L . Garnett, D. Sprou se, R. Arhe nd.

el dances to the music.

The drill team perform s at half tim e of the football game.

The G.A.A. Cheerleaders give a "V" for victory.

her entertains the crowd.

Kathy Roberts gives a twirl.


[(aplan's Cagers Have Successful Season

Rob in dribbl es while DE

Girl's Basketball, kneeling: R. Morton , D. Terrell, Mrs. Kaplan, coach ; L. Washington, J. T errell. Standing: L. P ettit, T. Armistead, G . Burton . On ropes: D . Sprouse, R. Arm istead, P . Bull, T . T odd.

Th e Gir.l' s Vars ity Bask e tball team had anoth er su cess ful season , proven by their record of 14 wins a nd 4 l osses. Two di sappointing losses to Lan e cam e late in th e seaso n , th e latt e r sq u e l c hing th e ir ch an ces to attend th e distri ct playoffs. Paula Bull, leadin g scorer with 20 points p er game, Robin Armistead, second le ading scorer, and D ebbie T errell's te nacious d efen se sh ou ld provide a goo d nucleu s for n ex t year's team . H owever, th e leadership of seniors Rhoda Morton and Jacki e T errell will be mi ssed .

Paula and D ebbi e watch Rho

Rh oda grimaces as she trys for a rebound.

Paul a shows her dribblin g form aga inst Lane.

The re f points out



1 Season










Albemarl e



41-32 53-29



Turner Ashby



46-48 Robin dribbles wh il e D ebbie waits to help.

â&#x20AC;˘n, J. Terrell. Standing: L. Pettit, T.






Lee, High







Albe marle


Turn er Ashby

Paula and D ebbi e watch Rh oda's de fe nsive tacti cs .

Robin grabs a rebound as Rhoda adds support.

ws her dribbling form against Lane.

Th e ref points out the culprit.


Jayvees Shoot To a 9 - 3 Season

Kathy Blake can reall y dribble th at ball.

]. V. Cheerleac

Girls' }. V. Baske tball , kneeling: L. Smith , C. T oms, K. Blake, G. F aulkn er. Standing: Li sa Rexrode, T. Bowen, J. Marsha ll , K. Brow n, N. Funk, Lori Rex rod e.

Albemarl e



Albemarl e



Albemarl e



Albe marl e



Albemarl e


Jack Jouett


Jane do es a d oubl e take at th e re f 's call.


C. Bondurant,

J. Charlton, A.

]. V. Cheerleaders Support Soccer Team.


C. Faulkner. Standing: Lisa Rexrode ,


C. Bondurant, J. Charlton, A. Rennolds, P. Hanaman, S. Nefos.

JV Cheerleaders whoop it up !


~ ~. I
















Jack Jouett


The girls ch eer on the soccer team.




Turner Ashby Ann's got that b eat.


Varsity Cheerleaders Promote Spirit

D ebbi e Phillips, Tri cia Jones, Lisa Poole, Pam Sprouse, co-h ead; Ann Sandford , head; D ebbie Deane, Kare n Payne, Judith Currin , Pam Trail.

T ricia leads our


The pe rfect form clap as illustrated by Karen Pay ne.

Pam Sprouse leads a round of cheers at the bonfir e.


Ope n ni ce and wide, Ann e.

D bbie D eane with th e enior


o Payne, Judith Currin, Pam Trail.

le n nice and wide, Ann e .

Tricia leads our m en on.

D e bbi e D ea ne with th e Senior battle cry.

" Atta baby Pam , that' s th e way to look wide awake."

The che erl ead ers applaude as the coach es walk in.


]. V. Basketball

Cagers lose mâ&#x20AC;˘

j.V. Ba sketball , first row: Miche lle Fu lton, Mana ger; D. Bates, R. Meadows, M. Johnso n, C. Johnso n, Brooke Di cki e, Manag er. Seco nd row: V. Maupin, R. Wh iti ng, L. And erson. Third row : B. Castee n, E. Ande rson , K. Carson.

Albemarl e


James Monroe

















Albemarl e




Albemarl e



35 OT



James Wood




La ne


Albemarl e




Albemarl e


James Monroe


Albemarl e


James Wood


Albemarl e




Albemarl e


















Hand ley


Albemarl e










Matt Johnso n fl oa ts in for a snowbird.

Assistant Coach Morga n and Head Coach Dave Hill. Mik e Mitchell antagoni zes this La ne player.

Ba ketball team, first ro w: C. Pryo len, S. Swingler, J. Martin , E . ill Brown.

Unde r the guidance of nt co ac h , Fr a nki e Allen , th tarted off the year with a b ut finished with a di h ll-10 record. It seem ed a tb p eked sch edule with num 1 cellations took its toll. A " a ms , th e P atri ot s won th home games, taking 8 of 9 (i in a row), but only w on 3 t on the ro a d . T wo ver y bi J hou ld b e made: first , our ca n ver out of any ball gam , 1 3 points or less; and secont the final stretch of th e ea 0 11 ing the tournament, we wer he se rvi ces of our co- capt Be rry, du e to an an kl e inju ' a alw ays near th e leader i1 n d r e boundin g while er "coach" on th e court. Co-capt Barbour was th e team' s leadi1 ' hile Jerry Martin led th e t bo unding. Th ese thr ee g u: ' ith th e r es t of th e seni or orely missed n ext year. Looking ahead, th e Patri ot le d by a ll-di stri ct candida ! Corri gan, and th e hot- sh ooti Haw kin s. Ev e r-d e p endabl wi ngl e r will b e join ed t Cre nshaw and Elvin Willi a1 wi th Bill Abbott a nd som e prospects to round out th e ' 74 ity basketball team .

Cagers lose many at the wire

Boats in fo r a snowb ird.

ead Coach Dave Hill. ; this La ne player.

Bas ketball team, first row: C. Pryor, D. Corrigan , T. Crenshaw, W. Abbott, B. Johnso n, J. Saunders. Second row: Coach All en, S. Swing ler, J. Ma rti n, E. Williams , L. Hawk ins; Co-captains Greg Barbou r, Chi p Berry, J. Kauzlari ch, Ass istant coach Brown.

Und e r th e g uida n ce of n e w h ea d coac h , Fr a nki e All e n , th e P a tri ot s started off th e year w ith a big b ang, but fini s h e d w ith a di s h eart e nin g 11-10 record. It seem ed as th ough th e p acked sch edule with num erou s cancellation s too k its toll. As with m os t tea m s, th e Pa tri ot s w o n th e bulk of hom e gam es, taking 8 of 9 (including 8 in a row), but only won 3 out of 12 o n th e r oa d. T wo v e r y bi g p oint s should b e m ad e : first, our cagers were never out of any b all gam e, los ing six b y 3 p oints or less ; and seco nd, durin g th e fin al stretch of th e season , including th e tournam e nt, we were without th e se rvices of our co-captain , C hip Be rry, du e to a n a nkl e injury. Chip was always n ear th e leade rs in scorin g and r e b o undin g whil e se r vin g as a "coach" on th e court. C o-capta in Greg Barb our was th e team's leading scorer whil e Je rry Martin le d the team in reb oundin g. Th ese thr ee g u ys a l o n g with th e r es t of th e se ni or s w ill b e sore ly mi ssed n ext year. L ooking ah ead , th e Patri ots w ill b e l e d b y a ll-di stri ct ca ndid a t e ; D ave C orri gan , and th e h ot- sh ooting L eo n Hawkin s . E ve r-d e p e nd a bl e St e v e Swin gl e r w ill b e j o in e d b y T o dd Cren sh a w and El vin Willi am s al ong with Bill Abb ott a nd so m e fin e JV pros p ects to round out th e '74-'75 Varsity bas ke tball team .


James Monroe


Al bemarle


Fauq uier






Ha ndl ey


Albemarl e


Albema rl e




Albemarl e


Gar-Fi eld





46 48

Albemarl e


James Woo d

Albe marl e




Albe marl e




Albemarl e


James Monroe








Albema rl e




Al bemarl e




Al bemarl e




Albemarl e




Albemarl e


Hand ley




Gar- Fie ld


Albemarl e





James Monroe



Coach Alle n talks stra tegy.

Tournament: Albemarl e


Leon shoots a jumper.

Greg and Chip apply the press .

Steve Swingler at th e foul line.


Chip makes the in-bounds pass.

Je rry Martin lay in h

H ead coach Franki e All en


be pres~.

kes th e in-bounds pass.

Je rry Martin lays in tw o aga inst Monroe.

Head coach Fran ki e Allen and Assistant coach Jamie Brown.

Managers Jo Shotwell and Kelly McNu lty.

Leon trys to steal th e ball away from a Lane player.


Chip Berry trys a reve rse layup aga inst Lane .

Je rry goes up for a jump sh ot.

Greg goes up to shoot


D avid Corri ga n sh ows hi s sh ooting form .

Steve tap s the ball in for two.


Steve trys to find th e op

ap tor a jump shot.

h e ball in for two.

Greg goes up to shoot as Dave and Steve look on.

Steve trys to find th e ope n man.

The coaches get some spirit fl owing.

Chip puts in two of his points against La ne.



Patriot Thinclads bring home State

Tra ck Team, first row: Coach Craddock, J. Alle n, S. McVey, G. H oward, J. Pitts , R. Williams , L. D owell , G. Davi s, J. Gardner, B. Albert, R. Brown , R. Harri s. Seco nd row: D . Peck, R. Slosson, B. Carriker, R. Powe ll , D. Cavanaugh, F. Jose phs, J. Bates, K. Burru ss, A. Hende rso n, L. Churchman, C. Ves t, Coach Oldaker. Third Row: J. Bin gler, J. Konkl e r, F . Roo t, T. F e lk e r, M. Grange r, S.

Co hen, D . apier, M. Wright , L . Bran ch, S. Darcus, T. Se ld on , Coach H ard y. Fourth r ow: R. Con ley , M. Wad e , M. Reed , R. Payn e , D . Ma ye r, D. Iv ory , B. Ma wy er, M. Durr e tt e, F . Mil es. Fifth row: D . D~tTSh , B. Figgatt, P. Thomas, H . Yancey, D . Winstead , C. Wood , B.B. Gregg, E . Hilbert , R. Dav is, F. Ruiz .

Coach Dennis Craddock's indoor track team brought our school its first state championship in any sport since the school's advance to AAA statu s. For th e 50 plus young m en on thi s squad, this has to be a great honor. It should also be pointed out th at along with winning th e state, th ey brought hom e th e regional and district champion ship s as well. The ir fourth straight unde feate d season in Commonwealth District should not be overlooked either. The six captains , elected by the team members, were: Bobby Albert, weightmen; Johnn y Allen and Robert Williams, distance men ; Gary Howard, jumpers; Ronnie Harris and Lee Dowell , sprinters. Dowell , Harris , Gardner, and Howard were chosen for All-American honors . Our mile-relay team made up of Jimmy Pitts , Kelvin Burruss, Dowell and Harris own the fastest time in th e nation this year for that event. The only encore for this team would be to win the state outdoors championship. With these fine athletes, th ey could do it!!

Jimm y Pitts clears th e hi gh jump bar wi th ease.

Johnn y Allen runs th e mil e.


Ronni e Harri s crosses th e fini h I



Bobby Albe rt shows region- winn

1-g home State


Lee D owell and Ronni e Harri s fini sh one-two .

•. Branch, S. D arcu s, T. Se ld on ,

Conley, M. Wade, M. Reed , R. awyer, M. Durrette, F. Mil es.

P. Thomas, H . Yancey, D . Winslbert, R. Davis , F . Ruiz.

Ronnie Harri s crosses th e fini sh li ne for anoth e r win .

Denn is Crad do c k's indo or brough t our sch ool its first npionship in any sport sin ce ,rs adva n ce to AAA statu s. )0 plus yo ung m en on thi s is bas to be a great honor. It o be pointed out that along 11ing the state, th ey brought regional an d di stri ct champwel l. Their fourth straight •d season in Commonwealth hould not be overlooked be six capta ins , e lecte d b y mem bers, were: Bobb y Alhtmen; Johnn y Allen and 'illiams, distance men; Gary ju mpers; Ronnie Harris and ·ell, sprinte rs. Dowell, Harner, an d Howard were cho<\11-Ame rican honors. Our .y tea m made up of Jimm y lvin Burruss, Dowell and m the fastest tim e in th e natear for that event. ly encore for thi s team would 1 the state outdoors champNi th th ese fine athletes , th ey it!! 1

Steve McVey push es off aft er clea ring th e bar.

Bobby Albert shows region-winning shot put form.

Kelvin Burrus hands off the b aton during a relay.


No. 10- Do Not Fold,

Spindle or


D emm ie Coyn e r , Presiden t.

Scott Coh e n , C.G. B. Represen ta tive

Th ea Hurt, C.G. B . R e prese ntativ e


Chris Aberl e Karen Adams Joyce Adock Sharon Agee Rob in Ahrend John Ak er Kimberl y Alli son Dallas Anderson

Edward Anderson Larry Anderson Patri cia Anderson Mi chell e Arata Emma Arm entrout Tri cia Armistead Peggy Armstrong Gwen Arnhoff

Steve n Arruda Bill Atkinson Michelle Avery Karla Baber Mike Baber Sk ipper Baber Kath erin e Bain Lindy Bain

David Barbour Fred Barbour Mary Barbou r Linda Barn ett Ted Barn ett David Bates D onnell Bates Wilhemina Bates

Kim Baugan Helen Bazzarre Lori Beas ley Linda Beck Shirley Bele w Cynthia Ben tl ey Melvin Bentl ey Doug Berry

Karen Berthold Jeff Bi ckel Martha Binns David Bishop Sandra Bishop Kathleen Blake Tra cy Blankenship Barry Boggs

-Do Not Fold,

Spindle or Mutilate

M a rth a Binn s, Vi ce-Pres ide nt.

teve n Arruda ill Atkin son Iiche ll e Avery ari a Baber lik e Bab er kipper Baber ath erin e Bain indy Bain

David Barbour Fre d Barbour Mary Barbour Linda Barn ett T ed Barn ett David Bates D onne ll Bates Wilh e min a Bates

Kim Baugan Hel en Bazzarre Lori Beas ley Linda Beck Shirl ey Be lew Cynthi a Bentley Melvin Bentl ey Doug Berry

Karen Be rth old Je ff Bi cke l Martha Binns David Bishop Sandra Bishop Kathl een Blake Tracy Bl ank enship Barry Boggs

Cassie Bondurant Becky Borin g Gwe n S orkin Michae l Bowyer Pamela Bradshaw Kath y Bree n Susan Bridges Timothy Broader

Geneva Brock Alvin Brooks Benard Brown

Deborah Brown Ern es t Bro wn Gay le Brown

Nancy Brown Robe rt Brown St ephen Brow n

P a m Sh av e r , S ecre ta ry

Wanda Brown Dori s Browning Ja mes Bufford

11 3

We adjust to new surroundings.

Carrie Burkhart C harli e Bunxt Marshall Burrus

Wanda Buttn er Mi chae l Cain Peter Carpenter

Kent Carr Catherine Carrell Betty Carter

Carl Monroe


Wanda Carter Bobby Casteen D eland o Cavanaugh

Imagine! 726 (

Jon athan Cavanaugh Viol et Childress Larry Churchman Kaki Chapman Jane Charlton Rose Clark

Sheila Claytor Karey le Clements Laurentin a Clements

Robe rt Clements Ann e Coffman Scott Coh e n Thomas Cole

Vin cent Coles Philip Colli er Scott Collin s Ann e Co lon y

Bobby Coleman Jerry Coleman Karen Co leman Robert Coles

Qui ntin Congdon H nry Conn ors Lynda Cook

Duane Corle D e mmi e Coyner Ell e n Crawford

Alfonso Dillard Sylvia Dillard Melvin Dixon John Dollin s

Imagine! 726 classmates!




iolet C hil dress l.arry C hurchman Rose C lark

Sh e ila C laytor Kareyle Clements Laurentin a Cle me nts

Quintin Congdon Henry Conn ors Lynda Cook

Duan e Corle D emmi e Coyner Ell en Crawford

Iri s Crawford Robin Creasy Re ta Crenshaw

Ke ith Cride r Dale Critzer Mildred Critzer



Ri cky C ritzer Sharon Critzer ] o Ann Crowell


Regina Curva E laine Cutitta Cary D ale

Re becca Dameron C regg Davis Mary Davi s



lobby Coleman err y Cole man Car e n Coleman lobe rt Co les

Vincent Coles Philip Colli er Scott Collin s Ann e Co lon y

Richard Davi s Cathy D eane De nise D ent Alison Di cki e

Alfonso Dill ard Sylvi a Dillard Melvin Dix on John D ollin s

Ronald Dollin s Laura D orm an Paulin e D oug las Larry D owd

Art is th e right makin g of th e thing to b e made - Joa nn e Shotwe ll.


halls to wande

Large (but crowde¡d )

Smile a littl e sm il e for me , Tom Seldon .


Patri cia Dowell Wall ace Dowe ll


Dani e l Doy le Nancy Dru cker

Kath y Dulan ey Joyce Dunbar Gregory Dunn Miranda Dunn Beul ah Dunnivan s Carolyn Durrer Joyce Durrette Lisa D u rrett e

Mi chae l Durrette Cath y D yer G loria Dyer Jacque lin e Dyer Elizabeth Earl e Lisa Edmondson Lynn Engbers on Nea l Eps te in

Meg Erickson D e borah Es tes Kim E ubanks Larry Eubanks Frances Evans Jan et Evan s Kathl een Eways Mark Fantin o

Arris Farl ey Georgiana Fau lkn er Cyn thia Faust De bra F eggans T omm y F e lker Chri stin e F erguson Ricky F ergu son Wilma F ergus on

Linda Fi e lds am ue l Fi e lds Bret Figgatt Peggy F incham Peggy Fish er William Fisher Adele Fisk Dav id Fitzgera ld

Larry Fi tzgerald Patri cia Fitzgerald Meredith Forbes Ellen Frankfort Linda Fran kfort T eresa Fri end D onna Fritz William Fugett

halls to wander.

(but crowde路d )

\ C ull en Gibson Gwen Gibson

Willi am E. G ibson William L. Gibson


You mess up , Linda P ee lm a n. You clea n u p!

vl eg Eri ckson ) e borah Estes : im Eubanks -arry Eubanks "ranees Evans

anet Evans :athl een Eways .1 ark Fantin o

Arris Farley Georgiana Fau lkner C ynth ia Fau st D e bra F eggan s T omm y F e lker Chri stin e F erguson Ri cky F erguson Wilma F ergus on

Linda Fi e lds Samu e l Fi e ld s Bret Figgatt Peggy Fin cham Peggy Fish er William Fi sher Ade le Fisk Dav id Fitzgerald

Larr y Fitzgerald Patri cia Fitzgerald Me redith F orb es Ell e n Frankfort Li nda Frankfort T eresa Fri end D onna Fritz William Fugett

Cheryl Fu lcher Nancy Funk John Ga in es Juli a Ga in es Bobby Ga rdn er Ri chard Gard ner David Garn er Nancy Ga rn ett

J efT Garrett Lizabeth Garrett Drea ma Garrison Kpren Garrison Bill Gentry Gregory Ge ntry Mary Jane Ge ntry Th e resa Gen try


Boy, I'm lost-

Where is Roon

T.W. Marsha ll s hows hi s stre ngth .

Rose G las gow Barbara Gl ass Chris Gleaso n Charl es Goodl oe

Kim Goodm an Willi am Gordon Mave ri ck Granger De borah Graves

Lynn Graves Tony Graves Wanda Graves Rodge r Gray

Sharon Gregory Britt Grimm Audrey Hackett T ony Haga

Je ff Hahn Bre nda Hall Glenn Hall Myra Hall

Wanda Hall Lisa Hannum Ri chard Hansen Randy Hange r Pamela Hannemann Linda Harding Banana Hann on Tracey Harding

Donita Harl ow G ilbe rt Harlow Li lli e Harl ow Deborah Harm on

D ebra Harris Lee Harri s Perry Harris Sandra Har ris



Ca n' t you see Cary' s eatin g ?


A stude nt 's work is n e ve r d one. Ri


I 'm lost-

Where is Room 321?

I nn oce nt eyes are d ece iving.

ucla Hall Iandy Hanger "amela Hannemann le.nana Hannon

Lisa Hannum Ri chard Han sen Linda Harding Tracey Harding

you see Ca ry's ea ting ?

Donita Harlow Gilbert Harl ow Lillie Harl ow Deborah Harm on

D eb ra Harri s Lee Harri s Perry Harri s Sandra Harris

Theresa Harri s Robert Harrison George H arvey David Hugh

Shelia H auser Kim Haynes Robert Hays lett Barry H enderson

Earl H en de rson Malcolm H ende rson Les H en nessey Debra H erring

Li nda Herrin g Ri chard He rrin g De lores H erri on Florrie Hi ckso n

D onald Hi ggin s James Higgin s Eugene Hilbe rt Steven Hodges

A stu den t's work is never done . Right , D av id Ba tes?


It's Monday- Gym or Class?

Cyn thia Hoe ffer Les li e Holm es Eric Holt

Gregory Honn Susan Hotz Dale Houche ns

Vi cky Houch ens Ali ce Howard Donald Howard

Vi ckey Howard David Huckstep Di ana Hu ckstep

Two English

Des mon d Hudson David Hu ff Rosetta Hu ghes

Th eresa Hughes Edwa rd L. Hunt Edward W. Hunt

Cathe rin e John son Debra John son Gi lbe rt John son

Monte Hu nt Rob in Hunt T e rry Hunt

James John son Math ew John on Ri chard John on


Wall er Hunt Rob in Hurlburt Th ea Hurt William Hurtt


ese Icgoren Dani el Ivory Fran kli n Jackson Jacq uelin e Jackson

Rh onda Jackson Holli Jan ssen Joyce Jarre ll Trayton Jay

Tina Rain ey -

On e expression is worth a th ousand words.

Mike Ca in be li eve

Two English Teachers?!


1eresa Hughes

l"''&l'd L. Hunt hâ&#x20AC;˘Âˇard W. Hunt

Monte Hunt Robin Hunt T erry Hu nt

is worth a th ou sand words.

Catherine j ohnson Debra John son Gi lbert john son

j ames John son Math ew John son Ri chard ] ohn son

Ruth j ohn son Sharon D . j ohn son Sharon L. ] ohn son

Shelia Johnson William j ohn son Brenda ] ones

Mik e Cain b eli eves that ha ste mak es waste.

] o Ann j ones

Milice nt j ones Ri chard ] ones

Robert ] ones Sandra j ones Robert Kain

Jonathan Kaut Susan Kauzlari ch Mark Kell y

Mary Ke ll y Ann ett e Key Carolyn King j ames Kirby

Kim Kirtl ey Deborah Kl epach Charles Koch Carl Kois

j e ffiey Kunkl er Sean LaBu y Sue Lacey Debbie Ladd


A successful debut requires adaptation.

Th eresa Lamb Mark Lange Juli et Langman Caleb Larue Lee Lasley

Gregg Lauffenburger Jane ll e Lee Laurie Lazarus Tamara Lewis Karen Leake Dennis Lill y Christopher Leavy Michael Lizama Bonnie Lee Sy lvester Logan

James Louderback Scott MacGregor Jinn y MacLeod Dian e Madison Yvonne Madison

Jane Mahon e Tom Mah one Mark Maltby Gary Marsh Jane Marshall

Th eresa Marshall Thomas Marsh all Vickie Martin Michael Marzan o Mark Maslyk

New Courses

Linda Mathews Anita Maupin Percy Maupin Ru by Maupin Vinnie Maupin

Charlie Mawyer Sandra Mawyer Nayoka May Kenneth McAfee Susanne McAfee

Gregory McAllis Patricia M Crystal McCauley Marvin McCauley Star McCl elland



Laurie Lazarus shows her form.


