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Abacus Auctions “Artemis Collection” 20 December 2021 Lot 128 AUSTRALIA | Kangaroos - Third Watermark £2 purple-black & rosecarmine TS Harrison Two-Line Imprint block of 4 ACSC 56z, well centred, characteristic rough perforations, very lightly mounted at top across the gutter, the monogram pair is entirely unmounted, Cat $125,000+ for a mounted block of 4. Marvellous and superb! BPA Expertising Ltd Certificate (2012). Provenance: The Morgan Collection, Lot 294, sold for £60,000. ‘Chartwell’: Lot 586, sold for £60,000. The Australian Commonwealth Specialists’ Catalogue states “Harrison imprint blocks are extremely rare.” Only four blocks of 4 are recorded, one of which is in the Royal Collection. There is also a punctured ‘OS’ mint block of 4 and a CTO block of 8. Estimate A$100,000.00

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Richard Juzwin Stamp Dealers have recently acquired the Rodney Perry “Gold Medal” exhibition collection :

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 10 Stamp News has kindly been given permission to publish the entire collection over the coming months.

viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State John Howell & Son

May 22 1865 inscribed cover for John Howell, when located at 4 Rundle St, Adelaide. Note: 2d stamp rouletted at sides, perf. about 9 top and base, a combination not listed by Stanley Gibbons.

“Howell’s Corner”, Hindley & William Sts, Adelaide, c1870, as it would have appeared when Postal card on preceding page was received 6 - Stamp News

viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State Tasmania E. Granville Miller E. Granville Miller of Launceston, recollected in The Argus, Jan 20 1934: “In one of my purchases of old stamps, made on a visit to Sydney about 1887, were included four used wrappers of N.S. W., 1838, and two used envelopes, each bearing an impression of the same die. The dealer, F. Hagen, had introduced me to a Mr van Dyck, who

owned a very fine collection of N. S. W. stamps, and he offered me £5 each for the envelopes. To the best of my recollection Mr Hagen and Mr van Dyck each stated that before this he was ignorant that impressed envelopes had ever been issued.”

May 19 1886 use Tasmania 2d Envelope to Miller in distinctive hand of A.F. Bassett Hull [refer pages 115116], handstamp of latter on reverse (shown 2000/4)

The writer was apparently referring to Miller’s admittance to the Bar, for in Mar 1888 number of The Halifax Philatelist he advertised as Barrister-at-Law.

Stamp News - 7

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUS viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State William Orchard “Bill” Orchard traded from Elizabeth St, Hobart, from c1905. His distinctive hand may be

recognised as the instigator of the well-known 1911 “S.Y. AURORA/ MACQUARIE ISLAND” special cachet covers.

Inset: Orchard in later life.

May 31 1907 use Tasmania 1d Postal card to T.H. Nicolle, Sydney

Jun 12 1913 cover to Howard Davis, South Melbourne

8 - Stamp News

AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 10 viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State William Orchard 1908 and 1911 covers from Orchard to pioneer N.Z. Philatelic Traders, Wilcox Smith & Co..The frankings are similar, however the Surcharge in lower item is significantly misplaced, to extent that 5d original denomination is completely revealed. It is likely that Orchard had come in to possession of perhaps a sheet or more of this variety, and was making an offer to sell.

Stamp News - 9

philatelic news The ‘Artemis’ Collection of Kangaroo Rarities As the first postage stamp issue for use throughout the Commonwealth of Australia, the Kangaroo & Map design (usually referred to as ‘Kangaroos’ or, simply ‘Roos’) has a special place in Australian philately. For most collectors, this is where it all started for Australian stamps, and that makes it of the greatest importance. Melbourne firm, Abacus Auctions, has announced the sale on 1 December 2021 of one of the most extraordinary Kangaroo collections ever formed. The ‘Artemis’ Collection of Kangaroo Rarities comprises 150 hand-picked items. The estimates for the sale exceed A$1.9 million, making an average value of almost A$13,000 per lot. Never before has anybody focused on assembling such an array of impressive rarities as those that comprise the ‘Artemis’ Collection. Many of these Gems of Philately were previously in the outstanding collections formed by Arthur Gray and Stuart Hardy. Others hail from the legendary Jack Kilfoyle, Colonel Evans, ‘Besançon’ and ‘Chartwell’ holdings, some from the albums of captains of industry and members of the British aristocracy. The majority of the offerings here are famous pieces. However, many of them have never before been offered for sale in Australia, and never have all of them been brought together in one place, at one time.

Lot 81 An Iconic Rarity: Missing ‘1’ in ‘2½d’. Estimate A$20,000 10 - Stamp News

‘Artemis’ epitomises the pinnacle of the first issue of stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia. The array of monograms is first-class, and virtually all the rare imprints are present in blocks of 4. The bicoloured High Values are present in abundance, alongside spectacular perforation errors, and the most important plate flaws. Unmounted stamps abound and terminology such as “superb” and the grading “A+” features throughout the catalogue. There is no doubt that the ‘Artemis’ collection really does represent the crème de la crème of Kangaroo & Map stamps. Abacus have published a superb, hardbound, full-colour catalogue that will demand prominence in every philatelic library. A full page has been devoted to each lot. The descriptions are fulsome and deservedly effusive. Provenance has been extensively researched. The gradings are accurate and err on the conservative. The illustrations are over-sized, so the reader can take in every nuance of the stamps. To register expressions of interest in the ‘Artemis’ Collection, readers are invited to email

Lot 98 2/- brown Imperforate Three Sides. The most important item in ‘Artemis’. Cat A$125,000 (£110,000) Estimate A$125,000

Glen Stephens Rarity Offers For 20 years, my ’Stamp Rarity Page’ has been a “must visit” place for many collectors and dealers, globally - Large clear photos, and lots of detail, and FIXED NETT PRICES. “Philatelic Porn” as one client jokingly described it as! No 20% “Buyer Fees” to add on top etc. All credit cards accepted - even Amex, and with NO insulting extra fees to you either! Each month I’ll add here, a couple of items from that page, for the possible interest of readers. Choice material, and special collection offers etc, from all over the globe. Material on that page often sells FAST - within hours of being listed up, and it changes often - weekly mostly, so do bookmark this page, and check often -

Roo 1913 Bright Blue First Watermark “Retouched E” in scarce Large ‘OS’: Fantastic looking example of this CLUMSY major rarity Retouch, corrected very early on in the 6d printing. Superb and light ‘’Squared Circle’’ cancel of PORT LINCOLN - 3 OC :14 - S.AUST’ - also rare on any 1913 issue, as postmasters were commanded to only use the new Commonwealth cds cancels from 1913. Perf Large OS - super scarce on this error, as only tiny % of 6d sold were Official perfins of course. MAYBE 1%. Clean and fresh and flat and attractive, deep colour, and no hinges or gook or gunk or aging. ACSC 17(1)j - Cat $A3,000 in Large OS. No finer copy in OS will you ever see, but under HALF Catalogue - $A1,495 (Stock 642EJ)

Australia 465 x MUH ‘’FOREVER’’ stamps. SG $3,440 for $A750! A doubtless UNIQUE hoard of these in PO packs. 93 x PO Packs, each containing the Mini Sheet of 5 x peel and stick stamps. Each stamp is good for a domestic letter FOREVER. When local cost goes to $2 (and it will!) these are good for $2 each etc. These were issued in 2014. The general public could not buy them, so when issued 7 years back, I discovered there was a little known Official PO pack that one could order and buy, for a very short time. So I bought 100 of them, sold a few to good clients over the years for $50 a pack, and put aside the rest as I knew these would rise fast in value in MINT - and they clearly have. (Used are easy to source, and cat is well under mint.) These designs were replaced in 2017, 4 years back, by a single design, so are seldom seen now. The PACKS really flew totally under the radar, and they really are $50 pieces. Show me another Official PO Pack for sale anywhere GLOBALLY. Outers of a very few were damaged in storage - stamps are all perfect of course, and the rest all are fine. Catalogue is SG 4140D x 186 at £4, and SG 4140E x 279 at £3.50 each = £1,720 (=$A3,440) mint - NOT in packs! A brilliant project for an eBay cash buyer, or reseller etc at $50 apiece or so a pack. The 5 stamps as SINGLES in each, are cat £18.50, or $37. You are paying JUST EIGHT BUCKS A PACK. Great little investment or re-sale hoard. $A750 (Stock 449EW)

Superb collection Oz MINT phonecards - Cat $1,222 for $A225! Lovely clean lot, all in full sets from card #1 in 1989 into 1994. All MINT, and superb. Easy to store in Hagners etc, same size as stamp booklets or blocks of 4 etc. Enclosed is a catalogue printout totalling $1,222 for easy checking - a couple pages shown here, plus ALL the cards you will get - PhonCard Buyer paid $1,100 for these from Max Stern in 1995, his invoice showed. I allowed $150 for them in the Estate, and out they go for just $A225. SAVE $1,000 and be quick - these will sell FAST! Just ONE set cost the owner $200. Delightful looking things, and are really scarce in full sets like this MINT. RARELY offered, and still popular. The total value of trading cards listed on eBay totalled more than $2 billion in the first half of the year - up 175 per cent on the first six months of 2020. Trading card sales on eBay Australia went up 379 per cent in 2020, with a trading card selling every minute. These have also gained in popularity. All are Official Telecom issues of course. $A225 (Stock 794JS) Order via: All Cards accepted with ZERO fee - even Amex! Bank Deposit fine, or Money Orders. PayPal is accepted in ANY major currency, saving you fees - contact me first. LayBys/Layaways always OK with me!


PO Box 4007, Castlecrag, NSW, 2068, Australia. - Phone 0409 399 888 e-mail me: - Life Member: American Stamp Dealers Association (New York.) Philatelic Trader’s Society. (London.)

Stamps in the News - Globally! Things are buzzing at UK Post Office Reported at This article forwarded by Stampboards member Norvic

A beehive has closed Andover’s Royal Mail post office with residents unable to collect parcels as the company struggles to get a contractor to remove the nest. It is causing the roof to cave in and leak and compounds postal issues faced by residents as COVID-related absences hit the town’s deliveries. A spokesperson for the Royal Mail first cited COVID as the reason for delays in deliveries, but there is a notice outside the Bridge Street delivery centre, saying it is closed due to a plumbing leak. The notice says the structural engineers are looking into the matter, which will require bees removed from the cavity to gain access. Meanwhile, an online post by one of the Andover Royal Mail staff in Facebook community group ‘Spotted in Andover’ indicated that they are unable to fix the leaking roof because of the beehive. The Facebook post reads: “This is a post begging for help. As most of you know we can’t open the CSP due to a leak in the roof and it caving in. This is due to a beehive but we can’t get anybody out to come and remove the nest. Please if anybody can help it would be a massive help to us and in turn to the people of Andover.”

Bee-related signage outside Andover Post Office 12 - Stamp News

Other members of the Facebook group were surprised to see the request as it is a matter that should be taken care of by the Royal Mail contractors.

Things are quiet at Ghanaian Post Office Reported at

The Nsuaem Post Office, in Western Ghana, is overgrown with weeds and harbouring reptiles. The exterior looks dirty after years of neglect. The concrete floors also show cracks while the roofing is warping and the metal gates rusting. A plaque on the wall said the Nsuaem Post Office was inaugurated on Thursday, May 12, 2011 by the Minister of Communications. The Chief of Nsuaem, Nana Kwamina Adadie II, verified that the post office had been abandoned. “Nobody is taking care of it. Occasionally, a caretaker goes into weed the yard. The place needs repairs and repainting to revive services. It should be re-opened urgently because it will be good for the people of Nsuaem.” Nsuaem villagers currently have to walk 7 kilometres to another town for postal and financial services. Reacting to Nsuaem’s request, a spokesman explained that, all community post offices run as agencies and that, in 2019, the officer at Nsuaem, Youth Employment personnel left the post.

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

The Tarkwa-Nsuaem council was to run the place and pay the salaries of the staff but this had not been done.

