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Philanthropy Report 2018 Giving at St Andrew’s College: Philanthropy, Volunteering and Community

From the St Andrew’s College Foundation It is my pleasure on behalf of the Foundation Trustees to update you on the performance of the Foundation and to reiterate the importance of our role in protecting the long-term sustainability and independence of St Andrews’s College. The role of the Foundation is to oversee the management of endowment and donor funds. This involves the setting, monitoring, and ongoing review of investment strategy; appointing the fund manager, reviewing their performance and holding them to account; and overseeing disbursement of income to the College in adherence with the objects of the Foundation Deed and donor wishes. In 2018, the Foundation and the College entered into a Memorandum of Understanding whereby the Foundation will provide the College with an annual grant to meet the cost (loss of fees) of an agreed number of scholarships. This meets a strong desire from many donors to assist students to experience a St Andrew’s College education who might otherwise not have this opportunity. 2018 was the first year for this formal arrangement and involved a grant of $363,480 being paid to the College. The Foundation was established at the end of 1991 and the fund has grown to $11 million in the 25 years since, $9 million of which has been achieved in the last 11 years. This significant growth in the fund has only been made possible by the generous donations from the St Andrew’s community, and by the careful and appropriate stewardship of the investment fund by the Foundation Trustees, and by Forsyth Barr, the fund manager.

While the world’s equity markets allowed for an impressive 15.7% net return in 2017 (which included unrealised gains of $1.1m), a severe market correction in the last quarter of 2018 resulted in a 2018 net return of –3% (including unrealised losses of $0.7m). The first quarter of 2019 has seen a recovery offsetting most of the 2018 unrealised loss. Trustees are continuously reviewing investment strategy in light of increased market volatility and slowing global growth. I would like to once again sincerely thank all our donors, without whom this fund would not be possible, and encourage anyone who would like to know more about becoming a donor to make contact with the College’s Director of Development, Miranda Newbury. I also acknowledge and thank my fellow Foundation Trustees (Andrew Bascand, David Boyd, Simon Challies, Matthew Lancaster, Nick Letham, Richard Smith, and Margaret Turley) for their wise counsel during 2018.

Rodger Finlay Chairman St Andrew’s College Foundation

A culture of giving From the Rector

Although 2018 was the start of a new century for St Andrew’s College, a tradition which carried over from our first century was the generous philanthropic nature of our supporters. StAC101 started with the opening of The Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school on Friday 23 February. This delightful new area encompasses a Junior School and Pre-school, and houses our youngest students, ranging from the ages of two to seven. It was the generosity of the Stewart family, whose name is associated with the complex, who have enabled us to create this space. Mark Stewart stated in his speech “the Stewart family has had an association with St Andrew’s for over 50 years, half the life of the College”. We would like to thank the Stewarts for their ongoing support of the College. Another family who may not have had such a long association with College, but nevertheless have given great support, are the Green family from Ashburton. The new Green Library and Innovation Centre, a reimaging and extension of the existing Secondary School Library was opened on Friday 8 June. This is an area where students can go to read, study, and research, but can also go to create with their ideas and make their creations come to life. In her speech, Sarah Green stated that she hoped “that their gesture would show the importance of being generous and giving back.” In a fitting end to the opening, a robot programmed by St Andrew’s College students cut the ribbon to officially open The Green Library and Innovation Centre. We are grateful that people still support our Step Into Our Future campaign, which began in 2013 and has helped us with the significant transformation of the College campus. The next step along the way

will be the redevelopment of our Theatre Complex, a place where students can learn to participate in behind the scenes roles, as well as perform on the stage. With this development, there will be opportunities to purchase a note from the College Song, a seat in the Theatre with your name on a plaque, or naming rights of the Theatre, which would give your family a wonderful legacy. The other major area which donors have continued to support is the Foundation. This was originally set up in 1991 and continues to support the College with capital development, the purchase of educational resources, and the professional development of teachers. Growing the Foundation also helps us to maintain a world-class standard of education for students, and to offer scholarships to students of special character with top-class academic, sporting, and cultural abilities, who may not have otherwise been able to study at the College. The Annual Giving campaign was held again in 2018, with the funds from this campaign being directed to many different areas of the College. For those who have supported this way of giving for five or more years, there is the opportunity to become a True Blue member, of which we now have 59 members. We would once again like to thank Chris Janett (current parent, PTA member, and Board of Governors member) and Kelsey Williams (Development and Events Co-ordinator) and their team of volunteers who rang the parents of the Year 13 Leavers. From this telephone call, parents have the opportunity to leave a gift to the College, honouring their child’s time at St Andrew’s College.

