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For the friends of the Independent Cat Society, a no-kill cat shelter

Fall 2016 #151

Cat Stories By Elizabeth Wiegand, ICS Friend and Supporter Reprinted with permission from “Music Plus with Accent on Faith,” an autobiography by Elizabeth Wiegand

I wrote a poem about them some time later, entitled, “They Were Alone and Unwanted”: They were alone and unwanted Five kittens and their mother black and white They lived in a wood pile and were taunted By creatures of sorts in the night. The Independent Cat Society Heard their needy cries for help They acted with mercy and compassion And the wonder of God’s love was felt. I currently have two cats – Luke, who is now about nineteen after I found him in an alley years ago, and Elias, a black cat about eight years old.

As a child, I always had pets. My parents visited aunts and uncles, and most of them lived on farms. I remember playing with kittens in haylofts, riding on my cousin’s pony, and beagle puppies. When I was older, I joined the Humane Society and Independent Cat Society, and learned about the abuse some animals suffer. One day, I was looking out my window and saw kittens on the front steps of the neightbor’s house across the street. The neighbors and I were friends, so I called and asked asked if they would mind if I fed them. They said no. Soon, the cat family began coming across the street morning and evening. I liked to sit and watch them cavorting under the trees after they ate. They didn’t pay attention to me in the window. Momma Cat sat on the sidelines and watched them, too; she seemed pleased they were presenting a show for me. She looked up at the window once in a while. Some people said she was wild, but she did not appear to be wild to me. I even picked her up once, but the paper boy came around the corner and scared her away. I was concerned about their safety, however. When they came, they usually had chaperones of other cats. Then, one morning it happened. One of the kittens was hit by a car. I ran out and picked it up (which I know now I should not have done), and it died in my arms. I called Brandt’s Old Fashion Emporium pet supply, where I usually shopped for bird food, and Doug and Sherry Brandt suggested that I call General Rental and get “Have a Heart” traps, which I did. Eventually, I caught the whole cat family – it took all summer. In between the cats, there were other critters – raccoons and opossums, mostly. They were ugly, but they were okay and happy to be let go. I kept tabs on the cat family at the shelter where I took them. Momma Cat got adopted out right away, but the kittens were too feral and too old to be retrained. They had to stay at the shelter.

Helping Strays Find Their Way You can do your part in your community to help stray cats find safety. Feral stray cats often do not do well in shelters, however, but can be safely watched over by people who care for them. Humane traps can be used to take them for spay/neuter, which will prevent further overpopulation issues in the community. ICS assisted spay/neuter vouchers are available at the ICS shelter on Saturdays from 10 AM-4PM and Sundays from 1-4 PM. (Others hours may be available by appointment only). After purchase (cash/check/credit card), call one of the clinics below to schedule an appointment: • McAfee Animal Hospital (Valparaiso): 219-462-5901 – $115 • Westchester Animal Clinic (Chesterton): 219-926-1194– $65 • All Creature Features (LaPorte): 219-393-3558 – $85 • Gast Animal Hospital (Valparaiso): 219-759-7387 – $110 • Maple City Animal Hospital (LaPorte): 219-324-0055 – $116 Dr. Anderson’s Feline Reduction Center has a low-cost clinic on Saturdays in Beverly Shores. The scheduling number is 219-861-9006. Other local options: • Neuter Scooter: • Pet Neutering and Adoption: (DeMotte) • ABC Clinic: (Granger) • The Estelle Marcus Animal Clinic: or (219) 9247140 (Munster) • NAWS: or (708) 478-5102 (Mokena) • PAWS Chicago: The Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic or mobile unit, www. or (773) 521-7729 (Chicago) • Anti-Cruelty Society: or (312) 644-8338 (Chicago) For help with spaying/neutering of free-roaming cats, please email us at:

Upcoming Events, Tributes, and much more inside!

