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St. Francis Preparatory School

ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE FISCAL YEAR S E P T E M B E R 1 , 2 0 1 1 - AU G U S T 3 1 , 2 0 1 2

Our salute to the loyal alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends whose generosity helped St. Francis Prep in many wonderful ways this past year.

Celebrate the Joy of “Giving Back”

Saint Francis Returns Home After 60 Years (See story on page 4)

Principal’s Messa ge Brother L e onard C onway, O.S.F.

Dear Graduates and Friends of St. Francis Prep: We often hear about “the power of prayer” and rarely has that extraordinary power been called upon as much as during the first two months of this current 2012-13 school year. Just as our students were about to return to school in September, a tragic bus accident took the life of one of our juniors, Danny Fernandez. Our hearts went out to Danny’s family (and still do) and our dedicated faculty, staff and Campus Ministers did a heroic job of monitoring and caring for Danny’s classmates in the difficult days that followed. In late October we were hit with Hurricane Sandy which caused so much damage and destruction in the tri-state area. Many of our alumni, students, and faculty and staff members are still in the process of trying to recover from the storm (especially those who lost parts of their home or their entire home). So our thoughts and prayers continue for those in need of further assistance, including the family of one of our graduates, Tony Laino, Class of 2000, who was killed during the hurricane when a fallen tree struck his home. Despite these trying circumstances and hardships, I have been uplifted by the extremely heartwarming response from many of you who, together with our faculty, staff, students, parents and friends, offered your kind words, your help and prayers, and your generous contributions to both The Daniel Fernandez Fund and The Hurricane Relief Fund at Prep. This is just one of the many reasons why I continue to feel grateful for the opportunity to have served as Principal of such a wonderful school for the past 30 years (and 41 years overall). As you may already know, in September 2013 we will institute a new administrative model, and I will assume CONTENTS:

the role of President of St. Francis Prep while our longtime Assistant Principal, Mr. Patrick J. McLaughlin ’73, will take over as Principal. We believe this is a very natural progression for the Prep, as we continue to build on our past success while preparing the school for The Next 150. In fact, the Prep continues to thrive thanks to your generosity and because of the ever-present commitment of the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn and a very dedicated Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff. The Prep continues to provide an outstanding education in the Franciscan tradition to students who come from all walks of life, and we remain on solid ground enrollment-wise despite the ongoing economic uncertainty, maintaining our position as the largest private, non-diocesan, Catholic high school in the country with another large freshman class entering school this past September and over 2,600 students currently enrolled overall. Nearly every member (99%) of last June’s graduating class of 635 students enrolled in college for the fall semester, including many of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. And they were awarded more than $75 million in scholarships! This speaks volumes about the high quality, value-oriented education we provide for our students each and every year—in keeping with our Franciscan mission. With this in mind, we are proceeding with our “Master Plan for Modernization” as well as The Campaign for St. Francis Prep which is now in its second stage (The Next 150) with a goal of $10 million. Nearly $2 million has been committed thus far during the early organizational period. As you may recall, the campaign’s first stage (The 150th Anniversary Campaign) generated over $5 million in pledges from a relatively small group of very generous major donors. These funds, together with the trustee’s

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Master Plan Update

Pathway to St. Francis

Honorary Gifts

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If you supported Prep’s Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, the Annual Golf Classic or any of the other events, reunions, or fund raising activities between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012, your name should be listed in this report. Please let us know and accept our apology if an error or omission is present here. Thank you again for your generosity.

well-thought-out financing plan, enabled us to complete and dedicate both The Coach Vince O’Connor Physical Fitness and Athletic Training Center and The Art Education Center. These beautiful facilities have already had an enormously positive impact on our teaching and learning environment. The initial $1 million of the new $10 million campaign goal will be generated through our walk-a-thon events. The second of these annual events was held on October 5th and our entire student body, faculty, staff, alumni and parents participated once again. (Well over $500,000 has been generated from the first two events.) In addition, this past spring we were fortunate to have been the recipient of a $100,000 grant from The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Foundation—one of the most prominent Catholic oriented foundations in the country. This has been earmarked for our campaign, and specifically for the proposed new, state-of-the-art Music and Science Complex--the next phase of construction as part of our long-term “Master Plan for Modernization.” At this point I would be remiss if I did not mention that our prayers continue (remember their “power”) for our Campaign Chairman and SFP Hall of Famer, John Brown ’76, and his five children who lost their loving wife and mother to a relatively brief but very serious illness on November 10th. Pat Brown was a wonderful friend to Prep and to many other people as well. She will be missed—certainly by us but primarily by her family whom she loved dearly. John and Pat embodied the Franciscan spirit and time-and-time again they demonstrated that “giving back” was more a labor of love than an obligation. May Pat rest in peace!

In closing, I want you to know that you can continue to take great pride in the knowledge that your regular giving helps in various and meaningful ways that have a direct and lasting effect on young lives (as well as Prep’s day-to day operations). Among other things, you help us keep tuition at moderate levels for students and families who otherwise may not be able to afford a St. Francis Prep education. And after years of planning, the dream of modernizing our facilities is becoming a reality thanks to the foresight of the Board of Trustees and the generosity of alumni and benefactors like you. Having said this, we remain optimistic about the future of St. Francis Prep thanks to you and your fellow graduates and friends who support our efforts so faithfully. In the following pages you will find a complete listing of 201112 fiscal year contributions, with donors (thru August 31st) recognized alphabetically within each giving category and also by graduating class.You will also see information about our Franciscan spirit at work, the named scholarship fund program, opportunities for planned giving, plus the upcoming event calendar. So please keep the Prep in your prayers. Enjoy a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year. And thank you again and God bless you for all you have done and will continue to do in support of this great school! Yours in St. Francis,

Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Principal

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2011-12 Financial Statement September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012

Board of Trustees 2011 - 2012

SOURCES OF REVENUE Student Fees & Bookstore $ 20,443,552 Salaries donated by Brothers, Sisters & Priest $ 540,872 Gifts, Grants & Other Sources $ 786,200 Mandated Services & Interest $ 1,043,022 ___________ Total................................................................. $ 22,813,646

Brother William Boslet, O.S.F. President Brother Kevin Smith, O.S.F. Vice-President Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Secretary

EXPENDITURES Administration $ 2,977,711 Instruction $ 16,417,308 Plant $ 3,347,488 Other $ 803,082 ___________ Total................................................................. $ 23,545,589*

Brother Richard Contino, O.S.F. Brother Gary Cregan, O.S.F. Brother Joshua DiMauro, O.S.F. Reverend Elaine Flake Mr. Michael Henning

*Expenditures incurred beyond the revenue total can be attributed to Master Plan Phase II Construction.

Sister Loretta McGrann, C.S.J. Mr. Arthur McMahon

REPORT OF CONTRIBUTIONS September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012 Unrestricted Annual Gifts $ 274,245 Restricted Annual Gifts (Scholarships, etc.) $ 127,006 Payments on Capital Campaign Commitments $ 622,029* The Golf Classic $ 165,296 Homecoming, Reunions and Receptions $ 89,798 Pathway to St. Francis $ 20,925 Walk-a-thon $ 263,630** Campus Ministry $ 21,527 Fathers’ Guild $ 12,260 Mothers’ Guild $ 5,368 __________ Total.................................................................. $ 1,602,084

Mr. John Pereira Ms. Joanne Persico Brother Jeremy Sztabnik, O.S.F. Dr. Hannah Masterson Trustee Emeritus Brother Robert Smith, O.S.F. Trustee Emeritus

* Includes one payment scheduled for July 2012 but deferred to December 2012.

** Walk-a-thon income is part of The Campaign for St. Francis Prep: The Next 150 but is recorded separately from the $622,029 in “Payments on Capital Campaign Commitments.”

Giving Through the Years Fiscal Year 2010- Fiscal Year 2012

Total Dollars Raised $1,500,000


$1,400,000 $1,300,000




The SFP Alumni and Development Team is dedicated to securing support for the programs and students of St. Francis Preparatory School. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact us. Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F. Alumni Director (718) 423-8810, ext. 230

$1,100,000 $1,000,000 Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal Year 2012

St. Francis Prep alumni and friends continue to respond to our appeals in greater numbers each year to support the school’s Franciscan mission. The chart above depicts total giving to St. Francis Prep over the past three fiscal years.

Robert T. Angeletti, Director of Development (718) 423-8810, ext. 269 Michael Graziano Associate Director of Development Sally Khan Associate Director of Development Maria Velazquez Assistant to the Director of Development

Total Number of Donors

Nancy DeStefano Assistant to the Alumni Director

1,750 1,500 1,250 1,000

1,489 Donors

1,630 Donors

1,753 Donors

750 500 250 Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal Year 2012

The chart above illustrates how the total number of regular annual donors (not including capital campaign donors or event participants) has increased over the past three fiscal years.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, should there be any errors or omissions, we apologize in advance and ask that you bring them to our attention by emailing us at: or by calling (718) 423-8810, ext. 268.


Annual Report


St. Francis held a place of prominence in the backyard of Catarina and Pasquale DeMarinis home on Butler Street in Brooklyn where it stood for nearly 60 years until its return to SFP in September.

GIVING BACK St. Francis was nestled in an alcove high above Butler Street in the Monastery. The building’s construction can be traced back to 1860 and it was demolished in the mid-1960s.


Saint Francis Statue Returns to Prep after 150+ Years in Brooklyn Annual Report 2011-12 5

When classes commenced at the Prep this September, students, faculty and staff were greeted by a connection to our early Brooklyn roots—a statue of St. Francis of Assissi which once graced the original site of St. Francis Prep. From the late 1800s to mid 1900s the statue was nestled in an alcove in the Monastery on Butler Street in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn where St. Francis Academy (now the Prep), St. Francis College and the St. Francis Monastery were all located. In the early 1950s, expanding enrollment and prohibitive building maintenance costs drove the Franciscan Brothers to relocate to other parts of Brooklyn. The statue was then gifted to a nearby family, Catarina (Kate) and Pasquale DeMarinis, who lived on Butler Street and were dear friends of the Franciscan Brothers.


For more than half a century, St. Francis held a prominent place in the hearts and in the yard of the DeMarinis family home adjacent to the original site of St. Francis Prep. The home was passed down from generation to generation. But this past year, the home was offered for sale. Lucille DeMarinis recalled her parents’ affection for the Franciscan Brothers, so instead of taking the statue with her, she sought out Franciscan Mission Coordinator, Brother James McVeigh, O.S.F., knowing that her parents would have wanted to return Saint Francis to his home. Brother James responded immediately and working with The Prep’s Principal, Brother Leonard Conway, he made arrangements for a crew to travel to Brooklyn to reclaim the statue. They worked diligently to chip away at the concrete base it had been set in. “It was very well cared for and cherished by the family,” said Brother James. Brother Leonard, determined that the west parking lot entrance at Prep would be the most appropriate location for St. Francis. A concrete and brick tiered pedestal was constructed for its placement. Upon its completion, Brother James said, “We are so delighted to have it grace the entrance of the Prep once again.”

and depicts Jesus reaching from the Cross to St. Francis, a reminder to mirror Christ and put in place our First Value: Live Lovingly. The newest art connecting us to our past dates back to our original Brooklyn roots at the Butler Street Monastery. During the very early days of St. Francis (Academy) Prep, this statue was in a niche at the top of the Baltic St. facility. It depicts a reflective, prayerful Francis inviting all of us to a peace-filled attitude. It reminds us of our fourth value: Be Living Instruments of Peace. St. Clare of Assisi reminds us: Gaze upon Christ, Consider Christ, Contemplate Christ, Imitate Christ. May this new image of St. Francis inspire us to commit ourselves to live out our Franciscan values.” Brother James is planning a special re-dedication ceremony for the statue sometime this spring and hopes to include the family, past and present members of the St. Francis Prep school community, and the Franciscan Brothers in the ceremony.


Annual Report


In an e-mail to Bros. Leonard and James, Marie Cooney (widow of Richard, SFP Class of 1958, and a relative of DeMarinis family) wrote, “Who knew when Kate [DeMarinis] took the statue into her home [in the 1950s] that it would someday be returned to St. Francis Prep? I During his talk to the faculty at the school’s Opening am in awe of this whole situation and thank God for this Mass on September 4th, Brother James spoke about the opportunity to relay all of this to you. May God Bless new statue at the West entrance to the parking lot. He you all at the Prep.” She concluded with, “I hope the explained, “All of our Franciscan art represents aspects students know how fortunate they are to be there. One of our Franciscan mission. For example, the statue in day they will know as we do!” the West Lobby came from the North 6th Street facility

Lucille DeMarinis’s family lived on Butler Street in Brooklyn and were the “keepers” of the statue for more than six decades. Her family members, Marie and Lucille (who are sisters), all recall being young children and praying around the statue with their parents. Marie was recently widowed. Her husband, Richard Cooney, was a graduate of SFP’s Class of 1958. (Richard’s father, Roger (Rody) Cooney, coached St. Francis College Basketball.) They all gathered on campus to see where the statue had been placed on the morning of the Annual Mass of Remembrance on Sunday, November 4, 2012. They described it as moving and emotional. Marie Cooney said, “We have so many wonderful memories of the Prep and all our alumni friends.” Pictured (l-r): Marie Cooney (widow of Richard ’55), Bro. Campion Lally ‘55, Lucille DeMarinis ( family member of the home where the statue was located) and Lorraine Alessi (Marie Cooney’s sister). Inset: An early photo of the statue prior to its restoration.



Some Examples of SFP Alumni who are

Doing Well and Doing Good.

Kristina Saffran ‘10

Ryan Bacci ‘10

Daniel Ryan ‘86

Kate Malar key Tuffy ‘89

For more than 150 years, our Franciscan mission has influenced all that we do in our that encourages students to develop their individual gifts to shape the world around them in college, as working professionals, and as caring community members in the spirit of wonderful ways St. Francis Prep alumni are continuing to live our Franciscan Values:


• Live Lovingly • Care for Creation • Proclaim Joy and Hope • Be Living Instruments of Peace.


Saint Francis of Assisi. The following stories are just a few inspiring examples of the many

Annual Report

curriculum—from what we teach to how we teach it. It has created a learning environment

Living our Franciscan Values

An “Appetite” for Teaching and Healing that confidence is what really makes people beautiful. Project HEAL has since expanded to more than 17 chapters across the U.S., and there’s even one in Canada!

Pictured (l-r) Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran at a brunch fund-raiser that they hosted to help raise funds and awareness about treating eating disorders.

Kristina Saffran '10


Annual Report


Sufferers of eating disorders experience a high mortality rate—it’s a fact that is not lost on Kristina Saffran ‘10, because most of her freshman year in high school at St. Francis Prep was spent not in school, but in the hospital for the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa. Currently a student at Harvard University, Kristina recognized that she was blessed with having strong support from her friends and family as well as having good health insurance coverage and the financial resources to cover the cost of treatment. But only 35% of sufferers of eating disorders are treated at a specialized facility because most have inadequate insurance coverage or limited personal resources. “I saw the horrible effects firsthand,” Kristina said. “It can run upwards of $30,000 a month and many people are not able to get the treatment they desperately need. Or, if they are lucky enough to get help, they could be ‘kicked out’ because they are deemed medically stable just when they are beginning to scrape surface on their real issues.” Kristina and two other teens who had helped each other while undergoing treatment witnessed that harsh reality and decided to take action.

In the spring of 2008, Kristina and her friends founded Project HEAL, a non-profit they created to raise money for others who want to recover but who are unable to afford treatment. Their goals are also to raise awareness and to serve as role models and mentors to those who think they can never get better. Kristina and her partners are unafraid to talk about their struggles publicly. They reach out to people who are suffering with disordered eating through speaking engagements, media interviews, social networking, and e-mails. “We receive messages all the time from young girls thanking us for inspiring them, and demonstrating that recovery really is possible. They see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that added hope and motivation can make all the difference,” Kristina said. So far, Project HEAL has been able to help fund seven applicants to obtain much needed inpatient and residential treatment. The youngest was 12 years old and the oldest, 35. Kristina was delighted to say that they are all doing tremendously well. The success of their organization is evident. They’ve helped countless young people to see

Giving Back “One thing that St. Francis certainly instilled in me is the importance of giving back,” Kristina said. “I have been so blessed in my life to have been surrounded by great people who have pushed me intellectually and personally, and with an intelligence that enables me to make a strong impact in the lives of many – and I believe it is imperative to give back to those who haven’t been as fortunate.” Kristina says that there were a lot of good people at Prep who served as her role models. “My friends were amazing supports, and always there when I needed a shoulder to lean on, and they helped to re-teach me how to be a normal, healthy teenager.” Her good friend and classmate, Elizabeth Matamoros ‘10, actually worked “behind the scenes” during their sophomore year to keep an eye out at lunch and would tell Kristina’s parents whether or not she actually ate. “Elizabeth was immensely helpful in my recovery process in so many ways, and I am so lucky to call her my best friend,” Kristina says. Kristina also credits the Prep community with helping her to prioritize what was important in life – things like intelligence, relationships, school and future goals, which all began to take on more importance in her life rather than her body image. To that point, after her freshman year in college, she applied to Harvard University and was part of the 1% of transfer students accepted. With that, Kristina and two of her best friends from Prep, Elizabeth Matamoros ‘10 and Carlos Sanchez ‘10, are all back together again! (In

fact, Elizabeth and Kristina are roommates!) Kristina is a fine example of the Franciscan principle which calls us to “live lovingly.” Moreover, Kristina’s work with Project HEAL affirms what the prayer of St. Francis reveals in that, “It is in giving that we receive.” Her experience has shaped her with the desire to major in psychology with plans to go on and pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with the ultimate goal of treating people with eating disorders and related psychopathologies. Her accomplishments—both personal and academic—are fine reflections of her supportive family and friends and serve to enhance the reputation of St. Francis Prep. We wish Kristina continued success in her quest to help others triumph over eating disorders and enlighten other young people who may be at risk.

Kristina Saffran (r) and her cofounder, Liana Rosenman, were among the women who were honored at Glamour’s Annual Women of the Year awards in 2011 for founding and operating a nonprofit that helps young women with eating disorders. Saffran, Rosenman and Becky Allen formed their nonprofit after they underwent treatment for eating disorders.

Living our Franciscan Values

Local and Global “Response-Ability” out and credits his mission team with helping him through it.

Ryan and his mission team member, Joanna (l), with children at an orphanage in Bolivia where they served.

Ryan Bacci '10 How does a seemingly ordinary, middle-class teenager from Queens develop the compassion, desire and ability to respond to the needs of those less fortunate locally and in some of the most challenging regions of the world? Ryan Bacci ‘10 credits the SFP Franciscan Immersion Experience trips to New Orleans (2008) and Detroit (2009) with sparking his desire to serve others in need and help determine his future career path.

Ryan is now preparing to take part in a mission trip to Port au Prince, Haiti, scheduled for Spring Break, 2014. In the meantime, he will continue the research he started at the United Nations and attend classes at Iona where he was recently named to the 2011-12 MAAC Academic Honor Roll. After college Ryan hopes to go to graduate school for Foreign Service or International Politics and Development. In terms of career aspirations, he would ideally like to work for the State Department. St. Francis Prep is proud of Ryan’s dedication to service and justice and we wish him success in his future endeavors.

2011-12 9

Currently an International Studies and French major in Iona College’s Honors Program, Ryan works as a Resident Assistant and serves as the Treasurer for the “Iona in Mission Committee” which brings students into a different places and cultures so that they may “participate in the work of justice and peace making.” Ryan is working on fund raising efforts for missions to far off places in Africa, Peru, and Bolivia, as well as “at home” in cities like New Orleans and New Rochelle. In his blog about a mission to Bolivia, Ryan relays some life changing experiences which occurred on his journey which began with a battle against altitude sickness. “The best way to describe the feeling is that your head feels as if it is no longer big enough to house your brain and at any given moment your brain will pour out of your ears,” he recalled. He toughed it

The Bolivia mission provided him with great insight to his own personal good fortune. For instance, when his parents, Kelley Hughes Bacci ‘83 and Daniel Bacci ‘82, asked him what he’d like for Christmas, he said simply, “I have everything I need.” Such insight and character could only be the result of good family influence, a sound education and a true desire to follow in the foot steps of St. Francis.

Annual Report

“Attending St. Francis Prep was an amazing experience for me. Learning the story of St. Francis, who helped the less fortunate, resonated so deeply within me and it’s something that continues to motivate me,” Ryan said. At Prep, he maintained a balance between solid academics and an active social life. Ryan competed on the SFP Swim Team for four years and served as captain of the Varsity team in his senior year. He credits his coaches Dave Correira ‘03 and Andrew Meditz ‘04, who he says, “were hugely influential” on him during high school. Adding, “I would not be the swimmer or the leader I am today without them and I can honestly say that much of what they taught me in the pool at Prep still resonates with me at the Division I level.”

Another aspect of the Prep experience that had a profound influence on him was his Cor (homeroom) teacher, Mrs. Vivona, who he says influenced him the most:“I have never met a teacher so dedicated to students in my life and I am beyond grateful that I was able to spend ten minutes everyday in her class.”

Ryan described two experiences in Bolivia. His first assignment was at an orphanage, where he witnessed little six-year-old children hand-scrubbing their clothes in basins using water that they pulled out of a deep well that was clearly infested with sewage and over flowed onto the cement slap where they were standing. He said, “This was my breaking point,” as he watched a young girl scrub her socks together. “I’m not sure if it was homesickness, genuine gratitude, or another emotion that I had never experienced, but I had never been so angry while simultaneously wanting to embrace my family and never let go.” He went on to say, “As fantastic a job as the nuns were doing it was heartbreaking to witness the girls’ situation...It was the closest to the injustice of humanity I thought I would ever experience.” His next assignment was at a school. “We were assigned to a first grade class and began helping the kids with their writing and reading exercises.” He described the kids as energetic, fun, and extremely nice. But once again he couldn’t help but feel hopeless. “The teacher barely had a pencil to write with, let alone chalk for the small, square chalk board painted on the wall, which was crumbling. Yet, she was able to

teach these kids-a class of forty plus six and seven year olds,” Ryan recalls.

Ryan poses for a photo during a “study abroad” semester in Italy. He is an International Studies & French major in Iona College’s Honors Program.

Living our Franciscan Values

Walking the Talk while Talking up “The Walk” a shoulder, a direction and some great information is something I cherish and truly hope makes a difference.”

Danny (far right) with NYS Sen. Chuck Schumer and Liz Feld, the President of Autism speaks as they kick off the Long Island Walk for Autism at Jones Beach in October 2012.


Annual Report


Daniel Ryan '86 Daniel Ryan is a broker on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and, in spite of being immersed in the Wall Street culture more often characterized by “greed and excess” than altruism, Danny has always remained true to his Franciscan roots. “When I started on the floor in 1990, I began participating in the Members Handicap Children’s Fund.” The organization was founded in the 1980s by fellow brokers and has raised millions of dollars to benefit schools, hospitals, and camps that provide services to handicapped children. Danny has also volunteered at a soup kitchen to help serve the poor and marginalized in Manhattan. “Being involved in these things was second nature because and all of the good things we were exposed to as students at Prep,” Danny recalled. But working in a fast-paced trading environment that requires him to think on his feet and make split second decisions isn’t the greatest challenge Danny faces on a daily basis. Rather, as a single father of three, it was when his youngest son, Jonathan, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. “It was especially challenging because of how little accurate public information could be found on it at the time,” he said. Adding, “Before my son

was diagnosed with Autism, my understanding of it was limited to the movie Rain Man and I couldn’t have been more misinformed.” (Autism is a spectrum disorder characterized by impairments in communication, social interaction, and stereotyped or repetitive behaviors that have so many variations.) At the time there was a sea of misinformation on Autism and very little in terms of support. Danny always saw himself as someone who could make a difference, so he got involved wherever he could. He served on his school’s Young Autism Programs charitable board for two years and was a Board Member of The David Center which was a parent support group that did seminars and workshops for parents. He also began to raise money for Autism research and education. He served as a board member of the National Alliance for Autism Research, which, in 2005, merged with Autism Speaks. He went on to chair the organization’s first “Walk for Autism” and, looking back he recalls, “I remember having 4,000 people show up for the first walk. We raised about $500,000 and I could see the pain in the parents’ eyes. They were looking for help. That is what motivated me—being able to offer

After years of hard work, the Long Island Autism Speaks Walk, which Danny co-chairs, has grown into the world’s largest with over 32,000 participants. The 2012 walk raised over $1.4 million in sponsorships. “The families now look inspired and energized and it’s one of the things that makes me feel the most proud.” He added, “If there is anything good that comes out of my son having Autism it’s the second family I now have and the appreciation for the little things. The first words out of my son’s mouth were at 4 years old; potty training at 10 years old and taking his first shower recently at 15 may not be fully appreciated by everyone, but I’m actually very thankful that’s the case.” He added, “My son and all of the children with Autism provide me with inspiration.”

with more than 25 people from Prep participating each time. “They are some of the closest and most trustworthy friends,” he says. Danny points to another example of the deep bonds of friendship and support which were forged at the Prep among his classmates. When seeking sponsors for the Autism Speaks Walk, he turned to his SFP friends and so many of them provided their generous support through monetary pledges and by participating in the event. But one that was particularly memorable was with classmate Elaina Garbielle Gilson ‘86. Danny said, “Elaina has three boys and none have Autism, but our connection from Prep was the reason she got involved. She led the Barclays New York walk team and the reason she got involved was our friendship. That to me is a great example of what we learned at Prep and what a great friend she is.”

With all of the breakthroughs that his son and the organization have made, Danny hasn’t lost momentum. He recently cofounded Autism Speaks for Young Professionals with a colleague, Amanda Niederauer. This summer they sponsored an event on the floor of the NYSE with over 1,000 paid guests in attendance. Their goal is to educate the next generation of parents. Danny says that he is often teased by his friends and colleagues that his part-time job is on Wall Street while raising money is his full-time job.

Serving on various boards and raising awareness is very important to Danny, but the most rewarding thing to him is helping a newly diagnosed family. To that end, the most important point he wants to convey to anyone by sharing his story is that should anyone need assistance or information for a child family member or friend he is always willing to help. In his limited spare time, Danny enjoys playing basketball and golf and in the spirit of St. Francis, he truly makes a difference in the world by giving other families hope.

Part of the Prep Family After graduation from the Prep Danny went on to study at Adelphi University with seven Prep graduates who have been some of his dearest friends throughout the years. After their 15th anniversary reunion celebration, the group decided to keep in touch more often and get together for dinner once a month. Instead of remaining exclusive, it has grown to be more inclusive

Danny speaking to the crowd at the NYSE during the Autism Speaks for Young Professionals event in the summer of 2012.

