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Inside This Issue... News To the Moon and Back p. 4 News Spirit Week p. 5 Trends Spooktivities p. 6-7 Opinion Fall Into Pumpkin Spice p. 8 Opinion The People Make Staley Great p. 9 Feature This is Staley p. 10-11 Sports High ‘Lite’ of the Week p. 12-13 Sports What’s All the Hype p. 14 Sports Sparks Joins 1,000 Club p. 15 Feature Express Yourself p. 16-17 Entertainment Netflix Top 10 p. 18 Entertainment What’s on Your Keychain? p. 19 Feature New Flock Leader p. 20 After being announced the 2017 homecoming queen, senior Evelyn Shelby is shocked as she turns to hug her dad during the halftime of the homecoming game on Sept. 22. Shelby was nominated along with four other girls. “I was definitely wearing Birkenstocks underneath my dress,” said Shelby. “I was shocked I was up for it even; that alone was a pretty big surprise.” Photo by Clare Cunningham


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Editorial: Where’s Our Rooster?

In the tenth year since the school’s grand opening and nine years of racing to class each morning to beat the rooster bell to avoid a tardy, the classic rooster crow became significant and symbolic to students. This school year, we were quick to notice the absence of bell, which was replaced with traditional bell, which didn’t mean anything. Although the rooster crow was an odd bell sound, we got used to hearing it each morning. Now, it just doesn’t feel right that we don’t get to hear our rooster crow each morning to start off the day.

A student board should be formed to have an input from the student body on decisions such as this. The rooster bell wasn’t the only bell that was changed this year. The new STTV bell is an alarming sound, one that kind of resembles “The Purge” starting. While it is certain to notify students and staff to turn the news on, it still is too much of a startling bell. Students shouldn’t have to jump in their seats every time the bell rings to know STTV is about to come on. In previous years, students and staff were gently notified with a bell to begin watching, now we get a

warning that feels like, “Start watching, or else!” How did a random rooster crow become part of our school culture? Former principal Clark Mershon grew up on a farm, and he woke up each morning with a rooster crowing. So, that is why the beloved rooster bell rang for 9 years every school morning. And we miss it and want administration to bring it back. This bell was a part of who we are as a school, something we as a student body could relate to together. Why did they slaughter the beloved rooster? Bring him back to life.

On the Cover...

Senior Joe Cantrell runs with the team onto the field before the game against Fort Osage High School Sept. 15. Photo Illustration by Emilie Kerr

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At the Homecoming dance Sept. 23, more than 700 student showed up. It was the biggest turnout in school history. “The ‘Cupid Shuffle’ dance was my favorite because everyone was able to dance to it. I also liked this year’s dance better than last year’s because there was more participation,” said sophomore Cole Chambers. Photo by Emilie Kerr

To The Moon & Back Did It Live Up To the Hype?

Homecoming was a highly anticipated event. Student Council worked from the start of the school year to well after the dance was over Sept. 23, and it had the biggest dance turnout in school history. This theme was “To the Moon and Back.” The whole lower PE hallway leading to the gym was blacked out and dark. “I am absolutely stoked for the homecoming theme because it’s all space this year. Stuco theme is space, homecoming is space, courtwarming is space, and I’m a total geek when it comes to stuff like that,” said senior Britlyn Sparks.

After the dance, there was mostly positive feedback, with some complaints about it being hot in the gym and how sweaty everyone was. “The dance was exponentially more fun this year. I’ve gone to homecoming all four years, and the energy and excitement this year was so much more than it has ever been,” said senior Evelyn Shelby. “Stuco did such a great job getting everyone hyped up for the dance, which resulted in way more people showing up, which made it so much more fun.” All the hype was partly due to the homecoming parade and assembly. The parade was the

Senior Takeover By Alexa Schulte Seniors came to school Sept. 22 at 5:30 a.m. and trashed a part of the school with streamers and confetti while using air horns. Senior takeover was a new tradition the Student Council

started last school year. “It was really fun. Things were flying everywhere. I almost went deaf from all the loud air horns,” said senior Liala Dixon.


