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In this method we are going to be looting Ebay’s WantItNow, and milking it to promote your CPA/Freebee offers.

According to Ebay, "WantItNow lets buyers post requests for hard-to-find items and allows sellers to respond to those requests with eBay listings.”

Just follow the simple steps below: 1) Go to, and click on a section that you have relevant CPA Offers for. These are just the sections where buyers can search for a “wanted” product. A hot product a few months ago was the iPhone, right now I’m going to show you Gift Cards. The point is there are tons of unsaturated niches and products you can promote. 2) Anyways, this is what we’re going to do. You’re going to click on a category, then click on a listing, then find the link "Ask a question about this post" at the top right. Here you can contact the buyer directly via email. The response option on this page is only for products the are already listed on the Ebay market, so it wouldn’t work for us since we’re promoting third-part offers, thus we use the “Ask a question about this post” option. Again… First you click on a category:

Then, click on a listing:

And finally, click on “Ask a question about this post:

3) Finally, you’re going to send the person a message massage like: " Why you would pay for pre-paid gas cards? You can easily find companies giving them away for free (LINKHERE)"Just be creative. A lot of them will complete the offers.

I made like $80-$160 a day with my links by outsourcing this to one of my workers. If you really want to make a lot of money off of this, do it with higher value CPA offers that pay more than like $1 email submits.

Advanced technique: 1) Go to google and type: “” + “keyword”

You can change the part “” to other email clients like “” or “” etc.

2) In google go to advanced settings and set Number of result on the

page = 100 3) Download a firefox plugin called: Auto Pager 4) After you typed your query you will get hundreds of pager with

result containing people interested in your keyword because Auto Pager will load next pages in the same window. 5) Now copy to whole text: Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C 6) Go to and paste the text and click

“Extract” This way you will get hundreds of targeted emails and the duplicates will be removed.

After that you can take that email list and import it to your email sender. I use Interspire Email Marketer so this is just a couple of minutes for me to impor the contacts, set an email campaign and start sending the emails.


Try it out guys, it will cost you nothing and it’s really easy to do! Have fun!

Artur Stec – SickMethodsMarketer – artur6000