Stalke Galleri - Stalke Out Of Space


Stalke Galleri Stalke Galleri was born in 1987, and is a different kind of exhibition space for modern and contemporary art. The gallery is now located in the small village of Kirke Sonnerup, Stalke Out Of Space Stalke Out Of Space is as a side project to the Gallery, 1991, The objective is to attract sufficient attention for the gallery institution not to be overlooked. The established gallery space is dissolved in favour of all other types of rooms and space with an exhibition potential. These non-defined rooms may include everything from traditional art rooms: museums, art fair and galleries to symbolic alternative non-established art rooms: for example the network and privat companies. Hence, Stalke Out Of Space travel as an institution from room to room, whereby the statement of the gallery institution will move in relation to the individual room, to its meaning and forum as well as in relation to the artist’s use these components.