As we head into our second century, we take the time to thank our previous Director of Development Clare Wilkinson, who left us in August 2018. Clare was with us for four years and, along with her day-to-day role and commitments, in that time and under her direction we opened Gym 2, the Centennial Chapel, the Turley Bridge, the Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school, and The Green Library and Innovation Centre. Clare was also a major part in the success of our Centenary Weekend. We wish Clare well in her new endeavour as CEO of Christchurch Arts Festival. Another member of the Development team who left us in 2018 was Dhara Barot, who joined us in 2017 as Development Manager. Dhara has left us for new opportunities in Australia. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support to the College. The culture of philanthropy continues to grow at St Andrew’s College and allows us to maintain a campus which keeps evolving. It also provides an education for our students which allows them to grow and learn in an environment not afraid to keep up with the technology and sustainability of the 21st century.

Christine Leighton Rector

Step Into Our Future We are incredibly proud and grateful of the way in which people have supported the Step Into Our Future campaign and assisted us in our goals of building the Centennial Chapel, growing our St Andrew’s College Foundation, and contributing to the development of our sports and cultural facilities. The culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s is strong, and the ongoing support which so many of you give to the College is amazing. It allows us to go from strength to strength with our campus, resources, and ultimately the education and opportunities for our students. The generosity of the many donors who have contributed to our Step Into Our Future campaign to date, have encouraged us to continue this campaign and we invited you to step in a new direction with us in 2018. Our focus now includes the Theatre redevelopment, alongside our existing focus to grow the St Andrew’s College

Theatre redevelopment – Artist Impression

Foundation, and our Buy a Brick campaign which is ongoing. There are still opportunities to purchase one of the salvaged bricks from the Memorial Chapel, which now feature in the external wall of the Centennial Chapel alongside Normans Road. We have had our second brick donor plaque installed in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel and will continue to add the names of our newest brick donors. By purchasing a brick, you could have your name, your family name, or your child’s name added to the plaque. Our Annual Giving Appeal was once again generously received and through this, we raised approximately $23,000. The funds from this appeal were distributed across many areas, with most choosing to donate to Rector’s Discretion or the Centennial Chapel, which continues to need funds. The sports and cultural facilities, which now includes the exciting redevelopment of the new Theatre,

St Andrew’s College Foundation, and the special project for 2018, which was the installation of an audiovisual system in Gym 1, also received support. Thank you to all who have given to the Annual Giving Appeal, and special thanks to those who consistently give who are recognised through our True Blue Society (members who have donated five times or more). Our True Blue Society membership has climbed once again.

Step Into Our Future

Our fundraising campaign

Scholarships The Endeavour Scholarship We now have over $200,000 in the Endeavour Scholarship Fund, which means we can enable the process to select our first Endeavour Scholarship student. We would like to thank founding donor, Jay Scanlon, for initiating the Endeavour Scholarship through a matching gift challenge in 2015. Jay pledged to match all gifts to the value of $100,000 donated to the fund in 2015. The full $100,000 was raised and then matched by Jay. We thank all donors to the Endeavour Scholarship Fund which was created to provide a scholarship for an education at St Andrew’s College for a young man or woman with proven financial need, demonstrating strong academic and co-curricular merit and potential. We were very excited to be able to begin the process of selection in 2018.

Our community and our volunteers This Philanthropy Report thanks and acknowledges members of the St Andrew’s College community who gave to the College in 2018 through monetary donation, gifts-in-kind and volunteering. The following articles demonstrates the commitment of students, volunteers and donors who gave back to the College, help others outside of our community and are creating the success of Step Into Our Future.

Community Projects In 2018 our Chapel and Community Service team have continued to be at the heart of our community giving and making us aware of the needs within our local, national, and international communities. The generosity of our young people and families associated with the College have continued to impact many lives. The students supported different charities and worked in various ways to raise money for this. Once again, the 40 Hour Famine was a highlight in the fundraising area and this year, although down on previous years, $15,745, was raised. Through our mufti days in 2018, the Middle School Leaders raised

$3023 for the Heart Foundation in Term 1 and $3804 for the Blue Rower Mental Health charity in Term 4. The Community Service Leaders raised $1597 for Ronald McDonald House, and the prefects raised $1763 for Partnership Cambodia. Through our Sunday evening chapel services, offerings raised $8455 going to Hagar in Cambodia, Big Brother Big Sister Christchurch, City Mission, Tear Fund, and the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. A special mention should be made of the money raised for Christchurch City Mission at the Christmas Eve chapel service, $1083. We ended the year with the tradition of donating presents to the City Mission.

Staff, students, and families generously donated a huge number of presents and put them round the Christmas tree in the Centennial Chapel. On Friday 14 December these presents were collected by the City Mission ready for them to distribute to families in need at Christmas. St Andrew’s College continues to show wonderful generosity through our chapel giving, mufti days, and community service initiatives.