Word prob lems in Algebra I

New Courses


Lin da Math e ws Anita Maupin Percy Maupin Ruby Maupin Vinni e Maupin

Charlie Mawyer Sandra Mawyer Nayoka May Kenneth McAfee Susanne McAfe e

Gregory McAllister Patricia McAllister Crystal McCauley Marvin McCauley Star McClelland

New Responsibilities.

Clarence McClure Mark McCormack Mitch McCullough Bridget MdDaniel Debb ie McDan ie l

Leonard McDaniel Arthur McDermott David McDonald Cheryl McKeen Ke lli e McN ulty

W ord pr obl e ms in Al gebra pr ovo k e va ri e d res p o n ses .

Tim Maxa Barbara Maybush Robert Meadows Amanda Merdith Valerie Merk el

Fred Miles Lore! Mills Caroline Mitchell Michael Mitche ll Garth Molyneaux

A portraya l o f bore d o m -

Martha Moneymaker Mary Moneymaker Carl Monroe Doris Moore Jim Moore

D e la n do Cava n a u g h .


16! Oh boy!

Room 221 gives a good view of th e ha ll :

William B. Morri s Sandra Mowbray Herbert Mundi e Bruce Murray Martha Murray

Les ley Myers Charlotte apie r Sharon apier Susan efos Lindsay Ne lson

Steve elson Cynthia Norman Lewis Norris Lin a Ogilvi e Nick Ozerov

Laura Pannell John Pape Diane Parri sh Carolyn Patterson G len Payne

Joetta Moore Joyce Moore Angela Morris Brenda Morris

Cheryl Morris Dede Morris Elvis! Morris Conde Morris

JoAnn Morris Kathy Morris Lear! Morris Mars ha Morri s

Nelson Morri s Shelia Morri s Vickie Morris William A. Morris

Driver 's Lice1

Robert Payn e Rodge r Payne Ru sse ll Payn e Linda Peelman

Randall Pee Ruth Peterson Lauren P 路t Michael Phillips


16! Oh boy !



y )lforri

I .\ forri!


Drive r's License!

~ l orri

Ne lson Morri s She lia Morris Vi ckie Morris Wil liam A. Morris

Robert Payn e Rodger Payne Russell Pa yne Linda Peelman

Randall Peck Ruth Peterson Lauren Pettit Michael Phillips

Gary Pl easan ts Ge raldin e Powe ll Vi cki e Powe ll William Poindexter

Charles Pollard Al exande r Popp William Porritt Bobby Porte r

Ah, Mitch.

Darl ene Porte r Judy Pri or Lydia Proctor Dani el Pugh Cheryl Ragland

Linda Rain ey Tina Rain ey Judith Randolph Th omas Raq ue Roy Raudabaugh

Barbara Ray Janet Ray Judy Rea Kathl een Reill y Ann Renn olds

Lauri e Rex rode Lisa Rexrode Karen Rhodes Elizabeth Riffe Joan Roach


By participation,

Lois Roberts Kenn eth Robe rtson Teres sa Robin son

David Rogers Mildred Rohm Richard Ros eberry

Becky Rosenbaum Brennan Rosser Frank Rui z

H elen Run gwe rth Richard Ruscher Martin Ru sh

we strive for

Ocin o Rush Timothy Ryall s Cole Sandridge



T erry Santana Philip Sawyer Peter Schrepfer Theresa Scott Tim othy Seal Mart ha Sedwi ck Tom Se ldon

Mi ch e la nge lo strikes aga in!


T h e re's m ore to it th an m eets th e eye, La ura Mills.

Dann ie Shafer Pam Shaver John Sh eridan Alan Shi ffi ett Ann Shi ffi e tt Cu rtis Shiffi ett David Sh iffi ett

Delores Shiffi ett De nn is Shiffi ett Ivy Shiffi ett j ames Shiffi ett judy Shiffi ett Krys tal Shiffi ett Michael Shiffi ett

Robe rt Shiffiett Sandra hiffi ett Stanley Shiffi ett T eresa Shiffi ett Walter Shiffi ett Patty Shi rey Phili p Shoop


we strive for a better environment.


:sawyer chrepfe r Jsa Scott thy Seal 1a Sedwick eldon



Rose Sh ores Joann e Shotwell T om Simpson

Danni e Shafer Pam Shaver John Sheridan Alan Shiffi ett Ann Shiffi ett Curtis Shiffi ett David Shiffiett

De lores Shiffi ett De nnis Shiffiett Ivy Shiffiett Jam es Shiffi ett Judy Shiffi ett Krystal Shiffi e tt lvli chael Shiffiett

Robert Shiffiett Sandra Shiffi ett Stanley Shiffi ett Teresa Shiffiett Wa lter Shiffi ett Patty Shirey Philip Shoop


Clifton Sipe Th eresa Sklany Deborah Sl osson

Dallas Smith Deann ee Smith Deborah Smith

George Smith Ja ymee Smith Karen Smith

Litsa Smith Mike Smith Walter Smith

... th eory, hypoth es is , dedu cti on, co nclu sion .


Cram (success)

Panic! Exams!



Lori Snow Etta Solomon Donn a Sprouse Dori s Sprouse

Mary D. Sprouse Mary S. Sprouse Shelia Sprouse Willi am Sprouse

T om Stafford Warren Stamp Elton Starks Barbara Staton

Tony Steppe Amy St erlin g Th e resa Steven s Ke nt Stout

Charl es Stovall Wes Sudduth Joel Sullivan T erri Sullivan

Jeffrey Surguy Mary Sutherland John Taggart Charl es Tall ey

Craig Tanner Cathy Taylor James Taylor Robert Terrell

Patricia D . Thomas Teri Thomas on Debra Thompson Jackie Thomps on

Jame Thorn 011 Joi Th orn on Peter Tb omp 011 Steve Thu mm r

Jill Townsend Eddi e Tre nch Mark Trunzo

Robert Tuck Camelia Turn er



Susan T e wk sbury Anthony Th acker Cynthia Th acker


Faye Th omas Janice Th omas Jo Ann e Thomas

Kim Th omas Pam ela Th omas Patri cia A. Thomas

Is Fuzzy really working?

Varn essa Turn er

Cram (success)

)anic! Exams!



!frey :Surguy uy Sutherla nd bn Taggart ~aries Talley

lly work in g?

Craig Tann e r Cathy Taylor James Taylor Robert Terrell

Patricia D . Thomas T e ri Th omason D e bra Thompson Jacki e Th ompson

Jill T ownsend Eddi e Trench Mark Trunzo

Ja mes Thomps on Joi Thompson Pet e r Th ompson Steve Thummer

Judy Thurston Timothy Thurston Be th Tign or Bob Tirre ll

Barry Tol er Cynthia Toms Roge r T oms Barbara Towl e r

Robert Tuck Cam e lia Turn e r

Charles va,路ga Rebecca Varn e r David Vermillion

Be th Via Jo Ann Via Kathl een Von H e rbulis

Varn essa Turn er

Kent Carr re laxes in class .


Yes, We are

Jam es and Sharon look for pi ctures to sketch .

Robe rt Ward D e bra Was hington Ge rald Watts


Scott Waugaman Mark Warn er Bob We ll s

D ouglas Wes t Linda White Wendy White

Ri cky Whitin g Re uel Wi e be ! Jacki e Wilbury

the Class of '7

Michael Wade Vi vian Wade Linda Wagne r Jam es Walk er

Paula Walde n Frances Walk er Ki mbe rl ey Walker Michae l Walk er

Se lena Wallace Sh e lba Wall e r Claude Walton Kath y Walt on

usan Win gfi e ld Ri chard Win slow David Win stead Bridget Witch er

Ri chard Witt Carol Wolfe Arthur Wolff D emmi e Wolfrey

Ste ph en Wilfong D arl ene Will iams E ll en Willi ams

Evan Willi ams Gary Will iams Laura Williams

T e mpl e Williamson David Wi mmer Mi chae l Win gfi eld

Mont e Wood atali e Wood Ronald Wood

Ronni e Wood Vi cki e Wood D ebra Woodsor

Yes , We are

the Class of'76 .


'aula Walden ~ranees


umberley Wal ker >lichael Walker

Sele na Wall ace Sh elba Wall er Claude Walton Kathy Walton

Susan Wingfi eld Richard Winslow David Win stead Bridget Witcher

Ri chard Witt Carol Wolfe Art hur Wolff D emm ie Wolfr ey

David Wood Dawn Wood Linda Wood Mark Wood

Randy ponders his Math An alys is home work.


:va n Willi ams :ary Will iams .aura Willi ams

T em ple Willi amson Dav id Wi mmer Mi chael Wingfi e ld

Monte Wood Natalie Wood Ronald Wood

Ronnie Wood Vi ckie Wood Deb ra Woodson

Diana Woodson Gary Woodson Patri cia Woodson

Way ne Woodson Eddie Woo dward Marilyn Woody

E lizabe th Word Li sa Workman Jonathan Wright

Kathl een Wright Patricia Wri ght Ti moth y Wyant

Hu nter Yancey Phillip Yates James Zi mmerman

13 1

Caught in the

Juniors -

Ned D eets, Pres iden t. Alan H odge, C.G. B. Represen tative .



Bill Abb ott Gerry Adams Ri chard Adams Roy Adams Marsha Amato Bern ard Anderson


John Anderso n Theresa Anderson Marian Ande rso n Robin Armistead D e bra Armstrong T e resa Arno ld

D e bra Austin Ali ce Averette Hilda Awkard Barbara Ayres Marth a Bain Nancy Ba in

Brad y Ballard Patri cia Banton Dal e Barb our Sharon Barrett Ursula Baskin Jea n Batten

Mary Bell Christopher Benjamin Vicki e Bentley Ralph Berthold Rebecca Bi ckers Jam es Bingler

Stanl ey Birckhe D e bra Bi hop Carol Blade Mik e Blake Kim Blankenb Charlotte Boatwright

Caught in the Middle



Austin 1vere tte '\wkard a Ayres ' Bain Bain

Brady Ballard Patri cia Ban ton Dale Barbo ur Sharon Barre tt Ursula Bas kin Jean Batten

Mary Be ll Christopher Benjam in Vi cki e Be ntl ey Ralph Berth old Rebecca Bi ckers James Bingler

Ri chard Bond Stanley Birckh ead D ebra Bishop Tricia Bowen " Kevin Bowles Carol Blades Linda Bowles Mik e Blake Kin1 B~nk e nb a k er Robert Branch Alan Bri e Charlotte Boa twright

Barbara Brite Angela Brown Barbara Brown Dan iel Brown David Brown Ethel Brown

Cand y White, Vi ce-Pres ide nt.


The courtyard is gone!

Robin re laxes in th e whirlp ool.


Fred Brow n Howard Brown


Jacq u e lin e Brow n Kaya nn e Brow n

Linda Brown Theod ore Brown

Becky Brya nt Stanley Bryant Suzanne Buchanan Paula Bull Steve n Bun ch Matth ew Bun yea

Andre w Burrus Kelvin Burrus Curtis Burton Gail Burton Daris Butl er Matti e Butl e r

Geo rge Byerl y Larry Cain Courtenay Campbell Wo odrow Campbell De nise Carr Th eo Carr

Bruce Carrike r Deborah Carter John Carve r Charl e ne Ced erquist Barbara Ch es ter Gloria Chides ter

Bill Chisholm Roosevelt Christmas David Chronister Kathy Clarity Cynthia Clarke Beth Clarke

D enise Cl: Sharon Cl: Logan Co< Alan Cole¡ Ann Colliâ&#x20AC;˘ Rene Coli

Is life w orth this turmoil?


So what' s wrong with b e ing an elephant?

e Byerl y Ca in â&#x20AC;˘nay Campbe ll ow Campb e ll ~ Carr : arr

Bruce Carrike r Deborah Cart er Joh n Ca rve r Charl ene Cede rq uist Barbara Ches ter Glori a Chides te r

Bill Chisholm Roosevelt Christmas David Chronister Kathy Clarity Cynthia Clark e Beth Clark e

Aliso n Colony D e nise Clarkson Michael Coltrane Sharon Claytor Ri chard Comfort Logan Cockrum Patricia Compton Ala n Coleman .. Duncan Congd on Ann Colli er Sherry Conway Re ne Collins

Celes te Cooper Danny Copeland

David Corri gan Michae l Cos tello

Shann on Cos tello James Cowan

Gary Craddock Barbara Craig


. doctor, lawyer, Indian chief .

Decisions, de.

And Kayanne, then she said ... .

Samu el Craig Paul Crawford Roger Crawford Todd Cre nshaw


Ri cky Crickenb erger Sharon Crider Roy Critzer Jam es Crone meye r

Caroline Curme Judith Currin John Daly Jean Dameron

Alison Davenport Ann Davis Calvin Davis Deborah Davis

Donald Davis Gregory Davis James Davis Melvin Davis

Randolph Davis Ned Deets Brooke Dickie Charles Dillard

Robert Dillard Charles Dolan Welford Douglas Gary Drumheller

Scott Duncan Kath y Dunsmore Susa n Ea rh art Darcy Echols Jon Erke nbrach Warre n Estes

Mike Figgatt T eresa Fitzge Ph ylli s Fogle Vi vian F ong Justin F ord Valeri e F os te1

Decisions, decisions, decisions .




Johnsey Steppe.


lh Davis ets Dicki e Dillard

Robert Dillard Charles D olan Welford D ouglas Gary Drumhe ller

Scott Dunca n Kath y Dun smo re Susan Earhart Darcy Echols Jon Erke nbrach Warre n Estes

Mike Fi gga tt T e resa Fitzgerald Ph ylli s F ogle Vivian F a ng Justin F ord Vale ri e F os te r

Leonard Ful cher Mi che ll e Fulton Karen Furr Bertha Gardne r James Gardner Rebecca Garri son

Stephe n Garstang ] ann Garth Le nora Gentry William Ge ntry Elizabeth Gibbes Gary Gibson

Rosann e Gibs on T eresa Gibson Wi lliam Gibso n

Dav id Glasgow Sandra Gl ass Steven Godfrey


I'm too young!

I kn ow I kn e w thi s last night!

Steven Hall T eresa Hamm


Susa n Ha ncock Geo rge Hansen


Gary Go ldste in Ga il Good T oby Goode Donna Graff

James Gra ham Darl ene Gray Robert Gray Patri cia Green

Barbara Gre ims Alle n Gu ilford Robert Haake Deborah Haas

Edward Haigh Ann Hall Neanne Hall Sharon Hall

Leo n Haw kin s Gary H ea rn Nan cy Heilman Linda He nde rson

Tracy H nle) Venna Hen I Leslie Hen z1 Su an Herman d

Robyn Hants ke Bebe Harl ow

Rene Harl ow Mi chae l Harr is

Ronald Harri s Kevin Haus enfus

Ann Hawkes Larry Hawkins

Larry Howa rd John Hoy

William Hub Be tty H ugh e

eim ford e

arris usenfus


Edward Haigh Ann Hall ea nne Hall haron Hall

Ann Hawkes La rry Hawkins

Leo n Hawkin s Gary H earn Na ncy He ilman Linda Hende rso n

Larry Howa rd Joh n Hoy

Tracy He nl ey Ven na H ensley Lesli e H enszey Susan H erm ansd orfer

D ebra Hi cks Pam Highl ande r Ralp h Hill Lucy Hinton

Pearl Hinton Al an H odge Bill Holland Be th Houchins

William Huber Betty Hughes

Debbi e Hu ghes Patty Hum phris

Charl es H unt Kay Hunt

But Cece, it says here to add ..

Theresa Hunt Charl es Hurt

Jean Hutchi nson Sh erry lngerick


Happiness is a class ring.

Mere dith James Steph e n Je nkins

Barbara Johnson Bre nda John son

Connie Johnson Linda John son


Marvin Johnson Na ncy Johnson

Unde r Dale's hand, acryli cs become a landscape.


Orlando John son Cecilia Jones

Debo rah Jones De lores Jones

D oris Jones Elizabeth Jones

Fores t Jones Patri cia Jones Ri chard Jones Mi chae l Jordan

Voilet Jordan Ja ne t Josep h Kath y Kane Cind y Ke iser

Ron ald Ke ithley Matth ew Ke lly Ruby Kelso ancy Kendall

Charles Kenn ey Mary Ken ney

Kare n Kin g Kathl een King Kay Kirkl and D ebbie Kirk sey

Dougla Key Tae D ong 路

Gay Ki ser Jon Kl app Cindy Klin e Mary Kli ne

"Powderpuffers" are no. 1!


Jone one

Dori s Jones E lizab eth Jones

Charles Ke nn ey Mary Ken ney

Douglas Key Tae Dong Kim

dan !p h 1e ise r

Ronald Ke ithley Matth ew Kell y Ruby Ke lso ancy Ke ndall

Kare n Ki ng Kathl ee n Kin g Kay Kirkl and D ebbi e Kirksey

Gay Ki ser Jon Kl app Cindy Klin e Mary Klin e

Berth a's and Gail's faces re fl ect a show of co nfi dence.

Joseph Kni ght Te resa Kude r He idi Kupk e Debra Lam

Paul La ncas ter Mary Lane Cary Lang Bobb y La nge

Ronald Langman Bob Las ley Bill y Lass iter Jack Lauffe nburge r

Caro lyn Lawson Me li ssa Layne Dan Leake David Lee

Pat Lee Lewis Lindamood Grace Lipscombe David Lowry

14 1

Use no. 2 p en

Le bonheur est un hague de classe.

Ruth Maddox Sharon Maddox Steve Mahone Susan Ma ine

Les lie Mann ancy Manw e ile r G le nda Marshall Jospeh Matth ews

Bess ie Maup in C.G. Maupin Jacque line Maupin Linda Maupin

Ri chard Maupin David Mawyer Donald Mawyer Evere tt Maw ye r

Leo n Mawyer Willi am Mawye r Ke ith McAlphin e Patri ck McCafferty

Kare n McCa nn Ali ce McCauley D oris McCa ul ey Le ig h McCau ley

D e bb ie McD ani e l Lynn McDanie l Steve Mc Mi lli on Steve McVey

Pah路i cia Milks Math ew Mill e r Patri ck Min or Da le Minter


What dream hou se in th e makin g!


Cheryl McWi lli ams Philip Meekin s

Kim Mee ks Be rn ade tte Mi cham

D onna , i oore Linda Moore Brenda ~[ Orril Coleman . 1 r

cCann :Cauley cCauley cCauley

Use no. 2 pencils Only -Fill in spaces completely .



D e bbie McD ani e l L ynn McD an ie l Steve Mc Milli on Steve McVey

McWilliams Kim Mee ks vl eekin s Bernadette Mi cham

Patri cia Milks Mathew Mi ll e r Patri ck Min or Dal e Minter

D onn a Mo ore Linda Moore Bre nda Morri s Coleman Morri s

D on na Morri s E li zabe th Morris JoA nn e Morri s Lue ll e n Morri s

Patri cia Morri s Patsy Morri s Ronald Morri s Patri ce Murph y

D e nni s Napier Ronald Nicke ll Je ff Ohman Di sa Ols on

Jud y O ' Mary Vi cky Pace Mi cha e l Parh am Mi chae l Patt erso n

David Paul Kare n Payne Tina Payne Mary Pearce




I ca n see it now: Lee vs. Fisch er.


J(icklines are

The talent show does require planning.

Je nnifer P erkin s Roger Perkin s Lesli e Peterso n John Pe terson

D ebb ie Phi lli ps D ebbi e Plymire Li sa Poole John Popp

Bern ard Powell Page Powell Patri cia Powell Pame la Powl ey

Juanita Pres ho Linda Price Roger Pri ce Barry Pritchett

Just try it, Comfort!


Daw n Pritchett Cranston Pryor Kath y Pryor Mark Pugh

Donald Pulle n Jane Quasebarth Kath y Rabe Carl Raine r

Joyce Ratcliffe Franki e Rawlings Ru sse ll Ray Cindy Rea

David Rhod es Anita Ri all D allas Ri chmond ancy Ri ope l

Clarenc Road Patri cia Roach Thoma Rob r1 Larry Robi n 01

Wil ey Reed Lisbeth Rees

Jim Res pess Mi chelle Rexrode

Cynthi a Sh ifle tt D ebra Shiflett

Wa llace Shiflet Bonni e Shiffiet

'ullen ebarth be


e ed


[(icklines are chauvinistic!


.~~...... ' . -...... .,.-:

!Of-' ;_



路~ Joyce Ratcliffe Franki e Rawlin gs Ru ssell Ray Cindy Rea

Jim Res pess Michelle Rexrode

David Rhodes Anita Ri all Dallas Ri chm ond ancy Riop el

Clare nce Roach Patri cia Roach Th omas Rob erts Larry Robinson

Cynthia Shifle tt Debra Shifl ett

Wa llace Shifle tt Bonni e Shiffle tt

Floyd Root Houston Ross Ph ylli stee n Ru sh Rufu s Ru sh

George Ru ssell Joa n Ru ssell Kevin Russ ell David Rybolt

Mary Ryder D e nis e Sacra Gle nn Salzman Fanni e Sampson

Cynthia Saunders Conn ie Scruggs Rh onda Scruggs Kath y Seabrook

Brad ley Shaver Cindy Shea Karen Sheets Rebecca Sheridan

All thi s work. F or what, D onn a Graff??


La alegria es un anillo de classe.

Successful pr~


Beverly Sh iffi ett Kim Shiffie tt

Larry Shiffiett Pauline Shiffie tt he li a Shiffiett

" Lullaby and good ni ght," Stephani e Wil ey.


Wanda Shiffi ett De bra Sh iffie tte Don Shiffi e tte Susan Shrin e r Tony Simpkins Joan Sipe

Ri ck Slosson Fannie Smith Karen Sm ith Sandra Snow Trudy Snow Brenda Snydor

j ohn Snyd er S colt Sowers Jam es Spain Max Sperry Gloria Spottswood Vivian Spradlin

Ge neva Sprouse Roger Sprouse j ohn Stafford Ri chard Stalnake r Barbara Stargill Billy Starke

Cri sti Stauffe r Jos eph Stephens Johnsey Steppe Madelin e Ste ppe Andrew Sterling Ethel Stovall

Michae l tu Michae l ut j ohn Swe n Mildred ' Steve Swin Diane Tayl c

Successful proms Can Be financed?

illo de classe.

ayder nvers ipa in erry )potts wood Spradlin


Geneva Sprouse Roger Sprouse John Stafford Ri chard Stalnaker Barbara Stargill Bill y Starke




Tomma Todd Thomas Tomlin

Cristi Stauffer Joseph Stephe ns Johnsey Steppe Made lin e Steppe Andrew Sterling Ethe l Stovall

Michael Stuart Michael Sutphin John Sweeney Mild red Swingle r Steve Swingler Diane Taylor

Debbie Terrell Bruce Thacker Mi chae l Thacker Clayton Thomas D iane Thomas Paul Thomas

Bob Thompson Joyce Thompson Timothy Thompson Pri sci lla Thorn e Lau rie Thorsey Darl ene Tinsley

John Townsend Pam Trail

Sharon dreams of Camelot.


Gluckeweisse ist ein [(lassenring.

D ebbie Sh iffi ett -

Mary Vidrin e Jonath an Von H erbulis Karen Wade


I .wonde r if it will ever happ e n to me.

