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Bright Ideas for the Bottom Line Dominion速 stores in Newfoundland and Labrador team up with takeCHARGE to reduce their electricity consumption

VOLUME 29, NUMBER 5, 0834-2014 JUNE 2014

The Energy Smart Choice


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Building professionals of Newfoundland & Labrador rely on Newfoundland Styro insulation products to meet their commercial property needs. Our innovative products provide builders the most cost effective solutions for achieving high R-values and exceptional moisture resistance. We take pride in our expertise and the level of support we provide. Contact us to learn more about our full line of commercial building products. From below grade to roof top, your building's energy efficiency starts with Newfoundland Styro.

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Dominion® stores in Newfoundland and Labrador team up with takeCHARGE to reduce their electricity consumption


ominion® stores in Newfoundland and Labrador is a division of Loblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw) – Canada’s largest retailer. Reducing energy consumption is one way that the company strives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Loblaw recently joined forces with takeCHARGE, the energy efficiency partnership between Newfoundland Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, to improve the energy efficiency of its Dominion® stores across the island. In 2013 alone, Loblaw reduced its comparable store energy consumption by three per cent nationally. “Given our size and scale across the country, Loblaw is constantly reviewing energy efficiency improvements at the local, provincial and national levels. Participating in the takeCHARGE programs makes sense for our Dominion® stores, both environmentally and economically,” says Mark Schembri, Vice President, Store Maintenance, Loblaw Companies Limited. Dominion® stores were one of the first participants in the new takeCHARGE Business Efficiency Program. The program provides advice and funding to help businesses make energy efficient upgrades to their operations. “With the support of the takeCHARGE incentive programs, we have implemented lighting and refrigeration upgrades in our Dominion® stores in Newfoundland and Labrador. This has helped us to reduce our operating costs, but more importantly,


achieve our environmental sustainability targets, which we believe is an important part of solidifying Loblaw’s leadership position as a responsible retailer in Canada,” says Schembri. Lighting can be one of the easiest and most cost effective upgrades to make. Standard light fixtures were replaced with high performance fluorescent technology in six Dominion® store locations. The new high bay fluorescent lights installed will use 36 per cent less energy. High bay fluorescent lights offer a number of additional benefits including better light quality with improved colour rendering. The quality of light is extremely important for retailers. Significant upgrades were also made to the refrigeration equipment in two Dominion® store locations. On average refrigeration makes up 52 per cent of a food retailer’s energy costs. Doors were added to open dairy and frozen refrigeration cases. These new units will use 66 per cent less energy. The addition of doors means less cold air escapes into the store, resulting in less electricity use for refrigeration and space heating. Like most energy efficiency upgrades, the benefits of this new refrigeration equipment go far beyond energy savings. The doors also help reduce food spoilage and create a more comfortable shopping environment for customers. These upgrades combined, will enable local Dominion® stores in Newfoundland and Labrador to save enough energy

Business News june 2014

annually to power approximately 100 electrically heated homes in the province for an entire year. Loblaw has committed to reduce i ts total energy consumption by  an additional three per cent in existing corporate stores by the end of 2014. The lighting and refrigeration upgrades in its Dominion® stores will make a significant contribution to their goal, while providing savings to their bottom line.

The Business Efficiency Program has a variety of options to meet each business’ unique needs, including complimentary energy assessments. You could get up to $50,000 back when you invest in energy efficient upgrades such as lighting, heating, cooling and refrigeration. Rebates are also available for programmable thermostats, occupancy sensors, LED wall packs, high performance showerheads and energy efficient lighting.

To find out how this new program can benefit your business, visit, or talk to one of the energy efficiency experts: Chris (737-5382) or Peter (737-2603) at Newfoundland Power and Wade (737-1460) at Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.

What does a welcoming community look like?


t’s no secret that we need more people to call Newfoundland and Labrador home. Our declining population and a booming economy have created an acute labour shortage that is having a huge impact on many of our members. For many years outmigration was so common in Newfoundland and Labrador that we have literally lost a generation of people. The young people that we lost established themselves in other communities across Canada, and the world, so that means we have also lost their children, and will lose their children’s children. I remember a time when this province had too many people and not enough jobs. The tide has turned and today we find ourselves in a totally different situation. Board of Trade members continue to tell us they are losing out on opportunities to grow because they cannot attract and retain qualified people to work in their businesses. Recently we released our 2014 Economic Outlook and Survey. More than 94 per cent of business owners in St. John’s and the Avalon characterize local economic conditions as “good” or “excellent.” But for the second year in a row the biggest challenge for business owners continues to be the labour market. Sixty-seven per cent of survey respondents are concerned about not finding qualified workers. One solution to growing our population, and helping the many businesses who are struggling to find both highly-skilled and lower-skilled workers to fill positions, is immigration. That is why, as a Board, we are deeply concerned with the Federal Government’s recent and sudden moratorium imposed on restaurant owners under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Approximately 15 per cent of our members operate in the food service industry and depend on temporary foreign workers to fill labour needs. Now they are finding themselves in a real pinch. To impose such a moratorium without consulting the business community is alarming, particularly to those that abide by the rules and value their employees. I am not suggesting there are no issues with the existing Temporary Foreign Worker Program, however, this program is a stepping stone for immigrants with 70 per cent of participants becoming permanent residents. The Federal Government has allowed a few bad apples to spoil the entire barrel. We will continue to lobby the Federal Government on the need for temporary

foreign workers, and we also want the Provincial Government to show its support by pressing their federal counterparts on issues impacting the recruitment of workers, such as the great need for the Provincial Nominee Program. Getting people here is only one of the challenges we face, keeping them is another issue. We have to recognize, as a community, that we are really lagging our Canadian counterparts when it comes to attracting and keeping foreign workers. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are known to be friendly but typically we have very large and strong family contacts, and established friend networks so sometimes we simply don’t have the time or the inclination to think to add new people to our social lives. As a result outsiders find it hard to feel a part of the community, they aren’t woven into the fabric of this place the way that they are in other jurisdictions. Maybe we are not being as welcoming as we need to be to set us apart from the rest of the country. We need to challenge our communities to welcome and support immigrants. If we meet someone who has recently moved to our province, why not invite them into our home for dinner, take them on a snowmobile ride, or organize a fishing trip at a local pond. We have to immerse them into our culture, and learn more about theirs. It is important that we create cities that are user-friendly to foreigners, with a solid transportation network as we all need to be able to get around better. Housing affordability is another thing we have to consider. Skilled or unskilled, new residents to our province need access to reasonable and affordable living accommodations. To address concerns raised by members, we have made our labour market committee a permanent fixture at the Board of Trade. This committee and our staff are organizing events, meeting with post-secondary institutions about training needs and talking to policy makers at the municipal, provincial and federal level about how government’s regulatory processes on immigration can be improved. I am delighted that the City of St. John’s and the Association for New Canadians have invited the Board to sit on their new Local Immigration Partnership (LIP), designed to help improve the integration of newcomers to the community and will no doubt strengthen the city’s ability to attract new residents.

