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Cody’s Choice - A Tale of a Great For the friends of the Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter

Fall 2013 #139

Senior “Kitizen” N

ine years ago, Brandon and Carl Johnston came to ICS looking to add a new member to their family. Carl was sure that he wanted a kitten, but Brandon had a strong belief that the cat that they were meant to have would choose them. This situation had all the elements of a conflict in the making. Meanwhile, at the shelter a very large and very fluffy gray and white nine year old named Furball was waiting in Nook for another chance at a home. Furball had lived with an older man who had recently passed away, and so became another one of ICS's wonderful older cats who all too often spend year after year in the shelter waiting for the home that never materializes. Nine year old cats are at the far end of middle age: too old to rock 'n roll but still too young to die. Furball quickly became a shelter character, with his impressive presence and engaging personality. This writer remembers him well, and you just had to love him. Brandon and Carl toured the rooms at the shelter, admiring and interacting with the cats. Being animal lovers, they saw many cats that were appealing, but none that Brandon felt were saying they wanted to be with them. When they walked into Nook, everything changed. Furball walked up to Brandon and made it clear that he was ready to go home with him, preferably right away. Not that Carl was easy to convince. He was worried about Furball's age and how long they would have him. Carl was also concerned about the upkeep that Furball's glorious coat would require. To no avail—Brandon was adamant. In his words, “I kind of insisted.” So just like that, Furball became Cody and a member of a family. (continued on page 4 — Cody’s Choice)

Jenny, one of our beloved senior cats in the room Sing-Sing.

Featured Photographer:

NinaG Photography This month, we are featuring the photography of a special local artist, NinaG. Nina and her husband work tirelessly for animal rescues across Northwest Indiana, and recently, they turned our shelter into a photo studio for a day. They have captured some truly elegant pictures of our kitties, and we thank them for their efforts and support of animal welfare. The hunk of love that was Furball, relatxing in the sun

Adoptable Cats, Upcoming Events, and more inside!

Calendar of Events Published for the friends of the Independent Cat Society, Inc. PO Box 735, Westville, IN 46391 (219) 785-4936

September Furry Fun Fair

September 21, 11am - 2pm


Michigan City Mall, Michigan City, Indiana

Web: Email: Also on Facebook: The Independent Cat Society, Inc., founded in 1977, is a non-profit, nokill cat shelter on US Rt 6 at the Porter/LaPorte County Line Road in Westville, Indiana. Our mission is to promote the welfare of all animals, especially cats, by reducing pet overpopulation, educating the public, preventing cruelties to animals, promoting responsible pet ownership, and working for more humane legislation. Adoption hours: Saturday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Sunday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Others by appointment. Please call (219) 785-4936. About our Adoption Fees Include: Spay/neuter, vet exam, feline leukemia and FIV test; ageappropriate vaccinations; parasite treatment; tattoo ID/microchip; 30 Day No-Cost Pet Insurance; and free post-adoption participating vet visit.

Aunt Kitty’s Trash and Treasure Sale October 5, 10am - 3pm October 6, 10am - 3pm Join us for food, fun, and bargains galore at our shelter! All proceeds go to support the cats and kittens of the Independent Cat Society Drop off your items on Friday, October 4 from 9am - 6pm (No clothing or large furniture items please)

Pumpkin Festival October 5-6 Prairie Meadow Park, Westville, Indiana

Shelter Building 101 October 13 12 noon - 4 pm In honor of National Feral Cat Day (October 16th) Workshop on building winter feral cat shelters. Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department


Please check our website or shelter for monthly adoption specials!

Black Cat Boogie November 2, 5:30pm - 9pm

Board of Directors: President: Anastasia Trekles Vice-President: Judy Lindmark Recording Secretary: Judy Dean Corresponding Secretary: Carol Albrecht Treasurer: Natalie Cebulski Board Members: Diana Foster Gail Frieden Paulette Gonzalez Joan Hildebrand

Old Town Banquet Center, 711 Calumet Avenue Valparaiso, Indiana (see ticket order form on page 6)

November 2: Join the Party! That’s right, this year we will be celebrating ICS and our members and volunteers once again with our annual Black Cat Boogie fundraising dinner. Come join us at 5:30pm at the Old Town Banquet Center at 711 Calumet Avenue in Valparaiso, Indiana to meet old and new friends, participate in raffles and silent auctions for wonderful and rare items, and of course, eat, drink, and be merry!


