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from the principal The 2011 NAPLAN results for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 together with the 2010 Year 12 OP results and offers of tertiary positions confirms what we know about St Aidan’s; we are serious about academics and we support every girl to achieve her best. The NAPLAN results revealed for a second year in a row that in every year level our students performed above both state and national averages for all sub tests. In fact our Year 9 numeracy results for the second year are among the top handful in the state. These results follow on from the outstanding 94% of Year 12 students who in 2010 were awarded an OP of 1-15 and the 100 % of girls receiving a Queensland Certificate of Education and 98% receiving an offer of a tertiary place. What we also know is that when St Aidan’s girls go to University or the world of work, they are well prepared and are welcomed by employers and receive consistently strong results at tertiary institutions. This year has seen a focus on preparation for the introduction of the Australian Curriculum in 2012 through both the junior and senior schools and I commend the work that our staff have done in curriculum development. We also provided laptops throughout the school this year with girls in Years 8 to 12 having access to this technology at home as well as at school.

St Aidan’s

I commend our teaching staff who commenced a program of pedagogical rounds; where excellent practitioners open their classrooms for colleagues to explore and then discuss teaching styles and student learning. As always we remain focussed on encouraging each student in our school to be the best she can be. This issue of the Huddle profiles the achievement and commitment of a number of community members, staff and students and the vast array of activities undertaken. It also provides some detail about the launch of our new co-ed Kindergarten program. We look forward to this important part of our educational program returning to the school.

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2 huddle I december 2011

Finally, we were delighted that the 2011 parent survey returned the best ever results since we commenced using this instrument in 2005. A satisfaction rating of 93.6 out of 100, (and up from 90.3 in 2009) recognises the focus that we have had over the past few years on academic extension, support for all students and our pastoral care program. Areas where the school is viewed to be performing best include extension opportunities for academically able students, pastoral care/ student welfare, opportunities for students to participate in clubs and groups within the school, quality of visual and performing arts facilities, as well as achievement in these two areas and that sporting achievement is valued. Further detail is included in this issue of the Huddle. Thank you again for your support this year. I wish all members of the St Aidan’s family the very best for a safe Christmas time. Karen Spiller


Student Leaders 2012 SACRISTANS: Deanna Kaese SPORTS CAPTAINS: Sarah Rose Macpherson DEBATING CAPTAINS: Sarah Krause MUSIC CAPTAINS: Grace Burgess-Limerick HOUSE CO-CAPTAINS: Austen Sarah Joslin Barrett Megan Elliott Bronte Georgia Lainchbury Cavell Zoe Edwards Hartland Meredith Elliott Nightingale Jessica Dobson

Natasha McBride Grace McKellar Jessie Madden Tegwen Marsdon Elizabeth Macdonald Elissa Stewart Megan Sherington Sarah Remmerswaal Olivia Smith Brittany Mohr

ART Rachel McDonnell Rebekah Yeo DUKE OF EDINBURGH Kaitlyn Collett GLOBAL SHIELD PRESIDENT Sevannah Ellis GLOBAL SHIELD SECRETARY Lauren Williams GLOBAL SHIELD DIRECTORS Madeline Watson (Peace) Claire Emmerson (Justice) Cara McCartney (Sustainability) INTERACT PRESIDENT Grace Burgess-Limerick INTERACT VICE PRESIDENT Sarah MacKenzie INTERACT SECRETARY Sevannah Ellis INTERACT TREASURER Lucy Gilbert LIBRARY Samantha Shaw STAGE DANCE Nikeisha Plumridge BAND Tegwen Marsdon Brooke Schampers CHOIR Emily Plath Tayla Van Engelen ENSEMBLE Kaitlyn Collett Lauren Williams STRINGS Claire Fender Emily Leach INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Huong Vu Pham

ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS Samantha Mehan ATHLETICS Jessie Chandler BADMINTON Claire Fender BASKETBALL Biarnca Carseldine CRICKET Laura Magnusson CROSS COUNTRY Olivia Tannock EQUESTRIAN Kate Austin HOCKEY Jessie Chandler NETBALL Meredith Elliott RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS Erin Hanson ROWING Megan Elliott SOCCER Olivia Tannock SOFTBALL Teagan Scrimgeour SWIMMING Tanne Marais TENNIS Ashleigh McRae TOUCH FOOTBALL Gabrielle Blake VOLLEYBALL Lucy Gilbert

Lucinda Harris Bronte Sawyer Lucy Salisbury Fiona Daly Zoe Edwards Kate Woodhouse Gabrielle Wruck Keira Taylor Tayla Van Engelen Mardi Wilson Megan Sherington Emily Stevens

Madeleine Colquhoun and Kate Pidgeon

SCHOOL CAPTAIN 2012: Kate Pidgeon

VICE CAPTAIN 2012: Madeleine Colquhoun


Madeleine Colquhoun

Lucy Earle

Sarah Krause

Alexandra Leigh

Sarah Rose Macpherson

Jessie Madden

Grace McKellar

Ashleigh McRae

Kate Pidgeon

Emily Plath

Brooke Schampers

Emily Stevens

Kate Woodhouse

Gabrielle Wruck

Eloise Jolly (2010)

has been awarded a Merit scholarship.

Valued at $6,000 for the first year of study, these scholarships will be awarded to high-achieving students (OP 1-3) who can also demonstrate outstanding extracurricular academic and/or leadership and/or significant community service achievements. huddle I december 2011 3



the association or unification of women in a common cause. It is sometimes hard to believe that a mere six months ago, the Brisbane community was reeling from the devastating effects of the January floods. Throughout the rowing community, the impacts included the destruction of sheds, damage to boats, and seemingly unending mud. For many girls’ schools, the prospects for 2011 looked bleak. Damage to sheds reduced the number of venues available, and lateral thinking was needed to ensure we could maintain our competitiveness for the season. Fast forward to today, with all ten schools having competed in

The logistics involved finding space for three fleets, complete

another season of close racing. Through the collective efforts

with tinnies, oars and storage of spares. Despite the 50%

of all schools, and a common goal of ensuring that every

increase in the number of girls at the shed, the process was

schoolgirl deserves the opportunity to compete, the 2011

remarkably smooth and even boat unloading after regattas

season was alive and well. Nowhere was this more apparent

(three trailers, over 30 boats and more than 240 rowers) was

than the BBC Rowing Shed at St Lucia. Normally the winter

relatively trouble free.

home of the St Aidan’s and St Peter’s rowers – locally termed the St Lucia Schoolgirl Rowing Alliance – the shed also became

There is one fundamental principle that enabled this to be

the home of Stuartholme rowers. Faced with no shed due

achieved, and that is the spirit of sisterhood that ran through

to the damage to their normal venue at the Terrace sheds,

the BBC shed this year. The shared love of the sport, and

a last-minute collaboration between St Aidan’s, St Peter’s,

the sense of community that has arisen from the floods,

Stuartholme and Brisbane Boys’ College saw the red and yellow

saw girls from all three schools working closely together to

rowers move into the shed in April.

keep everyone on the water. It was not uncommon to see

4 huddle I december 2011

Stuartholme and St Aidan’s girls pulling up tinnies together, St Peter’s and St Aidan’s girls talking over breakfast, or Stuartholme and St Peter’s crews doing opposed work during training. Co-ordinators, coaches, parents and rowers have all worked together to ensure the shed operates smoothly and efficiently. It is perhaps fitting, then, that the latest addition to St Aidan’s fleet, a Wintech International racing scull, has been named “Sisterhood”. The name symbolises the bonds of friendship and community that thrive amongst the students at St Aidan’s, and amongst those girls – from all schools – fortunate enough to experience rowing as a sport. It also pays tribute to the school’s foundation by the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent. Purchased through the fundraising efforts of the Rowing Support Group, and a generous donation by one of our rowing families, “Sisterhood” is now racing in the traditional STARS livery. To get to and from regattas, this new boat and the rest of the St Aidan’s fleet travels on the other major purchase for 2011, a new Sykes boat trailer, funded through the generosity of a number of sponsors. Across the BSRA, it is thanks to the support of parents, sponsors and our schools that we can continue to enjoy and grow our programs, and give all rowers the opportunity to experience the ultimate team sport, and the sisterhood that all BSRA rowers share.

