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VOLUME XXVIII No 9 17th June, 2011



JUNE Athletics Carnival JS Work Placement Hospitality and IT VET






20 – 24th

Athletics Carnival SS P & T Interviews K-4 & 6


P & T Interviews K-4 & 5


Divine Liturgy


Term ends for staff and students



Staff Development Day


Students return


Parent Teacher Conferences Years 10 and 11


Parent Teacher Conferences Years 7 – 9


To Mitchell Knight who was selected to play for NSWCIS Touch to play at the NSWPSSA in the upcoming tournament to be held in Coffs Harbour from 2nd – 5 August, 2011. He was one of twelve players selected from 100 boys. He was also selected to represent the CIS at the NSW PSSA State Soccer tournament that was held at Coffs Harbour in May where he was selected in the State team to play at the Nationals in Canberra from 4th September, - 9th September, 2011. Bravo Mitchell!!




ICAS English JS


Australian Mathematics Competition


Jeans for Genes SS




Debating Competition JS


The Dormition of the Theotokos School closed




Parent Forum Year 9, 2012 For Year 8 students and parents


Snapshots Extravaganza SS ASISSA Athletics JS


Debating Competition JS



Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag

FROM THE OPENING OF THE SPORTS AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE From Mr E Economou President, St Spyridon Parish Your Eminence, Your Graces, Reverend Fathers Representatives of Federal, State & Local Governments Other Distinguished Guests Family and Friends of St Spyridon College And Students of our College It is with a great sense of pride and history that I address you all today. This morning, our Primate officially blessed and dedicated this magnificent Sports and Performing Arts Centre of our College. Since our College’s establishment in 1983, His Eminence has been unwavering in his fatherly support, guidance and inspiration for our College, and on behalf of the Parish and the entire St Spyridon Family, I offer him our humble appreciation. St Spyridon College has always been true to its motto of AIEN ARISTEVIN – Forever Excelling. And we believe that this facility, whilst in itself excellent, will continue to inspire and assist our students to fulfil their potential. It is appropriate this morning to remember that this facility has been over 20 years in the making, as it was first conceptualised and drafted in the late 1980s. Just as all good visions take time to come to fruition, this building has become a reality as a result of a number of important factors, which need to be acknowledged. In 2001, and as part of the College’s Strategic Plan, the need for this facility was identified and given its due priority. However, it was not until 2007 that the Parish was in a position to seriously consider making this vision a reality. In the lead up to the 50th Anniversary of the Parish and the 25th Anniversary of the College, at the suggestion of our Parish Priest Fr Steven Scoutas, we approached the then Premier of NSW, the Hon Morris Iemma, to seek financial assistance for this project. The magnanimous contribution of $1,000,000 announced at our Gala Dinner in February 2008 by the State Govt was indeed recognition of our Parish’s integration and contribution to the broader community, as well as the mutual respect between this Parish and the State Government – I acknowledge former Premier and friend of the Parish and College, the Hon Kristina Keneally’s presence today, as well as local member the Hon Michael Daley MP. And for this we are truly grateful. Our vision was for a building estimated to cost around $6 million. Meaning that we were still uncertain exactly how quickly we could raise the balance of the funds required. In 2009, the Federal Government announced the Building the Education Revolution. Given that we already had plans drawn and approved, and with the guidance and assistance of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW – represented today by Chairman Mr John Rolston, and Executive Director Dr Geoff Newcombe – we were able to secure a further $2,500,000 towards the project from the Federal Government. Furthermore, I join His Eminence in asking Senator Elect Thistlewaite to thank the Prime Minister and the Federal Government on behalf of all of us. However, this still left us short by around $2,500,000. But, as with all the missions of our Church, through the many contributions to the College Building Fund from parents, friends and major Benefactors (ranging from $2 to $100,000), we have been able to accumulate a further $1.5mil.