President’s Message Isn’t it wonderful how cats can win friends and influence people without ever reading a book. – Anonymous At ICS, we strive to provide our cats with excellent care in a clean and homelike environment. As you might imagine, this is quite a challenge given our current buildings and the number of cats we care for! We've learned that in a facility that houses large numbers of cats, it's crucial to have cleanable surfaces. In order to do this, and to improve the quality of health for our beloved cats, we have seen the need to revamp and update our facilities to promote a healthier and more sanitary environment. After consulting with veterinary professionals, our dream is to put durable and easily cleanable Kuranda cat trees (see in all of the rooms. The PVC frame and vinyl fabric can be fully sanitized, and they can be made soft and cuddly with washable fleece and fabric. Kuranda cat trees are highly rated and recommended for facilities such as ours, and even better, they offer ICS and other shelters substantial discounts. Can you help us with this much-needed improvement for the health and well being of our cats? There are two ways to donate. One, you can donate any amount you can directly to ICS for the purpose of purchasing Kuranda beds. Every amount earmarked “Kuranda” will go to purchase a cat bed. Or, you could purchase a product directly from Kuranda. The ICS wish list is on the website at Make your purchase at their reduced price, and the bed will be shipped directly to ICS. ICS then receives a notification of your tax-deductible donation. Meanwhile, as we continue to improve the immediate atmosphere of our existing building, proceeds from the sales of Rainbow Bridge Garden Memorial Bricks continue to grow the ICS Building Fund. We are investigating grants and other options to help us reach our goal of a new building on our grounds for ICS cats and kittens. Whenever this becomes a reality and ICS moves into a new building, the donated, high quality Kuranda beds will move right with us.

Keoki says, “Please help my friends and me stay comfy and clean!”

As always, we appreciate your continued support as we create a home away from home for our cats and kittens while they wait for their new adoptive families. Please stop by during our weekend hours (Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 1-4) or by appointment and visit the kitties – they always love to see a friendly face and will be so thrilled to show off their new and improved surroundings! Sincerely, Staci Trekles, ICS Board President

If you haven’t been to one of our yard sales, you’re missing out!

Please note: We do not use litter pan liners, newspapers, or pine cleaners like Pine Sol. Thank you! Office Supplies Stamps Various colored 2-pocket folders, with business card slots Letter-Size Manilla file folders Cleaning Supplies Bleach Laundry soap (prefer unscented) Dryer Sheets Liquid hand soap Dish soap Paper plates Paper towels 30-gallon trash bags Tall Kitchen garbage bags Simple Green cleaner Shaklee Basic G concentrate Medical Supplies Microwaveable heating discs Science Diet AD, ID Wellness grain-free food Building and Grounds 20 x 25 x 5 Aire Bear furnace filters Water softener pellets 16" x 20" x 1" fiberglass furnace filters Replacement filters for Hunter Air Purifier Model #30930 Side door and help with installation Other Dry cat food, kitten and adult, Prefer Hill’s Science Diet but use other brands for donations to those in need Ground flavors of Fancy Feast and grain-free foods Kuranda Plastic cleanable cat trees Scoopable and clay litters Gift cards to Lowe’s, Menard’s, Home Depot, etc. Safeguard SG-36D humane traps Turbo-Tracks Replacement Scratchers Extra Large Litter Scoops Small blankets, rugs, towels

Yard Sale items • Calico Corny’s Catnip • Toys, Baked Goods, and other fun stuff!

Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6th — 10 am - 3 pm On the shelter grounds at 4061 County Line Road, Westville, IN (at the corner of County Line Road and Hwy 6) Drop off your items on Friday, October 4 from 9am - 6pm 3

Special Services Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters

The cats thank you! Ask us for a receipt for tax-deductible donations.

Cody’s Choice (continued from page 1) Thankfully, there was no crisis and it didn't take long for Carl to admit that Brandon was right, and to fall head over heels in love with Cody. He was happy to learn that a nine year old cat could still be playful, and appreciative that Cody was so incredibly affectionate. Carl proudly tells how every day when he came home from work, Cody would reach up and hug him. In short, Carl is now a believer in the virtue of being “chosen.”

have real appreciation for being given another chance. Someday, when they are ready, there will be another cat joining their family. But this time, Brandon and Carl both will be looking for the cat who chooses them. Cody would expect no less. Would you consider adopting an older cat and learning for yourself what a rewarding experience it can be? We have several older, loving, vivacious cats that would absolutely jump at the chance to share your day! Right now, until the end of October, ICS is waiving adoption fees for all approved applications on cats 5 and older. Now's the purrfect chance to get the love you have always deserved and that fur coat you've always wanted. Adopt today; time is flying! Come and visit at ICS!

