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Glen Stephens Rarity Offers For 20 years, my ’Stamp Rarity Page’ has been a “must visit” place for many collectors and dealers, globally - Large clear photos, and lots of detail, and FIXED NETT PRICES. “Philatelic Porn” as one client jokingly described it as! No 20% “Buyer Fees” to add on top etc. All credit cards accepted - even Amex, and with NO insulting extra fees to you either! Each month I’ll add here, a couple of items from that page, for the possible interest of readers. Choice material, and special collection offers etc, from all over the globe. Material on that page often sells FAST - within hours of being listed up, and it changes often - weekly mostly, so do bookmark this page, and check often -

1924 2/- Maroon Third Watermark superb *** MUH *** Perfect Centred Block 4! WOW. What an absolute stunner, clean and fresh MUH and 105% guaranteed by me original gum, with astounding perfs and centering for any Third Watermark 2/-, as you can see. Perf OS are scarcer than normal mint - itself a very scarce stamp. ACSC #30c, Cat $1,250 a SINGLE, i.e. $5,000++ a block, and I’ve never had one before. BLOCKS 4 of Kangaroos are going crazy lately for top grade material. “Printed Yesterday” condition, and one for the bottom drawer for the collector who ONLY seeks the best. Cat $5,000++ … bought well so out it goes at just $A1,975 (Stock 734AL)

United Arab Emirates MUH sets, 1998-2006 SG Cat $1,375 for just $A450! : 1998-2006 run - SG cat £692=$A1,375. Current SG cat noted on each set for your easy checking. Bought a large collection off a banker, who moved around globally, and bought stamps and FDC from POs from wherever he was posted. Often very obscure places. He was in the United Arab Emirates in 1998-2006, and bought these MUH full sets. GLOBALLY, all mint sets are scarce post 2000. “LIQUID GOLD” - can you see anyone else offering these in 1 hit - of course not. All fresh MUH. Gorgeous clean lot. And WILL get pricier over time of course. Bought cheap to sell cheap for $A450. HEAPS more pix here - Adding these up on eBay would be a big hit as no-one else globally will have these - trust me! Clearly, almost NO-ONE bought these mint as new issues, that much is pretty clear - lots of $20 sets among these. He also bought FDC from UAE for this similar era, also dirt cheap! Ask me. $A450 (Stock 945QH)

Sierra Leone 1933 KGV Abolition Of Slavery Centenary - Wilberforce. The top 2 vales from this iconic and legendary set, which had a tiny print number. Magnificently engraved by Bradbury Wilkinson London. Most of these high value were pen cancelled fiscally on Court Fees, and of course are readily detected under UV, even if cleaned. (SG lists them separately) UV very carefully checked by me, and 105% Guaranteed, uncleaned and postal used with Registered dated cds. Both are absolutely Superb Used - clean and flat and fresh, with perfect perfs and centering, and deep rich original colours, and no hinges or gook or gunk or aging. Both expertised on reverse. SG 179 £500 = $A1000, and SG 180, £850 = $A1.700. Price $450 and $750, or save $100 with the BOTH for $1,600 UNDER SG at - $A1,100 (Stock 294AB) Order via: All Cards accepted with ZERO fee - even Amex! Bank Deposit fine, or Money Orders. PayPal is accepted in ANY major currency, saving you fees - contact me first. LayBys/Layaways always OK with me!


PO Box 4007, Castlecrag, NSW, 2068, Australia. - Phone 0409 399 888 e-mail me: - Life Member: American Stamp Dealers Association (New York.) Philatelic Trader’s Society. (London.)

PRINZ STOCKBOOKS Classic-Line stockbook

These Classic-Line series of stockbooks are made from specially selected materials. All versions in the 230 x 305 mm format are equipped with a double linen hinged and double glassine inter-leaves. The smaller books in the format 165 x 220 mm are offered with single hinge and one glassine interleaf The books with black stock sheets are made in the format 230 x 305mm with 9, in the format 165 x 220mm with 6 transparent strips The books with white stock sheets, on the other hand, are equipped with 10 glassine strips in the 230 x 305 mm format and 6 glassine strips in the 165 x 220mm format.

Classic-Line stockbook, black pages

Black card sides covered with clear foil strips made of PP, with linen hinge and glassine interleaves

Type 8 leaves/16pp/6 foil strips 8 leaves/16pp, 9 foil strips, grained book cover 16 leaves/32pp, 9 foil strips, grained book cover 24 leaves/48pp, 9 foil strips, grained book cover, padded

Format mm Price WxH AUD 165 x 220 27.50 230 x 305


230 x 305


230 x 305


32 leaves/64pp, 9 foil strips, Book cover 230 x 305 84.50 in linen look Available in Black, Red or Blue Additionally, 64 page stockbooks are available in Green & Brown

White pages

White card sides covered with glassine strips, with linen hinge and glassine interleaves

Type 8 leaves/16pp, 6 glassine strips, grained book cover 8 leaves/16pp, 10 glassine strips, grained book cover 16 leaves/32pp, 10 glassine strips, grained book cover 24 leaves/48pp, 10 glassine strips, grained book cover 32 leaves/64pp, 10 glassine strips, grained book cover 32 leaves/64pp, 10 glassine strips, grained book cover, center divide

Format mm Price WxH AUD 165 x 220 27.00 230 x 305


230 x 305


230 x 305


230 x 305


230 x 305


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Front Cover Åland Post will issue on October 20 this year’s miniature sheet in the stamp series featuring Chinese zodiac signs. Designed by artist Martin Mörck, ginger house cats illustrate Åland Post’s interpretation of the Year of the Tiger.

Stamp News - 5

Richard Juzwin Stamp Dealers have recently acquired the Rodney Perry “Gold Medal” exhibition collection :

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 9 Stamp News has kindly been given permission to publish the entire collection over the coming months.

viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State Australian Stamp Company

Aug 24 1896 registered cover Adelaide to U.S.

Inscription at upper left now eight-lined on front. Text on reverse eleven lines, notable inclusions “Old Colonists having letters should send us the Stamps far our offer. A Handful often yields Pounds.” and ‘51 Rare stamp is given far every New Collector’s Address sent us.” Vertical line of text at right now reads downwards.

6 - Stamp News

viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State Australian Stamp Company

Mar 8 1897 registered cover from Adelaide to Turks Islands, via Vancouver and New York

Jun 16 1898 registered cover Adelaide to U.S.

Stamp News - 7

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUS viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State Vincent A.A. Barry (1869-1948) Vincent Athanasius Aloysius Barry commenced his Philatelic career in Melbourne. There, from November 1887 to April 1888, he published Barry’s Philatelic Monthly [refer page 117]. During the 1890s, Barry was jailed for drunkenness and embezzling in Sydney and Melbourne. By 1902 he had relocated to Adelaide, trading from 191 Pirie St.

Nov 14 1902 advertising cover for Barry, registered at Adelaide, utilising illegal Stamp Duty 1d in postal franking

Nov 25 1902 registered cover from Adelaide with application of oval “Barry” handstamp, which had capability to alter expressed date Both covers are to C.A. Gillies in Sydney, a pioneer Philatelist, and contributor to Vindin’s Philatelic Monthly, under nom de plume “C.A.”. 8 - Stamp News

AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 9 viii. Other Philatelic Traders by State John Howell & Son John Howell was a Bookseller, Printer & Stationer, established in Adelaide 1855. By 1882, at least, by which time his son had joined him, the firm included Marcophily amongst business interests. The Belgian Postal card below, to J Howard & Son, contains message:

“Please send me by return your price list of post marks and let me know if you do change or bought other marks” This is the earliest commercial reference to postmark selling in Australian Colonies noted by the exhibitor.

Stamp News - 9

reviews The History of Airmail in Poland and Its Contribution to Airmail Services of Europe (1914-1939), by Dr. Jerzy W. Kupiec-Weglinski Published by the Collectors Club of Chicago, 2021. This English edition is accompanied by Synopsis and Table of Contents in Polish and German. The monograph, prefaced by Oxford-based Nobel Prize nominated historian Norman Davies, focuses on the development and operations of airmail services on the Polish territories throughout 25 years of turbulent European history during the 20th century. It begins with events originating in WWI in a remote area of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Galicia Province. It concludes with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and the outbreak of WWII. It is an in-depth encyclopedic history of the development of air post services not only in Poland but also in all of Europe and beyond. The substantive material is presented in twelve chapters. The first chapter highlights the 1914-1915 airmail effort by Austrian Army from the besieged by Russian forces city of Przemyśl. The following chapter includes comprehensive descriptions and illustrations of the airmail postal route in 1918 from Vienna to Kyiv via Krakow and Lviv. Further chapters detail the development of domestic airmail operations, as well as joint services by Polish and foreign carriers to other countries and continents, 10 - Stamp News

ken sanford air rallies, crash (interrupted) mail, and the Zeppelin mail from mainland Poland and the Free City of Danzig to the Americas. There are many tables and appendices which provide useful information about cancellations, cachets, miscellaneous postal marking, quantities of airmail carried between various cities, airmail labels used on the covers, a survey of Graf Zeppelin dispatches from Poland to South America, and much more. The book is well researched and contains a wealth of information about early Polish & European airmail and will be essential for aerophilatelists interested in that area of aerophilately. The handbook is hardbound in an 8½”x11” format (21.5 x 28 cm) and includes 385 pages containing over 700 color illustrations. The book is available in Europe for €65 plus s/h, with PayPal accepted for payment, to: jkupiec@mednet.ucla. edu. It is available in the USA for $70.50 plus the following postage: $8.00 within the USA, Europe $15.00 (shipping from Poland) & to Canada $28.50 priority mail. Inquire about shipping cost to other countries. See the Collector’s Club of Chicago website for details. (

Stamps in the News - Globally! Postcrossers beware

Reported at A simple way to transfer sperm on postcards in the mail could find an application in scientific studies and animal husbandry. Sperm is often transported nationally and internationally, but the glass vials typically used for transport are vulnerable to breaking in transit. A team at the University of Yamanashi in Japan has now come up with a way to deliver sperm that removes the risk of sample loss. “Until now, sending mouse sperm to other researchers has required a freezing environment such as liquid nitrogen or a freezer, which is expensive and risky,” said a spokesman. The researchers thought that an alternative might be to freeze-dry sperm onto a surface and send it through the standard mail. To put the method to the test, the researchers freeze-dried mouse sperm to a sheet of weighing paper, before sandwiching the paper between plastic sheets for easier handling and sending it through the Japanese postal service attached to a postcard. When the samples were retrieved after travelling 200 kilometres over two days, the researchers could use the sperm to produce healthy mice.

12 - Stamp News

The research team have pointed out that the simplicity of this delivery method means that there is potential for the illegal transport of genetic material meaning new regulations should be considered. “However, this study raises the intriguing idea that human spermatozoa could be preserved and transported by less cost, more secure, space-saving and simple methods,” the research leader said.

BIOT stamps banned

Reported at Mauritius has hailed a decision by the UN postal agency to ban British stamps from being used on the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It marks a further step in the decades-long struggle to get back sovereignty of the islands from the UK. The vote by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the United Nations agency focusing on the mail sector, follows a longstanding dispute between Mauritius and Britain over the Chagos Islands, where London and Washington operate a joint military base. All stamps from the Chagos Islands must from now on bear stamps from Mauritius. “This is another big step in favour of the recognition of the sovereignty of Mauritius over the Chagos,” Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth said late Wednesday. Although Mauritius became independent in 1968, the Chagos archipelago remained under British control, sparking protests by Chagossians, who accuse London of carrying out an “illegal occupation” and barring them from their homeland. Following this month’s vote, the UPU will stop registering, distributing and

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

BIOT stamp minisheet issued in June 2021 transmitting stamps bearing the words British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), the name given by Britain to the archipelago. In 2019, the International Court of Justice ruled that Britain should give up control of the islands. Later that year, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution recognising that “the Chagos Archipelago forms an integral part of the territory of Mauritius” and urged UN agencies “to support the decolonisation of Mauritius”. There was no response from Britain to Tuesday’s vote which took place in Abidjan. Britain insists the archipelago belongs to London and has renewed a lease agreement with the United States to use Diego Garcia, the largest of the islands, until 2036.

Slania celebrated

Reported at To commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of master stamps engraver, Czeslaw Slania, Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are each issuing a souvenir sheet, featuring Slania’s portrait. Slania was born on October 22, 1921, in the small town of Czeladz in Poland.

Slania is considered one of the world’s most productive and accomplished engravers. He engraved over 1,000 postage stamps for 32 different countries around the world and became renowned for the precision, speed and sophistication of his work. While working on stamps he also engraved a great number of other works, including banknotes, and was appointed the Royal Court Engraver of Sweden, Denmark and Monaco. During his lifetime, he received a number of honours and awards for his work. Already as a child, Czeslaw Slania demonstrated amazing ability to draw detailed miniatures, especially portraits and horses. In addition, he often drew pictures of his schoolmates and copied banknotes and stamps - and, according to anecdotal evidence, also cinema and boxing tickets. These abilities reportedly proved to be very helpful during World War II, when he made fake identity papers for the Polish resistance movement. After the war, in 1945, Slania entered the Graphic Department at the Krakow Academy of Arts, where he gradually specialized in engraving techniques, among them etching and copper engraving. Even before his training was over, Czeslaw Slania was employed by the Stamp Printing Company of the Polish Postal Administration, where he worked for 6 years. Stamp News - 13

Stamps in the News - Globally!