Things are up for grabs at New Zealand Post Office Reported at

Wakefield’s postal history includes a golden key, buried treasure and at least one temperamental postmaster. Wakefield is near Nelson in NZ’s South Island and the former PO building at 21 Edward St on the market after 20 years. According to postal historian, John Dearing, the town’s first post office opened in 1856, at Wakefield School. Teacher John Squire was postmaster, a position he held for a decade until he was sacked. Amongst his misdeeds Squire had damaged a date stamp, for which he was fined £10. In 1876, the post office moved to the new railway station and William Austin took up the dual positions of stationmaster and postmaster. He wasn’t much better than his predecessor. The postmasters lived in the back of the building, cooking on a coal range which is still in place. “The stationmaster was never there. After 9am he disappeared to Wai-iti, and he wouldn’t come back until 3pm, I reckon he had a girlfriend up there.” Disgruntled customers would gather in shops

to wait for his return, Dearing said. Wakefield was growing, and the township lobbied for their own mail centre. The resulting building, completed in 1910, was a major construction for the small town at the time. The Post Office on Edward St opened in a ceremony featuring a government minister and a golden key, which has never been seen since. “I reckon the minister pocketed it,” Dearing said. The building housed the telephone exchange, and several commercial ventures over the years. The Post Office closed in 1990 – immediately a local man obtained digger’s rights to the ground beneath the building. Over the decades, mail had slipped between the post office’s floorboards, and the enterprising local crawled under the building to mine the decades’ worth of treasure that had accumulated. The commercially zoned building will go to auction in early October.

Stella act leaves Gibbons on the brink Reported at

Stamp and coin dealership Stanley Gibbons Group has begun a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process in the United States for its US subsidiary Mallett. The issue relates to a property on New York’s Madison Avenue that the group had leased when it was operating the Mallett furniture brand from the premises. It had bought Mallett in 2014 and, although the brand was sold in 2018, the lease in New York remained with Gibbons. The group sublet the premises to luxury brand Stella McCartney however during the pandemic the shop closed and according to Gibbons Stella McCartney stopped paying rent in April 2020. Stanley Gibbons said that this meant “in turn… Stamp News - 13

Stamps in the News - Globally! material developments in the Chapter 11 process as and when they occur.

Artists fight back in the US Reported at

Mallett was unable to pay the landlord” rent due. In August 2021 Mallett reached a settlement agreement with the tenant which terminated their tenancy. However, the group said: “Mallett has been unable to negotiate a settlement with the landlord for the outstanding rent and early termination of the lease”. On advice of the group’s attorneys, it decided to enter Mallett into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process in the United States. The group said it will update shareholders on any

Two entries in 2021 duck stamp competition 14 - Stamp News

Last month the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it was bringing to an end one of the strangest, and some would say silliest, policies of the Trump era: Starting next year, artists will no longer be required to include hunting images in their submissions to the federal duck stamp contest. Many artists were unhappy with the previous requirement, both on a practical level— painting ducks is challenging enough, they said, without having to squeeze in a hunting scene—and because the change could alienate non-hunters, needlessly driving a wedge between camps that share the goal of preserving wildlife populations. In last year’s contest, artists resorted to painting shotgun shells and other elements that looked to many observers like litter marring idyllic nature scenes. The dustup drew wider attention to a contest that had previously kept a fairly low profile outside the wildlife-art world. Though the mandate that submissions include a hunting scene goes away next year but is required for this year’s entries. For now, some subversive artists are having some fun. Mixed in with mostly earnest and lovely renderings of waterfowl in their natural habitat, the gallery

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

features some more subversive interpretations of the contest rules.

Artists in face off in Australia Reported at

While physical artworks may not be able to travel this year, three Archibald-winning portraits by William Dobell (1899 – 1970), William Dargie (1912 – 2003) and Del Kathryn Barton will be crossing the country as postage stamps – in a partnership between Australia Post and the Art Gallery of NSW for its centenary year. Selected from over 6,000 finalist works over the Archibald’s history since 1921, ‘the commemorative stamp issue is a wonderful way to share some of the key moments of the Archibald Prize and prominently celebrate the work of visual artists,’ said a gallery spokesman. Dobell’s 1948 portrait of artist Margaret Olley and Dargie’s 1956 Portrait of Albert Namatjira will be joined by Barton’s 2013 winning portrait of acclaimed actor Hugo Weaving. Australia Post’s engagement with art and community spans through its stamp collection, including

the Art of the Desert collection featuring indigenous Papunya Tula artists to Street art in 2017, and the Silo Art Trail of north-west Victoria featured in 2018, and again in 2020.

Pandemic heroes stamped in the UK Reported at

Schoolchildren have been busy designing new Royal Mail stamps to recognise heroes of the pandemic as part of a record-breaking stamp competition.

Stamp News - 15

Stamps in the News - Globally! More than 600,000 designs were submitted from 7,500 schools, with 120 regional finalists chosen – children aged four to 14 were asked to think about who their heroes were and to design a stamp in their honour. The designs received celebrate heroes including NHS workers, parents, carers, refuse collectors, cleaning staff, teachers, supermarket workers, public transport staff, delivery drivers and postmen and postwomen. Also among the designs were volunteers who have helped in their local communities or raised money for charity, including Captain Sir Tom Moore. The previous highest number of entries received for a stamp design competition was 239,374 for Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp Design Competition in 2013. Boris Johnson said: “We have been amazed and impressed by the sheer volume of entries, and to have achieved a Guinness World Records title in the process shows how much the UK’s children value those heroes who have kept the nation moving during such a difficult period.” Eight winning designs will appear on millions of items of mail across the UK when they are issued in spring 2022.

Pandemic heroes stamped in Malaysia Reported at

Postal delivery service POS Malaysia has launched a set of limited-edition stamps, paying tribute to the

country’s COVID workers featuring frontliner staff from the Ministry of Health, Royal Malaysia Police and Malaysian Armed Forces. Designed by Malaysian contemporary artist, Red Hong Yi, the stamps feature a special printing technique that uses red invisible ink, revealing the images of the COVID-19 virus when viewed under a UV light.

Pandemic heroes stamped in Philippines Reported at

The Philippine Post Office has released new postage stamps, “Keep the Faith, Be a hero, Get your Dose, Fight Coronavirus” to advocate for vaccination against Covid-19. The stamp is the second in the series of “COVID-19 Heroes stamps. The first one, launched last year, was the “Frontline Heroes” which was a tribute to the dedication of frontline workers in keeping the country moving and people safe. “These stamps are a reminder that, it is now our turn to be a hero to our health care workers, and the easiest way to do that is to get our full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine”, a spokesman said.

Decals in Spain

Reported at This article forwarded by Stampboards member DJCMH Spain continues to produce innovative stamps. The newest stamp is dedicated 16 - Stamp News

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

to the 1970s when children had a passion for collecting and applying decals. The word ‘decal’ derives from the French word décalcomanie, referring to a picture that, through the application of water or heat, is transferred to another surface where it remains attached. Decals were really popular in Spain in the 1960s and 1970s, when sheets of the most varied topics were marketed: animals, vehicles, sports, fruits, flowers, decorative motifs, flags, etc. The new stamp reproduces a water-based decal allowing the image to be applied. Image is printed upside down, foreground colours first, on suitable paper. Soaked in water, the paper softens, the image is applied to the chosen support by gently rubbing, and the paper is removed - the image appears on the surface. The design is also reminiscent of a classic tattoo since in some way it makes a nod to the evolution of decals to tattoos, the art of decorating the skin.

Designers in Italy

Reported at A special stamp dedicated to Gucci’s 100th anniversary was issued recently by Poste Italiane, Italy’s postal service provider. The stamp belongs to the thematic series “Excellence of the production and economic system,” has a value of 1.10 euros and will be printed in 300,000 units. The stamp is a sketch of the iconic Flora print,

created for Gucci by Vittorio Accornero de Testa in 1966 and reproduced over the years on different products and accessories, with the logo celebrating the company’s centenary. Reflecting Gucci’s importance as a symbol of Made in Italy, the name of the country stands out on the stamp.

Delicacies in India

Reported at The moa of Joynagar — a region- and season-specific sweetmeat that is highly popular in West Bengal finally appears to be finding its place under the sun. Recently, the postal department released a special envelope to celebrate this popped-rice ball that’s glued together with fresh date-palm jaggery and is exclusively manufactured in the town of Joynagar, near Kolkata, during the winter months. “There can’t be a matter of greater pride for us. The moa will become more famous now,” said secretary of the manufacturers’ association. The moa only retains its taste and texture for only 5-7 days under normal refrigeration — and Stamp News - 17

Stamps in the News - Globally! therefore its commercial export was never seriously considered. But now it is being exported widely via air freight.

Diwali in New Zealand

Reported at For the first time, New Zealand Post is commemorating the Indian festival of lights with a set of vibrant stamps that illustrates the story of Diwali. The Shubh Diwali stamps reflect the four prominent elements of Diwali celebrations – the diyas, the rangoli, the fireworks and the family gatherings. The miniature sheet features a vibrant illustration of the goddess Lakshmi. The sheet showcases rangoli and diyas that welcome the Goddess of wealth into homes, bringing with her good fortune and prosperity. Over the years, the Diwali celebration in New Zealand has gained great momentum and extended well beyond the Indian community. “Diwali is increasingly being celebrated through-

18 - Stamp News

out Aotearoa and has become a well-known and much-loved event that many of us participate in, alongside Hindu New Zealanders,” a spokesman said.

Devotions in Iraq

Reported at Iraq has issued postage stamps commemorating Pope Francis’s visit to the country in March. On March 5, Pope Francis began a three-day visit to Iraq, where he met senior government officials as well as community leaders from different religions and held prayers and Masses. It was the first papal visit to the largely Muslim country. During his visit, the 84-year-old pontiff described himself as a “pilgrim of peace” and called on Iraqis to ensure they had “one prayer, one mind, one hope to achieve unity and peace”. He also called for an end to violence in Iraq. Iraq has 14 recognised Christian sects, but two decades of back-toback conflicts left ancient Christian communities that were once a vibrant and integral part of the landscape scattered and in ruins. An estimated million

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

Christians have left Iraq in the past decade. Community leaders estimate that about 500,000 Christians remain.

The UN gives peace a chance

Reported at Legendary musician John Lennon is the subject of new postage stamps released in the same year that

his iconic song, “Imagine,” turned 50. On September 21, the International Day of Peace, the United Nations Postal Administration has released a set of three different stamps honouring the late former Beatle. Each depicts a portrait of Lennon from various points of his life illustrated by engraver Martin Mörck. “We can best honour the International Day of Peace by standing up against acts of hate, and by spreading compassion, kindness and hope so the world can “live as one” – just as John Lennon imagined,” a spokesman said. Additionally, three souvenir sheets feature a stamp with a black and white photographic portrait of Lennon taken by Bob Gruen, Ian Macmillan and David Nutter. Those sheets also contain lyrics from “Imagine” and the musician’s signature. September 9 marked the 50th anniversary of “Imagine,” the song Lennon co-wrote with his wife Yoko Ono, and taken from the 1971 album of the same name. “John would have loved this,” Ono said in a recent press statement about the song. ““Imagine” embodied what we believed together at the time. We are still together now and we still believe this. The sentiment is just as important now as when it was written and released 50 years ago.”

