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Glen Stephens Rarity Offers For 20 years, my ’Stamp Rarity Page’ has been a “must visit” place for many collectors and dealers, globally - Large clear photos, and lots of detail, and FIXED NETT PRICES. “Philatelic Porn” as one client jokingly described it as! No 20% “Buyer Fees” to add on top etc. All credit cards accepted - even Amex, and with NO insulting extra fees to you either! Each month I’ll add here, a couple of items from that page, for the possible interest of readers. Choice material, and special collection offers etc, from all over the globe. Material on that page often sells FAST - within hours of being listed up, and it changes often - weekly mostly, so do bookmark this page, and check often -

Roo 1915 SECOND Watermark 2½d fresh Interpanneau Block 4 - 2 x MUH: The rather uncommon Bluish Indigo shade, on this Emergency WWI Printing on the KGV heads watermark paper. MVLH on top two stamps, and lower 2 are superb flat, super fresh *MUH*. ACSC 10b cat. $1,800 as 4 singles. Blocks of this Watermark are RARE. Nicely centred, with full perfs, and most attractive as you can see. Interpanneau pieces are highly sought and VERY scarce. Bought very well, so UNDER half Cat for 4 singles, at just $US620 as I type, at $A899 (Stock 782KQ)

1913 9d Violet First Watermark Roo with BRISBANE QUEENSLAND CTO cancel AND Plate Variety: Only 1 sheet 120 of these was ever cancelled, and was used to make up some VIP sets etc in Melbourne, and not all sets were distributed. The distinctive “BRISBANE QUEENSLAND” CTO cancel is rare, and as ACSC shows us on page 34, it confirms only 1 sheet of each value was thus cancelled, and of those sheets, PO Archives still have many examples still on file of most values. This one has the sheet watermark line horizontally along base, which proves it is from lowest row of sheet. Plate Variety 24(2)r only occurs from that lower row of course. 

Arthur Gray’s NO variety 9d was invoiced for $845 on estimate $300 when ACSC values were much lower. Mine essentially, has the tell-tale start of ‘3.15 PM time date slug that all these BRISBANE stamps have if genuine. Specialists seek that. Also this one has the ACSC variety ‘Break In Coast Of Gulf Of Carpentaria’ - ACSC 24(2)r. That is ACSC cat 5 times a normal stamp, so on BRISBANE CTO will be $3,000, and of course is 100% UNIQUE, as only one sheet of each was done. Public auction results for these BRISBANE CTO’s are gobsmacking recently. Phoenix invoiced a worse centred, lesser perfed example of this in August 2022 for $870 with NO plate variety! 

A very ugly, and humble 1913 ½d green Roo, no variety, ACSC #1wd, was invoiced way above estimate at $3,125 in the Phoenix Melbourne, August 18, 2022 Auction. An equally humble 1d Red single, with no date on the cds, was invoiced for $A7,500 in the same sale. Prices on this cancel have soared in recent years, now it is finally listed in ACSC. These prices are FIFTEEN times full cat, as Editor now has insanely low figures on them all. Whoever buys this gains from that slackness! Clean and flat and bright and fresh, no hinge remains, aging or faults, ACSC 24wd, $600 for any condition BRISBANE cto. With the constant plate variety ACSC 24(2)r, it is Cat $3,000. Much more discussion on these here – - Bought well, so out it goes for LESS than the NON variety Gray example fetched. Just over $US580 as I type - $A835. (Stock 681JE )

PITCAIRN Complete Coll from SG#1 in 1940: On Seven Seas Hingeless pages, Retail $1,550, for just $A600. The set of hingeless pages and binder retails $275 EMPTY!! The stamps are retail $1,237 so total retail here is $1,506. Clean and very fresh quality lot. Near all MUH few earlies MVLH. Collection is 100% complete from SG #1 to mid 1990s, at retail of those is $1,237.10 all neatly erasable 4B pen tallied on each page for your very easy checking. LOTS more pages shown here - PitColn - Very clean Estate superb bargain, to clear fast at $900 under retail! In 1980 I ran 2 facing page ads here as ‘The Pitcairn King.’ This tiny country, with tiny print numbers was RED hot. The 1948 Silver Wedding sold for $750 a set, and 10 sets for $7,000 - and they sold well at that. The 1949 UPU was $400 a set etc. This entire book costs way less than a Silver Wedding readily sold for $A600 (Stock 665WP) Order via: All Cards accepted with ZERO fee - even Amex! Bank Deposit fine, or Money Orders. PayPal is accepted in ANY major currency, saving you fees - contact me first. LayBys/Layaways always OK with me!

GLEN STEPHENS PO Box 4007, Castlecrag, NSW, 2068, Australia. - Phone 0409 399 888 e-mail me: -

Life Member: American Stamp Dealers Association (New York.) Philatelic Trader’s Society. (London.)

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Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth & Empire Stamps 1840-1970 2023 Edition

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Contents Articles Commercial Philately in Australia : Rod Perry ..........................6 Stamps in the News : Margo Campbell ................................... 12 Postal Stationery : Ian McMahon ............................................... 20 Introducing the APF : Russell Boylan........................................ 40 Kangaroos: A Guide : Kevin Morgan ......................................... 44 Beginners, please! : Michael Dodd................................................ 48 Portugal’s Red Cross Franchie Stamps : Christer Brunström .50

Information Clubs & Societies ....................................................................... ......54 Events .................................................................................................. 55 Products & Services Directory............................................... ......56 Subscriptions .............................................................................. ......58 List of Advertisers .............................................................. ..............62 Front cover: This issue celebrates the Education Act which was passed 150 years ago, in Victoria on 17 December 1872. This legislation made the colony of Victoria one of the first jurisdictions in the world to offer free, compulsory and secular education to its children. Public education was now administered by the centralised Victorian Department of Education.


Richard Juzwin Stamp Dealers have recently acquired the Rodney Perry “Gold Medal” exhibition collection :

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 20 Stamp News has kindly been given permission to publish the entire collection over the coming months.

ix. Philatelic Publishers & Publications Barry’s Philatelic Monthly Contemporaneous with Vindin’s Philatelic Monthly, Barry’s Philatelic Monthly was published by Vincent A.A. Barry of Melbourne. It lasted six monthly numbers, from November 1887 to April 1888. Barry was born in 1869, so would have been just 18 years of age when he launched the journal.

Oct 51887 use of Qµeensland ld Postal card to Barry, G.P.O. Box 444, Melbourne This communication to Barry, the month prior to publication of first number of his journal, is from A. Benjamin of Brisbane, who clearly was not impressed with Barry: “Your letter recd no stamps in it as advised. How is this? Please send as soon as possible as I cannot entertain any other business till I get these. Please reply per return.” Barry was subsequently to experience turbulent times. Vindin’s Philatelic Monthly, June 1893, reported the “former stamp dealer” had been arrested and charged with “obtaining goods by fake representations”. Such actions, and drunkenness, would see Barry serve prison time during the 1890s.

6 - Stamp News

ix. Philatelic Publishers & Publications The Australian Stamp News

Sep 26 1894 advertising cover for The Australian Stamp News, addressed to H.E. Deats, eminent U.S. Philatelist

Qµeensland’s J.E. Newell Bull was publisher. The journal appeared in two series, the first from July 1893 to August 1894, the largest (quarto) Australian stamp journal to date. The second series was in smaller octavo size, running from April-October 1898.

Following page: The Australian Stamp News, February 1894 number

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COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUS ix. Philatelic Publishers & Publications The Australian Stamp News

8 - Stamp News

AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 20 ix. Philatelic Publishers & Publications The Australian Stamp Collector & Philatelic Advertiser Published by Thomas Webb, October 1893 to September 1896, first from 199 Spring St, Melbourne, later 10 Eastern Arcade, Melbourne.

Soon after the publication ceased, Webb was arrested on a charge of cleaning high denomination Victorian duty stamps for reuse. He was found guilty and sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

Victoria £5 Stamp Duty, pen cancel removed by cleaning, and genuine Numeral “535” cancel of Ballieston subsequently applied Webb was gaoled for such activity

Inscribed wrappers, one a Stationery uprate, for The Australian Stamp Collector, and The Australian Stamp Collector,And Philatelic Advertiser, to eminent U.S. Philatelists, H.E. Deats, and John K. Tiffany latter first President, American Philatelic Association (188696)

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reviews GB 2022 Concise catalogue Paperback, 579 pages, 37th edition RRP A $TBA As I’ve said in the reviews of this catalogue before, If you collect GB in greater depth than the SG ‘Collect British Stamps’ catalogue provides for, but not at the level of the multi volume SG GB Specialised catalogue, then this is the catalogue for you! Listings are complete up to the 2022 Migratory Birds issue, released April 7th this year. The preface to this edition informs us that apart from new issues & the odd added explanatory note, ‘readers will not see any major editorial changes’ The preface also deals with the Royal Mail ‘Swap out scheme’ which enables the exchange of older decimal definitive stamps for the new ‘barcoded’ Machins. The older definitives (a full list of the issues affected is included in the preface) will become invalid for postage from 31st January 2023. The final paragraph asks the intriguing question ‘how will this affect Machin prices?’ as ‘the more common issues whose prices have been propped up by their face values will undoubtedly need some future adjustment’ Time will tell. So what is new for the 2022 edition? Well, first

10 - Stamp News

off are the above mentioned Barcoded security Machins, numbered with a ‘V’ prefix, which with the introduction & notes (please read the notes – in fact, please always read any notes you come across in any SG catalogue!) already run to a page & a quarter. Of course, with the recent passing of Her Majesty, this section may not grow too much larger before the new King’s portrait replaces the iconic Machin image. PO pack numbers have now been added for all Collectors Packs & Year Packs, and a new index has been added to help collectors navigate the dedicated decimal Machin listings. It might just be me, but I hadn’t noticed that this Machin section has a blue page edge which certainly makes locating the section easier when you first pick up the catalogue. Not sure if this is new, or if I’d just missed it up until now, but it’s a great idea! This catalogue has grown by about 15 pages since last year’s edition, and is packed with information that is essential to every collector of GB. While the cover price has crept back up since the 2018 edition, it is still excellent value for money! New Zealand & Dependencies 2022 catalogue Paperback, 189 pages, 7th edition RRP A $TBA It’s been around six years since the 6th edition was published, which means, apart from anything else, there are plenty of new issue listings! After all, we are talking about New Zealand… As has become standard practice with the new SG sectional catalogues, this one includes a very interesting 9 page overview article on collecting the 196066 Pictorial definitive issue entitled ‘New Zealand’s third picto-

mike lee

rials’ by Paul Wregglesworth. New issues covered in this latest edition are New Zealand to May 2022, Tokelau Island to November 2020 & Ross Dependency to September 2021. Other areas covered include NZ used in the Gilbert & Ellice Islands and Pitcairn Island, together with Antarctic expeditions. Also included are the pre independence issues of Cook Is., Aitutaki, Penrhyn, Niue & Samoa, with the latter including the German Colonial issues. New for this edition is a re-listing of the early Postal fiscals with the large ‘NZ’ watermark, and there are several helpful new notes including descriptions of the counter coil numbered pairs, Machine Labels, Customised Advertising Labels, Regional

Postal Labels, the Silver Jubilee overprint varieties of Cook Is & Niue, and ‘dozens’ of new varieties & errors. When it comes to values, the publishers tell us ‘Prices have been extensively revised throughout the catalogue with hundreds of increases throughout all periods, from Chalon heads to modern issues’ and ‘The majority of stamps issued before 1910 have been marked up-often very substantially-with further increases through to 1935 and beyond. Officials & Postage Dues see a similar pattern of increases’ A great catalogue and a ‘must have’ for the many New Zealand collectors out there See you soon with more SG reviews, including perhaps the soon to be published new Australia edition!


mental in writing to Australia Post to suggest they issue a stamp of the iconic Busselton Jetty. This was accepted and Australia Post issued a set of 4 Australian jetty stamps, including the Busselton Jetty $1.00 stamp in 2019. He is currently researching Vasse / Busselton postal markings, with the intention of writing this research up as a paper. Kevin has also shared information, talks and displays at Western Australia Study Group and various clubs of which he is a member. I have much pleasure in presenting Kevin with the E.M. Hasluck Medal for 2022.

Citation from the WA Philatelic Council : I am pleased to announce that the recipient of the E.M. Hasluck Medal for 2022 is Kevin Kealley. Kevin has been nominated by both the Bunbury and Busselton Stamp Clubs of which he was founding member of the Busselton Stamp Collectors Club in 2011. Kevin was elected as Secretary in 2012 and still holds this position. He also holds membership with the Bunbury Club, Rockingham & Kwinana Districts Society, Western Australia Study Group and the International Cinderella Club. He is also the Circuit Book co-ordinator at Busselton club. Kevin was also involved with the successful 2019 Bunbury National Stampshow. Kevin has successfully exhibited at Club, State and National Stamp Shows with his exhibit, “Australia, 1917-18 Patriotic Labels” winning Vermeil medal in Bunbury 2019 National One Frame Exhibition and Gold medal at Swanpex 2021. Kevin was the initial person to be contacted by a teacher regarding forming a Junior Stamp Club at the Margaret River primary school. Kevin’s enthusiastic approach has resulted in the successful formation of a Junior Club. With his vast knowledge and interest in all things related to Bunbury / Vasse, he was instru-

Winner - Kevin Kealley (2nd from left, front row)

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Stamps in the News - Globally! The Queen is dead. Long live the King This month’s Stamps in the News covers the philatelic fall out from the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

United Kingdom: New royal cypher Reported at

King Charles’ new royal cypher to replace Queen’s throughout UK officially revealed Featuring the intertwined letters CR, the emblem will appear on coins, stamps, postboxes and passports as well as government buildings, medals, official papers and military uniforms. It will replace the ER cypher used during the late Queen’s 70-year reign. That appears on more than 60% of the 115,000 red and gold post boxes. There are no plans to replace those pillar boxes, but any new ones will bear the King’s new cypher. The King personally chose the design from a series prepared by the College of Arms. The college was founded in 1484 and is responsible for creating and m ­ aintaining official registers of coats of arms and pedigrees. It is made up of members of the Royal Household who act under Crown authority. The cypher’s R stands for rex, the Latin word for king, while the late Queen’s R stood for regina, which means queen. A different version of the cypher featuring the Scottish crown, which will be used north of the border, has also been revealed. The new cypher is the first of many changes the public will see following the death of the Queen.

