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STANLEY GIBBONs GB & British commonwealth

Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970 2020 Edition ................................... $199.95 Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970 2018 Edition ..................................... $69.95 Australia and Territories 11th Edition 2019 .................................................................................$75.00 Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 3rd Edition 2015.................................................$57.50 Belize, Guyana, Trinidad 2009 2nd Edition .................................................................................... POR Bermuda, Bahamas & North Caribbean 1st Edition 2006 ........................................................... POR Brunei Malaysia & Singapore 2017 5th Edition .........................................................................$82.50 Canada & Former Provinces 2020 7th Edition ............................................................................$75.00 Central Africa 2014 ........................................................................................................................... POR Cyprus, Malta & Gibraltar 5th Edition 2019 ..............................................................................$57.50 East Africa 2018 4th Edition ..........................................................................................................$65.00 Eastern Pacific 3rd Edition 2015 ..................................................................................................... POR Falkland Is. & Dependencies 8th Edition 2019 ............................................................................$45.00 Hong Kong 6th Edition 2018.........................................................................................................$45.00 India including States 2018 5th Edition ........................................................................................$75.00 Indian Ocean 3rd Edition 2016......................................................................................................$52.95 Ireland 7th Edition 2019 ................................................................................................................$44.95 Leeward Islands 2017 3rd Edition.................................................................................................$69.95 North East Africa 2017 2nd Edition ..............................................................................................$79.95 Northern Caribbean Bahamas & Bermuda 2016 4th Edition ...................................................$57.50 New Zealand & Dependencies 2016 6th Edition ............................................................................ POR St. Helena & Dependencies 2017 6th Edition ...............................................................................$39.95 Southern Africa & Central Africa 2014 2nd Edition ..................................................................... POR West Africa 2nd Edition 2012 .......................................................................................................... POR Western Pacific incl. Fiji, Pitcairn, Cook Is., PNG, Solomons etc 2017 4th Edition .................$82.95 Windward Islands & Barbados 2015 3rd Edition .......................................................................$79.95 Great Britain Concise 2020 ............................................................................................................$79.95 Collect British Stamps 2019 70th Edition .....................................................................................$42.00 GB Specialised Queen Victoria 16th Edition 2011 .......................................................................$99.95 GB Specialised 4 Kings 14th Edition 2015..................................................................................$129.95 GB Specialised QEII pre-decimal 13th Edition 2019 ..................................................................$89.95 GB Specialised QEII Decimal Vol 4 2010 Edition .......................................................................... POR KGVI Commonwealth 9th Edition 2018.......................................................................................$95.00

foreign Countries & WORLD Western Europe Simplified catalogue 2012 2nd Edition .... $92.50 Stamps of the World, 6 volumes New 2018 Edition ........... $395.00 Stamps of the World, 6 volumes New 2020 Edition ........... $695.00 Austria & Hungary 8th Edition 2014 .......................................POR Arabia 2016 1st Edition .......................................................... $67.95 Asia Volume 1 2011 ....................................................................POR Balkans 2009 5th Edition...........................................................POR Belgium & Luxembourg 1st Edition 2018 ............................ $57.50 Central Asia 4th Edition 2007 ...................................................POR China 2018 12th Edition ....................................................... $129.95 Czech Republic & Slovakia 2016 1st Edition ....................... $67.50 Denmark & Norway 1st Edition 2018 ................................... $69.95 Finland & Sweden 1st Edition 2017 ...................................... $75.00 France 1st Edition 2015 .......................................................... $75.00 French Colonies 1st Edition 2016 .......................................... $95.00

Germany 12th Edition 2018 ......................................................POR Japan & Korea 5th Edition ......................................................POR Italy & Switzerland 8th Edition 2013 ......................................POR Middle East 7th Edition 2018................................................. $82.95 Netherlands & Colonies 1st Edition 2017 ............................. $57.50 Poland 2015 1st Editon ........................................................... $49.95 Portugal & Spain 6th Edition 2011...........................................POR Russia 7th Edition ......................................................................POR South East Asia 5th Edition 2012 ........................................ $115.00 USA 8th Edition 2015............................................................ $119.95 We can supply a full range of Albums, Stockbooks, Stocksheets and Stockcards, Mounts and other accessories. Please contact us for your requirements. Wholesale and dealer enquiries welcome.

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Richard Juzwin Stamp Dealers have recently acquired the Rodney Perry “Gold Medal” exhibition collection :

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 3 Stamp News has kindly been given permission to publish the entire collection over the coming months.

vii. Pioneer leading contemporary Philatelic Traders (contd) J.H. Smyth & Co

6 - Stamp News

J.H. Smyth signed letter to recalcitrant client, Jun 13 1904

vii. Pioneer leading contemporary Philatelic Traders (contd) J.H. Smyth & Co Upon the death of J.H. Smyth in 1923, employee Miss Edith West became Director. Two years later, Romney Gibbons joined the firm as co-director. Both West and Gibbons had a prior commercial background in

Philately, extending from 1901 in the case of the former, and given their succession to J.H. Smyth’s interests, are therefore placed in this position in the Exhibit.

Miss Edith West c1908 advertising business card for Miss West, stating experience of two years with Smyth & Nicolle (c1901-02), three years with J.H. Smyth & Co (c1902-04), and two years with Fred Hagen Ltd (c1905-06). West further states:

“For seven years I have been a Shorthand Writer and Typist, and during that period the majority of letters signed by Mr J.H. Smyth were typewritten by me.” That suggests the letter on previous page was likely typed by West. (Reverse shown 100%)

Romney Gibbons

Sep 6 1915 registered cover to Gibbons from Fred Hagen Ltd Stamp News - 7

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUS vii. Pioneer leading contemporary Philatelic Traders (contd.) Thomas H. Nicolle The other partner in former Smyth & Nicolle, T.H. Nicolle (1876 - ), remained at the firm’s original location, 14 Hunter St, Sydney, for at least a decade. 1904 and 1907 uprates of NSW 3d Registered Envelope, to Dunedin and The Philippines, respectively. For many years, Nicolle would apply versions of the above handstamp to the reverse of his registered mail.

8 - Stamp News

AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 2 vii. Pioneer leading contemporary Philatelic Traders (contd.) Thomas H. Nicolle Nicolle was amongst the few early Philatelic Traders to provide correspondence in French and German to overseas markets. The following covers would have contained current offers. Jul 19 1907 cover to Bavaria at ld Foreign printer matter rate

Jul 17 1911 cover to Sweden at ld Foreign printed matter rate.

The “Cheap Stamps” theme would be promoted that decade [ see two pages hence]

Stamp News - 9

COMMERCIAL PHILATELY IN AUS vii. Pioneer leading contemporary Philatelic Traders (contd.) Thomas H. Nicolle c1912 Illustrated List of Prices Paid, published after Nicolle relocated to 105 Pitt Street, Sydney

10 - Stamp News

AUSTRALIA : 1860s TO WWI Part 2 vii. Pioneer leading contemporary Philatelic Traders (contd.) Thomas H. Nicolle Continuing his “Cheap Stamps” mantra, Nicolle published c1917 the list below. His “168/- Per 12” for Kangaroo 20/- Blue and Brown, and King George “ld Red (5/- per 10,000)” suggest some truth in advertising.

Stamp News - 11

1. SG 13: 1st Wmk 5/- grey and yellow. Super fine and fresh. CEREMUGA CERTIFICATE. Choice mint unhinged .......$3,750 2. SG 13: 1st Wmk 5/- grey and yellow. Nibbled perforations, otherwise without fault. Mint unhinged. Price reduced to...........................................................................$1,250 3. SG 14: 1st Wmk 10/- grey and pink. A choice example with very fresh gum and well centred CEREMUGA CERTIFICATE. Mint unhinged...........................................................................$4,950 4. SG 14: 1st Wmk 10/- grey and pink. Very fine and fresh. Mint lightly hinged.............................................................................$1,250 5. SG 14: 1st Wmk 10/- grey and pink. Fresh, fine used......... $975 6. SG 14: 1st Wmk 10/- grey and pink. Fresh, fine used......... $975 7. SG 15: 1st Wmk £1 brown and blue. Very fresh and fine mint hinged............................................................................................$3,300 8. SG 15/ACSC 51wc: 1st Wmk £1 brown and blue. Cancelledto-order with tidy BRISBANE corner CDS. Extra Fine....$4,500 9. SG 16: 1st Wmk £2 black and red. Very fresh, mint lightly hinged............................................................................................$9,500 10. SG 16: /ACSC 55w: 1st Wmk £2 black and rose. Cancelled-toorder "AP 15 13". Well centred without gum.....................$5,250 11. SG 16/ACSC 55Br: 1st Wmk £2 grey and deep rose. Variety: BROKEN COAST IN BIGHT. Fine used....................................$6,750 12. SG 16(F)/ACSC 55A.c: 1st Wmk £2 black and rose. SPERATI FORGERY. A scarce stamp in finer than usual condition. Used.................................................................................................$5,750 13. SG 29: 2nd Wmk 2/- brown. An exceptional quality stamp, mint with the very lightest of hinge touches...............$1,200 14. SG 30: 2nd Wmk 5/- grey and yellow beautiful stamp, mint unhinged, Ceremuga certificate...........................................$4,900 15. SG 30: 2nd Wmk 5/- grey and yellow. Nicely centred, fine used..................................................................................................... $550 16. SG 30w: 2nd Wmk 5/- grey and yellow (deep shade). Fine used. WMK INVERTED................................................................... $675 17. SG O37w: 2nd Wmk 5/- grey and yellow, perforated OS, WMK INVERTED, hinged mint. Perfin Expertisation certificate.......... ...........................................................................................................$2,750 18. SG 43a/ACSC 48B: 3rd Wmk 10/- grey and DEEP ANILINE PINK. SCARCE. Fresh, mint unhinged................................ $2,750 19. SG 43a: 3rd Wmk 10/- grey and aniline pink. Mint lightly hinged............................................................................................... $650 20. SG 44a: 3rd Wmk £1 chestnut and bright blue. A very appealing stamp. Mint lightly hinged..............................$3,600 21. SG 44w: 3rd Wmk £1 chestnut and blue, wmk INVERTED. A fine used example of this scarce variety, without faults............ ...........................................................................................................$3,300 22. SG 44b: 3rd Wmk £1 pale brown and blue. Well centred and fine used.........................................................................................$1,950 23. SG 44: 3rd Wmk £1 chocolate aned blue. Strong colours and nicely centred. Fine used..........................................................$2,150

24. SG 45b: 3rd Wmk £2 purple-black and rose. A fine example, with selvedge at right. Mint unhinged..............................$9,750 25. SG 45: 3rd Wmk £2 black and rose. A clear central cancellation. Fine used..............................................................$3,150 26. SG 45b/ACSC 56C.w: 3rd Wmk £2 purple-black and rose. Cancelled-to-order (with gum, light hinge). Very fine... $3,750 27. SG 75: 3rd Wmk £1 grey. Deep colouring for this issue. Fine used..................................................................................................... $425 28. SG 111: Small multiple wmk 5/- grey and yellow. Fine mint unhinged......................................................................................$1,100 29. SG 111/ACSC 45(v)k: Small multiple wmk 5/- grey and yellow-orange. Variety: WHITE FLAW ON ROO'S LEG. Very fine, mint lightly hinged........................................................... $425 30. SG 112: Small multiple wmk 10/- grey and pink. A very fine stamp. CEREMUGA CERTIFICATE. Mint unhinged........$2,750 31. SG 112: Small multiple wmk 10/- grey and pink, fine mint unhinged......................................................................................$1,500 32. SG 114/ACSC 57(D)va: Small multiple wmk £2 black and rose. Fine mint lightly hinged. Variety: WHITE FLAW ADJOINING NSW COAST. Fresh..............................................$5,250 33. SG 114: Small multiple wmk £2 black and red. Attractive, fine used............................................................................................ $895 34. SG 114: Small multiple wmk £2 black and rec. Nicely centred, fine used........................................................................... $725 35. SG 135: CofA Wmk 5/- mint unhinged..............................$1,250 36. SG 135: Cof A Wmk 5/- grey and yellow, fresh and mint lightly hinged................................................................................ $250 37. SG 136: CofA Wmk 10/- grey and pink mint unhinged....$2,250 38. SG 136: Cof A Wmk 10/- dark grey/bright pink mint unhinged......................................................................................$2,750 39. SG 136: CofA Wmk 10/- grey and pink . Excellent centring. Super fresh and mint very lightly hinged.......................... $750 40. SG 136(var)/ACSC 50D: CofA Wmk 10/- grey and aniline pink. A fresh and well centred example of this scarcer shade. DUNKERLEY CERTIFICATE. Mint lightly hinged..............$1,500 41. SG 136: CofA Wmk £1 grey, superb mint unhinged.....$2,950 42. SG 136: Cof A Wmk £1 grey. Very fresh and nice centring, mint lightly hinged..................................................................... $875 43. SG 138: CofA Wmk £2 black and red. Fresh mint unhinged... $8,750 44. SG 138: CofA Wmk £2 black and rose. Fine, mint lightly hinged............................................................................................$4,950 45. SG 138: CofA Wmk £2 black and red. An upper right corner example. Very fresh and totally mint unhinged $12,500 46. SG 138: CofA Wmk £2 black and red. Fine used with unobtrusive corner cancellation............................................... $775 47. SG 138: CofA Wmk £2 black and red. Nicely centred, fine used..................................................................................................... $875 48. SG 138: CofA Wmk £2 black and rose, fine lightly hinged mint. ASH Imprint pair........................................................... $14,750

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Stamps in the News - Globally! 2020 Christmas cavalcade

Stampboards members have again voted for their favourite Xmas issue. This year, they voted on selected

14 - Stamp News

stamps from 29 countries. You can see the results here . This year’s contenders are illustrated below.

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

A Xmas tale – Bahamas

Reported @ The Bahamas has combined its annual Christmas stamps with a COVID-19 theme and the stamps illustrate how to try to avoid the virus during the Christmas season. Tourism is pivotal to The Bahamas economy – it has recently been recognised as a Safe Travels destination by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The designation represents a timely and much-needed boost for The Bahamas’ efforts to restart its tourism industry.

A Xmas tale – Ireland

Reported @ An Post has issued its new Christmas stamp collection for 2020. The six stamps emphasise the importance of keeping people and communities connected while staying apart this year. The stamps show some new traditions that have become part of ‘living with Covid’ including home baking with the family, online calls with family and friends and a postperson checking in with an older customer, as well as an angel and a traditional nativity scene.

An Post Mails & Parcels spokesman says: “Christmas will be very different for everyone this year and a personal greeting to family and friends will mean more than ever before. Our advice is to send early to ensure your present or card gets there in time for Christmas.”

A Xmas tale - Canada

Reported at Canada Post has selected the works of celebrated folk artist, Maude Lewis, to feature on this year’s Xmas stamps. Lewis never had any formal art training. She was taught by her mother and began her painting career by making Christmas cards that were sold to neighbours and were inspired by the natural and rural life around her. Lewis lived in a one room house in Marshalltown, with her husband. They had no electricity or Stamp News - 15

Stamps in the News - Globally! running water. “Maud did not have an easy life. She suffered physical challenges from birth and developed serious illnesses, including arthritis in her hands,” a Canada Post spokesman said. He said the stamps are meant to celebrate her determination and creative spirit. “She was a real survivor despite the odds being stacked against her, her creativity burned like a flame that would simply not be extinguished”. “Her determination to share the wonder and beauty she saw around her in rural Nova Scotia through such a positive lens is why she is one of Canada’s best-known and most-beloved folk artists.” “Because I think we could all use a lot more of this kind of positivity right now,” he said.

A Xmas tale - Australia

Reported at Hell hath no fury like a Satanist scorned. Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, founder and leader of the Noosa Temple of Satan has been claim-

16 - Stamp News

ing an “extraordinary attack on religious freedom” involving Australia Post. Australia Post is refusing to print the devilish designs submitted by the Satanists to the postal service’s “Personalised Stamps” website. The slogans on the range include “Hail Satan, not Santa, kids!” and “Make yours a Satanic Xmas”. “The Noosa Temple of Satan is calling for Australia Post to explain why it is discriminating against Satanists and preventing them from making their own customisable stamps to spread Satanic cheer this holiday season.” Australia Post told the Satanists the order was cancelled because the design contained “text or images which do not meet community standards or expectations, or which may cause offence to a reasonable person”. A spokesperson told us it “did not comply with the terms and conditions”. The devil’s in the detail…... It’s an explanation that doesn’t satisfy Brother Samael: “Every year, Christians get to have their own stamps. Since Australia Post won’t make stamps that pay tribute to Satanism, we expected, in the name of religious freedom, to be able

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

to make our own customisable stamps. “We hope that our nation’s greatest defender of religious freedom, Scott Morrison, intervenes. If this situation is not rectified, then we will lay a case of religious discrimination with the Queensland Human Rights Commission”.

Fist of fury in Hong Kong

Reported @ The Hongkong Post has recently issued a special stamp collection in honour of the late Chinese American kung fu master Bruce Lee. The issue commemorates the 80th anniversary of Lee’s birthday, under the theme “Bruce Lee’s Legacy in the World of Martial Arts.” The collection encompasses six of his iconic looks from kung fu movies, such as “The Big Boss,” “Fist of Fury,” “The Way of the Dragon,” and “Game of Death.” They will only be sold as part of a souvenir package, which includes a stamp album with Bruce Lee’s signature, six postcards, and a uniquely designed notebook. The Hongkong Post said the stamp collection is

aimed at paying tribute to Lee’s philosophy and his introduction of martial arts to the world. It said that the global icon has achieved incomparable success in the film industry, inspiring millions across different eras and regions.

Feeling the heat in the Antarctic Reported @

New Zealand Post recently issued four stamps and a souvenir sheet for Ross Dependency that highlight the winter, spring, summer and autumn seasons at Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic research facility located on Ross Island in Ross Dependency. The new issue is titled “Seasons of Scott Base.”Each stamp features a stylized fingerprint set against a black background. Below the fingerprint is the word “touch.” Heat-sensitive (thermochromic) ink was used to print the background. A New Zealand Post spokesman said, “Thermochromic ink has been applied to these stamps, giving them a majority black finish, with a transparent fingerprint offering a glimpse beneath the darkness. The viewer must warm the stamp to reveal the magic of the Antarctic seaStamp News - 17

Stamps in the News - Globally! sons.” When warmed, each stamp reveals a different seasonal photograph of Scott Base. The photos were taken by Jonny Harrison, who works as an electrician on the base. Ross Dependency is a region of Antarctica that is administered by New Zealand. New Zealand began issuing stamps for Ross Dependency in 1957.