Wednesday before the dance, while the assembly was the Friday before. The dance brought in a record crowd. For many people, not just freshmen, this was their first highschool dance. “I thought it was really fun, and I had a great time. I liked how it was set up and everything. I definitely want to go again next year,” said first time-dance attendee junior Gracie Streeval. For the people who went to the dance, they might have noticed their classmates who were working instead of being in the dance. “The dance went very well,

even better than we hoped. We had to get more tickets because we sold out,” said senior Bennett Holloway. Holloway was involved in the stuco preparation for the dance. Also, he worked at the dance, filling the bleachers with bags that people didn’t want to take into the dance. He worked throughout the night and was there until the end. Overall, the schoolwide preparation, spirit and attendance to the dance made a memorable night for many. Written by Jack Warner Graphics by Alexa Schulte

The 2018 graduating class brought decorations to trash the school Sept. 22. They redecorated the grand staircase as a going-away present. “It was fun to experience it with all my friends. I’ve been waiting to do that since they started the tradition,” said senior Karely Cardoza. Photo by Jacob Dyke

Spirit Week Monday: Matching Monday Tuesday: Too Tired Tuesday Wednesday: Falcon Wear Thursday: Throwback Thursday Friday: Freedom Friday

Monday: Seniors Bennett Holloway, Anthony Cramer

Wednesday: Sophmore Taylor Black, Senior Britlyn Sparks

Thursday: Juniors; Grace Duddy, Chloe Turner and Karson Davis

Along with other members of the graduating class, senior Gabrielle Byers helped redecorate the front of the school on Sept. 22. Byers helped paint signs that they used during the festivities. “I thought the senior takeover was really fun. It definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Byers. Photo by Jacob Dyke

Tuesday: Juniors Hanna Aydogan, Breckyn Penner

Friday: Seniors Daniella Gonzalez, Kaitlyn McConnell

After the senior class arrived for the takeover, seniors Kameron Hergins and Dawson Roberts throw streamers. At 5:30 a.m., the fun began to end the homecoming week. “I got to have this amazing experience with my graduating class. It gave me the opportunity to revisit with my friends I haven’t seen since middle school,” said Hergins. Photo by Jacob Dyke


Make Plans To Get In Halloween Spirit

Places to visit One place to go to get in the Halloween spirit is the Weston Red Barn Farm. The farm not only has pumpkins but food, farm animals, a corn maze and a country store. You can take a hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin, and the price will depend on the size of the pumpkin or you can pick from the many in front, ranging in size and type of pumpkin. They also have an apple orchard you can pick from. They have apple slushes and kettle corn to enjoy while you are there. The farm opened Labor Day weekend and closes the first weekend in November. The hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free, and so is parking. But things like the hayride and the corn maze do cost money. Located in downtown Kansas City in the West Bottoms, The Beast is the largest haunted house in the United States and was founded in 1991, according to The Beast’s website. It is a place to go if you want to get scared, and it takes 40 minutes to get through the whole haunted house. The Beast features a werewolf forest where you have to find the exit in complete darkness and a four-story slide to exit the house. It opens Sept. 15 and is open until Nov. 4. The Beast is open Thursday through Saturday, 7:30 p.m. until midnight. Single tickets for the 2017 season cost $27, and VIP tickets to skip the lines are $42, not including taxes or service fees. Tickets are valid for any open night of the season. The Liberty Corn Maze is a great place to go to for scares with your friends. Each year, they have a different design in the corn maze, and this year is “from farm to table” to show the importance of buying locally-grown or self-grown produce. In the design, there are eight separate corn mazes to choose from. The maze is open Sept. 8 until Oct. 29 and is open on weekends Friday to Sunday. Single-day tickets for adults 13 years and older are $10 plus tax, and a season pass is $30 plus tax.


By Alexis Howard and Jen Hulen

CostumeS The Spirit Halloween store is always a classic to go to when in need of a costume. They have a variety of costumes to choose from. A new location just opened up on Barry Road. It’s a good place to go if you are willing to spend more money on a costume. Besides having clothes, Savers also has a section dedicated to Halloween costumes and decor. They have thrifted jewelry, costumes and add ons like glasses and tights. Prices depend on quality and brand.