12 - Stamp News

United Kingdom: Royal Mail issues special stamps in memory of monarch

Four commemorative stamps featuring portraits of Queen Elizabeth II at different points of her reign are being released by Royal Mail. The four greyscale portraits depict the Queen at different points during her 70-year-long reign as monarch and feature the date of her birth and death in the upper left corners. The stamps will be on sale from 10 November. A Royal Mail spokesman said: “Today we are unveiling these stamps, the first to be approved by His Majesty The King, in tribute to a woman whose commitment to public service and duty was unparalleled in the history of this country.” The Royal Mail has also confirmed new stamps fea-

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

turing King Charles III will be released once current stocks are “exhausted”. The images of the new stamps, the timings of their release, and the new silhouette will be revealed at a later date.

United Kingdom: Royal rebranding

that the direction in which the monarch faces on coins must alternate for each new monarch. Once signed off by the government, new designs will be manufactured at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, south Wales. The first banknote to carry a portrait of the Queen was the one pound note in 1960

Reported at

Speculation has been swirling about what happens to all of the stamps and currency currently bearing the queen’s image. All 29 billion coins in circulation in the UK have the Queen’s head on them. The most recent design dates from 2015, when she was 88 years old. It was the fifth coin portrait created during her reign. The Royal Mint has not provided a timeframe for when it will start issuing coins with King Charles III’s head on them, but it’s likely that the Queen’s coins will remain in circulation for many years, and that the process to replace them will be a gradual one. Before all British coins were updated for decimalisation in 1971, it was quite normal to find multiple monarchs on your change. While the design is uncertain, tradition dictates

There is speculation that the 70th birthday coin may be the model for future issues Stamp News - 13

Stamps in the News - Globally! The Queen has appeared on all Bank of England notes since 1960 (notes issued by Scottish and Northern Irish banks do not depict the monarch). There are about 4.5 billion individual Bank of England notes worth about £80bn in circulation at the moment and, as with coins, these will be gradually phased out. All notes and coins will remain legal tender. Since 1967, all stamps issued by the Royal Mail have featured an embossed silhouette of the side profile of Queen Elizabeth II. Royal Mail will now stop producing Queen Elizabeth II stamps - although they can still be used on letters and parcels - and will begin the process to create new ones. The new King has featured on stamps before, but Royal Mail has not yet revealed the new designs.

United Kingdom: King aims to reduce environmental impact of new stamps and banknotes Reported at

The introduction of new banknotes and stamps featuring the King’s image is expected to be implemented in a way to reduce the “environmental and financial impact” of the changes. The Royal Mail and Bank of England said they have received guidance from King Charles’s royal household aimed at minimising cost and ensuring a sustainable transition when changing the UK’s banknotes and stamps to bear the King’s image. Updated banknotes bearing the portrait of the King will be revealed by the end of the year, the

Bank of England has said. The notes are expected to enter circulation by mid-2024 with the new portrait appearing on existing designs of the £5, £10, £20 and £50 banknotes. The Royal Mail also confirmed the King’s image will replace the Queen on new 1st and 2nd Class definitive stamps, as well as all those of other values. Issues of special stamps will also feature a silhouette of King Charles. “In line with guidance from the Royal Household, to minimise the environmental and financial impact of the change of monarch, existing stocks of definitive stamps that feature the late Queen and the special stamps which use her silhouette, will be distributed and issued as planned,” the Royal Mail said. The Bank of England issued a press release with similar wording, saying existing stocks of notes featuring the Queen would continue to be issued and new notes only printed to replace worn ones and to meet the demand for notes. Notes featuring the Queen’s portrait would continue to be legal tender and only removed if worn or damaged. Coins featuring the late monarch will also remain legal tender and in active circulation to ensure a smooth transition with minimal environmental impact and cost, said the Royal Mint. King Charles’s passion for promoting sustainability and the environment is well-known and ranged from him addressing the Cop26 Climate Change summit, to recycling the bathwater from his Clarence House home to water his garden.

United Kingdom: What Will the Royal Makeover Cost?

Reported at https:// Queen Elizabeth II’s image is ubiquitous. Her face is on British money. It’s on post boxes and stamps. The royal coat of arms is on condiment jars and jackets. Since her death this month, Queen Eliz-

14 - Stamp News

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

abeth’s face has been all over nonstop news coverage. But before long, the visage of King Charles III will replace his mother’s in official and unofficial capacities. A lot will be changing. But there is a silver lining of sorts for this royal makeover. “The cost of the monarchy, which is significant, comes with the ongoing costs which ought to be reined in and haven’t been reined in,” said a former government minister. In other words, everything is already so expensive that replacing one royal with another isn’t a major investment. With stamps, Royal Mail was already in the process of adding bar codes to stamps, a move it said would enhance security. Definitive stamps without the bar codes — which happen to feature the queen — will be valid only until early next year anyway so the change of monarch is cost neutral. It is interesting to speculate whether this enhances or devalues Machin heads from a collector’s point of view. With post boxes, when a new mailbox is created it will bear the cypher of King Charles. However, the country sends less mail than it used to. King Charles’s insignia will eventually adorn the nation’s post boxes. There just won’t be as many of them. Again a cost neutral change. With currency, there are over 4.7 billion Bank of

England currency notes in circulation worth around 82 billion pounds. Queen Elizabeth was the first monarch to appear on Bank of England bank notes in 1960 — so there is no precedent for what will happen during a turnover in the monarchy. King Charles’ ascension is occurring as the Bank of England continues to replace paper bank notes with polymer ones to prevent fraud and reduce the transmission of germs. Once the King approves an image, new notes will bear his image as damaged notes are replaced. There are 29 billion British coins in circulation with Queen Elizabeth’s visage. As coins are more durable than banknotes it is likely to take much longer to phase out old coins.

United Kingdom: Last stamps with Queen’s profile might be the Transformers Reported at

In a potentially odd twist of fate, it seems the last set of special stamp designs that will be released featuring the Queen’s profile are actually a celebration of the Transformers. The stamps which were released on September 1st, just days before the Queen passed away feature the iconic characters Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Grimlock, Shockwave, Arcee, and Soundwave. The stamps were designed by Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville, and John-Paul Bove who have all worked on the Transformers Marvel comics. A Royal Mail spokesman said: “Since The Transformers burst onto the scene in 1984, British writers and artists have made a substantial contribution to the ongoing story of the popular Stamp News - 15

Stamps in the News - Globally! warring mechanoids; to this day many continue to do so and have inspired new artists to do the same.” Whilst these stamps are obviously designed to appeal to Transformers fans and stamp collectors alike they will now become very sought-after pieces due to them potentially being the last ones to ever feature the Queen’s profile.

United Kingdom: Machin memorial Reported at

A street artist, Dan Smith, 33, - known as Buber Nebz - used spray paints to create the replica of a Machin stamp on a utility box, drawing lots of local appreciation. The artist, from Loughborough, was commissioned to create the piece by the Beeston and District Civic Society, in Nottinghamshire, as part of its street art project, which has been running since 2018. Dan was described as “extremely skilled” by the committee He said the work had taken him about five hours to complete. “It was a really nice piece to do,” he said. “There was a bit of pressure to get it right. “I pencil it out and then I use spray paints with different nozzles. “ It’s been quite emotional watching the funeral. You have seen the Queen’s face on coins and stamps for so long.” A committee spokesperson said: “We’ve been working with the local community Mock up of possible design for new Australian $5 note 16 - Stamp News

group for the last 12 months on a number of cabinet designs and are delighted residents are enjoying this tribute to Her Majesty the Queen from the Beeston Civic Society.”

Australia: $5 for Charles III? Reported at

King Charles’ chances of succeeding his mother on Australia’s notes are diminishing after the Australian Treasurer said it should be uncontroversial for the nation to remove the monarch from its currency. He said a change in the $5 note, which has fea-

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

tured an image of Queen Elizabeth for three decades, was worthy of public discussion over the next 18 months. The Queen first featured on an Australian note in 1953 when her image appeared on the £1 note. With the move to decimal currency in 1966, her image moved to the $1 note. Between the end of the one dollar note and the first printing of the $5 polymer note, from 1984 to 1992, the Queen did not have a presence on the nation’s notes. She has since featured on the $5 note of which there are 200 million in circulation. The Treasurer said he had spoken to RBA governor Philip Lowe this week about a possible change to the $5 note. “When it comes to the $5 note, my personal view is that it shouldn’t be beyond us to consider and to consult on the best way to change the $5 note when that’s necessary,” he said. Overnight, the Bank of England revealed it would release by year’s end the images of King Charles that will appear on its £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. It said the new notes were likely to enter circulation in mid-2024 and will only be printed to replace worn notes. If the RBA was to replace the Queen’s image with King Charles, it would need to receive an officially-sanctioned portrait of the new monarch.

Canada: How it affects Canada’s currency and stamps

tinue to circulate for years to come. Her image will be replaced by that of her successor when the note is eventually redesigned. Stamps: In response to queries about when and if the new monarch’s image will appear on new stamps, Canada Post says: “We have a National Stamp Advisory Committee that evaluates and determines elements of stamp issues. These elements are only disclosed once the stamp is announced publicly.”

Reported at

Queen Elizabeth II has been a constant presence in Canadians’ lives. Her face is engraved on Canadian coins, banknotes and stamps. Here’s a look at some of the things that will – or won’t – change following her death: Coins: The Royal Canadian Mint says all coins engraved with the image of the Queen will remain legal tender and stay in circulation indefinitely. The Mint says it will await Government advice on whether to change the image on the obverse of coins on new coins. $20 bills: The Bank of Canada says the current polymer $20 bank note featuring the Queen will con-

Hong Kong: Renewed interest in British memorabilia Reported at

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked a wave of nostalgia and renewed interest in British memorabilia in Hong Kong, which for 156 years had lived under the British crown until its return to China in 1997. For many in the Chinese city, emotions still linger toward British rule of Hong Kong. “It was during the British colonial time when Hong Kong developed to become a metropolitan city where East meets West,” said Bryan Ong, an avid Stamp News - 17

Stamps in the News - Globally!

collector and seller of royal memorabilia. “So I think there’s a sentimental feeling towards the queen, which was more than her as a ruler. It’s the feeling toward Hong Kong’s colonial past.” Ong bids on items from all over the world. Before the pandemic struck, he used to travel to Britain at least four times a year to bring goods back to his

18 - Stamp News

store. His interest in collecting royal memorabilia and items from colonial Hong Kong began in 1997, when he was 17, and the Union Jack was lowered over the city for the last time. Over the past two years, demand for the queen’s memorabilia has gone up in Hong Kong, particularly after her 95th birthday last year and the Platinum Jubilee. “I personally think that it’s the queen’s own charisma. She was an idol, an iconic global figure and many people just admire her,” Many thousands of Hong Kongers lined outside the British Consulate to lay flowers and sign the condolence books. Ominously, some Chinese press labelled this as ‘colonial nostalgia’ and proof that ‘decolonization’ should be intensified.

Compiled by

Margo Campbell Tuvalu: Memorial stamps planned from many ex-colonies Reported at

Tuvalu will issue this souvenir sheet of four in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Sept. 8. New issue agent Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation announced on Sept. 8 that 10 nations it represents will issue memorial stamps for Queen Elizabeth II. A time frame for the stamps’ issuance has not been announced. The participating countries are Antigua and Barbuda; Grenada; St. Kitts, Nevis; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Marshall Islands; Tuvalu; Papua New Guinea; Guyana; and Gambia. IGPC said that these new stamps will be available from post offices in the issuing countries, from stamp dealers and through its website.