Hitler stamped out

Reported @ Prosecutors in Russia’s western Oryol region have managed to get postage stamps featuring a portrait of Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler withdrawn from sale. According to the community organisation that printed the stamps, they were meant to underscore the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War. The Oryol Prosecutor’s Office, on the other hand, concluded that the stamps violate Russia’s federal law banning the use of Nazi symbols. The stamps were being sold at local kiosks for 290 roubles apiece (about $3.80). They came in packaging stating that Hitler was war criminal and contained a warning about Russia’s prohibition on Nazi propaganda. The stamps attracted attention after a segment about them aired on the state channel television. The story underscored that the stamps were printed by a patriotic community organization called “Za Rodiny” (For the Motherland). “Indeed, his portrait may cause a negative reaction from citizens, but in this case it’s a genuine portrait from that era and it’s presented in the correct patriotic spirit. It is, on the contrary, a strengthening of the heroic context of the great Victory over criminal fascist Germany,” 18 - Stamp News

said the head of “Za Rodiny”. The inspection in the Oryol region happened almost simultaneously with the submission of a draft law to the Russian Duma on banning images displaying war criminals from World War II. If the bill is adopted, publicly displaying portraits of Nazi Germany’s leaders — in line with displaying Nazi symbols — will be considered extremism. Exceptions will be made for images “forming a negative attitude towards Nazi ideology.”

Trump stamped out?

Reported @ Jam-label producer, IGPC report the following on their Facebook page: “Tumultuous times are upon us. The worldwide pandemic, civil unrest, and a Presidential Election never before seen in the history of the world. A close race that has come down to a handful of votes has given Joseph R. Biden a slight lead over sitting President Donald Trump in the United States Presidential Election. Still a few States without a final tally of votes, both candidates are stone cold on conceding, and yet neither has yet to claim victory. President Donald Trump is seeking a second term while former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is being declared by many as the 46th United States President. The Government of the Marshall Islands, who shares a very close relationship with the United States and has traditionally commemorated many US events on their postage stamps, is the first official Government Postal Authority to commemorate this unprecedented and highly watched election by the international political community.” Margo’s note: IGPC haven’t made the call yet. Maybe Trump is negotiating to hoover up all of his remaindered stock?

Dodgy issues continued…

Stamperija, noted producer of African jam labels, have printed a stamp for Chad which actually probably best sums up 2020 for stamp collectors. Here’s hoping for a brighter 2021 for everyone! Please enjoy the holiday stamp quiz – if you would like to test your knowledge with more such

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

stamp quizzes see Best wishes Margo

Holiday stamp quiz

Q1 The island of Lundy has had a private postal service since 1929, the oldest private postal service still operating, and has issued over 350 stamps in that period. The unusual currency unit denoted on its stamps is: A. the albatross B. the puffin C. the petrel D. the gannet

Q2 Which of the following stamp-issuing entities has announced it’s last issue will be in October 2020? A. St. Helena B. Iceland C. Gilbert and Ellice Islands D. Tonga Q3 In colonial times in India, what was the term used to describe the states which used contemporaneous stamps of British India, overprinted with the name of the state, in Latin letters or Hindi/Urdu letters or both? A. Feudatory states B. Raj states C. Princely states D. Convention States Q4 Each year in the USA there is a competition to design next year’s Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp. What controversary hit the US duck stamp program this year? A. The Trump administration cancelled the program B. The Trump administration brought in a new rule that the images must include ‘’ a celebration of waterfowl hunting heritage”. C. The National Rifle Association became a program sponsor Q5 The first stamp of Canada to feature an animal rather than a monarch depicted: A. A beaver B. A moose C. A caribou D. A seal Stamp News - 19

ANSWERS Q1 B Puffin. Lundy’s name comes from the old Norse for puffin island. A puffin is the equivalent of one penny, and the first stamps, priced in puffins and fractions of puffins, were issued on November 1 1929 after the GPO washed its hands of the island and closed the post office. Q2 B Iceland Frímerkjasala Íslandspósts (Iceland Post) Announced on their Facebook page last month that 2020 would see the last of Iceland’s stamp issues with the final issue scheduled for October 29th. Q3 D Convention States The convention states were Chamba, Faridkot (from 1887), Gwalior, Jind (from 1885),Nabha and Patiala. Postal union by a state was considered as a sign of greater fealty to the British Empire. The stamps of the convention states all became invalid on 1 January 1951 when they were replaced by the stamps of the Republic of India, valid from 1 January 1950. Q4 B A new rule that the images must include ‘’ a celebration of waterfowl hunting heritage”. Q5 A Beaver In 1851, Great Britain gave the Province of Canada responsibility for its own postal system. The first Canadian postage stamp — the Three-Pence Beaver — was issued on April 23, 1851, making this new responsibility official. Q6 C Kapa Haka A number of Maori groups were horrified when they saw these Kapa Haka stamps and complained to NZ Post. The issue was rejected just before it was issued. All stock already sent out to postal outlets was recovered and returned for destruction but a number sent to standing order customers are still on the market. Q7 A There is one extra finger on President Roosevelt’s left hand. Q8 A Iran Iran has unveiled a postage stamp honouring medical professionals as frontline fighters of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in that country. Linn’s have acknowledged, this is the first postage stamp in the world related to this coronavirus pandemic. Q9 B Tabs Originally, tabs were marginal markings relating to the history of what the stamps were issued for. Q10 C Sudan Between 1899 and 1956 Sudan was a condominium of the UK and Egypt. Because of the joint administration, Sudan’s stamps could not portray a British monarch and General Kitchener was tasked with reestablishing the postal service and stamps. Regimental mail was transported by camel which inspired one of Kitchener’s officers to come up with the camel postman design.

20 - Stamp News

Q10 In which country was the iconic ‘Camel Postman’ postage stamp design issued? A. Oman Q9 Collectors of the stamps of Israel have a particular interest in collecting the selvages of the stamps. These selvages are known to Israeli collectors as: A. Monograms B. Tabs C. Control numbers D. Imprints Q8 Which country issued the first a Covid- themed stamp? A. Iran B. China C. Sri Lanka D. Switzerland Q7 What was unusual about the 1947 50¢ airmail stamp from Monaco which depicted President Franklin Delano Roosevelt looking at his stamp collection? A. There is one extra finger on President Roosevelt’s left hand. B. His wheelchair is showing - which he disliked being visible in photos or media images. C. He is holding up a stamp in his fingers - something all collectors are taught never to do. Q6 A New Zealand issue of 2006 was withdrawn from sale after consultation with a range of Māori arts and culture communities when concerns about the design and style of the stamps were raised. The issue was known as: A. Te Matatini B. Whakaeke C. Kapa Haka D. Mōteatea

B. Aden C. Sudan D. Ethiopia

Stamps in the News - Globally!

August_sub_ad_FINAL 21/06/2020 12:45 am Page 1

Postal Stationery Welcome to the postal stationery column for January 2021. This month’s column covers the 1911 Australian Coronation Postcards. Australian Commonwealth George V Coronation Postcards An interesting issue of Australian postal stationery is the 1911 issue of postcards commemorating the coronation of King George V. The Commonwealth Stamp Printer, J Cooke, first proposed the issue on 26 October 1910 suggesting that postcards be issued throughout the Commonwealth bearing the portraits of King George, Queen Mary and the Duke of Cornwall (the future King Edward VIII). Half of the cards to bear the portrait of the King, a quarter the Queen and a quarter the Duke with the colours to be varied so that the ‘public would not be continually having a card of the King or Queen printed in the same colour’. Cooke provided samples of the illustrations to be used which had been provided by Garratt and Atkinson, of Warwick Works, Ealing in England. Their advertisement in the magazine ‘British Printers’ (Figure 1) stated that the portraits could be: Prepared in a variety of dainty borders in several sizes in best lead moulded Electros which print as well as the original half-tones and almost as easily. All may be had in any screen, any size, with or without borders or will be fitted to customer’s own design. On 1 December 1910, Cooke asked for quotes for the blocks from Garratt and Atkinson expecting the cost to be less than £10. The specifications were for 34 blocks as advertised in ‘British Printer’, 18 of the King (2 without borders), 8 of the Queen and 8 of Duke. The general style of the blocks was to be varied as much as possible with the screen in the background of some to be lighter than others. The blocks were to be securely packed and care taken to ‘counteract the effect of salt air on the surface of the blocks’. A mockFigure 1 Garratt & Atkinson’s advert in the British Printer Figure 2 Mock-up of the proposed Coronation postcard Figure 3 King George, Oval with Laurel Wreath Frame, Brown 22 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon up (Figure 2) of the postcard was included using a South Australian postcard with the heading altered, and with an impression of the 1d red full-face stamp and an illustration from Garratt and Atkinson’s samples pasted onto the card. The quote from Garratt and Atkinson (dated 18 January 1911) was for £11/9/9 for 34 electros or £23 for 34 original half-tone blocks (18 blocks of the King in 7 different types with and without borders, 8 of the Queen in 4 types and 8 of the Duke of Cornwall in 3 types). The blocks of the King and the Duke were taken from photographs while that of the Queen from a drawing. The quote for the latter option was accepted on 20 January 1911 with the blocks being shipped to Australia aboard the ‘RMS Orvieto’ on 17 February 1911. Cooke originally planned to print enough coronation cards to last the month of June based on the average consumption of 1d postcards per month in each state. He therefore asked the Post Office to supply these details. The Post Office replied on 5 December 1910 that the average value of postcards used in a month was £844 in New South Wales, £314/2/0 in Victoria, £325 in Queensland, £861 in South Australia, £150 in Western Australia and £187/10/0 in Tasmania with an Australia-wide average value of £2,681/12/- worth or 643,584 cards. On 31 December 1910, Cooke ordered 50 reams of postcard boards for the Coronation postcards from Middows Bros, England at 37/3 per ream and a further order for 100 reams on 22 March 1911. On 6 March 1911 Cooke asked the Deputy Postmasters-General of each state to indicate the number of cards they required. He also advised that the cost of the cards to the Post Office would now be 5/- per thousand cards due to the higher than expected cost of the blocks for the printing the portraits. The requisitions received were: SydFigure 4 King George, Oval with Oak Leaf Frame, Brown Figure 5 King George, Rectangular, Ornate Frame Topped by Crown, Black Figure 6 Queen Mary, Diffuse Oval Background, Green Figure 7 Queen Mary, Rectangular, Ornate Frame Topped by Crown, Brown. Stamp News - 23

Postal Stationery ney 24,000 (£100), Melbourne 216,000 (£900), Brisbane 160 000 (£666/13/4), Adelaide 1,200,000 (£5 000), Perth 72,000 (£300) and Hobart 60,000 (£250). On 6 April 1911, Cooke queried the larger than expected orders from Queensland, Western Australia and especially from South Australia and asked the Post Office to confirm the numbers of postcards requested by the states. They replied on 10 April that the average sale of ordinary cards was no indication to the probable sale of coronation cards and that they had no objection to Queensland and Western Australia being supplied with the cards they had requested. However, they expressed some concern with the number requested by South Australia and sought an explanation from South Australia who replied that: The issue of postcards during March amounted to £947. In applying for £5,000 of special coronation postcards I recognised that it would be necessary to send some to every Post Office in South Australia and I think it probable we shall have a ready sale for the whole of the amount named. As the requisitions from the states was considerably more than Cooke had anticipated, he was forced to order additional supplies of paper. On 3 April 1911, he asked for approval to purchase an additional 500 reams of paper from Middows Bros at 37/3 per ream with the specifications: 500 reams each of 480 good clean boards weighing 120 lbs. Each board 22 inches x 28 inches, coated on one side only. Treasury queried the need for the order which they estimated would last Cooke three years given that they expected a 50% decline in the use of postcards following the introduction of penny postage on 1 May 1911. Cooke replied that he had drawn the attention of the PMG to the large orders of Coronation Postcards from the states but as they had not been reduced, he felt it was his duty to comply with them. Also, the card 24 - Stamp News

Figure 8 Queen Mary, Rectangular with Ornate Frame Topped by Crown, Green Figure 9 Queen Mary, Rectangular Background, Brown Figure 10 Duke of Cornwall, Diffuse Oval, Black

Ian McMahon

Figure 11 Duke of Cornwall, Rectangular with Oak Leaf Frame, Brown Figure 12 Duke of Cornwall, Unframed Rectangle, Black Figure 13 Duke of Cornwall, Unframed Rectangle, Brown

would be used for ordinary postcards and he had in the past had difficulty in supplying orders for postcards due to difficulties in maintaining an adequate supply of postcard boards. He would use 112 reams for 1,732,000 coronation postcards in June and at this rate 400 reams would only last 4 months. He had 50 reams in stock, 100 to come from Middows Bros and had a contract for 25 reams every six months from Dunlop. The order was approved by Treasury on 2 May 1911 at a cost of £931/5/0. On 13 July 1911 Cooke reported that Middows Bros had difficulty in meeting the specifications for the postcard board for his 22 March 1911 order of 100 reams which was not to specification, being coated on both sides and useless for the purpose required and he suggested that the order be cancelled which was agreed. The issued postcards (Figures 3-14) were distributed to Post Offices commencing on 17 May 1911. While the March 1911 King George V full-face postcards were inscribed ‘Australia’ and valid throughout the Commonwealth, they were only sold in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia so that the Coronation postcards were the first issue of postcards intended for sale throughout the Commonwealth. Details of the issued postcards can be found in the Postal Stationery Volume of the Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue (ACSC). The cards were printed in a variety of colours (10 are identified in the ACSC) using a 32-on plate with 16 cards depicting King George, 8 Queen Mary and 8 the Duke as proposed by Cooke. All 32 cards can be separately identified either by the subject, the frame used or, were the frame is the same, by other minor differences. The source of this variety is clear from Cooke’s specifications for the printing of the cards and Stamp News - 25

Postal Stationery from the quote provided by Garratt and Atkinson. On 1 July 1911, Victoria asked whether the sale of cards should be discontinued and if they should be destroyed as the demand for the cards had not met expectations and they still had £504/11/9 worth of the cards. The Post Office obtained advice from the other States about remaining stocks. In New South Wales the total supply of £216 worth of cards had been distributed to postmasters. A survey of major post offices had shown that they had received £58/10/0 in coronation postcards with £12/15/0 remaining. The cards had sold fairly well but demand had ceased at the end of June. Queensland reported that the ‘cards cannot be said to have sold well’ and that ‘if the cards had not been distributed as ordinary cards there would have been a large stock remaining’. In all 81,000 cards were distributed to post offices in Queensland between 23 May and 27 July while a further 80,000 cards remained undistributed. The cards did not sell well in South Australia and about £1,100 worth remained on hand. Western Australia had been supplied with £300 in coronation postcards and £262 worth had been distributed to post offices. They had sold well at some post offices especially in June but there Figure 14 Duke of Cornwall, Diffuse Oval Background, Brown was now little demand and Figure 15 Stamped Envelope for the 50th Anniversary of Australia Zoo £38 worth were held by the Figure 16 Reverse of Stamped Envelope for the 50th Anniversary of Australia stamp issuer with further Zoo stocks at individual post of26 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon On 8 October 1913, Cooke and an auditor certified that coronation postcards to the number of 181 080 at a face value of £754/10/have been examined and were destroyed in our presence on the 3rd October 1913. Cooke was no doubt relieved the saga of the Coronation postcards Figure 17 Stamped Envelope for 200th anniversary of Captain Thaddeus (Fabian) had finally ended. Bellingshausen’s Antarctic expedition of 1819-21 The difficulties he faced were prifices. In Tasmania the cards did not sell well (£132 marily due to the worth remained in stock) and there was now no de- excessive number of coronation postcards ordered mand so that postmasters were asking to exchange by South Australia who grossly over-estimated them for other postcards. the number of cards he could sell during coroOn 4 October 1911 the Post Office wrote to nation month and to a lesser extent to the orders Cooke with details of the sale of Coronation postfrom Queensland and Western Australia. The cards in each State and proposed that the remaining next commemorative postcards issued were a long stocks be destroyed at the end of the month. Cooke time coming with issues appearing for EXPO 88 replied on 16 October 1911 reporting that the requi- and the Australian Bicentennial Exhibition during sitions for coronation postcards from the states had 1988. totaled 1,732,000 cards with 1,059,840 cards printStamped Envelopes for Australia Zoo and Belled and 944,640 issued (leaving 115,200 with the Stamp Printer). He suggested that the cards be sold ingshausen’s Antarctic expedition of 1819–21 as ordinary cards rather than destroyed and pointed A stamped envelope (Figure 15-16), selling for $1.35, was issued on 13 November 2020 for the out that there was no difference in the writing area 50th Anniversary of Australia Zoo at Beerwah, available on the cards and that if the cards were Queensland. The envelope features Steve Irwin destroyed then the South Australian office should holding a crocodile with the Australia Zoo logo in be asked to pay for the remaining stocks as its very large requisition had not yet been met whereas oth- the stamp area. On 24 November 2020 an envelope (Figure 17) er States’ requisitions had been met in full. was issued for the 200th anniversary of Captain The unsold cards were not destroyed until 1913 Thaddeus (Fabian) Bellingshausen’s Antarctic with the states being asked by the PMG on 30 June expedition of 1819–21 depicting him in stamp area. 1913 to provide details of stocks on hand as at 31 A Russian naval officer he was in command of the December 1912. They reported £789/2/9 worth of first Russian Antarctic expedition with the ships the cards on hand; £12/15/1 in New South Wales, Vostok and Mirnyi which ventured farther south £203/7/- in Victoria, £504/-/- at the Government than Cook and disproved Cook’s assertion that land Printer, £56/-/8 in Queensland, none in South Australia, £1/-/- in Western Australia and £12/-/- in could not be reached in Antarctica. The envelope was designed by Sonia Young. Tasmania. The cards were recalled and destroyed. Stamp News - 27

Cinderella Corner Introduction

Welcome to the first Cinderella Corner for 2021. The centenary of white settlement in Australia was met with much celebration over the 1934-1935 period. This time was of particular philatelic importance as many different cinderellas were issued to commemorate this occurrence, not only in Melbourne, but Australia-wide. Of these, over 30 labels with different designs were produced by companies and organisations throughout Melbourne that featured their buildings of trade, along with several colour variations across each design. These are now explored in this and next month’s February Cinderella Corner. Feedback on these cinderellas and those to be explored next month is welcome.