The 2011 Qld Schools Championships Regatta were held in Rockhampton from 17-19 September 2011. YEAR 8 Tessa Heath Brooke Holden Emily Bishop Sarah Hills Natasha Halloran YEAR 9 Audrey van Herwaarden Ane Botha Anna de Kruyf Chloe Sawyer Sarah Lilley Alex Dennis Lucy Smith YEAR 10 Nicole Ashton-Brooks Emily Hodgson Hannah Dillman Bronte Prowse YEAR 11 Gabi Wruck Tanne Marais Bronte Sawyer Lauren Danckwerts YEAR 12 Sally Mills Imogen McCluskey Eliza Baldwin Rachel Palmer

huddle I december 2011 5

St Aidan’s again a top performer in NAPLAN In May 2011, Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sat the National Literacy and Numeracy Test, NAPLAN, a nationwide testing program. Individual student results reflect the hard work and focus of our staff and students. St Aidan’s students’ performance on the 2011 NAPLAN tests has again been well above the average result when compared with both State and National figures in all areas.

significant proportion of students equaling the highest scores in Queensland on one or more of each of the sub-tests.

We are proud of our students’ results and feel they reflect earnest young people committed to achieving their potential. Many of the individual student results show a

The table below compares St Aidan’s results with that of the State and the National average in each of the literacy and numeracy areas. We believe that these very strong results are a reflection of both the quality teaching and learning

Reading Average

Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

St Aidan’s















Writing Average

Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

St Aidan’s
















Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

St Aidan’s
















Grammar and Punctuation Average

Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

St Aidan’s















Numeracy Average

Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

St Aidan’s















6 huddle I december 2011

opportunities provided at St Aidan’s and the hard work of our staff and students in maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy. For Queensland students, it is important to note that students in Years 5-9 are between three to ten months younger than other students across Australia.

Principal awarded 2011 Churchill Fellowship Karen Spiller, Principal of St Aidan’s, has been awarded a 2011 Churchill Fellowship. The Fellowship will allow Karen to examine strategies for preparing female leaders for the position of Principalship in Australian schools. Karen will travel to the United States of America and the United Kingdom in 2012 to carry out her research. “It is an honour to be conferred such a prestigious award,” said Karen. “I look forward to speaking to, and working with thought-leaders in the US and UK to better prepare women for leadership of our schools,” she said. Chief Executive Officer of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Paul Tys, congratulated the 2011 Churchill Fellows and expressed his enthusiasm for their endeavours. “This year’s Churchill Fellows, like their predecessors are dedicated, inspiring Australians who will make a difference to our country over the coming decades,” said Paul. huddle I december 2011 7

Teachers teaching teachers

Pedagogical/ Instructional Rounds – an opportunity to observe and discuss effective teaching. Those in the medical profession have been doing it for decades, however, the concept of Pedagogical/ Instructional Rounds in teaching is a new one and a strategy that has already been showing results for St Aidan’s teachers and consequently students. The approach is designed to build teacher capacity, improve student achievement, and be sustainable. Research undertaken in the area (Newmann et al, 1996) has made progress in identifying features for successful improvement of pedagogy that lifts students’ academic achievement, and is consistent with the growing consensus on principles of effective professional learning which includes: -

adequate time for professional learning,


collaboration among teachers,


reflection on practice,


coherency of the professional learning program, and


participation in active rather than passive learning.

huddle I december 2011 8

What is the aim? Pedagogical Rounds are one of the primary ways for teachers to observe and discuss effective teaching. Instructional rounds is a professional development strategy designed to increase the collective pedagogical expertise of an entire school. The goal of instructional rounds isn’t to provide feedback to the teacher being observed, although this is an option if the observed teacher so desires. Rather, the primary purpose is for observing teachers to compare their own instructional practices with those of the teachers they observe. The chief benefit of this approach resides in the discussion that takes place among observing teachers at the end of the observation as well as in subsequent self-reflection.

How it works The rounds process is an adaptation and extension of the medical rounds model, which is used routinely in medical schools and teaching hospitals to develop the diagnostic and treatment practice of physicians. There are several versions of medical rounds, but in the most commonly used versions, groups of medical interns, residents, and supervisory or attending physicians visit patients, observe and discuss the evidence for diagnoses, and, after a thorough analysis of the evidence, discuss possible treatments.

Primary Principles 1) Teachers who are observed are typically volunteers. They may provide information prior to the visit; where the lesson segment fits into the unit of work etc. 2) Groups conducting rounds are usually small – three to five, not counting the lead teacher. On the day on which rounds are scheduled, teachers being observed alert their classes that they will have some other teachers visiting their classroom. Observed teachers might explain to their students that teachers are trying to learn from one another just as students learn from one another. 3) When the observer teachers enter a classroom, they knock at the door and quietly move to some portion of the classroom that does not disrupt the flow of instruction. This is usually somewhere at the back of the classroom. There they observe what is occurring and make notes on what they see. At the end of the observation, the observer team exits the classroom making sure to thank the observed teacher and the students. 4) Observation of classes could be about 15 – 20 minutes. 5) Debriefing Rounds – After rounds have been conducted, members of the observing team convene to debrief on their experiences, discussing each observation one at a time, if more than one class has been observed.

“In speaking with teachers, who have already participated in the rounds they all talk about how these have informed their current practice, prompted them to enhance or elaborate on strategies they already use, or inspired them to try new strategies. “It’s a wonderful way to recognise the amazing teachers we have at St Aidan’s. Being a teacher included in the round to be observed is typically considered an honour as it implies the teacher is recognised for skilfully employing instructional strategies and behaviours,” Mrs Spiller said. The practice of Pedagogical/ Instructional Rounds will continue at St Aidan’s and it is anticpated research and monitoring will be undertaken to track its continued effectiveness for both staff development and students’ outcomes. Newmann, F. M., Marks, H. M., & Gamoran, A. (1996). Authentic pedagogy and student performance. American Journal of Education, 104(4), 280-312.