In 1956, Slania moved to Sweden. At first, there was not much work to be found for this very talented artist, but after a few years, he was hired by the Swedish Postal Administration. During the next 40 years he engraved a large number of stamps for the Swedish Post – while

14 - Stamp News

eventually also working for many other postal administrations around the world. In 1962, Czeslaw Slania engraved his first stamp for the Danish Postal Service. In the following years, he engraved a total of 241 Danish stamps, while also engraving 80 stamps for Greenland he also engraved

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

for 100 stamps for the Faroe Islands. The amazing diversity of Slania ‘s artistic talents reached its full potential in the stamps he engraved for the Faroese Postal Administration. These include landscapes, buildings, carvings, flora, fauna and people in different situations. The greatest masterpiece among Slania’s Faroese stamps is undoubtedly the famous Ram stamp. It is a detailed and utterly exquisite portrait of an adult ram with impressive horns, looking like it will jump out of the stamp frame at any time. The anecdote has it that at the time Slania was actually working on another engraving but was so fascinated by the beautiful and spectacular ram that he kept returning to it. In connection with the 100th anniversary of Czeslaw Slania’s birth, Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are each issuing their own souvenir sheet, all featuring Slania’s portrait but with different backgrounds, typical of each country. The souvenir sheets are engraved by the renowned engraver, Martin Mörck, who many consider to be Slania’s heir in the field of engraving.

started in all provinces including Kabul city. Respected citizens can visit the nearby postal services in their regions and enjoy the services of this company. Afghan Post is a common benefit government company that is always at the service of the countrymen.”

Post rises to the occasion: Fiji Reported at

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, Post Fiji introduced grocery ordering to its Post offices to allow customer the comfort of shopping from their homes online and making it a one stop shop. Customers can also use Post Fiji’s eshop to purchase their grocery or stationery items. Looking for your daily needs. Do your Shopping with us. We have everything for you at your one stop shop from Stationery, bags, footwear, books to groceries. Shop and we will deliver to your doorsteps.

Post rises to the occasion: Afghanistan Post rises to the occasion: Belgium Reported at

Reported at Belgium

Posted on the Afghan Post facebook page on 17th August, two days after the Taliban took Kabul: “WARNING! Afghan Post Company, with respect, informs all countrymen that the daily work of this company has

Due to the effect of recent catastrophic flooding in Belgium, bPost has advertised special arrangements for those affected: “If you have to relocate because of the floods, bpost will forward your post free of charge for 12 weeks to the address of your choice.

Stamp News - 15

Stamps in the News - Globally! To do so, contact us at 02/278.51.29. Don’t forget to have your identity card ready, as well as those of the people aged over 15 who live with you. Please note: without a request for temporary forwarding, your post will be returned to sender with the indication: ‘flood’.”

Post rises to the occasion : Ukraine Reported at

In response to the pandemic, the postal service in Ukraine, Ukrposhta, has advertised special delivery arrangements: “Stay at home and order medicines, medical equipment, vitamins, hygiene products and other products online during the coronavirus epidemic. Ukrposhta will deliver the order to any city and village in Ukraine. Buying online, you can: get medication at home without traveling to pharmacies; purchase medicines, that are not available in pharmacies near your home; order drugs at a discount; avoid queues and crowds. Orders from online pharmacies, marked with yellow mark, we deliver for free.”

Post rises to the occasion: Italy Reported at

Law enforcement in Milan is investigating the source of an envelope containing three bullets addressed to the pope, Italian paramilitary police said recently. The suspicious envelope was intercepted by postal employees at a mail sorting facility in a Milan suburb, according to the police. It had been sent from

16 - Stamp News

France. The envelope was addressed by hand in pen to: “The Pope, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square, Rome,” and contained three bullets presumed to be for a pistol and a message referring to financial operations at the Vatican. An investigation is ongoing. There is no immediate comment from the Vatican.

Post rising to the occasion: Malaysia

Reported at Pos Malaysia The Malaysian postal authority, Pos Malaysia, has issued the following warning: “FAKE News Claiming That Postmen Will Be Working From Home Reference is made to a FAKE news claiming that postmen will be working from home. We would like to debunk this fake message claims as it is misleading and have confused many. Please refrain from sharing and posting unverified postings and messages.”

Something for the Dead Letter Office? Reported at

The U.S. Postal Service will celebrate Day of the Dead with four colourful new stamps. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and elsewhere associated with the Catholic celebrations of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, and is held on November 1 and 2.

Compiled by

Margo Campbell hair bow, a father sporting a hat and mustache, a mother with curled hair, and another child. Day of the Dead, with all its exuberant colour, life-affirming joy, and appeal for the whole family, is fast becoming a popular American holiday.

Getting knotted in Kashmir Reported at https://www.

The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and to remember friends and family members who have died In recent decades, Día de los Muertos, as it is known in Spanish, has caught on in the United States as a festive celebration for all ages. These new stamps from the U.S. Postal Service showcase the Day of the Dead holiday, in all its flower-bedecked splendour. This pane of 20 Forever stamps contains five identical rows of four colourful stamps featuring several iconic elements of a traditional Day of the Dead offering. Stylized, decorated “sugar skulls” are personalized as family members — a child with a

Kashmir’s famed hand-knotted carpet, with its intricate and colourful floral patterns, graced a special cover of the Indian Postal Service this week. This comes as a shot in the arm of the J&K Handicrafts and Handloom Department’s efforts to push for the Geographical Indication (GI) certification, upscale the dwindling trade, and restore its lost glory. “The inclusion of Kashmir’s hand-knotted carpet as a postal cover will help educate people about GI tagging and reach a wide audience. The situation demands the building of trust and restoring consumer confidence to buy our authentic carpets,” a spokesman said. The department is planning to shift from the traditional label system to the Quick Response (QR) code for carpets. “A buyer can use his mobile phone to know about the knots per inch, yarn and the material used. The buyer can also access the name of the craftsmen who wove it. It will reinforce the confidence of a buyer.”

Drawing a line in the sand in Bermuda Reported at

The Bermuda Post Office recently issued its second commemorative stamp release of the year, featuring the Bermuda Sandcastle Competition, and virtual 3D cube versions of the ‘Sand Sculptures’ stamp series Stamp News - 17

Stamps in the News - Globally!

are below. The Bermuda Sandcastle Competition is held annually, and throughout the year Hannah Emmerson creates a number of artistic sand sculptures which always prove popular on social media. “Hannah Emmerson has turned a fun activity into an art form, one which has been appreciated particularly during this time of social restrictions resulting from the pandemic. Each sculpture can take

anywhere from four to six hours to create, depending on size and detail,” a spokesman said. “In addition to building, Ms Emmerson loves conducting workshops which allow her to share her artistic talents with children and adults alike. So, we are very pleased to highlight this unique and engaging activity which has been such a staple in our community for many decades.”

A new duck call in the US

Reported at https:// A revision in guidelines for Federal Duck Stamp submissions has removed a key requirement. No longer will artists and 18 - Stamp News

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

illustrators need to adhere to a theme of “celebrating our waterfowl hunting heritage,” says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), which adds that the change will give “artists more flexibility when designing their art, and broadens the appeal of the Duck Stamp to a more diverse audience.” The USFWS announced this rule will go into effect beginning with the 2022 Federal Duck Stamp contest. The requirement for a hunting image as part of the Duck Stamp came from former Trump administration. The USFWS explained that the stamp’s hunting theme requirement was unsatisfactory to “many stakeholders and artists” who had continued to express their dissatisfaction with the hunting element being mandatory for all entries to the Duck Stamp contest. The Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp—known as the Duck Stamp—is

required to be purchased by all waterfowl hunters in the U.S. The cost per stamp is $25. Created in 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Duck Stamp sales have generated more than $1.1 billion used to acquire 6 million acres of wetland habitat. Countless birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians benefit from habitat protected by Duck Stamp revenue, including an estimated one-third of the nation’s endangered and threatened species. Waterfowl hunters have been the greatest contributors to the program, though collectors, bird watchers and other non-hunters also purchase stamps to contribute to conservation or for the stamp’s artistic value. The contest’s rules still require the portrayal of one of five species of waterfowl designated each year. Hunting scenes in Duck Stamp art, such as decoys and blinds, are now optional.

Stamp News - 19

Postal Stationery Welcome to the postal stationery column for October 2021. This month’s column looks at some interesting aerogramme usages, and new issues of postal stationery from Australia Post. Turtle Pre-Paid Postcards Four pre-paid postcards were issued on 10 August 2021 selling for $2.40 each and featuring two marine turtles, the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill turtle. Two of the postcards show the green turtle (Figure 1) with one showing a view from above while the other two postcards depict the Hawksbill turtle with one showing a close-up of the turtle (Figure 2). The Green Turtle is found in seaweed-rich coral reefs and inshore seagrass pastures in tropical and subtropical areas of the Indo-Pacific region. Like all sea turtles, it is migratory, often travelling thousands of kilometres between feeding and nesting grounds. The image on the reverse is by Yvonne McKenzie, Wondrous World Images. The Hawksbill Turtle uses its distinctive curved beak to probe coral reefs for sponges and other soft-bodied animals such as sea anemones and jellyfish. The images on the reverse are based on a photograph by Karen Willshaw. Product design was by Sharon Rodziewicz, Australia Post Design Studio. Ballaarat Steam Engine Postage Paid Envelope Australia Post issued a prestamped envelope on 13 August 2021 to mark 150 years of the oldest surviving steam locomotive built in Australia, the Ballaarat Steam Engine (Figure 3). The envelope was sold for $1.35 and features the steam engine in the indicium. Ballaarat is the oldest surviving Australian-built steam locomotive and the first steam locomotive to operate in Western Australia. Built in 1871 in Ballarat (then “Ballaarat”), Victoria, 20 - Stamp News

Figure 1 Green Turtle Pre-Paid Postcard Figure 2 Hawksbill Turtle Pre-Paid Postcard Figure 3 Ballaarat Steam Engine Pre-Stamped Envelope

Ian McMahon commissioned by the Western Australian Timber Company, it hauled timber around the Wonnerup area until 1888. In 1925, Ballaarat was donated to the Municipality of Busselton and is now located in the Busselton Jetty Precinct. Designed by Sharon Rodziewicz, Australia Post Design Studio from photographs provided by Rail Heritage WA collection, and the City of Busselton (stamp area).

Figure 4 New Zealand Formular Aerogramme Used from Niue in 1954. Figure 5 New Zealand Formular Aerogramme Used from Niue in 1970 typed ‘OHMS’ Figure 6 Australian Private Aerogramme Used by Norfolk Island Post Office

Unusual Usages of Aerogrammes in The Pacific Not surprisingly, New Zealand formular aerogrammes can be found used from Niue. Unfortunately, the two illustrated (Figures 4 and 5), including a 1954 usage and the 1970 usage with a typed OHMS, are most likely philatelic as neither contain a written message. Perhaps John Gorman wrote to the post office there asking for an aerogramme to be sent to him or perhaps he supplied the forms. Either way, the Norfolk Island Post Office was also happy to oblige by cancelling an Australian private aerogramme (‘Archer’ aerogramme’)’ and sending as ‘Official Post’ (Figure 6). The next two aerogrammes though are unlikely to be philatelic usage with business or personal messages. The first is a Kiribati formular aerogramme (Figure 7) sent in 1982 by a French missionary to Canada with a ‘Toddy Cutter’ (person who harvests Toddy, the sap that comes from an unripe coconut-blossom) illustrated on the front and a Gilbertese Maneaba (meeting house) on the reverse. The second (Figure 8) is a Tongan aerogramme sent to New Zealand with 17s in Tonga adhesive stamps attached which was used from Apia, Samoa in 1986 with the addition of 32s in Samoan adhesive stamps. The handwritten message is from a traveller from the Cook Islands telling of his visit to Apia and the story of a Canadian yachtsman heartbroken at having his yacht ransacked in the harbour. Most likely the traveler had purchased the Tongan aerogramme in his travels and not used it until arriving in Samoa. From Paul Xavier is a Fiji 8c aerogramme used to Iceland (Figure 9). The message appears to be a move in a postal chess match indicating that the usage was commercial. Greetings from Christmas Island Postcards Back in 2013, Australia Post issued a series of Stamp News - 21

Postal Stationery postcards depicting Christmas Island scenes. Three of these cards have been previously recorded with ‘Greetings from Christmas Island’ overprints. A fourth card showing ‘Red Crabs near a waterfall’ has now been recorded (Figure 10). Australian Aerogramme Addressed to US Army Post Office Duff Malkin writes: I received some Australian aerogrammes recently and I found some mailed to a C. E. Christ rather interesting. The first (Figure 11) is a 20c aerogramme sent on 2 September 1975 from Sydney, New South Wales. This particular 20 cent form was introduced in November 1974. Supplies were phased in as supplies of the previous 14c aerogramme were sold. The aerogramme rate went up from 14 cents to 20 cents on 1 October 1974. 19,060,100 of these 20c forms were issued. This aerogramme went from Sydney on the 2 September 1975 to New York and then entered the US Army Post Office service to go to A.P.O. N.Y. 09757 which was located in Frankfurt, Germany. It transited Grand Central Station in New York City on 18 September 1975. It was addressed: “579 – 18 – 7894 C.E. Christ, U.S. Army Engr. Division, EUROPE or U.S.A.E.D.E. A.P.O. N.Y. 09757”. “U.S.A.E.D.E.” stands for “United States Army Engineer Division, Europe”. The service number was important. It was the main means for sorting the mail to the individual when it arrived at the US Army Post Office as it enabled them to find where he was currently based. Colonel Charles E. Christ (1930-2015) is buried at ArFigure 7 Kiribati Formular Aerogramme used in 1982 to Canada lington National Cemetery. The correFigure 8 15t Tonga Aerogramme Used From Samoa to New Zealand spondence this form came with indicated that he lived at different times in Figure 9 Fiji 8c Queen Elizabeth II Aerogramme Used to Iceland 22 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon Figure 10 Red Crab near Waterfall Postcard Overprinted ‘Greetings From Christmas Island’ Figure 11 20c Australian Aerogramme addressed to Mr Christ at a US Army Post Office Based in West Germany Figure 12 33c Australian Aerogramme addressed to Mr Christ

aerogrammes were still in post offices when the 33 cent aerogramme rate came into effect. Although the period of use was comparatively short, 6,028,000 were issued. The aerogramme was used on 11 July 11 1980 from Hornsby, New South Wales, to Arlington, Virginia USA. Queensland 1d + 1d STO Envelope for Mt Morgan Gold Mining Limited, Rockhampton As reported in the June 2021 issue of this column, the first reported copy of this Queensland 1d + 1d STO Envelope for Mt Morgan Gold Mining Limited, Rockhampton went on sale at the Abacus auction on 5 August 2021. The envelope sold for $1,800 (excluding buyer’s premium).