Australian Metropolitan Life Assurance Company Limited

The Australian Metropolitan Life Assurance Company Limited was established in 1895 and ceased nearly a century later in 1980, shortly after changing its name to the Mercantile Mutual Life Insurance Company Limited in 1971. It was one of many companies that managed life insurance options throughout Australia over the breadth of many decades. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 1 measures 26mm x 45mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 1935 / AUSTRALIAN METROPOLITAN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED INCORPORATED 1895 / QUEEN ST. MELBOURNE The Company’s Queen Street, Melbourne, building also features on the label, with three cars parked out the front.

Ball & Welch Ltd.

Ball & Welch Ltd. was a successful Melbourne department store operating from the early 1850s until 1976. Its name was drawn from its co-founders Charles Bell (1818 – 1876) and his nephew William Henry Welch (1828 – 1896). The cinderellas illustrated in Figure 2 measure 28mm x 38mm and each is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY / BALL & WELCH 28 - Stamp News

LTD. Ball & Welch’s Flinders Street emporium store features on the label, with the building’s completion occurring in 1899 followed by extensions in 1911.

Bearing Service Co. Of Australia Pty. Ltd.

At the time of Melbourne’s Centenary 1934 – 1935 celebrations, Bearing Service Company of Australia was in its infancy, having only been established 13 years earlier in 1921. It served as one of the largest bearing and power transmission distributors in Australasia. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 3 measures 40mm x 24mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY / BEARING SERVICE CO. OF AUST. PTY. LTD. In addition to the company’s Melbourne building, the cinderella also presents, on its windows, the names of three bearing products sold at the time: Hoffmann, Hyett, and Timken.

Beechams Pills Ltd.

Beecham’s Pills were laxatives initially produced in the UK, in around 1842, by Thomas Beechman (1820 – 1907). The cinderella illustrated in Figure 4 measures 38mm x 28mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 35 / BEECHAMS PILLS LTD. The label features

Vito Milana Beechams Pills Ltd. Melbourne-based factory, located on Leicester Street, Carlton.

The Big Paterson

During the latter years of World War I, Big Paterson was hailed as a hub of Melbourne’s furnishing supplies. Located on the corner of Smith and Moor Streets in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the company was found by Melbourne-raised Arthur B. Paterson (1885 – 1946) in 1912. Arthur had extended his father’s, William Hamilton Paterson, one-story structure at the same location, which served as a furniture warehouse, opening in 1876. Branches of the Big Paterson also existed in several Victorian locations including Bairnsdale and Warracknabeal. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 5 measures 28mm x 38mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: THE BIG PATERSON / MELBOURNE CENTENARY In addition to the company’s corner store featuring in Figure 5, words adorning the building are also prominent, including PIANOS, RADIO, FURNITURE and CURTAINS.

The Bradshaw & Everett Business College

Located in Melbourne, the Bradshaw & Everett Business College was founded by E. H. Bradshaw and F. T. Everett. During the 1930s, the College offered a number of subjects for its students, including Typewriting, Bookkeeping, English, Arithmetic, and Handwriting. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 6 measures 36mm x 29mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 35 / THE BRADSHAW & EVERETT BUSINESS COLLEGE / PRINCES BRIDGE, MELBOURNE.

Buckley & Nunn Ltd.

Buckley & Nunn Limited was a popular and successful Melbourne department store that opened on Bourke Street in 1851 by Mars Buckley (1825

– 1905) and Crumpton John Nunn (1828 – 1891. It was a popular store, in particular, for ladies’ garments and fashion. After more than 130 years in operation, Buckley & Nunn closed in 1982; David Jones purchased its business and properties that same year. Figure 7 presents four Buckley & Nunn Ltd. cinderellas, each is a strip of three, issued as part of the 1934-1935 centenary celebrations. As illustrated, it was offered in four colours: red, blue, pale green, and burgundy. The labels each measure 34mm x 42mm, are perforated 11 on all sides, and feature the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 1935 / BUCKLEY & NUNN LTD / BUCKLEYS / MAIN STORE – MENS STORE / BUCKLEY & NUNN LTD. The pictured main store building is still the site as part of Melbourne’s David Jones.


Cann’s were a number of popular draper and Department Stores located in Melbourne. The business was originally established by Hannah Cann in Smith Street, Fitzroy, in 1909. It then expanded across three stores before opening a shop at the site of Capital Theatre, on Swanston Street, in 1913. The store then finally opened on the corner of Swanston and Little Collins Streets. Stamp News - 29

Cinderella Corner The cinderella illustrated in Figure 8 measures 28mm x 38mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: CANN’S / Melbourne Centenary The building illustrated in the label is the one established in 1920, at 135 – 137 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Clauscen & Co.

Clauscen & Co. was a Melbourne furniture organisation founded by George Clauscen (1840 – 1918). At its central location at 131 Bourke Street, Clauscen & Co designed, manufactured and sold furniture. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 9 measures 28mm x 38mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: CLAUSCEN & CO. / MELBOURNE CENTENARY The entire building presented in the label was occupied by Clauscen & Co. from 1926. It was later occupied Fletcher Jones, Allans Music, and finally Dimmeys. After nearly 140 years following its 1870 construction, the building was demolished in 2008 and replaced by the Citadines Hotel.

Coles Stores

Coles Stores were founded by Victorian-born Sir George James Coles (1885 – 1977) over a century ago in 1914. The cinderellas illustrated in Figure 10 measure 17mm x 51mm and each is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY / COLES STORES / MELBOURNE The building featured in this label, located on Bourke Street, Melbourne, was completed in 1929 and then extended in 1939.

Collins House

Collins House was a reference to the building illus30 - Stamp News

trated in Figure 11. Located at 360 Collins Street, Melbourne, it was built in 1910 – 1911 to house a formed alliance of companies known as the ‘Collins House Group’ which, collectively, had an impact on the Australian mining and related industries’ landscape. It was demolished in 1974 and replaced by an office tower known as Collins-Wales House. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 11 measures 28mm x 38mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 1935 / COLLINS HOUSE


Alfred Edments (1853 – 1909) was an Australian philanthropist and merchant. In 1895, he ran an Auction house at 309 – 311 Bourke Street, Melbourne. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 12 measures 20mm x 32mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 5 / EDMENTS

English Scottish & Australian Bank Ltd.

The most common of the labels illustrated in this Cinderella Corner is the one featured in Figure 13. The English Scottish & Australian Bank Ltd. was an Australian bank founded in 1852. It merged with ANZ, in 1970, to form the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. Each cinderella in the block of six illustrated in Figure 13, with wide left margins, measures 36mm

Vito Milana x 34mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1935 – 1935 / ENGLISH SCOTTISH & AUSTRALIAN BANK LTD. / MELBOURNE The building illustrated in Figure 13 is considered one of the finest Gothic buildings in Australia. Located at 382 – 392 Collins Street, Melbourne, it was built as the head office for the English, Scottish & Australian Bank between 1883 and 1887. A reflection on these labels was provided in the December 1993 Cinderella Australasia by Mr. O. Scarr who was, in 1934, a junior postage clerk with the bank. He wrote that the instructions for use were to affix the labels to the back of envelopes only; this would helpavoid possible confusion with a King George V stamp on the front.

Equity Trustees Company

The Equity Trustees Company was founded by Joel Fox on 10 December 1888 with its headquarters located in Melbourne. The brown and purple cinderellas illustrated in Figure 14 measure 28mm x 38mm and are each perforated 11 on all four sides. They feature the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY / EQUITY TRUSTEES COMPANY The label features the Equity Trustees Company building on Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Fourth Victoria Building Society

The Fourth Victoria Building Society was established in Australia in the 1860s. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 15 measure 28mm x 38mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 35 / FOURTH VICTORIA BUILDING SOCIETY The four-storey building illustrated on the label is located at 241 – 245 Collins Street, Melbourne. It

was built in 1884 and remodelled in 1912.

Joubert & Joubert Pty. Ltd.

Joubert & Joubert Pty. Ltd. was an importer, exporter and general agents’ firm operating from 1920 to 1986, when it then sold to Pacific Dunlop. The company exported and imported a variety of items including: motorcars, surgical dressings, and liquor. The cinderella illustrated in Figure 16 measure 28mm x 38mm and is perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY 1934 – 35 / JOUBERT & JOUBERT PTY. LTD. / GENERAL MERCHANTS / IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS / AGENTS FOR Lanchester DELAGE Daimler CARS Of note, the DELAGE referenced on the label refers to Delage cars, which Joubert & Joubert Pty. Ltd. acquired the agency for in 1921.

The Leviathan

Leviathan is a clothing store formed more than 150 years ago in 1865, with its headquarters in Melbourne. The company then relocated in 1969, more than a century later, to Perth. The brown and red cinderellas illustrated in Figure 17 measure 28mm x 38mm and are perforated 11 on all four sides. It features the text: MELBOURNE CENTENARY / THE LEVIATHAN / MELBOURNE’S FAMOUS SHOP FOR MEN’S & BOY’S WEAR The building illustrated in Figure 17 was designed by Bates, Pebbles & Smart and was built in 1913. It remains an iconic part of Melbourne’s CBD located on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets. Next month’s Cinderella Corner will explore some further examples of these ‘building’ Melbourne centenary labels. Any further examples or insights about these, from readers, is appreciated. Stamp News - 31

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 Visit us at our premises by appointment, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. 9.30 – 5.30 Monday – Saturday to view any of the lots in this sale, plus a whole lot more! Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway Upper Ferntree Gully, Vic. 3156 Orders up to $100 are strictly net. $101-$250 deduct 10%, $251-$500 deduct 15%, $501-1000 deduct 20% Orders over $1000 deduct 25% Orders over $2500 deduct 30% Layby welcome for orders above $500. Scans or colour photocopies of individual items are available on request. Many smaller items, including many that are not on this list may be found in our eBay listings. Our store name is 21st-century-auctions Postage and insurance extra, Free within Australia above $500 for items purchased at full price. We accept Visa, MasterCard & PayPal at no fee. Hours generally 9.30am – 4.30pm Mon – Fri, but we will often answer the phone after hours. All of our items carry our 14 day satisfaction guarantee. EXCEPTING Collections, packets and mixtures, these may not be returned for any reason unless grossly misdescribed. Collections and lots 1. Guernsey 1969 – 1976 FDC Collection. Noted 1969 Definitives to £1 plus 1d & 1/6d latitude changes & booklet panes, then appears complete with all commemoratives and definitives. All but 1 un-addressed and mainly official covers. A bit of minor duplication where 2 different cachets are extant. 47 covers. Very good value at under $3 each. $139 (CNO11) 2. A follow on lot from the above, 1977 – 1983. Values to £5. Noted coin s definitives, inc. booklet panes, birds, planes, Royalty etc. 44 different covers here. Very cheap at under $2 each. Price $85 (CNO12) 3. Jersey 1969 – 73 FDC Collection. Nice clean lot commencing 1969 Definitives to £1 then looks complete to end of 1973. 31 different covers, mostly official & all un-addressed. Very clean lot, under $4 each, price $119 (CNO13) 4. As above, follow on collection 1974 -79. 43 covers, mostly official and all un-addressed. Price $3 each, $129 (CNO14) 5. As above, 1980-84. Another follow on lot, these on unaddressed Mercury covers. Noted values to £5. 33 covers here, priced well at under $3 each. $95 (CNO15) 6. Isle of Man FDC Collection 1974 – 83. Mostly Mercury covers, all unaddressed, or small peelable label. Values to £2. Colourful and thematic lot, noting Motorcycle TT Races, Scouts, Royalty, Birds Definitives to £1 etc. 26 different covers, under $4 each, price $98 (CNO16) 7. Jersey & Guernsey Postal Stationery collection 1969 – 1980’s, fresh mint in as new Cumberland Album, worth $50 new. Noted uprated Aerogrammes, International Reply Coupons perfined JE, and uprated, plus registered envelopes in various sizes. Also Scouts and Rotary related items. 51 pieces in total, very cheap at under $3 each, $149 the lot. (CNO17) 8. Germany WW1 Feldpost Postcards, inc. Real Photographic, many groups of soldiers, cavalryman with horse and sweetheart etc. Many clear date readable cds postmarks and various Feldpost markings. As usual for these, no stamps, as not available in the field. 92 items in way better than usual condition for these. $1150 the lot. (MOC22) 9. Norfolk Is. 1960 Christmas – end 1987 complete in as new $250 Brown

Seven Seas Padded Hingeless Album with Slipcase. Retail of stamps approx. $500 so $750 retail value here for $449 (1947 – 1959 could be provided for an additional $295) (MOC28) 10. Great Britain Decimal Collection 1971 – 1992 in as new $300 Lighthouse Red Padded Hingeless Album and Slipcase. Commemoratives are complete with minisheets & Smilers booklet panes etc. Mix of mint unhinged & used to 1979, then all fresh mint unhinged. Definitives and regionals are used and have a good degree of completion. Valuable lot with a retail of around $900 for the stamps, plus $300 for the very nice album. $1200 value here for just $595 (CAU1) 11. Sudan in 16 page Burgundy Stockbook. Appears to be 150 all different mostly postally used with a few mint. Price $89 (CAU2) 12. Surinam 1873 – 1975 advanced collection in Davo Hingeless Album, SG cat. approx. £6,600. Noted 1873 – 1888 definitives complete mint light hinge (1g is vf cds used) 1911 overprints complete mng then virtually complete mint light hinge to 1960. From 1961 is fresh mint unhinged. A very clean collection with some present in both mint & used. Priced under 30% cat. at $3,795 (Lay by available) (CAU3) 13. Amazing collection of Australia & Territories 1974 – 2012 very fine used. Looks to be very near if not totally complete inc. Australia, AAT, Cocos (Keeling) Is. & Christmas Is. All Australia postally valid issues including sets both domestic and international, minisheets & sheetlets. Housed in 7 large stockbooks and a thick stack of pages. All cancelled cto or by favour in either Melbourne or Cranbourne Vic. Most still with gum. Retail is HUGE! Very nearly $7000. A great opportunity to buy at well under a half…price $3250 (Lay by available) (CAU4) 14. Papua New Guinea 1973 – 1992 complete mint unhinged collection in Brown Padded Seven Seas Hingeless Album & Slipcase. Retail of stamps is $540 + and the cost of the album new is approx. $595. Total value here of $1135 for under 40% just $449 (CMMY1) 15. Papua New Guinea 1993 Year Album, stamps in place. Sydney retail $70, price $52.50 (CMMY5) 16. A similar lot to the above, this one with very good Switzerland and Taiwan, plus a big bag of mostly USA off paper. Same price as above. $449 (CMMY6a) 17. 1981 Royal Wedding mint unhinged collection in almost as new Blue Wessex padded binder on 32 as new Hagners. Comprises British Commonwealth letters C – S. Counted 32 compete sets, 61 sheetlets/minisheets. Binder & Hagners alone cost around $80. Priced around $1.75 per set & minisheet. The very nice album and Hagners come free. $162.50 (CMMY9) 18. Australian Territories & Pacifics. 500 different Mint Unhinged mostly in complete sets. Will include Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Norfolk Is., Pitcairn Is, Samoa, AAT, plus possibly some Cocos (Keeling) Is., and Christmas Is. Very nice lot, mainly good thematics. Price $249 (CMMY10) 19. As above 125 different blocks of 4, same price $249 (CMMY10A) 20. Victoria 1901 – 1902 cto collection of 30 different ½d to 45/-, most from Official Presentation Set. Includes 6d Green SG 380 Inverted Wmk. Price $2695 (CMMY13) 21. Germany all areas & periods from early Arms & Germania types to 1983. Plenty in Inflation Period & 3rd Reich Mint & used, with much fresh unhinged. Then WWII Allied Occupation issues plus decent array of West