The balance – in excess of $1,000,000 – has been financed through a commercial loan from Beirut Hellenic Bank (formerly the LAIKI Bank). I also acknowledge the delegation from Beirut Hellenic Bank today, led by Chairman Dr Nicholas Pappas and Managing Director and CEO Mr James Wakim. Further, I acknowledge our Architect Mr Michael Avramides, together with his daughter Christine Avramides, and their team of professionals who breathed life into this building – from concept to finished drawings. I also thank our builders FDC – who have done such a fantastic job in completing this building to such a high standard in just 12 months. And to Mrs Christina Tsaconas, our Parish Executive Officer and College Bursar who expertly oversaw the whole process down to the finest detail, and who kept the project within budget. As important as the aforementioned contributions are, it would all be pointless and worthless if it were not for all of you – the students, families and friends of our College. This project only proves and highlights that when communities come together in unity and harmony as a family, that great works can be achieved. In closing, as I stand here before you all, I thank each and every one of you for the part you play in the St Spyridon family and I humbly offer our combined thanks to God, who through the intercessions of our Patron, Saint Spyridon, continues to guide, bless and protect us all.

From Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag Head of College Blessing and Opening Sports and Performing Arts Centre 19th May 2011 A House and A Space Your Eminence, Your Grace, Reverend Fathers, Distinguished Guests, ladies and gentlemen, teachers of St Spyridon College, fellow principals, beloved students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Together with my colleagues Mrs Katsogiannis and Mrs Hamer, and indeed everyone here present, I wish firstly to express our gratitude to you, Your Eminence for Your Blessings and Prayers for us and our students; for your formidable intellect; for your strength οf purpose; for Your example of unstinting commitment to the good of our Church and community. I join with His Eminence in expressing our special joy that we have the Hon Kristina Keneally with us this morning, as a long time friend of our College and Community. The opening of this wonderful building represents the fulfilment of our best intentions for our students. Here at St Spyridon College, we endeavour to develop the whole person- mind, body and soul. Goal 4 of our Strategic Plan states that we actively foster the beautiful things in life- the arts, music, literature, drama. The Ancient Greeks described themselves as lovers of beauty, pursuing excellence in all things. No athlete could compete in the Olympics or in any of the other Games -in Nemea, Delphi, Corinth, unless they also entered into the performance competition-presenting poetry, instrumental or vocal music, dance or rhetoric. Only the boxers were exempted from this rule. The Arts were judged with the same exactitude as the sporting events. Following in their daunting footsteps we endeavour to do likewise. We do not want jocks vs the nerds here, we want our soccer boys and girls, our netballers and basketball players to also chant in the Engomia choir on Good Friday evening, to appreciate and perform in English and Greek Theatre productions, to love poetry, to sing, dance, learn an instrument, paint and sculpt. We are pleased to say that our students embrace every opportunity presented to them-because as you are no doubt aware, we have not been sitting around with our arms folded all these years, waiting for this building to finish, before we could begin to develop our students’ potential. As you well know, ladies and gentlemen we are keen


competitors in Junior and Senior schools Sports. And we have a long tradition of building confidence and talent across the Performing Arts. What has changed with the completion of this facility is that we can now provide our students and teachers with a home and a space in which to develop and showcase their considerable talent. And this makes us very happy indeed. No one happier I imagine, than Reverend Father Steven Scoutas, who was here at the very start of the journey and now, as a proud grandfather. We thank Mr Economou, together with the members of the Parish Council and Board of Governors chaired by Mr. James Phillips. We are very pleased that so many past students are here this morning. We are gratified that past students are now enrolling their children with us, and that so many of you get involved in the life of your school where it counts –as parents, tutors, coaches, sound and light technicians, musicians, as inspirational speakers to our careers program. We are happy that a troupe of past students, the Alumni Players, will be among the first to put on a Theatre production in this space. We wish them and their Director Mrs. Mary Faletas, all the best with the Greek Play “Μιάς Πεντάρας Νειάτα”.