Observer teachers then take turns commenting on what they saw in a particular classroom, noting the positive things they observed as well as mentioning some questions he or she had about the teacher’s use of strategies. Finally, the observer teachers compare and contrast their classroom strategies with one or more or the techniques observed. Principal, Karen Spiller, who introduced the concept to St Aidan’s this year, said she wanted teachers to understand firsthand the power of these focused, non-evaluative observations. “Through a non-evaluative lens, teachers observe ‘master’ teachers in the school to improve their own teaching practice,” Mrs Spiller said. “We have such a wealth of outstanding teachers at St Aidan’s this seemed the best approach for teachers to learn from each other in the real life setting of the classroom.” huddle I december 2011 9


Students become sustainability


St Aidan’s students have become Junior Landcare Sustainability Leaders thanks to their work leading a School sustainability project. The Earth Angels Group built and maintained a vegetable patch, conducted a rubbish survey, and are trialling re-usable tuckshop bags in the Junior School. To complement the vegie patch, the Earth Angels have also introduced a worm farm to reduce the amount of food scraps being disposed of in the Junior School. St Aidan’s was one of 61 successful recipients of a Westpac Junior Landcare Student Sustainability Grant as part of a program that was launched last year. The program was aimed at encouraging students to plan and implement environmental sustainability initiatives in their schools or local communities. Claire Howden, Coordinator of the St Aidan’s Earth Angels Environmental Group, believes the girls enjoyed taking part in the project and built up their awareness of environmental issues within their local community. “It has been really fantastic to see the Earth Angels take such a lead in introducing sustainable practices in the Junior School,” said Claire.

10 huddle I december 2011

“With the support of the Global Shield group in the Senior School, the girls are making great changes for the good of the School’s environmental footprint,” she said. The St Aidan’s student leaders involved in the project were presented with Westpac Sustainability Leaders badges and certificates at a School assembly. For further information about Junior Landcare visit

The Earth Angels were very appreciative of the grant they received. Through careful planning and application, the girls were able to utilise this grant money to successfully implement a number of new sustainable approaches in the school.

Rubbish Survey The girls conducted a rubbish survey one Thursday following lunch to record the types of rubbish that are put into our bins and to determine strategies to reduce this. As a result of this rubbish survey, the girls have purchased a number of reusable tuckshop bags with their grant money to trial the introduction of these to the school. This trial was conducted in Term 4 with the hope that the whole school will adopt the reusable bags from the start of 2012. The Earth Angels are also preparing to talk to the Head of the Junior School about the introduction of recycling bins in the school.

Construction of the Veggie Patch The Earth Angels were able to grow seedlings from seed in polystyrene boxes donated by a local fruit retailer and transfer these into the veggie garden. Before planting, the girls were able to improve the soil by adding manure, fertilisers and sugar cane mulch in an effort to ensure the seedlings would grow. As there are three beds, one bed was allocated as the herb garden, with parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme. The second and third beds were planted initially with onions, carrots and spinach. The second planting saw the addition of lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, beans and capsicum. The girls were very excited to be able to use their produce in the kitchen and made a great garden salad and pizzas with ultra-fresh ingredients! This trend was continued when the Junior School Cooking club was able to use the tomatoes and basil for their bruschetta, and oregano, thyme and rosemary for their savoury muffins.

Re-introduction of the Worm Farm Our “Angels� have purchased some new worms to put into our worm farm and are gradually seeing this venture up and running successfully. The girls were very excited at the prospect of being able to use the worm castings on the veggie patch and surrounding fruit trees so that we no longer need to rely on buying fertilisers. As an added bonus, this meant the reduction of food waste into our rubbish bins. As a means of encouraging the girls to adopt the growing of their own food at home, students have taken home cuttings of the now established rosemary bush to give to parents as Christmas presents. It is pleasing to note the Earth Angels group that initially consisted of approximately 10-12 Year 6 and 7 students, now has a growing group of enthusiastic Year 2 and 3 students and the group now numbers about 22 students! The planting of the school veggie patch has had a very positive effect on the wider school community as students report home patches being planted. This resulted in many class discussions about how to grow particular plants, the care and treatment required to keep a healthy patch, and further interest in planting larger edible trees. The students have a better understanding and appreciation of the eco-system of gardens including the delicate balance in the leaf litter as a result of the worm farm. The Earth Angels were also able to educate the student body about being more aware of their food consumption and resulting disposal of waste.

Most recently, the group planted a spring garden which included more tomatoes, celery, snow peas, cucumber and lettuce. The herbs continue to grow, and the girls have also planted strawberries under the stairs near the veggie patch as an experiment to see if they will grow. This planting saw the girls prepare the soil once again with manure and sugar cane mulch as well as a good dose of Seasol to give the plants a great start and to refresh the herbs that continue to grow in the herb bed. Students purchased better quality watering cans, garden forks and shovels as well as new gloves and weeding tools. They are now able to store these safely in our new lockable storage boxes that also double as extra seating for the girls during play time. Junior Landcare Sustainability Leaders huddle I december 2011 11

St Aidan’s report card from our parents Results of the 2011 parent survey (conducted by Insight Plus, an independent consulting company) have been the focus of staff planning prior to the commencement of school this year. 243 parents (33%) completed the survey. The overall satisfaction rate was 93.6; up from 90.3 in 2009. Insight Plus notes a figure of 80 is considered acceptable for similar schools. 90% of parents are somewhat likely or very likely to recommend the school to other potential parents and 90% of respondents advise most expectations were met/or exceeded.

There is a strong improvement in perceptions of extension opportunities for academically able students, expectations of high student achievement, pastoral care and behaviour management, integration of technology into classroom practice and educational facilities and resources.

Key words used to describe a St Aidan’s girl include: considerate, positive, compassionate, independent, grounded, determined and ethical.

12 huddle I december 2011

The following areas were all noted as improving in parents’ perceptions from the 2009 report:

Overall Satisfaction rating

Extension opportunities for academically able students


Support for students with learning difficulties

Focus on literacy and numeracy

Quality of visual and performing arts facilities

Quality of teaching staff

Preparation for the next step in students’ education

Development of life skills

Pastoral care/ student welfare program

Opportunities for students to develop leadership skills

Opportunities for students to participate in clubs/ groups

Educational facilities and resources

Integration of computer technology into classroom practice

Fostering respect for self and others

Avenues for students to voice concerns re bullying/ harassment

Appropriate class sizes

93.6 (90.3)%

Insight Plus advises that a result over 80% means that parents are all very satisfied with the school.

