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St. Agnes Academy

Februrary 2013

Volume 62 Issue 5

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What’s Inside Black History Month Read the stories of some of the most iconic African Americans in history. See page 4.

Public Sleeping Day? This national holiday will surely interest all sleep deprived Academy women. See page 4.

Love is in the Air Read about the recent weddings of Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Vollrath, and Mrs. Wasielewski and get the details of how they tied the knot! See page 8.

Dateless on Valentine’s Day? Don’t panic. Here’s a list of things you can do: 1. Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix and pause on Nate Archibald’s face. 2.Tell people your British boyfriend missed his flight to America. 3. Pick up a big bag of candy and at least four Nicholas Sparks movies. 4. Remake Jessica Biel’s anti-Valentine’s day party. 5. Cuddle with your pillow pet, because it can’t run away. 6. Make heart shaped cookies with your friends. Who doesn’t like cookies? 7. Buy yourself something shoes, or a puppy. 8. Play the Valentine’s Day version of Secret Santa with your friends. 9. Get dinner with a guy friend so you can couple watch. 10. Stuff your face with chocolate, ice-cream, or any other high-carb foods

Learning the origins of Valentine's Day Courtney Adair

Ask Aggie! Your Valentine’s Day boy troubles answered! See page 12

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Centerspread Editor


very February, pink and red hearts, baby Cupid and other various images that reflect love flood stores and TV screens. February 14 is the one day a year that Americans dedicate specifically to their special someone. They buy gifts and flowers to give to the person they love, but they never seem to ask why. Do Americans even know why we celebrate this special day? There are several mysteries that surround the history of Saint Valentine. The Catholic Church recognizes three different saints with the name of Valentine. All of these saints were martyred. One version is that Valentine was a priest in Rome. Emperor Claudius II decided that unmarried men made better soldiers than those with families, so he outlawed young men from being able to marry. Valentine realized that this was unjust so he continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Claudius found out about this, he ordered Valentine to be killed. Another version holds that Valentine might have assisted Christians in their escape from Roman prisons. These prisons were known to be particularly harsh and many of the prisoners were beaten. According to legend, an imprisoned Valentine wrote the very first “val-

who first linked Valentine’s Day and entine” to a girl that he fell in love with. This girl romance together. In 1381, he wrote is rumored to be the jailor’s daughter who visa poem in honor of the engagement ited him while he was in jail. Before his death, between Richard II and Anne of Bohehe supposedly signed his letters “From you Valmia. It was poetic tradition to associentine.” Saint Valentine became one of the most ate the honor with a feast day. popular saints He wrote about Valentine’s during the Middle Day as the day when couples Ages because of his come to “choose their mate”. romantic persona. Ever since Chaucer’s poem The last about the royal engagement, story of St. Valenwe have associated Valentine is one with not tine’s Day with romance. much recorded his There is also much tory. The only fact speculation about why Valknown about him entine’s Day is celebrated on was that he died February 14. Many believe it in Africa for refusis celebrated in the middle of ing to renounce February to remember the anhis religion. All niversary of Valentine’s death three of the Saint or burial which is believed to Valentine’s were be around 270 A.D. Others martyred on Love is in the air: Love has evolved as the believe that the Church deFebruary 14 for major theme of Valentine’s Day over the centuries. cided to place Valentine’s feast various reasons. day in the middle of February Va l e n in order to “Christianize” pagan celetine’s Day was not always thought of as a robrations. Valentine’s Day is one of the mantic holiday. It was originally just a feast most mysterious holidays of the year. day to commemorate Saint Valentine and his However, each tale brings enjoyment accomplishments. In fact, it was not until the to this special and romantic holiday. fourteenth century that February 14 became the day of romance. It is believed to be Chaucer

February 2013


Vol 62 Issue 5

the columns

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Turn that frown upside down:

Your dogs still love you! Bailie Moorhead Editor-in-Chief


hile some couples are out dining and enjoying each other’s company, others spend Feb. 14 unaccompanied. For a single, food-driven Academy woman, Valentine’s Day is one of the most depressing holidays of the year. In a society absorbed around the Valentine’s Day culture of heart shaped boxes of candy, fragrant colorful flowers, and cute date night ideas, a single girl can quickly digress into depression over her love-less state. However, rather than glaring in disgust at the lovey dovey couples strolling hand in hand or sobbing in the middle of the Valentine’s aisle of the grocery store, use this holiday of love for self-improvement and learn to love yourself and those around you. On Valentine’s night, rather than brooding in depression over your current love-less state, call up some friends, go out to a dinner, and grab some movies to enjoy.

St. Agnes Academy Mission Statement Rooted in the Dominican tradition, St. Agnes Academy provides a Catholic college preparatory education that encourages young women to develop intellectual curiosity, to work for social justice and to act with integrity and compassion.

The Columns staff wishes you a

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Spending time with your friends will take your mind off of the fact that you do not have a Valentine because you will be surrounded by laughter and good company. In the unfortunate event that all your friends are preoccupied on romantic dates with their own Valentine, just remember that food and dogs are always there for you. In addition, take this is a time to look at yourself in the

mirror and realize that you don’t need a man to define you because in your dog’s eyes you ARE number one. Being single does not mean you are hopeless, it simply means that you can do better than the possibilities that have been offered. As a single lady, say hello to independence, freedom, new experiences and possibilities for the future! Do not fret because there is plenty of time to fall in love.

MY2FUN.COM Spending the holiday right: Cuddle with your dog, because you don’t need a man.



Catie Eichler, SAA junior and student council member, recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support the 2012 Komen Race for the Cure, which was held on October 6, 2012. She single-handedly raised a whopping $12,100 for breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment programs in our community. WOW - Some big bucks, for a great cause! Catie earned a coveted spot on the “PINK HONOR ROLL” - #15, to be exact - within the top 100 individual Komen fundraisers in Houston. Awesome job Catie! YOU ROCK! Your friends, family, and faculty are so proud of you!! :)



February 2013

the columns

Bailie Moorhead Editor-in-Chief


nger and disbelief comprised dedicated baseball fans as many of their record breaking idols were denied entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame on January 9, 2013. For the eighth time since the voting began in 1936, none of the candidates received the required 75 percent of votes for election. This year’s ballot featured 37 candidates, 24 of which were first- time Hall of Fame nominees. Among the legends making their Hall of Fame ballot debuts were Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa. Houstonians were left in astonishment as former Houston Astro Craig Biggio was denied entrance despite his remarkable career accomplishments. He not only ranks first all-time with 1,844 runs scored and 668 doubles, but is commonly acknowledged for his 3,060 total career hit milestone. The seven-time All Star and gold glove-winning second baseman was the candidate that came the closest to earning election into the Hall of Fame by gathering 68.2% of the votes, falling short of the 75% needed to be admitted. Supporters of Biggio were in disbelief that he fell shy of a much deserved Hall of Fame induction. Biggio’s long-time Houston Astros teammate, Jeff Bagwell, called it “a travesty” while former