Another way to get unique with a costume is to D.I.Y. one. Joann has everything from fabrics to jewelry to accessories. They have coupons on their website and have sales to make the trip better for the wallet. It is a good option if you want to get creative.


Spider cookies Ingredients


½ cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup butter 2 eggs 3 cups flour 1 ½ teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder white icing 10 chocolate chips (melted)

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 2. In a big bowl, beat sugar, brown sugar, butter, peanut butter and egg. Gradually stir in flour, baking soda and baking powder. 3. Roll into half inch balls, roll in sugar and place on wax paper one inch apart. 4. Put in oven for 8-10 minutes. 5. Let cool for 30 minutes, and put a dot of white icing on the peanut butter cup. 6. Once the icing is on the peanut butter cup, melt the chocolate chips, take a toothpick and slightly put a dot of melted chocolate on the white icing with the toothpick. 7. Lastly, take more of the melted chocolate chips, and make four lines on each side of the cookie that makes the legs.


Pumpkin Pops Ingredients steps 1 bag orange Candy Melts 1 package Oreos 1 package lollipop sticks 1 package Candy Eyeballs Pretzel Stick ends (depends on how many you want to make.)

1. Melt the candy melts.d 2. Take apart cookies. 3. Dip the top of the lollipop stick in the melted chocolate, and press it into the creamy center of the Oreo. 4. Place the top of the cookie back on and refrigerate until solid. 5. Take the cookie back out of the fridge and dip the entire cookie on a stick back into the chocolate. Cover the entire cookie. 6. Break a small piece of the end of the pretzel stick off and place it in the top of the cookie for a stem. 7. Place candy eyeballs somewhere in the middle of the cookie. 8. Add a mouth by putting the melted chocolate in a plastic bag and snipping off a tiny piece from corner. Then, pipe it onto the cookie pop, forming a mouth. 9. Refrigerate until hardened.


Fall Into Pumpkin Spice Talon Staff Reviews Lattes Sold Nearby Starbucks $4.45 Starbucks was my favorite of all the pumpkin spice lattes. It had the perfect amount of coffee and pumpkin taste together. It is the only drink out of the five that I finished. Along with the taste, whenever I opened the lid, I realized the drink was an orange color, unlike the other drinks which had a brown more coffee-like color. Although the pricing is the highest out of them all, and early in the morning the line might be long, it is definitely worth it.

McDonald’s $2.00

The McDonald’s latte was the second best out of the five coffees and tasted the most like fall. Although the line was very long, the price point is definitely reasonable for the amount of latte you get. This drink wasn’t extremely flavored nor dull, but a happy medium. This coffee had an even flavor between coffee and the spice, which also added to the drink. Overall, this was a very well-made drink.

Dunkin’ Donuts $2.99 Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin spice latte tasted like heated milk with a hint of spice. This coffee had no coffee flavor present in it at all. This is oddly surprising to me because Dunkin’ is usually known for their strong coffees. I was very disappointed in this latte because it had a strong spice with little coffee flavor, which leads me to believe there was not much coffee in the drink.

QuikTrip $1.39

Quik Trip’s latte tasted the strongest of cinnamon and nutmeg, which was very overpowering and ruined the whole drink. Although in this drink, I could definitely taste the coffee, unlike the Dunkin’ Donuts drink. I think the major downfall with this latte is the excessive flavor, but is a convenient drink to grab on the go.

Casey’s $1.29 Casey’s was the most watered-down drink overall. This drink had way too much water and little to no flavoring. I would be surprised if there was any coffee found in this drink. I was disappointed in Casey’s flavorless coffee, but you get what you pay for.

