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Husky Energy: Right Fit, Bright Future

VOLUME 28, NUMBER 8, 0834-2013


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Business News august September 2013


cover story


ome of the perks of working in the province’s oil and gas industry are well known: health-and-wellness programs, comprehensive-benefits programs and competitive salaries. But for many, the real perk is being a part of industry-leading projects while building their careers at home. Sarah Tuff and Kathy Mercer-White met during their first week of engineering at Memorial University. They were lab partners and they each went on to earn bachelor of engineering degrees (Class of ’06) but the friendship didn’t end with convocation. In addition to working together at Husky Energy, they’ve been a part of each other’s weddings and were even on maternity leave together. Our oil and gas industry is growing and that means more people like Sarah and Kathy will have opportunities to be engaged in challenging work while being close to friends and family. For the past five years, Sarah and Kathy have been working for Husky and both specialize in subsea technology, the equipment used to connect the wells on


Building careers underwater, at home, and with friends

the seabed to the SeaRose FPSO. Sarah, originally from Witless Bay, works as a senior subsea project engineer and Kathy, originally from Blaketown, works as a senior subsea controls engineer. “When I was in high school I had no idea what an engineer did,” says Sarah, who is now involved in project design and the commercial process. “Me either,” says Kathy, who is involved in ensuring the equipment operates as designed once installed. “I started studying math at MUN but it didn’t feel like the right fit. My guidance counsellor said he had always been interested in engineering, so I tried that.” Since graduating, the two women have both been involved in promoting careers in the oil and gas industry, including speaking to high school students. “We started working on Husky’s North Amethyst project in 2008,” Sarah says. “Early in our careers, we were thrown into system integration testing.” System integration testing (SIT) involves replicating the structures and systems to be installed underwater, testing all the

Business News august September 2013

software, control jumpers, flow meters, and testing various scenarios to ensure the system will work as designed once installed offshore. “It was an intense time during the project,” Kathy says. “We were basically on site at Bull Arm working 12 hour days, 7 days a week. We learned so much.” Recently, the two led the Controls SIT for the equipment being installed in Husky’s South White Rose Extension Project this summer. “For students and recent grads, I would highly recommend taking advantage of field work opportunities,” she adds. “There are lots of opportunities, whether that’s working offshore or at a fabrication site. You learn how to work with different people and you gain practical experience to back up your technical knowledge.” “I’ve had the opportunity to work offshore and to travel to different countries to meet with our contractors,” Kathy says. “All those experiences help you build knowledge and relationships and grow.” “In the last five years, my career has progressed from having a specific technical scope to SIT to being more involved in the subsea controls and commercial side of the business as part of a project team,” Sarah says. The opportunity for career development also helps the two women balance new demands at home as mothers of young children. “I could never just do a job,” Kathy says. “I feel personally invested in my work and that makes it hard to let go sometimes. You want things to succeed and to be there to see them through.” “But responsibility is shared across the team,” adds Sarah. “The technical pressure is not on one individual and there are always people to help.” “It’s a great time to be in the industry,” Sarah says. “It’s diverse enough that there are opportunities for everyone at different levels. And at the end of the day it’s nice to have friends and family around too.”

Get informed and get involved


he Stanley Cup finals were a significant event in my house. Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago, but every time I think of my beloved Bruins in those last few seconds of the game, my gut drops. I know there are many Leafs fans out there who feel the same way about their knockout game. When I was watching that game though, I was tense. I shouted at the TV more than once. The crowds in the stands were the same; the electric feeling in the stadium could be felt in my living room. A little while later, after the shock and disappointment wore off, I realized something. All that anxiety, all that emotion was all about a game. I wonder what if we all got that worked up about other things? What if we were all breathless and emotionally invested in our city, our quality of life? Well, we do get riled up about traffic and the occasional building development, but not in the same way and certainly not about election issues or whom we’re voting for. When we compare the passion that fans have for professional sports; comic bookbased summer blockbusters, like Superman or Iron Man; or a sold-out Sting concert that leaves you humming along for days, to the feeling of participating in democracy, we don’t really get the same feeling of excitement. And we certainly don’t talk about it for days on end. We don’t post on Facebook how we feel about regionalization or tweet about which candidate has promised to put sidewalks on a main thoroughfare. But that’s exactly how people should feel when they’re voting. Riled up, excited, anxious about the results. Unfortunately, most of us are pretty apathetic. Unfortunately, people are even apathetic about running for office. In recent elections many municipalities across the island didn’t have to hold elections because there weren’t enough candidates come forward to hold a vote. In many towns and local service districts, no one put their name forward, meaning there was no elected leadership in those towns. Voter turnout in 2009 was about 45 per cent. Only seven per cent of councillors across the province are under the age of 35.

Recent numbers show that more than 40 per cent of councillors and mayors are older than 55. Women make up about 29 per cent of Newfoundland and Labrador’s mayors and councillors. What if everyone was passionate about the people they were selecting to make sure our public funds were taken care of, that garbage collection is efficient? Would this be a better city? A better province? The St. John’s Board of Trade has been talking about municipal issues for several years now, officially making municipal government a focus in 2009. The Board talks regularly about how having more density in our subdivisions would result in better snowclearing; how having commercial real estate in your neighbourhood would make you healthier; how we should all be demanding better from our elected officials. This year, that onus goes back on you; the voter, the taxpayer. This year the Board is issuing a challenge. Get informed and involved in the process. Whether you’ve decided to throw your hat in the ring for councillor, to question those seeking your vote at your doorstep, or to actively support a candidate; our Board challenges you to get excited about this beautiful place we call home and who we want to represent us all as we head into the next four years. We’ll help. Our extensive research and community partnerships are available to you. We’re working with The Telegram to get candidates’ messages out through a survey we’ve collaborated on. We’re going to be talking about four essential issues in the coming weeks. We’ll hold a mayoral debate in September and share information through our social networks and online. This municipal issues campaign is designed to bring key issues to the forefront so that voters can better understand where candidates stand on topics including but not limited to the city’s infrastructure, development and population growth. The Board of Trade, in partnership with The Telegram, will be asking issue-specific questions of each of the candidates, ensuring that all candidates

Business News august September 2013

Chair’s message

Chair, Denis Mahoney

have the means to communicate their responses to the public. Why do we care? Because Board of Trade members are your neighbours, your friends, and the people who volunteer in your community. We believe apathy is not an excuse to not be involved, indifference is not an excuse to not participate. o when you come across a candidate at the Farmer’s Market or at the soccer pitch, ask them how they plan to address public pensions, whether the region’s communities should be working on a shared recreation master plan, or how they plan to make it easier for companies to set up shop in our city. These issues do affect you. They affect your family and yes, your vote counts. Every. Single. One. So get excited. Argue about the candidates around the dinner table. Teach your kids about civic involvement. Make this fall’s election water-cooler talk. Make up your mind about a candidate’s positions, not just their posters. Because if you don’t care about who makes decisions on your behalf this fall, you won’t get a say on which issues end up on your doorstep.