Kath y Wagner Rosema ry Wagn e r Joa n Ward

Roge r Ward Rose Ward Regin ald Warfi eld

Emanue l Washin gton Les li e Washin gton Su san Watson

Jim Tre mblay Elizabeth Tull Gary Turn er

Paul Ums tadter Jani ce Vascott Carl Ves t

Ne lli e Vest Willi am Veyvada Cathy Vi a

Connie Weary Je nnifer We bbe r Joey We bbe r

Sam Well s Carol Wh eeler Taney Wh eele r

Candy Wh ite Kare n White Randy Wh ite

Crans ton Pryor keeps a loo out

Rita Whitmor e Steve Wi ckes t Stephani e Wil ey

Lawton Willi ar Val eri e Willi a11 G eorgia Wilsor


J(lassenring. Celebrate life ... One year to go.

mstadter Vascott est

Nellie Vest William Veyvada Cathy Vi a

'ells I'Vheeler Wheeler

Candy White Karen White Randy White

Cranston Pryor keeps a lookout for th e man in grey.

Rita Whitmore Steve Wick es ! Stephani e Wil ey

Lawton Willi ams Va le ri e Williams Georgia Wils on

Mushroom making for th e En chanted Forest is demonstrated by Jack ie Brown.

Mary Be th Winslow Andrew Wood Carla Winston Carolyn Wood Mark Wood Jeff Wolfrey

Sharon Wood Thomas Wood Evelyn Woody

Be n Word Mik e Wright C indy Young

Michael Yowe ll Maria Zapa ta Mary Beth Zivi c


The Class of 1974.

Nancy Rutl and , Secretary-Treasurer.

Chris Samue l, Pres ide nt.


Tim Adams Audrey Agee Ronald Agee

We are the be

Jack Babe r Sandra Bagge tt Bill Bailey

Kerry Ahre nd Bob Alb ert John ny All e n, Jr. Steve All e n William J. All e n

D oug Andrews Linda Arbaugh D avid Arge nbright Vicki e Armstrong D onna Ash er

in ny I annie Carl

Bess Fishel


We are the best .


Susa n Rogers, Vice-Pre side nt.

Jack Babe r Sandra Bagge tt Bill Bail ey

Doug Andrews Linda Arbaugh David Argenbright Vicki e Armstrong Donna Asher

Ginny Bain Connie Ban ton Carl Barbour

ad in e Barbour Ruby Barbour John Barn ett

Bess Fishe r, C.G.B . Represe ntative .

Su e Pulle n, C.G.B . Represe ntative .


Where is everybody?

The confusior

D o yo ur ow n work , Bobb y!

Johnn y Bates Susa n Batte n


Ann Beas ley Chi p Berry

Jimm y Bi shop John Bl ac k Ru ssell Bolde n Bobby Borche rs Gail Born ste in

Ran d y Bowe n C laras teen Brackett Ph ylli s Bracke tt Antoine tte Bradl ey Mark Bradl ey

D e idra Bralley Ca ry Bra nch Li bb y Bra nch Vi va in Bransfi eld Reggie Brass fi e ld

Eileen Broade r Jud y Brochu Carroll Brown D e bbi Brown D e bra Bro wn

Frank 1 Gloria Joyce I MaureE Li z Br}

The confusion of construction- What changes!


"' Charl es Burto n Mi cha el Burton

Arthur Busb y Mi cha el Butl er

Th e Smith ga ng! O eidra Bralley Cary Branch Libby Branch Viva in Bra nsfi e ld Reggie Brass fi e ld

Eilee n Broad er Judy Brochu Carroll Brown D e bbi Brown D ebra Brown

Fra nk Brow n Gl ori a Bro wn Joyce Brow n Maureen Brubeck Liz Brya nt

L ynn Bryant Rob e rt Brya nt Pat Bue hl e r T roy Burcham Sandra Burrus


Same leaders lead us .

Same worker~

" But noth ing's wrong with my socks."

Robe rt Cochran Laura Cocke rill e Steve Coleman


Beverl y Byrd Linda Call owa y


Berth a Carey John Carlin

Brya nt Carpenter Scott Carson

Hilda Carter Mayo Carter Dan Casey Samu e l Casey Bren da Cason

Je ff Chisholm John Christm as Steve Ch roniste r James Clements William Cle ments


·me Janice

Same workers work.


Rob ert Cochran Lau ra Cocke ri lle Steve Col e man

Je ff Chisholm John Chri stmas Steve Chronister James Cle me nts William Cl e me nts


Ke nn e th Coles Kim Col es Jani ce Colli er

Vi cki e Collins Ann e Conklin Roy Conl ey

Ray Conway Kath y Corrigan Ann Marie Cote

Sam Crawford D on Critzer Ron Critzer

Th e wa it in front of locked d oors!

JJ_ \q~v I

'11 ~


3:23 is the ma

Two minutes early -

Susan Critzer Barry Cutrigh t

Bonnie Cutright Je ff Cotten


Beep protects her teeth.


Susie Dameron Dabney Davis Steve Davis D ebbie D eane Mary D eaton

Steve De llinger Suzanne Dixon Bridget D odson Irene D ollins Robert Dras h

Pat Dunca n David Dunn Marcy Dwier Pat D yer Ann Echols

Bill Enyeart Cheryl Estes Karl a Etheridge D eborah Eubanks T e ri Ewell

Diane F Glenda Mandy J Blair Fio Marline

3:23 is the magic number.


f D erek is e ngrossed in his art project.

Pat Duncan David Dunn Marcy Dwier Pat Dyer Ann Echols

Bill En yea rt Cheryl Estes Karl a Ethe rid ge D eborah Eubanks Teri Ewe ll

Diane Fari sh Gle nda Fari sh Mand y F auv er Bla ir Fi elds Marline Fi e lds

Bess Fishe r Frances Fi sher Shelia Fitch April Fitzgerald Tim F edrikson

Judy F orman Susa n Fox

Ava Gardn er William Gardn er


College Night -

full of questil


" Don' t shoot me. I'm only th e piano player."

Mike Garnett D oug Garrison


Susan Garrison Vick ie Garri so n

Marsha Garwood Jacki e Garver

Buck Gentry Kathy Gentry Jim Gilbert Tony Gibson Me lissa GillrutH~-


Diane Glasgow Cindy Glosser Randy Go lladay Toni Goodman D e loise Grady

Emily Graebn er Angelina Gray Jerome Gray John Gregg T om Grinde

Jane G Jane t ( Diane The lm Peti e I

full of questions and confusion.

ollege Night -




Ke nn y H all Jude Ha ll ~QC.9\''-\\~

Su san H alterman Pattie H amn er

Kenn eth H amm Sheree Haney

An oth er one of Ken ny's tall tales.

Dian e G lasgo w Cind y Glosser Randy Goll aday T on i Goodman D e loise Grady

E mi ly G raebner Ange lina Gray Je rom e Gray John G regg T om Gr inde

Jane Grinne ll Jane t Grinstead Diane G ru enwald T h e lma H ackel Peti e Hall 161

Red Tape: "How do you view yourself as

a member ofJ

Johnn y ge ts read y for ta keo ff1

Jud Harre ll Bru ce Harri s Lind a Ha rri s Spank y H arri s La wre nce Ha rtm a n


Vall e ri e Ha rvey Su sa n H ea rn ] o ni H e lmando ll ar Art H e nd e rs on Ju dy He nsley

Mik e H e nsley Gilda H e rndo n

Da le H e rring D e bbie H e rring

Rub y H e rrin g Je ff H es lep

Greg H e witt D arl a Hi cks Sungwha H ong Page H orrocks Garry M. H oward

Gary\ Joa n f. Susa n D ee H Cindi


yourself as

a member of your generation?"


Su sie Hudso n indul ges in he r sa ndwi ch.


路 takeoffi

Ruby H erring Je ff H es le p

Greg He witt Darla H icks Sungwha H ong Page H orroc ks Garry M. H owa rd

Gary W. H o ward Joan H owe Susan Hudson D ee Huff Cindi H ug hes

Larry Hu gh es Jan e Hui e Sharon Kay Hunt Susa n Hunt Tina Hunt

" I in my ke rch ie f and Ma in her cap . .


"If your answer to the above was a, b., or

c., please expllJ

Mike Garnett shows us his ab ilities!

Sharon Jon es Wanda Jon es Lil Jordan

Me lissa Loch er has a mouthful.


Ava Johnson Dana Johnson D eborah Johnson

Edward Johnson Gary Johnson Mik e Johnso n

Paul a Johnson Curtis Jones Lauri e Jones

Ruth Jw Ingrid J Joh n Ka

Gary find s son

c, please explain. "

â&#x20AC;˘ve was a, b, or


Je rry Marti n -

his abilities!

Sharon Jon es Wanda Jones Lil Jorda n

Paul a John so n Curti s Jones Lauri e Jones

Ruth Judge Ing rid Juul- Nielse n John Ka uzlari ch

our own Dr. J.

Tim Ke ll y Ron Ke nt Gail Keyse r

Ga ry fi nds some thing in th e hall amu sing .

Tae ho Kim Kath y Kindri ck Eddi e Kin g

D onn a Kirby Edward Kirby Bobby Kl epach


The taste of victory is sweet.

Albemarle 7 -

~ flr ~J.. \ z..~ z. c ' '


Aubrey Kni ght Kath y Kon kl e Kri s Konk le

Loretta Lam Debbie Lamb Al exand ra LaRu e

Tom Quasebarth


Steven Lawrence Brenda Lawson Cornelia Lawson

Frankie Layman D oug Leake John Leath ers

Mik e Lewis Bob Linds ey Me lissa Locker

Something seem s to hav e d ive rt ed the guys' attent ion.

Rodney Lee Lo ng Francis Losch eldor Cathie Lovin g Andre Lu ck Guy Lukes

Jo hn Ma H eath er Mike M: Pau la M Jodi Ma


is sweet.

Albemarle 7 - Lane 0

~ flf''" J.. \ 'Z--~ z.o LI

This mu st be ancie nt Gre e k phi losophy , Mary Linn Wolf.

:\like Lewis Bob Lindsey :\l e lissa L ocke r

d th e guys' a tte nti on.

Rodn ey Lee L ong Fra ncis Losch eldor Ca thi e L ovin g Andre Lu ck Gu y Luk es

John Ma nl ey H ea th e r Marks Mik e Mark s Pau la Ma rkw ood Jod i Ma rst on

Barbara Ma rtin D e bbie Ma rtin D.J . Martin (\ Lee Ma rtin ' Pat Martin


S. K. Ma rtin Trud y Mart in

T om Math e ws Pa ul Ma tysek


Cooler classes, heavier sweaters, and an

Bill y Maupin Janet Maupin Jun e Maupin

Vern on Maupin David Ma wye r Bruce Maxa

Debra Mayo Me lvin McAl li ste r Sharon McCa nn

Ryla nd and Chip give us th e ir indescribabl e smil es .


Alice McCaul ey Patri cia McDa ni el David McGehee

Ke ith McGory Lexi e McVey Lynn McWilliams

My! What bi g eyes you have, Rh oda !

extra week of

The resa Melton Dav id Merk el D ebbi e Miller

D oroth路 Greg .I te e.

Now Ri chard ,

eaters, and an

eith McGory Lexie McVey Lynn McWilliams

•ig eyes yo u have, Rh oda!

extra week of Christmas vacation .

The resa Me lton D av id Merk e l D eb bi e Mille r

D oroth y Miller Greg Mill er Steve Minter

Sherri Mondy Vin ce nt Monroe Karen Montgom ery

Now Ri chard , you kn ow better than that!

H oward Moore Shelby Moore Craig Morri s Mik e Morri s Wanda Morris

Vegina Morris Rhoda Morton Alton Mosca Harvey Mowbray Robert Mowbray


Work is a four letter word

but we prepa

â&#x20AC;˘ Th e T om Math e ws' o ne-a-day smirk.

Mik e Sand e ll di scusses th e football gam e.

Susa n Mun so n John Ne lm s Suzann e e lso n Me lod y ig htinga le T erri No rcross

Al an N orford Ri chard Norve ll e M'k e Oliva rga re t O' Lea ry ry O' Leary

Joh n Owen Ryland Owe n David Owens Betty Pace Joh n Paige

Eugen e Park er Gary Pasternak Mark Patterson D ennis P eck Jimm y Pitts

Rita Pic T erry F D e bbi e Alvin P Chari e.

but we prepare for (last?) exams.

etter word-


"Doubl e, bubbl e , toil and trou ble." -

Mark Patterso n



John Owe n Ryland Owe n David Owe ns Bett y Pace John Pa ige

Euge ne Park er Gary Pas te rn ak Mark Patte rso n De nnis Pec k Jimm y Pitts

Rita Pl easants T erry Pl ymire Debbi e Porritt Al vin Powell Charl es Powe ll

Gwe n Powell Mike Powe ll T yrone Powe ll Brad Pri ce E.T. Pri ce

" Wh at, me worry?" -

Bob Thomas


At last we are rewarded .

Patti e Pri ce David Pritchett

Hans Pryor Robe rt Pugh

the infamous

Sue Pulle n D ebbie Quarl es

Tom Quasebarth Lawrence Rain ey

Bill Ratcliffe Matt Reed

Maxa- T


Yes, among oth e r thin gs Craig can typ e. Mark Reed 172 Sarah Renn olds Matt Rexrod e

Tim Rey nolds Robe rt Rial! Laura Ri cciarde lli

Jim Ri chardson Robert Ri chardson Donna Riddl e

Je nn y l John Ri Ell e n li

the infamous,

Bill Ratcliffe :Matt Reed

Maxa- Th e Thinker?

Johnn y Allen ponders hi s ice cream.

: raig ca n type.

Jim Ri chard son Robe rt Ri chardson Donna Riddl e

Jenny Riffe John Ritchi e Ell e n Ripb erger

Cathy Roberts Charlotte Robe rt s Dan Robe rts

Kay Robertson Bruce Robinson Dave Robin son

Susan Rogers Pat Ros e nbaum Steve Rungwerth



the heralded.,

Happy birthday, Ann E chols.

Now leave th e money alone, Art!

David prao

Chip Ru sher James Ru sh Susan Ru sse ll


ancy Rutla nd Chri s Samue l Mike Sand e ll

Judy Sandridge Ann e Sanford Je ff Saunde rs

Rub y Seale T eresa Sh e lton De bora h Shiffle tt

Deborah L. Shiffl ett De lla Shiffl ett Elizabeth Shiffl e tt

Gl ori a Shiffl ett Marga ret Shiffl ett

Patsy Sh Peggy I



Deborah L. Shifflett D ella Shifflett Elizabeth Shifflett

Gloria Sh iffle tt Margaret Shifflett

Patsy Shifflett Peggy Shifflett

Ve lma Shiffl e tt Virgini a Shiffl ett

Norbert Shockl ey H ele n Shorte ll Conni e Showe rs Cathy Simmons Pame la Sipe

Gars ed Sketchl ey Bea Snow Betty Smith D e bbi e Smith H e le n Smith 175

. the Slump .

This is an Edz

Two inte lli ge nt faces on th e breeze way!!


John Owe n pe rso nifi es th e se ni or slump!


Louis e Smith Randy Smith Susan Smith William Smith Samu el Snow

Wanda Snow Mik e Sn yd er Liana Solorzano D avid Spradlin Larry Sprouse

Lynita Sprouse Pam Sprouse Leigh Ste mbridge Be th Ste ph e ns o n Wayn e Steve ns

Angela Tanner Terry Tate Sally Taylor Tina Taylor Woodrow Taylor

Su san Te Evelyn T Jack ie Tf David n Jea n Tha

This is an Education?

L ynita Sprouse Pam Sprou se Le igh Stembrid ge Beth Ste phe nson Way ne Stevens

An ge la T an ne r T erry Tate Sally Tay lor Tina Tay lor Woodrow Tay lor

Susan T erhun e Eve lyn T erre ll Jacki e Te rre ll D avid Thacker Jea n Thacke r

Robert Thac ke r Kathi e Thalmann Bob Thomas Pam Th omas Shirley Th omas

Alv in Th ompso n

Charles Th omps on


Cap and gown,

diploma in h(j

Ke ith find s th e back of th e class more interes ting.

Mary Ann Thomps on an Thompson


Ri chard Thompson D onald Thornl ey

Mary Tinsley Kim Tirre ll Petra T oet He le n T omlin Rh onda T oms

Steve T opper Susan Travi s T oni Trunzo Sall y Turnbull D e nni s Turn e r

Sharl e ne Turn er Mike Twardos ki Craig Van de Castl e D erek Van der Linde Steve Van F osse n (, ,.~ ~

1 1

D ebbie Vecchi olla Ton y Via Je ff Viar Gerard Wach Gary Wade

D ora W Eddi e \ Yvonn e Marsha Mi chae:


diploma in hand .

and gown,




Cynthia Whindl eton Lee Whitcomb

Sharlene Turner Mike Twardos ki Craig Van de Cas tl e D erek Van der Linde Steve Van F ossen (, ,.,_, ~

1 1

D e bbie Vecchi olla Tony Vi a Jeff Vi ar Ge rard Wach Gary Wad e

Dora Walker Eddi e Wallace Yvonn e Waller Marsha Walton Mi chae l Walton

Tim Walton Cassandra Washington Pat Was hington D oug Webber Jodi Webber

Theresa White Patricia Wh itm ore

Aubrey li sten s intently to th e teacher.


Solemn poses for the camera.

Pam's dayd rea ms mu st b e amusing.

Lou Willi am s Robert Williams Linda Willi s

Marce lla Wilson L yn Wingfie ld Susan Winter

We were

D on Wimm er Mary Linn Wolf Me rril y Wolfe

C la ire Wolff Dav id Wood Dav id Wade Wood


H elen ' Stuart ' Doug V

Toni has too much h elp!



John , th ere's a tin

We were the class of '74.

or the camera.


Oh , Sam. Not two!

D o n Wi mm er .1ar y Lin n Wolf Me rri ly Wolfe

C la ire Wolff David Wood David Wad e Wood

H ele n Wood Stuart Wood D oug Wood son

Gary Wood so n Eli zab eth Wri ght Esth er Wri ght

John , th ere's a tim e and a p lace for everythin g!

Kim Wya nt Mary Wyant John Youn g

Mauri ce Youn g Rob e rt Zi egle r Kl au s Zi ock

18 1

Bishop, j ames Ed ward, Jimm y: Photography 1; Ski Cl. 2; Motorcycle 3.

Senior Directory

a nd Marchin g Band 1,2,3.

Brya nt, Robert Le wis.

Blac k , j ohn Steve n, Steve: FF A 1,2 ,3; Sentin el 2.

Bue hler , Patricia Ly n n , Pa t : Po F ootball 1,2,3; Ski Cl. 1,2; Outi ng

Bolden, Russell Wendell.

Burcham, Tro y Lane, Troy: Guitar

Borchers, Robert E., Bobby: Soccer 3; Letter 3; Intra mural Bas ke tb a ll 1,2,3; Spa ni sh Cl. 1,2 ; Lacross Cl. 3.

Burns, Howard A lle n: VICA .

Burr us, Sand ra L eigh , Sa nd y: I Sports 1; Bas ketball 1; E uritan Cl.

Bornstein, Donna Gail , Gail. Bowen , Carroll Randolph Ed ward , Ra nd y: F ootball ; Art Cl.

Burto n, Charles .

Burton , Desiree Ma rie, Mickey: C:

Bowles, Katherin e Louise, Kathyln .

Burton, Mi ch ael Donnell, Sly: J.V. 1; F CA 1; CBY 2,3 .

Brackett, Clarastee n, Brack: FHA 2,3. Brackett, Phyllis Marie, Phill: CBY 3. Bradley, Antoinette Cecilia, Toni: CBY 1,2,3; Co nce rt Choir 1; Choir 1,2,3.

Busby, Arthur Neale, Ace: Photo! V. Pres. 2; Eruta n 3; Bes t Trombo in ' 73; Peer ph otograph er 2; Con Regional Band.

Bra dl e y, Mark Andrew, Ma d D og: VA Welter-we ight Boxin g Champi on.

Butler, Mi chael Th omas, Mike. Byrd, Beverly, Cl eo: CBY.

Bralley, Deidra Elaine: Bicycl e Cl. 1; Aradi a Cl. 2; Make-up cre w.

Hey, th e ball's that way, folks!

Adams, Timothy Ho ward, Tim : Ch ess Cl. 3, Band 1,2,3 . Adcock , Robert Wa yne, Bob : FFA 1,2; VI CA 3. Agee, Audrey ]ezel, Sweet-Pea: CBY. Agee , R o nald Alle n , Ron ni e: C BY 1,3 , Serge nt of Arms 3. A hre nd , Kerr y L y nn : La tin 1; Sp a ni s h 2 ; Ge rm a n 3; Eruta n 3; " Fiddl e r on th e Roof," " H e ll o D o ll y," " Drac ul a," " 'ight of On e Acts." Albert , Robert Dennis, Bob: F ootba ll 1,2 ,3; Mos t Va lu abl e Offe n s iv e Lin e m a n 3 ; All Ce ntral Va. 2,3; Capt. 3 ; Indoor Track 1,2,3, Ca pt. 3; Outdoo r Trac k 1,2 ,3; Key C l. 1,2 ; F CA 1,2,3; Pres . 3 . A ll en, j ohn William , Jr., Johnn y: V. F ootball 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; Outdoo r Track 1,2,3; Ca pt. 3; Fre nch Cl. ; Jr. Class Tale nt Show. A ll e n , St eph e n T ee l , St e ve : Alb e m a rl e Pl ayers 1; Aradi a 2; Guitar 3; " He ll o Doll y," " Wi za rd o f Oz," " Fiddl e r o n th e Roo f;" Hig hlight 2; Prism 3. A lle n, William j ohn, John : F ootb all ; Lacrossee; Outdoo rs Cl. A ndrews, Douglas Martin , D oug: JV Bas ketball 1, Soccer 2,3; Spani sh Cl. 1,2,3; SCA 3; 1 ati onal Honor Socie ty 2,3 . A rba ug h , Linda Fra nk : So ftb a ll 1,2; JV Chee rl eader 1; V Ch eerl eade r 3; Ski Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2,3 ; ight of One Acts; H omeco ming Co urt l. Argenbright , Da vid Le wis , Wiffi e : Environme nt Cl. 2; Bi cycl e Cl. 3. Armentrout , Richard Witt e n, Bird : JV F ootball ; Go lf T ea m; Ski Cl. 1,2,3. A rmstro ng, Vi ckie Gail.


Asher, Donna Gail: F A 1,2; FHA 3. Baber, Brenda Lee. Baber, j ohn Lawrence, Jack: Baseball 1,2,3; Ch ess Cl. 2,3. Bagge tt, Sandra Eliza be th, Snuggles: Ge rman Cl. 2,3 . Baile y, G eorge Willi am, ]r., Bill : F ootb a ll 1,2,3; Honorabl e Me nti on All Ce ntral, Honorabl e Me nti on All No rthwes t Regional; Ind oo r Track 1; Outdoor Track 1; Intra mura l Bas ketball 1,2,3; Chess Cl. 2; Re porte r; Key Club 1,2; Vi ce-Pres .; Lib erati on Cl. 3; Pres.

Carlin , j oh n Th oma s, Yank: V Fo Key Cl. 2; F CA 2,3; Spani sh Cl. 3.

Bra nch , Oli via Elain e, Libb y : CBY 1,2 ,3 ; SCA 1,2,3.

Carpe nt er , Bryant , Stud: Motor 1,2,3, V. Pres.

Bmnsfi eld, Vi vian: Drama Cl. 1; Scie nce Cl. 1; Arad ia Cl. 2.

Carson, Sco tt , P lata pu ss: Spani E rutan Cl. 3, V. Pres .; First and T in th e Regional F ores try Con te t.

Ba rbour, Carl Robert .

Brown , Carroll Dale.