“I thought it was really good, but I think it is more cinnamon than pumpkin. It reminded me of November.”- Senior Jen Hulen

“I’m not the biggest fan of Casey’s pumpkin spice. Probably because it tastes like water with a hint of pumpkin in it.” - Senior Kelsey Bennett


“The drink was very well rounded with all the ingredients. There was just enough of everything.” -Senior Leidy Venegas

“I couldn’t taste much pumpkin; it just tasted like bitter coffee.” Sophomore Makenzie Hooton

“It tasted like Christmas.” -Senior Alexis Howard By Kyla Gaines and Maddy Benda

‘The People Make Staley Great’ Anderson Reflects on 10 Years

In August of 2008, Staley High School opened its doors for the first time. There were dignitaries, men in parachutes jumping out of a plane and fanfare. This was all done to celebrate the new multi-million dollar school in the North Kansas City School District. This new school would have the newest and best in everything: technology, furniture, stadiums, auditorium, and it was built to be a green school. This was going to be the new shining star in the Northland, or, as one teacher affectionately calls it, “the land of milk and honey.” Since its opening, everything has been pretty good at Staley. There have been several state titles, countless 1’s at state competitions in the fine arts department, oodles of awards and academic success that is second to none. The school board and the community should be proud of Staley. However, none of that really encapsulates what the real story of Staley is, and that is the people. In the entrance to the school, it says, “Through these doors walk the finest people in the world.” Many laughed at that when it was painted on the wall. However, after 10 years, nothing about this school is more true than that statement. It is the people that have made Staley High School one of the best high schools in America. It all starts with behind the scenes staff members (administrators, custodians, the lunch servers, administrative assistants, etc.) who all deeply care about this place. Staley is one of the most well maintaine and well run schools, and the pride to keep it looking great is incredible. After 10 years, it still looks brand new. Furthermore, these same people support the students when they want to decorate or try something new. They serve their students with a smile and a happy attitude every day. Many schools do not have that same kind of support. Staley is lucky to have them. On the front lines, are the teachers. Many teachers at Staley have come and gone, but along the way they have shaped a generation of young people. They have used their tools to build great minds but more importantly free thinkers. These same teachers have given their heart and soul to their students through sacrificing time for them, counseling them through rough times and making all students feel special. I feel honored to be part of such an amazing staff. However, the most important group at Staley has been the students. Although in the beginning, they had some reservations about coming to a new school, they have embraced it over time. Their academic success continues to improve with each class, and their love and passion for their school continues to grow. Furthermore, when one student hurts, they have rallied around them through fund raisers and public awareness drives, and they even have grown food for others. I would put the heart of these students up against any student body in the land. The students at Staley have a choice every day: to make it a great day or not. And at Staley, it is a great day – every day. So, as we celebrate 10 years at Staley High School, let’s remember that it is NOT about the building. It is NOT about the stadiums. It is not about the state titles. It is NOT about any of that. It was, it is and always will be about the great people inside this building. As the numerous Tweets from alumni have said after state titles, great musicals, the hiring of alumni to return and teach at Staley, and sadly even the deaths of classmates, etc. “Once a Falcon – Always a Falcon!!” Photo by Maddy Benda Graphic by Peyton Stark

Scott Anderson Social Studies Teacher Staley Original


THIS IS STALEY Falcons Celebrate Tenth Year

AP Scholars: 2010- 26 students 2011- 48 students 2012- 54 students 2013- 61 students 2014- 65 students 2015- 79 students

Graduation Rates: 2010- 98.7% 2011- 96.8% 2012- 96.6% 2013-98.8% 2014- 98% 2015- 98.4% 2016- 100%

By Leidy Venegas Photo Illustration by Emilie Kerr

ACT Composite Scores: 2010- 21.7 2011- 21.7 2012- 21.98 2013- 22.58 2014- 22.33 2015- 22.28 2016- 21.96