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Mind the gap

What you can do now to close the gap

What is a Skills Gap? According to the Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market: Outlook 2020, a skills gap exists when workers are judged by their employer to not be fully proficient, or when an employee feels that they require more skills to perform their job. Are you experiencing a skills gap? A recent article by Accenture highlights five things businesses can do today to positively affect their skills gaps situation. Reinvent, Reevaluate, Recruit, Realign and Collaborate These suggestions can aid you in closing the skills gap. Here’s how.

1. Reinvent: Look at how you do business and if you

need to change it up. Do you follow a tradition ladder model for employee career development? Try using a web model where employees can move up, down, laterally and learn new skills regularly. For example, do you create your job descriptions based on functional skills? Try creating job descriptions using more broad terms like looking for certain behaviors, attitudes and learning abilities instead to hire the right candidate instead of one who cannot grow with your company. 2. Re-evaluate: Have you asked your employees what they are passionate about? What skills do they excel in and are you capitalizing on those skills? Building on those skills will help you hang onto employees who are looking for a challenge and willing to buy into your company’s growth. 3. Recruit: Stop waiting for the perfect employee. Instead look for employees that are ready and willing to learn. This approach will provide you with a much larger pool of potential candidates and maybe one will be as passionate about your business as you are. 4. Realign: Are there pools of skilled labour in Newfoundland and Labrador that are unemployed or underemployed right now? How can your business use this pool of labour and transfer their skill set? Better yet, are there already people in your organization who would like to try something new? Look around at assets in your community for transferable skills like customer service or technology skills and build on them. 5. Collaborate: work with other business and industry groups to get things done. Attend Board of Trade networking sessions and lunch and learns to find natural partners. Even your competitors could have a great idea that can help your business succeed. References Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market: Outlook 2020 publications/lmoutlook2020.pdf Accenture

Hmmm, wonder if Jimmy can learn those skills? H e h a s t h e r i g ht at titude.

DID YOU KNOW? Paul Buchheit, an employee at Google, was the creator and lead developer of GMail before he left the company. He created GMail as part of his “20 percent time,” which Google grants its employees to work on personal projects.

“Hire character. Train skill.” – Peter Schutz


ambassador column I

Chantelle Power

began volunteering as an Ambassador with the St. John’s Board of Trade in January 2013. In this short period, I have had the opportunity to interact with some of the most optimistic, friendly, and energetic people the business community. Being connected with the Board of Trade has given me the opportunity to enhance both my personal and professional network in my position as Industry Liaise with AXIS Career Services, the employment division with the Association for New Canadians. Attending Board of Trade Business Mixers, Luncheons and Lunch ‘n’ Learns, has generated new and diverse partnerships with employers and connecting them with a talented pool of Internationally Trained Workers who are right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Personally, I have a keen interest in event planning. When I was given the opportunity to become an Ambassador

and be part of the Events Committee, I immediately embraced it. Assisting with event preparation, hosting, welcoming and engaging guests are things I love to do on a regular basis, hence, becoming involved with the Board of Trade was “over the top” in terms of expanding my skills and enhancing business contacts in the community. I have no doubt that the next year and a half will be equally as rewarding and I look forward to engaging with new members and sharing ideas in this booming economy! Chantelle Power Workplace Liaison Coordinator AXIS Career Services Association for New Canadians

Building Safe Workplaces

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Business News august September 2013

ambassador column I

n a few short months I will have completed a full two years as an Ambassador with the St. John’s Board of Trade.What a wonderful experience it has been.I have met many wonderful business people at the various luncheons and functions and have had the opportunity to work closely with other Ambassadors and develop many new business relationships.The St John’s Board of Trade is a class act bringing great value to the members through advocacy, benefits, policy and networking.The Ambassador program is certainly an extension of that.I would encourage every member to get out to the numerous

functions and get the full benefit of your membership at the same time encourage anyone who would like to grow personally and in their own networking circles to consider volunteering with the St. John’s Board of Trade.You will certainly not be disappointed. I have been with Bell Aliant for 15 years and a Sales Manager for 10 of those and the lesson of personal relationships and the value they bring is learned every single day as I interact with our customers. I would like to thank the St. John’s Board of Trade for the wonderful opportunity to meet so many more business professionals.

Shawn Brown

Business News august September 2013


Work Wellness and the Importance of Balancing your Life T

echnology is evolving and has changed our lives in ways unimaginable just a few decades ago. We are more connected to the rest of the world than we have ever been. We have the ability to share thoughts and ideas at the click of a button. More information is available, and because of this, new trends in our lives are emerging. The healthcare industry has shifted from primarily focusing on treating a patient’s symptoms to promoting wellness and prevention. Also, people are more aware about the importance of staying active and eating well. Arguably, the slowest on the uptake of this shift in thinking has been the business world. Old school thinking causes many people to define balancing their life as separating work from home. Work is where you go to collect a paycheque. Home is where you actually live your life. Work is what causes you stress. Home is where you

find activities that alleviate your stress. Companies like Belmont Health & Wealth are challenging this thinking and taking action. “Balance Your Life” is a concept that encompasses all aspects of your life. Balance comes from being happy, finding ways to manage your stress, and having a feeling of security both financially and emotionally. Balance should apply to the time you spend at work as well as the time you spend at home. Companies who focus on the work wellness of their staff reap the most rewards. A happy staff is a productive staff, and statistically less likely to call in sick. Employees who feel valued, and feel that their company is invested in them, are less likely to look for work elsewhere. Work wellness creates a healthy environment that is not only noticeable by the people who work there, but by the customers as well.

So how does a company achieve Work Wellness? The following are some tips and tricks from the best in the business:

• Flexibility is key. Gone should be the days of punching a time clock and setting a stop watch on your lunch hour. Life happens. Things come up. Flexibility can be as simple as altering a work schedule to accommodate an appointment to offering employees a couple extra days off in the summer. The more you work with your employees the more they’ll want to work for you.

• Walk the walk. It’s easy to tell employees “you should be more active and participate in activities that lower stress.” Implement a wellness program, and set aside funds that each person can use to engage in a wellness activity. Whether it be joining a gym, signing up for soccer or taking a painting class, if you tell an employee that you will give them money to participate in something, chances are they will take you up on it.

• Catch them doing something right. Most employees are used to hearing when they’ve made a mistake. Take the time to tell them when they’re doing a good job. Your reward will be more good jobs.

• A little competition never hurt anyone. Come up with wellness competitions during work hours. Lead by example and they’re sure to follow.

• Invest in them. Encourage continuing education. Let them take workrelated courses. Sign up for a website like and be sure to reward employees who take the initiative to better themselves.

• Talk to them. Ask what they’d like to see. Encourage movement within the company so everyone feels they’ve found their niche. It is as simple as this: Be the company you would want to work for.


Business News august September 2013

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13-07-29 1:11 PM

e po

atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat


atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat

City pension reform welcomed The St. John’s Board of Trade was pleased to see St. John’s City Council vote unanimously to move forward with a defined contributions pension plan. Under the existing arrangement, councillors earned pensionable service, but were not required to make any financial contribution toward their pensions. Under the new pension arrangement existing councillors who are re-elected may continue to participate in the existing plan, but their base salary will be reduced by six per cent. Newly elected councillors


atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat

will not be eligible to participate in the existing plan, but will have their base salary increased by six per cent. Each newly elected Councillor can then make their own decision, based on individual circumstances, on how to invest for retirement. The decision is an example of good leadership and the Board encourages council to also examine a similar pension reform for all new city staff. For more on our position on pensions visit www. where you can read our media release about the vote.

