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The gift of A St Joseph’s

Education We are all a part of St Joseph’s College and it has had a huge impact on our lives. The School as we know it has been made possible through the vision of our founders and the generosity of past students, parents and friends of St Joseph’s. For more than 80 years the philanthropy and support of old boys, parents and friends of the College has created an enduring connection between generations. There is a remarkable tradition of giving enabling St Joseph’s to continue to welcome all who seek a Catholic education regardless of their social or economic status. Whilst income from school fees covers salaries and the day-to-day costs, it is not sufficient to implement the vision we have for our school and our boys. In this unpredictable world it is more important than ever that St Joseph’s has a strong future through its Foundation. By including St Joseph’s College in your will you help ensure that future generations of boys will continue to acquire an enduring love of learning and benefit from a lifechanging educational experience where every student is given the opportunity for success. There can be no greater gift than the gift of education.

“St Joseph’s students have a great opportunity to strive for the highest in terms of their grades but also obtain extensive knowledge about social justice, personal belonging, their future and a range of other essential fields of information. It is this diversity in learning and school culture that make me appreciate my time at St Joseph’s so much” - Michael Bongiorno, 2017 Deputy Captain

Your Will

Your Choice In order to continue creating new and inspiring learning spaces and scholarship opportunities for the boys, you are invited to consider a bequest to the St Joseph’s College Foundation. You can craft your own legacy by leaving a bequest. Bequests to St Joseph’s typically support the following areas: • scholarships and bursaries • teaching and learning • the heritage centre and archival support • buildings and maintenance • general purposes You can choose a specific area of interest, such as support of a disadvantaged student, the maintenance of our heritage buildings, or leave it up to the discretion of the Principal – it’s your gift and your choice! If you are considering leaving the Foundation a more specific bequest, we encourage you to speak with the Bequest Co-ordinator to ensure your wishes can be fulfilled and that your gift will have the impact you intend for the boys of St Joseph’s College.

“To be a St Joseph’s Boy is a great be immersed in the College’s rich history, diversity and nurturing learning environment, has enabled me to develop my own identity, strive for excellence and assisted my growth as a young man” - Liam Jelley, 2017 Deputy Captain

The McNeill Cup was presented to the College in 1944 by Mr and Mrs McNeill and family as a perpetual memorial to their youngest son John McNeill. The McNeill Cup is awarded each year to an outstanding Year 12 student at the College - taking into account scholastic and sporting ability and of course, character, department and personality. It is the College’s most prestigious award.

Recognising your bequest

The McNeill Society This is your invitation to join the McNeill Society and help secure our College’s future by including St Joseph’s College Foundation in your will. Through a bequest you will always be a special part of our Community. Members maintain a close connection with the College through special invitations and an annual members’ function. Whilst we encourage all bequest donors to become members of the McNeill Society, we also welcome and respect bequests made anonymously. The McNeill Society has, and will always have, a special place in the life of our College. John McNeill (1937) was a founding student of the College and was prominent in school activities including being College champion for three years. John enlisted in the RAAF in March 1940 and in April 1941 set sail for Singapore, arriving on Good Friday. John was killed in a flying battle over Singapore on 18 January 1942, age 23, he was the first St Joseph’s boy to be killed in action during World War Two. The McNeill Society honours all who support the College through the lasting gift of a bequest.

“St Joseph’s College played a big part in my life, my hope is that a bequest will provide future generations with the same opportunity” - Des Podbury, McNeill Cup Recipient, 1944

The will to give

Shaping Their Future This is your opportunity to leave a lasting gift that will impact on future generations of St Joseph boys and secure the College’s future. A bequest can be a way of saying thank you, honouring a loved one, investing in future generations, recognising a valued member of staff, giving back for what you enjoyed at St Joseph’s, or supporting a student in perpetuity. You can shape the education of future generations of young men, helping provide first class resources for teaching, learning and extra-curricular programs, and making a St Joseph’s education available to deserving young men who couldn’t otherwise afford to attend.

Gifts can include: • • • •

Fixed sum Property and Shares Percentage of an estate Residual from an estate after providing for loved ones

Once you have made your decision, your solicitor can help to include or add the appropriate clauses to your will. The St Joseph’s College Foundation adheres to best-practice management of funds and careful oversight to ensure gifts entrusted to us are administered in accordance with your wishes.

“For more than 80 years St Joseph’s College Geelong has offered high standards of education to many thousands of boys.The successes of this school are reflected in the quality of the achievement reached by these boys.The future success of St Joseph’s is dependant on the generosity of all of us.” - Kevin Costa, SJOC

Mary’s Chapel at the St Joseph’s College Westcourt Campus was built with gifts from Anthony and Bill Smith (Deceased) and the St Joseph’s Old Collegians Association.

Future Generations

Will Thank You If you are considering making a bequest to the St Joseph’s College Foundation in your will and would like to explore the best options for you and your family, please contact us and we can assist you on a confidential basis. If you have already made provision for St Joseph’s, our warm thanks. We would love to know about it and invite you to join our Society so we can acknowledge your generosity and keep you up-to-date with your College and its plans and directions. Importantly, every bequest of every size matters to our future. Even modest gifts can have an amazing impact on the lives of young men. Your bequest to St Joseph’s will provide a lasting benefit to future generations and will ensure a strong vibrant St Joseph’s College able to meet the needs of its future.

Thank you for considering leaving a bequest to St Joseph’s College Foundation.

“As the years went by, Billy’s and my feelings of gratitude for what a ‘St Joey’s Education had given us developed. I am pleased that our gift will help to preserve the heritage and help to provide for the future of ‘St Joey’s as a Catholic Boys School.” - Anthony Smith

“St Joseph’s gives many opportunites to all its students and those who have a go at them are better for experiencing it.” - Andrew McNeel, 2017 College Captain

ST JOSEPH’S INITIALS - this stained glass window appears in the St Joseph’s College Chapel and represents the College namesake.

Information To learn more about leaving a lasting gift to the College in the form of a bequest, please contact: Julie Cole - Fundraising & Alumni Coordinator T: 03 5226 8149 E:



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Your Will Our Future  

Wills & Bequests at St Joseph's College Geelong

Your Will Our Future  

Wills & Bequests at St Joseph's College Geelong