France: La Poste issues a set of four collector’s stamps to commemorate Queen Reported at

La Poste will issue a set of four collector’s stamps to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II The collector’s stamps are in the colours of the United Kingdom’s Union Jack flag: red, white and blue. Like Marianne in France, Queen Elizabeth has appeared on British stamps since the beginning of her reign in 1952. The background of the collector’s stamps feature the iconic profile of Queen Elizabeth II, in the typical Machin style that has been used on UK postage stamps since 1967. The mini sheet bears the text: “She was a living legend. During her 70-year reign, Elizabeth II has managed to embody, against all odds, the stability of the United Kingdom and the unity of the Commonwealth. Driven by a strong sense of duty, devoted to the royal institution and its people, she personified the British national identity with dignity and grace, lacking neither courage in the darkest hours of history nor beaming smiles for joyous festivities at which the whole nation gathered around her in a spirit of community. After Elizabeth I and Victoria, Elizabeth II will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the greatest sovereigns in British history. ” Stamp News - 19

Postal Stationery Welcome to the postal stationery column for November 2022. This month’s column looks at the use of Australian registered and express postal stationery on Norfolk Island, new Beyond Blue Prepaid postcards and postal stationery news. Norfolk Island Registered and Express Post In the August 2022 issue of the Postal Stationery Collector, Bernard Beston reported on the use of Australian non-denominated registration and express post postal stationery by the Norfolk Island Postal Administration prior to the demise of self-Government in 2016. Bernard commented that Norfolk Island issued its first adhesive postage stamps on 10 June 1947. There was not to be any postal stationery until the issue of the first aerogramme in 1982 (Aerial View of Norfolk Island), however, Australian registered formular stationery issued for use in Australian territories was provided in August 1947 and is known used from the early 1950’s (see the Postal Stationery Volume of the Australian Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue) with the addition of Norfolk Island adhesive stamps to cover the postage and registration fee 1/0½d (Figure 1) or, from 1 October 1956, 1/7 as the result in an increase in postage rates (Figure 2). Australia ceased issuing embossed postal stationery registered envelopes in 1969, but introduced non-denominated postal stationery registered envelopes in 1996 and express post envelopes in 1991. Norfolk never issued any non-denominated registered postal stationery or express post envelopes. It did, however, use Australian postal stationery for both services. Norfolk postal rates were the same as Australian postal rates and 20 - Stamp News

Figure 1 Australian Formular Registered Envelope with 1/0½d in Norfolk Island Adhesive Stamps Added Figure 2 Formular Registered Envelope with 1/7d in Norfolk Island Adhesive Stamps added Figure 3 International Registered Envelope for Use by Norfolk Island Post

Ian McMahon controlled by Australia Post. Australian registered envelopes were used handstamped with the Oval “Norfolk Island Official Post” handstamp and additionally cancelled “DO NOT BEND”, both international and domestic registered post envelopes. (Figures 3 and 4). Figure 5 shows the use of an international registered envelope to New Zealand with the addition of Norfolk Island adhesive stamps. This suggests that while Norfolk Island was using the registered envelopes, the postage value of the envelopes was not recognised. The envelopes used by the Norfolk Post Office Philatelic Bureau would not have required postage to be added as they would have passed free as ‘Services des Postes’ mail. Figure 6 shows an example used to Australia to which Australia Post has added a ‘signature Required’ label. The Australia Post publicity of the time does not indicate any Express Post service to or from Norfolk Island (Figure 7), but this did exist (Figure 8). Any Express Post service to Australia should have been only available with the domestic Express Post envelopes, but these was subject to Possibly the international Express Post envelope (Figure 9) was used in error or because it was the only Express Post envelope available. No special Express Post service from Norfolk Island to either Australia or Figure 4 International Registered Envelope Used by Norfolk Island Post to the rest of the World existed. The England envelope only became express Figure 5 International Registered Envelope Used to New Zealand. once it reached Australia or New Zealand. This was posted on Figure 6 International Registered Envelope Used to Australia 10 February 2000, when daily Stamp News - 21

Postal Stationery

Figure 7 Express Post Network Figure 8 Express Post Envelope Used from Australia to Norfolk Island Figure 9 International Express Post Envelope used to Australia.

Qantas flights to Brisbane were scheduled. The principal user of these envelopes was the Philatelic Bureau, and Bernard has not yet seen any other such envelopes used commercially. He would love to be corrected! The effective local government control ceased when the Commonwealth took away self-governance by a 2015 Act of the Commonwealth Parliament, and from 1 July 2016 the Island became totally controlled by the Australian Government. Norfolk Island postage stamps ceased to be issued by the local Administration in 2016 and the post office was reduced to that of an 22 - Stamp News

Australia Post LPO. Australia Post has continued to issue Norfolk Island stamps (now also valid for postage in Australia), designed and produced in Melbourne. Australia Post issued adhesive stamps and postal stationery are now valid for use in Norfolk Island (although not all services may be available). However, there has not been any Norfolk Island postal stationery since the 85c Whaleboat Aerogramme issue of 9 October 2003. Australia Post did issue a set of prepaid postcards depicting Norfolk Island scenes but these had the indicium inscribed ‘Postage Paid Australia’.

Ian McMahon

Figure 10 2022 Beyond Blue Prepaid Postcard

New Issue of Beyond Blue Prepaid Postcards In the November 2021 Postal Stationery Column, I reported on Beyond Blue prepaid postcards provided free by Australia Post as an initiative ‘to help Australians stay connected through the Covid-19 pandemic with more than four million free prepaid postcards delivered “to rural and remote households” around Australia as well being available for free at participating Australia Post Offices from 6 September 2021’. On 2 September 2022, Australia Post announced that the free postcards would again be distributed to suburban and regional households’ letterboxes and be available at selected post offices around the country ‘helping Australians to check in and support one another ahead of R U OK? Day and in the lead-up to Mental Health Month.’ Australia Post said “In partnership with Beyond Blue, Australia Post will once again

Figure 11 Reverse of 2022 Beyond Blue Prepaid Postcard deliver three million free postcards, which Australians can send free of charge to show they are thinking of family and friends. As well as a blank, prepaid postcard to send to family or friends, there’s also a tear-off part that contains helpful information about the importance of connection for our mental health. We were thrilled with the response to this wellbeing initiative last year. It was great to hear stories of people writing postcards for the first time in years and also the joy of finding a surprise message from a loved one in their letter box. This year, with many Australian households under cost-of-living and other pressures, this is a really simple way people can reach out to check in on loved ones or send messages of love and support.” Beyond Blue Chief Executive Officer Georgie Harman said the partnership with Australia Post played a significant role in sharing important mental health messages with the community. Stamp News - 23

Postal Stationery

Figure 12 Mitre Peak Postal Stationery Die Proof Figure 13 Progressive Proof for New Zealand 6d Telegraph Form Stamp telegraph form stamp. This sold for GBP£240. The indicium of the postcard is inscribed “No stamp required. Australia Post Supported Mail” as was the case for the 2021 postcards. The postcards are valid for postage within Australia. The 2022 issue of the postcards (Figures 10 and 11) differ in having an ‘acknowledgement of country’ (similar to that used on some postal stationery items issued in 2021 but in colour). The Acknowledgement says ‘Australia Post acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate, live and gather as team members and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. Copies of the postcards seem to have been readily available at many post offices across the country including in Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide and copies have been reported delivered to some letterboxes.

ANPEX 2022 ANPEX 2022 was a National One Frame Philatelic Exhibition organised by the South Australian Philatelic Council on 20 – 21 August 2022 at Hectorville in South Australia. There were two postal stationery exhibits; Australia - Lettercards Stamped to Order (Mark Diserio, Large Gold) and Fur Collar Letter Cards of The Netherlands 1906 – 1918 (Alex Nuijten, Gold). The Exhibition marked the sesquicentenary of the completion of the Overland Telegraph line between Darwin and Adelaide with a working telegraph link and morse code operator at the Exhibition. Visitors were able to purchase and send a telegram of up to 20 words. A range of souvenirs were produced including a ‘cinderella’ postal stationery telegraph form (Figure 14). The souvenir order form can be found at https://

Spink Auction of New Zealand Postal Stationery In the March 2022 Postal Stationery Column, I reported on the dies prepared by De La Rue for the 4d New Zealand Mitre Peak registered envelopes. One of the die proofs (Figure 12) prepared by De La Rue for this envelope was sold at the Spink Auction on 26 July 2022 for GBP £1,200. Also, in the auction was an unusual proof (Figure 13), a 1907 King Edward VII progress proof of the embossed King’s Head of the 6d

SAVPEX 22 (South African Virtual Philatelic Exhibition) There was one postal stationery entry from an Australian exhibitor at SAVPEX 22 – the annual South African virtual national one frame exhibition; Mark Diserio Queensland 1d Letter Card and Reply Card 90 points. Mark’s exhibit can be viewed at .

24 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon Wrappers for Newspapers, Periodicals and other printed material issued and used in the period 1869-1912

Figure 14 ANPEX Telegram Form with $1 Impressed Cinderella Stamp Figure 15 FIP Postal Stationery Commission Meeting, Jakarta 2022

Indonesia 2022 World Stamp Exhibition Indonesia 2022 was a FIP World Stamp Exhibition held 4-9 August 2022 in Jakarta Indonesia. There were 23 multi-frame exhibits of Postal Stationery and five one-frame exhibits. The award for the best postal stationery exhibit was won by Jaiswal Sandeep (USA) with his exhibit British India - King George VI Postal Stationery which also received a Gold medal. There were no exhibits from Australian exhibitors but Sybrand Bakker from the Netherlands received a Large Vermeil medal for his exhibit of The Victoria

FIP Postal Stationery Commission Meeting Indonesia 2022 The FIP Postal Stationery Commission is the body responsible for the exhibition regulations for postal stationery at world stamp exhibitions. The same rules are used at other international and national exhibitions around the world, including at Australian and New Zealand national exhibitions. The Commission met at Indonesia 2022 for the first time since 2018. The meeting (Figure 15) included reports on the activities of the Commission, a presentation on postal stationery exhibiting and an election of the ‘Bureau’ of the Commission which runs its activities. The presentation was entitled Postal Stationery: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and was presented by Glen Stafford. The presentation from the meeting (along with the report of the Commission’s activities) can be downloaded from wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2022/09/PS-Commission-FIP-Indonesia-2022-red.pptx. The new Bureau of the Commission is: Chairman, Ian McMahon (Australia), Secretary, Michael Smith (United Kingdom), Igor Piric (Slovenia), Frank Li (China), Ross Towle (USA), Juan Reinoso (Costa Rica) and Sammy Chiu (Canada). The Commission’s latest newsletter was published in August 2022 and can be found at The website of the FIP Postal Stationery Commission has been converted to a new site on the FIP website. The new address is PSSA On-Line Meetings The next on-line meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 7 PM and will be Introduction to Postcards of Sweden, 1872 – 1939 by Allen Shatten. Zoom invitations will be sent to PSSA members before the meeting. The December meeting will be a ‘member’s meeting’ with contribution of short presentations, interesting items or research topics. Please contact me on to arrange a Zoom invitation. Stamp News - 25

Discount Sale No. 25 November 2022

GB1000) $4750 21st Century Auctions PTY LTD PO Box 1290, Upwey, VIC, 3158 Australia Tel: 0425 795 693 email: 33 - Stamp News

60 59





DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2022 Visit us at our premises by appointment, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday and weekends by appt. to view any of the lots in this sale, plus a whole lot more! Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101-$250 deduct 10%, $251-$500 deduct 15%, $501-1000 deduct 20% Orders over $1000 deduct 25% Orders over $2500 deduct 30% Layby welcome for orders above $500 however we do not offer discounts on layby sales. Scans or colour photocopies of individual items are available on request. Many smaller items, including many that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions Postage and insurance extra, Free within Australia above $500 for items purchased at full price. We accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express at no fee. Hours generally 9.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours. All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee. EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures. Collections & Lots 1. United Nations 1967 to 1993 mostly cto with some mint in decent 32 page Red stockbook. Well organised and clean lot with many good thematics, sheetlets and minisheets as well as sets, plus small amount of Liechtenstein. 850 – 950 mainly all different. Got to be worth 20c a stamp. Price $179 (CMS3) 2. China, People’s Republic. Brand new collection 2016 – 2021. 200 Different Mint Unhinged in complete sets & minisheets. We previously had similar 100 different 2012 – 2015, these sold put very quickly. Roughly 50 different sets, Priced around $3.30 a set, $165 (5 available) Save $15 and pay only $150 if purchased with a new 32 or 64 page stockbook! (CMS4) 3. Black & Multicoloured black16 page stockbook containing wide range of collector’s duplicates, mint & used, Queen Victoria to 1980’s. Good ranges of Commonwealth countries, including St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Singapore, Straits, Malayan States, Tonga, Norfolk Is. Switzerland, Guinea, Romania, Burma & more. A very good lot! 600 plus. Very good value at 25c per stamp. Price $149 (CMS5) 4. Australia 1966 – 1984 mostly used near complete collection in reasonable condition Dark Blue Seven Seas Hingeless Album, cost around $150 new. Some minisheets/Framas/Gutter pairs etc. are Mint Unhinged. Selling for under the price of the new album alone, the stamps come free! Price $133 (CMS6) 5. Australia 1998 – 2002 mostly used near complete collection, plus some AAT 1957 - 2002 inc. 1st decimals to $1 Mock Sun etc. in good condition Dark Blue Seven Seas Hingeless Album, cost around $250 new. A few are Mint Unhinged. Selling for under the price of the new album alone, the stamps come free! Price $229 (CMS7) 6. Latvia, large collection of commercial & philatelic covers 1992 – 1994 inc. overprints on Russia, combination covers with Russia etc. Wide range of frankings, postmarks & illustrated non-philatelic covers. Interesting lot of rarely seen items, mostly housed in as new Lighthouse Optima pages which cost $1.65 each alone. Counted 193 covers in about 50 Optima pages. Priced cheaply at around $1.50 each, $289 (CMS8) 7. British Commonwealth in Grey 16 page A4 size black leaf stockbook. Useful ranges, Queen Victoria – mid. 1970’s. Noted Canada QV 8c, Reasonable