Bianca Anastasas






Maths, Extension 1 Maths, Advanced English, Economics, PDHPE and Business Studies

Hobbies/interests: Going out with friends, shopping, watching television, playing on computer and basketball Favourite quote: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill Future aspirations: I would like to finish school with a good enough mark to get to University New South Wales or University of Technology Sydney in the hope of pursuing a successful occupation. Role models:

Name: Subjects:

Martin Luther King as through perseverance he was able to become an iconic figure in the advancement of civil rights in not only the United States but around the world. He is a good representation of how determination and willpower can lead to you to follow your dreams. Ben Papadopoulos Modern Greek Continuers, Greek Ext, General Maths, Standard English, Biology, PDHPE, Hospitality.

Out of School Activities: Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Favourite Quote: “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” Christopher Reeve


Renee Hatzistergos





English Advanced, English Extension 1, Modern Greek, PDHPE, Business Studies, Food Technology Future Aspirations: Bachelor of Commerce, UNSW Subjects:

School Achievements: Participating in ISA basketball and ISA netball, ‘Open A’ basketball and netball teams, Representing the school in Greek Orthodox Colleges Carnival (2008-2011), Year 10 Peer Support Leader, 2005 Junior School Captain, having articles which I had written published in the ‘Red and Green News’ during Year 10 work experience. Extra-Curricular Activities: Netball and Basketball





Reports will be sent home with your child on Friday afternoon in a sealed envelope. Please read the comments as well as looking at the ticks as they will provide you with more intense information about your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

DOOR TO DOOR SCHOOL BUS SERVICE There is one vacancy for Term 3 and another vacancy will become available in Term 4.


If you are interested, please call Helen on 93136899.

On the 18th May, we had the pleasure of welcoming the parents of 2012 Kindergarten children to an information morning and a tour of the school. The parents thoroughly enjoyed the morning and were amazed at the standard of the children’s work particularly in Kindergarten where they were reading and writing sentences after only 5 months at school. They were also most impressed with the beautiful manners displayed by our children. We are very proud of all of them.

Mrs H. Simicos

VACATION CARE PLEASE NOTE: OPERATING HOURS HAVE CHANGED. VACATION CARE IS NOW OPEN 8AM - 6PM To book your children in, please give me a call on 9516 2188 and/or fill in the attached enrolment and booking forms.



We also had an Information Morning and Tour that was open to all people with children in different grade levels and parents of babies still deciding on a school for their children.

After School Care fees are $17 per day and we are able to reduce fees if your family receives the child care benefit. Our operating hours are 3.30pm-6.30pm. At after school care children are given the opportunity to complete homework and play games. There are art and craft activities and afternoon tea is served also.

Again the feedback was most positive, parents not only impressed with our standard of work and behaviour but also our facilities with our Computer Room and our Interactive White Boards and air conditioning in every classroom. We are truly blessed with all that we have particularly with our hard working dedicated teaching and administrative staff.

For enquiries or to book your children in, please call me on 9516 2188. Miss P. Doyle Children’s Services Coordinator



We wish to congratulate and thank Mrs Ieroklis for her many years of service at our school. We commend her also on her fantastic work and how she teaches all of us about our history culture and traditions. Mrs Ieroklis will be taking Long Service Leave in Term 3 we wish her a well deserved rest and look forward to seeing her back in Term 4.

Here we are at the end of Term 2 and it is hard to believe half a year has already passed. We have all been very busy over the last couple of weeks with half yearly exams, reports and the upcoming parent teacher interviews.



Parent Teacher interviews will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday. Please note that interviews will be held in the child’s classroom except for Middle School teachers and Greek Language teachers who will be situated in the library.

St Spyridon College Junior School Annual Athletics Carnival will be held on Monday 20th June 2011 at E.S. MARKS ATHLETICS FIELD.


Entry is gained via the main gate in Boronia Street, off Anzac Parade Kensington.

Appointments are to be made directly with Teachers by the students. Parents are asked to attend the Parent Teacher Conference with their child.