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Specialized Training Babysitting READY Program Leadership & Instructor Child Care First Aid WHMIS

Business News august September 2013


atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat

Boom moments As we work to raise awareness of the Boom to our membership, we’ve been sharing Boom moments at every meeting and luncheon to celebrate the successes available as a result of incredible growth in the private sector in the last few years. Here are some of the Boom moments we’ve shared around our Board table lately; • One of our car dealership members sold 65 cars in one day this summer. • A gas station has reported going from two to 11 employees in the last couple of years and still can’t keep up with the business coming in the door. • The Janeway Telethon wouldn’t have been able to raise $3 million without the Boom. • A one-person, home-based catering business, which is a member, is reporting hiring a full-time staff person to keep up with orders. • The $6-million Bannerman Park upgrade has received donations from both the private sector and individuals that are highlighted throughout the park on everything from the new fountain to benches and paving stones. Great work by these members! Remember, everyone who participates in the economy – either making or spending money - is part of the Boom. So Keep Booming St. John’s. Keep Booming Do you have a Boom story you’d like to tell? Is there something we’ve missed when talking about the Boom? Get in touch with amorrissey@bot. to learn more about getting your Boom story in this magazine or nominating another success story to be profiled.



atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat


atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat

Labour Market resources available now Are you looking to connect with skilled workers? Could you use some advice on your HR strategy? Contact the Business Coalition’s new Job Broker Tobi Smith. Tobi will help your business find the right employee, while helping you retain them long term. Tobi can be reached at tsmith@


atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat

What’s the best way to get your company name around the city? A sponsorship with the St. John’s Board of Trade will make you the talk of the town. The Silver Sponsorship level is up for renewal, as well as, there are a few spots still available on the Gold level. For more information, contact Margie  or call 726-2961, ext. 2. Click for an expression of interest form for the  Silver and the Gold. Deadline is June 30, 2013.


atte m y c i l po te rs licy mat



Fiscal prudence and population growth On the heels of a luncheon with Premier Kathy Dunderdale, the St. John’s Board of Trade has written the Premier to reiterate our members’ support for continued fiscal prudence and took the opportunity to again raise the critical issue of population growth and the need for an immediate strategy around this province’s labour market development.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Confederation Building P.O. Box 8700 St. John's, NL A1B 4J6 June 13, 2013 Premier Dunderdale, The St. John’s Board of Trade would like to thank you again for your recent speech to our members. Your update on the state of the province, combined with recent BMO and Conference Board of Canada reports, demonstrate the action taken in the recent budget to strengthen the economy is the right course. We would encourage your government to stay the course, and support your continued efforts to maintain competitive tax rates, find efficiencies within government and to tackle the province’s debt. Our Board was particularly pleased to hear you raise the issue of Public Sector Pensions, and the debt associated with them, in your address to our members. The Board of Trade supports government taking action on this important issue, and is hopeful that the matter will be addressed in the near term. The BMO Blue Book, APEC’s Major Project Inventory and other economic outlooks all reference this province’s growing economy, but also highlight the issues around labour shortages and the constraints that will have on our growth. The province needs to direct additional focus on our population problem. This is the number one issue our members are affected by at this time. If we hope to continue to lead the country in economic growth into the future – and the Board of Trade does – then we must achieve critical mass. Population growth is essential to compete, to expand and to keep Booming. This growth in population is necessary in both urban and rural areas of the province. Thank you again for addressing our membership about how far we’ve come in the last decade. We look forward to being part of the dialogue on how to make the next decade just as prosperous. Sincerely,

Denis Mahoney Chair, St. John’s Board of Trade Cc: Minister of Finance Jerome Kennedy; Deputy Minister Population Growth Strategy Ross Reid

Business News august September 2013


Taking the “Reason” Out of Reasonable Notice by Amanda Lannon, Associate, McInnes Cooper


ike all relationships, those that exist between employer and employee sometimes deteriorate to the point of breakdown – and when it happens it can be extremely costly for employers. In cases where “just cause” cannot be established an employer is obligated to provide reasonable notice of termination or pay (equal to notice) in lieu thereof. What will constitute reasonable notice in any particular instance will depend on things such as the character of employment, the employee’s length of service, as well as the likelihood they will be able secure alternate similar employment given the availability of work, their age, experience, education and training. Reasonable notice awards are generally much higher than the statutory minimums prescribed by the Labour Standards Act, RSNL 1990, c L-2, and in fact, many of those litigated in Newfoundland and Labrador in the last decade have resulted in awards in excess of 14 months with at least one reaching the 24 month mark. However, by looking past the honeymoon stage of the relationship and preparing for its potential demise at the outset, the provision of reasonable notice may be avoided with


a properly constructed and properly executed employment contract. While the parties cannot contract out of the statutory minimums that must be paid according to legislation they can agree to contractual terms of separation that will at the very least eliminate the “reason” for a common law reasonable notice assessment. Employment contracts may include a wide variety of terms and conditions - however, with respect to displacing reasonable notice an employer may wish to include both the circumstances in which the employer can terminate for cause as well as the notice period to be provided for termination in any other instance. A properly constructed employment contract requires that the terms and conditions contained therein be explicitly clear and unambiguous. Some case law even goes as far as to suggest that it is incumbent on the employer to ensure that the employee understands what they are agreeing to as well as the effect of such agreement. This ensures that employers who are often more sophisticated, particularly in contract negotiation, cannot take advantage of their employees. As a result, terms or conditions of an employment contract that are found to be ambiguous, disguised in standard forms or contrary to legislation will be void

Business News august September 2013

and of no force and effect. Furthermore, to be enforceable, employment contracts must be properly executed. This means that employment contracts cannot be unilaterally imposed - there must be clear offer, acceptance and consideration – each of which has a corresponding legal significance. Acceptance, for example, must be free and informed and any evidence of undue influence or duress will deem the contract unenforceable. To reduce the risk that a contract may be deemed unenforceable, employers should provide the employee the opportunity to consider the contract or obtain independent legal advice. Finally, employers should recognize that as the employment relationship evolves so too should the employment contract. Employment contracts should be revised as often as necessary to reflect the current intentions of parties and ought to be written as representing the entire agreement between them. In summary, the value of an employment contract should not be underestimated! A small investment consisting of thoughtful consideration and legal consultation prior to drafting the offer has the potential to save your company a great deal of financial heartache in the long run. What more reason do you need?

