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VOL.61 Number 5

Commemorate the centenary of

Red Cross in Australia Released 6 May 2014


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Sheetlet Australian Red Cross Centenary


During the Centenary of Red Cross in Australia we are proudly celebrating 100 years of people helping people, and thanking generations of Australians for their service to the nation in times of war, disaster and personal crisis. Red Cross is part of the fabric of Australian life, touching the lives of most people in some way. From helping someone caught up in an emergency or helping an elderly person stay in their home, to saving a life with first aid or a blood donation, Red Cross has been there. In a crisis big or small, a simple act of humanity changes lives. To find out how you can help Red Cross change lives for the next 100 years, visit: Stamp and pack design: Lisa Christensen, Australia Post Design Studio Stamp and pack image: Courtesy Australian Red Cross

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Celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of This stamp issue celebrates Paterson’s use of a literary tradition of simple, rhyming, narrative poems adapted for singing. Focusing mainly on rural figures and themes, the form was considered

Poet, journalist, editor and solicitor, Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson (1864–1941) is arguably Australia’s master balladeer. The late 19th and early 20th centuries were the peak of this popular verse form in Australia, but Paterson’s reputation has travelled very well across time, his “Waltzing Matilda” even becoming something of an unofficial national anthem. In 2014, we commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth, on 17 February 1864.

Stamp, minisheet and pack illustration: Jamie and Leanne Tufrey Pack design: John White, Australia Post Design Studio

an authentic expression of cultural archetypes. The stamp issue depicts four of Paterson’s well-known ballads: “Clancy of the Overflow” (1889), an ode to the romance of bush life; “The Man from Snowy River” (1890), celebrating the youth and courage of the mountain horseman; “Waltzing Matilda” (1895), a political allegory for the Great Shearers’ Strike of 1891; and “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” (1896), an amusing parody of those caught in the bicycling craze of the late 19th century.

Bush Ballads

“Banjo” Paterson Released 13 May 2014

AB “BANJO” PATERSON, 1864–1941


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philatelic news

Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson Bush Ballads The bush ballad is a thread of Australia’s early literary and popular tradition. It is a rhyming, narrative-based poem adapted for singing. Bush ballads arose from everyday rhymesters setting their words to folk tunes. The form was likely brought to Australia by Irish and English migrants, whose home countries had had versions of the verse tradition for centuries. Bush ballads were thought to be an authentic expression of Australian rural identity, though some also claim that Aboriginal content, where that occurs, is the only unique aspect of Australian ballads. Yet certainly balladists shaped their poems to an Australian setting and cultural context. The lyrics of Australian ballads are generally simple stories of swagmen, bushrangers, drovers, shearers, working-class oppression and rural isolation, though some extend to war, drought and flooding. The narratives romanticise their characters and settings, and during the heyday of bush ballads they helped create a mythology of Australia and Australian identity. Although often sentimental and nationalist, many ballads were also humorous and

6 - Stamp News

entertaining in tone and content. The glory years of the bush ballad were during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when nationalist sentiment was flourishing. The publication of serials such as the Bulletin and Lone Hand were significant in developing and circulating this popular verse form in Australia. Some of Australia’s most wellknown balladeers are Adam Lindsay Gordon, Henry Lawson, C.J. Dennis and, of course, Banjo Paterson. Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson (1864–1941) is perhaps our most renowned folk poet. The film of “The Man from Snowy River” (1988) and the use of “Waltzing Matilda” as something of a unofficial national anthem have ensured Paterson’s memory across time. In 2014, it will be the 150th anniversary of his birth on 17 February 1864. Paterson was born on “Narrambla” station (near Orange) and spent much of his childhood at “Illalong” (near Yass), these early years founding his love of and respect for bush life, which became a key theme of his writing. As a 10-year-old, he and his cousin Jack were sent to Sydney Grammar, living with their maternal grandmother, Emily Mary Barton, during the term

and returning to “Illalong” in the holidays. Paterson then trained in law, serving his articles of clerkship with Herbert Sawley before being admitted as a solicitor in 1886. His interest, however, lay not in law but in poetry and writing; his grandmother had been a strong influence on him in this respect, and his father, too, had had poems published in the Sydney Bulletin when it was first established in 1880. It was in the Bulletin that “The Banjo” would make his mark, his first published verse, “El Madhi to the Australian Troops”, appearing here in 1885. He gained much acclaim early in his poetry writing career. Many of his ballads were popular when they were published in the Bulletin during the 1880s, and at the urging of its editor, JF Archibald, he approached Angus & Robertson to publish a collection of his works. Well received in Australia and the United Kingdom, The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses (1895) sold out within a week, apparently beating the Australian record in publishing, and leading to further print runs. The title poem was significant in the formation and circulation of a particular Australian archetype, and while it may not be particularly relevant to contemporary Australians, this romantic figure of the bush retains a significant place in popular historical consciousness. It was after the publication of this collection that Paterson came out from behind his pseudonym. “The Banjo” had been adopted early in his writing days, and was not for the musical instrument but for a station racehorse owned by his family. The connection was fitting for a man who had such a close affinity with horses. They are central to many of his poems, and his equine affinity is evident in his association with horseracing and with his military service, during which he accompanied horses being shipped to Africa and also trained the horses. As well as being an accomplished folk poet, Paterson was a journalist and news editor. He had sent dispatches home from the front in South Africa for Fairfax during the Boer War in 1899–1900, and from China during the Boxer Rebellion in 1901. His reportage was recognised internationally through his being appointed a correspondent for Reuters. Although his application to report from France

during the Great War was rejected, he served in that war in the Middle East. AB “Banjo” Paterson was appointed a Commander of the British Empire in 1939. The Stamps The stamps depict four of Banjo Paterson’s wellknown poems: one a political allegory, two in a romantic bush-life vein and one demonstrating his clever humour. Artists Jamie and Leanne Tufrey have interpreted the poems to create a signature image for each. 70c Clancy of the Overflow In this well-known poem, published in the Bulletin in December 1889, demonstrates Paterson’s romanticism for bush life, and perhaps his ambivalence to a career, then practising law, that tied him to desk and city. The poem apparently originates from a lived experience, in which Paterson was asked (as a lawyer) to write to a man named Thomas Clancy to claim unpaid monies; the letter was addressed to Clancy at a sheep station called “The Overflow”. Written in the form a letter, the urban-dwelling author compares the freedom and environment of the bush favourably to his own existence in the “dusty, dirty city”. As the story goes, Paterson received a reply from “The Overflow” that read: “Clancy’s gone to Queensland droving and we don’t know where he are”. 70c The Man from Snowy River First published in the Bulletin in April 1890, “The Man from Snowy River” tells the tale of a phalanx of horsemen in pursuit of a prizewinning colt that escaped from its paddock to join a herd of brumbies in mountainous country. The brumbies go down an unfeasibly steep slope that stops all but the young hero from Snowy River country in their tracks. Riding his courageous mountain pony, he cracks his whip and follows the brumbies down the “terrible descent” and beyond until “alone and unassisted he brought them back”. Interestingly, Clancy from “Clancy of the Overflow”, published the previous year, is one of Stamp News - 7

philatelic news two characters mentioned in this poem, and the one horseman who has faith in the skills and pluck the young lad to accompany the group in its mission. Written just prior to Federation, nationalist spirit was running high and “The Man from Snowy River” depicted something of an archetypal figure for a nation looking to forge a sense of itself: youthful, courageous and risk-taking. 70c Waltzing Matilda “Waltzing Matilda” is probably the most famous of all Australian ballads, considered by some an unofficial national anthem. Over the decades this ballad has had frequent airings in any number of contexts, including in military arenas, at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics and prior to AFL grand finals. Paterson wrote “Waltzing Matilda” in 1895, when staying with friends at “Dagworth” station near Winton in western Queensland in 1895, to a tune played by Christina Macpherson. It was first published as sheet music in 1903, by Allan’s Music. Contention remains regarding the meaning of this popular ballad. However, it is generally believed that this story about the suicide of a swagman is a well-worded political allegory for the Great Shearers Strike, which took place in the early 1890s and had US National Topical Stamp Show 2014 The American Topical Association has announced its 65th annual National Topical Stamp Show (NTSS) to be held June 27-29 at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel. The show’s theme is Gateway to Topicals, in recognition of the city’s most prominent landmark, the Gateway Arch. The location was chosen for its easy access, with free airport shuttle to the combined hotel and convention center, according to show chair, Gary Hendren. Parking will also be free. Exhibit entries are being accepted for the all-thematic show of 170 frames. A thematic exhibit is one that develops a theme or story line based on the images or wording of the material shown. The exhibition prospectus is online at www.americantopicalassn. org. Nancy B. Clark of Marstons Mills, Mass., will serve as chief judge. Other judges are Thomas M. Fortunato, Elizabeth M. Hisey, Dr. Ron Lesher, and Kenneth P. Martin. The bourse of 32 dealers is fully subscribed. Dealers offer8 - Stamp News

direct links to “Dagworth”. 70c Mulga Bill’s Bicycle Of the four ballads featured in this stamp issue, “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” is the only one to strike a humorous chord. Published in the Sydney Morning Herald in July 1896, the poem was written at the height of the late-19th-century bicycling craze. It tells the tale of the buffoonish Mulga Bill, who prided himself on his skill in the saddle, whether a thing “clothed in hair or hide, or built of flesh or steel”. Needless to say, Mulga Bill gets his comeuppance, losing control of his mechanical steed and finding himself submerged in Dead Man’s Creek, “A horse’s back is good enough henceforth for Mulga Bill”. 3. THE ILLUSTRATOR Australian illustrators Jamie and Leanne Tufrey were commissioned to undertake the artwork for this stamp issue. Jamie has illustrated several stamp issues for Australia Post, including Air Force Aviation in 2011. Date of issue: 13 May 2014 Thanks to Philatelic Group, Australia Post for providing this information (Research by Hilary Ericksen) ing topical stamps, as well as those representing international collecting, postal history, cinderellas, and covers will be at the three-day show. Many of ATA’s 52 study units will meet at the show, including the featured Americana Unit. There will be a daily silent auction, and a Saturday cachet-makers’ bourse. Show themes and cachets include a salute to the 250th anniversary of St. Louis, and the 110th anniversary of the ice cream cone, which was introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Attendees will have the option to take a half-day tour of the city on June 26, which will include a visit to the Old Post Office and the St. Louis Basilica. A full-day tour of the Mark Twain sites in Hannibal, Mo., will be offered on June 30. NTSS is a World Series of Philately show enjoyed by all collectors, not just thematicists. Further information and the show registration form are posted at, or call the ATA at 618-985-5100 or email americantopical@msn. com.

FRENCH AFRICAN AIRMAILS 1932 TO 1940, An English translation of Volume 2 of “Lignes Africaines”, by Gérard Collot & Alain Cornu FRENCH AFRICAN AIRMAILS 1932 TO 1940, An English translation of Volume 2 of “Lignes Africaines”, by Gérard Collot & Alain Cornu, published by John Parmenter, 23 Jeffreys Road, London, United Kingdom SW4 6QU, 2013. 272 pages, hard cover, A4 (8¼ x 11½) inch size. Black & white illustrations. UK£25.00 (approximately US$42.00) plus UK£9.00 postage to UK & Europe and surface to the rest of the world. UK£16 (approximately US$27.00) airmail to the rest of the world. The original book ““Lignes Africaines” was published in French, and this edition has been translated by John Parmenter with Colin Spong & John Hammonds. It as published by the Cercle Aerophilatelique Francais from November 2007 to March 2011 as supplements to the Bulletin d’Information numbers 44 to 54 with the title “Histoire Aerophilatelique des Lignes Africaines”. The text covers all the Franco Colonial trial flights in the period 1932 to the outbreak of World War 2. It is not a list of all the scheduled commercial flights, but some first flights are included. There were a variety of people and organizations carrying out these flights: – Wealthy individual aviators often competing against each other in setting records for distance and time. – Military flights by the French Air Force for the exploration of French colonies and border surveillance. – Trial and maiden flights by commercial airlines to establish routes for future scheduled flights. These routes were established for both commercial and political reasons. An early phase of exploration was made along the Northwest African coast by the Latecoere Airline up to Dakar in June 1925 in establishing its route to South America.

Reviewed by Ken Sanford Much of the exploration of inland Afria was made somewhat later by both commercial and military flights‒the French to Madagascar through Central Africa, Belgium to the Congo and the British to Egypt, East Africa and South Africa. Although the subject is French exploration, mention is made of connections with other commercial airlines. A variety of French airlines were often ephemeral, and many were later merged into Air Afrique and Air France. Some African airlines were indigenous or subsidiaries of European airlines. And some European airlines, such as British, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Belgian, had routes to their African colonies, and mention is made of some of these and route maps are shown. For each flight, the format is: – Dates(s) of the flight, including crashes – Airline / commercial / military / private – The aircraft used (if known) – Pilot & crew (if known) – Details of the flight – Covers recorded (all possible dates are not listed) – Illustrations of postmarks & cachets used (full size) – Price of cover in Euros (€) – Illustrations of selected covers (less than full size) There are a number of excellent maps, showing the routes of the various airlines/operators. Also included are photos of ome of the aircraft involved. Overall, the handbook is very well done and it is a valuable addition to the literature on African Airmails. Stamp News - 9

CIGARETTE CARDS There are many ways for companies to advertise their wares. The firms making and marketing tobacco products are particularly inventive when it comes to hiding the fact that smoking might seriously damage your health. In thousands of colourful full-page magazine ads, the “Marlboro Man” was shown enjoying a smoke astride his horse in a peaceful Wild West setting. The advertising campaign was started in 1954 and when it ended in 1999 there had been three Marlboro Men. The company had provided them with free cigarettes. Unfortunately, all three died of lung cancer which was certainly due to excessive smoking.

10 - Stamp News

In the 1880s, tobacco companies in the USA and Great Britain came up with a brilliant way of marketing their products. They used small thin cardboard cards as stiffeners in the cigarette packs. Beautiful pictures were added to these cards which soon became collectibles. The cigarette cards had very attractive designs and they were generally produced in series of 25 or 50 different pictures. To assemble the complete set you had to smoke a lot of cigarettes. Those who like to watch older films have certainly noticed that people smoked far more fifty years ago than what is the case today. The tobacco companies offered special albums

Christer Brunström for these cards. Collecting cigarette cards soon became very popular in the USA and Great Britain. There were different kinds of designs for male and female smokers. Men were believed to prefer military subjects, cars, ships and sporting activities while women were supposed to prefer birds, flowers and film stars. With the start of World War II the printing of cigarette cards more or less ceased in 1939. But the collecting of the old cards remains popular to this day. The demand for certain popular series has outstripped the supply and numerous series of cards have been reprinted. Fortunately, in most cases the text on the back tells us if the card is a

reprint. Frequently complete sets of cigarette stamps are mounted on thin cardboard which can be framed. I recently spoke to a dealer in London’s Covent Garden antiques market. She had a large selection of framed cigarette cards. The reprinted ones cost £13 but the genuine oldtime sets cost as much as £28 each. I believe many of these framed sets of cards are sold to tourists as mementos of their stay in the British capital. They certainly look quite attractive. I bought the illustrated cards from another dealer. The five cards cost me about $2 but I suppose complete sets are a lot more expensive.

Stamp News - 11

CIGARETTE CARDS The major British cigarette brands using cigarette cards were Player’s and Wills’s. There were also “Stamp Cards” produced in exactly the same way as the cigarette cards but I am not absolutely sure if they were also used as stiffeners in cigarette packs. They depicted postage stamps from around the world and on the back there was an offer of a stamp album and 25 different postage stamps priced at 2s. 6d. However, you also needed to enclose six Stamp Cards to obtain the offer. I suppose this is the kind of promotion our stamp hobby would need today. In many ways the cigarette cards are similar

12 - Stamp News

to film star cards or sports cards. Some of these cards were received when buying a package of chewing gum. In the early 1960s, my wife was an enthusiastic collector of film star cards and she swapped cards with many of her school friends. The British cigarette cards remind me of the large posters that were used in Swedish schools as a teaching aid many years ago. Most of the cards have descriptive texts of the subject shown on the back. Shown nearby is the back of the card depicting rice farming in Burma. Thus a collector who studied his cards and read the descriptions most certainly obtained a general

Christer Brunström knowledge of the world. There are catalogues that list and value cigarette cards. In both the USA and Great Britain there are a number of dealers and auctioneers specializing in these and other cards. Some of the cards are quite rare. A US collector reportedly paid more than two million dollars for a very scarce cigarette card showing a baseball player. According to my source, the player did not want to be depicted on a cigarette card and the entire printing had to be destroyed. However, it seems at least one copy was rescued making it the rarity of cigarette card collecting.

Rod Perry’s articles will return next month. As we went to press he was preparing for the impact of Cyclone Ita on his property in Northern Queensland. Rod Perry has been a philatelic trader since 1962 and a Stamp News advertiser since the 1960s . He founded Rodney A Perry Auction Galleries (now Millennium Philatelic Auctions) in 1971. As a collector he has exhibited nationally and internationally. Rod prefers his used stamps on cover and likens taking a stamp off its original cover to converting a tree to woodchips. Past editions of this column may be accessed on Rod’s ‘’

Stamp News - 13

AAT fully IMPERFORATE Miniature Sheets issued by Australia Post!

In November 2013, Australia Post released 250 x IMPERFORATE panes of 15 mini sheets of stamps. The “1913 Disaster & Isolation” issue, for the Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) of 1911-14. The AAE left Hobart in December 1911 commanded by Douglas Mawson and returned in February 1914. Mawson was knighted for his achievements, and is regarded as one of the greatest figures of all Antarctic exploration. You needed to phone the PO “800” number, or order online. Cost was well above face value, and the maximum order was ONE sheet a person. Sold out in super-fast time, as you’d expect - within hours I am advised. There will be near none in the secondary market, as collectors who got very lucky, will not be sellers - at any price. I’d guess there are easily 20,000 keen global collectors of AAT, but only 250 of these sheets to go around. If 200 buyers hold on to their sheets for their collections, that leaves just FIFTY to service those 20,000 collectors worldwide. 99% of AAT collectors do not right now realise this IMPERF issue even exists! In the 56 years since AAT first issued stamps in 1957, I can’t recall any other *AAT* imperforates sold by the PO. Each sheet is hand numbered in top left margin, and also comes with a Certificate of Guarantee card from head of AP, confirming that only 250 panes in TOTAL were sold – globally. This is an Official Australia Post Australian Antarctic Territory issue. I am offering these as follows: SUBJECT UNSOLD – please use correct stock code!

A. Fully imperforate MUH or CTO AAT Mini Sheet - $A40 a sheet. (Stock code 629KE) B. An uncut MUH and/or CTO imperf pair of 2 of the Mini Sheets $A70 (Stock code 629KI) C. PAIR of imperf panes from top LH, hand numbered “XXX/250” in margin, AND the matching AP card, $A100 (Stock code 629KM) D. A block of FOUR imperforate mini sheets MUH or VFU, or a mix. $A130 (Stock code 629KN) E. Full uncut MUH press sheet of 15 imperf sheets, with hand done edition number, and matching numbered cert. Mailed in a secure mailing tube for safe transit and easy storage, with heavy duty PO black cardboard sheeting inside. $A295 (Stock code 629KP) F. TWO sheets of 15. One to keep flat for the future, and one to cut up into singles or pairs etc. $A550. (Stock code 629KT) G. Normal perforated M/S & IMPERF sheet used on 23x32cm air cover to you $A60 post free Global! (Stock Code 629KO) Many more choices, inc. covers, and all photos are here – order online: Cheques, money orders, cash, all credit cards, Amex, PayPal, and bank transfer accepted at ZERO extra fee. Rigidly Packed Post is $A4 in Australia (Add $5 for Registered, if needed), or $A9 Foreign Air (Add $A12 Registered if needed.)


PO Box 4007, Castlecrag, NSW, 2068, Australia. - Phone (02) 9958 1333 e-mail me: - Life Member: American Stamp Dealers Association (New York.) Philatelic Trader’s Society. (London.)

Cinderella Corner

This column is being written in March as I prepare for the Canberra exhibition and since I will be away from the computer for about 12 days I have found an article in a back issue of the Cinderella Philatelist (October 1974), that might prove interesting for readers in that it gives an insight into how far back the art of Governments getting their hands into the pockets of the general public goes. It also explains why the Ace of Spades in a pack of cards is so ornate. I am aware that it tends to cut across Dave Elsmore’s Revenue column, but as he concentrates on Australian and some New Zealand items, I thought this was a bit far away to be encroaching too much on his territory. The following article is taken from the October 1974 edition of The Cinderella Philatelist which in turn had taken it from The Postscript to the Postal Historian where the original article had been written by Marcus Samuel.