Business News june 2014

Chair’s message

Chair, Sharon Horan We are competing nationally, and globally for people. When you think about families choosing to move to Canada, what can we sell about Newfoundland and Labrador, because it certainly is not our weather. I want members to think about what we can do to make this place attractive, and more importantly, when immigrants get here, what do we need to do to ensure they want to stay. We need to avoid the phrase “come from away” and replace it with “Newfoundlanders and Labradorians by choice.” Let’s not single them out, we need to welcome them in! Explore Scandinavia Four countries in 11 days. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Board of Trade is organizing an 11-day trip to Scandinavia in October. When you consider oil projects and other major developments that are on the horizon, there is a very real possibility that people from these countries may choose to live and work in Newfoundland and Labrador. This trip could be a great first step in welcoming Scandinavians and encouraging them to check out Newfoundland and Labrador. The other great thing about travelling is it might give you your next great business idea. Travelling to Scandinavia will give Board members an opportunity to see an entirely different culture, examine how things are done differently and will help build partnerships between potential business colleagues both from home and abroad. Please think about joining us! For more details, contact the Board of Trade office.


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Life’s brighter under the sun

behind the boom.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company co- owners Christina Dove and Brent Smith are seen with their children Noah Dove-Smith and Michael Dove-Smith.

Chocolatiers Kristy Herd, Brittany Scaplen and Hillary Bushell.

Brent Smith and Christina Dove.

Patricia Porter, Clare Howard and Jeff Kerrivan package some chocolate treats.

The Sweet Taste of Success By Kristen Lyver


here is no need to travel 4,493 kilometres to Switzerland to eat decadent artisan chocolate, it is being crafted right here in St. John’s at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. A beautiful wall mural catches your eye, and the smell of melting chocolate and wholesome ingredients draw you in the doors at 166 Duckworth Street. Owners Brent Smith and Christina Dove find their success hard to believe but with hard work and talent they’ve taken their business from a basement passion project to being part of the Boom!

Sharing the Boom

Smith is humbled to be a part of the Boom of local pride and prosperity happening in St. John’s and across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. When asked what the Boom meant to him, Brent replied: “The Boom means pride and confidence in Newfoundland and by extension, our business community, the products and services we deliver and our people. It means people want to support local and don’t feel they are compromising quality in any way by doing so. Our products, our services, our business community and the entrepreneurial spirit which continues to catalyze our

economy is something we can be very proud of … that’s what the boom means to Newfoundland Chocolate Company.” Smith envisions an economically robust and vibrant downtown core – and his mural and storefront on Duckworth have become a destination for tourists and residents alike. The CCO, or Chief Chocolate Officer, said he realized the Boom was happening in St. John’s while “watching the pride, restoration, and beautification of downtown St. John’s and the emergence of new vibrant downtown businesses. Twenty years ago there was a whole lot of plywood on Water and Duckworth, but not today. Today our downtown, which is our City’s economic, cultural and social heart, is vibrant, alive and successful.” Employing a talented team of almost 30 individuals, Newfoundland Chocolate Company is showing tremendous growth. When asked for advice for entrepreneurs in our city, Smith suggested “use the Newfoundland origins of manufacture shamelessly and with pride. The Newfoundland brand is strong and respected.” Currently Newfoundland Chocolate Company ships their products to every province in Canada and has over 300 retail accounts across the country. BOOM!

Business News june 2014

A Choco-Lotta Fun

Newfoundland Chocolate Company’s latest offering expands into exciting interactive experiences such as Truffle Dipping, Rare Origin Chocolate Tastings, and Chocolate Making Classes. Offered monthly, ‘Chocolate Making 101’ classes immerse students into the art of making gourmet chocolate. While their chocolates are cooling, Chocolatiers bring students upstairs for a tasting, and students receive a package of their own creations. These classes are a great place to bring visiting family, friends, or a date, and are a chance to explore a new hobby. Phone (709) 579-0099 or e-mail info@newfoundlandchocolatecompany. com for information about summer registration.

Kristen Lyver is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce (Cooperative) student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and currently the Board of Trade’s Be The Boom Marketing Coordinator. If you have a BOOM moment, big or small, to share with Kristen, or you’d like more information on how to Be The Boom you can reach her at intern@


Boosting Productivity Increasing Competiveness &Tackling Labour Shortages How the Newfoundland and Labrador division of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters is doing more with less By Robin Grant


he Newfoundland and Labrador division of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has worked hard to find innovative solutions for challenges facing our province’s sector. In the race to compete globally and sustain gains despite the sector’s aging demographics and more recent labour shortage projections, CME-NL launched the Manufacturing Productivity initiative this spring. The Manufacturing Productivity initiative is designed to help local manufacturers and exporters learn to do more with less by applying LEAN manufacturing tools and principles. LEAN can be defined as a set of world-renowned methods and applications for reducing waste in all aspects of the business while flowing value to the customer. “LEAN manufacturing is a whole new way of seeing and thinking about how we work with people, processes and technologies, and it’s exactly what this sector needs right now,” says David Haire, Vice President, CME-NL and Vice President, Lean Atlantic. “In order to compete for customers both locally and globally, we need to continuously improve by eliminating waste, reducing costs and improving productivity, quality and delivery. We need to do more with less.” Through the combined support of participating companies as well as the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development (IBRD) and the Atlantic

Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Manufacturing Productivity’s “learn by doing” method matches LEAN trainers with employees on the shop floors of companies’ province wide. As a result of this initiative, CMENL plans to build LEAN participation to at least 10 per cent of the 454 registered manufacturing companies in Newfoundland and Labrador - double the estimated 5 per cent penetration of LEAN within North American firms. At the Manufacturing Productivity launch early May, company owners were quick to extol LEAN’s virtues. “There’s not one area of our business where the productivity hasn’t been improved by learning LEAN,” said Steven Wheeler, Co-Founder, Magine Showboards. Chad Collett, Co-Founder, SubC Imaging, agrees. “Those businesses that don’t use LEAN are at a real disadvantage,” said Collett. “Now that we’ve done LEAN I think it should be standard for all business.” This summer CME-NL will also begin offering CertWork training to 55 companies across the island. Designed through an innovative partnership between Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and the Centre for Education and Work, CertWork is an assessment tool and certification system for those management occupations not governed by regulatory bodies. CertWork has developed a set of 17 rigorous and comprehensive work-based standards in skills identified by industry as key

About CME-NL


Business News june 2014

Robin Grant does communications and research on behalf of CME-NL. Robin begins work as the province’s CertWork champion in June.

requirements to success on the job, resulting in a set of credential that are workplace- based and industry driven. Funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, CertWork is designed to help increase the mobility and employability of workers within the sector, move unemployed and under-employed workers into new positions, and facilitate the integration of internationally-trained professionals and workers. To learn more about the Manufacturing Productivity Initiative and CertWork, feel free to contact us in person. You can reach us by phone at (709) 237-8711, or email jackie.