Kathy Lester Opinions Editor


n December 4, 2012, the small town of Newtown, Connecticut became the location of the second most deadly school shooting and elementary school mass murdering in the United States’ history. Twenty year old Adam Lanza began his violent attack at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, taking the lives of six adults, twenty students, and killing his mother. He committed suicide after his unspeakable actions. Trying to aid

Baseball icons denied Hall of Fame entry teammate Brad Ausmus added, “There’s no question he was a Hall of Famer.” Despite the disappointment, baseball experts assure that Biggio will be inducted next year. All-time home run leader Barry Bonds, all-time leader in Cy Young Awards Roger Clemens and 600 career home run leader Sammy Sosa, were other remarkable athletes that were not initiated into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The BBWAA voters made it clear that they would not be voting for any player who abused steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs and stated that these athletes lost potential votes due to their past drug allegations. ESPN. com’s Wallace Matthews wrote, “Steroid use is cheating, plain and simple and by definition, cheaters lack integrity, sportsmanship and character.” Many sports colum-

nists and writers have supported the decision of the BBWAA, stating that the players’ drug use undermines their great athletic talent. Sports Illustrated columnist Tom Verducci reinforced the Hall of Fame’s decision to decline athletes who have been accused of drug abuse by claiming, “When I vote for a player I am upholding him for the highest individual honor possible. My vote is an endorsement of a career, not part of it, and how it was achieved.” Despite the controversy of Bond, Clemens, and Sosa, many critics agree that other great athletes should have been admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Houstonian Craig Biggio. Although not inducted this year, many of these record setting baseball idols will be reevaluated next year and admitted.


All about the numbers: results from the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame.

Soccer players visit Newtown after tragedy the community, Chris Canetti, general manager of the Houston Dynamo and a Connecticut native, arranged a “soccer night in Newtown” on January 7th to allow families to come and meet current pro-soccer and former players in an attempt to help lighten the town’s mood. Although it took a couple of weeks to organize, Canetti orchestrated the assembling of over forty soccer players to visit Newtown at the Newtown Youth Academy. Marcus Tracy, pro su-

WWW.USATODAY.COM Can I get a picture too?: San Jose Earthquakes soccer player Marcus Tracy signs an autograph ball for a local Newtown soccer club member.

perstar San Jose Earthquakes player and previous resident of Newtown, whose mom taught at Sandy Hook, visited the residents along with Landon Donovan, Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Christie Rampone and Alexi Lalas. These soccer stars joined in with Newtown families featuring singing, games, and, of course when any “star” shows up, signing lots of autographs. Over a thousand children came to the event, and as Tracy commented, “Newtown [….] has always been a soccer town.” The event was a huge success and gave the children a chance to try and return to the normal lives they deserve. A local mother Kara Gerace commented, “It just let them have fun and be with their friends and have a blast.” Other sports stars have also visited Newtown, such as Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. The effort to assist in the healing process is commendable and shows that when tragedy strikes there are people in the world who will be there to help.


Vol 62 Issue 5

House refuses to renew VAWA Isabel Sutter Creative Fiction Columnist


it spends and, according to Johnson, the increasing power it gives to Native American tribal courts were both controversial issues. Johnson says of the tribal courts issue, “Once you start changing the jurisdiction of those tribal courts, you could make an argument - and I think some House Republicans did - that

he Violence Against Women Act, originally passed in 1994, is no longer law. Although the Senate had reached an agreement regarding new provisions in the act, the House could not come to a conclusion and the act was not renewed. According to Carrie Johnson, justice correspondent for National Public Radio, the new provisions involved expanding the act to protect illegal immigrant women, Native American women on Still working to end violence: The Violence Against reservations and Women Act does not pass. members of the LGBT community. The new provisions were there’s no limit there.” Thereespecially important for Na- fore, this was one aspect that tive American women who, caused dissension in the House. when attacked by non-Native Democrats are particularly Americans, cannot prosecute upset that this act was not retheir attackers in tribal court. newed. Democratic Senator MaThe Violence Against Women ria Cantwell from Washington Act, also known as VAWA, was passionately says, “I am furious. first introduced to Congress in We’re mad, and we’re tired of it.” January of 1991 by then DelaSome republicans have exwarean Democratic Senator pressed support for the act in Joseph Biden. During 1991, ap- general, but have problems with proximately four million women parts of it. Republican Senator Jeff suffered domestic violence and Sessions of Alabama says, “I favor 20% of all assaults reported to the Violence Against Women Act police happened in the home. and have supported it at various Among other things, the Vio- points over the years, but there lence Against Women Act gave are matters put on that bill that $1.6 billion to be spent on wom- almost seem to invite opposien’s shelters and rape crisis cen- tion.” When speaking of VAWA, ters. The money also allowed the Republican Senator Roy Blunt of number of police, prosecutors Missouri gave people hope that and victim advocates to increase. a substitute bill that would still There is no particular aid victimized women might be part of the act that has seemed passed. Blunt states, “If Republito cause discord in the House. cans can’t be for it, we need to have However, the amount of money a very convincing alternative.”

WWW.GOOGLE.COM Supporting his brainchild: Vice President Joseph Biden speaks at a reception marking the 16th anniversary of VAWA in 2010.


February 2013

Gossip Girl

the columns

Celebrating Black History Month Courtney Adair Centerspread Editor

Working the Red Carpet Anastasia Zuniga Entertainment Columnist


ey everybody, Gossip Girl here. Just kidding it’s just me, ACZ. Wouldn’t that be awesome if this could be an anonymous column and I could give advice or whatever? Yeah, I know, amazing idea. GG SPOILER ALERT: Anyways, Gossip Girl turned out to be a guy, so now this is kind of embarrassing. Poor Dan Humphry; being the actual Gossip Girl must be really hard. But hey, he got to marry Serena so all is well in the Upper East Side. I still cannot believe the show is over. Anyways, I am sure you have all recuperated from the ending of Gossip Girl and have turned your attention towards better things like the Bachelor (one word: Sean) or Pretty Little Liars, so let us move on to something more universal. On Sunday, January 13, celebs worked what their Mama and maybe a few plastic surgeons gave them on the red carpet in celebration of the Golden Globes. Did you see Kate Hudson?! Ahhhhh-mazing. I just want to be her. Is that too much to ask? Her hair, her makeup, her dress (by Alexander McQueen) and her movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” are just a few reasons why I love her. Some other ladies that stood out were Jennifer Garner in a beautiful Vivienne Westwood gown, Hayden Pannetierre in a Robert Cavilli number (I personally have never heard of him but she looked like a goddess), and the hilarious Zooey Deschanel in a beautiful bold red Oscar De La Renta gown. Other showstoppers included Anne Hathaway in a white Chanel gown (she pulls of the pixie cut well), Sofia Vergara in jaw-dropping black dress that had more than 100 carats of diamonds attached to it and Emily Blunt in a Michael Kors gown. I feel a special connection to Emily because I got a Kors bag for Christmas. Now we can be best friends and she can give me all of these fashion freebies like in “The Devil Wears Prada.” On a different note, did anyone see Ben Affleck? Why is he so perfect? What a hunk Yes, I said hunk.. He and ol’ Clooney were my favorite guys that showed up at the night, or rather my favorite guys ever. Had Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds showed up, the Golden Globes would have been perfect. In my opinion, Gosling is more of a catch than Reynolds, but Reynolds would have brought his new wife, Blake Lively (Gossip Girl correlation, I know) who would have flaunted her majestic rose gold engagement ring that I have unashamedly had a dream about. show up. You know you love me!