The Playing Card Duties, 1711-1960

This tax was denoted by a most complex mixture of embossed and line-engraved stamps. In 1711 the 6 pence duty appears to have been denoted by means of an embossed stamp of that denomination which was struck on a Stamp Office Label which was affixed to the wrapper of every pack of cards prepared for sale. No such label has ever been seen, nor is one likely to be found, but this would appear to be the first ever adhesive stamp. Even after later increases in the duties, one of the 6 pence duties was always embossed on a Stamp 16 - Stamp News

Office Label, from 1711 to 1828. There is a proof of a label issued in 1744 printed from an intricate and beautiful copper plate, with a vacant space for an embossed stamp. Because, after the wrapper had been thrown away, there would have been no evidence that the duty had been paid, one of the cards in each pack, generally the Ace of Spades,

Tony Presgrave

was marked with a handstamp at the Stamp Office, from 1711 to 1765. The tax was always widely evaded, despite the severe penalties, and in 1765 it was decreed that, as a further measure of control, the Ace of Spades in every pack of cards was to be printed in a particular design at the Stamp Offices. The Aces were printed in sheets of twenty from copper plates, different plates being used for each card-maker with his name inscribed on every Ace. When the duties were later increased, the additional duties were denoted on the Ace of Spades. By 1801 the duty had reached its maximum of 2 shillings and 6 pence per pack, and it was shown that this was collected by means of a 6 pence embossed stamp on the Stamp Office Label, a similar stamp on the cardmaker’s wrapper, and three additional 6 pence duties printed on the Ace of Spades. In 1805 a cardmaker, Richard Harding of Grosvenor Square, was sentenced to death at the Old Bailey for forging the Ace of Spades. He was trapped after it had been noted that, although his business had increased, the number of Aces and Labels he obtained from the Stamp Office had not increased in proportion. Plates for printing forged Aces were unearthed in his girl-friend’s privy! In 1828 the duty was reduced to 1shilling per pack and charged entirely on the Ace of Spades, although the affixing of a Stamp Office Label (not inscribed with any denomination of duty) remained obligatory. The printing of both the Labels and Aces was done from plates made by Perkins and Heath, whose patented transfer roller process was employed for their production, both copper and steel plates being used. A major reentry, almost certainly the first on any stamp, was shown on an Ace of Spades printed in 1829. In 1862 the duty was further reduced to 3 pence per pack, and such had been the extent of evasion that the yield from the tax rapidly increased. The duty was charged entirely on the Stamp Office Label, which now took the form of a wrapper upon which a card stamp was printed. Perkins, Bacon & Co. continued to print the wrappers until

1883, when the contract was transferred to De la Rue & Co., and wrappers of the type shown continued in use until the tax was repealed in 1960. Illustrated here is a composite of a complete wrapper from my collection and although it is a bit rough the general arrangement of the wrapper is clear. I have inspected the wrapper to see if I could open it without damage to see the Ace of Spades, but the wrapping is so secure that I cannot get into it without damage and as I want to retain the integrity of the wrapper and its tax markings I am not willing to cut it.

Canberra Stamp Show 2014

Another very successful show and congratulations to the organising committee. This show always attracts a good contingent of dealers and there was no shortage of things available for all collecting tastes. The theme of the exhibition was the centenary of the start of World War I and there were some excellent exhibits on this subject. Cinderella items were scattered among the exhibits and I had the Murray Steam Navigation Company, McCulloch local stamps and the South Australian Jetty Toll stamps in my exhibit on the River Murray Shipping Trade.

Adelaide Stampex 2014

Just a reminder that this exhibition will be held in October and entries close on 30 June. The Cinderella and Revenue classes are available at this show and we are hoping for a number of entries. Prospectus and entry forms are on the APF web site.

Albany Centennial Exhibition 2014

This will be a National One Frame exhibition which will include State level classes. The exhibition will be held from August 1 to 3 in the Albany Town Hall. Prospectus and entry forms are on the APF web site. Stamp News - 17

Best Sellers This Month LATEST DISCOUNT OFFERINGS May 2014 Prices valid to end May 2014 or until sold out. KANGAROOS 1ST Watermark PT1) Halfpenny green, used with part slogan cancel, double perfs at right, Retail $200, this one HALF PRICE $100 PT2) 1d Red horizontal pair with Wellington (NZ) Loose letter cds, unusual. $40 PT3) 2d Grey, all three listed shades, used. Retail $75, price $40 PT4) Twopencehalfpenny Indigo, cto typr II, UPU distribution, 400 only issued. ACSC 9wa, full gum, VLH, similar example fetched $380 plus the buyer’s premium at a recent Phoenix Auction. price $350 PT4a) as above, mint lightly hinged example, retail $70, this one $49 PT5) 4d Orange, MLH, frash and well centred and good perfs. Retail $200 for this quality. Price $125 PT6) 4d Orange cto, with gum. Cat $100 minimum, this one $65 PT7) 4d Orange Yellow, retail $250, this one centred low and to left, but with nice dated cds $125 PT8) 5d Chestnut, cto, minimum retail $100, price $75 PT9) 5d Chestnut, well centred with socked on nose May 1913 dated cancel. This quality retail $75, price $50 PT9a) As above, mint lightly hinged, retail $140.This one $95 PT9b) As above, perf small OS with cds cancel, retail $80, this one $49 PT10) 6d Ultramarine, corner cto, well centred with good perfs, retail value $100, this one $75

PT13a) As above, perf small OS, fine cds used, retail $60, this one $39 PT14) 2/- Brown, mint lightly hinged, retail $300, this one centred high UNDER HALF PRICE $149 PT15) As above, cto with gum, retail minimum $300, this one HALF PRICE $150 PT16) As above, perf large OS, cds cancel, retail $200, this one has a blunt top left corner, WELL UNDER HALF PRICE $79 PT17) Two Pound Black and Red, good fresh colour, well centred with 1913 dated cds. Retail now for commercially used of this approaching $6000. This one has a very skillfully repaired small tear at top. Not noticeable to the naked eye. Price LESS THAN ONE THIRD RETAIL $1950 Kangaroos 2nd Watermark: PT18) 6D Ultramarine, well centred MLH, retail $250, minor perf fault at lower left, UNDER HALF PRICE $95 PT19) 9d Violet, scarce and underrated. Nice cds used example. Retail $75, this one $59 Kangaroos 3rd Watermark: PT20) 3d Yellow Olive, Die II, superb stamps, with corner Hobart cds, well centred and with full perfs. Retail this quality $225, this one $175 PT21) 6d Chestnut in mlh Mullett imprint pair. Centred to top. Retail $250, this one HALF PRICE $125 PT22) 1/- Green, watermark sideways, a little gum loss, but is unmounted. Retail $200, centred to top. This one UNDER HALF PRICE $79 PT23) As above but mint lightly hinged, and with nicer centering. Retail $110. This one $89

PT10a) As above, mint lightly hinged, retail $130, this one $95

PT24) 1/- Green Perf OS, Mint unhinged, centred low, and with perf fault at bottom. Retail $220. UNDER HALF RETAIL $95

PT11) 6d Ultramarine perf small OS. Mint unhinged, lovely fresh wellcentred example with full perfs. Retail this quality $1000, this one $495

PT25) As above, but horizontal strip of 6, fresh mint unhinged. Centred to right, as is usual with OS stamps. Multiples are scarce! Retail $1320, cheap at $695

PT12) 6d Ultramarine, perf Large OS, MLH, well centred, fresh and full perfs. Retail $400. This one HALF PRICE $200

PT26) 10/- Grey and Pink, cto with gum, centred high. Cat. $200. Cheap at $95

PT13) 9d Violet, fine used cds, with variety “Breaks in shading under Nine Pence” ACSC 24(2) j. Retail $175, price $95

PT27) 10/- Grey and Analine Pink Ovpt Specimen Type B, mint hinged. Fresh colour. Cat $600, Cheap at $249

KEVIN MORGAN STAMPS & COINS Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 Tel: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506

Best Sellers This Month PT28) One Pound Chocolate Brown and Blue, cds cancel, with Telegraph Puncture.Thin where hinge has been removed. Centred to left. Retail as normal $1700 plus. THIS ONE VERY CHEAP AT 20% RETAIL $340


PT28a) Similar to the above, but in the better Chestnut shade of brown. Blunt top left perf. But no thins. Retail as normal $2400. THIS ONE ALSO VERY CHEAP AT $479

Amazing Australia Pre-Decimal and early decimal Clearance, some as low as half price! Not in any particular order, so read carefully

PT29) Two Pound Grey and Red Ovpt. Specimen ype B, mint. Repaired top right corner. Normally $270, very cheap at $125

1) KGV 1d Red Die III nice postally used, was $$40, now $30

PT29a) As above, but overprint Type C, with variant “Shaved P” cat. $1000 “Honeyed” gum as is usual for this stamp. UNDER HALF RETAIL AT $295

3) KGV 1d Green smw perf 13.5 x12.5 Die II, superb cto with gum, was $120, now $90


2) KGV 1d Red Die II, smooth paper vfu, was $50, now $35

Multiple Watermark:

4) KGV C of A set (8) vfu, most are cto $50, now $35

PT30) 6d Chestnut Ovpt. OS MLH, retail $75, this one $49

5) Kingsford Smith set of 3, plus 6d brown Airmail, all fresh muh, was $50, now $35

PT30a) as above, fine used, retail $75, this one $49

6) 6d Brown Airmail ovpt. OS muh ws $50, now $35

PT31) 9d Violet MLH retail $90, this one $59

7) 1913 6D KOOKABURRA, MUH, WAS $250, now $195

PT31a) As above, perf OS Mint Unhinged, honeyed gum, centred top right. Hard stamp to find. Retail $450 plus. Less than half price $195

8) 1928 3d Kookaburra minisheet, mlh, tiny tone spot in margin, was $150, now $95

PT32) 1/- Green perf OS MLH, one short perf at top. Retail $60, cheap at under half price $29

9) 1/- Large Lyrebird MUH was $100, now $75

PT33) 5/- Grey and yellow perf OS cto, no gum, centred high and with short perf at base. Retail normally $160, this one under half price $79

11) 1932 5/- Green, Harbour Bridge, mlh, minor tone spot in gum, was $350, now $225

PT34) TWO POUND RED AND GREY. Superb cds used example, well centred and with perfect perfs. Cannot be bettered. Retail this quality $1100. This one a steal at $795

12) 1937 Robes 10/- & One Pound thick paper, muh was $140, now $95 13) Robes set of 3, thin paper, mlh, was $140, now $95 14) 1948 Arms set, mint, tiny cnr perf tone spot on two pound. was $100, now $75

C of A Watermark: PT35) 2/- Maroon Ash Imprint Gutter Block of 4. Mint unhinged, Superb. Retail $100, this one under half price $49

15) 1964 Arms set of 8 MUH nc white papers, was $275, now $210

PT36) 5/- Grey and Yellow, mint lightly hinged, Perfect perfs and centering, very fresh, premium stamp. Retail this quality $450. This one only $379

16) 1913 6d Kookaburra, vfu perfect centring, as good as they come! Was $75, now $40

PT36a) As above, but centred a little low. Price $279 PT37) 10/- Grey and Pink, nice socked on nose example. Retail $275, this one only $195 PT38) Two Pound Red and Black, fine used example wiuth neat corner cds cancel. Centred high. Retail $700, this one $495

10) As above, but yellow green, mlh, was $50, now $35

17) 1934 MacArthur set of 4, inc 2d Dark Hills, vfu. Was $45, now $30 18) Robes Thin Paper set of 3 vfu, was $135, now $90 19) 1948 Arms 5/- Thn Paper vfu, was $100, now $75 20) 1964 Navigaors, set of 8 inc White Papers fine used, was $165, now $120

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COLOURFUL COLONIAL CLASSICS Towards the end of the 19th century, France was trying to get hold of as much of the African continent as possible. The French were quite successful despite strong competition from Great Britain and Germany. Frequently the European powers claimed that they were bringing culture and civilization to the peoples of Africa. Christian missionaries of course took part in this colonizing process. However, what the European nations really wanted was new markets for their industrial goods and cheap raw materials. 1891 saw the foundation of French Congo, a colony in Equatorial Africa which comprised today’s Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville. The two areas were administered jointly until 1910 when they became

20 - Stamp News

the colonies of Gabon and Middle Congo. In 1900-1904, French Congo released a handsome pictorial set of 15 values ranging from 1 centime to 5 francs. Until the issue of this remarkable set there had been no pictorial stamps from the French colonies except for the early 1890s issues of Obock and Djibouti. The 1900-04 French Congo deďŹ nitives were printed in two colours and had three different designs. As a security measure stamps were printed on watermarked paper. In fact, there were three different watermarks! The values from 1 to 15 centimes had a thistle branch watermark. A rose branch was used as

Christer Brunström watermark on the values from 20 to 75 centimes. The three top values had an olive branch. The six low values all depict a leopard roaming the jungles of the Congo. Looking closely at the design we discover that the name of the colony is engraved on two elephant’s tusks. There is an interesting variety of the left tusk on all six values. The top of the tusk on the left can be seen protruding at the top of the right tusk just above the letter F of FRANÇAIS. This is the normal variety. Apparently one stamp in the sheet had a shorter left tusk. This variety is quite valuable and well worth looking for. The normal stamp and the short tusk variety are shown nearby.

The 20-75c values show a Bakalois woman. This is a Bantu tribe residing along the Ogowe (also spelt Ogooué) River in Gabon. The Ogowe is 1,200 kms in length making it the fourth longest river in Africa. Hunting appeared to be the main activity of the tribe at the time the stamps were issued. The Bakalois are also known as the Bakalai. The women were extremely coquettish often spending a full day arranging their hair using clay, false hair and various hair dyes. The three franc values depict the Avenue des Cocotiers (the Coconut Avenue) in the Gabonese capital of Libreville. The US Scott catalogue suggests that the stamps just show a coconut grove

Stamp News - 21

COLOURFUL COLONIAL CLASSICS while the French Yvert & Tellier catalogue prefers the Avenue des Cocotiers. It really is an eye-catching set of stamps. The set certainly was a favourite with stamp collectors of the early 1900s. The same slightly modified designs were reused on numerous occasions after 1910 by Cameroon, Middle Congo and Oubangui and usually in connection with a variety of overprints. I suppose most collectors are satisfied with adding the basic set to their collections of the French colonies. However, there is so much more for those who would like to specialize in this classic pictorial issue. The stamps were released perforated 11 but several denominations are known imperforate. As always when bicoloured stamps were printed

22 - Stamp News

mistakes in the form of inverted centres occurred. In this case what has been inverted is the background. In a few cases the figures of value have also been printed upside down. Two of the stamps exist with wrong colours and there were also cases when the printers used the wrong watermarked paper. A number of essays and proofs have also reached the philatelic marketplace. Shown nearby is an imperforate essay of the Bakalois woman design. It is slightly smaller in size than the issued stamp and it lacks the denomination. These essays exist printed in one or two colours. As can be seen from the above, the 1900 French Congo definitives are not only attractive but far more complicated than what most catalogues suggest.

There has never been a clearance quite like this* We did run something similar about two or three years ago when we liquidated a UK wholesaler’s stock of mainly mint Worldwide. This time we have a massive stock of Worldwide virtually all postally used to clear, it literally does run to well over a million stamps and many date from 100 years ago or more. The entire stock weighs in excess of 100 kilograms, and with an average of 12500 to the kilo, that is 1.25 million. You will certainly find OLD CLASSICS, MODERN THEMATICS, HIGHLY CATALOGUED ITEMS, PERFORATION VARIETIES, INTERESTING POSTMARKS and also the possibility of some scarce ERRORS or VARIETIES. Whatever you find is only going to cost you a tiny fraction of catalogue value as each of these stamps is sold at the flat knock down price of under 5 cents each! Not only that but we are including a SPECIAL FREE GIFT, of BRITISH COMMONWEALTH HIGH VALUES FINE POSTALLY USED dating from the 1930’s and with a catalogue value of 55 pounds = AUD$95 currently, basically what we are asking for the entire parcel! PLUS….A recent Australia PNC (Stamp and coin cover) Retail value $25. AND….A 1970 Captain Cook Minisheet mint unhinged Retail value $17. FINALLY… A British Commonwealth Complete ANIMALS definitive set of 18 values, mint unhinged, worth $15. So here it is, around 2000 stamps, all guaranteed totally unsorted, every stamp yours to keep for a tiny fraction of catalogue value, postage, packing and insurance Australia Wide a flat $5 (overseas add $20 to cover Airmail and Insurance)

$95 the lot! Two lots for $179 Five lots for $419 Ten lots for $795

Really, what are you waiting for …..?

*that we know of!

Kevin Morgan Stamps and Coins PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic 3158 Callers strictly by appointment. Tel: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email:

Stamps in the News - Globally! Rampaging Chihuahua brings mail services to a halt Reported at In the latest round of that ancient fight between man and beast that is the tense relationship mail carriers have with residents’ dogs, a Chihuahua is effectively holding one neighbourhood hostage. The United States Postal Service says the local mail carrier can’t deliver mail to a block in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, because the little dog’s reign of terror makes it impossible. A spokesman for the USPS said that officials had no choice but to stop bringing the mail to the block over safety concerns for the carrier. “The dog has interfered, on a number of occasions, with the delivery of the mail in that particular neighbourhood,” said a spokesman. The tiny pooch’s intimidation tactics have some residents ticked off after the Post Office sent them letters saying that the mail is on hold and they’ll have to pick it up instead, after the mail carrier said he saw the dog off the leash for a fifth time. “It’s a bunch of poop. I think it’s got stamps on it and it says to deliver it, they should deliver it,” said one neighbour. The owner of the dog says sometimes it gets out but usually stays inside and is friendly. Nevertheless, mail delivery is on hold until Cujo (not his real name) is contained, the spokesman says. “Once we know that the dog owner has taken responsibility and make sure that dog is not running

24 - Stamp News

free in that neighbourhood, the mail delivery will continue,” he said. In July 2011 another Chihuahua held a community to ransom in Vallejo, California and mail services were only restored when the dog’s owner surrendered it. The Iowa incident is not thought to be a copycat crime.

Historic note repatriated Reported at Australia’s oldest paper money will be staying in Australia after fetching a record price at auction. The 10-shilling note, which was issued the day the Bank of New South Wales opened in Australia, went under the hammer for $334,000. That bank opened on April 8, 1817, and only one hundred 10-shilling notes were issued that day. The rare note was found in a private collection in Scotland in 2005 and sold that same year for a record $283,095. Jim Noble from Noble Numismatics auctions says the result was good in a very tight market. “It’s absolutely unique and not in any museum or library collection and indeed not in any archive of Westpac Bank, that was the bank of New South Wales,” he said. The Bank of NSW was formed under the governorship of Lachlan Macquarie, who wanted to solve the colony’s currency woes. With the monetary system a jumble of ad hoc local currency, unreliable promissory notes and barter goods, Macquarie sought to stabilize the economy with standardized currency. He asked for permission from London authorities to establish a bank in the colony, but his request was rejected. In 1812, he took £10,000 in Spanish dollars Britain sent him and cleverly stretched them into Australia’s first official local currency by

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

punching holes in them and creating the famous holey dollars and the dumps. The holey dollars were in circulation from 1813 until 1822 and although they helped increase the amount of hard currency in the colony they were insufficient to alleviate New South Wales’ monetary woes and the unreliable promissory notes, barter and use of foreign currency continued. Frustrated with London’s inaction, in 1816 Macquarie took matters into his own hands and forged ahead with a plan to found a colony bank. Capital was raised from 39 investors and 49 regulations adopted at a General Meeting of subscribers in February of 1817. One of the regulations required that banknotes be issued in denominations of two shillings & sixpence, five shillings, 10 shillings, one pound and five pounds. To make the plates that would stamp these banknotes, the bank directors appointed Samuel Clayton, an Irish artist and silversmith who had been transported to New South Wales for forgery in 1816. Since there was no banknote paper in New South Wales until 1820, to make the banknotes harder to forge Clayton inscribed legends on the back of the note with a unique letterpress. Number 55 is inscribed: “When we cease to render strict and impartial Justice in the Administration of the

Affairs of the Bank, as it regards the Public on the one hand, and the Proprietors on the other, be our Names and Characters branded with perpetual Infamy.” The governor signed the charter for the new bank on March 22nd, 1817. It was a huge success, setting the colony off on a sturdy financial footing for the first time. Unlike the bank, the delicate paper notes did not stand the test of time. How number 55 made it to Scotland is unknown, but it may have been brought there by Macquarie himself when he returned to Scotland after resigning as governor of New South Wales in 1821.