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 Germany & Berlin with many Charity sets mint unhinged or used. A small section of East Germany completes the picture, all housed neatly in chronological order in a $70 Black Prinz 64 Black Page Stockbook, as new. Must be close to 2000 all different stamps in generally way better than average condition. Price $495 (CMMY18) 22. Great Britain mostly used collection, Stanley Gibbons set of 3 Dark Blue padded Hingeless albums and slipcases 1840 – 1999 almost as new, cost to replace is $1001.00 I kid you not! Starts with 1854 1d plates, a complete set to No. 224, these alone worth $500 plus. Then the 2d plates 7,8,9,12, 13 & 14. Good range of surface printed values to 1/- about 50 stamps plus the 2/6d & 5/- 1883 issue. KEVII is complete simplified to 5/- and KGV with both Wembley sets and 2/6d – 10/- Seahorses, again simplified. KGVI has all 11 high values inc. The £1 Silver Wedding. QEII pre-decimal is near complete, some of the Wilding Definitives mint unhinged, but in the wrong places. Assume all of these are the cheapest printings. A few better phosphor sets are also mint unhinged, inc. Geographical Congress. Near complete regionals complete the picture for volume 1. Vol. 2, 1971 – 1992 is very near complete with Mint Unhinged sets and Smiler booklet panes where used unavailable, many of the Machin Heads are also mint unhinged. Vol. 3, 1993 – 1999 is more sparse, and only about one third complete. Great lot, some in mixed condition but replacement cost stamp by stamp could easily be $3500 $4000. Price $1950 (CMMY19) 23. United Nations New York 1951 – 1967 in 4 large near new black page stockbooks. These alone would cost at least $100 to replace. Most except a few very early are mint unhinged, appears complete with a single and a corner block of 4 of each, inc. scarce imperf minisheets. Comes complete with current Gibbons UN Catalogue priced at $59.50. SG Cat. £740 = close to $1500. Very cheap at $495 The lot. (CMMY23) 24. South Africa Homelands, Bophuthatswana. 1977-89 Official Un-addressed first days cover in plastic cover pages. Wide range of themes inc. Flags, Birds, Coats of Arms, Religion, Disabled, Telephones, Scouting, Plants, Trees, Animals, Reptiles, Sports, Aircraft etc. 41 covers, very cheap at under $1.50 each, $59 the lot. (CMMY24) 25. Australia local and Trans-Australia railway covers, 1967 – 1969. Nice range on Hagner pages. Includes Coal Creek Vic., Zig Zag NSW, Pichi Richi SA, and Port Pirie to Kalgoorlie 50th Anniv. Most have pictorial cancels. 9 covers, price $89 (CMMY25) 26. Greenland, 200 different mint unhinged. Nice lot at under 60c per stamp. $119 (CF4) 27. Iceland, 300 different mint unhinged. Attractive lot, inc. imperfs. Cheap at $99 (CF5) 28. Papua New Guinea Big lot of 1000 mint unhinged, 1952 - 2000 values to 5K. Includes blocks, minisheets etc. Many, many complete sets. Price $495 (CF6) 29. As above, but lot of 500. Price $259 (CF6a) 30. Kev’s Junky box lots. Choose from World or Australia or a mixture of both. Do not expect the earth these are remnant collections/accumulations mostly in stockbooks or cover albums and will contain duplication. Never know what you might get, but great value, we just need more space on our bookshelves. 5kg lot for $139, 10kg for $249, 20kg for $449. (CF14) 31. World cover accumulation predominantly 1970s-2000s some earlier

including 1930’s flight cover, Ross Dependency 1959 Scott Base illustrated and 1963 regal visit covers, Christmas is 1959 set on FDC; Also Australia pre-decimal FDCS (foxing), special event covers, and other FDCS from AAT, NZ and PNG; few stamps seen incl. MUH NZ Health M/S. Great lot for re-seller/eBayer etc. All housed in 13 as new/near new quality FDC albums Inc. Lighthouse, Gibbons, Lindner. Cost of albums alone to buy now around $325 (many 100s of covers) Price $449 (CEJ1) 32. Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S- early 2000S FDCS array in kiwi fruit carton, ALL appear unaddressed, many of the 1990s-2000s covers still in their Australia Post display packs, a few internationals also a few PSES; generally very fine. (FEW 100s) Great re-seller lot. Price $285 (CEJ2) 33. Australia - first day & commemorative covers: 1970S-2000S decimal array with earlies including 1971 Christmas 7c BLOCK OF 7, plus many others early sets on non-generic APO covers; noughties era with M/S to $10, sheetlets etc, all in very fine unaddressed condition. Huge retail potential! (about 1250) very cheap at around 50 cents each. Price $645 (CEJ3) 34. Australia. Deceased New Issue Dealer’s FDC new issue stock. 1971 – 2007 all unaddressed Post Office covers. Quantities vary from 1 to 5 or more of each. Very clean re-saleable stock. Around 3000 covers. Price under 60c each, $1795 (CEJ4) CJL 1 – 9, KGV Heads Collection in Hagner Pages. All housed in Australia Post Padded Black Binders. Condition generally above average, there are some stamps with aging, but this would be less than 1% of the total stamps. Ask about a special price for the lot! Details below: 35. 4d Single wmk, Orange, Lemon shades etc. Mint & Used on Hagner pages, organised by shades. Inc. many perf OS, annotated varieties inc. Line Through Fourpence, inverted wmks etc. A very nice lot many with dated postmarks. 326 stamps, price $4650 (CJL1) 36. 4d Violet single wmk. A very good lot with many mint inc. a block of 10 mint unhinged! All on Hagner pages with annotated varieties Thin Fourpence etc. 121 stamps total. Price $4650 (CJL2) 37. 1/4d Single wmk. Collection on Hagner pages, mint & used. Includes annotated varieties inc. Thick 1 at right mint. Also perf. OS. 127 stamps total, Price $3300 (CJL4) 38. C of A wmk. Extensive collection mint & used on Hagner Pages inc. plate blocks, imprint pairs and blocks, large positional blocks, annotated varieties etc. 2093 stamps inc. well over 100 x 1/4d value. Price $9895 (CJL9) *************** 39. Papua New Guinea Mint Unhinged Collection 1952 – 1990, 99.99% complete, missing only the scarce Postage Due SG D1a, and the few Specimen Overprint Stamps. Housed in an absolutely as new Red Padded Ka-Be Hingeless Album and slipcase, retail value $599! The Sydney Retail of the stamps is approx. $1150 so a total value here of $1749. Priced under half retail at $859 (CJL10) 40. West Germany 1975 – 1990 Complete Mint Unhinged In Brown Padded Lighthouse Hingeless Album, absolutely as new. Album cost alone $485! Stamps retail approx. $375, a total value here of $860 for less than a third

21st Century Auctions Pty Ltd Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158

DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 $285 the lot! (CJL11) 41. Worldwide Christmas Stamps collection 1981-1982 in Lindner Green Hingeless Album. Comprises 68 complete issues plus 10 minisheets/ sheetlets mint unhinged, also a number of FDC’s Maximum Cards and Aerogrammes. A few album leaves are a little aged, but contents are fine. Christmas is one of the most popular themes. Great value at $159 (CJL13) 42. Hungary substantial collection 1881 - 1967 in 4 dark blue post style albums. Very good degree of completeness with most being fresh mint lightly hinged, or unhinged from 1965. A great opportunity to obtain a fine lot in way better than average condition. Price $895 (CJL21) 43. Tuva, 1926 – 1936 fresh mint lightly hinged and cto used on album leaves. 73 stamps cat. £190, inc. the 1934 set imperf. Rarely seen in such a grouping. Price $165 (CJL22) 44. Great Britain Mint Unhinged Collection 1989 -1999 in near new Red Lighthouse 48 Page Stockbook. Includes Definitives, Commemoratives, Regionals and Booklet panes. Retail approx. $1150. Also includes a fair bit of used in blocks which has not been valued. Around 1200 stamps. Price $595 (CMA4) 45. Cyprus. Lovely Mint Unhinged Colln. Accumulation on stockcards Queen Victoria to KGVI. Mostly Very fresh unhinged lot odd minor fault as usual with these lots. Highlights include inc. SG 75, 17 x 4, 19, 46 x 4, 22 x 4, 92 x 2, 130 x 2 and 163. Some plate No. singles, SG 60, 74, 87 plus a good number of blocks of 4, some with sheet Nos. Total SG 2017 Catalogue value, and remember prices for pre. 1937 are for hinged, which are worth at least double, is 2827.50 pounds. Nice lot for research or resale. Current AUD$4800 plus at 10/4/17. Priced at under a third $1595. (CMAP3) 46. Nauru from 1954 complete to beginning of 2000, plus a couple of later 2000 sets Mint Unhinged in Seven Seas Dark Blue Album and Slipcase as new. Stamp retail $825 plus Album is around $375 new. Total value here of $1200 for just $675 (CD3) 47. The above 2 lots, CD2 & CD3 for $1775, a further saving of $95 (CD4) 48. France. Substantial 99% complete used collection to 2001 in 3 Lighthouse Illustrated Hingeless Albums, with slipcases. Huge catalogue/resale value, persons interested in a purchase into 5 figures which could be split into several payments should contact us. Price is negotiable. (CS29) 49. Mystery or Clearance boxes, seems every dealer has these, we are no exception! Stamps, Covers, Collections, Packets, huge variety & value. Better than the average clearance lot. Ask for Australia, Worldwide or Mixed. 2kg lot for $169, 5kg for $395, Best value lot 10kg for $695 (MJL5) 50. Olympics and Sports, 1924 – Modern Collection in Brown Leather-look 32 page stockbook. Includes both mint & used sets, and is a bit disorganised, but I managed to count at least 175 complete sets. Most are Olympics but there are other sports issues and some bits and pieces of other countries/ topics which are not counted in the value. Has to be easily worth $1.50 a set across the board. Price $259 (MJL9) 51. Ireland mini collection. All fresh mint unhinged, and mainly complete sets from the mid. 1980’s 50 different stamps. Price $49 (MJL12) 52. Papua New Guinea mint unhinged stock 1952 – 2002 in 2 x Brown Davo 64 page stockbooks. Massive lot ideal re-seller, Ebayer or hoarder! Pre-decimals are sparse, but then later sets up to 20 of each. I guestimate there

would be 2500 sets total her if not more, with the average retail per set around $5. So that is around $12,500 retail. This is a real steal for someone at ONLY 20% OF RETAIL $2495 FOR THE LOT! (MJL24) 53. Pitcairn Island. Mint unhinged collection 1967 – 1986, housed in near new Seven Seas Hingeless Green Padded Album. Cost $165 new. Sydney retail of the stamps is approx. $385. A total value here of $550 for just $389 (CJE2) 54. Australia Territories and Pacifics, mint unhinged sets. Countries include Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Nauru, Samoa, Papua New Guinea plus maybe some from Fiji, Cocos and Pitcairn etc. Please let us know if you wish to have any country omitted. Very high catalogue/retail. Wide range with plenty of thematic interest here. 25 different sets $49, 50 different sets $110, 100 different sets $225, 250 different sets $589 (CJE6) 56. Australia Post 2006 Commonwealth Games folder, containing 17 sheetlets and 5 stamps released for the Commonwealth Games. The stamps are selling fine commercially used for around $2.50 each, which gives you a vast retail of $325, and these are mint unhinged. My price for the lot of 130 plus stamps is $195 (CO10) Packets and Mixtures 57. Thailand mostly large, with many recent on single close clipped paper. Price per 100g $55 (PM102) 58. Philippines many large, with many recent on single close clipped paper. Price per 100g $42 (PM103) 59. Indonesia mission mix on single well-trimmed paper. 1 lot of 100g only. Price $35 (PM104) 60. Australia High Values, both Commems. & Defins. (No internationals) We have just a small amount of this. About 4000 stamps on single welltrimmed paper. Values to $10, $325 per kg, 500g for $169, 250g for $89, 100g for $37.50 (PM105) 61. Australia Mostly International High Values on paper. Nice range. 500g for $375, 250g for $195, 100g for $82.50 (PM106) 62. Ireland charity mix on paper, new lot just arrived. Mixture of mostly single trimmed and torn paper. Always very popular. 1kg for $95, 500g $49.50, 250g $26.50. (PM107) 63. South Africa Mission mix, very colourful. Mostly single trimmed paper with perhaps a few homelands. 1kg for $79, 500g $41.50, 250g $21.50 (PM108) 64. Malaya/Malaysia plus some Sarawak, North Borneo & Brunei magnificent off paper mixture 1953 – 1980’s. Contains many complete sets and top values. Best mixture from this region we have seen in many years, mostly large. Approx 600 for $89 (PM95) 65. Singapore off paper mixture 1953 – 1980’s. Mostly large. 1st time we have ever been able to offer a Singapore Mix. Includes better and top values, mostly large. About 600 for $89 (PM96) 66. World on paper, from a brand new supplier. Very well trimmed so high count of around 5000 per kg. (25% great than from our current source) Wide range early – modern, large & small. Price under 4c per stamp. $195 per. kg, 500g for $99, 250g for $52. 100g trial lot for $22.50 (PM93) 67. Papua New Guinea, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM81)

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 68. Norfolk Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM82) 69. Samoa, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM83) 70. Nauru, 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $49 (PM84) 71. Pitcairn Is., 100 different mint unhinged, mostly complete sets. Price $59 (PM85) 72. Australia just received off paper mixture. Very wide ranging from 1930’s to right up to date with recent $1 values, plus other high values to $10 and the odd International spotted. Must be near 20,000 to the Kilogram. Got to be worth 1.5c a stamp! Absolutely unpicked by us. 1kg for $295, 500g for $219, 250g for $115, 100g for $49 (PM72) 73. South Africa plus a few Homelands off paper mix, 1940’s – 1990’s. Good mix with wide range of issues, values to 10/-, good for searching postmarks, perfs, varieties etc. About 750 stamps (50g) for $29, 1500 (100g) for $55. (PM52) 74. World Mostly Large, on single well-trimmed paper, just in from UK Charity. Super quality lot, great variety with lots of recent. $289 per kg, 500g for $149 (PM55) 75. As above, but with bigger % of small & medium, price $149 per kg, 500g for $79 (PM56) 76. World off paper, great variety, early to modern most postally used. About 15 – 20,000 per kg. Price $295 per kg, 500g for $154 (PM57) 77. Carton lots of World on paper mixture. This is a good mix with roughly 50% large. Earlies to modern, wide range of countries mostly on welltrimmed paper. We can offer 5 sizes: Shoebox size lot of around 500 grams $74.50 Double lot as above for $139 Envelope carton of about 2.5 kg $349 Printers box of about 5kg $649 Shipping carton of about 10kg Price $1249 (PM21) 78. Iceland 200 diff. $39, 500 diff. $185 (SC3) 79. Norway 600 diff. $33.50, 800 diff. $85 (SC4) 80. Sweden 600 diff. $85 (SC5) Great Britain 1840 1d Blacks We have more than 60 1d Blacks, the World’s 1st postage stamp in stock ranging in Every collector ought to have one! 81. Great Britain 1840 1d Black SG 2, plate 5, lettered B – E. Nice 4 margin example on entire wrapper Ireland to Sheffield Yorkshire. Cancelled by bright red Maltese Cross and with cds of Enniscorthy DE 3 1840, and Dublin Diamond arrival handstamp in vermilion of the next day. Cat. £750, for use in England, this is way scarcer. Price $1195 (PB69) 82. Great Britain 1840 1d black QV, plate 2, block of 4, used, SG # 2. check letters QG, QH, RG, RH, used with indistinct Maltese Cross Cancels. Blocks of 4 of the penny black are very rare and catalogue at £25,000. This is a very nice item without creases, thins or other faults. The two left hand stamps are 3 margin, the right hand pair each have 4 large margins. Price $22,500 (PB65) 83. Great Britain- 1840 1d black QV, plate 6, horizontal strip of 4 on cover SG # 2. Plate 6, horizontal strip of 4, check letters SF to SI on an entire wrapper. The 4d franking was for a 2oz letter, so presumably contained several pages of correspondence, most likely of a legal nature. Has a partial 22 FEB 1841 reverse cancel. The stamps are all 3 margin, close at bottom, and showing parts of 2 other stamps at top. Each cancelled by a neat black Maltese Cross,

with a double cancel to the 4th stamp (contrary to regulations) A block of 4 stamps not on cover is catalogued at £25,000. Price $7750 (PB66) Great Britain Other Issues 84. Great Britain 1840 2d Blue Mulready Lettersheet SG ME3, Fine used to Berkeley Sq. London with neat Black Maltese Cross cancel, reverse cds of Gosport MY 24 1842 in black also “A 25 MY 25 1842” cds in red. Some opening damage at rear and a little aged. Cat. £2400, price $1850 (GB259) 85. Great Britain 1856-58 1d Red-Brown Imperforate, SG 37-41. Complete reconstructed sheet of 240 stamps on Lighthouse pages. Very rare assembly. Cat. Minimum £2880 as single stamps, price $2150 (GB253) 86. GB 1841 1d Red Brown with IVORY HEAD, 4 margins mint original gum, lettered N C. Small tone spot at base. Guideline lower left corner SG 8, cat. £600, price $165 (GB190) 87. Great Britain 1848 10d brown Embossed Queen Victoria Die 1. Horizontal strip of 3, cut square with generally good margins, plus two horizontal pairs of 1841 imperf. 2d blues, 4 margin plate 3. from the top left hand row of the same sheet check letters AA-AD. Used on cover, part back is missing. Each with ‘107’ numeral cancel of Bradford, Yorkshire 1 MR 1849 to Frankfurt am Main. Has been endorsed at the top in pen (underneath the stamps) “via Ostend” and “Contains only Patterns.” (In German) Has a German Aus. England per Aachen Franco boxed cancel. The 38d (= 3s/2d) franking was the rate for an item under ¾oz in weight sent to the German States via Belgium. SG Cat. # 14 + 57 (Specialised Cat. Nos. ES11 + H2(1)) Reverse bears an unframed Bradford cds in Blue of MR 1 1849 plus a red arrival cds dated MR 2 1846! Clearly the year date slug is an error. 1849 A single 10d Embossed is cat. £3200 on cover, however the 1st and 3rd 10d both appear Part Double Impression, cat. £20,000 each off cover. Attractive and rare, price $27,500 (GB131) 88. Great Britain 1848 10d Brown Embossed. 3 margin lightly used example. Very presentable example facially, but is thinned. SG 67 Cat. £1500. Budget priced stamp at well under 10% cat. $249 (GB160) 89. GB 1847, 1/- Pale Green Embossed. SG 54. Fine 3 good margin example, 4th just touched at the top. Cancelled by Barred Numeral 41 (2 strikes) Cat. 1000 pounds. Well-priced at under 15% cat. $249 (GB2) 90. GB 1865 – 73, 4d Vermilion, plate 12 SG 94 Mint unhinged, lettered C – G / G - C. Cat. £575 for hinged. Superb fresh premium quality stamp, price $675 (GB81) 91. GB659) GB 1867 – 83 5/- Rose, plate 1 SG 126, wmk. Maltese Cross. Attractive used example with London Hooded Cancel. Lettered AC – AD. As usual stamps from the A row (top of the sheet) are a little shorter than from other rows. Well centred and full perfs with London Hooded cancel. Deep rich colour for this stamp. Has horizontal crease 6mm from base hardly visible from front. Cat. £675, price $169 92. GB 1880 -83, 2.5d Blue plate 23. Mint very lightly hinged. SG 157, lettered L – H/H – L. Cat. £450. Very fresh with great colour and full perfs., centred left. Price £229 (GB53) 93. GB 1880 – 83 3d on 3d & 6d on 6d Overprints. SG 159 & 162, mint hinged, the 3d being extremely fine. Lettered A – N / N – A and D – L /L – D respectively. Both full perfs. With reasonable centring for these. Cat. £1325. Price $659 (GB60) 94. Great Britain 1882 5/- Plate 4 BLUED PAPER lettered E B – B E. Nicely