Alexandria Virginia, Destin, Florida, Frankfurt West Germany and Arlington, Virginia. The second aerogramme (Figure 12) was a 33c jet aircraft aerogramme issued soon after the increase in the aerogramme rate to 33c on 1 April 1980. Again, distribution dates were affected by how many 30c

Modification To Requirements for Privately Produced Aerorgammes The Post office Circular of March 1976 included the following notice: Location of Approval Endorsement on Privately Manufactured Aerogrammes – It has now been brought to our attention that privately produced aerogrammes are currently required to show the words ‘Approved by Australia Post as Aerogramme No – “ on the lower left-hand corner of the address side. This is contrary to the UPU requirements as adopted at the Lausanne Congress. In view of this, the endorsement should in future be shown on the Stamp News - 23

Postal Stationery back of the aerogramme form. An amendment to paragraph 318 (5) of the Post Office Guide will be made in due course but meantime if any manufacturers present proof copies officers should be aware of our conditions. The aerogramme shown in Figure 13 shows the approval notice on the front of the form while the form in Figures 14 and 15 show the notice duly moved to the upper left on the reverse of the form. (Does anyone have an aerogramme with the notice on the front and reading ‘Australia Post’ rather than the Postmaster-General?) Postal Stationery Society of Australia On-Line Meetings The Postal Stationery Society of Australia (PSSA) is continuing with its program of on-line meetings. The July meeting was Ian McMahon presenting Airletters and Aerogrammes of Canada (Figure 16). The video of this presentation and most earlier presentations can be viewed by following the links on the PSSA website or the PSSA Facebook page which also contain details of future meetings.

Figure 13 Formular Aerogramme with Approval Notice on Front Figure 14 Formular Aerogramme with Approval Notice on Reverse Figure 15 Back of Formular Aerogramme with Approval Notice on Reverse

Postal Stationery Collector August 2021 The August issue of the Postal Stationery Collector includes articles on the Australian 7-Cent Little Letters Enigma by Peter Tozer (Figure 17), Australia Christmas 1985 Postal Stationery Designs (Figure 18) by Daryl Kibble, the One Penny Watermark on Victoria’s Wrappers by Mark Diserio, and Knife 24 - Stamp News

Shapes Found on Post Office Wrappers by John Courtis. The July 2021 FIP Postal Stationery Commission Newsletter is now available on the Commission’s website The Postal Stationery Collector received a Large Gold Medal at the US National Exhibition, The

Ian McMahon Great American Stampshow, held in Chicago in August 2021. Postal Stationery Competition at Canberra Stampshow 2022 Canberra Stampshow 2022, will be held at Thoroughbred Park, 1 Randwick Road, Lyneham, Canberra on 18-20 March 2021. The main theme of the exhibition will be Resilience & Recovery. Canberra Stampshow 2022 will be a half-national exhibition and will include the 2022 National Postal Stationery competition. The deadline for entries is 30 November 2021. The prospectus can be found at Entries can be made using the on-line form at https:// Enquires about exhibiting at Canberra Stampshow 2022 can be sent to canberra2022exhibits@ Capex 2022 One Frame International Exhibition CAPEX 22 will be the first international one-frame exhibition and will be held in Toronto, Canada on 9-12 June 2022. Australia has been invited to send entries to the exhibition. CAPEX 22 will offer opportunity for up to 400 One Frame exhibitors to participate. To enter an exhibit must have received at least a Vermeil (75 points) at a National One-Frame real or virtual exhibition such as AusVipex, Bunbury 2019, Canpex 21, Savpex 21, or Toowoomba 2021). Further information is available at or contact me by email at ian.mcmahon4@bigpond. com. Figure 16 ‘Little Letter’ STO with 7c queen Elizabeth II Embossed Stamp Figure 17 Australia Christmas 1985 Aerogramme Essay by Hartshorne with 33c Denomination. Figure 18 essays for Canada 1950 Plane over Landscape Aerogramme

Stamp News - 25

Oz Colonies

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SG 2 1d Carmine Plate 1 SG 3 1d Reddish Rose, Plate I. Sydney View SG 4 1d Brownish Red SG 15 2d Greyish Blue SG 42 3d Yellow-green Sydney View. Large Plate I Sydney View. Plate I Sydney View. Margins Good to touching or just into. Fine Used Close Margins Margins for this Margins Close all Good to large marNick below E of ONE, Unit 2 Thinned. Ceremuga Certificate. Stamp. round. gins. $750.00 $400.00 $525.00 $200.00 $650.00

SG 20 (6d) Orangeyellow Registered. Fine Mint. $150.00

SG 4, Fine Used 1d Carmine-rose. $300.00

SG 173 9d Pale Brown on Pink. Mint Hinged. $200.00

SG 141 4d Orangeyellow. Fine Mint. $450.00

SG 7 3d Blue. Used 4 SG 11 3d Blue, Fine Used 4 Margins. Margin Example. $100.00 $150.00

SG 123b 10d Purplebrown on Pink. Fine Mint Hinged. $320.00

SG 399 £1 Carmine-rose. Fine Mint Hinged. $350.00

SG 63 2d Prussian Blue. Superb Used Pair. $ 160.00

SG 273 5/- Rose. Mint Hinged Block of 4. The 2 Lower Units Unhinged. $600.00

SG 353-354 Charity Pair. Fine Mint Hinged. $250.00

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DISCOUNT SALE OCTOBER 2021 Visit us at our premises by appointment, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday and weekends by appt. to view any of the lots in this sale, plus a whole lot more! Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101-$250 deduct 10%, $251-$500 deduct 15%, $501-1000 deduct 20% Orders over $1000 deduct 25% Orders over $2500 deduct 30% Layby welcome for orders above $500 however we do not offer discounts on layby sales. Scans or colour photocopies of individual items are available on request. Many smaller items, including many that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions Postage and insurance extra, Free within Australia above $500 for items purchased at full price. We accept Visa, MasterCard & PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours. All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee. EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures. Collections & Lots 1. Norfolk Is. Collection 1989 -2019 Fresh mint unhinged in near new Lighthouse Red 16 page stockbook. Almost impossible to source without paying full retail and this looks fairly complete for the period. Cat. $1800 and retail would be not far off that. Very good buying at $1195. (CMS1) 2. Great Britain big 1990 - 2003 Official FDC collection, housed in two Royal Mail albums, virtually as new (retail $50 plus each) Appears complete for the period. Includes High Values to £10 plus Commems, regionals and scarce Greetings booklet panes. Cat. $1800 for the used stamps alone, and retail would be close to that for FDC’s. Got to be worth a third of that. Price $595. (CMS2) 3. FREE! Australia 1980 - 1987 collection of mostly official unaddressed FDC’s, Aerogrammes, Maximum cards etc. Housed in 3 nearly new large burgundy ring binders and on about 135 Hagner or Vario pages, cost of these alone around $300! Values to $5 noted. Must be 250 - 300 covers here, possibly more, no time to count. Pay for the albums only, the covers are FREE! Price $295 the lot. (CMS3) 4. FREE! Australia 1913 - 1997 mint & used collection housed in two good condition green Seven Seas hingeless albums. A very nice lot, condition generally fine with Kangaroos used to 5/- (2) plus 10/(neatly repaired tear) KGV Heads to 1/4d (3) of which about 50% are mint/unused. KGV & KGVI period would be near complete inc.1913 Engraved 6d Kookaburra mint, less 5/- Bridge & Kookaburra minisheet, and a few other bits & pieces. Robes thick paper and Arms sets to £2 are both there. QEII pre-decimal is near complete, mix of mint & used, some MUH. Navigators to £1 with both cream and white papers present. Decimals are used, some cto with about 50 - 60% comple-

tion. Selling for under the new album cost alone, which is roughly $575. The stamps come free. Price $495 (CMS4) 5. FREE! Australia 1953 - 1992 used collection in two top quality dark blue Gibbons Plymouth albums. Must be 99.5% complete for the period. Stanley Gibbons Plymouth Luxury Peg-Fitting Album each with 75 linen hinged interleaved pages. A few spots on the cover and inside, but generally good condition. New cost $150 plus each. Buy this lot for well under than the cost of the new albums, price $249 (CMS5) 6. Guernsey/Alderney Year Books 1984-1990. SG £316= approx $A600. In slip cases, inc all Alderney stamps. Very high cat. A couple of outer slipcases showing their age a bit but stamps all fine. Price $295 (CJE4) 7. 45 x NZ early 1970s Official Unaddressed FDC’s & 12 mint unhinged Blocks 4, some imprints + 5 minisheets. Also 8 x 1972 Welpex stationery & Registered envelopes, 4 each mint & used. A very attractive clean lot with retail approaching $350. Price $149 (CJE5) 8. Worldwide mostly modern mint unhinged & minisheets plus oddments mint & used in near new $175 Lighthouse “Leder” Leatherbound Maroon Padded 64 black page stockbook! Nice range of French sheetlets & minisheets from 2000 & later inc. Sealife, Animals, Nature, Photography, Jazz greats, Motorcycles, Architecture, Valentines, Soccer. Then a nice range of similar from Spain, Japan, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc. Very colourful lot. Counted 47 sheetlets & 44 complete sets. Beautiful clean lot. About 600 stamps all up, around $3 per set/sheet, and the odds are free as well as the fantastic stockbook! Well worth $269 (CJE9) 9. Weekend sorter. Worldwide stamps, loose, in stockbooks, on Hagner sheets, etc. You never know what may be in here, mainly used, could possibly be some mint, postal history, sets in packets, on stockcards etc. Looks like about 5000 stamps all up. Around 5c a stamp, price $249. (CJE16) 10. Mammoth Lot, get your tusks into this! Similar to the above, but double the quantity! Price $449 (CJE17) 11. Witches Brew! Worldwide off paper, good sorting lot, about 2500. Good value at around 3c a stamp. $75 (CJE18) 12. Wizard’s Mix, similar to the above, but a hubble bubble toil & trouble, double sized lot! $139 (CJE19) 13. France 1970 – 1981 superb clean unaddressed collection of First Day Covers, inc. some silks, 80 plus. Very minor duplication & a few French Colonies issues. These sell for $4 - $6 each on eBay. Cheap at around $1.50 each, price $119 (CJE21) 14. Nauru 1954 – April 2011 complete Mint Unhinged collection in Brown Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Album, not far off new. Album alone cost $425! Stamps Sydney retail $1635, so a total of $2060. All the stamps issued over nearly 57 years here for around $20 a year, and the album worth $425 new comes free. Price $1150. (CJE23)

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DISCOUNT SALE OCTOBER 2021 15. Australia 1996 – 2000 Australia Post Prestige Stamp Album. 2000 Olympic Games Limited Edition. Brand new with stamps, FDC’s & Maximum Cards with items from the handover at Atlanta 1996 to the Sydney 2000 Games, and with the Athens 2004 handover issues. Superbly produced, also with the 2012 London Gold Medal Winners PNC limited edition of 1000 collection in its own ring binder. 7 FDC’s, 7 PNC’s 17 Maximum cards and 17 stamps. Price $295 (CM8) 16. As above, but the 2012 London Gold Medal Winners PNC collection only, limited edition of 1000. 7 PNC’s Price $165 (6 available) (CM8a) 17. Australia “Junk” Box. Stamps, albums, stockbooks, Hagner pages, Covers, loose stamps on & off paper. You name it, it may well be included! Must be at least 15 - 20,000 stamps in a 20kg box for $495. Half size 10kg for $249. A great sorting lot. (CMS1) 18. Australia Decimal Official Un-addressed FDC’s 1980 - 1988 just 50c each! Way, way below face value. 100 different for $49 (CMS3) 19. United Nations New York Office 1960’s – 1980’s Unaddressed First Day covers, mainly Official or Artcraft cachets. 100 different, less than 50c each, $49 (CMS5) 20. Australia decimal 1st Day covers 1967 - 1991. Massive new issue dealer’s stock of official mainly unaddressed covers in 4 giant brown padded ring binders on approx. 200 Hagner or similar stockpages, some double sided. Binders and pages alone would have cost around $450 - $500 new. Estimate 750 - 1000 covers, from 1 - 10 of each. Much better spotted like Living Together sets, booklet panes, ATM triangulars x4, $10 Gardens x 4, Minisheets, Se-tenant strips and blocks, some AAT plus just a few Aerogrammes, Maxi-cards and PSE’s. Great value for a hoarder or re-sellers at $625 the lot. (CMS10) 21. Australia Carton Lot Decimal FDC’s 1974 - 2007 approx. Mostly Official Post Office unaddressed covers. Huge variety, some duplication but very wide variety. Great to soak off for fine used sets or just collect as is. Got to be worth 60c each. Weighs nearly 3kg. Approx 500 for $295, half lot for $150. 3 lots available. (CMS12) 22. Australian Territories and Pacifics fine used collection in Blue Padded Ancol Album, 1940 - 1990. Includes Fiji, Norfolk Is, Pitcairn Is, Nauru & Papua New Guinea. Most are fine used light corner cds, with almost a complete collection from decimals onwards. Must be 350 - 400 complete sets inc. all of the long definitive series. Very cheap at $749 the lot. (CJL5) 23. Hong Kong 1862 – 1926 on album page & Optima stocksheets, mostly fine used. QV to 30c, KEVII to 30c & KGV to $2. Generally clean lot with some private perfins. Cat. £690 plus. 73 stamps. Price under $6 per stamp, $425 (CMAP4) 24. United Nations New York UNO Flags Maximum Cards, each with large coloured flag of the country and relevant stamp with FDI cancel. 16 different comprising Barbados, Brazil, Bulgaria, Byelorus, Canada, China, Great Britain, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Peru,