Stamp News - 19

Postal Stationery Welcome to the postal stationery column for November 2021. This month’s column looks at and new issues of postal stationery from Australia Post. Beyond Blue Pre-Paid Postcards As an initiative to help Australians stay connected through the Covid-19 pandemic, Australia Post announced on 6 September 2021 that it would deliver more than four million free prepaid postcards “to rural and remote households” around Australia as well as making the postcards available for free at participating Australia Post Offices from 6 September 2021. Australia Post said “The postcards, which were designed Figure 3 ‘When we connect, we feel better’ Free Prepaid Postcard in collaboration with Beyond Blue, are Figure 4 Reverse of ‘When we connect, we feel better’ able to be divided into two sections. The first part of the postcard is designed to The postcards were distributed as reported in the be kept, which includes tips on maintaining good Australia Post press release through participating mental health. The second part of the postcard is depost offices including post offices in Melbourne, signed to write on and send to friends or loved ones, Sydney, Adelaide, Bundaberg, Canberra and Newfree of charge”, “These postcards make it really easy castle; by mail to letterboxes (reported at Newcasto connect with a message of love, hope and support tle, Bundaberg and Wagga Wagga); and included in by simply putting a message on the card, addressselected newspapers such as the Canberra Times on ing it and dropping it in a red post box” and “This Saturday 11 September 2021. postcard campaign will help us reach into rural and With the help of collectors throughout Australia remote areas, where social and geographic isolation, I can report that there are two different postcards. weather impacts and difficulty accessing services can The first postcard (Figures 1 and 2) has the inscrippresent mental health challenges”. tion “Everyday tips for mental health and wellbeing “ on the ‘tab’ as well as a QR code while on the postcard itself there is no inscription in the top left hand corner of the front of the postcard. The second postcard (Figure 3 and 4) has the inscription “When we connect, we feel better” on the ‘tab’ and no QR code while on the front of the postcard there is the inscription “Send this free postcard to connect with someone you care about”. Figures 5 and 6 shows used copies. Figure 1 ‘Everyday tips for mental health and wellbeing’ Free Prepaid Postcard Figure 2 Reverse of ‘Everyday tips for mental health and wellbeing’ Free Prepaid Postcard

20 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon

The indicium of the postcard is inscribed “No stamp required. Australia Post Supported Mail”. This is similar to the indicium used on the ‘Thank You’ postcards distributed in newspapers in January 2021. The postcards are valid for postage within Australia. From the various reports it appears that the first version of the postcard was distributed over post office counters while the second version was distributed through the mail or through the newspaper. Further advice on where and how these postcards were distributed would be appreciated. Ginger Meggs, Queens Birthday, Wattles and Stamp Month Pre-Paid Postcards Four prepaid postcards (Figure 7) were issued on 7 September 2021 to mark the centenary of Ginger Meggs’s “arrival on the comic scene in Australia” in November 1921 as a character named Ginger Smith

Figure 5 ‘Everyday tips for mental health and wellbeing’ Free Prepaid Postcard Used Figure 6 ‘When we connect, we feel better’ Free Prepaid Postcard Used Figure 7 Ginger Meggs Prepaid Postcard

in a strip titled “Gladsome Gladys”, first published in Sydney’s Sunday Sun. By April 1922, the character had morphed into Ginger Meggs, a mischievous, quick-witted, waistcoat-wearing, red-headed suburban kid. The three postcards showcase the work of three of the five cartoonists who have illustrated Meggs. Two prepaid postcards were issued on 21 September to mark the Queen’s Birthday as Australia Post. While usually issued around June each year (when most states celebrate the Queen’s Birthday). This year the postcards were issued in September to coincide with the Queen’s Birthday public holidays in Queensland and Western Australia. Three prepaid postcards were issued on 21 September 2021 depicting Wattles (Figure 8). While most wattle flowers are yellow (from pale yellow Stamp News - 21

Postal Stationery through to intensely golden), the three shown on these postcards are white, red or purple: Acacia leprosa ‘Scarlet Blaze’, Acacia purpureopetala (Purple-flowered Wattle), the only Australian wattle with purple flowers found on rocky slopes in north-eastern Queensland, and Acacia alata var. biglandulosa (Winged Wattle). The postcards were designed by Keith Downes of the Australia Post Design Studio. This year’s prepaid postcards for Stamp Collecting Month celebrate STEAM, Figure 8 Purple-flowered Wattle Prepaid Postcard science, technology, enFigure 9 Space Studies Prepaid Postcard gineering, arts and mathematics, and were issued on 3 August 2021 (Figure sai and Penjing Collection of Australia (NBPCA), 9). The postcards show elements of STEAM being which is part of the National Arboretum, Canberra. studied in a classroom: virtual reality, Hydroponics, They were designed by Janet Boschen. Space Study, Robotics, and Urban Design. The illusVolcanoes feature on four pre-paid postcards trations on the postcards were by Andrew Hopgood issued on 13 July 2021. The volcanoes shown are and the product design by Sonia Young, Australia Table Cape, Wollumbin/Mount Warning, Mount ElePost Design Studio. phant and Lord Howe Island. They were designed by Three prepaid postcards (Figure 10) were issued Sonia Young. While the Wollumbin/Mount Warning on 27 July depicting Bonsai from the National Bonpostcard (Figure 11) does show Mt Warning in the

top right-hand corner, the main focus of the image on the postcard is Doughboy Mountain. All of these prepaid postcards were sold in sets

Figure 10 Bottlebrush Bonsai Prepaid Postcard Figure 11 Prepaid Postcard showing Doughboy Mountain with Mt Warning in the Background

22 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon and as a result the postcards do not have a barcode printed on the front of the card. Postage Paid Envelope Australia Post issued a prestamped envelope (Figure 12) on 21 September 2021 to mark The Battle of Nui Le (Vietnam). The envelope was sold for $1.35 and features a photograph taken at Courtenay Hill in the indicium. The Battle of Nui Le began on 21 September 1971 and was Australia’s last major battle of the Vietnam War. The envelope was designed by Jo Muré, Australia Post Design Studio based on photographs by Brian Wood (fire support base and commander’s diary, cachet) and Nick Mazzarol (Courtenay Hill, indicium). A version of the envelope was also issued as a philatelic numismatic cover but this was not sold mint.

Figure 12 The Battle of Nui Le Prestamped Envelope Figure 13 20th Anniversary of the Lord of the Rings Films Postal Card Figure 14 Hobbiton Postal Card

New Zealand: 20th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Film New Zealand issued six $2.80 postal cards (Figure 13) designed by Sacha Lees on 1 September 2021 to mark the 20th anniversary of the film, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, which was largely filmed in New Zealand. The stamp area (indicium) features Arwen the elven princess and the postcards include pre-paid postage to anywhere in the world. The reverse of the six postcards show illustrations based on the film: The Journey Begins (In The Shire, the village Hobbiton (Figure 14) is home to hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.), Hiding from the Black Rider (Taking cover in a hollow among the roots of a tree, Frodo and his friends evade an envoy of Mordor), The Prancing Pony (As their quest begins, Frodo and his hobbit friends Sam, Pippin and Merry drink ale at the Prancing Pony in Bree, where they first meet Aragorn), Flight to the Ford (After Frodo is stabbed, Arwen the elven prinStamp News - 23

Postal Stationery

Figure 17 PSSA Meeting on Ceylon 4 x 10c Aerogramme

cess gallops with him on her horse through a prairie and a wood to the safety of a river.),The Bridge of Khazad-dûm (Gandalf turns and cries “You shall not pass” to the fire-breathing Balrog in subterranean labyrinth the Mines of Moria.), The Gates of Argonath (Journeying along the River Anduin in three

boats, the Fellowship passes two gigantic stone statues guarding the northern border of Gondor). New Zealand Redesigned Pre-Paid Stationery Following the adoption of a new logo for New Zealand Post in about July 2021, New Zealand has issued a redesigned range of postal stationery includ-

Figure 15 New Zealand $7 Prepaid Padded Satchel with New NZ Post Logo Figure 16 International Reply Coupon, Abidjan Design

24 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon Figure 18 2019 Ghana ‘Year of Return 400 years of African Resilience’ Postcard Figure 19 Ghana GH¢ 700 Cocoa Postcard Figure 20 Australia 99 Miniature sheet on Reverse of Ghana Postcard.

International Reply Coupon Abidjan Design The 27th Universal Postal Congress took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, from 9 to 27 August 2021, delayed from 2020 due to the pandemic. As has been UPU practice, a new design is announced for International Reply Coupons (IRCs) at the Congress based on the winning entry to an International Reply Coupon Drawing Competition (IRC) which closed on 30 June 2020. The new design (Figure 16) is titled Préserver les écosystèmes – Protéger le climat (Preserve ecosystems – Protect the climate) and features birds in the branches of a tree. Coupons bearing the design are valid for sale until 31 Dec 2025 and redemption until 30 April 2026 and are now available for Postal administrations to order from the UPU. The new coupons have been released in many European countries including the Vatican City, Slovenia, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Cyprus as well as in Hong Kong. When Australia will place the new IRC on sale is unknown. The ‘Istanbul’ IRC will be valid for redemption until 30 April 2022. Postal Stationery Society of Australia On-Line Meetings The Postal Stationery Society of Australia (PSSA) is continuing with its program of on-line meetings. The September meeting was Steve Schumann presenting the 4 x 10 c aerogrammes of Ceylon. (Figure 17). The video of this presentation and most earlier presentations can be viewed by following the links on the PSSA website or the PSSA Facebook page which also contain details of future meetings. ing the $4.50, $5.60, $7.20, $8.40 and $11 prepaid satchels, $7 and $10 pre-paid padded bags (Figure 15) and international prepaid envelopes (worldwide and Australia and the Pacific). No doubt other postal stationery will be issued with the new logo in due course.

Ghana Pre-Paid Postcards From Steve Zirinsky are illustrations of two Ghana prepaid postcards (Figures 18-19). The 700c shows Cocoa beans and GHC4 shows the 2019 ‘Year of Return 400 years of African Resilience’ logo. Each postcard comes with three different illustrations of adhesive stamps on the reverse (Figure 20). Stamp News - 25

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DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2021 Visit us at our premises by appointment, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday and weekends by appt. to view any of the lots in this sale, plus a whole lot more! Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101-$250 deduct 10%, $251-$500 deduct 15%, $501-1000 deduct 20% Orders over $1000 deduct 25% Orders over $2500 deduct 30% Layby welcome for orders above $500 however we do not offer discounts on layby sales. Scans or colour photocopies of individual items are available on request. Many smaller items, including many that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions Postage and insurance extra, Free within Australia above $500 for items purchased at full price. We accept Visa, MasterCard & PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours. All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee. EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures. Collections and Lots 1. Lovely Australia mostly used collection 1913 - 1972 in older Burgundy Sprinbgback album. Commences KGV heads with about 60 stamps, inc. some nice 1d Red shades & 3 x 1/4d values. Little in th eway of Kangaroos but KGV period is fairly complete with Victoria Centenary 1/-, Anzac 1/-, Jubilee 2/-. KGVI similarly complete inc. Robes set to £1, Arms set to £2. QEII Pre-decimals also appear near complete, less Navigators. A few mint at the back. About 50 spare album leaves for continuation. A fine lot, and cheap at $295 (COCT1) 2. Nepal 1907 - modern mint & used on leaves, appears around 275 mostly different with some beter items. Popular country, and hard to source. Stamps cat. up to £29 noted. Price $129 (COCT2) 3. India 1860 - 2004 mixture of mint & used collection in near new $100 Black Springback album. Well written up and way better condition than usual for these. KGV to 1983 is largely complete. Noted Queen Victoria to R3, KEVII to R2, KGV to R10, KGVI also to R10. Ghandi 2 middle values are present int lightly hinged, both have a little gum thinning. Cat. to 1954 is about £750 plus probably another £250 for the balance. Has to be worth 30% cat, with the $100 album thrown in for good measure. Price $549 (COCT3) 4. Austria 1949 - 56 Balloon Mail cover collection in Olive Padded 22 ring album. Very clean & well written up. 14 covers priced to sell at $495 plus. Price $375 (COCT4) 5. East Germany mostly 1970’s in large blue stockbook, mix of cto & postally used plus a few mint. Fair number of sets. About 2000 - 2250 nearly all large pictorials with duplication. Probably at least 500 different maybe more. Becoming very popular now and postally used is very hard to find. Priced around 8c a stamp at $169 (COCT5)