With the change of name, Cody began a whole new chapter of his life. Far from kicking back and lounging through his senior years, he was a living embodiment that “You're never too old to rock and roll if you're still too young to die.” As a member of Brandon and Carl's family, Cody made his presence felt. Cody made it his business to do house inspections on a regular basis, opening all the bathroom drawers and every cabinet in the kitchen. During the holidays, he set up camp at the bottom of the Christmas tree. Presents? Who needs presents when you have a big beautiful cat like Cody? Before packing up the tree, the bottom always had to undergo major fur removal. Cody was in charge and everyone knew it, even the two dogs who later joined the family circle. Needless to say, Cody was adored. Cody recently passed away at the age of eighteen. Both Brandon and Carl agree that Cody was the best cat that they had ever had, the most human and with the greatest personality, and they have never, ever regretted adopting him. Brandon feels that theirs was a win-win relationship, that they gave each other nine great years. He has this advice for people considering adopting an older cat: “Don't think about how much time they can give you or the value they're bringing to you, think about the value you will bring to them.” Carl concurs, pointing out that you never know how long you will have with any companion animal, and that it's amazingly rewarding to give an older cat love in a home of their own, fulfilling the rest of their lives. Brandon and Carl feel that there are some real advantages to adopting an older cat, especially not having to endure the “crazy kitten” phase. They also argue that older cats are more loveable and

Cody giving one of his famous hugs to Brandon.

Cat ...a poem by Carol Robin I am Le Chat, El Gato, The cat A worthy predator Tis true But I also am A gentle Loving companion In youth I scamper Flying about on padded feet I jump, I play chasing real And invisible creatures Who inhabit my childish world Then I mature into a more dignified And graceful being Willing to play but no longer Dashing about in energetic frenzy I curl in a lap, snuggle on the bed I long for a home, food in a bowl A sunny window to watch the birds I ask for little but give much in love


Thank you, Dorothy...

e want to give a special TNR Thank You to the memory of Dorothy Miller. Dorothy passed away June 16th in Michigan City. She was truly one of the special people in this world, quietly making a difference, never expecting thanks or accolades. She had a special way of helping people AND animals... almost invisible, always offering what was needed most. She was most recently involved with the men’s shelter in Michigan City, but I met Dorothy many, many years ago when the Michiana Humane Society was a run-down block building on Karwick Road and we were trying to make that a better place. Over the years she checked in periodically with us to see what we “needed” in our efforts to help cats. The ICS TNR Squad will be commemorating Dorothy with a brick in our garden. If you’d like to donate to Dorothy’s brick, send a check to ICS indicating “TNR-Dorothy’s Brick” in the memo line. So fitting—one of Dorothy’s passions and interests was gardening. Though she didn’t have cats of her own, always harboring a house full of dogs, she fed cats and supported cats and supported TNR and the “good work” in her unique way. We think she’d appreciate the gesture and hope it serves to inspire all who knew her to continue doing the good work, no matter what it is. She truly was one of the special people in this world, and the world is lesser a place for her passing.

Diva - a sweet mature lady in our Sing-Sing room


Adoptable Cats

These gorgeous seniors would love to bring a touch of sophistication to your home! Lilly


is the coolest old lady you’ve ever met! She may be a special needs senior, but she does not let that slow her down! Meet her and you will be captivated by her charm and spirit.

is a sweet senior tortie with a stubby little tail. Her unique looks are matched by unique charm and a penetrating gaze. Visit her in Kitty Korner and you will surely want to take her home forever!



is a sweet black and white beauty. Her white mustache may make her look quite silly indeed, but she is no pushover. This lady is all business when it comes to cuddling – and treats!

is the resident diva of Bowers. Few can match her graceful elegance and fluffy black/brown coat. This lovely queen will surely hold court for you any day of the week.



is a true lady. She has been waiting patiently for her forever home for many years now, and hopes that someday a quiet home and cuddly lap will be hers to enjoy. Visit her in Sing-Sing and you will want to help make her dream come true.

is a lovely long-haired tortie who seeks quiet and a warm bed to call her own. Come to see her in Sing-Sing, and you will surely be captivated by her regal charm and loving purrsonality!