Living our Franciscan Values

Out of a Tragedy, a Triumph of Spirit and provide children with a way to talk about them without guilt or sadness,” Kate said. She contacted Prep alumna, Elizabeth Munro ’87, a fellow social worker and friend whom she regards as “simply brilliant.” Together they developed a community program, aimed at helping young girls gain self-esteem.

Kate posing with participants of the Beautiful Me program which was offered at Our Lady of Snows in Floral Park, Queens.

Kate Malarkey Tuffy '89

The Hance Family Foundation was created through the outpouring of support from people from near and far to honor the memory of Emma, Alyson, and Katie with a simple goal: to celebrate their spirits, their love of life, and their kindness and joy.

Kate is another fine example of how SFP alumni continue to walk in the footsteps of St. Francis.

“The mission of Beautiful Me—the Emma, Alyson & Kate Hance Project is to extend the lessons Emma, Alyson, and Kate taught through their examples…that being comfortable with who you are makes you a better sister, daughter, and friend.”--From The Hance Family Foundation website.


As a Behavior Consultant for several school districts, Kate watched children react to the loss of Emma, Alyson, and Katie. She thought that creating an educational program (for girls of all ages) that used the lessons the Hance girls demonstrated in their lives would be “a wonderful way to carry on their legacy, keep their spirits in people’s hearts,

The inaugural program took place at Our Lady of Victory’s community center only a few months after the accident. Kate recalled how Jackie Hance attended each session and brought snacks for each of the participants. “Liz and I couldn’t believe that she thought of others at that time in her life.” On the last session, Jackie returned with snacks and with a wrapped gift for each girl-a picture of her daughters, a necklace with three hearts on it, and a hand written note thanking the girls for learning how to be good friends, for taking time out to learn about themselves, and for remembering Emma, Aly, and Katie. “That was a moment that changed my life… to see someone in so much pain be able to think of was graceful and beautiful.” The first participants wore the necklaces back to school and then the phone calls and


Two decades later, the Floral Park community in which Kate resides was rocked by a high profile tragedy so horrific that it became national news. It involved a “wrong-way” driving accident on New York’s Taconic Parkway, which took the lives of three children of her close friends, Jackie and Warren Hance. Kate drew upon her Prep experience and was among the many family friends and community members who reached out to the grieving parents in the hours and days

immediately following the accident. “It was as devastating and incomprehensible as one would imagine,” Kate recalls. “No one knew how Jackie and Warren could hold on and everyone I spoke to was praying for their girls and for them. I asked Warren just a few days after he lost his girls if anything at all could be done and he said that he wanted to start a foundation to honor his daughters and to help other children.” That was astounding to Kate. But she explained that is who the Hances are. “They suffered and felt broken with this immeasurable loss, but they also thought of others,” Kate explained.

Kate says that it was the Franciscans and lay faculty at Prep who taught her to value education while encouraging her to become a part of the community at school and at home. “St. Francis Prep was such a close-knit community that I felt safe enough to step outside of my comfort zone.” “I felt very supported by the family at SFP while I was there. I had so many teachers that seemed to take an interest in my abilities. They also supported the things that my parents taught me--that faith should play an important role in my life and that education is a gift.”

Annual Report

Looking back on her school days at St. Francis Prep, Kate Malarkey Tuffy ‘89 recalls how the SFP community reached out to her at a very important time in her life. “My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was a junior at SFP and all of the staff checked in on my family, asked how they could help, and watched out for my younger sister.” Kate recalled finding comfort in Campus Ministry activities including going on retreats during her junior and senior years. “With everything going on at home, I really needed that time. I learned at SFP that volunteerism is a valuable tool for stepping outside of your own small world and that helping someone else brought new skills and perspective to my life,” Kate said in reflection on that period in her life.

The two worked together for many nights to design the program curriculum by learning from Jackie and Warren about how Emma, Alyson and Katie lived—including the ways they viewed themselves, the way in which they made friends and treated others. “Liz and I knew that all girls and young women struggle with developing and maintaining healthy levels of self-esteem. We know that when you feel good about yourself, you do a better job meeting the responsibilities in your life and that the people in your life directly benefit.” They decided on the name “Beautiful Me” and that it should take place for three hours, across three sessions. “At first we weren’t sure exactly what direction we should go in, but we decided to create this program and teach it to 50 girls as a start.”

emails from other schools and organizations started pouring in asking for a repeat of the program. The Hance Family Foundation provides all materials and funding costs for the program and in the two and half years since the first program was offered, thousands of young girls, college students, and grown women have been through the “Beautiful Me” program. It is offered in many NYC and Long Island public school districts, and several Catholic schools as well as in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Paris. Last summer female students, sorority members, and athletes at St. John’s University took part in the program.


We are grateful for this special support from our alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations. These gifts strengthen Prep’s mission by helping to provide the facilities and programs that are often associated with an outstanding Catholic college preparatory school. These gifts also help provide the needed flexibility that allows the Prep to develop and maintain new curricula, technology and materials, and to fully support our students in their academic, physical, social and spiritual growth. This extraordinary generosity is the catalyst for our growth, has the power to transform our student’s lives, and is in keeping with the Franciscan Brothers’ vision for St. Francis Prep as we plan for The Next 150. Thank you! ENDOWERS

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Thomas D. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kenny Donald E. Kent Ambra S. Kervellec-Teague Sally Khan Camille & Shaw Khan John Kiely Edward Kiernan Kathy & Edward Kilduff Eileen A. Kilkelly-Westfahl Kimberly Clark Foundation Robert Kirby Helene & Michael Kispert Rhea Knaust-Giraldo Robert F. Koehler Korrine N. Sheerin-Kohm & Brian E. Kohm Beata Korytowsky Justine & John Kosinski Johnna Kosinski-Pelczar Jerry Koutsavlis Brian C. Kramer Matthew Kravatz Sonia Kreidenweis-Dandy Rosanne Kresse Justin N. Kyriannis Leonard S. Labita Robert C. Labriola Anastasia Lagonikos-Vrettos Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. Francis T. Lang Patricia Eggert-Lanigan & Bernard Lanigan Joseph A. LaPiana Donna Larmann Sal LaRosa John T. LaRossa Sal Laurita John P. Lavin Sharon Lavin Patricia & John Lawless Timothy D. Leary Melanie D. Lebedowicz Kevin Lee Deubola Lee Maureen & Robert Leggett Patricia & Joseph Leighton Karen A. Lemmo-Barbieri Margaret Stack-Lennon & Frank Lennon Kelly-Ann M. Sinisi-Lennon & William J. Lennon Steven P. Leon John T. Leone Mary A. Speidel-Leszczak & Jeffrey J. Leszczak Lewisohn Sales Co., Inc. Rita A. Licari-Tyska Rose & Joseph Licata Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Licato Patrick Lilly Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lindemann Arthur P. Linnemann Marguerite E. Lipay Joseph M. Lisante Lite-Way Electric Co., Inc. Michelle E. Lobachewski Edward A. LoBue Maureen & Martin Logan Stacey A. Logan-Docke Susan Lombardi-Abbott Anthony J. Longo, Sr.

Maria Marcillo & Jonny Lopez Nicholas V. LoPrinzi Mr. & Mrs. John Lordi Christine & Frank Luca Sheila Luminati Harvey R. Lydecker Daniel F. Lynch Denise P. Lynch John J. Lynch Michael P. Lynch Elizabeth Lynch-Melo Joseph F. MacDougall Elizabeth A. MacEwen-Timken Keith A. Macpherson Kathy & Michael Magee Brendan T. Mahon Timothy D. Mahoney Viginia S. Maina Roxanne M. Makolin Felicia & Shauyn Maley Stacy E. Brown-Mallia & Jason Mallia William J. Maloney, Jr. Rocco R. Mangiarano James J. Manning Paul D. Mannix Socrates A. Manolopoulos Michelle & Cono Manzione Joseph Maracich, Jr. Lucy Marchassalla Maria & Michael Marchassalla Carol Garcia & Richard Marichai Jennifer Marks Robert P. Maroney Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martin James T. Martinez Kerry A. Neely-Martinez & Jason Martinez Lourdes M. Martinez-Cipolla Kathleen Martin-Johannsen Sharon F. Mason Bruce N. Massie Frank A. Massuli Leonard V. Masucci Kevin Matthews Anne Lavelle-May & James F. May Robert W. Mayer Jacqueline & Frank Mazeski Sheila Hallahan-McAndrew & Mark F. McAndrew Eugene J. McArdle Matthew McCabe Antoinette & James McCaffrey Kathleen & Brian McCann Mary McCartney Eugene McCaul Brian R. McCormack John F. McCormack Martin J. McCormack Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Dennis J. McDermott Edward P. McDonagh Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McDougall Rory McGee Timothy R. McGinn William McGorry Michael R. McGovern Mr. & Mrs. Richard McGraw Richard W. McGraw, Jr. Terence McGuinness

Maureen & Frank McGuire Edward G. McKenna, Jr. Matthew T. McKeon Maureen T. McKeon-Carragee Angelica M. McKessy Kathy & Patrick McLaughlin William A. McLoughlin Mr. & Mrs. Hank McMahon Camille & Charles McMenamin Hugh J. McMenamin Laurie A. VitaglianoMcNamara & Kevin G. McNamara Loraine B. McNulty-West Michael J. McPartland Eugene G. McQuillan Daria E. Meade-Connolly Edward F. Melanson Lisa M. Melillo-Molinaro Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn Paul B. Michiels Ann Middleman Edward Miller Thomas P. Miller Mr. & Mrs. William Miller Frank M. Minaudo Gina Minielli-Gunkel Robert C. Minion Giuliana Miscella Maria & Steven Miss MJ&T Mechanical & Engineering Services LTD Leonard P. Mleczkowski Natale Modica Margaret Moffatt Kristen & Michael Monahan Maritza & Miguel Montesdeoca Susan C. Moore-Robinson Mr. John Moran Maria & Richard Morelli Grace & Frank Moreno Frank D. Morgera Bro. Roman Morris, O.S.F. Dorothy Morrison-Collins Susanne M. Morscher-Lewis Nicholas D. Mosesso Nicole & Michael Moss John D. Moten Lynn & Warren Moy Arthur C. Mueller Royce A. Mulholland Michael A. Mulqueen Eileen A. Mulqueen-Posch Robert H. Mulvena Michael Mundenar Mr. & Mrs. William J. Murdoch Claudia A. Murphy Peter M. Murphy Rosemarie Murphy Ann M. Murphy-Coleman Kathleen A. Murphy-Lubey Patricia A. Murray James W. Murtagh X. J. Musacchia Mutual of America Foundation Sita & Kennedy Mykoo Karen A. Nagle Frank J. Nappi Guy T. Nevirs Nick Niceforo Cynthia A. Nicolich-Prag Maura E. Nicolosi

2011-12 Contributors & Robert Siciliano Jeanine M. Siegel-Coppola Audrey M. SilvermanCatalfamo Anthony J. Simeti James J. Simonelli Dean C. Siroky Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr. Carol A. Skinner-Barden Scott E. Skrynecki Laurel & Eugene Smith Gerald W. Smith Linda & John Smith Kristin Smith Patricia S. Smith-Nallen Mark A. Sobieski, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Kyaw Soe Carlo J. Soranno Susan A. Sparagna Paul Speckenbach Robert Spence, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Spina Tara Stackpole Vincent Stempel, Jr. Jacqueline M. StevensSullivan David E. Stimus Sharon & Wade Street Fred Strohm Ken Strohm Patricia & Andreas Stylianou George B. Sula Karen & Christian Sullivan John Sullivan Richard H. Surridge Silvana T. Sutich Michael J. Szarek Walter Szczupak Emery J. Szlezak Bro. Jeremy Sztabnik, O.S.F. Maurice J. Taaffe Alisa M. Talleyrand Anabela & Luiz Tang Francis A. Taylor Margaret M. Taylor-Finucane Mr. & Mrs. Robert Terry Thomas W. Terryn Carolyn M. Genna-Testani & Ernesto A. Testani Texron Commercial Auto Body Works, Inc. The Flynn Family CA Technologies Ingrid C. Thelian-Croak Nicholas C. Theoharis Lori J. Thompson-Saputo Patricia A. Thomson Bro. Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. Peter C. Tittmann Daniel E. Toomey Thomas F. Toomey, Jr. Margaret Travers Robert H. Trigg Jeanette L. Tripoli-Cigliano Christina M. Tubridy-Brennan Jennifer L. Tucci-Dorman Alexandra M. Tudose Judith & John Turner Vanessa M. TyburskiCognard Kathleen Tyson

UBS Clarke Ulmer, Jr. John M. Urbielewicz James P. Vafeas Anthony Valanzano Sergio B. Valentini Lisa Profeta-Valte & Raymond O. Valte Andrew Vannata John Vannata Milagros Vasquez Kristina Veljak Marisa M. Veltri-Robles Rev. Theresa Venezia Janet & Denis Venturino Michael A. Vetere Belkys Jorge-Viera & George Viera Frank T. Villano The Viloria Family Anna M. Vitek Clorinda F. Volpe-Tagios Mr. & Mrs. Michael Votin Brian Wagner Maureen Wagner-Duda Lisa M. Walke Harry B. Wallen F. G. Walsh Robert T. Walsh Carol L. Sarrocco & Scott Wasserfall Jessica L. Watz Stephanie A. Weber Thomas L. Weigand Richard J. Weilminster Mr. & Mrs. James Weldon Wells Fargo Foundation Angela Wen Noelle L. Werner-Belmonte Gail Whelan Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. White Denise Wickers-Albu Brian M. Wickham Philip J. Wierzbicki Kenneth C. Williams AnnaMarie Bevinetto & Brian M. Winter Richard J. Witt Kenneth J. Wittreich Richard T. Wizbicki Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wojsnis Ann M. R. Bongiorno-Wolfe & Donald J. Wolfe Benjamin Wong Mrs. Mary C. Woods Grace & Kenneth Wurtz Robert V. Yzaguirre Andy M. Zovich

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Jared M. Abrahamse Angela M. Acquista Joann Fazzi-Acquista & Vincent Acquista Larry Adamkiewicz Christopher Adamo Lisa Addabbo Ralph E. Addonizio Julie Agate-Lay Michael Aglialoro


Donald F. Rimmelin Dennis Ring Denise Riordan-Larkin Antoinette Ciano-Rivera & Victor Rivera Marylene Ansa-Rizzo & Frank Rizzo Paul P. Rizzo Niko Robalino Diane L. Robello-Brockmann Pearlah & Paul Roberts Megan M. Robinson-Rogers Frances T. Robles Claudia M. Rocco Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr. John Kenneth Rode Christine M. Rodgers-Tavcar James E. Roell Kathleen E. Roman Rose A. Romano Robert Rooney Ana E. Rosu-Marmann James T. Roth Robert P. Rourke Elizabeth & Stanley Routh Kenneth P. Ruane Jeanne M. Rubsam-Kane Marianna Ruggieri-Marletta Carmen & Alejandro Ruiz Mr. & Mrs. George Ruiz Salvatore C. Ruotolo Edward P. Russell Eugenia Sabini-Polin Mr. & Mrs. Mario Sacramone Jerry Salata Joseph A. Salerno Karen & David Sanchez Luis G. Santos Roseann C. Sarra-Geiger Victoria A. Satlov Philip R. Savery Robert M. Sawicki Sheila Scandole John R. Scanlon Eileen & Donald Scardino Amelia F. Scarpulla Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. Lisa Schaefer-Heuer & Eric Heuer Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap Regina & Darrin Schafer Jessica A. Schatz-Brennan Elizabeth S. Schaub Nancy Schaubeck Achilles R. Schiano Dario Schiavetta Ella M. Schiralli Jeanne SchneiderMcCullagh Mr.& Mrs. Gregory Schrubbe Gabrielle Schueler John L. Schultz Peter J. Schweitzer Marcia Scimecca Daniel J. Scotti Anna & Brian Searle Christine & Robert Senn Carl Serafino Nicholas G. Shailas James A. Shaughnessy Stephanie Sheerin Nereida Ortega


Salvator Perednia Teresa & Gerald Perich Joan & Joseph Perrone Mary Perry Judith Peter James C. Petrillo Linda & Robert Petro Christopher P. Petsanas Mary A. Phelan Mr. & Mrs. Selwyn Phillip Darryl Phills Elisa M. Brigati-Pickel & James Pickel Dianna L. Pilate-Virone Nicole C. Pisano-Piniella & Steven G. Piniella Maria D. Pinto Linda A. Pizzuro-Cramer Charles E. Platt Diane & Kenneth Plaza Benedict J. Pollio Antonia Polumbo Lynn Pombonyo William P. Ponzio Elsa & Paul Poteat Kevin C. Powell Edward J. Powers Diane &Thomas Pramberger Antonios Prassos Maryann Rinaldi-Pratt & Douglas Pratt Linda M. Prebilich-Ragogna Michael Prendergast John M. Prenderville Press Schonig & Co., LLP Michael J. Prior Edward T. Probst, Jr. Elizabeth Prohaska Lynn & Stephen Pruden James Quackenbush, Jr. Elizabeth K. Queren Alice A. Dunkak-Quinn & Colin P. Quinn Jeanmarie Quinn Marianne Tarquinio-Quinn & Timothy F. Quinn Roberto Quiroga Tricia Raccuglia-Rabuffo & Marcello Rabuffo Dolores Blaskovic-Radovic & Rino Radovic Margaret Raftery-Sbaschnig Gerard Ragan Paul A. Ragnetti Consuelo & Giovanni Ramirez Richard F. Randall Ray J. Ratkowski Ross A. Rauh Bridget Recker Marie & James Reid William M. Reidy, Jr. Patricia J. Reilly Bernard T. Renzy, III Alberto Reyes Anna Maria Reyes Aurora & Eddie Reyes Harold E. Reynolds Luigi Ricciardi Gerald J. Ricciardo Ann Marie & Frederick Rich Ridgewood Savings Bank

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Carolyne Nicolosi-Greene Carol & Alfonse Niedermeyer Denise M. NiedermeyerTracey Cheryl A. Nierer Robert M. Nodar Richard T. Nolan Terrance J. Nolan Stephanie Nolan-Kennedy Debbie Nomikoudis-Pascullo Bernard J. Noonan Northwestern Mutual Frederick S. Noz Joseph Nunziata James F. O’Brien Rev. Msgr. John H. O’Brien Luke T. O’Brien Melissa & Charles O’Brien Patrick J. O’Brien Mary & Dan O’Byrne Francis X. O’Connor Philomena & Patrick O’Connor Mary & Vincent O’Connor Maureen R. O’ConnorMansfield Patrick W. O’Daly Ryan E. O’Dell Odyssey America Reinsurance Corp. Ruth A. O’Hehir-Fitzgerald Daniel J. O’Keefe Patricia O’Lander Sean O’Leary Frances Olexa Alton J. O’Neil William J. O’Neill Caroline L. Orlando-Murillo Catherine O’Rourke-Ryan Gabriel Ortega Robert W. O’Shea Magdalena & Karol Ostaszewski Tracy & Brian Ott Fredrica & Cornell Ottey Michael L. Owens Joyce Pak-McPherson Angela P. Palomino-Quinlan Michael J. Palumbo Christine Palumbo-Craig Debra A. Panaro-Connelly John D. Panos Luke Pantaleo Nicholas L. Pantaleo, Jr. Susan & Vassilios Papayannoulis Alfred D. Pascale Christine PassarellaCristofari Christopher M. Pastina JeanneMarie BoissellePatella & Arm& Patella Joan P. Patzelt-Guerra Stephen P. Pazan Laura C. Pecini Francis X. Pecquex Michael P. Pedone Robert J. Pelizza Anthony J. Pellarin, Sr. Bartholomew H. Peluso, Jr. Nancy & Nicholas Pennetti Anna & Robert Pennetti


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2011-12 Contributors Anne-Marie L. AgustaMonahan Robert N. Albanese Rosanna Albanese-DiLieto Barbara Albaneze John A. Albino Patricia L. Alexandro Dominick A. Alfieri Michael Aliverto Edward G. Allcock, Sr. Cheryl Allocca-Christopher Camille A. Soccoli-Alma & David V. Alma Annabelle M. Altine John E. Ambery, Jr. American Express Company Anthony P. Amoroso Grace C. Amurao Jon A. Andrade Deanna Andrisani Ronald P. Antal Mr. & Mrs. Robert Antonetti Lisa & Vincent Anzelone Leonard P. Arcuri Alexander M. Arevalo Ellen & Dean Arfanis Joseph Armao Nicole Armetta-Papadimitriou Joseph B. Arroyo Toni A. Asaro-Connors Sr. Wilda Asfour, S.C. William B. Ashton Luz Astudillo Vasiliki Athanasiou Robert J. Auricchio Sondra A. Austin Cynthia R. Averna Augustine Aversano Yuk Ling & Robert Ayello Harry A. Baierlein, Jr. Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey & Charles Bailey Damir J. Bailo Irene M. Baker Jessica Baker Karen & John Baker Alysse K. Bak-Ochoa Sharon & Thomas Bala Jennifer Baldea-Collins Stephen C. Banas Susan T. Banham-Baran Dawn M. Baratta Joseph Barcella Andrea T. Barcia-Volding Nora Bardak John Barnes, Jr. Marisa Barriere Pat & Jim Barry Debbie A. Barry-Stanis Salvatore Bartellino Barbara Barthelemy Heather C. Barton Jennifer E. Barton Raymond Bassil Sandra C. Bauerle-O’Keefe Stephen P. Baunach Janice Baylis Michelle Beadle-Holder Gloria Bebbs-Lepsey Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beck Susan B. Belden-Garfield Steven Benini

Crystle Benitez Katy Benitez Michelle Bergin David Berni Mary A. Bernstein Matthew Bernstein Joan & Joseph Bertorelli Joan Bharucha Daniel Bifani Christina Bifulco Vincent L. Bilello, Jr. Anthony Binanti Bridget M. Bishop-Pomposelli Carolyn J. Bittel-Szydlowski Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Biundo Dennis C. Black Margaret A. Blewitt-Padley Michelle L. Bloise-Filipakis Herbert T. Blomquist The Bank of New York Mellon Gerard H. Boehme Edward J. Bohan Diane J. Bollen Gene Bollinger Bruce J. Bombara Basilia M. Bonavita-Orcillolo Maria C. Muratore-Bono & John M. Bono MaryAnn C. Bosio-Calvacca Stephen P. Botten Robert T. Boullianne Kalliope Bourekas Anita & Thomas Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Raul Boysillo Philip Bracco John F. Brady Michael G. Brady Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Brady James A. Breck, Jr. Robert J. Brennan Edmund E. Brett Nancy B. Brett-Martin Emily A. Bridges Kathleen M. Brix-Fallon Nancy L. Brizzi-Scorcia Lauren Brown Eileen Browne Patricia A. Browne-Ronan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bruckman Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Bruno Maryellen L. Bruno Irene A. Bruno-Parnitke Maryeva & Joseph Bryant Stephen Buccellato Peggy Buckley Diane Budz-Alvarado Ivan Bueno Christina BuffamonteGerbino Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bullock E. Burke Theresa M. Burke-Yarri Frank D. Burzynski Benjamin Bush Joseph M. Busuttil Jessica M. Byrne-Caldara Mercel & Anthony Cabahug Adrian Caceda Jeanne & John Cadden John P. Cahill Christine Cali-Pflume Sharifa Callender

John M. Calone Berthy J. Calvache-Murphy Heather K. Calvano Angelica E. CanalesBabolcsay Daniel T. Canavan Paul Canestro Steven J. Capellini Joseph Capone Kristin Cara James F. Caravella Christopher J. Cardinale Carl F. Caridi Jean & Richard Carlson Robert P. Carollo Marc A. Carone Frank E. Carpentiere Susan Carrara-Dowling Tracy A. Carrion-Merckling Edward J. Carroll Edward T. Carroll Kathleen Carroll Kevin T. Carroll Renata R. Carullo Lisa Caruso Robert B. Casal Marilyn R. Casalaina-Cote John J. Casaletto Melissa Casalino Paul Casano Nicole J. Casella-Piotrowski John B. Casey William J. Cashin Michael J. Cassano Judith Cassella Suzanna CastellanosBehringer Aida I. Castillo Vincent M. Catalano Anthony Catalanotto Joseph Catalanotto Denise G. CatalanottoPennacchio Philip T. Catanese, Sr. Joseph T. Cavanagh Angela C. Cavanna Jacquelynne D. Cavataio John Cazilas Maria Celic Raymond J. Cestaro Henry F. Chamorro Alexander Chan Suzanne Chan Noreen Chen Carol & William Chimento Anthony D. Chiodi John S. Chojnowski Gina M. Christiani-Kearney Frances & Nicholas Christiano Areti Christoforatos Stacie ChristopoulosTedesco Barbara & Jerome Ciaravino Frank Ciccone Sandra Cicio Anthony Cicolini Anthony Ciminera Mr. & Mrs. George Cintron George L. Cintron, Jr. Louis R. Cioffi Anthony J. Ciorciari Stephanie M. Cipolla

Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert Eileen Clabby-Speed Gerard Clarke Laura E. Clark-Scutchfield Juliana Clarkson Thomas P. Cleary George J. Clough Coach Inc. Deborah Coco Camille E. Coiro-Penny Suzanne ColagiacomoStallone John T. Cole Jonathan Cole Sally Cole Paul J. Colelli Joan Colelli-Nichols Francesca & Giuseppe Colletti Jason Collichio Patricia A. Guarnieri-Collins & Bryan P. Collins Kerry A. Collins-DeVos Johanna Conde Clifford G. Condon Patrick J. Conlon Elizabeth Conlon-Galanti Kerri A. Connolly-Kraetzer Joseph E. Connor James P. Conroy Kevin J. Conroy Richard J. Contrada Matthew J. Contreras Eileen Conway Nora & John Conway Kathleen Conway Madeline A. Conway Brenda Cooney Mrs. Veronica Corbett David P. Corbino Bernice Corona Nicholas Corona, Jr. James E. Corrigan Christina Corsini Anita Costi Joseph C. Cotter Nancy E. Cottone Carlo Coumoutsos Elaine Counihan-Lauri Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang John Cox Anthony C. Crasto Anthony J. Croce Vincent M. Cronen Kathleen M. Cronin-Worthman Nicholas F. Cucuzza Robert J. Culkin Mary S. Cunningham Benny A. Cuppini Donald J. Curran Maureen A. Curran-Lettau Michael Curti Jessica Curtis Sean D. Cusack Maria E. Cutrone Ludomir J. Czynski James E. Daley Janet Dalgish-Choi Phyllis & Kevin Dalton Ronald M. D’Amura Richard G. Danderline Leonard T. D’Angelo