Ba rb o ur, Fra ncis R ooseve lt , Juni or : FF A 1,2,3.

Brown, Deborah Ann, Debbi e: Spanish Cl. 3; Fr e nch Cl. 3; G e rm a n Cl. 3; Dra ma Cl. 2; Band 1,2.

Ba tes, j ohnny L ee, Kill e r: JV F oo tb a ll 1; Outdoor Trac k 1,2 ,3; Ind oo r Trac k 2 ,3; JV Bas ke tball 1; V F ootball 2,3; MVP 3; MV Defe nsive Bac k 3 ; FCA 1; H onor Socie ty 2,3 ; Falcon Club MVP Award ; Peer 2,3. Ba t te n , Su s an Ca r ole : P o wd e r Puff 1; Spani sh Cl. 1,2,3; Conce rt Band 1,2,3; Concert Ch oir 3. Beasle y, An n Lesli e: JV Bas ketball 1; Spani sh Cl. 1,2; VI CA. Berry , Charles Whit e, II , Chip: JV Bas ketball 1; V Bas ke tball 2,3; Capt. 3; Latin Cl. 1, F CA 2,3 ; at'! Honor Society 2,3.

Casey, Da niel, Dan: Fre nch Cl. 2; 3; V. Pres. 3.

Brochu , judith Gail, Judy: Drama Cl. 3; Erutan Cl. 3; Ichthus Cl. 3; Aradi a Cl. 2; Ski Cl. 2; Art Cl. 1,2; Motorcycle Cl. l.

Broo kshire, Brian Keith.

Barn ett , j ohn A lb ert .

Carter, Mayo Davidso n, Beagle: [ Capta in 3; Envirome nt Cl. 1; pani ec. Tres.

Broa der, Eileen Th eresa : Art 2,3; Music App reciati on 1; Girl s' Ch orus 2.

Bai n, Virgi nia Kirk, Ginn y: Spani sh Cl. 2.

Barbour, Ruby Louise, Tack.

Carter, Hilda Aistrop, Murt: VICA ursing Cl. 3.

Brez inski , Rebecca L., Tinker: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Aradi a Cl. 2.

Ba nton, Co nnie Diane: FBLA 2,3; Pres. 3.

Barbour, Nadine Elizab eth: CBY 1,2,3 ; Sec. 3.

Care y, Bertha A vis, Av is: CBY 1 de rpuff football 1; SCA Rep.

Bra ssfi eld , Regin ald N athani el , Re gg ie : Track.

Broc k , Hu e y Sanford , Sk ee t: VICA 2 ,3; DECAl.

Ba rb our, Gregory Hu st on , Gr eg : F ootb all ; Track; Bas ketball ; MVP; FCA ; V. Pres. l.

Callowa y, Linda Diane.

Branch , Cary R., Ill: Guitar Cl. 3; Latin Cl.; at' l Me rit Se mi-finalist; at' l H on or Socie t y; Wh o's Wh o Am o n g Am e ri ca n Hi g h School Students; D ebate Team; Di stri ct represe ntativ e to Regional.

Brow n, Debra Lynn, D ebbie: Pep Cl. 1; Icthu s 3. Brown, Franklin De wey, Jr. , Fra nk : Outdoor Cl. Brown, Gloria j ean: FHA. Brown, ]oculyn Elizab eth. Brown, j oyce An n Nixon, Boos ie: C BY.

Ca ey, Samuel: Latin Cl. 1; SCA 1 Choir 1,2; Stud e nt practi cal nurse ~

Ca on, Brenda j oyce: Library 1; I Library Ass' t. 1,2.

Chis holm, j effr ey, Chis: V F ootbal Baseball 1,2,3; FCA 2,3; All D istric ' 72-'73. Christmas, j ohn , Fl y: DECA 1,2,3.


C hro nis t er, S t eve n] ., St eve: G tram ural Bas ketball 1,3; Ski Cl. 2; Cl. 3.

Clark , R obert , Robin: Ph otogra{: Outd oors Cl. 3. Cleme nts, james Arthur, Fuzzy: Fo T rack 1,2; Chess Cl. 3.

Brubeck, Maureen A nnette Gilb ert .

Cleme n ts , Will ia m W yan n , Bil l: Pres. 1; Pres., Chaplain of Flagera Senti al of Flagerati on.

Br yan t, Donald Lee: FFA 1,2 .

Cochra n, Robert j am es, Bob: Ches!

Bryant, Lizabeth Anne, Liz : FT A 1; Sec retary; Fre nch Cl. 2; Pres ident; SCA : Smithfi eld Littl e Theatre; " Plaza Suite ," " Music Man," " Fiddl e r on th e Roof," " Th e Gla s s Man ag eri e," " 40 Ca ra ts;" CGB 2; Jun ior Marshall.

Coleman, Stephen A.

Brya nt , Naomi Lynne, Linni e: Nurs ing Cl. 1,2; VICA 3; Reporte r; Guitar Cl. 3; Concert

Co les, Kenneth, Man: John Finl ey so n Scholarship Award. Coles, Kim Louise: CBY 3. Collier, j a nice Ka y, Coo ki e. Co nklin, Ann Felicita, T oots.

lames Edward, Jimmy: Photography . 2; Motorcycle 3 .

and Marc hin g Ba nd 1,2,3 .

Bryant, Robert Le wis.

Jhn St eve n, Steve: FFA 1,2 ,3; Sen-

Bu e hl er , Patri cia Lynn , Pat: P owder Puff F ootball 1,2,3; Ski Cl. 1,2; Outing Cl. 3.

Russell Wendell.

Burcham, Troy Lane, Troy: Guitar Cl. 3 .

•, Robert E. , Bobby: Soccer 3; Letter nu ra l Bask e tball 1,2 ,3; Spanish C l. ·oss C l. 3.

Bums, Howard Allen: VICA. Burrus, Sand1·a L eig h , Sandy: Intra mura l Sports 1; Basketball 1; Euritan Cl. 3.

n, Donna Gai l, Gail.

Burton, Charles .

Carroll Randolph Edward , Randy: rt Cl.

Burton, Desiree Mari e, Mickey: CBY 1,2,3.

"- therin e Louise, Kathyln.

Burt on, Mi cha el Donnell, Sly: J.V. Bas ketball 1; FCA 1; CBY 2,3.

, Claras tee n, Brack: FHA 2,3 . , Phyllis Marie , Phill: CBY 3 .

Busby , Arthur Neale, Ace: Photography Cl.; V. Pres. 2; Eruta n 3; Bes t Trombone Sectio n in '73; Peer photographer 2; Con cert Band ; Regional Band.

ntoinette Cecilia , Toni: C BY 1,2,3; Choir 1; Choir 1,2,3.

, ,\ lark Andrew , Mad Dog: VA ·iqht Boxing Champion. Dndra Elaine: Bicycl e C l. 1; Aradia e-up crew.

Butler, Mi chael Th omas, Mik e.


Byrd, Beverly, C leo: CBY. Calloway, Linda Diane. Care y, Bertha Avis, Avis: CBY 1,2,3; Powde rpuff football 1; SCA Re p. Carlin, j ohn Th omas, Yank: V Football 2,3 ; Key Cl. 2 ; FCA 2,3; Span ish Cl. 3.

, Olic aa Elaine, Libby: CBY 1,2 ,3; ,.3.

Carp enter, Bryant , Stud: Motor cycle Cl. 1,2,3, V. Pres.

icia n: Drama Cl. 1; Scie nce Cl.

Carson, Scott, Platapus s: Spanish C l. 1,2; Erutan C l. 3 , V. Pres .; First and Third Place in th e Regional Fores try Contes t.

Cl. 2.


ld, Reginald Nat hani el , Reggie: ·,Rebecca L., Tin ker: Motorcycle Cl.

C1. 2.

Carter, Hilda Aistrop, Murt: VICA 3; FHA 1; N ursing Cl. 3 . Carter, Mayo Da vidso n, Beagle : Drill T eam Captain 3 ; Enviroment Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Sec. Tres . Cas ey, Daniel, Dan: French Cl. 2; Icthu s Cl. 3 ; V. Pres . 3.

Hu 'II Sa nford , Skee t: VICA 2,3; I.

, Bria n Keith. Corroll Dale. Deborah Ann, Debbie: Span ish Cl. 3; Cl. 3; Ge rman Cl. 3; Drama Cl. 2; Debra Lynn, Debbie: Pep Cl. 1; IcFra nklin De wey, Jr. , Frank: Outdoor Gloria j ean: FHA. )oculyn Elizabeth. jo yce Ann Nixon, Boosie: CBY. k, Maureen Annette Gilbert. Donald Lee: FF A 1,2.

Cas ey, Samu el: Latin C l. 1; SCA 1; VICA 3; Cho ir 1,2; Student practical nurs e 3. Cason, Brenda j oyce: Library 1; Pep Cl. 1; Library Ass't. 1,2. Chisholm, j effre y, Chis: V Football 1,2,3; V Baseball 1,2,3 ; FCA 2,3; All District Baseball ' 72-'73. Christmas, j ohn , Fly: DECA 1,2,3.

Tim , what are ya hiding?

Conklin, Daniel Th omas, Da n: V, JV Football Manager; Drama Cl. Pres.; Th es p ian Troupe 500 , V. Pr es .; On e Act Play F es tival; " Dracula". Conley, Roy Lee, Rocky: V F ootball 2,3; JV Football 1; Ind oo r Trac k 1,2 ,3; Outdoor Track 1,2; FCA 2,3.

Cook , Marvin Luke.

Dickerso n, Linda Clarice.

Corriga n , Kathryn L ee, Ka th y: JV Cheerlead er 1; V Ch ee rl ead er 2; Softball 1; Powd e rpuff 1,2; SCA 1,2,3, V. Pres . 2; Art Cl. 2,3; Pe p Cl. 1; Night of On e Acts.

Dixon, Suzanne Mari e, Suzi e : GAA 1; Outing C l. 3.

Dolan, Vi ckie Collins, Vi c: Art Cl. 2; Motorcycle Cl. , Tres. 3.

Cott e n, j effr e y Y o un g , J eff: Trac k 1,2 ,3; Bi cycle Cl. 1; Chess Cl. 2; Ge rman Cl. 3.

Dollins, Fl ore nce Ire ne, Agnu s: Pe p Cl. 1; FBLA 3, Treas . 3.

C la rk, Rob ert, Ro bin: Photograph y C l. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3.

Critzer, Ronald Edward, Ron.


Lizabeth Anne, Liz: FTA 1; Secret~ nch C l. 2; President; SCA: Smithfi eld fh eatre; "Plaza Suite," " Music Man ," e r o n th e Roof," " The Glass Man" " 40 Carats;" CGB 2; Juni or Mar-

Coleman, St ephen A.

, Nao mi Lynne, Linni e: Nu rsing Cl. CA 3; Reporter; Guitar Cl. 3; Concert

Colli er, janice Kay , Cookie.

Dodso n, Bridget Ann: Icthu s Cl. 3.

Co te, Ann Mari e: Drama Cl. 3; Prism 3.

Critzer, Donald Albert, D on.

Co chran, Robert james, Bob : Chess Cl. 3.

Deaton, Mm·y Elizabeth. Dellinger, St eve n Ray , Pi ckl e : G e rm an Cl. 2,3.

Crawford, Samu el Lambert, Sam .

Cl em e nt s, William Wyann , Bill: FFA , V. Pres. 1; Pres ., Chaplain of Flagerati on , Sec., Sential of Flagerati on.

Dean e, Debra Diane, D e bbi e : GAA Ch ee rlead er 1; JV C heerl ead er 2; V Chee rl eade r 3; GAA 1; Ski Cl. 2; Erutan C l. 3; Latin C l. 3; Nat'! H ono r Society 2,3; Peer 3.

Conway , Raymond W., Ray : T e nnis 3; G erman Cl. 3; Ch ess Cl. 3; All Regiona l Ba nd 1,2,3.

Chronist er , St eve n} ., Steve: Golf 2, Intramural Basketball 1,3; Sk i Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3.

Clem e nts, james Arthur, Fuzzy: F ootball 1,2; Track 1,2; Ch ess C l. 3.

Da vis, William Dabn ey, Dabn ey: Ch ess C l. 2.

Critzer, Michael Wayn e.

Critzer, Susan Diane: FBLA 1,2; Band Cl. 3. Cutright, Barry Kim : Ski Cl. 1,2; Latin Cl. 3; at'! H onor Soci ety 2,3; Highlight 2, La yout Editor 2; Prism 3; Features Editor 3.

Dra sh , R obert Wayn e, Bobby: C h ess Cl. 1,2,3; Nat' ! H onor Society 2,3 . Dowell , Lee McKinle y, Leo : Track 1,2,3; All Ameri can 2; Football 1,2,3; All Centra l; FCA 1,2,3 . Duncan, Patri cia Launelle, Pat: JV Baske tball 1,2 , MVP 2; S oftb a ll 1, Base ball Mgr. 2 ,3 ; Powde rpuff 1,3 ; GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; Outin g C l. 3; SCA 2; Peer 3. Dunn, David Lee: FFA 1,2.

Cutright , B onnie Su e , Bee p: Fr e n ch Cl. 1,2,3; SCA 1; Nat'! H o n o r So c iety 2,3 ; Homecoming Court 3 ; Harl eq uin 3 .

Dwier, Marcella Danielle, Marcy : Fre nch C l. 1; Ski Cl. 2 ; FNA 3.

Dameron, Susie Belle.

Dyer, Patricia Ann, Pat: DECA 1,2,3 .

Coles, Kenneth, Man: John Finl ey Wi lliamson Schol arship Award .

David, Gary Lynn.

Coles, Kim Louise: CBY 3.

Davis, j effr ey Scott , Je ff: Motorcycle C l. 1; Chess Cl. 2,3.

Ech ols, Ann Est ell e: T e nni s 2; Fr e nch C l. 2 ,3 ; " H e ll o Doll y"; "You're a Good Man , Charl ie Brown"; Nat'! H ono r So ci e ty 2 ,3; Pee r 3.

Conklin, Ann Felicita , T oots.

Davis, St eve Wilson: Spanish Cl. 2; Chess Cl. 2,3 .

Enyeart , William j oseph. Et heridge, Karla j ohanna: Art C l. 3 .


Frazier, Carl Edward. Frazier, Charles Nelson. Fredrikson , Tim othy Graydon , Ig or: Socce r 1,2; Cinema Cl. 1; Fren ch Cl. 2,3. Gardner, Ava Mari e: CBY 1,3 ; GAA 2. Gardner, William Nathaniel, Bill . Garnett , Micha el Gl enn , Mik e : Dra m a Cl. 1,2,3, Pr es . 2 ; Th es pi ans 2 ,3, Re port er 2; Th es pian Tr oup e 500 3, Pres .; "Wizard of OZ " , " T a l e of Che l m ", "F id dl e r o n th e Roof ', " H e ll o, D oll y!", "Count Dracula", " You're A Good Man, Charli e Brown "; Va. State Thes pian Pres. Garrison, james Patterson, J.P. Garrison, Mary Susan , Sue: FHA 1; French Cl. 2 VICA 3; Pres . 3. Garrison, Vi ckie Lynn: Drama C l. 1,2,3, ICC Re p .; Thespians, ICC Rep.; "Wizard of Oz" , " Fiddl e r on th e Roof' , "H e ll o, Dolly! ", "Count Dracula", " Night of On e Acts" , " Tale of Ch e lm " , " Yo u ' r e a Good Man , Charlie Brown" , H ead of Make-up. Garv er , j acqu elin e Fay e, Ja cki e: GAA 1; VICA 2,3, Sec., Di stri ct Sec. 2, Pres ., 3 District Parlim e ntari an 3. Garwood, Marsha j oy, Goo Goo: Aradia 2. Gentry , Kathy Lyn: Pe p Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2.

Hall , Kenneth Eldridge, Ke nny: Indoor Track 1; Fre nch Club 1,2,3; Ph ot ograp h y C l. 1; Cavali er Cl. 1; Highlight 2.

Hunt, Tina Lynn, Tanuk: Cinema

Hall , Mark St ephen , Jud e : G e rm an C l; Art C l. 3; Harlequin 3.

Hurlbut, Clifford Todd, C liff: Cn 1; Track 1; Bicycl e Cl. 3.

Han ey, Sherie Kay e, Bit: Art Cl. 1,2.

jackson, Mildred Brennell, Mill y: Girl s Track 2; Intram urals 1; Gyrr Powde r Puff 3; GAA 1,2; Monog1 1,2,3; FCA 2; SCA 1,2,3; Harl equi sics 2,3; Black Cult ure Assembly

Harrell, juds on j erome, III: VICA.

jackson, j oanne.

Harris, Bruce Alpheus: Aradia Cl. 2 French Cl. 3.

jaeger, Alison Elaine: JV Basketba 1; Art Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Powd T ale nt Show 2; Peer 3.

Hamn er, Pattie Carolyn: Fre nch Cl. 2,3; SCA 2; H ono r Society 2,3.

Harris, Linda Aleas e; G.A.A. 2,3; Peer 3. Harris, Ollie Martin , Sporty.

jameson, Karen Lea: Band 1,2,3; 2,3; Band Cl. 3; Latin C l. 3; at'! ie ty 2,3 ; " H e ll o Dolly" 2; Reg' NCTE Nom in ee 2; Outstanding J 2.

j ohnson, Deborah Ann; D ebbie : F

Hensley, Michael Ray, Mike.

j ohnso n , Edward Fra zier: Alb . Spa ni sh Cl. 2,3 .

Golladay, Randolph Glenn, Stripes: Socce r 2 ,3; MVP 2; Critique Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3 , e wspaper Ed. 3; Jan et Clinic 2,3. Goodman , T oni Dare : GAA 1; Art C l. 2,3; at' ! H ono r Society 2,3; Prism 3. Grady , Deloise Louise, D eedee : CBY 1,2 . Gra ebner , Emily Laura: Fr e n ch Cl. 1,2,3; Alb e marl e Pl aye rs 1,2 ,3; " Wiz ard of Oz" ; " Fiddle r on th e Roof '; "Hello D oll y"; " Th e Bald Soprano"; DAR award; Th es pian s 1; Nat' ! Hon o r Soci e t y 2; Girls Stat e 2 ; Gove rnor's School 2; Harl equin, publi shin g editor 2, editor-in- chi ef 3; English Fore nsics 1,2; Fre nch Forensics 2.

Fitz gera ld April Celes te, Ap e : FHA 1,2,3, Pres. 2.

Gregg, j ohn H., Banana Bread: Indoor Track 1,2,3; Mgr. 1,2,3; Outdoor Track Soccer 1,2; FCA 1,2; Bicycle Cl. 3 .


Hunt, S~san jane: Powder Puff 2,: Outing Cl. 3; H omecoming Court H onor 3.

H e nsle y, judi th Lynn, Jud y: Fre nch Cl. 1; Motorcycle Cl. 2 ; Guitar Cl. 3.

Gray , Angelina Elizab eth, Pudding : DECA 1, GAA 2, CBY 3.

Fox , Susan Kay .

Hall , Hilton W., Jr ., P eti e : Soccer 1; Outdoor Cl.; Bicycle Cl.

j ohnso n, Dana Leig h: Ski CL. 2.

Fitch , Sheila Fay e, Faye: CBY, Choir.

Forman , judy Hawk es: Environm e nt Cl. 2 .

Hunt , Sharon Kay: Powde r Puff 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Peer 3.

Henderson , Arthur Giles, Art.

Gilm er , Melissa Lynn , Missy: ICT-VICA 3 , Treas. 3.

Gray, j erome Lawrence.

Ford , Deborah Ann.

Hall , Conrad Steve nso n, Steve: Intra mural Bask tball 1; Cavali er Cl. l.

j ohnso n, Charles Mi chael; Mik e.

Fisher, Frances Mari e.

Flick, Margi e juanita: FHA 1,2,3, Re porter 3.

Hunt, Donna Riddle: DECA Jun i Directors 2; Pres . 3 .

Helmandollar, ]ani Mari e, Sammy.

Gloss er, Cynthia Ann, Cindy: P owd e rpuff Football ; Spanish Cl. 1,3; Outing Cl. 2; German Cl. 3 .

Fisher, Elizab eth Carmichael, Bes : Powde rpuff F ootball 2,3; Ski Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 2; Drama Cl. 3; Thespian Troupe 500 3; " H ell o, Dolly! ", " Count Drac ul a", "N ig ht of On e Acts"; SCA Secretary 3; Class Re prese ntat ive 3; CGB 3.

Ha ckett, Th elma jane.

Gilb ert , james Gilhams, Jr. , Jim: V F ootball 1,2,3 ; SCA Rep. 1; FCA 1,2; Key Cl. 1,2.

Ew ell , T eres a L ouise, T e ri: Po wd erpuff 3 ; Outing Cl. 1,2,3.

Fields, Marlin e, Marty: Tri-Hi-Y; GAA ; FHA.

Hui e, jane Elsa, Jane: Spanish Cl. H ono r Socie t y 2 ,3; Peer 2,3, Co Chi ef 3.

j ohnson, Ava Maria: Drill T eam Aradia 2; CBY 3; Ch oru s 2,3.

Glosser, Hatti e Dianne, Dianne : SCA .

Fields, j ohn Blair, III , Blair: Football 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2; FCA 1,2,3; " The Fiddl er o n th e Roof ', " H e llo D oll y !", Orch e str e; Nat'! H o nor Socie ty 2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3.

Gru enwald , Diane Lynn: P owderpuff 1,2; Spanish Cl. 2; GAA 1; Outing C l. 3; Drill T ea m 1,2.

Hearn, Susan Lyon: Spanish Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Drill T eam 3.

Eubanks, Debrah Diane, D e bbi e : CBY 1,2.

Fauver, Carlene Amada , Mandy .

Hughes, Larry Milt on.

Gilb ert , Debra Gail, D e bbi e.

Gibson, T ony· Allen: FFA 2.

Farish , Gl enda Dale: FHA 1; Spani sh C l. 2,3 .

Grinstead, j anet Lynn, Pea nuts: Cinema Cl. 1; Erutan 3; Peer 3.

Jarman , Georg e Burton Ph otogr: at'! Me rit Letter of Commendati

Gibson, Charles Mi chael.

Farish , Diane Leigh: G erm an Cl. 2,3.

Hughes, Cynthia Susan, C ind y: ' ager 3; DE CA Re p. 3.

Hartman , Lawre nce Wright , L a rry: Phil osop h y Cl. 1; Aradia Cl. 2 , Pre s . 2; French Cl. 3. Har ve y,Valle ri e Moor e, Val: Spanish Cl.; SCA.

Gentry , Le wis Wesle y.

Evelyn, are you using sign la nguage in study hall?

Grinnell, jan e Eyre: Alb e marl e Pl aye rs 1; Fre nch Cl. 2; Latin Cl. 3.

Grinde, Th omas R. Tom: JV Football & Track 1; Intram ura l Bas ke tball , 3; Spanish Cl. 1; Chess 2; Erutan 3; Pres. 3; Concert & Marching Band 1,2,3; Drum major 3.

Herndon, Gilda Sue , Susie : Nursin g Cl. l.


Herring, Deborah j ean, D e bbie : DE CA l.

j ohnson, Gary Lee: Blu e J: V B: FCA .

Herring, Dale Mari e, Dale: Cin e ma Cl. 2.

j ohnson, Paula Evangelin: CBY.

Herring, Ruby Lee, Rub s. Heslep, j effr ey Kyle: German Cl. 2,3.

j ones, Curtis A llan; C urt: JV F oe Cl. 2; G uitar Cl. 3.

He witt, Gregory Rice, Greg: Varsity Socce r 2; T e nni s 3; FCA 2; Lacross e 3.

j ones, Debbi e Kay : Bubbl es: Ar Peer.