Paul Morrow Chaplain

2018 Leavers’ Gifts St Andrew’s College is a school of traditions, some of which go back a hundred years, while others started only in recent years. One of the newer traditions is the Leavers’ Gift. In 2018, the leavers decided that they would like to brighten up the stairwell of the Arts Block, home to the Middle School students, with a photographic montage depicting three special parts of student life at St Andrew’s College.

An important part of the College for the students is Castle Hill, a place of Outdoor Education camps and good memories. On level one of the stairwells, the three images depict a tramp through the grasses back to the

Events Committee The Events Committee is a wonderful group of volunteers who help behind the scenes ensuring that events such as the Annual Boarders’ Dinner and Parent– Teacher Interviews run seamlessly, and everybody attending can relax and enjoy the events. Current and past parents, Old Collegians and friends of the College – everyone is welcome on this Committee. If you would like to get more involved with the College, but only have limited time, then this is a great team to join. There are no meetings, and volunteers offer their help at the events which suit them. We are extremely appreciative of these volunteers, and a big thank you goes out to our 2018 Events Committee volunteers who were always there, willing to get in and help at College events when needed and share smiles, fun, and laughter while doing it. If you are interested in joining this fantastic group, please contact the Events Committee Convenor, Kelsey Williams on

camp buildings on a beautiful, blue sky day. As students head up or down the stairwell to their classes, they can look at these images and remember the good times of their own experiences at Castle Hill.

All students at St Andrew’s enjoy co-curricular and sports activities, and with the Pipe Band Centenary taking place in March 2019, this important strand of the College has been recorded on level two, with a stunning image of the Pipe Band up on the Port Hills by Sugarloaf. Bagpipes are heard almost every day at the College, with their familiar sound instilling school pride and celebrating tradition.

The Te Waka programme is a unique educational and life skills programme and provides Year 10 students with an overarching focus and purpose. Te Waka is an enriching experience, which exposes students to new experiences and situations, and encourages them to grow, discover who they are, and who they can be. The programme starts with the dawn service, or Calling Ceremony, beginning at 5.30am with the raising of the College flag. A solo piper then plays as the entire Year 10 group of students farewell their childhood and begin their journey into adolescence. To mark this very important milestone in students’ lives, the Calling Ceremony has been recorded on level three with a montage of different images.

Preparatory School The 2018 school year started with much excitement as we opened the Stewart Junior Centre and Pre-school. The centre incorporates the Pre-school and the Junior Department (Years 1–3). It is fair to say that these facilities are truly magnificent and offer quality-learning opportunities for our youngest children. Complementing the inside areas are two bespoke playgrounds – the ‘play eggs’ in the Pre-school, and the ‘play forest’ for the Junior Department. The playgrounds are extremely popular

and allow the children to have fun in different ways such as imaginative and creative play. Sincere thanks to the Stewart family for their generous donation to the College. Our newest facilities are a true joy and will serve the College well for many years to come. We would once again like to thank our class parent volunteers. This group of people play a major role in welcoming

new and returning families to the Preparatory School at the beginning of the academic year. The volunteers organise events throughout the year which bring the families together, enabling them to get to know each other. We know the connections last not only as the children move on to the Secondary School, but often even after the children have left the College.

Jonathan Bierwirth Principal of Preparatory School

The Green Library and Innovation Centre Libraries used to be a place of great tombs of books, hushed tones and sombre lighting, however, as we move through this new Century, they are becoming areas not just of learning through books, but also learning through technology and computers, while also being great areas of light and spaciousness. In 2018, St Andrew’s College was proud to be moving forward into its second century, however, our Secondary School Library sat not only holding books of history, but also looking like it belonged in history. Following a business pitch by an ambitious group of Year 13 Business Studies students, to a wonderfully supportive St Andrew’s

family, the Greens, our new Green Library and Innovation Centre began to take shape. Chris and Sarah Green, whose business Midland Seeds “believe in investing in quality” and know that research is a key component of their business, have a family ethos of generosity of spirit and hoped that their gesture would show others the importance of giving back. Through their generosity, the new extension and reimaging of our existing Secondary School Library is now an area where students can still read and enjoy the physical books the Library holds, but are also able to learn through technology, computers and are able to design and create with 3D

printers, laser cutters and tools. The Green Library and Innovation Centre is now a welcoming, light and spacious area, and is a place which firmly belongs in the second century of our College.