xoxo, Gossip Girl

Vol 62 Issue 5


very year, February is dedicated to remembering influential people of African American descent. Individuals who made a significant change or impact on the nation are celebrated during this special month. Some of these famous people include Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Their inspiring stories remind Americans of how far our nation has come today. Black History Month began in 1926 by the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Originally, instead of the whole month, just the second week of February was dedicated as Negro History Week. This week was specifically chosen because both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays fall during this time period. This week was intended to teach

Americans about black history and pushed for non-violent and was to be eliminated once protests to help the public rethe history became an avid part alize the discrimination blacks of American culture and edu- were going through. He led the cation. However, this holiday Montgomery Bus Boycott and became very popular and in- was the leader of the Southern spired movement throughout Christian Leadership Conferthe country. In 1976, Negro ence. He also led the March History Week was officially ex- on Washington and there he panded to Black History Month after the leaders of the Black United Students at Kent State University recognized it. As we celebrate this month, let’s take a look Remembering heroes: This month, we take the time to rememat some of his- ber, honor and celebrate the African Americans who have been tory’s most influential around the world. influential African Americans. delivered his famous “I Have Martin Luther King Jr. is a Dream” speech in which he most well-known for his in- spoke of the dreams of freedom fluence among the black com- that he had. King was assasmunity. King was a leader in sinated on March 29, 1968 on the Civil Rights Movement his hotel balcony in Memphis.

He died a leader and will always be remembered for the significant change he brought about for the black community. Rosa Parks is most famously known for her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man. Parks was arrested for this refusal, but willing to go to jail to stand up for her rights. This act became a major part of the Civil Rights Movement. She became very involved in the fight for equal rights and even worked with Martin Luther King Jr. Her work and efforts will always be remembered as important acts in the fight to end segregation. The actions of these two individuals, in addition to several others, helped African Americans get equal rights among all citizens. They will always be remembered for their hard work, dedication, and leadership in helping their community get the rights and respect that every human being deserves.

People Prepare for the most relaxing holiday of the year


Micaela Williams Food and Dining Columnist

arlier this month, a hoard of St. Agnes Academy students surrounded a fellow classmate after she had announced that she went to bed on the previous night at 11 PM. Witnesses claim to have heard incredulous screaming and the sound of books hitting the floor, followed by a long aggressive questioning period. An anonymous insider says: “That just does not happen. She’s definitely lying. She has to be lying. I’m going to cry.” Similar reports have been circulating in the school hallways, documenting the rare phenomenon of non-tired high school students. The fact that many are shocked at such statements merely shows that the norm, for this particular school at least, is to retire at unholy hours, well past midnight and into the next morning. Instead of waking up with or after the sun, far too many are frater-

nizing with the moon. It is very inappropriate. In fact, victims of this growing epidemic exhibit the same symptoms shown after a bad break-up from an unstable, unbalanced relationship; feelings of hopelessness, a desire to stay at home in bed with a tub of ice cream, the occasional struggle in classes to stay focused, yearning for something better, waiting for things to change. When St. Agnes students talk about sleep and how much they do not get each night, many might not realize exactly what it is they are missing. Yes, it feels good to just be able to crash on your bed after a long day because of exhaustion. However, there is much more than the seemingly simple act of slumbering. Too many are familiar with pulling “all-nighters” to study for tests and quizzes or catch up on PreCalculus homework from the past three nights and it seems like they are almost proud of putting that kind of strain on their bodies. This kind of attitude has been burned into Academy cul-


ture. However, the purpose of a college preparatory education is to develop habits that will assist young people in the future. This self-caused bodily punishment is somewhat like negative reinforcement, which apparently gets the point across. When students are nodding off and banging their heads in every class period, something has to be changed. This is not the school’s fault at all, much of this is because of poor decisions made by the students themselves. This is simply a wake-up call. Not literally, it is more like a please-goget-some-sleep-right-now call. Sleep deprivation has many detrimental effects, such as fatigue, confusion (yes, so if a particular math lesson seems like a foreign language, lack of sleep may have played a part!), and overall increased stress. Rest is not something that should be sacrificed at all, because this affects health. People have heard this multiple times, but this information does not seem to stick. In an attempt to save the souls of

millions of sleep-deprived people across the world, someone somewhere established Public Sleeping Day. The true origins are unknown, apologies to factcheckers but multiple pages of Google search have provided very little information. It is celebrated every year on the 28th of February. What a great month February is, there really is something for everyone. So what is Public Sleeping Day? One does not need to read between the letters to find the meaning of it, for this day is simply dedicated to sleeping in public places. Park benches, libraries, and soccer fields are acceptable. Unfortunately, on this day, St. Agnes Academy students are expected to be at school. Dozing off during class does not count. It is also not encouraged, and hopefully this article does not promote inappropriate behavior in this wonderful learning environment. In fact, just wait until after school to participate in this event.

February 2013


Tracking the Award Season Anastasia Zuniga Entertainment Columnist


ith the arrival of February comes the ending of a very chaotic season for those involved in the entertainment industry. Red carpets are rolled out, paparazzi show up for pictures, and actresses, directors, models and producers show up to countless events with their fingers crossed to win an award. The celebrities have not let the public down this award season, glamming up the red carpet as they always do. On Sunday, January 13, as many Houstonians were entranced by the stressful Texans game, others were glued to the TV for a very different reason. The Golden Globes award show was playing live from the 20th Century Fox

Vol 62 Issue 5

the columns

Studios, hosted by Tina Fey and Academy Awards has been the Amy Poehler. With a few digs at top awards show for the movie inTaylor Swift, a joke about Ben Affleck, and an amusing response to the controversy over the torture in “Zero Dark Thirty,” the hilarious duo gave an extremely entertaining show. Some big winners were Ben Affleck Making History: Ben Affleck wins the Best Director for Best Direc- award for “Argo.” tor - received with an adorable, shocked face - the dustry since 1929, when the first always stunning Jennifer Law- Academy Award was received. rence for Best Actress in a Com- Arguably, the most important edy or Musical, and Anne Ha- award given out is for Best Picture thaway for Best Supporting which has an amazing history of Actress in a Comedy or Musical. winners behind it. Some of the The Golden Globes, although im- winning movies of this award inportant and meaningful, act as a clude, “Gone With the Wind,” “All precursor for the highly anticipat- About Eve,” “My Fair Lady,” “Sied event, The Academy Awards. lence of the Lambs,” and last year’s Also known as The Oscars, The “The Artist.” This year’s nomi-

nees for Best Picture include: “Amour,” “Argo,” “Lincoln,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Beats of the Southern Wild,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Django Unchained,” “Les Misérables,” and “Life of Pi.” On February 24, viewers will tune in to the ceremony to watch history take place as actors, writers, producers and directors are commended for their hard work and talent put into making these fabulous films. The night will be hosted by Seth McFarlane, the director and voice of “Ted” and will definitely meet the audience’s standards. With a priceless performance from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes, he has huge shoes to fill, but with his sense of humor, the task should not be that hard. Check out the Tiger Talk Blog (below the teacher sites link) for a full listing of the Oscar Nominees and Award Shows schedule.

Showering your Sweetheart with love Angela Ott Sports Columnist

For the Sport Obsessed: With recent victories, and a few disappointing losses, the Texans have significantly stepped up their game. If your loved one fits into this category, consider a personalized jersey. Not only are they super comfortable and great at hiding that food baby from all the game-night pizza, they give your boy the feeling of actually being on the team. For the music lover: Assuming your paramour enjoys music, and in the vintage setting, he most likely owns a record player. For a lovely gift, consider getting a record for his player and if you’re feeling extra romantic, why not get a record of love songs?

For the manly-man: Though it came out in 2011, this movie is still a big winner with guys and girls alike. Complete with lots of intense action scenes (between brothers!!) for the boys and plenty of good-looking, shirt-deficient guys for the girls, this makes for a great gift.

Creative Corner

Trinkets Part four Isabel Sutter Creative Fiction


wandered the big, empty halls, as open and rolling as a prairie. Each door opened a room I’d never seen. Just that boggled my mind and made me want to sit down and put my small chin in my cold hands and wonder a bit. But I went on going up and down the hall, not knowing which room was mine but not doubting that I would know it when I saw it. I must have looked funny, walking slowly, examining doors with the intense seriousness of a six-year-old. Lost in thought, I stood before one door, a door covered with red stars and blue suns and green moons. I had almost decided that this was my door, when a woman with graying hair and the most sparkly green eyes I’d ever seen opened it and looked down at me. Those eyes were friendly and curious and I recognized something in them I wanted to see in myself, even at six. They had laughter. “Hi.” she said. An aroma came from her room. Sort of like chalk and citrus and honey and…newness. I pushed past the woman, feeling her denim skirt scratch my bare arms. I spun around to see all sides of this new place, this new home. Then I sat down in the first desk. Then the second. Just to try it. The old woman with the green eyes and the startingto-gray hair followed me in and giggled quietly at my eagerness. “Excited for first grade?” she asked me. I nodded, gazing all around, hardly looking at her or anything else for more than a second. I was too enamored. “I’m Mrs. Sabransky. What’s your name?” Before I knew it, it was 2:30 and we were all piling out of school, overwhelmed with new things. I began walking home by myself. The twins didn’t get out for another half hour and, although they’d told me to wait on the playground, I was grownup now. I didn’t need to wait for anyone. I was running toward everything with a smile.

Until next time.. <3 5

Love Gone Wrong

Love in the Ce

t f i w s r o l y a t r e y a m n h Jo

Taylor Swift has quite the lengthly list when it comes to ex-boyfriends. She has dated many musicians, actors, and socialites of all different ages. Still, she has been very unlucky in all these relationships as most of them have ended shortly and some of them, bitterly.

n a i h s a d r a kim k

Love can be hard to find, where everything you do ple magazine. Some celebr where others struggle to John Mayer is famously known as the womanizer of Hollywood.. He has had quite a bad run of luck with the ladies and none of the relationships have lasted too long. Maybe some of this rotten luck could be attributed to his reputation...

Katy perry

Katy Perry seemed to have the perfect love story when she married Russell Brand in 2010. This love came to an end a year later when #QAMDiKEDFNQDIUNQCE`

Kim Kardashian has had her own bad luck with men with both of her exhusbands, Damon Thomas and Kris Humphries. Kimâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s marriage to Humphries lasted approximately 72 days before the CNTOKEiKEDFNQDIUNQCE`4HEIRCTQQEMSKX dating rapper Kanye West with whom she is expecting a child. Best of luck!

fun fact about love: According to scientists, most people will fall in love approximately 7 times before marriage

Unscramble the Valentine's words etrah




What is the most common nickname for XNTQRIGMIiCAMSNSHEQ^ a. Sweetheart


dre c. Baby

b. Honey

elebrity World

especially in a world is likely to end up in Peorities find love just fine, o find good relationships.

e k i M d n a hilary

Hilary began dating professional hockey player Mike Comrie in 2007. After three years of dating, the couple got engaged in February of 2010. Hilary and Mike married in Santa Barbara, CA in August of 2010. 5HECNTOKEVEKCNLEDSHEIQiQRS son, Luca, in March 2012.

Love Gone Right William and Kate

This fairytale love story RSAQSEDVHEM8IKKIALiQRS laid eyes on her during a fashion show in which she was modeling. The couple tied the knot in April of 2011 and sealed their fairytale ending. The couple is now expecting a baby in July. Best of luck!

h a r a s d freddie an

This couple met in 1997 on the set of I Know What You Did Last SUmmer. However, the couple did not start dating until 2000. They married in September of 2002. *MHNMNQNFSHEIQiFSHAMMIUEQsary, she legally changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze. The couple has two daughters

Top love Stories of 2012

1Ryan Reynolds and

e g ia r r a m ’s y l Blake Live


Miley Cyrus a nd Liam Hemsworth’s engagement

William and Kate’s future royal baby


Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s wedding



February 2013

the columns

Crumbs Under My Computer Keys

Our favorite TV shows are back! Ellen Niers Tiger Tails Editor

T Keeping Promises Micaela Williams Food and Dining Columnist


ave all of those New Year’s resolutions fizzled out yet? Have the promises to become a better person been thrown away. Just think of how many people have pretended to forget that they were not supposed to eat more than two cupcakes per day. This is meant to be a reminder. Do not back down. Do /not/ back down. I have seen too many people give up on their dreams, but I cannot stand here and watch more people suffer. As a fellow human being, I will take on the responsibility, however unnecessary it may seem to other and how unimportant our decisions are in the long-run anyway, of motivating people to keep up with their food related resolutions. I have developed a 3-step plan for getting back on track. If followed with enthusiasm, this may be able to guide you through all major life decisions. But since this is the Food and Dining column, please just focus on the food and dining aspects. First, you need to take a step back and assess your progress. Take the can of whipped cream out of your mouth. Release your fingers from around the cupcake cup. Spend five minutes to reflect on how far you have come. If you are feeling overwhelmed at this point, it is perfectly alright to let your emotions run wildly. Try to express your true feelings in extremely symbolic poetry. Use metaphors without restraint. Handwrite it and let your hot tears fall on the paper. Next, take action. This might mean emptying your pantry of all things that you swore to never eat again. You could also come up with a punishment system for future violations of your self-set rules. Write a full paragraph on knitting needle safety or the history of soccer cleats if you even barely consider the ingredients of a restricted food. I am trying to encourage reader interaction, so you guys can send your paragraphs to me if you actually decide to do this. Third, you shouldn’t have to force yourself to do anything. Ignore all of the previous advice. Wow, really though, society should promote positive body images. Love yourself as you are and eat what makes you happy.

Vol 62 Issue 5

he wait is finally over. Along with the arrival of the New Year, the much anticipated television season premieres are here. Of course there are the winter premieres of shows which have already gained a fan base, but let it be known that there are also a few “new comers” that are sure to grab your attention. Fair warning to those reading this, there may be a few spoilers though I will try to keep them to a minimum. There are a handful of returning shows that are on the top of my ‘to see list.’ One favorite of mine is The Lying Game. Now, I understand most people are not huge fans of the show but if you make it through the first couple episodes the drama gets reals and secrets get bigger. The Lying Game is about two twin sisters who meet each other for the first time and decide to switch places, but they find themselves in a web of lies in which they must find the truth. In the season finale we are left with the wedding, a breakup, jail time and the revelation of the mother. It was definitely a lot to handle which made it the perfect cliff hanger. To add to all of this, the winter premiere not only answers some of our questions like, “What is Rebecca’s plot?” but it also creates some new ones. The Lying Game is a show to watch out

for in the up and coming seasons. Another show making a return to the television is American Idol. Now in its 13th season, I am sure people have written it off, but it has made a comeback with a few changes. The judging panel has been wiped almost completely clean and includes: Mariah Carey,

got me hooked and since then I have not stop watching the show. It is full of laughs and way too entertaining to pass up. The great thing about this series is you can hop in anywhere in any season and still be able to enjoy and understand it. At the end of the last season Lily had her baby Marvin

EW.COM The lies get bigger: In season 2 of The Lying Games we will find out who is on who’s side and the secrets that are yet to come.

Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and of course, Randy Jackson. The cast is sure to hold a great season with several surprises in store. There has never been such a diverse panel as this on the show and I will definitely be tuning in to see what will become of it. I certainly cannot go on talking about season premiers without mentioning How I Met Your Mother. I used to be a hater of the show, but somehow my cousin

“Wait For It” Erikson and Barney married Robin. Not only is that the best name ever but who would have ever thought of Barney getting married. The show holds surprise after surprise in every episode. Even after eight seasons and not knowing who the mother is, I cannot seem to stop watching the show. The winter premiere did not disappoint, but I do not want to ruin anything. I will say that it fills in some of

the missing pieces that were left in the last season and it also brings us one step closer to finding out who the mother really is. Now I cannot forget about new shows premiering this year. Though I do not know much about them, I can say there is something out there for everyone, or at least most everyone. For the Criminal Minds obsessed there is the new series The Following. It seems pretty interesting actually starring Kevin Bacon, best known for his role in Footloose. It is about a serial killer who attracts a following and a detective, played by Bacon, must race to find who is behind it all. Sounds like a crime show thriller to me and I am excited to see it. For those who have enjoyed Sex in the City, you can finally find out how it all began in The Carrie Diaries. All is revealed in the prequel where viewers will be able to see where it all started for Carrie Bradshaw, played by Anna Sophia Robb. The last show I will mention is Deception. It seems like a new thriller holding secrets, lies and lots of action. The New Year is not only to be filled with resolutions but also a couple new shows here and there. Everyone should definitely check out the premiers and see what is in store because it is sure to be good. There is no way 2013 will ever be boring with so many new shows out. The wait is over so what are you waiting for? Turn on the TV and be prepared to be thrilled.

Justin Bieber Smokes after New Years Amber Ainsworth Public Realtions Officer


ustin Bieber is a common name heard in households with teenage girls. His catchy pop songs and killer dance moves have lead him to widespread fame. The teen pop sensation has not been up to his usual antics recently. This past New Year’s, Bieber wasn’t caught blowing a horn under the confetti, but rather smoking marijuana with a few unidentified people. Justin Bieber’s on and off again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, wasn not with him. This is because the two split up on New Year’s and to cope with the break up Justin may have turned to smoking. Right after his smoke, Bieber had a picture of a famous hockey mascot (an Indian) tattoed onto his shoulder. Photos of the celebrity smoking marijuana have surfaced indicating that it most likely did happen. The pictures of Bieber with marijuana in hand were taken on the 2nd of January, a day after 29-year-old paparazzo Chris Guerra was struck down

ZAP2IT.COM ???????????????: Above, Justin Bieber is smoking marijuana with a few unidentified people. This photo was taken just after his break up with former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

by a car on a Los Angeles highway for trying to catch a shot of the singer smoking marijuana. Bieber’s fans were horrified. A rumor that fans were cutting themselves for the celebrity caused a huge scare. There was a worldwide trend on Twit-


ter saying #CuttingforBieber. Pictures surfaced of girls with cuts on them but it is said to be a hoax. The people who started this thought it would be a funny joke. This horrific piece of information is began as a rumor but my have encouraged fans

to actually harm themselves.. Bieber is continuing on his world-wide Believe tour hopefully not getting into any more trouble. He seems excited and ready to promote his new acoustic album, scheduled to come out on January 29th.


February 2013

Vol 62 Issue 5

the columns

Gun Control: is it a good idea? Rachel Yeung Media Manager


ooking back on the year 2012, the nation has experienced great loss. According to the Washington Post, there were a total of fourteen shootings that got media attention. Two in particular will familiarly ring in your ears. They are the Aurora, Colorado shooting at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises and the Newtown, Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Because of the national attention of these truly upsetting occurences, the government has introduced the idea of gun control as an effort to stop these shootings. However, not everyone in the country agrees that this is a good idea. The pros of implementing gun control is that it would be harder to attain a firearm, meaning that people would have to pass higher specifications in order to own one. People who are not mentally healthy will definitely have a smaller chance of attaining guns. By banning them as a whole, people who are mentally ill will not be able to access a gun in their house or get one from someone they know. According to this argument, the devastation at Sandy

Hook Elementary school would not have happened if there was not a gun in the house. Adam Lanza may have not been eligible to get a gun, but his mother was, and that was how he got his hands on one. Most violent crimes are performed with the use of a gun. The argument is that by reducing the amount of guns out there, they will be less crimes. By restricting civilian possession of guns or banning them as a whole will supposedly lead to smaller chances of a child holding onto one, which could be fatal. Also, suicides and crimes that are often acted on impulse are less likely to happen if a gun is not around. Finally, with all that said, the assumption is that less civilian crimes would occur if less civilians own guns. The argument against gun control is that by taking away or restricting the ownership of guns, the government would be violating the second amendment which protects individual’s rights to own a gun. People who are against gun control, especially in the South, close to the border of Mexico, argue that by taking away their guns, they would not have a means of defending their homes from the drug cartels that come into the U.S. In the case of terrorists or any government tyranny, the citizens would not have a means to defend themselves.

Let’s not talk about the Super Bowl Angela Ott Sports Columnist


Changing the future: Guns will not be as easily accessible if gun control is implemented.

People cannot always depend on the police force to come to protect everyone, so they must have a means to defend themselves. Opponents also argue that banning possessions of hand guns will not solve anything. Criminals have already found ways to own guns by illegal means, and stopping civilians from having them will not change things in a positive way. If anything, it would just leave civilians more vulnerable to violence against them. Also, with the rising violence and terrorism that is happening around the

world, civilians would be helpless in case of an invasion from a foreign country. They would have no guns to defend themselves. Both sides have sound arguments, but there must be some sort of compromise. If civilians are not to own any firearms, there must be a budget increase for the police force to defend them. Civilians cannot depend on each other not to abide by the law and not own one. Anything can happen, and there must be a means to preserve law, order, and safety if guns are taken away from civilians.

Journalism staff gives Jonathan Levine’s film, Warm Bodies, a thumbs up! Kate Mayer Editor In Chief


n Wednesday, Jan. 16, The Columns staff members Bailie Moorhead, Courtney Adair, Anastasia Zuniga, and myself attended an early showing of the anticipated movie, Warm Bodies (release date is Feb. 1). The film is a comedy/ horror/romance that tells the strange love story of a zombie

IMPAWARDS.COM Making a good decision: See Warm Bodies beginning February 1st!

and a human after he rescues her from his friends. Personally, I was not sure to expect since the movie was a mix of several genres. I was wondering how they would all tie together. After seeing the film, I have concluded that director, Jonathan Levine, is a genius! Warm Bodies gave you a scary through and then a sudden joke in the dialogue to ease the tension. You find yourself rooting for the main character, a zombie named R, (Nicholas Hoult) to get his girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer). A movie is extremely well made when you find yourself cheering on a zombie. I will not tell you how it all turns out though because I think it is really worth watching. The following day, Thurs., Jan. 17, Moorhead and I received the exciting opportunity of attending a follow-up press conference with director, Jonathan Levine, and actor, Dave Franco. We agree that they were some of the nicest people. Unfortunately, there was only time for a few questions. One person asked, “What was the biggest challenge you faced when making this movie?” Levine explained that directing and writing the screenplay for a


horror/comedy/romance was “really hard.” Franco agreed that acting for a multi-genre movie was especially difficult. The actors had to practice their lines a number of ways before they determined if certain lines should be perceived as “funny” or “serious.” Levine also described the struggle he faced in keeping his movie PG-13, pointing out that many zombie movies are rated R. However, he really wanted his film to appeal to a wide range of people, so he

cut out some of the more “gory” scenes. When asked their favorite Warm Bodies character, Levine and Franco agreed that it had to be R because he is “complex” and “you just have to root for him.” Moorhead and I really enjoyed the press conference and we appreciated the opportunity. I highly recommend planning to see Warm Bodies as it is highly entertaining and so different from other movies. You will not regret it!

Getting behind the scenes: Bailie Moorhead and Kate Meyer attended a Warm Bodies press conference and posed for a picture with Dave Franco and Jonathan Levine.



know, I know. Lately, buzz about the Super Bowl has been at a peak high. Many people sleep peacefully with visions of Buffalo wings dancing in their heads. Walking through any socialized setting is practically impossible without hearing excited football conversations. But not here. That’s right, this is a Super Bowl-free zone. However, we’re going to talk about something else, perhaps our own St. Agnes Academy’s superb athletics. St. Agnes Varsity Basketball has been taking the very sport of basketball by storm. Last month, our own Michelle Nwokedi, class of 2014, has “averaged 16.6 points, 9.4 rebounds, 7.2 blocks and 3.4 steals in leading the Tigers to the Boerne ISD Holiday Tournament title,” leading her to be named “Girls Athlete of the Week” by the Houston Chronicle. Recently, an immense victory against Duchesne has left the school with serious Tiger Spirit and we all look forward to see what else the basketball team has in store. Never to be forgotten, St. Agnes swimming is still going strong. With strong swimmers throughout the entire team, the swimming Tigers have been “pulling” in victories right and left, leading the team to remain undefeated throughout their entire season. Did you see my pun, “pulling?” Over the break, the pool heater refused to cooperate and set back the team a few practices; however, the issue is now fixed and the swimmers are now practicing harder than ever for the showdown at Regionals at the end of this month. St. Agnes’s soccer team has also been prospering and looks forward to the rest of the season. With some participation by a few St. Agnes students, some team members entered into Futsal Tournament along with a few coaches. The famous game of alumni versus students also occurred over the holidays and ended in a victory of 3-2 in favor of the alumni. The winter sports will soon be wrapping up, welcomed by an inward rush of spring athletics. With successful seasons for all the athletic teams, I think this was a great way to not talk about the Super Bowl.

On Campus

February 2013

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Vol 62 Issue 5

Say yes to the dress: St. Agnes style both love the outdoors. Mrs. Hill says, “the wedding was thrilling Features Editor but the last few weeks were stressful due to midterms, finishing off the semester, buying presents for Christmas, and attending parties.” ove is in the air at St. Agnes The wedding took place on JanuAcademy as our teachers ary 5, 2013 at St. Vincent De Paul have been getting married Church and Father Phil married left and right. The students are them. There were white roses and eager to know about the teacher’s snowflakes everywhere at this elbig days and they are excited to egant winter wedding. share the stories of their joyous Mrs. Vollrath is an English day with us. teacher at St. Agnes and she and Mrs. Aguilar-Hill is a United her husband share a love of naStates History teacher at St. Ag- ture as well. She is water and he is nes and definitely has a past, earth. They like to spend their free present and future with her new time in nature and are a perfect husband. The Hills share the tra- balance of subjects in that she enditions of any Aggie family with joys literature whereas his passion their love of sports such as ski- for finance and math. The couple ing. The groom’s cake was actu- met on, but before ally ski-themed to represent this Mrs. Vollrath had a profile on the hobby they enjoy doing together. dating website, she saw his profile They met through mutual friends and wanted to meet him. He proand he proposed in the gardens posed on Halloween night, her at Discovery Green because they favorite holiday, and he dressed up as “Father Time” while she was “Mother Nature.” She adores puzzles so he proposed in a puzzle form, giving her a nature photo and challenging her to figure out where it was taken. To her surprise, they would end up taking a trip to Here comes the bride: Mrs. Hill and her husband happily walk down this location the isle. – Bali. He Kelsey Siegler


read Mrs. Vollrath a poem from her favorite poet, Pablo Neruda. He then got down on one knee and the rest is history. They got married on July 21, 2012 in Kauai which was symbolic of the elements of water and earth. She initially saw her dress on Google images from Beholden and it drew her eye because it was not like any ordinary dress. She was appealed to its uniqueness and symbolism of butterflies. Mrs. Wasielewski says that all of the little things added up in planning her wedding such as printing pamphlets, choosing colors of linens and napkins, and timing of the bride’s arrival, but it was all worthwhile. She met her husband through St. Cecilia’s Church which is where he ended up proposing and where they got married. He proposed using a prayer booklet and then surprised her with a dinner with her entire family after she said yes. They are both math oriented and have similar beliefs about life, finances and family. Their song is “Stand By Me” which reflects how they are always there for each other, their families and God. Their wedding was a beautiful summer ceremony that took place on June 23, 2012. Mr. Nguyen made their chocolate and vanilla cake with lemon and raspberry filling and Mr. Buckley handpicked all of the flowers for the event. She had a fit and flare dress similar to Mrs. Hill’s and she says the train was her favorite part as well as the sequins and graceful lace. All of these stories help us Academy women believe in fairytales and how all of the stress of planning a wedding is worthwhile with the result of happiness.

All smiles: Mrs. Vollrath and her husband pose happily after their wedding.

Pretty in white: Mrs. Wasielewski poses in her beautiful wedding gown.

The St. Agnes Academy tennis team starts off the season strong Christy Luspo


On Campus Editor

ith the start of the spring season, the St. Agnes Academy tennis team is training relentlessly in order to perform well in their district and hopefully make it to the state championships. Team members of this year’s tennis team are competitive, determined and athletic, and it is not a surprise that the strong-minded athletes bring the best attitude and optimism to their sport. The tennis season started at the beginning of January, with

tryouts in November. With twenty-five girls on the varsity team, the tennis team practices after school every day at Lee Leclear Tennis Courts located on Gessner, a couple minutes away from school. Their goal for the season is to make it to the state championships and beat their rival team, Duschesne Academy. Members of the team have a very optimistic attitude about going to state because they have been training very hard, enduring long practices and conditioning throughout the season. This year, the tennis team has a lot of potential with the addition of many new and talented players. With a very promising team,

they have set their goals and expectations higher this season with hopes to win state this year. The Columns staff was able to interview members of the team, who share their thoughts about playing tennis and hopefully making it to the state championships. Maria Ibrahim, one of the captains of the team, shares, “Being on the tennis team at St. Agnes helped me improve my skills and make so many new friends. I love being able to bond with my teammates, and the tournaments we attend are so much fun! This year will be the best year yet.” The St. Agnes tennis team hopes to play well in order to place well in district this year.


GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER/KRIS CAINE Taking the win: The St. Agnes/Strake A mixed doubles team win the Pearland Invitational.

On Campus

February 2013

the columns

Vol 62 Issue 5

St. Agnes SAMS Club works towards social justice Kathy Lester Sports Columnist


ver the past school year of 2012-2013 the students against modernday slavery, also known as SAMS club, have gone the distance with fundraisers and events to help support noteworthy organizations for those in need. The club has been run by the students under the care of their advisor, Mrs. Jocelyn Vincent, for the past several years. Early in 2012, SAMS club held a “teddy bear raffle” awarding a giant fifty three inch teddy bear. Students and faculty bought raffle tickets for five dollars a ticket knowing the proceeds

were donated to Children of the Night, an organization based out of San Francisco which attempts to get child prostitutes off of the streets across the United States. Around the Christmas holidays, SAMS club organized a Christmas present donation for Catholic Charities. Students brought in presents for families and children who may otherwise not have received a Christmas present. The club collected several hundred presents for children of all ages, giving many children a joyous Christmas from “Santa”. On January 18th, the club held their annual fast for an organizational cause, choosing the Love 146 foundation. The student fast represents the 27 million slaves

that exist today and brings the issue to light instead of keeping it in the shadows. Love 146 organization works diligently to rescue and prevent child prostitutes forced to work in brothels around the world. Every dollar earned in the fast will be donated to this foundation’s efforts. LOVE146.ORG Each participant in the fast stayed overnight at the school, fasting buy not eating anything Simple yet powerful: Love 146 organization mission has gained international attention and substantial. For every hour gained the support of various people, even the band Paramore who tributes their song “We are Broken” to the movement. a participant fast’s a certain ern-day slavery, to help protect the first of February, SAMS club the human dignity and the right amount of money will be donated for the foundation. There students put together a clothing to a good and fair life not only for was a pronounced turnout for the drive to donate to Catholic Chari- adults but children ranging from fast and the event was an over- ties providing clothing to refugee the age of five and up. “Justice at all success raising money to help children. SAMS club members its best is love correcting everysave children who are forced into and the community of St. Agnes thing that stands against love.” a harsh life. Following the fast, on joined in the fight against mod- Martin Luther King Jr.

Legally Blonde takes the stage Angela Ott Sports Columnist


t’s time to get “popular!” Oh wait, that’s Wicked, wrong musical, sorry. However! There is an equally enthralling and entertaining musical coming to St. Agnes Academy; this musical goes by the title of Legally Blonde. Based on the sensational movie, the play/musical (plusical?) follows all the shenanigans as well as hard work of Elle Woods, with the accompaniment of live acting and fantastic musical scores. Coming out this month, the play has been taken under the reins of St. Agnes

Alexis Winborne News Editor


he Close-Up foundation is a program designed for both middle school and high school students to experience the responsibilities of being politically effective in our society. The Close-Up Foundation has been “inspiring, empowering and engaging” students for more than forty-one years. Close-Up offers many different programs to explore places such as Washington D.C. and New York. This year, the women of St. Agnes Academy got the chance to experience Washington D.C. for the fifty-seventh Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The 1,410 mile journey from Houston to D.C. began with an early wake up call for a 7:37am flight. The two and a half hour flight breezed by, as most of the girls fell asleep on the plane. Upon arrival at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, all thirty two girls were ecstatic for the events of the week that were to come. The girls’ first day in Maryland was filled with meeting new

and will surely be a hit. Similar to the Broadway production, St. Agnes’s version will have all the same lines, musical numbers and characters; one difference lay in the size of the play, which, due to an obviously smaller stage here at St. Agnes, will be on a reduced scale. Fear not, Academy women, for the play will still be fantastic, due to the amazing amount of hard work and practice the cast and crew has been putting in since May 2012. Not only will the music and plot be amazing, but the cast is fantastic. According to Meg Roppolo, from the class of 2014 who plays Brooke Taylor Windham, the lead actress Maggie McMeans is “one of the most talented peo-

ple I know.” Emmett, Elle’s love interest, will be played by Nick Rathgeb, from Strake Jesuit. The faculty involved in the play also contributes to the great production: Ms. Miller and Mr. Buckley have been directing the play and rehearsals since May, while Tiger Girl’s Coach Chilton and Kenneth Epton are choreographing. The play will also feature some impressive stunts: Meg Roppolo, who plays prisoner/fitness instructor/millionaire widow, will be pulling off some pretty difficult jump rope dancing numbers while also belting out her major solo, “Whipped Into Shape.” Though she’s “super nervous about it,” practice does make perfect, which is obviously not lacking.

Practice makes perfect: The Legally Blonde cast works hard to make the spring musical perfect.

Overall, Legally Blonde is sure to be a hit. Once again from the opinion of Meg Roppolo, she states, “it will be a hit because it’s more of a modern, fun and bubbly musical. There is something

SAA girls witness history at Close-Up people from California, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and Texas. All of the girls were separated into ten different “workshops” in which different political issues were debated throughout the week. The second day was jampacked with museum and memorial visits which included trips to the Newseum. Next were visits to the Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials where the girls reflected on these three significant men and how they affected our society. After an intense day of studying and reflection, the group went to Dave and Busters for some fun and games. More study visits occurred on day three with excursions across the borders of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to the Vietnam, Korea, and Lincoln Memorials, followed by a procession to the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum. The students then attended the National Day of Service on the National Mall where they had the opportunity to participate in different charity organizations. Sunday, day four, was a day for the girls to regroup as a school for

the first time since the first day on Thursday. The girls discussed how they felt about experiencing all of the different monuments and memorials, along with things about their new friends from across the country. Some girls went to the National Zoo on this “Sunday Funday.” Junior Helen Trumble shares, “We didn’t have much time, but we went to see the pandas, they were super cute. We went to the gift shops after and I got penguin socks, it was great.” After their excursion to the zoo, the girls went to the National Holocaust Museum. Sarah Atherton recalls her experience at the museum: “At first I was reluctant to go, but after I was glad that we went. There was one floor dedicated to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where you could listen to recordings of survivors telling their stories. It was a super intense part of the trip that I feel affected me greatly.” The girls had yet another early wakeup call at 5:00am for the Inauguration, but they had nothing to complain about since they were the last group in their hotel to leave. The earliest group left at


2:30am. The SAA girls arrived at the National Mall at 7:00am sharp, after a very packed metro ride in. They then secured their spot and waited for the next four hours, in twenty degree weather, for the Inauguration to start. By 11:00am more than 800,000 people had piled in to watch the swearing in of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. After a very long and exhausting day, the girls went back to the hotel to prepare for the “Close-Up Inaugural Ball” which consisted of about 1,500 kids from hotels throughout the Maryland area. “The dance was a blast,” recalls Joi Walls, “it was the cherry on top of a great Inauguration. I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends and meeting even more people from different hotels!” The last full day on Tuesday was the coldest with a high of twenty degrees and a wind chill that made it feel about seven degrees Fahrenheit. The groups went to take a look at the White House, and explore Capitol Hill where some of the girls got the opportunity to wonder around the House of Representatives and

for everyone: girls, boys and parents. This musical is all about accepting yourself and not making snap-judgments about people. I think you will love it!”

meet congressman, Al Green. After which, they visited Arlington National Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial. The workshops met one last time and proceeded to the banquet where everyone in the hotel gathered to reminisce on the experiences that they had had over the week. After this bittersweet moment, everyone gathered one last time for yet another dance in the hotel. The girls said one last goodbye to the city of Bethesda, Maryland as they gathered their belongings outside of the hotel in preparation for their departure back to Houston. All thirty two of the girls would agree that it was a great week in which they learned how to be more “politically effective” throughout their communities and making sure they stay involved with the government and current events, all while strengthening relationships with fellow academy women and making new friends from across the country. Sarah Atherton shares her thoughts on her last day in Maryland: “I’m so glad I went on this trip. I made so many new friends; I gained a new perspective on life, and had the opportunity to be a part of history. I feel like CloseUp really has changed my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.”


February 2013


Vol 62 Issue 5

I am a freshman and I sit at the pavilion during lunch. Everyday, a special boy comes over. We make eye contact and sparks fly. We have met once, but I had spinach stuck in my tooth! I really want him as my valentine. How do I take this to the next level? Thanks, Awkward Acquaintance Don’t let all of the girls after him inI like this guy but we haven’t really talked much... He’s really cute and lots of girls like him how do I get him to notice me? -Anonymous

timidate you! Just start off being his If you and the boy keep making eye contact, just go up to him and friend, he will come to you for advice say hi! Although it can be nerve-wrecking boys notice you more if you and possibly see that you’ve always go up and say something to him. Just try to strike up a conversation and maybe talk to him on facebook and get his number? Just be been there for him, just be patient. yourself!

What do you do when a guy seems like he likes you, but you don’t know for sure?


Go hang out with him! I can’t guarantee he’ll try to bust a move but just keep hanging out with him and eventually he’ll tell you, orrrr you could ask him who he likes but that might not give you a definite answer either. Boys are pretty straight forward most of the time, unlike girls.

Hi aggie! There is this boy at Strake who I really like! but he is one of my brothers good friends and also is my best friends carpool! What do I do? - Abbey

Hmmm… Sounds like quite a predicament. It might be a little awkward at first because he’s one of your brother’s friends, but you can also use this to your advantage! If he comes over to hang out with your brother take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with him and if you seem

LOVE IS IN THE AIR CarlitaPoo Sganderlla Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Im your secret admirer! And I love you Happy Valentine’s Day, XoXo~Secret Admirer

Robert, Thanks for all of your support! Love you, boo! -Kitty

I love Tommy Kherker and my sisters at SAA!!!! Who needs boys when you have hundreds of sisters? Am I right? -Laura Kkerker

Love the St. Agnes community! Thanks for the warm welcome first semester from the upperclassmen! -Tobi Okopie

To every Strake boy- Roses are red, violets are blue, I admire you all in the hallway, if you only knew... - Hannah Bach

Happy Valentine’s Day to Coach Robbins, the best cross country and track coach I’ve had! Thanks a bunch!! -Julia Rowley

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Columns - Feb 2013  

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