Hi cks, Darla Anne: Art Cl. 2,3.

]ones, Laurie Mari e: Motorcycle C 1,2; Libera tion Cl. 3.

Han, Sung Wha: Socce r 1; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Alpha Chi Sigma Award; Nat'! H o nor Society 2,3 ; Parti cipant at Governor's School for th e Gifted.

j ones, Sharon Elain e: Spanish 2 2,3.

Horrocks, Paige Llewellyn: JV Basketball 1; German C l. , Sec. 2. Howard, Garry Mit chell , Mit ch e ll: Art Cl. 1,2; Chess Cl. 3. Howard, Wayn e Gary , Wayn e : JV Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3; C BY 1,3; FCA 2. Howe, j oan Knapp: French Cl. 2,3; SCA 2; Keye tt es 2; Distri ct Re prese ntativ e .

]ones, Wanda Carol: FHA 2; FBL j ordan, j ohn Archie: F ootball 1,2. j ordan, Lillian Lucille.

judge, Ruth Kat hry n: Spani s l "Wizard of Oz" 1; " Fiddler on th €

]uul-Nielsen , Ingrid Lisb , Jewel: J Football 1,2,3; V T e nni s 2,3; GAil cl e C l. 3; SCA 2,3; Peer 3.

Hudson, Susan Mill er, Susy: GAA 1; Ge rman C l. 2,3, Sec. 3.

Kau zlarich , j ohn Howard, Kauz: J ketball 1,2,3; V T e nni s 2,3; Tracl gra phy C l. l.

Huff, D eborah Hal e ne, D ee : Softba ll 2; Cinema Cl. 2; SCA l.

Kelly , Timothy jude, Tim .

, j ane Eyre: Albemarle Players 1; :1. 2; Latin Cl. 3 .

Hughes, Cynthia Susan, Cindy: Track Manager 3; DECA Rep. 3.

i, janet Lynn, Peanuts: Cinema Cl. 1 3; Peer 3.

Hughes, Larry Milton. Hui e, jane Elsa, Jane: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Nat'! H on or Soci ety 2,3; Peer 2,3, Co-Ed itor-inChief 3.

1ld , Diane Lynn: P ow d er puff 1,2; Cl. 2; GAA 1; Outing Cl. 3; Drill '

Kent, Ronald Keith , Ron: JV Bas ke tb a ll 1; Key Cl. ; Photography Cl.; Outing Cl. 3, President 3; Peer.

Lamb , D eb orah j ean , D e bbi e : FBLA 3 ; Chrm . Fl oa t Committee; Chrm . Fund Committee.

Kim , Ta e Ho: Cross Country 1; Indoor Track 2; FCA 2; Bicycl e Cl. 3 .

Lane, j oseph La wrence, Jo e . LaRue, Alexandre Pauahi , Alex: Fre nch Cl. 2; GAA 1; Bicycle Cl. 3; Honor Soci ety 2,3 .

Thelma jane.

Hunt , Donna Riddle: DECA Juni or Board of Directors 2; Pres . 3 .

Kindrick, Kathryn Mari e, Kathy: Latin 1,2,3 ; Se c. 2,3, V Pres. 3; Peer 3; March ing Band 1,2; Symphonic Band 1,2.

nra d St evenso n , Steve: Intramu ra l Jl 1; Cavali er Cl. 1.

Hunt , Sharon Kay: Powder Puff 2,3 ; Ski Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Peer 3 .

King, Em est Edward, Eddi e : Motorcycle Cl. 1,2; Gu itar Cl. 3.

ton W., Jr. , Peti e: Soccer 1; Outdoor cle Cl.

Hunt , S~san]ane: Powder Puff2,3; Ski Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; H omecoming Court 3; Maid-of Honor 3.

Kingrea, Ashton Lee.

Lawson, Brenda Bevirls: Intramural Gymn asti cs 1; Fre nch 1,2.

1neth Eldridg e, Kenny: Indoor Track :h C lub 1,2,3; Ph ot og rap h y C l. 1; Cl. 1; Highlight 2.

Kirby , Donna L oui se: M o torcycl e Cl. 2 ; FBLA 3.

Lawson, Com elia Ma e, Corn y: Nursing Cl. 1; FHA 2; VICA 3.

Hunt , Tina Lynn, Tanuk : Cinema Cl. 2.

Kirby Nancy Lav on: Powderpuff 1; Baske tball 1; DECA 3 ; Art I.

Layman, Charles Franklin, Franki e.


Httrlbut , Clifford Todd, Cliff: Cross-Co untry 1; Track 1; Bicycl e Cl. 3.

1rk S tephen , Jud e: German Cl; Art 'eq uin 3.

jackson , Mildred Brennell , Milly: Softball 1; Girls Track 2; Intramurals 1; Gymnastics 1,2; Powde r Puff 3; GAA 1,2; Monogram 3; C BY 1,2,3; FCA 2; SCA 1,2,3; Harl equin 2; Forensics 2,3; Black Culture Assembly 1,2,3.

Kle ppach , Rob ert j am es, ]r. , Bob: Trainer ; Th espians; "Dracula".

on j erom e, III : VICA.

ja ckson, j oanne.

Konkle , Kathryn j eanne; Kathy.

路e Alpheus: Aradia Cl. 2 French

j aeg er, Alison Elaine: JV Basketball 1,2; GAA 1; Art Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Powder Puff 1,3; Talent Show 2; Peer 3.

Konkle, Kristin Arm, Kris.

Carolyn: Fre nch Cl. 2,3; SCA 2,3.

. <

ye, Bit: Art Cl. 1,2.

ndiJ Alease; G .A .A. 2,3; Peer 3. )Uu

Mart in , Sporty.

, Lawre nce Wright, Larry : pby Cl. 1; Aradia C l. 2 , Pr es. 2; 3. ,.allene M oore, Val: Span is h Cl.;

jameson, Karen Lea: Band 1,2,3; Drama Cl. 2,3; Band Cl. 3; Latin Cl. 3; Nat') Honor Socie ty 2,3; " H e ll o D oll y" 2; Reg' ) Band 2,3; NCTE Nom inee 2; Outstanding Jr. Musician 2.

j ohnson, Ava Maria: Drill Team 2; GAA 1; Aradia 2; C BY 3; Ch orus 2,3.

lollar,}oni Marie, Sammy.

j ohnson , Charles Mi chael; Mike.

n Lvon: Spa nish Cl. 2; Erutan Cl.

, Arthur Giles, Art.

, Judith Lyn n, Judy: French Cl. 1; Cl 2; Guitar Cl. 3. el Ray, Mike.

Cilda Sue, Susie: Nursing Cl. 1.

Knight , Aubre y L ee: Alb e marl e Pla ye rs 1; Latin Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; Peer 3.

Kysor, Edith Gail: DECA 1,2 ; FHA 3.

Lawrence , St even L ee, Hop-a-lon g: Cin e ma Cl. 2; Band Cl. 3.

Leake, Douglas Bryan, Doug: F ootball 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1; Baseball 1,2; German Clu b 2,3; FCA 1,2,3; Alb e marl e Pl ayers 3; Th espian s 3; "Fiddl e r on the Roof'; "He ll o Dolly" ; " Dracul a" SCA 1,3. Leathers, j onathan Franklin , Johnny: I.C.T. , VICA 2,3. Lewis, Charles Mi cha el, Mik e: Libe ration Cl. German Cl. ; Ph otography Cl. ; Mos t Va luab le De fe nsive Lin e man.

Ladd, Cary Th omas, Jr.

L ewis, Sarah Helen , Merda l, Boo-Bo o, Big Dog: CBY.

Lam, Loretta Fay e: Pres . P .F. Award.

Lindse y , R ob ert jam es , Bob: Drama 1;

Jarm an , George Burt on Ph otograp h y Cl. 3; Nat' I Merit Le tte r of Commendation.

ream 3.


Kirs ch nick, Steve n john: ICT Cl.

Later, Linda Su e.

j ohnson, Dana Leigh: Ski CL. 2. j ohnson, Deborah Ann; D ebbie: FHA 1; CBY 3.

j ohn son, Edwa rd Frazi er: Alb. Play e rs 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3.

Dtborah jean, D ebbie: DECA 1.

j ohnson, Ga ry Lee: Blue J: V Bask etball 3 ; FCA.

Dale Marie, Dale: Cinema Cl. 2.

j ohnson , Paula Evangelin: CBY.

Rubu Lee, Rubs.

1tffrey Kyle: Ge rman Cl. 2,3.

j ones, C urtis Allan; Curt: JV Football 2; Art Cl. 2; Gui tar Cl. 3.

';regory Rice, Greg: Varsity Soccer 2; I, FCA 2; Lacrosse 3.

j ones, Debbie Kay : Bubbles: Art Cl. 1,2,3; Peer.

arlo An ne: Art Cl. 2,3.

]ones, Laurie Mari e: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 1,2; Liberati on Cl. 3.

Wha: Soccer 1; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; hi Sigma Award; Nat') H onor Society ici pan t at Governor's School for th e

j ones, Sharon Ela ine: Spanish 2,3 ; Choru s 2,3. j on es, Wanda Carol: FHA 2; FBLA 3.

r, Pa ige Llewellyn: JV Basketball 1; Cl., Sec. 2.

, Ga rry Mitchell, Mitch e ll: Art C l. Cl. 3. Wayne Gary, Wayne: JV F ootball 1; 2,3; CBY 1,3; FCA 2.

~oo tball

Jan Knapp: Fre nch Cl. 2,3; SCA 2; 2; Distri ct Re presen tativ e.

j ordan , j ohn Archie: F ootball 1,2.

Look , Cary can sit up and slee p at th e same time!

j ordan, Lillian Lucille. judg e, Ruth Kathryn : Spanish C l. 2,3 ; "Wizard of Oz" 1; "Fiddler on th e Roof' 1. juul-Ni elsen, Ingrid Lisb , Jewel: Powde rpuff Footba ll 1,2,3; V Tennis 2,3; GAA 1,2; Bicycle Cl. 3; SCA 2,3; Peer 3.

usan Miller, Susy: GAA 1; German )ec. 3.

Kau zlarich , j ohn Howard, Kauz: JV & V Basketball 1,2,3 ; V T e nnis 2,3; Track 1; Photograp hy Cl. 1.

ebora h Hal e ne, D ee: Softball 2; Cl. 2; SCA 1.

Kelly , Timothy jude, Tim.


Span ish 2,3; SCA 2; Nat'! Honor Socie ty 2,3; Peer 3.

Morton , Rhoda Sue, Rhoda: Girls' . ball 1; Girls' Varsity Bas ke tball 2,3 prove d Pl aye r 3; Girls ' Vars it y ~ GAA 1,2 ; SCALZ ; Monogran Sec.-Treas .; Peer 2,3; Co-Editor c tion and Activiti es 3.

Locher, Melissa Leigh, Lissa: Ge rm an Cl. 2,3; Drana Cl. 2,3; Thespia ns 2,3 ; !Outdoors Cl. 3; FCA 2; Albemarle Pl aye rs 2,3; " H e ll o D oll y" 2; Jr. C lass T a le n t Show 2; " Sh ow Me" 2; H omecoming Court 3; Re gional Choir 3. .

Mo sca , Alfon B ernard , AI: Sci e1 Spa nish Cl. 2; Chess Cl. 2,3.

Long, Rodne y Lee, Lee: Germ an Cl. ; Conce rt Choir.

Moubray, james Harv ey.

Mun son , Susan jan: Spanish Cl. Cl. 2; Photography Cl. 3, Sec.-Tre Cl. 3; Thes pians 3; " Hello D oll y" Good Man, Charli e Brown"; Harle

Loschelder, Frances Elizab eth , Fran , Franki e: FHA 1, Rep. , V. Pres. 3. Loving, Ca therine Irene, Cathi e : Intramural Gymnastics 1; Spa ni s h C l. V. Pres. 1,2 ; Psychology Cl. 3; Concert Choir 1,2,3.

Nelms, john Anderson, e lms: JV 1; Golf Team 1; V Football 2,3; JVI Intra mural Bask e tb a ll 2 ,3; Sco re keep er, V Baske tb all ; Ch es FCA 1,2; Ch ess CJ. 3; Juni or C I, Show ; Peer 2,3; Sports Editor, Cc Photography 3; Draper Chern. Con

Lucas , Vicki Lynn, Vi c. Luck , Andre Gregory, Arms: Span ish Cl. 2,3; Albe marl e Players 1; Peer 3. Luck , Da na Eric, Uncl e Bea r: Ichtus Cl. Advisor; Director of"Come T ogeth er".

Nelson, Suzanne Mathe ws: Pep Cl. Cl. 2,3; NEDT.

Manl e y, j ohn Wilford.

Nig hting al e, Melody D enise, Me Puff 1; CBY 1; ICC Repre entath Ass is tant Se c.; Spanish Cl. 2 ,3 Gift e d , Black" 1; at'! H on or c Peer 2,3 ; C o-Editor 3; Ha rlequi1 Clinic 2,3.

Marks, Katherine Heather: La tin Cl. ; Art Cl. Sec.; at'! Honor Socie ty 2,3. Ma rk s, Mi chael Ir vin, Mik e, Hippi e Jon es: Bas ke tb a ll ; Outdoor Trac k; Ind oo r Trac k; We ightlifting Cl. 1; FCA 2; Outdoors Cl. 2,3. Markw ood, Paula Ann: Spanish 1,2,3.

Nor cro ss , T eresa R e a , T er ri : P Spanish Cl. 2,3; Prism 3; SCA .

Mars t on , Jodi Ann, Jo: Ichtu s C l. , Tr eas .; Pres ide nt's Ph ys ical Fitn ess Award.

Norford, Charles Alan, Al an .

Martin , Barbara Lee: Ichtus Club.

Norvelle , Ri chard Alan: Cin em Bicycl e Cl. 3.

Martin , Debra Fay e, Debby.

O'Leary , Margaret, Mole: Spani b 2nd H onors.

Martin , j erry Dean, Jay : Bas ketball ; Track; F CA. Martin , Mab el Gertrude Ward , Trud y: Bas ketball ; Art Cl.; FHA.

O'Leary, Mary jane, O' Learshky: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; 2nd H onor . A future fashion mode l?

T erry

Oliva, Mi chael joseph, Mik e : ki

orcross .

Martin , Mari on Lee, Lee : German Cl. 1,2. Martin, Patricia Ann, Pat: FHA Treas . Martin , Sarah Kathryn , S.K.: Bicycl e Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Fre nch Cl. 3; Pl aced first in state , second in region in Fre nch Contest 2. Maupin, j anet Leig h, Ja n: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2, Sec. 2; Libe rati on Cl. 3. Maupin , june juanita . Maup in, V ernon A llen. Maupin, William j oseph, Bill y: JV F oo tball 1; SCA 2; Co nce rt Choir 2,3. Mawy er, Da vid Dua ne, De D e . Maxa , Colin Bruce, Bruce: JV Bas ke tball 1; Intram ura l Bas ketb a ll 2,3 , Capt . 3; FCA 1; Chess Cl. 2,3; Chess T ea m 2,3; Peer 3. May o, Debra William s, D e bbi e: VICA 2,3 , Pres . 2, Sec. 3. Math ews, Th oma s Philip , III , T om : Intramural Bas ketball 1,2,3; Photogra phy Cl. 1; Fr e nc h C l. 2,3; A Night o f On e Ac ts 2; "Count Drac ul a" 2; "You ' re A Good Ma n , Ch a rli e Br own" 3; Th es pi a ns 2 ,3; a t' l H o n or So cie ty 2 ,3; Peer 2,3, Ph ot og ra ph y Editor 3. Maty sek , Paul Edward: FFA ; VICA. Maupin, Charles William , Bill y. May o, William }en ning, Billy

McAllister, Melvi n Ray : Art Cl. 3. McCann , Sharon Lynn: Alb e marl e Pl ayers 1,2,3; Thes pians 1,2,3; Pe p Cl. 1; Ge rman Cl. 路 2,3; "Wizard of Oz" 1; " Fiddl er on the Roof' 1; " He ll o Doll y" 2; " Count Dracula" 2.

Mill er, Gregory L ee, Gregg: Ind oo r Trac k 2,3; Outdoor Track 2,3; Intram ural Bas ketball 1; CBY 1; FCA 2,3.

McCauley, Alice Fay e, AI.

Mills , Carolyn Mari e.

McDaniel, Patricia Ann, Pat: ICT 3, Re porter 3.

Mint er, St ephen Ray, Steve: VICA 3.

McDermott, Neal .

Moor e, H oward L ee : Tra ck 2 ,3; FCA 2,3; CBY 1,2,3.

McGehee, Da vid Winston, Dave: Span ish Cl. 1,2,3; V. Pres. 3.

Mondy , Sh erry Pe yton: P e p Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3 .

McGrory , Keith james .

Montgom ery , Karen Lynn: GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; F NA 3.

McV ey, Lexi e Ann Lex: Girls ' JV Basketball 1; GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Albe marle Pla ye rs 3; Thes pian s 3; " Count Dracul a" 2. McWilliams, Mona Lynn, Lynn : Powderpuff 3; Pe p Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Juni or Class Talen t Show 2.

Owen, j ohn Paul : Drama Cl. 1,2,3 Thespian s 1,2,3, Publi cit y Directc Cl. 1; ICC Rep. 2; " Wizard of OZ' Ch e lm "; " Fiddler on th e Roof Dolly "; " Count Dracula"; " You'路 Man, Charlie Brown" ; Honor ThE Layout Editor Prism.

Pres. 2; Pres. Monogram Cl. 3; GAA Cheerleadin g 2.

Monroe, Vince nt. Mo or e, Sh elby j ean , Slim : N ur s in g C l. 1; Motorcycle Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3. Morris, Alton Monroe: Alton.

M elt on , Th e resa Paulin e, T .C.: VICA 3 , Treas. 3.

Morri s, Mi chael Keith, Mike.

M er k el , Da vi d Cri s pin: Critique C l. 1,2 ; Fre nch Cl. 3; Guitar Cl. 3; Albe marl e Pla ye rs 3; "Our T own" 2; "Count Dracula" 2; Nat'! Merit Se mi-Fin alist; Nat'! Honor Society 2,3; Harl equin; D ebate T ea m.

Morris, Ro nald Craig, Craig: Baseball 1,2,3.

Morris, Pamela Sue, Su e.

Morris , Susan Elizab eth, Su e: VICA 1,2.

Mill er, Debora h Dorita , Debbi e; GAA 1,2.

Morri s , V egi na Marl e n e, Gina : GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; VICA 3; Guitar Cl. 3; ursing VICA Sec. 3; Juni or Class Tale nt Show.

Mill er, Doro thy Louise: Softball 1; GAA 1, V.

Morris, Wanda j ea n.

Owen, Ryland Reamy: Varsity ace tramural Basketball 1,2 ,3; Fren c Certificate , EDT 1; Prism 3; Han


Owens, David johnston.

Pace, Betty Ann: FBLA, Reporter :: Paige, j ohn Rowland.

Park er , Milburn Eug e n e, Eu g Track , Football 1,2; Ski Cl. 3 , . Pr ing Cl. 3, V. Pres. 3. Pasternak , Gary Alan; Spani sh


Patters on, julia Mari e.

Patterson, Mark Gregory , Mark; I We rstling 1; Bicycle Cl. 1, Sec. 1; I Cl. 2; Sci ence Cl. 2,3; D ebate Te~ 1,2,3; Pres . 3; " Wizard of OZ" 1 T ale nt Show 1,2; F ore nsics 2,3, 1 ion , Oratory 2.

Pec k , Denni s Wayn e; Cross-<;:our Ind oo r, Outdoor Tra ck 1,2,3; a Society.

Pitts, james Colvin, Jimm y; JV Ba Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1,2; Outing Cl. 3.

Morton , Rhoda Su e, Rh oda: Girls ' JV Basketball 1; Girls' Varsity Basketball 2,3 , Mos t Improv e d Player 3; Girls ' Vars ity Softb a ll 3; GAA 1,2; SCALZ; Monogram Cl. 3 , Sec.-Treas .; Peer 2 ,3; Co-Editor of C irculation and Activities 3. Mos ca, Alfon Bernard , AI: Sci e n ce Cl. 2; Spanish C l. 2; Chess C l. 2,3 .



Cl. 3; GAA Cheer-


tqhen Ray, Steve: VICA 3. Howard Lee: Track 2 ,3; FCA 2 ,3; ,3.

herry Pe yto n: P e p Cl. 1; Spanish

•• 3.

VInce nt. h elby j ean, Slim : Nu rs in g Cl. 1; de Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3. \lton Monroe: Alton. 11ichael Keith, Mik e. 'amela Sue, Sue. ~onald

Cmig, Craig : Bas e ball 1,2,3.

iusan Elizabeth, Su e: VICA 1,2. Veg ina Marl e n e, Gina: GAA 1; Cl. 2; VICA 3; Guitar Cl. 3; Nursing c. 3; Junior C lass Tale nt Sh ow. Vanda j ea n.

Ritc hi e, j o h n Coleman Co tt en: Football 1,2,3; Le tter 2,3; Track 2,3 ; FCA 1; Ski Cl. 2; Pe p Cl. 2; Outing C l. 3.

Munson, Susan jan: Spanish Cl. 1; E cology Cl. 2; Photography Cl. 3, Sec.-Treas .; Drama Cl. 3; Thespians 3; " H e ll o D oll y"; " You're a Good Man , Charlie Brown"; Harlequin.

Roberts, Catherine june, Cathy: Powderpuff 1,2,3; Pep C l. 1; Ski Cl. 2; Euratan C l. 3, Sec. 3; Drill T eam 1; Majorette 1,2,3; Co-h ead 2, H ead Majorette 3; Ch emistry Lab Ass istant 3.

Powell , j onathan Mi chael , Mik e : ICT triming.

Roberts, Charlotte Page: Art Cl. 1,2,3.

Nelms , j ohn Anderson, Nelms: JV Baske tball 1; Golf T eam 1; V F ootball 2,3;JVBaseball 3; Intramu ral Ba s ketball 2 ,3; Offical Scorekeeper, V Baske tball; Chess T e am 3 ; FCA 1,2; Chess Cl. 3; Junior Class Tal ent Show; Peer 2,3; Sports Editor, Co-Editor of Photography 3; Draper Chern. Contest 2.

Price, Brad Richard: DECA, FFA.

Roberts , William Daniel, Dan: Bicycle Cl.

Price, Edward Taylor, II E .T .; Varsity F ootball 1; FCA 1, Erutan Cl. 3.

Robertson, Kay Doreen: French Cl. 1; German Cl. 2,3.

Pri ce, Patti e Pa ge, Beas l ey, Pat: Choir; Motorcycl e Cl.

R obinson, David Nea l : Tennis 1,2,3; J .V. F ootball 1; Outing Cl. 3; F CA 1,2; Key Cl. 2,3; " H e ll o D oll y" 2; Peer 2,3.

Nelson, Suzanne Mathe ws: Pep Cl. 1; Fre nch Cl. 2,3; NEDT.

Pritchett, David Lee. Pryor, Ha ns Ir ving: FCA 1; CBA 2,3; Intramural Basketba ll 1,2,3. Pugh, Donald Wayn e. Pugh, Robert Van ce, Butch.

Norford, Charles Alan, Alan.

Pulle n, Su san Gayl e, Su e: Dra ma Cl. 2 ,3; Fre n ch C l. 2; Pa rli a m e nta ri a n 3; " H e ll o D oll y", "K iss M e Qui ck . .. I'm D o ubl e Park e d ", "D racu la"; SCA 1,2,3; Re porte r; Senior Class Represen tativ e; CGB 2,3; Powderpuff Football 3.