Deborah Daniszewski Catherine A. Davies-Brown Catherine C. Davis Heather Davis-Rinaldi Thomas M. Day Frank A. de Caro Robert A. DeBenedittis Francis C. Deer Billy R. DeFrance Claudia B. DeFrankMcGuinness Lisa Del Casale-Parmiter Tina Del Ciello-Bernard Tita & Andrew Del Giudice Tino Del Greco Michelle DeLemos Rachel A. DeLeon-Hancock Christine A. DelFavero-Kurtz Diane M. Delgaudio-Winter Filomena D’Elia Mark D’Elia Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Dellacona Justin Delluomo Krista T. DeLorenzo-Mancini Jeanna DeLuca-Lambert Thomas Demange, Jr. John A. DeMarco Geraldine A. DeMarco-Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Onofrio Demattia Patrick M. Demery Christina M. Demos Kelly Denicker-Meyer Eleanor D. DePierroMandarine Clifford G. Deptula Michael T. Derby Ellen M. DeRiso Luke Desmond Paulette DetiberiisMacArthur Dominic J. DeVincenzo Maureen A. Devine-Gogos John P. Devlin Raymond Diaz Sebastian V. DiCasoli Gregory C. Dietrich Yuri Dieujuste Mary & Dominic Difalco Gianpaolo DiFava Janis A. Digirolamo Kristine DiGiuseppe Vincent J. DiLandro Nicholas A. DiLello Maureen Dillon-Brennan Vincent DiLorenzo Rena J. DiMartinoDeStefano Elizabeth DiMola RoseAnn DiNatale-Delutri Nicole V. DiPippa-Apicella Jean E. Dirscherl-Lownds Steven R. DiSalvo CarolAnne M. DiSalvo-Ghee Christopher D. Ditta Maria L. DiTucci-Petrocine Mr. & Mrs. Andras Divald Margaret M. Diver Estela B. Divino Joseph A. Divone Joanne M. Dixon-Rice Matthew P. Donaldson Patricia Donoghue

2011-12 Contributors Maria K. Ieni Janine M. Ilchert-Foreman Dominick M. Indindoli Maria Irigoyen Theresa D. Irrera-Talluto Kellie Jack Jeanine C. JankowskiViscount Joseph Janos Michael J. Janssen Vilma Jardines-McEnerney Joan Jennings Vanessa Jennings Madhu & Harkishin Jethanandani Douglas S. Johnston Larry V. Jokhan Anne C. Jolly-Dockett Brian T. Jones Donald T. Jones Michael J. Jones Lawrence F. Judd, Jr. Marin Jukic John Kaczmarek Norma R. Kalkhoff Richard P. Kancler Patricia & Michael Kaufmann John Kay Thomas Kelleher Denis A. Kelly Kathleen M. Kelly Mary A. Kelly Kathleen M. Kelly-Jonovich Regina Kelly-Sauchelli Mark S. Kempisty Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Kennedy Barry Kenney Barbara J. Kenngott Gerald S. Keough Michael J. Kiely David R. Kilanowski Kevin M. Killian Catherine M. King-Wilkinson Denise A. Kinney-Smith Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kirchhofer Joseph C. Kirincich Timothy Kirk George C. Klein Kevin J. Kleinbub Kenneth H. Kobetitsch George E. Kochanowski Eleanor W. KoestnerWeinstein Keith Kohm Matthew Kohm John Kohout Richard Korn Dayne Koster Robert G. Koster George W. Koutsouras Marie D. Kowalczuk-O’Neill Kraft Foods, Inc. Frederick J. Kress Jon Kulig Elizabeth Kettlewell & Piotr Kumelowski Jennifer M. Kump-Finucane Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kuzniewski Chris Kwong Anthony J. La Bello Raymond J. LaBarbera

Louis J. Lagno Arthur LaGrega Nicholas Laino Peter J. Lamantia Patricia J. LaMarca-Frank Stephanie Lambert Anna N. Lam-Chi Mary Paige Lang-Clouse Nicole Lapsatis Kenneth Larney Alexandra La-Rotta Lawrence M. Laskowski Victoria A. Lassen Gail P. Lavin-Murphy John G. Leahey Thomas F. Leavens Jason Leberfeld William Leckie Jo & Patrick Lee William R. Lee Regina A. Legere Francesca M. Lemont Jose S. Leon, Jr. Craig Levine Theresa & Russell Lewis Giuseppina Licata Cary J. Licostie Natalie Licul-Verbanac Kristine R. Lindo Edward F. Linekin Giovani Liparoto Claudio Lipcic George H. Lippemeier Monica Lirarakis-Draper Frederick Littmann, Jr. Nancy & Robert LoCascio Antonette Lodati-Bivona Susan M. M. LoGiudiceSeidita Dolores C. Lois Diego A. LoManto Andria Lombardi Patricia A. Lombardi Christine A. Lombardo Darlene London-Johnson Kathleen Loonam-Faccio Alyssa Lopez Anna T. LoScalzo-Caruso Paul M. Lubicich Catherine C. Lydon-Mesa William A. Mabry Kevin J. Magee Robert P. Magee Giovanna & Joseph Magel Francis A. Maggiore Peter V. Magnani Kelly Magnante-Pilonero Eric Maiorino Ms. Catherine Makowka Kathleen Malara John Malarkey William M. Mancini Carolyn Mandt-Palma Pat M. Mann-Hillenbrand Eftyhia Manolatos Teresa E. Mansfield -Donohue Annunziata ManzolilloPignatelli Antonio Marano Lance C. Marcano Laura March


Lorraine A. Granito-Brocato Angela M. Gray Angela M. Gray-Girardi James K. Gredys Barbara L. Grein-Napoli Justin R. Grella Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Grieco Joseph Griffith Lester L. Grimmell Theron Grinage, Jr. Ted F. Grondzki Deana Guadalupe-Landeen Jaclyn Guarnieri Aaron Gudema Dan Gudema Patricia Gudema Lauren Gueli Gonzalo A. Guerrero Karla A. Guerrero Albert Guevara John J. Guida Kristie Guiliano Pina M. Gulla-Campagna Annemarie GulluscioHoffman Kellie Gutbrod-Diekemper Mary Ann & Frank Hackett Maria & Eric Hafker Diane M. Haimeck John P. Halayko, Sr. Thomas J. Hall Jane C. Halligan Carol A. Hammer-Forster Chris Hammett Rochelle M. Hammock-Noel Christina Hanophy Robert J. Hanophy, Jr. Brigid A. Harmon Christine H. Harper Mr. & Mrs. Roger Harris, III Loren E. Harrison James R. Hart Carolyn G. Hartl Catherine Hartnett Marybeth Hatton-Kunze Karen A. Haunss-Sapinski Lynn F. Hausser-Choisez James Hayden Frederick E. Haynia John F. Heaney Denise & Paul Heckelman Matthew Heffernan Christopher J. Heiman Rev. Joseph E. Heinlein Maureen A. Henry-Roux Thomas Hickey Katherine H. Hickman Katherine E. Higuera-McCoy Allison J. Hill Christine Hily Elizabeth E. Hiris-Jagde Jane A. Hoey-McSweeney Jordan K. Hoffman Kenneth B. Hogan, Sr. Donald J. Hogg Thomas S. Hojnacki Margaret M. Holland-Judge Timothy J. Horgan, Sr. Kerri Hughes-Ungaro William J. Hundt Chris L. Hyland James T. Hyland


Eugene J. Flynn Martha H. Fonseca Theresa A. Foran Ann Forde-Costello Kerry I. Ford-Zorn James Forgione, Jr. William B. Fornaro Carrie Fornaro-Doolan Kathleen A. Forrester-Cino Joan J. Fougner John F. Fraas Jack A. Franceschetti Donna M. Franz-Livecchi Arthur Freer Joseph Frohnhoefer James Frontera Ryan Frontera Steven A. Frosch Michael Fucci Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny Robert E. Furey Adele & Salvatore Furno Anthony J. Fusco Elaina E. Gabriele Robert Gaffney Michael A. Galeti Amanda Gallocher Noreen M. Galoppi Patricia R. Gambino Peter J. Gannon Steven Garafalo Emilio T. Garcia Marilynne Gazzo General Electric Company Dawn M. Gebhard-Cook Alina Gelman Christine L. Gengaro Cristin Genzale Anita & Pasquale Genzale Christopher Georgakis Rosemarie Mazza & Joseph Germano John F. Ghingo Christine M. Giacalone-Smith Evelyn D. Giaccio Flora Giaccio Michael Giacomino Alexandria Gibson Thomas J. Giglio Ryan Gilfedder Barbara J. Gillespie Patricia Gillett-Thomer Mary Gilmartin Jennifer C. Giordano-Palma William V. Giovanniello Toni-Ann A. Girdusky Keri M. Giusti-O’Connell Deborah L. Goetz Carolyn Goldner-Labella Louise M. Golero-SanFilippo Claudia E. GomezKosakowski Ricardo C. Gonzalez Maria D. Gonzalez-Brooker Irene Gonzalez-Newman James Goodman Christina Gordon Josephine Graci-Lalicata Leonard Graczyk Joseph N. Graif Debra M. Thompson-Grande & Keith J. Grande

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Michael Donovan Elaine H. Dooley-Feerick Francis H. Dowd Heather Dowd-Priel Jessica A. Dowd-Wilde Kerri Downey-Meegan Eugene J. Downing Joseph P. Downing Diana M. Drake-Lupoli Theresa Drexler Andrea Ducroiset MaryBeth Dunkak-Marchiony William Dunn Mary Dunne Peter P. Dunne Carrie L. Dunn-Fischetti Noelle Dunphy John F. Durdaller Rosemary Durso Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Duval Theodore P. Dymczynski James E. Eck Desmond E. Edmonds Dominique K. Edmonds Denise A. Egan-Sintetos Kristina S. Elrose-Blair Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Nicole Epstein James A. Erato Priscilla S. Esfandiary Maria D. Puppelo-Esposito & Charles Esposito John L. Evans Elizabeth V. Everett-Tetzlaff Harry P. Fagan, Jr. Rev. Anthony J. Failla Donna M. Falco-Fleming Jeannine Farino Jennifer Farino-Walsh Craig M. Farrell Lauretta A. Farrell Tara J. Fasolino-Pecoraro William V. Faulkner Alfred E. Fazio, Jr. Martina Featherston Gloria Federico Maureen V. Feeney-Tjalma Jami Feldman Valerie R. Felicetti-Massimo Kenneth Ferguson Anna Ferraiuolo Alyssa N. Ferrante Linda E. Ferranti-Conroy Wanda & Frank Fescine Mary Ann Ficarola Douglas S. Filomena Michele Filorimo Gina Filoso-Setaro Susan M. Logan-Filshie & John Filshie Gina R. Fini-Bianco Damian W. Finucane Robert J. Fiordaliso Ellen Fischer-Taylor Jacqueline J. FischettiVersace Michael R. Fitzsimmons Noreen E. Flaherty Aliya M. Flake Harold Flake Kristine L. Flannigan-Garry Yvonne M. Flesche


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2011-12 Contributors Cheryl L. Marchand-Ferraro Laura A. Marchassalla Vincenzo G. Marchese Robert A. Marietta Robert Marin Laura A. Marinconz-DeMario Monica A. Marinello-Duffy Vincent L. Marino Doreen A. Marino-Pelkonen Deirdre A. Markle-Day Christina Markoski Jeanne Matich-Maroney & Stephen G. Maroney Joseph F. Martin, III Autumn-Raine Martinez Gerard R. Martre Gaetano J. Mascolo Peggy & Joseph Masselli Anthony N. Mastandino Joanne McConnellMasterson & Tom Masterson Paul Mastrandrea Gerald J. Matarazzo, III James F. Mattei James J. Mattone Christopher Matuszewski George Mayer Glen J. Mazzara Kevin P. McAliney Patricia A. McAndrews Kris & Brian McAree Gerard McCabe Joseph J. McCabe, Sr. Megan R. Mccabe Eva McCarroll Leslie A. McCarron-Meich Sr. Rita M. McCauley, CSJ Daniel V. McCloskey William G. McConnell Robert J. McDade Karen A. McDermott Sean S. McDermott Deirdre McDonough James A. McDonough Catherine McEvoy Tricia L. Candemeres & Peter McEvoy Cecelia McEvoy-Walter Paula A. McGinley-Smith Daniel McGinn McGladrey & Pullen LLP Regan P. McGorry-Beaton Mary McGrath Dermot McHale Cherisse Mckenzie Brian B. McKeon Ray Mckie Patrick J. McLaughlin Bridie McLoughlin Aris J. McMahon Gerard P. McManus Ryan McManus Susan P. McNulty Barbara J. McNulty-Molen Stephen C. McParland Anoinette & Raymond Meaney Lauren Meditz-Coscia Bruce M. Meglino Barbara J. Mehran-Abruzzo Michael P. Mejia John G. Melito

Mitchell G. Melone Christine Merceron-Haley Olga Merino Mary A. Merkl Theresia Merkle Gerald Meyn Joseph A. Miccio Aleksandra Michael Edward Michel Kevin A. Michels Leona & Frank Milano John G. Miller Susan D. Miller-Brown Nancy & Paul Millus Claudia Milne Jason Minnella Marilena M. Minucci Thomas P. Mione Eugene J. Mirabella Michelle Miraglia-Waryold Regina A. Miranda-Vasquez Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Miro Michelle Mitchell Ann Monaco-Sapia Michael F. Mongelli, II Amelia J. Monteforte-Kalb Donna M. Montelle-Pedonti Ria Montes Kirstin Mooney John S. Morana, Jr. Danielle Moreau Frank G. Morelli Kristen Moretti Stephen P. Morris Jennifer L. Morrison-Hart Veronica A. MorrisseyBenjamin Lisa N. Morrissey-MacSpadden Josephine Morrone Joseph Mosca Danielle R. Mossa Karen A. Mott-Flood Eric Mouchette Tara A. Mrwik Lisa M. Muggeo-Licata John B. Mullahy John V. Mullane Robert Mullane Meghan A. Mullaney Patrick J. Mullaney Meredith Muller Dawn E. Mulligan-Leimgruber Edward Mulvihill Francisco E. Mundaca, Jr. Brian H. Murphy Francis J. Murphy Geraldine & Kenneth Murphy Louis R. Murren James P. Murtha Matthew Myles Alexis Namit Lynn Leon & Richard Nandin Michele M. NapolitanoNewton Ashley Nardozi Mary J. Nathan-Hart NationalGrid Rosemarie & Kevin Nealon Jasmine Neaves Alissa M. Negron-Sioukas Jack Neiman

Elizabeth M. Neubauer Mary L. Nicholas Patricia A. Nicholas-Prufeta John Nicolini Jill Nicolois Erica Nicolosi Daniel A. Nolan Thomas J. Norton Sylvia Nunez Nicole A. Hubner-Oberheim & Brian M. Oberheim Sean P. O’Boyle Edward C. O’Brien Thomas C. O’Brien Thomas E. O’Brien Emily Occhipinti Kevin O’Connell, Jr. Winnifred A. O’Connell John F. O’Connor Mary O’Connor Margaret M. O’ConnorHanson Theresa A. O’ConnorJanousek Eileen & James O’Dea Joseph O’Doherty, Jr. Kevin V. O’Donnell Catherine O’Grady Susan & James O’Hara Nancy E. O’Hehir Daniel F. O’Leary David O’Leary Yerko Olguin Dayna K. Olson-Ingrassia Steven Olwell Susan M. O’Neill-Cabibbo Thomas R. Onorato Maria Orisses Kathleen M. OrlowskiGraham Terence M. Ormsby Teresa & Douglas Ormseth Terence J. Osborn Marion L. Passero-Osojnak & Steven Osojnak Jennifer Ostermann-Doyle Kerry J. O’Sullivan Roberta M. Ott-Schaaf John Owens Elizabeth Owens-Mitchell Tracy A. Owens-Peccia Daniela Paladino Salvatore Papa Constantina Papageorgiou Bernadette M. Pappas-Bruno L. Paradiso Ralph A. Paradiso Camille G. Paredes Patrick D. Parente Elizabeth A. Parlato-Heffernan Athena Parliaros-Barnjak Frances Parziale-Jimenez Roberta A. Parziale-Lataille Beatrice Pascucci Janet Pataky Monika S. Patel-Amin Helena K. Patilla Louiza Patsis Frank Paukowits Gregory Payan Philip Payne Sandra M. Pecini

John C. Pecoraro Michele L. Pedretti-Moussally Robert J. Pellegrinelli Stephanie E. Peluso-Lorusso Salvatore Pennetti Patricia I. Peras-O’Brien Anthony Perdichizzi Mayra A. Perdomo Isidor D. Perez Omar Perez Charles J. Pergola Morris Pericic Nicole Perkins Anthony D. Perlongo, Jr. Geraldine M. PerretFerguson James V. Petitto Sandra L. Petrucco-Sena Caroline R. Petruzzi Daniel J. Phelan Jason Phillip Stefan P. Phillip Joseph A. Piazza Elizabeth M. Picerno Michael Pienkos Christopher Pierno John J. Pinder, II Daniel Pinna Robert A. Pinzel George J. Pipino Mr. & Mrs. Donald Pirone Priscilla & Joseph Pisacane Jennifer Pittello-Calabro John L. Pizzurro Lisa M. Planeta Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Planeta Elizabeth Plaza-Solnica Donna M. Pollard Mr. & Mrs. Charles Polos Joseph T. Ponessa Stephan P. Pongnon Christopher Ponsolle Michael Pontillo Pamela Popa Justine P. Popolizio-Augello Kyle Porter Paul Portoghese John Power Megan B. Prendergast Thomas J. Prendergast Maura J. Prendergast-O’Hara Barbara J. Prisco-Younger Christine M. ProkopchukGoncharuk Daniel Prosseda Stefano Prudente Paul J. Puma, Jr. Mark Quackenbush Frank J. Quatela Erik S. Quick Heather Quinlan-Braun James D. Quinn Ellen M. Quish Richard P. Raaf Nasser Rahbar Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan Sarita I. Rang-Campbell Debra D. Molloy-Ranieri & Kenneth Ranieri Anna M. Rapone-Espiscopio Megan Rapple Ellen Raspitha

Laura A. Rastelli Peter L. Reali, Jr. Louis A. Recupero William C. Reddy Richard E. Regan Thomas F. Regan Christina E. ReganD’Alessandro Robert Reggio Marie A. Reichling-Renda Deacon Joseph P. Reid Francis V. Reilly Mary S. Reilly-Barbera Edward W. Reinwald Gene & Tony Reopel Mr. & Mrs. Michael Restagno Erica Restrepo Alicia Reyes Thomas P. Reynolds Richard Riccardi Judy Riccuiti Thomas A. Richardson Walter Riebenack Gloria B. Rios Dana A. Riso-Barnabee Emily Ritter Victor W. Ritter Joseph J. Rivello Jessica Rivera Angela & Frank Rizzo Diana L. Roach-Hammond Alfred E. Roberts Alyce J. Robinson Veronica Robledo-Prager Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Robles Daniel Rodriguez Joseph Rodriguez Lope Rodriguez Denise M. Rohe-Frising Lydia Roman-Reynolds Patricia Ronan Sonnia & Arcadio Ronquillo Lisa Rooney Patrick J. Rooney, Jr. Odette Rose Theresa K. Roseburg-Popov Francis V. Rossano Carla & Joseph Rossi William J. Rubino, Jr. James Ruebenacker Bruce Rushing Anthony F. Russo Anthony J. Russo Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo Mrs. Lisa Ruyack John Ryan, Jr. Andrea & John Ryan Michael Sacco Jennifer Sacco-Tolipani Franco Sagliocca Thomas Sakalis Emmanuel Sakatis Roland Salazar Jovanna M. Salazar-Quindes Angela Salimbene-Pecora Leonard Sallahian Susan & Fred Salvo Gina Sama Rose-Marie M. Sammut-Leone Marie A. San Pedro Christine A. Sanchi Annmarie T. Sandoz-Santiago

2011-12 Contributors Daniel B. Wardach Mr. & Mrs. John F. Waters Lisa M. Waters-Burleigh Shirley & Thomas Wecera Janine & Kevin Wentworth Mr. & Mrs. Louis Werner Kevin B. Westley Erin White William C. Wiese Martin T. Wilczynski Eugene R. Winters Mary Ellen & John Wlaysewski Eric F. Wolf Linda Wolf Linda & Walter Wrublewski Margaret M. Wuerz Bernard F. Wynn Nicholas Xouris Anthony P. Yanni Edward Yerzak Christopher Yorke Moises P. Young, Jr. Thomas J. Zaborowski, Jr. Michael Zacchea Peyman S. Zandieh Erica Zaragoza Vincent Zelinsky Loretta Zemke-Stafstrom David Zivan Catherine A. Zonsky

Other Contributions

Nancy A. Abraham-Selinske Gerald J. Abruscato Jason A. Adamita Michelle Teylan-Algenio & Warren Algenio Michele M. Allegretta-Mirro Alexander Almeida Lawrence Alvarez Matthew A. Anello Keena H. Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Apurado Catherine Arapis Patrizia Arena-Conelli Katherine Azcona Ryan D. Bacci Marie H. Baietto Juliana I. Baxley Geraldine Bergin Marianne Black-Prawda Michael Bono Steven A. Borst Lauren Bova Robert Brady David Bucceri Arnold Bustamante Philip A. Buttling Thomas F. Cacciola Doris Carron Robert A. Casola Angelina N. Castro Frank Cesare Suzanne M. Clay-Pechtol David M. Cleveland, Jr. Elizabeth J. Cohen Thomas F. Comiskey Edward Conlon, Jr. Stella & Edward Conlon

Janet Connolly Nicholas E. Conti Erin Conway KellyAnn Corrigan Thomas Cronin James F. D’Amico Samantha Dell Matthew J. DeMarco Donna Dholakia Oscar B. Diaz Dina M. Distl-Biundo Betty Ann Doherty Henry Donaghy Margaret Donaghy Sr. Margaret Donnelly, R.S.M. Ariana M. Drauch Francois Dumaine Debbie and Timothy Dunham Sydney V. DuPree Michael Dwyer Linda I. Kierenia-Eck & Robert T. Eck Richard J. Edwards William J. Ehrmanntraut Sr. Angela Esposito Mr. & Mrs. William Espowood Steven F. Farella Robert N. Fazio Erika Feltman Jonathan Figuracion Joseph P. Florio, Jr. Catherine A. Flynn Natalie Fouche Joachim J. Gange Amanda Gavin Collene A. Gavin Michael H. Gebert Lauren A. Geffen Benjamin A. Gerace, Jr. Elaine & Benjamin Gerace Fabrice E. Gibbons Elena Gil Erik R. Glassberg Rebecca L. Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guthrie Silvana & Silvestre Gutierrez Patricia A. Granito-Haas & Ronald Haas Kayla N. Haran Mr.& Mrs. James Hoffmaier Anil Jethanandani Chirag Jethanandani Jesse A. Joyce Marina Jurcev Thomas J. Kelly George Anne Kotowicz Peter J. Kowalenko Christine A. Laino Deirdre D. LaPlant Ana & Gerard Lassen Angelica R. Leto Justin A. Lewis Joseph Lods Stefanie Lopiccolo Mirta Maciak Kathryn A. Mallach Timothy R. Mallach Vanessa M. Mallilo Bro. Andrew Manniello, O.S.F. Karen Marchisella-Machado Alex Martinez Daniela G. Mazzara


Thomas H. Tockarshewsky Christie Toledo Steven A. Tomicic Donna & Charles Torre Patricia A. Toscano-Robertson Phyllis Toss-Rocco Debra Tracey-Deery Gloria A. Tramonte-Mirrione Teresa A. Travis Trenton Sheet Metal, Inc. Thomas S. Tripodianos Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Troina Denise M. Troper-Spiegler Anthony Trufelli Maria Trupiano Jean Truzzolino Jerry Truzzolino Rheanna Tsakonas Catherine Tschinkel Olivine Tufano Deirdre Turner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Tyson John J. Uhl Sandra Ulrich Christine M. UnderhillHoffmann Danielle J. Ursini-Roginski Steve F. Valance William P. Vallely, Jr. Monique A. VallerugoVaccaro & Steven R. Vaccaro Michael C. Vallone Emily Van Ingen Melissa Vangelder MaryBeth Varga Rene & Robert Varriano Andrew C. Vasiento, Jr. Erica Vazquez-Gonzalez Iris Velazquez Maria M. Velazquez-Martinez Nicole Velocci John R. Venuto Vincent A. Verdi Roxane E. Vernon Alyssa Viglietta Henry E. Villacis Michael Villacres Patricia Villanigro-Briotta Gina M. Vinci Patricia & Anthony Viscovich Bruno Viscovich Diane M. ViscovichO’Sullivan Diana E. Viscovich-Ryan Natalie Vitale Jessica L. Vomero Janet D. Vozila-Stemberger Robert F. Waegelein, Sr. Heidi W. Waegelein-Hansberry Mr. & Mrs. James Wagler John J. Wagner Lauren Clarke-Wagner & Timothy Wagner Frederick J. Walker Thomas J. Wallace Brian T. Walsh Edward M. Walsh Robert P. Walsh Noreen M. Walsh-LaCour Noreen A. Walsh-McCarthy Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek


Maureen A. Simpson Patricia M. Simpson Dawn V. Sinisi Anna C. Sinovcic-Sharkey Nicholas A. Siragusa, III Michael J. Skorczynski Danielle R. Sledge-Myers Peter Smergut Ariana Smith Bro. Kevin F. Smith, O.S.F. Alexandre M. Snow Thomas R. Snowden Mrs. Carmen Sosa Daniel P. Sosa Christina Soto Mary-Ellen & John Sowulski Antonella A. SpaventaFitzgerald Wendy & Richard Spiegel Joseph & Rosemarie Spitaleri Jack K. Spittler Jacqueline Spitzer Reinhard H. Spoerl Michael St. John Mrs. Mary Stackpole Jennifer L. Staffa Patricia Stahl-Poreda Joseph M. Staszewski Carole & Peter Stathis Angela Stea-Clifford Richard Stefani Kenneth J. Steinhauser Vincent F. Stempel Patricia & Joseph Stevens Al Stiegler Lisa M. Stimpfl-Strumpf Michael P. Stock Gary F. Stones Robert Strack Mr. & Mrs. John Strahle Joseph Stravato Lee J. Stuart Catherine Sullivan Kimberly A. Sullivan William M. Sullivan Margaret Summers Katharine Sutliff-Waesche Arthur Swaine James Sweeney Bro. Thomas Sweeney, S.D.B. Peter M. Swist Susan M. Szabo-Mosquera Mark C. Szymankiewicz T. Rowe Price John P. Tagliaferro Cristin Talbott Marlene T. Talisaysay Bro. Labre Tallman, O.S.F. Su-mei M. Chau-Tamayo & Dino C. Tamayo Luz A. Tanon-Bove Barbara J. Taylor Tara Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Lido W. Tenaglia Ernest M. Terga Maria Teylan John A. Thomas TIAA-CREF Kevin C. Tierney Winifred C. Tobias Daniel Toca

Annual Report

Deborah L. Santalesa Lawrence L. Santangelo Michael D. Santangelo Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski Jean-Marie Saporito Kathleen & Richard Sarna John A. Sarrocco Emil L. Sartori Michael D. Satchell Charles A. Sauer Frank S. Scaduto John Scagliola Mr. & Mrs. John Scala Mary E. Meier-Scala & Peter J. Scala Joseph E. Scalia Marcella A. Scalia-Squeglia Margaret Scandole Jane M. Scandurra Michael J. Scanlon Nick T. Scarlatto Pauline M. Scelfo Judith & John Schaal Dennis F. Scharfenberger Brian S. Schatz John E. Schatz Kristina S. Schatz Sharon & Thomas Schatz Steven J. Schell Gregory Schiller Mary Schimitsch Matthew Schindler Ronald E. Schmid Tracy C. Schnaufer John A. Schneider Joseph E. Schneider, Jr. Joseph P. Schneiderman Thomas Schnurr Thomas Schollmeier Marguerite Schroeder Walter J. Schubert Lois Schultz Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz & Michael J. Schulz Monica M. Sciales-Furrelle Michael A. Sciortino Emily A. A. Seales-Mark Eugene Sedita, Jr. Peter Semetis Christina V. Senken Terry D. Sgarlata Marie B. Sweeney-Shanahan & Kevin K. Shanahan Thomas J. Shanahan, III Maureen A. ShanahanAnderson Jeanne A. Shannon Maureen & Tim Shannon Diane Sharoyan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shaw Michael P. Sheerin William Sheerin Patrick Shenners Toni Sheridan James E. Sherlock Olasunbo Shittu Michael Shiwnath John P. Short Jason Shortt Patricia M. Shurina-Vail Danielle L. Sicari Kimberly Simon

2011-12 Contributors

Cherylann & Sheldon McCalla Lauren M. McCarthy Myles P. McKenna Genevieve K. McNamara Jackie & Matthew Meagher Dorothy Mis Michelle Mkryan Ashley A. Morice Elizabeth M. MullaneyKearney Maureen E. Mullarkey Kiran S. Mykoo Genea A. Natale Michael Needle

Betty Newell Hector Nieves Lauren P. Nigro Donna & Dennis Noguera Linda Noyes William T. O’Brien Angela S. Oliveri Patrick J. O’Mara Mary O’Rourke Peter J. Paguaga Mark A. Papagni George Papaioannou Nicholas T. Parais Giovanna Paredes James Pickel, Jr.

Madeline J. Pitz Jeffrey B. Porter Francis E. Precht Donna M. Psomopoulos Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Radoscoutch Aneesa Rasool Robert D. Regan Colleen S. Reilly-Fitzpatrick Christina Rodriguez Adriana Rosales Jordann Samela William F. Sandrowsky Barbara Santangelo Melissa Sarmiento

Toni A. Savino-Caturano Dominic Scala Alexandra M. Scheck Laura A. Schioppi Meagan N. Schlapp Stephen T. Sciortino, Jr. Thomas Sellers Jennifer B. Sheehan Michael J. Shehata Keith F. Sidorowicz Augusto C. Solares Stacey & John Sparr Melissa A. Sparr Anthony M. Stancati Shannon M. Stevens

Jacqueline A. SzewczykPokoradi Matthew E. Testani George L. Theofanis Valerie M. Theofanis Meena Tilat Matthew Tramonte Anthony J. Trimboli Jessie Turkeshi Unger’s Floor Covering, Inc. Michelle A. Valentin Frank Vulpis Jonathan R. Wilson William P. Woods John C. Zurita


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Donors whose gifts were made in support of the various Campus Ministry Service Opportunities Jean Alfano Diane & Frank Anello A. Aviles John Babnik Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci ‘83 & Daniel Bacci ‘82 Janet & George Baglieri Mr. & Mrs. John Baldacchino Lida & Julio Barreneche Maria Baumann Agnes & Felimon Betito Blessed Trinity Parish Peter Bonanno Mr. & Mrs. James Brown Isabelle F. Brown Sybil Burgess Eileen Burke Helen H. Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Campanaro Helen & Nicholas Capece Elsie Caprino Sr. Diane Capuano, O.P. William J. Caruso Msgr. John F. Casey Joan R. Cassidy Cathedral Preparatory Seminary Angela C. Cavanna ‘82 Soraya Chinloy Zora M. Clement Deboreh Cleveland Gerilyn Coccia & Michael Schablin Deborah Coco Mr. & Mrs. Edward Costello Mr. & Mrs. John Courtney Elizabeth Agudelo & Wilson Cristian Rev. James K. Cunningham ‘86 James Dalgish Thomas G. Dalgish ‘85 George E. Dalgish Living Trust Janet Dalgish-Choi Michael J. Davis ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Dan DePasquale Rev. Matthew Diamond Michael Dilillo Gloria & Michael Dilillo Debra DiLillo-Sweeney ‘ 77 Deborah & Andrew Dillon Nikki Dimanche Maria & Joseph DiSomma Thomas Doherty Kathleen Donovan

Cathleen & Matt Donovan Kenneth Donovan Bernard F. Dowd Catherine & John Dowling Mr. & Mrs. James F. Doyle Maria & Peter Drauch Mr. & Mrs. John Dumas Theresa & Scott Ezratty Richard J. Fanning Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Featherston Barbara Feldhoff Mary Finnerty Sister Anne Fitzgerald, O.P. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Forget Raymond Fortune Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Foye Deacon Stanley Galazin Mr. & Mrs. Cyril G. Gillman Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Gilmartin Jennifer M. Gilroy-Ruiz ‘85 John F. Goydas ‘52 C.M. Grechkosey Margaret Gregor-Wolf ‘82 William V. Guido Rosemary Gurry Zdenka Hackett Mr. & Mrs. William M. Haid Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Hamilton Charles Harkins Catherine Hartnett Marylyn E. Harvey Elizabeth A. Henning Carolyn & James Hickman Judy Higgins Maureen & Joseph Hilly Marita & Charles Jardines Mr. & Mrs. William Jones Esther Judge Dolores & Jerome Julien Sister Kathleen Kane, C.S.J. Jean & William Kawka John T. Kelly Kevin & Joanne Kelly Frances & Larry Kersch Paul R. Klyap ‘60 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Koppinger Justine & John Kosinski ‘84 George Anne Kotowicz Nancy Kouril-Castrogiovanni ‘83 Sister Barbara Kradick, O.P. Rosanne Kresse

Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Ledbetter Mary Leissing James P. Mannion, Jr. Carol Garcia & Richard Marichai Oscar A. Martinez Patrick McAliney Antoinette & James McCaffrey Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence McCrory Deborah McDermott Barbara & Hugh McGarvey Irene McGrath Beverly McLean Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Minchella Sally Mitchell Sr. Mary Francesca Morelli, O.P. Catherine Morgese Vaughan Morris Lynn & Warren Moy Ann & Dan Mulcahy Marie G. Mullen Tara M. Murphy-Herrera ‘89 George Naeder Mary Nagle Kerry Neysmith William T. O’Brien Patrick J. O’Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Dennis O’Leary Margaret O’Neill Helen T. O’Neill Ann & Francis O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O’Sullivan Catherine and Arthur Olsen Our Lady Of The Snows Church Brian K. Palazzola ‘89 Agnes Pappas Pia Pelaschier Ashley M. Perich ‘08 Umawattie & Hansraj Persaud Judith Peter Mr. & Mrs. Livinski Plaskett Antonia Polumbo Elsa & Paul Poteat Angela Powers Mr. & Mrs. Charles Raab Richard P. Raaf ‘50 Bridget Recker Ann Regan Marie & James Reid

Aurora & Eddie Reyes Margaret & Carl Reyes Rita & Saverio Rizzi Mr. & Mrs. James J. Roberts Christine M. RodgersTavcar ‘79 Mary Rohan Sheila Roohan Odette Rose Salvatore C. Ruotolo ‘83 John F. Ryan ‘45 Nancy E. Saldana Maria V. Santiago Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Schleske Sister Mildred Schubert Laura-Ann & Joseph Sciame ‘78 Marcia Scimecca Mr. & Mrs. Michael Searson Margaret Shane Maureen & Robert Shoule Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sica Virginia Simon Margaret F. Sorahan Aimee Spennato Marianne & William Stolfi Christa Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sullivan Mark & Patricia Sullivan Cynthia & Kevin Sweeney Mary Sweeney Carolyn Szostek H’09 Luis C. Taylor Carol & Peter Tesarek Elaine G. Thornton-Quinn ‘78 Meena Tilat Kathleen M. Toher Dawn & Rich Tortora-Morici Paulette H’08 & Vincent Toscano ‘53 Sally Truffi Nancy Vasquez Irene Vella Philip J. Veltre Sr. Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. Mary J. Verrall Mr. & Mrs. Steve L. Vlkovic, Jr. Denise Wickers-Albu Teresa Williams Smaltz

The Master Plan for Modernization (Update) 2.

1. 3. Three-Story Addition for Music and Science Part of the Next Construction Phase

Art Education Center

Dedicated in September 2011

Physical Education and Athletic Training Center Dedicated in September 2011

New Entry & Chapel

Part of the Final Construction Phase

(1) Architect’s rendering of the Master Plan for Modernization (2) A rendering of one of the classrooms in the proposed new Music facilities shows a much more spacious and naturally lit open practice area. (3) This rendering of one of the proposed new Labs depicts a state of the art facility for students in our highly acclaimed Science program.


The Campaign for St. Francis Prep (Stage Two): The Next 150 (2011-14) Goal: $10 million Pledged to Date: Nearly $2 million


The Campaign for St. Francis Prep (Stage One): The Sesquicentennial Campaign (2008-11) Goal: $5 Million (Surpassed)

Annual Report

While the overall plan for modernization is still very much “alive and well,” compliance with new zoning regulations is expected to take until the spring. Consequently, the Board of Trustees has decided to push back the timetable for Phase III groundbreaking until June 2014. This decision will help insure a more fiscally sound plan of action, giving us more time to raise the needed funds and alleviating the need to take on any additional debt. In the meantime, The Campaign for St. Francis Prep: The Next 150 will continue toward its $10 million goal which we hope to achieve by the close of fiscal year on August 31, 2014.

Loyalty. Generosity. Commitment. We owe a special debt of gratitude to all of our alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends. Their support has a tremendous impact on our ability to provide an outstanding and affordable education at St. Francis Prep year after year. In a special way we would like to thank those listed on the following page for their financial gifts and pledges in support of St. Francis Prep for the past 15 and 10 consecutive years! Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing generosity.

15 YEARS CONSECUTIVE YEARS Fiscal Years 1998 through 2012

Jeffrey Alter ‘80 Francis J. Aquila ‘75 George C. Bergleitner, Jr. ‘53 Walter A. Bishop ‘80 Rosemarie & Maurice Braithwaite H’94 Paul O. Buchbauer ‘74 Charles J. Cain ‘55 Peter Callahan ‘59 John B. Casey ‘56 Joseph E. Castana ‘47 Joseph Castellano H’10 Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. H’01 Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang ‘85 Marie-Elena Crimmins-Wohlmacher ‘79 John J. D’Angelo ‘86 Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney ‘87 John Daley ‘63 M. Anthony DeSantis ‘60

Albert G. Doumar ‘53 John P. Duffy ‘54 Paul D. Duran ‘62 Theodore P. Dymczynski ‘65 Michael J. Falabella ‘72 Eugene J. Flynn ‘56 Rudolph H. Funke ‘62 The Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust Thomas A. Gebert ‘79 Angela M. Gray Michael A. Henning ‘57 William J. Infosino ‘65 Harold F. Kelly ‘56 George C. Klein ‘60 Mary H’90 and Roger Kobel H’90 Eileen T. LeMonda ‘78 Patricia E. Loftus ‘83 Nicholas V. LoPrinzi ‘87

Michael P. Lynch ‘69 John R. Mathis ‘59 John J. McAree ‘50 Dennis J. McDermott ‘70 Timothy R. McGinn ‘75 James E. McHugh H’92 Matthew T. McKeon ‘86 Patrick McLaughlin ‘73 Arthur F. McMahon H’04 Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty ‘80 and Robert F. McNulty ‘80 Brother Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. ‘57 Michael F. Mongelli, II ‘79 Nicholas D. Mosesso ‘81 Edward C. O’Brien ‘48 Daniel D. O’Connell ‘52 James P. Pagano John J. Paguaga ‘78 Christopher M. Pastina ‘80

JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella ‘76 and Armand Patella ‘76 John S. Pereira, Sr. ‘62 Vincent C. Porreca ‘76 Andre F. Python, Jr. ‘73 Richard P. Raaf ‘50 Benedict F. Ruggiero ‘60 Gerald P. Scales ‘76 John R. Scanlon ‘48 Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. ‘50 Donald Sileo Thomas W. Terryn ‘74 Sandra Ulrich ‘80 Peter J. Werner ‘74 Thomas E. White ‘80

10 YEARS CONSECUTIVE YEARS Fiscal Years 2003 through 2012

Elizabeth ‘80 & Robert Adams ‘80 Jeffrey Alter ‘80 Edward A. Andrie ‘57 Francis J. Aquila ‘75 Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey ‘79 and Charles Bailey George C. Bergleitner, Jr. ‘53 Mary A. Bernstein ‘76 Walter A. Bishop ‘80 Mike Bonasia ‘61 Rosemarie and Maurice Braithwaite H’94 Paul O. Buchbauer ‘74 Thomas F. Cacciola ‘46 John J. Cahill ‘67 Charles J. Cain ‘55 Peter Callahan ‘59 John B. Casey ‘56 Joseph E. Castana ‘47 Joseph Castellano H’10 Barbara H’90 & Anthony Catalanotto H’90 Philip T. Catanese, Sr. ‘67 Thomas F. Comiskey ‘71 Walt Conry Joseph C. Cotter ‘53 Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang ‘85 Marie-Elena Crimmins-Wohlmacher ‘79 John J. D’Angelo ‘86 Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney ‘87 John Daley ‘63 George P. DeGeorge ‘57 Nancy L. Demers ‘91 John P. DeRiso ‘52 M. Anthony DeSantis ‘60 Nancy H’12 & Benny DeStefano H’12 Thomas J. DiCanio ‘71

Robert K. Doherty ‘57 Lt. Col. Richard E. Donaghy ‘60 Albert G. Doumar ‘53 John M. Downing, Sr. ‘54 John P. Duffy ‘54 Paul D. Duran ‘62 Theodore P. Dymczynski ‘65 Michael J. Falabella ‘72 Alfred E. Fazio, Jr. ‘66 Louis G. Fellin ‘68 Eugene J. Flynn ‘56 Jon Fredas ‘83 Rudolph H. Funke ‘62 The Anna E. Gallagher Charitable Trust Thomas A. Gebert ‘79 Angela M. Gray Barbara A. Hammel ‘86 Francis J. Hannafey ‘49 Harvard Maintenance, Inc. Michael A. Henning ‘57 William J. Infosino ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Jamin Anthony J. Keck ‘54 Harold F. Kelly ‘56 Edward C. Kennedy ‘57 George C. Klein ‘60 Mary H’90 and Roger Kobel H’90 Anna N. Lam-Chi ‘98 Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Eileen T. LeMonda ‘78 Patricia E. Loftus ‘83 Nicholas V. LoPrinzi ‘87 Michael P. Lynch ‘69 Timothy D. Mahoney ‘53 Stephen E. Mandia ‘76 Paul D. Mannix ‘81 Maria ‘78 &

Michael Marchassalla ‘78 Bruce N. Massie ‘74 John R. Mathis ‘59 John J. McAree ‘50 Dennis J. McDermott ‘70 Timothy R. McGinn ‘75 James E. McHugh H’92 Matthew T. McKeon ‘86 Patrick McLaughlin ‘73 Arthur F. McMahon H’04 Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty ‘80 and Robert F. McNulty ‘80 Michael J. McPartland ‘54 Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. ‘57 Michael F. Mongelli, II ‘79 William F. Morgan ‘54 Nicholas D. Mosesso ‘81 Geraldine and Kenneth Murphy Thomas P. Napier, Jr. ‘59 John J. O’Boyle ‘60 Edward C. O’Brien ‘48 John T. O’Brien ‘72 Daniel D. O’Connell ‘52 Debra M. O’Hehir ‘84 James P. Pagano John J. Paguaga ‘78 Christopher M. Pastina ‘80 JeanneMarie Boisselle-Patella ‘76 and Armand Patella ‘76 Francis X. Pecquex ‘61 Joseph G. Pellechi ‘64 John S. Pereira, Sr. ‘62 Joanne L. Persico ‘84 William P. Ponzio ‘72 Vincent C. Porreca ‘76 Andre F. Python, Jr. ‘73 Richard P. Raaf ‘50 Paul A. Ragnetti ‘55

Claudia M. Rocco Benedict F. Ruggiero ‘60 Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo ‘99 Gerald P. Scales ‘76 John R. Scanlon ‘48 Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F. ‘50 Martin G. Shannon ‘80 James E. Sherlock ‘63 Donald Sileo Gerald W. Smith ‘49 St. Francis College Emery J. Szlezak ‘52 Mr. and Mrs. Lido W. Tenaglia Maria and William Terrone Thomas W. Terryn ‘74 Benedict J. Tockarshewsky ‘84 Jean Truzzolino Sandra Ulrich ‘80 Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek ‘95 Peter J. Werner ‘74 Thomas E. White ‘80 Richard J. Witt ‘50 Bernard F. Wynn ‘51 Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski ‘90 William J. Zuk ‘60

The Pathway to St. Francis The Pathway to St. Francis is an ongoing project which affords alumni and friends of Prep the chance to memorialize friends, family and loved ones by purchasing paving stones and other memorials that will remain on permanent display in front of the school. Since its inception, overall contributions to the “Pathway to St. Francis” have totaled nearly $200,000. During the fiscal year that ended August 31, 2012, the following alumni and friends of St. Francis Prep purchased bricks (as a memorial or special tribute) in support of this project. St. Francis Prep is extremely grateful to Jane and Peter Mazzurco, parents of Vanessa ‘99, Vincent ‘03, and Peter ‘03, and Tony Porcasi, for donating their professional landscaping and design services to create and maintain the Pathway! If you are interested in purchasing a brick, please contact Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F., in the SFP Alumni Office at (718) 423-8810, ext. 259 or via email at


Annual Report


Additions to the Pathway to St. Francis in the 2011-12 Fiscal Year Peter M. Baiardi ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buccellato Nunzio D. Cazzetta ‘53 Vivian Cho ‘06 Barbara H’98 & Jerome Ciaravino Laura E. Clark-Scutchfield ‘80 Vincent M. Cronen ‘74 Paul V. Cucarese ‘70 Nancy H’12 & Benny DeStefano H’12 Donald P. Devane ‘61 Thomas J. DiCanio ‘71 Maria and Joseph DiSomma Kerri Downey-Meegan ‘80 Frank R. Dukes ‘67 Richard F. Dyas ‘65 Marie Eilbacher H’07

Alan N. Eremin ‘55 Craig J. Ferro ‘75 Wanda and Frank Fescine Eugene J. Flynn ‘56 Salvatore J. Galatioto ‘70 Phyllis Gambino-Skody ‘90 Bonita and Dominick Garone John P. Garufi ‘61 John P. Gobinski ‘64 Aaron Gudema Dan Gudema Patricia Gudema Alfred Hamel ‘64 Robert R. Hans ‘67 William J. Infosino ‘65 Johnson & Johnson Edward Joyce ‘56 Edward M. Kelly ‘59

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet P. Kelly Margaret Lazo ‘84 Kelly-Ann M. Sinisi-Lennon ‘83 and William J. Lennon ‘83 Michael P. Lesniak ‘60 Jodi E. Passarella-Madden ‘77 & Michael P. Madden ‘77 Rosemarie Scandale-Mambuca ‘81 and Frank B. Mambuca ‘81 Leslie A. McCarron-Meich ‘80 Patricia O’Lander ‘80 Donna and James O’Meara Frances Olexa Elizabeth and Joseph Olwell Bernadette M. Pappas-Bruno ‘80 Priscilla and Joseph Pisacane William A. Rabl ‘80 Margaret Raftery-Sbaschnig ‘81

Andrew M. Raquet ‘91 Catherine A. RuebenackerMazzola ‘85 Bro. Becket Ryan O.S.F. H’83 Eugenia Sabini-Polin ‘85 James P. Sammon ‘59 John J. Sceppa ‘60 Marcia Scimecca Thomas L. Spinner Jr. ‘66 Lisa Profeta-Valte ‘94 & Raymond O. Valte ‘94 Richard T. Wizbicki ‘60

In Honor of... Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion with a gift to St. Francis Prep honoring your family member, classmate, friend, or favorite faculty member. They will receive a personal letter from the Prep telling them that you have made a thoughtful gift in their name. What better way to honor someone and support the Prep at the same time! In Honor of Frances Alegra Francis A. Maggiore In Honor of Thomas Booras ‘55 Robert F. Koehler In Honor of Jack Cahill ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hughes In Honor of The Catalanotto Family Barbara and Anthony Catalanotto In Honor of Lucia P. Cellini Bro. Greg L. Cellini, O.S.F. In Honor of Daniel Chiara Michael P. Chiara In Honor of George Cintron ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. George Cintron In Honor of Frances Clabby Eileen Clabby-Speed In Honor of the Class of 1952 Robert L. Kennedy In Honor of the Class of 1956 Robert C. Labriola In Honor of the Class of 1957 James I. Brucia Jack K. Spittler In Honor of the Class of 1961 Henry Sterbenz In Honor of the Class of 1962 John J. Arthurs Leonard V. Masucci In Honor of the Class of 1981 Leonard J. Camporeale In Honor of the Colasante Family Stella M. Barresi

In Honor of Sr. Barbara Coyle, C.S.J. Theresa M. Burke-Yarri

In Honor of Mary & John Feehan Susan L. Feehan-Gidwill In Honor of The Franciscan Brothers Stephen J. Antal In Honor of the Healy Family James M. Healy In Honor of Daniel Henning ‘60 William J. Maloney, Jr. In Honor of Chanel Jennings ‘00 Vanessa Jennings In Honor of Bro. Robert W. Kent, O.S.F. H’96 Barbara and Matthew Roseanu In Honor of Donald Kent ‘62 Barbara and Matthew Roseanu In Honor of Sunja and Eun S. Kim Sylvia J. Kim In Honor of Andrew Kobel ‘73 Mary and Roger Kobel In Honor of the Logan Family Maureen and Martin Logan In Honor of Margaret Mattison Margaret and Donald Mattison In Honor of William B. Maury ‘79 The Girvin Family In Honor of Elizabeth McCann ‘03 Kathleen and Brian McCann In Honor of the McDonald Family Maureen and Martin Logan In Honor of James McHugh Michelle Beadle-Holder Peter M. Corritori Daniel V. Corry Edward C. Kennedy James E. McHugh Daniel E. Toomey Dorothy E. Torsney Catherine Tschinkel

In Honor of Brian Murphy ‘93 Geraldine and Kenneth Murphy

In Honor of Bro. Robert Smith, O.S.F. ‘47 Brian C. Kramer Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon Elaine and Rodger Recker

In Honor of Sr. Mary Ann Napier, C.S.J. Steven R. DiSalvo

In Honor of Carole Steingasser ‘92 Mr.& Mrs. John M. Steingasser

In Honor of Mary & Vincent O’Connor Joseph E. Garcia Joseph Rodriguez

In Honor of Christy Steingasser ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Steingasser

In Honor of Jessica Murphy ‘01 Geraldine and Kenneth Murphy

In Honor of the Vince O’Connor Athletic Training Center Charles Krpata In Honor of Very Rev. John F. O’Connor, O.F.M. John F. O’Connor In Honor of Louis A. Pastina Louis G. Pastina In Honor of John Pereira ‘62 Noreen M. Galoppi In Honor of Donna Pollard ‘76 Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer In Honor of Rajeey Roberts ‘16 Pearlah and Paul Roberts In Honor of Ryan Roberts ‘10 Pearlah and Paul Roberts In Honor of Francesca Rossi ‘10 Carla and Joseph Rossi In Honor of Bro. Owen J. Sadlier, O.S.F. John C. Carney In Honor of Maria and Tommaso Scarlatto Nick T. Scarlatto In Honor of SFP and its Mission Anthony J. Trimboli In Honor of SFP Music Department Kristin Smith In Honor of SFP NYCPD Alumni James F. O’Brien

In Honor of Cherease Street ‘09 Sharon and Wade Street In Honor of Paulette Toscano H’08 Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Applegate E. Burke Joseph R. Davis William Fawley Lite-Way Electric Co., Inc. McGladrey & Pullen LLP Dr. Michael Mundenar, P.C. Richard Stefani Mr. and Mrs. John Strahle Trenton Sheet Metal, Inc. In Honor of Michael Tufano ‘73 Olivine Tufano In Honor of Patrick J. Tufano ‘72 Olivine Tufano In Honor of The Ventricelli Family Sr. Mary N. Ventricelli, O.P. In Honor of Kathleen Weadock Lauretta A. Farrell


In Honor of Frank H. DeMarco ‘58 John A. DeMarco

In Honor of the Egan Family Barbara & Anthony Catalanotto

In Honor of Traci Murphy ‘90 Geraldine and Kenneth Murphy

In Honor of SFP Teachers & Coaches that had an impact in Education Anthony P. Maresca


In Honor of Jeannine Costi-Fauvell ‘81 Anita Costi

In Honor of the Duffy Familly James M. Healy

In Honor of Eileen Miller Thomas P. Miller

Annual Report

In Honor of Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. H’01 Brian C. Kramer Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon Elaine and Rodger Recker

In Honor of Sr. Margaret Donnelly, R.S.M. Mr. and Mrs. James Ford

Memorial Gifts Memorial gifts serve as a wonderful way to celebrate and pay tribute to the life of loved ones, special friends, classmates or colleagues while also supporting the day-to-day programming and ongoing needs at St. Francis Prep. In Memory of Catherine & John Abbott James M. Abbott In Memory of Michael Abruzzo Catherine P. Boyle Marilena M. Minucci Michael L. Owens In Memory of Matthew Francis Alcuri ‘58 Marie Haig


Annual Report


In Memory of Lee & Ben Alexandro Richard P. Alexandro In Memory of Daniel Apicella ‘00 Marcial E. Alzugaray Robert Angeletti Anonymous Lisa & Vincent Anzelone Linda & Robert Apicella Catherine Apicella Heather C. Barton Bayside Little League Emily A. Bridges Lauren Brown Juan P. Campmany John Campo Sullivan’s Thomas Cecil Jennifer Colarusso Sheila M. Downing-Costello & John F. Costello Jeanmarie Costello Daniel E. Daly Michael A. Devardo Matthew DeVoti Michael Fahy Sean C. Farley Kathryn A. Finn Cristin Genzale Brigid A. Harmon Courtney A. HarmsStelmack Nancy & Kenneth Harnisch Denise & Paul Heckelman Eugene J. Kapela, III Matthew Keane Thomas D. Kennedy Caitlin Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Kennedy Patrick Lilly Keith A. Macpherson Matthew McCabe Mary McCartney Henry J. McLaughlin

John Moran Peter Mosconi, Jr. John S. Pereira, Sr. Press Schonig & Company, LLP James Quackenbush, Jr. James J. Quackenbush Roberto Quiroga William M. Reidy, Jr. Alberto Reyes Billy Rubin Kathleen & Richard Sarna Kate K. Occhipinti-Solis & Victor Solis Robert Spence, Jr. James Spence Fred Strohm Eileen Strohm Ken Strohm Studio Graphics & Screen Prints Inc. Rev. William F. Sweeney Barbara J. Taylor Nicholas C. Theoharis JoAnn & Ronald Wagner Patrick Wagner Kevin Wagner Brian Wagner Kevin Wagner Lauren Clarke-Wagner & Timothy Wagner Maureen Wagner-Duda In Memory of Mathew Austin Charles V. Austin In Memory of Iris Badaracco Charles J. Badaracco In Memory of Brian Balzer Donald F. Rimmelin In Memory of Janina Benczak George Benczak In Memory of Bro. Roger Benignas, O.S.F. Gerard J. Baxter In Memory of Lee Bernunzo Mariana Bernunzo-Connolly In Memory of Vincent L. Bilello, Sr. Vincent L. Bilello, Jr.

In Memory of My parents, Mr. & Mrs. Blomquist Herbert T. Blomquist In Memory of John Bombara Bruce J. Bombara In Memory of Thomas Booras, Sr. Gerard J. Baxter Thomas A. Booras, Jr. In Memory of Randy Boulton James T. Martinez In Memory of Michael E. Brennan ‘91 Ascendant Compliance Nora Bardak Bridget Best Linda A. Bremer-McGuire Lisa Caruso Melissa Casalino Sally Cole Erin Conway Eileen Conway Roger Crain Michael DeCarlo Billy R. DeFrance Nancy L. Demers Joseph A. Divone Theresa Drexler Andrea Ducroiset Michele Filorimo Rebecca L. Greenberg Michelle N. GrgurovicFraneta Mary Ann & Frank Hackett Sheila J. HennessyThomas Richard Jennings Joan Jennings Brian Kawakami Korrine N. Sheerin-Kohm & Brian E. Kohm Keith Kohm Matthew B. Levens Sheila Luminati Mirta Maciak Michelle Mkryan Linda Noyes Mary O’Rourke Salvatore Papa Gregory Payan Justine P. Popolizio-Augello Colleen S. ReillyFitzpatrick

Alicia Reyes Gabrielle Schueler Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz & Michael J. Schulz Stephanie Sheerin Michael P. Sheerin William Sheerin Jennifer L. Staffa Jacqueline A. SzewczykPokoradi Cristin Talbott Eileen Walsh Edward Yerzak In Memory of Theresa M. Buccellato ‘12 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Buccellato Dwarf Giraffe Athletic League Linda Wolf In Memory of LeeAnn Burke Sharon & Wade Street In Memory of Judith Buttling Philip A. Buttling In Memory of Mary & Virginia Cady John H. Cady In Memory of Jeffrey Calero ‘91 Olivia P. BerriosBetances In Memory of Lucinda & Anthony Campagna Robert P. Campagna In Memory of Kevin Francis Canavan Daniel T. Canavan In Memory of James Canfield Edythe M. Canfield In Memory of Theresa Capen Robert Capen In Memory of Dorothy Chiara Michael P. Chiara

In Memory of Marie & Francis Chupkowski Richard Chupkowski In Memory of Bro. Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. ‘48 Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Bruno Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. Brian C. Kramer Sr. Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J. Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon George F. Oristano Elaine & Rodger Recker In Memory of John J. Collins ‘54 Dorothy Morrison-Collins In Memory of Leonard J. Connolly ‘55 Janet Connolly In Memory of Jean Conti Nicholas E. Conti In Memory of Cecelia, Virginia & Edmund Conway Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. In Memory of Richard Coppolino H’93 David M. Alexandro Michael Forino Rory McGee In Memory of John P. Crean ‘55 Eileen Crean In Memory of Ken Cummings ‘64 John B. Higgins In Memory of Bro. Louie Cunningham, O.S.F. William R. Lee In Memory of Sgt. Michael S. Curtin Jack Curtin In Memory of John Daly ‘48 Roger Daly

In Memory of Gerald DeCarlo Michael DeCarlo

In Memory of Thomas Doshna ‘64 Joseph C. Ciechalski

In Memory of Salvatore Frevola ‘42 Josephine Frevola

In Memory of The deceased members of class of 1951 Bro. Roman Morris, O.S.F.

In Memory of John Downing ‘79 Joseph P. Downing

In Memory of Andrew Fuchs Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny

In Memory of Jack Duffy ‘54 Howard T. Gould

In Memory of Peter Fusco ‘85 Matthew Campese

In Memory of Rose & Daniel Duran Paul D. Duran

In Memory of Dorothy & Robert Genalo Robert J. Genalo

In Memory of Daniel Dziadzi Matthew Kravatz

In Memory of Sally Genova George P. DeGeorge

In Memory of Rita & Harry Exarchakis Christina Gordon

In Memory of Frank J. Giaccio Flora Giaccio

In Memory of Rose & Alfred Fazio Alfred E. Fazio, Jr. Robert N. Fazio

In Memory of Vincent Giammona ‘79 Frances Alicata Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Duval Steve Giammona Dorothy & Vincent Giammona William B. Maury Loretta Zemke-Stafstrom

In Memory of Celestino Del Greco Tino Del Greco In Memory of Gertrude & John Delgaudio Diane M. Delgaudio-Winter In Memory of Frank H. DeMarco H’97 John A. DeMarco In Memory of Francis DeMola ‘41 Elizabeth DiMola In Memory of Desmond Devlin ‘58 Margaret Devlin In Memory of Grace & Alfred DiBiase Elvira M. DiBiaseFrancischelli In Memory of Joseph DiGilio Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Tyson

In Memory of Timothy Fothergill ‘75 Elizabeth A. GibbsRomanowski

In Memory of Vincent G. Halloran ‘76 Jane C. Halligan In Memory of Martin R. Hamburger ‘59 Peter A. England In Memory of Chrys Hatzis Eva Hatzis In Memory of John Hazelton ‘77 James T. Martinez In Memory of Mary & Walter Henning William J. Maloney, Jr. In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Hevern Gerard J. Hevern

In Memory of Pascu Ionita Pamela Popa In Memory of Kevin Kaufmann Patricia & Michael Kaufmann In Memory of Thomas R. Kelly ‘80 Kathleen Barnes-Romagnano Michael J. Cassano Marion L. Passero-Osojnak & Steven Osojnak Ray Schlageter Martin G. Shannon

In Memory of Lt. Mike F. Lynch FDNY Ladder 4 Denise P. Lynch In Memory of Mildred M. Mackin Kathleen A. Mackin-Sciortino In Memory of William Madden ‘56 Roger M. Coleman In Memory of Michael Maina ‘61 Viginia S. Maina

In Memory of Kerry Kenny ‘75 Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kenny

In Memory of Josephine Manggiore Francis A. Maggiore

In Memory of Edward Lennon ‘52 Robert L. Kennedy

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Mangiarano Rocco R. Mangiarano

In Memory of Lisa Leon Steven P. Leon

In Memory of Robert T. Manning ‘65 James J. Manning John B. Higgins

In Memory of Antonio V. Leto Angelica R. Leto In Memory of Giulia Lewis Emily & Daniel Bash Bio-Cellular Science Inc Maria & Sheldon Lewis Alyssa Lopez In Memory of Raymond J. Lipay, ‘56 Marguerite E. Lipay In Memory of Diane LoGrasso Philip LoGrasso In Memory of Memma Longo Pamela Popa

In Memory of Jane Mannix-Tynan James K. Gredys Chris Kwong In Memory of Gabriele Pietro Manzolillo Annunziata ManzolilloPignatelli In Memory of John Marchassalla ‘79 Gerard E. Boeckhaus Lucy Marchassalla William B. Maury John J. Sharkey In Memory of Vincent J. Maroney Janet Connolly


In Memory of German V. Divino, Jr. Estela B. Divino

In Memory of Thomas Finn H’02 Patrick F. Finn Noelle L. Werner-Belmonte

In Memory of Elizabeth & James Gormley Arthur Gormley

In Memory of Marian Hrycak ‘63 Steven Benini Gregory J. Hrycak


In Memory of Cosmo DiTucci ‘48 Marie DiTucci Maria L. DiTucciPetrocine

In Memory of John Golden, Jr. John E. Golden

In Memory of Mary & Lester Horohoe William P. Horohoe

In Memory of Stanley Lowicki Frances & Nicholas Christiano Ludomir J. Czynski Rosemarie Mazza & Joseph Germano Tammy & Joe Ierardi Matthew Kravatz Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kuzniewski Linda & Robert Petro Christina & Leo Pujdak Lisa Ruyack Margaret Summers

Annual Report

In Memory of George Dillman ‘00 Douglas Chiz William Coultaus Thomas Creamer Joseph M. Drexel Kathleen & William Ferre Kimberly & Thomas Francisci Craig S. Ivey Karen & John Kolnsberg Kathy & Michael Magee Ridgewood Savings Bank Mr. & Mrs. George Ruiz Brian S. Schatz Christine & Robert Senn Scott E. Skrynecki Texron Commercial Auto Body Works, Inc.

In Memory of Raymond Ferguson ‘83 Vincent Alleva Anonymous Barbara & Steven Barre Nancy L. Brizzi-Scorcia Patricia A. Browne-Ronan Marjorie C. Burnside Christina Cerchione Anthony J. Ciorciari Donna Dholakia Janis A. Digirolamo Jami Feldman Kristine L. Flannigan-Garry Marilynne Gazzo Karen & Brian Gill Elizabeth & Daniel Horan Sal LaRosa Linda A. Murphy-Hickey Michael Needle Jack Neiman Janet Pataky Nasser Rahbar Emily Ritter Rose A. Romano Edward P. Russell Gina Sama Katharine Sutliff-Waesche

In Memory of Vinny Halloran, ‘76 Elizabeth A. Gibbs-Romanowski Loraine B. McNulty-West

In Memory of Michael Marti ‘93 Edmund W. Foley John P. Short In Memory of Bro. Richard McCann, O.S.F. Michael Sinatra In Memory of Jim McClury John B. Higgins In Memory of Terence P. McCollum ‘67 Terrance J. Nolan In Memory of Moira Ann McDonough James A. McDonough


Annual Report


In Memory of Virginia McGee John P. McGee In Memory of John McGinley H’82 Robert Angeletti Peter C. Angell Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Robert Antonetti Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage Inc. Perdiue Group Mitchell J. Bonanno Paul Canestro Mary C. McHale & Joseph Castellano Suzanne M. Clay-Pechtol Kerry A. Collins-DeVos David P. Corbino CulinArt, Inc. Rosaleen C. Dowling-Shea Mr. & Mrs. William Espowood Andrea & Gary Ferranti Angela & Michael Fischetti Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Grieco Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guthrie Bart J. Haggerty Marita & Charles Jardines Sharon F. Mason Cherylann & Sheldon McCalla Eva McCarroll Nancy & Paul Millus Luigi Pedalino Mr. & Mrs. Selwyn Phillip Lynn Pombonyo Elizabeth Prohaska Christina & Leo Pujdak Olasunbo Shittu William J. Skody Carolyn Szostek UNGER’S Floor Covering, INC Mr. & Mrs. James Wagler

In Memory of Bernice R. McHugh Michelle Beadle-Holder Peter M. Corritori Daniel V. Corry Edward C. Kennedy James E. McHugh Daniel E. Toomey Dorothy E. Torsney Catherine Tschinkel

In Memory of Vera & Vincent Mulvehill John H. Mulvehill

In Memory of Edward Parkes Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert

In Memory of Francis X. Murphy ‘57 Rosemarie Murphy In Memory of Brian P. Murphy ‘83 John J. Sharkey

In Memory of Maureen Pastina Louis G. Pastina

In Memory of Eileen & Edward McKenna Edward G. McKenna, Jr.

In Memory of Mary P. Murphy ‘82 Kathleen A. Murphy-Lubey

In Memory of Harry P. McKenna ‘40 James T. Roth

In Memory of Bro. Roger Nagle, O.S.F. Gerard J. Baxter

In Memory of Sean McKeon ‘82 Karen A. McKeon

In Memory of Lorraine Neos ‘07 Kathryn A. Finn

In Memory of James McManus ‘52 Daniel D. O’Connell

In Memory of Alfonse J. Niedermeyer ‘79 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beck Alicia D. BoestfleischSheprow Carol DiPreta-Lemire Andrew Doulos Robert A. Fischer Jennifer Marks William B. Maury Sr. Rita M. McCauley, C.S.J. Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schick John Sullivan Andrew Vannata John Vannata

In Memory of Thomas McPartland Michael J. McPartland In Memory of Charles E. McTiernan, Sr. ‘36 Carole & Peter Stathis Melissa & Charles O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Coffman Betty & Stephen Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martin Kristen & Michael Monahan Dino J. Veronese In Memory of Rita J. Mergner Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn In Memory of Sr. Virginia Miller, O.P. Andrea & Gary Ferranti Leona & Frank Milano In Memory of John J. Mollica ‘23 John E. Mollica In Memory of Benjamin George Mollica Benjamin T. Mollica In Memory of Lawrence J. Morgan ‘61 William F. Morgan In Memory of Joseph A. Mulholland ‘46 Dorothy A. Mulholland

In Memory of Sally O’Brien Edward C. O’Brien In Memory of Lucille O’Brien William T. O’Brien In Memory of Gloria O’Connor Francis X. O’Connor In Memory of Bro. Pacificus, O.S.F. Joseph E. Castana In Memory of Cecilia & Harry Pak Joyce Pak-McPherson In Memory of Barbara Parente Patrick D. Parente

In Memory of Teresa Paukowitz Frank Paukowits In Memory of Laraine Perdichizzi Anthony Perdichizzi In Memory of Bro. DeSales Pergola, O.S.F. H’85 Kevin J. Sherry Bro. Labre Tallman, O.S.F. Margaret Travers In Memory of Jack Phelan H’96 Mary A. Phelan In Memory of Sr. Peggy Pointer, C.S.J. Theresa M. Burke-Yarri In Memory of Nancy Portoghese-Bauer ‘80 Paul Portoghese In Memory of James Prendergast ‘79 Allianz Global Investors Kevin Burke Paul J. Colelli Veronica Corbett Roger Daly The Flynn Family Patrice Franko Hannum Feretic Prendergast & Merlino LLC Jean Kelly William B. Maury Regan P. McGorry-Beaton Maureen & Frank McGuire Susan & James O’Hara Steven W. Riccobono Kathleen E. Roman Mr. & Mrs. John Scala Margaret Scandole Sheila Scandole Marguerite Schroeder Laurel & Eugene Smith Mary Stackpole The Inner Circle, Inc Tiller Cause Commerce & Communications

In Memory of James Prendergast H’11 Kathleen E. Roman Marguerite Schroeder Tiller Cause Commerce & Communications In Memory of Katherine Pujdak Mary S. Cunningham Ludomir J. Czynski Rosemarie Mazza & Joseph Germano Kris & Brian McAree Maureen & Tim Shannon In Memory of Daniel Pujdak ‘01 Larry Adamkiewicz Frances & Nicholas Christiano Mary S. Cunningham Ludomir J. Czynski Kathryn Czynski-Cazes Rosemarie Mazza & Joseph Germano Tammy & Joe Ierardi Richard Korn Matthew Kravatz Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kuzniewski Kris & Brian McAree Linda & Robert Petro Christina & Leo Pujdak Megan Rapple Ann Marie & Frederick Rich Mr.& Mrs. Stephen G. Robles Lisa Ruyack Maureen & Tim Shannon Margaret Summers In Memory of Primo Ragnetti Paul A. Ragnetti In Memory of Joseph Ranft ‘72 Kevin A. Griffith In Memory of Gustav P. Raspitha ‘50 Ellen Raspitha In Memory of Ray Ratkowski ‘57 Daniel V. Corry In Memory of George Retmanski ‘73 John J. Uhl In Memory of Mae Reynolds Harold E. Reynolds

Memorial Gifts In Memory of George Robb ‘66 James Dollard

In Memory of Sarkis Sharoyan Diane Sharoyan

In Memory of Romauld Roberts Pearlah & Paul Roberts

In Memory of Thomas J. Sheehan ‘55 Carolyn Cassidy Frank J. Nappi F. G. Walsh

In Memory of Marie & Nicholas Rocco Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr. Claudia M. Rocco In Memory of Bro. Eugene Roeser, O.S.F. Frank A. Massuli In Memory of Peter Romanello ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lindemann In Memory of Collin Adam Ronquillo Sonnia & Arcadio Ronquillo In Memory of Clement Ruggiero ‘56 John Coleman In Memory of Bro. Terence Ryan, O.S.F. Albert T. Hutwagner In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sabella Rocco R. Mangiarano In Memory of Emanuel Sammut Rose-Marie M. Sammut-Leone In Memory of Maria Scagliola John Scagliola In Memory of Jeanne F. Scardino Eileen & Donald Scardino

In Memory of Joseph Scimecca & Grandma Mae Louis E. Scimecca

In Memory of Anna & Rudolph Sidorowicz Keith F. Sidorowicz In Memory of Elizabeth Sisk ‘83 Jon Fredas In Memory of Kevin T. Slattery ‘72 Kevin A. Griffith In Memory of Margaret Sotiriou-Abramo ‘85 Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski In Memory of Ruth Speer Catherine P. Boyle Marilena M. Minucci Michael L. Owens In Memory of Timothy M. Stackpole ‘77 Faith In The Future Peter Brady Lawrence P. Byrne Peter P. Dunne William B. Maury John P. Miller In Memory of Robert Stenger H’83 Robert Capen In Memory of Joseph Sullivan William M. Sullivan In Memory of Catherine Supon Stacey A. Logan-Docke

In Memory of Alphons W. Tobias Winifred C. Tobias

In Memory of Patrick J. Tonra ‘56 Harvey R. Lydecker

In Memory of John, Maria & Carol Wittreich Kenneth J. Wittreich In Memory of John J. Wright ‘44 Kathleen Wright

In Memory of Vincent A. Toscano ‘53 Mr. & Mrs. Carl L. Applegate Joan Bharucha E. Burke Joseph R. Davis William Fawley Elizabeth & Robert Garver Fay & John Horrocks Lite-Way Electric Co., Inc. Mary & Frank Macchiarola McGladrey & Pullen LLP Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McMahon Michael Mundenar Richard Stefani Mr. & Mrs. John Strahle Sweetener Supply Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Toscano Trenton Sheet Metal, Inc.

In Memory of Kevin Wuerz ‘82 Margaret M. Wuerz In Memory of Helen & Nicholas Zodda Bro. Alan Zodda, O.S.F.

In Memory of Katherine Trigg-Schmidt Robert H. Trigg In Memory of Patrick Tufano ‘46 Olivine Tufano In Memory of Albo Veltri Marisa M. Veltri-Robles In Memory of Elvira & Candido Venuto John R. Venuto In Memory of Bro. Bernardine Voute, O.S.F. Richard J. Edwards In Memory of Lauren Wagner ‘01 Kathleen Tyson In Memory of Bro. Timothy Walsh, O.S.F. H’84 George J. Clough Arthur R. Stuchbury In Memory of Sr. Mary Walsh, S.C.H. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kirchhofer


In Memory of Joseph Taylor ‘58 Bronwyn R. Fillion Catherine Makowka

In Memory of Drew Thomas John A. Thomas

In Memory of Daniel Weadock ‘57 Lauretta A. Farrell


In Memory of Richard Scotti Daniel J. Scotti

In Memory of Stephen Shurina, Sr. Patricia M. Shurina-Vail

In Memory of Mark Teofilo H’12 Robert Angeletti Peter C. Angell Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Robert Antonetti Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage Inc. Perdiue Group Mitchell J. Bonanno Paul Canestro Mary C. McHale & Joseph Castellano Kerry A. Collins-DeVos CulinArt, Inc. Rosaleen C. DowlingShea Rosemary Durso Mr. & Mrs. William Espowood Andrea & Gary Ferranti Angela & Michael Fischetti Mr.& Mrs. Anthony Grieco Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guthrie Bart J. Haggerty Marita & Charles Jardines Sharon F. Mason Jacqueline & Frank Mazeski Cherylann & Sheldon McCalla Eva McCarroll Leona & Frank Milano Nancy & Paul Millus Luigi Pedalino John J. Pinder, II Lynn Pombonyo Lucille Portley Elizabeth Prohaska Christina & Leo Pujdak Jessica A. Schatz-Brennan Olasunbo Shittu William J. Skody Kristin Smith Linda & John Smith Carolyn Szostek UNGER’S Floor Covering Mr. & Mrs. James Wagler

In Memory of Edward Tonkin ‘72 Sean D. Cusack

Annual Report

In Memory of Jon Scharfenberger Dennis F. Scharfenberger

In Memory of William H. Shubert Walter J. Schubert

Betty Newell Gene & Tony Reopel Mary & Sal Scarola Tara Taylor Francis A. Taylor

Alumni Spring Reunion Honoring the classes of ‘38, ‘43, ‘48, ‘53, ‘58, ‘63, ‘68, ‘73, ‘78, ‘83, and ‘88

& Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Saturday, April 27, 2013 The Annual Spring Reunion and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony provides a great opportunity to rediscover what made St. Francis Prep “home” for you and to renew old friendships. All members of the special anniversary classes are invited to “come back home” and celebrate with fellow Terriers! The Hall of Fame honors graduates who have demonstrated significant lifetime achievement and service to others. The 2013 Hall of Fame Inductees will be announced shortly.


Annual Report


Here’s how you can get involved: • Plan to attend the Alumni Spring Reunion celebration • Update your contact information on • Share news with your classmates on • Consider making a gift to Prep to celebrate your special anniversary reunion! • Encourage your classmates to support SFP too! (See chart on page 35 for last year’s anniversary class giving.) Find complete details (and online registration) on the Reunion & Hall of Fame at:

We’re looking for volunteers to help out with the Reunion attendance and to advocate support St. Francis Prep! It’s easy and its fun! Contact Bro. Robert Kent at (718) 423-8810 ext. 259 if you would like to help reach out to your classmates!


The Reunion “Back” Story: Thinking Back, Coming Back and Giving Back

St. Francis Prep needs your support! We are working on improvement every day to meet the ever-changing needs of a new generation of students. From vigorous academic programs including top Science, Music and Art programs to highly competitive and outstanding athletic teams, Prepsters continue to thrive. Find out how you can help current students and contribute to the continued success of your alma mater. Thinking Back Think about your years at St. Francis Prep. Do you remember the fun you had, the friends you made, the great teachers and the wide variety of courses you were able to take? Reunion is a great time for you to look back at how much Prep gave you, come back to celebrate and give something back. In giving back, you open the door for the next generation of students.

Giving Back Prep relies on the generous support of its alumni to continue its commitment to excellence in education. Each year, our generous alumni help to enrich and expand the programs and curriculum, enabling our students to recognize their talents and achieve their dreams. You can help too with a charitable gift of any amount!

Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Saturday April 6, 2013 Reunion of the Classes of 1993 and 1998 20th and 15th Anniversary Reunion


Saturday April 27, 2013 Annual Spring Reunion & Hall of Fame Ceremony (See opposite page)


Donate Securities & Mutual Fund Shares When you contribute appreciated securities or shares of mutual funds to Prep, you obtain an incometax charitable deduction for the current fair-market value of the stock. For information, please call the Office of Development at (718) 423-8810, ext. 269 or email St. Francis Prep’s Development Office at

Annual Report

Online Donations Coming Back Simply go to and click on the Every year thousands of alumni get together and “Donate to Prep” menu item for our secure donation celebrate friendships and good memories. Your center. friends and classmates can’t wait to see you -- don’t miss your upcoming reunion! Donate via Postal Mail To send your donation using the USPS, please make Saturday, February 2, 2013 your check payable to St. Francis Prep and mail it to: St. Francis Prep Annual Fund Class of 2003 Reunion 6100 Francis Lewis Boulevard 10th Anniversary Reunion


Even though it’s been a few years since you graduated...

Class Participation still counts!!

Every gift, no matter how large or small, adds up and can have a positive impact on the life of a current or future Prep student. Each year, annual giving support and participation from our alumni, parents and friends help fund projects and programs. You can show your appreciation to the many Franciscan Brothers, Religious Sisters, Lay Faculty and Staff who have paved the way for generations of students like you. Your gift (or pledge) of any amount can help ensure The Next 150 Years of excellence at St. Francis Prep.


Annual Report


Top 10 Classes in Overall Participation Rate Class of 1959 1982 1962 1992 1957 1972 1960 1977 2006 1952

Participation 21.29% 19.76% 21.29% 18.86% 17.24% 16.34% 15.94% 15.81% 15.27% 13.10%

Top 10 Classes in Overall Dollars Raised Class of 1980 1957 1976 1962 1975 1977 1985 1959 1982 1978

Amount Raised $ 215,763 $136,197 $ 47,822 $ 29,274 $ 28,350 $ 22,401 $ 22,281 $ 16,844 $ 14,615 $ 13,035

Reunion Anniversary Class Giving 2011-12

Reunion Anniversary Class Total Giving

Looking Back, Coming Back and Giving Back at Reunion time!

Total Amount Raised


























Pictured at left: SFP Principal, Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. (center) accepts a class gift check from Golden Anniversary Reunion Celebrants Don Kent ‘62 (l) and John Pereira ‘62. The class raised the money to assist St. Francis Prep in its mission of providing a highquality Franciscan education to the current and future generations.


Your gift or pledge helps strengthen the Prep experience as we continue to grow in excellence, provide new opportunities and meet the challenges of a new educational environment. Please consider offering your support! You can donate online at: donations/


Annual Report

The St. Francis Prep Reunion Gift Program is a critical component of the Annual Fund. As much as Reunion is about coming back to celebrate our years at Prep, Reunion is also a time to consider “giving back”. Each year the reunion classes pledge their support for the people and the programs at St. Francis Prep. They recognize the value of the education that the Franciscan Brothers, Relgious Sisters and lay faculty and staff have provided for more than 150 years! The adjacent chart represents total giving during the fiscal year 2011-12 from each of last year’s Anniversary Classes. Every gift, big or small, provides the support the Prep needs to maintain its reputation for excellence!

Class of

Class Participation in Annual Giving Alumni Giving by Graduation Class for the 2011-12 Fiscal Year Class of 1936 Dennis J. Carey Class of 1938 Peter J. Kowalenko Class of 1940 William A. McLoughlin Francis J. Murphy X. J. Musacchia Thomas C. O’Brien John F. O’Connor Class of 1941 William J. Cashin Vincent F. Stempel Class of 1942 Blair F. Allen John J. Duffy


Annual Report


Class of 1943 Lawrence J. Doyle Timothy J. Horgan John D. Moten Francis X. O’Connor Walter J. Schubert Maurice J. Taaffe Class of 1944 Daniel T. Canavan William P. Horohoe Robert J. McDade John A. Thomas Class of 1945 Harry P. Fagan John V. Mullane John F. Ryan ‘45 Alton J. O’Neil Class of 1946 Thomas F. Cacciola James F. Caravella Donald F. Rimmelin Class of 1947 Harry A. Baierlein Joseph E. Castana

Francis H. Dowd Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill Daniel F. Lynch Anthony J. Pellarin Francis E. Precht James D. Quinn Joseph P. Reid Francis V. Reilly Emil L. Sartori Class of 1948 Vincent C. Bracco Joseph T. Cavanagh Roger Daly William J. Ehrmanntraut Rev. Anthony J. Failla Joseph M. Hughes Edward C. O’Brien George F. Oristano Alfred E. Roberts Anthony J. Russo John R. Scanlon Class of 1949 Nicholas E. Conti Joachim J. Gange Ralph L. Gentile Francis J. Hannafey Thomas J. Kelly Joseph F. MacDougall Edward P. McDonagh James E. McGlyn Eugene J. Mirabella Richard T. Nolan Gerald W. Smith Class of 1950 John E. Ambery Charles V. Austin George J. Clough Ronald J. Hoefner Robert F. Koehler Anthony N. Mastandino John J. McAree James A. McDonough Robert C. Minion John S. Quirke Richard P. Raaf Bro. Robert G. Schaefer, O.S.F.

John L. Schultz Richard H. Surridge Richard J. Witt Class of 1951 John J. Adams Edward P. Aquilone Gerard J. Baxter John H. Cady Paul V. DeLuca William J. Dooley William T. Heenan Leo M. Keegan Rev. Daniel Lanahan, O.F.M. William R. Lee Patrick J. McLaughlin John A. Meehan Thomas P. Miller Bro. Roman Morris, O.S.F. Daniel J. O’Keefe Alfred D. Pascale John M. Prenderville Bernard F. Wynn Class of 1952 Edward J. Bohan John T. Cole Kevin J. Connors John P. DeRiso Joseph F. Ferris John F. Fraas John F. Goydas Rev. Joseph E. Heinlein Robert L. Kennedy Thomas J. McGuirk John G. Melito John H. Mulvehill Daniel D. O’Connell Benedict J. Pollio Robert Reggio Thomas P. Reynolds Achilles R. Schiano Arthur R. Stuchbury Emery J. Szlezak Robert H. Trigg Robert F. Waegelein Thomas J. Wallace

Class of 1953 George C. Bergleitner Arthur J. Brown Nunzio D. Cazzetta Joseph C. Cotter Albert G. Doumar Henry C. Fiorillo James M. Healy Brendan T. Mahon Timothy D. Mahoney John E. Mollica Rev. Msgr. John H. O’Brien John K. Rode Francis A. Taylor Vincent A. Toscano Class of 1954 John M. Downing John P. Duffy Robert J. Fey Ernest M. Folli Robert J. Frank John E. Golden Howard T. Gould William J. Hundt Anthony J. Keck Charles J. Kilkuskie Michael J. McPartland John P. Monaghan William F. Morgan Edward Mulvihill Edward R. O’Malley John Owens Robert J. Pelizza Arthur Swaine Joseph F. Wahl Class of 1955 John R. Baumann Thomas A. Booras Philip A. Buttling Charles J. Cain Edward T. Carroll Frank X. DeFontes Most Rev. John C. Dunne Alan N. Eremin Lester L. Grimmell James A. Hannon James T. Hyland

Anthony J. La Bello Frank J. Nappi Joseph O’Doherty Robert J. Pellegrinelli Paul A. Ragnetti Robert D. Regan Bernard T. Renzy Frank T. Villano Robert P. Walsh F. G. Walsh John T. Ward Class of 1956 Robert J. Brennan John B. Casey Francis X. Clines Roger M. Coleman James E. Corrigan James P. Donnelly Eugene J. Flynn James R. Hart Frederick E. Haynia Edward Joyce Harold F. Kelly Robert C. Labriola Francis T. Lang Patrick W. O’Daly Victor W. Ritter Robert P. Rourke Peter J. Schweitzer William M. Sullivan Henry B. Szot Class of 1957 Dominick A. Alfieri Edward A. Andrie Bro. Michel Bettigole, O.S.F. Herbert T. Blomquist Edmund E. Brett James I. Brucia John P. Cahill Richard W. Caunitz John Coleman Philip S. Cottone George P. DeGeorge Robert K. Doherty Vincent J. Emilio Robert E. Furey Richard Hennessy

Michael A. Henning Kenneth B. Hogan Michael P. Jeffrey Lawrence F. Judd Edward C. Kennedy Robert Kirby Raymond J. LaBarbera James F. Mattei Eugene McCaul Edward Miller Bro. Louis T. Miritello, O.S.F. Walter J. Morley Robert W. O’Shea Ray J. Ratkowski Walter Riebenack John A. Schneider Jack K. Spittler Bruce E. Thomsen Daniel E. Toomey Joseph P. Walker (RIP) Class of 1958 Thomas W. Bartley Thomas J. Brady Henry E. Coghlan Daniel V. Corry Joseph R. Davis Thomas M. Day John P. Devlin John C. Fay Gerald S. Keough Ronald J. Klammer Harvey R. Lydecker James J. Manning William G. McConnell Peter A. Morgan Joseph T. Ponessa Charles A. Sauer Bro. Kevin F. Smith, O.S.F. Martin T. Wilczynski Eugene R. Winters

Class of 1964 Ralph E. Addonizio Leonard P. Arcuri Augustine Aversano Robert G. Bombara James A. Chin James M. Corry Leonard T. D’Angelo John P. Gobinski Leonard Graczyk Alfred Hamel Albert T. Hutwagner Barry Kenney John T. Leone Frank A. Massuli Edward R. Murray James F. O’Brien Joseph G. Pellechi

Class of 1965 Pasquale Alesia Michael P. Chiara Richard Chupkowski John A. DeMarco Richard F. Dyas Theodore P. Dymczynski John B. Higgins William J. Infosino Ronald S. Jendras Paul M. Jourcin John T. LaRossa Frank G. Morelli Patrick J. O’Mara Michael J. Prior Kenneth P. Ruane Peter Smergut George B. Sula Kevin B. Westley Class of 1966 Robert A. Cochrane Richard J. Conti Robert T. Crowe James Dollard Alfred E. Fazio Vincent L. Marino Edward G. McKenna Louis R. Murren John Power Fred V. Salvo Kevin J. Sherry Thomas L. Spinner Class of 1967 Michael Agresto George C. Barone John J. Cahill Philip T. Catanese Juan S. Cockburn Edward A. Coyne Sebastian V. DiCasoli Nicholas A. DiLello Frank R. Dukes William B. Fornaro Anthony J. Fusco Robert R. Hans Terrance J. Nolan Michael Pienkos Dominic A. Solimando Class of 1968 Alexander S. Balko Richard Barbella Edward Bartosiewicz Gene Bollinger Bruce J. Bombara Jack Curtin Ludomir J. Czynski Michael Donovan Louis G. Fellin Emilio T. Garcia Joseph E. Garcia Michael A. Grappone

Gerard J. Hevern Thomas Kelleher Joseph A. LaPiana Edward A. LoBue Gerald J. Matarazzo Daniel F. O’Leary Michael P. Pedone Vincent F. Pitta Gerald J. Ricciardo Gary F. Stones Class of 1969 William J. Burns David R. Kilanowski Arthur P. Linnemann Michael P. Lynch Kevin A. Michels Kenneth J. Steinhauser John J. Wagner Class of 1970 John E. Bransfield John C. Brennan Robert J. Brown Pasquale D. Cangiano Vincent M. Catalano Paul V. Cucarese Dominic J. DeVincenzo Michael Dwyer Robert N. Fazio Salvatore J. Galatioto Joseph Griffith Timothy Hannon Peter V. Magnani Robert W. Mayer Dennis J. McDermott Myles P. McKenna Robert Siciliano Class of 1971 John C. Carney Thomas F. Comiskey Thomas J. DiCanio Vincent DiLorenzo Thomas J. Giglio Michael J. Kiely Gaetano J. Mascolo Kerry J. O’Sullivan James C. Petrillo James J. Quackenbush Gerard Ragan Ross A. Rauh Robert Rooney Lawrence L. Santangelo Frank Vulpis Class of 1972 Robert G. Adamo Charles Amorese Charles J. Badaracco Raymond Bassil Gerard H. Boehme Stephen F. Burke Frank S. Catizone Thomas P. Cleary Richard J. Contrada Richard G. Danderline Thomas DeMaria Michael J. Falabella William V. Faulkner Robert J. Genalo Joseph N. Graif


Class of 1962 John J. Arthurs Theodore Bajo Denis S. Barry Vincent L. Bilello Thomas R. Bongiorno John S. Chojnowski Joseph E. Connor William R. Crowe Robert J. Culkin Richard M. DeFronzo

Class of 1963 Gerald J. Abruscato Martin J. Brennan Joseph C. Ciechalski Frederick Conroy John Daley Francois Dumaine Robert Fales Arthur Gormley Joseph T. Himmelsbach Leon Jackson Richard C. Jewell Richard P. Kancler Charles Krpata Timothy D. Leary Charles J. Pergola James E. Sherlock Thomas L. Weigand Rudolph W. Zientarski

Daniel Prosseda Ronald E. Schmid James J. Simonelli Anthony E. Viola Frederick J. Walker Robert T. Walsh Vincent Zelinsky


Class of 1960 John F. Bartley Anthony J. Biancaniello

Class of 1961 James M. Abbott Mike Bonasia Francis E. DeSantis Donald P. Devane William Dimoulas Eugene J. Downing John P. Garufi Frederick Littmann George Mayer John F. McCormack Thomas P. Mione Daniel A. Nolan Thomas E. O’Brien Francis X. Pecquex Harold E. Reynolds Terry D. Sgarlata Henry Sterbenz Richard J. Weilminster Thomas J. Welling

Robert E. DiNardo Paul D. Duran George M. Feeney Paul C. Fitzpatrick Rudolph H. Funke John E. Gibbons Ralph J. Giordano Ted F. Grondzki John A. Hernandez Francis A. Higbie Dominick M. Indindoli Donald E. Kent Thomas M. Laquercia Joseph F. Martin Leonard V. Masucci Robert J. Mazurek Martin J. McCormack Terence McGuinness John McNaboe John E. McNicholas Edward F. Melanson Joseph Mosca Bernard J. Noonan Michael O’Hara Andrew O’Sullivan Joseph D. Pepe John S. Pereira George J. Pipino Albert Sabini Jerry Salata Joseph E. Schneider Paul Speckenbach Andrew C. Vasiento

Annual Report

Class of 1959 Michael A. Agnes Peter M. Baiardi Peter Callahan Thomas F. Conroy Kevin J. Conroy Peter M. Corritori William Dunn Peter A. England Eugene J. Feldhaus Daniel J. Flaherty Vincent B. Flynn Peter J. Ghisone Thomas J. Hall Thomas H. Johnson Edward M. Kelly George H. Lippemeier John R. Mathis Rev. Msgr. J. Edward McCullough Hugh J. McMenamin Bruce M. Meglino Thomas P. Murphy Thomas P. Napier Lawrence J. Pascal Thomas J. Prendergast James P. Sammon

Patrick J. Carroll Walter J. Cook Ronald M. D’Amura Frank A. de Caro Patrick M. Demery Dominick P. DePaola M. A. DeSantis Gerard C. DiStefano Richard E. Donaghy William R. Ficke George R. Gebus John M. Jorgensen George C. Klein Paul R. Klyap Lawrence M. Laskowski Michael P. Lesniak Joseph M. Lisante Stephen P. Morris John J. O’Boyle Robert F. O’Rourke Bartholomew H. Peluso Edward J. Powers Richard F. Randall Francis V. Rossano Benedict F. Ruggiero Anthony F. Russo Joseph A. Salerno Robert M. Sawicki Joseph E. Scalia John J. Sceppa Daniel J. Scotti Joseph T. Skerrett William J. Spadola Peter M. Swist Brian M. Wickham Philip J. Wierzbicki Kenneth J. Wittreich Richard T. Wizbicki William J. Zuk

2011-2012 Alumni Giving by Class Kevin A. Griffith Tom Grunewald Raymond F. Keenan George E. Kochanowski Eugene G. McQuillan John T. O’Brien Luke T. O’Brien William J. O’Neill Catherine O’Rourke-Ryan William P. Ponzio Francis J. Regina Dario Schiavetta Keith F. Sidorowicz Anthony J. Simeti Lee J. Stuart Walter Szczupak Richard Weglarz Thomas J. Zaborowski


Annual Report


Class of 1973 Stephen J. Antal Lawrence K. Becker Dennis C. Black Terence W. Edwards Thomas Garrity Frank A. Lombardo William A. Mabry John P. McGee Patrick J. McLaughlin Kevin V. O’Donnell Andre F. Python Dennis F. Scharfenberger Thomas F. Toomey James J. Troy John R. Venuto Anthony P. Yanni Class of 1974 John D. Abbruzzese Karl T. Bednarek Paul O. Buchbauer Juan P. Campmany Vincent M. Cronen Charles Esposito Michael J. Gorman Ronald Haas Timothy Kirk Anthony P. Maresca Bruce N. Massie John F. McNicholas Frank M. Minaudo Michael A. Mulqueen Thaddeus W. Paluszek Philip R. Savery Thomas W. Terryn John J. Uhl Peter J. Werner Class of 1975 Robert N. Albanese Francis J. Aquila Anthony Catalanotto Kathleen M. ClendeninFurlong Madeline A. Conway Catherine A. Davies-Brown James DePalma Denise G. DeRosa Elvira M. DiBiaseFrancischelli Steven F. Farella Craig J. Ferro

Peter J. Gannon Elizabeth A. GibbsRomanowski Marybeth Hatton-Kunze Francis A. Maggiore Rocco R. Mangiarano Tom Masterson Eugene J. McArdle Joanne McConnellMasterson Timothy R. McGinn Giuliana Miscella Louis G. Pastina James V. Petitto Robert A. Pinzel Gary E. Schantz Vincent Stempel Peter C. Tittmann Harry B. Wallen Brian T. Walsh Class of 1976 Ann E. Ahlstrom-Saxer William B. Ashton Michael Beaury Mary A. Bernstein JeanneMarie BoissellePatella Robert L. Brenner Kathleen M. Brix-Fallon John J. Brown Raymy R. Brown Peter W. Buchbauer Frank D. Burzynski James F. Clements Camille E. Coiro-Penny Gerard A. Compito John R. Corbisiero Filomena D’Elia Alexander V. DelCielo Donna DeLuca-Ferry Nancy M. Donato MaryBeth Dunkak-Marchiony Denise A. Egan-Sintetos Gloria Federico Noreen E. Flaherty Jack A. Franceschetti George C. Garris Jane C. Halligan Carol A. Hammer-Forster Kevin F. Hughes Mary A. Kelly Frank J. Lackner Kathleen A. Mackin-Sciortino Louis S. Magagna Stephen E. Mandia Kathleen Martin-Johannsen James F. May Loraine B. McNulty-West Robert H. Mulvena Guy T. Nevirs Peter J. Paguaga Armand Patella Donna M. Pollard Vincent C. Porreca Maura J. Prendergast-O’Hara Lawrence F. Reinalter Nicholas C. Rocco James T. Roth Gerald P. Scales Pauline M. Scelfo Jeanne Schneider-

McCullagh Maureen A. ShanahanAnderson Patricia S. Smith-Nallen Jacqueline M. StevensSullivan Class of 1977 Anthony A. Alfano Jon A. Andrade Ronald P. Antal Meryle Atkinson-Kaleda Maria Attore-Valle Paul Augello Robert J. Auricchio Stephen P. Baunach Susan B. Belden-Garfield Charles A. Benedetti MaryAnn C. Bosio-Calvacca Robert T. Boullianne Philip Bracco Kenneth Bradley Kyle E. Bragg Lawrence P. Byrne Lynn Calvacca-Iannece Joseph Capone Robert P. Carollo Dennis R. Carroll John J. Casaletto Victoria J. Cerami Frank Ciccone Michael S. Clendenin Karen A. ColafrancescoGallagher Joan Colelli-Nichols Anthony J. Croce Thomas R. Cummings James E. Daley Patricia Daley-Arena Paul R. Dannenhoffer Clifford G. Deptula Louise DerevlanySanAntonio Maureen A. Devine-Gogos Vincent J. DiLandro Debra DiLillo-Sweeney John F. Durdaller Margaret Ferraro-Bradley Norma M. Filippi-Quigley John J. Fitzgerald Kathleen A. Forrester-Cino Michael P. Gabbola Joan Gasser-Buckley Joseph P. Gorycki Kathy Gutleber-Lawrence John P. Halayko Frances M. HendricksonFager Maureen A. Henry-Roux Regina Hines-Watts Chris L. Hyland MaryIrene I. Ilchert-Flynn Kevin M. Killian Robert G. Koster Patricia J. LaMarca-Frank Alice G. LoSordo-Fitzgerald John J. Lynch Michael P. Madden Teresa E. Mansfield-Donohue James T. Martinez Kevin P. McAliney Gerard McCabe

Joseph J. McCabe Karen A. McKeon Susan P. McNulty Stephen C. McParland Barbara J. Mehran-Abruzzo Lisa M. Melillo-Molinaro Joseph A. Miccio Donna M. Montelle-Pedonti Susan C. Moore-Robinson Frank D. Morgera Veronica A. MorrisseyBenjamin Karen A. Mott-Flood Lisa M. Muggeo-Licata Robert Mullane Matthew Myles Genea A. Natale James M. Naughton Kathleen M. OrlowskiGraham Lynn M. Pagano-Clendenin Patrick D. Parente Jodi E. Passarella-Madden Stephen P. Pazan Linda A. Pizzuro-Cramer Charles E. Platt Kevin C. Powell Linda M. Prebilich-Ragogna Colin P. Quinn Richard P. Raaf Peter L. Reali Richard E. Regan Edward W. Reinwald Alyce J. Robinson Lydia Roman-Reynolds Jean-Marie Saporito Jane M. Scandurra Louis E. Scimecca Michael P. Stock Mark C. Szymankiewicz Leonard R. Tarantino Ernest M. Terga Denise M. Troper-Spiegler Roxane E. Vernon Michael A. Vetere Class of 1978 Frances T. Allegretta-Petinos Joseph B. Arroyo Marianne Black-Prawda Maureen Butcher-Linitz Marilyn R. Casalaina-Cote Eileen Clabby-Speed Anthony T. Corbisiero Phyllis Dalton Kevin Dalton Diane M. Delgaudio-Winter Maria L. DiTucci-Petrocine Peter P. Dunne Susan L. Feehan-Gidwill Linda E. Ferranti-Conroy Evelyn D. Giaccio Patricia A. Granito-Haas Chris Hammett Vilma Jardines-McEnerney Leonard S. Labita John J. Lafond GraceAnn LaForgia Anne Lavelle-May Karen A. Lemmo-Barbieri Eileen T. LeMonda Pat M. Mann-Hillenbrand

Maria L. Marchassalla Michael J. Marchassalla Michael R. McGovern Maureen T. McKeonCarragee John J. Paguaga Maria D. Pinto Christina E. ReganD’Alessandro Diane L. Robello-Brockmann Michael J. Scanlon Joseph Sciame Susan A. Sparagna Elaine G. Thornton-Quinn ‘78 Marisa M. Veltri-Robles Robert A. Waegelein Class of 1979 Susan T. Banham-Baran Louis C. Barricelli Robert H. Bohack Theresa M. Burke-Yarri LeeAnn A. Canavan-Black Robert J. Cannon Teresa M. Cefalo-Alexandrou Paul J. Colelli Marie-Elena CrimminsWohlmacher Francis C. Deer Tina Del Ciello-Bernard Geraldine A. DeMarco-Bauer Michael T. Derby Joan M. Devaney-Spillane Carol DiPreta-Lemire Elda A. DiRe Jean E. Dirscherl-Lownds Thomas A. Dowd Diana M. Drake-Lupoli Alice A. Dunkak-Quinn Thomas A. Gebert Lorraine A. Granito-Brocato Ingrid M. Grein-Bailey Christopher J. Heiman Nancy J. Hoera-Norton Thomas S. Hojnacki Michael J. Jones Sonia Kreidenweis-Dandy Christine A. Lombardo William B. Maury Joseph P. McGowan Mitchell G. Melone Lisa A. Miranda-Sloan Leonard P. Mleczkowski Michael F. Mongelli Royce A. Mulholland James P. Murtha Susan M. O’Neill-Cabibbo Thomas R. Onorato Caroline L. Orlando-Murillo Dianna L. Pilate-Virone Peter J. Rappa Maryann Rinaldi-Pratt Christine M. Rodgers-Tavcar Jeanne M. Rubsam-Kane Diane C. Rush-Roberts Deborah A. Strack-Cregan Bro. Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. Phyllis Toss-Rocco Felicia Varlese William A. Viscovich

2011-2012 Alumni Giving by Class Elizabeth S. Schaub Ray Schlageter Martin G. Shannon Patricia M. Simpson Anna C. Sinovcic-Sharkey John G. Spicijaric Sandra Ulrich John M. Urbielewicz Steve F. Valance Patricia Villanigro-Briotta Thomas E. White Nancy M. Zollner-Ferraris

Class of 1983 Anne-Marie L. Agusta-Monahan Rina A. Beacco Therese Bellissimo-Benedict Claudia P. Botero-Gotz Nancy L. Brizzi-Scorcia Eileen Browne Patricia A. Browne-Ronan Marjorie C. Burnside Carl F. Caridi Elaine C. Carroll Anthony J. Ciorciari Kerry M. Condon-Dalton Nicholas F. Cucuzza Christopher D. Ditta Sheila M. Downing-Costello Maria C. Empaynado-Gilday Michelle Estilo-Kaiser Marianna Fior-Brown Sal A. Fischetti Kristine L. Flannigan-Garry Yvonne M. Flesche Jon Fredas Patricia A. Guarnieri-Collins Rochelle M. Hammock-Noel Robert J. Hanophy Kelley A. Hughes-Bacci Anne C. Jolly-Dockett Eileen A. Kilkelly-Westfahl Kenneth H. Kobetitsch Nancy KourilCastrogiovanni Deirdre D. LaPlant Sal LaRosa William J. Lennon Patricia E. Loftus Joseph A. LoScalzo Robert A. Marietta Barbara J. Mergner-Dunn Claudia A. Murphy Linda A. Murphy-Hickey Karen A. Nagle John Nicolini Maura E. Nicolosi Ronald S. Niles Theresa A. O’ConnorJanousek Patricia A. O’Neill Mark A. Papagni Christopher P. Petsanas Anna M. Rapone-Espiscopio Rose A. Romano Patrick J. Rooney Salvatore C. Ruotolo Edward P. Russell Bro. Becket Ryan, O.S.F. (H) Franco Sagliocca Rose-Marie M. Sammut-Leone Peter J. Scala John E. Schatz Michael P. Sheerin Kelly-Ann M. Sinisi-Lennon Carol A. Skinner-Barden David E. Stimus Silvana T. Sutich Anna M. Vitek Clorinda F. Volpe-Tagios Scott Wasserfall Stephanie A. Weber


Class of 1982 Angela M. Acquista Mary R. Andriano-Bosko Cynthia R. Averna Daniel Bacci Giovanna Basandella-Magel Sandra C. Bauerle-O’Keefe Bridget M. Bishop-Pomposelli Alicia D. BoestfleischSheprow Stephen P. Botten Catherine P. Boyle John F. Brady Elisa M. Brigati-Pickel Irene A. Bruno-Parnitke Joseph M. Busuttil John P. Butler Christine Cali-Pflume Tracy A. Carrion-Merckling Jeanine Carroll-Ferrone Angela C. Cavanna Andrea C. CerofeciChiaramonte Arthur Chiaramonte Lyndon D. Chin Anthony D. Chiodi Louis R. Cioffi Bryan P. Collins Clifford G. Condon Jean F. Coppola Leonel Cortizo Elaine Counihan-Lauri Anthony C. Crasto Madeline C. CuomoO’Donoghue Maria E. Cutrone Mark D’Elia Robert A. DeBenedittis Barbara A. Deindorfer-Young Lisa Del Casale-Parmiter Thomas Demange Kelly Denicker-Meyer Caron J. DeSimone-LoCicero Maureen Dillon-Brennan Rena J. DiMartino-DeStefano CarolAnne M. DiSalvo-Ghee Margaret M. Diver Eileen E. Donnelly-Buser Joseph P. Downing Carrie L. Dunn-Fischetti Robert D. Eilbacher John L. Evans Maureen V. Feeney-Tjalma Theresa C. Fennell Victoria M. Finiello-Ferrara Joseph F. Gavin Carolyn M. Genna-Testani Christine M. Giacalone-Smith Barbara J. Gillespie Maria D. Gonzalez-Brooker Margaret Gregor-Wolf Paul D. Heckelman Matthew Heffernan Christine Hily Jane A. Hoey-McSweeney John J. Hogan Donald J. Hogg Jeanine C. Jankowsk-Viscount

Maureen J. Jennings-Hogan James B. Jones Kathleen M. Kelly Kathleen M. Kelly-Jonovich Regina Kelly-Sauchelli Catherine M. Kennedy Mary Paige Lang-Clouse Gail P. Lavin-Murphy Francesca M. Lemont Cary J. Licostie Edward F. Linekin Paul M. Lubicich Catherine C. Lydon-Mesa Kevin J. Magee Cheryl L. Marchand-Ferraro Doreen A. Marino-Pelkonen Stephen G. Maroney Jeanne Matich-Maroney James J. Mattone Susan M. McGrath Kevin G. McNamara Peter M. Murphy James W. Murtagh Nick Niceforo Ruth A. O’Hehir-Fitzgerald Laura C. Pecini Patricia I. Peras-O’Brien Salvator Perednia Geraldine M. PerretFerguson Sandra L. Petrucco-Sena James Pickel Steven G. Piniella Nicole C. Pisano-Piniella Michael Prendergast Timothy F. Quinn Ellen M. Quish Louis A. Recupero William C. Reddy Denise Riordan-Larkin James S. Romano John A. Sarrocco Michael D. Satchell Nick T. Scarlatto Tracy C. Schnaufer Mary P. J. Schof-Eilbacher Monica M. Sciales-Furrelle Thomas J. Shanahan Jeanne A. Shannon Patricia M. Shurina-Vail Jeanine M. Siegel-Coppola Maureen A. Simpson Dawn V. Sinisi Reinhard H. Spoerl Robert Strack Michael J. Szarek Marianne Tarquinio-Quinn Ernesto A. Testani Jerry Truzzolino Vanessa M. TyburskiCognard Christine M. UnderhillHoffmann Danielle J. Ursini-Roginski MaryBeth Varga Henry E. Villacis Laurie A. Vitagliano-McNamara Marisa A. Vitale-Flynn Andy M. Zovich


Class of 1981 Christopher Adamo Rosemarie Agusta-Carousso Edward G. Allcock Stephen C. Banas William Bannon Peggy Bergin-Sementilli Karen Bischoff-Babich Edward P. Boles Christopher L. Campese Leonard J. Camporeale Larry Carbone Richard Carlson Alicia Caruso-Dauro Mary J. Columbia-Falce John F. Costello Michael Curti Lisa DeRita-Sadler Rosaleen C. Dowling-Shea Ellen Fischer-Taylor Peter R. Flynn Ann Forde-Costello Donna M. Franz-Livecchi Joseph Freda Toni-Ann A. Girdusky Carolyn Goldner-Labella Maureen A. Healy Thomas Hickey Brian T. Jones Mark S. Kempisty Johnna Kosinski-Pelczar Anastasia Lagonikos-Vrettos Kenneth Larney John P. Lavin Thomas F. Leavens Philip LoGrasso Kelly Magnante-Pilonero Frank B. Mambuca Paul D. Mannix Deirdre McDonough Cecelia McEvoy-Walter Brian B. McKeon Paul B. Michiels Lisa N. Morrissey-MacSpadden Nicholas D. Mosesso Eileen A. Mulqueen-Posch Joseph Nunziata Brian J. O’Donoghue Terence M. Ormsby Steven Osojnak Marion L. Passero-Osojnak Joan P. Patzelt-Guerra Sandra M. Pecini Margaret Raftery-Sbaschnig Thomas Sadler Rosemarie ScandaleMambuca Eileen Scardino Ella M. Schiralli

Clarke Ulmer Vincent A. Verdi Gail Whelan

Annual Report

Class of 1980 Robert J. Adams Elizabeth G. Adams Michele M. Allegretta-Mirro Jeffrey Alter Louis Angulo Kathleen BarnesRomagnano Stella M. Barresi Mariana Bernunzo-Connolly Walter A. Bishop Gerard E. Boeckhaus Lisaann Carrieri-Veneziano Michael J. Cassano Denise G. CatalanottoPennacchio Jill T. Cirino-Seyfert Laura E. Clark-Scutchfield Suzanne M. Clay-Pechtol Carol E. Condorelli-Haenlein Kerri A. Connolly-Kraetzer William P. Costello Lori A. Costello Bruce Cotugno Robert V. Cotumaccio Donna M. DiNoto-Doherty Steven R. DiSalvo Joanne M. Dixon-Rice Elaine H. Dooley-Feerick Kerri Downey-Meegan Elizabeth Espaillat-Salerno Gina Filoso-Setaro Barbara A. Fuchs-Janny Barbara L. Grein-Napoli Robert W. Hamilton Elizabeth E. Hiris-Jagde Arlene T. Huber-Jaklitsch Janine M. Ilchert-Foreman Norma R. Kalkhoff Thomas W. Kobel Eleanor W. KoestnerWeinstein Frederick J. Kress John G. Leahey Elizabeth A. MacEwen-Timken Joseph F. Magel Leslie A. McCarron-Meich Paula A. McGinley-Smith Robert F. McNulty Marilena M. Minucci Patricia A. Nicholas-Prufeta Denise M. Niedermeyer-Tracey Frederick S. Noz Patricia O’Lander Elizabeth Olwell-McNulty Roberta M. Ott-Schaaf Michael S. Pagano Loretta F. Palyo-Rueth Bernadette M. Pappas-Bruno Christopher M. Pastina Isidor D. Perez William C. Povey Sean M. Prendergast Barbara J. Prisco-Younger Elizabeth Prohaska Maria D. Puppelo-Esposito William A. Rabl Mathias M. Roberts Roseann C. Sarra-Geiger Carol L. Sarrocco Victoria A. Satlov Donald D. Scardino


Annual Report


2011-2012 Alumni Giving by Class Class of 1984 Nancy A. Abraham-Selinske Eleana F. Anastasis-Kokotos Marylene Ansa-Rizzo Andrea T. Barcia-Volding Debbie A. Barry-Stanis Samantha Bauer-Pecora & Paul Pecora Jean-Luc Bernard Michael G. Brady Robert P. Campagna Suzanna CastellanosBehringer Vincent F. Catalanotto Michael L. Columbia Donald J. Curran Claudia B. DeFrankMcGuinness Estela B. Divino Joseph A. Divone Joseph J. Donini Nicole C. Dyon-Jordan Elizabeth V. Everett-Tetzlaff Lisa M. Ferrara-Donini Michael F. Foley Leland V. Fuller Ricardo C. Gonzalez Ronald Gotz Karla A. Guerrero Marc Hamlin Christina Hanophy Lynn F. Hausser-Choisez Denise M. Heckelman John Kohout Justine & John W. Kosinski Gustavo Laserna Margaret Lazo Kevin Lee Monica A. Marinello-Duffy Denise E. McBride-Fischetti Karen A. McDermott Mary E. Meier-Scala John P. Miller Susan D. Miller-Brown Benjamin T. Mollica Mary L. Nicholas Debbie Nomikoudis-Pascullo Maureen R. O’ConnorMansfield Debra M. O’Hehir Michael J. Palumbo Debra A. Panaro-Connelly Ralph A. Paradiso Joanne L. Persico Elizabeth M. Picerno Mary S. Reilly-Barbera Frank Rizzo Alysoun V. Roach Amelia F. Scarpulla Barbara A. Scotto-Foley Audrey M. SilvermanCatalfamo Nicholas A. Siragusa Thomas R. Snowden Antonella A. SpaventaFitzgerald Lisa M. Stimpfl-Strumpf Margaret M. Taylor-Finucane Ingrid C. Thelian-Croak Benedict J. Tockarshewsky Eric F. Wolf Robert V. Yzaguirre

Class of 1985 Antoniette M. AcquistaAberasturi Stephen G. Adams Richard P. Alexandro David V. Alma Sondra A. Austin Maryellen L. Bruno Matthew Campese Angelica E. CanalesBabolcsay Janet M. Carroll-Blagg Sabrina G. Casimir Henry F. Chamorro Laurene N. Cowhey-Lang Mary P. Curran-Vetter Erin M. Daley-McGovern Thomas G. Dalgish Ellen M. DeRiso Lisa A. Drivick-Adams Karen M. Falsone-Reinah Robert J. Fiordaliso Dennis F. Gaynor Thomas George Jennifer M. Gilroy-Ruiz Louise M. Golero-SanFilippo Kathleen M. Gorta-Canning Christian F. Hallinger Judith C. Jocson-Singer Douglas S. Johnston Joseph C. Kirincich Steven P. Leon Lorraine A. Lods Lourdes M. Martinez-Cipolla Glen J. Mazzara Peter McEvoy Debra A. Medaglia-Laserna Carolyne Nicolosi-Greene Catherine A. RuebenackerMazzola Eugenia Sabini-Polin Louisa A. Santulli-Scigowski Toni A. Savino-Caturano Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap Steven J. Schell Kevin K. Shanahan John J. Sharkey Camille A. Soccoli-Alma Angela Stea-Clifford Patricia A. Toscano-Robertson Gloria A. Tramonte-Mirrione James P. Vafeas Sergio B. Valentini Michael C. Vallone Robert A. Varriano Vivien M. Veloso-Hegarty Diana E. Viscovich-Ryan Noreen M. Walsh-LaCour Theresa E. Werner Kenneth C. Williams Class of 1986 Leslie T. Alvarado Douglas M. Amann Frances J. Arricale Mitchell J. Bonanno Michael A. Brader-Araje Linda A. Bremer-McGuire Christina BuffamonteGerbino Tricia L. Candemeres Nicholas Corona

Rev. James K. Cunningham John J. D’Angelo Diana M. Dalessio-DiLeo Raymond Diaz James C. Dugan Michelle B. Duplatre-Milone Craig M. Farrell Valerie R. Felicetti-Massimo Alejandro R. Finardo Elaina E. Gabriele Patricia R. Gambino William Gentile Eric M. Hafker Dana Hamlin-Vezza Barbara A. Hammel Karen A. Haunss-Sapinski Larry V. Jokhan Catherine M. King-Wilkinson Jerry Koutsavlis Anne M. LaCascia-Adair Laura A. Marchassalla Robert P. Maroney Gerard R. Martre Patricia A. McAndrews Sean S. McDermott Matthew T. McKeon Gina Minielli-Gunkel Debra D. Molloy-Ranieri Brian K. O’Connor Nancy E. O’Hehir John L. Pizzurro Elizabeth K. Queren Kenneth Ranieri Gloria B. Rios Paul P. Rizzo Frances T. Robles Marie B. Sweeney-Shanahan Nicola A. Tuseo-Fressle Linda A. Vagra Christine E. Walsh-Freda Peyman S. Zandieh Class of 1987 Cheryl Allocca-Christopher Sonia C. Alvarez-Correnti Grace C. Amurao Laura Barcia Carolyn J. Bittel-Szydlowski Margaret A. Blewitt-Padley Shant Chalian Bernadette Conlon Walter J. Cook Msgr. James J. Cooney (H) Kathleen M. CroninWorthman Alfred A. D’Andrea Anna M. D’Elia-Delaney Michael DeCarlo Rachel A. DeLeon-Hancock Joseph J. Failla Gina R. Fini-Bianco Kerry I. Ford-Zorn Michael Freda William Fressle Rose M. Giambra-Seifert Deborah L. Goetz Claudia E. GomezKosakowski Angela M. Gray-Girardi Deana Guadalupe-Landeen Sheila Hallahan-McAndrew Eugene A. Hawkins

Margaret M. Holland-Judge Theresa D. Irrera-Talluto Christopher Karagheuzoff Denis A. Kelly Marie D. Kowalczuk-O’Neill Arthur LaGrega Sharon Lavin Jose S. Leon Monica Lirarakis-Draper Antonette Lodati-Bivona Stacey A. Logan-Docke Darlene London-Johnson Anthony J. Longo Nicholas V. LoPrinzi Anna T. LoScalzo-Caruso Elizabeth Lynch-Melo Carolyn Mandt-Palma Deirdre A. Markle-Day Jason Martinez Mark F. McAndrew Colleen A. Meade-Edwards Edward Michel Claudia Milne Arthur C. Mueller Brian H. Murphy Kerry A. Neely-Martinez Cynthia A. Nicolich-Prag Thomas J. Norton David O’Leary Dayna K. Olson-Ingrassia Michael L. Owens Angela P. Palomino-Quinlan Christine Palumbo-Craig Kalitsa Pappas-Gabriel Christine PassarellaCristofari Darryl Phills Stephan P. Pongnon Megan B. Prendergast Edward T. Probst Heather Quinlan-Braun Luigi Ricciardi Diana L. Roach-Hammond Eugene Roche Deborah L. Santalesa Michael D. Santangelo Marcella A. Scalia-Squeglia Lisa Schaefer-Heuer Mary Schimitsch James A. Shaughnessy Danielle R. Sledge-Myers Lori J. Thompson-Saputo Debra Tracey-Deery Teresa A. Travis Emily Van Ingen Rene Varriano Christopher Yorke AnnMarie Zucaro-Bullaro Class of 1988 Vincent Acquista Jo-Jo M. Barnes-Conlan Michael Brown Daniel R. Calhoun Thomas M. Coletti James P. Conroy Kerin E. Coughlin Michael J. Davis Paul J. DeBenedittis Joseph A. DeMaio Robert T. Eck Richard J. Edwards

Kenneth Ferguson John Filshie Steven Garafalo Kellie Gutbrod-Diekemper Ted D. Jahn Claudia Jaramillo-Lee Larry Kaletcher Linda I. Kierenia-Eck Sylvia J. Kim Kevin M. Kispert Christine A. Laino Laura A. Marinconz-DeMario Paul Mastrandrea Colette McCann-McArdle Ann Monaco-Sapia Jennifer L. Morrison-Hart Cheryl A. Nierer Brian M. Oberheim John D. Panos Peter A. Patrissi Tracy A. Perlman Rino Radovic Sarita I. Rang-Campbell Paul Sementilli Christina M. Tubridy-Brennan Heidi W. WaegeleinHansberry Lisa M. Walke Jonathan R. Wilson Class of 1989 Laura J. Andriola Philip P. Andriola Alexander M. Arevalo Steven Benini Dolores Blaskovic-Radovic John M. Bono Mark A. Bracco Liboria Buscemi Edward J. Carroll Aida I. Castillo Su-mei M. Chau-Tamayo Theresa Chillianis Frank Cioffi Maureen A. Curran-Lettau Nicholas DeBlasi James E. Eck Joann Fazzi-Acquista Kim L. Forgione-Prisco Steven A. Frosch Jennifer A. Gaipa-Immello Marianne E. Haggerty-Zidar Gregory J. Hrycak Michael J. Janssen Barbara J. Kenngott Brian C. Kramer Susan M. Logan-Filshie Karen Marchisella-Machado Patrick J. McArdle Aris J. McMahon Drew T. Morgan Susanne M. Morscher-Lewis John B. Mullahy Dawn E. Mulligan-Leimgruber Kathleen A. Murphy-Lubey Tara M. Murphy-Herrera Mary J. Nathan-Hart Brian K. Palazzola Louiza Patsis Megan M. Robinson-Rogers Lope Rodriguez Marlene T. Talisaysay

2011-2012 Alumni Giving by Class Dino C. Tamayo Thomas S. Tripodianos Diane M. ViscovichO’Sullivan Class of 1990 David M. Alexandro Anthony P. Amoroso Ann M. R. Bongiorno-Wolfe Kevin T. Carroll Nicole J. Casella-Piotrowski Anthony J. Catalanotto (H) Barbara M. Catalanotto (H) Sean D. Cusack Laurie S. Feld Douglas S. Filomena Phyllis Gambino-Skody John F. Ghingo Christopher Gibbons Matthew L. Grabowski Keith J. Grande Bart J. Haggerty Anne M. Harnett-Coletti Christine H. Harper Maria K. Ieni Georgia Kaporis Roger J. Kobel (H) Mary E. Kobel (H) Brian E. Kohm Regan P. McGorry-Beaton Stephanie Nolan-Kennedy Lisa M. Olmo-Schulz Joyce Pak-McPherson John J. Pinder Thomas F. Regan Annmarie T. SandozSantiago Kristina S. Schatz Michael J. Schulz Susan M. Szabo-Mosquera Debra M. Thompson-Grande Patricia A. Thomson Steven R. Vaccaro Monique A. Vallerugo-Vaccaro Kristina Veljak Donald J. Wolfe Rev. Nicholas A. Zientarski

Edward M. Walsh Lisa M. Waters-Burleigh Nancy M. Williams Robert Williams Catherine A. Zonsky Class of 1993 Toni A. Asaro-Connors Patrick J. Conlon Catherine Cremona Michelle DeLemos Margaret Donaghy Wilhelmina EstevezDomondon Edmund W. Foley Marina Jurcev Matthew B. Levens Joseph Lods Roxanne M. Makolin Socrates A. Manolopoulos Antonio Marano Kerry A. McGinn-O’Neill Meghan A. Mullaney Patrick J. O’Brien Marcello Rabuffo Tricia Raccuglia-Rabuffo Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan Dennis Ring Veronica Robledo-Prager John P. Short Mary A. Speidel-Leszczak Jennifer L. Tucci-Dorman Class of 1994 Jennifer H. Anderson Jennifer E. Barton Michelle Bergin Maurice Braithwaite (H) Elizabeth Conlon-Galanti Nancy E. Cottone Jeanna DeLuca-Lambert Francis N. Dobry Henry Donaghy Aliya M. Flake Patricia Gillett-Thomer Matthew Kohm Rita A. Licari-Tyska Jason Mallia Bevin K. Meade-Gibbons Patrick J. Mullaney Frank Paukowits Lisa M. Planeta Lisa Profeta-Valte William M. Reidy Michael Sacco Thomas Sellers Raymond O. Valte Rev. Theresa Venezia Brian Wagner Angela Wen

Class of 1996 Joseph Armao Vanessa L. Barrios Olivia P. Berrios-Betances Salvatore Caruso Edward Conlon Jessica A. Dowd-Wilde Jennifer Farino-Walsh Jennifer C. Giordano-Palma Pina M. Gulla-Campagna Suzanne Hengl Claudio Lipcic Elizabeth Owens-Mitchell Luigi Pedalino Jack Phelan (H) Daniel P. Sosa Christina Soto Maureen Wagner-Duda Moises P. Young Class of 1997 Rosanna Albanese-DiLieto Janine Ashton-Scheider Damir J. Bailo Jennifer Baldea-Collins Alissa Carlucci-Adler Susan Carrara-Dowling Maria Celic Areti Christoforatos Jonathan Cole Kathleen Conway Carissa M. Covatti Lawrence Donnelly James A. Erato Amanda Gallocher Theron Grinage David J. Grondzki Diane M. Haimeck Kerri Hughes-Ungaro Marin Jukic Thomas D. Kennedy Nicholas Laino Kathleen Loonam-Faccio Daniel McGinn Christine Merceron-Haley Meredith Muller Athena Parliaros-Barnjak Frances Parziale-Jimenez Mayra A. Perdomo Pamela Popa Christine A. Sanchi James P. Sulecki Catherine Sullivan Kimberly A. Sullivan Luz A. Tanon-Bove William P. Vallely David Zivan


Class of 1995 Geraldine Bergin Christopher J. Cardinale Frank Castagna Stacie Christopoulos-Tedesco Kelly A. Corcoran-Iannello Heather Davis-Rinaldi Rose L. DeInnocentiisRuesing Elena Gil Beata Korytowsky

Susan Lombardi-Abbott Annunziata ManzolilloPignatelli Dermot McHale Regina A. Miranda-Vasquez Ana E. Rosu-Marmann Jessica A. Schatz-Brennan Eileen M. Walsh-Prymaczek Noelle L. Werner-Belmonte


Class of 1992 John A. Albino Patricia L. Alexandro Michael Aliverto Peter C. Angell Nicole M. Anzalone-Moss Patrizia Arena-Conelli Nicole Armetta-Papadimitriou Irene M. Baker Dawn M. Baratta Jennifer A. Barrett-La Bella Crystle Benitez Basilia M. Bonavita-Orcillolo Nancy B. Brett-Martin Stacy E. Brown-Mallia Jessica M. Byrne-Caldara John M. Calone Berthy J. Calvache-Murphy Heather K. Calvano Steven J. Capellini Marc A. Carone Frank E. Carpentiere Renata R. Carullo Gina M. Christiani-Kearney Peter F. Ciccotto Sandra Cicio Anthony Ciminera Suzanne ColagiacomoStallone Matthew J. Contreras Brenda Cooney Bernice Corona Nicholas J. Cremona Arelis Cruz-Wilczynski George Dallas Michael N. Daloia Christine A. DelFavero-Kurtz Krista T. DeLorenzo-Mancini Eleanor D. DePierroMandarine Paulette Detiberiis-MacArthur Gregory C. Dietrich RoseAnn DiNatale-Delutri Nicole V. DiPippa-Apicella Heather Dowd-Priel Concetta H. Duca-Francisco James H. Fahey Donna M. Falco-Fleming Diane M. Falco-Pramberger Tara J. Fasolino-Pecoraro Damian W. Finucane Jacqueline J. FischettiVersace Michael R. Fitzsimmons Martha H. Fonseca Carrie Fornaro-Doolan Joan J. Fougner Michael Fucci Christine L. Gengaro James Giordano Keri M. Giusti-O’Connell Irene Gonzalez-Newman Josephine Graci-Lalicata Gonzalo A. Guerrero

John J. Guida Annemarie GulluscioHoffman Carolyn G. Hartl John F. Heaney Ambra S. Kervellec-Teague Jennifer M. Kump-Finucane Justin N. Kyriannis Louis J. Lagno Christine M. LeBlanc-Fahey Regina A. Legere Jeffrey J. Leszczak Natalie Licul-Verbanac Susan M. M. LoGiudiceSeidita Diego A. LoManto James E. McHugh (H) Gerard P. McManus Barbara J. McNulty-Molen Mary A. Merkl Amelia J. Monteforte-Kalb Danielle R. Mossa Tara A. Mrwik Maria C. Muratore-Bono Michele M. NapolitanoNewton Alissa M. Negron-Sioukas Robert M. Nodar Margaret M. O’ConnorHanson Ryan E. O’Dell Terence J. Osborn Jennifer Ostermann-Doyle Brian F. Ott Tracy A. Owens-Peccia Elizabeth A. ParlatoHeffernan Roberta A. Parziale-Lataille Monika S. Patel-Amin Helena K. Patilla John C. Pecoraro Michele L. Pedretti-Moussally Stephanie E. Peluso-Lorusso Morris Pericic Jennifer Pittello-Calabro Thomas G. Pramberger Christine M. ProkopchukGoncharuk Paul J. Puma Erik S. Quick Dana A. Riso-Barnabee Joseph J. Rivello Denise M. Rohe-Frising Theresa K. Roseburg-Popov William J. Rubino Jovanna M. Salazar-Quindes Leonard Sallahian Marie A. San Pedro Emily A. A. Seales-Mark Christina V. Senken Danielle L. Sicari Mark A. Sobieski Carlo J. Soranno Jacqueline A. SzewczykPokoradi Alisa M. Talleyrand Kevin C. Tierney Steven A. Tomicic Jeanette L. Tripoli-Cigliano Erica Vazquez-Gonzalez Jessica L. Vomero Janet D. Vozila-Stemberger

Annual Report

Class of 1991 Marco A. Battaglia Michelle L. Bloise-Filipakis Kathleen Carroll (H) Alexandra V. Casten Alexander Chan Kerry A. Collins-DeVos Nancy L. Demers Adrian E. Domondon Michele Filorimo Walter L. Foley (H) Dawn M. Gebhard-Cook Justin R. Grella Michelle N. GrgurovicFraneta Sheila J. Hennessy-Thomas Nicole A. Hubner-Oberheim Donald T. Jones Denise A. Kinney-Smith Dolores C. Lois Daria E. Meade-Connolly Michael P. Mejia Michael J. Moss Elizabeth M. Mullaney-Kearney

Justine P. Popolizio-Augello Frank J. Quatela Andrew M. Raquet Marie A. Reichling-Renda Colleen S. Reilly-Fitzpatrick Korrine N. Sheerin-Kohm Jennifer L. Staffa

2011-2012 Alumni Giving by Class Class of 1998 Julie Agate-Lay Barbara Ciaravino (H) Nicholas J. DeStefano Patricia Donoghue Mary Ann Ficarola Anna N. Lam-Chi Melanie D. Lebedowicz Rory McGee Kristen Moretti Elizabeth Plaza-Solnica Antonios Prassos Jennifer Sacco-Tolipani


Annual Report


Class of 1999 David Berni Emily A. Bridges Lauren Clarke-Wagner Jason Collichio Dina M. Distl-Biundo Ryan Frontera James M. Lynch Joseph Maracich Francisco E. Mundaca Jonathan Pereira James Quackenbush Roberto Quiroga Joseph Rodriguez Patricia A. Russo-DeRupo Victor Solis Robert Spence Michelle Teylan-Algenio Joyson C. Thomas Lisa Trpic-Kingdon Timothy Wagner Jessica L. Watz Paul Wunsch Class of 2000 Warren Algenio Alysse K. Bak-Ochoa Heather C. Barton Jennifer Colarusso Brigid A. Harmon Courtney A. Harms-Stelmack Rhea Knaust-Giraldo Joseph Licata (H) Frank Macchiarola (H) Lauren Meditz-Coscia Jane Modry (H) Peter Mosconi Kevin O’Connell Kate K. Occhipinti-Solis Brian S. Schatz James Spence Barbara J. Taylor Carlos Valerio Noreen A. Walsh-McCarthy Class of 2001 Lawrence Alvarez Marisa Barriere Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F. (H) Tino Del Greco Michael A. Devardo Matthew DeVoti Yuri Dieujuste Eugene J. Kapela Andria Lombardi Matthew McCabe Gabriel Ortega

Nicholas L. Pantaleo Megan Rapple Frank S. Scaduto Julia Skandul-Dobry Jacqueline Spitzer Nicholas C. Theoharis Matthew Tramonte Kevin Wagner Class of 2002 Michael Aglialoro Annabelle M. Altine Michael Armao Jessica Baker Diane J. Bollen Robert Brady James A. Breck David Bucceri Diane Budz-Alvarado Ivan Bueno Adrian Caceda John Cazilas Raymond J. Cestaro Noreen Chen Anthony Cicolini Johanna Conde Christina Corsini Jessica Curtis Luke Desmond Kristine DiGiuseppe Lynne Dunham-Torre Kristina S. Elrose-Blair Priscilla S. Esfandiary Jeannine Farino Harold Flake James Forgione Joseph Frohnhoefer Alexandria Gibson Lauren Gueli Albert Guevara Kristie Guiliano Jordan K. Hoffman Maria Irigoyen John Kay Sal Laurita Jason Leberfeld Craig Levine Kristine R. Lindo Michelle E. Lobachewski Robert P. Magee Eric Maiorino Laura March Vincenzo G. Marchese Daniel V. McCloskey Richard W. McGraw Angelica M. McKessy Michelle Miraglia-Waryold Ria Montes Danielle Moreau Eric Mouchette Jasmine Neaves Elizabeth M. Neubauer Erica Nicolosi Emily Occhipinti Philip Payne Stefan P. Phillip Jason Phillip Christopher Ponsolle Jessica Rivera Christina Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez Joseph P. Schneiderman

Eugene Sedita Peter Semetis Nicholas G. Shailas Patrick Shenners Toni Sheridan Dean C. Siroky Ariana Smith Joseph M. Staszewski Joseph Stravato James Sweeney Rheanna Tsakonas Michael Villacres Erin White Benjamin Wong Nicholas Xouris Class of 2003 Catherine Apicella David P. Corbino Jeanmarie Costello Catherine C. Davis Dan Duffy (H) Michael Giacomino Christina Gordon Allison J. Hill Jesse A. Joyce Caitlin Kennedy Patricia A. Lombardi Mary McCartney Natale Modica Sylvia Nunez Steven Olwell Constantina Papageorgiou Camille G. Paredes Nicole Perkins Caroline R. Petruzzi Laura A. Rastelli Steven W. Riccobono Adriana Rosales Patricia Stahl-Poreda Eileen Strohm Rev. William F. Sweeney (H) John P. Tagliaferro Daniel Toca Melissa Vangelder Class of 2004 Daniel Bifani Arthur Freer Giuseppina Licata Arthur F. McMahon (H) Kirstin Mooney Giovanna Paredes Emmanuel Sakatis Jennifer B. Sheehan Kristin Smith Alexandra M. Tudose Alyssa Viglietta Gina M. Vinci Class of 2005 Joseph Barcella Suzanne Chan Deborah Daniszewski Michelle Mitchell Luke Pantaleo Melissa Sarmiento Bro. Alan Zodda, O.S.F. (H)

Class of 2006 Jared M. Abrahamse Phillip F. Acevedo Lisa Addabbo Deanna Andrisani Vasiliki Athanasiou John Barnes Salvatore Bartellino Barbara Barthelemy Katy Benitez Matthew Bernstein Christina Bifulco Anthony Binanti Kalliope Bourekas Lauren Bova Stephen Buccellato Sharifa Callender Robert B. Casal Paul Casano Jacquelynne D. Cavataio Vivian Cho Gerard Clarke Juliana Clarkson Carlo Coumoutsos Benny A. Cuppini Justin Delluomo Christina M. Demos Gianpaolo DiFava Nicole Epstein Martina Featherston Alyssa N. Ferrante Amanda Gavin Alina Gelman Christopher Georgakis Ryan Gilfedder Mary Gilmartin Jaclyn Guarnieri James Hayden Katherine E. Higuera-McCoy Kellie Jack John Kaczmarek Kevin J. Kleinbub Dayne Koster George W. Koutsouras Alexandra La-Rotta Stephanie Lambert Nicole Lapsatis Giovani Liparoto Alyssa Lopez Eftyhia Manolatos Lance C. Marcano Robert Marin Christina Markoski Christopher Matuszewski Megan R. Mccabe Cherisse Mckenzie Ray Mckie Ryan McManus Theresia Merkle Aleksandra Michael Jason Minnella Alexis Namit Ashley Nardozi Sean P. O’Boyle Mary O’Connor Yerko Olguin Maria Orisses Daniela Paladino Omar Perez Anthony D. Perlongo Joseph A. Piazza Daniel Pinna

Michael Pontillo Kyle Porter Stefano Prudente Mark Quackenbush Jeanmarie Quinn Erica Restrepo Richard Riccardi Lisa Rooney Bruce Rushing John Ryan Thomas Sakalis Roland Salazar Gregory Schiller Matthew Schindler Thomas Schnurr Thomas Schollmeier Michael Shiwnath Jason Shortt Kimberly Simon Michael St. John Margaret Stack-Lennon (H) Christie Toledo Anthony Trufelli Maria Trupiano Deirdre Turner Christian Valcarcel Nicole Velocci Natalie Vitale Patrick Wagner Erica Zaragoza Class of 2007 Joseph Catalanotto Frank Cesare Alfred D’Andrea (H) Marie Eilbacher (H) Erika Feltman Kathryn A. Finn Natalie Fouche James Frontera Eleni Hatzis John Kiely William Leckie Stefanie Lopiccolo Lauren M. McCarthy John S. Morana James Pickel Christopher Pierno Class of 2008 Juliana I. Baxley Stephanie M. Cipolla Desmond E. Edmonds Joseph P. Florio Catherine A. Flynn Benjamin A. Gerace Erik R. Glassberg Anil Jethanandani Ashley M. Perich Nicholas T. Parais Laura A. Schioppi Augusto C. Solares Paulette Toscano (H) Class of 2009 Matthew A. Anello Keena H. Anthony Steven A. Borst Kristin Cara Samantha Dell Dominique K. Edmonds Lauren A. Geffen

Ted Jahn (H) Victoria A. Lassen Justin A. Lewis Kathryn A. Mallach Angela S. Oliveri Alexandra M. Scheck Carolyn Szostek (H) Class of 2010 Ryan D. Bacci Joseph Castellano (H) George L. Cintron David M. Cleveland KellyAnn Corrigan James F. D’Amico Collene A. Gavin Kayla N. Haran Thomas J. Kelly Kiran S. Mykoo Lauren P. Nigro Madeline J. Pitz Jeffrey B. Porter Jordann Samela Stephen T. Sciortino Melissa A. Sparr George L. Theofanis JoAnn Wagner (H) Class of 2011 Jason A. Adamita Robert Angeletti (H) Catherine Arapis Katherine Azcona Arnold Bustamante Robert A. Casola Oscar B. Diaz Matthew P. Donaldson Jonathan Figuracion Michael H. Gebert Fabrice E. Gibbons Chirag Jethanandani Angelica R. Leto

Timothy R. Mallach Vanessa M. Mallilo Alex Martinez Daniela G. Mazzara Genevieve K. McNamara Maureen E. Mullarkey Hector Nieves George Papaioannou Donna M. Psomopoulos Aneesa Rasool Meagan N. Schlapp Michael J. Skorczynski Anthony M. Stancati Shannon M. Stevens Valerie M. Theofanis John C. Zurita Class of 2012 Alexander Almeida Marie H. Baietto Angelina N. Castro Elizabeth J. Cohen Matthew J. DeMarco Nancy DeStefano (H) Benny DeStefano (H) Ariana M. Drauch Sydney V. DuPree San Cheng Gao Katherine H. Hickman Autumn-Raine Martinez Ashley A. Morice Michael A. Sciortino Michael J. Shehata Matthew E. Testani Jessie Turkeshi Michelle A. Valentin Class of 2013 Loren E. Harrison Deubola Lee Niko Robalino Thomas H. Tockarshewsky

Reclaim Your Youth! (...or a part of it) SURPLUS YEARBOOKS “For Sale” If you simply lost your yearbook or if it was destroyed in the wake of Hurrican Sandy you may be able to obtain another copy of it. St. Francis Prep discovered surplus copies of yearbooks from a wide variety of graduating class years. New (and like-new) yearbooks from 1975, ‘76, ‘77, ‘78, ‘79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82, ‘83, ‘84, ‘85, ‘86, ‘87, ‘88, ‘89, ‘90, ‘91, ‘92, ‘93, ‘94, ‘95, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘99, ‘00, ‘01, ‘02, ‘03, ‘04, ‘05, ‘06 and more are availabe.

To order call, (718) 423-8810, ext. 268 or go online at


If you supported Prep’s Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, the Annual Golf Classic or any of the other events, reunions, or fund raising activities between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012, your name should be listed in this report. Please let us know and accept our apology if an error or omission is present here. Thank you again for your generosity.


All proceeds will benefit the SFP Annual Fund.

Annual Report

For Hurricane Sandy victims, we will issue you one at no cost—providing we have a spare copy on the shelf. For all others requesting a copy, we ask that you make a free-will donation of at least $25.

The Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society Brother Ralph Clifford served as Treasurer for 35 years prior to his untimely passing in the fall of 2002. His fiscal policies helped keep St. Francis Prep on sound financial footing. The Prep honored Brother Ralph’s memory in several ways. The Prep’s Auditorium was named in his memory and a special “giving society” was established in his name for alumni, parents, and friends who include St. Francis Prep in their estate plans. Members of this giving society are invited each year to the Principal’s Dinner and will be afforded permanent recognition as members of the Brother Ralph Clifford Society. All estate gifts are unrestricted unless designated otherwise by the donor. The Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society Members


Annual Report



Thomas P. Aylward ‘54

Anthony P. Maresca ‘74

Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. ‘48*

John McGinley H’82*

Danielle Connelly ‘05

James E. McGlyn ‘49

Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F. H’01

Francis J. McKenna ‘38*

Robert J. Crimmins ‘56

Alton J. O’Neil ‘45

Paul V. DeLuca ‘51

John S. Pereira ‘62

Paul D. Duran ‘62

The Estate of J.B. Robb*

The Estate of Hugh R. Fredin ‘44*

William & Camille Ruggiero Charitable Remainder Trust*

Phyllis Gambino-Skody ‘90

Michael Sinatra

Robert G. Healy ‘42*

The Estate of Margaret Sorensen, Charitable Trust*

Michael A. Henning ‘57

Robert J. Stenger H’83*

The Estate of Michael J. Holmes*

Joseph P. Walker ‘57*

The Estate of Anna T. Hughes*

Daniel P. Weitekamp ‘40

Sister Mary Kenneth Lane, C.S.J.

Brother Alan Zodda, O.S.F. H’05 *Rest in Peace

Gifts made as part of your long-term financial planning – which often benefit you now and St. Francis Prep later – are known as ‘planned gifts.’ Planned giving allows you to provide future support for the areas and programs at St. Francis Prep that are of most interest to you – and often make a larger gift than you might have thought possible. Planned gifts can offer the following benefits: • • • • •

Provide lifetime income for you and, if you wish, another beneficiary Give you a substantial federal income-tax charitable deduction Enable you to turn low-yielding assets into a higher income stream Reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains Eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes

Ultimately they provide a meaningful gift to Prep and membership in the School’s Brother Ralph Clifford Planned Giving Society, which honors all those who have made a bequest or other planned gift in support of St. Francis Prep.

Annual Report 2011-12 45

The Brother Ralph Clifford, O.S.F. Planned Giving Society

Bequests This is a gift made by a provision in one’s will naming St. Francis Prep as a beneficiary. This can help reduce estate taxes. Trusts & Wills All or part of what remains after loved ones have been provided for can be put in trust or directed for the use of St. Francis Prep. Assets can be put aside also for a limited period of time and then returned to the donor.g


Annual Report


Charitable Gift Annuity This gift allows the donor to receive benefits for his/her lifetime and to qualify for a charitable tax deduction. This form of support is attractive when one has highly appreciated assets. St. Francis Prep requires a minimum gift of $10,000 to establish this.

A Charitable Remainder Trust This form of support transfers assets to a trustee, who then manages the trust and pays an income back to the donor for life or for a specific time period. When the trust terminates, the remainder passes to St. Francis Prep. Unit Trusts A Unit trust has a fixed percentage rate of return on the initial principal value. Benefits include an income tax deduction, the avoidance of capital gains tax (when appreciated securities are used), as well as an estate tax reduction. St. Francis Prep requires a minimum gift of $25,000 to establish this.

Life Insurance and Retirement Plans If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, consider it as the perfect vehicle for a charitable gift! To receive a charitable deduction, name St. Francis Prep as both the owner and the beneficiary of the policy. If the policy has a cash value, you can take a charitable deduction approximately equal to the cash value at the time of the gift. In addition, if annual premiums are still to be made and you continue to pay them, those premiums will become taxdeductible each year.

St. Francis Prep offers a variety of rewarding planned-giving options outlined below. Please consult your tax professional/financial advisor for help in determining the best charitable gift for your situation. Once you have your plan in place, please contact Robert T. Angeletti, Director of Development at: (718) 423-8810, ext. 269, or by email at:

Endowed Scholarship Fund Report

For The Fiscal Year September 1, 2011- August 31, 2012

Scholarship Funds with $100,000 or more have been designated as “permanently endowed scholarship funds” and are highlighted on the following pages. Scholarship Funds with balances of $25,000-$99,999 are presumed to be building toward permanently endowed status and are listed at the conclusion of this report. Our heartfelt thanks to those who have started these funds and whose generosity continues this legacy. St. Francis Prep welcomes the establishment of named, permanently endowed scholarship funds in memory or in honor of the individual (s) or family named— by providing an initial contribution of at least $10,000 and a long-term commitment of $100,000 or more. We hope to add many more scholarships in the years ahead through outright gifts made by generous graduates and friends, through bequests-by-will, and through other planned giving methods.

The Mike Abruzzo & Ruth Speer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012





Mike Abruzzo was the Dean of Men and Ruth Speer was the Dean of Women at St. Francis Prep for many years. The scholarship fund established in their memories provides for a financial award to a deserving student at Prep each year.

Br. Ralph Clifford, Br. Robert Smith & Br. Leonard Conway Scholarship Fund


The Michael Brennan ‘91 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









Established through the generosity of Michael Henning ’57, an SFP Trustee and Hall of Famer, this fund honors the Franciscan Brothers for the tremendous influence they had on his life, most notably the Prep’s long-time Treasurer, the late Bro. Ralph Clifford; long-time Trustee and Hall of Famer, Bro. Robert Smith, and Prep’s Princiapl, Bro. Leonard Conway.

2011-12 47

Please note: The value and/or investment returns of a financial portfolio will fluctuate in accordance with market conditions. St. Francis Prep’s Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager is The Nolan Group, 7 Dennin Drive, Albany, NY 11204. Audits and Financial Reports are provided by Walter J. Cook ‘60, CPA.

Annual Report

This fund was established in memory of one of Prep’s 9/11 heroes, Michael Brennan FDNY, Class of 1991, who was working with Engine Co. 54, Ladder Co. 4, Battalion 9 when he responded to the call that fateful day. “Mikey B” played football at the Prep, and he was an avid snowboarder and surfer who lived in Woodside. His family, especially his older brother Brian Brennan ‘87 and his mother Eileen Walsh, along with classmates and friends, have supported this fund since its inception.

Endowed Scholarship Fund Report

The Corbisiero Family Scholarship Fund

The Martin Doherty ’76 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









Established through the generosity of Anthony Corbisiero ’78 and his family (with matching gifts provided by the George Soros Foundation), this scholarship fund will soon provide assistance to many deserving St. Francis Prep students in perpetuity.

2011-12 Annual Report

This fund was established by Michael Doherty ’77 in memory of his brother, Marty, who was tragically killed in 1980. Marty played football and rugby as a student at Prep and graduated in 1976. His brother, Michael, who lives in Texas, together with other family members, classmates and friends, continue to honor Marty’s memory through this scholarship fund.

The Capt. Vincent Giammona ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The George Dillman ‘00 Memorial Scholarship Fund



Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









George Dillman ‘00, an employee of Con Edison, died in an explosion as he was carrying out routine electrical maintenance work in a manhole in 2008. He was 26 years old. His colleagues at Con Ed, along with Dillman family members and friends organized a golf outing in his memory. Each year, the proceeds of the golf outing as well as other donations received throughout the year are directed into the building of the George Dillman ‘00 Memorial Scholarship Fund at St. Francis Prep.

Vincent Giammona was a very high-spirited and well-liked student who participated in the Track program while at Prep. On September 11th , Vinny and more than 300 of his FDNY colleagues lost their lives in the WTC rescue efforts. This annual scholarship award will be made to current member of the SFP Track & Field Team. Preference may be given to children of Firefighters, Police Officers and/or Military personnel.

The Walter & Mary Henning Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Thomas R. Kelly ’80 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









Established through the generosity of SFP trustee, Michael Henning ’57, this fund honors the memory of his parents, Walter and Mary, who raised six boys in Queens Village, two of whom (Mike and Dan ’60) attended St. Francis Prep on North 6th Street in Brooklyn.

The Bernice & James E. McHugh H’92 Scholarship Fund

Thomas R. Kelly enjoyed making everyone laugh and could find humor in any situation. He was assigned to FDNY’s Ladder Co. 105 on September 11th and was last seen alive in the lobby of the south tower at the World Trade Center. This scholarship fund provides a financial award each year to a deserving Prep student.

The John “Zeek” Marchassalla ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









John “Zeek” Marchassalla was the captain of the SFP 1978 CHSFL City Division Championship team. He was an extraordinary individual who was loved and admired by many. After his untimely passing, legions of Prep alumni rallied to establish this scholarship fund in his memory.

Annual Report

This fund was established in 2007 in honor of the long-time track coach at Prep, Jim McHugh, and his late wife, Bernice. Track alumni and members of the Class of 1957 came together in 2007 under the leadership of Ed Kennedy ’57 and Dan Corry ’58 to raise the money from classmates and track teammates to initiate this fund, and they continue to oversee the annual selection of each scholarship recipient (a senior track athlete in good academic standing who has financial need) as well as ongoing fund-raising efforts.

2011-12 49

Endowed Scholarship Fund Report

The Alfonse J. Niedermeyer ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Brian P. Murphy ’83 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









Brian Murphy played football at the Prep and then at Brown University prior to embarking on a legal career. He succumbed to a brain aneurysm in 1997, and football alumni have honored his memory by establishing this scholarship fund and continuing to support its mission through The Brian Murphy Foundation.

Port Authority Police Officer Alfonse J. Niedermeyer, was a genuine hero even before the heroic rescue efforts at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In 1992, he received a special citation for rescuing passengers from a jet that skidded off a runway at LaGuardia Airport. Al’s wife and family provided the initial funding, and the ongoing support from family members, classmates and friends will insure that this fund can provide financial assistance to deserving students at the Prep in perpetuity.


The Mary & Vincent O’Connor Scholarship Fund

The James Prendergast ’79 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









The Mary and Vincent O’Connor Scholarship is presented each year to one or more Prep football student athletes who demonstrate strong character and above average academic performance, and whose continued progress would be enhanced by the financial assistance provided by this award as determined by the coaches, moderator, and the SFP Principal.

This fund honors the memory of James Prendergast, SFP Class of 1979, who battled and eventually succumbed to Cancer at a early age. He and his four siblings all attended St. Francis Prep, and the Prendergast family, together with friends and classmates, provide ongoing support for this scholarship fund.

Additional scholarship funds with balances under $25,000 (not permanently endowed) have served as another source of financial assistance for deserving students at St. Francis Prep. We thank the generous supporters of these funds as well. •

The Daniel Apicella ‘00 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Hank “Hawk” McMahon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Anonymous Donor (Class of 1954) Scholarship Fund

The Stephen J. Shurina Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Theresa M. Buccellato ‘12 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Timothy Stackpole ‘77 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Jefffery Calero ‘91 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Mark Teofilo/John McGinley Scholarship Fund

The Raymond Ferguson ‘83 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Daniel Weadock ‘57 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1959 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund

The Giulia Lewis ‘06 Memorial Student Sponsorship Program

The Michael F. Lynch ‘86 Memorial Scholarship Fund


Annual Report


The Daniel Pujdak ‘01 Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Albert Maxwell Robb Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









FDNY Firefighter Daniel Pujdak died while battling a blaze in 2007. Danny was a spirited person who always sought to help others. The love he showed was evident in the response to his sudden and tragic loss. Thousands of individuals including his FDNY colleagues, SFP classmates and those who came to know Danny only through his story in the media, responded with abundant kindness and generosity. This scholarship will continue to help future generations of students at SFP in Danny’s memory!

Established in 2009 through a bequest-by-will left by the late J.B. Robb who stated, “The (Franciscan) Brothers are to establish a Fine Arts Scholarship, the income from which is to be given annually to a graduating high school senior (to assist with his/her final year tuition) whose talents lie in the specific areas of the (Arts). The scholarship was established in honor of the donor’s brother.


The Thomas J. Sheehan ‘55 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Paulette & Vincent A. Toscano ‘53

Scholarship Fund

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012

Opening Bal. as of Sept. 1, 2011

Contributions & Investment Income

2011-12 Scholarship Awards & Disbursements

Closing Bal. as of Aug. 31, 2012









Funded through the extraordinary generosity of Paulette H’08 and Vincent A. Toscano ’53 this permanently endowed scholarship fund will aim to ease the burden of tuition for four (4) Prep students during any given academic year--one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. Each student selected for the scholarship will receive a tuition-free education for that academic year, with the award being renewable in each subsequent year provided the student remains in good academic standing.

2011-12 51

Supporting an endowed scholarship is a powerful way to make a difference in a student’s life and to sustain the values shared by Prep graduates everywhere. In addition to providing a student with the support he or she needs to succeed, a permanent, endowed scholarship can immortalize the life and memory of a family member, favorite SFP teacher/administrator or classmate. What a wonderful way to pass along the gift of a Franciscan education!

Annual Report

Tom was a track star at the Prep in the 1950’s and this fund was started by his classmates as a memorial to this fine man. The fund is managed by investment advisor and Tom’s 1955 classmate at Prep, Jack Ward, and it provides for full or partial scholarships for deserving two-sport student athletes at Prep each year.

Saint Francis Monastery • Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn 135 Remsen Street • Brooklyn, New York 11201-4212 718.858.8217 • Fax 718.858.8306

December 2012

Dear Parents and Alumni of St. Francis Prep, I am writing to inform you of a decision made by the Board of Trustees of St. Francis Prep. The Board of Trustees has voted to change the Administrative model of St. Francis Prep to have both a President and a Principal. The decision to move to the President/Principal model of administration was made after two years of study, discussion and education by all of the members of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees of St. Francis Prep has chosen Brother Leonard Conway to be the President of St. Francis Prep for a four year term beginning September 1, 2013. Brother Leonard has lead St. Francis Prep as its Principal since 1983. By his administrative leadership during the past three decades he has ensured the Prep’s strength in an increasingly complex world. With the approval of the Board of Trustees, Brother Leonard has chosen Mr. Patrick McLaughlin as Principal of St. Francis Prep for a four year term beginning September 1, 2013. Mr. McLaughlin has served St. Francis Prep as an Assistant Principal for more than 20 years. In that capacity he has been closely involved with many of Prep’s administrative decisions. With this new Administrative model the Board of Trustees anticipates that the St. Francis Prep Community--Administrators, Faculty and Staff--will continue to meet the challenges of the 21st Century with the confidence and enthusiasm they have always demonstrated. Sincerely,

Brother William Boslet, O.S.F. President, St. Francis Prep Board of Trustees If you wish to view the job descriptions for the President and the Principal (to assist your understanding of the role each will play in the new Administrative model) please go to the SFP Alumni Website at: and see the “Latest News” Section.

Support St. Francis Prep

Gifts of any size are appreciated and will help make a Prep education more affordable for every student. There are many ways to offer your support:

ONLINE GIVING Gifts made with a credit card help the Prep benefit almost immediately. You may donate to Prep using your American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card on the St. Francis Prep Alumni Website at: Just click on the “Donate to the Prep” menu item.

PERSONAL CHECK If you wish to make your gift by check (or money order), kindly forward it to: St. Francis Prep Office of Development 6100 Francis Lewis Blvd. Fresh Meadows, NY 11361



You may pledge a gift and arrange convenient payment installments. Later this year you will be asked to consider your “pledged” support for The Campaign for St. Francis Prep: The Next 150 to help fund the Prep’s modernization program.

Donating appreciated securities can provide potential tax advantages. For example, if you purchased stock many years ago for $1,000, and it is now worth $10,000, a gift of that stock to Prep would result in a charitable deduction of $10,000. You would also avoid paying capital gains tax on the $9,000 of appreciation.

Please make checks (or money orders) payable to St. Francis Prep.

For more further information about anything listed above, please contact: Robert T. Angeletti, Director of Development at (718) 423-8810 ext. 269 e-mail:

Corporate Matching Gifts Did you know that hundreds of companies and corporations will generously match donations made by their employees and some of their retirees? In order to procure the matching funds, the employee would submit a form to his or her employer’s benefits department. Please check with your Human Resources Manager to find out how you can increase your donation. The following companies and foundations supported St. Francis Prep with matching gift donations in 2011-12: American Airlines American Express American International Group, Inc. Ameriprise Financial Bank of America BNY Mellon Community Partnership Bristol-Myers Squibb CA Technologies Chevron Humankind Coach Inc. Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation GE Foundation IBM Corporation International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Jones Lang LaSalle Americas JP Morgan Chase Foundation Kimberly Clark Foundation Kraft Employee Involvement Programs Macy’s Foundation Mutual of America Foundation NationalGrid New York Life Foundation Northwestern Mutual NYSE Euronext Foundation Odyssey America Reinsurance Corp. Pfizer Foundation Roche Molecular Systems Soros Fund Charitable Foundation

T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. TIAA-CREF UBS Wells Fargo Foundation

St. Francis Preparatory School

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PA I D Flushing, NY Permit No. 479

Office of Development & Alumni Relations 6100 Francis Lewis Boulevard Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED


Alumni Event Calendar

Saturday, February 2, 2013 Class of 2003 Reunion St. Francis Prep, Cafeteria 7:30-11:00 p.m. Registration fee: $50 in Advance/$60 at the Door Thursday, February 7, 2013 Health Care Services & Legal Services Alumni Chapter Reception The Friar’s Club, Midtown 6-8 p.m. Advance registration required. Admission fee. Friday/Saturday, March 1& 2, 2013 Florida Alumni Chapter Game & Reception Florida’s East Coast

Visit the SFP Alumni website for complete details. Reservations required. Ticket required for baseball game.

Friday/Saturday, March 22-23, 2013 Arizona Alumni Chapter Reception

Friday Night: N.Y. Deli Party at Chompies in Chandler, AZ. (Brooklyn Room). Saturday Night: Party at Bob Caccamo’s House. Visit the SFP Alumni website for complete details.

Saturday, April 6, 2013 Reunion Celebration Classes of 1993 & 1998 7:30-11:00 p.m. St. Francis Prep, Cafeteria Registration fee: $50 in Advance/ $60 at the Door

Thursday, May, 2, 2013 Financial Services Alumni Chapter Reception The Friar’s Club, Midtown 6-8 p.m. Advance registration required. Admission fee.

Saturday, April 13, 2013 Principal’s Dinner

Thursday, May 23, 2013 Greater Boston Area Alumni Chapter Reception Location TBA 6-8 p.m. Advance registration required. Admission fee.

Each year St. Francis Prep’s Principal, Bro. Leonard Conway O.S.F. hosts a gathering for all generous and loyal benefactors and administrators. By invitation only.

Saturday, April 27, 2013 Annual Spring Reunion & Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Auditorium & Cafeteria

Join us as we induct new members into the SFP Hall of Fame. In addition, we will celebrate the anniversary classes of 1938, 1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983 and 1988. Graduates of 50 years and greater, will be inducted into the SFP Golden Terrier Society.

Monday, June, 17 2013 20th Annual Golf Classic Cherry Valley Club Garden City, NY

Many golf packages and sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit the SFP Alumni website for complete details. Advance registration required.

Registration fee: $50 in Advance /$60 at the Door

For Questions or Reservations

Call: (718) 423-8810, ext. 269 or 259 Email: Web:

Profile for St. Francis Preparatory School

Annual Report (Fiscal Year 2011-12)  

Our annual tribute to all of the alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students and parents who have supported us duing the past fiscal year.

Annual Report (Fiscal Year 2011-12)  

Our annual tribute to all of the alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students and parents who have supported us duing the past fiscal year.