Making the Successful Leap to Leadership


ront line leaders (those that manage individuals not others leaders) are critical in turning strategy into real business results. They oversee the bulk of an organization’s workforce and therefore significantly impact employee engagement and performance, they often oversee those responsible for customer transactions and thus impact satisfaction and loyalty, and they are the communication conduit to keep senior leadership in the know. Whatever way you cut it, the role of a front line leader is critical. And yet, the transition to taking on a front line leader role is one of the hardest to make. Why? Because prior technical performance is no guarantee of success in a leadership role. Employees who were stellar individual contributors can fail to deliver to the same level in a leadership position, leaving senior leaders scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong. So, the role is critical, and the transition is difficult. How can you ensure that anyone making the leap to a leadership role has a better chance of success?

Firstly, start preparation before they get into the role.


Help them determine their motivation I often work with individuals who ended up in leadership positions because they felt it was the only ‘upward’ step available to them. They actually want greater autonomy or status, or more pay, and they see the leadership role as the right avenue. It may be. However, if another opportunity was put on the table with more money, but no people leadership, would they take that instead? If so, you may need to dig a little deeper into why they want to lead, what they think leading people involves and why they think this is the next right step for them to stop them from getting into a role that they regret later.


Give them a taste of reality It’s easy to talk yourself into a leadership role because of the benefits, like a higher pay grade, an office etc. Very few of us actually really know what is involved in a leadership role before we get into it, and trying to imagine the shift from individual to front line leader is the hardest of all. Give your potential leaders a taste of what leadership is like so they can see for themselves what is involved. In one organization I worked with that ran pre-leader preparation programs, up to 15% of the program participants self-selected out of a leadership role, realizing that having those difficult conversations was just something they didn’t want to do. The others? They realized where they had potential gaps and undertook further development to be ready for a leadership opportunity.


Set clear expectations Given so few people really understand the shift involved in moving to a leadership role, its unlikely they can be clear on what needs to be done and in what priority order. Don’t assume that in the beginning they know what is important and what isn’t. Help them by setting clear expectations and coaching them to think about priorities and impact.This will help them develop their own judgment and decision making skills, which will help them to excel in the role more quickly.


Help them figure out what to stop doing It’s normal for someone making the transition to a leader role to want to spend some time in the comfort zone – and that means doing what they used to do, because they were really good at it! Unfortunately, if they have moved into a leader role, then the chances are they really shouldn’t be taking on those tasks, and by doing so are likely neglecting some of their core leadership responsibilities. Have regular check-ins about what they are doing so you can get a sense of where they are spending their time and can coach them on making the transition effectively. While the transition to leadership can be a challenge, we all know the extent of the impact that front line leaders can have, so for the sake of your business results, and to drive the engagement and performance of all your employees, help your new leaders make the leap. successfully!


Do a realistic assessment of skills Prior technical performance as an individual contributor is not an indication of future success in a leadership role. Sit down with your potential leaders, and run through some of the skills that they will need to demonstrate in the role, like effective delegation, having performance conversations, coaching, and managing conflict. Identify where they need further development and training before they end up in the role so they can hit the ground running, not just keep their head above water. Then, once appointed to a leadership position, continue to support their success.

Jess Chapman is an independent consultant specializing in leadership, engagement and change. For more information about her business, ethree Consulting, to subscribe to the ethree monthly newsletter with useful articles and tips, or to find out more about the leadership development ethree offers, visit the website at or email her at

Business News june 2014


Browning Harvey Ltd.


rowning Harvey is a locally owned and operated soft-drink bottler in Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1931, Browning Harvey Ltd. was formed from an amalgamation with a local baking company, G. Browning & Sons initially concentrating on the manufacture of hard bread, soda crackers, and biscuits. In 1933, the company opened a small bottling plant adjacent to its biscuit factory. Initially, the company bottled its own Browning Harvey flavours, but later obtained a Pepsi Cola

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1 800 399 5381

Innovation Continuous Improvement and a Green Environment for Success

franchise in 1944. In 1963, the company moved from its premises on the corner of Water Street and Mill Lane to its current location on Ropewalk Lane, St. John’s. This is truly a family business with commitment to Newfoundland and Labrador. The Patten family is led by Susan Patten. In 2004, Susan H. Patten, Chairman of the Board of Directors, received the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador, the highest honour in the province. The following year she received the Order of Canada. In 2007 Mrs. Patten and her late husband, Charles N. Patten, were inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Business Hall of Fame. Today John H. Patten is President and his family play both an active role in the company and the community.


The company is a winner of the Donald M. Kendall Award. Named for Pepsi’s former chairman and founder, this is the highest honor bestowed upon PepsiCo North America Beverages (PCNAB’s) bottling partners. PCNAB’s bottler of the year finalists are nominated based on key criteria, including customer service, community support, volume and sales growth, quality standards and performance against the company’s strategic imperatives. The company earned its nomination for extraordinary marketplace share leadership across all retail channels and beverage categories for significant period of time. To be able to sustain this level of activity requires product innovation. Product innovation comes in the form of package format, size and customer needs. Browning Harvey continues to deliver on all aspect of product innovation. In late 2013 it introduced the new 710 ml Pepsi brand to

Business News june 2014

its market. In 2014, the Pepsi Next product is being introduced to the market. Over the past 10 years the number of liquid refreshment products the company has introduced to the market, with success, is amazing.

Continuous Improvement

Browning Harvey’s production facility on Ropewalk Lane is a centre on continuous improvement. On an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis continuous improvement opportunities are being realized. Examples include the continuous development of its food safety program, including ISO certification (2013), re-installation of one of its two production lines (Can Filling- 2013), upgrade of its Bottle-line to produce new product categories (Bottle- Line-2014) and expansion of its warehousing facility.

Green Environment

Browning Harvey is proud to work towards a number of projects that have incorporated significant monitoring and controls towards energy efficient lighting and energy usage. The company has implemented a heat-pump technology that used an innovative approach to reutilize energy generated from the production process to cool water in another part of the production process. Production equipment purchased has allowed the company to utilize lighter weight product containers in its product delivery process. In addition to the energy usage, the company is monitoring its water consumption as part of the total sustainability scorecard. Combined with a dedicated group of staff and distributors across Newfoundland and Labrador, manufacturing and distributions in Newfoundland and Labrador will continue to “Be the Boom”.

Newfoundland Canvas has recently expanded to a new location on Cashin Avenue which is five times the size of the original allowing space for a larger gallery, showroom, and production facility. Adam is constantly innovating and designing new products to adapt to market trends and prides himself on offering high quality products from printing to Italian frames exclusive to Newfoundland Canvas. Newfoundland Canvas is even launching a line of their own readymade frames called Pitcher Plant Frame Co using Canadian made moulding and mistinted paint creating unique finishes.

Who Knit You?