ICS Board of Directors Elections It’s time once again to bring in new voulnteers to serve on the ICS Board of Directors. This year, there are four positions open:

What is “board service,” you might ask? Simply put, the ICS Board of Directors helps govern the business of the Independent Cat Society. This includes everything from ensuring that the organization is fiscally responsible to maintaining presence and working with other groups within the animal rescue and non-profit community of Northwest Indiana.

• Vice-President • Corresponding Secretary •Two at-large seats The preliminary ballot includes the following candidates: Vice-President Judy Lindmark Corresponding Secretary

Full descriptions of the duties for all members and officers within the nine-person Board Nellie wants to help us of Directors can be found in get out the vote! our bylaws, located on our website at:

Carol Albrecht Member at large Diana Foster Would you like to add your name to this list? Contact the Nominations Committee (chairperson, Cate Amador) at and let us know which seat you would like, and provide us with a brief description of your qualifications. We are always looking for new members of our organization, and hope you will take this opportunity to participate in the important work of board service.

Board candidates will be introduced to the membership during the regularly scheduled November board meeting on November 4, 2013, held at Purdue University North Central in room LSF-170A at 6:00pm. Elections will be held in a general membership meeting on Thursday November 21, 2013, at 7:00pm at the Valparaiso Public Library. 5

Upcoming ICS Fundraisers

ICS Calendar

Marilyn’s Bakery Pies

Have your pet become part of history as we put together our very first ICS Calendar! That’s right, you could be part of something special by having your pet’s picture (cat, dog or otherwise) on any day in 2014, or even honor them with a whole month! Act soon to get in on this brand new fundraising event! Also, every picture purchased in memory of a pet that has passed will be entered to win a custom brick in our Rainbow Bridge Garden.

Wouldn’t you want to see beauty like this all year long?

For the holidays, ICS will be selling Marilyn’s homemade pies for $8.00 each! Located in Hobart, IN, Marilyn’s is one of the premier bakeries in the area. Most pies are sold frozen with baking instructions: Apple, Apple Crumb Indiana Blueberry and Blueberry Crumb Very Berry (Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Red Raspberry) Sugar Free (made with Splenda) Apple or Cherry Michigan Cherry or Cherry Crumb Strawberry Rhubarb

Photos will be accepted through November 2, 2013. We will begin taking orders for printed calendars after this date.

These pies are baked and ready to eat, or freeze for later: Pumpkin French Silk Pecan

Single Day picture: $10 Featured Month picture: $50 Sponsor an ICS Cat’s picture in the calendar: $10

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and shelter starting in October for details on this exciting new fundraiser!

Calendar order forms may be picked up at the shelter, or downloaded online from our website at

Black Cat Boogie Annual Fundraising Dinner The Black Cat Boogie is November 2, 2013 this year, and we would like you to be a part of it! Please use the order form below to clip and mail to us at the address below. You may also pay online through Paypal at our website:


Tips for Keeping an Senior Cat Healthy and Happy!


Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

s cats age, just like all of us, their needs change. While “cat years” are not calculated quite the same as “dog years,” roughly speaking, a ten-year old cat is equivalent to a 50-year old human, and by 15, your cat is close to 73 human years old. Bonnie, our oldest resident, was close to 19 – or nearly 90 in human years – when she sadly departed for the Rainbow Bridge in August of this year.

1. The personality of an older cat is already established, making it easier to match the right cat to your home. 2. Older cats are less demanding and require less supervision than youngsters. 3. The medical history of an older cat is known, and if you adopt from ICS, we will ensure that your cat is healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and has complete medical history available. 4. Older cats are already litter trained, and often are much cleaner! 5. An adult cat is much more likely to jump into your lap and snuggle up than jump on your counters, tables, or curtains. 6. Adult cats are more “kid-smart” and not as fragile or as likely to advertently play too rough with your small child. 7. Seniors love seniors! Older cats want to share companionship and quiet time, and make wonderful companions. 8. Older cats still like to play, but don’t demand playtime 24/7. 9. An adult cat makes a great companion for other animals in the household, especially those that don’t desire to share the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of a kitten. 10. And the number one reason to adopt a senior cat: You will bring joy and greater longevity to a needy kitty. Adopting a “senior kitzen” gives a new lease on life, and your new friend will give you love in return!