boomer on the edge


By Rex Anthony


here’s a whole big generation of Baby Boomers who just aren’t ready to fade into the sunset. I know – I’m at the leading edge of that generation and, with a career’s-worth of experience, I’m not ready to hang up my hat, call it a day or any of those other clichés we use for retirement. Mind you, I’m also happy to be able to work when I want, the way I want – and not to work when I’d rather be playing golf. Because of my business background, I’m in the fortunate position of being able to make that choice. At the same time, as a business person I keep hearing from colleagues about the challenges of getting a special project done or finding high-level talent to respond to a short-term need. From both my perspectives, I was intrigued when I first heard about new St. John’s Board of Trade member, – intrigued enough, in fact, that I’ve become a partner. The company acts as an online matchmaker between professionals looking for temporary assignments and companies looking for the right expertise to answer short-term needs. It seemed to me just a great approach: On the one hand, here’s a big pool of talent wanting to keep involved, contribute meaningfully and work flexibly; on the other, there are organizations that needs specific skills for a specific time, and don’t want to incur long-term employment costs and legacy benefits or deal with the hassle and expense of a standard hiring search. I’m happy to say this approach is working out for both sides. Boomerswork. ca has the testimonials to prove it. For example, Clearwater Seafoods chair Colin MacDonald has this to say: “The number one axiom for any successful business is never to waste time or money. We want the advice of proven experience in a fast and timely manner. That is why we are happy to engage the services of It is simple and it works.” And Velvet Clarke, human resources director for Charm Diamond Centres, really sees the benefits for her company. “In HR, you know how much time can be spent sorting through resumes, and how hard it can be to get that ideal match...but has changed all that.”

I’ve used the term matchmaker and Velvet Clarke talks about an ideal match. It makes sound like a dating site. Well, certainly the aim is to help two different parties get together. But to extend the dating metaphor, this may be on the internet but there’s a hands-on matchmaker involved. Boomerswork uses a private and secure online proprietary search process to connect people with assignments and every candidate is screened and verified. You can tell I’m sold on this company. As they say, what’s not to like? With organizations get

professionals with a lifetime of experience to put to work on their projects. And the professionals get to use their skills, without having to make a long-term commitment. They can jump in, deal with particular issues and then move on – maybe to another project or maybe out to the golf course. For both sides, it’s efficient, it’s cost-effective and it works. Rex Anthony chairs Anthony Capital Corporation and is a long-term member of the St. John’s Board of Trade

Supported Employment Works.... Because We Do! Business News august September 2013 13

Why do millions of Canadians work with us? It’s because we offer trusted advice and a commitment to help with life’s complicated financial decisions. Together let’s create a plan that’s right for you. Let’s talk about Money for Life . TM

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Life’s brighter under the sun

member successes and next steps what’s next for the labrador initiative in Labrador. There will be information about procurement prospects, partnering opportunities, press releases, business development, and event information available on the site. We are actively working on hosting a delegation in Limitless opportunities for business western Labrador, where we will host business-tohe St. John’s Board of Trade is already business meetings to help you learn more helping our members realize big about business opportunities and potential successes in the Big Land. partnerships in that region. Upon their return from Expo Labrador, We’d also like you to join us as part of Triware executives found requests for further delegations to northern resource quotes and potential business sitting on Booths on the trade show were busy the entire conferences similar to the Expo Labrador their desks from contacts they made while conference as businesses connected on potential event. This fall, we will be providing attending the tradeshow and conference shared projects in Labrador. information sessions with knowledgeable in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as a part of a guest speakers on topics you need to know 46-member delegation from the St. John’s about, including aboriginal groups and how Board of Trade. to do business with “The Expo Labrador Conference And we know Triware them. “The Labrador contingent sure and Trade Exhibition was certainly wasn’t the only During Expo Labrador, knows how to put on an event. I beneficial. The speakers were company to come we spoke with staff made several great contacts as a interesting and the networking events back to the island with with the Nunatsiavut direct result of my participation that were definitely worthwhile; the staff potential business Government will help promote our business. I’ll from the St. John’s Board of Trade from Expo Labrador. Division of Economic definitely be back again next year.” were highly visible in their presence The St. John’s Board of Development, and Wayne Davis with and provided assistance whenever Trade is continuing to they have provided us Exit Realty on the Rock necessary.  I made valuable business provide opportunities with an extensive copy contacts and will definitely attend to its membership of the Inuit Business next year.” to do business with Directory which we are currently sharing Linda Bidgood with Labrador companies, including a number upon request with our members. We will Atlantic Business Magazine of initiatives in the upcoming weeks and also be providing a “best practices” report months that on how to do business in the North, which will provide will also be “Expo Labrador was a members opportunities to the member companies of available on great way to connect with the tools the St. John’s Board of Trade. the website. with businesses and they need In his presentation to the Expo Labrador Expo Labrador to learn more about to establish conference delegates, Steve Power, chair was a huge the opportunities and successful of the Labrador committee and past chair success for our challenges facing Labrador business of the Board of Trade said, “This is the year. membership today. The conference ventures and The preparation is done. Now it’s time and we hope sessions provided us partnerships. to do business. I know that large scale to continue to with the information we Members can development can appear intimidating, provide value need in order to take look forward but there is opportunity for all sizes and and quality the next steps to expand to the launch business in to Labrador.  of a website We are grateful for the “This was my first Labrador Expo, the St. John’s dedicated Board of Trade’s assistance Board of Trade did a great job organizing on to guiding during the mission.  behalf of the members and I will definitely be members to Gilbert Bennett, vice-president Even after the Expo, the back. What a great networking opportunity with the who’s - Lower Churchill Project, at Board of Trade continues lots of business contacts.” and what’s Nalcor Energy, talked in detail to help our business Susan Godfrey with the of doing about supply chains open to make connections with Comfort Inn St. John’s business local business. Labrador.”

Fast Facts about Expo Labrador 95 trade show booths 197 exhibitors 535 delegates 46 Board of Trade members in attendance 5 speakers representing mega projects


Katie Hussey with Triware Technologies Inc.

Business News august September 2013

Continued on page 16...




Francis McKenzie, president of North Atlantic Iron Corporation (formerly known as Grand River Iron Sands).

varieties of businesses, you just need to find out where you fit in to the supply chain and this conference is the place to find that niche.” Resource and business opportunities in Labrador are active and extensive right now. This is your time to be a part of the boom and the Board of Trade is here to help you do just that!

Premier Eva Aariak of Nunavut

Karen Oldford, Mayor of Labrador City speaking at the conference.

“We want you to use Expo Labrador to get together with the people who need everything from dump trucks to doorknobs and have a chat about how you can benefit each other. Expo Labrador establishes connections, partnerships and boasts big business.” Steve Power, chair of the Labrador committee and past chair of the Board of Trade

“I have to say that this was the best Expo Labrador for me and for the Gardiner Centre. With the tremendous help of the St John’s Board of Trade in coordinating and assisting the participation of a group of members and the Labrador North Chamber for their efforts it was of real benefit. We have made contacts and are very close to announcing the dates for delivery of our Masters Certificate in Project Management in the area. This would not have been possible right now without the help from those coordinating our participation in Expo Labrador.” Bill Morrissey with the Gardiner Centre of Memorial University of Newfoundland The panels were helpful and provided lots of information to the delegates.

Board of Trade Labrador Committee Chair, Steve Power talked about all the opportunities available to create partnerhips between business both in Labrador and on the island.

And of course there were plenty of smiles and lots of fun had at the exhibition and networking events.