Senegal, Somalia & Sweden. Price $96 (3 available) (CMAP9) 25. United Nations New York UNO Flags series, 40 different FDC’s inc. some blocks of 4. all official unaddressed. Priced under $1.50 each, $59 (3 available) (CMAP10) 26. Stack of 33 diff. 1960’s/70’s Bulgaria Illustrated unaddressed FDC’s. Don’t see these around much these days. Some good themes inc. Paintings, Madonna & Child, Wrestling, Circus, Knights in Armour, Olympics, 1966 World Cup Soccer, Christmas, Javelin, Running, Ski-ing, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Swimming etc. Priced under 90c each, $29 (CMAP13) Packets & Mixtures Our monthly arrivals from the UK have resumed, and all new mixtures have the prefix NM. Be assured we will supply the most recent mixtures that we have received. 27. Great Britain Commems, mainly from the past 10 years. Close clipped single paper, some are off paper. Very hard to get now, 100g only, be quick! $94.75 (NM1) 28. Australia High Values, inc. many Internationals on close clipped single paper, maybe a few off paper $92.95 per 100g (500g only available) (NM2) 29. Australia High Values off paper, mix of decimal and pre-decimal, all above letter rate at time of issue values to $5 or $10. About 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $195 (NM2a) 30. Ireland Charity Mix, always popular. On single paper, torn rather than clipped and mostly on heavier aper, limited variety. 250g for $28, 500g for $53, 1kg for $102.50 (NM3) 31. World Charity on Paper, nice variety and well-trimmed single paper. Wide range of early to modern, large & small. As donated to major UK charity appeal. 250g for $49.50, 500g $95, 1kg $185, 2.5kg $429, 5kg $835. (10kg available) (NM4) 32. World off paper, ever popular. Yours to sort, not soak! Huge variety of large & small, early to recent, and enormous count with 12,500 to 15,000 per kg. 100g for $27.95, 250g $66.50, 500g $129, 1kg $239, 2.5kg $567.50, 5kg $1079 (NM5) 33. As above, but British Commonwealth only, inc. some old Empire and modern issues. 100g for $44.50, 250g $105, 500g $198, 1kg $365, 2.5kg $895 (NM6) 34. As above but Western Europe only. Good blend of most of the major countries and some of the smaller ones. 100g for $42.50, 250g $99.50, 500g $189, 1kg $345, 2.5kg $850 (NM7) 35. Great Britain off paper mixture, early to modern, mostly KGV to QEII but maybe a few earlier. A very good mix, with a fair number of high values.100 grams, about 1500 stamps for around 3c a stamp. Price $45 250 grams for $99, 500grams for $189, 1kg for $359 (PM112) 36. Australian States, new lot just arrived, unchecked for perfs, shades, wmks. etc. 50 different for $59, 100 different for $99. May contain OS Overprints and perfins. (PM124) 37. Australian States Mixtures, unpicked as received but on a rough

21st Century Auctions Pty Ltd Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 36 - Stamp News

DISCOUNT SALE OCTOBER 2021 count will be 90% NSW, SA, Qld & Vic, 10% WA and Tas. Values to 1/or 2/-. 100 mixed for $89, 200 for $159 (PM125) 38. Germany off paper, mostly West Germany. Mix of small & large, 100g (approx. 1500 stamps) for around 4c a stamp. $59 (PM126)

63. 1700 Different, $375 (BAP5) 64. 1750 Different, $399 (BAP6) 65. 1800 Different, $439 (BAP7) 66. 2000 Different, $549 (BAP8)

Revenues & Cinderellas New Zealand Duck Stamps

Great Britain

39. New Zealand 1994 Official Fish & Game Council block of 6 Imperf. $10 stamps, ovpt. Hong Kong ‘94 Stamp Exhibition, mint unhinged. Under 25% face! Price $14.95 (NZD1) Hutt River Province Great new mint unhinged lot just arrived: 40. 1974 Hutt River 4th Anniv. of Cessation Prince Leonard minisheet Imperf., $4 (HR1) 41. 1977 Hutt River Birds set of 4, $6 (HR2) 42. As above, blocks of 4, $24 (HR2a) 43. Hutt River 1979 Wildflowers, set of 6, $7.50 (HR3) 44. As above, blocks of 4, $30 (HR3a) 45. Hutt River 1982 Reef Fish se-tenant set of 6, $7.50 (HR4) 46. Hutt River 1982 Christmas set of 4, $6 (HR5) 47. As above, gutter strip of 8 (2 sets), $12 (HR5a) 48. Hutt River 1983 Native Wildlife set of 4, Red Kangaroo Emu, Brushtail Possum & Echidna, $6 (HR6) 49. As above, blocks of 4, $24 (HR6a) 50. 27c Emu, Imperf between vertical pair error, $50 (HR6b) 51. 45c Kangaroo, Imperf between vertical pair error, $50 (HR6c) 52. Hutt River 1984 Auspiex/AFL Football Minisheet $11 (HR7) 53. Hutt River 1984 Winter Olympics se-tenant set of 5, $4.50 (HR8) 54. As above, gutter strips of 10, $9.50 (HR8a) 55. As above Sheetlet of 4 sets with central gutter $15 (HR8b) 56. Hutt River 1986 Easter se-tenant set of 5, $4.00 (HR9) 57. As above, gutter strips of 10, $8.50 (HR9a) 58. As above Sheetlet of 4 sets with central gutter, $15 (HR9b) Big Australia Packets Stamps supplied are all different by Stanley Gibbons Catalogue. May contain watermark & perforation differences, plus sheet and self-adhesive formats of the same design. We just took delivery of some very large Australia packets and can supply as follows: 59. 1400 Different, $249 (BAP1) 60. 1500 Different, $275 (BAP2) 61. 1600 Different, $325 (BAP3) 62. 1650 Different, $249 (BAP4)

67. Great Britain 1855/7 Queen Victoria 6d Pale Lilac Thick Paper SG 70b. Fine lightly used example with Duplex No. 11 cancel. Cat. £425, price $325 (GB706) 68. Great Britain 1855/7 Queen Victoria 6d Pale Lilac Inverted Wmk. SG 70Wi. Fine lightly used example with Barred Numeral 28 cancel. Cat. £400, price $295 (GB707) 69. Great Britain 1855/7 Queen Victoria 1/- Azure Paper, SG 73a. Nice fine used example of a rare stamp cat. £2000, price $1595 (GB709) 70. Great Britain 1862 Queen Victoria 9d Bistre, SG 86. Lettered J-T, T-J Fine lightly used example with full perfs, well centred. Cancelled by Duplex 28. Cat. £575, rare so fine, price $525 (GB711) 71. Great Britain 1865/7 Queen Victoria 9d Straw, thick paper SG 98a, lettered K-, D-K. Fine used full perf example cancelled by numeral 2. Cat. £850, price $695 (GB713) 72. Great Britain 1876 Queen Victoria 4d Vermilion plate 15, lettered J-E, E-J. Fine used full perf example cancelled by numeral 131. Cat. £525, price $395 (GB725) 73. Great Britain 1883 Queen Victoria 4d Dull Green SG 192. Fine used full perf. cds example lettered F-I, I-F, correct colour. Small part blue crayon in top margin. Cat. £210, price $125 (GB736) 74. Great Britain 1883 Queen Victoria 9d Dull Green SG 195. Fine used cds example lettered G-A, A-G., correct colour. Blunt lower left corner perf. Cancelled by Southminster cds of FE 4 84. Cat. £480, price $325 (GB732) 75. Great Britain 1883 Queen Victoria 1/- Dull Green SG 196. Fine used example lettered C-A, A-C., correct colour. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. £325, price $119 (GB733) 76. GB 1899 Halfpenny Postal stationery card, uprated by ½d Vermilion QV Jubilee to Dr. David Gill CB FRO, Director Royal Observatory Cape of Good Hope, from The Royal Astronomical Society. Cancelled by London W 29 Duplexes of DE 12 99, and with Observatory Road C.G.H. cds of DE 30 99. A very quick sea journey, which today still takes 16 days! David Gill was one of the most remarkable astronomers in the history of Southern African Astronomy. When Gill took over, the Observatory was outdated. He set out to modernise the facility and when he retired, the Cape Observatory was one of the finest and best equipped observatories in the world. Gill pioneered astro photography and did an incredible amount of work towards establishing photographic catalogues of the Southern Sky. He was also a remarkable person outside of the field of astronomy. On 18 May 1869, at age

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116 Stamp News - 39

DISCOUNT SALE OCTOBER 2021 26 in a time when photography was still in its experimental stage, Gill took a picture of the Moon. It can safely be said that it was this achievement – the photograph was an excellent one, even by later standards – which drew attention to the young amateur and started him off on the career, which was to bring him international fame, and provide astronomers all over the world with a priceless new research tool.” A very rare survivor, price $295 (GB235) 77. GB 1901 2d Blue registered envelope to Robert Innes, Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope. Uprated by 2 x ½d Green Jubilees and cancelled with cds’s of Royal Exchange Birmingham of FE 15 01, additionally Birmingham oval reg’d cds on face of the same date plus London Hooded Registered cds in Violet of the following day. Reverse bears squared circle arrival h/stamp of Observatory Road, CGH dated MR 5 01. All clean strikes. Robert Thorburn Ayton Innes FRSE FRAS (10 November 1861 – 13 March 1933) was a Scottish astronomer best known for discovering Proxima Centauri in 1915, and numerous binary stars. He was also the first astronomer to have seen the Great January Comet of 1910, on 12 January. He was the founding director of a meteorological observatory in Johannesburg, which was later converted to an astronomical observatory and renamed to Union Observatory. He was the first Union Astronomer. Innes House, designed by Herbert Baker, built as his residence at the observatory, today houses the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. Great Historical Item, price $495 (GB233) 78. GB 1902 1d UPU Postcard to Robert Innes, Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope from Bookseller Bernard Quaritch, Piccadilly stating that books requested have been sold. The Quaritch book company still exists. Card is cancelled by clean strike of London W. squared circle No. 65 dated FE 7 02. Reverse bears transit cds of G.P.O. Cape Town, Cape Colony of 25 FEB 02 and arrival cds at Observatory Road C.G.H. of the same day. Another remarkably quick sea journey of 18 days, against today’s 16. Robert Thorburn Ayton Innes FRSE FRAS (10 November 1861 – 13 March 1933) was a Scottish astronomer best known for discovering Proxima Centauri in 1915, and numerous binary stars. He was also the first astronomer to have seen the Great January Comet of 1910, on 12 January. He was the founding director of a meteorological observatory in Johannesburg, which was later converted to an astronomical observatory and renamed to Union Observatory. He was the first Union Astronomer. Innes House, designed by Herbert Baker, built as his residence at the observatory, today houses the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. Great Historical Item, price $295 (GB247) 79. GB 1901 2 x Halfpenny Green QV complete Wrappers to Reg. Sergt. Major Hubert Reynolds, Imperial Yeomanry at Green Point Transit Camp, Cape Town. Bother are cancelled by Daventry Duplexes of MY 22 & JU 4 01 respectively. Green Point Common, Cape Town, during

the Second Boer War was used as a transit camp for prisoners of war to be shipped to remote islands. Reynolds, Hubert 4894, Sergeant 37th Coy., 10th Bn. I.Y. is listed as a medal recipient for the Boer War. Scarce survivors, price $395 the pair. (GB240/242) 80. GB 1902 Boer War small cover to a doctor at Boshof, Orange River Colony, re-addressed to Paarl, Cape Colony. Bears ½d Blue green KEVII cancelled by London E.C. No. 63 cds of 1 MR 02with Boshof arrival cds of AP 1 02, plus “Passed Censor Kimberley W. Elton Major” circular cachet, plus small circular P in blue. Reverse bears various transit cds’s including Boshof, Paarl and Kimberley, 2 x cds’s of MR 22 & AP 9 to reflect the redirection. Scarce item, price $350 (GB251) 81. Great Britain 1924-26 watermark Block cypher inverted 1½d Brown booklet pane of 6 overprinted ‘CANCELLED’ type 28 SG Specialised NB14aav, fresh MUH, Cat £675, Price $999 (GB794) 82. Great Britain 1959 QEII Phosphor-Graphite issue 2d Light redbrown error Watermark St Edward’s Crown SG 605a, fresh MUH, Cat £200, Price $179 (GB793) 83. Jersey 1969 Definitives, Inauguration MUH, Price $62.90 (MGB178) 84. Great Britain 1991 Stamp Sets MUH, Price $40.10 (MGB176) Australian States New South Wales 85. NSW 1854-59 Diadem watermark double lined numeral imperf 1/- Rosy vermilion variety ‘Watermark 8’ SG 99a, four margins fine used, Cat £180, Price $239 (NSW163) 86. NSW 1856-60 Diadems watermark double lined numeral imperf 1d Orange-vermilion, 2d Blue & 3d Yellow green, SG 107, 112 & 115, margins large to touching, fine used, Cat £148, Price $149 (NSW169) 87. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 3d Blue-green SG 140, central light cds cancel, fine used, Cat £48, Price $59 (NSW174) 88. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 6d Grey-brown, 6d Olive-brown, 6d Greenish-grey & 6d Fawn SG 143146, the four SG listed ‘brown’ shades, fine used, attractive group, Cat £285, Price $349 (NSW176) 89. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 6d Olive-brown (deeper shade) SG 144, good perfs, centred to upper right, fine used, Cat £75, Price $89 (NSW177) 90. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 6d Olive-brown (lighter shade) SG 144, fine used, Cat £75, Price $89 (NSW178) 91. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 1/- Brownish-red & 1/- Rose-carmine, the two SG listed shades SG 152 & 153, fine used, Cat £150, Price $159 (NSW179) 92. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 1/Brownish-red (deeper shade) SG 152, fine used, Cat £75, Price $89 (NSW180)