Adam Kavanagh’s interest in photography and printing lead him to start his own business, Newfoundland Canvas.

Seizing Opportunity Over the past number of years, Newfoundland and Labrador has experienced significant change and many young people are choosing to seize the opportunities across the province and enter the world of entrepreneurship. At Youth Ventures, we have the privilege of working with young people across the province to help and support their ambitions in business ownership.

Newfoundland Canvas Since his early teens, Adam Kavanagh has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and explored a creative side of business. While he’s operated many businesses over the years, Newfoundland Canvas is his largest endeavour to date. After developing an interest in photography while attending University, Adam turned his skillset for photography and printing into what is now known as Newfoundland Canvas. Officially launched in 2013,

are available online as well as various craft markets throughout the Avalon region. When asked about the most exciting part of being an entrepreneur, Jasmine said “My favourite part is creating a product idea and then producing those products and seeing people enjoy them.” Founded in 1992 on the Northern Peninsula, Youth Ventures has grown provincially to encompass 22 delivery sites covering every region of Newfoundland and Labrador. Tailored to every participant, Youth Ventures has the flexibility to help student entrepreneurs from 12-29 in almost any aspect of their business, from idea generation and creating marketing materials to sourcing small business financing. Since inception, over 5,000 youth have participated in the Youth Ventures Program and many have gone on to operate successful full-time ventures in the province and employ other individuals. Youth Ventures is delivered by the NL Association of CBDCs with financial support from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jasmine Paul, who started crafting at the age of 3, has turned her passion for knitting and traditional arts into a strong business that she runs today. Who Knit You? provides contemporary products created using techniques that reflect Newfoundland and Labrador’s rich textiles heritage and includes a variety of products including hats, scarves, cowls, and the wool itself. A graduate of the Anna Templeton Centre Textiles program, Jasmine’s original business idea, Backwoods Beanies, started as a school project. Jasmine attributes her passion for knitting to her time in the program where she had the opportunity to learn and develop her skills for the craft. Shortly after graduation, Backwoods Beanies evolved into Who Knit You? – Hand spun yarn and knitwear and is more representative Jasmine Paul has turned her passion for knitting and traditional arts of all of the products into Who Knit You? Jasmine creates. Currently, her products

To find a delivery site near you visit: Call 1-800-833-1829 Or email Business News June 2014



4 1 y l n O

! t f e l seats

Visitors will discover four of Scandinavia’s most intriguing countries on this eleven day tour. You will explore, overnight on a cruise, travel by train and enjoy many main attractions.

$4240 (Members only) Per person base on double occupancy Round-trip airfare from St. John’s. (includes air, hotel and breakfast meals) * Non member rates available

Contact Wanda Palmer for more information Phone: 726-2961 ext. 9 Email:

rs e rs e rs e rs t t t t t t a a a m m m y m atte y y y polic polic policy m polic m atte rs p o l i c y m atte rs p o l i c y m atte rs p o l i c y m atte rs p o l i c y m at What are you @? @amvaughan Delighted to be speaking to St. John’s Board of Trade today about how CNA is responding to labour market needs in NL @LorraineEnnis Great lunch at the Bella Vista with @stjohnsbot and the CEO of the College of the North Atlantic - they are feeling the #boom. @joethorneYYT Learning a lot about CONA’s success, at home and abroad, at @stjohnsbot lunch!

When it comes to listing to our members we are all ears! To get the most up-to-date and insightful information available about the local business community, the St. John’s Board of Trade employs a number of tactics including member surveys, an annual think tank, and a solid committee structure. When advocating for the best interests of its members, the Board can be assured that its members’ voices are heard through these avenues and feedback is always welcomed. This year our policy committees are focusing on the following: Federal and Provincial Affairs 1. Fiscal Prudence 2. Management Growth 3. Benefits (are we getting the most from our benefits agreements?)

@FuturpreneurATL Looking forward to meeting some business leaders at @stjohnsbot luncheon today!! @AirCanada Looking forward to seeing you there! MT @stjohnsbot: @AirCanada VP Kevin Howlett will address BOT members today at Comfort Inn Airport. @BigJMcC Union commits to fighting for defined benefit pension plans Local/2014-05-15/article-3725332/Union-commitsto-fighting-for-defined-benefit-pension-plans/1 … #CUPE #NLPOLI #CFIB @stjohnsbot @CFIB #canlab #NAPE #NLNU

Labour Market 1. Growing the Population 2. Labour Market Information (LMI) 3. Education

@jktylr Congrats to Sharon Horan of @stjohnsbot for an insightful piece on NL Public Pension crisis. Time to act!

Municipal Affairs 1. Fiscal Management 2. Building stronger positive relationships with the City 3. Proactive Planning and Development

@ElliotYeo Look at the at the May 24 loot I won for wearing my flannel to the @stjohnsbot sociable!

Transportation 1. Air Access 2. Marine Access 3. Regional Transportation System for the Northeast Avalon Other committees include Member Value, Labrador, Treasurer’s and Ambassadors.

Grand Productions @joymoyles Thank you @stjohnsbot for another wonderful event yesterday @CathedralSt. Love the atmosphere, hors d’oeuvres - and peeps! Happy May 2-4.

To read more about our committees and how to get involved call Rhonda at 726-2961 (ext 3) or visit

@PatrickMartinNL @stjohnsbot had a great mixer today. Sorry I was so late but others @PlumCS took up my slack there. @diversityNL Thank you attendees at our Diversity Symposium yesterday including, @UnitedWayNL @kerrymurraynl @sheldonjoneill @stjohnsbot @CityofStJohns

Business News june 2014


Local Business Leaders Highlight the Role of Diversity and Immigration in Fueling Economic Growth


s Newfoundland and Labrador continues to experience rapid economic growth, there will be a greater demand on the province’s labour market. To meet this increased demand, businesses will have to look to immigration to help address the province’s labour shortage. Moreover, by embracing diversity,employers have the opportunity tonot only promote inclusiveness but to potentiallyattract a broader customer base. The Sixth Annual Diversity Symposium –Fueling Growth: Linking Immigration, Economic Development and Diversity in Newfoundland and Labrador, brought together some of the province’s leading employers to discuss how immigration can help fuel, and sustain, economic prosperity within the province. Highlighting the benefits of a diverse workforce, keynote speaker, Ken Marshall, President – Atlantic Region, Rogers Communications, noted that: “Rogers has the desire to maintain its passion, innovation and ‘family’ culture... the company’s growth and success could not have happened without the building of a very diverse workplace and strong innovative culture.” He stressed the value of – and need for – diversity in an increasingly competitive local, provincial, and national environment: “Encouraging diversity is not simply the right thing to do, it is an essentialthing that we must do