6. Australia Official Unaddressed FDC’s by weight! Period covered 1974 – 2000. We have about 20kg of these, unsorted for postmarks. May be a few AAT, Framas, Counter printed stamps etc, but all different, may also include some minisheets 500 grams or about 85 covers for $75. Two lots for $139, 5 lots for $329. (CMJ1) 7. Australia Pre-Decimal Postally used blocks of 4, values to 2/- or 2/3d. 50 different. Blocks are becoming popular, and may be listed in the ACSC in coming editions. Price under $3 each, $149. Two lots for $289, Half lot of 25 for $79 (CMJ3) 8. Australia 1984 Ausipex Minisheets, hoard of 50 all with various FDI cancels, cat. £4.50 each, face value $2.10 each = $105. Less than half face, $49 (CMJ4) 9. Tonga, commercial airmail covers and postcards mainly to Australia 1930’ – 87. Nice lot of mainly self-adhesives. 22 items, condition a bit mixed, but scarce! Checked eBay and most priced at $15 - $50 each. Includes 3 x Tin Can Mail covers. Nice little lot, cheap at $329 (CMJ7) 10. Sudan, useful range of covers 1950’s – 1980’s Commercial & FDC. 11 items, inc. 4 registered., used stamps cat. £75 plus. Condition on 3 a bit below par with tone spots. Some addressed locally to Khartoum also Australia, UK & Switzerland. eBay price seems to be $30 to $60 each. Some unable to be found on eBay. Good value at $225. (CMJ8) 11. Hong Kong, commercial covers & FDC’s, most to Australia, plus New Year money bags for Year of the Dog and Rooster depicting postage stamps. (4 of each new) 30 items in total. Condition a little mixed. Price $110 (CMJ9) 12. France, modern postally used to 2013, with many scarce sets of 10 or 12 on around 250 stockcards. Many of these sets catalogue around £12 to £14 per set in Gibbons, and sell readily at $8 t0 $10 each. Some of these cards carry 2 or 3 sets. Conservatively retail would be $2750 $3250. Great for re-sellers. Very good value at $595 (CMJ12) 13. Worldwide mint & used (cto) in complete sets, large & small blocks and complete sheets. Mostly highly thematic. Selling by weight. 1kg (About 5000 stamps) great value at about 5c per stamp, for just $249 (CMJ15) 14. Omnibus Issues, 1935 – 1953. From 1935 Jubilee to 1953 Coronation complete fresh once lightly hinged on quality leaves, ex. the rare 1935 Egypt Seal. With 1937 Coronation, 1946 Victory, 1948 Silver Wedding and 1949 UPU. Also included are some varieties on the Silver Jubilee issues, some listed, some not. Total cat. is around £5250 = $9450 at current exchange rates. Price $5250. (CMM4) 15. Tasmania. Bulging Blue padded ring binder containing vast collection of cds cancels on Pictorials, values to 4d. Approx 2100 stamps, 21 covers/postcards. Organised on leaves A – Z and covering 295 different offices. Many different canceller types covered inc. 86 x R rating & 6 RR. Maybe others, not checked. Mostly 1900 – 1912. Amazing

Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Web:

DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2021 lot! Priced under $4 per stamp. Great for specialist or re-seller. Price $7,850 (CMM11) 16. Tasmania Pictorials perf. T in black padded Australia Post Ring Binder, sorted by printings. Includes some mint & blocks. Also 2 x 2½d om OHMS piece. Even singles are rare! Also a few Australia both pre and decimal at back. About 700 stamps, values to 5d. Very clean lot. Price $2,650 (CMM13) 17. Tasmania, Hobart. Collection of Official T punctures on leaves, organised by type, number of holes etc. and date. Very clean lot nearly 2300 stamps! Price $8,650 (CMM14) 18. Great Britain KGV era commercial covers 1916 – 1933, bearing nice range of frankings, inc. Downey Heads. Some military, and with original correspondence. Destinations include “School of Musketry, Liverpool”, Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Emmanuel College Cambridge, etc. Values to 2½d. Fascinating lot, condition a bit mixed. 29 covers, price around $6 each, $179 (CMM18) 19. Shipping, a magnificent carton lot of 137 Covers and cards, mostly Europe. Predominantly Germany but also with Belgium, France, GB, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UN & USA. Wide range of frankings, mostly commemorative and pictorial postmarks and cachets, plus a few other markings like Paquebot & Express mail. In addition, there are several sheets of trial cachets. All in all, this could easily become the start of a display. Priced under $1.50 per item, $195 (CMM20) 20. Great Britain 1959 ITU Presentation Album for the Geneva conference. Red & Gold Embossed Hardbound Album presented to the delegates. Contains current GB issues mint fresh lightly hinged inc. Wildings inc. 2nd Graphites & 2nd De la Rue Castles to £1, plus Regionals complete for the period. Interestingly the Graphites are mounted on the face to show the black lines. A little aging to the pages but stamps are largely fresh, and as issued. A very rare book. Price $225 (GB772) 21. Great Britain 1965 ITU Presentation Album for the Montreux conference. Red & Gold Embossed Hardbound Album presented to the delegates. Contains current GB issues mint fresh lightly hinged inc. Wildings & Castles to £1, Regionals and Commemorative sets issued complete 1960 GLO - 1965 Arts festival. A little aging to the tops of a few pages but largely fresh, and as issued. Tiny amount of spine damage at base. A very rare book. Price $450 (GB771) Packets & Mixtures Cost of postage from overseas has risen again, so prices have had to go up. Still good value overall. 22. Australian States Hoard. Just bought literally 1000’s of States Stamps. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA &

Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Breaking into lots of 100, no more than 2 or 3 of the same face stamp in each lot, but may well include shade, perf. & wmk. varieties. As a mix looks to be about 80% of the larger states & 20% WA & Tasmania. Values to 1/- or 2/-. Postmark potential too. Price $99 per 100, 2 lots for $189, 5 lots for $449 (MP1) 23. World off paper mixture. Just purchased lifetime hoard, this chap used to put on club sheets at 10c & 20c each, pretty much funded his and his wife’s annual trip to Queensland from Victoria for the Winter each year. Absolutely unsorted, could be anything. Mostly postally used, with some cto & a few mint. About 15,000 to the kg. This sort of mix sells for anything up to $50 for 100 grams on eBay. 100g for $30, 2 lots for $55, 5 lots for $135, 10 lots for $250 (MP2) 24. British Empire, pre 1953 off paper. One of our most popular mixes, back in stock again. This mix is constantly changing, every batch we get is different. Little or no Australia, maybe some Australian States. Mostly postally used with maybe some mint. Queen Victoria to KGVI. Mostly low values to 5d or 10c, a few higher values may be present. Good value at $175 for 100g, about 1500 stamps. (Half lot for $89) (two lots only) (MP3) 25. Improved World off paper mixture, now with added British Asia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, & British Commonwealth. Price $55 per 100 grams, 250 grams for $129, 500 grams for $249, 1kg for $469 (PM119) 26. Superlative World on paper mixture just received, on close clipped welltrimmed single paper, early to modern. No Australia. Very high count, about 5000 to the kg. 250g for $62.50, 500g for $119, e $225 per kg. (PM127) 27. Similar to the above but some on heavier paper and with about 5% Australia. 250g for $52.50, 500g for $99, 1kg for $189 (PM128) 28. Australia High Values on paper, inc. many Internationals. Mostly on close clipped single paper, maybe a few off paper. Per 100g $105 (NM2) 29. British Empire off paper, all pre-QEII, 70 to 140 years old! About 15,000 to the kg. Includes some mint and blocks of 4. 50g for $99.50, 100g for $195 (300g only available) (NM8) 30. World mainly Large & Commems, some on parcel pieces with higher values. Wide variety. Trim varies. About 3000 to the kg. $39.50 per 100g, $93.50 per 250g, $179 per 500g, $339 per kg. (NM9) 31. Japan Commems, on well clipped single paper. Mixture of earlier & more recent issues. Around 4000 - 4250 per kg. $58.50 per 100g, $137.50 per 250g, $265 per 500g. Hard to source, price $113.50 (NM10) 32. Iceland, newly arrived packet of 420 different. Hard to source, price $113.50 (NP1) Australian States packets 33. 25 different New South Wales $45 (AS2) 34. 10 Different Queensland $20 (AS3) 35. 25 Different South Australia $72 (AS4)

21st Century Auctions Pty Ltd Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 36 - Stamp News

DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2021 36. 10 Different Tasmania $29 (AS5) 37. 50 different Victoria $179 (AS6) 38. 10 Different Western Australia $30 (AS7) Cinderellas 39. Lundy Is. Millenary 954 – 1954 Minisheet Imperf. Ovpt. Europa 1961 Mint Unhinged. Price $7.50 (CN12) 40. Australia Antarctica 1954 Red Label in complete fresh mint unhinged sheet of 20, perforated. Price $295 (CN13) 41. Australia Antarctica 1954 Red Label in complete fresh mint unhinged single, perforated. Price $14.95 (CN13a) 42. Australia Antarctica 1954 Red Label in complete fresh mint unhinged sheet of 20, rouletted. Price $295 (CN14) 43. Australia Antarctica 1954 Red Label in complete fresh mint unhinged sheet of 20, imperforate. Price $295 (CN15) Great Britain 44. Great Britain 1895 £1 on £1 Civil Service Revenue/Cinderella Lilac & Green tied to piece by “Cancelled” cds. Barefoot Cat. No. 23. Price $29 (GB670) 45. Great Britain 1965 ITU Presentation Folder the Centenary Conference with the Royal Coat of Arms containing ITU issues from that year, mint lightly hinged. Almost as new. This is a Postmaster General presentation item, that is genuinely rare, with possibly as few as 30 produced. Only HM The Queen, Princess Margaret, PMG and ex PMGs, PM and ex PMs plus the stamp advisory committee and 8 overseas PMGs including Aus, Can and NZ would have received this. Price $129 (GB774) Australian States New South Wales

lightly hinged, centred high. Price $129 (NSW118) 50. NSW 1897 small 2d Emu postal stationery envelope in Pale Blue, sent Brush Grove to Fred Hagen, Stamp Dealer, Sydney. Cancelled by neat Ray Brush Grove 378 Duplex of MY 3 1897 (rated SS) Sydney arrival cds on reverse of 2 days later. Price $49 (RVC30) 51. NSW 1897 3d Registered envelope to expat. Alfred Speers in Sao Paulo, Brazil uprated by NSW ½d Grey & 2d Blue marginal example with part side of sheet imprint. Cancelled by cds’s of West Maitland JY 20 97 and with Rio De Janeiro arrival cds of 10 SET 97. Neat clean hand addressed cover. Rare destination. Alfred Speers returned to Australia and served as a private in 5 LHR [Light Horse Regiment] - 11 to 14 Reinforcements, embarked Sydney on 21st Oct. 1915 on SS Hawkes Bay. Believed he survived the war. Nice piece of social history, price $195 (RVC562) 52. New South Wales 1894-1903 Long type Fiscals watermark NSW perf 11.75 x 11, £1 Lilac & claret, Mint, Elsmore online catalogue Cat minimum $125, Price $99 (NSW220) 53. New South Wales 3d Green Diadem overprinted ‘OS’ from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, MUH, Price $89 (NSW208) 54. New South Wales 5d Blue-green Diadem overprinted ‘OS’ from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, small part toned original gum, Price $75 (NSW209) 55. New South Wales 1891 Surcharges 7½d on 6d Brown overprinted ‘OS’, from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, Mint, Price $75 (NSW212) 56. New South Wales 1891 Surcharges 12½d on 1/- Red overprinted ‘OS’, from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, Mint, Price $75 (NSW213) South Australia

46. NSW 1878 small cover bearing solo use 6d Bright Mauve SG 215 to Cincinnati, USA. Cancelled by Rays 14 of Orange (Rated SS) and with red San Francisco FEB 28 “Paid all” cds & oval Violet “PAID ALL’ h/stamp on front. Reverse bears Orange cds of JA 30 1878 and Sydney transit cds of the following day, together with Cincinnati arrival cds in blue of MAR 6 (No year) Neat hand addressed cover, scarce destination. Price $129 (RVC67) 47. New South Wales 1888 Centenary set of 6, 1d Mauve to 1/- Chocolate, also 1890 2½d Blue & ½d Grey, all overprinted ‘OS’ from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, Mint, very attractive group, Price $350 (NSW219) 48. New South Wales 1888 Centenary 2d Prussian blue Emu, imperf all around with good margins, particularly at the sides, unevenly cut at base. Errington & Martin oval violet handstamp on reverse. Used, SG only list the imperf variety as a pair, SG 254a, Cat £550, the size of the side margins indicates this may well be a genuine imperf single, item is expertised by the late Oswald Marsh of Errington & Martin, Price $149 (NSW223) 49. NSW 1890 5/- Map SG 263s, perf. 10 ovpt. “SPECIMEN” fresh mint