Areas where parents would like to see increased focus include: •

Flexibility and choice in subject offerings

Programs to address the learning needs of girls

Development of self-esteem and confidence

Development of resilience

Thank you to all parents who completed the survey. You provide us with valuable feedback that assists us to focus on the needs of our girls and families. We believe that we have worked hard over the last two years to improve our efforts in the areas identified in the 2009 survey. The October 2011 parent survey (compared with 2009 results) noted the following: • • • • • • • • •

96.9 (95.5)% satisfaction with the School’s Co-curricular Program 87.9 ( 86%)% satisfaction with the Educational Program 94.5 (89.1)% satisfaction with the Support and Care Provided 95.6 (93)% satisfaction with the School Values and Reputation 92.1 (90)% satisfaction with the quality of Teaching and Learning 98.6 (95.6)% satisfaction with the School Leadership 90.1 (88.1)% satisfaction with Personal Development 88.9 (82.5)% satisfaction with the Behaviour Management Program 97.9 (91.5)% satisfaction with the School’s Communication

huddle I december 2011 13

students take philanthropic message to heart

Students of Year 3/4 have undertaken a range of projects this year as part of a unit of work designed to introduce students to an understanding of philanthropy as a civic responsibility. Each of the students planned their projects which were as diverse as baking cupcakes to playing the piano for nursing home residents. These young St Aidan’s students demonstrated that you are never too young to start to think of those other than yourself. •

Taylah Tyerman-Webster – collected donations of supplies (highlighted as in need by RSPCA) from friends and neighbours and donated them to the RSPCA

Ella Brimblecombe – collected and donated approximately 60 new books (calling it Ella’s Hamper) to St Thomas’s Riverview Kindergarten (her former Kindergarten) which was badly effected by the floods

Laura Verdasco – made and donated Christmas cards for use by residents of Sinnamon Village Nursing Home

Ali Langford- baked cookies for, and visited, an elderly lady who lives by herself in addition to her “shave for a cure”

Katie Vidler – visited Hopetoun Hostel and played the piano and cello to entertain the residents. She also volunteered at Bush Care

Alix Ursulescu – organised regular visits to Hopetoun and spent time reading/chatting to one of the elderly residents

Imogen Cusack – baked cupcakes and sold them to raise $78.90 for the Heart Foundation

Ella Lau – collected and donated blankets to Mission Australia for distribution to the homeless

Elisa Tamai – made perfumed candles and sold them to raise money for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Emily Wilkie – made money boxes and used them to collect coins (Five Cent Friday) raising $334 for “A Brighter Future” supporting people with cerebral palsy.

Bella Williams – hand made hair scrunchies in school colours and sold them to raise $252 which she donated to the RSPCA

Lily Bligh – made and sold cupcakes raising $297 which was sent to World Vision Smiles Program so gifts of livestock/resources could be donated on her behalf

Sarah Hodge – hand made bookmarks and sold them in a stall she set up in her street raising $195 which she then donated to Kids Cancer Research Trust

Ashleigh Brant – hosted a “Riverfire Party’ at her house charging $10 admission for each guest and donated the

Melanie Watson – baked and donated cupcakes to her church community raising $185 for Cystic Fibrosis

“Everyone’s journey, everyone’s experience through Duke of Edinburgh awards is different.” $195 she raised to Merry Makers (Sydney based dancethe group for people with disabilities) Queensland •

Chrissie Orange – hand made paper Japanese dolls, sold them and donated money to the RSPCA

Avalon Ormiston – made and sold donuts and donated the money she raised to The Indooroopilly Lions Club to assist their charity work.

Alexis Hogan – planted flower seedlings and donated the resulting pots of colour to her elderly neighbours.

14 huddle I december 2011

It took Ali six weeks of campaigning online and doorknocking the streets of Chelmer with her family to collect $10,562.30, plus additional donations made by students on the day. “It is unfair for kids to die young without getting to live their life and their dreams, and lose all the people who they love. “The money I raise might be the money that helps to find a cure”, said Ali when asked about why she was so keen to clip her long golden hair.



“I feel really lucky, that I don’t have cancer, I couldn’t just leave it, I had to help,” said Ali.

Even if it takes 10 years to find a cure, I will still be proud. Ali had her hair clipped by a Stefan Indooroopilly stylist who volunteered for the task. Ali’s family explained how proud they were of her caring nature.

Year 4 student, Alexandria (Ali) Langford has taken a class in philanthropy to heart. The nine-year-old was inspired to raise the money for charity as a result of undertaking a unit of work on philanthropy, and by the recent death of her mother’s cousin due to skin cancer. She approached her parents and the School with her strong-willed request and developed a short business plan.

“I feel proud and overwhelmed that somebody so young has so much compassion and empathy,” said Kim Langford, Ali’s mum. “Ali is an amazing girl. I am so proud, of what she is setting out to achieve there is no thinking small with Ali,” said Scott Langford, Ali’s father.

This plan turned into a great success with more than $10,000 delivered to the Cancer Council.

“I am so proud of Ali, she is doing what she believes in; she is inspiring,” said Abi Langford, Ali’s 12-year-old older sister.

Alexandria’s big clip happened in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 350 students who cheered Ali in her philanthropic efforts, providing her with encouragement and support.

Ali donated her hair for a wig for Kids with Alopecia (Hair loss). huddle I december 2011 15


“I was really nervous, I didn’t know what it would look like,” she said.

imogen at GOMA Imogen Gartside

(Year 12 2010) at GOMA with her work I’m Not Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.

Gerry Kay and Nigel Bailey recognised as inspirational teachers

Both Imogen and Claire Murray were selected as state awardees in

Gerard Kay and Nigel Baliey have been recognised as an inspirational teachers as finalists of the NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Awards) Inspirational Teaching Awards

the Creative Generation Awards for Art and Design. Their works are now touring the state.

They were selected from more than 1401 nominations received. “Teachers count because they play such an important role in encouraging and helping students to reach their education potential.” NEiTA‘s Chairperson, Mr Terry O‘Connell said. “NEiTA‘s teaching awards program acknowledges the important work of teachers and leaders.” Mr O‘Connell said.

Adele Stoneley - St Aidan’s Co-ordinator of Learning Support has been recognised for her volunteer contribution to Special Education through her role at SPELD. The award was presented by Minister of Education, Cameron Dick. Adele used the opportunity to discuss with the Minister increases in the current budget to Special Education and her work at SPELD and St Aidan’s.

Continuing national recognition for the advancement of women Principal, Karen Spiller has been recognised at the forefront of creating an equitable workplace by being named as a finalist in the category of ‘Leading CEO for the Advancement of Women’, at the EOWA Business Achievement Awards, for the third year in a row. Karen was named as a finalist alongside such luminaires of the business world as Gail Kelly of Westpac Banking Corporation. Principal, Karen Spiller, said the awards recognise the School’s success in developing policies and practices to provide all employees with equitable opportunities. “We have programs supporting and encouraging women, in both academic and administrative areas, and these have positive benefits for our staff, students and the School as a whole.” “One of our greatest achievements is not only our high percentage of women in senior leadership roles but also our support of other women in the education sector through the Aspiring Women Leaders Conferences held annually by the school,” Mrs Spiller said. 16 huddle I december 2011

St Aidan’s established an initiative to promote the leadership experiences and support the leadership aspirations of female teachers in independent schools around Australia. The Awards, held by the Federal Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA), recognise organisations providing excellent workplace initiatives and conditions, as well as leaders who are setting the scene for diversity and the advancement of women in their workplaces. Thirty organisations and individuals were selected as finalists for the awards, now in their eleventh year.