to sustain business growth and economic development,” said Mr. Marshall. Following Mr. Marshall’s keynote address, Dr. Rob Greenwood, Executive Director, Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development, chaired a panel discussion featuring Ms. Sharon Horan, Chair, St. John’s Board of Trade, Ms. Deirdre Ayre, Studio Head and Director, Other Ocean Group Canada, and keynote speaker, Mr. Ken Marshall. Ms. Horan highlighted the challenges associated with filling the forecasted 80,000 job vacancies especially given the province’s aging and declining population. Viewing immigration as one tool to address these issues, she noted that: “New immigrants often tend to be younger, [and] well educated … [bringing] with them much needed skillsets and new ideas to infuse our local businesses with diversity, innovation, and new opportunities.” Ms. Ayre agreed, adding that in her industry, diversity is key to remaining innovative and competitive. Clearly, these business leaders view diversity as a key component in helping to achieve their business goals and to deliver high quality services to their customers. There is no doubt that having a diverse workforce is essential to remaining competitive in the modern business world. “The kind of work we are doing now simply

requires a global perspective,” states Mr. Marshall. “We need to bring people from around the world to do the kind of projects we are doing in this province. It is important that we ease the transition and ensure that immigrants who come to this province make the decision to stay and make a life here.” About the Association: The Association for New Canadians (ANC) is a non-profit, community based organization that provides settlement and language services for immigrants and refugees throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. As part of its commitment to promote cross-cultural awareness and inclusion, the ANC offers Diversity Training Workshops to businesses, schools, government departments and other interested groups. The Association for New Canadians’ business-focussed diversity workshops can provide local businesses with the tools necessary to help build an innovative culture that supports their business priorities; better understand their customers and improve the customer experience; and, perhaps most importantly, contribute to making their business a great place to work, thereby contributing to employee and customer attraction and retention. Interested businesses/groups should contact Ben Waring, Diversity Coordinator, via email at or phone at 722-0718.

From left, Ken Marshall, Deirdre Ayre, Sharon Horan and Dr. Rob Greenwood during the Sixth Annual Diversity Symposium –Fueling Growth: Linking Immigration, Economic Development and Diversity in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Business News june 2014

Expo Labrador 2014

Expo Labrador Chairperson Ernie McLean.

By Julianne Philpott


abrador’s thriving resource development sector is showing no signs of slowing down, and businesses located outside of the region continue to learn first-hand the benefit and importance of attending the highly successful Expo Labrador Conference and Trade Show. The Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (LNCC), a membership-based organization located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, has managed Expo Labrador since 2007, and is observing record membership numbers with its now 185 member organizations. “Chamber membership has steadily increased since 2011, and we are thrilled with the number of members from outside of the region who have established businesses here, or are seeking further information on partnership, contract and other business opportunities,” says LNCC President Sterling Peyton. “This really is a testament to the activity taking place in Labrador, and in particular, the high level of activity surrounding the Muskrat Falls project.” Businesspeople travel from across all regions of Canada to attend Expo Labrador for a number of reasons. This includes the desire to learn more about the economic development and business opportunities in the region, to become acquainted with the landscape, or to begin to foster relationships with businesses and organizations located in Labrador.

Photo: Doug Allen Photography

Jennifer Aspell, business development significantly over the past number of years, manager at Dallas Mercer Consulting (DMC) and for the 2014 event, the trade show in St. John’s, says that the accessibility to floor has once again been expanded to a resource company representatives is a huge maximum 96 booth spaces. benefit to her business. “The 2014 show will be a particularly “Expo Labrador is the place to be if you busy event for us,” says McLean. “We’ve are interested in doing business in the Big been receiving inquiries for many months, Land,” says Aspell. “Perhaps one of the and companies and high-level executives most valuable opportunities is the easy accessibility to the high-level executives from all of the resource development organizations who are not only on-site for the event, but also willing to meet with suppliers.” The Expo Labrador event includes a dynamic conference program, multisector trade show with 96 exhibits, and a number of social events including breakfasts and luncheons with keynote speakers, Labrador Night Meet and Greet, Theme Night, and the highly anticipated Golf Tournament and BBQ complete with live entertainment and prizes to Judi O’Keefe, Dallas Mercer and Jennifer Aspell from Dallas Mercer close out the event. Consulting/ Innu DMC at the Expo Labrador 2013 Meet and Greet. Ernie McLean, chairperson of Expo Labrador, says that event are now approaching us requesting to be participants keep returning and the event involved somehow in the program. Expo is continuing to grow because of the good Labrador is a well-oiled machine because mix of business and pleasure that the event we continue to listen to the needs of provides. our delegates and the regional business “Many companies who attend Expo community. This is why from year-to-year, Labrador do so for work, pleasure and we continue to attract a record number of also to gain a better understanding of the participants.” area and business environment,” says McLean. “We provide our participants with the information that is desired through our conference program, and many opportunities to network through the trade show and social events.” McLean says that the event has grown Photo: Doug Allen Photography

Photo: Doug Allen Photography

Another exciting year for Labrador’s leading resource development event

Stanley Oliver speaking during the conference at Expo Labrador 2013.

Business News june 2014



Business News June 2014

Margie Davis, Executive Sales Director Leading Business Forward

around the board Air Canada VP Addresses Board

Best in class durability and green performance

Chair Sharon Horan is seen with Kevin Howlett, Senior Vice-President of Regional Markets with Air Canada, following his address to the Board of Trade that focused on the airline’s achievements and overall business strategy.

Scandanavia booth

   

Members attending the Air Canada luncheon were treated to some tastes of Scandinavia. The Board is planning an 11-day tour of four of Scandinavia’s most intriguing countries in October.



Keep business growing inBusiness Newfoundland & Labrador. News june 2014

around the board Meeting with NLHC

Len Simms, Chief Executive Officer of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation, provided board members with information and updates on social housing programs and initiatives offered through NLHC during a recent meeting.

Len Simms poses with Des Whelan, chair of the Board of Trade’s Municipal Affairs Committee.

Business News june 2014


around the board

Our Past Chair Dennis Mahoney and Chair Sharon Moran discussed the importance of debt reduction, growing the population and other member concerns with Premier Tom Marshall.

Board of Trade 2nd Vice Chair Dorothy Keating, left, is seen with John Oates, Campus Administrator of the Prince Philip Drive Campus of College of the North Atlantic, and student alumni representative Stephanie Pretty at the college’s Work Exposure and Partners Reception.

Howard Thaw, left, Contract Manager with WorleyParsons, and Sylvain LeMay, manager of Procurement with WorleyParsons, discussed business opportunities with the Kami Iron Ore project in the Labrador Trough during a breakfast session with board members. Rhonda Tulk-Lane, the Board’s Policy and Advocacy Specialist, presents Glenn Grouchy of Global Knowledge with an iPad mini. Glenn won the iPad by participating in the Help Share Our Future Prosperity survey sent to members on behalf of the Board of Trade.

Our very own Margie Davis lead a Board of Trade 101 session reveiwing the benefits of membership with both new and existing members of the St. John’s Board of Trade.