Norve ll e, Ri chard Alan: Cin e ma C l. 1,2; Bicycle Cl. 3.

Quarles, Debbie Ann : Powder Puff 2, Cheerleader 2; Spanish Cl. 3; SCA 3.

O'Leary, Margaret, Mole: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3 ; 2nd H onors.

Ouas ebarth , Th oma s Fran ci s; Qu ase : Intramural Ba ske tb a ll 1,2,3 ; Cinema C l. 1; SCA 1,2; German Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; Thes pians ; 1,2 ,3 ; " Wizard of OZ ", " Fiddl e r on th e Roof', " H e ll o D olly"; Nat' ! Hon or Society 2,3.

Oliva , Mi chael j oseph, Mik e: Ski Cl. 2,3. Owen, j ohn Paul : Drama Cl. 1,2,3, Treas . 2; Thespians 1,2,3, Publicity Direct or; French Cl. 1; ICC Rep. 2; " Wizard of OZ" ; " Tale of Che l m " ; " Fiddl e r on th e Ro of '; " H e ll o Dolly" ; "Count Dracu la"; "You'r e a Good Man, Charlie Brown"; Honor Thespian 2,3; Layout Editor Prism. Owen, Ryland Reamy: Varsity Socce r 2,3 ; Intramural Baske tb a ll 1,2 ,3; French Cl. 1,3 ; Certificate, NEDT 1; Prism 3; Harlequin 3. Owens, David j ohnston. Pa ce, Betty Ann: FBLA, Reporter 3. Paige, j ohn Rowland.

nery, Karen Lynn: GAA 1; Spanish

Po w ell , Alvin Ray , AI ; Ind oo r , Outdoor Track 2,3 ; Socce r 3; Chess C l. 2; SCA 3.

Ripberger, Ellen j effrey, Rip: Outing Cl. 3; Ski C l. 2 ; SCA 1; Drama C l. 1.

Powell, Gwendolyn Lee, Gwen : Ichtus Cl. 3; Library he lper.

O'Leary, Mary j ane, O'Learshky: Softball 2; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; 2nd H onors.

~! o nogra m

Porritt, Debra Kay , D eb bi e; P owd er puff 2 ; Nursing Cl. 1; Ski Cl. 2; Sci e nce Cl. 3.

Riffe , j ennifer Ann, Je nny: Philosophy C l. 1; Art C l. 2,3 .

Powell, Charles, Audwin.

Norcross, T er es a R ea, Terri: Pep Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Prism 3; SCA .


Plymire, Th eresa Lynn.

Moubray , james Harvey.

Nightingal e, Melody Denise, Mel: Powder Puff 1; CBY 1; ICC Re presentativ e; C BY 2, Assistant Se c .; Spanish Cl. 2 ,3; " Young , Gift e d, Black" 1; Nat'! Honor Soci e t y 2,3 ; Pee r 2 ,3; Co-Editor 3; Harl e quin 3 ; Jan e t Clinic 2,3.

Terry Norcross.

Pleasants, Rita Kay .

Park er , Milburn Eug e n e, Eug e n e : Mgr. Track , Football 1,2; Ski Cl. 3, V. Pres. 3; Outing Cl. 3, V. Pres . 3. Pa sterna k, Gary Alan; Spanish Cl. 2,3 .

Rogers, Susan Flood: Powde rpuff 1,2,3; Outin g Cl. 1,2,3; Sec.; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; " Wizard of Oz" 1; "Fiddler o n the Roof ' 1; " H e ll o D oll y" 2; Internati onal Thespian Society 1,2 ,3; Nat'! H o n or Society 2,3; Senior C lass Vice-Pres.

Ratcliffe, William Samp son , Bill: Soccer 1, Train er 1,2,3 ; Bicycle Cl. 1,2, Science Cl. 3. Rice, j oseph Darrell, Joey: V Football ; Track; Spanish Cl. 1,2; Monogram C l. 1,2. Richardson, james Lee: V F ootball 2,3; Track 2; Ch ess Cl. 2 , Lib e ra tion Cl. 3; " H e ll o Dolly" ; PBA 2,3. Reed, Christopher Matthew, Matt: V F ootball 1,2,3 ; Ind oor Track 1,3 ; Outdoor Track 1,3, Most Valuabl e Pla ye r; FCA 1,2; Lacrosse Cl. 3. Reed, Mark Adams : Soccer; FCA: MVP, Socce r 3. Re nnolds, Sarah Winston; Powd e rpuff 1,2,3; French Cl. 2; Mon og ram Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3; Prism 3. Rexrode, Matthew Charles; Matt.

Patterso n, Mark Gregory , Mark; I ntramural Werstling 1; Bicycle Cl. 1, Sec. 1; Philosophy Cl. 2; Science Cl. 2,3; Debate Team .2; SCA 1,2 ,3; Pres. 3 ; " Wizard of OZ" 1; Jr. Clas s Talen t Show 1,2; Fore nsics 2,3, 1st in Region, Oratory 2.

Re ynolds, Tim othy O we ns, Tim: G olf 1,2 ; Chess Cl., treas . 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Nat'! H onor Society; Marching and Concert Band.

Pitts, james Colvin, Jimm y; JV Basle tball 1; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; FCA 1,2; Outing Cl. 3.

Robinson, Bruce, Brucie: Environment C l. 3; CBY 2; Music Cl. 1; English class , " Instant Theatre"; Local Music Scholarship.

Rainey, Lawrence Elliott, Larry: Chess Cl. 2.

Patterso n, julia Mari e.

Pec k , Denni s Wayn e; Cross-<::;ountry 1,2 ,3 ; Indo or, Outdoor Tra ck 1,2 ,3; Nat'! H ono r Society .

Robinson, Roger.

Kath y Konkl e's fri e nd seems to be camera-s hy.

Riall, Robert Archie, Bobby : Chess Cl. 3. Ricciardelli , Laura Th erese; Cri tiqu e Cl. 1; Alb. Pla yers 2,3; Fr e n ch C l. 2 ,3, Pr es . 3 ; " You're A Good Man, Charlie Brow n"; Nat'! Hon o r So c i e t y 2 ,3 ; Fr e n ch Fore n s ics 2 ; Highlight 1,2 , Bu sin ess Mg r. 2 ; Pri sm 3, Editor-in-Chief 3. Richardson, Robert W.


French Cl. 3; Albemarl e Players 1,3; Guitar 3; Art 1,2,3; Bi cycl e 2; Pe p 1; SCA 3; " Wizard ofOz" 1; Tale nt Sh ow 2; Art Award 2; Peer 3.

Terhune, Su san j ohnso n.

Smith, Debra Elaine, D ebbie: FBLA 1,2,3.

Terrell, Evelyn Senora, "L" : Spani. CBY 1; " Come Togeth er" 3.

Smith, Dianne Rebecca. Smith, Hele n Risher: VICA 3; DECA 1,2.

Terrell, jacqueline Lee, Jacki e: JV J 1,2; V Bas ketball 3; Powderpuff 1,! Spanish Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; SC; 2, Business Mgr. 3.

Smith, Louise Anita , Lou. Smith, Patrick William , Bill y Bh ong: Indoor Track 1; Bi cycl e Cl. 1, Pres . 2; Ge rm an Cl. 2,3; The Jabe r-Wockey; SCA 2; Tale nt Show

Tha cker, Da vid Ray : Cin ema Cl. ; S· 2,3; Concert Band 2,3; Peer 3.


Tha cker, james Carroll , Jimm y: So<

Smit Randall Winston, Randy: F ootball 3; Bicycle 1,2; Outdoo rs 3.

Tha cker, j ean O'Dell: Bi cycl e Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3; SCA 1,2.

Smith, Su san Leigh , Sooze : Drill T ea m 1,2; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marchin g Band 3; Drama 1; Bicycle 2; Fre nch Cl. 3; Guitar 3; " Wizard of Oz" 1; " Fiddl er on th e Roof ' 1; Regional Band 1,2,3; Thespian 1,2,3; Municipal Band 3.

Tha cker, Robert Wayne: FF A, V. P1 Thalmann , Kath erin e Chri s t ine Drill T e am 1,2,3; Alb e marl e Pi a) Spani sh Cl. 2,3; Pep Cl. 1,2; .C.A pian s 2,3; " Kiss Me Qui c k I 'rr Parke d" 2; "Count Dracula" 2; "F The Roof ' 2; Prism 3.

Snow, Beatrice Comer, Bea: Library; FHA; DE . Sno w, Wanda Fay e: FHA 1; FBLA 2,3; Nat'! Honor Society 2,3.

Th omas, Archie Carlton.

Th omas, Pamela Sue, Pam: GAA Ct 1; Powd erpuff 1,2,3; Baske tball 2; ! GAA Treas . 2; Honor Society 2,3.

Sn ow, Samuel La wre nce.

Jodi e, class isn't over yet!

Snyder , Mi chael j ohn , Mik e : Soccer 1,2,3; C in e m a C l. 1; Ch ess 2 ; Bi cy cl e Cl. 3; Harl equin 2; Pee r 3.

Th omas, Robert joseph, Spud: ro 1; Indoor and Outdoor Track 1,2; B Outing Cl. ; Fre nch Cl. ; Spanish I. Tale nt Show.

Solom on, Patricia Diane. Rosenbaum, Patricia A , Pat: ursing Cl. 1,2; Pres ide nt ·2; Eurutan· Cl. 3; Librar y Cl. 1,2; Librari an Ass t. 1,2.

S cruggs, Mic ha el , Mik e: Moto rcyc le Cl.

Rung werth, St ephan, Steve: Intramural Baske tb a ll 1,2,3 ; L a ti n 1; G e rm a n 2,3; H on or Society 2,3.

Shelton, Teresa A nn: VICA 3.

Ru scher, Charles Booth, Chip: Ph otograph y 1; Drama 2; Outing 3.

Seale, Ruby Lee.

Shifflett, Bennie Mill er, Be nni e. Shifflett, Deborah Gale: Art Club ; FNA. Sh iffl ett, Deborah Lynne.

Rush, j am es McKi nley.

Shiffl ett, Della j ean.

Ru shia, Robert C.: Indoo r Track 1; Outdoor Track 1; Cross Country 1; Photog raph y l.

Shifflett, Elizabeth Anne: Art Cl. 1,2; FBLA

Russell, Su san Tro tter: Albe marl e Pla ye rs 1; Fre nch Cl. 2,3; ational Honor Society 2,3; Va ss ar Aw a rd 2; G o ve rn or's Sc h oo l 2 ; Harl equin 3.

Shifflett , Gloria j ean: Tri-Hi-Y; FBLA.

Rutland, Na nc y Allen , Rutg e rs: Latin Cl. 2, Treas.; Albe marl e Players 1,2,3; Th es pians 2,3, Publicity Director; Critq ue 1; Guitar Cl. 3, Chairperso n; " Wizard of Oz" 1; " Fiddl er on th e Roof ' 1; " H e ll o Doll y" 2; " Drac ula" 2 ; " Tal e of Ch e lm "; " Ba ld Sopra n o" 2 ; " You ' r e a Go od Ma n , C ha rli e Bro wn " 3; Gove rn or, Girls State; Class Sec-Treas. 1,2,3. Samuel, Christopher, Chris: Drama Cl. 1,2,3; Fre nch Club 2,3; Band Cl. 3; SCA 1,2,3 ; Jr. Cl ass Tale nt Sh ow; Se ni or Class F olli es; Regional Ba nd 2,3; Regional Choir 3; AHS Co nce rt Ch oir, 2,3; Soph. Cl ass Vi ce-Pres.; Jr. Class Pres .; Sr. Class Pres. Sandell, Mi chael Carroll, Mik e: V F ootball 1,2,3; F .C.A. ; Outdoors Cl. Sandridge, judy Sue:

at'! Honor Society 2,3.

Sanford, Anne Lindsay : JV Chee rl eading 1; V Chee rl eading 2,3; Girl s' T e nni s 1,2; Powderpuff 1,2,3; GAA 1; Outing Club 2,3; at'! Honor Socie ty 2,3; Peer 3; SCA 3. Saunders, j effrey Carl , Je ff: JV Bas ketb all 1; V Bas ke tb a ll 2,3; Trac k 2,3 ; Bes t Runn e r award 2,3; Cross Country; Key Cl. 2,3; SCA 2,3.


Shifflett, Margare t A n n. Shifflett, Pats y Ma rie: FHA 1; FBLA 2,3 . Shifflett, Pegg y, A nn: Ski 1; FBLA 2. Shifflett, V elma Ma e. Shifflett, Virginia Ma e. Shockle y, Norbert Mi chael, D oc : Fre nch 1; Bi ology l. Sh ort ell , Hele n Elizabeth, H e!: Gymn as ti cs 1; G e rm a n 2,3 ; Alb e ma rl e Play e rs 1,2; " Wiz ard of Oz" 1; Regional Choir 3; So lo F es tival 2; Tale nt Show 2; Prom 2. Sh owers, Co nnie Mari e, L ac ie : H o me E c. 1,2,3. Sim m o ns, Cathy Ann : JV Basketball 1; GAA 1; Fre nch Cl. 2,3, Sec-Treas. 3; Ta le nt Sh ow 2; at'[ H onor Socie ty 2,3; Peer 2,3; Se ni or, Unde rcl ass Editor 3; Harl equin 3, Publi shing Editor 3; Debate 3; Exte mpe ran eous Speaking 1,2,3. Sims, Randy David, Sk etchley, Rothwell Garsed , Gars ed: Socce r 2; Bicycl e 1,2,3. Smith , Betty Virginia , Bert, B.B.B.B. : Drill T e am 1,2 ; Sc ra pb oo k 2; Spani s h Cl. 2;

Solorza no, Liana Esperanza : Spani sh 1,2,3 , Pres . 2,3 ; Nat' ! Honor Soc iety 2,3; Peer 3; Homecoming Qu ee n 3.

Th omas, Rosemary.

Spmdlin, David Lee, Dave: FF A.

Th omas, Shirle y Maria , Shirl : Pow• CBY 1,3; GAA 2.

Sprouse, Larry james, Larry: Outdoors Cl. 3.

Th ompso n, Alvin Randall: VI CA ,

Sprouse, Lynita Dawn.

Th omp so n , Edrina N a nn ette , 1,2,3.

Sprouse, Pam ela Fay e, Pa m: GAA Co-head Chee rl ead er 1; Varsity Co-head Cheerl eader 3; Powde rpuff football 1,2,3; GAA 1; Fre nch Cl. 2,3; SCA 1,2,3 ; Jr. Class Tale nt Show 2; Jr. Class Vi ce-Pre s. 2; H onor Society 2,3.

Th omp so n, Mary Ann: French l. Pres. 2; Th es pians 1,2,3, Trea . 3; J Pla ye rs 1,2,3 ; Ge rm a n C lu b 2; .. , Oz", " Fiddl er on th e Roof ', " H ll " The Bald Soprano", Jr. Clas TalE "Count Dracula " ; H on or oci Harl equin.

Stafford, Thoma s j oseph, Tom . Stahl , Kimb erl e y Claire: Fre nch Cl. 1,2,3; Environm e nt Cl. 2; Ge rman Cl. 2,3 ; Th espian s 2 ,3 ; Al bemarl e Pl a ye rs 2,3; " H e llo D o ll y", " Th e Bald Sopra n o", " Count Drac ul a", "Y ou ' re a G oo d Ma n , Ch a rli e Brown". Stembridge, Robert Leigh, Leo : Football 2,3; JV Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3; FCA 1,2; Key Cl. 1,2, Pres . 2; SCA l. St ephens, Horace Wayn e, Way ne: Chess 2. Stephen so n , Elizab eth Lawson, Beth: Powd e rpuff 1,2 ,3; GAA 1; Fr e n ch Cl. 2,3; Jr. Class Tal e nt Show 2; Honor Socie ty 2,3; Peer 2,3. Streve r , Alis o n: Dram a Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Fre nch Cl. 3; Harl equin 3. Ta nner, Angela Gail , Angi e: Spani sh Cl. 2; Ichthu s 3; Pla yers Cl. l. Tat e, Terry Mi cha el: Ardi a 2; Ph otog raph y Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3. Tayl or , Chris tin e Mari e, Tina: Alb e marl e Players 1,2; Ichthus 3, Sec. 3.

Th ompso n, Richard Lee. Th ornley, Donald j onatha n, Mur: Indoo r Track 1; FCA 1,2; Outdoor Tinsle y, Mary Etta , Etta.


Tirrell , Kim Mari e: Powd erpu ff 1; I 1; Thes pians; Art Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; "F Th e Roo f '; "Wizard of Oz"; igt Acts; Juni or Class Tal e nt Show.

T oe t, Petrone.lla Andriana Margre1 ICT, SCA Re p. T omlin, Helen Mari e, Reedy. Tom s, Rhonda Gale.

T opp e1·, j ohn St ephen , St eve: I n Bas ketball 1,2,3; Fre nch Cl. 1; ki C rosse Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; Pee r 2,3, J 3.

Tra vis, Su san Ann: Dra ma Cl. 1,3; Cl. 2,3; " Wizard of Oz". Trun z o, Antonia Maria , T o ni : P h Cl. 1,V. Pres . 1; Art Cl. 2,3.

Taylor , Sarah Tyl er , Sa ll y: T e nni s 2,3 ; French Cl. 2,3; " Hello Dolly"; Peer 3.

Turnbull , Sally Wi lliams, Carrott, J F

Tayl or, W oodrow Truman .

Turn er, Dennis Keith.

Turn er , Sharl en e, D ee D ee: Softb 1,2,3.



3; Albemarl e Players 1,3; Guitar ,3; Bi cycle 2; Pe p 1; SCA 3; " Wizard Tale nt Show 2; Art Award 2; Peer 3.

Terhun e, Susan j ohnson .

ebra Elaine, D ebbie: FBLA 1,2,3.

Terrell, Evelyn Senora , "L" : Spanish Cl. 2,3; CBY 1; " Come T ogeth er" 3.

ian ne Rebecca.

elen Risher: VICA 3; DECA 1,2.

Terrell, ja cqueline Lee, Jacki e: JV Bas ketball 1,2; V Bas ketball 3; Powd erpuff 1,2; GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; SCA 3; Prism 2, Busin ess Mgr. 3.

ise A nita , Lou.

ltrick William , Billy Bhong: Indoor Bicycle Cl. 1, Pres. 2; Ge rman Cl. Jaber- Wockey; SCA 2; Tale nt Show

Tha cker, David Ray: Cinema Cl. ; Scie nce Cl. 2,3; Conce rt Band 2,3; Peer 3. Tha cker, james Carroll, Jimmy: Soccer 3.

andall Winston, Randy: F ootball 3; ; Ou tdoors 3.

Tha cker, j ean O'Dell: Bicycl e Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; SCA 1,2.

•nan Leigh, Sooze : Drill T ea m 1,2; nd 1,2,3; Marching Band 3; Drama e 2; Fre nch Cl. 3; Guitar 3; " Wizard ; " Fiddler on th e Roof ' 1; Regional .3; Thespian 1,2,3 ; Municipal Band

Tha cker, Robert Wayne: FFA, V. Pres. Thalmann , Kath erin e Chri s tin e, Ka thi e: Drill T e am 1,2,3; Alb e marl e Pl aye rs 1,2,3; Spani sh Cl. 2,3; Pep Cl. 1,2; S.C.A. 3; Thespian s 2,3 ; "Ki ss Me Qui c k I'm D o ubl e Parked" 2; "Count Dracula" 2; " Fiddl e r On Th e Roof ' 2; Prism 3.

trice Comer, Bea : Library; FHA;

ndo Faye: FHA 1; FBLA 2,3; Nat'! lciety 2,3. l l..awrence .

1<:hael john, Mik e: Soccer 1,2,3; Cl 1; Chess 2; Bi cyc le Cl. 3; • 2; Peer 3. Patricia Diane.

Th omas, Archie Carlton.

Th omas, Pamela Sue, Pam: GAA Ch ee rl eade r 1; Powd erpuff 1,2,3; Bas ketball 2; Softball 2; GAA Treas. 2; Honor Society 2,3. Th oma s, Robert j oseph, Spud: Cross Country 1; Indoor and Outdoor Track 1,2; Bicycl e Cl. ; Outing Cl. ; Fre nch Cl. ; Spanish Cl. ; Jr. Class Tale nt Show.

Va n de Cas tle, Craig Garrett, Vand y: Soccer 1,2,3, Captain 3; Intram ural Bas ketball 1,2,3; Bicycle Cl. 1; Criti q ue Cl. 2; Fre nch Cl. 3; SCA 1,2,3; D ebate T eam 2, Commo nwealth Di stri ct Champi on 2; F orens ics 1,2, Regional 2; Juni or C lass T a le nt Sh ow; Wh o' s Wh o; Nat'! Merit Comm e ndati on; Boy's State; Nat'! H onor Society 2,3; Harlequi n 2,3, Co-Editor 3.

Vand erlinde, Derek: Socce r 1; Bicycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2,3. Van Fossen , Stephen Allan , Steve: Soccer 1; T e nni s 2,3; F CA 1; Chess 2; Ph otograp hy Cl. 3; Prism 3. Vecchiolla, Debora h , D eb : I ntram ura ls 1,2; Drama Cl. 1; Pe p Cl. 1; SCA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2. Via, Thom as A nthony, T ony; Chess 2,3 . Viar, William j effr ey. Wa ch , Germ·d Step hen, Ron: Intram ural Bas ketball 1,2,3; F ootball 2. Wad e, Gary Th ort on: Intram ural Bas ketb all 1,2,3; F ootball 3; German Cl. 2,3 . Walk er, Arthur. Walk er, Th edora L ora tte, D ora: VICA 3. Wa llace, Ed ward Cli ve .

Th omas, Rosemary.

Waller, Y vonne E lizabe th : Softba ll 1; C BY 1,2,3, Reporter 3; Black Culture Program 2,3; Nat'! Achi eve me nt Sem ifinalist 3.

Th omas, Shirley Maria , Shirl: Powde rpuff 2; CBY 1,3; GAA 2.

Walt on, Mars ha A nn: Pe p Cl. 1; F CA 2; Ichtu s Cl. 3.

Larrv james, Larry: Outdoors Cl. 3.

Th ompson, Alvin Randall: VICA , V. Pres .

l..vnita Dawn.

Th omp so n , Edrina Nann ett e, Na n: C BY 1,2,3.

Wa lt on , Mich ael Wa yn e, Mik e: FFA 1,2,3 , Re porte r 1, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Nat'! H onor Socie ty 2,3 .

o, Liana Esperanza: Spani sh 1,2,3 , ; 1\at'l H o nor Society 2,3 ; Peer 3; Queen 3.

Dacid Lee, Dave: FF A.

Pamela Faye, Pa m: GAA Co- h ead der 1, Varsity Co-head Ch ee rl eade r footba ll 1,2,3; GAA 1; Fre nch 1,2,3; Jr. Class Tal ent Show 2; ice--Pres. 2; H onor Society 2,3. "'-----joseph, T om. trley Claire: Fre nch Cl. 1,2,3; ent Cl. 2; Ger ma n Cl. 2,3; Th es -

J; Albema rle Pl aye rs 2,3; " H e llo "The Bald So pra no" , " C o unt ·.'' You're a Goo d Ma n , Ch a rli e

Th ompso n, Mary Ann: Fre nch Cl. 1,2,3, V. Pres . 2; Th es pians 1,2,3, Treas . 3; Albe marl e Pl a ye rs 1,2 ,3; G e rm a n Club 2; " Wiz a rd of Oz", "Fiddl er on th e Roof ', "H e ll o Doll y", " The Bald Soprano", Jr. Class Tale nt Show; " C ount Drac ul a"; H on or Soc i e ty 2,3; Harl equin. Th ompson, Richard Lee. Th ornley, Donald j onathan, Mur: Socce r 1,3; Indoo r Track 1; FCA 1,2; Outdoors Cl. 3. Tinsley, Mary Etta , Etta.

e, Robert Leigh, Leo : Football 2,3; tball 1; Baseball 1,2,3; FCA 1,2; Key Al.