57. South Australia 1858-59 First roulettes 6d Slate blue SG 17, centrally struck indistinct cds, Fine used, Cat £75, Price $109 (SA441) 58. South Australia 1858-59 First roulettes 6d Slate blue SG 17, light, indistinct cds, Fine used, Cat £75, Price $109 (SA442) 59. South Australia 1858-59 First roulettes 6d Slate blue SG 17, light, indistinct cds in blue, Fine used, Cat £75, Price $109 (SA443) 60. South Australia 1858-59 First roulettes 6d Slate blue SG 17, two distinct shades, both with indistinct cds cancels, Fine used, Cat £150, Price $219 (SA444) 61. South Australia 1860-69 Second roulettes 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, with full original gum Mint, Cat £150, Price $209 (SA448) 62. South Australia 1860-69 Second roulettes 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, Mint no gum, Cat £150 as Mint, Price $99 (SA451) 63. South Australia 1860-69 Second roulettes 1d Sage-green SG 21, light, indistinct cds, Fine used, Cat £50, Price $69 (SA446) 64. South Australia 1860-69 Second roulettes 1d Green, three distinct

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Stamp News - 39

DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2021 shades SG 19-24 range, all with light ADELAIDE cds cancels, minimum Cat £150, Price $209 (SA447) 65. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, Adelaide cds Fine used, Cat £50, Price $69 (SA393) 66. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Dull blue-green SG 20, Adelaide cds Fine used, Cat £50, Price $69 (SA394) 67. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Sage green SG 21, Adelaide cds Fine used, Cat £50, Price $69 (SA395) 68. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Green SG 19-24 range, attractive group of 6 shades, all Fine used, minimum Cat £300, Price $399 (SA396) 69. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 2d Pale vermilion SG 25, large part original gum, Cat £160, Price $209 (SA397) 70. South Australia 1860-69 Second roulettes 4d Dull violet SG 27, with aged original gum Mint, Cat £180, Price $209 (SA449) 71. South Australia 1867-70 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x roulette 1d Bright green SG 51, vertical pair Fine used, Cat £48, Price $69 (SA402) 72. South Australia 1867-70 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x roulette 1d Bright green SG 51, vertical pair with light central cds, Fine used, Cat £48, Price $69 (SA403) 73. South Australia 1867-70 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x roulette 4d Dull purple SG 54, good perfs, Fine used, Cat £130, Price $169 (SA404) 74. South Australia 1867-70 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x roulette 4d Dull purple SG 54, slightly uneven perfs at top, Fine used, Cat £130, Price $159 (SA405) 75. South Australia 1867-70 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x roulette 1/- Chestnut/lake-brown SG 60-61 selection of 6 shades mainly Fine used, Cat £120, Price $159 (SA407) 76. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ simplified set of 8 1d to 2/- including 10d on 9d Yellow surcharge SG 62-87 range, mainly Fine used, minimum Cat £129, Price $179 (SA415) 77. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 1d Pale bright green SG 62, Fine used, Cat £70, Price $89 (SA408) 78. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 1d Green range of 6 shades SG 62-65, Fine used, minimum Cat £132, Price $179 (SA409) 79. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 4d Dull purple/violet range of 6 shades SG 70-71, odd short perf, Cat £69, Price $79 (SA410) 80. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 6d Blue range of 5 shades SG 72-74, Nice-fine used, minimum Cat £40, Price $59 (SA411) 81. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow surcharge in black SG 79, three of the six surcharge sub types: type 1 ‘Dropped NC of PENCE’, type 4 ‘T of TEN almost horizontal’ & type 5 ‘TEN not curved’, usual uneven perfs, type 5 with straight edge at top, Nice-fine used, Cat £195, Price $229 (SA452)

82. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow surcharge in black SG 79, surcharge sub type 3 ‘N of TEN almost vertical’, few uneven perfs, light ADELAIDE cds, Cat £65, Price $89 (SA453) 83. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow surcharge in black SG 79, surcharge sub type 4 ‘T of TEN almost horizontal’, couple of nibbled perfs, ADELAIDE cds, Cat £65, Price $89 (SA454) 84. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow surcharge in black SG 79, surcharge sub type 4 ‘T of TEN almost horizontal’, few uneven perfs, untidy ADELAIDE cds, Cat £65, Price $79 (SA455) 85. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 10d on 9d Yellow surcharge in black SG 79, nibbled perf at top, Fine used, Cat £65, Price $79 (SA416) 86. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 2/Carmine SG 87, uneven perfs at left, Mint with full original gum, Cat £180, Price $199 (SA412) 87. South Australia 1868-79 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ 2/Crimson/Carmine range of 4 shades SG 86-87, Fine used, minimum Cat £52, Price $69 (SA413) 88. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 1d Green range of 6 shades SG 88-90, Fine used, minimum Cat £132, Price $169 (SA421) 89. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 ‘3 PENCE’ on 4d Ultramarine SG 93, nibbled perf at left Fine used £40, Price $49 (SA417) 90. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 4d Dull lilac/dull purple range of 6 shades SG 94.95, Fine used, Cat £66, Price $89 (SA424) 91. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 6d Blue range of 6 shades SG 96-97, Fine used, minimum Cat £96, Price $129 (SA425) 92. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 1/- Chestnut SG 98, Fine used, Cat £42, Price $59 (SA426) 93. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 1/- Chestnut SG 98, a ‘redder’ shade, Fine used, Cat £42, Price $59 (SA428) 94. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 1/- Chestnut SG 98, two distinct shades, Fine used, Cat £84, Price $119 (SA429) 95. South Australia 1870-71 watermark large star perf 10 selection: 1d Bright green, 4d Dull lilac, 6d Bright blue & 1/- Chestnut SG 90, 94, 96 & 98, Fine used, Cat £92, Price $119 (SA420) 96. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 1d Green range of 5 shades SG 99-101, Fine used, minimum Cat £55, Price $89 (SA437) 97. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 ‘3 PENCE’ on 4d Pale utramarine SG 102, uneven perfs at top Fine used, Cat £80, Price $89 (SA419) 98. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 ‘3 PENCE’ on 4d Pale ultramarine SG 102, two distinct shades, one

21st Century Auctions Pty Ltd Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158

DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2021 nibbled perf, Fine used, Cat £160, Price $179 (SA418) 99. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 10 x 11½-12½ ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow surcharge in black SG 107, surcharge sub type 5 ‘TEN not curved’, few uneven perfs as usual, ADELAIDE cds, Cat £65, Price $89 (SA456) 100. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 1/Chestnut SG 108, two distinct shades, Fine used, Cat £160, Price $219 (SA430) 101. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 1/- Chestnut SG 108, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $109 (SA433) 102. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 1/- Chestnut SG 108, bright shade, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $109 (SA434) 103. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 2/Carmine SG 110, 3 distinct shades, Fine used, Cat £210, Price $279 (SA431) 104. South Australia 1870-73 watermark large star perf 11½-12½ x 10 2/- Carmine SG 110, both perf variations: 11½-12½ x 10 & 10 x 11½12½, couple of nibbled perfs, Fine used, Cat £140, Price $169 (SA432) 105. South Australia 1870-73 watermark Broad star perf 10 x 11½-12½ 2/- Carmine SG 110, block of 4 with light cds cancels, few usual uneven perfs, Fine used, attractive & scarce multiple, Cat £260, Price $229 (SA400) 106. South Australia 1871 watermark V and Crown perf 10 2d Brickred SG 166, 2 distinct shades, Fine used, Cat £100, Price $139 (SA438) 107. South Australia 1871 watermark V and Crown perf 10 2d Brickred SG 166, centrally struck cds, Fine used, Cat £50, Price $69 (SA440) 108. South Australia 1871 watermark V over Crown erf 10 4d Dull lilac SG 111, Fine used, attractive example of this scarce stamp, Cat £325, Price $429 (SA435) 109. South Australia 1876-85 watermark Broad star perf 10 x 11½-12½ 4d Violet-slate/plum/deep mauve overprinted ‘OS’ SG O15-O17 range, attractive group of 8 shades, all Fine used, Cat £32+, Price $69 (SA398) 110. South Australia 1876-85 watermark Broad star perf 11½-12½ 4d Violet-slate/deep mauve overprinted ‘OS’ SG O23-O24, 2 distinct shades of each, Nice-fine used, Cat £84, Price $99 (SA399) 111. South Australia 1902-12 Long types thick ‘POSTAGE’ simplified set of 7 3d to 1/-, SG 268-303 range, all fresh Mint, some hinge remains, minimum Cat £83+ Price $129 (SA457) Tasmania 112. Tasmania 1870-1913 Sidefaces 8d Dull purple-brown overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ horizontally, MUH, Price $89 (TAS265) 113. Tasmania 1870-1913 Sidefaces 3d Pale red-brown, 8d Purple, 9d Blue & 10d Black, all CTO with Hobart corner cds from parliamentarian presentation sets, scarce, Price $129 (T271) 114. Tasmania 1870-1913 Sidefaces 9d Blue overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ horizontally, MUH, Price $89 (TAS266) 115. Tasmania 1888? Official reprint 10/- Orange St George on ung-

ummed card overprinted ‘REPRINT’ Unused, Price $49.99 (T277) 116. Tasmania 1892 Tablet ½d Orange & mauve SG 216, gutter corner block of 6, fresh MUH, Cat £16.50 as hinged singles, Price $49 (T286) 117. Tasmania 1892-1913 Tablets 5/- Lilac & red overprinted ‘SPECIMEN’ horizontally, ‘SPECIMEN’ misplaced to left with only ‘ECIMEN’ showing on stamp, MUH, Price $109 (TAS270) 118. Tasmania 1892-1913 Tablets seven values ½d to 5/- (ex 6d) all CTO with Hobart corner cds from parliamentarian presentation sets, scarce & attractive, Price $249 (T272) 119. Tasmania 1899-1900 Pictorials 1d Bright lake SG 230, top left vertical corner strip of 3 Fresh MUH, Cat £19.50 as hinged singles, Price $39 (T285) 120. Tasmania 1899-1900 6d Dilston Falls SG 236, Fine used with indistinct light centrally struck cds, Fine used, Cat £40, Price $49 (T275) 121. Tasmania 1901? Official reprint 2½d on 9d Blue Sideface, interpanneu block of 8 on thick, gummed, unwatermarked paper overprinted ‘REPRINT’, some minor gum bends, fresh MUH, Price $199 (T273) Victoria 122. Victoria 1858 outer to Melbourne with Emblems 1858 rouletted 5½ - 6½ 4d Rose red horizontal pair tied by barred number ‘8’ of Portland, addressee’s name has been neatly excised, Portland oval backstamp, Price $49 (V245) 123. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1d Ochre perf 12 SG 265a, with full strike of the numeral portion of ‘51’ duplex of Horsham, Cat £24, Price $39 (V360) 124. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/6d Bright rose-carmine perf 12½ SG 267a, barred ‘VICTORIA’ duplex cancel, Nice used, Cat £24, Price $39 (V355) 125. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 2/- Deep blue/green perf 12 SG 258a, ‘2’ Duplex cancel of Geelong, Nice used, Cat £35, Price $59 (V350) 126. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 3/- Drab perf 12½ SG 268, slight wrinkle, light ‘ENGLISH MAIL’ cds, Cat £16, Price $24.99 (V356) 127. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 3/- Olive-drab perf 12½ SG 268a, untidy duplex cancel, Cat £16, Price $29 (V357) 128. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange-red perf 12 SG 238a, Barred ‘VICTORIA’ postal cancel, Cat £22, Price $35 (V348) 129. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 4/- Red-orange perf 12½ SG 269, lightly struck partial R in oval Registered cancel, Fine used, Cat £16, Price $29 (V358) 130. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 5/- Pale claret/yellow perf 12½ SG 260c, barred ‘VICTORIA’ duplex cancel, Nice used, Cat £19, Price $35 (V354) 131. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 5/- Pale claret/yellow perf 12 SG 260ca, light indistinct (CLUNES?) cds, Fine used, Cat £19, Price $35 (V352) 132. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 6/- Apple green perf 12½ SG 271, lightly struck partial R in oval Registered cancel, Nice used, Cat £65, Price $89 (V359) 133. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £1 Orange/yellow perf 12½ SG 262a, light indistinct cds cancel, Cat £60, Price $89 (V353) 134. Victoria 1885 ‘STAMP DUTY’ overprints set of 4 3d to 2/- SG 306-