Royal Mail sees red about its post boxes Reported at A request for a bronze post box for UK Winter Olympic star Jenny Jones has been turned down by Royal Mail. Snowboarder Jones’s local council asked for a post box to be painted bronze in Downend, near Bristol, to celebrate her bronze medal win at Sochi for the slopestyle event. Royal Mail painted over 100 post boxes gold for Team GB and ParalympicsGB champions at the London 2012 Games. A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “Unfortunately our request to mark Jenny Jones’ medal success at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics by painting a post box bronze in her honour was not taken up by Royal Mail.” A similar request for a gold post box in Kent to mark the success of skeleton star Lizzy Yarnold, Britain’s only gold medallist at Sochi, was also Stamp News - 25

Stamps in the News - Globally!

rejected. Mike Norman, from Royal Mail, said London 2012 had been a “unique occasion”. He said: “Because of our status as the host nation, Royal Mail chose to mark the achievement of our athletes through gold post boxes as well as stamps. “We will not be repeating this for the Winter Olympics 2014.”

New Zealand Post – thumbs up Reported at www.nzpost. New Zealand Post’s Community Post programme donated around 1.5 million postageincluded envelopes and other postal services this year to 2220 not-for-profit organisations across New Zealand to help support local communities. New Zealand Post Group Brand and Sponsorship Manager Nicola Airey said the Community Post programme enabled the company to help thousands 26 - Stamp News

of not-for-profit community groups across New Zealand. “Through Community Post we are able to help strengthen communities by supporting literacy, education, and health and wellness programmes, as well as helping community groups develop business partnerships. The envelopes are used to support projects such as fund-raising activities. Community Post has been running for 16 years. In that time over 14 million postage-included envelopes have been donated the equivalent of 280 tonnes of envelopes, which would fill 23 trucks and trailers, and need more than 8000 posties to get them delivered all in one day.

United States Postal Service – thumbs down Reported at Citizens of Jackson, Michigan have been outraged at the tattered state of the US flag outside the local post

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

office. The flag is very tattered and hooked to only one grommet at the top. Last week the side intended to flap in the wind was snagged in a tree. Either nature or human intervention freed it from the tree over the weekend. The condition of the flag is so poor it would appear to violate the U.S. Flag Act. People have lodged complaints about the flag but it’s still there. The building landlord said he has received several phone calls about the flag, but it is not his property. He said he doesn’t have a key to the padlock that keeps the rope mechanism inaccessible. City Hall has received complaints, too, but the flagpole is not city property. One Jackson woman who filed a formal complaint said the postmaster called her and explained special equipment is needed to take down the flag. It is evidently so messed up the ropes won’t work. Several prominent citizen have vowed to take matters into their own hands, one noting, “it is mindboggling to see the same agency that puts flags on so many postage stamps allow this disgrace to continue outside its front door”.

A journey to India via stamps Reported at Post Haste by BG Verghese, is an overview of India. It tells you almost everything that you need to know about the land’s history, its geography and politics, its people and rulers, its culture and economy, its traditions and religions and its heroes and villains. And it tells this history via stamps. They are, as veteran journalist BG Verghese writes in the preface to this book, “both heritage and history”. The Indian government has issued more than 3,000 stamps since independence, depicting

things of national importance such as the emblem and flag as also personalities who’ve made important contributions in politics, culture and so on, landmark buildings and tourism sites, flagship projects and schemes, cultural artefacts like paintings, sculptures and much more. Stamps are, thus, a window into the country and Verghese uses them to illustrate this volume that is something of a “one book you need to read to know all about India”. Stamps, as Verghese says, are the “vehicle” on which the volume rises. It’s an ingenious idea that works because of the sheer range of stamps issued by India Post — thanks to the department’s fairly lax standards when deciding what and who deserved to be put on stamps. One of the most interesting parts of the book is the history of the postal system of India, tracing letter-writing modes and mediums from Shakuntala’s love letters to the dak runners, those barefoot messengers who physically transported letters on their back across vast distances and treacherous landscapes. Verghese has little nuggets of information — that the runners frequently took Stamp News - 27

Stamps in the News - Globally!

a dose of opium to ward off fatigue, and that in the 19th century the government used postmen to distribute quinine as a public health measure.

Populist stamps- the beauty queen Reported in http://entertainment.tempo. Miss World Megan Young was immortalized on stamp by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhilPost) during a recent ceremonial launch at the Post Office building on Liwasang Bonifacio. Megan personally received her framed stamps from Postmaster General Jose de la Cruz and signed souvenir sheets and stamps that collectors and the public purchased. Megan is only the third Filipina world beauty queen to be honoured with a PhilPost stamp. Misses Universe Gloria Diaz (1969) and Margie Moran (1973) were similarly honoured in 1994 when Manila hosted the 43rd Miss Universe Pageant. De la Cruz thanked Megan for gracing the launch that had to be postponed for a month because of the Filipina beauty’s constant travels for fundraising and humanitarian projects around the world. 28 - Stamp News

Last Feb. 24, 2014, 80,000 copies of Megan Young stamps were printed which featured the image of Young, taken as she was crowned Miss World 2013 during the finals in Bali, Indonesia on Sept. 28, 2013. The stamps, in two designs, were printed in embossed gold stamping technique and cost P30 and P40 each, while the souvenir sheet is sold for R100 per piece. “I am deeply honoured to be part of Philpost stamps. Now my grandparents, who are both stamp collectors, will be proud to have my stamps as part of their collection. I am only 24, but now I have a story to tell my children!� Megan exclaimed during the press conference that followed the launch. Megan also noted that, even in this digital age, nothing compares to handwritten letters that come from the heart and well thought of.

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

Populist stamps- the football star Reported at Fans finally get the chance to lick the head of the iconic Swedish footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as the Swedish Postal Service struggles to keep up with demand. The Swedish Postal Service has finally released the long awaited set of Zlatan Ibrahimovic stamps promised in November. The Paris Saint-Germain striker had been working with the Swedish postal authorities to produce the set of five Ibrastamps. And the 60 Swedish Krona (around £6) stamps are in such demand that they can barely print them fast enough. “We have sold five million stamps in advance and that is a lot,” said the Swedish mail’s head of stamps. “The French are particularly interested. One customer ordered 1,500 packages for his French friends. ”Zlatan has a unique position on the pitch, among his fans and now also on the stamps.” It is uncertain how many will be bought in England, although they may prove popular north of the border, as four of the stamps immortalise his dramatic overhead kick against Three Lions’ goalkeeper Joe Hart that won the Fifa Puskas Award.

Royal Mail- the continuing saga Reported at news/ Royal Mail is planning to cut 1,600 roles as part of a drive to cut costs, mainly among its head office managerial staff. The postal delivery service says the net effect will be 1,300 job losses, as it plans to create 300 new or enhanced roles at the same time. It says the cuts are part of its aim to make cost savings of £50m a year.

Unite, a union which represents 7,000 Royal Mail managers, warned the cuts could spark industrial action. Royal Mail - which currently employs about 150,000 people in total - emphasised that the cuts would have “no impact” on frontline employees including postmen and women. Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene said the cuts were necessary for it to “effectively compete in the letters and parcels markets”. The company, which floated on the London Stock Exchange last year, said 50,000 of its employees had left since 2003. The Unite union described Royal Mail’s proposals as “ruthless”. “Royal Mail’s primary reason for existing is now about making profits rather than serving the nation,” said Brian Scott, Unite officer for Royal Mail. Reported at A recent report indicates that in the UK government’s rush to push through the privatisation of Royal Mail the taxpayer was short-changed. The National Audit Office has claimed that too much emphasis was put on completing the sale within this parliament rather than achieving value for money. As a result, shares in the company are now more than 70 per cent higher than the original sale price of 330p in October 2013. But poor value for money is not the only reason to lament the passing of Royal Mail into private hands.

Stamp News - 29

Stamps in the News - Globally! There are several other reasons to worry. 1. The Royal Mail was profitable. It made £440 million last year. Surely better to keep the company public and plough the profits back into the service instead of handing them to shareholders. 2. Cost-cutting will place a huge question mark over the universal service. The Bow Group, the oldest conservative think-tank in Britain, warned last year that privatisation could see the price of a stamp increase and Post Offices in rural areas close. 3. The taxpayer was short-changed by the sale. Royal Mail shares are more than 70 per cent higher than the original sale price of 330p in October 2013. Business minister Michael Fallon last year stated “categorically that we have no intention of selling off Royal Mail cheaply”. But the sale price set by the

government has now been branded “too cautious” by the National Audit Office. The taxpayer made around £2bn from the sale of Royal Mail. However if the shares had been sold at 610p, which is where Goldman Sachs believes the price will eventually settle at, the chancellor, and by extension the taxpayer, would have brought in around £3.66bn. 4. Stamp prices could eventually reach £1. The price regulation of stamps was scrapped by the coalition prior to privatisation to increase the attractiveness of Royal Mail to investors. That brought with it the possibility that stamp prices could 30 - Stamp News

eventually hit £1. The first price increases come into force today, with first class increasing by 2p to 62p and second class by 3p to 53p. 5. The Royal Mail was a 500-year-old institution and part of the fabric of Britain. Institutions matter, and there are certain things which are associated with Britain, such as the NHS, cricket, red phone boxes and yes, the Royal Mail.

Canada Post - the continuing saga Reported at It will now cost significantly more to mail letters via Canada Post, as a new tiered pricing structure for domestic and international letters takes effect. On March 31, the price of Permanent (or “P”) stamps bought in booklets, coils and panes will be 85 cents per stamp, up from 63 cents. “P” stamps are valid on standard letters under 30 grams mailed within Canada. Permanent stamps, identified with the letter P in place of a value, will continue to be accepted even if they were purchased at a lower price prior to the adjustment. For commercial customers, there is a new pricing structure too, estimated to increase costs for the average small business by over $50 a year. Canada Post is advising they are introducing some temporary and permanent measures to support small businesses and charities. Lettermail volumes have fallen steadily since 2007, and that trend continues as more and more Canadians turn to digital and mobile alternatives. With a mandate to serve all 15.5 million addresses in Canada – a number that rises on average by 170,000 addresses a year ‒, Canada Post must remain financially self-sufficient. Reported at Canada Post has increased the price of mailing a firstclass letter Monday to 85 cents from 63 cents (and

Compiled by

Margo Campbell

to a $1 for single-stamp purchases). The 35-per-cent price hike is step one of a 5-year plan, announced in December, to stop steep predicted rises in the Crown Corporation’s financial losses – a strategy that also includes up to 8,000 job cuts, franchising more post offices and the end of home delivery for millions of Canadians. Canada Post projects it will bring in $200-million per year by charging closer to the real cost of delivering the mail. But the higher price could become one more reason not to mail a letter. Letter-mail volume is already dropping by more than 6 per cent per year. The Conference Board of Canada estimates that volumes will drop another 27 per cent by 2020. Canadian households buy an average of just two stamps a month. That’s not a surprise when you consider all the new and more convenient ways Canadians have to communicate, including online bill paying, mobile payments, texting and email. Like many older shrinking institutions, the post office has more retirees than workers – 70,000 pensioners and roughly 60,000 employees. Ottawa is ultimately on the hook for a solvency deficit in the company’s pension plan, estimated at nearly $6-billion at the end of 2012. The phase out of home delivery is alienating Canada Post’s most loyal users. The plan is to move millions of Canadians who now receive mail at their door to central community mailboxes. That risks

hurting the post office’s most loyal customers – the elderly and small businesses. Many seniors will now have to physically pick up mail, even in bad weather. And if Canadians find it difficult to get to community mail boxes, companies will look beyond mail to do business. Canada Post is trying to transform itself into a parcel and courier company. But its workforce, physical infrastructure and pricing is still aimed largely at meeting its obligation to serve every home in Canada. Hiking the price of a stamp won’t fix that problem.

Meanwhile things are looking up in Kashmir Reported at

The General Post Office in Srinagar has recently started a new philately bureau in an effort to promote stamp collecting among the youth in the valley. Philately is being seen as a new way to teach children about important issues. “A child can get information on pertinent issues after he buys a stamp and adds it to his collection thematically and then adds a write-up on the stamp, after studying a bit about it. School-going children can be drawn to doing this sort of ‘small’ research, which in turn teaches them,” said a philatelist, Simeer Babu. The bureau, which is open to public, was inaugurated after a continuous struggle by stamp enthusiasts in the Kashmir valley who had to purchase stamps from Jammu or from other. “It is a very good step for philatelists and philately. With the opening of this bureau, the problems that philatelists used to face will begin to solve,” said another philatelist, Saiqa. For the first time in Kashmir, the philately bureau will put around 1500 stamps on display. Stamp News - 31

Best Sellers This Month MORE DISCOUNT OFFERS OF AUSTRALIA: continued 21) 1946 BCOF set complete vfu, was $150, now $125 22) 1946 BCOF 5/- thin paper mlh, was $100, now $75 23) KGV 5d C of A ovpt OS, full unmounted gum, was $50, now $35

L85) KGV OS Commems plus Airmails and 1/- Large Lyre overprints and perfins complete vfu, some are cto. Inc, 3d Airmail Type B, Kingsford Smiths etc. was $285, now $225 L87) 1953 Produce Food, MUH blocks of 9, were $75, now $50

24) KGV C of A set Ovpt OS, set of 5, mlh. Was $75, now $50

L88) 1964 Navigators set of 8 inc. white papers, MUH, was $275, now $200

25) KGV smw 2d & 4d, Ovpt OS, both MUH and FU (4) was $100, now $75

L97) Two Pound Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, ovpt. Specimen, with Shaved P, cat $1000. Tones gum as is usual with these. Was $650, now $320

26) 1931 6d Kangaroo C of A, Ovpt OS, cto with gum, was $100, now $75

L98) KGV 1/4d Turquoise, small multi wmk, perf 14, MUH. Retail $700, centred left, now $295

27) 1932 2d and 3d Bridge Ovpt OS, MUH and fu, (4) was $50, now $35

L100) KGV 4D Olive, small multi perf 13.5 x 12.5 MUH, retail $275, off centre, now $135

28) Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d, Ovpt OS, cto. Was $90, now $65

L101) KGV 5d Brown, small multi perf 13.5 x 12.5 Pef OS, MUH off centre retail $265, now $130

29) 1/- Large Lyrebird, ovpt OS vfu, was $50, now $35 30) As above, but mlh, was $60, now $40 31) 3d Kooka and Sturt Pair, perf OS, MUH (3) Was $95, now $70 32) KGV period, commems perf OS complete cto (7) was $110, now $80 33) 1966 Navigators, set of 6, Ovpt Specimen, inc scarce 15mm ovpts. Were $450, now $300 34) 1d KGV LMW CARMINE PINK, Cooke Printing, with Drury Cert. vfu, ACSC 73A (G101) was $325, now $295 35) 1913 Two Pound KANGAROO, Ovpt. Specimen, nice and fresh MLH, was $700, now $550 36) 1915 6d blue 2nd wmk Kangaroo, mint, was $325, now $160

L102) KGV 4d Yellowish Orge, perf OS MUH, rare, retail minimum $320, now $160 L103) 4d Olive Green KGV, small multi perf 14, perf OS. Centred low MUH, retail $550, tiny nick between perfs at base, retail $550, now $220 L104) KGV 1d Green small multi perf 13.5 x 12.5 die II, postally used, cds RARE! Retail $300, now $150 L130) KGVI surcharge set in mint imprint blocks, scarce, were $48, now $24 W134) NSW 1851 2d blue Sydney views, SG33c, no clouds, 4 margins, fine used with BN 8 cancel, retail $325, now $250

37) KGV heads set, Ovpt OS good/fine used, was $90, now $45

W135) NSW 1851 2d blue Laureates SG52, fine used, huge margins, with BNN62 cancel. Was $50, now $37.50

38) 1/- 3rd wmk Kangaroo, sideways wmk, mlh, good centring, was $100 now $50

W148) 1934 MacArthur set MUH, inc. Dark Hills 2d (4) Retail $120, now $100

39) 1915 One Pound Brown and Blue, 3rd wmk Kangaroo light cds used with Telegraph Puncture. Was $700, now $350

W150) BCOF 2/- Roo, cnr imprint pair, MUH (hinged in margin) Retail $100, now $50

40) 1913 Halfpenny Kangaroo coil join strip of 3, 1 mlh, two muh. Was 150, now $75

W158) 1/- Yellow Green Large Lyre, MUH, minor tone in gum, was $75, now $40

L78) KGV Head 1d red die II postally used, 3 diff. shades Retail minimum $21, now $10

W160) 6d Brown Airmail, Ovpt. OS MUH, was $50, now $25

L84) Robes 10/- & One Pound Thin paper fine used, 10/- is part imprint, one pound is socked on the nose, with legible 27 Oct 1949 date, Melbourne Airmail Section cds, was $125, now $100

W161) 3d Blue KGVI Die I, MUH, Was $75, now $40 W162) 3d Blue KGVI Die 1a, MLH was $125, now $60 W163) 3d Blue KGVI Die II thick paper MUH, was $60, now $30

KEVIN MORGAN STAMPS & COINS Postal: PO Box 1290, Upwey, Vic 3158 Tel: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506

Best Sellers This Month W191) KGV 1d Green, smw perf 13.5 x 12.5 Die II, MUH, centred right. Was $80, now $40

W164) 3d Blue KGVI Die II thin paper MUH, was $55, now $30 W166) 5d Brown KGV OVP OS MUH, centred low, was $60, now $30 W167) KGV 4d Orange, MUH, was $80, now $40 W168) KGV 2d Orange, perf OS MUH, centred left, was $125, now $60

W192) KGV 3d smw perf 13.5 x 12.5 MUH, Die II centred right, was $60, now $30

W169) KGV 1/4d C of A, MUH, centred right, was $400, now $200

W193) KGV 4d Olive green smw peerf 13.5 x 12.5 MUH was $80, now $40

W170) KGV 1/4d smw, perf 13.5 x 12.5 mint, toned gum was $80, now $40…cheap!

W195) KGV 4.5d smw perf 13.5 x 12.5, Die II cto , was $90, now $45

W171) KGV 1/4d smw perf 14, MUH, sweated gum, was $450, now $225

W197) KGV 3d, C of A, MUH, was $65, now $30

W196) KGV 5d Brown, smw perf 13.5 x 12.5 MUH, was $110, now $55

W172) KGV 1/4d single wmk, MUH, centred left, was $650, now $320

W198) 1/- Large Lyre, ovpt OS MUH, centred left, was $110, now $55

W173) KGV 4d Lemon Yellow, MUH, was $600, now $350

W199) 9d Kangaroo C of A, MUH, top left corner marginal, MUH slightly toned gum, was $65, now $30

W174) 6d 1st wmk Kangaroo, perf large OS, MLH. well centred, was $400 now $200 W175) 6d 1st wmk Kangaroo, perf small OS, MUH, well centred, minor toning to one perf Cat $850, was $650, now $325

W200) 1934 Victoria centenary set, perf 10.5 MUH, was $115, now $60 W201) 1934 Victoria centenary set, perf 11.5 MLH, was $65, now $30

W177) 6d Brown Kangaroo, smw, mlh, was $35, now $30

W203) 1936 NSW Sesqui set MUH, was $30, now $15

W179) 1/- Kangaroo, 3rd wmk, perf OS, MUH, centred low, was $220, now $110

W204) 1936 South Australia set MUH, was $35, now $20

W180) 9d Kangaroo, smw, perf OS MUH (toned gum) was $85, now $40

W206) 1935 Anzac set, MLH, was $40, now $20

W181) 6d Brown Kangaroo, smw, mlh, one shortish perf. Was $30, now $15 W182) KGV 2d Brown smw perf 13.5 x 12.5perf OS, MUH, well centred, was $180, now $90 W183) KGV 3d Blue, smw perf 14, perf OS, INVERTED WMK. MUH centred left, was $500, now $250

W205) 1935 KGV Jubilee set MLH, was 55, now $30 W207) 1937 – 49 Robes thin paper set, MUH, centring varies, was $225, now $110 W208) 1937 Robes set MUH, was $125, now $60 W209) 1948 Arms set, 5/- to One pound, MUH, was $100, now $50 W212) 2/- Kangaroo, C of A, imprint block MUH, was $50, now $30 W213) 6d brown Kangaroo, smw, perf OS, top left corner block of 4, MUH, was $300, now $150

W184) KGV 4d Blue, MUH, toned gum, was $180, now $90 W185) KGV 4.5d single wmk, perf OS MUH, was $600, now $300

W214) KGV Heads, ovpt. OS **/* some minor faults, budget set, was $110, now $85

W186) KG 4d purple, single wmk, MLH, perf OS, centred left, was $125, now $60

W215) 1964 Navigators set of 8, inc. white papers, MLH, was $200, now $100

W187) KGV 1/4d single wmk, MUH, perf OS, centred left, was $350, now $175 W188) KG 4d Orange, MUH, tiny natural paper inclusion. Was $50, now $30 W190) KGV 4d Olive, smw perf 14, MUH, centred left, was $300, now $150

We are also breaking a fine collection of Great Britain from Queen Victoria to 1967, please contact us with your wants. Many complete definitive sets and high values mint and used, all at very competitive prices. EXAMPLE: ONE POUND GREEN SEAHORSE SUPERB USED, RETAIL $1500, this one only $1095