21st Century Auctions Pty Ltd Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158

DISCOUNT SALE OCTOBER 2021 93. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 1/Brownish-red (paler shade) SG 152, fine used, Cat £75, Price $89 (NSW181) 94. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 3d Blue-green SG 140, untidy but intact perfs, Cat £48, Price $59 (NSW191) 95. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 3d Yellow-green SG 139 horizontal pair, fine used, attractive multiple, Cat £120 as singles, Price $149 (NSW192) 96. NSW 1860-72 Diadem watermark double lined numeral perf 12 6d Grey-brown SG 143, fine used, Cat £65, Price $79 (NSW194) 97. NSW 1860-72 Diadems watermark double lined numeral perf 13 3d Green, the three SG listed shades, the 3d Yellow-green being variety watermark ‘6’, SG 156, 157a & 158, fine used, Cat £37, Price $49 (NSW196) 98. NSW 1888-1910 Centenary 1d Mauve & 2d Blue x 3 each overprinted ‘OS’, the overprints showing a number of unlisted varieties including ‘Leaning or slanting O’, ‘S with serifs’ etc, odd perf fault, fine used, interesting & unusual group, Price $89 (NSW201) 99. NSW 1888-1910 Centenary 4d Cook (3), 6d Orange (2), 8d Lyrebird & 1/- Kangaroo all punctured ‘OS NSW’ unchecked for printings, perfs or perfin types etc, some heavier cancels, mostly fine used, Price $109 (NSW199) 100. NSW 1888 Centenary 4d Purple-brown perf 11 x 12 overprinted ‘OS’ SG O41 block of 4, very light gum bend affecting the two left hand units MUH, Price $79 (NSW154) 101. NSW 1891 Centenary 2½d Ultramarine overprinted ‘OS’ SG O54 block of 4, vertical perfs slightly skipped resulting in the r/h pair being slightly higher than the l/h pair, MUH, Price $89 (NSW153) 102. New South Wales 1891 Surcharges 7½d on 6d Brown overprinted ‘OS’, from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, Mint, Price $75 (NSW212) 103. New South Wales 1891 Surcharges 12½d on 1/- Red overprinted ‘OS’, from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, Mint, Price $75 (NSW213) 104. New South Wales 3d Green Diadem overprinted ‘OS’ from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, MUH, Price $89 (NSW208) 105. New South Wales 5d Blue-green Diadem overprinted ‘OS’ from 1895 special printing overprinted ‘Specimen’ in black, small part toned original gum, Price $75 (NSW209) South Australia 106. South Australia 1858-1902 first designs perf issues: 1d Green, 6d Blue (3) & 1/- Brown (6), 1860-1902 4d Violet (3), 9d Purple (2) & 2/Carmine, attractive range of shades, printings etc, mainly Fine used, advertised retail $280, Price $179 (SA182) 107. South Australia 1861 Second roulette issue 1/- Yellow SG 38, light corner crease, very light cancel, Fine used, Cat £32, Price $49 (SA377) 108. South Australia 1868 ½d Bantam in pale blue-green, imperf.

vertical plate proofs in blocks of 48 from left and right of the sheet in 2 distinct shades, on unwatermarked gummed paper, with gutters & Plate 1 circle at top and bottom of each. Remarkably fresh and unmounted. (96) Price $1725 (SA367) 109. South Australia 1868 ½d Bantam in pale blue-green, imperf. vertical plate proofs in blocks of 96 from centre of the sheet in 2 distinct shades, on unwatermarked gummed paper, with gutters & Plate 1 circle at top and bottom of each. Remarkably fresh and unmounted. (192) Price $3450 (SA368) 110. South Australia 1868 ½d Bantam in pale blue-green, imperf. vertical plate proofs in blocks of 144 from centre of the sheet in 2 distinct shades, on unwatermarked gummed paper, with gutters & Plate 1 circle at top and bottom of each. Remarkably fresh and unmounted. (144) 2 available in slightly different shades. Price $2590 each (SA369) 111. South Australia 1868 1d Blue Green in perforated near complete sheet of plate proofs on unwatermarked gummed paper, with gutters. Remarkably fresh and unmounted, missing only the lower 2 rows. (216) Price $3895 (SA370) 112. South Australia 1868 1d Blue Green in imperf. horizontal plate proof block of 20 on unwatermarked gummed paper, with gutter. Remarkably fresh and unmounted. Price $359 (SA365) 113. South Australia 1868 2d Orange in two shades, imperf. horizontal plate proof blocks of 20 on unwatermarked gummed paper, with gutter. Remarkably fresh and unmounted. (40) Price $725 (SA366) 114. South Australia 1868-1904 2d Orange plate proof marginal horizontal imperf pair on unwatermarked gummed paper, MUH, Price $79 (SA161) 115. South Australia 1868-1911 De La Rue types specialised collection with 1d Green (6), 1d Red (13), 2d Orange (34) & 2d Violet (3), includes rouletted, various shades, perfs & watermarks with some watermark varieties noted, all used, attractive group and a great basis for expansion, Price $179 (SA376) 116. South Australia small, simplified selection with 1868-1911 1d Green, 1d Red & 2d Violet, 1883-99 ½d Brown, 3d Green (2 shades), 4d Violet & 6d Blue, 1891 2½d & 5d surcharges, 1894-1911 2½d both colours & 5d, all Mint with hinge remains, odd minor fault, advertised retail $270+, Price $199 (SA173) 117. South Australia 1870 perf 10 3d on 4d Dull ultramarine surcharge in red SG 91, nibbled perf at left, light cancel, Fine used, Cat £120, Price $179 (SA378) 118. South Australia 1876-80 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O1 perf 10 1d Green (6), 2d Orange (9) SG O43-O44 range of shades, one 2d with broken O, & 4d Violet SG O49, odd perf fault, mostly Fine used, Price $49 (SA384) 119. South Australia 1876-85 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O1 perf 10 x 11½-12½ 4d violet/mauve & 6d Bright blue/ultramarine (3 shades ea)

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DISCOUNT SALE OCTOBER 2021 & 2/- Carmine SG O15-O21 group, mainly Fine used, Price $99 (SA386) 120. South Australia 1876-85 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O1 perf 11½12½ 6d Prussian blue, 1/- Red-brown, 1/- Lake-brown & 2/- Rose-carmine, SG O25-O29 group, Nice-fine used, Cat £29, Price $49 (SA387) 121. South Australia 1876-1900 watermark broad star perf 11½-12½ 2/- Rose carmine (large holes) SG 134, Mint with hinge remains, Cat £40, Price $59 (SA379) 122. South Australia 1876-1904 perf 13 2d Pale orange SG 177 & 1905-12 2d Mauve SG 295a Mint, Cat £23.50, Price $35 (SA382) 123. South Australia 1882 Officials overprinted ‘OS’‘HALF PENNY’ on 1d Blue-green surcharge SG O48, Fine used, Cat £25, Price $39 (SA389) 124. South Australia 1882 ‘HALF PENNY’ on 1d Blue-green surcharge SG 181, two distinct shades Mint, Cat £28, Price $39 (SA380) 125. South Australia 1891-93 Surcharges perf 10 2½d on 4d Deep green (3), one with variety ‘2 and ½ closer together’, 5d, and perf 15 2½d on 4d variety ‘Thin fraction bar’, SG 229, 229bb,230 & 233, the latter variety is unlisted by SG but quite distinct, Nice-fine used, Cat £27+, Price $59 (SA383) 126. South Australia 1891-93 2½d on 4d surcharge perf 15 SG 233, Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £60, Price $69 (SA177) 127. South Australia 1891-96 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O2 nice range of shades etc with perf 10 1d Green (2), 2d Orange (3), perf 15 1d Green (2), 2d Orange (4), perf 13 1d Green (6), one with variety ‘No stop after S’, 2d Orange (3) SG group O54-O59, & perf 10 4d Violet SG O61, mostly Fine used, attractive group, Price $79 (SA385) 128. South Australia 1891-1902 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O2 perf 11½-12½ 1/- O30-O33 range x 4 shades, Nice-fine used, minimum Cat £22, Price $49 (SA388) 129. South Australia 1894-1906 Tannenberg designs perf 15 2½d Violet-blue, perf 13 2½d Indigo & 5d Brown-purple SG 234, 237-38, Mint, Cat £72, Price $99 (SA381) 130. South Australia 1897-1901 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O2, 2½d Violet-blue SG O75, two distinct shades, Nice used, Cat £18, Price $35 (SA392) 131. South Australia 1899-1901 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O3, 1d Rosine & 2d Bright violet both with variety ‘No stop after S’ SG O81c & O82c, Nice-fine used, Cat £42, Price $69 (SA390) 132. South Australia 1899-1901 Officials overprinted ‘OS’ SG type O3, ½d Green, 1d Rosine (4) & 2d Violet (2) SG O80-O82 range, nice range of shades, Good-fine used, Cat £23+, Price $39 (SA391) 133. South Australia 1902-04 thin ‘Postage’ perf 11½-12½ 3d shades (3), 4d (2), 6d, 9d to 2/6d Bright violet SG 268-76a group & perf 12 3d & 6d SG 280 & 282, Nice-fine used, Cat £99 Price $139 (SA371) 134. South Australia 1902-04 Long type thin ‘POSTAGE’ 3d Olive-green SG 268, Fresh MUH, Price $29 (SA164) 135. South Australia 1902-04 Long type thin ‘POSTAGE’ 4d Red-orange

SG 269, Fresh MUH, Price $59 (SA165) 136. South Australia 1904-11 Long type thick ‘POSTAGE’ 1/- Brown SG 288, Fresh MUH, Price $49 (SA172) 137. South Australia 1904-11 thick ‘Postage’ watermark Crown SA perf 12 1/Brown, 2/6d Dull violet SG 288 & 289a Nice used, Cat £31, Price $39 (SA372) 138. South Australia 1906-12 thick ‘Postage’ watermark Crown over A selection, perf 12 3d to 1/- ex 8d (2 ea), perf 12½ 3d 17mm & 20mm lettering, 4d (2), 6d, 9d types A & B, 1/- & 2/6d SG 298-304 group, Good-fine used, great opportunity for expansion of this popular issue, Cat £165+, Price $199 (SA374) 139. South Australia 1906-12 thick ‘Postage’ watermark Crown over A 6d Blue-green & 1/- Brown on thin ready gummed paper SG 300b & 303c, Fine used, Cat £36, Price $49 (SA375) 140. South Australia 1908 US Fleet Visit, superbly illustrated on 1d Commonwealth of Australia stationery card. Very rare in this as issued mint condition. Price $395 (SAPS1) Queensland 141. Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals watermark large crown over Q, 6d Red-brown SG F17, light cds, appears to be postal, Price $59 (Q60) Tasmania 142. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘69’ of Port Arthur, rated R, light 80% strike on 1857-67 4d Pale blue imperf Chalon, three close margins, just touching at right, Price $69 (T148) 143. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral ‘89’ of Three Hut Point, rated RR, light partial (50% of 8 and all of 9 visible) strike on 1865-71 4d Blue perf 12 Chalon, Price $89 (T155) Victoria 144. Victoria Postal stationery: Reply Paid card 1882 1d + 1d ‘Naish’ Reply paid card, fresh unused, Price $59 (VPS25) 145. Victoria Postal stationery: Reply Paid card 1891 1½d on 1d + 1½d on 1d ‘Overseas’ Reply paid card, unfolded, original printing with fraction bar 2.25mm long, fresh unused, Price $79 (12 available) (VPS9) 146. Victoria Postal stationery: Lettercard 1895 Two Pence on 1d ‘Reading’ lettercard, sealed, Unused, Price $39 (VPS13) 147. Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Orange Wrapper to Mechanics Institute Ballarat, cancelled by Port Fairy Duplex No. 6 dated MY 14 95. Tidy. Price $59 (V290) 148. Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Orange Wrapper to Mechanics Institute Ballarat, cancelled by clean strike Portland Duplex No. 8 dated AU- 14 95. Tidy. Price $59 (V291) 149. Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Orange Wrapper to Mechanics Institute Ballarat, cancelled by clean strike Omeo Duplex No. 177 dated AU 16 95. Tidy. Price $59 (V292)

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Toowoomba Indoor Bowls Club 10 Annand St, Toowoomba CBD Toowoomba 2021 is an exhibition accredited by the Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) and hosted by the Toowoomba Stamp Club under the auspices of the Queensland Philatelic Council (QPC). As well as a large range of exhibits, nine dealers and a number of stamp clubs will be present offering philatelic products for all levels of philately, from the experienced specialist to the club collector.