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 centred used example with 1884 Lombard St. London L.S. 2 Duplex cancel. Plate number clear of the postmark. Cat. £4800. Price $1250 (GB267) 95. Great Britain 1883/4 2/6d, 5/- & 10/- all used and with private perfins. “BNZ” (Bank of New Zealand) These perfins may be seen on various high and low value GB QV and KE VII etc., stamps on mail from their Threadneedle Street branch in London. Scarce group, price $249 (GB656) 96. Great Britain 1883/4 2/6d, 5/- & 10/- all blued papers, SG 175-177, Cat. £13,750. Reasonable used set, 2/6d & 5/- expertised on reverse. Price $2295 (GB266) 97. GB QV 1883-84 SG180s 5s Rose lettered H N – N H Specimen Ovpt. Type 9, fresh mint hinged. Centred to upper right and with one short perf. at top. Cat. £450, price $275 (GB263) 98. GB 1883 5/- Crimson, SG 181. A superb used example with Bridport M.O. & S.B. (Money Order & Savings Bank) steel cds. Well centred with full perfs. Cat. £250, price $349 (GB660) 99. Great Britain 1883 – 84 10/- Cobalt Blue, SG 182. Very rare shade, cat £8250. Bright colour, well centred used example with heavyish London Rubber cds of 21 JUN 90. A few nibbled perfs top left, otherwise a very nice sound stamp. Price $1230 (GB265) 100. Great Britain 1884 £1 Brown- Lilac SG 185 lettered A O – O A, fine used. Cancelled by Lombard St.? London duplex, largely leaving Queen’s profile clear. Well centred and with good perfs. Cat. £3000, price $1125 (GB262) 101. GB 1902 – 11 Chalky paper set of 9 to 1/-, fresh mint lightly hinged, Cat. between SG 223 – 259. Price $315 (GB74) 102. Great Britain 1902 2/6d & 5/- KEVII used and with private perfins. “BNZ” (Bank of New Zealand) These perfins may be seen on various high and low value GB QV and KE VII etc., stamps on mail from their Threadneedle Street branch in London. Scarce pair, $165 (GB657) 103. Great Britain 1912 5/- Posthumous issue for KEVII. Somerset House printing, fine well centred cds example with good perfs. SG 318 Cat. $200. Hard stamp to find in nice condition, and seriously under catalogued by Gibbons. Only in use for One Year before the introduction of the Seahorse Issues of KGV. The DLR printing is catalogued at more, yet was in use for 10 years. Try to find another as nice. Price $375 (GB655) 104. GB 1915 DLR Seahorses set of 3, fresh mint lightly hinged. Lovely set to 10/-, between SG 408 – 413, the 2/6d being the Seal Brown. Way above average for these. Cat. £4,375. Price $3375 (GB78) 105. GB 1915 5/- Pale Rose Seahorse SG410. DLR printing, fine used cds example, well centred and with full perfs. Cat. £500. Nice looking example, and hard to find in this condition. Priced at just 30% cat. Price $249 (GB13a) 106. GB 1939 2/6d Brown on early 1940 Censored Airmail Cover to Sydney. Rare solo use on cover. Cancelled by London cds of 17 FE 40m and with Red Censor Tape. Roughly opened at top left but still an attractive typewritten address cover. Very scarce, price $149 (GB166) 107. Great Britain - 1948 (SG.494) Silver Wedding £1 corner MUH block of 4 with Plate No. ‘1’, and sheet No. excellent centring, together with the 2½d in a corner block of 4. (8). Superb fresh Mint Unhinged. Cat.£160+, price $239 (GB222) 108. Great Britain 1948 – 51. You will never see this again! The three KGVI One Pound issues on separate Registered covers, all to USA. 1) 1948 Pound FDC London – Michigan, 2) 1948 Silver Wedding pair FDC London – Mich-

igan, 3) 1951 Pound COMMERCIAL ! REG’D COVER, London – Iowa, with London Oval Reg’d cancel 9 JU 51. All with nice arrival backstamps. These are a must for any cover collector of GB, price $1325 (GB136) 109. Great Britain 1953 Small Typewritten Airmail Cover to USA. Bears solo use 2/6d Green 1951 Festival. Minor aging. Scarce solo franking. Price $69 (GB174) Australian States New South Wales 110. New South Wales 1859 small cover Sydney – Auckland. Bears 4 margin 6d Grey Brown Diadem, error of watermark (8 instead of 6) SG 96a (cat. £110 off cover) Stamp has been removed and re-affixed with a hinge to easily display the wmk. Variety. Exceedingly scarce on cover. Cancelled by Sydney cds of OC 13 59, and with Auckland arrival cds on face of OC 28 1859. Neat clean cover, minor tear centre top has been neatly repaired internally with a hinge. Price $525 (NSW5) 111. NSW 1880 1d Salmon perf. 10, SG 208a. Mint Original Gum with massive diagonal plate scratch and two white voids either side of the Queen’s Crown. Striking error. Cat. £250 as normal. Price $395 (NSW23) 112. NSW 1885-86 5/- Lilac & green overprinted ‘POSTAGE’ in black perf 12 x 10 SG 238b, very slight gum wrinkling, few nibbled perfs at left, fresh Mint, Cat £800, Price $749 (NSW126) 113. 1888-90 NSW Centennial 1d Mauve perf 12 overprinted ‘OS’ SG O39ba complete sheet of 120, selvedge missing from 4 stamps at lower right, right pane has two stamps hinged and three with thins, otherwise a fresh MUH sheet with marginal inscriptions etc, Price $995 (NSW146) 114. NSW 1891 12½d on 1/- red, Listed by SG as perf 12 x 11½, but mostly 11½ with error in perf 12 at top right corner in 2 directions. SG 268d. Used by indistinct cancel. Price $149 (NSW24) 115. NSW 1895 OHMS in Manuscript with HM Gaol Mudgee H/stamp in Red on small unstamped cover to Mrs. W. Tattersall at Gulgong. Bears duplex cancel No. 18 of Mudgee NO 14 95. Reverse with Queen Victoria Royal Cypher on flap. The Tattersall family founded Tattersall’s Hotel Gulgong. Interesting article included regarding the Gaol. Price $199 (APF144) 116. PC Farm Cove, Sydney, British Man of War, Australia, used to Toulon, France, Bears 3 x ½d Green NSW Cancelled by Sydney Duplexes No.10 of JA 26 04 GC, Price $89 (APC681) 117. NSW 1904 3d Postal Stationary Registered letter uprated by marginal vertical pair of 2d Cobalt Blue SG 315, to Hobart. Cancelled by clear strikes of Booligal NSW cds’s of AU 3 1904. Reverse bears transit 245 duplex of Hay NSW AU 5 1904 and Melbourne Registered cds 8.8.04 plus Hobart arrival cds of A 11 1904. Rare cancellations. Price $149 (NSW10) Queensland 118. Queensland 1871-72 small Postal fiscal watermark large crown & Q 1/Green SG F18, very faint indistinct cds cancel, Price $29 (Q162) 119. Queensland 1871-72 small Postal fiscal watermark large crown & Q 10/- Brown SG F22, indistinct cds which appears to be postal, missing perfs at upper right, Cat £500, Price $299 (Q161) 120. Queensland 1897-1905 QV figures in 4 corners simplified selection 3d,

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 4d Black, 6d, 1/- & 2/-, odd minor fault, mainly Fine used, Price $89 (Q163) 121. Australia, Queensland 1899. Long OHMS Letter from The Inspector of Police Charleville to the Commissioner of Police Brisbane. Bears vertical pair of 6d Green & 2d Blue Queensland cancelled by Charleville duplex No. 54 of OC 29 99. Has Inspector of Police Charleville oval cachet in Green on face and reverse with Queen Victoria Royal Cypher in Black on flap. Price $49 (APF146) 122. Australia, Queensland 1899. Long OHMS Letter from The Inspector of Police Cairns to the Commissioner of Police Brisbane. Bears 2 x 3d Brown Queenland cancelled by Cairns duplex of JU 20 99. Has Inspector of Police Cairns oval cachet in Violet on face and reverse with Queen Victoria Royal Cypher in Red on flap. Price $49. (APF145) 123. Queensland 1907 Crown over A wmk. Horizontal pairs. 4d Grey pair, line perf. mint, 1 unhinged. 6d Green pair, mint, 1 unhinged. 1/- Violet pair, MUH, irregular line perf. 12½/13, these were produced when comb perf. machines were under repair. Price $250. (Q19) 124. Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 1d Blue SG F1, two distinct shades, with fiscal cancels, usual uneven perfs, Price $24.99 (Q32) 125. Queensland 1866-68 Postal Fiscals no watermark 20/- Rose SG F8, with crisp corner cds type fiscal cancel, slightly uneven perfs, a lovely stamp, SG Cat £1200 for postal use, Price $199 (Q38) 126. Queensland 1871-72 Postal Fiscals watermark large crown & Q 1/- Green SG F18 with fiscal cancel partially cleaned and subsequently used postally with an almost full strike of ‘BRISBANE/L/FE 2/86/QUEENSLAND’ cds, Price $69 (Q39) South Australia 127. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, with small part original gum, Cat £150 as Mint, Price $179 (SA191) 128. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, with almost full original gum Mint, Cat £150, Price $229 (SA192) 129. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Bright yellow-green SG 19, MNG, Cat £150 as Mint, Price $99 (SA193) 130. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Dull blue-green SG20, Fine used, Price $69 (SA195) 131. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1d Sage-green SG21, Fine used with light Adelaide cds, Price $69 (SA194) 132. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 4d Dull violet SG 27, lovely deep, rich shade, Price $79 (SA198) 133. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue surcharges ‘TEN PENCE’ on 9d Yellow in black & blue, and on 9d Orange-red, SG 35-37 (3), mostly fine used, Advertised retail $450, Price $379 (SA199) 134. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue surcharges ‘TEN PENCE’ in black on 9d Yellow SG 37, Nice used, Price $179 (SA201) 135. South Australia 1860-69 second roulette issue 1/- Lake-brown SG 42, fresh Mint with full original lightly hinged gum, Cat £250, Price $349 (SA202) 136. South Australia 1868-79 perf 11½-12½ 1d Dark green SG 64, lightly aged hinged original gum Mint, paper adhesion at upper left, Cat £190, Price $149 (SA203) 137. South Australia 1868-79 perf 11½-12½ 3d on 4d surcharge in black SG 68, fresh Mint, Cat £180, Price $249 (SA204)

138. South Australia 1876-85 4d Deep mauve wmk broad star perf 10 x 11½12½ overprinted ‘OS’, SG O17, few trimmed perfs, full fresh OG, Price $119 (SA28) 139. Australia, SA 1892 small OHMS cover front bearing 2d Orange Queen Victoria cancelled by cds of Stockade, OC 20 92 to Lawyers in Adelaide. Also bears oval cachet in Violet “DOCUMENTS. O.S. /WITHOUT LETTER/LABOR CAMP”Also with interesting article re. The Stockade. Price $99 (APF147) 140. South Australia 1908 PPC Botanic Park Adelaide, sent Dutton to Ballarat, cancelled by Dutton CDS 4/3/08 rated 3R Price $195 (SAPC08) Tasmania 141. Tasmania second allocation barred numeral cancels, 15 different higher range numbers from ‘100’ to ‘322’, reasonably clear strikes on 1d or 2d Sidefaces, with some pairs & some on piece, Price $79 (T246) 142. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 1d Brickred SG 27, margins close to touching, Mint no gum, Cat £475, Price $179 (T93) 143. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Deep green SG 33, two close margins, just cut into at left, Mint no gum, Cat £950 as Mint, Price $399 (T95) 144. Tasmania 1857-67 Chalon imperf wmk double lined numeral 2d Deep green SG 33 (a deeper shade than the one above) , two close margins, two touching, Mint no gum, Cat £950 as Mint, Price $349 (T91) 145. Tasmania 1857-67 1d Vermilion/carmine shades imperf Chalons x 7, SG 25-29, mostly 2 to 3 margin examples, each with different second allocation barred numeral cancels, most are reasonable quality strikes, nice group, Price $159 (T243) 146. Tasmania 1860-67 6d Slate-violet Chalon SG 48, indistinct second allocation BN cancel, 2 close margins, 2 just touching, Price $89 (T241) 147. Tasmania 1863-71 1d Vermilion perf 12 SG 69, light indistinct second allocation BN cancel, Price $39 (T242) 148. Tasmania 1863-71 Chalons perf 12, 1d shades x 3, identified as Brick-red, Orange-red & Carmine, latter with perfs trimmed at base, all with second allocation barred numeral ‘52’ of Launceston, odd fault, Price $49 (T245) 149. Tasmania 1863-80 St George & dragon perf issues 3d Green, 2/6d Carmine, 5/- Brown & 10/- Orange on thick paper/thin card, overprinted ‘REPRINT’, no gum, attractive group, Price $129 (T250) 150. Tasmania 1880 Postal fiscals 1/- Rose-pink platypus SG F29, Fresh mint with some hinge remains Cat £160, Price $199 (T251) 151. Tasmania c1890’s 5/- QV side face in a pale reddish mauve shade, complete sheet of 120 on thin gummed card overprinted ‘REPRINT’ with stops, unfortunately the top right hand stamp has been removed, odd minor gum spot, fresh MUH, a scarce survivor, Price $2499 (T104) 152. Tasmania 1899-1912 Pictorials 4d Orange & 5d Bright blue, both punctured ‘T’, cds cancels, Price $39 (T248) 153. Tasmania perf Chalons 2d Green, 4d Blue, 6d Violet & 1/- Vermilion on thick paper/thin card, overprinted ‘REPRINT’, the 4d with trimmed perfs at top, no gum, Price $89 (T249) Victoria 154. Victoria 1850 Half-length second state of the dies 1d Pale dull

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 red-brown SG 5a, three good margins, cut into at right, indistinct barred numeral cancel, Cat £450, Price $299 (V157) 155. Victoria 1854 1d Rose Half Length SG 23a. Superb 4 margin example of this scarce Melbourne printing, cancelled by light duplex. Expertised twice on reverse. Cat. £750, price $995 (V23) 156. Victoria 1854-55 Woodblocks imperf 2/- dull bluish green SG 35, three large margins, just touching at base, used on small piece. Advertised retail $375. Price $249 (V96) 157. Victoria 1854 1/- Registered stamp SG34, Cat £200, attractive example with 4 large margins, very light surface rub at lower left, indistinct barred numeral cancel, fine used. Price $199 (V103) 158. Victoria 1854 6d Dull Orange Imperf Woodblock on cover, SG 32a. Neat small cover Melbourne to Dublin via ship Colombia. Nice 4 margin stamp affixed inverted, possibly to warn of bad news. Cancelled by barred numeral 1, and with arrival stamp MR 16 1858. Price $395 (LM13) 159. Victoria 1857 small cover bearing 6d Dull Orange Woodblock 4 margin example, tied by barred Numeral 4 of SANDHURST (renamed BENDIGO) and Red cds “Paid 5 SP 1857” to Essex, UK. Fine and attractive, flap torn on opening. Price $195 (BD515) 160. VICTORIA - POSTAL HISTORY: 1859 (SEPT.) COVER TO LONDON ENDORSED “PER MAIL STEAMER BOMBAY” WITH EMBLEMS 2D VIOLET ROULETTED 5½-6½ ON HORIZ. LAID PAPER SG.70 STRIP OF 3 TIED BY BN ‘78’ CANCELS OF ST KILDA (RATED ‘R’), INDISTINCT CROWN OVAL & MELBOURNE DEPARTURE BACKSTAMPS, LONDON ARRIVAL DATESTAMP ON FACE, FILING CREASE RUNNING THROUGH ADHESIVES & SMALL COVER TEAR CLEAR OF THE STAMPS. Price $359 (V149) 161. Victoria 1864 2d Violet SG 109 Imperforate! Not listed in SG, definitely big enough margins to be imperf. Nicely used with barred Numeral cancel. Imperf between vertical pair of the 1/- from this issue is Cat. at £6500. Price $495 (DB56) 162. Victoria 1870. Small registered cover, Malmsbury – Melbourne. Bears 2d Dull Violet Laureates Perf. 13 SG 109ad, cancelled by Malmsbury Duplex No. 98 Type 2, rated SS. 1 adhesive removed. Has rectangular boxed “registered” in black and oval registered in Red. Melbourne small transit cds of AP 19 70 on face and arrival cds of Carlton on the following day. Price $98 (V270) 163. Victoria 1883 small cover to Torquay UK. Bears 6d Blue SG (V265) 164. Victoria 1884/5 £10 Stamp Duty, SG 279/279a. A fine example with neat Pen Cancel, No Pinholes! Cat. £250 as postally used. Price $125. (V72) 165. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 2/6d Orange & 2/6d Yellow, both with light fiscal cancels, Cat £675 for postally used, Price $149 (V298) 166. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue perf 12 SG 224a Mint with some minor gum wrinkling, Cat £250, Price $329 (V302) 167. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue perf 12 SG 224a, with unframed ‘KYNETON/OC28/92/VICTORIA’ postal cds, few nibbled perfs, Price $49 (V321) 168. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 1/- Blue on blue, three distinct shades, light fiscal cancels, Price $79 (V303) 169. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 10/- Brown on pink, light fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129 (V306) 170. Victoria 1884 Stamp Statute 10/- Brown on pink, very faint fiscal cancel, Cat £450 for postally used, Price $129 (V300)

171. Victoria 1884-92 Stamp Duty 2/6d Yellow orange with unframed ‘MARYBOROUGH/B/AP12/85VICTORIA’ cds, Price $69 (V307) 172. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1d Bistre, two distinct shades, both with postal cancels, Price $69 (V313) 173. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 6d Ultramarine perf 12½ SG 266 with light, indistinct barred numeral cancel, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $49 (V312) 174. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on blue & 1/- Blue on yellow, both with bold postal cancels, couple of nibbled perfs, Price $69 (V311) 175. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 1/- Blue on yellow, simplified selection of three different shades all with postal cancels, one with some minor toning, Price $129 (V310) 176. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 3/- Purple on blue perf 12 SG 237a, with light, indistinct postal cds, Cat £100, Price $129 (V315) 177. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange-red perf 12 SG 238a, Mint with some hinge remains, Cat £180, Price $199 (V316) 178. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £1 Yellow-orange wmk sideways, perf 12½ with ‘R’ Registered cancel, nice used, Cat £85, Price $119 (V309) 179. Victoria 1884-96 Stamp Duty £2 Blue perf 12½ SG 276a with crisp, almost full ‘ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O./OCT18/90’ cds, attractive stamp, Price $249 (V318) 180. Victoria 1896-99 Stamp Duty 4/- Orange perf 12½, SG 346, Mint with tiny central thin spot, Cat £170, Price $129 (V317) 181. Victoria 1895 Halfpenny Yellow/Orange wrapper used to London. Cancelled by Duplex 327 Tarnagulla JE 28 95. Fine and scarce, price $69 (V31) 182. Victoria 1895 ½d Yellow-Orange newspaper wrapper simply addressed to “Punch Melbourne” Cancelled by clean strike of Nagambie second 712 Duplex of AP 5 95. Clean and attractive, small tear at left does not detract. Price $59 (V67) 183. Victoria 1896 ½d Emerald SG 331 fresh mint lightly hinged with full double row of perfs at top. Well centred with full perfs. Spectacular! Price $169 (V84) 184. Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2/6d Red Brown Hospital Charity stamp, cto Melbourne OC 25 97, 3 days after issue. Clean stamp with gum full perfs. And expertisation mark on reverse. Price $195 (V41) 185. Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee 2/6d Red Brown Hospital Charity stamp, cto Melbourne AU 24 06, late usage. Clean well centred stamp without gum and full perfs. Price $210 (V42) 186. Victoria 1901-13 QV ‘Postage’ 1/- orange or yellow x 10 unchecked for perfs etc, great range of shades, advertised retail $200+. Price $99 (V90) 187. Victoria 1905 1d Rose red SG 417, Double Perfs. Used by Melbourne machine cancel is well centred with full perfs. Complete row of double perfs. at top and also double perfs. along right side. Spectacular! Price $169 (V85) 188. Victoria Revenues 1934 1/8d Yellow & Black Tax Instalment Rouletted stamp with gum in unhinged horizontal pair. Wmk V over Crown. Cancelled by Fountain Pen manuscript 26-1-40 and 2-2-40 respectively. Fine and scarce, price $95 (V18) Western Australia 189. Western Australia 1854 1d Black swan imperf SG 1, with three good margins, close at upper right, fine used, attractive classic! Cat £300, Price $399 (WA171) 190. Western Australia 1854-55 4d Blue swan imperf, SG 3a, three good margins, just touching at right, Fine used, Cat £250, Price $279 (WA173)