Email: Web:

Looking at New Zealand

Bicentenary of Cook’s voyage to New Zealand 1969 By the 1640s, the Dutch had largely won their independence from Spain (formalized by treaty in 1648) and had conquered territories previously occupied by Spain and Portugal in South America, Malacca and the Indonesian archipelago (Dutch East Indies). They had mapped the north, west and part of the south coast of Australia but did not know how far east it extended. There was speculation that an unknown southern continent (Terra Australis Incognito) was located in the South Pacific extending toward Chile. Abel Tasman, an experienced navigator employed by the Dutch East India Company, was sent on a voyage of discovery from Batavia (now Jakarta) in 1642. He sailed to the far southwest of Australia before turning east discovering Van Diemen’s Land (later Tasmania) on 34 - Stamp News

24 November 1642 and the South Island of New Zealand on 13 December. It is possible that earlier Spanish or Portuguese explorers sighted New Zealand but no documented evidence of this has been found. Their voyages across the Pacific were usually much further to the north. Tasman is therefore credited as the first European to see New Zealand. Following a clash with Maoris on the north coast of the South Island in which four of his men were killed and one Maori shot, Tasman sailed north up the west coast of the North island and then returned to Batavia. As Tasman’s report of New Zealand did not indicate that it held the sort of wealth sought by the East India Company, they did not follow-up his discoveries. By the early eighteenth century the British, imperial rivals to the Spanish, French and Dutch, were

Graeme Morriss

beginning to explore the Pacific. In 1767 Samuel Wallis was the first European to discover Tahiti. When the Royal Society wanted to observe the transit of Venus across the face of the sun, predicted to occur in 1769, it was decided that Tahiti would be the ideal place from which to make the observations. By 1768 Lieutenant James Cook had been serving in the Royal Navy in North America for ten years, most recently involved in the charting of Newfoundland. He was given command of the expedition to Tahiti. His orders for the period following the astronomical observations were to explore the Pacific south of Tahiti and then west to the land of which the west coast had been mapped by Tasman. On 6 October 1769 a cabin boy, ‘young Nick’, sighted the east coast of the North Island from the mast top. The headland that he sighted, east of Gisborne, is still known as ‘Young Nick’s Head’. From that point, Cook sailed north up the east coast, rounded

the northernmost point and sailed south down the west coast. He discovered and sailed through Cook’s Strait, which separates the two islands, and continued north to his original starting point before turning south to map the coast of the South Island. On 1 April 1770 he sailed west, discovering and mapping the east coast of Australia before sailing to Batavia and then back to Britain. Cook made two further voyages to the South Pacific, including New Zealand, in 1772 and 1777, establishing that there was no vast southern continent east of New Zealand. He was killed at Hawaii on 14 February 1779. Four artists were commissioned to submit stamp designs to commemorate Cook’s first voyage. The designs by Eileen Mayo were chosen. The 4 cent

Stamp News - 35

Looking at New Zealand unwatermarked paper. The perforations gauged 14½ x 14. The sheets were of 100 stamps each (10 x 10) with the printer’s imprint and cylinder numbers 1A1A1A1A in the bottom left margin. There was also a miniature sheet of all four stamps. The date of issue was 9 October 1969 with ‘First Day of Issue’ cancellers at the major cities’ Chief Post Offices and special cancellers for the Tarapex Philalatelic Exhibition in Taranaki and in Gisborne, the city nearest Cook’s point of arrival.

showed Cook, the transit of Venus and an octant (an old navigational instrument); the 6 cent the naturalist Dr Joseph Banks and Cook’s ship Endeavour; the 18 cent the botanist Dr Daniel Solander and the native plant Matata (rhabdothamnus solandri) and the 28 cent Queen Elizabeth II and Cook’s map of 1769. The stamps, photogravure printed by Harrison & Sons with the portraits as raised ‘cameos’, were on coated, 36 - Stamp News

References: Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps, Auckland, Campbell Paterson, 1952 – . The Postage Stamps of New Zealand, vol. 6, Wellington, RPSNZ, 1975.

Graeme can be contacted through his website, www. .

Kevin Morgan Stamps and Coins Are Buying! We urgently require stamp and coin collections of all types, in addition we will pay top prices for the following:

STAMPS Australia pre-decimals in sheets and large blocks MUH, paying 4 cents per stamp Australia Decimals Mint with gum, may be hinged or damaged, paying 40% face value Australia recent (2010-2012) close clipped kiloware on single paper with good variety, commemoratives pay $10 per kg, mission mix with no less than 50% commems pay $5 per kg, definitives only pay $2.50 per kg. Values above 60c pay $6 per 100g World unpicked recent on paper close clipped, pay $30 per kg

COINS Australia RAM Coin sets in original undamaged packaging, year sets, baby sets or proof sets, collections and accumulations with good spreads of years paying $10 per set, individual years, prices on request. Australia Single 1oz or 2 oz silver coins pay $20 per ounce Australia pre- decimal silver coins, 3d to florins, pre 1946 pay 40 times face value, 1946 – 1965 pay 20 x face value Australia 1966 50c round coins pay $9.00 each Australia $100 or $150 gold coins pay 4 x face, $200 gold coins pay 2 x face, Sovereigns of any country pay $350, Krugerands pay $1450. All other Royal Australia Mint and Perth Mint product required, please offer

MEDALS Australian, British and German war medals required, please offer. Pay minimum $10 each for the most common types, World War I Trios pay $50, pairs pay $40, World War II Pacific Star pay $50, Aircrew Europe Star pay $150, pay 20% extra if in groups.

Kevin Morgan Stamps and Coins PO Box 1290, Upwey Vic 3158 Callers strictly by appointment. Tel: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email:

Australian Stamp Variations Australia Post’s Stamp Fiasco Details of theConcession main variations in recent stamp issues

On 20th February 2014 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved Australia Post’s application for an increase in postage prices. The increase was effective from 31st March. To soften the blow of this 17% increase in the basic letter rate to 70c, Australia Post has launched the MyPost Concession Account. The account ensures that Australia Post’s services remain affordable for low income groups. It enables the 5.7 million eligible Australians to post domestic letters at a cheaper rate and have access to other products and services at a discount. The MyPost Concession Account is available to holders of the following Federal Concession cards: • Pensioner Concession Card • Health Care Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card • Department of Veteran’s Affairs Card or Veteran’s Repatriation Health Card Australia Post’s Managing Director and CEO, Ahmed Fahour, said, “It is vital that Australia Post ensures we provide an affordable and accessible letters service for all Australians. We remain mindful of the impact to the cost of living of an increase to the stamp price, particularly for those groups who are more dependent on our traditional services.” It assumes that the people in these groups wish to continue to post letters. If this is true it is strange that one of the discounted services offered is a digital mailbox! 38 - Stamp News

Licenced Post Offices (LPOs) received a 23 page Instruction Manual regarding Concession stamps. A recent survey of LPOGroup licensees resulted in all voting “No” to the introduction of Concession stamps. Some LPOG members called it a “fiasco”. Cheaper alternative suggestions were: “Send $5 to every pensioner.” “Send every pensioner a booklet of 10 x 70c stamps.” Last year, Australia Post’s mail business lost $218 million. LPO owners believe that the operation of the MyPost Concession Account and sale of Concession stamps will further increase this loss. (5.7 million card holders x 10c discount per stamp x 50 stamps per year = $28.5 million.)

David Mallen

the sheetlet has the number “*1501”. There were 3 separate releases of the two Concession stamps: A pack, a sheetlet and a booklet.

On 24th March two new self-adhesive Concession stamps were issued. They “featured iconic images of Australia – a kangaroo bounding along a sandy beach at sunset and an outline of our nation inscribed in the sand”. They were the first Australian non-denominational stamps and contain an orange “Concession Post” signifier. These stamps currently cost 60c each and remain valid forever. MyPost Concession Account holders receive 5 free stamps with their MyPost Card and may purchase another 50 every year. The stamps were printed by RA Printing on B100 self-adhesive paper and issued in sheetlets of 5 stamps – 2 Australian outlines and 3 kangaroos. The back of the sheetlet indicated they could also be used for large letters in lots of 2, 3 or 5 stamps according to weight. The barcode of

1. A special limited edition philatelic ‘Collectable Concession Stamp Pack was issued on 24th March. It cost $3.95 and contains a sheetlet of 5 self-adhesive stamps. (The sheetlet was 124 x 85mm and had a cut edge on all 4 sides.) Only 10,000 sheetlets were released with the note: “This is a collectable philatelic product only and the MyPost Concession discount does not apply.” This means that the 5 stamps are what Australia Post calls “Collectable Stamps” and hence are not valid for postage. The stamp packs available on-line sold out within 5 days.

Stamp News - 39

Australian Stamp Variations Details Details of of the the main main variations variations in in recent recent stamp stamp issues issues 3. (Below left) As a MyPost Concession Account holder one can purchase Concession stamps at the Post Office. They come in a booklet of 20 sheetlets. This sheetlet is identical to the one in the Stamp Pack except that when it is torn from the booklet it has a rough edge on the right. (Because your limit is 10 sheetlets per year you cannot buy a complete booklet.) 2. (above) When one receives the MyPost Card, the letter includes a free sheetlet of 5 stamps. This sheetlet was 136 x 85mm. It was longer on the right and contains a roulette perforation 12mm from the right edge. (It is obviously an unbound sheetlet from the booklet.)

40 - Stamp News

The release dates are interesting. The “official” First Day of Issue (FDI) was 24th March. But this was for a philatelic sheetlet of 5 “Collectable Stamps” that were not valid for postage. On 24th March LPOs were able to receive the application forms for the MyPost Concession Account. These took up to 14 days to process, so the MyPost Cards were probably received on or after 1st April. However the Concession Post stamps could be used from 31st March when the new post rates came into effect – but you couldn’t buy them until you received your Card! So 31st March was the FDI for the stamps that could be used for postage. It will be interesting to see if there are any postally used Concession Post stamps cancelled on 31st March. If they exist they are probably “Collectable Stamps” from the philatelic stamp pack. Australia Post is not offering a First Day Cover for these 2

David Mallen

stamps. What an enormous cost Australia Post has

incurred just to save Pension, Health Care and Veteran’s Affairs card holders $5 per year.

Stamp News - 41

Revenue Review for too long. Keep your eyes out for dummy cancels Its nearly tax time again so I thought I would show off a covering pen cancels, or you may do your boat if you few exceedingly rare, and only recently found errors in end up with one. the New South Wales Relief Tax issues. Figure 1 is the Cheep Betts first I have seen with the RELIEF TAX in black printed More cheap bets this month. Last month, I showed a first, with the value frame as a secondary print. I would rare Northern Territory 2c betting tax ticket and thought like to record this here in ‘Revenue Review’. Figure I would follow it up this month with an unrecorded 2 shows a clear close up of this error. What a cracker! betting ticket from South Australia. Figure 5 shows Keep your eyes peeled, as there must be more out there. the ‘tax box’ completely missing. I would like to place Figure 3 also has the RELIEF TAX underprint, which this on record here in ‘Revenue Review’. This ticket appears to be a black brown. Maybe you, the reader has has already been added to my free on line catalogue of such a copy in your collection, if so please share it here. South Australian Revenues.

Tax Time


I noticed this in auction recently and was amazed it even sold. It has a forged Paquebot cancel over a fiscal pen cancel. Further it looks like it has been in the bath

Fig 1

Fig 2

42 - Stamp News

Cut it Out

An apparently imperf 2/6d impressed duty from Rockhampton in Queensland is shown in figure 6.

Fig 3

Fig 4

Dave Elsmore Again unrecorded, please let me know if you have other imperf issues like this one in your collection so they can be recorded.


I have mentioned Fiji before in this column, which has some very nice rare revenue material within its Stamp duty range, and figure 7 is no exception. Again unrecorded until now. These were picked up for pennies in auction. Now don’t you wish you paid more attention?

Railway or Tramway

Figure 8 was in auction last month. It’s from New South Wales and is a newspaper envelope with a Summer Hill 6d railway stamp on it, cancelled by

Fig 6 Fig 5

Fig 8

a Newsagency in Summer Hill. These are generally found with the 6d Tramway stamps used to send bulk newspapers by tram. This is the first I have seen, where a railway stamp has been used to carry an article on a tramway. Hopefully in the next month or two, I will have a few more answers on this for you, unless you are reading this and know the full story, if so please make contact with me.

Store This

If you follow this column you will know I have a soft spot for store coupons. Figure 9 was new to me when it popped up on eBay. It is from a New South Wales company of Marcus Clark & Co Ltd. Now all I need is the booklet that was used to stick them in. If you have a range of these ‘private revenue coupons’ I would love to see them.

Fig 7

Fig 9

Stamp News - 43

Revenue Review Crazy

Western Australia revenues are still being sold off by the bucket load, with figure 10 in a recent sale from Phoenix Auctions in Melbourne. The 7c pair selling for over $600. Which is a totally crazy price. Some of these decimal values are being sold off as die proofs, which of course is a load of cobblers. If this were true then each and every strike could be classed as a die proof, as each and every strike is made direct from the impressed die. These can be found on several different papers, which should turn on that light in your head.


Keep a look out for pen cancels on fiscal postal’s as they may be a postal fiscal or postal as is the case in figure 11. This was sold as a fiscal cancel but when turned sideways reveals the word ‘TORQUAY’ with a date of 10-3-1857 making it Postal. Hand written by the postmaster these are called mss cancels or manuscript

cancels. Apologies for showing this postage stamp in my Revenue Column.

30 Quid

A lot of South Australia is rare to find especially on document so when I was offered figure 12 from a UK dealer I got excited. The dealer was also excited as he told me he had soaked figure 12 off a sight note! After I stopped crying I had to explain why I was not going to buy his wares. Lesson here is always leave revenues on document as figure 12 would have been a world record multiple on document, but nothing at all off document. To top it off the dealers bin man had come that very morning taking away the discarded sight note.

Nice Notes

After figures 13, 14 & 15 were sent to me, and I just had to share them here. They are from a larger group of Postal Notes. What makes these revenue stamped paper

Above: L-R Figs 16, 10 & 11

Fig 12

44 - Stamp News

Fig 13

Dave Elsmore items so special is figures 13 & 14 are unique. Figure 13 is a paste up die proof of the head used on the 1892 postal notes of South Australia with figure 14 a proof paste up overprinted with a straight line SPECIMEN. The paste up being, the Coat of Arms and the central notations. Figure 15 is a rather nice rare postal note from Victoria; exceptionally clean for a 105-year-old item. Look out for these, as they will be auctioned off later this year.

Perfin Corner

If you collect Perfins or Tasmania, figure 16 is for you. It is about as rare as you can get for an item one would think is worth 2d. It is a unique ‘A’ Perfin from George Adams used on a revenue. The story goes; Tattersall’s relied heavily on the postal system to receive their entries from agencies around Australia and beyond. They were also large users of outgoing mail. As a result the A patterns are the most common private perfin

patterns found on Tasmanian postage stamps. Over the period 1899-1910 they used at least 6 different perforating devices with various A patterns, including a 6-die device used in 1899. The balance of their devices were single die’s and they seemed to have at least 2 devices operating in their offices at the same time. The device that produced this A.a pattern [fig 16] was the longest serving single die device used by the Company. It came into service in January 1900 and is found on postage stamps as late as November 1910. Amazingly it has taken 110 years for this little fella to show up on a revenue. Perfin Club members have valued it between $300 & $500. Ouch! See you next month.

I can be contacted by mail: P O Box 66 Springwood 4127 Queensland or an Email link from my web site ozrevenues. com or

Above: Fig 14 Left: Fig 15

Stamp News - 45

A Darling Coincidence The British West Indies as a group of Islands has a fascinating history, a fantastic ecology, and in this many parallels with Australia and her founding States. Warm, once colonised by London, now independent. There is a little known philatelic coincidence you might enjoy. Of all the British colonies, only Jamaica (1860), New South Wales (1851), and Victoria (1863), issued postage stamps using a laureated head of Queen Victoria. Each was based on a different engraver’s work: Joubert for Jamaica, Carmichael for NSW, and Grosse for Victoria. The coincidence is Governor Charles Darling. He was born in Nova Scotia, the child of a British colonial ofďŹ cial. Aged 18 he went to New South Wales

46 - Stamp News

George Dunbar Jamaica issued its first postage stamps in 1860, featuring Joubert’s laureated head, and the unique pineapple watermark. Where did Darling go in 1863? Why to Victoria, where he took office as Governor in September 1863. And in that same month Victoria issued its first laureated head, the 4d. Darling died in 1870, in England, but both Jamaica and Victoria continued to issue new laureated heads of the Queen well into the reign of Edward VII. The British West Indies Study Circle (BWISC) was founded in 1954, and sixty years later promotes the study of Caribbean stamps, postal history, and more. Join in our 2014 anniversary celebrations and sign up, as little as £8 a year for membership by electronic communication. There’s a fabulous quarterly journal, an annual members auction, and a world class publishing program, producing Gold medal winning books like Marriott’s Trinidad. More information from, or online at home.html.

with his regiment, as an Ensign in 1827. After his military career, he served as an administrator in St Lucia. South Africa, and Newfoundland, before he was appointed Governor of Jamaica from 1857 to 1863. While Darling was her Governor,

Source for Darling’s career F. K. Crowley, ‘Darling, Sir Charles Henry (1809– 1870)’, Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University, darling-sir-charles-henry-3367/text5085, published in hardcopy 1972, accessed online 21 February 2014.

Stamp News - 47

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Part 45 This month I follow-up on my description in last month’s column of the Open Philately Class with a brief look at the Open exhibits at Canberra Stampshow 2014 and then follow with a look at a neglected area of exhibiting, the Cinderella Class.

Open Philately Follow-up

Last month I covered exhibiting in the Open Philately class. At Canberra Stampshow 2014, which was held 14-16 March 2014, there were twelve Open Philately Class exhibits covering a wide variety of topics. Canberra Stampshow 2014 had a military theme to mark the centenary of the start of World War I so not surprisingly this lead to a number of exhibits with a military theme. One covered the role of the Salvation Army and other philanthropic organisations in assisting Australian troops, another the Pacific Naval Campaign August 1914 to March 1915, the third titled Descent into the Abyss traced the evolution of Germany’s persecution of the Jews and the fourth the Battle of HMAS Sydney and the SMS Emden. The exhibit on the Pacific Naval Campaign traced the voyage of the German Navy’s Asiatic Cruiser Squadron across the Pacific Ocean from its base in Tsingtao, China to its destruction at the Battle of the Falkland Islands and the Juan Fernandez archipelago and the Allied occupation of German

Canada Strike Mail 48 - Stamp News

Appreciating the Open Class at Canberra Stampshow 2014

Ian McMahon

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Lightning Ridge local post colonial possessions. It included pre-war postal material used in the German colonies in the Pacific region, subsequent overprinting of such material by the occupying powers, post cards depicting the major naval units involved and island scenes of the areas of operations along with civilian and military mail. Other topics covered by exhibits in the class

Cash Saver Stamps from Woolworths

included the Game of Cricket, Handicrafts, David Livingstone, Australia’s Antarctic base on Heard Island 1947-1955, the Rise and Fall and Rebirth of the River Murray Trade, Tin Can Island, Alcohol advertising of the USA and the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The exhibit on Heard Island described the establishment, construction and workings of the Heard Island base, up till its closure in 1955 when it was replaced by Mawson Base through photographs, press clippings, postmark dates, mail - philatelic and otherwise, ship’s cachets, and memorabilia. It was apparent from the public’s reaction to the Open Exhibits that the class is attractive to the public. Many items, for example, Stamp News - 49

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Part 45 Military Correspondence. Other exhibits in this class included the Auckland Industrial, Agricultural and Mining Exhibition 1913-14 and Ashanti and the Gold Coast. I will provide more information on this class in a future column.