For more information and for assistance with northern business development opportunities, please contact Erika Stockley, Mentor for Labrador and Northern Opportunities or 726-2961 ext116. Photos by Bonnie Learning, reprinted with permission of the Labradorian


Business News august September 2013

Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, St. John’s


his is your opportunity to learn about the hottest discovery stories in the market today! Hear from international experts:


ear success highlights directly from mining and mineral exploration companies:

Adriana Resources Inc Alderon Iron Ore Corp Altius Minerals Corp Anaconda Mining Inc Benton Resources Inc Brigus Gold Corp Buchans Minerals Corp

Canada Fluorspar Inc Cap-Ex Iron Ore Ltd Coastal Gold Corp Champion Iron Mines Ltd Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd Marathon Gold Corp Maritime Resources Corp


Metals Creek Resources Corp New Millennium Iron Corp North Atlantic Iron Corp Rambler Metals & Mining PLC Vulcan Minerals Inc




Register Now! | t 709 722 9542 f 709 722 8588 | Free Registration

Economic Diversification – The BIG Picture. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


e all know the saying, but we often fail to apply this lesson in our business lives. During the St. John’s Board of Trade’s recent Think Tank, there was a clear message from its membership to ensure businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador plan for the economic diversity that will guide business into the future. Led by the Board’s Senior Vice-Chair, Sharon Horan, the Federal and Provincial Affairs Committee will tackle this massive task put forth by its membership the same way you eat an elephant. One small piece at a time. “Beginning with a scan of Newfoundland and Labrador’s current economic state is where we will start,” says Horan. “Knowing the strengths and weakness upfront is critical. Once we know the lay of the land, we can move forward to ensure Newfoundland and Labrador is on the right path; a path supporting a developed economy for businesses well into the future.” Following the fact finding mission, the Board staff and volunteers will communicate the results and future direction of the Board. If you have ideas or would like to participate in the discussion about how to move the diversification file forward, get in touch with Rhonda Tulk-Lane, Policy and Advocacy Specialist at the St. John’s Board of Trade at 726-2961 or


“It is business that can exercise the fastest degree of change by seeing the opportunity rather than the threat.”

Business News august September 2013

- Christopher Hune,

“Hey, Wanna Get Engaged…?”


ounds like the opening line of a funny movie doesn’t it? Amusing perhaps in a movie, however not so much when you think about how this type of exchange plays out in the workplace around the topic of employee engagement. It seems every time you turn around these days, someone is talking about the importance of employee engagement. So what’s all the fuss about? Just how important is it? And what do managers and business owners need to know? Smart Learning & Development Solutions, works with businesses to get the most out of their people and their training investment. We understand that when it comes to engagement - whatever the type it’s all about relationships. Let’s start with a definition of employee engagement. There are a number of them out there however they share a common theme, the gist of which boils down to this: Employee engagement is the emotional connection and commitment an employee feels towards the organization they work for. The Importance of Employee Engagement Engaged employees are typically more productive, willing to do more than expected and tend to go that extra mile, delivering results beyond expectation. As a result, the level of engagement in an organization can directly affect productivity, efficiency and achievement of business goals and objectives. The more engaged the staff, the better for the business. So you might ask, what’s the current overall level of engagement out there? Turns out there’s lots of room for improvement This represents a huge opportunity to increase the commitment and contribution of the remaining two-thirds of the workforce. Some of these employees are simply not engaged. They come to work and do their job, but often don’t contribute to their maximum potential. Others are what are referred to as “actively disengaged.” Actively disengaged employees typically exude negative energy and lack focus. They can have a deep and damaging effect on productivity, workplace morale, customer service, teamwork and ultimately, the bottom line. Instead of leaving the organizations they work for,

“But we hardly know each other!”

many disengaged employees stay, dragging manager or leader plays a significant down the rest of the team - and results - in role in how people the process. feel about where The relationship between employees and they work and how their managers, as well as other members they fit in. of the team, plays an important role in The most workforce engagement and retention. successful Effective leaders create motivating work managers adapt environments where employees are inspired to be fully engaged and contribute their approach and communication to the best of their potential. These leaders style to get the understand what motivates and drives best out of each each member of the team, their strengths and opportunities individual member of for improvement, the team. These leaders and the most Studies have shown have a heightened level effective method that less than 1 in 3 of self-awareness. The of communicating foundation of personal and interacting employees are engaged and professional with each success lies in individual and the in their work. understanding yourself, group as a whole. understanding others Just how much Source: Gallup Research. and realizing the impact of an impact does of personal behavior the leader have on the people around on employee you. By finding out more about yourself motivation and commitment? and how you affect others, you can adjust The Gallup Organization surveyed over 1 and personalize your interaction with each million employees and 80,000 managers. employee or client. This helps to build a Here’s what they found: The No. 1 reason solid foundation for trust, which in turn employees leave is their immediate can influence working relationships and supervisor. People don’t leave companies, customer loyalty. they leave managers. Smart Learning & Development Solutions More food for thought: 75 per cent of working adults say the worst aspect of their helps employees at all levels to communicate more effectively. With job - the most stressful aspect of their job training programs and workshops targeted - is their immediate boss.” Stress costs the at improving individual and team economy over $300 billion a year in lost workplace performance, solutions address productivity. development in a number of key areas Here are some best practices when including Communication and Personal it comes to building and maintaining Effectiveness, Management Fundamentals, employee engagement. Leadership Development, Change Start with a good foundation Management, Employee Engagement and Managers and business owners can Accountability and Teamwork. increase the level of engagement in their organizations by ensuring employees have clearly defined objectives regarding For more information on Smart Learning what is expected of them and following & Development Solutions programs visit up with regular feedback regarding or contact actual versus expected performance. This Sharon Dominey at 709 884-1840 or includes acknowledging when goals are met and providing constructive feedback and coaching on opportunities for improvement. Employees need to feel connected and part of the bigger picture, and that their contributions matter. The

Business News august September 2013


Back, left to right: Keith Minaker, CA; Fern Mitchelmore, CGA; Mark Bradbury, FCMA Front, left to right: Debra Feltham, FCGA; David Pine, CA; Ceanne White, CGA; Arnold Adey, CMA; Dorothy Keating, FCA

Newfoundland and Labrador's Accountants Unite Under Chartered Professional Accountant Designation The Chairs and CEOs of the Society of Certified Management Accountants of NL (CMA-NL) and the Certified General Accountants Association of NL (CGA NL), and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of NL (ICANL) have signed an agreement to pursue unification. The three selfregulated accounting professions are working to unite under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. After extensive consultation, the agreement was reached following votes by the ICANL Board, CGA NL Board and CMA-NL Board in favour of unifying the three organizations. Together, they will work with the provincial government to enact CPA legislation, legally merge, and establish CPANL, which will be one of the largest professional organizations in the province. "This decision is in the best interest of the public, as well as our members and students," said Ceanne White, CGA, Chair of CGA NL. "We are excited to join our colleagues across Canada in this initiative." The three organizations will work together to build Canada's pre-eminent accounting and business designation. With more than 2,000 members and students in NL, CPANL will foster the growth and evolution of the accounting profession, while also providing the expertise to help businesses in every sector of the economy. "Beginning next fall, our three organizations, along with our other professional accounting colleagues in Atlantic Canada, will jointly deliver the CPA Professional Education Program to students," said David Pine, CA, Chair of ICANL. "The new CPA program builds on our strengths, and integrates the best of our education and training programs to meet the needs of employers." "We're excited. Positive momentum continues to build throughout Canada," said Arnold Adey, CMA, Chair of CMA-NL. "The CPA designation is now active in Quebec and Ontario, and regulatory bodies representing the majority of professional accountants in Canada are working to unite under this banner." Until such time as legislative changes are enacted, CA, CGA, and CMA members will maintain their current designation, and the ICANL, CGA NL, and CMA-NL will continue their existing mandates of self-regulation, education, and advocacy. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Newfoundland and Labrador is the training, governing and regulatory body of NL's 750+ members and just over 60 CA students. The Society of Certified Management Accountants of Newfoundland and Labrador represents 435 members and 150 CMA students and candidates. The Certified General Accountants Association of Newfoundland and Labrador represents 450 CGAs and nearly 150 CGA students. The three bodies protect public interest through rigorous educational and certification programs to uphold the highest professional standards and ethics. CPAs in Newfoundland and Labrador will serve the public interest across all sectors of the economy with integrity, sound ethical practices, disciplined regulation and proven strategic management and financial expertise. Accounting bodies representing 85 per cent of Canada's professional accountants are committed to unification or have already merged under the CPA banner.

IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE We’ve got something that could make a huge difference to your business; the nomination form for this year’s Business Excellence Awards. Your name should be on it. You’ve worked hard all year, now get the recognition your business deserves. Nominate yourself today.

2013 BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS Dec. 4th | St. John’s Convention Centre NOW ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS. Call Lori at (709) 726-2961, ext. 6, email for your nomination form or visit to nominate online.

Being successful is more than knowing a good thing when you see one. It’s knowing when to invest in it.

The essential link between capital and emerging opportuntites 709 726 2961

Business News august September 2013


2013 Golf Classic


2013 Golf Classic


Subheading Text

Business News august September 2013

Heading Text


2013 Golf Classic


2013 Golf Classic


Thank you to all of our sponsors who participaed in this year’s Board of Trade Golf Classic. As well a huge thank you to all the companies who donated a prize. TITLE SPONSOR





member news Welcome aboard

The St. John’s Board of Trade would like to welcome our newest staff member, Rhonda Tulk Lane. As Policy and Advocacy Specialist , Rhonda leads the advocacy efforts of the St. John’s Board of Trade in the areas of federal, provincial and municipal issues. Rhonda is responsible for leading the St. John’s Board of Trade’s policy research to further the interests of its members. Rhonda will develop and foster positive working relationships and linkages with key government officials, departments and political representatives, particularly at the provincial and federal levels. Rhonda enjoys the challenge of wearing many different hats. Rhonda looks to help those around her achieve success by providing mentorship and guidance. Rhonda is a mother of two, co-founder of Awesome St. John’, youth advocate, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Rhonda Tulk-Lane, Policy and Advocacy Specialist p. 726-2961 ext 3

Career Fair helps you find the workers you need

The eighth annual Career Fair put off by College of The North Atlantic and Memorial University gives employers the opportunity to meet with prospective employees. This year’s fair - to be held Sept. 26 – still has

some employer booths available. Visit www. to register.

A baker’s dozen for MUN’s communications work

Thirteen awards were recently collected by members of the Memorial University community for achievements in marketing and communications. Campaigns and materials including Grenfell Campus’s new institutional branding campaign, Find Your Corner, Memorial’s 2013 Research Report, The League of Extraordinary Researchers: Research Strategy Framework, and the President’s Report, along with many others were honoured this year.

Labrador 2013 academic scholarships. Charlene will be attending Carleton University in the fall to complete her Bachelor of Science in the Earth Science Major Program. The Expo Labrador Scholarship is intended to provide financial support to two Level 3 high school seniors who have demonstrated an interest in and a commitment to a career in an industrial skilled trade, or a university-level program related to the resource development field (e.g. engineering, business management, geology, environmental studies, or sciences).

For a full list of awards see www.

Congratulations to future mining superstar

Ernie McLean, Chairperson of the Expo Labrador Conference and Trade Exhibition and Board Member for the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce presented Charlene Duffett with one of two Expo

Office Furniture • Reception Areas • Seating Modular Desking • Private Offices • Mobile Storage Call our dedicated sales team today • Randy • Nancy • Kelly • Jill • For All Your Office Furniture Needs. 59 Mews Place, St. John’s, NL, A1A 4N2 • • (709) 579-0487 32

Business News august September 2013

member news Solace Power graduates with honours

The Genesis Centre has incubated and now released yet another company graduates from the Memorial-led business support network for technology-based ventures. Solace Power Inc. has recently received significant private investment, and an experienced business leader has joined the management team. The success of Solace Power was recognized at a ceremony attended by representatives of government, the university and the local business community. Solace Power was founded by Kris McNeil, who has more than a decade of experience in different wireless sectors, from mobile phones to marine communications systems. Solace is developing wireless power technologies for use in military and paramilitary markets.

Atlantic DataSystems (ADS) has made another acquisition

THINQ Business Solutions, a leading e-business solutions provider in London, Ont., was acquired by ADS, which will allow the company to expand its service offering. THINQ provided business software and professional services to growing businesses and brings a significant customer base with long-term relationships, sustained growth, and highly skilled Sage 300 ERP and SageCRM expertise. The acquisition of THINQ is an important strategic step in the continued growth of ADS. The company now has immediate access to a broader marketplace for their ERP and IT service offerings and will provide their new customers with even more solutions and expertise to support their growing businesses.

ServiceMaster Cleans Up

ServiceMaster Clean of St. John’s was presented with the 2013 Pinnacle Award for Customer Service Excellence at the recent Building Owners and Managers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (BOMANL) awards gala. They are now eligible to apply to the BOMA Canada National Awards. Congratulations ServiceMaster.

Exit Cares for Critters

Anne Squires, owner of the real estate company Exit Realty on the Rock, presented members of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay

SPCA with a $100,000.00 cheque during the Expo Labrador Conference and Trade Exhibition. The money was raised through various fundraisers held by Exit Realty staff in St. John’s over the last year, as part of a commitment from Squires for their “Exit Cares for Critters” campaign announced last fall. On hand for the presentation were, from left: Julianne Phillpott, SPCA board member; Donna Holmes, SPCA board member; Bonnie Learning, SPCA vicepresident; Lee Hill, SPCA president; Anne Squires; Christine Bussey, Exit Realty sales team member; and Carl Sharpe, realtor for Exit Realty on the Rock. The donation will aid in building a new much needed shelter for the HVGB SPCA, which services all of Labrador.