Hong Kong with QV to 30c, Good range of KUT plus Malaysia, Singapore & more. 500 – 600, mainly different & mostly postally used. Good value at around 15c a stamp, $89 (CMS12) 8. Very interesting mostly 19th & early 20th Century duplicated mostly postally used lot in large green stockbook. Commences Canada, about 100, Italy similar quantity. Then Germany many 100s with States issues through to 3rd Reich, USA about 700, Belgium around 100. Then various mainly British Empire with reasonable Hong Kong, India, New Zealand around 300, finally France from Imperfs to Sower issues, around 200. 2000 plus stamps all up. Around 10c a stamp price $199 (CMS14) 9. Useful mainly more modern European & Africa in 2 good condition Red 32 black page Lighthouse stockbooks, retail now $50 each plus! Commences nice ranges of Estonia & Latvia, then a wide range of France & Colonies, also good Lebanon, Greece, Germany from Inflation issues onwards, and much, much more. Mostly all different with very little duplication. 2750 – 3000 stamps, well worth 15c each with 2 free stockbooks to boot. Price $429 (CMS17) 10. SAAR 1920 Postal Stationery items x 46. Cat. €1685. Cost original buyer €922=$A1240. VERY fine mint and used group, with uprated items, postcards (some joined) and Letter Cards, also complete Postal order cards with all 3 sections intact. Some with overprints, some with misplaced overprints. Most of the earlier ones are Germania types, overprinted for Saar. Michel No. and value lightly pencil noted on reverse on each – up to 200 Euro EACH! Collection formed in Germany and great condition for Century old material. 5 pieces alone are easily worth our asking price! A great buy at under $13.50 each. $619 (CMS18) 11. Southern Africa 1980 – 1984 FDC coll. in 3 large FDC albums in 3 x near new padded FDC albums – 2 x Gibbons and retail $50 each new. Superb attractive collection of 120 different FDC inc Mini Sheets and gorgeous sets of stamps, the great albums are ‘Free’! An almost NEVER seen offered area out here, and the early issues are REALLY scarce. Bought well in an Estate of Southern Africa. Comprises South Africa x 52, SWA x 16, Ciskei x 10, Venda x 11, Transkei x 19, Bophuthatswana x 13. Includes a few 1st Flight Covers. 123 in all, mostly official unaddressed covers. We also have a good stock from the same source of later issues, if you wanted to carry on the collections. Priced a tad over $2 a cover, with 3 very nice albums thrown in. $269 (CMS19) 12. Mostly British Empire Queen Victoria onwards in old green stockbook. Decent ranges of Ceylon/Sri Lanka, India & States with KGVI to 10 Rupees, plus a few Brunei, Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal & Pakistan. Virtually all postally used, little in the way of duplication. Nice starter lot for someone interested in this area. 850 – 1000 stamps. Well worth 15c a stamp. Price $139 (CMS20) 13. China, People’s Republic. 1992 & 1993 Complete year sets mint unhinged, 98 stamps and 5 minisheets. Getting scarce now. Price $162.50 (CMS21) 14. World Mish-mash, on & off paper, in packets, odd cover etc. Most postally used, few mint & cto. Exactly as received from Nationwide Charity Appeal. About 1kg, could be anything. Probably 10,000 stamps. Has to be worth 2.5c a stamp. About 1kg for $249 (CMJE3) 15. Australian States, huge mixed lot off paper. Most appear damaged such as heavy postmarks, missing corners, creases etc. Still good as spacefiller, maybe postmarks, shades etc. Values to 1/-Cheap at around 15c per stamp. Approx. 500 for $75 (CMM3) 16. Channel Islands Guernsey, Jersey & and maybe a few Isle of Man, great

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DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2022 selection of 25 different unhinged complete sets. Price $49. 50 different sets for $125, 100 different sets for $295. (The 50 and 100 different sets will include better, and minisheets) (CMM5) 17. Australia Territories & Pacifics mint in mainly complete sets, mostly unhinged. 1940’s to about 1985 in near new Lighthouse Red 64 page stockbook, $80 replacement cost. About 350 Papua New Guinea, 150 Norfolk Is., 50 Nauru, plus about another 200 from NZ & territories such as Pitcairn, Cook Is. etc. About 750 stamps in all. Some duplication and a few faults, but overall good value at $375 (CMM8) 18. Terrific World mainly postally used collection in Red, Green Gold Rapkin “Triumph” album with 10 full page maps. Many thousands of mostly all different stamps here from early imperfs to about the mid. 1960’s. Little, if anything removed, a few may have fallen out and are loose between pages. Very good Austria, Belgium, Canada with some nice mint imprints and blocks, Czechoslovakia, France & Colonies, Germany, Great Britain with Seahorses to 5/-, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia Airs & red Cross, Romania with 1931 Scouts set mint lightly hinged, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Tuva & USA. 350 plus pages. Must be 3000 to 3500 stamps at a guess. Still, plenty of spaces to fill. Good value at around 35c a stamp. $1175 (CMD8) 19. Santa Tin, very colourful! Contains Worldwide booklets, with emphasis on Switzerland Charity issues. Also, Finland, Denmark, USA, Germany, Gibraltar, IOM etc. 67 booklets from about 1960’s to 1996. Good value lot with some high denominations. Great as a starter lot for World booklets. Price $449 (CMD9) 20. Australia Territories & Pacific Aerogrammes, by the Kilogram! Wide range of mint and FDC used decimal, some higher face values here. Great value at about 25c each. Some duplication. Start a new collection at bargain basement prices. Roughly 250 in 1kg for $62.50. (CSE7) 21. Worldwide complete sheets, mostly good thematics. By the Kilogram. Wide range of mint unhinged and cto used. Some in complete sets. Sheet sizes from 15 to 50 of a stamp. Mostly 1970’s – 1990’s. All large and colourful. No Arab States. Paper the Den or spare room! Under 5c a stamp. Good value at $249 per kg. (CSE8) 22. Australian Territories and Pacifics, 100 different postally used. May include AAT, Christmas Is., Cocos (Keeling) Is., Norfolk Is., Nauru, Samoa, Pitcairn, Cook Is., Fiji. Very hard to find postally used. Price $49 (CSE9) 23. Norfolk Is. Commercial mail. All small envelopes mostly Airmail to Sydney, 1970’s and ‘80s. Includes a range of better values. Hard to source. Some a bit aged. Mostly to Doubleday Book club, plus councils, insurance companies and individuals. 28 pieces in total, cheap at under $3 each. $75. (CSE15) 24. Australia Pre-stamped envelopes, mint. Wide range of issues with values to 45c. Cheap lot, 100 different for $39 (CSE18) 25. Australia Pre-Decimal mint unhinged collection in Seven Seas Green Padded Album & Slipcase as new. Commences 1914 6d Kookaburra and is NEAR complete (less Kangaroos & KGV Heads & perf OS issues) to 1965 ICY. Missing only 3d KGVI Die 1a & KGVI £1 Robes thin paper. 3 stamps have faults, the 6d Kookaburra and 3d Kookaburra Minisheet are creased. The Kookaburra minisheet is hinged in the margin and the 5/- Harbour Bridge is lightly hinged, with some light gum toning. The Kingsford Smith OS Overprints are cto. Other than that, here we have a very nice clean collection. The

as new binder & slipcase retail at $50 and the Sydney Retail for the Stamps is $3925. So a total retail value here excluding the Album Leaves, which are little aged in places is $3975, Price $2625 (CJU16) 26. Norfolk Is. Decimals 1966-2002 compete mint unhinged, housed in as new Seven Seas Hingeless Album, with pages 1947 – 2002. Album new cost approx. $425. Stamps retail at $1695. Total value $2120. Price $1275 (CJU17) 27. Philatelic Literature, old reference books, magazines, catalogues & auction catalogues. 4.5kg lot for $45 (CAP10) 28. Papua New Guinea, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets just $49 (CMAP2) 29. Nauru, 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49 (CMAP4) 30. Norfolk Is. 25 different complete mint unhinged sets & minisheets, price $49 (CMAP5) 31. 125 different complete mint unhinged sets as above only $225, save $20 (CMAP6) 32. 250 different complete mint unhinged sets from the countries above, also including some Pitcairn Island. Normally $99, now save $50, Price $449 (CMAP7) 33. Commercial Mails from all over the World. Most if not all Airmailed Covers. All Very nice range of covers 1980’s to recent that sell for up to $3 each. Price per lot of 100 all different covers $98 (CMAP17) 34. Worldwide First Day Covers, all in nice clean condition. Many of these sells for up to $4 each. Price for lot of 100 all different $98 (CMAP18) 35. Amazing carton lot of mainly Australia Slogans on piece, 1929-1967, plus some Meter marks. Frankings range from 1d Green KGV – 5c Blue QEII. Also, some USA and a few GB Metermarks/Slogans. Must be 4000 – 5000 total with a huge variety of slogans and postmarks. Has to be worth 10c and item. Price $449 (COCT1) 36. United States Forces in New Guinea, 1943 – 45. 15 covers & 1 front, most bear Australia 3d Brown KGVI postmarked Townsville Qld, but emanating from New Guinea. Most have boxed US Army Examiner censor marking, and with name & number of servicemen. Included are 2 x American Red Cross covers. Deployments include Milne Bay, Port Moresby, Admiralty Is., Goodenough Is., Finschhafen, Nadzab, Oro Bay, Dreyer Harbour & Dobodura. The Battle of Finschhafen was part of the Huon Peninsula campaign during World War II and was fought between Australian and Japanese forces. The fighting took place between 22 September and 24 October 1943 following the landing at Scarlet Beach, which was followed by a two-pronged advance on Finschhafen as the Australian 20th Infantry Brigade advanced on the town from the north, while the 22nd Infantry Battalion drove from the south, having advanced from the landing beaches east of Lae. After the capture of Finschhafen, the Japanese forces in the area withdrew towards Sattelberg where they sought to hold the Australians before launching a counteroffensive, which subsequently threatened the landing beach. This attack was repelled by American and Australian forces, with heavy casualties being inflicted on the Japanese. In the aftermath, the Australians went on the offensive, capturing Sattelberg, and then advancing towards the Wareo plateau. Dreger Harbour was used by Allied forces after the capture of Finschhafen in October 1943. Very good lot at $479 (COCT1) 37. Norfolk Is. 1953 – 2002 90% plus complete in near new $65 Lighthouse green padded 64 black page stockbook. Around $1200 retail for the stamps alone. Odd earlier stamp is a little aged, otherwise Post Office Fresh. Norfolk Is. In in great demand right now. Great price, $695 the lot. (COCT10)

21st Century Auctions Pty Ltd Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 36 - Stamp News

DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2022 38. Europa 1981 – 1986 complete mint unhinged collection on Lighthouse Hingeless pages. Includes sheetlets. Cat. £1735 plus = $3050 at time of writing. Very cheap at less than 25%. $749 (CJ8) 39. Vast lot of World and Australia! From Deceased Estates and other sources such as charities and auctions, also private purchases. We have 12 big shipping cartons which we are breaking down into smaller lots of 10 kg. Each will contain 15 – 20,000 stamps unchecked off paper plus albums, stocksheets, stockbooks, covers, minisheets etc. Virtually all is postally used with some mint, early to modern. There really is no telling what you might find in these lots. Price per 10kg lot, inc. Post and Insurance Australia Wide, around 3c per stamp $695. Supersized double lot for $1295 (post-paid) Half lot for $375 (post extra) Remember to choose World or Australia, or a mixture of both. (CMA1) 40. Papua New Guinea 1990 - 1998 50 different Official First Day Covers, all clean unaddressed. Very cheap at $99 (CJL5) 41. As above, but 1990 – 2001, price $110 (CJL6) 42. Papua New Guinea. 36 different mint unhinged minisheets. modern PNG mini sheets? Issued 2002-2008 beautiful modern designs, huge face value and many popular thematics. Sydney retail is $10-$15 each, totally $385. Could be a perfect lot to break up for retail sales or online etc., or just keep for your collection! Themes include FIFA Centenary, Royalty, Orchids, Marilyn Monroe, Rotary, Aircraft. Christmas, Marine Life, Gold Mining, Olympics, Mushrooms, St. John Ambulance, Art, WWF etc. Price under 40% of retail, $149 the lot. (2 lots for $275) (CJL6) 43. Australia 1975 – 95 Australia Post un-addressed First Day covers, massive clearance. 100 different for $89, 250 mixed for $169, 500 mixed for $325, 1000 mixed for $595. Massive lot of 2000 mixed for $1100. (Duplication will be kept to a minimum in the mixed lots, depending upon stocks) (CMMY10) 44. A similar lot to the above, these all on Artcraft Cacheted covers, mostly light penciled address to Brooklyn, USA. Included GB Set of 4, plus the sets of 4 for Kuwait, Bahrein, Muscat and Tangier. Includes re-addressed and registered items. 36 covers in all again at less than $6 per cover, price $198 (CMMY12) 45. New Zealand 2001 – 2014 Collection in $60 64 Page as New Red Lighthouse Stockbook. Mostly one of each Mint Unhinged and very fine used with Circular cancel, appears complete for period. About 250 complete sets with a retail of around $3500. Priced very reasonably at 40% retail, price $1395 (CMMY13) Packets and Mixtures: Important: Packets and mixtures are not returnable for any reason. Our mixtures are sold as received and unchecked by us. Expect duplication, unless stated as all different. 46. Australia Internationals, new packets just arrived. 50 different with many better values to $2.75 or above. Under $1 each, price $49 (AI1) 47. Australia Internationals, new packets just arrived. 100 mixed with many better values to $2.75 or above. No more than 3 of the same stamp in each packet. Price $69. (AI2) 48. Breaking huge accumulation of USA pre-cancels, wide variety of issues, mostly earlier types, presidential series etc. approx. 200 mixed for $49, 500 for $115, 1,000 for $219, 2500 for $5219, 5000 for $985 (USPC1) 49. As above, 100 different for $49, 250 for $129, 500 for $275 (USPC2) 50. South Africa Mission on paper from a new source. Very wide ranging