All children Kindergarten to Year 6 are to be taken directly to E.S. Marks Athletics Field and must be there by 8.30am for Roll Call. The carnival will commence at 8.45am sharp and will conclude at 2.45pm. All children are to be picked up from the oval by 3.00pm. Skennars Bus Company has been notified and all private bus children will be taken directly to the field and picked up from the field in the afternoon.



The Sydney Morning Herald’s HSC and Careers Expo was held two weekends ago in the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park. Our Year 12 students attended on Friday afternoon as an excursion. This event will be held next year and would be of interest to parents and Years 10 to 12 students. Website link for 2011 Expo for list of exhibitors and their web links, seminars list, is

The canteen WILL NOT be open on the day. Please see P&F flyer. Please Note: If wet weather all children are to come to school for normal lessons.

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY INFORMATION A Scholarships Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 28 June at 6pm. Did you know that the University of Sydney gives out over $65 million in scholarships each year? That’s $65 million for over 700 scholarship schemes (not including prizes or college and sporting scholarships). A scholarship information evening for year 11 and 12 students will be held on Tuesday 28 June to assist students’ chances of receiving a scholarship. See Uni of Sydney website for more information.

If you require After School Care on Monday 20th June, please notify the school office by 17th June.

CO CURRICULAR Please note that there are no co curricular activities next week. They will recommence in the second week of Term 3, that is Monday 25th July.


UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY The UTS Engineering Information Evening on 22 June will give students an overview of the different areas of engineering available at UTS. They will find out how to increase their chance of entry through the UTS Engineering Bonus Scheme and Questionnaire. They will also hear from current and past students about their experiences studying at UTS. The UTS Engineering Scholarship Information Evening on 29 June will give those interested in scholarships all the information they need to apply and interview for scholarships worth up to $85,000.


School closes on Friday 24 June and we wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday. Mrs M. Hamer Principal Junior School

SENIOR SCHOOL REPORT HALF YEARLY REPORTS Years 7-11 All students, Years 7-11 Half Yearly Reports will be posted at the end of Term.

‘A Day in the Life’ Programs These programs ( run by Think Education Group) give students the opportunity of experiencing what some career areas would be like. Be a Designer, Hotel Manager, Events Manager, Head Chef, Photographer, Interior Designer or Graphic Designer. Costs include lunch Designer - Saturday 10am to 4pm 18 June or 23 July $80 For more Information Ph 1300 851 245. Hospitality Management Wednesday 6 July or Thurs 14 July $50 For more Information Ph 1300 851 237.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES Years 7-9 Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Monday, 25th July, 2011 for students in Years 7 to 9.

Years 10 and 11 Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Wednesday, 20th July, 2011 for students in Years 10 and 11.


Photography, Interior or Graphic Design 2 day workshop. 9 &10 July $160 For more information Ph 9251 0029.


UNSW iChallenge Competition has been created by the Australian School of Business at UNSW for Year 10, 11 and 12 students. The aim is to identify and celebrate the next generation of business innovators and entrepreneurs. The competition is a great opportunity for students to use their creativity and imagination in coming up with a new business idea for the future. The winner of ichallenge will receive a fantastic MacBook Air. 2nd prize will be a new Apple iPad and 3rd an Apple iPod Touch. The th Competition closes on 30 July.. For details on how to enter, go to or email more information. Flyers can be obtained from Mrs Skerman.




On Tuesday 7th June, Mr Economou came to visit us at school. He is a paramedic. He also came with an Ambulance. Firstly he showed us how to find out how to know if someone is hurt. Next he showed us a big accident and a small accident. Then we got to put on some clothing that he needs like a mask, a helmet, rain jacket and rain pants. After that he showed us a stretcher. Finally we went in the Ambulance and saw oxygen tanks and medicine. I had an awesome time. Jorge Cooney 1E

2012 Teacher Education Scholarships Program Up to 300 scholarships are available for students to train in the secondary key learning areas of mathematics, science and English and in primary and secondary special education for employment as teachers in western and south western Sydney and non-coastal rural NSW. Students will receive an annual training allowance of $5000 for their full-time studies, a guaranteed job in a agreed location when they graduate and $3000 when they begin permanent teaching. The closing date for applications is 7 October 2011. Full details at

On Tuesday afternoon Mr Economou came to our school to talk about his job and he brought the ambulance to show us. First he talked about what we should do in an emergency. We should check the person’s heart by putting our hand on their heart and if they aren’t breathing we should call 000. Next he picked some people to wear goggles, a special suit that glows in the dark and a suit if someone has lots of germs. After that we went in the ambulance and we saw the stretcher.

Williams Business College (at 1 James Place North Sydney) will hold an Open Day on Saturday 18 June from 11am to 2pm. Williams run Certificate IV, Diploma and advanced diploma courses in Business Administration, Marketing and Management. Some students study the Double Advanced Diploma Marketing/ Management in 1 year. The 1 year Diploma of Business Administration leads to working as a legal secretary.

Finally he turned the siren on and we say teddy bears to cheer up babies. Overall we thanked him for telling us all about paramedics. Paul Giavis 1V

A Trade Careers Night will be held on Monday 27 June from 6.15 to 8.30pm at the Marrickville Bowling & Recreation Club at 91 Sydenham Road Marrickville. Registration opens at 5.45pm Ph 1800 644 800 to book or for more information. Electrical, Automotive, Painting, Building/ Construction, Plumbing, Hospitality and other trades will be represented by their associations and apprenticeship organizations. Mrs A. Skerman Careers Adviser


It is true that without Earth humans would die. If it wasn’t for an atmosphere suitable for people we wouldn’t be living on lands such as Australia.

SAVE THE PLANET Written by Demetrios Avdalis Position Most people would agree: saving the Earth is a must. Without our planet there will be no humans, no me, no you, no oxygen, gravity or food.

I firmly believe that the Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has trees to clean the air for humans to breathe. Without trees, there is no way to recycle carbon dioxide; Earth would overheat. This would cause human extinction.

Arguments The first argument is that I believe future generations will suffer. Practically they will never exist. Think about emptiness; nothing…

I definitely recommend that the Earth be saved so humans can live.

SAVE THE EARTH Written by Michael, John and Giorgen

In addition, our knowledge about science and the world around us will be destroyed. In turn, beauty, nature and wildlife will disappear. No colours.

“Who cares, don’t save the Earth!” WHY WOULD ANYONE SAY THAT? Future generations should not suffer for what we’ve done; causing the sun the heat our Earth, wasting God’s gift. We should work hard to make our Earth a better place for future generations.

The third reason is that no OTHER planet is hospitable. Think or it as an equation: Earth + Destroyed = no Earth – no life (humans) = Death for humankind. As easy as that, people would be gone forever. So remember next time you throw a candy wrapper on the floor…think of this equation.

Did you know that we’re causing the sun to heat our Earth? Every day we produce more and more carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is a main cause of the atmosphere heating. Eventually the sun will heat the Earth to the point of it blowing up or becoming so hot that we wouldn’t be able to survive. Every day, we use cars, motorbikes, trucks and all types of machinery. And it is all of these machines that we use that create gases that pollute the atmosphere, leading to the destruction of our Earth.

Summary In conclusion, I firmly agree Earth should be saved. The Earth: our only hope for survival. Without it: no us. Remember, future generations want beauty not death.

Furthermore, why should the future generations suffer for what we’ve done? In fact, by the time the horrible damage of humans on our Earth is realised we could be dead, and there will be no future generations left to suffer. If we cause the Earth any more damage than we already have, the future generations will be forced to clean up our mess.

SAVE THE EARTH Written by Mariah Zouroudis I strongly believe that the Earth should be saved. There is oxygen so animals and humans can live. I definitely believe that if it wasn’t for the Earth we would be extinct. Also, Earth is the only planet that has tectonic plates upon which trees that recycle and clear the air grow.