Old Collegians Association The Old Collegians Association fully support and help lead the culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s College. The affection and loyalty of past students is testimony to the great education and wonderful experiences that the Old Collegians had as students. We support the College in many ways, from providing scholarships and fees

assistance, to donating major gifts such as the donation to the Centennial Chapel. A recent example of the support provided by the Old Collegians was the sponsorship of the Christmas production, Amahl and the Night Visitors, a production enjoyed by many. The Old Collegians provide for the College not only in a financial way, but also with leadership, guidance,

mentoring, professional advice and support. The culture of philanthropy is strong and one of the many ways which will keep St Andrew’s College successful as it enters its second century.

Jonathan Wells Old Collegians Association President

The Ladies Circle We celebrated our Diamond Jubilee at the Annual General Meeting in July 2018. Sixty years of an organisation, which has had the most wonderful commitment and enthusiastic support from many mothers, grandmothers, and from women who have worked in different roles associated with the College. After our meeting, five St Andrew’s College Drama students entertained us with a delightful tableau of how Mrs Stewart, the Rector’s wife, might have conducted the first Ladies Garden Circle meeting.

At the conclusion of this wonderful piece of drama, we were able to present a cheque of $500 to the Drama Department. To conclude the afternoon, the committee treated sixty women and guests to a delicious high tea. At our Christmas chapel service, we presented the Chaplain with a beautifully crafted altar table valued at $2133, which was designed by Old Collegian, Anthony Blackwell (OC 2004). This altar table will be for baptisms, weddings, and communion services.

Earlier in the year, we also gifted money for the repair of two altar candlesticks. Our current membership is now at ninety, and it is always a pleasure to welcome the Rector, Mrs Leighton, to our meetings. The meetings are held on the last Friday afternoon of every month in the Centennial Chapel, except when we hold the annual picnic and fundraising luncheon, which are held off site.

Jill Irving President

Cafeteria We have had many changes in the Cafeteria in the past year. We have cut back on sugar, salt, and glad wrap, with most of our rolls and sandwiches now in eco-friendly brown paper or eco containers. We have also introduced new summer sandwiches, salads, and hot food options. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles who have helped this past year. Without your help, the

Cafeteria would not be able to run smoothly. I would also like to thank the seniors students who fill in when we need them to help serve at break and lunch time. We would be extremely grateful for new volunteers, so if you can spare a day with us that would be fantastic. The times we would need you are approximately 8.45am–1.30pm. It is a great way to meet other parents, understand what happens at the

College, and see all the students as well. We always make time to have a cup of tea, chat, and laugh. Please come and see me in the Cafeteria if you would like to be part of this volunteer group. I look forward to seeing you this year.

Sharon McDonald Cafeteria Manager

Pipe Band The St Andrew’s College Pipe Band is proud of its ongoing contribution to the wider community, and is very grateful to its supporters and contributors.

The College also hosted a number of significant Pipe Band related events;

The band was pleased to support the following events in 2018:

• South Island Solo Drumming Championships;

• Hororata Highland Games;

• Labour Weekend Silver Chanter Solo Piping Championships.

• Christchurch A&P Show; • 9/11 Fire Service Memorial Service; • ANZAC Day Parades at many various venues; • Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Founders’ Day. Pipers also played for various events and functions including weddings and funerals.

• Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association National Summer School;

The band relies heavily upon fundraising events to fund Pipe Band activities and, as in past years, is extremely grateful for the significant financial support it received during 2018. Many volunteers contribute to the Parents and Supporters Committee and this group contributed significantly in fundraising, which enabled each

student to be subsidised for each trip away. Their grant in 2018 was $70,000 to subsidise student travel to the World Championships in Glasgow. This group was led by Mr Rainer Klebert. Major events for the group included an Arts Exhibition and Sale held in the foyer of the Centennial Chapel and a Founders’ Day Ceilidh. The band would also like to acknowledge the financial support from the following trusts for their support – CERT, First Sovereign, Pub Charities, and Air Rescue Trust.

Richard Hawke Pipe Band Director


Black & Bling Ball

The main source of income for the PTA is through the Secondhand Uniform Shop. A dedicated group of parent volunteers and members of the PTA, to whom we are immensely grateful for their time, operate the shop. In 2018, the Second-hand Uniform Shop made a profit of $26,000.

The biennial Black & Bling Ball is a highlight of the St Andrew’s College social calendar. Organised by the hockey and cricket communities in 2018, it certainly lived up to its reputation.

The PTA also supports the College in other ways, such as fundraising and helping at College functions and events. These may include Secondary and Preparatory School Open Days and parent information evenings, hosting the Preparatory School Wine and Cheese function, and assisting with the Senior College Formal in the coat and bag check.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the hard working committee, the hockey families, and cricket families, who produced a successful and hugely enjoyable evening.