with stamps from the 1940’s to quite recent. Very high count as is on welltrimmed single paper, around 5500 to the kg, so around 2c per stamp. Price per 250g $34.50, per 500g $65, per kg $125 (PM122) 51. Australian International Stamps, selected used examples off paper. Some nice high values included and maybe some blocks of 4 or 6. Hard to source, 100 mixed for $49 (PM91) 52. Australian Antarctic Territory off paper mix pre-decimal to 1990’s mostly postally used, maybe some cto. Inevitably a fair bit of duplication. About 12,500 to 15,000 to the kg. Around 4c per stamp, 100g for $59 (Only 2 lots available) (PM90) 53. World Minisheets by Weight! Many years since we first offered these. Approx 1100 sheets per kg. Great mixture of mint unhinged and cto from both British Commonwealth and Foreign Countries. We keep duplication here to a minimum, depending upon our stocks at the time of ordering. High catalogue/retail value. 100g for $33, 250g for $79. (PM77) 54. New lower price! Was $295 per kg. World off paper, latest arrivals gathered together from various sources and simply mixed into the very best available mixture. Completely unchecked by us and representing well over a century of stamps here. Roughly 12,500 stamps to the kg, cheapest way to build your World collection at around 2c per stamp. Price per kg $249, 500g for $129, 250g for $69, 100g for $35 (PM76) 55. Australia & Territories decimal mint lots, as pulled from collections, stockbooks etc. Mostly mint unhinged, and will include Singles & Blocks of 4 (The odd few may be hinged as we do not have time to check all of this) You may also find complete sets and minisheets etc, whatever we have to hand. Will cover the period 1966 – 1986 Approx. Will include Australia, AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Is.. We can also add some Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island & Nauru if required. Price per lot of 1000 mixed $110, half lot of 500 for $60. (PM71) 56. Australia decimals, cto with gum, mid 1990’s – 2011. Nice clean lot all with corner Melbourne cto cancels. Includes high values, Internationals, a few territories, se-tenant strips and blocks etc. Good variety, but expect duplication. Under 10c a stamp, approx 1000 for $98, 500 for $55 (4 lots available) (PM69) 57. Australia, off paper. Contents of a shoebox ex deceased estate. Must be close to 15,000 stamps here dating from 1913 with a few Kangaroos and KGV to quite recent with many higher values, Internationals etc. noted. Huge variety here and at about 2c per stamp. Price $295. (PM25) 58. Similar lot to the above, but worldwide, same price $295 (PM26) Antarctica We recently bought a very good Worldwide collection of Antarctica, much appertaining to the Byrd expeditions. Including Stamps, Postcards & Cover. Priced from $4 to $100’s per item, here are a few, Expressions of interest welcomed for the whole lot of 646 items, well written up on pages. PC = Postcard, RP = Real Photographic: 59. Official Navy photograph of memorial to Rear Admiral R E Byrd at Mount Victoria, Wellington, NZ on 11/3/62 unveiled on the 5th Anniversary of his death, pictured with members of the NZ Navy standing guard, $50.00 (ANT10275) 60. Official Navy photograph of memorial to Rear Admiral R E Byrd at Mount Victoria, Wellington, NZ on 11/3/62 unveiled on the 5th Anniversary of his death, pictured with members of the NZ Navy standing guard, $50.00 (ANT10276)

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DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2022 61. Official Navy photograph, Douglas DC3, Que Sera Sera, the first aircraft to land at the South Pole on 31stOctober, 1956, $50.00 (ANT10282) 62. Official US Navy photograph, USS ‘Arneb’ in Antarctica, $50.00 (ANT10293) 63. Official US Navy photograph, USS ‘Northwind’ near Cape Hallet January 1957, $50.00 (ANT10297) 64. Official US Navy photograph, USS ‘Wyandot’ at sea, $50.00 (ANT10299) 65. Photograph of 1926 Fokker Tri Motor, Josephine Ford, Byrd Arctic Expedition Aircraft from the Collections of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, 10 x 8, $40.00 (ANT10306) 66. Photograph of Byrd Expedition Aircraft from the Collections of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, 10 x 8, $40.00 (ANT10306) 67. Photograph of Byrd Antarctic Expedition Aircraft, Floyd Bennett, from the Collections of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, 10 x 8, $40.00 (ANT10308) 68. PC RP, set of 2, Antarctic, The Endurance was originally the Anita Dan & belonged to J Larrautizen of Copenhagen. She was sold to the Royal Navy & refitted to include a helicopter landing deck & hangar. HMS Endurance took the place of HMS Protector & is named after Shackleton’s ship that was crushed in the Weddell Sea, unused $50.00 (ANT10315) 69. PC RP USS Mills, used in Operation Deepfreeze, unused, $30.00 (ANT10322B) 70. PC Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1897-8, Un Sondage sur la banquise pendant l’hivernage de la Belgica, researchers on the ice, unused (ANT10359b) 71. PC Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1897-8, Le Montc William (Monts Osterrieth) Ile Anvers, snow covered mountains, unused (ANT10359c) 72. PC Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1897-8, Terre de Dauco pres du Cap Renard (vue prise du Chenal de Lemaire), snow covered coastline, unused. Set of 4 postcards a,b,c,d above Price $1495 (ANT10359d) 73. 1983 First Brazilian Expedition to the Antarctica - Summer of 1982-3, Ministry of the Navy, information brochure, $30.00 (ANT10645) Great Britain 74. Great Britain 1841 Horizontal pair of 2d blues with No. 4 in Maltese Cross. Cat. £1400 as singles. Nice 4 margin pair showing Ivory heads. Lettered AC AD. Price $1100 (GB797) 75. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 8, stated to be plate 106, four margins, part sheet margin at top, light 1844 style obliterator cancel, lovely stamp, Cat £35, Price $24.99 (GB2004) 76. Great Britain 1841 1d Pale red-brown (worn plate) imperf SG 9, three margins, touching at base, light 1844 style obliterator cancel, Cat £45, Price $29 (GB2009) 77. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 8, stated to be plate 100, 3.5 margins, part sheet margin at right on large piece with 1844 style London inland obliterator, backstamps ABERDEEN in black & double lined Maltese cross style ‘LS’ (Lombard St) in red, attractive Cat £35, Price $29 (GB2005) 78. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 48 on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc, most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals, at least 3 MX cancels noted, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £1680, Price $299 (GB2012) 79. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 64 on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc,

most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals including Irish & Scottish, at least 2 MX cancels noted, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £2240, Price $399 (GB2013) 80. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 64 on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc, most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals including Irish & Scottish, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £2240, Price $399 (GB2014) 81. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 48 including 2 pairs on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc, most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals, at least 2 MX cancels noted, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £1680, Price $299 (GB2015) 82. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 43 on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc, most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals, at least 2 MX cancels noted, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £1505, Price $269 (GB2016) 83. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 64 on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc, most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals including Irish, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £2240, Price $399 (GB2017) 84. Great Britain 1841 1d Red-brown imperf SG 7–12 group x 64 on a stock sheet, nice range of shades, mostly with 2 – 3 margins, unchecked for plates etc, most have 1844 style obliterator cancels with a good range of numerals including Irish & Scottish, at least 1 MX cancel noted, odd fault, great lot for anyone interested in this fascinating issue, minimum Cat £2240, Price $399 (GB2019) 85. Great Britain 1854-57 watermark Large crown perf 14 2d Blue plate 6 SG 35 with indistinct 1844 style obliterator Nice used, Cat £70, Price $39 (GB2002) 86. Great Britain 1855 4d Small Garter, white paper, SG62b Fine Used. Rare stamp, and under-catalogued at £1100. Bargain Price $445 (BD222) 87. GB 1862-64 QV small uncoloured corner letters 6d Lilac (with hairlines) SG 85, wing margin at right, few slightly nibbled perfs, neat Scottish duplex cancel, Cat £250, Price $99 (GB833) 88. GB 1862-64 QV small uncoloured corner letters 1/- Green SG 90, wing margin at right, good perfs, neat duplex cancel, Cat £300, Price $179 (GB834) 89. Great Britain 1864-79 1d Lake red SG 44 plate 117, Mint no gum, Cat £65 as Mint, Price $24.99 (GB2009) 90. GB 1865-67 QV large uncoloured corner letters 3d Rose thick paper SG 92b, with incomplete ‘Used abroad’ C3?? Duplex, Cat £325 for GB usage, thick paper variety unlisted in Used abroad listings, Price $149 (GB835) 91. GB 1865-67 QV large uncoloured corner letters 6d Lilac (with hyphen) SG 97, plate 6, wing margin at right, good perfs, light Scottish duplex cancel, Cat £140, Price $79 (GB836) 92. GB 1880-83 QV large coloured corner letters 1/- Orange-brown SG 163 plate 13, fairly light duplex cancel, Cat £170. Price $89 (GB840) 93. Great Britain 1883 2/6d Lilac on Blued Paper, SG 175. Lovely well centred, full perf example lettered D – E, E – D. with Liverpool Exchange

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DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2022 cds of Nov. 25, year unclear. Much nicer than most of these that you see, no creases, thins, rubbing or crayon marks! Cat. £1500, plus 50% premium for well centred, lightly used. Price $775 (GB292) 94. As above, another as above, with double ring cds, date unclear. Lettered C- F, F – C. Price $775 (GB112) 95. Great Britain 1883 10/- Ultramarine on Blued paper, SG 177. Lovely well centred example lettered G – G., perfs slightly ragged at top and trimmed at lower left. Cancelled by neat corner Frampton squared circle of SP 25 87. 96. Much nicer than most of these that you see, no creases, thins, rubbing or crayon marks. Cat. £8250, plus 50% premium for well centred, lightly used. A great price, only 5% cat. Price: $745 (GB113) 96. As above, this one centred high, lettered G – H, H – G. Cancelled by barred cancel “L.S. 6”. Perfs slightly trimmed at base. Cheap at only 7.5% cat. $1100 (GB114) 97. Great Britain 1883 9d Dull Green, SG 195 Vertical Pair Used in Ireland! Cancelled by Duplex of Armagh dated AU 19 84. A stunning and rare piece, never seen by us before. Multiples of this stamp are rare, used in Ireland are impossible! Full perfs, good colour, minor stain & wrinkle to top left in no way detracts. Cat. £480 for a single stamp, £2250 for a block of 4. Price $1725 (GB109) 98. Great Britain 1883/84 1/- Dull Green SG 196 very fine used with central Edinburgh SP 9 84 cds, correct unwashed colour. Cat. £325, price $149 (MAP25) 99. Great Britain 1951 Festival of Britain PTS FDC. Neat hand addressed cover with London SW1 3rd May 1951 machine cancel. Scarce and attractive, price $82.50 (GB164) 100. Great Britain 1953 Coronation set lightly hinged onto Harrison & Sons (Printers) Presentation Card. Very scarce. Price $325 (GB665) 101. GB 1959 2nd DLR £1 Windsor Castle, mint lightly hinged. Well centred and full perfs. Cat. £120 for unhinged. Price $59 (FE10) 102. Great Britain 1957 Scouts set lightly hinged onto Harrison & Sons (Printers) Presentation Card. Exceedingly scarce. Price $475 (GB664) 103. Special, 3 Harrison presentation Cards as above, save $50. $799 the three. (GB666A) 104. GB FC1A 14 Jul 76 65p Booklet Blue & Buff, selvedge left. Price $34 (GBB343) 105. GB FD2A 8 Feb 78 70p Booklet Horse Shoeing, selvedge left, price $75 (GBB347) 106. Great Britain 1978 70p folder booklet Dry Stone Walling CYLINDER NUMBER 11 BOOKLET. SG FD4A. selvedge left. Cat. £165, Price $295 (GB667) 107. GB FD6A 10 Jan 79 70p Booklet Wattle Fence Making selvedge left, price $42 (GBB353) 108. GB FG2A 8 Feb 78 90p Booklet Grand Union Canal selvedge left, cylinder 25. Price $49 (GBB368) 109. GB FG4A 9 Aug 78 90p Booklet Kennet & Avon Canal selvedge left, Cylinder 25. Price $30 (GBB371) 110. GB FG6A 10 Jan 79 90p Booklet Regents Canal selvedge left. Price $38 (GBB375) 111. GB FB24B 5 Apr 83 50p Booklet Gloucester Old Spot Pig (Apr ‘82) corrected rate, price $30 (GBB288) 112. GB 1996 Christmas 43p, Missing Gold used on piece. Found in Kiloware, with normal for comparison. Entirely genuine, with no tampering or evidence that the gold was ever there. Previously unrecorded. Magnificent error. Price $1665 (DB684) 113. Jersey 2010 Mail Ships Prestige Booklet MUH, Price $25.50 (MGB336)