Your cat can live for many years indeed, and those years will be happier and healthier if you pay attention her special needs as she ages. Below are some tips to help your adult cat feel like as energetic as a kitten all through her life! • Add more moisture. Cats thrive on high-moisture, high-protein diets as they age. Compare labels of foods carefully, and be sure to choose those foods that use high-quality ingredients, few fillers, and higher levels of protein and taurine. If possible, you may wish to add some fresh cooked meat, such as chicken breast, into your cat’s diet. Some additional information can be found at

Bonnie: A Tribute

Bonnie was a sweet old soul – she never met a human or a cat that she could not get along with. Bonnie spent most of her life at ICS, and while she never found her forever home, she enjoyed a great deal of attention and the joy of being loved by all of our volunteers and staff. While Bonnie was limited in her diet due to food allergies, she was often rewarded with pieces of freshly cooked chicken, with some volunteers even bringing special cuts just for her! That is how loved and special Bonnie was, and even though we lost Bonnie in August, she will always remain in our hearts.

• Watch those teeth! Keep an eye on your cat’s teeth and gums to be sure that they are healthy and free of swelling, bleeding, or discoloration that can be associated with gingivitis or other mouth maladies. A combination of wet and dry food in a cat’s diet may help her loosen tartar build-up on teeth, and if possible, consult with your vet about brushing your cat’s teeth periodically. • Get check-ups more frequently. Most vets recommend that senior cats get a check-up at least twice per year to monitor for common problems, such as kidney-related diseases.

She is pictured below with her old friend, Boy George, another long-lived ICS resident, who is surely resting happily with his old friend over the Rainbow Bridge.

• Avoid overfeeding your senior cat. As metabolisms slow down, kitty can get heavier more easily, which can in turn lead to health problems such as diabetes. Feed two or three small meals throughout the day instead of one large meal as your cat ages. • Help kitty stay clean. As cats age, they become less able to groom themselves as well, leaving extra oils in their coats that can lead to matting and dandruff. Be sure to brush your cat regularly to help her maintain a healthy and skin and coat. • Play with your senior! Sure, she may not be as spry as she used to be, but all cats need exercise and attention in order to thrive and stay healthy. Encourage your cat to play with dangling toys or laser lights that they can chase, and be sure to give her lots of love! Boy George and Bonnie



Spanky: An ICS Happy Ending

panky and his brother, Alfalfa, were two of the most handsome cats in ICS' room, Freckles: Spanky with his long, flowing gray coat, soulful green eyes, and perky, questioning ears, and Alfalfa with his luxurious black mane and coat. Both boys were very shy, but we soon learned that Spanky loved to be scratched if you just approached him slowly from the side.

was still a mystery why Spanky’s was deteriorating. Food seemed to go right through him, he was losing clumps of his beautiful coat, and he was a shadow of his former self. Spanky was caged and given meds, but he only got more depressed and kept losing weight. Everyone feared we were losing our sweet boy. Finally, Dr. Brooke McAfee of McAfee Animal Hospital decided we needed to do one more test, which was rather expensive. Room moms & volunteers chipped in to help pay for the test, and at last we had a diagnosis. Spanky had a hard-to-detect parasite, and a couple other issues going on, which may have been there since he came to the shelter. All the cats in Spanky's room and the neighboring Kiki’s Room were put on a 2-week course of treatment. Soon the light came back on in Spanky's eyes and he was seeking affection and enjoying attention once more. He gained weight, his lovely coat started growing again, and we all breathed a sigh of relief that our Spanky was back.

Though all the boys would gather around at brushing time, we'd always seek out Spanky to make sure his long fur got all the knots brushed out. Last year, Spanky had a bout with an ear infection, and had to have surgery on it, giving him one “floppy” ear, which made him even more endearing.

Spanky, after coming back from a serious illness, and in his new home! A true ICS success story!


Fast forward to August, 2013. A woman, Angela S., came to the shelter looking for a shy, special needs cat to foster. After spending the entire day with all of the ICS kitties, Angela finally chose Spanky. All of the trials and tribulations of his life before are now a dim memory as he starts his new life with Angela, the most loving foster mom a cat could ever ask for. Spanky is pictured here in his new home – loving life and living large. His is truly an ICS Success Story!

Then last year we noticed Spanky was losing weight. He'd always been a slender boy, but he was getting much thinner than was healthy. After a couple trips to the vet, and several tests, it

Won’t you help bring that same light and happiness to another deserving kitty? Perhaps, to Spanky’s brother Alfalfa, who is still waiting patiently for his forever home and would love to meet you!