Calendar of Events


Published for the friends of the Independent Cat Society, Inc. PO Box 735, Westville, IN 46391 (219) 785-4936 Web: Email: Facebook: INCatSociety The Independent Cat Society, Inc., founded in 1977, is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter on US Rt 6 at the Porter/LaPorte County Line Road in Westville, Indiana. Our mission is to rescue, shelter, adopt, and promote the spaying and neutering of cats in our Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland community. Adoption hours: Friday, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Saturday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Sunday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Others by appointment. Please call (219) 785-4936. About our Adoption Fees Include: Spay/neuter, vet exam, feline leukemia and FIV test; ageappropriate vaccinations; parasite treatment; tattoo ID/microchip; 30 Day No-Cost Pet Insurance; Hills Science Diet coupon; and free postadoption participating vet visit. Please check our website or shelter for monthly adoption specials! Board of Directors: President: Anastasia Trekles Vice-President: Jocelyn Vereb Recording Secretary: Judy Dean Corresponding Secretary: Kay Vazquez Treasurer: Natalie Cebulski Board Members: Diana Foster Jason Petrovich Jennifer Stall Joan Hildebrand

November 12 SELF School Holiday Bazaar 9:00am - 3:00pm 50 Ransom Road, Valparaiso

November 19-20 Holidaze Sell-a-Bration 10:00am - 5:00pm Porter County Expo Center, 215 Division Road, Valparaiso

November 29 Giving Tuesday Support ICS with your donation at

December December 3 Crafts for the Holidays Show 9:00am - 3:oopm Westville American Legion, 107 N Flynn Road, Westville

December 10-11 ICS Holiday Open House 10am - 4pm (Saturday), 1pm - 4pm (Sunday) ICS Shelter, 4061 S County Line Road, Westville

January January 21-22 ICS “Abridged” Used Book Sale 9:00am - 4:00pm Valparaiso Moose Lodge, 108 Indiana Ave, Valparaiso See Page 7 for more information

February Sweetheart Month! Vote for your favorite kitty in our annual Sweetheart Contest!

March March 4 Annual Sweetheart Day Event 9:00am - 4:00pm Valparaiso Moose Lodge, 108 Indiana Ave, Valparaiso


Stories Behind the Bricks There are special stories behind every engraved brick in our beautiful Rainbow Bridge Garden. Please enjoy this series on the stories behind the bricks, as told by our supporters. Would you like to commemorate a beloved family member in a special way by reserving them a brick in the Garden, or share a story of your own? Contact us at, and to order your own brick, stop in or visit All proceeds support our Building Fund. Sincerely, Staci Trekles, ICS Board President

Na’Toth and Spirit, by Sue Helm Na’Toth showed up at my front door one cold, rainy November night. She banged on the door and demanded to come in saying, “I’m cold, hungry, and pregnant.” She was wearing a collar, so I tried to find her owner. Turns out someone put the collar on her just to hang tags on it. Didn’t really claim her. What a jerk! I’d been seeing her wandering around for months but thought someone owned her. So I had her spayed, thinking that I’d find her another home. I already had two cats in my small apartment. Silly me! Give up a cat? What was I thinking?! She needed a name, and I gave her two choices. One was the Chinese word for pretty (which I don’t remember now). The other was Na’Toth. She meowed when I mentioned Na’Toth, so that became her name. Na’Toth was a character in a new (at that time) sci-fi show called Babylon 5, who was a female warrior. Seemed fitting since my Na’Toth had been battling to survive for about a year or so outdoors. As for Spirit, I never intended to adopt still another cat. At the time I was living in a small condo and already had two cats. But it was my habit to check on the cats that were available for adoption at my local Petsmart where I bought my cat food. I never saw the same cat twice. I guess that was a good place for cats to find forever homes. The only exception was Spirit. He was about 9 months old at the time. My first visit with him let me know he was a very affectionate cat. But he had two strikes against him: he had lost a front let and he was black. I know some people avoid these kinds of cats. But I love black ones, so when he was still there, I applied to adopt him. The organization that had him was a small local one. Getting in touch with the proper person was hard, but I persevered. Finally, I brought him home. I had learned that a lady had found him on the side of the road with the injured leg. Her vet tried to save it, but since Spirit was a very active kitten, his efforts were in vain. Finally the leg had to be removed. Yet that never slowed Spirit down. He always preferred a dead run to a walk, even though he frequently ran into walls. And he was always adventurous. There was nowhere he wouldn’t try to go. I once found him trying to climb onto the top edge of my laundry door. Another time he attempted to vault from the fireplace screen to the mantel. That was not as successful as the screen fell. But at least he was smart enough to never try it again. And he continually let me know how grateful he was to be adopted. One of his favorite sleeping places was on my chest with his head tucked under my chin and his leg wrapped around my neck. No one could have asked for a better cat/companion. He was one of a kind and will be missed so much.