Australian States New South Wales 114. New South Wales remaindered mainly used collection of approx. 80 on printed leaves, better items noted include small Diadems to 3d (3), large Diadems 5d & 1/- (2 ea), 8d, 1888 Centenary issues 6d Carmine & 6d Orange, 8d & 1/- (3ea), 1903 9d Commonwealth stamp (3) etc, condition a little mixed but plenty of pickings, Price $229 (NSW406) 115. New South Wales 1882-97 watermark large crown & NSW 8d Yellow perf 11 SG 236b, small paper adhesion Mint, Cat £250, Price $249 (NSW398) 116. NSW 1885/6 NSW £1, rare clear DOUBLE SPECIMEN overprint! SG 240a, perf 12 with BLACK POSTAGE overprint. SG does not even list a Specimen overprint for this stamp, and the normal non-specimen is cat. £10,000. Mint lightly hinged, with minor gum aging. Price $9950 (NSW60) 117. 1888-89 Centennial of New South Wales all-different imperforate colour trials on ungummed unwatermarked paper comprising 1d x4, 2d x6, 4d x6, 6d x10, 8d x8, 1/- x6, 5/- x 3 & 20/- x11, all but one 2d with full margins, a couple of minor blemishes. Largely complete & colourful array. Most of these are Ex John Bell (NSW). [65 different proofs have been recorded, with between 6 and 12 of each extant, some of which remain in blocks of 4] (Qty 54) Price $11,250 (NSW50) 118. New South Wales 1888-1910 Centenary simplified selection: 4d Purple-brown, 6d Carmine, 6d Orange, 6d Green, 8d Magenta & 1/- Maroon, Mint, high Cat, Price $169 (NSW400) 119. New South Wales 1905-10 watermark single lined crown over A selection: 1d Rose-carmine, 2d ultramarine. 6d Orange-yellow, 8d Magenta, 10d Violet & 1/- Maroon, various perfs, SG 233-47 group, Mint, minimum Cat £95, Price $139 (NSW399) 120. New South Wales 1905-10 watermark single lined crown over A 1/- Purple-brown SG 348, some hinge remains Mint, Cat £45, Price $59 (NSW405) South Australia 121. South Australia 1856-58 imperf 1/- Orange SG 12, close to almost touching margins, light cancel, Cat £475, Price $599 (SA343) 122. South Australia 1891-95 perf 10 2½d on 4d Deep green & 5d on 6d Deep brown surcharges overprinted ‘OS’ SG O71 & O72, Nice used, Cat £48, Price $59 (SA364) 123. South Australia 1904 1d Scarlet SG 179a, wrong perf! Fresh mint unhinged example, perf 12 all around instead of 12 x 11.5. This perf. not recorded by SG. Price $149 (SA5) 124. South Australia 1905-12 QV watermark Crown over SA 2½d Indigo & 5d Dull purple CTO with Adelaide GPO cds, full hinged gum, BW (2004) S10x & S12x, Cat $40, Price $39 (SA350) 125. South Australia 1911 long OHMS envelope from Surveyor’s dept. Bears 1d Red QV Sideface 1d Rosine perf. SA, cancelled by Adelaide double ring cds of DEC 21 1911 and with oval Surveyor General’s Dept. h/stamp in blue of the same date. Neat handwritten cover in fine condition, just a small tear top left. Price $36 (SA19) Tasmania 126. TASMANIA QV 1d Imperf Chalon Head (1855) Perkins Bacon Proof (SG.14var) A SUPERB PERKINS BACON PROOF IMPRESSION on thick paper without watermark. A lovely 3.999 margin example in carmine. Just touched top left. See footnote in Stanley Gibbons Australia Catalogue (p29) after SG.18. Clean fresh

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DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2022 and never hinged. Way better than the average seen of these. Price $2100 (T319) 127. TASMANIA QV 2d Imperf Chalon Head (1855) Perkins Bacon Proof (SG. 16var) A SUPERB PERKINS BACON PROOF IMPRESSION on thick paper without watermark. A lovely 4 clear margin example in yellow green See footnote in Stanley Gibbons Australia Catalogue (p29) (Only the 1d and 4d are listed) after SG.18. Way better than the average seen of these. Price $2250 (T320) 128. TASMANIA QV 4d Imperf Chalon Head (1855) Perkins Bacon Proof (SG.18var) A SUPERB PERKINS BACON PROOF IMPRESSION on thick paper without watermark. A lovely 4 clear margin example in footnote in Stanley Gibbons Australia Catalogue (p29) after SG.18. Clean fresh and never hinged. Way better than the average seen of these. Price $2250 (T321) 129. Tasmania simplified used range starting with a set of 9 different 185564 imperf Chalons including three each 1d & 6d colours, mostly with 2 to 3 margins, 1870-1913 Sideface set ½d to 5/- (ex 4d Blue), few perfs faults but the 5/- is fine with a light barred cancel, 1899-1912 Pictorials set ½d to 6d, an attractive group and a great start to a collection of this popular Colony, huge catalogue value, Price $799 (T309) 130. Tasmania 1855 - 64 Imperforate, 1d Dull Vermilion Chalon. Mint without Gum 3 margins, SG 28 - ASC 3a. Price: $225 (T40) 131. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘10’ of Brighton, good 80% strike on 1857-67 1d Dull vermilion imperf Chalon, four close margins, Price $69 (T111) 132. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘10’ of Brighton, faint almost full strike on 1857-67 4d Pale blue imperf Chalon, three close margins, just touching at right, Price $39 (T112) 133. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Yellow-green SG 32, three close margins, touching at left, few small marginal nicks, light barred cancel, Cat £120, Price $139 (T301) 134. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Slate-green SG 34, three close to large margins with large part of adjoining stamp at right, close to touching at left, bold barred cancel, attractive, Cat £100, Price $129 (T299) 135. Tasmania 1858 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 1/- Vermilion SG 41, three ample margins, touching at top, tied to small piece by light barred cancel, Cat £80, Price $119 (T297) 136. Tasmania 1860-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 6d Slate violet SG 48, close margins at top & base, touching at sides, barred cancel, Cat £75, Price $79 (T295) 137. Tasmania 1863-71 Chalon perf 12 6d Reddish-mauve SG 76, an unusually ‘short’ stamp due to the perfs cutting through the design at the top & base, Hobart cds cancel, Cat £42, Price $55 (T298) 138. Tasmania 1863-71 Chalon 6d selection with perf 10 6d Grey-violet, perf 12 6d Slate violet & 6d Reddish-mauve & 1871-91 perf 12½ 6d Bright violet SG 64, 75, 76 & 138, all with barred cancels, Cat £134, Price $169 (T308) 139. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘29’ of Emu Bay, faint almost full strike on 1865-71 6d Slate-violet perf 12 Chalon, Price $69 (T125) 140. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘34’ of Fingal, superb full strike centrally placed on horizontal pair of 1857-67 2d Green imperf Chalons, r/h unit with large margins, l/h with close to touching margins at top and upper left, a lovely multiple, Price $279 (T126) 141. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘34’ of Fingal, crisp almost full strike

on 1865-71 6d Slate-violet perf 12 Chalon, few nibbled perfs, Price $49 (T127) 142. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘36’ of Forth, light 70% strike on 1865-71 6d Slate-violet perf 12 Chalon, uneven perfs, Price $49 (T128) 143. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘45’ of Jericho, good almost full strike on 1857-67 6d Dull slate-grey imperf Chalon, three good margins with portion of adjoining stamp at base, close at top, Price $139 (T134) 144. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘51’ of Latrobe, good almost full strike on 1857-67 4d Blue imperf Chalon, good to close margins on three sides, almost touching at lower right, Price $39 (T136) 145. Tasmania 1863-80 2/6d Carmine George & Dragon perf. 12, fresh mint unhinged block of 6, ovpt. “REPRINT” Cat. £2100 a snormal hinged singles. Very cheap at $495 (T282) 146. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘76’ of Richmond, crisp 60% strike on 1865-71 6d Slate-violet perf 12 Chalon, uneven perfs, Price $49 (T150) 147. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘77’ of Ross, light almost full strike on 1865-71 6d Slate-violet perf 12 Chalon, short perf at top, Price $69 (T151) 148. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘81’ of Sorell light 70% strike on 1857-67 4d Blue imperf Chalon, good to close margins on three sides, just touching at left, Price $39 (T152) 149. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘95’ of Westbury, faint 80% strike on 1865-71 6d Dull cobalt perf 10 Chalon, scarcer shade, Price $139 (T161) 150. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘95’ of Westbury, good almost full strike on 1865-71 6d Slate-violet perf 12 Chalon, Price $99 (T162) 151. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘97’ of Upper Bagdad, lovely full strike centrally placed on horizontal pair of 1857-67 2d Green imperf Chalons, large margins at base & left, close to just touching margin at top and right, a lovely multiple, Price $279 (T163) 152. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘(1)00’ of Corners, light partial strike on 1864-68 1d Dull vermilion perf 12½ Chalon, Price $69 (T166) 153. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘25’ of Deloraine, good 80% strike on 1865-71 1d Carmine perf 12 Chalon, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $29 (T123) 154. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘43’ of Huon, good almost full strike on 1857-67 2d Green imperf Chalon, touching to just cut into on three sides, small margin at base, Price $69 (T130) 155. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘64’ of Oatlands, good 70% strike on 1865-71 4d Blue perf 12 Chalon, Price $49 (T145) 156. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘91’ of Torquay, light almost full strike on 1863-71 4d Blue perf 10 Chalon, Price $69 (T157) 157. Tasmania 1880 Postmasters Letter Bill from Campbell Town with ‘CAMPBELL TOWN JN 9/80’ cds rated ‘R’, and partial Brighton cds rated ‘RR’ some damage from opening, scarce and attractive. Price $179 (T53) Victoria 158. Victoria bulk mixed, unchecked lot with values to 1/-. Could be postmark, perforation, shade or other variations. Mainly lower values as you would expect. Condition mixed. 500 for $275, 1000 for $525 (V469) 159. Victoria barred numerals, starter collection of 50 different. Values to 6d. All clear strikes. Price $149 (V470)

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This comprehensive guide to Australian stamps, now in its 16th edition, covers issues all the way up to 31/12/2018. Includes: - Colonial Issues from 1850 onwards Kangaroos & KGV IssuesAustralian Stamps issued since 1913 - Perforated OS Issues - FRAMA issuesBCOF Issues- Australian Antarctic Territory Numismatic & Medallion First Day Covers ISBN: 9780987105776

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Available from all stamp & coin dealers & bookstores or online


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Unit 3, 37-39 Green Street Banksmeadow NSW 2019

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Previously we included an article highlighting the functions and activities supported by the West Australian Philatelic Council. This month we are pleased to present details of the operations of the South Australian Philatelic Council (SAPC) SAPC Membership The council membership is 19 metropolitan and 9 country societies and allows for delegates from all 28 affiliated South Australian and Northern Territory societies, one from the local trade and one from Australia Post. SAPHIL House The Council owns a property at 22 Gray Court, Adelaide, it is the home of the Philatelic Society of South Australia, including their Commonwealth and SA Study Groups, The Australian Airmail Society, Postal Stationery & Postal History Society of Australia, the Australian Postcard Society the SA Branch of the Australian Match Cover Collectors Society, The Printed Collectables Club and Glenside Philatelic Society. SAPC Awards The Council makes available a number of awards each year: • The Briskham Award, for meritorious service to Philately in South Australia, was awarded to

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Geoff Edwards from the Port Pirie Philatelic Society in 2021. • The Harry Butler Award, for services to a particular society, was awarded to Frank Chester from City of Noarlunga in 2021. • The Maria Mincoff Award for Youth was not presented in 2021. • These awards are presented in October The Year’s Events We have once again been able to celebrate holding a one day Bourse at SAPHIL House with dealers in attendance, The purpose of these fairs is to assist our Philatelic members in purchasing material, to get the Philatelic members and pub-lic together socially and for the different members of each club to get to know each other. Many clubs have taken the opportunity to use the facilities at SAPHIL to run these one and two day events during 2021/2022. The SAPC has conducted further Saturday and Sunday auctions at SAPHIL House, and they are still proving to be popular, with catalogues being produced and circulated not only within SA but to other States. Eastern Districts in October 2021 held another very successful Congress, with four

