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and their parents. Lord alone knows how many of the emancipated slaves who once were Catholics under Catholic masters have since been led astray with their children from the way of salvation. This appeal then is not so much an appeal to the good will of the Catholics as to their conscience. Indeed, how can we remain inactive when we behold such destruction of souls and such maneuvers on the part of the Protestants? Moreover, as this plan and the proposed manner of its realization can in no way become burdensome to any congregation or interfere with its interests, we are led to hope that all the Most Reverend and Right Reverend Prelates of the U.S., seeing the success obtained in our Diocese, will by their authority extend it over the whole country, for th4 benefit of the colored race, for the Greater Glory of God, the good of the Church in America and the salvation of souls entrusted their care, a work so warmly recommended to them by the Holy See in its address to the Fathers assembled in the last Plenary Council. John B. Purcell, Archbishop of Cincinnati

History of St. Xavier (The Early Years)  

Early history of St. Xavier High School researched and written by Fr. Dennis Ahern, S.J.

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