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DISCOUNT SALE JANUARY 2021 191. Western Australia 1855 1/- Pale brown swan imperf SG 4c, just cut into at top, close at left, Fine used, Cat £325, Price $399 (WA172) 192. Western Australia 1855 1/- Pale brown swan rouletted, SG 6a, small thin at upper right and 1mm tear at left, Cat £1100, Price $699 (WA174) 193. Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange-vermilion swan imperf, SG 25, four good to just touching margins, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $119 (WA176) 194. Western Australia 1860-64 2d Orange-vermilion swan imperf, SG 25, three good to close margins, just touching at right, Fine used, Cat £80, Price $119 (WA177) 195. Western Australia 1860-64 6d Sage-green swan imperf, SG 28, two good margins, others close to just touching, nice used, Cat £400, Price $499 (WA178) 196. Western Australia 1861 perf 14 1d Rose swan SG 38, Nice used, Cat £65, Price $79 (WA180) 197. Western Australia 1861 perf 14 4d Vermilion swan SG 40, couple of nibbled perfs, Fine used, Cat £180, Price $249 (WA179) 198. Western Australia 1861 perf 14-16 2d Blue, 6d Purple-brown & 1/- Yellowgreen SG 41-43, odd nibbled perf, Nice-fine used, Cat £154, Price $149 (WA181) 199. WA 1861-90 2d Yellow swan x 6, each with Commissariat puncture, appears to be 3 different puncture sizes, used, Price $119 (WA162) 200. WA 1861-90 1d Carmine, 2d Yellow, 2d Blue & 1/- Swans, Good to fine used, each with Commissariat puncture, the 2d Blue being the 3.2mm puncture, the others 4mm, nice group. Price $149 (WA163) 201. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 1d & 6d, the two SG listed shades of each SG 49-51a, usual uneven perfs, mainly Fine used, Cat £114, Price $99 (WA182) 202. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 6d Deep lilac SG 51, usual uneven perfs, Fine used, Cat £50, Price $49 (WA183) 203. Western Australia 1863-64 No watermark 6d Dull violet SG 51a, l uneven perfs but above average for this issue, Fine used, Cat £55, Price $59 (WA184) 204. Western Australia 1864-79 watermark Crown CC perf 12½, SG 55-62 range, selection of 10, 1d to 1/-, including most of the SG listed colours/ shades, Nice-fine used, attractive group, Cat £145+, Price $169 (WA185) 205. Western Australia 1864-79 watermark Crown CC perf 12½, 1/- Bright green & 1/- Sage green SG 61 & 62, Fine used, Cat £55, Price $69 (WA186) 206. WA 1872-1912 mounted used collection of Swans, all punctured ‘OS’ sideways, with 1d Red/pink (11), 2d Yellow (10), 3d Brown (17), 4d Brown (3), 6d Violet (2) & 1/- Green (faults), various perfs, watermarks etc, condition mostly fine, a fantastic basis for expansion, Price $299 (WA165) 207. WA 1872-1912 Swans 3d Brown, 4d Brown & 5d Olive-bistre (2 each) & 2/- Red on yellow, all punctured ‘WA’, mainly Fine used, attractive group, Price $69 (WA164) 208. WA 1872-1912 used selection of 10 different Swans/QV, all punctured ‘OS’ sideways, values ½d to 2/- including 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 8d & 1/-, Fine used, Price $109 (WA167) 209. Western Australia 1882-85 watermark Crown CA perf 12, 4d Carmine SG 84, Fine used, Cat £60, Price $75 (WA188) 210. Western Australia 1884 surcharges 1d on 3d Pale brown, thin ‘1’ with straight top SG 92, Fine used, Cat £75, Price $89 (WA187) 211. Western Australia 1885 1d on 3d surcharge, both the Pale brown and Cinnamon shades, SG 91 & 91a, Cat £70, fine Used, Price $79 (WA130) 212. Western Australia 1888 watermark Crown CA perf 14, 1d Carmine-pink,

2d Grey & 4d Red-brown SG 103-105, two different shades of each value, mostly Fine used, Cat £73+, Price $79 (WA189) 213. WA 1893 Postal fiscal 2d Purple long swan SG F12, very lightly cancelled, Price $149 (WA166) 214. Western Australia 1895 ½d surcharge in red & green on 3d Cinnamon, SG 111a, Mint, some hinge remains, Price $199 (WA78) 215. Western Australia 1902-11 watermark V over Crown 5/- Emerald-green SG 126, watermark inverted, bold Perth cds, Cat £50, Price $59 (WA190) 216. WA 1902-12 QV 2/6d Deep blue/rose punctured ‘OS’, Fine used, Price $39 (WA168) 217. WA 1902-12 QV 10/- Deep mauve, punctured ‘OS’ BW (2004) W65Ab, trimmed perf at lower left, fine used Cat $250, Price $1490 (WA170) 218. WA 1907 QV watermark Crown over double lined A 5/- Pale emerald-green Die I punctured ‘OS’ BW (2004) W64Ab, fine used Cat $350, Price $299 (WA169) 219. 1910 usage of 1d Blue Postal Stationary Postcard, Mount Magnet to Perth. Cancelled by cds of Perth 14 NO 10. H & G 17, cat. $400. Very fine with 2 staple holes and bend to upper left corner. Price $195 (WA57) 220. Western Australia 1911 real photographic postcard “Greetings from Fremantle” to St. Louis, USA. Bears Halfpenny Green and 1d Rose Pink SG 138/9. Cat £12.25 and from x 12 on cover. Neat & clean, price $175 (WA34) Australia Kangaroos All of our Kangaroo stamps are accurately described and fairly priced according to condition, you may order with confidence that there are no hidden faults. 221. Bulk 2/- Maroon, C of A wmk. used Kangaroos ex. Retired dealer. Unchecked by us for shades, varieties etc. 100 for $125 (10 for $15) (K652a) 222. Australia 1913 Penny Red Kangaroo used x 36 on annotated album pages. Noted “Rostage” x 2, Coil / Booklet Stamps x 2, + varieties not listed for this value, inc. “Missing Inner Frame Top Left” and “Shading Line Over One Penny Missing”. Condition generally good to fine used. Minimum Cat. $847. Price: $539 (K343) 223. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 1d Red die II variety ‘Watermark sideways’ (crown pointing to right when viewed from the back) ACSC 3aa, very light machine cancel, excellent perfs, centred slightly to upper right, Cat $500, Price $425 (K1070) 224. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 1d Red die I variety ‘Watermark sideways’ (crown pointing to left when viewed from the back) ACSC 2ab, centred to upper left, couple of nibbled perfs, light cds cancel, Cat $450, Price $229 (K1074) 225. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 2d Grey Kangaroo. Nice mint unhinged example with good perfs, centred right, cat. $300, price $120 (K86) 226. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 2d Deep Grey Kangaroo. A mint lightly hinged example, couple of slightly nibbled perfs, centred high, price $49 (K739) 227. Australia 1913 1st wmk. 2.5d Indigo Kangaroo. Superb lower marginal cto example with gum, perfectly centred and full perfs. Melbourne cds of DE 3 13. They honestly do not come better than this! Price $125 (K148) 228. Australia 1913 3d Olive Kangaroo, Die I. Nice mint lightly hinged example with good perfs. Has light gum bend not visible from front. Cat. $250, price $119 (DB826)

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Oz Colonies 1d Reddish Rose SG 3 fine used 4 margin example with Hunziker Cert 1963. $ 750.00

1d Carmine-rose SG 1 Margins Large to just into outer border at left. No Gum. $ 4,000.00

Departmental C.O. in Black on 1/Red-brown SG 83 Perf 11½ -12½ Mint Block of 4 2018 Ceremuga Cert. $ 1,050.00

2d Blue SG 2 Imperf Pair with full margins just clear 6d Green SG 3 Margins at base /right. A very rare pair with 1979 B.P.A. good all round, showing Cert. Rare in this very fine condition. part of the stamp above. $5,000.00 Brown stain on N of PENCE. No Gum. $ 7,500.00

Departmental P.S. in Black on 3- 1d Brick-red Pair SG 27, Margins Pence on 4d Ultramarine Perf 10. large on 3 sides just touching at 1d Pale Red-brown Pair SG 26 SG 93. Re-joined mint Pair with top. Mint Hinged Gum. Margins Large at right showing Large Part disturbed Original $ 450.00 part of adjoining stamp to close Gum. 2018 Ceremuga Cert. Minor at left. Unused no Gum. Toning. $ 1,200.00 $ 400.00

4d Pale Blue with Tilted Border SG 3i, Used 4 margin example. Light Diagonal crease at top left corner. $ 750.00

2d Bright Blue SG 62, Fine Mint Hinged Block of 6, 1947 RPSL Cert. $ 750.00

2d Yellow-green SG 60. Unused no Gum. 2018 B.P.A. Cert. $ 600.00

4d Deep Dull Blue. SG 3bd. Variety T of POSTAGE shaved off to a point at Foot. A very rare shade with Variety. $ 6,000.00

1/- Deep Red-brown 4d Slate-blue SG 3c. UnSG 4a. Unused no gum used no Gum Margins 4 good margins. good all round. 1995 $1,000.00 B.P.A. Cert. $4,250.00

2/- Brown on Yellow SG 124c ACSC W59D. Variety Watermark Sideways. 2/- Bright red on Yellow Variety Very Rare Unlisted by SG and ACSC in this shade with Sideways Watermark. Only 2 Watermark sideways SG 124a Known. 1995 B.P.A. Cert absurdly say ACSC W59Aaa.Mint Hinged Gum. Bright red which it certainly is not. $ 250.00 $ 1,000.00

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Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Bradford Baker, who wrote the November article on the Melbourne Cup has provided the following article on the first stamp issued by Australia Post to commemorate the Melbourne Cup – one hundred years after it was first run. The 1960 5d Centenary Melbourne Cup Stamp Despite the increasing interest in the Melbourne Cup, it was not until 1949 that Mr Arthur Kewney, the Secretary of the Victoria Racing Club, requested a stamp to commemorate the Melbourne Cup. His request was rejected. Another request was made in 1954 for an annual stamp and this was also rejected, as policy did not allow stamps for annual events, particularly for something as frivolous as a horse race. Remember, the first stamps issued for a sporting event in Australia were issued in 1956 for the Melbourne Olympic Games. In 1959 Sir Chester Manifold, on behalf of the Victoria Racing Club, approached his friend the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Sir Robert Menzies, for a special stamp issue to commemorate the 100th running of the Melbourne Cup. Again rejected, and even though Menzies was not a racing man, Menzies insisted that the Postmaster-General reconsider. The decision to issue that stamp was made in 1960 and the stamp is shown at figure 1. No varieties are recorded for this stamp but figure 2 also shows a misperforation due to a paperfold. However, from the time the issue was announced and after its issue, Church groups lobbied for its withdrawal. It was attacked as the stamp was a symbol of Australia’s greatest evil, gambling. The

Fig 2: 1960 5d 100th Melbourne Cup paper fold perforation error 50 - Stamp News

Postmaster-General defended the stamp, as the Melbourne Cup held a unique and traditional place in Australian history. It did not promote gambling. The Churches, howFig 1: 1960 5d 100th Melbourne ever, boycotted the stamp refusing Cup to put it on mail, while the Post Office ensured that the 5d Queen stamp would be in sufficient supply for Church people. The Voice of Prophecy was a religious worship program produced by the Seventh Day Adventists. The Seventh Day Adventists strongly opposed gambling as they believe it is against Christian principles. They do not believe it is an appropriate form of entertainment or a legitimate method of fund raising. Figure 3 shows an advertising cover from the ‘Voice of Prophecy’ to the Northern NSW Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists. Perhaps the Seventh Day Adventists did not see the Melbourne Cup stamp as a promotion of gambling. In December 1959, Alfred Cook of Sydney, was asked to produce preliminary designs which the Stamp Advisory Committee considered were generally satisfactory, but still required modification. Figure 4 showing a jockey, and figure 5, showing horses racing, are photographic essays of his designs. The Committee recommended that only a 5d value be issued and their preference was for the design with the horses racing figure 5. That design was recommended to the Postmaster- General Sir Charles Davidson, but he rejected it, claiming the design to be “Worse than the Kangaroos” that had been issued the previous year. In June 1960, Mr Frank Manly, from Essendon, an artist and member of the Stamp Advisory Committee was asked to assist and he produced seven new designs and amended one of the Cook designs. Two of those designs, figures 6, showing Archer and the Melbourne Cup and figure 7, showing horses

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Fig 3: Voice of Prophecy Seventh Day Adventists advertising cover Fig 4: Alfred Cook photographic essay for the 5d 100th Melbourne Cup – jockey design racing, although not approved, were passed on to the Note Printing Branch, where two die proofs were prepared. It was unusual to prepare two, but as time was short it was deemed necessary. These two designs were submitted to Postmaster-General Sir Charles Davidson for selection. Davidson preferred the design of Archer and the

Fig 5: Alfred Cook photographic essay for the 5d 100th Melbourne Cup - racing horses design

Melbourne Cup, figure 6. He said it had greater Centenary significance, had more dignity, was less likely to stir up resentment from non-racing people, but refused to make the selection. Instead he took the unusual step of handing over selection to the Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. Menzies chose the design of Archer with the Melbourne Cup and the stamp was issued on 12th October 1960. It was the practice from 1950 to 1965, for the Postmaster- General, in this case, Sir Charles Davidson, to present to various dignitaries an OHMS first day cover postmarked Parliament House Canberra, figure 8. The addressee of the cover shown, Sir John McEwen, is the only recipient of these covers, I have seen, who has been Prime Minister of Australia. Usually about 100 of these covers were presented. Wesley Cover Service (WCS) owned by John Gower of Largs North, South Australia, produced popular first day covers for collectors. The 100th Melbourne Cup design showed a large image of the Cup with a jockey’s cap, whip and saddle. Figure 9 shows a WCS first day cover postmarked Flemington on first day of issue, 12th October 1960. The prize money for the 1960 Melbourne Cup was increased to £25,000 and it had attracted a crack Stamp News - 51

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation field of 32 horses from Australia and New Zealand. Champion trainers Tommy Smith, Colin Hayes and Jack Denham had horses in the Cup while champion jockeys Roy Higgins, Jack Purtell, Neville Sellwood, George Moore and Geoff Lane Left : Fig 6: Frank Manly adopted photographic essay - Archer design had rides in the Cup. For the first RIght : Fig 7: Frank Manly unadopted photographic essay - racing horses design time there was a direct telecast of the 1957 Caulfield Cup and 1960 W S Cox Plate. the race into Sydney. Tulloch raced 53 times for 36 wins, 12 seconds and The horses included 1959 Melbourne Cup winner, four thirds. The only time he finished outside the MacDougal, and one of the greatest horses ever to first three in a race was in the 1960 Melbourne Cup race in Australia, the champion Tulloch, winner of where he finished seventh. It was a big task for him, after two years away from the racetrack, due to illness and to carry the topweight of 64kgs. Only Carbine in 1890 had carried more to victory. He was an inaugural inductee into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame and an inductee into the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame. Australian Horse Racing first day cover for the Tulloch 20c stamp signed by trainer Tommy Smith, cachet prepared by Frank Adamik of Canberra, and postmarked Canberra Parliament House on first day of issue 18th October 1978 is shown at figure 10. Fig 8: OHMS first day cover postmarked Parliament House Canberra The Centenary Cup 52 - Stamp News

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

concept was initially discussed at a Zoom-based APF Executive meeting. Despite some uncertainty as to how well received such an exhibition would be, the APF decided to proceed. While some of us are familiar with one approach to an online exhibit, having been involved in several online exhibitions offered by the South African Philatelic Federation, AusVipex would be somewhat different. Exhibits would be shown as online image galleries Fig 9: Wesley Cover Service (WCS) first day cover postmarked Flemington on a public website. Judges would work from hi-res scans of the exhibit pages and use a was the first time that the first three placegetters were combination of Zoom video conferences and emails owned and trained in New Zealand. The result was: to apply the standard Australian philatelic judging 1. 1st Hi Jinx trained by Trevor Knowles and process to the exhibits. As usual, the judges would ridden W A (Billy) Smith work in teams of three, each member initially scor2. 2nd Howsie trained by Percy Burgess and riding exhibits and a team result arrived at after video den by Jack Purtell conference discussion between team members. The 3. 3rd Ilumquh trained by Eric Ropiha and ridden preliminary results would be then reviewed by all by Bill Williamson jury members and any judge would have the right to WCS souvenir cover for 1960 Melbourne signed challenge preliminary results as is normal at Austraby winning jockey W A (Billy) Smith and postlian exhibitions. marked Melbourne, Victoria on Melbourne Cup day, One of our major concerns was would any ex1st November 1960 is shown at figure 11. hibits be offered by exhibitors. Would exhibitors WCS souvenir cover for 1960 Melbourne signed by winning trainer and part owner Trevor Knowles and postmarked Melbourne, Victoria on Melbourne Cup day, 1st November 1960 is shown at figure 12. Australian Virtual Philatelic Exhibition – AusVipex2020 The idea for AusVipex2020 arose from the rather depressing succession of exhibition cancellations in the first few months of 2020 as show after show was withdrawn from the exhibitions’ calendar. The Fig 10: 1978 Tulloch first day cover signed by Tommy Smith Stamp News - 53

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation embrace the idea of a philatelic exhibition based on a website? Too few and the exhibition might prove underwhelming but too many and the workload associated with processing entries – making images of exhibits pages and creating online galleries of these – might prove too overwhelming. The judging could be spread across as many judges as needed but technical work to mount an online display could only be undertaken by the APF webmaster as a significant amount of knowledge of web Fig 11: 1960 5d Melbourne Cup day cover signed by winning jockey design is required. We decided to limit entries to submitted were converted to large image files and each Australia and New Zealand partly to avoid competing exhibit was presented as a slideshow, page by page. with other online exhibitions underway at the time but This meant that the exhibit would be viewed one page also to reduce the chances of receiving more exhibits at a time. Obviously, no physical frames are involved than we could cope with, bearing in mind the whole so the usual strict page size requirements do not apply. exercise was something of a trial project. In the end, For instance, an exhibitor could use an A4 page size we received 67 one-frame entries, overall of very high that would not fit within standard display frames, but quality. these presented no problem for an online page display. The key principle was that exhibit pages should be displayed on the website at maximum quality and size Differences between an online and a physical exhito ensure the exhibitors’ hard work was shown to max- bition imum advantage. To achieve this, the exhibit pages There are many differences

Fig 12: 1960 5d 100th Melbourne Cup signed by winning trainer 54 - Stamp News

between the online exhibition and the traditional exhibition, some obvious and some quite subtle. AusVipex can be viewed from anywhere in the world with online access. This potentially allows the widest possible range of viewers. The exhibits can be left online for far longer than the traditional 3 or 4-day exhibition. In the case of AusVipex, we will leave the displays online until the end of December, a period of over two months.