The Annual Christmas Cake fundraiser is another PTA initiative. In 2018, the profit from the sale of cakes was $6500. We dedicated the funds raised towards the purchase of robotics, which are student resources for the new Green Library and Innovation Centre. The new drop-off area along Normans Road provided the PTA with another opportunity to contribute to the school, with $50,000 being donated and going towards the student waiting shelter. In 2018 the PTA also donated $10,000 towards the purchase of a laser cutter and materials, $1700 towards equipment for setting up a skateboard making group, and $5000 towards fittings and equipment for the new Second-hand Uniform Shop. The PTA is an energetic group of people, wanting to support the College. If you are interested in joining the PTA or volunteering in the Second-hand Uniform Shop, please email

Lisa McAra-Young PTA President

Year 13 Parent Task Force Since its conception in 2012, the Parent Task Force has supported the Step Into Our Future Campaign. During Terms 2 and 3 a number of volunteer parents (some past parents), supported by the Group Co-ordinator, Chris Janett, and the Development Office, contacted Year 13 families. The purpose of these calls was to invite families to donate to St Andrew’s in honour of their child’s time at the College. The emphasis was on participation, and the College is hugely grateful for all the donations we received from our wonderful families. Once again, this Parent Task Force could not continue without the amazing volunteers who support this initiative, and their continued commitment and support of St Andrew’s is very much appreciated. A very special thank you to the Group Co-ordinator, Chris Janett, who has been a huge part of this programme since the beginning.

Kelsey Williams Development and Events Co-ordinator

Once again, thank you to those who contributed to the silent auction, which was a great part of the evening, and while it is too difficult to list all contributors, we would like to acknowledge the sponsors and our St Andrew’s College community for supporting us. The money raised at this Black & Bling Ball went to the College hockey and cricket clubs, and to the purchase of two seats in the new Theatre.

Ball Committee

Celebrating Co-curricular St Andrew’s College offers an extensive co-curricular programme offering over 50 different sports and cultural activities. College students benefit from these opportunities with well over 95 per cent of students involved in weekly co-curricular activities. The staff contribution to the programme is much appreciated and, in addition to this, the programme relies heavily on the support of parents and the wider College community. The College is fortunate to have many parent volunteers who give freely of their time to offer the best opportunities possible. Also, several sports receive generous donations and sponsorship which have contributed significantly to the cost of equipment, uniform, and travel to tournaments. Thank you to all who have contributed in 2018, and not only the ones highlighted in this report, as your support has been much appreciated.

Cricket and Rugby


Students and staff involved with the St Andrew’s College cricket and rugby teams would like to thank those who have once again loyally supported them in 2018. Cricket was once again supported by Perennial Turf, while rugby had the support of Kooga, Lone Star, No.4 Bar and Restaurant, Maugers Contracting, and FWL Contracting.

The College is very fortunate to have some excellent businesses who support us in such a positive way in terms of sponsorship and excellent service. We would like to extend our thanks to Canterbury Apparel Teamwear for their sponsorship support as our official sports uniform supplier. Canterbury Sports Wholesale supply sports equipment to the College and their ongoing sponsorship support of the College sports programme is much appreciated. Many thanks also to Riccarton Shoe Clinic and The Athletes Foot for their support of the College sports programme in terms of product donations.

Rugby would also like to thank the Thistle Club members, who have assisted with not only financial support, but also mentoring players as well. Special thanks must also go to the parents, who give our students support both on and off the field. Sponsors for 2018: • • • • • • • • • • •

AE Builders Ltd; Build 7; Commodore Hotel; CoolTranz Ltd; Elmwood Trading Co; Francis Ward Ltd; Gary Cockram Hyundai; Giesen Wines; Kilvarock Vineyards Ltd; Kooga; Lone Star;

Mike Johnston Head of Cricket and Rugby

• • • • • • • • • • •

Miles Construction Ltd; Maugers Contracting; Multisport Surfaces Ltd; No.4 Bar and Restaurant; Riccarton Cleaning Supplies Ltd; Richard Rose; ROA Mining Company Ltd; Selwyn Earthworks Ltd; Shoe Clinic; South Island Plastic Surgery; Terrafirma Turf.

In addition to strategic business partnerships the College co-curricular programme relies heavily on family and linked business support to offer the best opportunities possible to students. Basketball would like to thank Miles Construction for their sponsorship of $10,000 towards uniforms, tournament costs, and a basketball shooting machine.