Languages everyday program pays off St Aidan’s Everyday Languages program has been recognised with a federal government grant. The School is among a select group to win funding under the National Becoming Asia Literate: Grants to Schools initiative for the promotion of Asian languages and culture within classrooms and school communities. The 12 month grant program will allow the St Aidan’s Languages Faculty to invest in extensive professional development for its staff, and to expand the stock of educational resources available to students. These will then be channelled into the Japanese curriculum for St Aidan’s Kindergarten and Preparatory classes, and the Chinese curriculum for Years 1 and 2, from 2012 onwards. Principal, Karen Spiller, is enthusiastic about the learning possibilities made possible by the grant. “St Aidan’s offers a broad, balanced and challenging education,” said Karen. “The benefits of languages education are broad and farreaching; language learning enriches learners intellectually, educationally, and culturally, and it forms an important part of our curriculum,” she said. “In addition, studies show that the most effective language acquisition results from languages programs that are based on time, regularity and continuity of language learning.” “We are very grateful for this grant, which will allow us to invest in and develop our fantastic Everyday Languages program.”

The grant is part of the $62.4 million National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) to support Asia literacy. The Program aims to promote understanding among young Australians of the cultures and languages of the target countries: Japan, China, Indonesia and Korea. Executive Director of the Asia Education Foundation, Kathe Kirby, said St Aidan’s should be congratulated for its efforts. “St Aidan’s has outlined an innovative program to support the achievement of the NALSSP objectives,” said Kathe. “Their enthusiasm in helping to prepare young Australians for the demands of the future is to be highly commended,” she said. “The importance of promoting global education within our student population is something that is well understood by many educators within this country. As part of this, it is increasingly important that we further promote a greater understanding of the languages and cultures of our Asian neighbours.”

huddle I december 2011 17

Sports Team of the Year The Open Tennis Team recorded a total of seven wins and two draws (through wash out) in the 2011 QGSSSA season. The team finished the competition as undefeated premiers with a ‘for and against’ points ratio of 237 to 97. With each game consisting of four singles matches and two doubles matches with a total of 36 points available each week, the Open Team achieved a maximum game score in four of the eight rounds played. In addition, Simran Shah and Darcia McRae were undefeated in all of their singles matches. Each member of the team regularly competes in national tournaments through Tennis Australia’s Optus Junior Tour series and the Australian Money Tournament series. They have all performed successfully and each has gained an Australian Ranking. In addition to representing Australia, Lyann Hoang has also competed in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Junior Tennis Circuit and has gained a junior international ranking. The Open Tennis Team topped off their successful season taking out the Knowles Cup Competition in Term Four.

Ella Berry-Porter, Lyann Hoang, Simran Shah and Darcia McRae

Major Achievements: Winner & Undefeated Premiers Open QGSSSA Tennis Competition Winners - Knowles Cup

2011 Education on Show Results Champion School: St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School Section Winner: Prep - Year 12 Section First place: St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

16 Individual place winners! Two Group Mural place winners! Student Place Entry Class Emily Hodge Year 1


2 Mobile of life cycle

Paige Milton Year 5


5 Greeting Card

Isabella Josephson Year 4


6 PPT Toys

Claire Todd Year 5

Highly Commended

7 Painting Something old is new again

Jessica Miller Year 5


7 Painting Something old is new again

Annabel Jones Year 5


7 Painting Something old is new again

Laura Milton Year 7


Model Ekka Ride using Renewable Energy

Ella Morrison Year 6


Model Ekka Ride using Renewable Energy

Ava O’Callaghan Year 6


Model Ekka Ride using Renewable Energy

Michaela Lamb Year 6

Highly Commended

Model Ekka Ride using Renewable Energy

Laura Milton Year 7 First Jewellery recycled Year 2 Third Group Mural Year 5B

Commended Group Mural

Isabella Smith Year 7 First Photography Siobhan Brodie Year 7 Commended Photography Liliana Tamai Year 5

Highly Commended

Casey Wright Year 5


Painting “Renewal”

Painting “Renewal”

Lucinda Bankowski Year 5 Commended Painting “Renewal” 18 huddle I december 2011

New appointment

Olympics in her sight

The next Olympics are not in London - they are in Innsbruck, Austria from 13-22 January 2012 and as an emerging force in winter sports Australia will be well represented, including St Aidan’s student, Claudia Leggett. The Australian Olympic Committee announced the first athletes selected to the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Team in October, including Claudia who will compete in the Freestyle Skiing – Ski Cross. This exciting new event will see over 1,000 of the world’s best 14-18 year olds contest all winter Olympic sports. Claudia Leggett began skiing on a family holiday when she was seven years old, and is now coming a step closer to an Olympic dream having been selected for Australia as member of the Youth Winter Olympics Team. Claudia started her competitive skiing crease racing through the Australian Interschools Competition in 2008. In the 2011 Australian ski season, Claudia competed in both freestyle and alpine skiing. At the 2011 National Junior Championships she placed 14th in slalom and the following day placed 15th in giant slalom in the open competition. At the 2011 Australia-New Zealand Cup in Mount Hotham, she placed 5th in race 2 of the ski cross competition having placed 8th the previous day in race 1. Claudia is part of the Thredbo Ski Racing Club and is coached by dual Olympian in alpine skiing Jono Brauer. Dual Olympic aerial skiing medallist Alisa Camplin was at the forefront of Australia’s emergence when she won gold at Salt Lake City in 2002 and now almost 10 years on she will lead this group of teenagers as the 2012 Australian Winter Youth Olympic Team Chef de Mission. “I’m thrilled to lead such a vibrant young team of talented athletes,” Camplin said at the Team Announcement.

“The Winter Youth Olympics will provide a valuable pathway for this historic team and I’m sure it will accelerate the development of everyone and keep them being the best that they can be. I know I would have got a lot out of an event like this if it was around when I was striving towards senior Olympic success.” Claudia assembled with the Australian Team for a six week training camp in December before heading off to the Winter Olympics in January, 2012. Claudia’s sporting prowess extends beyond the ski fields. Claudia is also a talented swimmer and trains at Indooroopilly pool alongside Olympians Cate Campbell, Christian Sprenger and Sophie Edington. This year she also achieved: • QGSSSA Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Representation • Membership of the St Aidan’s Year 10 Softball Team • Third place Interhouse Swimming Age Championship • First in Under 15 Division C 50m Freestyle at QGSSSA Swimming • First in Division A 4x50m Freestyle Relay at QGSSSA Swimming – New Record • Second Junior Brockway Cup Relay at QGSSSA Swimming

huddle I december 2011 19

Music program


St Aidan’s music program has received national recognition, shortlisted for the annual FLAME Awards which recognise Australian schools using creative and engaging ways to deliver music education. Run by the Music Council of Australia’s Music: Play for Life campaign, the FLAME Awards encourage more music-making in schools and communities by recognising inspiring school music programs. St Aidan’s was one of 23 schools from around Australia shortlisted for the prestigious award. Research shows there are unique benefits to students’ emotional, social and intellectual development when they learn and engage with music.

‘Charma’ house makes a treechange Thousands of families are choosing to make the move from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, but a house? Some may wonder where the house went which use to reside on the site which is now Charma Place - well wonder no more. The house has found a new home in Montville.

The house was constructed in the early 1900’s and was owned and used by the School for a period of time. It was relocated in late 2009, purchased by Montville couple Neil and Heidi Holmes, and has since been transformed to preserve the dignity and beauty of the original design while incorporating modern fittings in classic styles. With restorations completed, newly named ‘Lake Terrace’ has recently opened its doors to the public as a holiday home. 20 huddle I december 2011

Boys are


at St Aidan’s

Co-educational Kindergarten will be introduced at St Aidan’s in 2012 and it will see boys back at St Aidan’s for the first time in decades.

The program confirmed earlier this year has seen strong interest from the local community and an influx of enrolments. Open to children between the ages of 3 and 4 years, the program will be offered on a full-time or flexible parttime basis. It will run from 9am to 3pm each week day, and be staffed by two dedicated early childhood education professionals. Shaleen Prowse has been appointed as the teacher for the Kindergarten and brings to the role some extensive and unique experience. During her career in early childhood education Shaleen has worked in different roles and contexts. Shaleen has held positions as teacher, administrator, researcher and academic.

She brings to this new role the experience and knowledge gathered, together with the wisdom and knowledge of understanding what she truly values about early childhood – that is, teaching young children. “I am thrilled beyond words to be working with the St Aidan’s students and to be starting the Kindergarten at St Aidan’s. “Kindergarten is an especially important time in a child’s life and it is an exciting phase in education for early childhood due to the changes that are occurring as we move towards a National Curriculum and the implementation of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. “We now have so much scope in Kindergarten to follow child led investigations and I am looking forward to sharing these adventures with our students.

Principal Karen Spiller is confident in the quality of the extensive curriculum to be offered in the program. “Japanese will be the focus language in the Languages Every Day Program in this first year,” said Karen. “This program will complement our very successful Music Every Day Program, which has been in successful operation in the St Aidan’s Junior School in Prep to Year 3 as well as Year 8,” she said. “Specialist Library lessons and Physical Education lessons will also be a part of our Kindergarten curriculum.” The start of the Kindergarten program in 2012 will see boys return to St Aidan’s, a number of decades after the last enrolled male students graduated.

huddle I december 2011 21

St Aidan’s

BUS RUN in 2012 You asked for it and we listened!

St Aidan’s is establishing a daily morning and afternoon bus service from Bellbowrie to Corinda, via Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket and the Centenary Suburbs.

This new bus service will commence in Term One 2012. This service will prove helpful to those families who currently drive their children to school or to connecting points such as Indooroopilly.

Brookfield Brookfield

Kenmore Kenmore




R ill



Rafting Ground Reserve

St Aidan’s has engaged Sunstate Coaches, a premier coach and charter company, to provide this innovative service. The dedicated coach will feature air-conditioning and lap-sash seat belts. PinjarraHills Hills Pinjarra

Fig Tree Pocket

Jindalee Jindalee

Graceville Graceville

Sherwood Sherwood Corinda

St Aidan’s Corinda Anglican Girls’ School

Mount Ommaney Mount Ommaney Seventeen MileRocks Rocks Seventeen Mile Bellbowrie Bellbowrie a day school for school girls from Prepfrom to Year 12 To RSVP call (07) 3373 5999 or online at a day for girls Kindergarten to Year 12

The bus runs from Bellbowrie to Corinda, via Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket and the Centenary suburbs.

22 huddle I december 2011

For more information about St Aidan’s dedicated bus service please contact our Registrar on P: 3373 5928 or E:

St Aidan’s council St Aidan’s is blessed with an abundance of extremely talented and dedicated staff and students, each of whom actively contribute to defining the culture of the school. St Aidan’s also has an abundance of supportive parents and friends who work hard to ensure that its students have the necessary equipment and support to compete effectively in the many extracurricular activities available to them. During 2011, through the efforts of all concerned, our young women have achieved some remarkable successes both academically and in other fields. The bar has been set at an extremely high level for 2012. I am sure that in 2012 our young women, with the support of our staff and the wider St Aidan’s community, will work hard and challenge themselves to get over that bar. As a result, St Aidan’s will continue to enjoy the successes of recent times and its reputation in Brisbane as an Anglican School that produces remarkable young women will continue to grow.

(School Council member) was honoured with an Australian Council for Educational Leaders’ Fellowship Award and the Nganakarra Award at the recent ACEL 2011 Awards Ceremony. The latter award is presented to those whose general excellence in educational administration and whose learning, experience and contribution to the Council have earned their lasting respect and gratitude.

All the best for 2012. Mark Dillman Chair of Council

year 12’s last

Professor Neil Dempster


huddle I december 2011 23

St Aidan’s P&F It has been my privilege to serve as your P&F President for 2011 and I look forward to a very full and exciting 2012. Andrew Howard leaves his position as Vice President after many years of service to the St Aidan’s community. I wish Andrew and his family all the very best for the future and thank him for the contribution he has made to the P&F Association, Music Support Group and countless other activities as his daughter Emily has progressed through to Year 12. I am very pleased to advise that Carolyn King joins the Executive Committee as Vice President whilst Mark Bell continues in his role as Treasurer. 2011 has been a very busy and productive year for the P&F Association. We have held several successful dances, with these functions continuing to be our major fundraising activities. Battle of the Bands attracted a full line-up of 15 local school bands with each bringing with them enthusiastic supporters, family and friends. As always it is the school that benefits from our fundraising efforts and I am pleased that the P&F was able to fund classroom resources to the value of approximately $80,000.00 this year. In addition, the P&F Association and Music Support Group has commenced an ambitious piano replacement program which resulted in the arrival of two shiny new Kawai pianos this year and a commitment to the ongoing replacement of one piano each year. The Uniform Shop, Canteen and Text Hire service continued to operate successfully with the help of volunteers and I thank them for their gift of time and enthusiasm. We are very fortunate to have secured the services of Amanda McKenzie as our new book-keeper. 24 huddle I december 2011

Amanda brings a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to the position and can be found in the P&F Office several days a week with the fabulous P&F liaison officers Nanette Marsdon and Pam McGarrigle. In 2012, the Ambiwerra Sports Fields will be the venue for AmbiFair. Planning for AmbiFair is well underway and aims to showcase the talents of our students alongside traditional family entertainment activities to provide a truly enjoyable day out for St Aidan’s families and the wider community. Please join us in our mission to support the St Aidan’s Leadership Team and Staff as they educate, guide and nurture our young women. Cathy Carnie President of P&F

St Aidan’s



This past year has been one of triumphs and tragedies for the Foundation and its supporters. The early part of the year involved the raising of funds to support flood affected families with the middle and the end of the year involving a return to the more traditional Foundation events. This year marked a very special year with the use of the Christine Hartland Centre for many Foundation events including the Father Daughter and Mother Daughter breakfasts which had been held off site in the previous year. Looking at the use this building has had it is hard to believe the school was without it for so long and of course is testimony to the hard work of previous foundation boards together with the support of the school community on many levels. Financially, the Foundation has achieved much over the 2011 year with the Foundation contributing more than $350,000 to the school to assist with building works, as well as the previously mentioned support for flood affected families. In addition, the Foundation elected to continue to build on previous foundation efforts to build a perpetuity fund to enable the continued support of the School and its future students. Once again the Foundation received considerable financial support from

benefactors wishing to contribute funds to support various scholarships, particularly music, provided by the School. It is very pleasing to see people so willingly giving back to the School that they once attended, to help others experience what the school has to offer. I am also pleased to say that this area of focus resonates well with the board and the school community. I look forward during my remaining term as chair to ensuring the scholarship side of the Foundation’s purpose continues to grow for the benefit of future students of the school. Lastly I would like to thank all of those Foundation’s supporters who in the past year have given their time, support, and attendance to the Foundation. In particular I would like to thank the parents and past students who continue to give their time as board members of the foundation enabling all of this activity to occur. Tony Markwell President

PS Make sure you get in early for the lunch with celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue at the south bank surf club on 23 March 2012 – spots are filling fast!

huddle I december 2011 25

memory lives on

in St Aidan’s bursary

A new bursary has been established at St Aidan’s in memory of Genevieve Greig, the mother of recent past student, Georgie Greig. A passionate supporter of women’s education, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics, Genevieve played a strong role in the School community while her daughter, Georgina (Georgie), was enrolled.

Inspired by Genevieve’s passion for women’s education, her engineer husband Professor Chris Greig has established a trust to fund both a memorial bursary at St Aidan’s, and an engineering scholarship at the University of Queensland.

Sadly, she passed away in March this year after losing a battle with breast cancer. Inspired by Genevieve’s passion for women’s education, her engineer husband Professor Chris Greig has established a trust to fund both a memorial bursary at St Aidan’s, and an engineering scholarship at the University of Queensland. His hope is to open quality education opportunities to girls who may otherwise not be able to afford the entry fees. “Girls’ education was an important issue for Genevieve,” said Chris. “After Genevieve’s funeral, many of our friends asked which charity they could make a donation to in her memory,” he said. “Having thought about this and what was important to her, I decided that I should establish a fund that would help girls obtain a level and quality of education that they may otherwise not have access to.” Genevieve formed a high opinion of St Aidan’s students during her secondary schooling after witnessing “their positive spirit, kindness, and dedication to study,” said Chris. “Genevieve insisted we book a place at St Aidan’s for our daughter, Georgie, on the day she was born, and she was enrolled from Year 6,” he said. Chris believes the education that Georgina received at St Aidan’s has been of great

26 huddle I december 2011

benefit to her, and wants to offer other girls the same opportunity. “We would love to give a young woman the well-rounded educational experience offered by St Aidan’s, at a critical time in her academic life,” said Chris. The bursary will run initially for a period of five consecutive years, commencing in 2012, and cover the full tuition of students completing Years 11 and 12. It will be offered to a new applicant each year. St Aidan’s Principal, Karen Spiller, is grateful for the opportunity that this bursary offers the School community. “This is a very generous donation to St Aidan’s and creates a wonderful opportunity for a senior student to experience the benefits that St Aidan’s can offer in terms of preparation for university life and beyond,” said Karen. “We work closely with our students and encourage them to achieve to the best of their abilities,” she said. “I’m very grateful to Chris and the Greig family for their generous spirit, in Genevieve’s memory, and look forward to sharing our great St Aidan’s education with the bursary recipients.” The University of Queensland scholarship will be open to young women entering the second year of Chemical Engineering, and will cover the remaining three years of the degree. Applications close in January 2012. For more information please contact our Registrar, Cheryl Parkyn.

St Aidan

of lindisfarne

As it is 50 years since we left school, (in 1961), five of us, including Ann Boyle (Crawford), Judy Dennison (Heane), Dinah Gaffney (Davis), Barbara Quayle (McArthur) and Janie Gibson (Griffiths Davies) who happened to be visiting the UK around the same time, decided to visit Lindisfarne, where St Aidan had founded his monastery (7th C AD). Parts of the monastery are still standing and provide a focus for Christian pilgrims. The parish church of St Mary the Virgin was built here in the 12th century. We drove from Edinburgh to St Aidan’s church at Bamburgh. St Aidan had come to Bamburgh from Iona in 635 AD en route to Lindisfarne, at the request of Oswald of Northumbria, to counteract paganism. It was here that he later died (allegedly leaning on a beam still in the church). There is a small shrine to his memory and a banner. It is a beautiful pilgrim church, very tranquil and steeped in history. It is considered to be central to Christianity in England today.

Grandparents morning

Having negotiated the “Causeway”, we arrived on Lindisfarne to be greeted by Barb. That evening we had a celebratory dinner, and next morning set off for the than local historical More 300 Grandparents and Special Friends descended society to give them the gifts sent by the school. They were delighted receiveon them on St to Aidan’s a chilly day in June shared the morning with and fascinated that we had come so far. We then viewed the displays including the their granddaughters in the Junior School. The students had the “Lindisfarne Gospels” and made our way to the church for the Communion The for their special guests before showing opportunityservice. to perform church of St Mary the Virgin was built in 1239 and has original off Saxon parts as well as and the wonderful new Charma Place their classrooms later Norman additions. library. The day was capped off with a sumptuous morning tea. The priest had only been appointed a few weeks before and we had not been able to set up anything official. The hymns and service were very familiar and it allowed us time to reflect on our past hymn singing in assembly and knowledge of St Aidan. Sitting in this beautiful church, I for one, reflected on what we had been taught at school, and certainly the St Aidan’s hymn. The highlight for all of us, I think, was the inspiring sermon given by the elderly Canon Kate Tristram on the theme of “Doors”, and also on the remoteness of the place and how twice a day the island is completely cut off by water from the mainland. After the service we headed off to explore other attractions on the island, the castle and its garden, the little streets and shops, and then headed back to Edinburgh before we were cut off by the tide.

Janie Gibson



Alumni creating a living bridge From the Alumni Office We have enjoyed a most successful year with St Aidan’s Alumni activities, and our Alumni are more connected than ever before. Have you seen our facebook page? This year we launched the first issue of ‘Born to Fly’ to profile the achievements of some of our past students. Further volumes are in progress. Please let us know if you have a St Aidan’s friend we should be showcasing. This year we have welcomed many past students back to school on Open Day, Old Girls’ Day, Old Boys’ Reunion, the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Year Reunions and other special events. We hope to welcome you back to school in 2012. May you and your families have a peaceful and Happy Christmas and New Year.

Archives Our Archives collection continues to grow with the many wonderful donations from Old Girls. We would like to thank the following for their generous donations: Di Tidmarsh (1970), Linda Jones (Henry 1987), Carolyn Donkin (1962), Beck O’Donnell (Gibson 1987), Barbara Campbell (Dunn 1946), Susan Laidlaw, (Appleby 1952), Jane Sheehy (Geach 1959), Margot Rickleman, (Feather 1950), Ann Boyle (Crawford 1961), Janie Gibson (Griffiths Davies 1961), Wilhelmina Morrison (Rollings 1997), Roslind Dunn (1964), Annabelle Galloway (Croker 1975), Kate Galloway (2010), Jenifer Hilless (Chapman 1955) and Ray Robinson (1937). We are fortunate to now have additional space for displaying our collection and would love to establish regular “museum” style exhibitions of school life from past eras. If you have any items to provide of interest - quirky, vintage, bric-a-brac - we would love to hear from you. The sort of things we are seeking for these exhibitions include old textbooks/exercise books, writing or drawing implements/slates, maths slide rules; school desks or chairs, sporting equipment (tennis racquets, netball, hockey sticks etc), shoes (original brown or sandshoes), or even a typewriter you might have used at school.

28 huddle I december 2011

Did you know? With so many recent refurbishments to St Aidan’s buildings, the St Aidan’s Archives considered it would be timely to look at the history behind some of the current structures. The “Bus Shelter” Originally, this local sandstone structure formed the gates of the school’s entrance from Harrowby Street. The gates, a gift from the OGA, were built in memory of Rosemary Hill (nee Stevenson), an Old Girl and past teacher of St Aidan’s. Opened on 12 September, 1971 by her sister, Rosslyn Bartlett, the gates were blessed by Canon A.L. Sharwood, who also blessed St Aidan’s new Chapel. A piece of rosemary was planted by the gates for remembrance, and azaleas planted along the south wall of the Chapel. Changes to the roads over the years have seen the gates become a “bus shelter” where girls wait to be picked up as parents use the drive-through roadway. A plaque on the side of the sandstone bricks remains to identify its original purpose.

Alumni creating a living bridge

Find us on Facebook Have you joined the St Aidan’s past students’ facebook group?

Reunions We held a number of reunions during the last semester. These included 30, 35 and 50 Year Reunions as well as Sydney and Melbourne Reunions. The ladies from 1981 enjoyed a reunion weekend including a school tour, function at Cloudland and a family picnic. It was wonderful to have teachers Marcia Forness, Ruth Common and Marjorie Neil join the girls. Jane Clouston (MacGillivray) hosted the 1976 - 35 Year Reunion at her home. The 1976 cohort enjoyed a lovely lunch and shared many memories. 26th July saw the students from 1971 return to the school for their 50 Year Reunion. Ladies travelled from far and wide to attend, including the Northern Territory and Victoria. Year 2 students, who had been studying local history, joined the Old Girls to hear about their school days.

If not, check it out and send us a friend request. If you have married, please include a message with your maiden name so we can confirm that you attended St Aidan’s and add you to this exclusive Facebook group of St Aidan’s Old Girls. You will be able to connect with other St Aidan’s students and keep up with news from School.

Email Are you in email contact with us. If not please send an email to paststudents@ with your first name, surname, maiden name (if applicable) and the years you attended St Aidan’s. This will allow us to update our records to include your email address.

Global Connections St Aidan’s can really take you anywhere! There are many students scattered all over the world and this is just an update of a few we are aware of: New Zealand - Meghan Francis (2001) USA - Natasha Johnson (1991) France - Sue Le Puil (Woodbridge 1979) Dubai - Dale Van Niekerk (Smyth 1992) Hong Kong - Catherine Worthington United Kingdom - Lucy Collins (1985) Laos - Kristy Newby (Thatcher 1997)

Do you know of others? Let us know! 35 Year reunion

huddle I december 2011 29

Alumni reunions Old Girls’ Day



We began this year’s Old Girls’ Day celebrations with Chapel. The St Aidan’s Community Choir (with a number of past students as members) joined the group of Old Girls for the service led by Father Paul. Following Chapel, a further number of past students joined the group for a high tea lunch. Old Girls who had not seen the physical changes at school were able to have a tour of the eye-opening developments of the Christine Hartland Centre and Charma Place.

Kate Ebbott (2003), daughter of Jennifer Ebbott (Davey 1972), married Noelis Rheault on 12 August at Hillstone, St Lucia. Noelis is the son of Linda Grothe (Rheault) who taught at St Aidan’s in the 2000s.

Bethany Phillips (2004) recently became engaged to David Wass. Bethany and David are both teachers at St Edmund’s College at Ipswich. They are planning to marry in September next year.

Alisa Gilmour (1995) married Matthew Evans on 4 June 2011.


It was great to see students from as far back as 1929 through to our newest Old Girls attending the lunch. Mark 26 August 2012 in your diary and gather your classmates for next year’s lunch. We would love to welcome you back to school. Old Girls from 2005 had the great idea to gather girls together and form their own table for lunch. Bring your friends and we will see you in August!

Old Girls’ Day

30 huddle I december 2011

Libby Braddock (1997) married Greg Gill on 12 November 2011 at Maroochydore.

Births Emily (Cooper 1996) and Benjamin Lurje welcomed their first child, Sebastian Benjamin Lurje on 12 June 2011. Anna Grant (Wolff 1997) and Wesley welcomed son, Will Harvey, on 20 April 2011. Cassie (Petrie 1997) and Matthew Henderson welcomed Holly Lucia on 8 July 2011. Simonne Salathé (1998) and Alan Quek welcomed Céanne on 3rd March 2011 weighing a petite 2.52kg.

Margaret Green (Croston 1936) passed away on 10 July after a long illness aged 91 years. Alix Scott (Thomson, 1943) passed away last September. She was School Captain and Tennis Captain in 1943. Shirley Lahey (1943) passed away on 16 July 2011. Joy Berends (Hamlyn Harris 1939) passed away on 18 July 2011 in Tasmania. Valmai (Val) Shaw (Smiles 1944) passed away on 23 May, 2011. She was Prefect, Cavell House Captain, joint dux in 1944 and awarded a scholarship to study Dentistry at University of Queensland. Rhonda Stormonth (1984) passed away on 5 September 2011. Sidonie Thompson (2013) passed away on 7 September 2011.

Alumni congratulations News


Catherine Holland (2008) is completing third year psychology and has been recognised as a Dean’s Scholar. Next year she will complete her Honours year and then she is planning to continue to further her study with her Masters.

Student leaders 2012

Clementine Fox (2007) has been elected as the University of Queensland’s 2012 United Nations Student Association (UNSA) President. Best wishes to Jane Sheehy (Geach 1959) who is to retire from St Aidan’s at the end of 2011 after 27 years of loyal service. We appreciate the kind gift from Helen Barrett who donated some of her sister Joyce’s paintings by Pat Target (Prentice 1941). Among the paintings is a watercolour study of the interior of St John’s Cathedral. Pat worked with William Busteed who designed and made some of the stained glass windows at St John’s. Recipient of the 2011 Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Fellowship for Young and Emerging Artists, and an award winning Director and Playwright, Michelle Miall (1997) graduated from QUT with a BA Honours (Drama-Theatre Studies). Michelle has also been recognised as one of the Queensland Theatre Company’s Emerging Artists for 2011.

Kate Pidgeon appointed as School Captain - daughter of Mary - Anne Pidgeon (Griffin 1974) and granddaughter of Erica Griffin (Knowlman 1945). Sarah Krause appointed as Prefect and Debating Captain - daughter of Penny Krause (Boyd 1977). Meredith Elliott appointed as Hartland House Captain - daughter of Kirsten Elliott (Douglas 1977). Olivia Smith appointed as Hartland House Captain – daughter of Kitty Smith (Brown 1980).

Reunions and Old Girl Events 2012 28 March 5pm London Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 or 12 May 12 noon 40 Year Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 2 June 6.30pm 20 Year Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 12 June 10am 50 Year Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 26 August 10am Old Girls’ Day Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 7 September 4 pm Sydney Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 8 September 2 pm Melbourne Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961 16 October 10am 60 Year Reunion Contact Alumni Office 3373 5961

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St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

confidence and success 11 Ruthven Street Corinda Qld 4075 T: 61 7 3373 5999 F: 61 7 3379 9432 E: A School of the Society of the Sacred Advent

Profile for St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School

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