Cinderella Philately

One of the least well known classes available at Australian exhibitions is the Cinderella Class. This class includes all of those labels, seals and stamps, many of which look Postcard from an Australian soldier on National Service 1915 much like postage stamps, which are not postage or caught the attention of Ian Warden, a columnist for revenue stamps. Postage the Canberra Times who attended the exhibition stamps including local stamps (such as the New and provided a write-up of the displays. He was Zealand stamps issued by private postal providers particularly interest in the mail from Australian and the Russian local issues known as Zemstvos) troops overseas including illustrated covers sent by and railway parcel stamps are exhibited in the soldiers serving in Egypt showing the pyramids or Traditional class. When the Cinderella Class was Sphinx, postcards of troopships or locations in the first introduced in Australia it included revenue Middle East or Gallipoli and the advertising postcards and envelopes for US breweries such as the illustrated postcard advertising Trommer’s Malt beer. The military theme of Canberra Stampshow 2014 was supported by a number of exhibits in the Postal History Social and Historical Studies Class including exhibits on Gallipoli, the South African Border War 1966-1989, Prisoner of War Correspondence, and World War II British Postcard with a view of the pyramids used by an Australian soldier 50 - Stamp News

Ian McMahon

Philatelic Development Officer, APF

Poster Stamps from Great Britain stamps, government issued stamps to pay stamp duty and other government charges. Revenue stamps now have their own class and are no longer shown in the Cinderella Class. The types of Cinderellas are almost endless. Some of the best known groups include: • Christmas, Easter, TB and other charity and fund raising seals: • Promotional stamps • Trading and receipt stamps • Bogus and Fantasy stamps including stamps for non-existing countries • Propaganda stamps. • Event stamps including those for philatelic exhibition • Corporate advertising stamps • Private courier and strike stamps • College stamps • Registration and other postal stamps In many countries Christmas, Easter, TB and other seals have been sold by charities to raise funds. In Australia, Lions produced Christmas seals for many years. These seals have proved popular with

collectors and in some cases are well catalogued. A study of these would make a good exhibit which could include covers showing the seals used (usually on the back of the envelope) as well as a study of the stamps themselves. Government and companies have made extensive use of labels for promotional and advertising purposes such as tourism promotions, including the series of poster stamps which are popular with Cinderella collectors. Another area of Cinderellas are the trading stamps such as those perhaps given away with a purchase, collected, stuck on a form and when you have collected enough of them redeemed for a prize or a discount. Bogus and fantasy stamps include the issues for the Hutt River Province and Rainbow Creek from Australia but also the many bogus stamp issues for various Russian republics produced at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union and many of the issues purporting to come from islands off the UK. Propaganda labels include those issued by nationalist organisations such as the Palestinian nationalists. Many events such as exhibitions have issued Stamp News - 51

Introducing the Australian Philatelic Federation Part 45 Seal on Danish postcard their intended purpose. Many were used on covers, Australian regulations required that they be used on the backs of envelopes. Other stamps such as savings or coupon stamps were intended to be stuck on a form or booklet. These covers and forms should be included. Cinderella exhibits are judged in a similar manner to traditional exhibits on the Treatment and Importance stamps to promote the exhibition. This includes the of the exhibit, Knowledge and Research, Condition many philatelic exhibition have issued Cinderella and Rarity and Presentation. The rules for the class stamps as part of their promotion and often appear can be found at . The on covers posted or cancelled at the exhibition. Cinderella Class is not recognised internationally Private courier and strike stamps are another and is only available at Australian National and State extensive area of Cinderella stamps which can lead exhibitions. to wonderful exhibits. Private couriers produce a One of the attractions of collecting cinderellas very wide range of stamps and labels. Many of the is that information about the stamps is often stamps prepay a service in the same way that postage hard to come by and collectors have to hunt to stamps do and exhibits can be developed both as obtain material and then actively research to find ‘traditional’ studies of the stamps themselves as well information on the stamps. One recent book which as displays akin to postal history. Strike stamps are gives an idea of the scope of Cinderellas is the Field similar to courier stamps but were issued to provide Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada (see a courier service during a mail strike. Countries ). such as UK and Canada have issued many strike People interested in Cinderella stamps should stamps. consider joining one of the clubs focussing on these Registration and other postal labels may also be issues such as the Cinderella Society of Australasia shown in the Cinderella class as they do not easily and the UK-based Cinderella Stamp Club. fit in any other class, although airmail vignettes can The Cinderella Class will be offered at Adelaide also be shown in the Aerophilately class. Stampshow 2014 to be held 10-12 October 2014, Exhibiting Cinderellas can be done in a very so plan now to show your Cinderella exhibit at similar manner to exhibiting in the Traditional Adelaide. Information and entry details can be class. The exhibitor can include information on the found at . stamp, its printer, method of printing, perforation, The APF Coordinator appointed to promote and paper and watermarks. Information on the user of assist people interested in exhibiting Cinderellas is the stamp, how they were sold distributed and used Tony Presgrave. Tony will be familiar to readers should also be included. Material should be included of Stamp News Australasia for his column on which shows the use of the stamps and labels for Cinderellas. 52 - Stamp News

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Market Matters: Concession Post Stamps

In a very clever political move, Nothing is ever simple - as getting Australia Post just got its letter rate your card from the PO takes about 2 increased by 17% from 60¢ to 70¢ by weeks from when you apply! a cunning sleight of hand tactic. is the PO It told the ACCC, who approves link on how to get registered, for that or rejects the price increases, that alleged 25% nonsense number of the “5.7 Million Australians” would still population that Fahour claims are be eligible to buy and use stamps for eligible! the current 60¢ rate. Australia Post CEO Mr Ahmed Save a huge $5 a year. Fahour was quoted in the national All this to save a MAXIMUM $5 media as saying a year, if indeed you mail 50 letters “Concession stamps will be - which of course these days, most available through the MyPost people do not. Concession Account, which entitles Christmas Greetings cards have “Concession Post” 5.7m eligible Australians to access always been allowed at a discount the 60¢ concession stamps for the rate anyway, and for most members next three years.” of the public mailing greeting cards is their greatest This is all total Statistics Voodoo (more like annual mail use! outright lies!) of course, as nowhere near a However the subterfuge worked, the ACCC QUARTER of our entire 22½ million population approved the large price hike on local letters. All are indeed eligible for Commonwealth Concession OTHER services quietly got a price hike at the same pension type benefits. time. These need NO approval. And if they are, no wonder the country is in such The “Concession Post” stamps were technically a financial mess! issued on 24 March 2014, and were un-denominated, and in 2 different designs. The wording on the booklet of 5 stamps says: 1 in 3 on Fed benefits? For starters, fully 20% of our population is under 15 “Concession stamps only for use on letters within years old, so that means about 1 in 3 of the rest of us Australia” however stampboards members have already shown overseas covers using them. are on Commonwealth Benefits. Nonsense. Stampboards member “nightwatchman” managed As always the devil is in the DETAIL! First, to to mail me a cover superbly dated March 24, (the get the 50 stamps a year maximum, that you are actual FDI) that I allowed to buy at received on March 60¢ each, you must 26, and posted an initiate a special image of it up on Australia Post stampboards. account. This involves furnishing proof of Possibly unique your Commonwealth posted FDC Benefit status at I had the presence to a Post Office and ask that it be backregistering for the stamped on arrival, “MyPost Concession A genuine FDC Account” program. 54 - Stamp News

Glen Stephens and it may well be the only postally used FDC on that official PO blank cover, that was serviced. The cover had the usual pink mail centre sorting bars along the base (on both sides) as you can hopefully see on the illustration nearby. There will have Outrageous eBay FAKE. been only a few genuine FDC’s of this issue created nationally. Noel did only one cover of this type, using the PO official generic bank envelope. Everyone with a very friendly PO can of course buy the stamps now, and have them back-stamped March, but those have never been postally used, and will fool no purist. Like anything in scarcer stamps or FDC, very sadly, fakes of them soon appeared on the market. A seller on eBay called “asv-cat” created a laughable fake “FDC” by making a rubber stamp “cancel” with no Post Office name or postcode.

Laughably fake “FDC”.

This is a person who should know better, and has written a book on Australia Post specialised issues, and once wrote columns on those in “Stamp News” For $A17.55 posted he was offering a single stamp on his totally forged “First Day Cover” inscribed “FDC” and a pane of 5 stamps. has more discussion on the FDC of this issue on stampboards. com If asvcat affixed a 1913 1d Kangaroo stamp on an

old envelope and applied an equally fake “January 2 1913 - First Day Of Issue” cancel he made, would it be a $10,000 “FDC”, or a fake? Answer is of course the latter. He played silly games changing the eBay wording around, after reading stampboards comments, but losing your credibility for $17.55 is no bargain I’d suggest. In practice nobody should have been able to buy these on March 24, as no PO Concession cards had been issued to anyone, and that takes about 2 weeks.

Refused sale even at 70¢!

My Postmaster politely refused to sell me any, even at 70¢, even after March 31, even though his stock arrived about a week before the April 24 issue date. I just wanted to use them on normal mail sendings to clients for a few weeks, to create a bunch of early genuine postal usage. I still have not bought one! He showed me that by scanning the sheet barcode, the computer then asked he add in the Concession Card number, and unless that was entered, the $3 sale could not progress. The new 70¢ letter rate did not take effect nationally until Monday March 31st, but the official

Rapid “Sold Out” at AP Stamp News - 55

Market Matters FDI of these was March 24th.

Our first “Forever” stamps.

They are our first “Forever” type stamps, although they are technically only good until 2017. Normal members of the public could not, and cannot, buy these stamps for 60¢ at a Post Office counter, without holding the PO issued Concession card. A client in Tasmania could not be bothered with all the tedious paperwork, and made up a little red sticker saying “Posted By A Pensioner” and affixed that to a cover with 60¢ of valid franking. He IS a retired person, and does “Posted By A Pensioner” get Federal Concession benefits, and it is shown nearby - it got a which is rather curious as the sales loss must have normal Hobart machine cancel, on the first day of been massive due to that. official increase - March 31. Of course spaces for both stamp designs will Is he breaking the law by using older issues to appear in stamp albums and catalogues all over the frank the cover at 60¢? Well I am no Magistrate, globe, and all collectors of Australia WILL need but if he were ever challenged, TV Current Affairs them. shows would have a ball!

PO sells 60¢ stamps for 70¢.

Australia Post Philatelic issued a collector pack with the little sheetlets/booklets of 5 stamps (3 and 2 of each design) and sold them for 70¢ each (50¢ above franking value) and cheekily added 45¢ for the packaging! I am not aware of Australia Post ever before selling stamps for more than their franking value, in a regular PO pack. Buying 5 stamps for $3.95 was your only option unless a Concession card holder = 79¢ apiece, for stamps of 60¢ franking value! Using one of these that you paid 79¢ for, to pay for 70¢ postage would be illegal as far as I know, i.e. 3 on a 250g envelope ($2.10) as they are each technically valid for only 60¢ franking. No Standing Order accounts Only 10,000 made were sent these packs or FDC, 56 - Stamp News

NONE mailed to Standing Orders.

Neither the special pack or any FDC were ever

Glen Stephens mailed to any “Standing Order” client – for dealers or collector, according to the Australia Post “Bulletin”. See the note along base of page of the current Bulletin - “this pack will not be issued to standing order customers”. It was limited to just 10,000 packs globally, and was sold out from the AP website nearly as fast as it was loaded up, at maximum 5 packs a person. First ever non-denominated stamps, first ever limited quantity regular pack, and absolutely NONE mailed to any “Standing Order” client, is a recipe for Trusting eBay bidders a strong price in future. The $3.95 cost price packs will be changing hands first of anything is usually good, as they are widely for $20-$30 or so, I have little doubt - and very soon. overlooked.

Secure a PO pack ASAP.

These will be the scarcest Australia Post mainstream stamp pack issue for decades. Even the most simplified collection needs these. The only practical way for dealers globally to get stamps for new issue supply to clients is to buy and break these packs up. Of the 10,000 packs sold, a very large % will need to be torn open, just to allow stock to fill hingeless albums for collectors globally. An interesting new issue. Clearly rushed out, and not terribly well thought through by all the internal Departments. Which usually is a recipe for good things to come! Stampboards had a detailed discussion on the sheets/pane in the pack, and the one sold to concession holders, and the one mailed free to new account holders. For the very technically mind the different widths are PO Pack Issued 24th March 124.2mm 60c Card Issued 31st March 124.8mm Issued Free with ‘MyCard’ - 123.4mm - has more details on these and far more discussion and facts and commentary on these new “Concession Post Stamps”. They are the “First” of something new, and in my 35 years in stamp dealing, I have learnt that the

Irish New Issue sells $A1,000

ONLY on eBay would a string of trusting Bunnies bid over $A1,000 for a stamp they have absolutely NO idea exists. From a seller with ZERO feedback, and with zero other stamp lots for sale, now or in the past. SEVEN trusting eBay souls were in bidding war at over 400 Euros alone for this stamp as you can see - As I reported last month, this 60¢ Irish new issue was withdrawn from sale on the morning it was to be issued. “An Post” believed the man on the stamp was of Captain Jack White, a former British army officer, who volunteered for the Irish Citizen’s Army in 1913. The PO panicked when it learned at last moment the WRONG photo had been used on the stamp. The caption lied! They urgently recalled all stock, with strict instructions that none were to be retained or sold, and were to be fully accounted for.  This recall order went out before Post Offices opened January 23, and was almost universally complied with, across the country it appears.

Not all stamps were withdrawn.

But of course some reached the market. Including this one offered recently on eBay. Stamp News - 57

Market Matters A dealer in Cork, “Ravenstamps” is shown nearby with a complete sheet he bought of this issue. If buyer paid by PayPal, and a week later got an Registered Envelope with a white piece of blank paper folded up inside, they would likely get ZERO refund from PayPal. PayPal will advise them that they can see from tracking website that a Registered Delivery of the purchase DID take place. PayPal/eBay would advise the Bargain Hunting Bunny to take civil court legal action to get their $1000+ back from “murrayheadhelen” if you suspected Fraud was at play here. Good luck with that! There goes another $5,000 in legal fees to follow the original $1,000 loss, and 50 wasted hours. Full sheet sold to dealer Seller may well have moved the $1,000 into their bank account, and long gone on a Myself or any real dealer would gladly pay TEN vacation. Some stamp bargain! times that for a genuine mint 1913 Roo set. If seller is cunning and “second chances” the Excuse the horrible photo - that is all the seller under-bidders claiming to have bought a block of 4 listed on eBay. Another reason alarm bells should originally, and will generously sell to the other 3 at have been ringing SUPER loudly. their top bid, she pockets another few easy $1000s. I do not think they were even real Roos - just the Greedy “Buyers” do this mad stuff all the time, fuzzy colour photocopy fakes on white office paper, as I pointed out in this recent “Stamp News” column that you can buy all day long on eBay for $15 a set. - Facially those look pretty good, but of course have no watermarks, and are allegedly stamped eBay stamp “Bargains” illusionary?! “REPLICA” on the reverse. A super experienced eBayer for 15 years nearly lost eBayer “de66” jumped in and bought the Roos his shirt, also chasing a supposed £900 “bargain” David Elsmore, experienced Exhibitor, 15 year eBay buying stamps that simply did not exist, as you can member, and fellow “Stamp News” columnist. see. Astute readers are ahead of me here I think. Yep.  Elsmore paid up, and the stamps never arrived. Seller took his money and ran chuckling into the distance, causing Dave to waste hours wrestling with PayPal etc for a refund.

“A £900 sting - BEWARE”

A full month after the sale closed, “de66” left eBay feedback saying: “A £900 sting - BEWARE”. Gave same feedback re the non-existent NZ stamps he “bought”. Mint Roo set - just £900. 58 - Stamp News

Glen Stephens Elsmore confirmed on stampboards that he managed weeks later to get his money refunded for these, and the New Zealand stamp “bargains” from same seller. He was very LUCKY that PayPal refunded. Noone likes to see anyone dudded out of £1000. Had the UK seller mailed him a Registered envelope filled with a few sheets of white paper, there would NOT be a £1,000+ PayPal refund I am thinking. Food for thought. The Ireland 60p seller “murrayheadhelen” in this case does seem legit, as good feedback was eventually left. But what a RISK to take with $1,000+. eBay now hides/disguises the buyer ID handles of the genius top bidder, as fair play and transparency is not in eBay’s interest, in any way.

eBay far less transparent.

That makes them less money, as their fee is based on FINAL price, and the old system allowed the armies of Shill Bidders to be more readily identified. For years eBay has allowed rampant shill bidding to occur with impunity, even when they are clearly advised it is occurring, and the Shill accounts identified to them. Shill bidding – i.e. having several of your own fake accounts push up the price paid by the genuine bidders, creates far more revenue for eBay, and that is the company motto. In days of more transparency, the naive or overtrusting high bidder could be pre-warned by others, to open their Registered Letter in full view of their Postmaster etc, in case it contained a sheet of blank white paper, as occurs more and more these days. eBay today do not care one iota if stamp collectors are ripped off with stamp fakes, forgeries, regums, and non-received goods etc. They have pocketed their high fees from the seller’s proceeds, and that seems to be their sole mission in life these days. has 100s of messages posted a month re specific stamp seller rip-offs occurring on eBay. Not every bidder reads them, sadly. eBay is a great place to chase up $5 topical sets

$4,500 eBay “bargain” and so on, and stray values from sets etc you are missing, or obscure items or covers etc.

Be cautious with pricey material.

But for 4 figure stamp pieces, eBay is in general NOT the place to be buying - especially not off newbie sellers, with zero feedback. This 1919 Ross Smith Vignette sheet shown nearby was offered on eBay in March for $A4,500 by an aptly named Adelaide seller “imoo-vabull” A screaming bargain right? After all, I sold a superb MUH example to a client last year for $A15,000. Well surprise, surprise - this Ross Smith Vignette offered on eBay was EXACTLY the same one as sold to my client. I’d been talking to my NSW client only the day before, and no mention of any recent stamp Burglaries from him!

Stole my scan off internet.

This con-man eBay seller “imoo-vabull” simply stole my photo shown nearby off the internet, and Stamp News - 59

Market Matters listed it up as if he owned it, hoping to suck in a Bargain Hunting Bunny. is where stampboards members exposed him, and reading his pathetic attempts to deny it, and ham-fisted attempts to swap over photos etc, is a scary lesson to all. In this case the vigilant eyes of stampboarders nabbed the scam before it took place, but sometimes it is too late to do that. Google the EXACT eBay seller name as well as check the feedback. Often they have been mentioned negatively in dispatches on global bulletin boards. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of legit stamp sellers on eBay, and checking feedback of sellers is essential for all bidders. Indeed I make large sums each year as a de-facto middle man or wholesaler to many such sellers, as I do not have the time or inclination to break down large lots and collections etc. The KOSHER sellers hate the near non-enforced eBay “rules” on Shill Bidding, fake material and non-existent material, as it hurts confidence in them.

New SG “Western Pacific”

One catalogue I got in the mail recently is well worth a mention, as most readers of this magazine collect and/or stock these areas. This new “Western Pacific” Edition is in a new far more sensible format – now like the SG GB “Concise” or SG Australia etc. The previous large quarto size was silly. This catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of the stamps issued by the countries of the Western Pacific. Local retail is $A65, in line with the UK shipped price, and for over 300 pages in full colour, it is a bargain. I’ve sold quite a few. Countries covered include - Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. The listings up to 1970 are generally extracted from the 2014 Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps catalogue. Later issues have been updated and priced for this edition, and are found nowhere else in the SG 60 - Stamp News

Over 300 pages – essential. listings. Inverted watermarks, shades, plate flaws, missing colours and major errors have often had large price increases over the last Edition many years back. Listings are from the earliest issues, up to recent, with the level of detail familiar to users of the SG “Part 1” British Commonwealth listings.

Many changes to Fiji.

Fiji has some considerable changes, with new errors on early issues added, and NZ stamps used in Fanning and Washington Islands are now listed and priced. The complex modern surcharged 2006-2013 Fiji Definitives have been totally over-hauled and revamped. Listings on these are exhaustive, and MANY are

Glen Stephens • New Guinea (German New Guinea, Australian Occupation) • Papua (British New Guinea) • Papua New Guinea • Solomon Islands • Tonga (and Niuafo’ou) • Tuvalu • New Hebrides • Vanuatu If you need to check a QE2 inverted watermark often £100s apiece, missing colour, or stamp booklet etc, you MUST own this volume.

“One Pound Jimmy” Pool

High priced PNG issues.

I suspect no home on earth has had a swimming pool modelled upon a postage stamp design? Dealer Rodney Perry did just that, and had an architect design his massive new home around a swimming pool, based on an Australian stamp he admires. The pool as you can see in nearby photo, was made into the outline of the famous Aborigine “One Pound Jimmy” stamp silhouette. The home was Rod and Madel’s first new build, and the national Fairfax newspaper chain ran a story on it earlier this year headed - “The House That Stamps Built” - The Perrys have the home for sale, and as Rod says in that article, they plan to travel the world when the sale is completed.

valued £100+, so owning this book is worth it for those alone, as I see them all the time, and never knew what was what. Some are $1, and others $200. Things like recent PNG has pages of new issues cat £15 or so apiece, mint or used would YOU have known that? The catalogue contains: • Fiji • Gilbert and Ellice Is. • Kiribati • Nauru “Jimmy” Swimming Pool Stamp News - 61

Market Matters Perry’s House For Sale.