, Horace Wayne, Wayn e: Chess 2.

Tirrell, Kim Mari e: Powd erpuff 1; Drama Cl. 1; Thes pians; Art Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; " Fiddl er on Th e Roof '; " Wiz ard of Oz "; N ight of On e Acts; Juni or Class Tale nt Show.

on, Elizabe th Lawson , Beth : Pow1,2,3; GA A 1; Fr e n ch Cl. 2,3 ; Jr. ent Show 2; Honor Soci ety 2,3; Peer

T oet, Pe tro n ~ lla Andriana Margreta , Pe tra : ICT, SCA Re p.

liso n: Dra m a Cl. 1; Art C l. 2 ; I. 3; Harlequin 3.

T om s, Rhonda Gale.

\ngela Ga il, An gie : Spani sh Cl. 2; ; Players Cl. l. -ry Mi ch ael: Ardi a 2 ; Ph otog raph y tdoors Cl. 3.

Tomlin, Helen Mari e, Reed y.

T o pp er, j ohn St e ph en , St e ve: Intra mur a l Bas ke tba ll 1,2,3; French Cl. 1; Ski Cl. 2; Lacrosse Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; Peer 2,3, Ad Editor 3.

W al to n ,

T ed

Carro ll ,

Ted d y:


Walt on, Tim othy Wa de, Tim: Germ an Cl. 3. Was hington, Cassa ndra , Sa ndy. Was hi ngt on , Patricia A nn , Pat: Bas ke tba ll 2,3; Softball 1,2,3; CBY; GAA 1,2; Mo nogram Cl. 3, V. Pres . 3.

Wimmer, Donald Edward, D onn y: F ootball 1; Baseball 1; F CA; VICA. Wingfield , Betsey Carolyn, Lyn: Spanish Cl. 2,3; Pdsm 1,2,3; Harlequin 3. Wi nter, Su sa n Lynn, Suse: Softball 2; Bridge Cl. 1; Bicycle Cl. 2; SCA 1,2,3. W olf, Mary Linn: Alb e m a rl e Pl ayers 2,3 ; Phil osophy Cl. 1; F re nch Cl. 2,3, V. Pres. 3; " A Ta le of Ch e lm "; " Drac ul a"; " You're a Goo d Ma n , Ch a rl ie Bro wn "; Ju n ior C lass T a le nt Sh ow ; Th es pi a n s 2 ,3 ; Nat' ! H o nor Socie ty 2,3; Na t'! Me rit Co m men d a t ion; Prism 3; Harlequin 3. Wo lff, Claire Marie, Claire. Wo lfe, Mary Lea, Merril y KFT: Powderpuff 1; GAA; Germa n C l. ; Alb e m arl e Pl aye rs 1,2,3; "W iza rd of Oz"; Juni or Class T a le nt Show. Wood, David Ross, Fre d. Woo d , David Wade, Woody: FFA 1,2,3, Pres . 1, Reporter 2; State F arm e rs Degree; Li vestock and F ores try Chapte r Awa rd 2. Wood, Steward Preston, Stewart: Soccer 2,3; Ski Cl. 1; Chess 2,3. Wood, Helen Irene. Woodson, Douglas Thomas, Son ny. Woodson, Gary Pe yto n, Pax: Intramural Basketball 2,3; Ski Cl. 2,3. Wright, Elizabeth . Wrig ht, Est her A lice, Ali ce: FBLA 3. W rig ht, j ames junior. Buster: F ootb all l. Wyant , Mary Kimberl y, Kim : Ski Cl. 1; Erutan Cl. 3; Drill Team 3; Juni or Class Tale nt Show. W yant, Mary Lucy: Art Cl. 2; FBLA 3. Young, j oh n Alan, Ill , Jay: Ph otog ra ph y 2; Ski Cl. 3.

Wau gaman , Mark A lvin: Intramura l Bas ketball 2,3; Ge rma n Cl. 2,3.

Young, Maurice Clift on.

Waybright, Audrey G wen.

Zi ock, Kl aus Peter: T e nni s 2; Ph otogra ph y 1,2; Chess 3.

Webber, Douglas Fra nklin: German Cl. 1,2,3; "Fiddl er on th e Roof '; " You' re a Good Man, Charli e Brown"; Juni or Class Talen t Show; Symphoni c Ba nd 1,2,3; Distri ct Band 2.

Ziegler, Robert Charles.

Webber, j odi e Lee: Latin Cl. 1; E nvirome nt Cl. 2; Art Cl. 3; 2n d Place in Art Show 2. Whindl eton, C ynthia Doroth y, C.C .: CBY. Whit comb , Lee Pec k, Whit : F oo tb a ll 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Spa ni sh Cl. 1; F CA 2; Psychology 3. Whit e, Beatrice A nn, Bea : D ECA 2,3, Sec. 3. Whit e, Th eresa Ann: CBY. Whitin g, Mary Agnes .

Travis, S usa n A nn: Dra ma Cl. 1,3; Spani sh Cl. 2,3; " Wi zard of Oz" .

Whitm ore, Patricia Lee, Pat.

Trun zo, Ant onia Maria , T oni : Phil oso ph y Cl. 1,V. Pres. 1; Art Cl. 2,3.

William s, L oui s L eo n , P ean ut : Out doo r Track; F ootball ; F CA .

ara h Tyl er , Sall y : T e nni s 2,3; I. 2,3; " H e llo D olly"; Peer 3.

Turnbull , Sall y Willi ams, Ca rrot!, JP.

'oodrow Truman .

Turn er, Dennis Keith.

Willi am s, R ober t Ath on y, Bob b y: F oo tba ll , Indoor Track; Outdoor Track; Cross Co untry; F CA.

Tum er , Sharlene, D ee D ee : Softb a ll ; GAA 1,2,3.

Willis, Linda Fay e, Willi e: D ECA 2,3, Hi storian 2, Treas. 3.

; hrist ine Mari e, Tin a : Alb e ma rl e ,2; Ichthus 3, Sec. 3.

Wilso n, Marce lla Patricia, Pat: CBY.

Liana, th e tardy bell rang 15 minutes ago.

Spring Supplement to the 1974 Peer

Supplement to The Peer 1974


If I Could.


. I would run faster and leap farth er than my opponen t . . I would smas h that car's roof in . . I would ea t th e ic in g b e for e an ybody else co uld.

Track Team experiences monumental season: Due to th e fin e coachin g of D e nnis Craddock a nd hi s assistants - Fred Hardy , Jim Lac ey, Gu y Olda k e r and Carl Wo od , AHS was able to produce one of th e fin es t Outdoor Track tea ms in th e state thi s year. Pace d by 3 AllAm e ricans ; L. Dowe ll , R. Harri s and J. Gardn e r, th e tea m achieved a n 8-1 ove rall dual m ee t reco rd. Th e hi ghli ght of th e season was th e ir victorious d efea t ove r Lan e with th e overwhelmin g sco re of 96-44! AHS co uldn ' t b e pr oud e r of th ese fin e ath le tes. Th ese tra c km e n a mas se d o m a ny r eco rd s, a w a rd s and trophies thi s seaso n , th at th e list co uld go on for ever. Of th e 3 All-Am e ri cans , sprinter L ee Dow e ll is th e only gradua tin g senior. H e is ti ed for 4th in th e U.S., along with t ea mm a te, Ronni e Harris, in th e 220 with th e cloc king of 21.3 . Ronni e is also rank ed fifth in th e nation in th e 440 with th e tim e of 47.5. Junior , Jam es Gardn e r is rank e d first in th e U .S. in th e tripl e jump with th e fantasti c l ea p of 50'8Y2''. H e becam e th e 1st Va. high schoo l a thl e t e e v e r t o s urpa ss 50'. Jam es is also rank ed 15th in th e U.S. in th e l o ng jump with th e l ea p of 23' lOW'. It ca n b es t b e summ e d up in Craddock's words , " This is definitely th e b es t tra ck team AHS has e ve r had in my 4 years as coac h ." Th e Patriot thinclad s won both th e Lyn c hbur g and H alifax Invitati onals. Th ey went on to swee p th e Distri ct Champions hip titl e al o ng with th e orthwest R eg ion a l Championship. Th ey were a l so runn e rs-up in th e s ta r s tudd e d D ogwoo d Inviti a ti o nal. Th e T e nn. Track Classic wa s by far th e most pr es tigou s m ee t th e Patriots won thi s year. Ov e r 88 high sc hools (900 ath le tes) from 10 diffe re nt states parti cipated. Last, but not leas t, th e Patriot cind e rm e n , for th e second year in a row, were fir s t runn e rs -up in th e Sta te AAA Tra c k and Fi e ld Champion ship. What m ore co uld you as k of su ch a tal e nt-ri ch tra ck team ? We' ll b e los ing 15 tal e nt e d sen iors. We will d efinit ely mis s th e m not on ly for th e ir le ad e rship but team sp irit as wel l. May n ext year's track team do just as w e ll!

Tra ck , first row: S. Darcus , ]. Saunde rs,]. Pitt s, R. Brown, R. Willi ams, G. D avi s, R. Ha rri s, L. Hawkins, G. H owa rd , ]. Allen , M. Ru shi a , ]. Gardner, L. D owell . Seco nd 1¡ow: A. Pow e ll , S. Mahone, D . Cavanaugh, B. Ca rrik er, D . Pec k, D . Dras h , G. Mill e r, P. Th omas , L. C hurchman , K. Burruss , R. Sl osse n, D . Napier, J. Bin gle r, C. H oward , ]. Kunk le r, F. Jackson , B. Alb e rt , Coach Craddock. Third row: Coach Oldaker, S. Rawlin gs, V. Maupin , R. Pec k, C. Wood , A. H en de rson, M. Thurston, J Bates, D. Iv ory, M. Granger, B. Mawyer, V. Fos ter, B. Smith, T. Mah one, D. Winst ead , H . Pryor, F. Mil es , C. Vest. Fourth row: S. All e n , F. Rui z, R. D av is, M. Figgett, M. Reed, S. McVey, K. Stout , E . Hilbert , G. H ea rn , H. Yancey , ] . Gregg, W. Estes , S. Coh en , ] . Bi cke l, F . Roo t, T . Selde n , S. Smith , M. Wade, B. Figgett , G . Barbo ur , Coach Ha rdy.



Gardn er, a long with tea mmates D owell a nd H arri s, went on to parti cipate in th e Jr. AAU Nationals.

1st- Tennessee Track Classic.



State. 1st- Region!!

Paul Thomas cl ea rs th e bar. Hi s p erso nal b es t is 6'4".

AHS spectators watch th e differe nt eve nts!

Coac hes : D. C raddock, F. H ard y, C. Wood and G. Oldake r. (Not p ictured: J. Lacey)

Th e Mil e Re lay Team (H arri s, D owe ll , Willi ams, Pitts and D av is) broke th e sc hoo l reco rd wi th th e tim e of 3: 18.5.

Track ma nage rs: Gary H ea rn , Va le ri e F os te r and John Gregg.

e nior ca ptain , Bobby Alb e rt , tosses a noth e r s hot.

Senior cap ta in, Robert Will iams, b roke th e schoo l reco rd in th e 880 with th e tim e o f 1:57.7.


Juni o r Steve Da rcus broke th e se hoo l reco rds in both th e hi g h a nd int e rm e di a te hurdl es with timin g of 14.4 a nd 40.0 res p ectiv e ly.

Pol e vault e r, Jimmy Bingl e r, takes a res t aft e r snapping his pole.

Juni or, Ronni e H arri s, wings hi way to an oth er win. Ronn ie is rank ed seco nd in th e U .S . in th e 440 and w e nt on to co mp e te against th e Ru ss ians in Jul y!

Se ni or cap tain , Johnn y All en , runs th e 2-mile re lay.

Lee sweeps ano the r one. H e wen t on to p lace fourth in th e 220 ya rd dash in th e Chicago Invitati onal.

Chisholm and Baber lead a young team to Th e Albemarle Patriots en d ed a successful baseball season with a 8-4 r eco rd , includin g a 5-3 Commonwea lth Di s tri c t r ecord . Th e 73-74 tea m started out as a young team , wi th J. Chisholm th e on ly returning start er from las t year. Th e ir season included co nt es ts th at prove th em to be an outstandin g t ea m . Th e ir mo s t exc iting game of th e season was th e d efeat of Lan e, 14-13 (nin e of th ose run s were accumulated in th e 5th inning). Th e gra du a tin g se ni ors include J. Babe r who was voted MVP a nd best hitt e r a nd J. Chisholm who was selected for Outstandin g L ead e rship. B. M awyer a nd R. Davi s, who a re both juniors, a nd J. Chisholm made th e A ll- Commonwea lth Di s tri c t Baseball T eam .

The toughest place on th e fi e ld is behind th e ca tcher.

Je ff stands po ised- ready for th e big play .

Lee stri ves for that much neede d homerun .

Go ahead and try for th e base, but Jeff will get the re first.

fourth place in the district.

Infielders, fr ont row: J. Chi sholm , L. Stembridge. Seco nd row: B. Maw ye r, J. Wolfrey, D . L ea ke. Th ird row: G. Lauffe nbe rger, T . F e lke r.

Pitchers and catchers, front row: D . L eake, ] . Baber, R. Whiting. Seco nd row: P. Ums tadte r, C. Morri s, D . Cowan , D. F itzgerald. Third row: J. Lauffenberge r.

Manag ers: E. Morris, T. Coles.

Outfielders, fr ont ro w: A. H e nde rso n, P. Th omas. Second row: E.T. Pri ce, T. Maxa, R. Dav is.

Guys and Gals enjoy a good game of ball.

" Odd- top" in one of h is happie r moods.

The umpire tri es to sati sfy all with a fa ir call.


Je ff smas hes th e ball to ce nte r fi e ld .

Tlte Girls' Softball Team triumphs with a 7-3 season.

Front row : T . Armistea d. Second row: Dru cke r, C. Burkhart, L. Pettit , L. Rex rode, R. Clark, L. Rexrode, R. Kelso. Third row: P . Bull , C. T oms, G . Faulkne r, T. Todd, R. Armistea d. Not pictured: S. Nefos, T. Bowen , K. Brown .

A Phot Finis h . I s Georgi ana Faulkne r safe or ou t ?

Alb e ma rl e


Fa uqui e r


Albe ma rl e


Orange .



6 5

13 6 Fauqui e r


2 "Culpeper

Coach: M . Ka pla n . Managers: K. Chapman , L. Sm ith , B. Borin g.


Girls' Tennis Team compiles 6-5 record. Albemarl e


R.E. Lee


Albemarl e


James Monroe


Alb marie





Alb ema rl e




Albe marle


Wilson Mem.




E .C. Gl ass



Girls tennis, kn eelin g: P. Lee, C. Curme, S. Kauz larich , A. Ste rli ng, T. Hamm. Standing: K. Kirkla nd , A. Sanford, A. Jaege r, I. Juul- ie lson, A. Echols , S. Taylor. Not pictured: V. Fong, C. Mitchell.

Boys' Tennis Team experiences a rebuilding year.

Ra nd y displays his backhand form.

Has AI decided to p lay ca tch ra th e r tha n te nnis ?

Golf T earn third in the state!

Caro lin e is rea d y to smac k a noth e r o ne .

John H oy has hi s work c ut out for him .

T e resa is read y for a n ythin g.

Ja ck Synder, one of th e fine AHS go lf tea m me mb e rs . Not pictured: Scott Dun ca n , Ron Ke nt , Tim Rey nolds , Nick Stamp.

Boy's tennis, kneeling: R. Hange r, W. Stamp, G. Go ld ste in , S. Cra ig, L. Cockrum. Standing: T. Jay, S. Ma cGregor, J . P e te rson , R. Mead ow s, S. VanFoss e n , A. Mosca .

Students find good food at the International Dinner. Walkin g thr o u g h th e door o f th e cafe te ri a, th e good smells of ma n y diffe r e nt di s h es fl ood thr o u g h . On e knows th ey are at th e ri ght place b eca use where els e could a p e rson ge t such a co n g lo m e ra ti on of food from diffe re nt land s without hav in g to go to several diffe re nt pl aces? Yes, it is th e Int e rnational Din ner! Eve ry year AHS h as su ch a dinn e r, but thi s yea r was e ve n b e tt e r than th e las t. Al on g with good foo d , th e r e was e nt e rta inm e nt given b y all of th e lan guage classes . Eve ryon e had a good tim e eith e r b y parti cipating in th e skits or sa mpling th e various dish es . So m uch good food to ch oose from and on ly a small plate in hand .

May b e th e ha rdes t d ecision of th e da y is p ickin g what food to samp le .

Laure n sli ces a p iece of what she think s wi ll b e good.

John Ow en prese nt s hi s Fre nch int e rpre tati o n of Sn oo py.

The Honor Society initiates 30 more Juniors. Each yea r Albemarl e indu cts m e mb e rs of th e Junior Class into th e ati ona} Hon or Soci ety. This year, out of ninety-four nomin ees, thirty students wer e initiat e d. Th ese studen ts must b e in th e top fift ee n p e rce nt of th eir class. Th ey must hav e re nd e re d service to th ~ sc hool and must exhibit l ea dership qua liti es . Th e s tud en t s' charact e r and ou t s id e activi ti es a r e also consid e re d . A reception for th ese stud e nt s and th e ir p a re nt s was h e ld following th e ir initiation .

Front row kneeling: B. Las ley, P. Lee, . D ee ts, N. Ma n weil e r, K. Ba nk e nbake r, M. Ke nda ll , G. Burto n, C. Ri a l!. Seco nd row: M. Ryd er, M. Andre ws, J. Hutchin son , J. Ratcliffe , C. Jon es, A. Dave np o rt , S. Main e, E. Tull , T. Hamm , V. J o rda n , C . Ke ise r. Third r ow : S . Dunca n , R. Hantske, K. Wag ner, R. Slosson , J. Wolfrey, A. Av e re tt e, K. Ha e nfu s, B. Ch es te r, P. Humphri s, L. Gibbs , C. Be njamin .

Mary Ann ex plain s th e purp ose of th e

ati o na l H on or Socie ty.

Ne d rece ives hi s ce rtifi ca te .

Doug rea d s th e oa th signifying me mb e rship in th e soc ie ty.

French Honor Society initiates first AHS members. In order to recognize our outstandin g French stud en ts, Alb e marl e High School has recently b eco m e affili ated with th e National Fre n ch H onor Socie ty. Membership is based on sch olarship in ge n e ral and sc h o la r s hip in French in particular. L ea d e rship an d p arti cipati on in Fre n ch activiti es and int eres ts i s a lso co nsid e re d . C a ndidat es must h ave maintain e d a semester average of A - or high er in French and B - or higher in th e ir other subj ects. Th e re were a total of 30 stud en ts initia ted - 13 senio rs, 10 juniors a nd 7 sophomores . Th e Honor Socie ty h op es to provide tutoring se rvices d es ign ed to aid other Fr enc h students. It will a l so be r e sponsible for a displa y case and bulletin board in th e scho ol. French Na tional H o nor Society , first row: B. C utri g ht , L. Beas ley, L. Myers, B. Craig, S. Woo d , B. Ste ph e nso n , H . Run g w e rth , K. Ba in , P. Humphri s, P . Null , N. l cgo re n, J. La ng ma n. Seco nd row : P. H am ne r, J. Grinn e ll , S.K. Ma rtin , S. Ru sse ll , J. H owe , D. Me rk e l, L. Ri cciard e lli , P. Spro use , E. Gra e bn e r , C. Va n d e Cas tl e, M. Th o mp so n , B . Hub e r , A. Av e re tt e, S . H e rman sd orfe r, B. C hes te r, C. Ke ise r, H. Kupk e.

Ali ce Ave re tt e, Ba rbi e C h es te r, a nd Ke nn y H a ll t ea m up t o pr ovid e e nt e rt a inm e nt for th e initi ates .

Fren ch Cont es t Winn ers, kn eelin g: T. Fre drik son , 4-di s tri ct , 8-s ta te. Firs t row : B . Cu tri ght , 6-di str ict , 10- sta te; H. Kupk e, 1-distri ct , 2- sta te, 2-reg ion , 8-n ati on ; E . Willi a ms , 1-distri ct , 3-sta te; B. Craig, 6-dist ri ct, 9-sta te; A. Key, 6-d is tri ct , 9-sta te; M. Th ompson, 2-d istri ct , 6-sta te; E. St e ph e n so n , 3- di stri c t , 7-sta t e . S eco nd r ow: P. Humphri s, 5-distri c t , 8-stat e; S. H e rma n sd orfe r, 2-d istri ct, 3-sta te ; D . M e rk e l, 3- di stri ct, 4-sta te , 4-reg io n , 10-na ti on; S . Ru ssell , 2-d.istri ct, 3-s ta te, 3-reg io n, 9-n a ti on; L. Ri ccia rd e lli , 4-di stri ct, 6-state; E. G raeb n e r, 1-cli stri ct , 3 -stat e, 3-reg ion , 6-na ti on ; R. Ow e n , 7-di s tri ct , 11- s tat e; T. Math e ws , 6-cli stri ct , 10- stat e; J. L a ng man , 1-di stri ct , 2- stat e . Not pictured: C . Va n d e Cas tl e, 5-di s tri ct , 8-s ta te; . Oze ro v, 1-dis tri ct, 2-sta te, 4-re g ion, 10-na ti on ; S. Martin, 5-di stri ct , 9-s ta te.

Honors go to outstanding A HS students.

Spanish Cont est Winners: Y. Batt on; R. Sh e ridan ; A. M osca; ] . Hut chin so n , !-di stri ct , 1-state; M. Andrews, 3-distri ct , 4-stat e; K. L oad e, !-di stri ct , 1-sta te ; C. Jon es, 2- di stri ct , 2-state; C. Ri a l!. Not pictured: V. F o ng, ! -d istri ct,' 2-sta te; R. Hut chins o n, !-di strict, 3-state; K. Wad e, ! -distri ct, 1-sta te . Kare n Wad e was awa rd e d a $200 (tuiti on) sc h ola rship to I nstitut o F e n ix d e C ue rn avaca nea r Mex ico City for ra nkin g in th e t op 1% in th e nati on.


P. Sh ifl e tt , runn e r-up ; P. M a rtin , St e rlin g Silve r Aw ard as th e out s ta ndin g sen ior h omema ki ng s tude nt; W. Sn ow, runn e r-up.

A lb emarle Edu cation Associati on sch olarship winn ers: L. H a rri s, D. D ea ne.


Junior Class presents Albemarle's musical talent. Di splay in g ex t rao r d i na r y ta l e nt s, th e p e rform e rs contributed t o th e su ccess of th e Juni or C lass T ale nt Sh ow. M a rk P a tt e rso n a nd D o u g W e bb e r show ed sup e ri or tal e nt b y walkin g off with first place for th e second yea r in a row . Th e M ys te ry Act , fas t b ecomin g a tal e nt sh ow traditi on, p e rforme d in th e ir 1950's style b efore an e nthu siasti c crowd. Th e Juni or Cl ass T al e nt Show has always b een a p opular sh ow and this year was n o e xception .

First- p lace-Mark Patt erson and D oug Webber.

Ecs tasy p erfo rm s.

.. 'â&#x20AC;˘

Th e Juni or g u ys d o th e ir thin g!!

Th e M ys te ry Ac t ma kes a n a p pea rance once aga in.