2011 Football

2012, 2014, 2016 Emeralds

2013 Cheer

Photo by Kyndall Truelove

Photo by Lauren Hudson

Sports State Championships

[10] TALON - VOLUME 10 - ISSUEPhoto 1 by Sloan Thomas

The Originals Staff Here All 10 Years

2015 Softball

2017 Wrestling

Photo by Kelsey Bennett

Photo by Christopher Spry

Scott Anderson Tim Armstrong Chris Brown Bob Buck CheriĂŠ Burgett Chris Carey Steve Coult Chelle Cox Melanie Davidson Jackie Fabert Jeanine Felten Kristina Francis Nancy French Toni Hansen Jeremy Hays Andrea Holmes Angela Kinslow Deborah Kumer Phil Lite Anna Maki-Birchler James McNeely Matt Nevels Jennifer Newman Tracy Resseguie Pam Rohlfing Kelly Rule Greg Spiegel Kate Strahl Jairus Tapp Shane Taylor Carol Toney Todd Warner Kate Wheeler David Wilson Christian Winn TALON - VOLUME 10 - ISSUE 1 [11]

Head coach Phil Lite gives the team a post-practice talk Oct. 28. It was the day before a game, and the players had just gotten done with walk throughs. “He’s a good speaker, and he just gets us ready to play. He’s a coach on the field but like a friend off the field,” said varsity quarterback senior John Raybourn. Photo by Leidy Venegas


High ‘Lite’ of the Week Chiefs Present Award To Head Football Coach Award-winning varsity football head coach Phil Lite won the K.C. Chiefs coach of the week award Sept. 20. Lite won the award after leading his team to 22-15 win against the undefeated Fort Osage High School. This made Staley the No. 2 class 5 team in the state. “Personally, this is more of a team accomplishment than an individual accomplishment,” said Lite. This is Lite’s second year as varsity head coach for the Falcons and the second year in a row that he has won this award. “Winning that big game in the last few seconds is probably what led into winning that award, but I don’t look at it as any individual award,” said Lite. “My goal as a coach is to develop young men to be productive husbands and

fathers. This is just something that comes along with it.” Offensive line coach Jeremy Hays has worked with Lite since the program’s

“My goal as a coach is to develop young men to be productive husbands and fathers. This is just something that comes along with it.” -- Coach Phil Lite beginning. “He is a very motivated person and tries to find the best in every athlete and

pushes them to that,” said Hays. “Anything we need or want to try, he will work with us.” Senior linebacker Tyler Miller has played for Lite for four years. “I couldn’t think of a better man to play for,” said Miller. “How much he invests in not just how we play but growing his players as better young men.” Lite winning the coach of the week award two years in a row doesn’t satisfy him and his team. Being the No. 2 team in the state is a baby step to the team’s goal, state champions. The school will receive a $1,500 grant. Lite is now a finalist for the Missouri Chiefs Coach of the Year Award. Written by Dawson Parks


What’s All The Hype? As Seen On Twitter...

Junior’s Student Section Hype Videos A Hit

Filming for her next hype video at the pep rally on Sept. 20, junior Pierson Beaulieu records the students yelling a chant. She normally recorded the student section, cheerleaders, Emeralds and players during games. “I hope to make more videos for other sports,” said Beaulieu. Photo by

Jack Warner

Hype videos are quickly becoming popular, and junior Pierson Beaulieu has been creating them for each varsity football game. Each game has a theme for the student section, and her videos try to match each of the themes. “When making my videos, I try to think, ‘How enjoyable can I make the video?’ I also try to get different clips each week that go with the theme or mood of the game,” said Beaulieu. While this is her first year making hype videos for Staley, these aren’t her first hype videos. She also made them for her dad’s basketball games that he coaches. “I’ve always liked

making videos for different events like my family vacations or my dad’s basketball team. Filmmaker Casey Neistat inspired me to make videos more regularly. I’ve been watching his videos for as long as I can remember,” said Beaulieu. She also made a hype video for cheer camp. She used highlights of the camp, including some behind the scenes with the cheerleaders. “Pierson was able to incorporate all the important things from camp and make a really cool highlight video. All her videos are lit, and I’ll be watching them in the future,” said junior Dkaria Bascom. She started making

videos for the school by filming another cheer promo video. In it, she had scenes from the game, and she soon discovered people enjoyed it. Now, her videos are focused more on the student section and the game instead of just the cheer team. “I posted it on Twitter, and people seemed to like it. So, the next week I filmed another one, then another and another,” said Beaulieu. She said she plans to continue to make videos for the remainder of the football season, and she is hoping to make more videos for the other sports throughout the year as well. Written by Alexa Schulte