Volunteers Needed!

CS is looking for a few good volunteers! Each month, we participate in many fundraising events and other activities, including our open houses, yard sales, and our many major events throughout the year. In order to make these events, both large and small, a success, and in order to keep our shelter in tip-top shape, we rely on the kindness and hard work of volunteers. Do you have just a little time in your schedule that you can devote to some cats in need? Contact us today and find out how you can help! Volunteers can: 1. Be a foster parent 2. Be a room mom or dad 3. Help with transportation to and from the vet 4. Be an adoptions counselor 5. Make crafts or baked good for fundraisers 6. Help setup, coordinate, and run fundraising events 7. Join a committee such as PR, fundraising, grants development, trap-neuter-release work (TNR), or technology 8. Help socialize shelter cats by playing with them, talking to them, and petting them 9. Help clean, repair, and maintain the shelter grounds and buildings by providing skilled carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, and other services

How can you say no to this face?

Join us today and truly make a difference in our cats’ lives!


Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options are Growing! ICS Vouchers are available at the ICS shelter on Saturdays from 10 AM-4PM and Sundays from 1-4 PM. (Others hours may be available by appointment only). There are two different levels of Voucher. (Payment by cash or money order only (No credit/debit cards/no checks) • Basic Level: includes spay or neuter, first distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine, worming, ear mite treatment, and identification tattoo/microchip. • Comprehensive Level: includes everything in the Basic level plus flea treatment, FELV and FIV testing, and the first Feline leukemia vaccine. After purchasing a voucher, call one of the veterinary clinics listed below to schedule an appointment. ICS Spay/Neuter vouchers are only accepted at the following veterinary clinics: • McAfee Animal Hospital: 219-462-5901 651 Eastport Centre Dr., Valparaiso Basic - $65 Comprehensive - $90 • Westchester Animal Clinic: 219-926-1194 55E US Highway 20, Porter Basic level only - $73 Dr. Anderson’s Feline Reduction Center holds a clinic every Saturday in Beverly Shores. The cost for the surgery is $50. The Rabies and distemper vaccines incur an extra charge, while ear cleaning, a pain shot, and a shot of penicillin is included. The scheduling number is 219-861-9006. Call and leave a message that you want to schedule your cat for a particular Saturday, and clinic staff will call you back with drop-off/pick-up details. Other local options: • Neuter Scooter: • Pet Neutering and Adoption: (DeMotte, Indiana) • The Estelle Marcus Animal Clinic: or (219) 924-7140 (Munster, Indiana) The Estelle Marcus Animal Clinic offers low-cost spays, neuters, and vaccinations for the following groups: — Low-income pet owners on government assistance (such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, Unemployment or Disability) — Owners of pit bulls and pit bull mixes — Residents of Gary, Indiana — Feral cat caretakers (call 219-924-7140 for information on humane trap rental) — Animal shelters, animal controls, and rescue groups They also have 2 special programs: 1. Low-Income Senior Program: Seniors over the age of 65 and on government assistance (other than Social Security) can get their pets spayed, neutered and vaccinated for free! 2. Spay Your Momma Program: Low-income owners of a dogs or cats with litters can get moms and her litters spayed, neutered, and vaccinated for rabies for free! Owners must be on government assistance or Social Security. Call Calumet SNAP at 877-819-3300 for more information. Chicago options: • NAWS: or (708) 478-5102 (Mokena, Illinois) • PAWS Chicago: The Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic or mobile unit, or (773) 521-7729 (Chicago, Illinois) • Anti Cruelty Society: or (312) 644-8338 (Chicago, Illinois)

For help with spaying and neutering of free-roaming cats, please email us at:

Colin and Cinder are brothers who look just like small panthers, but they are loveable sweeties in spite of their exotic good lucks. They are 6 years old, and both are declawed. Take a walk on the wild side!



may look like a tough customer, but he’s got a heart of gold. If you start petting him, he may not want you to ever leave! Be sure to visit this gentleman in our room called Nook.

is a handsome older gentleman who lives in our Kitty Korner room. He is a sweet, loving boy and would make anyone a wonderful forever friend.


Memorials & Tributes... In Memory of —

from 6/15/2013 to 9/1/2013

Our Beloved Sabrina, sadly missed but greatly loved – from Roxanne Myers and her sisters Marcie, Gracie, Zoey, Olivia and Sophia

Kenneth Humbert, who will be missed by his many friends and family, including Barry and Susan Eppley, Marge Gosnell, Joe and Marsha Martorano, the Pelath Family, Mary Beth and Richard Schacht, John and Florence Troyer, and Donald and Darlene Vanhoy.