Business News june 2014

ambassador column I

have been an ambassador for the past two years, beginning in September 2012. I wanted to join the ambassador team to expand my connections in the business community. As I am into my last term as an ambassador with the St. John’s Board of Trade I can look back at all of the events I have attended and the career moves throughout my time with BOT. I have absolutely enjoyed my time being an ambassador and have made great business


astern Audio has been a long time member with the St. John’s Board of Trade and over the years we have mutually supported and advocated in developing the growth of our business community. As an ambassador, I am rewarded in working with

Ambassador Jordan Dicks relationships along the way. I started working at Delta St. John’s a year ago March and believe the Board of Trade Ambassador program assisted me in getting this amazing position. It has encouraged me to grow confidence and new skills that I am able to apply in my career. For example, I met Christine O’Grady (Corporate Sales Manager at Delta St. John’s) at the Board of Trade Business Summit, talking to her helped me open my eyes to new opportunities in the city. I am proud to be an ambassador and especially to represent such an amazing property, Delta St. John’s. Over the past two years, I have made amazing connections and really feel like

I have entered the business community. I have taken away the fondest memories from the Amazing Membership Race to volunteering at the Golf Tournament as well as launching the Be the Boom campaign. I am still hoping to win one of the fabulous giveaways at the luncheons and/or mixers -fingers crossed! Being involved with the St. John’s Board of Trade has been a memorable experience and I highly recommend it to anyone. Jordan Dicks is Association Sales Manager at Delta St. John’s Hotel and Conference Centre.

Ambassador Mary Catherine Oakley a team of dynamic business colleagues. Although we come from varying business sectors, we all share one common goal: we are passionate about our city and province and by actively partnering with the St. John’s Board of Trade we become the link to over 875 members. We reach out to our members and listen to their feedback and bring this information to the BOT. We welcome new members and assist in the initial networking process and offer suggestions on topics of discussion

for upcoming events. As sales manager with Eastern Audio, our goal is to ensure success by creating exceptional event experiences. Our promise is to evolve and maintain an open door of communication with both new and existing clients. Being an ambassador allows me the ability to carry these beliefs forward into a thriving and booming city. Now in my second year as ambassador, I continue be a part of a great team of professionals and outstanding organization.

The calm before, during and after the storm.

Business News june 2014



Our photo booth was a hit at the May 2-4 themed social hosted by Cathedral Street Bistro. From left, Nichole Tucker (NPR Limited Partnership), Rowen Warrilow (Ignite Media) and Yvonne O’Brien (Northern Property).

Sean Charters (Color NL) enjoys a beverage with our Lori Coleman and Des Whelan, 1st Vice Chair.


Ian Chaytor with Color NL and Elliot Yeo with ADS hung out in our campsite.

Rocket Bakery hosted a fantastic breakfast to kick off Board of Trade Week. Co-owner Kelly Mansell, centre, mingled with Board members Millie Foley of Bayside Catering and Mike Gibson of Cabco Communications.

Business News june 2014

July 10, 2014 • Bally Haly Country Club

180 Players 18 Holes 1 Day you do not want to miss!

Annual Golf Tournament

Title Sponsor:

Contact usabout today about registration, sponsorship Contact us today registration, sponsorship opportunities, prizes of opportunities, for more information Wanda Palmer Phone 726-2961, ext 9, Email

prizes or for more information.

Member news $243 million in infrastructure improvements planned for airport

From left, Nora Duke, John Fisher and Peggy Fisher.

Duke, Fishers honoured by Memorial’s Business Faculty Business leaders Nora Duke and John and Peggy Fisher have received awards from Memorial University’s Faculty of Business Administration. Ms. Duke, president and chief executive officer of Fortis Properties Corporation in St. John’s, received the 2014 Alumni Honour Award from the Faculty of Business Administration at its annual Partners Celebration. The Fishers, owners of Fishers’ Loft in Port Rexton, Trinity Bay, won the Gardiner Centre 2014 Newfoundland and Labrador Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Ms. Duke has worked with the Fortis Group of Companies for 28 years in a variety of senior leadership and executive positions, and is currently responsible for the company’s two operating divisions: commercial real estate and hotels. She is an active volunteer and was appointed to the board of directors for the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2014. The Fishers opened the Fishers’ Loft as a four-room bed and breakfast in 1997. Today, it is a 33-room inn, restaurant, executive conference centre and art gallery.

ADS has relocated AtlanticDataSystems (ADS) has relocated its office to accommodate its expanding team and to better serve its clients. The ADS office located in Suite 201, 13 Duffy Place is equipped with a more spacious meeting area and the new location gives the company access to increased parking for clients.


With a booming economy resulting in unprecedented passenger growth, St. John’s International Airport Authority has announced a new, 10-year improvement and expansion plan that will Neil Pittman, Chair of the St. John’s International Airport Authority’s Board of allow the airport Directors, explains the expansion plans for the airport. to accommodate two million passengers by 2023. The airport authority’s plan includes Keeping the city clean investments to ensure the safety St. John’s Clean and Beautiful has been and operational integrity of existing renamed Clean St. John’s. facilities, as well as an expansion of the The voluntary, non-profit organization Airport Terminal Building, parking lots committed to and roadways. The authority has also creating and announced an accessibility and safety promoting initiative that involves preparing the a litter-free airfield for the installation and operation of city has a new a Category III Instrument Landing System logo and a by Nav Canada that will significantly new website, improve the accessibility of the airport which can be during low visibility conditions. found at: http:// “We recognize the importance of our cleanstjohns. facility as the premier transportation ca/. gateway to the province, and its role in the “Our work economic development of our region,” Neil hasn’t changed. We will continue to Pittman, Chair of the St. John’s International coordinate the annual Spring Clean-Up, the Airport Authority’s Board of Directors, beautiful Traffic Box Art Program, and our said in a news release. “These planned various youth initiatives, among others,” investments are necessary to ensure that said Michelle Eagles, Chair of Clean St. this important transportation infrastructure John’s. “We just have a brand new look continues to meet the growing demands that pulls all of our initiatives under one for travel in our community and our name and helps us deliver our important province.” message to the public, especially through In 2013, approximately 1.5 million digital and social media channels.” passengers travelled through the gates of St. John’s Clean can also be found on St. John’s International Airport, the highest facebook at number recorded at the airport. Passenger Twitter @cleanstjohns. growth has been double the national average over the past 10 years.

Business News june 2014

member news

Memorial University President appointed to second term Dr. Gary Kachanoski will serve a second term as president of Memorial University. In March of this year Dr. Kachanoski indicated that he wished to stand for renewal of his appointment as the university’s president and vice-chancellor. His initial five-year

term ends in June 2015. As required by the Board of Regents’ Presidential Search, Appointment and Assessment Policy, the executive committee of the board undertook a comprehensive review, which included solicitation of confidential input from the university community, including faculty, students, staff, alumni and retirees. The executive committee recommended Dr. Kachanoski’s reappointment at a May 8 board meeting. The Board of Regents unanimously accepted the recommendation. Dr. Kachanoski’s term will now extend to June 2020 “I am excited that Dr. Kachanoski wishes to remain at Memorial,” said Iris Petten, chair of the Board of Regents at Memorial. “During the past four years, he has guided our university on a bright and successful path. Under his leadership, we are looking at an unprecedented level of infrastructure renewal, record research funding and growth in our graduate enrolment, just to name a few achievements. We know there are great things in store with him at the helm, and on behalf of the board, I extend our congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Kachanoski.”