Sparks Joins 1,000 Club Volleyball Player Breaks Assists Record

10 Facts About Senior Britlyn Sparks 1. Started playing in first grade after watching her sister 2. Played on varsity for three years 3. First person in school history to reach 1,000 4. 713 assists from her first two years playing for the school 5. Is a varsity team captain 6. Two-time All-Conference award winner 7. From her sophomore and junior years, she had: 453 assists, 46 aces, 160 digs and 28 kills. 8. One-time All-District award winner 9. Two-time Academic All-State award winner 10. As of Sept. 27, she had 1,331 assists.

Written by Haylee Roberts Photos by Maddy Benda


“There is a J-Cole song that I used to listen to before every football game, and that was my inspiration behind the tattoos.” -Coach Jordan Simmons


Photos by Maddy Benda and Christopher Spry

“The tattoo is a tracing of something my dad wrote, and having it makes me feel closer to him because of the words he wrote.” -Senior Kaitlyn McConnell


“It was one of my verses of the day on the Bible app, and I just always thought it was an inspirational verse.” -Senior Roderick Criss

“I got my tattoo because my grandma is an important person in my life and someone I aspire to be like when I’m older.” -Junior Maleaha Abina

“I got my tattoo to represent my grandma Betty because she always taught me I can overcome anything.” -Senior Mariah Edde

Yourself “Every time a family member turns 18, they get their shark tattoo. It means if a shark stops moving, it dies, so you always have to keep moving forward.” -Senior Lane Burch

“When I was a junior, my brother got diagnosed with cancer, and this was his favorite picture of Jesus’s hands on the cross, so I got it.” -Senior Braedyn McLaughlin

“I got it because two people that were very close to me passed away, and I want to keep them close to my heart.” -Senior Peyton Pool


“That ‘70s Show”

The title says it all for this one. This show is about a close group of friends in the 70s who are in school and spend most of their time hanging out in Eric Foreman’s basement. Their friend group is Hyde, Eric, Donna, Kelso, Jackie and Fez. If you haven’t watched this show, you need to watch it -- like yesterday. It’s a funny, feel-good show that will leave you laughing uncontrollably and wanting more episodes. This one has eight seasons and runs about 25 minutes per episode.

Netflix Top 10



This lesser-known show doesn’t get enough recognition. It is heartfelt and will hit you in the feels. It’s about a huge family and their lives, touching on various real-life subjects as well. Throughout the show, you go through their hardships, their happy times and their lives overall. “Parenthood” has six seasons averaging about 45 minutes each, so it’s going to take you a few weeks to get through it, but it’s so worth it.


Get Ready To BINGE


“Freaks and Geeks”

This show is about a girl named Lindsey Weir and her brother Sam. Lindsey’s friends constitute the “freaks,” and Sam’s friends constitute the “geeks.” Lindsey finds herself trying to transform herself from a highachieving student to a rebellious teen, which her parents despise. Her brother, on the other hand, is just trying to fit in to the “cool” high school stereotype. This show also has some serious eye candy starring James Franco as a part of the “freaks” friend group as well as Jason Segel. If you’re looking for a quick, one-to-two day binge, this show is for you. But it leaves the audience wanting more. Written by Emilie Kerr Graphic by Kelsey Bennett and Emilie Kerr


“Raising Hope”

If you ever take a step back and think, “Wow, my family is crazy,” then you will be able to relate to this one a lot. This comedy is about a young dad named Jimmy who still lives at home with his parents, Burt and Virgina, and his great grandma “Maw Maw,” who has dementia. Throughout the four seasons of this show, you become a part of their family. You watch Hope, Jimmy’s daughter, grow up, Jimmy fall in love and Burt and Virgina become the funniest grandparents ever. You’re going need to plan a few weeks for this one, one week if you’re consistent. This show is perfect for your after school -- before your nap -- during your snack part of the day.



“The Fosters”

This show is definitely one where you should have a tissue box close by. Callie and her brother Jude have been in and out of the foster-care system their entire lives. Then they move in Steph and Lena, a couple who already had adopted a set of twins, Jesus and Mariana, and also have Steph’s biological son from her first marriage, Brandon, and gave them the home they never had. This show hits a lot of controversial topics, such as LGBT rights, the broken foster care system, racial equality and so much more. “The Fosters” is on Freeform every Tuesday, and it has four seasons on Netflix to date.

What’s on Your Keychain? Students Share How Keychains Reflect Personality

“The keychain is just super cool looking. I love the design of it. And I am so excited to finally have it, because you wait so long to to get all the senior accessories,” said senior Drew Clemens.

“I like having a Vera Bradley lanyard because if I’m carrying stuff I can put it around my neck. And I like the matching wallet with my keys on it, so I won’t leave anything at home,” said junior Sydnie Freese. “I thought it was cool because I believe in aliens and all that. It is kind of a representation of myself,” said senior Carolyn Dickerson.

“On Christmas, I got a little key chain from my grandpa that came here from Scotland. My family came from Clan Farquharson, which is a Scottish tribe,” said junior Keely Edwards.

“I think astrology is a big part of your life, and that’s why I have a pisces keychain on mine. And then I have a blue sandstone because it ties into my astrology sign,” said senior Ethan Westhoff.

By Emilie Kerr, Jacob Dyke and Madelyn Phillips


In preparation for homecoming, principal Larry Smith claps at the pep rally after the parade Oct. 20. Smith tried to attend as many extracurricular events and get involved with the school as much as possible. “Just being a part of the Staley family is what I’m looking forward to the most,” said Smith. Photo by Makenzie Hooton

New Flock Leader Principal Wants Student-Led Culture

Competitive. Positive. Strategic. Funny. Confident. These are some of the traits that the new principal Larry Smith said describe him. He is eager to take part in the school’s culture, but he also has goals for the school. “Having a culture that is again student led and student driven and that strives to be the best, and that’s in anything,” said Smith. Smith said one of the things that drew him to Staley was the competitiveness. From cheer to debate to football, Smith said he wants to be first in every activity that competes, and he didn’t come to Staley to be second. “That’s one of the things that drew me to Staley because Staley is really good. And I didn’t want to go somewhere that wasn’t going to be really good in everything that we try and wasn’t going to have the same attitude that I have that we’re going to be first in everything we do,” said Smith. He is a big believer in extracurricular activities and believes it is critical to get involved. Smith played football for the University of Nebraska where his team won the national championship in 1994. In his football career, he played the position of wide receiver. And in high school, he participated in DECA, which is the marketing club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Future Business Leaders of America

along with football. “School should be a fun place for students to come and learn and grow in a lot of different ways and become the person they want to transition to their next phases of life as,” said Smith. He has already been involved at Staley by attending both varsity and freshman football games, softball games and varsity volleyball. He plans to attend cross country and other events as well. He said he loves the atmosphere at the sporting events and how the students support each other positively and with a lot of energy. The only thing Smith said he would like to see is more students attending sporting events along with football. “Let’s get hype. Our student section has been awesome, even our students in the hallways even bring energy,” said Smith. As a principal, he would like to provide students a happy and fun and collaborative environment at school where they are able to strive for excellence. He said he would like to provide students with the ability to have a positive relationship with their teachers and people around them. Smith said he loves the energy brought by students and staff, and he expects everyone to strive for success. Written by Paxton Donaldson Graphics by Kelsey Bennett

This or That? Smith Shares Preferences



Peps i




or Choc a l l i n olate Va g or


e or e ff o C


in Danc


Red Bull


Volume 10, Issue 1, October 2017, Talon magazine, Staley High School  
Volume 10, Issue 1, October 2017, Talon magazine, Staley High School  

Staley Talon Vol. 10, Issue 1; Talon is a student-produced magazine created and published by the journalism students of Staley High School i...