Second Pl ace - Ju de Ha ll , J e ff Wolfrey, C .G . Ma upin , and n ot pi cture d , C harli e Hunt and Tim Rya ll s.

M. G.'s Pea rl Hinton and D av id Corri ga n.

Third place - Ralph Hill a nd Matt Rexrode.

D ea nni e Smith drea ms of stra wb e rr y short ca ke .

Me rril y Wolfe and Sa ll y Turn b ull si n g " J es us Was a Ca pri co rn ."

Musical Revue- A night of reviving fond memories A Musical Revu e was presente d b y th e Alb e marl e Playe rs as th e ir Spring Production. Th e Playe rs , direct ed by E. Marcia Dobbs , sang numb e rs from th e past years' musi ca l production s including "Oklahoma" , " Cam e lot" , " South Pacifi c" , " Brigadoon ", "He ll o D o ll y" , " Mu s ic Man " , "Fiddler on th e Roof ' , "Wizard of Oz", and " You ' r e a Good Man , Charlie Brown". As a res ult of th e ir fin e p e rforman ce , th e Alb e m a rl e Pl ayers were in vited to present several numb e rs from th e Musical R ev u e at th e William Monroe High School Comm e n cem e nt Ex e rcises.

The Papas!

She just ca n' t say no!

.... Matchmaker, matchmaker mak e me a match .

Gymnastics in a musi cal?

of past performances

Talk about balance!

Me li ssa sings her so ng.

Kath y and John di scuss what ri ch people d o.

Na n cy was h ed th a t ma n ri ght out of h e r ha ir.


We lco me back, Doll y!

A Night of One Acts Features play by AHS student. Every year Alb e marle has a ight of One Acts in w hi ch three on e-act plays a re prese nt e d. Thi s yea r's pl ays include d " H oy dl e" w hi c h was wri tt e n by Ala n H od ge, a n AHS stud e nt. Th e " Mayfli es" and "A Thurb e r Carnival" w e re th e o th e r tw o se l ec ti on s. Th e cas t of"' 'Mayfli es" rece ive d sup e ri or ra ting s i n th e di s tri c t a nd r eg ion a l com p e titi ons, and as a res ult were invited to present th e play at th e State On e-Act Pla y F es tival.

Th e int erp re te r te ll s a ll ?

Dr. Mitty examines th e mac hin e.

Th e Sandmen strik e aga in!

Mayo po ints out th e vic tim.

Fantastic Friday- A Carnival offun. Thi s yea r , fo r th e fir s t tim e , Alb e ma rl e h e ld a ca rni va l d ay t e rm e d F a ntas ti c Friday . E ac h club was resp ons ibl e for a b ooth or an e ve nt. Th e e v e nt s ra n ge d fr om a ca r b as h-in t o sp o ng e thr ows t o pi e thr ows t o g rease-p o l es t o Mr. Du ga n ' s m ag ic s h ow . Th e d ay was h ot a nd q uit e a fe w co uld n ot res is t th dunkin g re ce iv ed in th e p ool set up b y th e SCA. As id e fr om a fe w cases of s unburn , F a ntasti c Friday turn e d out to really b e F a ntas ti c.

Th e re's noth in g li ke a dun ki ng on a hot d ay !

Bob Ri a ll s li d es on d own th e greased po le .


We' re cre a tin g a mons te r?

And th e ba nd p layed on .

Wh o sa id te ach e rs a re n' t ta le nt e d ?


The Spring Concert presents a night of musical good times. This years' Spri ng ba n d a nd ch oir co n cert led by Mr . M oult on and Mr. Bla n ch a rd presented a night of son g and comp os iti on that could wa r m th e h ear t. Th e m em b e rs of th e b and a n d ch oir work ed h ard to p rese nt a n e njoyabl e con cert for b oth th e audi e n ce a nd th e m e mb e rs. Nex t year, if th e wea th e r p e rmits, th e b a nd a nd C~h o ir h op e t o prese nt b o th a Winte r a nd Sprin g con ce rt in ord e r t o provid e a b e tte r awa re n ess of th eir ability to th e faculty and stude nt b od y a t A.H .S.

A ga th e rin g o f th e g ro up s for a nig ht of mu sic.

C hri s Sa mu e l rece ives th e Sa int Cece li a Awa rd .

Awards a re prese nt e d to a tri o of futur e virtu osos for th e ir p re form a nce in th e co nce rt ba nd .

Mr. Bla ncha rd exp la ins th e bea uty o f a mu s ica l p iece.

Tak e a stroll through Eden: The Garden of Earthly This year's Se ni or prom was th e reDelights. turn of th e ori gin al sin - nam e ly th e re vi va l of th e G a rd e n of Ed e n . Th e Juni or class work ed ha rd in transformin g th e cafete ri a in to a h auntin g ga rd e n of d eli ght. From th e p alms to th e go ldfi s h-fil le d fo unta in , th e a tm os ph e re was one of pl eas ure and ple nty. Many ca m~ to gaze a t th e serp ent e ntwin ed around th e appl e tree in orde r t o re mind on e a nd a ll of th e fat e ful d ay a n d t o r oc k t o th e b ea t o f th e b a n d. S o t a k e a s tr o ll thr o u g h th e G a rd e n o f Ed en a nd see wh a t p aradi se has to offer. Grit yo ur tee th , Mik e, th e Prom w ill be ove r in an h our.

You' ve s tood th ere long e nough , go ou t and dance.

Th e Prom p roduces m ixed emo ti ons.

No t a ll lik e to da nce , some lik e to take p ictu res.

A roman ti c da nce in a roma nti c se tting.

Approaches, Achievements, Aims, vital to the class of '74. This year's 1973-74 gradu ating class will set ou t to fa ce th e outsid e world for th e first tim e without til e security of school fiv e d ays a we ek. It wi ll b e a tim e of approaches, ac hi eveme nt s, and aims as ex pl a in e d by th e ou tstanding sen iors Melody igh tin gale, Chris Samu e l , a nd Mark Patt e rson. H opefu ll y, th ese Se ni ors will re fl ec t back to th e tim es at Albemarl e High w ith fond m emori es . We of th e 1974 P ee r staff congratulate th e m and wish th em lu ck in th e futur e for th ey are th e n ex t g e n e ration of t eac h e rs, pare nts, and pres id ents.

A fina l p e rforman ce of th e choir before th e graduating class.

" of goa ls for today, tomorMark Patt e rson speaks row, an d tw e nt y years from now .

Me lody Nightingale talks about approaching th e outsid e world of decision-ma kin g.

Chris Sam ue l' s topic was achi eve m e nts . So wh y not talk about strea king?

Th e wait is almo;t ove r for th e shee t Of pap e r s ignifyin g twelve years of hard work.


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GREEN CROFT NU RSE RY William H. White, owner

to th e Graduating Class You have a lready bee n told that th e world is at yo ur fee t and is yo urs for th e effort, tha t th e chall e ngers are grea t as are th e re ward s. The re is no d oubt tha t is tru e . Le t us add thi s. You have just co nq u ered one major hurdl e in your life - g raduatin g fr om sch ool. You did it by tak in g o ne day at a tim e , o ne wee k at a tim e , one tes t at a tim e.


That's th e way life is - on e ste p at a tim e. An d each ste p bui lds on th e one b efore it. " G e niu s is th e capac ity to take infinit e pains." F e w of us ar e gen iuses but each of us owes it to himself to d o every tas k to th e b es t of hi s ability and in hi s own inimitabl e way . Each of us has a co ntr ibuti on to make to socie ty. What yours is and will b e is now in th e making .

ille, Virgin ia 路 tory - In Step : F uture"


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1"\ice Center



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Congratulati ons Class Of 1974

for Ev eryone" >agie Baked Sub Ro lls 'izza II Medi um Large he tti 11 Italian Sauce D e live ry Servi ce 295-9153 m. - Thru - Thurs. ~I Fri & Sat. "-oencke


• MORTON FROZEN FOODS DIVISION ITT Contin ental Bakin g Company Croze t, Virginia




- Route 29 Nmth Charlottes ville, Virginia 22901 973-8344

Darde n


Forres t



418 East Main Phon e 295-5191 Charlottesville Fri e ndly Servi ce Since 1934

on Pantop s mtain


rens h aw 29 North :, Virginia 22901 ·our Future Is On Our L ot day"

Distributor Of Pittsburgh Paints And Fin e Wall Coverings

ROY WHEELER REALTY COMPANY Virginia Rea l E state Charlottes vill e-Virginia City- Suburban and Country Property Th e Virginia Real E state Cl earin g House "Whee ler Building Court Square" 401 East High Street Phon e 296-4171

M007itain Sports

1417 Emm e tt St. (Route 29), Charlottesville,Va. 22903 Tel. (703) 977-4400


Hanckel - Citizens Insurance Corporation


Compliments 3rd and Jefferson Streets Charlottesville, Virginia Phon e 296-719 1 "Over Seventy Years of Service"


Meadowbrook Hardware, Inc. 2039 Barracks Road

Ph one 293-8052

Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 Pe t Suppli es - Glidde n and Dutch Boy Paints Wall Paper - H ardware





24 H our Service


By Pass

Crozet, Virgini a Tel ephon e 823-4391

Swim & Raquet Club Phon e 973-4444

William T . Stevens Realtor Edward B. Steven s Noel Stevens

Memb e r of

ES T A Te:


Joseph G. Pace Robert E. Carter III Alexand er T. Stumpf Thomas F . Clemmer, Jr.


ational In sti tute of Real Estate Brokers • ati onal Institure of Farm and Land Broke rs • American Chap ter, International Real Es tate F ederation

Telephone 804 296-6104


p..,. O

1333 Long Charlottesville MAJOR AND MI

One Boar's Head Place

Charlottesville, Virginia 2290 1

Wa yne Gentry manag er



-Citizens Corporation

It's the real thing. CQ.~e.

fferso n Streets ill e, Virginia 96-7191 ear s of Service"



~-. ~


- /~- ;:~/<,;



--R. E ,

24 H our Servi ce


6:30 T o 10:00 D ail y

By Pass Gulf

irginia e 823-4391

Building Construction & SON , INC.

Offi ces on H ydrauli c Road Charlottesvile Ph on e 973-4393

Jos eph G. Pace Rob ert E. Carter III Alexande r T . Stumpf Thomas F . Clemmer, Jr.

1333 Long Stree t Charlottesvill e, Virgini a MAJOR AN D MINOR REPAIRS

trlottesvi lle, Virginia 22901

Lawn & Garde n

Small Con structi on Equipme nt

• Lan d Broke rs • American

Sales & Service

Wayne G e ntry man ager

Phon e 293-4601 If No Answer Phon e 973-7308

GENTRY'S POWER EQUIPMENT SERVICE, INC . 2115 Berkm ar D rive Charlottesville, Va. Jam es A. Ge ntry, Jr.

Phon e 973-5349


Lane's Tail

Continental lPailways

Compliments Of

BENOIT NURSERY RFD 4 Airport Road Charl ottesville, Va. 22901 804-973-8317 G eorge C. Be n oit Pres ide nt



Hwy. 29 . a t Charl otte il Ph on : 9

Supplies for Collegians For Over a Century Visit Our Record D epartment

E. L ee Booker,

" Se rving th e acad e mi c community over 125 ye ars."


. Road & Wrecker Se rvi ce


Compli m Route 250 Wes t Charlottesville, Va. 22903 Bill Barn ett, Own er Phon e : 295-9571 or 977-8210 " See Us F or Everythin g Automotive" Virginia State In sp ection no. 3175


W. E. &



Lane's Tailoring Shop

\~ -

311 E as t Ma in St. Charlottesville, Va. 22901 T eleph on e 295-2257





"The Oasis of Men's Clothing"




Bes t Wi sh es to th e Class of '74

H wy. 29 N. at Woodbr ook Villi age Ch arl ottesville, Virginia Ph on e: 973-8373 Imm unity over 125 years."

E. L ee Booker,


W.R. (Wally) Dunn

Road & Wre cker Se rvi ce

H. M. Gleason & Co. Incorporated

.L'S ICE CENTER Comp li m ents of -lottes vi lle, Va. 22903 :tt, Own er 71 or 977-82 10 t hin g Automotive" ;p ection no. 3 175

W. E. &


First and Garre tt Streets D ial 295-5145 P.O . Box 299 Charl ottesvill e, Va . " Wh ere Serv ice Continu es L ong After th e Sale"





FRIED 2203 Jefferson 1 Phone 97'

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Whe eler Keswick, Va.

SEAL'S B P SER Crozet, i: Phone 823

Compli m :

Whitt & Comp:

2248 I y 1 Ph one: 29



C. H. Williams Inc.





2203 Jefferson Park Ave nu e Ph on e 977-5000

.. SEAL' S B P SERVICE STATION Crozet, Virginia Phon e 823-4121

Charl ottes vill e's L eadin g F as hi on Stores Charl ottesville, Virgin ia 22902

C omplim e nts of

Whitt & Company Realtors LA PAREE RESTAURANT 2248 Ivy Road Ph on e: 295-2191

L ocate d at th e H oliday Inn Route 29 N. and 250 By-Pass



路. ,. . . . --


MATTHEWS Salon of Beauty 1819 N. Emme t Stree t Ch arlottes ville, Virgini a Own er & Operator: Betty Matth ews ext D oor to th e Pan cake H ou se Res taurant Ope n Friday E ve nings b y App ointme nt


Charlottesville Savings & Loan VIRGINIA TELEPHO N E & TELEGRAPH COMPANY â&#x20AC;˘

1924 Arlington Boul evard Charl ottesville, Virginia



1517 Wes t Main St. At Th e Corn er Reco mm e nd e d b y Mobil Travel Guide McCall 's Magazin e Free Parkin g

Arrow Hart-Murray Division Route 660, Earl ysville, Va. 22936

Vi sit Our P

Gi ft of Pot Pom


Ivy Roac

Main Street Charl ottesvi

2 14

'ttesville & Loan




equal opportunity employer

Visit Our P ot Pourri Shop For Gifts of Fragrance Pot Pourri â&#x20AC;˘ Fontana

CLAIRE BURKE, I NC. Ivy Road (250 Wes t)

Compliments of

E .M. Martin , Inc.

SHOP, INC . Main Street Downtown Charlottesville , VirP.;inia



TV 296-7106

White House Motel Corp. Rt. 250 E. Charlottesville Air Conditioned

Res tauran t

Bruce' s I A Cardinal-Rex Serving the Comm Sinct Phon e 286-3881

Total Insuran ce Service

E. W. BARGER & CO. T/A Crozet In surance Agency P.O. Box 217 Crozet, Virginia 22932 823-4321


WWW Electronics, Inc.

P.O . Box 5363- Charlottesville, Va. 22903 Custom Manufacturing Printed Circuits - Silk Screens - Name Plates


Delight thys elf also in the Lord; and H e shall give the e th e desires of thin e h eart.

Carlton A. Luck Builde r

Box 157-A Esmont, Virginia 22937 Commit thy way unto th e Lord; and H e shall bring it to pass . Psalms 34: 4-5

Charlottesville Oil Co. Gulf Office 293-9107 Emergency Number - 295-1730

Bruce's Drug Store A Cardinal-Rexall Drug Center Serving th e Commun ity's Drug Needs Since 1909 Phon e 286-3881 Scottsville, Va .

Jso in the Lord;

e des ires of thin e h eart.

. Luck ilder

~7?'(1 P'<l p (j,



'nia 22937 ¡ upto th e Lord; ring it to pass. 34: 4-5


Stromberg-Carlson Congratulates Albemarl e High School Class of 1974





Ro ute # 250 Ea st, Pantops Mountain Charlottesv ill e, Virginia Ford, LTD, Torin o, Thunderbird , Mustang, Maverick, Pinto, Ford Tru cks

416 West M ain Street • Charlottesv ill e, V irgi ni a Lin co ln Continenta l, Mercury, Comet, Couga r, Capri , Montego- Rambler



Route # 29 North Char lottesvill e, Virginia Pl ymo uth , Valiant, Chrys ler, Imper ial

858 West M ain Street Charl ottesvill e, Virgini a Ponti ac, Fireb ird, Pontiac Tem pest, Cadilla c, Datsun


H . M. GLEASON & CO. , INC. First and Garrett Streets Charl ottesv ill e, V irgini a International Tru cks and Farm all Equipment

JIM PRICE CHEVROLET Route 250 East, Pantops Mountain Charlottesv ill e, Virgini a Chevro let, Chevell e, Nova , Corvette Camara, Vega , Chev rolet Tru cks

DON MANN VOLKSWAGEN , INC. 918 Preston Avenu e Charlottesvi ll e, Virgin ia Volkswagen - Suba ru

Serving This Com L ocated at th e n

S-K MOTORS , LTD. Route 2 50 West Charl ottesvil le, Virgini a Imported Auto Speciali sts -

Sa les & Services

RU SSELL MOONEY OLDS SALES & SERVICE 3 15 West Main Street Char lottesv ill e, Virgini a Oldsmobile, Oldsmob il e F8 5, To ronado



404 East Market Street Charlottesvill e, Virginia Dodge, Dart, Coronet, Po lara, Monaco Demon , Charger, Dodge Trucks

1021 Lind en Street Charlottesv ill e, Virginia G. M . C. Tru cks



Route # 250 East, Pantops Mountain Charlottesv ill e, Virginia Toyota- Mercedes Sales & Service

James H.

Realtor and G 973-

900 Preston Ave nu e Charl ottesv ill e, Virg ini a Bui ck , Opel, Kadett

D evelop Jefferson ' and Green e

- ---- ------ ··------------- ··-·---· -- ···- ·· ----- 2 18




cury, Comet, - Ramb ler

Compliments of



W.A. Lynch Roofing Co., Inc.

Tem pest,


1234 Riv er Road Charlottesvill e, Virginia 22901

ET ountai n

a. Corvette Trucks


Serving This Community Sin ce 1876 Located at th e Univers ity of Virgin ia

~al es & Servi ces

James H. Williams Inves tm e nt

Recreation ara, Monaco 'rue

Realtor and General Contractor 973-8381


" Land I s Our Busin ess"

VIRGINIA LAND COMPANY Route 29 North Phon e 973-5381

ountain ervice

Complim e nts of

MASSACHUSETTS MUT UAL L IF E I NSURANCE COMPANY D eveloper of Jefferson Village and Green e Lea

L. Peck Whitcomb, C.L.U. Georg e W. Eudailey, Jr. , C.L.U. Chris C. Cramer Willi am B. Trevillian On e Boar's H ead Lan e 296-5694



Polaris Mr. & Mrs. M

Red Lion Gifts Gifts for all occasions

Complim e nts of



J. F. Bell Ful In


Serving F ami lie and Surroundin ~ Sin ce Phone 295-9169 Complim e nts of


Heaven To Seven Shoppe


319 East Main Street D own town Charl ottes vill e

f~v~~~~rr~ Congratulation s to th e Seni or Class of 1974

Complime nts of

Polaris Farm Mr. & Mrs. Macgruder Dent

Page Foster Inc. Quality Men's Clothing D owntown, Charlottesville




Compliments of

J. F. Bell Funeral Home,

In corporated

400 East Market Street Phone 296-6161 Sales and Service Frigidaire and Zen ith

Inc. Serving F amili es of Alb e marl e and Surrounding Communities Sin ce 1917 Phon e 295-9169

Charlottesville, Va.

ments of

LBOX vl a in Street :h arlottes vill e


COLLEGE INN RESTAURANT 1511 University Avenue at th e corn er



UNIROYAL Jefferson P Insb ar Holden Scho Des

Scottsville , Virginia Congratulations to th e Class of 1974

2421 Ivy Road Career training in: Busin ess Automation

Compliments of Compliments of


AT&T Lon

Parks Finance Service, Inc. 900 H arris Street







~ ~


ille, Virgin ia ions to th e Class 1974

Jefferson Professional Institute and Holden School of Art and Design 295-9357

2421 Ivy Road Career training in: Busin ess Automati on



Commercial Art Fine Art



AT&T Long Lines

Vaughan Tire & Appliance Co ., Inc. 218 West Wa ter Stree t

Phon e 293-8131

Charlottesvill e, Va. 22901

â&#x20AC;˘ ncn Complim e nts of

W. C. Bascom




The P EEl Than1 Betty Smith -


Th e Adminis tration

"Savers do better"


515 St ew art Street

The Faculty


Walker Manley T/A MAC'S Bear Wheel Alignment Service

cover design

Mrs. Virginia G. Barn ett Mrs . Maria Hurt Charles Pe rry and Hunter Publ

Phone 296 -1774


And a special thanks to Mrs. Cc dedi cated advisor, who has corr with the PEER staff.

!10? ~@JW@ @J ~[JQ[p) Stiop at 1Jour on~-$top

5fioypin9 (tater··~ yut it aff together

for you •.. i)arracks jtoaa SfiDJ'J'inlJ Center Sh"P J0-6 man» $tDres l0-9


oun Ashle ' Mr. Alonzo rc Mr. & Mr . Mr. Berch I Bro Brown's Lo k " Bryan & Beck Mrs. Susan Burr Crozet Food Miss Dorothy D Mrs. E lla Fitch The F lower Car Wayne Gentr Mr. Joseph H an: Mr. Lawrence Mrs. E velyn Ha: Mr. & Mrs. Gu The Hub Mr. & Mrs. Chru Ward, Seay & s, and H eatin g Ida's Grill Ivy Exxon

The PEER Staff Thanks Be tty Smith- cover des ign The Administration

o better" )

The Faculty


Mrs. Virginia G. Barne tt Mrs. Maria Hurt Ch arles Perry and Hunter Pub lishin g Co.


And a sp ecial thanks to Mrs. Courtenay T. Stanley, our dedicated advi sor, who h as compl e ted h er e ighth year


with th e PEER staff.

PEER BOOSTERS Ashley's Country Clothes Mr. Alonzo Branch Mr. & Mrs. Percy Bran ch Jr. Mr. Berchel Brown Brown's Lock & Safe Bryan & Beck Mrs. Susan Burruss Crozet Foods Mis s Doroth y Davis Mrs. Ella Fitch The Flower Cart Wayn e Gentry Mr. Joseph Hankn ey Mr. Lawrence Hackn ey Mrs. Evelyn Harris Mr. & Mrs. Gus M. H e ilman The Hub Mr. & Mrs. Charles G . Hui e Ward, Seay & Son Plumbing and Heating Ida's Grill Ivy Exxon


Mr. & Mrs. C.M. John son Mr. & Mrs. John J. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Juul-Ni else n Mr. & Mrs. Allan Kindrick King & Rob erts Edgar C. Lawson (M.D.) Lesco, Inc. Martin Hardware Maupin's Service Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mitch ell Monticello-Skyline Safari Campground New Dominion Books hop Mrs . Lillie B. Nightingale The Nook Mrs. Edith N. Peoples Claude Phillip's Garage (Earlysville) Process Builder's Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Charles H . Simmons Spradlin Feed & Seed Tremble's Dry Cleaning Paul B. Victorius Framing Shop Mr. & Mrs . James Walker


A kaleidoscope of images are now etched onto the emulsion sheet of my mind. But will they there remain forever? Or will they soon fade and disappear like a misty dream? These years have indeed been an experience in all respects . . . Friends, books, teachers, assignments, teammates, administrators, grades . ..



But soon all of that will be }1 instead of a day-to-day realit For now I am about t.o emba into a new world and into m i And both the world and mys. stand waiting, expectant . . .




But soon all of that will be just a memory instead of a day-to-day reality For now I am about t.o embark on a journey into a new world and into myself. And both the world and myself stand waiting, expectant . ..



There is so much to be done, so much to be changed if I could - no - if I would.

Craig Van de Castle


1974 Peer - ALbemarle High School Yearbook  

The 1974 yearbook from Albemarle High School in Charlottesville, VA.

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