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An overprinted mini sheet will be available, and staff from the Clifford Gardens LPO will be present to apply cancellations – a different cancellation will be used for each day. An order form is downloadable from the website. Early ordering is recommended, as the mini sheet will be limited in number.

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Bringing Philately to the Darling Downs

Cinderella Corner NUMBER H 065037 / Parcel Post / Australia Post / THIS PARCEL OF The bottom label features the slightly variant text: BUSINESS DELIVERY / PARCEL SERVICES / NEXT DAY / PARCEL NUMBER N 003464 / Parcel Post / Australia Post / THIS PARCEL OF The ‘H’ presented in the top label references Australia Post’s guaranteed Half Day service, whereas the ‘N’ presented in the bottom label references its guaranteed Next Day service.

Official Australian Post Office Labels – Part V

Welcome to the October edition of Cinderella Corner. This article serves as an extension to the annual narrative exploring the multitude of labels issued by Australia Post over the years. It is the fifth piece in a sequence that commenced in 2018, and it hoped that these articles continue in the years ahead. I once again extend my thanks to Dr. Eric Frazer for his wisdom and expertise in this area, and I have again carefully drawn upon the catalogue The Official Postal Labels of Australia, which he co-authored with the late Robin Occleshaw back in 1999. As usual, I welcome feedback from readers about these items and the value that they offer.

Business Delivery Parcel Services

Overnight – We Serve You Right

The two Business Delivery Parcel Services cinderellas illustrated in Figure 1 were used in conjunction with an earlier issued Business Delivery Service (South Australia) label. These two labels, issued in 1994, are scarce. Each measures 70mm x 35mm and is imperforate with rounded corners. The top label is coloured blue and white; the bottom label is coloured red and white. The top label features the text: BUSINESS DELIVERY / PARCEL SERVICES / HALF DAY / PARCEL

Australia Post has offered a range of overnight delivery services, with labels issued to promote and register these since the 1970s. The Overnight labels illustrated as a joined pair in Figure 2 were released in 1989 and were used exclusively in Tasmania, possibly as promotional items. Each measures 51mm x 58mm and is imperforate on all four sides. They also feature an owl-like image alongside the text: Overnight / we serve you right / Australia Post.


The breadth and variety of Fragile labels, issued by Australia Post over the course of nearly a century, is significant. They were issued to indicate that the sender desired that a parcel be specifically protected against any possible damage during post transmission, and a higher postage rate was paid for the service. One rare type is exemplified in Figure 3, and the scan is provided courtesy of Dr. Eric Frazer. The label was supplied in rolls of 100 to Australia Post branches and, like the labels illustrated in Figure 2, is believed to have only been circulated in Tasmania. While they are also believed to have been used from 1989 to 1994, not many appear to be extant. The cinderella is imperforate on all four sides with rounded corners, and is black and Left : Figure 1 fluorescent yellow in colour. AlongAbove : Figure 2 side two illustrations of the Australia

Below : Figure 3

40 - Stamp News

Vito Milana

Left : Figure 4 Above : Figure 5 Below : Figure 6 Post logo, the 122mm x 40mm label features the text: Australia Post / BY HAND ONLY / FRAGILE / DO NOT BAG / Australia Post.

Late Mail

The label illustrated in Figure 4 was likely issued for use

on mail bag labels in Australia Post Mail Centres. The label is scarce, as it was discontinued after only 3 to 6 months of use. Each pictured label in Figure 4 measures only 21mm x 21mm and is coloured yellow and black. Each also features the text: Late Mail / PM230 / Sep’94


Santapak labels were produced by Australia Post for the November to December 1988 Christmas parcel trade period, and were withdrawn from sale at the end of 31 December. Each label was sold with a Postpak container, which was not included in the price. The example illusStamp News - 41

Cinderella Corner trated in Figure 5 is the Interstate Santapak label, which attracted a cost of $8.50. It measures 160mm x 117mm, is imperforate on all four sides, and is coloured red and green. Alongside a small image of a house capped with a large Santa hat, it features the text: Top left hand side of label : Santapak Top right hand side of label : POSTAGE PRE-PAID AUSTRALIA / AUSSIEPAK / FOR POSTING AND DELIVERY / BETWEEN N.S.W., VIC., QLD., S.A., TAS. Middle section of label : To: / POSTCODE / Sender Name / Address / MAXIMUM MASS 10KG / OFFER VALID UNTIL 31 DECEMBER / THIS IS A GENERAL PURPOSE CONVENIENCE PRODUCT / Alternatives for specific purposes are available / No. 245064 Bottom of label : A PRE-PAID Parcel Post PRODUCT FROM Australia Post The label also features a 21 December 1988 Dandenong (VIC.) pictorial postmark. In addition, an Intrastate Santapak label was issued at a cost of $6, and an Airmail version was sold for $15.00.

Postal Delivery Day: Wednesday

Postal Delivery Day labels were issued for each weekday. They were released for use on mail bag labels, as illustrated in Figure 6. There are various printings of them,

42 - Stamp News

and they are believed to have been issued in rolls. The Wednesday Postal Delivery Day cinderella, illustrated in Figure 6, is coloured blue and back and is imperforate on all four sides. It measures 32mm x 27mm and features the text: WED / POSTAL DELIVERY DAY / PM 192

Delayed: Incorrectly Addressed

The late 1990s label illustrated in Figure 7 is provided courtesy of Dr. Eric Frazer. It is imperforate on all four sides and is coloured red and black. Alongside a prominent Australia Post logo, the 57mm x 28mm cinderella features the text: AUSTRALIA POST / THIS MAIL ITEM HAS BEEN DELAYED BECAUSE IT / WAS INCORRECTLY ADDRESSED. / THE ADDRESS INFORMATION OMITTED THE / POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER. Other delayed and insufficient address labels have been issued by Australia Post since at least 1930.

Delivery Address

The 2018 label featured in Figure 8 is also supplied courtesy of Dr. Eric Frazer. It is imperforate on all four sides with curved rounded corners. The 60mm x 50mm label is coloured yellow, red and black and features the Australia Post logo. The text presented on the label is fairly extensive and reads: Left hand side of label AUSTRALIA POST / Home isn’t your only / delivery address / Use an alternative delivery address / to help you get your parcel first time. / Send your parcel to: / A Post Office of your choice* / A free 24/7 Parcel Locker* / Your PO Left : Figure 7 Box / left : Figure 8 livery Below : Figure 9 Right hand side of label :

Vito Milana Left : Figure 10 Left Below : Figure 11 DROP / Card parcel to nearest / Australia Post outlet / 8839571

COVID: Return To Sender Parcel

Attempted delivery date: / Reminder date: / Return to sender date: Bottom of label : *Terms and conditions apply. Collection time limits apply. / Parcel Collect service only available at participating Post Offices. / 8839842 May 2018

Hop Into Stamps

The bright yellow, green and black label illustrated in Figure 9 was issued to promote the Bugs and Butterflies’ stamp series issued by Australia Post in 2003. A total of six different 50c stamps were released. The label is imperforate on all four sides and features the central image of a hopping grasshopper, smiling with a ‘thumbs up’, along with the text: HOP into stamps / Bugs and Butterflies /

The final label explored in this article is also the most recent. Dated 2020, it is imperforate on all four sides with rounded corners. It is coloured deep orange, red and black and features the Australia Post logo, two QR barcodes, and the lengthy text: Return to Sender Parcel / This item has been returned due / to service suspensions resulting from / COVID-19. Visit / international updates for more / information about our refund process / or contact 1300 473 061. If you’re an / existing contract customer no action / is required however you may wish to / contact your account manager if you / have any questions.


The canvas comprising of different official labels issued by Australia Post numbers in the many 100s, and they collectively form an important insight into the postal services offered throughout Australia Post’s history, a lot of which are now obsolete, and others that continue to be produced today. I sincerely thank Dr. Eric Frazer for his kind assistance towards this article, along with the images he supplied. Although his co-authored catalogue has been out of print for over a decade, Eric has a few black/white commercial reprints (without the four colour plates) available at cost price (A$33.75) plus postage (A$12.75 within Australia). His email address is Eric.Frazer@internode.

Avoid The Crush

The large label illustrated in Figure 10 was released to promote the Postpak range, which commenced its service in the late 1980s. It is multicoloured and imperforate on all four sides. The label features several images of various parcels with POSTPAK labels affixed to them. Along with the Australia Post logo and its WE DELIVER slogan, the label features the text: Avoid the Crush / Parcel it up with Postpak / Available at your nearest Post Office / MS 1035

Do Not Safe Drop

The pair of joined labels illustrated in Figure 11 is coloured deep red and black. Each label is imperforate and features the text: DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS / If unable to deliver parcel to addressee / DO NOT SAFE

Figure 12 Stamp News - 43

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation This month David Collyer has written an article of Polar Philately. This is an APF class and the rules for exhibiting can be found on the website at classes/. VPC Clubs’ Competition It has been too long since Victoria has held a State-wide philatelic event. They were planning to hold a State exhibition together with a club competition this year. Unfortunately, owing to COVID, they have decided to only hold the club competition. The event will take place at The Brighton Philatelic Society on Sunday, 14 November 2021 at BriPhil House, Gardenvale from 10am to 4pm. The competition entries will be on display and several dealers will be there. So put the date in your diary. The competition winners will be decided by popular vote, for best club, and best exhibitor. Any individual exhibitor may apply even if their club does not enter and be part of the popular vote. An exhibitor may choose to have their exhibit formally judged using APF rules. Qualified judges are available to score exhibits and provide feedback. Polar Philately In its broadest terms Polar Philately looks both the Arctic (North Polar regions) and Antarctica (South Polar Regions). The North Pole is located on the Arctic Ocean surrounding land areas which lies within the Arctic Circle include Greenland and parts of Alaska, Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. These countries can make claims within their economic zones over the Arctic Ocean. Antarctica is a continental landmass that includes the South Pole. Since the Antarctic Treaty of 1960 territorial claims are held in abeyance although many countries have established and operate scientific bases. The philately of the Polar Regions can include most of the philatelic disciplines including. Many countries in the Arctic zone have issued stamps depicting elements of the Arctic such as flora, fauna, and human activity but these are general use and not specifically for use within the Arctic. The only country within the Arctic region to issue stamps is Greenland an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Between 1905 and 1938 parcel post stamps featuring a Polar bear were used by the Royal Greenland Company. These issues come in different perforations; the original series was printed by letter press whilst the final 1938 issued was printed by offset lithography. Figure 1 shows the 1905 10 44 - Stamp News

Figure 1: 1905 Greenland parcel-post 10 ore stamp parcel post stamp showing a Polar bear. These stamps were printed by letter press and used by the Royal Greenland Company ore. Greenland has a conservative stamp issuing policy depicting fauna, history, and indigenous culture. At least four countries have issued stamps for their Antarctic Territories: Australian Antarctic Territory, Ross Dependency (New Zealand), French Antarctic Territory and the British Antarctic Territory. Countries like USA, Russia, Argentina, & Chile have issues stamps which show their interest in Antarctica. Many other countries have issued stamps on an Antarctic design theme. The first stamps issued for postal use in Antarctic were overprints on contemporary stamps for the 1908 Shackleton Expedition to “King Edward VII Land” and the 1911 Scott Expedition to “Victoria Land” (see figure 2). In 1954 Australia issued a 3½d stamp for the founding of Mawson Base at Horseshoe Harbour, Mc Robertson Land. The stamp featured the logo of ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) and was designed by Nellie Law, wife of the ANARE director. The first day cover for this stamp is shown in figure 3. This was followed in 1957 by the first stamp for the Australian Antarctic Territory the 2/- depicting the flag raising at the Vestfold Hills (see figure 4). Since 1959 stamps have

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Left : Figure 2: New Zealand 1909 1d stamp was overprinted in 1911 for Scott’s 1911-1913 expedition to Victoria Land. The stamps were sold at a premium and used to fund the expedition. Avove : Figure 3: 1954 FDC of Australia 3½d stamp showing ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) logo. Cancelled 28/12/54 at ANARE on Macquarie Island.

regularly been issued by the Australian Antarctic Territory The French Antarctic Territory first issued an overprinted stamp in 1948. The Territory which included French bases in Antarctica and bases on Kerguelen Island and Saint Paul Island has regularly been issuing stamps since 1955. Both surface rate and airmail stamps have been issued with most quantities below 200,000. Until 2000 these stamps were printed recess engraved in multi-colour, since 2000 some issues have been printed by offset lithography. Like the issues of France those of the French Antarctic Territory also come as die proofs which are issued imperforate on paper. There are two types: 1) Epreuve deluxe where the design is in an unissued colour and the engravers name has not yet been inserted and 2) Epreuve collective which show the stamp in issues colours with the engravers name inserted. The largest area of Polar Philately is postal history. Generally, this is the study of postmarks rather than the study of routes, rates, and means of conveyance. Postal rates are normally those of the country operating the Post office. From the first Polar Year in 1898 and even now the main means of getting to Antarctic is by ship. Countries like USA, Russia, Chile, and Argentina do resupply their bases by using aviation. Shipping routes are basically left to the ship’s Captain. For the Arctic postal services are provided to some settlements. It is possible to collect the postmarks of Alaska, Northern Canada, Arctic Scandinavia, and Artic Russia.