Stephanie Bromser

Philatelic Development Officer, APF As an exhibitor, your family and friends can easily view your exhibit, including sharing via social media. It’s difficult to fully take in the complete range of displays at a traditional exhibition but with online displays, it’s easy to return over a period of time, which is what many viewers of AusVipex are doing. On the other hand, we lose the social interaction that many people enjoy at a traditional exhibition. Online, the exhibit is in effect presented page by page while traditional exhibition frames present 4 rows of 4 sheets. While the scanning process can provide a particularly good representation for the exhibit page, the quality of the image depends on the quality of the scan. We found most exhibit scans were of good quality, but some were not perfect. It’s worth noting the jury was instructed to ignore any technical faults in the scans. One issue which might require further thought is the possibility of digital editing of scans after they have been made. For instance, it’s easy to add notations and symbols such as arrows to an existing PDF in a way that’s not possible with a physical exhibit page. While it is a fundamental requirement that the scans show real items owned by the exhibitor, the committee did not include any restriction on post-scanning edits on the PDFs, such as adding arrows highlighting specific aspects of display items. Web statistics present an accurate picture of visitor numbers. Until the time of writing the exhibition-website had received 705 individual visitors. Each visitor visited the site on average 2.6 times and viewed 9.4 pages per visit. In total, there were 18,876 pages viewed. Exhibits receive on average between 2 and 3 visits from the same viewer over time. Most visits were from Australia (nearly 50%) but visits are recorded from a wide range of other countries including India (15%), USA (8%), UK (5%), Malaysia (5%) and New Zealand (3%). Results The results include 8 Large Gold exhibits, 16 Gold and 21 Large Vermeil exhibits. Best in show was awarded to NSW Embossed Stationery 1838-50. Runners up were The Perkins Bacon 5d Diadem Stamp of New South Wales and The Postal History of Van Diemen’s Land to 1825. The Special Prize for the best topical

Fig 12: 1960 5d 100th Melbourne Cup signed by winning trainer exhibit went to Cattleya Orchids. A page from this exhibit is shown in figure 13. Feedback and where to from here. Overall, the feedback from exhibitors and judges has been very positive. We have received numerous comments from exhibitors which indicate they were pleased with the way their online exhibits were displayed. The APF is keen to see what can be learned from this first online exhibition in the event we run something similar in the future. We don’t think this type of exhibition will be seen as a replacement for the traditional exhibition in the future but might prove to be a useful additional option for exhibitors or perhaps a way to fill any gaps in the exhibition program. Stamp News - 55

Market Matters PO Year Book “MISSING AUSTRALIA” error.

A rather extraordinary printer’s error occurred in the 2020 Australia PO Stamp Annual Year Books. The books I bought all had a very spectacular printing error in there on one set. The entire word AUSTRALIA was *MISSING* on one $1.10 stamp of the Aboriginal “Art Of The Desert” series, as was the year of issue - see photo nearby. A rather huge error in this modern era, of computer controlled error checking, that ensures such basic things do not occur generally. NORMALLY the PO would simply swap them over for the corrected version, before placing them on sale nationally - but this year, for the first time ever, all the 2020 annual books did not have the stamps loose as usual in a cello bag, or on Hagners etc, that you then placed in the pre-affixed mounts yourself. They are now for each set, all printed on a page of gummed paper, with design elements all around them, as you can see on image nearby of the “Opal-

How can this major error occur in 2020?! ised Fossils”, and then perforated as per issue, but within that A4/Quarto sized sheet. Each page is like a huge A4 size Souvenir Sheet essentially! Some folks like it, some do not. The example I scanned nearby of the August 17th, $4.40 “Opalised Fossils” Miniature Sheets shows very clearly what I mean. The issued Miniature Sheet of 4 stamps has now morphed into a large Souvenir Sheet, with a Dinosaur as dominant part of the issue, that was not on the issued Miniature Sheet, They are Hagner sheet, or stockbook page sized items, and many will like them I am sure. So to swap these errors over by PO, would mean all the completed Year Books had to be destroyed, new pages for that error set made correctly, and then the entire book totally re-printed again, and that page newly bound in. Many WEEKS of work, and mega expense. The lead up time for these books to be printed and bound is clearly substantial, and changing horses at the last moment is just not going to work out, if they are to go on sale latter year as always.

These books are never reprinted.

Now this is a brand new look! 56 - Stamp News

I am advised the error was not noticed until almost the on-sale date, so it was WAY too late for all that work to be re-done, as books are bought heavily each year as annual gifts, and in recent years, they do sell out very fast, often before Christmas. They are never reprinted. The CORRECT stamp with usual wording AUS-

Glen Stephens

“Exciting new format” we are assured!

area, but these days POs tend to order them in for specific regular clients who they are sure will take them, and not hold onto any speculative stock, as the initial cost price to them is very high on these books. Australia Post clearly were caught with egg on their faces over this error, and they added the nearby note to AP webpage offering to mail you a NORMAL issued stamp free, if you asked for one. I am sure they will ask for a receipt of your purchase! Pretty funny really. The error blocks that I sell of course come complete with the normal issued $1.10 June 2020 stamp, without the error, as most collectors will place them on the same album page, side by side, as that is how to collect such errors. MASSES of books will be broken up, just to secure this error stamp block, being the ONLY way to source it. The rest of the contents will used up for postage etc, or added to albums, due to the differing formats in many cases of the initial issues. This tearing apart of number of full books clearly will make complete books scarcer than ever, and the recent years are tough enough to source already. Only 6,500 hand numbered copies were ever printed of the 2020 Executive Album of course, and near all get added to existing complete runs from regular buyers.

TRALIA version, and the issue year, was on course on the stamps in all the PO packs, on the FDC, Maximum cards, and in the usual mini sheet form etc, issued in June. So a “before and after” page can readily be made. I have no doubt a “Country Name Missing” printing error will get into catalogues globally (such things in the past are generally many $100s, or even $1,000s each) The huge Colnect collector catalogue and listing site added the error on December 4 as can be seen, and I have passed all this on to the SG and Scott Catalogue Editors. Where the price will finally settle on these 2020 albums, like you, I have absolutely no idea - they are advertised at $435 already on eBay etc, but when existing dealer and re-seller stock is gone, it is gone forever, and clearly they will be a very tough animal to replace again! I tipped off the Stamp News Editor Kevin Morgan on December 4 to try and secure some, and he drove to 5 Post Offices in his Melbourne area, and not even one book was to be found among them he advised. I think these will have a solid future. You might be luckier in your local Red Faces all around at AP.

Stamp News - 57

Market Matters A room full of PO Annual Albums!

I stock and sell more Australia Post Stamp Annual Year Books than anyone in Australia - by a country mile, as no other dealer bothers basically. 40 years of them have been issued now, and they come in Deluxe and Executive for each year - they literally take up a full storage room here! I keep them all in stock, 20 copies of most years, and some of the recent ones are quite pricey. Same retail as a 1932 5/- Harbour Bridge. The 2018 seems unusually hard to source for some reason, (possibly ney Harbour Bridges CTO, I can supply them ex the Bird topical cover?) and my stock on hand - no problem. Phone 20 other dealers, retail already on those is $A235 and $A265 - see for and you can round up 100+ more 5/- Bridges most yourself the current Australia yearbook prices here likely. Easily done. Ask those SAME 20 dealers how many 2018 Post The lesson is hopefully clear to all readers - do NOT miss out buying them each year, or you will get Office Year Books they have in stock, and the TOTAL number on hand nationally will be pretty much serious “sticker shock” if you do! The last 5 years zero. I kid you not. eBay has none offered globally. sell for well over $1,000 alone, for the cheapest verThe same price point as the 5/- Bridge, but one is sions of the PO Annual albums. truly scarce, and one is not. I packed an order yesterday for those same 5 Anyway, a 2020 Error Block with a future I susyears, and the buyer near collapsed when I told him pect. Visually very striking large stamps as you can the invoice price! Folks think nothing of paying see, and all are of important Aboriginal artist paint$235+ for an older stamp, but for a 2 year old yearings hanging in the National Gallery of Australia (the book?? Hard to grasp really. error stamp) and Art Galleries of NSW and Victoria Why is this so - because the recent ones are truly SCARCE. If you asked me for TEN x 1932 5/- Syd- etc, etc. I had a few blocks central cancelled on the first day of issue of the Year Albums, and a few clients even asked me to use them as Registered franking on their orders, protected under plastic - postally used in the correct period will be very SCARCE!

Correct postally used will be scarce. Very quickly on eBay at $A435. 58 - Stamp News

A 250g to 500g large letter now costs $5.50. This block 4 is $5.50

Glen Stephens

Junk Box - or Hidden Gem? face, the exact legal rate for that heavily used mail piece. An A5 size envelope weighing 251 grams costs exactly $5.50, and easily fits a Hagner page etc when it arrives. This block 4 affixed, pays the exact postage rate for such an A4/A5 size letter. Indeed If mailed tomorrow, it was legally mailed at exact correct rate, within a week of being issued etc. Getting such pieces BACKSTAMPED on arrival is really essential as 100% proof. Many collectors for such items, print out the PO tracking path as well from the AP website, which confirms the lodgement, and transit and arrival dates and times etc. All in all, something different and unusual, and pretty exciting, and as always, was the first globally with the breaking news that these errors existed, and alerted many readers to grab them if they could source any. Many members were able to secure them in time. Most relevant is that 99.9% of Annual album buyers will be TOTALLY unaware of this error, place it on the bookshelf, along with their other 40 volumes issued since 1981, so there will be surprisingly few blocks or books around in the stamp market, I feel sure.

Nothing is as it seems sometimes.

Take a CLOSE look at the 1969 Hong Kong cover

Decision - one of these, or the HK FDC! shown nearby. It is a common 40c stamp, SG 259, and if this ugly hand addressed cover turned up in an estate lot here, it would end up in one of my weekly $100 Nuclear Waste Junk Cartons for CERTAIN! Collectors of QE2 era FDC despise handwritten addresses, and this one looked like a Junker - to me anyhow. A stampboards member called Anadon in the UK asked others this month did they have any idea why he was getting lots of emails and bids for it on eBay. My comment was as above - it was an instant Junk Box item for me anyway - all day long. Dreary and ho-hum subject matter, lowly catalogued stamp, and ugly addressed. He started it at 99p, and within a short time the bidding had passed £100. Anadon advised he had received private offers of £200 and £400 for it, and then one for £600. The chorus was resounding to take the £600 offer (near $A1,200) and hope like heck the buyer was not playing silly games of some kind, which is commonplace on eBay. He cancelled the auction, started a Buy It Now listing for it, and got paid the £600. He also charged buyer for full tracked/signed for/insured postage, to ensure there was not the widespread eBay scam of “Goods Not Received” where seller then loses the lot - the goods AND the postage cost. Seems like it Stamp News - 59

Market Matters was all legitimate - in this case anyway. Indeed, Anadon advised on stampboards that 10 minutes after he got paid the £600 plus shipping, someone offered him privately £700 = near $A1,400 for this cover! I guess the one great sale like these makes up for the many Auction items that only sell for a small fraction of retail, or a scammer claiming it “never arrived” etc, and you lose the lot. I sold a superb used £1 Brown and Blue Kangaroo stamp for about that $1,400 sum! The world has gone crazy when you see things like this, but it shows time and time again that not everyone knows everything, about all areas of stamps. In 5 years’ time, would you rather own this rather boring looking cover, or a superb used £1 Brown and Blue Kangaroo stamp? Hmmmm.

New find after 75 years.

An exciting and very significant new find was offered by Philas Stamp Auctions in Sydney in mid-November, as Lot 2208 in their Auction No. 136. A set of 3 Die Proofs of the 1945 Duke and Duchess of Gloucester issue, was of a type that has not been previously seen for Australian Die Proofs in collector hands. They were invoiced for near $A8,000. As the proposed stamp design featured Royal portraits, it was necessary for the design to be approved by King George VI before printing. For this purpose, a set of three die proofs was prepared by the Note Printing Branch Melbourne, in the proposed colours of the three stamps - 2½d Lake, 3½d Ultramarine and 5½d Indigo. HOWEVER, uniquely here, each Die Proof was pulled from only the 2½d master die. This procedure was followed so that, if adjustments were required to the design, these could be made to the master die, and then the 3½d and 5½d dies could be derived from the approved design. No other set of proofs is recorded showing the proposed colour scheme using the master die only. The three proofs are mounted in sunken matted frames as was usual, but unusually, they were then added into in a blue leather folder. This folder would have been submitted to the Post Office for forward60 - Stamp News

Unique in Australian Philately. ing to the Australian High Commissioner in London, who in turn would have sent the proofs to Buckingham Palace for approval. The proofs were accompanied by a letter from the Palace returning the proofs to Australia House, noting that King George VI had approved the design, and that the Duke had also seen the proofs. It would seem that the proofs were not returned to Australia, but remained in London, where they may eventually have been souvenired by a staff member etc. The set of 3 stamps were issued as we know, on February 19, 1945, and these proofs were mailed to

Glen Stephens

Approval from the very top!

MONTHS from being mailed. Can anyone beat this? As far be seen, perfectly and clearly addressed. No “mis-sent” or redirection notices etc - it just sat somewhere for 8 months. We will never know where. Containing 1000s of rand at my cost, a £2 stamp, it was mailed Registered Airmail on MARCH 25 from Somerset, Cape Town, South Africa. Weight was assessed at 28 grams, and 53.80 Rand postage was paid, as can be seen. The letter recently arrived at my PO Box. Over 8 months since being posted. “SWLF” (South West Sydney Letter Facility) arrival in Australia, ink jet spray cancel of Nov 25 at top, and I asked my postmaster to handstamp it on arrival November 27, as can be seen. I had written it off long ago as lost, and fully assumed I’d never see this stamp. The sender seller was someone called Clinton Hale from “Cape Philatelics” in Cape Town, whose website as shown on his letterhead in with the stamp, is now selling concrete sealant in 10 litre tubs, all in Chinese writing - - take a look - that inspires HUGE confidence! NOT. Hale was not responding to any of my emails in recent months to his various email addresses, asking him for a Registered number that I could track, so assumed I was sadly wearing the loss on this, and he had gone to ground, or had gone bust etc. Or both.

UK in November 1944. All very formal, seeing WW2 was still raging fiercely - the German unconditional surrender only took place on 8 May 1945, and Japan did not surrender until August 1945. A very classy piece of history, that Temora on kindly shared.

MASSIVE mail delays due to COVID.

COVID has left a terrible legacy re mail services. This is my record trackable mail delay of all time - OVER EIGHT

Registered “Air” - took 8 MONTHS! Stamp News - 61

Market Matters I could not even do a credit card/PayPal chargeback etc, as is usual in cases of non-receipt, as I had asked a local South African client to pay Hale direct in rand in March, by local bank transfer. They cannot be reversed.

Mailed March 23 from Cape Town

Arrived here - “SWLF 25-11-20”

Cape Philatelics at first glance appeared to me to be kosher, with lots of expensive material in stock on his site, so no way was I too worried initially, but I had never had any contact before with him. However, now upon detailed checking, I see that Clinton Hale appears to be a member of NO stamp dealer bodies, not even the South African one. Always a flashing red light - so do keep that in mind for folks you have not bought off before. Anyway, I’d long written off this scarce stamp, and it fortunately has now arrived. South Africa has been a disaster for mail sadly, and even now, no letter mail is being accepted from here to there. PARCELS take 2-3 months the AP website says, and one would ASSUME First Class letter mail would also be going sea, but in this case, clearly not. There was a red handstamp applied lower left. The left portion of it fell onto the high gloss Registered sticker, and hence was smeared, but appeared to say, bilingually - “RECEIVED AFTER DISPATCH” - no idea what that relates to? Does anyone know?

Anyone have a COVID MAIL sideline collection?

If anyone has a sideline collection of COVID delayed mail, this one probably takes First Prize!? Let me know - it will pay for a couple of beers! Postal History of the future for sure, like Strike Mail and Crash Mail etc. DO check your Post Office website re mail delays. I have a banker in the Czech Republic wanting me to mail him a $500 Mafeking, Baden Powell stamp. HOWEVER - near all mail to the Czech Republic is restricted (likewise to MANY other countries) - all Express and Courier services letters are simply not 62 - Stamp News

accepted to there from here by any Post Office, as can be seen on this constantly updated Australia Post website black list - I can send Registered Mail letters which is not cheap, and with the Third World Australia Post non-system, those are not tracked from here, which as you can see, they are saying is taking “25+ Working days” (= 5+ weeks) or more in transit, and is NOT signed for on arrival on the link above, Czech Post are clearly saying. For some countries it is essentially impossible to mail stamps even now, and be SURE they will arrive, and get tracked. And if they are not, buyer can simply initiate a refund from Credit Card company or PayPal, who pay out the total cost or goods plus shipping to buyer, if you cannot give them a link that PROVES it arrived. So for stamp buyers in MANY countries this is the current mess. And for about 9 months it has not got better. Our totally incompetent Post Office here STILL does not offer any tracking whatever on the $16 Registered Mail pre-paid overseas envelopes. Way too busy handing out $5,000 Cartier watches to the Executive team, which saw the current CEO Christine Holgate kicked out the door recently. Good riddance - she achieved nothing much at all except huge price hikes. Yes, we get a lodgement receipt for the article, but that is it.