Denley Jones Head of Co-curricular

Charity Golf Tournament On Friday 23 November 2018, St Andrew’s College hosted the first Charity Golf Tournament, which our founding sponsor, John Jones Steel, generously supported. The Managing Director of John Jones, Frank van Schaijik, was enthusiastic with his support from the very beginning, and continued his support by contributing with the hospitality ensuring that players were being well catered for. The concept for this tournament came from the Girls’ First XI football team, where the idea to mix fundraising with philanthropy gave an opportunity for the team to learn about raising funds, not only for their own development but to support a local charity. Chalky Carr Trust is very dear to the hearts of many at St Andrew’s College. Chalky Carr, who sadly lost his battle to cancer at the beginning of 2018, was a man of high integrity who chose to leave a legacy of what it was to give to others in need. Supporting this charity

was a way to honour Chalky’s work and the legacy of the Chalky Carr Trust, which he established to raise money to help people who are also fighting cancer and to meet needs in a practical way. More on the charity can be learnt through the following link: The event was jointly organised by current parent, Miranda Newbury, and Manager of Girls’ First XI football, Jo Morrow, who engaged businesses from both St Andrew’s College and the local community, to generously sponsor and play in the tournament. A special mention to Miles Construction and Colliers International who entered at Level 1, to play alongside a special guest. A well organised auction was supported by Aikmans, Sir Bob Charles, and Lydia Ko, and this event also enabled continued financial benefit. The event was hosted at the spectacular venue Clearwater Golf Club, and recognition of time is given to the special guests, Garry Moore, Scott

Robertson, Chris Harris (OC 2006), and Corey Flynn. The day would not be complete without hospitality, which was co-ordinated by a team of volunteers led by Development Office staff Kate Stanbury and Kelsey Williams, and current parent Hamish Hill. A special thanks also to Helliers, Wairau Wines, Bishopdale New World, Independent Liquor, and the parents of the girls’ First XI football team who contributed towards the hospitality on the day. The tournament generated funds enough for the team to gain $6000 for development of girls’ football, and to donate a further $12,000 to the Chalky Carr Trust.

Jo Morrow Event Manager



Wilson Tennis (New Zealand) has generously supported St Andrew’s College tennis over a number of years. Students are grateful for the equipment, strings, balls, and apparel supplied through this sponsorship. The tennis programme has been extremely successful at the College for the past 15 years, gaining seven national titles and four runner-up placings. These results have been in no small part to the contribution of Wilson Tennis (New Zealand). Tennis at St Andrew’s is developing all the time with numbers and the quality of our players always increasing.

Hockey has once again been extremely lucky to have the expertise and guidance of Andy and Sue Innes of Just Hockey. Their support at St Andrew’s College for hockey is invaluable.

St Andrew’s College would like to thank Wilson Tennis (New Zealand) for its ongoing support of tennis at the College.

The families of the hockey community also helped with the biennial Black & Bling Ball, which provided us with extra support for the teams. Thank you to everybody involved with this event.

Hamish Faulls

Leanne Power

Tennis Co-ordinator

Sports Co-ordinator

Rowing St Andrew’s College rowing had a strong squad this season with close to 60 rowers involved in the sport. The growth and success of rowing at St Andrew’s College would not be possible without the huge effort and commitment of our staff, coaches, managers, parent committee members, parent volunteers, supporters, and families. The parent committee led fundraising once again and worked tirelessly so we could maintain our high quality fleet and purchase a new lighter weight eight. Julian Martel maintains all of our boats and rowing equipment, dedicating a large amount of time to making sure that we have equipment of the highest quality. The rowing squads at St Andrew’s are greatly appreciative of Julian’s time and the effort he puts in for us. Bayleys Real Estate have generously been the principal sponsor of the rowing team for a number of years, enabling us to purchase uniforms and equipment. We would like to thank Bayleys for their continued support of our rowing club. Armstrong Prestige have generously provided us with a tow vehicle we used throughout the season to tow our fleet to and from regattas. We would like to thank Armstrong Prestige for their sponsorship and support.

Riley Gain Rowing Co-ordinator

Your gifts to St Andrew’s College Step Into Our Future Campaign 2018

In 2018 the total gifts made to the St Andrew’s College Step Into Our Future Fundraising Campaign, totalled $758,444.

How did you give In 2018? 1



4 1 Year 13 Parent

The majority of those gifts were directed to the College Foundation (which includes the Endeavour Scholarship and Endeavour Rugby Scholarship funds) and the Centennial Chapel.

Appeal for STEP

2 Annual Giving 3 STEP Bequest 4 Step into Our Future

The College is also thankful for the additional gifts and generosity directed toward the College’s many co-curricular activities in 2018 (not included in these graphs), and acknowledges all gifts and sponsorship supporting St Andrew’s College.