As the Soviet Union Russia established bases with postal facilities on drifting ice flows in the Arctic Ocean. These bases were normally supported by aircraft rather than ships (see figure 5). The postal history of the Australian Antarctic Territory starts in the summer of 1947-1948 when bases were established in the Sub-Antarctic at Heard Island south of Perth and Macquarie Island south of Hobart bother of which had postal facilities. Heard Island was closed in 1955 after the opening of Mawson Base on the Antarctic Continent. Macquarie Island remains in operation. From 1947 to 1984 resupply came from Melbourne which was where the mail from the bases was landed. From 1984 onward the Antarctic Division and resupply services moved to Kingston outside Hobart and mail from the bases is landed at Hobart. In 1954 a base was established at Horseshoe Harbour, Mac Robertson Land in Antarctica. In 1957 a second continental was established in Princess Elizabeth Land and named Davis after the ship’s Captain who took Mawson to the Antarctic in 1911-1914 and 1929-1931. Also, in 1957 the US established a base on the Budd Coast in Wilkes land which was named Wilkes after Charles Wilkes who charted the area of coast on a voyage in 1839-1840. The original station was built on the Clark Peninsula by Stamp News - 45

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation

Figure 4: In 1957 the first Australian Antarctic Territory stamp was the 2/- depicting the flag raising at Vestfold Hills

Antarctic called the Ross Dependency between 150°to 160°west around the Ross Sea. The New Zealand base is located on Ross Island near the US base at McMurdo Station. Scott Base has operated continually since 1957. There was a second New Zealand presence at Hallett Station, it shared with the US from 1957 to 1964 when fire destroyed the main scientific building. From then until 1974 the base only operated in the summer season. The postal history of Scott base is interesting because there were several special events postmarkers. In January 1958 there was a special postmarker for an Antarctic Meeting at the base (see figure 6). A second special postmarker was used on 18 January 1962 for the 50th Anniversary of Scott reaching the South Pole. The next special postmarker was issued for the visit of the Governor General of New Zealand to the Dependency. The postmarker was in use from 6-113 November 1963. In July 1967 New Zealand changed to Decimal currency. The Ross Dependency decimal issue was flown in on the mid winder flight of 18 June 1963 and issued on the same day as the New Zealand issue 10 July 1963. The covers were flown out on the second mid-winter flight in September of that year. A special postmarker made of rubber was also prepared for the day of issue of the second decimal issue on 18 January 1972. In 1977 a further postmarker was produced for the 20th Anniversary of Scott Base and used

the US in 19 days for the International Geophysical Year 1957-1959. It was taken over by Australia in 1959 and remained operational until 1969. In 1969 a new station at Brown Bay was built originally called Repstat (Replacement Station) it became known as Casey after the then Minister (Lord) Richard Casey and was used from 1969 to 1988. The station design was unique in that it was built on stilts and was a line of 13 buildings 260 meters long. A second Casey station was opened in 1988 and is still in use. Each Australian Antarctic station had its own postmarker. Initially these were steel engraved with the name of the Station. At the end of the 1950’s the metal wheels in the date line were replaced with smaller figures made from a plastic. From the 1960’s onwards a new generation of pictorial postmarkers was introduced. Besides the base examples of each postmarker were used at the philatelic centre closest to the Antarctic Division Headquarters, Melbourne until 1984 and afterwards at Hobart. Until the cessation of the service its own registration label. There are variations in place name as same examples included the name of the nearest Australian State. Figure 5: Soviet Union post card from a drifting ice flow station in the New Zealand claims part of th th

Arctic Ocean that existed from 19 to 24 July 1956.

46 - Stamp News

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Aviation in the Antarctic really progressed from 1946 when the US commenced “Operation High Jump” which used both shipping and aviation to support their base(s). Australia’s contribution to Antarctic aviation is best known for Operation Sinbad where an RAAF Catalina flying boat flew to Macquarie Island with a diesel mechanic to replace Figure 6: 20.01.58 New Zealand special postmark for Antarctic Meeting at the one died. Mail is known Scott Base from that flight. In the late 1980’s Lockheed on 20 January 1977. C-140 Hercules aircraft flew mid-winter resupply airdrops A particular element of Polar Philately is the use of to Macquarie Island. In Southern Hemisphere summer private cachets. These come in various types; Expedimonth between 1977and 1979 both Qantas and Air New tions, Bases, Scientific research projects, Fauna both Zealand conducted tourist over flights of Antarctica. An natural (Seals) and introduced domestic (Huskies). An example can be seen in figure 8. These ended with the important area is cachets used by shipping that supplied Mount Erebus disaster of 29 November 1979. Over the stations in Antarctica and settlements in the Arctic. flights have recommenced but not covers are flown. In Some vessels did very few trips or underwent a change of 2008 the Australian Antarctic Division commenced flights name. One can also collect cachets from Naval ships that from Hobart to Wilkins Runway an ice airfield 70 kilovisited the Polar regions metres South-East of Casey Station. Passengers arrive Aviation has played an important part in the developat Wilkins and then are transported overland to Casey ment of the Arctic and Antarctic. Dealing with the Arctic Station. first. In the search for the Franklin expedition in 1850 The Soviet Union and Russia has been one of the few and again in 1853 Balloons were used to drop flimsies to countries that has issued Polar themed postal stationery. Franklin giving the location of the recue party. In 1897, and again in 1906-1907 unsuccessful attempts were made to reach the North Pole by Balloon. In 1926, the semi rigid airship Norge successfully flew over the North Pole from Norway to teller in Alaska. The expedition was commended by General Umberto Nobile and included Ronald Amundsen and Lincoln Ellsworth. In 1928, Nobile using a new airship, Italia, replicated the previous flight but with an Italian crew. The Pole was flown over but the airship crashed. Those stranded were eventually rescued by a Soviet Ice Breaker. In 1931, the Graf Zeppelin conducted a flight from Germany to Franz Joseph Land in the Arctic where it met and exchanged mail with a Soviet Ice Breaker Malygin that was on a tourist cruise of the Arctic. (See figure 7).

Figure 7: 24.07.31 card carried on Graff Zeppelin flight to a ship “Malygin” in the Arctic. Stamp News - 47

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation later. Each Australian base may have a different day of issue for any given issue. Shipping may be disrupted so there can only be estimated dates when ships will arrive at a base with the new issue. Up to the end of World War II many expeditions to Antarctic issued picture post cards as a means of fund raising. Most cards issued in this period were monochrome. The Admiral Byrd exhibitions to the Antarctic issued several sets of cards. In the second half of the 20th Century Figure 8: 4.12.78 Qantas Antarctic charter flight card with commemorative national Polar Institutes issued post cards to show their work Cinderella label in the Polar regions as well as means of transport. This is generally from the 1950s onwards and is for both Variations of picture post cards are QSL cards which the Arctic and Antarctic. Standard definitive stationery are issued to amateur radio operators to show that their has polar themed designs printed at the left. Australian transmissions have been received. An example is shown postal stationery is valid for use in the Australian Antarcin figure 10. For this article we are only mentioning cards tic Territory, but not specific postal stationery had been made for radio stations that operated in the Arctic and the issued for the Australian Antarctic Territory. Antarctic. Up until the internet radio was the main daily Cinderella Philately looks at stamp like items that means of communications between Polar stations and have no postal validity. Several expeditions during in the their national headquarters. The Mawson’s AAE (AusInternational Polar Year of 1898 produced labels to pubtralian Antarctic Expedition) of 1911-19 was one of the licise the expeditions. For the establishment of Mawson first to use radio from the Continent. A relay station was Station in 1954 Seven Seas Stamps of Dubbo produced a set of four labels depicting Penguins, the MV Kista Dan, Auster aircraft. These labels were issued perforated, rouletted and imperforate. Most Postal administrations now issue First Day Covers. Until the end of the 1970s individual stamp dealers produced their own cachet designed for Australian Antarctic Territory First Day Covers which are collectable. Figure 9 shows a Wesley First Day Cover for the 1960 Antarctic issue. Another facet of first day cover collecting for the Australian Antarctic Territory is that the stamps are issued in Australia on one date, but the stamps may not reach the bases until sometime

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Figure 9: Wesley First Day Cover for the 1960 Antarctic issue, cancelled at Davis Base.

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

AUSTRALIAN STAMP EXHIBITIONS As I write this we are in lockdown in most States in Australia. As a result, we have had to postpone the Newcastle Stamp Exhibition that was scheduled to take place this month. It is now planned for the 27th to 29th May 2022. Let’s hope that by then things have settled down and we can once again enjoy face to face stamp exhibitions with dealers and exhibits. The Toowoomba National One-Frame exhibition will become a virtual exhibition. The exhibits will be available online so that everyone will be able to see them. Figure 10: 1985 Canadian QSL card confirming transmission to Mould Toowoomba is still planning to Bay, A high Arctic weather station in the Northwest Territories have a stamp fair at the Toowoomba Bowls Club, 10 Annand set up at Macquarie Island and the remains of the woodStreet. So, if you can get there, it would be worthwhile. en pole that served as an aerial can still be seen. When They will have computers available for visitors to see the Australia established its sub–Antarctic Island bases in the entries. The APF had prepared a special miniature sheet late 1940s radio was used to send telegrams. of The Holden Cars for the show (see figure 11). We are The Australian Society for Polar Philately is the spenot sure if we will be able to have this available for sale in cialist society dealing with Polar Philately in Australia. Toowoomba. We will make any unsold sheets available Most members are interested in the philately and postal in our APF Store after the show. history of the Australian Antarctic Territory. The club The other exhibitions planned for 2022 are Canberpublishes ‘Penguin Views’ three times a year. It also has ra (18th to 20th March), Adelaide one-frame (20th to 21st a website and a presence on Facebook. August) and the Antarctic Stamp and Postcard Exhibition The major English-speaking clubs for Polar Philately (24th to 28th August). are: • The American Society of Polar Philately which publishes the journal ‘Ice Cap News’ and has a website www.polarphilatelists. org. • The Polar Postal History Society of Great Britain published ‘Polar Post’ and has a website www. There are also active societies in France and Germany. The Antarctic Festival stamp & postcard exhibition will take place in, Hobart, Tasmania- 24 28 August 2022. A lot of polar material will be Figure 11: The Holden Car miniature sheet overprinted for the on display.

Toowoomba Show

Stamp News - 49

75 Years of The Lundy Field Society All over the globe there are many places with a unique flora and fauna. They are usually isolated islands with limited contacts with the surrounding world. The tiny island of Lundy located in the Bristol Channel between England and Wales is in many ways such a place. The distance between the island and the nearest mainland is sufficiently large to provide a habitat for a plant which only exists on Lundy. This plant is known as Lundy Cabbage (Fig. 1) and despite its veggie-sounding name it is a flowering plant which spreads its beautiful colours during some short spring months. Also there are insects which live in symbiosis with this endemic plant. In view of the island’s rich flora and fauna, it certainly comes as no surprise that a number of interested people decided to found the Lundy Field Society (LFS) 75 years ago. Today the LFS has more than 500 members who have one thing in common: the love of the island and its flora and fauna. The members of this society don’t limit themselves

to pleasurable walks on the island in order to enjoy the wildlife and the vegetation. Instead they are very much involved in serious scientific studies. At first the focus was on the study of the birdlife but it then evolved into the study of the vegetation both on land and in the waters surrounding the island. The exciting geology of Lundy has also been a subject of research. The next step was the study of the island’s archeology. The results of all these studies have been summed up in the one-room “museum” in the island’s tiny village. Since its start in May 1946, the LFS has produced an annual yearbook outlining the results of ongoing research. Later, additional publications were added and distributed to the membership. Running an island like Lundy requires a lot of hard work to keep it in good shape for future generations to enjoy. Many LFS members take part in voluntary working parties to carry out environmental protection work. When the LFS was founded way back in 1946, the island was privately owned by businessman Martin Coles

Figure 1

Figure 2

50 - Stamp News

Christer Brunström Harman. The founder of the Lundy Field Society was Lesley Arthur Harvey. Not far from the village is an old lighthouse which at the time was in rather derelict condition. Harman offered the Old Light to Harvey for the use of the newly formed society. Today the Old Light has been completely restored and it is really worthwhile to climb up to the top of the tower which provides a fantastic view of the entire expanse of Lundy. On 8 May 2021, the Lundy Postal Service issued six stamps (printed in se-tenant pairs with three different denominations) which marked the 75th anniversary of the Lundy Field Society. The top values of 175 puffin (Fig. 2) show portraits of both Harvey and Harman along with a view of the Old Light and Soay sheep. In the lower right corner of the right stamp we see a wheatear, a bird which was extensively studied by the LFS in the early years. All who have ever visited Lundy will recognise the picture of the Old Light. This déjà-vu experience is certainly also valid for the 65-puffin pair (Fig. 3) which depicts a group of young people listening to a talk in front

of the medieval Marisco Castle. I have many fond memories of this exact spot from my three visits to Lundy. On a good day with clear skies, you can see the coastlines of North Devon and Wales in the distance and at night you can look for the faint lights from the mainland. The castle has been converted into three holiday flats. The view from the flat on the right is simply amazing! The sea around the island has been declared a Marine Reserve and this has been yet another area of LFS research. A diver and life in the sea is the topic for the two 90-puffin stamps (Fig. 4). Interestingly enough, the stamps have a strong connection with Sweden. The three designs are the work of Lars Liwendahl, a Swede who has been associated with the Lundy Postal Service for a great many years. He based the designs on water colours by Sharon Smart, a London-based artist with a great interest for Lundy. In view of her residency in the stressful capital, I am pretty sure that she enjoys the peace and quiet of Lundy where cell phones are forbidden in the Marisco Tavern, the island’s