In Honor of —

Gail A. Coons, honored by James Coons Rica, a 16 year-old ICS adoptee who was a joy always – from C.J. Jeha

In Apology - we missed this announcement in the previous edition:

Summer Donor List

Eve Gardner, a wonderful woman and a blessing to animals, from Dr. Randi Olson

Eve Gardner, honored by Eric Whitlock and Sharlene Wozniak

Just a small sample of the great people who help ICS - thanks to all for your support and kindness 2nd Chance Games Movies & Music Albanese, Richard/Dorothy Albrecht, Carol Bauml, Lillian Bevil, Lucille Borth, Philip Bowen, John/Laurie Bryant, Tommy/Shirley Burns, Robert/Sandra Burrus, Marie-Danielle Carmody, Nancy Chojecki, Ronald/Pamela Cieslak, Judith Ciszek, Margaret Connors, Gary/Susan Coslet, Janice Davids, Nataliya Davis, Kathy DePirro, Richard/Karen Donzero, Kevin Dow, Jason/Patricia

Kovalow-St John, David/Karen Kreiger, Susan Kretz, Jane Kronland, Deanna Matulionis, Bridget Meyer, Robert/Lorraine Mounce, Shirley/Lloyd Nelson, William/Priscilla Novak, Mary Novak, Thomas Novak, Thomas O'Neil, Sally Ostrowski, Phyllis Overmyer, Gary/Beverly Palen, Thomas Palla, Brenda Peterson, Frank Rantz, Marlene Renwick, Olive Lou Ripperdan, Dorothy Roseman, Brian/Wendy

Euler, Delilah Fizer, Timothy Forbes, Sandra Friend, Tracy Fuller, Ellen Gallian, Becca Gasper, Gary/Arlene Gault, Robert/Patricia Gault, Robert/Patricia Goodson, Anthony/Sandra Gothe, Arlene Grygotis, Gary Hancock, Lisa Hecht, Alcee Helmick, Margaret Hemmley, Sandy Hoover, Sandra Jerome, Diane Kecse, Eleanor Keltz, Pam Kleckner, Tom/Nancy

Sanders, Steven/Susan Schmick, Bruce/Leslie Schwoegler, Joseph/Barbara Seedorf, Joan Shalapsik, Michael/Bonnie Showers, Henry Smith, Jack Stanley, Vernon/Brunetta Stemmler, Sandy Tompkins, David/June Totten, Ray/Donna Trekles, Anastasia Tylicki, Eugene/ Jo Ann Vajda, Joseph Vargas, Albert Vereb, Irene Vrablic, Pamela Waluk, Peggy Jo Wiegand, Morris Wu, Kristina Zosso, Bonnie

Corporate Sponsors and Partners

If we have omitted anyone, please write or call us so we can include them in the next newsletter.

We would like to take a moment to recognize our valuable corporate sponsors. Without their help, many of our events and activities would not be possible. We hope that you will support their businesses as they have supported ICS. AJ Canopy Rental and Sales Allegius Credit Union Anderson Foundation Arbor View Animal Hospital Aurelio’s Pizza (LaPorte, IN) Bissell Foundation Brandt’s Supply Indiana 105

Michigan City Animal Hospital McAfee Animal Hospital Purdue University North Central Ryan Newman Foundation Smoochie Pooch Pet Salon and Boutique Unity Foundation Vale Park Animal Hospital

Look for us at our

eBay store*cat*society/ 10



from your Spokescat, Corky

i, I’m Corky, the spokescat for our Sponsor-a-Cat program. You can usually find me hanging out in Disco, relaxing, playing, or peering out the windows at the birds.

If you’d like to help ICS by sponsoring one of Corky’s friends, please fill out the slip below and mail it back to the shelter, or drop off the slip in person and choose your special cat.

What’s Sponsor-a-Cat, you might ask? Why, it’s of the most important programs at the Independent Cat Society! And I’m not just saying that – Sponsor-A-Cat is one of the biggest sources of revenues for ICS each year, and is something that my friends and I rely upon. We love your support and generosity, and especially love it when you come to visit your sponsor cat!

We can pick a cat for you, or if you prefer, you can tell us what kind of cat you’d like – young or old, male or female, gray, black, calico, tabby, or tortie.

You see, Sponsor-a-Cat is a great option for those who wish to help, but cannot take in another pet at their home. It’s also great to give as a gift to a loved one - just sponsor a kitty in their name and they will receive the good feelings that come with helping a needy cat all year long! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

In honor of the upcoming Black Cat Boogie, below are a few black cats that need sponsors – and adopters! Come and visit some of these lovely, sleek felines. It will make everyone’s day brighter, both cat and human alike. All of these cats are, of course, all ready to go to their forever homes, and are eagerly waiting to meet you. There’s something special about each and every one!

In fact, to help me promote Sponsor-a-Cat this issue, photographer Nina G gave me a


Once you find your sponsor cat, you’ll get a 4x6 picture of your cat and a story telling you how the kitty came to live at the shelter.

Corky, your Spokescat nice makeover. What do you think? Am I handsome or what?


is dignified and not pushy, but really enjoys being petted or getting scratched and he is quite playful. He's a superstar just like his namesake!



is an elegant black cat with out-of-this-world appeal! Because black cats wait longer to be adopted, Mars has spent his entire life at the shelter. Why not bring him home and show him a new world?

is a petite 6-mo old sweetie with a cute, distinctive face. She will cuddle, snuggle and crawl up on your shoulders.



is a 4-year-old "teddy bear." He is very affectionate. This cuddly boy would love to sit on your lap and be petted.

is a cute and playful black beauty who would just love to be your new best friend. Visit him in Kiki’s Room and you’re sure for an affectionate welcome!

is big, handsome, and ready to play! He needs a quiet home where he can relax on his own, but he also needs some room to roam and maybe play some rough-and-tumble with you.

I want to Sponsor-A-Cat from the Independent Cat Society I have enclosed a check for: __________ $180 for one year of Sponsor-A-Cat __________ $10 for the first month of Sponsor-A-Cat. I pledge to send $10 each month to Sponsor-A-Cat __________ $15 for the first month of Sponsor-A-Cat. I pledge to send $15 each month to Sponsor-A-Cat __________ I pledge to send the amount that fits my budget and feels “right” to Sponsor-A-Cat each month Please mark “SAC” on your envelope and check memo. The sponsor will receive a photo and biography of his or her Sponsor-A-Cat. Name of sponsor_____________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________ City______________________________________ State_______ ZIP__________ Telephone _______________________________________ Month of sponsor’s birthday____________________________________ email address______________________________________________ Clip and mail to: Independent Cat Society, Inc., PO Box 735, Westville, IN 46391


Independent Cat Society PO Box 735 Westville, IN 46391

Non-Profit Organization US Postage

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• Furry Fun Fair

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• Aunt Kitty’s Trash and Treasure Sale October 5 & 6 (Donations accepted October 4) – ICS shelter, Westville, Indian

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• Shelter Building 101 October 13 – Ogden Dunes Volunteer Fire Department

• Black Cat Boogie Annual Fundraising Dinner November 2 – Old Town Banquet Center, Valparaiso, Indiana

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Can you help the Independent Cat Society cats?

Become a Member! Annual Dues:


$1000 Corporation

Donate or Volunteer!

______ I am donating $______ for the care of the cats and kittens. ______ I am donating $______ to the building fund. ______ I am donating $______ to the TNR/Assisted Spay & Neuter Fund.


$500 Life


$100 Gold Star


$50 Family


$25 Individual

______ I will help groom cats at the shelter. ______ I will help give cats their medications. ______ I will help at fundraising events. ______ I will be a foster parent. ______ I will donate my cat-themed artwork or crafts for fundraising events. ______ I will bake for fundraising events. ______ I will make adoption follow-up telephone calls.


$10 Student

______ I will help cats get good homes by becoming an adoption counselor. ______ I will help take care of the grounds and maintain the shelter.


$10 Senior

______ I will distribute flyers for fundraisers.

Name______________________________________ Address_____________________ City______________ State_______ ZIP__________ ____This is a new address. ____ Do not send a “thank you” note. Phone____________________ email__________________________________ Clip and send to: Independent Cat Society, Inc., PO Box 735, Westville, IN 46391

Independent Cat Society Mewsletter Fall 2013  

The official newsletter of the Independent Cat Society of Westville, Indiana.

Independent Cat Society Mewsletter Fall 2013  

The official newsletter of the Independent Cat Society of Westville, Indiana.