Zimbabwe level service - for $A16.

So if we use them, and the overseas buyer quite understandably wants to track it online, to see where their goods are, they simply cannot do that. They cannot even see they have been lodged. Zimbabwe level service, for a $16 “Registered” letter size price. Foreign buyers think I am lying when I tell them

Glen Stephens tems, can we find out where they are! Crazy - but when it enters into a REAL and efficiently run Postal Service, such as the USPS still offers, despite Trump, we see this huge and helpful detail as shown on link here and you get text/email updates for each movement of the item – take a look South Africa is very bad news.

Only a Mother could love

that, as on the cusp of 2021 that is unthinkably primthis?! itive for most. I agree. They say that there are some babies only a mother I bought a carton of these very thick, Rigid card could love, and to be honest, this re-joined vertical Express Post International envelopes shown nearby, pair shown nearby, to ME, falls into the same catesome years back. Good for a whopping 500 grams, gory! Luckily for philately, not everyone thinks the and a generous 20mm thickness too. PO offers same, as it was just invoiced for about $A340,000 in nothing like that these days sadly. POs here can still November, in France. Over DOUBLE full Gibbons. enter them into the computer, and give a lodgement One of the lesser known rarities from our region receipt. is the South Australia 1872 4d blue. All copies Most countries these can be used to readily, and of these were supposed to have been surcharged they DO seem to get signed for on arrival as they “3-PENCE” in a bold font. That is, the 4d blue look “important” to PO staff overseas, but PO here WITHOUT oveprint is the error. It is believed only cannot (now) accept them to places like South Africa or Czech Republic etc, that are on their website black list. A normal air letter totally UNTRACKED from 250g-500g costs $A20 right now, and can take 3 to 5 months. These get there very FAST, and get tracked as can be seen, and if anyone needs some, I sell sealed packs of 10 for $A180. For eBayers and direct mailers, it is right now the ONLY thing that works to save you chargebacks, and hours of wasted time, and raised blood pressure, AND the real risk of losing the lot. When THEY get into somewhere efficient and First World, like into the USPS system they provide total tracking events texted/emailed to you in real time. Australia Post can tell me nothing about any of their Top End overseas mail items - only when they enter REAL PO sysAbout the only thing that works now. Stamp News - 63

Market Matters 2 unused examples exist in private hands, and these are those two stamps. About 7 used copies are recorded outside institutions. SG 68c cat £40,000 a single mint stamp. Only 2 unused copies are possible to buy, and French dealer BEHR hinged them together to make this offering in their November Auction. The top stamp was sold at Prestige auction in 2014 for $A75,000 plus buyer fees. It was accompanied by an RPSL 1996 Certificate that said it has a thin, and a tear at top right. That Certificate appears to have magically “evaporated” (coff) in the ensuing few years, and BEHR offered the pair with no mention of these faults, or the ripped out perfs at right. Indeed, there was no mention of condition issues on either. “Nice work if you can get it.” No matter - it was invoiced for 220,000 Euros, or about $A340,000 at the time. So full SG Cat was £80,000 - and as can be seen, this pretty ugly looking re-joined pair, not in perfect shape by any means, despite BEHR not bothering to mention that, was invoiced for about DOUBLE full catalogue. Anyone who says Gibbons catalogue prices are too high on rare classics, please take note!

Season’s Greetings To All!

The stamp business for me has gone totally BALLISTIC this year. The weaker $A has seen a vast surge in orders from overseas, from USA especially earlier year. Particularly for better pieces in the 3 and 4 figure plus range, that I mostly deal in. We are doing 100+ hour weeks, and not even touching the sides. Other dealer colleagues report the same kind of story and pattern this year. The global COVID lockdown, and the resultant working from home for many, has been an absolute bonanza for all non-storefront dealers. I’ve sold more stockbooks and Hagners in the last 7 months, than in the past 7 years! Super low (or negative!) interest rates globally, often nervous and jumpy share markets, and even more nervous real estate markets in many countries, has seen a good deal of savvy money switching into better stamps. Which often rise 5% or more a year - and that rise is mostly Tax Free, for private collectors, in most countries. 2020 has of course not been a year where many of 64 - Stamp News

Not pretty - sold for $A340,000! us have been able to travel. From Australia at least, it is totally impossible really, to fly for tourism outside the country, even to New Zealand, even in December, without later quarantining for 2 weeks. Margo and I spent last Christmas in India. I chose THE most far away speck that Air India flew to for Christmas Day - and ended up in the truly remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands, way out in the middle of nowhere, in the Bay of Bengal. Flying in via China and Chennai, via a convoluted string of flights, taking 30 hours.

Anyone remember *2G* series WiFi?

The Andaman Islands literally had 2G series WiFi (I kid you not!) that partially worked, for some hours of

Glen Stephens home via Chengdu China again, with some countryside sightseeing, and after COVID had hit, but China was not telling anyone yet. Hmmm. I’ve been somewhere totally different overseas, each Christmas, and each New Year’s Eve for 45 years now, in probably 50 or 60 different countries, but like most are grounded in 2020. We can all hope this nasty Virus has effective vaccines with us VERY soon. Please all stay safe in the meantime.

Thank You to all readers.

Sold more than in past 7 years! each day. Sometimes. A small email took 10-15 minutes to send or open etc. Or not at all. Margo nearly broke her spine, when a 1950s TATA museum piece public bus was hurtling around the remote countryside, at double the speed limit, and hit a massive pothole. We were sitting on the rear bench seat, and we both bounced off the roof, then landed heavily on the rusty metal seat rails, and both ended up in a tiny “hospital” somewhere - battered and bloodied and bruised, and getting tetanus shots, and hastily patched up etc. By a miracle, a lovely woman was also on the near empty dilapidated bus, spying on the reckless driver for the day, as there had been many complaints about his speed, and sorted out our medicals, which there, would be impossible on your own. The hour fare was only 15c, so you mostly get what you pay for in life! Anyway the “Joys” of travel. I’m fast moving in on 3 score years and 10, and do not need that anymore! We later wandered around many parts of India, and ended up in Kathmandu Nepal, for New Year’s Eve. Still rebuilding there after the massive earthquake of recent years, and a place I have always liked. Back

“Thank You” to all readers globally, for the many phone calls and letters and emails with comments - both for AND against what has been written here, over the past year! All input is greatly appreciated and taken on board. It has been a most interesting one, heavily impacted by COVID, and an exciting year for the entire stamp world. “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, to one and all, and to all you and yours. Be safe, be very COVID focused, and have a great time among your family and friends, and then get stuck into the STAMPS - and enjoy the long holiday break! We are all part of THE most amazing Hobby. See you all in 2021. Glen

Christmas at a very misty Taj Mahal. Stamp News - 65

SWEDISH CINDERELLAS For more years than I can remember I have contributed monthly columns to Stamp News but I believe this is the very first time that I review two new catalogues which not only cover traditional Swedish philately and postal history but also contain pioneering listings of Cinderella stamps. The four FACIT catalogues dominate the Swedish philatelic marketplace. FACIT Norden covers all the Nordic nations with basic listings from the first issues until 1950 and then very specialised coverage of all stamps. For a detailed treatment of all issues up to 1950, the FACIT Special Classic is the preferred choice. These two catalogues were last published in 2019. Collectors requiring a more simplified listing of Swedish postage stamps will find all the information they need in the FACIT Sverige 2021 catalogue which went on sale in mid-November 2020. This 352-page hardbound full-colour catalogue is described as a basic catalogue of Swedish stamps but it is so much more. The first 205 pages are in fact devoted to a simplified listing of Swedish stamps, booklets, First Day Covers and several other catego-

Figure 1

66 - Stamp News

ries with up to date pricing in Swedish crowns. It is followed by a very specialised listing of postal stationery which is the work of Lennart Daun and Staffan Ferdén, notable specialists in this particular area. Back in 1971, Stig Reidmar and Christer Wahlbom compiled the first catalogue of Swedish railway parcel stamps. It listed some 2.000 different stamps. Wahlbom went on collecting information about these rather interesting but somewhat neglected issues and along with fellow collectors Lars Liwendahl and Gunnar Lithén he has produced an entirely new listing which is included in the new FACIT Sweden 2021 catalogue. Starting in 1849, railway lines were built all over Sweden and mostly by private enterprises in the more rural areas. All companies carried parcels not only on their own lines but also in combination with other railway companies. Parcel stamps were introduced in the late 1870s and when they were discontinued in the 1950s the total number amounted to more than 2.700 stamps. Until about 1930 most companies used individually designed stamps but from then on most parcel

Figure 2

Christer Brunström stamps belong to 12 different standard types (ST112) which have been identified in the new catalogue. Shown nearby is a Vetlanda Railway parcel stamp (Fig. 1) issued in 1942 and it is a typical example of ST3. The designs usually include the acronym of the railway company and the denomination. Until 1930 all stamps have been assigned individual valuations and the more recent parcel stamps have been grouped into five different pricing groups (PG) with PG1 being rated at about AU$1.50-3 and those in PG5 have a price ticket of approximately AU$ 50 each. When less than a handful copies are known the value is indicated as R. The compilers have only listed stamps which they have inspected. In a few cases stamps are known to have existed as they have been illustrated in early publications and they are listed as DOK (= documented). Perhaps some of the most exotic railway parcel stamps are those used by a number of small railways in the south-east of Sweden. They were used to pay for the transport of milk churns from farms along the line to the nearest dairy. Such a stamp released by the

Figure 3

Hönshylte – Kvarnamåla Railway in 1904 is shown nearby (Fig. 2). They are popularly known as “milk tickets”. Not all private railway companies issued parcel stamps of their own. The Lysekil Railway used the parcel stamps of the State Railways (SJ) as shown on the piece nearby (Fig. 3). To sum up, collectors acquiring a copy of FACIT Sweden 2021 actually get three different catalogues for the price of one as the three parts are so distinctly different. Another catalogue issued at the same time is Sweden Postal X. This is a hardbound 620-page book which will prove invaluable to anyone interested in Swedish postal history. It covers postal history all the way from 1560 until our own time. Collecting the postmarks of your hometown or county has been extremely popular in Sweden for a great many years. Postmarks on stamps issued during the King Oscar II era are particularly appreciated and collectors seek copies with perfectly struck cancels as in the 1905 example shown here (Fig. 4). Brodalen is a small village located on Sweden’s West Coast.

Figure 4

Stamp News - 67

SWEDISH CINDERELLAS During King Oscar’s reign numerous post offices were opened all over the country and very often in tiny villages where the amount of mail was very limited. A number of post offices were closed after just a few months resulting in extremely scarce postmarks. Thus the value of a very inexpensive stamp can sometimes be catapulted to AU$ 1.000 or more. The catalogue prices all postmarks from five different time periods. However, the main Cinderella feature in the catalogue is the extensive listing of perfins on Swedish stamps. Companies were allowed to use perfins as a protective measure in 1907 (but stamps with perfins are known even earlier). Most perfins are valued at just a few dollars each but there are some notable exceptions where a nice used copy can be valued at AU$150 or more. The stamps issued by three private local posts are also known with perfins. Shown nearby in Figs. 5 and 6 is the back and front of a stamp released by a local post company in Gothenburg in 1926 which has a perfin of ASEA, a major Swedish industrial concern which is now part of ABB, a Swedish-Swiss company. Also included is an extensive chapter devoted to all

Figure 5

68 - Stamp News

kinds of postal labels including the green postal due labels which replaced the previously used postage due stamps. Over the years a number of FACIT catalogues have covered Cinderella categories such as local postage stamps, national and local revenues, Christmas seals and exhibition and event poster stamps. Most everything has also been priced. Hopefully the publishers will one day decide to assemble all this information in a single volume creating a specialised handbook of Swedish Cinderella philately. Stamp catalogue are generally quite expensive but they provide an enormous amount of valuable information. “Knowledge is power” as one of my fellow Stamp News columnists frequently states. Collectors armed with the specialised information found in stamp catalogues are the ones most likely to pick up the occasional bargain. All FACIT catalogues are bilingual (Swedish/ English) and finding out the equivalent of the Swedish krona in AU$ is quite easy as there are several services on the Internet which provide the relevant information.

Figure 6

The world's very largest and friendliest Stamp Bulletin Board - with a strong Aussie flavour! A fast-growing true Community which started in 2007. Stampboards now has over 20,000 real members from 150 countries - who have made over SIX MILLION posts, on over 80,000 topics. See a MILLION high resolution colour photos, showing rare stamps, errors, discoveries, cinderellas and new issues etc. We get over 5 MILLION hits each month. Zero cost: or A vast array of leading dealers and collectors are active members. The Presidents of both APTA and the APF are members. Senior International Stamp Judges are members. Catalogue producers, stamp magazine publishers, and leading auctioneers are all active members. Masses of stamp club secretaries worldwide are members, and promote their clubs and events free - does YOURS??? All entirely FREE. If you can two-finger type you are all set - simple and intuitive. Discuss EVERY aspect of stamps, from ANY country, and get instant answers and input. Show and share your photos, ask questions, get advice from experts. Buy or sell or trade the stamps you need - ALL FREE. Loads of fun threads, jokes and general discussions too. HUNDREDS of eBay crooks, cons and forgers have been exposed and expelled from eBay by our member reports and Detective work - essential reading. Monthly competitions with very valuable stamp prizes. Pop by today. It is like your ‘local stamp club' - but you do NOT need to ever leave your home!

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AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008, USA PH: 1-618-985-5100 Fax: 1-618-085-5131 Visa and Mastercard welcome Hundreds of new items added to our site each month. Add your email address to our “early bird” notice list, so when new material is added to the site, you get first choice! We also post out a printed copy of our monthly offers, for those who do not use the internet, this service is also free. Our printed, 36 paged price list is also available, just phone write or email today for a free copy today. The leading specialist dealers in Australasian stamps and the largest private dealer (non Auction) company in Australia. Search our website for full listing of stamps and Seven Seas albums and pages and other accessories. We look forward to serving you.

Zealand and Pacific Islands should be without


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Largest and most visited Stamp Dealer website in the Southern Hemisphere. 250 different pages of stamp bargains and archives! $4,000 prize always on offer.

serious collector of Australia and its States, New

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96-page TOPICAL TIME stamp journal containing articles and checklists, printed on slick coated paper, profusely illustrated. Membership Directory (150 pages) of 8,000 members listed under 700 topics and specialties, plus services. Biography service for 13,000 persons shown on stamps. Membership Information Board to answer your questions. Translation service. Handbooks of many topics. Much more...

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AUCTIONS 17 Brisbane St, Sydney 12:30pm Saturdays Second Saturday in March, July and November.

Viewing on preceding Saturday, Thursday and Friday illustrated catalogues posted free within Australia ($15 per New European stamp store devoted to classic European stamps. Stock available with photo and Yvert catalogue numbers for easy reference. There are thousands of stamps, with prices starting at just 20c each, the lowest prices you can find on the Internet. Complete stock from Denmark, Finland, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. New stamp store devoted to Chinese stamps. Stock available with photo and Scott catalogue numbers for easy reference. There are thousands of stamps with the lowest prices you can find on the Internet. Complete stock from 1953 up to 1980, all stamps in perfect Mint Never Hinged condition. Long-established mail order dealer comprehensively covering British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australasia and Japan. Prompt courteous service and an extensive user-friendly website.

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Lots for sale welcome

PO box 220 Darlinghurst NSW 1300

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Stamp News Australasia Advertising Rates & Data Commencing January 2021 Publication details Stamp News Australasia is published by Kevin Morgan, ABN 61 577 987 652, at monthly intervals, twelve times per year. Publication date is the 1st day of each month.

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A couple of examples from our stocks -

We produce regular Postal Bid Sales featuring a varied assortment of Australian and British Commonwealth stamps, priced to suit all budgets - Lots are estimated from as $1 upwards. Our sales are run fairly in accordance with best industry practices.


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PO Box 132, BURPENGARY Q 4505 Email: Phone: 0409 473 150 Fax: (07) 3102 8558 Mention you saw us in Stamp News!

OUR RETAIL AND TRADE COUNTER IS NOW OPEN! Come and browse in a Covid safe environment. Visit us at our premises: Suite 1, 1174 Burwood Highway, Opposite Upper Ferntree Gully Station. (ENTRY VIA SERVICE ROAD) 9.30 – 4.30 Monday – Friday, (Weekends by appointment) GROUND FLOOR, AND EASY PARKING RIGHT OUTSIDE PLUS RAMP FOR DISABLED ACCESS. WE CARRY GOOD STOCKS OF AUSTRALIA, GREAT BRITAIN, BRITISH COMMONWEALTH, MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES plus JAPAN to 1960. Also Worldwide postal history, Worldwide Cinderellas, Forgeries and Philatelic Exhibition items, as well as Albums, Catalogues & Accessories. Coins include Australia Pre-Decimals, RAM and Perth Mint Product and Loose World and Australia coins by weight. We also buy collections and accumulations of stamps & coins plus postage lots. Visa/Mastercard/Amex. welcome Tel: 0425 795 693 Email: kevinmorgan2@live.comWeb:

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Gift options for new subscribers In 2021 we are making these new subscription offers to make your subscription even more affordable: For each 12 months of your new subscription you may choose 1 of the following: 1) Five packets of 1000 Prinz folded stamp hinges 2) 10 different British Commonwealth mint unhinged minisheets 3) 10 different Papua New Guinea mint unhinged sets 4) 10 different Norfolk Is. mint unhinged sets 5) 10 different Nauru mint unhinged sets 6) 250 grams World stamps on paper mixture 7) 250 grams Australia stamps on paper mixture 8) 250 grams Ireland stamps on paper mixture 9) 250 grams South Africa stamps on paper mixture 10) 20 different Australia Decimal unaddressed First Day covers For a lifetime subscription you will receive all 10 gifts. In the event of your chosen gifts being unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute. Please circle the gifts required and return with your completed subscription form on the facing page together with and payment to: Stamp News Subscriptions, PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic. 3158 Australia. Email and telephone subscriptions always welcome. Gifts are for NEW hard copy subscribers only.

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