I will not get tacky and touch on the asking price, but unless you have a lazy 8 figures or so at your disposal, it may not be quite in your league! “Alkira” looks quite spectacular as I need not mention, and Rod says it is sited on about 75 acres of Daintree Rainforest in far North Queensland. The selling agent states the asking price is around what it cost the Perrys for the land, and then building the massive home. The house is located in the only “Floats” on man-made lake. place on the planet covered by two World Heritage listings – one for the Rod started on the unique property. With a ton of Great Barrier Reef, and one for the Wet Tropics room inside, and a private beach nearby, sounds like Heritage area. quite a getaway from the madding crowds! Rod said obtaining permits alone took a year, Exactly as I typed this column Tropical Cyclone with the design necessitating water to be pumped Ita was about to bear down on far North Queensland, from a nearby creek to a man-made lake the house so fingers crossed it stays well out of the area of seemingly “floats” on. “Alkira” - and all other readers. Sounds like a huge is the stampboards thread one. Rod Perry has always had interesting choices in accommodation, over many decades. For much of the 1980s, his auction catalogues had a vignette of his location/home on the covers and folders and bidding sheets - the “Ravenswood” Mansion in Melbourne inner-city Ivanhoe.

Modest Downtown Abode!

Perry later made a most astute purchase, of the four story Victorian Gothic “Old Tramways Building” building in 669-675 Bourke Street, right down by the Spencer Street Station. Rod and family lived on the top floor, and I recall visiting Geoff Kellow’s wonderful research library man-cave, which occupied almost another entire floor, with masses of compactus filing systems. There was also Rod’s stamp retail setup on a lower floor. He told me once what an electrician’s bill was to re-wire it all “to “The Old Tramways Building” 62 - Stamp News

Glen Stephens for $2.4 million.

Masterpiece on Cafeteria Wall.

A “Signed” Jimmy cover

That painting was bought by the Commonwealth Bank in 1977 for $6,000, and over the next 20 or so years it “got lost”. It ended up on the wall in their staff training room cafeteria. In 1996 it appeared in an obscure art catalogue, with an estimated value of $A3,000 to

code” ran to, and it was the GDP of a small country! Public records show that building last changed hands at about $8 million in latter 2008, after an earlier sale that year fell through. It was on a very large 923 square metre block – the building went WAY back, and was indeed on a far larger land footprint than the suburban home block most readers live in!

The “One Pound Jimmy” story.

The “One Pound Jimmy” story is a tragic but interesting one. The 2/6d stamp with inverted watermark is one of Australia’s rarest post war issues. Cat in current SG is £5,500 in used. I spent days researching the life of “One Pound Jimmy” - full text is here: - a truly interesting read, if I say so myself. “Australian Geographic” magazine are looking at turning that into a longer story I was advised this month. It ranges from the account of a white vigilante posse who murdered his family in the outback, to a son who sold an An iconic stamp image. Aboriginal art painting Stamp News - 63

Market Matters $A5,000. “Jimmy” was illiterate, and died penniless as far as we know, in April 1965 whilst on “walkabout”, in remote desert country outside Alice Springs.

Don’t toss out TINS!

Stamp dealers buy Estate lots all the time, where folks have stored spares and duplicates in old cigarette and tobacco tins, and cigar boxes etc. I often get dozens of such boxes and tins in oldie lots, in some cases stored away 50, 75 or 100 years back. They are the right size for stamps, near everyone Valued by me at zero smoked, and guys of that generation were the “waste not” thinkers, and threw NOTHING away! I sold an old wooden box full of dozens of 100 year old Ogden’s “Guinea Gold” and similar type and era, fancy metal tobacco tins. They were stuffed full of mostly unopened bundles of 100 South Australia and States stamps mostly, from a century and more back. I just do not have time these days to mess around squinting and peering at such lots for hours for cancels or watermarks etc! The only one I opened had a few ½d green South Australian blocks 4 in there with nice central Squared Circle cancels, as you can see. The sheet selvedge he had wrapped that in has a red “CA” monogram ... maybe of a 1d red KGV Australia 1913 - retail $100s had he left it on the stamp! A member of stampboards bought them at a modest sum for the stamps, to check for postmarks etc, and he was happy with the contents, as they’d 64 - Stamp News

been unchecked for over a Century.

$120 for 4 old tins!

Someone in the UK later asked me for his contact details, so he could make an offer for the manky old tins, that I’d allowed absolutely zero for. They did a deal this month I was advised, at $A120 for just 4 of the empty and tatty old tins, and both seemed most happy with that. All except me, as I had no idea there was any value in tins in such cruddy, rusted out stuff. “Knowledge Is Power” - and this time I lost out! A good dealer friend collects all things to do with HMAS Sydney - mostly stamps and medals etc, but any other interesting items that catch his eye. He saw the nearby little rusted out tobacco tin offered on eBay with a low start price, and thought he’d like it. Start price was only $12 and seller guessed the tin was 1930s. (It was actually WW1 era.) It had the

Glen Stephens Untouched for 100+ years

HMAS Sydney ship image on lid of box as you can see. The box was in pretty appalling rusted condition, inside especially, but attracted 27 bids and went for $A2,264.98 for seller “decodetails”Only on eBay. You can buy a £2 First Watermark Kangaroo stamp used for that kind of money - literally! Auction was February 16, and lot number was 261394084443 for anyone interested. eBay seller was “decodetails” who must have wondered what on earth went on!

amazing 27 bids. I started a stampboards poll on StampTin asking for folks to guess the value of the tin and of course most guessed at a few $$s as you can see! Many more photos and comments on that discussion link - StampTin - take a look!

Glen Stephens has written monthly ‘Stamp Tipster’ Columns for over 30 years - globally. A vast library of his past articles and photos are found at –

Glen Stephens

Treasure among the Trash!

He was obviously clearing out an oldie’s house, and near all the other ancient tat was selling for a few dollars an item in most cases. is the direct eBay link – it sold for $A2,265. The rusted old tin received an

4 The Tor Walk, Castlecrag, NSW, 2068 Ph: 02 9958 1333 email: Website:

$A2,265 for THIS scrap?! Stamp News - 65

philatelic trading post

australia's only stamps classifieds



Send 100-1000 Australia and World Stamps for my same # US stamps. Tom Harkins, 7 Quaker R, New Fairfield, CT 06812, USA. Email Collector needs collectors in Canada, China, Great Britain to exchange used or mint stamps, please. Fair exchange only. Chris Jewell-Smith, PO Box 5124, Broulee, NSW, Australia 2537

Germany Third Reich. For Germany Third Reich and other World War II material please visit Magnificent selections on approval from Africa, Pacifics, Nth. & Sth. America, Asia, Europe, Mediterranean, Iceland, Greenland, Venezuela.P & D Nicholls, PO Box 426, Glenbrook, NSW 2773


Penfriend Wanted - For exchange, fauna, flora, mushrooms, lighthouses, moun-

tains, stamps on stamps, Christmas, Olympics, world cup, music, trains, airplanes from Aust, NZ & Pacific. Exchange value Yvert, Michel, Scott. Speaks Spanish/ English. Antonio Creo Reyes, PO Box 2222 Habana 2, Cuba 10200 Exchange: Send 200 - 800 World stamps, exchange for World/Australia. Brian Clark, 15 Windmill St, Miller’s Point, Sydney , NSW 2000

for sale

Collection surplus Stamps from Canada, Channel Islands, Falklands & Dependencies, Fr. Antarctic, Gibraltar, GB, Ireland, Malta, Namibia, NZ, South Africa and USA. MUH mint and used. Trade Enquiries OK. Send your wants lists to: John Cornelius, PO Box 23, Magill, 5072.

Antarctic, Malta, Falklands, Sth. Africa, Ireland & much more. Dealer enquir-

Buying Australia and World Kiloware. We urgently wish to buy quantities of modern Australia and World Kiloware. Regular supplies needed. All mixtures to be close clipped single paper, and will pay as follows, all prices per kg. (a) Australia Commemoratives only to 2012 $7, 2013 $10, 2014 $15 (b) Australia Mission modern inc..2013/14, not less than 50% commems. by weight $4 (c) Australia Territories, inc. Cocos, AAT, Christmas Is. Norfolk Is. etc. $25 (d) Australia Higher values, 53c upwards inc. Commems. $60, defins only $20 (e) Worldwide, modern mix unpicked. $30. Minimum sending $100 please. Single country mixtures also required, please enquire. Phone Kevin Morgan 0425 795 693

ies welcome. Send your wants list to: John Cornelius, PO Box 23

Wanted : Sheets or panes of 5½d Emu stamps. Contact Ted on

FOR SALE Modern Australia Kiloware. Mostly 55c and 60c values Popular mixture $45 er kilogram. Email orders to


Australia, N.Zealand, West Europe, Better earlies at bargain prices. VFU only, some in quantity. Phone 0419 680 824, PO Box 93, Bexley South, 2207 Half Price stamp Sale. Loads of stamps from 5 cents. Israel, Russia, Germany.

Magill SA 5072 Phone: 0407 615 240 (11/13)


Collector/Active Buyer of quality old time world collections. Albums must be in excellent condition and issed prior to 1932. Dr William Mayo, Email mayoinavalon@ Ph 02 99186825,

Quality British Commonwealth Pacifics Australia World & Thematics. P&D

Buying Australian Kiloware 55c Or 60c Values, Commemoratives and Definitives

Nicholls P.O.Box 426, Glenbrook NSW 2773 0413 542 081 After 7pm

and current year kiloware too, 60c bundles wanted too, for more details email:



ALBUMS, CATALOGUES, AND EQUIPMENT for stamps, coins, & banknotes at mail order discount prices. Enquiries or quotes write to: SAPPHIRE COAST PHILA-

Animals - Birds - Aeroplanes - Automobiles - Sports - Flowers Including Packets on

TELIC SUPPLIES, PO Box 285, Pambula, NSW 2549, or Phone/Fax (02) 6495 7382.

approvalP&D Nicholls P.O.Box 426, Glenbrook NSW 2773

Join the exciting Products & Services Directory! Single: 46mm x 24mm $260 per year or $26 per month Double: 46mm x 50mm $520 per year or $52 per month Triple: 46mm x 78mm $695 per year or $69.50 per month Quad: 46mm x 102mm $990 per year or $99 per month Larger spaces POR Ph: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email: 66 - Stamp News

now free for subscribers (subject to available space)

societies PENINSULA STAMP CLUB Meets 3rd Wednesday each month at 7.30pm, BRIGHTON PS Inc. Meets 8.00pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday and 10.30am Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Road, Rosebud. Visitors most 3rd Tuesday each month. 80 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale, Vic, 3185. Visitors/new members welcome. welcome. Secretary: PO Box 187,Dromana, 3936 AUSTRALIAN PS meets 3rd Monday monthly. RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury GLADSTONE AND DISTRICT PS Inc. Meets on the 2nd Wednesday each Rd (cnr Keats St) Canterbury. All visitors most welcome. Contact: PO Box month at 7.30pm. Venue: Neighbourhood Centre, 10 Toolooa St, Gladstone. Postal: PO Box 1089, Gladstone, Qld, 4680. Ph: (07) 4978 1155. 7014, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122 for advice. The IPDA Inc - Internet Philatelic Dealers Association - dealers & prt time sellers who believe there is a need for a global organisation to represent them as accredited internet sellers. Join the IPDA. Go to for details.

classified advertisement order form Classified advertising in THE PHILATELIC TRADING POST costs only $1 per word or free for subscribers (dealers and clubs excluded) - or you can insert the same advertisement in three consecutive editions for the price of two! Payment MUST accompany classified advertisement copy and may be made by money order, cheque or credit card (American Express, Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa welcome). If paying by credit card, be sure to quote your account number and expiry date. Classifieds are pre-paid only. Please state your preferred classification or suggest a new one for us to consider. Address your classified ad to: STAMP NEWS, PO Box 1290, Upwey VIC 3158

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Stamp News - 67


Catalogues AVAILABLE

STANLEY GIBBONs GB & British commonwealth

Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970 2014 Edition ................................... $159.95 Commonwealth Simplified Catalogue 1840 - 2010 ......................................................................$99.95 Australia and Territories 8th Edition 2013...................................................................................$57.95 Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 2nd Edition 2010 ................................................$32.50 Belize, Guyana, Trinidad 2009 .......................................................................................................$35.90 Bermuda, Bahamas & North Caribbean 1st Edition 2006 .........................................................$59.95 Brunei Malaysia & Singapore 2009 ..............................................................................................$41.50 Canada & Former Provinces 2011 Edition ...................................................................................$35.95 Central Africa 2008 .........................................................................................................................$26.90 Cyprus, Malta & Gibraltar 3rd Edition 2011 ..............................................................................$37.90 East Africa 1st Edition 2007 ...........................................................................................................$49.95 Eastern Pacific 1st Edition 2007 ....................................................................................................$39.95 Falklands Is. & Dependencies 2010 ...............................................................................................$26.90 Hong Kong 4th Edition 2013.........................................................................................................$29.95 India including States 2013 ............................................................................................................$50.95 Indian Ocean 2nd Edition 2012 .....................................................................................................$34.50 Ireland 5th Edition 2011 ................................................................................................................$31.90 Leeward Islands 2012 .....................................................................................................................$50.35 North East Africa 2013 ...................................................................................................................$53.95 Northern Caribbean Bahamas & Bermuda 2nd Edition 2009 ..................................................$35.90 New Zealand & Dependencies 5th Edition 2011 ..........................................................................$45.00 St. Helena & Dependencies 2011....................................................................................................$27.90 Southern Africa & Central Africa 2011 ........................................................................................$59.90 West Africa 2nd Edition 2012 ........................................................................................................$50.95 Western Pacific incl. Fiji, Pitcairn, Cook Is., PNG, Solomons etc 2009 .....................................$41.50 Windward Islands & Barbados 2nd Edition 2012 .......................................................................$35.90 Great Britain Concise 2013 ............................................................................................................$59.95 Collect British Stamps 2013 ...........................................................................................................$25.90 Collect Channel Is. & Isle of Man 2011.........................................................................................$89.50 GB Specialised Queen Victoria 16th Edition 2011 .......................................................................$79.95 GB Specialised 4 Kings 11th Edition 2011 ....................................................................................$71.90 GB Specialised QEII pre-decimal 11th Edition 2011 ...................................................................$71.90 GB Specialised QEII Decimal Vol 4 2010 Edition ........................................................................$79.50 KGV Commonwealth Specialised 1st Edition 2010 ...................................................................$105.00

foreign Countries & thematics Western Europe Simplified catalogue 2012 ........................ $69.95 Stamps of the World, 6 volumes New 2014 Edition ................ $450 Austria & Hungary 7th Edition 2009 .................................... $62.90 Balkans 2009 ............................................................................ $76.50 Benelux 6th Edition 2010........................................................ $71.90 Central America 3rd Edition 2007 ........................................ $71.90 Central Asia 4th Edition 2007 ................................................ $49.50 China 9th Edition 2012 ........................................................... $86.50 Czech. & Poland 7th Edition 2012......................................... $52.50 France & Colonies 2010.......................................................... $81.90 Germany 10th Edition 2012 ................................................... $68.50 Japan & Korea 2008 Edition ................................................. $62.90

Italy & Switzerland 8th Edition 2013 ................................... $95.00 Middle East - 2009 ................................................................. $76.50 Portugal & Spain 6th Edition 2011........................................ $71.90 Russia 2008 Edition................................................................. $69.90 Scandinavia 7th Edition 2013 ................................................ $62.90 South America 2008 Edition .................................................. $71.90 South East Asia 2012............................................................... $80.95 USA 7th Edition 2010.............................................................. $76.50 We can supply a full range of Albums, Stockbooks, Stocksheets and Stockcards, Mounts and other accessories. Please contact us for your requirements. Wholesale and dealer enquiries welcome.

Stamp News Mail Order PO Box 1290, Upwey, Victoria, Australia Ph: 0425 795 693 Fax: 9758 7506 email: Prices do not include Postage & handling

British Commonwealth 1840-1970 Monthly Postal Bid & Direct Sales

Contact us Today for FREE Catalogues David R Bryon, PO Box 929, Yeppoon, Q’land 4703. Ph/Fax (07) 49351168 Email:

philatelic clubs & societies new south wales Armidale Circle RSPC: Mtg 2nd Wed Australian Cmwlth Collectors Club of NSW: Mtg 3rd Mon 7.45pm, 1st flr. Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Darlinghurst, Sydney 2001. Ph 02 9267 8301; Fax: 02 9264 4741. GPO Box 1971, Sydney NSW 2000 Ph: 02 9264 8301 Aust. States Study Circle: Mtg 4th Wed 7.30pm; Ph: 02 9264 8301 Bathurst Stamp Coin and Collectables Club: Mtg 1st Mon 7.30pm, Old Eglinton fire shed, Park St, Elington PO Box 151, Bathurst NSW 2795 Bega Phil. & Numismatic Society: Mtg 3rd Friday 8.00pm. Mthly Newsletter. PO Box 370, Bega NSW Blue Mountains Stamp Club: Mtg 4th Friday (ex Dec) 8.00pm Katoomba Public School; PO Box 76, Blackheath Boambee East PS: Mtg 1st Tues (ex. Jan) 6pm Boambee East Comm. Centre, Bruce King Dr. Ph: 02 66581385 Campbelltown District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm (ex Jan - 4th Wed); @ Catholic Hall Acacia St, Ruse. Inquiries:; PO Box 478, Campbelltown 2560 Castle Hill SC Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm, Hills District Bowling Club, Jenner Street, Baulkham Hills; PO Box 151 Castle Hill NSW 1765 China Study Group of PSNSW: Mtg 4th Mon 7.30pm; Ph: 02 9264 8301 Cinderella SC: Mtg 2nd Friday, even months; Produces “Cinderellas Australia” and monographs; PO Box 889, Chatswood, NSW 2057 Coffs Harbour SC: Mtg 2nd Wed Earlwood and District SC:Mtg 1st Wed Grafton SC: Mtg 2nd Wed (ex. Dec) Grafton Stampers & Everything Philatelic: Mtg 1st Sun 2pm (ex School Hols). Grafton Baptist Church Hall, Cnr Queen & Oliver Sts. Ph 02 6642 1363. email Great Lakes SC: Mtg1st Sat 9.30am , Workshop & Market 1st Sat 9-12, Great Lakes Campus Annexe, Taree St, Tuncurry Enq: Ph 02 6554 9776 Gosford PS: Afternoon Mtg 1st Mon; Evening Mtg 2nd Thurs Hawkesbury Valley PS (Richmond Stamp Club): Mtg 2nd Thurs (ex Jan) PO Box 28 Richmond 2753 Illawarra PS: Mtg 3rd Thursday (ex. Jan) Wollongong Master Build. Club Ltd, Oasis Room, 7.30pm. All welcome. Tel. (02) 42252011. Kempsey RSL PS: Mtg 2nd Wed Lake Macquarie Stamp Club:: Mtg 2nd Sat 9am; Combined Pensioners & Community Care Services 130 Josephson St, Swansea. Enq: 02 4392 5211 Lord Howe Island Postal History Society: Mtg by arrangement. Contact Pres: Dr William Mayo, 02 9918 6825 Lower Clarence PS: Mtg 4th Tues Macquarie Valley PS: Mtg 2nd Tues Maitland SC: Mtg 2nd Mon ex Jan. ‘Show & Tell’ every mtg E. Maitland Bowling Club, Bank St. Pres. Mark Saxby; Sec. David Carratt; Ph: 02 4932 4045 Email: Manly-Warringah PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs St David’s Church Hall, Dee Why. Sec. Graeme Morriss Ph: 02 9905 3255 email: Manly-Warringah Rugby Leagues SC: Mtg 4th Tues cnr. Pittwater Rd & Federal Pde, Brookvale. Sec. Graeme Morriss Ph: 02 9905 3255 email: Milton-Ulladulla SC: Meeting 1pm on 4th Monday of each month (ex Dec.) Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club, St. Vincent Street, Ulladulla Sec. POBox 670, Ulladulla, NSW 2539 Tel. Barbara Smith 0244555214 Morisset Uniting Church SC: Mtg 4th Sat 10am (ex Dec) Enq: 4977 2525 (Jenny) Mudgee Coin Note & Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Sunday Ph 02 63735324 Nambucca River PS: Mtg 1st Sunday Newcastle PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs, 7.30pm Mayfield Ex-Services Club; 10am 3rd Wed, 48 Mackie Ave, New

act Canberra, Philatelic Society of: 1st Thursday: General Meeting,3rd Thursday: Afternoon Meeting (IF REQUIRED),3rd Thursday: (Evening) Exchange Night, 2nd Tuesday: Postcard Group, 4th Monday: Machin Collectors Group. All meetings 7:45pm, Griffin Centre, Genge Street, Canberra City Postal Address:PO Box 1840,Canberra ACT 2601,

western australia The Airmail Circle of WA: Mtg 5th Monday “Wellington Fair” Unit 18, 40 Lord St. East Perth Tel: 08 9294 3356 Armadale-Kelmscott PS: Mtg 4th Tues; Ph: 08 9397 6525 email: Bridgetown-Manjimup SC: Mtg 1st Thurs 7.30pm Masonic Hall, Hampton St, Bridgetown Ph 08 9761 4638 or 08 9761 2005 Busselton SC: Mtg 1st Mon, 5pm 7th Day Adv. Church, Alpha St; Ph: 08 9752 4449, 0400 646 282 email Canning SC: Mtg 1st Wed; Ph: 08 9457 7565 Daytime SC: Mtg 1st Thurs; 08 9341 3576 Denmark SC: Mtg 1st Weds Lions Lair Rivermouth Inlet Drive, Denmark. Tel: 08 9848 3325 email: Eastern Goldfields: Mtg 3rd Thurs ; Ph: 0412 156 351 Eaton SC: Mtg 3rd Thurs, 7pm Ph. 08 9795 7744, email: Fremantle and District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed, Tennis Club House, Parry St, Fremantle at 8pm; Ph: 08 6363 6415 Have a go SC: Mtg Last Thurs. 137 Edward St, East Perth. Tel: 08 9305 2073 email: Kalamunda SC: Mtg 3rd Wed; Ph: 08 9291 8484 Mandurah PS PO Box 625 Mandurah WA 6210 2nd Tues 4.45 - 6.30pm Bortolo Park Pavilion Cnr. Bortolo and Murdoch Drives