Women entrepreneurs going to Florida

The Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOW) is taking a group of its members to explore business opportunities in Florida. The trip to the Miami area will go ahead between Oct. 15 and 18. If you’re interested in travelling with the group or to find out more information contact Deborah Youden, Export Consultant, at 709.754.5555 ext. 230 or dyouden@

Yujnovich to head Mining Association of Canada

Congratulations are in order for Zoë Yujnovich, president and CEO of the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC)

on her appointment as Chair of the Mining Association of Canada. This marks the first time a female has ever been appointed to the position of Chair in the organization’s 78-year history. The Mining Association of Canada is the national organization for the country’s mining industry. Yujnovich has been a member of the board since 2010. The twoyear appointment is effective immediately.

2 Words. Pillowtop Mattress! Welcome Back to the Greenwood Inn and Suites. All the comfort, convenience and quality you’ve come to trust, along with new improvements including pillowtop mattresses and LCD flatscreen televisions in every guestroom. Call to book your reservation today!

Business News august September 2013 BofT Day Guide Ad.indd 1

1 800 399 5381

33 12/16/2011 11:03:02 AM

member news Statoil has announced another find

Statoil has made a discovery of light, high-quality oil in the Flemish Pass Basin, earlier this year and shared the news with an excited crowd at this year’s NOIA conference. The Harpoon discovery was drilled by the semi-submersible rig West Aquarius, in approximately 1,100 metres of water.

Harpoon is located about 10 kilometres south-east of Statoil’s Mizzen discovery. The Mizzen discovery is estimated to hold between 100-200 million barrels of oil. As part of its 2013 three-well exploration program offshore Newfoundland, Statoil is currently drilling its Federation prospect, located in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin. The company will then return to the Flemish Pass Basin to drill the Bay du Nord

prospect, which is located south-west of the Harpoon and Mizzen discoveries. Statoil is the operator of Harpoon with a 65 percent interest. Husky Energy is a 35 percent partner.

Patsy Tremblett wins information management award Patsy Tremblett, founder and president of Prima Information Solutions, has been awarded with the 2013 Member Recognition Award from the Terra Nova Chapter of ARMA, an international records management association. The award is given to those who have made or continue to make outstanding contributions to the local ARMA International chapter and/or the Records and Information Management profession. Patsy Tremblett has been a member of ARMA for more than ten years and has served on the ARMA Terra Nova Chapter Board of Directors.

Back to business at airport

The St. John’s International Airport Authority and 60 unionized employees, who were on strike for 10 months have come to an agreement. Workers will receive 92 per cent parity to their counterparts at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, as wages will increase about 40 per cent, retroactive to 2009. The seven-year deal will expire in 2016.

Do you have news for us?

The St. John’s Board of Trade would like to remind member companies that your news is our news. Send us your noteworthy information about business growth or awards and we’ll include it in our Member News section to highlight your businesses success. Contact with press releases, photos and anything else you’d like to see published in Business News.


Business News august September 2013

INDUSTRY NEWS Moody’s Renews Positive Credit Rating; Acknowledges Province’s 10-Year Sustainability Plan

The report card is in and it is good. The Province has scored an Aa2 debt rating by Moody’s Investors Service. What does Aa2 mean? According to Moody’s their highest rating is Aaa. They append numerical modifiers to classifications Aa through Caa. The province has consistently improved since their A3 rating in 2002. Moody’s noted that, “Given the province’s economic and revenue structure, an upgrade of the province’s ratings would require continued strong fiscal performance, including a return to consolidated surpluses.” The province is projecting a return to surplus in 2015-16.

Women in trades scholarship program announced

Women in Resource Development and Academy Canada have partnered to help make more affordable education to help women looking to enter non-traditional career paths. A new scholarship program will be aimed at female students who will be starting a non-traditional trades program at the college in September 2013 or beyond.

Officially called the Women In Resource Development “Future Prospects” Scholarship, the $500 grant will be available to those entering one  of the following programs at Academy Canada:  • Automotive Service Technician • Carpenter • Construction/Industrial Electrician • Insulator (Heat and Frost) • Plumber • Process Operator • Steamfitter/Pipefitter • Welder Continued on next page...

Have your say on immigration levels in Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is asking you to provide input through a short survey to help determine the country’s level of immigration in the coming years. The three main areas on which CIC is seeking feedback are: • The right level of immigration for Canada • The best mix – or ratio – between the number of economic immigrants, family class immigrants and the refugee/humanitarian class immigrants • How immigration programs can best be structured to contribute to Canada’s economy The online consultations are open until Aug. 31

Medical and Injury Management Specialists across Newfoundland & Labrador We can help with:  Pre Hire Medicals  Drug and Alcohol Testing  Hearing Conservation  Audiograms  Return to Work Planning  Back Injury Prevention  Ergonomic Assessments

Milestone for business program

A provincial initiative to cut red tape for new businesses is now serving 50 communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. BizPaL, an online business permit and licence service, which provides business owners and prospective entrepreneurs with simplified, one-stop access to information on the permits, licences and other approvals required by all levels of government, had 12 new communities join in the last year. The program was launched in 2009 and now represents communities covering more than 72 per cent of the population.

For more information please contact our office at 722-7676 or visit our website at

Business News august September 2013


industry news Business exploration trip to China a success; province says

Premier Kathy Dunderdale and other government officials recently conducted a mission to China where the provinces showcased investment opportunities in several sectors to the Chinese. The delegation met with high-level government officials, Hebei Iron and Steel which is the largest steel producer in China, and promoted the province as a miningfriendly, politically stable jurisdiction with world-class opportunities in all stages of development from early stage exploration to operational mines. Meetings were also held with the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company and the Sinopec Group and resulted in the signing of several trade MOUs with Chinese officials related to post-secondary education. The province’s sealing industry and opportunities related to ocean technology were also discussed.


Another report predicts sunny future for NL economy

In its June 2013 Provincial Outlook, RBC Economics is forecasting economic growth in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2013 “to outpace all other provinces by a long shot” and predicts that the province will be one of only four to have economic growth at a faster rate than the national average this year. The report suggests that private sector hiring throughout the remainder of the year is expected to provide an offset to losses in the public sector resulting in a lower unemployment rate and encourage household spending.

Business News august September 2013

Come on in

St. John’s hosted 1,243,000 visitors in 2012, who spent $358 million throughout the local economy. Overall, 918,000 of those visitors were residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, while the remaining 325,000 were non- resident or out-of-province visitors. Out-of-province visitors contributed $214 million to the local economy, while residents of Newfoundland and Labrador contributed $144 million.

Member profiles

Ambir is an independent, Atlantic Canadian, values-based solutions company. Ambir’s talented people are trusted to help our clients meet their business goals through thought leadership, experience and a global perspective. We offer Business as well as IT Consulting.  Our Business Consulting Practice helps clients clarify purpose, engage people, and to deliver value.  Our IT Consulting practice combines a solid understanding of business processes with a depth of technology knowledge and implementation rigor. Our consultants will provide practical solutions tailored to address your most important business challenges.  Ambir has operations in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax, St. John’s, Toronto and Montreal. is an innovative webservice, pairing senior-level talent with organizations that have specific project needs. Inspired by a “boomer” generation that wants to stay involved, uses a proprietary search process to connect people with assignments. For organizations means getting executive expertise on an as-needed, when-needed basis while avoiding the time and expense of sorting through hundreds of résumés and the costs of a full-time employee. For professionals it means the opportunity to apply a careers-worth of experience to shortterm challenges, while enjoying the lifestyle flexibility they’ve earned.