Where did you direct your gifts in 2018? 1 Centennial Chapel 2 Other Capital



3 Rector’s Discretion


4 Sports and Cultural Facilities

5 Endeavour Scholarship

1 6


6 Endeavour Rugby Scholarship Fund

5 4

7 St Andrew’s College




8 Laser Cutting Equipment Special Project

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Step Into Our Future Our fundraising campaign

Step Into Our Future is the fundraising campaign for St Andrew’s College which has run from 2013 to 2018. Campaign funds have been raised for the Centennial Chapel, the Sports and Cultural Centre and the St Andrew’s College Foundation, to ensure that the College is best placed to meet the next century.

Gifts to Step Into Our Future: Anonymous (11) Mr Bryan N Aitken Murray Allison Janet Anderson Mr Roger W K Anderson* Dr S A Bisset Mr Alistair A Black Kevin Black David Blackwell Mr M D & Mrs N Brown Mr F H W & Mrs M J Burrows In Memory of Gary & Wendy Cockram S & L Collins Cynthia & Terry Currie Mr Ian A Dewar Mr B T & Mrs N Dowling

Mr F B & Mrs B Fletcher

Mr C J & Mrs V C Robinson

Euan Galloway

Mr Arthur & Mrs Joyce Rodgers

Dr A R Gamble & Mrs J Loming

Mr Simon G Rutherford

Rev Doug Grierson I J* & N A* Griffiths

Coroner Tim Scott and Ms Kathriona Benvie

Mr Joel S Hewson

Barry Shaw

Mr R S & Mrs R A Hewson

Chris & Ruth Sheppard

Hansen Hong

Ron & Shirley Sherlock

Mr Roger J & Mrs Sandra A Hurnard

Prof I & Mrs M E Simmers

Mr J K Hyslop

Mr K B & Mrs L J Sluis

Prof. Miles Kennedy

Mr A W Sproull

Mr J R & Mrs C Lawson

Mr R M & Mrs K J Sproull

Mr C D & Mrs I D MacDonald

Mr P F C & Mrs B J Stevens

Mr Hamish C MacMaster

Shane Summerfield

Ms S L McClelland

Mr B J Swale & Ms E H Toes

Mr A M & Mrs P McIlraith

Mrs Elizabeth Temple

Ray & Jenny McIntosh

Mr P & Mrs W Timbs

Mr P P & Mrs A K McIntyre

Mr C L & Mrs S A Tod

Rod & Janette McKenzie

Mr B W Tothill

Mr S E & Mrs J McLean

Mrs J A Waghorn

Mrs Wendy McPherson

Mr Xiao Feng Wang & Mrs Jeong Seon Lee

Murray & Marie Meyer

Mr A A White & Mrs M White

Mr H & Mrs L Molloy

Mr A G Winnicott

Paul & Jo Morrow

Don and Jan Wyllie

Mr T A & Mrs L M Mundy Noordanus family Mark and Felicity Odlin Dr T & Mrs K Ono Mr R & Mrs L Patchett Mr M G Paterson* Ms Lisa G Phelan & Mr Michael G Lightbourne Terry & Lei Prince Robertson family

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased

The acknowledgements shown below gratefully recognise financial gifts made to St Andrew’s College between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018.

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Thanking our Donors St Andrew’s College and the St Andrew’s College Foundation are strengthened through financial contributions and bequests, which help to maintain the high standard of independent education at St Andrew’s College. Through income earned on the St Andrew’s College Foundation invested endowment, funds are directed to areas of need at the Board of Governors’ request.

Strowan Club Members Anonymous (14) Derrick Abbott Mr Colin* W Anderson & family Mr David A Anderson Robert & Marion Anderson Stuart & Debbie Anderson Mrs Alison Ballantyne Tim Barnett Mr Bruce & Mrs Jane Bascand Bosch Robert NZ Ltd Mr Mark & Dr Robin Bowman David & Catherine Boyer Millie Bremner Mr A Paul & Mrs Joan* Brown Rob R Bruce-Barron Mr Chris D Burke Mr Simon D Burke

The St Andrew’s College and Foundation societies began in 2007 with the establishment of the Strowan Club for donors who have donated $10,000 or more to the College or Foundation. The following list includes all members who have given recently, or who based upon their cumulative giving, are now welcomed to the Strowan Club, or as a Cornerstone member, or to the Founders’ Circle.