70 - Stamp News

NSW club information:The Philatelic Association of NSW, PO Box220, Darlinghurst, NSW, 1300 Phone: 02 9264 8301

Lambton, Juniors 11am 3rd Sun, Wallsend Pioneers Hall NSW Postcard Collectors Soc: Mtg 1st Wed 7.30pm; Ph: 02 9264 8301 Northern Suburbs PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs, 7.45pm, Naremburn Library, Central St, Naremburn off Slade St; Ph: 02 9419 7354 Orange Coin and Stamp Club: Mtg Last Tuesday, Orange Community Info Centre, 79-81 Kite St, Orange 7.30pm Ph: 02 6362 3754. Orchid Stamp Club: Mtg 3rd Sat. (Jan and each 2nd mth) Parramatta PS: Mtg 1st Friday Penrith and District PS: Mtg 1st Thursdays, 8pm, CWA rooms, Baby Health Ctr, Tindale St PO Box 393, Kingswood NSW 2747 PHILAS Stamp Auctions: Mtg 2nd Sat Mar,Jul, Nov Ph 02 9264 8301 PS of Australia: Mtg 3rd Wed (exDec); Ph 02 9399 7556 PS of NSW: Mtg 1st Tues (Philas House), 3rd Tues (Chatswood); Ph: 02 9264 8301 Richmond River (Lismore) PS: Mtg 4th Thursday Royal Sydney Philatelic Club: Mtg 2nd Tues. (ex Jan); Ph: 02 9264 8301 Sapphire Coast Stamp & Coin Club: Mtg Enq 02 6495 7308. Mail to PO Box 285, Pambula, NSW 2549 St. George PS: Mtg 1st Mon Shoalhaven PS: Mtg 2nd Monday (Ex Jan) PO Box 4047, East Nowra 2541. Ph 02 44472976 Smithfield SC: Mtg 2nd Mon Society for Polar Philately: 2012 meetings: 2nd Wednesday of February, March, May, July, Sept and November held at Ryde Ex-Services Club 724-730 Victoria Rd, Ryde, NSW Tel: 9807 3344 (in Mackinnon room) starting at 8pm.Enq 0407 277 223 or email Strathfield-Burwood PS: Mtg 4th Wed Sussex Inlet and District: Mtg 3rd Mon Sutherland Shire PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. , 7:30pm, Sutherland Uniting Services Club, 7 East Pde, Sutherland. Information Secretary, PO Box 339, Sutherland, NSW 1499 Sydney Anglican Stamp Society: Mtg 2nd Sat, even months 9.30am - 2.30pm, St Paul’s, Carlingford. Details: Tamworth PS: Mtg 1st Mon ex. Jan. Tamworth Bridge Club, 7 Hilton St, Tamworth Sec. Graeme Mitchell. PO Box 678, Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 02 67664853 Taree RSL Club Ltd SC: Mtg 3rd Mon Thematic Society of Australia: Mtg 3rd Wed Toronto SC: Mtg 1st Wed Tuggerah SC: Mtg 4th Sun (ex Dec.) Turramurra SC: Mtg 2nd Monday, 7.45pm. Ph: 9144 4225 Twin Towns Stamp Club Inc.: Mtg 1st Monday, 7.30p, Home & Comm. Centre, Tweed Heads Wagga SC: Mtg 1st Wed (ex Jan) ARCC Building, Tarcutta St, 7.30pm. Secretary: Peter Simpfendorfer Ph:02 6922 3393 Willoughby Legion Philatelic Section: Mtg 4th Tues Wyong PS: Mtg 3rd Tues, 7.30m. Jim Spence, Sec. Ph 02 4392 7536

northern territory Alice Springs SC: Meet Informally; PO Box 1529, Alice Springs, NT, 0871. Ph 08 8953 3054 Darwin Philatelic Circle: 1st Sun. 10am - 2pm. 53 Flametree Crt, Rosebery; Ph:(08) 8931 2898; PO Box 1624, Palmerston, NT, 0831; Email: WA club information: WA Philatelic Council, GPO Box 9800, Perth, WA, 6001 Greenfields WA 6210 08 9581 1083 Northern Districts SC: Mtg 2nd Mon; Ph: 08 9329 0117 Philatelic Forum: Mtg 1st Mon (ex Jan); Ph: 08 9294 4277 Rockingham & Kwinana (PS of): Mtg 3rd Tues (NB 2nd in Dec) Pres. Malcolm Brown; Sec. Terry Boyd; PRO Lucie Schokker Ph. 08 9419 1604; email: PS of WA: Mtg 3rd Tues; Ph: 08 9294 4277 Stirling PS: Mtg 4th Wed (ex Dec); Clubrooms, Charles Riley Reserve, Wendling Rd, North Beach, Ph: 08 9447 7256 The Postmark Circle (WA): Mtg 2nd Mon; Ph: 08 9294 4277 Victoria Park SC: Mtg 1st Wed; Ph: 08 9472 8072 or 08 9450 5280 WA Study Group: Mtg 4th Thurs (ex Dec) 08 9384 1050 Wanneroo SC: Mtg 3rd Mon; Ph: 08 6106 0874.

philatelic clubs & societies new zealand Air Mail Society of NZ: Ph: 03 3584838; Email: Auckland PS: Mtg 1st and 3rd Tues (except Jan). Ph 09 9853212; Email kiwibrooce@; Website: Christchurch PS: Mtg 2nd Tues, Library night 3rd Tues; GB Machin 3rd Fri odd months; Postal History 1st Mon; Postcard 3rd Tues even months. Email: secretary@; Website: Dunedin PS: Mtg 4th Thurs (except Nov and Dec). Ph: 03 4557643; Email:; Website: Hastings Stamp Collectors Club: Mtg 3rd Wed (except Jan and 2nd Wed Dec). Ph: 06 8765911; Email: Hawkes Bay PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex. Jan). Ph: 06 8439433; Email: dennmarg@paradise. Horowhenua PS: Mtg 2nd Mon. Ph: 06 3689881; Email: michael.christensen@xtra. Hutt Valley PS: Mtg 1st Tues (ex. Jan). Ph: 04 5697439; Email: Kapiti PS: Mtg 3rd Tues (ex Dec). Ph: 04 2971197; Email: Manaia PS: Mtg (Hawera) 1st Sun. Ph: 06 2784292; Email: Manawatu PS: Mtg 1st Wed, daytime meeting 3rd Tues. Ph: 06 3584565; Email: Marlborough Stamp Collectors Club: Mtg 3rd Mon (except Jan and 2nd Mon Dec). Morrinsville Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd Wed. Ph: 07 8893199 Nelson PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 03 5469092; Email: North Shore PS: Mtg 2nd (except Jan) and 4th Wed (except Jan and Dec). Email:; Website: NZ Stamp Collectors Club Christchurch: Mtg 4th Wed. Ph 03 3895511; Email: steve@; Website: NZ Postcard Society: Ph: 03 3848463; Email:; Website: www.

queensland Arana Hills SC: Meeting 2nd Tues; 07 3851 0213; email: Bayside Afternoon SC: Meeting last Wed; Ph: 07 3206 6281. Bribie Island SC: Meeting 4th Wed; Ph: 07 3408 2238 Bundaberg PS: Mtg 2nd Mon, The Family Centre, Kensington St (in the Show Grounds); Ph: 07 4152 2403 or 07 4151 3062 Caboolture & District SC: Mtg 3rd Sat. Ph: 07 5498 6504 Cairns SC: Mtg 3rd Wed. 7.30pm Star Services, 115 Lyons St, Bungalow Ph: 07 4055 1302 Sec: Ross Bottomer,, Caloundra SC: Mtg. 4th Thurs. Catholic Church Hall, Edmund St. 1.30pm. Ph: 07 5494 7233 City Daytime SC: Mtg 2nd Thurs. Ph: 07 3206 6281 City of Brisbane PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs; Ph: 07 3263 8573 (ah); email: desley@mycelebrant. com Collectors Club Queensland: Mtg 2nd Sunday each month 9am to 1pm - RSL Hall, 58 Arnold St, Holland Park. Contact 0409 130 266 or Enoggera SC: Mtg 1st and 3rd Mon. Ph: 07 3264 4157 Gladstone and District PS: Mtg 2nd Wed (Ex. Jan) & 4th Wed (Ex.Dec). Ph. Sec: 07 4978 1155 Ian Rippingale, Gold Coast PS: Mtg 2nd Mon, 11.30am, Southport Community Centre, Lawson St, Southport. Ph: 07 5546 3801 Gympie SC: Mtg. 2nd Sun. Jessie Witham Centre 1 - 3pm Ph. 07 5483 9188 email: Hervey Bay Afternoon Club: Mtg 3rd Wed. Ph: 07 4124 1138 Ipswich SC: Mtg 1st Thurs (ex. Jan). Ph: 07 3282 2983 Junction Park SC: Mtg 1st Tues, 7.30pm, Annerley Baptist Hall, Lambton St. Contact: 07 3277 6724. PO Box 177, Annerley, 4103,

Further information can be obtained from the NZ Philatelic Federation, PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua, 5245, NZ. E-mail: Postal History Soc of NZ: Auckland 1st Mon (except Jan). Ph: 09 5220311. Chapter meetings held Invercargill, Nelson, New Plymouth and Wellington. Pukekohe Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Sun. Ph: 09 2357737; Email: pukekohestampclub@ Royal PS of NZ: Mtg 2nd Wed (ex Jan). Ph: 04 5899530; Email:; Website South Auckland PS: Mtg last Sat (except Dec), Papatoetoe, day time mtgs 3rd Fri (ex Dec and Jan). Ph: 09 2682245; Email: Southland PS: Mtg 1st Thurs (except Jan), 3rd Tue (daytime) (except Jan). Email: Taranaki PS: Mtg 1st Mon except Jan. Ph: 06 7546212; Email: murray-grimwood@ Tauranga & District Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd (except Jan) and 4th Mon (except Dec). Ph: 07 5765210; Email: Thames Valley PS: Mtg 1st Mon (except Jan). Ph: 07 8689190. Thematic Association of NZ: Ph: 04 2347218; Email: Timaru PS: Mtg 1st Wed. Ph: 03 6880343 Upper Hutt PS: Mtg 3rd Mon (except 2nd Mon Dec). Ph: 04 5284123; Email: teme. Waikato PS: Mtg 1st (except Jan) and 3rd Wed (except Jan and Dec). Email: Wakatipu PS: Ph: 03 4428865 Wanganui PS: Mtg 2nd Wed. Ph: 06 3427894; Email: Wellesley PS: Mtg 2nd and 4th Mon (ex public holidays). Ph: 9 8271240 Wellington PS: Mtg 4th Mon (except Dec); Ph: 042347218; Email: Whakatane PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Thurs (except Jan) Ph: 07 3222054 or 07 3086193 Whangarei PS: Mtg 2nd Meeting: 2nd Tues (Ex.Jan) Ph 09 4348000; Email QLD Philatelic Council, 18 Coolcrest St, Wynnum, Qld, 4178. Ph: 07 3396 0846 Fax: 07 3396 0842. Email: Web:

Lockyer Valley SC: Mtg 4th Sun, 1.30pm, Senior Citizens’s Hall, Gatton. Kerri Martin, Sec. Ph: 07 5465 3390 Email: Logan City SC: Meetings 2nd Thurs, Presbyterian Church, Barry St, Slacks Creek, 6pm. Ph: 07 3805 9226. Mackay and District PS: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 07 4942 5433; Maryborough and Wide Bay PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex. Jan). Salvation Army Youth 7 Comm. Hall. Bazaar St Maryborough. Ph: 07 41224708 (see also Hervey Bay) Nanango SC: Mtg 4th Thurs. Ph: 07 4162 2945 Philatelic Society of Qld: Mtg 4th Wed 7.30pm,18 Coolcrest St, Wynnum. Ph: 07 3245 5222 Queensland Study Group: Sunday bi-monthly 1.00pm meets QPS house. Contact Ph: 07 3396 0846 email: Redcliffe SC: Mtg 2nd Sat. Ph: 07 3204 6095 Redland Bay Coin and Stamp Club, 4th Thurs. Monthly. John Hardman 07 3206 9996 or 07 3822 6987 Rockhampton SC: Mtg 1st Tues. Ph: 07 4926 3336. email: Sherwood Afternoon SC: Mtg 2nd Tues. Ph: 07 3372 6096 Southport Afternoon SC: Mtg 2nd Sat; Ph: 07 55630384 Southside PS: Mtg 3rd Tuesday & 3rd Wednesay (9am) Ph: 07 3848 2304 (ah) email: Sunshine Coast SC (formerly Nambour SC): Mtg 1st Wed, 7.15pm at C.W.A. Hall, Short St. Nambour. Ph: 075445 3647 Thematics Queensland: Mtg bi-monthly 9.30am. Ph: 07 3262 5605 email: j.crowsley@ Toowoomba SC: Mtg. 2nd Sat 1pm, Salvation Army Hall, Cnr. West St. 7 Anzac Ave. Ph. 07 4635 5623 Email: Twin Towns SC: Mtg 1st Mon; Ph: 07 5598 7629 Waterloo Bay SC: Mtg. 1st Thurs. 1pm & 4th Mon. 7pm. Redlands Multi SportsClub, Birkdale Ph: 07 3206 0815

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philatelic clubs & societies south australia

Information about clubs in SA can be obtained from the SA Philatelic Council, GPO Box 9800, Adelaide, SA 5001. Daytime Ph: 08 8212 3557 or 8223 4435

Australian Airmail Society: 1st Wed. 7.45pm 22 Gray Court, Adelaide. PO Box 395, Edwardstown 5039. Ph: 08 8276 3969 Barossa SC: Mtg 1st Tue 7.30 Greenock Luth Church Hall, Bevan St, Greenock; PO Box Greenock 5360; email:; Ph: (08) 8562 8386 Blackwood PC: Mtg 2nd Wed ex Jan; Uniting Church, Main Rd, Blackwood; Ph: 08 8278 1629; PO Box 581, Blackwood 5051; email: Bordertown & Districts PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs; Bordertown PSchool; Ph: 08 8752 1297 Community PS: Mtg 1st & 3rd Fri - 7.30pm. Marion Bowling Club, off Sturt Rd. PO Box 75 Edwardstown, 5039; Auctions, circuit books. Ph: 0408806894 City of Noarlunga PS: Mtg alternate thurs,-- Community Health Centre, Grand Boulevard, Seaford, Contact 08 85566371 or PO Box 272, Port Noarlunga 5167 Eastern Districts PS: 2nd Thurs (ex. Jan), 7.30pm Senior citizens Hall, 47 Reid Ave. Hectorville; PO Box 240, Magill, 5072; Ph: 0400 156 796 Elizabeth PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Fridays, 7.30pm, RSL Hall, Cnr of Halseys/Midway Rds;PO Box 701, Elizabeth 5112; Ph: 08 8255 0608 Encounter Bay SC: Mtg 1st Wed, 7.30pm; School Hall, Woolworths Centre, Victor Harbour; PO Box 317, Goolwa 5214;; Ph: 08 8555 3311 SA Power Networks Stamp Club: Mtg 1st Mon (ex. Jan); Canteen, 1 Anzac Highway, Keswick; PO Box 2079, Magill North, 5072; Ph: 08 8278 7163 Frama Club: Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm, members homes; For collectors of CPS, Framas. Newsletter and Auctions. PO Box 62 Campbelltown 5074. Gawler SC: Mtg 4th Mon 7.30pm; Evanston Primary School, Para Rd, Evanston. PO Box 2, Willaston 5118; Ph: 08 8522 2335 Email: German Philatelic Club: Mtg 2nd & 4th Mon 8pm; German Club, 223 Flinders St, Adelaide 5000; Ph: 08 8260 2251 Glenside PS: 1st Wed 7.30pm& 3rd Sat 1.30pm; Uniting Church Hall, Carlton St. Highgate. PO Box 29, Glenside 5063. Ph: (08) 8353 8683 Lower Murray PS: Mtg 3rd Thurs,7.30pm, 2nd Sat, 10am; Murray Bridge Showgrounds. PO Box 810, Murray Bridge; Ph: 08 85704074 Mount Gambier PS: Mtg 3rd Tues; Reidy Park Corn Centre. 8pm. Also1st Sunday (ex. Jan) 1.30pm - 4pm. PO Box 2261,Mt Gambier.Ph: 08 8724 9474

victoria Australian PS: Bi-monthly meetings on 3rd Monday in February, April, June, August, October and December at RSL Homes, 152 Canterbury Road [cnr Keats Street] Canterbury. Secretary, PO Box 7014, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122 Bairnsdale SC: Mtg 3rd Thurs Ballarat PS:Mtg 3rd & 5th Mon Balwyn PS: Mtg 3rd Friday; Daytime 1st Friday Bendigo PS: Mtg 1st Tues Berwick SC:Mtg 2nd Sun (ex Jan); Ph: 03 5942 7626 Blackburn Baptist SC: Mtg 3rd Thurs Brighton PS: Mtg 2nd & 4th Tues; Daytime 3rd Tues Camperdown SC: Mtg 1st Tues Castlemaine SC: Mtg 3rd Tues (ex Dec) Colac PC: Mtg 4th Mon (ex. Dec), Colac Community College, Bromfield St, Colac. Ph:52314746 Corner Inlet SC: Mtg 4th Thurs, Foster, Ph: 03 56881100 Dandenong PS: Mtg 4th Wed (ex Dec) Diamond Valley PS: Mtg 3rd Mon Essendon-Broadmeadows PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs; St Johns Uniting Church Hall, Cnr Mt Alexander Rd & Buckley St, Essendon; Murray Gorham, Ph 9306 7480 Footscray PS: Mtg 1st Mon (2nd in Jan); Maribyrnong Comm. Centre, 54 Raleigh Rd, Maribyrnong. PO Box 2477 Taylors Lakes 3038. PH. 0438 901 144. email: footscraystamps@gmail Frankston & District SC: Mtg 3rd Tues (2nd in Dec) Seaford Community Centre, Broughton St Seaford. Ph: 5996 3745 Geelong PS: Mtgs 1st Sat 7.00pm, 3rd Mon 1pm (ex Jan) Sat - Diversitat Community Centre, 9-15 Clarence St, Geelong West. Mon - Belmont Library, High St, Belmont Ph: 0438578591 (Sec); PO Box 342, Belmont 3216 Hamilton PS: Mtg 2nd Monday Hungarian PS: Mtg 2nd Wed Italian PS: Mtg 2nd Mon (ex Jan), 7.30pm, Veneto Club, 191 Bulleen Rd Bullen. (PO Box 166, Niddrie, 3042)

tasmania Derwent Valley PS: Mtg 4th Mon Devonport Junior SC: Mtg 1st & 3rd Mon Devonport Stamp Group: Mtg 4th Fri, Public Library Mtg Rms, 7.30pm Ph. 03 6424 3449 Glenorchy SC: Mtg 1st Tues Hobart Junior Group: Mtg 1st Sat; Ph: 03 6278 2224

72 - Stamp News

Para Hills PS: Mtg 1st Sun; Community Hall Wilkinson Rd, Para Hills. PO Box 64, Para Hills; Ph: 08 8522 4345 Phillumeny SC: U3/26-28 Crozier Av, Modbury 5092. Ph: 08 8337 6533 Email: figg/amccs Port Pirie PS: Mtg 4th Mon; PO Box532, Pt Pirie 5540; Ph: 08 8632 1105 Printed Collectables Club (SAPC): Mtg last Tues, Julia Farr Cent. Canteen, Ground Floor, Fisher St. Ph: 08 8265 7395; PO Box 657, Enfield Plaza 5085 PS of South Australia:1st & 3rdTues; 22 Gray Ct. GPO Box 1937, Adelaide 5001; Ph: 08 8555 3311 PS of South Aust. (Aus. Com. Spect.Grp.): Mtg 4th Tues 7.30pm;22 Gray Ct. Ph: 08 8555 3311 PS of South Australia (Daytime SC):Mtg 1st & 3rd Thurs; 22 Gray Ct.Ph: 08 8555 3311 PS of South Australia (Study Group):Mtg 4th Tues 7.30pm; 22 Gray Ct. Ph: 08 8522 4345 Postal Stat & Postal Hist Soc: Mtg 2nd Tues; SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Ct, Adelaide. email:; Ph: 08 8260 3352 Riverland PS: Mtg 3rd Fri, 10am ;Whitmore Hall, Barmera Village; Ph: 08 8595 3023 SA Junior Stamp Club: Mtg 2nd Sun 1pm - 3pm;Anyone over 5years, parents welcome. 22 Grey St, Adelaide. 08 8250 0484 Salisbury PS: Mtg 1st & 3rd Mon;StJohns Church Hall. PO Box 336 Salisbury 5108; Ph: 08 8252 2392 Stirling PS: Mtg 4th Fri 7.45pm, Old Railway Station (now Community Services Bldng.); Ph: 08 8370 2680 Strathalbyn PS: Mtg 2nd Mon, 8pm; Rosa Hoare Room, Lutheran Church Complex Corner, Commercial Rd/North Pde; C/- Post Office, Strathalbyn 5255; Ph: 0429 693 747 Ukrainian Collectibles Club: Mtg Wed as per syllabus; PO Box 466, Woodville 5011; Ph: 08 8345 4033 Yorke Peninsula Collectors Club: Senior Citizens Club. Taylor St, Kardina. Mtg 3rd Wed ex. Jan; PO Box 178, Bute 5560; Ph: 08 8821 2906 Club Information: Victorian Philatelic Council, GPO Box 9800, Melbourne, Vic, 3001 Latrobe Valley PS: Mtg Last Wed ex Dec 7.30pm, St Lukes Uniting Church Hall, Princes Way, Morwell; Chris Zarb, Sec. ph. 03 5174 3394 Maryborough Stamp Club:Mtg mthly ex Jan 2nd Tues of month 8pm, St Augustine’s Hall, Maryborough. PO Box 295, Maryborough, 3465; Ph: 03 5464 2400. Mildura PS: Mtg Last Thurs (ex Dec)Carnegie Building 74 Deakin Ave Ph: 03 5023 8789 Mooroolbark PS: Mtg 1st Tues; Ph: 03 9723 3304 Oakleigh PS: Mtg 2nd Wed 7.30pm (ex Jan) Oakleigh Public Library, Drummond St, Oakleigh Ocean Grove SC: Mtg 4th Wed. 10am. Ocean Grove Senior Citizens Clubrooms Melways: 234 A. Ph. 03 5255 1372 Peninsula SC: Mtg 3rd Wed, 7.30pm Uniting Church Hall, Murray Anderson Rd, Rosebud. Ph: 03 5974 1950 Polish PS: Mtg 3rd Tues (2nd in Dec) Prahran PS: Mtg 1st Wed (ex Jan) Ringwood PS: Gen Mtg 1st Thurs; Daytime 3rd Mon Ph: 03 9551 2235 Royal PS of Victoria:Mtg 3rd & 5th Thurs; Daytime 1st Tues Sale SC: Mtg 1st Mon (ex Jan) Shepparton PS: Mtg 2nd Tues, Mechanics Institute, Shepparton. Ph. 0419 560 813 Sherbrooke PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs ex Jan Upwey Fire Brigade Hall, 8pm; Bob Cook Ph: 03 9758 3465 Upper Yarra SC: Mtg 3rd Tues Warragul PS: Mtg 2nd Fri Warrnambool PS: Mtg 3rd Wed 7.45pm St Joseph’s Primary School, Botanic Road;Ph: 03 5561 1470 Waverley PS: Mtg 2nd Thurs 7.30pm, Mt Waverley Community Centre, 47 Miller Cres, Mt Waverley; Daytime mtg the following Friday, 9.30am, Uniting Church Hall, 482 High St, Mt Waverley. Ph. 03 9898 4102 Obtain Tasmanian clubs information from: Tasmanian Stamp Council, GPO Box 9800, Hobart, TAS, 7001. Ph: 03 6278 7084 Kingston Junior Group: Mtg 2nd Sat; Ph: 03 6278 2224 Launceston PS: Mtg 1st Thurs (ex. Jan) & 3rd Sat (ex. Dec), Max Fry Hall, Trevallyn 7.30pm; Ph: 6344 3676 Mersey-Leven PS: Contact: 03 6425 3603 Rosny Junior Group: Mtg Last Sat; Ph: 03 6278 2224 Tasmanian PS: Mtg Last Monday (ex. Dec);, Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St Hobart

stamp & coin fairs & events new south wales


May 3 - (1st Sat) 9am to 4pm Orange Stamp Fair, May 4 - (1st Sun) Stamp, Coin & Phone Card Fair, UkrainQuinn’s Arcade, Summer St, Orange. Ph: Norm 02 ian Hall, Russell St, Essendon. 9am-3pm May 18 - (3rd Sun) Stamp, Card - Phone Card Fair,


May 3 - (1st Sat) Northside Stamp Fair. 1st Floor, Bentleigh-McKinnon Youth Centre, Higgins Rd, Car park Building, Manly-Warringah Leagues Club, Bentleigh. Dealers plus huge range activities. Ph: cnr Federal Parade/Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, NSW.

0418 322 315.

May 3 - (1st Sat) Katoomba Stamp & Coin Fair, 9am - May 25 - (last Sun ex Dec) Stamp, Coin & Phonecard 4pm, Masonic Hall, Cnr Station & Civic Sts, Katoomba. Fair, Jaycees Hall, Silver Grove, Nunawading. 9am-3pm. Ph. 0417 802 754 May 3 - (1st Sat) Sutherland Shire Stamp & Coin Col-


lectors Fair, Gymea Anglican Church Hall, 131 Gymea TBA - Queensland Stamp & Coin Fairs, 8:00am -1:00pm, Contract Bridge Club, 67 Ipswich Bay Rd, Gymea. Road,Woolloongabba. Check ‘Weekend Shopper’ May 4 - (1st Sun) Bankstown Stamp & Coin Fair, Bankon Saturday to confirm or contact 0428 450 616 stown Masonic Hall, Cnr Greenfields & Restwell Sts, day only. Bankstown. 9am - 3pm. 7 Dealers. May 12 - (2nd Mon) - Gold Coast PS Sale, Rm 1, May 18 - (3rd Sun) Stamp & Coin Fair, 10am - 3pm, Pio- Southport Comm. Centre, Lawson St, Southport. neers Hall, Cowper St, Wallsend. 8 Dealers. 4971 3483 11.30am - 2.30pm Brisbane Table Tennis Association Centre May 25 - (4th Sun) Epping Stamp & Coin Fair, ComMay 18 - QStamp Fair, Southside, Mt Gravatt munity Hall, 9 Oxford St, Epping. 10am - 4pm. Free Showgrounds, Memorial Hall, Logan Rd. Free Entry 8.30am -2pm Entry, 6 Dealers, Buy/Sell

request for listing or update of events or clubs & societies pages This form or a photocopy of this form must be completed in full and signed by and authorised person and submitted by post to Stamp News for any event or update to be listed in the Events or Societies pages - please note that specific dates cannot be included in club details. If any part of the form is incomplete the listing/update will not be made. Information will not be accepted via email. This is a free service and listings are included at the discretion of Stamp News and also subject to available space. Wording may be altered.

Please PRINT CLEARLY - illegible submissions will be disregarded. Name of event/club: ________________________________

Signature of authorised person: _________________________

Section to appear in (EVENTS or CLUBS): ____________________

Wording requested for listing/update: _____________________

Date/s of event/meeting: _____________________________


Town & STATE: ___________________________________


Contact phone to appear in listing: _______________________


Name of person authorised to request listing/changes: ____________________________________________

Contact details (phone or email) of authorised person (not to appear): ____________________________________________

Submit to: Stamp News, PO Box 1290, Upwey VIC 3158 Stamp News - 73

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Viewing on preceding Saturday, Thursday and Friday illustrated catalogues posted free within Australia ($15 per annum posted overseas) Lots for sale welcome PO box 220 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Phone: (02) 9264 8301 or ()2) 9264 8406 Fax: (02) 9267 4741

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The society has a regular program of meetings, with displays, exchanges and discussion nights, and welcomes visitors to Canberra. It has a flourishing exchange branch, which circulates to small stamp clubs in the south region, as well as in the Canberra area. It publishes, quarterly, a newsletter and a research journal ‘Capital Philately’. Enquiries about membership or about separate subscriptions to the journal should be directed to: Secretary: Tony Luckhurst Ph: 02 6241 1963 e-mail:

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New South Wales Gabriele’s Philatelic Service, Gabriele Woodbine, Suite 11/17 Gerrale Street, Cronulla, Ph: (02) 9544 3333 Fax: (02) 9247 8333 e-mail: Web: http://www. Kennedy Stamps Pty Ltd, Robert Kennedy, Suite 706A, 250 Pitt St, Sydney 2000 Ph: (02) 9264 6168 Fax: (02) 9264 5969 e-mail: Web:


The Stamp Place, Trafalgar on Collins, Shop 3, 110 Collins Street, HOBART TAS 7000, Ph: (03) 6224 3536 Fax: (03)62243536 e-mail: Web: http://www.


Geelong Collectors Corner, 93 Little Malop Street, Geelong, VIC 3220, Ph: (03) 5229 4969 Max Stern & Company, Port Phillip Arc, 234 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3001, Ph: (03) 9654 6751 Fax: (03) 9650 7192 e-mail: Web: Kevin Morgan Stamps & Coins, 39 Kalman Drive, Boronia, Victoria, 3155 Tel: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506 email Shields Stamps & Coins, 52 Burgundy St, Heidelberg, Vic., 3084 Ph. 03 9459 5953

Western Australia Cygnet Stamps, 8 Clevedon Way, Karringyup, WA, 6018. Ph/

Fax: 08 9447 8004 Ace Stamp Auctions, PO Box 2076, Ellenbrook, WA, 6069. Ph: 08 08 9297 3040 email: There are also about 4950 newsagencies in Australia, and most of the major stores carry a number of copies, alternatively you can arrange with your local newsagent to put one by for you each month. Stamp News - 75

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78 - Stamp News WA Auction selling classic material from the Commonwealth countries including Great Britain through to modern Australian errors that have only just been discovered. Attractive early Australian Kangaroos & KGV along with States material is also available. Long-established mail order dealer comprehensively covering British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australasia and Japan. Prompt courteous service and an extensive user-friendly website. Sydney Philatelics - Largest On-Line Shop in Australia ! – User-Friendly – 10,000 and more Philatelic Items – Just a mouse click away ! Over 100 Pages of Australasia, British Commonwealth, Booklets, Accessories.etc. Always Buying ! Est 27 Years. Browse our stock of stamps, revenues , postal history and articles on Australasia, British Commonwealth and more at Or email Search our website for full listing of stamps and Seven Seas albums and pages and other accessories. We look forward to serving you. Largest and most visited Stamp Dealer website in the Southern Hemisphere. 250 different pages of stamp bargains and archives! $4,000 prize always on offer. Worldwide stamps, covers, errors, proofs, specimens, postal stationery, philatelic literature, postcards, paper money, signed FDC-s and more in our easy to use online store. Prompt, courteous service from America. Hundreds of new items added to our site each month. Add your email address to our “early bird” notice list, so when new material is added to the site, you get first choice! We also post out a printed copy of our monthly offers, for those who do not use the internet, this service is also free. Our printed, 36 paged price list is also available, just phone write or email today for a free copy today. The leading specialist dealers in Australasian stamps and the largest private dealer (non Auction) company in Australia. New Zealand and worldwide in our Ashford Stamps postal auctions. Ask for a catalogue, or view the website. Also ask for direct sales list of NZ Chalons. World wide Postal History Bid Sales Every 2 months. Inc. Aerophilatelic, Maritime, Paquebots, Military all aspects, Polar and Commercial Mail. Interesting listings on offer. APS Member 52833-1 We stock a wide range of items from Great Britain, (Stamps, First Day Covers and Booklets), United States of America, (Stamps and First day Covers), Pacific Islands, Scandinavia, Central and South America, British Commonwealth countries pre-1953, Queen Victoria, Flight Covers and Postal Stationery.

21ST CENTURY AUCTIONS ___________________ BILBY STAMPS & COVERS ______________________________ HALLMARK STAMPS ____________________________________ KENNEDY STAMPS P/L ______________________________ KEVIN MORGAN STAMPS AND COINS VELVET COLLECTABLES ___________ Melbourne: Sydney: NORFOLK ISLAND PHILATELIC BUREAU _______________________ PACIFIC STAMPS ____________________________________ STAMP NEWS AUSTRALASIA ________________________ STANLEY GIBBONS UK ________________________________ STATUS INTERNATIONAL ____________________________________ Stamp News - 79

r s CUT THE COST OF o r f e s ib YOUR SUBSCRIPTION t f cr i WITH THESE GREAT G s b u FREE GIFTS! S To celebrate 60 years of Stamp News, we are offering the following gifts to all subscribers, new and old. Whether you are an existing subscriber, or brand new, you just cannot go past these free gifts either for your collection or to re-sell. The value could easily cover most of your subscription cost! For each year of your new subscription you may choose 4 gifts from the list below, simply circle the item numbers and return this page or a photocopy with your subscription form. You may also email us with your choices. For a lifetime subscription you will receive two of each of all 20 free gifts. If a particular item is out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute. All gifts chosen must be different, strictly one of each gift per customer. Since stocks are necessarily limited, this offer may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the publisher. We will however make all efforts to ensure that sufficient stock is available for expected demand. The unavailability of free gifts shall not render the subscription application void. You are agreeing to accept this condition when returning this form. 1) Mauritius 1967 10 Rupee bird, fine used Cat. 38 pounds. 2) Australia 1999 pair of Imperf Miniature Sheets retail up to $40 3) 20 different Australia States values to 6d, retail value $40 4) Australia $10 Wetland miniature sheet, overprinted Pacific ’97 MUH retail $50 5) Pacific Is. 2006 mini omnibus set of 24 Dinosaurs stamps MUH retail $45 6) 20 different Australia FDC’s unaddressed, retail $50 7) 10 Different Norfolk Island FDC’s unaddressed, retail $40 8) 40 different Thematic sets of 5 or 6 values, retail $40 9) 20 unsorted King George V Heads, values to 1/4d, retail value $40 10) Assortment of Mint unhinged Australia overprinted Mini-sheets, retail value $25 11) Australia 1995 Cinema Booklet, Ovpt. Qld Show Retail $32 12) New Zealand Duck Stamps, Imperf sheetlet MUH, Ovpt. Hong Kong 1994, face NZ$60 13) Australia 2004 Tasmania Cent. minisheet MUH, ovpt. Paris, retail $35 14) As above but overprinted China, retail $35 15) 20 x Australia 1913 1d red kangaroos, unchecked for varieties etc. Retail $40 16) Australia 1999 Small Pond minisheet MUH, ovpt. In Black for Adelaide Stampex. Retail $28 17) Australia 1995 Disabilities in MUH gutter strip of 10, retail $55 18) 10 unsorted Australia kangaroos, values to 2/-. Value $40 19) Assortment of Australian Booklets, retail value $25 20) A recent Australia PNC, our choice. Retail $25

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SUBSCRIPTION FORM - Stamp News P/L ABN 099 565 223 Stamp News, PO Box 1290 Upwey, VIC, 3158, Australia Ph: 0425 795 693 Fax: 03 9758 7506 Email:

Please enrol/re-enrol me as a subscriber to Stamp News Please start my subscription from the ................2014 issue Tick one (All prices include GST, Postage & Packaging within Australia 6 month trial subscription $49.50

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List of Display Advertisers

A-One Stamps........................ 82

A-ONE STAMPS Tel: 02 9362 3636 Fax: 02 9363 2303

ACTS..................................... 53


No#1 for Postmarks!!

Australia Post......................... 4 Burstamp............................... 77 Classic Stamps. ...................... 69 David Bryon........................... 69 Glen Stephens.................... 5, 15 Jimbo’s................................... 69 Kevin Morgan S & C......... 14, 18

M.L Greive 13A Longwood 5-11 Thornton Street Darling Point, NSW, 2027 Australia


We stock all pictorial, permanent, and commemorative postmarks as listed accurately in Australian PictorMarks® to 2009


Rare and elusive first day covers from Australia


Comprehensive range of official Australia Post souvenir covers


Plentiful stock of postmarks on thematic subjects. Also a superb range of Australia Post early “Hermes” covers, medallion covers, and all the major private cachet makers FDCs of Australia


We also stock Australian stamps pre and post-decimal, and the full range of albums and accessories for your covers All credit cards, including Amex, accepted. Layby welcome!

Mossgreen............................... 2 Phoenix Auctions. .................. 84 Premier Postal Auctions......... 77 Renniks.................................. 83

VANCE AUCTIONS LTD. Serving Stamp and Postal History Collectors Since 1972

Richard Juzwin................... 3, 14

Collecting Canada? .................. 53

You will find a tremendous variety of singles, sets, covers, errors, varieties, collections, and stocks in our sales every 7 weeks.

Stamp News Mail Order ......... 68 Sutherland Phil..................... 69 Vance Auctions Ltd................ 82

Contact us today for your FREE colour catalogue or view it online at P.O. Box 267, Smithville, Ontario Canada L0R 2A0 Toll Free Phone: 877-957-3364 Fax: 905-957-0100

STUNNING LIMITED OFFER! Protect, Organise and Display your Collections with the Ultimate Archival Organiser


• The most unique archival system for the long term storage of stamps, coins, postcards, booklets, banknotes, beer mats, playing cards, Bonds, Documents etc. The flexibility and range of the 16 various size sheets allows for the safe keeping of most types of collectables in a storage system FREE of softeners and 100% ACID FREE.

GRANDE Classic set

90 mm

Ring binder and slipcase.

Leatherette cover in bookbinders quality. 4 x D Ring mechanism. Holds up to 60 x sheets. Overall size (slipcase) 293 x 335 x 68mm Black Burgundy Hunter green Royal blue

Ref. No. 330 249 Ref. No. 300 787 Ref. No. 317 159 Ref. No. 301 687





Order 10 x packs (any size) of Grande Pages to value of $ 90... and receive FREE, a Classic Grande Binder and Slip Case valued at $ 47.... Choice of colour binder sets dependent upon stock holding.

OFFER EXPIRES 30/06/14 GRANDE sheets LIGHTHOUSE provides GRANDE sheets to match the LIGHTHOUSE classic GRANDE and GRANDE F binders. Clear welded strips completely cover the inserted collection items, thereby offering optimum protection. 100 % polyester, free of chemical softening agents and acids. Included: black interleaves (GRANDE ZWL) for the optical separation of contents. Size: 240 x 312 mm. ¢ backing film clear • backing film black

Coin holders (50 x 50 mm)

For documents up to A4

lM 20K Ref. No.324 851 ¢1 C Ref. No. 321 709 l1 S Ref. No. 333 555

Playing cards Trading cards

¢3/3 C Ref. No. 323 456


l2 S Ref. No. 324 690

¢2 C Ref. No. 336 439

GRANDE sheets GRANDE sheets

clear (pack of 5) black (pack of 5)

$ 9.00

GRANDE sheets GRANDE sheets

coin holders (pack of 5)

$ 8.60

Black film interleaves

Ref. No. 331 602 (pack of 5)

$ 5.00

Banknotes (up to A5)

Roll stamps

¢2 CT Ref. No. 337 553

¢2 VC Ref. No. 324 045

•2 ST Ref. No. 333 959

Large coin holders (67 x 67 mm)

lM 12 K Ref. No. 326 120



Beer mats

l3 S Ref. No. 305 160

¢3 VC Ref. No.321 966

¢3/2 C Ref. No. 316 604

¢3 C Ref. No. 308 439


Stamps and booklets

Coffee cream lids





¢4 C Ref. No. 316 329 l4 S Ref. No. 312 682

l5 S Ref. No. 312 953

l5/4 S Ref. No. 314 900

l6 S Ref. No. 331 156

l7 S Ref. No. 314 011

•8 S Ref. No. 329 179

Ref. No. 331 602


RENNIKS PUBLICATIONS PTY LTD Unit 3 37-39 Green Street Banksmeadow NSW 2019 Australia Tel: (02) 9695 7055 Fax: (02) 9695 7355 Email: Website:

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Stamp News Australasia May 2014  

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Stamp News Australasia May 2014  

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