The Pharmacists’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL) is a professional association of Pharmacists and Pharmacies which advocates for Pharmacists as integral health care team members and leaders in professional practice and the provision of quality health services. PANL works alongside government, professional health organizations and Pharmacists to help provide a better healthcare environment for the province. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at (709) 753-7881 or

For information on corporate and organization subscriptions or to sign up as a candidate visit   w        


SUPPLIES (1985) LIMITED Cal LeGrow is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s leading independent insurance brokerages. The company takes great pride in providing Peace of Mind to all clients by supplying them with exceptional service and products including commercial insurance, home and auto insurance, mortgages, Life Insurance, and retirement and education planning. In 2009 Cal LeGrow Insurance purchased Baine Johnston Insurance Limited. Baine Johnston Insurance is a well-known name in Newfoundland and is a significant Commercial Insurance Broker in this province. This acquisition will greatly enhance Cal LeGrow’s ability to serve the needs of new and existing business clients with greater expertise, variety of product offerings and choice.

Automotive Supplies (1985) Limited dates back to the early 70’s and continues to grow strong today in the automotive aftermarket industry. Our doors opened in 1972 on Elizabeth Avenue and since then we have expanded to include branches in Mount Pearl and Conception Bay South. “We offer value added products for all makes and models in this very competitive industry” We are locally owned and operated and we are a member of Modern Sales Coop, one of Canada’s largest aftermarket buying groups. In addition, we are an authorized AC Delco distributor for eastern Newfoundland. Max Penney, CEO of Automotive Supplies (1985) Limited quotes “We owe our success to the dedicated and knowledgeable staff and our loyal customer base.”

Business News august September 2013


UPCOMING EVENTS AUGUST Lunch and Learn – “Power Hours”

Business Mixer

Join Sharon Dominey of Smart Learning & Development Solutions as she presents a series of “Power Hours” focused on developing and improving management and leadership skills to increase your effectiveness.

Clovelly Golf is looking forward to a summer’s evening full of great networking, food, drinks and other fun activities.

Tues., Aug. 20 Mastering Your Time Tues., Sept. 10 Meetings That Rock Tues. Sept. 17 Managing and Improving Your Reputation.

Time: Cost: Location:

12:30 – 2pm $35+HST member discount (per session) $45+HST non member (per session) St. John’s Board of Trade Office 34 Harvey Rd., 3rd Fl.

Wed., Aug. 21 Date: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Time: Included as a benefit of your Cost: membership Location: 100 Golf Course Rd.

September Luncheon

“Grow Your Company Through Every Stage: Lessons From 28,000 Entrepreneurs” As entrepreneurs grow their firms, they often face similar challenges in the different stages of growth. Jean-René Halde, the head of Canada’s only bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs, will discuss these widely shared challenges and the strategies needed to overcome them.


“Discover the Power of the Best” Thinking like Best Managed Company is simple. Hear Peter Brown, co-author of Power of the Best, present critical lessons in achieving business excellence illustrated by Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Peter will present the secret ingredients on how Canada’s most successful private companies have excelled in the Canadian and Global marketplace.

Presenting Partner:

Presenting Partner: Date: Time: Cost: Location:


Thurs., Sept. 5 12:30 pm networking 1 pm - luncheon $42.50+HST member discount $85+HST non member Holiday Inn 180 Portugal Rd., St. John’s

Date: Time: Cost: Location:

Business News august September 2013

Wed., Sept. 11 12:30 pm networking 1 pm - luncheon $42.50+HST member discount $85+HST non member Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland


upcoming events

September Business Mixer

Mayoral’s Debate

Meet the Candidates Join the St. John’s Board of Trade and the candidates for the 2013 Municipal Election for a vibrant night of networking at the Masonic Temple - a stunning historic building available for events of every kind.

The St. John’s Board of Trade, sponsor Rogers Television and partner The Telegram will host the Mayoral Debate at the D.F. Cook Recital Hall providing an opportunity for all mayoral candidates to speak to the business community and general public at this open forum. Partner:

Date: Thurs., Sept. 12 Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Cost: Included as a benefit of your membership Location: Masonic Temple 6 Cathedral Street, St. John’s

Sponsored by:

Date: Wed., Sept. 18 7-9pm Time: Cost: Included as a benefit of your membership Location: D.F. Cook Recital Hall

Special Evening Event Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Star of “The Secret” will speak on The Secret Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be. The Board of Trade is a sponsor for this event and Board members will receive a 15% discount when you purchase tickets through the Holy Heart Box Office. When purchasing tickets, please enter code BOT to ensure you receive your discount. Where: When: Cost:

Holy Heart Theatre Saturday, Sept. 28 7-10 p.m. Board of Trade members will receive a 15% discount

Business News august September 2013


new members EWA – Canada

Joe Dawson, Operations Manager – St. John’s 139 Water Street St. John’s, NL A1C 1B2 709-726-0667 709-726-0668

Non-Slip Flooring Solutions

Mitchell Quinton, Owner / Operator Unit 50, Hamlyn Road Plaza, Suite 424 St. John’s, NL A1E 5X5 709-693-4932 709-739-4670

ADT Security Services Canada Inc. Jason Purdy, Sales Manager 6-10 Austin Street St. John’s, NL A1B 4B8 709-753-9004 ext 5 709-753-7106


Ed Wilton, Director of Business Development 1649 Brunswick Street, Suite 101 Halifax, NS B3J 2G3 902-492-5304

Elite Productions Incorporated Jonathan Connors, General Manager 20 Glencoe Drive Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4S8 709-745-6088 709-745-6587


Trevor Davis, Regional Manager 4 Donegal Place St. John’s, NL A1B 3L6 709-579-3733

Value Village

Rhonda Hatcher, Store Manager 161 Kenmount Road St. John’s, NL A1B 4L3 709-726-5200 709-726-5262

Livingston International

Stephanie Skrobot, Business Development Executive 5121 Sackville Street, Suite 102 Halifax, NS B3J 1K1 902-422-9666 902-423-6098


Business News august September 2013




SECURE SPACE NOW FOR SPRING 2014. Now leasing Class A office space for Fortis Place on 5 Springdale Street in downtown St. John’s. Designed to LEED standards for energy efficiency and integrating the most modern building design developments. Accessible underground and surface parking, and within close proximity to restaurants, banks, Delta St. John’s, the St. John’s Convention Centre and Mile One Centre.

NOW LEASING 709.739.6300

Focus on your goals at Gardiner Centre The Osprey, sometimes known as the sea hawk, has an amazing ability to spot its prey while soaring high in the sky. Once the bird has set its eyes on its target, it hovers momentarily, focuses on its goal, then plunges feet first into the water below. Gardiner Centre offers forward–thinking training, custom solutions, and business events to help you focus on your goals and reach your targets. visit us online at or contact our Training Advisor Jackie Collins at 709.864.2131 or


August/September 2013 Business News  

St. John's Board of Trade Business News Magazine - Volume 28, Number 8, 0834-2013 - August/September 2013 Husky Energy: Right Fit, Bright Fu...