Thank you! Girlfriend wants to thank everyone who generously contributed to her surgery fund earlier this summer. She had her surgery to remove bony spurs in her knees and is getting around much better. But, she’s still waiting for her forever home! She needs a quiet home with easy-toaccess, comfy places to sleep. Is your home the one?



from your Spokescat,Monica

Have you thought of the perfect gift for all of your friends and loved ones this holiday season? No? Well, Monica, our Sponsor-A-Cat spokescat, is here to help. Anyone on your list this year can receive something really special – the gift of knowing they have helped a shelter cat feel happy and comfortable while waiting for his or her forever home. That’s right, sponsorships can be gifted to anyone you know and love. As you fill out the form below, just indicate that your sponsorship is a gift, and let us know where to send the special card and photograph of your loved one’s new sponsored kitty. We’ll do the rest.

Monica, your New Spokescat

And if you stop by the shelter, be sure to say hello to your sponsor kitty, and Monica too, since she helps us make the perfect match for every sponsor. She’s just got a knack for helping people make friends, and no doubt, you’ll make friends with her as well. Though, you may want to bring a few treats along, just in case . . . Monica, and all of us at ICS, thank you for all you do to support ICS and the Sponsor- A-Cat program. Happy holidays!







I want to Sponsor-A-Cat from the Independent Cat Society

I have enclosed a check for:

__________ $180 for one year of Sponsor-A-Cat

__________ $15 for the first month of Sponsor-A-Cat. I pledge to send $15 each month to Sponsor-A-Cat

__________ I pledge to send the amount that fits my budget and feels “right” to Sponsor-A-Cat each month Please mark “SAC” on your envelope and check memo. The sponsor will receive a photo and biography of his or her Sponsor-A-Cat. Name of sponsor_____________________________________________ Is this a gift sponsorship? _______________ Address_________________________________________________ City______________________________________ State_______ ZIP__________ Telephone _______________________________________ Month of sponsor’s birthday______________________________ email address_______________________________________ Clip and mail to: Independent Cat Society, Inc., PO Box 735, Westville, IN 46391 4

ICS 2017 Elections It’s time once again to bring in new voulnteers to serve on the ICS Board of Directors. This year, there are five positions open:, and provide us with a brief description of your qualifications. We are always looking for new members of our organization, and hope you will take this opportunity to participate in the important work of board service.

• President • Treasurer • Recording Secretary • Two at-large positions

Note that you must be an ICS member in good standing in order to serve on the board. Please see the back page of this newsletter or visit our website at to start or renew your membership.

The preliminary ballot includes the following candidates: President Jocelyn Vereb Recording Secretary Diana Richie Treasurer Natalie Cebulski Member at large (2 available seats) Mitzi Grogan-McGlone Beth Hayden Lori Hlinsky

Full descriptions of the duties for all members and officers within the nine-person Board of Directors can be found in our bylaws, located on our website at Board candidates will be introduced to the membership during the regularly scheduled November board meeting on November 7, 2016, held at Purdue University North Central in room LSF-170A at 6:00pm. Elections will be held in a general membership meeting on Monday, November 28, 2016, at 6:00pm at the Valparaiso Public Library.

Would you like to add your name to this list? Contact the Nominations Committee (chairperson, Gail Frieden) at shelter@

Membership: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Are you looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for cat lover on your list? Why not purchase a Membership to the Independent Cat Society in their name? We’ll send them a card (appropriate to the occasion) acknowledging your gift along with their membership materials so they’ll know how thoughtful you are. And, since ICS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your gift is tax-deductible.

For ICS, your gift will help us continue our mission to rescue, shelter, adopt, and promote spaying and neutering of cats. Furthermore, our membership numbers are used as important evidence of community support on ICS Grant Applications that assist in funding for Community Spay/Neuter efforts and Veterinarian Care, and other ICS Shelter needs.