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DISCOUNT SALE NOVEMBER 2021 09, the 3d with slightly rounded upper left corner, Nice-fine used, Cat £209, Price $279 (V374) 135. Victoria 1901-13 ‘Postage’ issue 1d Pink, 9d Brown-red & 2/- Blue/rose (2) all tied to a small piece by multiple strikes of the ‘ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O./?? JE 09’ double ring cds, Price $59 (V375) 136. Victoria 1905-13 watermark Crown over A perf 12 x 12 2½d Deep dull blue SG 419, top marginal block of 4, some minor gum wrinkles MUH, Cat £20 as hinged singles, Price $39 (V392) 137. Victoria 1912 watermark V over Crown perf 12 x 12½ ½d Bluish-green SG 457, block of 12, hinged on 2 upper units only, fresh MUH/Mint, Cat £36 as hinged singles, Price $69 (V384) 138. Victoria 1912 watermark V over Crown perf 12 x 12½ 1d Rose-carmine upper marginal block of 4 punctured ‘OS’ fresh MUH, Price $79 (V387) 139. Victoria, Australia starter collection of 42 all face different, values to Two Shillings. Includes some nice early imperforates. Priced under $2 a stamp. $79.50 (7 available) (V347) Western Australia 140. Western Australia 1895 ‘Half Penny’ on 3d Pale brown SG 110, fresh MUH, Cat £12 for hinged, Price $24.99 (WA428) 141. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark Crown over double lined A perf 12½ or 12½ x 12 1d Rose-pink SG 139, Fresh MUH, Cat £24 for hinged, Price $49 (WA431) 142. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown perf 12½ or 12½ x 12 8d Apple-green SG 121, Fresh MUH, Cat £21 for hinged, Price $39 (WA429) 143. Western Australia starter collection of 21 all face different, values to One Shilling. Priced under $2 a stamp. $39.50 (10 available) (WA426) Kangaroos 1st Watermark 144. Australia 1913 2½d Indigo Kangaroo 1st wmk BW 9, off centre to lower left, fresh MLH, Cat $125, Price $69 (K912) 145. Australia 1913 2½d Indigo Kangaroo First watermark BW 9, punctured ‘OS/NSW’ couple of nibbled perfs, well centred Fine used, Price $79 (K1347) 146. Australia 1913 2½d Indigo (deep shade) Kangaroo 1st wmk with variety ‘White scratch extending from Cape Leeuwin’ BW 9(2) e, centred to lower right, marginal example, lightly hinged in margin only, fresh MUH, Cat $275 as hinged, Price $399 (K776) 147. Australia 1913 2½d Indigo Kangaroo 1st wmk with variety ‘Break in inner top frame over ‘R’ over ‘AUSTRALIA’ BW 9(1)d, centred to upper left, fresh MUH, Cat $275 as hinged, Price $399 (K777) 148. Australia 1913 3d Olive die I Kangaroo First watermark BW 12A,

punctured ‘OS/NSW’ few nibbled perfs, centred high, Nice used, Price $49 (K1350) 149. Australia 1913 4d Orange Kangaroo 1st wmk BW 15, centred to upper right, fresh MUH, Cat $1000, Price $699 (K918) 150. Australia 1913 4d Orange Kangaroo first watermark BW 15, areas of faint gum toning/’suntanning’, centred to left, light hinge remains Mint, Cat $275, Price $169 (K1161) 151. Australia 1913 4d Orange Kangaroo 1st wmk punctured small ‘OS’ BW 15bb, centred to right, a ‘jumbo’ stamp due to a skipped row of horizontal perfs at top, light ‘REGISTERED’ cds, attractive, Cat $200, Price $149 (K870) 152. Australia 1913 4d Yellow-orange Kangaroo 1st wmk, BW 15F, centred to lower right, ‘LATE FEE’ cds, Cat $150, Price $99 (K990) 153. Australia 1913 4d Orange Kangaroo first watermark punctured large ‘OS’ BW 15ba, vertical pair with two indistinct cds strikes, unusually well centred and good perfs all around, unfortunately there is a 4mm closed tear at the upper right of the lower unit, still an attractive multiple, Cat $140, Price $79 (K1247) 154. Australia 1913 5d Chestnut Kangaroo First watermark BW 16, punctured ‘OS/NSW’ centred high, Fine used, Price $79 (K1348) 155. Australia 1913 6d Ultramarine Kangaroo 1st wmk BW 17, rich colour, lovely centring, slightly uneven perfs, some hinge remains, fresh Mint, Cat $325, Price $199 (K997) 156. Australia 1913 10/- Grey & Pink 1st wmk Kangaroo used by “Socked on nose” Crookwell NSW cds of 12FE17 (late usage) Very attractive looking stamp. Has a skilfully re-attached top left corner perf. & tiny thin. Price $825 (K1101) 157. Australia 1915 3d Olive-green Kangaroo 1st wmk Die I, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ BW 12a, pulled perfs at right, centred high, light cds cancel, Cat $225, Price $129 (K957) 158. Australia 1915 3d Olive-green Kangaroo 1st wmk Die I, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ BW 12a, centred a little to upper right, couple of nibbled perfs, two light cds cancels, Cat $225, Price $129 (K781) 159. Australia 1915 3d Olive-green Kangaroo 1st wmk Die I, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ BW 12a, centred low, couple of nibbled perfs, centrally placed ‘MOONAH TAS’ cds, Cat $225, Price $129 (K917) 160. Australia 1915 3d Olive-green Kangaroo 1st wmk Die I, variety ‘Watermark inverted’ BW 12a, several nibbled perfs, nicely centred, Cat $225, Price $99 (K958) 161. Australia 1915 3d Olive-green Kangaroo 1st wmk Die II, BW 12D, centred to upper left, couple of nibbled perfs, Cat $400, Price $199 (K780) 162. Australia 1915 3d Olive-green Kangaroo 1st wmk Die I punctured small ‘OS’ BW 12bc, couple of nibbled perfs, above average centring for this issue, Cat $125, Price $59 (K287)

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44 - Stamp News

The Australian World War One War Lo Release Schedule Part 1 Between October 1917 and August 1918 the Australian government produced and distributed a series of thirteen poster stamps as promotional material for three government World War One war loan bonds issued during that period. Using imagery and slogans borrowed from and inspired by the government’s long running and highly successful graphic art poster campaigns encouraging both war loan subscription and enlistment, the release of the series deliberately took advantage of the existing popularity of stamp collecting (and the increasing popularity of poster stamp collecting specifically) within Australia. Their release was but one component of a deliberate government campaign to bring increased awareness of the loans into the domestic spaces of an Australian population which by mid-1917 was feeling increasingly jaded with the war and (understandably) finding it increasingly difficult to process the sadness and horror of the devastating human toll being wreaked upon their men folk in distant lands. The stamps were printed and distributed for the Federal Treasury by the Victorian Government Printing Office and given away free by the Commonwealth Bank to anyone who asked for them. Al-

Fig.1 Albert James Mullett and family, 1915 (Image Credit: Australian War Memorial PO4852.001) 40 - Stamp News

though not valid for postage, as a group they represent the most colourful and graphically adventurous stamp release by any Australian government to that point. Ever since their release the stamps have been keenly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts as inexpensive, accessible and visually compelling genuine WW1 relics. With the help of the remarkable research tools and source materials available through the internet today it is now possible to access enough information to tease out the release schedule of the stamps with some confidence. The Victorian Government Printing Office was (until 1927) also the Australian Federal Government’s Printing Office. It was a large organisation (employing 600 workers by 1916) and was renowned for the quality and speed of its fairly prodigious output. Despite this, production of many of these stamps was not subject to the Printing Office’s usual rigorous quality control methods and the stamps are often found with line and colour shifts, and radically misaligned rouletting, all caused by poor paper registration during manufacture. Some 34 varieties within the 13 stamps have been noted to date. Unfortunately the Australian environment has not been kind to the stamps and poorly stored examples will often exhibit foxing and staining, no doubt exacerbated by the enforced use of lower quality paper and glue resulting from wartime shortages of both. There are too many fascinating sidebars and historical linkages uncovered by research into the stamps to explore in this brief philatelic compendium, however one aspect of the story worthy of mention is the deep personal meaning the stamps must have held for

r Loan Bond Stamps Albert James Mullett, the head of the Victorian Government Printing Office and the man responsible for oversight of the first two issues of the stamps. Mullett’s eldest son, Leslie Holmes Mullett, went missing in action (presumed dead) at Bullecourt, France on the 11th of April, 1917, only 5 months before production of the first issue of the stamps. His death was confirmed in Australian newspapers in December 1917. A family studio photo taken just after Leslie Mullett’s 1915 enlistment at the age of 23 (Fig.1) is a heart rending reminder of the tragedy which befell so many Australian families during WW1. Despite the family pride in

John Patterson the eyes of Albert (2nd from left) and his wife Alice (seated beside him) and their obvious determination to display a positive belief in the importance of the mission ahead, the faces of their children reflect the uncertainty felt by so many younger Australians as their siblings were swept up in a war they did not really understand. Within 2 short years the lives of all of these people would be tragically and irrevocably altered by Leslie’s death. This article is dedicated (with deep respect) to the memory of Leslie Holmes Mullett.

ISSUE 1 – 5th War Loan – “Liberty Loan”. (4 Stamps)

Released: 1/10/1917. Withdrawn: 2/11/1917. Imprint: Subtle variations of By Authority: A J Mullett Govt Printer. Print Run: 2 million. Printed in Sheets of 5x5. All 38mm x 50 mm. Roulette 7/ Stamp 2 & 4 also Imperf. Stamps 1 – 4 were produced to promote the 5th War Loan which the Australian government had titled the “Liberty Loan” – a name they borrowed from a recent American war loan with the same title. Announcement The first public announcement of the stamps was in the Melbourne Herald of Monday, 1 October 1917 which declared “Supplies Available Today”, and advised “these are being print-

(1) (Orig. Control Symbol: No.6)

(2) (Orig. Control Symbol: No.8)

(3) (Orig. Control Symbol: No.9)

(4) (Orig. Control Symbol: No.18) Stamp News - 41

The Australian World War One War Loan Bond Sta ed to the order of the Federal Treasury, and anybody can obtain a supply by applying at the Commonwealth Bank in each capital city and at the Federal Treasury”. This was nine weeks after the Liberty Loan opened for subscription (6/8/1917) suggesting production and final release of the stamps had been delayed. As a result the stamps were (officially) only publicly available for four weeks. Over the next four weeks newspapers across the country announced the availability of the stamps as they arrived in the areas each newspaper served. The final printed announcement of the stamps availability in a local area was in the Lismore Northern Star on 2nd November, 1917 – the day subscriptions for the Liberty Loan actually closed and (in theory) the last day the stamps should have been available to the public. Print Run Most newspaper reports provided a description of the stamps themselves, and advised that the total print run was 2 million stamps. Some reports refer to the print run of 2 million as a second print run, whilst others (incorrectly) put the size of the issue as 3 stamps only. Reading the reports leads to the impression that the Government’s original media releases about the stamps had been misinterpreted by newspaper proprietors in different ways, thus introducing errors which perpetuated through syndicated reprints across the country, and that the actual print run figure probably was 2 million. The news reports also indicate that the stamps were proving extremely popular with the public who seemingly came out in droves to take advantage of the rare opportuni-

Fig.2 HMAS Encounter 42 - Stamp News

ty to receive something free from the government. Instructions Newspaper reports variously refer to the stamps as “poster stamps”, “artistic stamps” or “pictorial stamps”, and many felt it their civic duty to pass on the Treasurer’s strict instructions for use of the stamps - that “..these stamps should be affixed to the back of envelopes of letters sent out by business firms and private persons. They must not be used on wrappers around newspapers”. Despite this advice a number of used covers have survived with one or more of the stamps attached to the envelope front. Treasured Another common enticement used by the press was the advice that “An interesting point about these poster stamps is that they will not be reprinted when the present war loan has closed, so that stamp collectors must get their supplies now. They will have an historical appeal and will therefore be treasured by those who are fortunate enough to have them in their collection”. This statement demonstrates a remarkable prescience given the continuing popularity of the stamps more than a hundred years later. Dastardly On October 29 the Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney Daily Telegraph both reported dastardly activities associated with the stamps. The Herald wrote: “It has come under notice that some persons are endeavouring to sell the Liberty Loan Poster Stamps. These are distributed free of charge by the bank...The bank states that they still have some of these stamps left, and that anyone desiring to use them in the manner indicated may obtain them without cost on application.”