Burnett Valley Trust The Burns Family Bede & Melanie Cammock-Elliott Canterbury Foundation Mr Simon & Mrs Tracey Challies S J Collins Family Trust Mr Gideon & Mrs Amie-Jane Couper John Crothall / In memory of E Alan Crothall

Mr & Mrs Stewart Elms Ms Deb A Fahey Rev Dr D W Featherston* Jim Forrester* Mr Stuart J V & Mrs Sue Fox Dr Ivor S Francis* Mr Bruce J & Mrs Ailisa Fraser Mr Rob Gendall* Keith* & Jennifer Gillanders Dr H Scott Gray Chris & Sarah Green & Family Andrew & Wendy Griffiths Mrs Joan Grumitt* Mr D Nigel Gualter & Ms Kristy O’Connor Earl* & Lani Hagaman Mr Rick Hallifax John* & Jan Hampton & family David & Michelle Harrison J L Hay Charitable Trust Mr George F & Mrs Merrilyn E* Hight Mr Euan & Mrs Dawne* Hilson David & Christine Janett Mr David J Jarman & Ms Moira Farrell Mr Stewart M Johns Peter Johnston* & family Brent & Vicky Jones Prof Ron Jones

Bridget & David Cushing

Mr Peter D Kennedy

Peter & Julianne Darling

Mr Bill Kensington*

Mr Don & Mrs Liz Davison

Ladies’ Circle

Mr Grant E & Mrs Jennifer Dickey

Jim* & Jen Livingstone

Mr Graham T, Mrs Leila M & Mr Craig H Dowling

Mace Engineering Ltd

Mr Peter R & Mrs Rana E Eggleton

Barry & Cheryl* Maister

Mr Andrew & Mrs Joanne D Macgregor

Philanthropy - the spirit of generosity at St Andrew’s College

Emeritus Prof Athol W* & Mrs Ngaire J Mann

Mr Paul W Scott

J & V Wells

Mr George & Mrs Kay Scrimshaw

Mr Chris J & Mrs Jilly J Marshall

Mr Kerry J Wells

Mr Allan D* & Mrs Cynthia* Shand

Mr Phil & Mrs Linda Mauger

Mr Michael C Wells

Jun Wha Shin

Steven & Jacqui McDonald

John & Alison Westgarth

Mr Michael & Mrs Kate Sidey

Amelia McGoldrick Trust

Wilkie + Bruce Architects

Sir Gil & Joy Simpson

Mr Kelvin R & Mrs Sally A McMillan

Mr Alun T* & Mrs Miriam Wilkie

Dr Harsh P Singh & Mrs Anu Pratap

LB Miller Charitable Trust

Mr Peter* & Mrs Judy* Wilkinson

Mr Donald A Sloss

W M & H M Milliken

Robert & Jill Sloss

Mr Rick S Wilson & Ms Janine M Mayson

Mr Gregory J Moore

Mr Murray G & Mrs Linda V Smith

Paul & Jill Wright

Andrew & Karen Munro

David A Solomon

Mr William J A & Mrs Carol E Young

Mrs Beveley Murray

Mr Robert C* & Mrs Margaret Spark

Mr Ed & Mrs Nicky Newman

Prof Michael Spiro

Mr Dougal & Mrs Diane Norrie

St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association

Mr Michael G Norris & Ms Patricia R M Dart

Mr Roland Stead

Mr Michael H (1972) & Mrs Linda J Nutt

Graeme & Ally Stevenson

Robin & Shirleen Oakley

Mr Evan Stewart

M & S Oxley

Mr Mark J Stewart & Ms Ainsley Walter

Michael & Michelle Patterson & family

Mr W John Strowger

Bryan & Susie Pearson

Dr Jurgen & Mrs Petra M* Suppan

Mr Richard* & Mrs Anne Peate

Mr J M & Mrs G Syme

Mrs Almut & Mr Richard Perrett

Bill & Dian Taylor

The Perry family

Neil D Thomson

Mr Malcolm H J Petrie

Mr Peter A & Mrs Pip L Trumic

Mr Cameron C Pickering

Mr Murray A & Mrs Margaret H Turley

George & Lynda Pickering

Mr William M & Mrs Pam Turner

Mr Grahame & Mrs Glen Price

Mr John W & Mrs Josephine Ullrich

Mr Graham B & Mrs Lorna Robertson

Mr Peter F & Mrs Carlyn Ullrich

Mr Murray D Rose

Tony & Joyce Wallace & family

Murray Rose & Richard Rose

Mr Noel A & Mrs Brigitte J Walton

Mrs Shirley J Rudkin

Geoff & Mary Wells Family Trust

The Scanlon family

Mr Graham C & Mrs Val Wells

Mr D W G & Mrs P J Scott

Note: all cash donations are eligible for the 33% tax credit or rebate. *Deceased

Your generosity is greatly appreciated For further information please contact Director of Development, Miranda Newbury P +64 3 940 2068  E  W

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St Andrew's College Philanthropy Report 2018  

The St Andrew’s College Philanthropy Report is a publication which celebrates the culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s College. The report...

St Andrew's College Philanthropy Report 2018  

The St Andrew’s College Philanthropy Report is a publication which celebrates the culture of philanthropy at St Andrew’s College. The report...