Figure 3

Figure 4

Stamp News - 51

75 Years of the lundy field society only pub and the hub of the island. Another Swede who has contributed to this issue is Jan-Erik Wellerfors who resides on the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea. He is now retired but used to be a commercial artist. He designed the special FDC cancel (Fig. 5) which was used on 8 May 2021. It features a pigmy shrew, a tiny animal which can turn up in the most unexpected places. The stamps were printed by Cartor S.A., a French company specialised in the printing of postage stamps and banknotes for a large number of countries. The stamps were produced in sheets of 24 with a total printing of 9.000 sets. In addition to mint sets and sheets, the Lundy Postal Service also offers First Day Covers and Presentation Packs. The denominations correspond with the current UK first and second class rates. The 175-puffin rate is for letters and cards to the rest of the world. The Lundy Postal Service handles all mail between the island and the Royal Mail in Bideford on the mainland. The basic rate for this service is 15 puffin (+ the Royal Mail rate). Mailers on the island need to affix the correct rate using Lundy stamps. The Royal Mail cost is then indicated using a meter mark. Under normal conditions, the Lundy Postal Service handles

Figure 5

52 - Stamp News

as many as 40.000 pieces of mail on a yearly basis. During parts of the pandemic, the island has been completely closed to visitors for longer periods. Hopefully normal services can resume soon as the tourist industry provides all of Lundy’s incomes. Lundy uses its own currency – the puffin which is worth exactly the same as a British penny. It is believed that the island’s name refers to the puffin birds and puffins have feature prominently on many of the island’s postage stamps since 1929. Fig. 6 depicts the top half of a puffin bird, the design of the ½ puffin stamp issued in 1929. So far the Lundy Postal Service has released some 350 stamps. The Lundy Field Society had of course planned a whole range of activities to mark its 75th anniversary but most everything had to be cancelled. This was also the case of the usual first day of issue ceremonies on the island. In all probability your local dealer doesn’t stock Lundy new issues but do not despair as they can be ordered directly from the island. A set is £6.60 and FDCs and Presentation Packs are £7.50 each. Postage to Australia is £4.80. The easiest way of contacting the Lundy Postal Service is by emailing them at lundypostalservice@lundyisland.

Figure 6

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Max Stern & Company, 271 Collins St, Shop 8B, Melbourne VIC 3001, Ph: (03) 9654 6751 Fax: (03) 9650 7192 e-mail: Web:

Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins, PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 Tel: 0425 795 693 email kmorgan2@ Shields Stamps & Coins, 52 Burgundy St, Heidelberg, Vic 3084 Ph. 03 9459 5953 21st Century Auctions Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Hwy, Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 tel. 0425 795 693

There are also about 4950 newsagencies in Australia, and most of the major stores carry a number of copies, alternatively you can arrange with your local newsagent to put one by for you each month. Stamp News - 55

Products & Services Directory dealers MONTHLY DISCOUNT SALES See ad elsewhere in this magazine www.21stCenturyAuctions. Tel: 0425 795 693

GLEN STEPHENS RARE STAMPS 4 The Tor Walk Castlecrag, Sydney, NSW, 2068, Australia. Australia’s most visited stamp dealer website:




Published quarterly by the ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND (INCORPORATED) PO Box 33435, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5046, NZ Annual subscription (posted) NZ$60.00 (airmail extra)

Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud. Visitors most welcome. Secretary: PO Box 14, McCRAE, 3938

at 7.30pm. Venue: Neighbourhood Centre, 10 Toolooa St, Gladstone. Postal: PO Box 1089, Gladstone, Qld, 4680. Ph: (07) 4978 1155.

STAMP COLLECTOR Wednesday each month at 7.30pm, Meets on the 2nd Wednesday each month

Email - email me now to get on my regular lists FREE! Life Member ASDA (New York) PTS (London) etc. Full time dealer for 40 years.

(President, A. Melville-Brown)

Subscription correspondence and advertising enquiries should be addressed to the Business Manager, PO Box 33435, Petone, Lower Hutt, 5046, NZ

email: web:

Join the exciting Products & Services Directory! Single: 46mm x 24mm Double: 46mm x 50mm Triple: 46mm x 78mm Quad: 46mm x 102mm Larger spaces

$260 per year or $26 per month $520 per year or $52 per month $695 per year or $69.50 per month $990 per year or $99 per month POR

Ph: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email:

1000s of nett priced bargains and offers and specials. Philatelic journalist. ALL credit cards and methods of payments accepted - I even accept mint stamps in payment! Phone 0409 399 888. One of Australia’s biggest stamp buyers - see my buying page.

AUSTRALIAN PS meets 3 rd Monday monthly. RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury Rd (cnr Keats St) Canterbury. All visitors most welcome. Contact: 51 Camperdown St, Brighton East, VIC, 3187.

Cricket Philatelic Society


The IPDA Inc Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

dealers & part time sellers who believe there is a need for a global organisation to represent them as accredited internet sellers. Join the IPDA. Go to for details.

Meets 8.00pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday and 10.30am 3rd Tuesday each month. 80 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale, Vic, 3185. Visitors/new members welcome.

Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins

Postage wanted:

Up to 39c pay 30% 50c to $1.05c pay 35% $1.10 to $20 pay 40% The above is for lots up to $500 face value, enhanced prices may be paid for larger quantities. Regret no longer require other countries unless in substantial quantities. Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Web:

Always buying/selling collections, accumulations, mixed lots. We are a general dealership stocking a wide range of worldwide items plus albums, accessories, etc. Credit Cards accepted. Discounts for Seniors Card holders and Philatelic Club members on production of membership ID.

SAS/OCEANIA INVITES YOUR MEMBERSHIP Our award-winning quarterly journal, ‘The Informer’, contains regular, informative articles about Australia and States, New Zealand, PNG, and other Pacific countries by knowledgeable philatelic writers. Sample copy/ application form sent airmail for $US1.00. Mint US postage accepted. SAS/O Secretary, PO Box 24764,San Jose, CA 95154-4764, USA

56 - Stamp News

Great Britain 1839-1951 Andrew G Lajer Ltd T: +44 (0)1189 344151

The Old Post Office, Davis Way, Hurst, Berkshire,RG10 0TR, UK

societies & publications MONTHLY DISCOUNT SALES

PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF CANBERRA Inc. The society has a regular program of

See ad elsewhere in meetings, with displays, exchanges and discussion nights, and welcomes this magazine visitors to Canberra. It has a flourishwww.21stCenturyAuctions. ing exchange branch, which circulates to small stamp clubs in the south Tel: 0425 795 693 region, as well as in the Canberra area. It publishes, quarterly, a news-



Features: Major Collectables Shows around Australia; discounted advertising in major collectables journals and yellow pages; regular newsletter; special discounts on accessories/albums etc.; free 6 month subscription to Stamp News; website, with free advertising for members

Join today, membership is free! No fees for the first 12 months, open to all traders in collectables, full or P/T. c/- PO Box 1290 Upwey, Vic. 3158

letter and a research journal ‘Capital Philately’. Enquiries about membership or about separate subscriptions to the journal should be directed to: Secretary: Tony Luckhurst Ph: 02 6241 1963 e-mail: tony_luckhurst@


Join the AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION! Many Benefits: 96-page TOPICAL TIME stamp journal containing articles and checklists, printed on slick coated paper, profusely illustrated. Membership Directory (150 pages) of 8,000 members listed under 700 topics and specialties, plus services. Biography service for 13,000 persons shown on stamps. Membership Information Board to answer your questions. Translation service. Handbooks of many topics. Much more...

Write today Airmail to :

AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, USA PH: 1-618-985-5100 Fax: 1-618-085-5131 Visa and Mastercard welcome Largest and most visited Stamp Dealer website in the Southern Hemisphere. 250 different pages of stamp bargains and archives! $4,000 prize always on offer. Hundreds of new items added to our site each month. Add your email address to our “early bird” notice list, so when new material is added to the site, you get first choice! We also post out a printed copy of our monthly offers, for those who do not use the internet, this service is also free. Our printed, 36 paged price list is also available, just phone write or email today for a free copy today. The leading specialist dealers in Australasian stamps and the largest private dealer (non Auction) company in Australia.

a quarterly record of Research & information

ROYAL PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF VICTORIA INC. Australia $35, Br. Commonwealth £14 Sterling, United States & Canada $US28 per year. No Search our website for full listing of stamps and Seven Seas albums and pages and other accessories. We look forward to serving you.

serious collector of Australia and its States, New Zealand and Pacific Islands should be without a subscription to this International Award Winning Journal.


Internet & Email Directory

Three Year Indexes - $A10 each Most back issues on hand. Write to: Business Manager PO Box 642, Toorak, VIC, 3142

COLLECT KEMPLAND PHILAS STAMP AUCTIONS 17 Brisbane St, Sydney 12:30pm Saturdays Second Saturday in March, July and November.

Viewing on preceding Saturday, Thursday and Friday illustrated catalogues posted free within Australia ($15 per annum posted overseas) Lots for sale welcome PO box 220 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 For over 40 years Shields Stamps & Coins have been buying and selling Stamps, Coins, Banknotes, AFL Memorabilia, Militaria, Postcards and much more. Long-established mail order dealer comprehensively covering British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australasia and Japan. Prompt courteous service and an extensive user-friendly website. Professional dealer in fine Stamps, Coins and other Collectables since 1963, based in Melbourne, Australia. The Southern Hemisphere’s only monthly philatelic magazine

Phone: (02) 9264 8301 or ()2) 9264 8406 Fax: (02) 9267 4741

Stamp News - 57

Stamp News Australasia Advertising Rates & Data Commencing January 2021 Publication details Stamp News Australasia is published by Kevin Morgan, ABN 61 577 987 652, at monthly intervals, twelve times per year. Publication date is the 1st day of each month.

Advertising deadlines 1st day of month prior to month of publication (eg the June edition advertising deadline is 1st MAY)

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Required submission format Advertisements should be supplied in digital format (on disk or via email). Advertisements should be provided as high resolution PDF files, with all fonts embedded. All images must be scanned at 300dpi resolution and sent as separate files, and must not be compressed by jpeg below medium quality. Price lists must be provided in Excel format. Phone to discuss other formats or alternatives. Note that MS Publisher files are NOT accepted.

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A couple of examples from our stocks -

We produce regular Postal Bid Sales featuring a varied assortment of Australian and British Commonwealth stamps, priced to suit all budgets - Lots are estimated from as $1 upwards. Our sales are run fairly in accordance with best industry practices.


Or View On-Line at NEW WEB-SITE – Visit

to view our stock of quality Australia and New Guinea stamps

Mastercard &Visa Accepted

PO Box 132, BURPENGARY Q 4505 Email: Phone: 0409 473 150 Fax: (07) 3102 8558 Mention you saw us in Stamp News!

OUR RETAIL AND TRADE COUNTER IS NOW OPEN! Come and browse in a COVID safe environment. Visit us at our premises: Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. (ENTRY VIA SERVICE ROAD) 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday, (Weekends by appointment) GROUND FLOOR, AND EASY PARKING RIGHT OUTSIDE, PLUS RAMP FOR DISABLED ACCESS. 100s of Collections, Australia & Worldwide. Come in and browse, 30% discount to personal shoppers (COVID restrictions allowing) Lots from $50 to $5000 and more. WE CARRY GOOD STOCKS OF AUSTRALIA, GREAT BRITAIN, BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES plus JAPAN to 1960. Also Worldwide postal history, Worldwide Cinderellas, Forgeries and Philatelic Exhibition items, as well as Albums, Catalogues & Accessories. Coins include Australia Pre-Decimals, RAM and Perth Mint Product and Loose World and Australia coins by weight. We also buy collections and accumulations of stamps & coins plus postage lots. Visa/ Mastercard/Amex welcome. Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: Stamp News - 59

Stamp News is now available online To see how a back issue looks for FREE go to our website at Stamp News Australasia Magazine The cost is just AUD$4.95 for a single issue or a discounted AUD$39.95 for a 12 month subscription. This represents a huge saving over the Newsagency price of $8.95 for a single issue and $99.50 for a 12 month mailed subscription. To purchase or subscribe go here:

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Gift options for new subscribers In 2021 we are making these new subscription offers to make your subscription even more affordable: For each 12 months of your new subscription you may choose 1 of the following: 1) Five packets of 1000 Prinz folded stamp hinges 2) 10 different British Commonwealth mint unhinged minisheets 3) 10 different Papua New Guinea mint unhinged sets 4) 10 different Norfolk Is. mint unhinged sets 5) 10 different Nauru mint unhinged sets 6) 250 grams World stamps on paper mixture 7) 250 grams Australia stamps on paper mixture 8) 250 grams Ireland stamps on paper mixture 9) 250 grams South Africa stamps on paper mixture 10) 20 different Australia Decimal unaddressed First Day covers For a lifetime subscription you will receive all 10 gifts. In the event of your chosen gifts being unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute. Please circle the gifts required and return with your completed subscription form on the facing page together with and payment to: Stamp News Subscriptions, PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic. 3158 Australia. Email and telephone subscriptions always welcome. Gifts are for NEW hard copy subscribers only.

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Sales Highlights from recent Auctions. Auctions are held every 6-7 weeks

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Phoenix Auctions Pty Ltd · Auction Rooms: 274A Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria. Australia. Postal Address: PO Box 458 Canterbury, Victoria. 3126. Australia. · ABN: 92 132 987 663 P: +61 3 8682 9876 · F: +61 3 8677 2858 · E:

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