(Pic Credit: IWM)

d Stamps Release Schedule

Fig.3 (Pic Credit: Museums Victoria) Design There are no obvious design precedents for any of the stamps in the first issue (unlike some stamps from the later issues). The names of none of the artist(s) responsible for the design of any of the WW1 War Loan stamps have come down to us (yet) however it seems readily apparent that a single (albeit anonymous) hand was responsible for at least three of these four stamps (stamps 1, 3 and 4). This artist has employed consistent visual elements across these three stamps including eye catching and (for the time) relatively modernistic fonts, short emotive catch phrases, appeals to Empire through the visual linking of the Union Jack and Australian military flags, appeals to patriotism by referencing the Australian Navy (a fighting force the Australian public was intensely proud of), and a direct appeal to the humanity of the home front through the inclusion of a sailor in one stamp and an

John Patterson infantryman in another. The infantryman is shown in an environment which could deliberately be intended to be reminiscent of the sand dunes and hillocks of Gallipoli. The battleship in stamp 4 is not a literal rendering of any specific class of Australian battleship in use at the time. With its three funnels and fore and aft mounted 6” BL Mk7 Naval Guns the closest visual comparison is probably the second-class protected cruiser HMAS Encounter (Fig.2). The image in stamp 4 should be read as a generalised minimalistic amalgam of different classes of boats in use at the time with the design elements reduced to fit within the field of the stamp. Stamp 2 features a quote from Falstaff in Act 2 Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s “Merry Wives of Windsor”. The full quote reads “Money is a good soldier and will on”. It became one of Treasurer John Forrest’s main catchphrases in his many appeals on behalf of the Liberty Loan. The phrase obviously stuck in the public consciousness because it was still being used in newspaper reports promoting the next (sixth) war loan in March 1918 despite not being officially associated with that loan. The design of stamp 2 was possibly influenced by a 1914 recruitment poster which carries the imprint “By Authority: Albert J Mullett, Government Printer, Melbourne” and which similarly used a red font over a plain map of Australia (Fig. 3). Original control symbols Each of the stamps in this issue features a small control symbol number in the bottom left hand corner, (or in the case of stamp 2 a large control symbol (No.8) on the face of the design). These numbers do not follow a sequence or pattern (No.6, No.8, No.9 and No.18) and are essentially meaningless. They are possibly remnants of numbers applied sequentially to each of the original artwork designs under potential consideration for the issue - numbers which were not subsequently removed from the stamps once these four designs had been selected and sent for production. Without access to the other (presumably) 14 designs that were not selected these numbers only serve to confuse assessment of the issue and should be ignored.

In next month’s Stamp News Part 2 : ISSUE 2 – 6th War Loan – “Before Sunset”. Stamp News - 43

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation The Australian Philatelic Federation held its Annual General Meeting on August 29. The meeting was held via Zoom as most States were in lockdown, and we could not travel. The Directors, State Delegates and some of the FIP Coordinators and APF Project Officers were present. The picture in figure 1 shows the Zoom meeting. Present were Ian McMahon (Secretary), Glen Stafford (International Officer), John Moore (Immediate Past President) , Stephanie Bromser (Philatelic Development Officer), David Figg (Treasurer), Frank Pauer Vice President), Peter Allan, (President), Gavin Woodward (Delegate WA), Linda Lee (FIP Youth Delegate), Johanna Stafford (Project Officer), Peter Leitch (Delegate Vic), Jim Altimira (Delegate Tas), John Hewson (Observer), Russel Boylan (Delegate Qld), Bernard Beston (FIP), David Collyer, Mark Diserio, Charles Bromser (FIP Astrophilately Delegate), Marilyn Gendek (Delegate ACT), Lionel Savins (Project Officer), Nigel Carter (Delegate SA) and Mike Kowan (FIP Maximaphily Delegate). The new Directors for 2021 -2022 were elected. They are: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Philatelic Development Officer International Officer

Frank Pauer Stephanie Bromser Ian McMahon David Figg Russell Boylan Glen Stafford

This is my last Stamp News article for the APF. In his new role as Philatelic Development Officer

Figure 1: APF Zoom Annual General Meeting. 44 - Stamp News

Russell Boylan will be taking over from next month. I hope that you have found some of my articles interesting and I am sure you will enjoy a change over the next few years. At our last APF meeting, we agreed to modify the rules of the APF Frugal Class to try and encourage more entries into this class. This has been done by modifying the scoring and reducing the points for rarity and give more points for knowledge and research. The following article on Frugal philately has been written by Ian McMahon who is the APF Convenor for the class. Frugal Philately Many people over the years have complained about the high cost of forming an exhibit. While there is no doubt that a top exhibit in many fields, especially of the classical era, will cost a considerable amount of money, there remains considerable scope for developing interesting exhibits of less expensive material making use of a collector’s knowledge and their ability to ferret out scare and unusual material. Remember that the judging criteria for an exhibit include points for presentation, knowledge and research, all of which relate to the exhibitor’s exhibiting skill and not directly to the value of the material. In addition, rarity doesn’t always equate with high value, especially in less popular collecting areas. To encourage collectors to exhibit such material, the APF established the Frugal Philately Class in 1994 and it first became available to exhibitors at Canberra Stampshow In 1996, the late Ed Druce from Canberra was the chief proponent of the new class. Reports on the Exhibition at the time commented that the six entries in the new Frugal Philately section clearly demonstrated the value of this class for research into modern issues and aspects of modern philately. The Frugal Philately class seeks to provide an opportunity for collectors to display an exhibit comprised of interesting philatelic material which is of low cost, and in doing so enhance their philatelic skills. It is intended to encourage those who might be discouraged from exhibiting by the high cost of items needed to compete in some of the

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF other classes. The class name derives from the low wholesale value of the entire exhibit, which is limited to a maximum of five frames. Should the wholesale value of the exhibit exceed an upper limit of $1,000 (for five frames), then penalties apply resulting in a loss of points and possibly a lower award. Frugal exhibits are restricted to three to five frames and can be in any national philatelic class except for Youth and Literature. The class is only available at the National Level. Judging of Frugal exhibits is carried out in two stages with the results of each stage not being revealed to the judging teams until both stages are complete. Firstly, the entries are judged by the relevant philatelic class judging team, using all the normal criteria except that to encourage Frugal exhibits: • Rarity will be judged as ‘difficulty of acquisition; with the marks for this category being reduced by 10 points, and • The points for knowledge and research will be increased by 10 points. Secondly, the exhibit is assessed as to its wholesale monetary value. This judging is carried out by a team of three judges, well versed in philatelic valuations and, normally drawn from the philatelic trade (usually members of the Australian Philatelic Traders’ Association) with at least five years standing. This team assesses the wholesale market value

of the exhibit not taking into account any enhanced value accruing to the exhibit because of the skills of the exhibitor. This valuation will be available to the exhibitor. If the adjudged wholesale value exceeds $1,000.00 (based on 5 frames with an average of $200 per frame) points will be deducted from the philatelic score on the following scale: • $1 - $60 - loss of one point for each $20.00 or part thereof, • $61 - $200 - loss of one point for each $10.00 or part thereof; and • $201 upwards - loss of one point for each $5.00 or part thereof. For exhibits of less than 5 frames, a pro-rata value of $200 per frame is used. The next opportunity to enter a frugal exhibit is Canberra Stampshow 2022. Entries close on 30 November 2021 and details and an entry form can be found on the Philatelic Society of Canberra website I would encourage you to take this opportunity to enter an exhibit comprising low-value material and to use your philatelic knowledge, your skills at preparing an exhibit and your ability to track down those elusive items to provide an outstanding display. Suitable topics might include modern issues of less popular countries, modern postal stationery and modern postal markings. Further information on the Frugal Philately class by visiting the APF website at wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Frugal-Philately.pdf, or by emailing Ian at A Frugal Exhibit One of the best frugal exhibits I have seen was in Canberra 2018 by Denise Rosenfeldt called NEW ZEALAND POST FAST POST SERVICE. It received a Large Vermeil (83 points) and is a perfect example of how good research can make an interesting high scoring exhibit without having to break the bank. Denise has permitted me to share highlights of her exhibit with you.

Figure 2: FastPost promotional package delivered to all households

New Zealand Post Fast Post Service New Zealand Post replaced the inland airmail serStamp News - 45

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation in figure 3. Different types of labels were issued from June 1988 to November 1998 (see figure 4). These were printed until 2001, replaced by labels with only the word “Fast”. New Zealand Post closed many of its local postal agencies and stamps became available to the public at retail outlets such as supermarkets and petrol stations. The ‘hang sell’ booklet was introduced with ten stamps and three Fast Post labels. In May 1992, $8 booklets were issued Figure 3: FastPost trial with Toshiba test imprint from Christchurch with a strip of ten gummed rouletted Fast Post labels (see figure 5). Mail Centre on 30th March 1988 Dispenser rolls were contained in a printed cardboard box. There were vice on 7 June 1988 with a service called Fast Post. instructions on the top for dispensing and an imprintUsing a fleet of vans, trucks and aircraft, mail was ed label was on the face (see figure 6). guaranteed to be delivered the next day to and from There were a variety of Business Plans and Postal major towns and cities. Mail categories were abolStationery. Box Link, launched in February 1989, ished, pricing now based on size rather than weight. sent mail to a post box (see example in figure 7). The importance of this change was that it was radiContract Mail was at a bulk rate for a business to cal, revolutionary, a world first, and lay the foundation for postal changes that happened from this point. Promotional material was sent to businesses and households, to educate the public the package shown in figure 2 was delivered to all households. It contained an instructional leaflet explaining the changes, a wall chart with the pricing of parcels, a chart with the envelope sizes for customers to place their envelopes over to ascertain the postage rate and a sheet of 10 Fast Post labels. Business clients received a folder containing a letter outlining the new Fast Post service with one envelope of each of the three sizes imprinted with the Fast Post label and a sheet of 10 fast Post labels “Fast Post” labels were issued for the service. They were trialled at Christchurch Mail Centre on 30th March 1988 to test the new Toshiba mail sorting Figure 4: Different types of FastPost labels issued from June machines. A cover from this test is shown 1988 to November 1998 46 - Stamp News