Business News june 2014



BOOM. Keep business growing in Newfoundland & Labrador.


industry news St. John’s to host Arctic Conference The prestigious Arctic Technology Conference will take place in St. John’s in 2016. The annual Arctic Technology Conference provides a worldwide platform for industry, business and academia to network and share ideas, research and cutting edge technology to overcome the challenges for operating in the world’s harshest climate. Destination St. John’s has been working with industry partners and stake holders for a number of years and is delighted the marketing efforts have paid off.  The conference will have a  significant economic impact as it typically draws over 1,000 delegates and roughly 100 exhibitors from around the world. The Arctic Technology Conference is an expansion of the Offshore Technology Conference, the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration,

production and environmental protection. Copenhagen, Denmark is hosting the 2015 Arctic Technology Conference. Province ranks in top 10 Newfoundland and Labrador is among the top 10 most attractive jurisdictions for mining investment, according to the annual global survey of mining executives by the Fraser Institute, an independent, nonpartisan Canadian public policy think-tank. The survey is an attempt to assess how mineral endowments and public policy factors such as taxation and regulatory uncertainty affect exploration investment. Sweden ranked first in the 2013 survey of mining companies, followed by Finland, Alberta, Ireland, Wyoming, Western Australia, New Brunswick, Nevada, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Norway. Newfoundland and Labrador rose to ninth place after ranking 18th in the 2012 survey conducted by Fraser Institute.

Newfoundland and Labrador leads country in GDP growth A recent report from Statistics Canada shows Newfoundland and Labrador led all provinces in terms of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2013. GDP by industry increased in all provinces and territories in 2013 except New Brunswick, where it was unchanged. Nationally, real GDP by industry expanded 2.0 per cent in 2013 after increasing 1.8 per cent in 2012. In Newfoundland and Labrador, GDP increased 7.9 per cent following a 4.2 per cent decline in 2012. Growth was mainly attributed to significantly higher engineering construction and a rebound in mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction. Services output rose 0.6 per cent with gains in retail trade, finance and insurance as well as accommodation and food services. Most of the major industries in the public sector (public administration, health care and social

Accelerate your career Get what you need to succeed, enrol in a Supply Chain Management program.

Management track - SCMP Designation

SCMA Newfoundland & Labrador Institute delivers an extensive range of leadership and skills-development programs preparing supply chain management professionals for success. Visit our website noted below to find out how education and professional development can launch or accelerate a successful and rewarding career in supply chain management.

Entry to intermediate - Supply Management Training Introductory courses and seminars in technical competencies, soft skills and business management for entry to mid-level practitioners.





Business News june 2014

industry news assistance, and education) recorded decreases. Manufacturing output fell 1.9 per cent as the decline in non-durable goods manufacturing more than offset the increase in durable goods manufacturing. The full report can be found at: http://www. dq140429a-eng.htm?HPA Funding for Harris Centre Over $32,000 in funding from the Provincial Government will allow the Harris Centre at Memorial University to establish a project management committee to examine the potential of participating in the European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology (ERNACT). ERNACT regions work together to develop and transfer practical e-services for citizens and business in order to optimize business success. Established in 1991 to pursue joint funding and development opportunities in digital technologies, the ERNACT network extends to regions in Spain,

Sweden, the Czech Republic and Romania, and is currently seeking additional interested regions. Dr. Blair Winsor from Memorial University’s Faculty of Business Administration, who specializes in small enterprise and innovation, will sit on the project management committee and assist the team in their assessment of opportunities for the province in ERNACT. For additional information on ERNACT go to: Most Canadians reluctant to move for job A new study conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) shows that 46 per cent – or less than half - of Canadians might take a job or work contract that would force them to move to a new location. The survey asked more than 2,000 Canadians whether they’d move either within their provinces or to other parts of the country for a job. Only 10 per cent of respondents indicated an eagerness

to move, while a third said they could be persuaded for the right job and the right incentives. Council head Stephen Cryne told the Canadian Press the findings are troubling and underscore some of the challenges facing businesses looking to attract highly skilled labour. The council advocates labour mobility. The top incentive selected by those respondents who said they would consider a move to another part of the country is a 20 per cent raise in pay, plus all moving expenses being covered by the employer. More than half of respondents also said governments could play a role in enticing them to move by permitting employers to provide a taxfree housing allowance for up to six months to allow them to settle in a new location. Results of the survey can be found at: http:// aspx?id=6487

Being successful is more than knowing a good thing when you see one. It’s knowing when to invest in it.

The essential link between capital and emerging opportuntites 709 726 2961

Business News june 2014


member profiles Quikprint Services Ltd. has been offering offset, digital and wide format printing to the St. John’s and surrounding areas since 1972. We have a full in house bindery department to give your project the finishing touch it needs, including laminating. We can provide anything from a single copy, to materials for a full marketing campaign. We use state of the art equipment and continually work to improve our processes to deliver the highest quality products our clients have become accustomed to. Our staff, with over 70 years combined experience in the printing industry, ensure that your job is in capable hands. To learn more about our company and services, visit our website at, contact us at 709579-2131, or email our President and General Manager Paul Currie at: We are the 2014 Consumer Choice Award Winners for Printing, Copying and Digital Services!

RothLochston Constructors Inc. is a multidisciplinary, industrial contracting and fabrication company. Serving the Oil and Gas, Utility and Power Generation, Mining, and Pulp and Paper industries, RothLochston specializes in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and civil/ structural construction and maintenance projects. RothLochston Subsea, the manufacturing division of RothLochston, specializes in the fabrication of subsea components, carbon/alloy piping systems, process modules, skids, tanks, stacks, and penstocks. It was created following the consolidation of the fabrication expertise of Bowringer and the pipe fabrication services of Vytrell. Located in Paradise, Newfoundland, our industrial fabrication, protective coatings and pipe fabrication facilities manufacture to DNV and Lloyd’s Register standards. Contact: Mike O’Brien - RothLochston 709.738-2086 / 709.687.5853


ACE Industrial Supplies Ltd is a locally owned and operated industrial supply company that has been servicing the St. John’s area since 1997. We are proud to announce we have recently opened a storefront at 82 O’Leary Ave. ACE is a 3M authorized Distributor and carries a wide range of OH&S, Tapes , Adhesives, Abrasives, Packaging and Sanitary supplies. If we do not have what you are looking for we can get it at very competitive pricing. ACE prides itself on excellent customer service and we look forward to seeing you soon. ACE Industrial Supplies Ltd 82 O’Leary Avenue, St. John’s, NL A1B 2C7 709-738-4223 E-mail: Website:

As one of the leading national accounting and business advisory firms, BDO offers customized advice and a full range of accounting, assurance, tax and advisory services to help you start, grow, and transition your business. We believe that exceptional client service is the foundation of being a trusted advisor. Through clear and open conversations and a focus on delivering value for money, our team of experts will work with you to develop a detailed, integrated service plan addressing all your business needs, ensuring your current and long term goals are met. Boyde Clarke, FCA, Partner E: bclarke@ Steve Belanger, FCA, Partner E: 709-579-2161

Keep business growing in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Business News june 2014

new members FocalPoint Business Coaching

Pioneer Log Homes

Janice Briffett: One Percent Realty, Atlantic

NewLife Hearing Health Centre

Rhonda Skanes, Franchise owner / Business Coach 5 Beech Place St. John’s, NL A1B 2S6 (709) 682-7401

Janice Briffett, Realtor 12 Gleneyre Street St. John’s, NL A1A 2M7 709-579-0001 709-579-0011

Woodford Sheppard Architecture Ltd. Taryn Sheppard, Partner Chris Woodford, Partner 55 Harvey Road St. John’s, NL A1C 2E9 709-753-7917

Centinel Services

Jamie Valone, Branch Manager 22 Duffy Place St. John’s, NL A1B 4M5 709-579-7373 709-747-3230

Roth Lochston Constructors Inc. Mike O’Brien, Manager, Business Development 179 McNamara Drive Paradise, NL A1L 0A7 709-738-2086 709-738-2530

ALT Hotel Halifax Airport

Mark Schaay, General Manager Patricia Pardy, Senior Sales Manager 40 Silver Dart Drive, O.O. Box 1611 Enfield, NS B2T 1K2 902-334-0136 902-334-0137

Ken Auchinleck, Vice President P.O. Box 21458 St. John’s, NL A1A 5G6 709-335-2526 709-335-2585

Jillian Ryan, Audiologist / Owner 11 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 202 St. John’s, NL A1A 1W6 709-800-7343 709-800-7344

ACE Industrial Supplies Ltd.

Ruth-Ann Johnson, Indoor / Outdoor Sales 82 O’Leary Avenue St. John’s, NL A1B 2C7 709-738-4223 709-738-7015

Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures Stan Cook Jr., President Harbour Road, Cape Broyle P.O. Box 82 Stn’C’ St. John’s, NL A1C 5H5 709-579-6353 709-754-1432

Rockwater Professional Products Jason Caines, Director of Operations 5 Panther Place Donovans Industrial Park Mount Pearl, NL A1N 5B7 709-745-7625 709-745-8228

Distance Education, Learning and Training Support

Susan Cleyle, Director Prince Phillip Drive G.A. Hickman Building, Memorial University 709-864-7921 709-864-7941

Ellis Don Corporation

M. Kirk Saunders, Area Manager Janet Kovich, Executive Assistant 71 Airport Road, Suite 105 St. John’s, NL A1A 4Y3 709-237-9202 709-237-9201

Write Words Inc.

Alisha Morrissey, President St. John’s, NL A1C 1Y7 709-727-4116

Humber Valley Resort

Heather Oke, Marketing & Events Manager Gary Oke, Managing Director of Operations Box 2351 Corner Brook, NL A2H 0E1 709-686-8100 709-686-2717



Milestone Productions Inc.

Gord Delaney, Owner / Operator 250 LeMarchant Road, P.O. Box 26088 St. John’s, NL A1E 0A5 709-746-3023 709-757-9350

Business News june 2014

Keep business growing in Newfoundland & Labrador.


June Breakfast with Vale Join Steve Ball, Project Director for the Voisey’s Bay Underground Mine Project, as he provides an overview of the project and outlines future opportunities to supply goods and services to the project. Please note there will be a Q&A portion at the end of this session. In partnership with: Thurs., June 5 Date: 8 am registration Time: 8:30 am breakfast $30+HST members Cost: $60+HST non members Location: Comfort Airport St. John’s

g n i m o c Up vents e

St. John’s Board of Trade 101

We are inviting all members, whether you have recently joined or are a long standing member to join the staff of the Board of Trade for a detailed orientation/”refresher” on how to make the most out of your membership.


Date: Time: Location:

Business “Crawl” Join the Morvis Group of Companies for an unforgettable mixer experience. We will be escorted by bus to 4 of their business locations where you will face beauty, adventure and action. Enjoy a martini, some pizza and beer and have the chance to win some fun giveaways.   Date:  Thurs., June 12 Time:  4 - 7 pm Cost:  Included as a benefit of your membership Locations:  Please note you can park your vehicle at the first stop and then a bus will take us to the other locations and at the end back to your vehicle.   1st Stop 2nd Stop 3rd Stop 4th Stop

Frontline Action Tactical - Smart Battle Zone, 10 Pearl Pl. August & Lotta Stockholm - 306 Water St. Frontline Action Proshop - 1073 Topsail Rd. Frontline Action Outdoors - 54 Duffett’s Rd, Sponsored by:


Fri., June 6 9 – 10 am Board of Trade 34 Harvey Rd., 3rd Floor

6 Luncheon Join Gregg Saretsky, President and CEO of WestJet on the eve of their first transatlantic flight to Dublin. Mr. Saretsky will be outlining the importance of this historic service, the economic opportunities it will provide the province and WestJet’s perspective on the future of air service to Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada Date: Time: Cost: Location:

Fri., June 13 12:30 pm networking 1 pm luncheon $42.50+HST members $85+HST non members Delta St. John’s


To register for these events please contact Wanda Palmer at or 726-2961 ext. 9


Business News june 2014

Because everyone could use a little vitamin D.

A warehouse is a warehouse is a warehouse. Unless, of course, that warehouse is flooded with natural light. A contrast from the dungeons of the past, The Beclin is inspiringly designed with much more than windows. As Newfoundland’s first and only LEED® registered warehouse park, it raises the bar for energy efficiency and cost savings. Because when your workspace is designed with people in mind, everything looks a little brighter.



The Beclin is only the beginning. Whatever your workspace needs, we can brainstorm a solution. After all, we’ve built millions of square feet of creative and adaptive workspaces over the past 30 years. 709.364.4103

A Comprehensive Benefits Package is a Critical Factor in Maintaining a Competitive Edge in this Job Market. Many potential employees consider a health and pension package a fundamental factor when considering a job offer. Steers Insurance has affordable, customizable plans, whether you have a handful of employees or a large, diverse staff. We are ready with the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions, and to help build a plan that works for your business.

Speak to a Steers’ representative for details. 1-877-4-STEERS

Business News June 2014  
Business News June 2014  

St. John's Board of Trade Business News Volume 29, Number 5, 0834-2014 June 2014 Bright Ideas for the Bottom Line Dominion stores in New...