There are several membership levels to meet every budget: • $ 500 Platinum member • $ 100 Gold Star member • $ 50 Family member • $ 25 Single member • $ 10 Student member • $ 10 Senior (62 yr. and up)

If membership doesn’t seem to the be right gift, you may choose to make a tax-deductible donation to ICS on their behalf, or consider purchasing a brick for our Rainbow Bridge Garden to honor them, or memorialize a beloved pet or person that they’ve lost. Or, maybe you’d like to Sponsor a Cat in their name. You can find more information about these other options on our website (www., by email to, or call the shelter at 219-785-4936.

All members receive our quarterly Mewsletter which contains ICS news, information and upcoming events. If we have an email address, we also send a monthly E-Mewsletter to keep our supporters up to date with ICS news and events. In addition, members 18 and older are able to vote at Board elections and on other member-driven decisions. Finally, all ICS members are eligible to become members of the Allegius Credit Union ( or the Northern Indiana Federal Credit Union (

Be sure to let us know if your donation is a gift, and provide the recipient’s name, mailing address and email and/or phone number, as well as your own, so your gift can be acknowledged appropriately.


Memorials & Tributes

August - October, 2016

In Memory of Sarge – One Special Pup

In memory of Goliath #1, Fruit Loop, and Sammi, from G. David Stoneburner

If you’ve been to past ICS events, you may have met Sarge, our “official” ICS Dog. Sarge was the faithful and constant companion of volunteer Sue Ogg, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September.

In memory of Renate Senne, from Marcine Todd In memory of Jacqueline Merrill, from Justin & Carrie Cusick, Brian Guse, Marvin Kominiarek, Jr., and Meyers Grain Farms In memory of Noelle, from Jean Longnecker

Back in 2005, he had been abandoned at a restaurant in Hobart, following patrons all day to their cars. A friend of Sue’s was there for an event and called her about his situation. Sue told her friend to take him home and let him sleep in the garage for the night.

In memory of David L. Steuer, from Debra Bieker, David & Darice Brown, Jennifer & Craig Grabow, Debbie Macki, and John Steuer In memory of Steve Millick, from Richard Young In memory of Eugene Kirschsieper, from Charlene Kirschsieper In memory of Homey, from Martin Gonzales

The friend just happened to live next door to ICS, and the very next morning, Sue received a call from the shelter. Employees said that a large dog had showed up, happily looking for a new friend. It was Christmas weekend, so Sue did the best she could to find him a new home for the holidays. She was successful, and a nice family in Illinois took him in.

In memory of Walter Witt, from Mary Witt In honor of Jan Pullins’ 75th birthday, from Lola Wells In honor of Beau Niemeyer, from Virginia Niemeyer In memory of Maddie and Cody, my grandkitties, from Sharon Jokantas In honor of Harry Fritz, from Greta Krstovich A gift for Wesley Jett, from Debra Jett

The story does not end there, however. While Sarge’s new home was a great fit for a while, circumstances changed a few years later and Sarge found his way back into Sue’s life. It was meant to be, and they were best friends ever since.

In memory of Lyn Catheart Oberlink, from Joann Coughlin, Eduardo Ojeda, Harbour Trust & Investment Management Co., and J. Preston Taub In memory of Leslie Cummins, from Kelly & John Cummins In memory of Bill Krahulec, from Sandy & Dave Zane, Sylvia Quinn, Mary Ann Paskuly, Lou Krahulec, and June Thompkins

Sarge quickly became a favorite around the shelter, too. He even helped us find out whether some of our shelter cats would react well to dogs. While mellow old Sarge could trot through the shelter and not even notice all the cats around him, he certainly turned some heads when he came to visit nonetheless!

In memory of Spirit and Na’Toth, from Sue Helm In memory of Moya, from Brian and Wendy Rosemany In memory of Angel and Misty, our kitties, from Donald and Rosemary Fanning

This special dog even had his own special donation vest for ICS events. He would readily give you “five” (a handshake) for a $5 bill! As you might imagine, this gentle boy was a hit wherever he went.

In honor of Silvio and Kristie Perez, from OP, Inc. In memory of Blackie - we love you, from “Mommy” Debbie Ross, and Mike & Linda Kibler In memory of all our fur babies – Krisan, Heather, Shana, Emily, Chloe, & Shelby, from Kathy and Tom Heath

Sarge will be missed by all of his friends, human and feline alike.