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Above : Figure 5: $8 Booklet issued May 1992 has a strip of ten gummed rouletted FastPost labels Right : Figure 6: Cardboard box for FastPost dispenser rolls send mail anywhere in New Zealand (see example in figure 8). Partnership allowed companies to privately print their own envelopes with company logos and a Fast Post imprint (see example in figure 9). Easipost envelopes had pre-paid postage and could be purchased at Post Offices. Once the customer had posted their mail in in a posting box, a courier driver cleared the box delivered the mail to a mail centre for processing. New Zealand Post introduced its own courier service in 1989. The couriers also picked up and delivered mail for major business customers. At the mail centres, mail that had been priority sorted for the Fast Post service was postmarked as such to show it had been processed this way. From 1 February 2000, New Zealand Post changed the “Fast Post “ service to “ Priority Mail”. The postmarks changed over time at the mail centres to the new name. London 2022 After many months with no major stamp exhibitions taking place in the UK, planning has now resumed for London to host an international stamp exhibition in 2022. Originally to be

London 2020, the event should have been held last May. Now London 2022 will take place from 19 to 26 February next year. The venue will be the Business Design Centre in Islington in London (nearest Underground Station: Angel). This is the same location as the London 2010 exhibition (see figures 10 and 11) To keep up to date with the exhibition you can visit their website - If you can get there, they say you will be able to

Figure 7: FastPost cover using Box Link Stamp News - 47

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation

Figure 8: FastPost cover using Contract Mail.

national travel will be allowed. Of course, with COVID it is difficult to know if travel will be allowed. The stance taken in England is to acknowledge that the virus is here to stay and that society must adapt to learn to live with it. Just about all large-scale events are now happening, but with some inevitable safeguards. The UK classifies countries as ‘Open’ and ‘Red’. There are very few ‘Red’ countries, and double-vaccinated visitors from ‘Open’ countries are welcomed into England with minimal testing and no isolation requirements on arrival. The Organising Committee of London 2022 is very confident that the exhibition will happen.

browse through an unrivalled array of material and chat with dealers from around the world. Understandably, events during the past months have meant some of the original booth holders have had to withdraw. However, there is expected to be around 125 Canberra 2022 booth holders comprising stamp dealers, auctioneers, In what will mark its 90th Anniversary, the Philatelic publishers and postal administrations. Whatever Society of Canberra Inc. will once again play host to your field of interest, whether it be stamps or postal the philatelic community, conducting the ever-pophistory, thematics or cinderellas, stationery or reveular Canberra Stampshow, in the National Capital, nues, all collectors are certain to find something of between Friday 18 March and Sunday 20 March interest. 2022. It will also be the occasion of the 22nd BienniSpecial accommodation arrangements have been al National Philatelic Convention, the first physical made for those visiting the exhibition. These can be stamp show to be held nationally since the Society seen on the website under ‘Visits/Hotels’. The Royal Philatelic Society London will be having a stand for the duration of the exhibition, welcoming existing members and providing details of the benefits of membership to those still curious. Many philatelic societies will be taking a table in one of the large meeting rooms. Details can be found on the website by clicking on ‘Programme’ and then on ‘Event Schedule’. Australia is planning to enter a large number of exhibits and literature in the exhibition Figure 9: FastPost cover using Partnership Mail with company logo and a and we are hoping that interFast Post imprint 48 - Stamp News

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

2021. The Canberra Stampshow 2022 is also the last chance to qualify for the national exhibition at Melbourne FIAP to be held in September 2022. The Philatelic Society of Canberra will provide a special prize for the best exhibit which qualifies for Melbourne 2022 and which has not previously qualified. An excellent selection of wellpriced, overprinted and numbered souvenirs will be on offer via the Society’s website, together with the popular Supporters Pack, limited to 100 only. uploads/2021/09/Souvenir-Order-Form_Canberra-StampFigure 10: Exterior of the Business Design Centre where London 2022 show-March-2022Vw3.pdf will be held. The Canberra 2022 Stampshow will, for the first time, be held at conducted its 2020 event, shortly before COVID-19 Thoroughbred Park, the home of wreaked havoc on the world. thoroughbred horse racing in the Capital, which is Selection of the very pertinent theme, Resilience in the North Canberra suburb of Lyneham, about 15 & Recovery (worldwide), whether relating to the mins from the City Centre. The venue is spacious impact of a natural disaster, war, or a pandemic, will with on-site parking and a 5-minute walk to the new undoubtedly be very popular with both prospective light rail station. exhibitors and collectors alike. A special prize will be offered for the best exhibit, related to the theme, in any of the classes offered by the Exhibition. Canberra Stampshow 2022 is a half National Exhibition with both National and State-level classes. Entry is offered to the following national classes: Postal History, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Postal Stationery, Revenues, Literature, Frugal, Youth and Picture Post Cards. Additionally, there will be a full range of State exhibition classes with entry open to exhibitors from all Australian States. Access the prospectus and entry application at https:// The closing date for entries is Friday 30 November Figure 11: A general view of London 2010 Stamp News - 49

CZESŁAW SŁANIA & the Faroes There are some names in philately which have become universally known and one of those names is that of Swedish Royal Court engraver Czesław Słania (1921-2005). During his lifetime he probably engraved more postage stamps, revenue stamps and banknotes than anyone else in this particular extremely specialised trade. Słania was not Swedish but Polish. In his early years he studied the complicated art of engraving. Before moving to Sweden in 1956, he engraved a number of Polish postage stamps demonstrating the high quality of his work. His first years in Sweden were far from easy as he couldn’t find employment. The Swedish Post Office already had a full time engraver – Sven Ewert (1895-1959) – and the number of new issues was rather limited. Słania was contemplating a move to Canada when Ewert passed away in 1959 thus leaving the way open for Słania to apply for the job

and the rest is history. Słania not only engraved more than 1.000 stamps which in itself is quite remarkable but he also worked for numerous other postal administrations. In fact, Słania produced stamps for all of 32 different countries and in addition to being Royal Court Engraver in Sweden he also held similar titles in Denmark and the Principality of Monaco. He was famous for working extremely fast. Had he lived Słania would have been 100 years old on 22 October 2021. The centenary of his birth has been marked by postage stamps issued by Sweden (joint issue with Poland) and Monaco. Denmark, Greenland and the Faroes have collaborated by producing a souvenir sheet each marking Słania’s 100th birthday. The Faroese version is shown in Fig. 1 and the engraving is by Martin Mörck, a Norwegian residing in Sweden. Mörck is very much the successor to Czesław Słania but, sadly,

Figure 1

50 - Stamp News

Christer Brunström most nations have now abandoned recess printed stamps preferring other and much cheaper printing methods. However, Mörck is responsible for some of the most remarkable modern postage stamps. The Faroese souvenir sheet went on sale 12 August 2021. The design is based on a photo of Słania taken by Wayne Chen during a meeting with the engraver at the Pacific 97 stamp exhibition in San Francisco. Chen was a high school student at the time and his photo was used not only on the Faroese souvenir sheet but also on those of Denmark and Greenland. Słania designed and engraved a total of 100 stamps for the Faroe Islands. The stamps constitute a handy collection showcasing this tiny nation of some 49,000 living on a number of islands located in the North Atlantic. For this article I have selected seven representative stamps to demonstrate the quality of his work.

Figure 2

Figure 5

When the Faroe Islands issued its first stamps in 1975 Słania had been commissioned to engrave the stamps featuring old maps (Fig. 2) and views of the islands. These ten stamps started his long association with the Faroese Post Office. The ram on the 1979 25 kr stamp (Fig. 3) is quite impressive and certainly one of the favourite items in my collection of Faroese stamps. At the time, 25:- was a lot of money and the stamp was mainly intended for larger packages. Sheep farming is quite important on the islands and Słania did a very good job depicting a ram curiously looking at the viewer. In 1980 there was a set of five stamps showing Faroese flowers (Fig. 4). There is no indication on the stamps that Słania was involved in the production process but the Faroese Post Office state that he was. Słania was generally very good at engraving portraits as testified by a 1983 stamp (Fig. 5) show-

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 6

Figure 7

Stamp News - 51

CZESŁAW SŁANIA & the Faroes ing the likeness of Niels R. Finsen, a Danish doctor and scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1903. It was part of a set honouring great achievements of human genius. A fisherman is pictured on the 1984 stamp shown in Fig. 6. The fishing industry is extremely important in the Faroese economy and over the years there have been many stamps devoted to this sector. Also collectors of Fish on Stamps can find many additions to their albums when perusing the Faroese pages of a stamp catalogue. Słania probably was at his very best when creating Faroese landscapes. Shown in Fig. 7 is a stamp issued in 1989. It shows the bird cliffs of the island of Suðeroy. The islands are home to an amazing variety of birdlife nesting along the dramatic coastlines where they are protected from predators or too

curious humans. Słania’s last stamp for the Faroes was issued in 2003 in the form of a souvenir sheet (Fig. 8). It shows a painting of a number of Faroese merrily dancing in a home many years ago. As indicated in the lower left corner of the sheet, this was Słania’s 100th stamp for the Faroese Post Office. Let me end with some really good news for anyone contemplating assembling a collection of Słania’s Faroese stamps. There was much speculation in the early issues resulting in large quantities being printed and sold to “investors”. After the initial high prices they all came tumbling down after a few years as there were ample supplies of all the early issues. This is still the case today meaning that all these highly collectable stamps can still be obtained for close to or less than face value.

Figure 8

52 - Stamp News

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A couple of examples from our stocks -

We produce regular Postal Bid Sales featuring a varied assortment of Australian and British Commonwealth stamps, priced to suit all budgets - Lots are estimated from as $1 upwards. Our sales are run fairly in accordance with best industry practices.


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to view our stock of quality Australia and New Guinea stamps

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PO Box 132, BURPENGARY Q 4505 Email: Phone: 0409 473 150 Fax: (07) 3102 8558 Mention you saw us in Stamp News!

OUR RETAIL AND TRADE COUNTER IS NOW OPEN! Come and browse in a COVID safe environment. Visit us at our premises: Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. (ENTRY VIA SERVICE ROAD) 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday, (Weekends by appointment) GROUND FLOOR, AND EASY PARKING RIGHT OUTSIDE, PLUS RAMP FOR DISABLED ACCESS. 100s of Collections, Australia & Worldwide. Come in and browse, 30% discount to personal shoppers (COVID restrictions allowing) Lots from $50 to $5000 and more. WE CARRY GOOD STOCKS OF AUSTRALIA, GREAT BRITAIN, BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES plus JAPAN to 1960. Also Worldwide postal history, Worldwide Cinderellas, Forgeries and Philatelic Exhibition items, as well as Albums, Catalogues & Accessories. Coins include Australia Pre-Decimals, RAM and Perth Mint Product and Loose World and Australia coins by weight. We also buy collections and accumulations of stamps & coins plus postage lots. Visa/ Mastercard/Amex welcome. Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Stamp News - 59

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Gift options for new subscribers In 2021 we are making these new subscription offers to make your subscription even more affordable: For each 12 months of your new subscription you may choose 1 of the following: 1) Five packets of 1000 Prinz folded stamp hinges 2) 10 different British Commonwealth mint unhinged minisheets 3) 10 different Papua New Guinea mint unhinged sets 4) 10 different Norfolk Is. mint unhinged sets 5) 10 different Nauru mint unhinged sets 6) 250 grams World stamps on paper mixture 7) 250 grams Australia stamps on paper mixture 8) 250 grams Ireland stamps on paper mixture 9) 250 grams South Africa stamps on paper mixture 10) 20 different Australia Decimal unaddressed First Day covers For a lifetime subscription you will receive all 10 gifts. In the event of your chosen gifts being unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute. Please circle the gifts required and return with your completed subscription form on the facing page together with and payment to: Stamp News Subscriptions, PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic. 3158 Australia. Email and telephone subscriptions always welcome. Gifts are for NEW hard copy subscribers only.

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Stamps, Booklets, FDC's, Special Cancels, PSEs, Flights, Exhibitions, Souvenir Covers Comprehensive PRICE LISTS on an extensive user-friendly web site


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Sales Highlights from recent Auctions. Auctions are held every 6-7 weeks

Realised $35,775 Realised $20,272 Realised $50,681

Realised $107,325

Realised $11,328

Realised $7,155

Realised $3,100 Realised $27,427

Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd · Auction Rooms: 274A Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria. Australia. Postal Address: PO Box 458 Canterbury, Victoria. 3126. Australia. · ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 · F: +61 3 8677 2858 · E: