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Public Relations

Public Relations

CONTACT Purple Sprout Communications Agency B1 Trentham Business Quarter Bellringer Road Trentham Lakes Stoke on Trent ST4 8GB Sproutline: 01782 658524 Fax it over: 01782 657411 Sales: PR and Marketing: Design and Print: General Enquiries:

ABOUT US Purple Sprout is a communications agency, with already well rooted contacts and excellent industry experience. Our ethos is simple, to allow you one source of contact for all of your communication and marketing needs, which in turn will help you to grow... The Purple Sprout team understands that PR, media and online industries are continually changing which is why we are at the forefront of both traditional and digital public relations, social media, strategic marketing, branding, events, commercial photography and video. Our many years of media publishing have given us an enviable database of media connections allowing us to deliver maximum impact and results through various media channels. Purple Sprout is a division of Staffordshire Media, the midlands leading independent media group providing a variety of publications established in the Midlands which range from lifestyle and education through to business and regeneration. This has enabled us to build an ever expanding database of contacts, as well as our creative team adapting many industry divisions in both design and copywriting. Again, another outstanding attribute we now want to offer to both existing clients of Staffordshire Media and new clients of Purple Sprout. After conducting feedback reports from our already established customers, both advertisers and print customers, it was clear that they were unsatisfied with outsourcing their design and marketing needs. The study showed that they were using multiple communication agencies to complete one campaign, for example one for the design of adverts, one for media planning, one for event and exhibition organisation and one for print. Purple Sprout is designed to offer all of these services through one combined agency. With over 10 years in the publishing and print industry and an extremely creative, experienced and trained team of designers, journalists and communication specialists; Purple Sprout is well equipped to offer an exemplary communication service.



Public relations is aimed at promoting your business products and services across a variety of media forms including national and regional press, magazine’s, TV, radio and advertising campaigns with a view to reach target audiences; increasing sales and brand awareness. Without a sustained PR strategy which is uniquely tailored to your business, you will struggle to expand your services and raise your profile. Our highly experienced communications team has worked within the media as publishers, journalists, designers and therefore, have the knowledge, contacts and capability to reach press contacts and make your campaign stand out against the masses. We are able to determine your target audience, develop an extensive list of contacts and match your company ambitions to our PR strategies. Whether you want to promote your business locally or on a larger national scale we will develop and implement a marketing plan which is sustainable and effective. •


Regional press receive an abundance of press releases, campaign pitches and news stories every day with national press receiving thousands of press releases each week. It is vital that your product, news story or campaign stands out above the rest. We have built strong relationships with journalists and editors to instil a trust that press release’s we provide will be interesting to their audience, will hold key details, be time sensitive if needs be and will generate maximum feedback for our clients. Not only does Purple Sprout have contacts within printed publications but online mediums, radio and TV. Therefore when reaching media relations we don’t just stop at one source but can your brand featured across all media channels. •


Online media has grown and grown over the past decade. As a quick and simple source of information it is vital your business services and products are accessible via the internet. Many new and well established businesses are taking advantage of social media forms due to their direct effect and quick influence on consumers. Purple Sprout implements a social media strategy which is sustainable, which targets relevant consumers and which is manageable. We understand social media is crucial to business however, can be time consuming. By providing you with in depth knowledge of how to reach your audience in a matter of minutes, your product or campaign will reach out to top global bloggers and customers. •


Purple Sprout recognises that to get to grips with any new clients business our team needs a full understanding of how you work, the services you offer, who your customers are and also how you would like the business to grow. Therefore our account executives and designers will take the time to meet you personally and undergo a full consultation on your PR strategy. For existing customers we keep regular contact to ensure the services we are providing are to their satisfaction and constantly engaging new ideas and plans for future campaigns. Purple Sprout also provides media training for spokespersons and managers which includes interview techniques, speech writing templates and advice on creating an impressionable presence in the media. We will ensure your spokesperson understands the businesses ethos and brand fully and is able to deliver a concise, fresh and clear message to their respondents whether that is press or consumers. Interviews can often be stressful and pressing experiences, Purple Sprout has the experience to advise on how to be successful within interviews, convey the right message to the right media form and be able to stay calm and professional in a pressured environment.



An advert not only consists of bold logos and intriguing imagery it is also important to make sure every sentence captures your audience. Purple Sprout has a team of copywriters who have experience in writing for lifestyle, business, tourism and education publications with an ability to adapt writing styles to suit a specific audience. Purple Sprout produces copywriting for magazine editorial, advertorials, strap lines, brochure and leaflet content, campaign slogans, newsletters, e-mail e-shots, website content and more. With high attention to detail and appealing and informative content your audience will be captured.


Due to many businesses advancing their service to web-based mediums, including online shopping, a contact portal for new and existing clients and online display area for their customers to access products and information; our design team can make sure the presentation of your website is of the highest standard. Purple Sprout creates clear, concise, easy-to-use and distinctive website layout design. Combined with our team of copywriters and SEO specialists the content of your website will grab visitor’s attention whilst creating maximum online presence. •


Does your company logo communicate your business services to the right audience? Does it stand out in the crowd? Does it explain your business at a quick glance? If you answer no to any of these questions then you may need to think about re-branding. Branding is to create a character for your business, one which is recognisable to all those that come across it, one that sums up your services quickly and effectively and one that sticks in the minds of those who see it. Purple Sprout not only designs logos, but our creative team can incorporate strap-lines and bespoke company and campaign slogans across all of your advertising and branded products. We will ensure that each campaign reflects your company’s ethos and creates a message to attract the right audiences. •


Advertising campaigns whether for small or large businesses, new product launches, events or new company movements need to be consistent, sustainable, work to a budget and most importantly reach your target audience so you can gain maximum exposure and increase visibility. Purple Sprout uses its press contacts and in-house communications team to ensure each campaign is delivered on time with a huge media interest. •


Purple Sprout have worked with advertisers to make sure they are strategically placed in the right publications, handle both small and large advertising budgets as well as crossing regional advertising into national press. We have worked alongside businesses with the sales of advertising space offering our contact lists and guidance, whilst also having an in-house sales team to take on board new projects. If you would like to advertise your business but are unsure of where would be most suitable and are inexperienced with advertising budgets, Purple Sprout are able to put in place both short term and long term advertising plans, book each advert into the relevant publication and organise your budgets.

EVENT MANAGEMENT Purple Sprout are just as happy in staging a boardroom meeting with only twenty people as we are in organising an awards dinner for 200 and more! Events are a great way to showcase your business to your customers allowing them to hear your future plans or have face-to-face interaction with your staff and products. They are also vital to secure new business and develop relationships within your industry. However, without the right connections, dedicated time and resources your event could easily fail. Whatever budget, location and motive for your event we tailor your needs to our delivery to ensure success. •


Purple Sprout is able to bring together businesses for presentation events, workshops or purely for networking opportunities. With the right contacts and an ability to recognise each businesses needs for networking, Purple Sprout helps our clients to stay recognised and well informed of new business moves, triumphs and opportunities also enabling you to shout from the rooftops your successes and engage others to support your company’s efforts. •


Excellent and effective promotion of your company, brand or product is vital when you are up against other strong competitors. Purple Sprout has a team which specialise in promotional events and we would like to invite you to work alongside us. Our promotions team are on hand to create an engaging exhibition which attracts new customers. We also have joint venture opportunities with radio stations, video bloggers and the press to make sure everyone knows about your promotional event on both a regional and national scale. •


Wouldn’t it be simpler to be able to order all of your product launch promotional material and be able to use the same company to organise the product launch? On hand help finding a venue, setting up exhibition stands, sending out invitations and also having a well informed, vibrant promotions team on hand from start to finish? Purple Sprout identifies each angle of your product launch and delivers a complete promotional package, whatever the budget!


For formal board meetings, award ceremonies, charity fundraisers, conferences and more Purple Sprout can organise every detail. From invitation design and guest lists to finding a venue and press coverage our aim is to make sure your corporate event is one to remember. Purple Sprout is able to organise events throughout the UK and internationally depending on your target market and business needs. Whether you are looking to bring together colleagues and customers once a year or once a month we are able to make sure every event is well-turned out and runs smoothly with no hassle to you. From the simplest creative brief we are able to turn your event dreams into reality and most importantly to suit your budget!

PHOTOGRAPHY More and more businesses are using the art of photography to communicate their company messages to their audience. The power of visual messaging has become stronger; this is due to huge focus on social media, digital apps and consumer culture today. Whether you are looking to promote your products or are looking for a unique and innovative way to share your company ethos with your existing and ever expanding customer base, Purple Sprout offers and exemplary commercial photography service . •


Any advertising campaign needs an outstanding and thought-provoking image to grab the attention it deserves from its audience. Professional photography will enable you to create a campaign which stands out from the crowd and communicates your message not only through the written word but by a striking visual. Commercial photography can be used across a variety of marketing and advertising material including magazine adverts, brochures and leaflets, point of sale material, business cards and post cards, digital platforms and more. •


Purple Sprout has experience of working with a range of industries including manufacturing, retail and food and drink suppliers in producing creative and innovative product and still life photography. An interesting and diverse portfolio of product photography will equip you with the resources you need to boost product sales and create intriguing marketing materials. Large stock imagery banks can often become too generic and out-dated. Keeping your product photography up to date and tailored to your marketing and business needs will see a greater return on investment. •


Our photographers have years of experience working with professional models and amateurs. They are able to put the subjects at ease and have the knowledge and creative eye to give great direction to capture the perfect shot. If you are looking to add personality to your advertising campaigns and reflect your brands identity through model and lifestyle shots the Purple Sprout team can provide the creative ideas and visuals you need. •


Purple Sprout are able to offer both in-studio and on-site location shoots across the UK and internationally to match your brief. With readily available specialised equipment and technology we are able to capture your businesses in ways unimaginable. Whether you are looking stock photos, advertising campaigns, marketing materials, digital visuals or event photography we cater for all requirements. •


Looking for more of a moving image than a static shot? Video has become the new phenomenon for advertising campaigns, newsletters and public relation campaigns. We are able to offer a full video production service from creative briefs through to filming and editing.

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