In honor of Dora Simpson, from George Simpson In memory Pee-Wee, sweetest cat ever, August 2000 - Sept. 14, 2016, from Christy Schulte In honor of Roberta Jocius and her dedication to ICS, from Carol Albrecht, Diana Foster, Terry Pfeifer, and Anastasia Trekles In memory of all the special ICS kitties that crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year, especially Rascal, Aggie, Mocha, and Shadows, from Jocelyn Vereb In memory of Sarge, from Alexis Albrecht and Sue Ogg In memory of Kenny, my special gardening buddy and catnip tester, from Paulette Gonzalez In memory of Rascal, our ICS greeter: You loved everyone, but we loved you more. It’s not the same without you - from Paulette Gonzalez

Sarge - you will be missed by so many of us.

We miss you, Rascal!


ICS “Abridged” Book Sale Unfortunately, our popular Used Book Sale was cancelled in 2016, due to issues with the venue that were out of our control. You, our loyal supporters, have asked about the sale, and we have stored lots of your donated books – so many that we have run out of space for them all! In order to provide you with the Book Sale you love, while we still look for an appropriate venue, we are holding a smaller version of our book sale on Saturday, January 21st and Sunday, January 22nd at the Valparaiso Moose Lodge, 108 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, IN. We will have hundreds of books, plus raffles, baked goods, food and ICS Merchandise – everything you’ve come to look forward to at our annual sale – just in a “condensed” format!

More details will be posted on Facebook and our Website soon: • •

Please note that we already have hundreds of books in storage, so we may not be able to take any more prior to this event. If we can, we will announce that on Facebook and our website as well. But don’t worry, we still hope to have a larger sale later in the year, so keep saving those books! Thank you for your continued support of the Independent Cat Society, and we hope to see you in January! Don’t sleep through this special new January event!

Corporate Sponsorships 1st Source Bank

Duneland Boys and Girls Club

Pet Supplies Plus

24Hour Pet Watch

Eley-Graham Financial Advisory Services

Pieces of Jayde

AJ Canopy Rental and Sales

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Porter County Council on Aging

Allegius Credit Union

First United Methodist Church

Porter County Community Foundation

Alltech Computers

Flanagin’s Bulk Mail Service

Porter County Master Gardeners

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Arcelor Mittal Matching Gifts Program

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Home Depot Foundation

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Indiana 105

Banfield Charitable Trust

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Best Friends Animal Society

Jake’s Feed and Garden

Bissell Foundation

John W. Anderson Foundation

Brandt’s Old Fashion Emporium and Pet Supply

Joy of Socks

BP Foundation

Maple City Animal Hospital

Bren-Mark Window Cleaning Boyconn Printing Chesterton Feed and Garden Chesterton High School Culvers (Valparaiso) DailyGood Devries Tire Company

Pyle & Piontek, LLC Pyrrha Jewelry Razzle Dazzle Creation Ryan Newman Foundation The Spirit Within Medical Hypnotherapy Shelter Wishlist

JV Crane & Engineering, Inc. Michiana Mechanial Inc. New Carlisle Animal Hospital

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Purina Pet Nutrition

Nisource Corporate Services Michigan City Animal Hospital McAfee Animal Hospital Mortar Net USA

SilverCrow Creations Sims Metal Management Starbucks Coffee (Portage) Southwest Airlines St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Unity Foundation of LaPorte County The United Way of LaPorte County Vale Park Animal Hospital Walt Disney Corporation Westchester Animal Clinic Westville High School Westville Farm Supply, Inc.

Olga Petryszyn Team Panda Express (Portage)

Yat’s Restaurant

If we have inadvertently omitted anyone, please write, email, or call us so we can include them in the next newsletter.


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ICS Mewsletter Fall 2016  

Please enjoy the Fall 2016 edition of the ICS Mewsletter, the official newsletter of the Independent Cat Society of Westville, Indiana!

ICS Mewsletter Fall 2016  

Please enjoy the Fall 2016 edition of the ICS Mewsletter, the official newsletter of the Independent Cat Society of Westville, Indiana!