What about all the knowledge that will be lost? Scientists spend all their lives researching and finding information out about the universe. Soon it could be all lost. Finally, why on Earth would we waste God’s gift or the one planet in our solar system known to be able to support life? For the people who believe in God, we are wasting his beautiful gift that is Earth, every single day we pollute the Earth more and more, nearing the waste of God’s gift.

Oxygen is important: animals and humans can’t be alive without it. If we have oxygen, we can survive but without it; we die.



In conclusion, I strongly believe that saving the Earth is an extremely good idea for many reasons: the Earth will eventually heat then blow up, we are wasting God’s creation, knowledge will be lost forever and lastly future generations do not deserve to suffer from our mistakes.


JUNIOR SCHOOL SOCCER The NSWPSSA State Soccer Tournament was held at Coffs Harbour from 21st May - 24th May. All of the states 14 organisations were there where I was representing CIS. After 6 rounds CIS was on top of the ladder with 5 wins and 1 draw. We had scored 23 goals and 1 against. We managed to win our semi final against North Sydney and advanced to the final. In the final we played Western Suburbs where we were beaten by the better team on the day. At the end of the tournament they selected a State team of 14 boys. I was selected for the State Team to play the Nationals against other States which will be held in Canberra from the 4th September to the 9th September, 2011.

AN ARGUMENT AGAINST SAVING THE EARTH Written by Andreas Veryinis Very, very few would agree with not saving the Earth. I strongly believe that these very few are correct. It is true that the vast number of reasons to save the Earth outweighs why we should not save the Earth BUT I also think that these few reasons are stronger. These are some. Earth: A huge planet. Tiny creatures such as us can’t destroy something 999 quadrillion times bigger than us. Earth is capable of looking after its self. Its trees take in the carbon dioxide humans create and the Earth can grow new plants and animals and produce minerals.

TOUCH FOOTBALL On Wednesday 8th June I participated in the CIS trials for Touch Football at Penrith. I played 7 games of football against over 100 other boys. From this tournament I was 1 of 12 boys selected for the NSW CIS team to play at the NSWPSSA tournament to be held in Coffs Harbour from 2nd August to 5th August, 2011.

Everyone knows that scientists are the smartest people in the world, so why doesn’t anyone believe them? Many scientists have found other liveable planets in our solar system, so we can do what we want with Earth: have fun, buy and create things and breathe as much oxygen as we want!

Mitchell Knight Mr J. Volas Sports Coordinator

Earth: one of the many planets that carry most of the resources we need. To get these resources we need to destroy only a tiny bit of the planet. I wouldn’t be able to write this exposition without doing this process. Earth can create more, it’s a natural sequence.

SENIOR SCHOOL PLEASE JOIN US……… Open A’s Netball Team will play their first game at the SPORTS AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE. For most of the girls this is an exciting moment as they have been waiting for years to play at School Home Grounds and experience the school spirit evident in many other competing schools. Fittingly, the match will be against First place Barker College with St Spyridon a close second position.

In conclusion, the way we live and survive involves destroying the planet. Scientists have discovered plenty of other liveable planets. Let those few make the decision; they’re the ones who are right. (P.S. The author doesn’t necessarily want you to agree; similarly lawyers)

We invite you to watch the match and enjoy a friendly BBQ after. Junior B’s – 8.15am Inter C’s – 9.30am Open A’s – 11.00am Ms K. O’Shea Girls Sport








Date: Tuesday 21st June 2011 Time: 8.30 am—2.00 pm Venue: Sydney Athletics Field,

ES Marks (Anzac Parade, Moore Park)

Compulsory for all students to attend – no school on the day All students must participate Yr 7- 10 House Colour shirt Students are to bring their own packed lunch 16



St Spyridon June Newsletter 72  

The St Spyridon June Newsletter No. 72