Russell Boylan

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

clubs and ten individual, plus two youth, three State, one Literature and one non-competitive entry. Para Hills won the Arnold Keller Trophy for Best Club entry. In February 2022 the Committee organised a High Tea to thank all the volunteers who took part in organising and supporting events in Saphil House during 2021 and 2022. Without the support of all the volunteers we would not have been able to keep the Philatelic members and the Treasurer happy. They not only kept the Circuit book office functioning, they also kept The SAPC Stamp auctions possible and they supported the SAPC during events being run in Saphil house during the last twelve months. We also took the opportunity to ask David Figg the Treasurer of the APF to present Alma Downes with her SPAN Award. Alma won the award in 2021 but due to COVID the presentation night did not take place, so we took great pleasure in presenting her with her award at the High Tea. In February 2022 the SAPC Committee held the annual dinner to honour the winners of the Briskham and Harry Butler awards, also invited were the previous APF APO winners of the MAP, Research Award and SPAN. The Briskham and Butler Award dinner was held at the Prince Albert Hotel. 25 people attended this year; 10 Briskham

winners, 4 Butler win-ners, as well as Partners and the management committee. It was a lovely evening and great to see so many familiar faces attending the dinner. In March 2022 Martin Walker (Past President SAPC) and Committee member Gordan Oates were invited to attend on be-half of the SAPC the Campbelltown University of the Third Age. Gordon and Martin gave a philatelic presentation to the members. They gave a general talk on philately that covered the general forms of collecting from simple stamp collecting to the more specialised aspects of postal history, aerophilately and thematics. Also discussed was a review of the Adelaide club scene giving details of societies located in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Gordon gave a demonstration of the Morse Telegraph Code and spoke on the anniversary of the Overland Telegraph in August and the philatelic exhibition celebrating that occasion. A display of various philatelic collections was presented by both Gordon and Martin with the members of the campus taking a good interest. The committee of that campus are quite keen to see philately added to their curriculum and invite any

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Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation local members of the philatelic community to help them. The SAPC committee have been working towards developing an internet and social media presence to encourage retir-ees and youth interested in philately. With the help of Diane Shaw (Publicity Officer) and Alex Littlewood (consultant) we have taken a step forward by establishing a website for the SAPC and its affiliated clubs. The APF Virtual exhibition has shown us how we can take the next step to engage the collector into keeping up their exhibiting interest as our Philatelic members are aging and with COVID exhibition have been cancelled all over the world we have been looking at new ways to encourage our members to take an active part in collecting. The APF (Australian Philatelic Federation) executive held a meeting at SAPHIL House in June. The SAPC Workshop and the Australian Postcard Society Open day, all have proved very popular with our members. My thanks to all for organising these events, and to everyone for attending. In June Community Philatelic Society ran a live Auction at SAPHIL house it was the first face to face auction since the beginning of COVID. They had a good turn out and members were happy to take part in a live Auction again. To keep up our commitment to assist club members and judges to explore new areas of collecting and rules and regulations of judging the SAPC committee ran a workshop in July on Thematics, Open and

42 - Stamp News

Topical collection. The workshop was run for Novices and beginners. David Figg did the presentation with notes and a powerpoint presentation supplied by Stephanie Bromser. Next years workshop topics are Traditional, Cinderellas, Revenues and Frugal. The workshops are free and educational and entertaining. Other events which took place at Saphil were the Matchbox Exhibition which was a new event and proved very popular. The 150th Anniversary of the Adelaide GPO was very informative thanks to Martin Walker for holding and organising the event. ANPEX Exhibition Congratulations to the organizing committee of ANPEX. Once again South Australia has put on another outstanding exhibition. Judging was held at SAPHIL House on the Thursday and Friday, set up on the Friday and the exhibition was held over two days with the pull down on the Sunday night. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with set up and pull down. ANPEX celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Overland Telegraph and this was the theme of the show. The presence of the North East Radio Club allowed for a Morse telegraph link from the foyer to the receiving area on the stage of the exhibition. Once again congratulations to all. Philatelic Journals Published in South Australia & Northern Territory The SAPC produce a quarterly newsletter “SAPC News” _which reports on current news and the events in the local clubs, philatelic world in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Several societies produce journals. These include: • Stamp Talk (Philatelic Society of South Australia) • Shilling Violet (SA Study Group of the Philatelic Society of South Australia) • Perforated Points (Salisbury Philatelic Society) • NSSA Newsletter (Numismatic Society of South Australia) • The APF Journal Support scheme assists the publication of these journals • Observer (SA Match Cover Collector’s Society)

Russell Boylan

Philatelic Development Officer, APF • Postcard Society Bulletin (Australian Postcard Society) • The Australian Aerophilatelist (Australian Airmail Society) Plans for 2022-23 The SAPC has the following goals for the coming twelve months. • Continue to work with and assist societies to promote the hobby to the South Australian collecting public in both Ade-laide and country districts through one day bourses and club visits. • Continue to maximize the potential of the refurbished SAPHIL House by increasing its use for meetings, fairs, auctions, workshops, open days, Anniversaries and celebrations.

Exhibition Timetable 8-12 November 2022 Capetown 2022 11-13 November 2022 WPS100/Wellington NZ 4-7 May 2023 NZ 2023 Auckland

Australian Philatelic Federation Web:

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15-19 August 2023 Taipei/Taiwan

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19-21 May 2023 Hobart One-Frame 25-28 May 2023 Ibra/Essen Germany

• Continue to encourage training days to encourage both collectors and judges to keep up with the latest rules and regulation in their collecting field. • Continue to encourage SAPC committee to attend local clubs to keep their members up to date with information on what’s happening in the bigger Philatelic world. • Continue to hold auctions for the SAPC and Community LIVE auctions, • Continue with clubs and societies hosting events at SAPHIL House, including Open Days and Exhibitions • To hold Congress 2023 in October to allow for clubs to enter the Arnold Keller Interclub Trophy and to present Briskham and Butler Awards.


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QLD: Queensland Philatelic Council, PO Box 9471 Wynnum Plaza PO Wynnum Plaza QLD 4178 SA/NT: South Australian Philatelic Council, GPO Box 10159 Adelaide Business Hub Adelaide SA 5000 TAS: Tasmanian Stamp Council, 59 Derwentwater Ave, Sandy Bay Hobart TAS 7005 VIC: Victorian Philatelic Council, PO Box 1, Carnegie Vic 3163 WA: Western Australian Philatelic Council, PO Bos 886, Subiaco WA 6904 Stamp News - 43

Kangaroos: a guide to these iconic issues Part Two Kevin Morgan Kangaroos, what to collect.

Whether you are already an established collector of kangaroos, or just beginning or even only thinking about it, it is a good idea to have a focus. Whether you want to collect used, mint, mint unhinged on cover or postcard. Then there are cancelled to order, specimen overprints, perfins both federal and state or even private. First day covers are rare for all values, and likely out of range for most collectors. They are seldom available and are closely held, so the only way they appear on the market when a collector decides to sell, or they are sold as part of an estate. 2nd day covers surface occasionally and I sold a ½d Green on a mixed use cover recently through Stamp News advertiser Phoenix Auctions for a hammer price of $1250.

Postmark collectors are also well catered for with not only town date stamps but also barred numeral and ray type cancels. So, there is a wide area of opportunity out there; you may even want to focus on just one or two values or watermarks, in which case you will need a catalogue which lists such things as varieties, shades, imprints and monograms. The ACSC range of catalogues is ideal. I will deal with these areas of collecting individually.

Collecting used.

Collecting used would be the way to go if you are on a bit of a budget, and a basic simplified set of 17 from ½d to £2 without regard to watermark, but one of each colour could be obtained for around $2500

Left to right : Figure 1: Fine Postally Used 3rd wmk; Figure 2: “Socked on Nose” 1st wmk; Figure 3: Melbourne CTO 1st wmk; Figure 4: Brisbane CTO 1st wmk Below : Figure 5: Later wmks, CTO Following pages: Nice selection of Kangaroo Covers

44 - Stamp News

in fine used condition, less than $50 a week over a 12 month period. For very fine used and with good centring you could add around 50% to that price. You need to be quite particular about perforations,

if you want your collection to look really good. The 1st watermark stamps are on very soft paper, and stamps with no missing or split perfs. can be quite difficult to find. Equally the printings on both the 2nd & 3rd wmk papers are prone to “fluffy” perfs. where the perforating machine pins have become worn, and not so sharp. This is not the case with the later printings on multiple wmk. & C of A paper. As regards cancellations, some collectors (particularly in Europe) prefer a “socked on nose” cancellation where both the town and date of use can clearly be seen. Others like a neat corner cancel so that most of the design is clearly visible. If you are in the latter group you might like to look at cancelled to order examples, which were distributed to Federal Members of Parliament and Universal Postal Union (U.P.U.) delegates for their various conferences which occur each 5 years in a different country each time. Sets were also prepared and sold to collectors at a discount from face value. More details about these can be found in the ACSC. Cancelled to order are mostly seen cancelled in Melbourne, Brisbane cto’s are also known, but are much rarer. Nearly all kangaroo values through all of the watermarks are known cto with the following exceptions: 2d 3rd wmk., 2½d 2nd & 3rd wmks,3d 3rd wmk., 6d Blue 3rd wmk., Die II, 9d 2nd & 3rd wmk. Die II, 1/- 2nd & 3rd wmks., 2/- Brown 3rd wmk., 10/- small multiple and C of A wmks., £1 Grey C of A wmk., and £2 small multiple and C of A wmks.

Collecting on Cover or Postcard.

The lower values are still reasonably plentiful on Stamp News - 45

Kangaroos: a guide to these iconic issues Part Two Kevin Morgan cover, and you could easily make a nice collection with just the ½d & 1d values looking at different usages, multiples, postmarks, destinations etc, from around $20 each. The 2d, 2½d & 3d values, depending upon watermark can also be easily obtained either solo use or in combination with another value or King George V Head from around $100. The 4d, 5d & 6d Blues are all scarce on cover particularly solo use in the case of the 6d. The 6d Chestnuts are less so, excepting the C of A wmk, which is rare either in combination or solo use. The 9d is unknown for solo use in either 1st or 2nd wmk and rare in combination. The 3rd & small multiple wmks. Are also scarce. The C of A however has a long life, and is seen well into the 1940’s with solo usages to Java plentiful, and pairs to Europe to make the 1/6d Airmail rate are all available from below $50.

46 - Stamp News

The 1/- is unknown for solo use in 1st & 2nd wmk, and rare in combination, the 3rd & small multiple wmks. still scarce in either usage. The 2/- Brown in any wmk. is unknown for solo use and very rare in combination. The Maroon is also unknown for solo use in 3rd wmk, and a few $100 in combination. The small multiple would set you back anything between $400 - $500 for solo use and from around $200 in combination. The C of A is rather more plentiful and from around $100 for solo use, and $30 in combination. Of the high values the 5/- is commonly seen on cover only for the C of A wmk. where solo use sells for $600 plus and from $200 in combination. All of the other high values, where known sell for multiple $1000s. The 10/-, £1 & £2 values are mostly seen on parcel tags used in gold mining regions such as Kalgoorlie. Next time I will talk about mint stamps, perfins, OS official overprints and Specimens.

Beginners please!

Malta - Part I Welcome to Part Eleven of my tour of British Commonwealth stamps. I hope you enjoy looking at this month’s stamps, along with some interesting philatelic details and trivia.This first piece covers the early stamps (QV through to Edward VII) from Malta. In Part II I will discuss some George V through to early Queen Elizabeth II issues. The early history of postal services on Malta makes for an interesting study but I am going to start with the first GB stamps used on overseas mail. These were in 1857 and Fig 1 shows one example of a stamp British collectors are probably familiar with. This stamp, an 1857 GB Victoria issue, has a part cancel showing the “A25” circular duplex obliterator as it was known. The full cancel – there a few varieties – is in practice only found on complete or partial envelopes. It looks like this image in Fig 2.

Fig. 1 48 - Stamp News

Malta’s own first stamp was a halfpenny value issued in 1860. It is yellow in colour with 29 shades recognised, three distinct perforation measurements and with both no watermark and the Crown CC watermark. Fig 3 is one example. While this value was Fig. 3 intended for local mail, overseas mail continued to be cancelled with British stamps until 1885 when the first issue of six definitive stamps were issued with values to 4d. The colours of all six stamps were based on UPU regulations. (Ref: Wikipedia / Gibbons Stamp Monthly Vol. 50, no. 7) Two examples are shown in Fig 4 and Fig 5. The first pictorial definitives with four values were issued in1899 with a fifth stamp, the ¼d value, added in 1901. A rather attractive issue in my view showing Valletta harbour on the ¼d value (Fig 6), a Gozo fishing boat on the 4½ value, the Galley of the Knights of St John on the 5d value, the Enablement figure of Malta on the 2/6d value and finally the image of the shipwreck of St Paul on the 10/- value. In 1902, there was a shortage of 1d stamps, so stocks of the Queen Victoria 2½d stamp of 1885 were overprinted One Pen-

Fig. 2

Fig. 4

by Michael Dodd

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

ny (Fig 8) at the Government Printing Office in Valletta. One stamp in each sheet had an error.such that the overprint read One Pnney. It is believed this was produced deliberately. Between 1903 and 1904, a set of seven stamps with face values between ½d and 1/were issued. The frame design of the stamp was based on the halfpenny yellow but it included the portrait of the new monarch, Edward VII, with a crown added on top. (Fig 9) Some of the 1899 pictorial stamps were reissued between 1904 and 1914 with slight colour shade changes (Fig 6 and Fig 10 as example) and the multiple Crown CA watermark whereas the 1899 issues had the Crown CA watermark. Always worth checking the watermarks carefully as there are some notable price differences between some of the issues. I hope you will join me in next months issue when I will show and talk about some GV through QE II issues - some really beautifully designed stamps. See you then. Michael can be contacted on or visit him at his online store - cddstamps - on the Hipstamp Marketplace

Fig. 7

Top row Fig. & Fig 9. Above Fig. 10 Stamp News - 49


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to mail your cards, letters or packages for free? It is hard to believe but this has really happened in several countries. In Romania and Spain, writers of books dealing with the history of the post office have been supplied with special franchise or free franking stamps for the distribution by post of their publications. In other countries franchise stamps have been given for free to charitable organisations to help them in their important work. It seems it all started in Switzerland in 1871. Neighbouring France had lost the war against Germany and a very large number of French soldiers had sought protection in Switzerland. In order to facilitate contacts with the family back home, special labels (Fig. 1) were printed which allowed the French Prisoners of War a free franking privilege.

Figure 1

50 - Stamp News

The Red Cross movement had been founded by Henry Dunant in 1863. He had been profoundly shaken by the way wounded soldiers were left unattended on the battlefields and it was his plan to help people in need without taking sides in military conflicts. Today the Red Cross works hard to provide aid and assistance not only to victims of war but also to alleviate the suffering caused by disasters or famine. Starting in 1889, the Portuguese Post Office supplied a number of charitable, scientific and military organisations with franchise stamps allowing them to mail their correspondence free of any charge. The first group to benefit from this kind of postal generosity was the Portuguese Red Cross. The first 1889 Red Cross stamp (Fig. 2) was perforated 12½ and it is fairly scarce today. It features a red cross and the inscription PORTE FRANCO which translates as

Figure 2

Christer Brunström

Postage Paid. There were new printings in 1908 and 1915 and these stamps are perforated 11½. These two stamps are a lot more common in mint condition than the 1889 issue. In fact, a nice mint copy of the 1915 stamp can most probably be had for a dollar or less. Genuinely used on cover they are a lot scarcer and seldom met with. In addition to the Red Cross, civilian rifle clubs, the Geographical Society of Lisbon (Fig. 3) and the National Aid Society for Consumptives all received this free franking privilege. Special stamps were produced for all these worthwhile organisations and some were printed in slightly different colors on a yearly basis. The free franking scheme was terminated in 1938. In 1917, the 1915 Red Cross stamp was over-

Figure 3

printed COMISSÃO PORTUGUESA DE PRISIONEIROS DE GUERRA (Portuguese Prisoner of War Commission) in green and in tiny letters (Fig. 4). This stamp was intended for the use of the Portuguese Red Cross in connection with its work assisting prisoners of war. Portugal was not directly involved in World War I but the Red Cross obviously wanted to give a helping hand. This is quite a scarce stamp which it is well worth looking for. The overprinting is rather discrete and might easily be overlooked. However it turns a rather common $1 stamp into a fairly expensive one. I should think that about $30-40 is a reasonable price to pay for this historic stamp in nice mounted mint condition. It is equally scarce in used condition. This particular stamp also exists with inverted

Figure 4

Stamp News - 51

PORTUGAL’S RED CROSS FRANCHISE STAMPS overprint which about doubles its value. This 1917 stamp is the key item in any collection of Portuguese Red Cross franchise stamps. In 1926 there were two stamps (Fig. 5) featuring a nurse who has been identified as Florence Nightingale, the English nurse who was murdered in Belgium by the German occupation forces while trying to bring relief to the many wounded soldiers. Starting in 1927 there were annual sets of six franchise stamps produced for the Portuguese Red Cross. Rather amazingly almost all of these issues were produced by overprinting remainders of the 1924 set commemorating Portuguese poet Luis de Camões (Fig. 6). This commemorative set has no less than 31 different denominations and there must have been huge remainders of some of the values. As they were

still in mint condition (but probably of little interest to the stamp trade), the Post Office obviously didn’t want to waste perfectly good stamps and they were thus overprinted to serve as franchise stamps for the Red Cross. All these stamps are still quite inexpensive but very possibly hard to locate. In 1938, the Portuguese Post Office decided to terminate the arrangement with free postage for the Red Cross. The Red Cross went on issuing annual sets of stamps but they had no postal validity and were only printed and sold to collect funds for the organisation’s charitable work. For those seeking an interesting sideline collection, Portugal’s franchise or free franking stamps could be the perfect choice. It is not devoid of challenges as postal history items are decidedly scarce and hard to locate.

Figure 5

Figure 6

52 - Stamp News

The world’s very largest and friendliest Stamp Bulletin Board - with a strong Aussie flavour! A fast-growing true Community which started in 2007. Stampboards now has some 25,000 real members from 170 countries - who have made over EIGHT MILLION posts, on about 100,000 topics. See two MILLION high resolution colour photos, showing rare stamps, errors, discoveries, cinderellas and new issues etc. We get over 6 MILLION global hits each month. Zero cost: or A vast array of leading dealers and collectors are active members. The Presidents of both APTA and the APF are members. Senior International Stamp Judges are members. Catalogue producers, stamp magazine publishers, and leading auctioneers are all active members. Masses of stamp club secretaries worldwide are members, and promote their clubs and events free - does YOURS?? All entirely FREE. If you can two-finger type you are all set - simple and intuitive. Discuss EVERY aspect of stamps, from ANY country, and get instant answers and input. Show and share your photos, ask questions, get advice from experts. Buy or sell or trade the stamps you need - ALL FREE. Loads of fun threads, jokes and general discussions too. HUNDREDS of eBay crooks, cons and forgers have been exposed and expelled from eBay by our member reports and Detective work - essential reading. Monthly competitions with very valuable stamp prizes. Pop by today. It is like your ‘local stamp club’ - but you do NOT need to ever leave your home!

Join today, membership is free! No fees for the first 12 months, open to all traders in collectables, part-time or full-time. AAA Stamps

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queensland Nov 8 - (2nd Mon) Gold Coast PS Sale, Rm 1, Southport Comm. Centre, Lawson St, Southport. 11.30am - 2.30pm Brisbane Table Tennis Assoc Centre

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Max Stern & Company, 271 Collins St, Shop 8B, Melbourne VIC 3001, Ph: (03) 9654 6751 Fax: (03) 9650 7192 e-mail: Web:

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There are also about 4950 newsagencies in Australia, and most of the major stores carry a number of copies, alternatively you can arrange with your local newsagent to put one by for you each month. Stamp News - 55

Products & Services Directory dealers MONTHLY DISCOUNT SALES See ad elsewhere in this magazine www.21stCenturyAuctions. Tel: 0425 795 693

GLEN STEPHENS RARE STAMPS 4 The Tor Walk Castlecrag, Sydney, NSW, 2068, Australia. Australia’s most visited stamp dealer website:




Published quarterly by the ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND (INCORPORATED) PO Box 33435, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5046, NZ Annual subscription (posted) NZ$60.00 (airmail extra)

Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud. Visitors most welcome. Secretary: PO Box 14, McCRAE, 3938

at 7.30pm. Venue: Neighbourhood Centre, 10 Toolooa St, Gladstone. Postal: PO Box 1089, Gladstone, Qld, 4680. Ph: (07) 4978 1155.

STAMP COLLECTOR Wednesday each month at 7.30pm, Meets on the 2nd Wednesday each month

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1000s of nett priced bargains and offers and specials. Philatelic journalist. ALL credit cards and methods of payments accepted - I even accept mint stamps in payment! Phone 0409 399 888. One of Australia’s biggest stamp buyers - see my buying page.

AUSTRALIAN PS meets 3 rd Monday monthly. RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury Rd (cnr Keats St) Canterbury. All visitors most welcome. Contact: 51 Camperdown St, Brighton East, VIC, 3187.

Cricket Philatelic Society


The IPDA Inc Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

dealers & part time sellers who believe there is a need for a global organisation to represent them as accredited internet sellers. Join the IPDA. Go to for details.

Meets 8.00pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday and 10.30am 3rd Tuesday each month. 80 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale, Vic, 3185. Visitors/new members welcome.

Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins

Postage wanted:

15c to 49c 50%, 50c & above 60% (15c & below not currently required) The above is for lots up to $500 face value, enhanced prices may be paid for larger quantities. Regret no longer require other countries unless in substantial quantities. Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Web:

Always buying/selling collections, accumulations, mixed lots. We are a general dealership stocking a wide range of worldwide items plus albums, accessories, etc. Credit Cards accepted. Discounts for Seniors Card holders and Philatelic Club members on production of membership ID.

SAS/OCEANIA INVITES YOUR MEMBERSHIP Our award-winning quarterly journal, ‘The Informer’, contains regular, informative articles about Australia and States, New Zealand, PNG, and other Pacific countries by knowledgeable philatelic writers. Sample copy/ application form sent airmail for $US1.00. Mint US postage accepted. SAS/O Secretary, PO Box 24764,San Jose, CA 95154-4764, USA

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Great Britain 1839-1951 Andrew G Lajer Ltd T: +44 (0)1189 344151

The Old Post Office, Davis Way, Hurst, Berkshire,RG10 0TR, UK

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Features: Major Collectables Shows around Australia; discounted advertising in major collectables journals and yellow pages; regular newsletter; special discounts on accessories/albums etc.; free 6 month subscription to Stamp News; website, with free advertising for members

Join today, membership is free! No fees for the first 12 months, open to all traders in collectables, full or P/T. c/- PO Box 1290 Upwey, Vic. 3158

letter and a research journal ‘Capital Philately’. Enquiries about membership or about separate subscriptions to the journal should be directed to: Secretary: Tony Luckhurst Ph: 02 6241 1963 e-mail: tony_luckhurst@


Join the AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION! Many Benefits: 96-page TOPICAL TIME stamp journal containing articles and checklists, printed on slick coated paper, profusely illustrated. Membership Directory (150 pages) of 8,000 members listed under 700 topics and specialties, plus services. Biography service for 13,000 persons shown on stamps. Membership Information Board to answer your questions. Translation service. Handbooks of many topics. Much more...

Write today Airmail to :

AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, USA PH: 1-618-985-5100 Fax: 1-618-085-5131 Visa and Mastercard welcome Largest and most visited Stamp Dealer website in the Southern Hemisphere. 250 different pages of stamp bargains and archives! $4,000 prize always on offer. Hundreds of new items added to our site each month. Add your email address to our “early bird” notice list, so when new material is added to the site, you get first choice! We also post out a printed copy of our monthly offers, for those who do not use the internet, this service is also free. Our printed, 36 paged price list is also available, just phone write or email today for a free copy today. The leading specialist dealers in Australasian stamps and the largest private dealer (non Auction) company in Australia.

AUSTRALIA a quarterly record of Research & information

ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF VICTORIA INC. Search our website for full listing of stamps and Seven Seas albums and pages and other accessories. We look forward to serving you.

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PHILAS STAMP AUCTIONS 17 Brisbane St, Sydney 12:30pm Saturdays Second Saturday in March, July and November.

Viewing on preceding Saturday, Thursday and Friday illustrated catalogues posted free within Australia ($15 per annum posted overseas) Lots for sale welcome PO box 220 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Long-established mail order dealer comprehensively covering British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australasia and Japan. Prompt courteous service and an extensive user-friendly website. Professional dealer in fine Stamps, Coins and other Collectables since 1963, based in Melbourne, Australia. The Southern Hemisphere’s only monthly philatelic magazine

Phone: (02) 9264 8301 or ()2) 9264 8406 Fax: (02) 9267 4741

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We produce regular Postal Bid Sales featuring a varied assortment of Australian and British Commonwealth stamps, priced to suit all budgets - Lots are estimated from as $1 upwards. Our sales are run fairly in accordance with best industry practices.


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PO Box 132, BURPENGARY Q 4505 Email: Phone: 0409 473 150 Fax: (07) 3102 8558 Mention you saw us in Stamp News!

OUR RETAIL AND TRADE COUNTER IS NOW OPEN! Come and browse in a COVID safe environment. Visit us at our premises: Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. (ENTRY VIA SERVICE ROAD) 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday, (Weekends by appointment) GROUND FLOOR, AND EASY PARKING RIGHT OUTSIDE, PLUS RAMP FOR DISABLED ACCESS. 100s of Collections, Australia & Worldwide. Come in and browse, 30% discount to personal shoppers (COVID restrictions allowing) Lots from $50 to $5000 and more. WE CARRY GOOD STOCKS OF AUSTRALIA, GREAT BRITAIN, BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES plus JAPAN to 1960. Also Worldwide postal history, Worldwide Cinderellas, Forgeries and Philatelic Exhibition items, as well as Albums, Catalogues & Accessories. Coins include Australia Pre-Decimals, RAM and Perth Mint Product and Loose World and Australia coins by weight. We also buy collections and accumulations of stamps & coins plus postage lots. Visa/ Mastercard/Amex welcome. Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Stamp News - 59

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Australia & Worldwide Stamps, Postal History & Picture Postcards Melbourne Coins & Banknotes, Sporting Memorabilia & Collectables Auction 9 - 12 Nov 2022 featuring the Dr Don Pearce South Australia Stamps and their Usage

James Halliday’s Western Australia

Bahrain Scarce Variety SG 78a

Papua with Revenue Rarities

First Wmk

Arabian Gulf Aerogrammes Exhibit Offered Intact

Tens of Thousands of Australian & World Postcards

SG D87

Unissued 5d Brush Turkey

Superior Australian & World Postal History

Browse online at or contact us to request a complimentary catalogue or a confidential, obligation-free appraisal

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Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd · Auction Rooms: 274A Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria. Australia. Postal Address: PO Box 458 Canterbury, Victoria. 3126. Australia. · ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 · F: +61 3 8677 2858 · E: