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VOLUME XXVII No 15 22nd October, 2010


HEAD OF COLLEGE Extract from Year 12 Dinner Speech


Parent Forum Year 12, 2011




OHI Day Celebrations Church Years 7-9 P & F Spring Fair JS


Beloved Students of the Year 12 Class of 2010. Over the last two days, the whole school community K-12, together with His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos have stopped to honour your journey at St Spyridon College. Tonight we farewell you with every good wish for your HSC success and future happiness.




Musical Showcase JS School Certificate


8 – 10


Mrs Katsogiannis, Principal of the Senior School and I, would like to thank the Reverend Father Steven Scoutas and Father Andrew, for their spiritual guidance to you, and the Board and Parish for their work in taking the school forward. I thank Mr Peter Mavrommatis, your Year Adviser for his professionalism, patience and genuine commitment to your care and well being during these last three most crucial years of your schooling. I thank all Year 12 teachers for their central role in your academic journey; and I do not forget your K-11 teachers, for their impact on your lives. Mrs Grillakis, gets an honourable mention as your warm and loving homeroom teacher.


Year 4 Camp depart 8.15am



Preparing for the Preliminaries Course begins Parent Forum and BBQ Year 7 2011 Years 3 Camp depart 8.15am



Year 3 and 4 Camps return approx 3.15pm



Sports Presentation Evening 6.30pm, Technology Wing SS



Year 5 Camp Bathurst depart 6.00am Year 6 Camp Canberra depart 6.00am



Year 3 Class Liturgy



Year 5 and 6 return from Camp approx 6.00pm


Musical showcase JS


Year 10 Dinner



Yearly Reports to Parents JS Year 7 2011 Orientation Day SS



Parent Teacher Interviews JS



Parent Teacher Interviews JS




Every day at St Spyridon begins with the Lord’s Prayer, which closes with the words “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. Now that you are leaving us, we remind you of these words. The world is a beautiful and exciting place, but life can also be harsh and unforgiving. You must be careful in whom you trust and what you do. Do not be taken in by false promises; do not be led blindly to your own demise. There are many temptations in the world - but none greater than those we carry within ourselves - our hungry ego, and those most dangerous of modern diseases - greed and ingratitude. We live in a society in which people boast of what they own, because they do not know who they are; in which arrogance and audacity are passed off as self respect and proper pride. In such a world, only people with strength of character can survive. They have the intelligence and the integrity to exercise judgement. We want to believe - in fact we know, that you are such people. We hope that with all your strengths and virtues, you will make this world a better place by your presence; that perhaps you, together with other principled young people, will set right the many wrongs wrought on this



Divine Liturgy


JS Awards Presentation Morning in Church Year 6 Graduation Evening Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm


Speech and Prize Giving Afternoon 12.30pm K-6 Carols in the afternoon 2.00pm Term ends for students


Staff Development Day






earth by past generations. Perhaps you will develop solutions to the problems unleashed by decades of unchecked corporate greed and incompetence. We hope that you, unlike us, will find effective means to fight against social injustice and ecological indifference. More than this, we hope that you will create peace and harmony within your own hearts, your own homes and your communities. As your teachers and parents, we look at you and agree that the hard work, worries and sacrifices that we have made, to give you the best start in life, have been worth it. I look around the room and see a poised, accomplished, confident group of young men and women. You have that St Spyridon College polish, which makes you shine in any setting. But I also know you for your inner goodness, compassion and empathy. I am proud of you-I feel blessed to have been a part of your journey to this point and to see you grow in mind, body and soul. Your conduct and achievements have reflected appropriately on yourselves, your families and your College. You have excelled in so many areas of endeavour-some you in all areas-in academics, sports and technology and community service. You have performed in Musical Snapshots; in Greek and English theatre productions; as accelerant HSC students; as hosts to VIPs; including Ambassadors, Heads of Schools, politicians and military men. You have represented your College in State, National and International forums with distinction; and laid a wreath to the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square. What makes us most proud of you is that you have taken on every challenge with determination and integrity. And this is what it means to be a hero - to face down your fears and to triumph, for the greater good. Small wonder then, that last Friday the oval was invaded by a band of fierce superheroes. And this is another thing we love you for - your sensational sense of humour. We pay tribute to our formidable Student Leadership Team - The College Captain, Alexander Vatiliotis, the Vice Captain Aleksandra Djordjevic and our Senior Prefect Angelina Flokis. Our Prefects, Sotiri Abouyanni, Patrice Calopedos, Theodore Faros, Phoebe Ganis, Felicia Kilias, Tiffany Koutrouzas, Natalie Pizanis, George Sialepis and the beautiful Stephanie Vardas are also acknowledged. You have provided outstanding leadership to the Student body, as you clearly heard from the SRC Reps yesterday. Our Sports Captains, Greg Lazaridis and Connie Bouhoutsos, have taken House Spirit to another level, and for that we commend them. We have seen you exercise and model principled leadership; which is not about exercising power over others, but working powerfully with others for the common good. You have been blessed to have had some very powerful role models – in your teachers. Most especially in your Year Adviser Mr Mavrommatis. And what can we say about the Principal of the Senior School, the inimitable Mrs Katsogiannis and her unstinting insistence that you become your better selves? For some of our families here tonight, this is the last child to complete Year 12 with us – and we will miss you as much as your children. But we are consoled by the hope that you, my dear students, will come back to us and be a strong part of our future, as well as our past; to help us take your school forward, in preparation for when your own children come to us in Kindergarten. Come back and inspire others to do as well as you did - perhaps even better than you did. We can think of no better group with which to close the first decade of the 21st Century. Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag


• •


Fitting of lights and switches. Main power will be on this week.

New JUNIOR SCHOOL facility

Celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world on October 28 each year, OHI Day, (Greek: Επέτειος του «'Οχι», Anniversary of the "No") commemorates Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas's rejection of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Mussolini on October 28, 1940. This ultimatum, which was presented to Metaxas by the Italian ambassador in Greece, Emanuele Grazzi, on October 28, 1940, at dawn (04:00 AM), demanded that Greece allow Axis forces to enter Greek territory and occupy certain unspecified "strategic locations" or otherwise face war. It was allegedly answered with a single laconic word: όχι or no. In response to Metaxas's refusal, Italian troops stationed in Albania, attacked the Greek border at 05:30 AM. Metaxas's reply marked the beginning of Greece's participation in World War II. On the morning of October 28th the Greek population took to the streets, irrespective of political affiliation, shouting 'OHI'. From 1942, it is celebrated as OHI Day.

Weather permitting: Completion date will be the 10th December, 2010 for both buildings.



For Term 4 2010, Mrs Aristea Synesios will continue as Acting Principal of the Junior School, a position she has filled with outstanding skill, commitment and professionalism. In this capacity Mrs Synesios will be responsible for Junior School operational management and planning and report directly to the Head of College.

The Uniform Shop will be opened before school reopens for Term 1 2011 on Wednesday, 19th January 2011 and Monday, 24th January 2011.

Mrs Synesios will also continue to attend Principals’ meetings and represent the Junior School at such forums as the HICES and IPSHA.


• • • •

In addition, new computers were installed in our computer room at the Junior School at the end of last Term. We thank the Parents and Friends Committee, for their invaluable support in this important initiative. Mrs C. Tsaconas Parish Executive Officer/Bursar

Mrs H. Simicos


Parents and the school community who watched and enjoyed the Open Day performance by all grades were truly impressed with the talent of our students. Kindy was so ready to capture the limelight with their Ah Kounelaki performance and the rest of the students entertained us beautifully in a variety of ways.

Mrs Mary Hamer will attend when her health permits and while she recuperates. We wish Mrs Hamer good recovery to full health.


We congratulate the teachers who prepared our children so well. Anna Stamoulis, P&F President presented a cheque of $20,000 to Mrs Stefanou-Haag for the College in order to contribute to upcoming upgrades of resources for our students. The P&F committee thanks the families of the College for generously supporting fundraising events which have enabled the committee to donate this generous figure. The committee sincerely thanks Angela Giaras, Canteen Supervisor for her enthusiasm and efforts to direct the P&F with its delivery of sizzling sausage

SENIOR SCHOOL – Sports and Performing Arts Centre • • • •

Cutting of the road (Doran Street) completed as specified by Randwick Council. Cement renders will commence this week. Plasters will also commence this week. Windows will be inserted tomorrow, if weather permits.

Toilet divisions completed also sinks and taps installed. Retractable basketball rings will be installed by the end of this week. Finishing off painting main hall/stage area / mezzanine and music rooms. Starting timber flooring next week.


Assembly or to the Front Office at any other time. P&F and Year 6 thank you for your support!

lunch orders and sweet treats. Her help was truly appreciated.

PARENT STALL HELP LETTER Parents of Junior school students are reminded to please complete the slip which requests their help for an hour or two at their children’s allocated P&F stall at Spring Fair. Everybody is invited to help and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Please see the Front Office for a spare note if you have misplaced it or contact Maria Pascalis 0414244695 to inform her of your chosen time to help at a stall. Mrs M Pascalis & Ms F Diakoumis P&F Association


Total Raised $ 6 500

Taverna Night Easter Stall Palm Sunday Lunch

$ 3 000 $ 3 000

Mother’s Day Stall Mother’s Day Brunch Entertainment Book

$ 2 700

Sports Carnival Father’s Day Stall Father’s Day Raffle Trivia Night Open Day Spring Fair Total

$ 138 $ 3 141

$ 2 600 $




$10 000 $ 1 033 $10 000 $43 679

Taverna Night Lambathes Palm Sunday Lunch Mothers Day brunch Mothers Day stalls JS Athletics Carnival kiosk Trivia Night Fathers Day stalls Open Day lunch

Total Raised $15 000 $ 2 700 $ 5 000

However, the Spring Fair is at the forefront of our thought as the students are busily preparing their Spring Fair Item for their parents to purchase and perfecting their Greek dancing. On this day we will also commemorate OHI day. Christina Balayannis and Anastasia Barton are preparing the poems that they will be reciting at church.

$ 3 045 $ 3 150 $


We are well and truly on the homeward run now with a short and very busy Term Four. The Junior School is looking forward to Kindergarten 2011 Orientation, camp, the election of our Student Leadership team for 2011, Yearly exams and Prize Giving, the Musical Showcase, Christmas Carol singing to our school community, Senior Citizens and to the residents of The Castellorizian Nursing Home.

2010 FUNDRAISING TOTAL (to date) Fundraiser



We have in our prayers our brothers and sisters in the Senior School who are sitting their School and Higher School Certificate exams and wish them the best of luck.

$ 8 109 $2 700 $1 400


We congratulate Mrs Mulligan (nee: Mendelson) and her husband Ashley on their marriage last week.

$41 758

Mr & Mrs Paradisis and Sonya (3A) on the birth of the newest member of their family, baby Athena. Christ’s blessings for a long, happy and healthy life.



Junior school students have been asked to bring any NEW TOYS, NEW DVDS AND/OR NEW BOOKS that they no longer want from home to donate for the Year 6 TOY Stall for the Spring Fair. They are asked to bring these items on Wednesday 27 October at

We welcome back Mrs Karpouzos (nee: Kollias) who has returned to her class 2C.



SPECIALTY PHOTOS If you would like to purchase any of the Specialty Photos (school captains, house captains, prefects, athletics, swimming squads, chess, piano, violin ensemble, guitar), you may do so by Friday 29th October. Envelopes are available at the junior school office. All payments are to be made by cheque to Advancedlife or by correct cash $16 per photo – no change will be given.

2011 Kindergarten children will attend two orientation morning sessions at the Junior School on Wednesday 10th and Wednesday 17th November 2010. We look forward to welcoming our future students on theses days.



Notes were sent home to parents last term regarding information on Camp for Term 4. Please check to make sure you have all items required for each camp. ¾ Year 3 will attend 2-day Camp to Deer Park on Thursday 11th November and return to school on Friday 12th November. ¾ Year 4 will attend 3-day Camp to Deer Park on Wednesday 10th November and return to school on Friday 12th November. ¾ Year 5 will attend 3-day Camp to Bathurst on Wednesday 17th November and return to school on Friday 19th November. ¾ Year 6 will attend 3-day Camp to Canberra on Wednesday 17th November and return to school on Friday 19th November.

St. John’s Ambulance runs Family First Aid Courses. The course runs for six hours and covers the basics of emergency and injury management and equips parents to better care for their children. We are happy to host this in 2011 if parents were interested. This could be during a school day or on a weekend. Cost per participant is $85. If you are interested, could you ring the office and leave your name so we can get a gauge of numbers. We need twenty participants to run the course. You are not bound by your expression of interest.

BUS PASSES FOR 2011 A reminder that all Year 2 students entering Year 3 in 2011 and all Year 6 students entering Year 7 in 2011 must complete a new application form for bus passes to be issued.

JUNIOR SCHOOL SPORT IN TERM 4 ¾ Kindergarten – Year 2: TriSkills Gymnastics at school every Wednesday. ¾ Year 3: Gymnastics at Bunnerong Gym every Thursday. ¾ Year 4: Soccer at school every Wednesday. ¾ Year 5: Footsteps every Thursday at school. ¾ Year 6: Footsteps every Thursday at school.

COLES SPORTS FOR SCHOOLS PROGRAM Thank you to all the students, parents and friends of the College who are collecting vouchers for the school. The competition ends 31st October so keep collecting. Watch out for double voucher promotions. Could you please help us by bundling vouchers into groups of 20.



On Sunday 31st October we will be commemorating OHI Day. This year the students from Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 will be the main representatives from the Junior School, along with the Year 6 Captains and Prefects. Students from other years are welcome to attend but this is not compulsory attendance for them.

Please remember to place all lunch orders in the ‘Lunch Buckets’ kept in the classrooms at Roll Call. If you arrive late to school you must place your lunch order in the ‘Late Lunch Order Bucket’ held in the Office. Volunteers are needed for the Junior School Canteen. If you are able to assist, please call 96635363 and leave your details.

All students who attend must be in full school summer uniform including blazer. Junior School students are to gather in the Primary Courtyard by 10.15am at the latest, and will be taken to Church by their teachers at 10.30am.

INFANTS ICE CREAMS With the weather warming up, many of the children are bringing money to school for ice creams. Ice creams are sold in the Infants playground during the

After Church all students K-6 are expected at the Spring Fair. More details will follow.



second half of lunch. They cannot be ordered with lunch orders nor are children allowed to purchase more than one ice cream at a time even if it is for a sibling.

“Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted” George Kneller Feeling a little apathetic or stressed? Have a pile of work that needs to be done? Is studying for the upcoming exams filling you with dread? Are you finding it hard to get motivated?? Or … have you taken onboard the study tips given to you in Pastoral Care? Have you set up your study timetable? organized your papers? worked out what you don’t know, or are unsure of? Have you made summary notes? begun revising and learning by using memory tricks to push the learning from your short term memory into your long term memory? Have you consulted your exam notifications? Answering YES to all or some of these questions proves you have been actively engaging in the process of learning! You have taken steps towards thinking creatively and being in control, thereby steering yourself in a positive direction.

Unfortunately this service relies on volunteers. If we do not have sufficient parental assistance, we are unable to sell ice cream to the infants children. Your assistance is sought between 1:15 and 1:45pm. You do not need to commit to coming daily or weekly. Just turn up when you can. Thanking you in advance for your support.

DORAN ST TRAFFIC As you would have noticed, Doran Street now has a stopping bay opposite the basketball courts on the left hand side of the road. Please stop there to let your children out and cross them safely across the road. DO NOT stop in the middle of the road to let children out. This should allow for greater safety as well as the smoother flow of traffic. Mrs A. Synesios Acting Principal Junior School



If not … you must realize that procrastinating or doing nothing can be destructive. The secret to success is to keep moving and keep trying to do your best.



The term ahead will be full of new and old challenges for everyone. It is important to make some plans, set goals, think positively and prepare as best as possible!

On Wednesday, 27th October, 2010 at 7.00 p.m. a meeting will be held for all students of Year 11 and their parents. The Board of Studies Liaison Officer (BOSLO) Ms Kim Owens will be present to talk about the Higher School Certificate. The School HSC Assessment Booklet will be distributed on the night. It is expected that all students of Year 11 will attend with their parents. Students are to wear their full school uniform as they will be presented with their Year 12 badges.

YEARLY EXAMINATIONS In Week 4 all Middle School students will sit Yearly Examinations in most subjects. By the end of this week all students will have received notifications which outline the topic areas tested. All students should review carefully what has been given by teachers. Parents also may support their children during this time by overseeing the study routine at home and discouraging any counter productive distractions such as msn, facebook, mobile phone calls, texting and playing electronic games during allocated study time.

OHI DAY On Sunday, 31st October, commemorating OHI Day.





Years 7-9 are expected to attend, students are to wear summer uniform including blazer and assemble at the Infants playground at 10.15am.

YEAR 7 – MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY On the 27th October, 2010, Year 7 St Spyridon College students will help make practical environmental changes within their local communities

Mrs A. Katsogiannis Principal Senior School


and do their part in saving the environment by participating in The Green Up Clean Up fundraiser. On this day students will be planting seeds that will hopefully grow into healthy plants, cleaning up their environment and completing an environmental action plan. On the 28th October, they will also host a school BBQ and conduct a school clean up. All moneys raised through the sponsorship booklets sent home and BBQ will be put towards buying additional games equipment for use in Peer Support Leader group activities with Year 7. This initiative shows Year 7 leading by example by choosing a healthy fundraiser promoting awareness and the importance of our environment. If you know any Year 7, and they ask for you for support, please praise them and sponsor!

Year 8 Elena Ganis, Rena Lambos, Lena Sialepis, Evelyn Tzivakis, Yianna Carpis, Chloe Kourtesis, Stephanie Mio and Aiden Xydis. Year 9 Nicholas Stasos and Maria Mio. Movie Draw Winners Year 7 Angela Papaharitou, Nicholas Georgou, Papaleonidas and Nicholas Makridopolus.


Year 8 George Karapanayiotidis, Eleni Mavrolefterou and Evelyn Tzivakis. Year 9 Estelle Krassas, James Andrew and Edward Renouf.

MIDDLE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY Congratulations to all students who received Gold, Silver and Bronze stars at the recent Middle School Assembly and a special congratulations to the following students: Principal’s Award Year 7 Matthew Chiam, Maria Bletsas, Darius Dadgostar, Vicky Papadopoulos, Aleksandra Bogojevic, Anja Dukic, Christos Raptis, Sophia Rizzo, Yvette Stemitsiotis, Nicholas Makridopolos, Anastasia Maloukis, Theoni Thimakis, Ann Marie Xenos and Aphrodite Zafiropoulos. Year 8 Panayioti Kapodistrias and Stephanie Mio Pat on the Back Awards Year 7 Matthew Chiam, Sophia Rizzo and Christos Raptis. Year 8 Stephanie Mio, Thien Ngo and Sophia Lee Georgas. Year 9 Petro Stefadouros, Penny Bounatsos and Alexandros Moraitis. Perfect Attendance Awards Year 7 Aphroditi Zafiropoulos, Maria Bletsas, Peter Contominas, Simeon Kerameas, Kristian Kontakos and Christos Toras.


LEADERSHIP CAMP On Wednesday, 13th October, Year 11 departed for a three day Leadership Camp at Jervis Bay. It started off quite shaky, after having a 7.00am departure, meaning, for most students, a 6.00am wake up call. But after a four hour nap on the bus, Year 11 were excited and raring to go. When we first arrived, we were served lunch and then split up into our activity ‘tribes’. The tribes consisted of ‘Narungi’, or the orange tribe, ‘The Wookies’, or the yellow tribe, or ‘Avatar 2’ the blue tribe. Throughout the camp, the tribes were rewarded for great leadership qualities and skills with money, with the richest tribe by the end of the three days gaining bragging rights for the four hour trip back home. In all honesty, Year 11 are known for being competitive, so the three tribes fought it out for victory. As the Leadership Camp progressed, Year 12 of 2011 acquired supplementary leadership skills. Braddy, our Camp Leader, organized these skills and qualities into a ‘Leadership Toolbox’. This leadership toolbox helped us connect the qualities of a good leader with the skills required to be one. Year 11 participated in many activities, such as the ladder of success, which involved conquering your fears and climbing over negatives to reach the peak of a tree. Another activity, named ‘building foundations’ involved using teamwork to achieve synergy and conquer some tedious challenges. Also on the activity lists was a game where tribes were put to the ultimate test of quick thinking, where we had to build a bridge over an ‘infested river’. Camp also brought unforgettable memories, especially after the sun had set, with our own adaptation of the game ‘Minute to Win It’, where we had to use our facial muscles to direct a cookie from our foreheads


into our mouths and act like chickens to collect cotton balls from the ground. Also, towards the end of camp, there was a conspiracy against The Wookies, with Narungi and Avatar 2 creating a secret alliance. However, the most memorable event would have to be when The Wookies stole the show with a breathtaking tribal history presentation including song, dance and a piece of individual brilliance from Marina Kyriacou, whose heart stopping dance moves ultimately won it for The Wookies. Overall, Year 11 camp had a different vibe to it from other years. We were treated as young adults, with more freedom and responsibilities, especially for the girls, who had to clean their own dishes. The leadership skills acquired from the camp are ones we will carry with us during and after school. On behalf of Year 12, 2011, I’d like to thank Ms O’Shea, Ms Gambriell, Mr Zafiropoulos, Mr Meintanis, Mr Giles and Mr Georgoulopoulos for taking care of us during the three days. I guess – no, I’m certain we can be a handful sometimes and I’m sure we deprived you of many hours sleep, however, we would like to express our gratitude for your continual efforts throughout camp, as well as your involvement in the activities. Stamati Margelis Year 11


Θέµα: Η πρώτη µέρα στο σχολείο µετά τις πρόσφατες διακοπές. Λέξεις: 100 – 150 Είδος κειµένου: Ηµερολόγιο

PEER SUPPORT LEADERS 2011 The final selection of Peer Support Leaders (in training) for Year 7 2011, has been fiinalised, and successful applicants have been informed. During Term 4 these students attitude and behaviour will be monitored during training periods, PSL activities with Year 6, and in regular tabled classes, before final qualification as a Peer Support Leader is made at the end of the year when students will be presented with their official certificates. We look forward to following the development of your leadership skills through your participation in upcoming events.

«Αγαπηµένο µου ηµερολόγιο, Η πρώτη µέρα πίσω στο σχολείο ήταν κουραστική και τελικά, έχω και πολύ διάβασµα να κάνω. Είναι φανταστικό το συναίσθηµα να γυρίζουµε πίσω και να είµαστε πια τα µεγαλύτερα παιδιά του σχολείου, δηλαδή, οι µαθητές και µαθήτριες της Γ΄Λυκείου! Στην τάξη µου έχουµε ένα καινούριο παιδί, την Ελένη, η οποία ήρθε στην Αυστραλία από την Ελλάδα πριν από δύο µήνες.

Ms G Kokinelis Dean of Middle School


Η Ελένη είναι ήσυχη και ντροπαλή. ∆εν µιλάει και πολύ, αλλά αυτό µπορεί να οφείλεται στο γεγονός πως δεν καταλαβαίνει καλά την Αγγλική γλώσσα. Στο µάθηµα που είχα µαζί της έµαθα πως η Ελένη αγαπάει τα Μαθηµατικά και ότι οι γονείς της ψάχνουν για φροντιστήριο για να την βοηθήσουν να φτάσει σε υψηλό επίπεδο σ’ αυτό το µάθηµα. Της έδωσα τον αριθµό τηλεφώνου του φροντιστηρίου που πάω εγώ µια και νοµίζω ότι είναι πολύ καλό και πάντα µας βοηθούν εκεί να καταλάβουµε το µάθηµα.

Αγαπητοί γονείς και φίλοι, Στην έκδοση αυτή δηµοσιεύουµε δύο εργασίες µιας µαθήτριας του λυκείου. Τα θέµατα και των δύο εργασιών είναι παρµένα από περασµένα διαγωνίσµατα των πολιτειακών εξετάσεων, HSC. Οδηγίες για τις δύο εργασίες παρέχονται παρακάτω. Καλή ανάγνωση! κ. Μ. Φαλέτα Θέµα: ∆ιένεξη µ’ ένα/µία φίλο/φίλη. Λέξεις: 50 – 100 Είδος κειµένου: Σηµείωµα/µικρό γράµµα

Η Ελένη είναι αξιοπρεπής κοπέλα και τα περνάµε καλά µαζί. Αν και δεν µιλάει καλά Αγγλικά, δεν έχουµε κανένα πρόβληµα επικοινωνίας και πιστεύω πως µε τον καιρό θα γίνει µια καλή φίλη µου. ∆εν έχει κάνει ακόµη πολλούς φίλους στο σχολείο και λυπάµαι γι’ αυτό. Αύριο θα µε βοηθήσει µε τα Ελληνικά µου κι εγώ θα την βοηθήσω µε τα Αγγλικά της.

«Αγαπητή Ελένη, Όπως ασφαλώς θα θυµάσαι, χθες είχαµε µια συζήτηση και ξέρω ότι από τη στιγµή εκείνη είσαι θυµωµένη. Σου γράφω λοιπόν, για να σου πω τη δική µου άποψη. Πολλές φορές η γνώµη σου είναι πολύ ισχυρή και µου δίνεις την εντύπωση ότι ποτέ δεν θέλεις να ακούσεις και τη δική µου γνώµη. Φυσικά αυτό µε κάνει να αισθάνοµαι ως κατώτερή σου επειδή πολλές φορές υποτιµάς τις δικές µου ιδέες και αυτό µε µειώνει. Θα πρέπει να καταλάβεις ότι κι εγώ , όπως όλοι άλλωστε, θέλω να µπορώ να εκφράσω τη γνώµη µου και ο άλλος, στη συγκεκριµένη περίπτωση εσύ, να φαίνεται ότι τουλάχιστον την ακούει αν δεν συµφωνεί µ’ αυτήν. Κατά τα άλλα, είσαι µια καλή φίλη κι ελπίζω να τα

Σ’ αφήνω τώρα, πρέπει να αρχίσω το διάβασµα για το σχολείο. Θα τα ξαναπούµε σύντοµα. Renee Hatzistergos Year 11

SPORTS REPORT BASKETBALL SEASON ISA season commences this Saturday, 23rd October. This season we have six girls teams representing St Spyridon College which is an outstanding feat in itself, considering Saturday Sport is optional at our school. St Spyridon is amongst the highest represented schools in this 2010/2011 Basketball season.

Με αγάπη» Renee Hatzistergos Year 11


Our Open Girls team warmed up with a Gala Day held at Sydney University. They competed against all ISA schools, many of which were Division One schools. However, with the help of the Junior A team St Spyridon Opens were highly competitive, defeating Division two schools and narrowly defeated by Division One schools. Thank you to the Year 11 girls who showed outstanding commitment after a sleepless week at camp, although exhausted they managed to remain competitive and positive. Year 8 superstars, without your help our participation would not have been possible. The girls showed tremendous talent and determination and displayed an insight into the strength for the future. Lastly, thank you to Mr and Mrs Lambos and Mrs Efstratiou for their assistance; the girls are truly grateful. Good luck to all teams for the season and remember to have fun!! Ms K. O’Shea Girls Sport

HOUSE GALA DAY On the last school day of term 3 a house gala day was held for Years 7 to 10. House Sport Day was played at School and students were in house teams. Students had a choice of soccer, volleyball or tabletennis. The day was ultimately a resounding success with most students competing for the prize of house champions. Perhaps the highlight of the day was seeing the final soccer game with Corinthians v Nemeans. This highlighted the value and passion that the students of 2010 had for sport. This house tournament was a first and certainly a success. Although there were winning teams it is important that we acknowledge all the students involvement and congratulate them on making the day a tremendous success. A special thank you must be extended to the following people for their support and enthusiasm on the day. A thank you to all the teachers who attended and

helped on the day.


Mr A. Condous Boys Sport


YEAR 12 FAREWELL FROM THE BOARD CHAIRMAN Tonight, we pay tribute to our Year 12 students. Many of you, have been here for thirteen years, others perhaps for a lesser time. During this time, we hope that you have learned many things especially about Orthodox religion and Hellenism which encompass the Greek language and culture as well as mainstream curriculum. It is sad that you are leaving us, but we are happy and proud that you will be equipped in this ever changing world we live in, with social, academic and spiritual values. We hope that you take these values into the future. We are proud of the examples of leadership you showed during your time with us, including your participation at College open days and visits to many institutions such as Universities, nursing homes and national days. In a few weeks you be sitting for one of the most important examination in your life - The HSC. I know that you are well prepared. However, there is still time to ask you teachers for help. What is most important in the end is that you know you have done your personal best. Depending on your results, you will be furthering your career at a university, TAFE or College. My advice is to select a career that you perceive that you will enjoy. The monetary value should be secondary in your choice. You can always start your degree at one university, maintain an above credit average, then transfer to another university. I have experienced this in my family. Our Patron Saint Spyridon, opens many doors and opportunities, provided you have the will and the faith. We have had many examples of this in our Parish especially in the development of this College. From my journey through life, upon receiving my HSC results, I was given a teacher’s scholarship which I did not take. I proceeded to do a Bachelor of Science at UNSW. As time went on opportunities arose. For the past 18 years I am teaching casually the practical component of microbiology at UTS and I thoroughly enjoy this. This is in addition to organizing laboratory classes. Food for thought!! In 2008, I was privileged to be part of the Parish Greek Trip with Elia Economou and Mrs Mary Faletas. I commend all the students on their behaviour in being true ambassadors of the College. The comments I received from the tour guides, residents in Greece and Cyprus were commendable. I am sure the memories will be with you all. Highlights of the tour were, the visit to Corfu (Kerkyra) where we viewed the body of our Patron St Spyridon, the monasteries and many other places along the way. In June 2010 I went with Mrs Faletas and Mr George Georgoulopoulos. Some of your sisters and brothers were present and again our experience above was similar. A few weeks ago I attended the Musical Snapshops at the NIDA Parade Theatre and saw many of you performing. If only I knew that you had talent, we could have had more singalongs and dancing on the Parish Trip. Good luck in your exams Year 12. Be proud ambassadors of St Spyridon College in the future and keep in touch with us. Facebook and email seems to be the norm now. Finally, remember the College motto: “Forever Excel.” Thank you James Phillips Chairman, Board of Governors St Spyridon College


FROM THE PARISH PRESIDENT Today, we have celebrated the completion of the formal part of your secondary schooling. Appropriately, this morning’s Doxology service was led by our Primate, His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, who is the founder of the Greek Orthodox school system in Australia. Whilst it may not be evident to you today, I know that in years to come, when you reflect on your school experience, it will become clear that although studying, exams and academic results often appear to be the most important and absorbing part of your school years, in fact, it is the whole journey that helps to mould you into the people that you will become. Our mission at St Spyridon College has always been and will continue to be, to help develop young students into well rounded, balanced and responsible young adults with sound principles and values. As I look out at you - the Class of 2010, I am proud to say that I believe we are succeeding in this mission. As students of St Spyridon College, you have been nurtured in an environment that provides not only academic education, but also the tools to help you through your life based on our Orthodox faith and traditional Hellenic ideals. Continue to embrace these things, as they will keep you in good stead for your journey throughout your lives, whatever challenges you face. Personally, I feel privileged to have had the pleasure of getting to know most of you as a result of many of your interactions with daily Parish life, such as: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

The 2008 Greek Pilgrimage – an experience we shared that will remain with me throughout my life. Good Friday 2009 – where our male students were involved in the carrying of the Epitaphios around our Church, which is an honour and blessing. St Spyridon’s Day Esperino – where many of you assisted with the serving of food and drink to over 500 people here in our Church Hall, and… The chanting of the Engomia or Lamentation hymns on Good Friday in the Church Greek National Day Celebrations at the Opera House


Our College is the major mission of our Parish. However, like all things, our College is an ever-evolving institution. This is evident in the changes and innovations that you have witnessed in your time at the College, on both a physical and operational level. These include, but are not limited to: ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

The construction and opening of the Primary School facilities The construction and opening of the Technology Wing The various upgrades to the buildings at both campus’s over the years The amazing technological advances in equipment and teaching methods, and The ground breaking ceremony of the nearly complete Multi Purpose Hall at the Senior School Campus

In closing I hope that you all maintain your close connection and contact with our Parish and College, and before you know it, you will once again be in the Principal’s office, as your children prepare for their journey of school life through St Spyridon College. Congratulations to you all on behalf of myself, the Parish Committee and the entire Parish, on the completion of your secondary schooling, best of luck for your upcoming HSC exams, and may our Patron St Spyridon continue to guide you through the many challenges ahead. Thank you. Mr E. Economou Parish President FROM THE COLLEGE CAPTAIN Teachers, beloved family and friends; on behalf of the Year 12 Class of 2010, I’d like to welcome you tonight to our farewell dinner. Tonight is a bitter-sweet occasion. A time of farewell - which for some may bring tears of sadness, while for others, the farewell may eventuate in tears of accomplishment seeing how far we have all come. In either case, we are lucky to have embarked on a journey together that makes saying goodbye so hard. A little under six years ago, we started our high school journey. Some of us eager to take on the advent of the new schooling environment, while others among us needed a little bit of a push. However, it was not long before we came together unified as a year group ready for the changes and challenges thrown our way. In our six years at St Spyridon College, among our year group: We have played major rolls in the various Greek plays, Musical snapshots and drama performances. We have formed the core of the Church choir. Chanting at all Doxology services since Year 7 and chanting on Good Friday for the past three years. The girls have brought home the Combined Greek Orthodox Gala week trophy for netball, basketball and indoor soccer three years in a row. We’ve represented the school at Saturday sport, with the open netball girls and open soccer boys both just falling short in their respective semi-finals. We’ve also represented our school at ISA swimming and athletics carnivals and have had athletes from our year progress to the CIS carnivals. This abridged list of feats is all well and good, but the true testament to our year group comes in the not so overt achievements just listed. There are elements of our character as a year group that are achievements within themselves; our ability to be democratic in our choices, maintain our cultural values, show compassion for the less privileged, give a helping hand to our younger peers and the ability to smile back at the world when we are faced with adversity. Tonight we have the rare privilege to ceremonially acknowledge the people filling this room. The people who have helped us develop into the well rounded, young adults we are today.


I’d like to start by thanking our Year Adviser Mr Mavrommatis, who has become, for some of us, a voice of conscious within our heads. We will miss his words of advice that have opened our eyes to all aspects of our decisions, where Mr Mav has always stood ready to support us, defend us, and ready to open wide the door of opportunity. I think its important to acknowledge Mr Mav’s unwavering support for our year group, between letting off a couple of flairs, nearly electrocuting ourselves, and chucking around a few thousand bouncy balls, he has never lost faith in our year group or failed to support us and put us back on track when our justification and credibility wavered. A big thank you to Mrs Grillakis, who along with Mr Mav has watched over our year group. Mrs Grillakis has supported us in all our endeavours, activities and fundraisers to the up most of her ability. Mrs Grillakis has multitasked this year not only as Year 12’s roll call taker but also as a teacher, mother-figure and friend and will be missed dearly by our year group. We would also like to thank Mrs Stefanou. Although Head of both the Junior and Senior school, her presence within the school environment demonstrates her passion for the students of St Spyridon College to achieve their absolute best. Mrs Stefanou has made each of us feel like important individuals, not just numbers on a page. Tonight we are also pleased to show thanks to Mrs Katsogiannis who has been a driving force in our development, offering opportunities and having a strong passion to say -yes, as we organised amongst other things -our BBQ’s, mufti day, and the water fight we had a few days ago. We could not have hoped for a Head of Senior School that had such a welcoming personality and reasonable approach to our concerns. On behalf of the Year 12s I’d like to thank the Deans of the College Mr Meintanis and Ms Kokinelis. Ms Kokinelis has run the SRC and Prefect meetings and has acted as the 15th member of our leadership team. Her support and philanthropic nature is to be admired. Mr Meintanis has supported our year group putting many lunch times, Saturdays and Wednesday nights coaching the girls netball team. He has always met our year group with a helpful attitude and, on some occasions, has played a monumental role in our court soccer experiences. We would also like to thank Mrs Lambi and Mrs D for organising tonight and setting up the hall. Of course our journey could not have materialized without the pillars of our school, the teaching and auxiliary staff. At no stage has the support been lost, we thank you as a group for your constant efforts to see us achieve our best. Your support has been so passionate that over the last few weeks it seems that the teachers are more stressed about our HSC than the students. For the hours spent reading our essays and lunchtimes missed we will be forever grateful. You have given us something, intangible, and in doing so you have shaped us into the people we are today. Finally our supporters who fill this room tonight - our families whether it be parents, grandparants, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunties or friends. You have been our support, our constant drivers for betterment, our source of unwavering love and guidance. Although we might not say it often, you play a roll of massive importance in our lives. Don’t let our search for identity and the HSC induced frustration be any indication that we don’t need and want you by our side. We are forever appreciative. Now to the Year 12s. There is not much I can say that will in anyway recap my time here at this College. The camps, the Greece Trip, chanting, playing sport, music and performing drama with our friends, causing havoc in the library. The memories will be everlasting. And this is something to be grateful for. The opportunity to come to school with a welcoming environment that upholds our cultural values. The opportunity to make mistakes and have enough loving people around us to pick you up when we fall. The opportunity to sit around the common room with our friends and laugh until we cry. At the beginning of the year I challenged you, as the leaders of the College, to make it our prime objective to make people feel that they are not alone – as even a small act of kindness has the power to change people’s lives. I asked our year group to take the initiative to make just one person feel important at this school. I am proud to be part of this year group because I believe with my whole heart that we have achieved and surpassed this challenge. Vicky Papadopoulos in Year 7 made eight cards to give to the Year 12 boys that travel with her every morning and every


afternoon on the bus. Cassie Georgiou in Year 8 gave flowers to each of the Year 12s that she has played with in netball. The roar of cheers this morning as we left Church shows that we have impacted our younger peers. But as they say, “all good things must come to an end”. And this is it - a final formality before we begin our HSC. The final occasion that we are together as a school community before we begin a new chapter in our lives. I wish you all the best with your HSC preparation and examinations, and more importantly I pray for your future health and happiness. It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to lead such a wonderfully diverse and beautiful group of individuals. So lets enjoy tonight, together, for the final time with the St Spyridon College family. Let’s enjoy the little time left that we have the honour of wearing this school uniform. And after tonight, lets keep each other focused, lets keep each other motivated and after the HSC keep in touch. Thank you Alexander Vatiliotis School Captain 2010



ΑΠΟΧΑΙΡΕΤΙΣΤΗΡΙΑ ΟΜΙΛΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΛΕΧΑΝ∆ΡΑΣ ΤΣΩΡΤΖΕΒΙΤΖ 2010 Σεβαστοί πατέρες Στυλιανέ, Ανδρέα και Μίοδραγγ, Γενική ∆ιευθύντρια του κολλεγίου κυρία Στεφάνου, διευθύντριες του ∆ηµοτικού, κυρία Χέηµερ, και του Γυµνασίου, κυρία Κατσογιάννη, Πρόεδρε της ενορίας του Αγίου Σπυρίδωνα κύριε Οικονόµου, Πρόεδρε του ∆οικητικού Συµβουλίου του κολλεγίου, κύριε Φίλλιπς, Πρόεδρε του Συλλόγου Γονέων και Φίλων, κυρία Σταµούλη, σεβαστοί καθηγητές, γονείς και αγαπητοί συµµαθητές. Για δεκατρία ολόκληρα χρόνια, το σχολείο του Αγίου Σπυρίδωνα, είχε γίνει το δεύτερο σπίτι µας και είναι πολύ δύσκολο να πιστέψουµε ότι έχει έρθει η ώρα να σας αποχαιρετήσουµε. Ξεκινήσαµε µαζί ως παιδιά, µεγαλώσαµε µαζί και τώρα βρισκόµαστε µπροστά σας είτε το θέλουµε είτε όχι, ως ενήλικες. Έτσι θα µας βλέπει από εδώ και στο εξής όλη η κοινωνία. Ελπίζω λοιπόν, ότι όλοι µας είµαστε πια ώριµοι ενήλικες. Όταν ήρθε η ώρα να γράψω αυτή την οµιλία, το βρήκα πολύ δύσκολο να βρω λέξεις να περιγράψω τι σηµαίνει το σχολείο αυτο για µένα και πιστεύω και για όλους τους συµµαθητές µου τους οποίους εκπροσωπώ αυτή τη στιγµή. Έχουµε ζήσει µαζί στιγµές µεγάλης χαράς και περηφάνιας αλλά και δύσκολες και σοβαρές στιγµές που µας πόνεσαν. Θέλω να πιστεύω πως όλη αυτή η περίοδος των δεκατρίων χρόνων, όλες οι δυσάρεστες και οι ευχάριστες εµπειρίες που περάσαµε µαζί να µας µείνουν βαθιά χαραγµένες στη µνήµη για το υπόλοιπο της ζωής µας. Άλλωστε, όλα αυτά µαζί, µας ωρίµασαν, µας βοήθησαν να εξελιχθούµε στο άτοµο που είµαστε τώρα. Προσωπικά, νιώθω το σχολείο αυτό ως την οικογένειά µου και τους συµµαθητές µου όπως τα αδέλφια µου. Ποτέ και για τίποτα δεν θέλω ν’ακούσω κουβέντα κακή για το σχολείο µας! Το κολλέγιο αυτό µας δίδαξε την πίστη στο Θεό, τα ήθη και τα έθιµά µας, τη γλώσσα την Ελληνική και τη Σέρβικη. Αξίζει λοιπόν, ένα µεγάλο ευχαριστώ στο σχολείο µας. Επίσης ένα θερµό ευχαριστώ στους καθηγητές µας που µας ανέχθηκαν όλα αυτά τα χρόνια µε τις παράλογες κάποτε απαιτήσεις και ιδιοτροπίες µας. Ήσασταν πάντα εκεί για βοήθεια, ενθάρρυνση και καθοδηγία. Κύριε Κάλδη, στις δύο πρώτες τάξεις του Γυµνασίου ήσασταν υπεύθυνος της τάξης µας. Λοιπόν, δεν το ξεχάσαµε και σας ευχαριστούµε που µας στηρίξατε στα πρώτα βήµατα στο Γυµνάσιο, πότε υψώνοντας τη φωνή και πότε µε το καλό και το αστείο.


Κύριε Μαυροµάτη, το ξέρω ότι δεν θέλετε να σας ευχαριστούν, αλλά αυτή τη φορά θα ανεχθείτε αυτά που θέλω να πω. Είσαστε πάντα έτοιµος να µας συγχαρείτε για τις προσπάθειές µας και πάντα εκεί να µας υποστηρίξετε και να µας ενθαρρύνετε, πάντα µε αγάπη και το γλυκό λόγο. Εύχοµαι η φετινή Τρίτη λυκείου, η χρονιά µας και χρονιά σας να φανεί αντάξια των προσδοκιών σας και της αγάπης σας. Τέλος, αγαπητοί συµµαθητές, είτε δεκατρία χρόνια περάσαµε µαζί, είτε δύο η τρία, θα µου µείνετε όλοι αξέχαστοι. Σας εύχοµαι καλή επιτυχία στις εξετάσεις που έρχονται, καλή τύχη, υγεία, ειρήνη και όλα αυτά πάντα στο δρόµο του Θεού. Τέλος, στις δυσκολίες που θα έρθουν, γιατί θα έρθουν κι αυτές, εγώ θα θυµάµαι πάντοτε και σας συστήνω να θυµάστε όλοι, τα σοφά λόγια της κυρίας Στεφάνου, «Θα περάσει κι αυτό», για να παίρνετε κουράγιο για το µέλλον. Και τώρα θα πω λίγα λόγια στα Σέρβικα. Прво хоћу у име свих српских ученика да се захвалим школи што нам је дала могућност да учимо свој језик. Ученици који нису наставили српски, надам се да неће да забораве матерни језик. Захваљујем се Професорки Белајчић на њеном стрпљењу, нарочито са Везмаром, и на добром учењу. Увек је нас саветовала и помагала, то јест, припремала за будућност. Свим професорима хоћу такође да се захвалим што нисте само били наши професори већ и наши пријатељи. Увек сте били спремни да нас слушате и помогнете, чак и да нас критикујете кад је било потребно. Верујем да ћемо заувек памтити ове године којe смо провели са вама. Захвални смо и поносни смо што смо имали среће да будемо ученици Светог Спиридона. Верујем да нам је свима тешко што одлазимо јер тек сада схватамо озбиљност живота и колико нам је ова школа дала. Свака школа те образује али наша школа нас је учила да будемо добри људи, да волимо нашу веру и да поштујемо друге вере. Захваљујем се Оцу Стивену што нас је сваког Уторка учио како да нађемо свој животни пут. Наша генерација није идеална али је добра и има велико срце. Надамо се да сте поносни са нама као што смо ми са вама. Хвала   The following is the English translation of the Serbian part of the speech: Firstly, on behalf of all the Serbian students, I would like to thank the school for giving us the opportunity to learn our language. To those students who didn’t continue learning Serbian in their senior years, I hope that they won’t forget their mother tongue. I would also like to thank our Serbian teacher Mrs Belajcic for her patience, especially with Vezmar, and for her good teachings. She was always there to advise us, to help us and to prepare us for our future. To all our teachers I would like to thank you for not only being our educators but also our friends. You were always prepared to listen to us, to assist us and even criticise us when it was necessary. I believe that we will forever remember these years that we have spent with you. We are grateful and proud to have had the blessing of being students of St Spyridon College. I believe that we all feel the sadness of our departure because it is only now that we realise the seriousness of life and how much this school has given us. Every school educates you but our school has taught us to be good people, to love our faith and to respect others. I would like to thank Father Steven for being there every Tuesday to guide us into finding our path in life. Our year group may not be perfect but we are sincere and have a big heart. We hope that you are as proud of us as we are of our school. Thank you Aleksandra Djordjevic School Vice Captain 2010


SRC YEAR 7 Maria, Aphroditi and I, would like to congratulate and farewell the Class of Year 12, 2010. Although we have only known you for a short period of time, you have been both a positive influence and great role models to all of us, through your leadership and the dedication you have displayed towards your studies and the school. We have also seen your fun and mischievous side at times, plus you provided us with some awesome fundraisers, like tasty BBQs, which we always looked forward to supporting. As the “big” people of the school, you are now almost adults, ready to step out into a new and exciting world and way of life. Over the past six years at the Senior school you have developed greater independence, accepted more responsibility, and learnt to manage your time effectively and productively. Many of you have graduated from catching buses to driving cars, you have changed uniforms many times, grown at least 15cm, and increased both your shoe and clothing sizes many times! Boys have become young men, and the girls, young women, ready to meet the next stage of joys and challenges. Six years ago you were probably standing where we are today. You have gone to where we are heading. It’s a little bit daunting to think of what lies ahead, but also comforting to see that you all made it through just fine. We have calculated the number of assessments and tests we have had this year, and compared it to how many you must have had over the six years, and the figure we came up with was several hundred. You guys should feel very proud and … pretty tired too. In conclusion, we would like to thank you for all you have done for us over the three fantastic terms we’ve gotten to know you. On behalf of Year 7, we wish you all the best in the HSC and for the future.

Christos Raptis, Maria Bletsas and Aphroditi Zafiropoulos Year 7 SRC SRC YEAR 8 We would like to take this opportunity to express our thoughts and reminisce on the memories that we have shared with the Year 12 Class of 2010. They have touched our hearts I many areas of schooling life since we began our journey at St Spyridon College. Year 12 students eased our transition into the Senior School as their friendly and warm nature allowed us to feel comfortable and not intimidated to ask for help to or just say hello. This is a rare occurrence in other high schools and we appreciate them for this. Year 8 have made a strong connection with many students in Year 12 through their similar passion for sport. I have been fortunate enough to encounter this first hand. With many young members of the ISA Netball team the Year 12 girls were not only great role models and mentors they also inspired us to ‘Try better and harder and to never give up’. These characteristics will encourage us to continue the success that they earned over the years. Despite being intimidated by the high level of skill demonstrated by the Year 12 boys down at court soccer, Year 8 boys thought they would try their hand at another sport, Basketball. Each lunch the Year 8 boys would teach the Year 12 boys the finer points of Basketball.


Sarut, the boys assistant coach mentored them to win an ISA championship and for that, Year 8 boys are very grateful. As you can see Year 8 and Year 12 share a common bond through their participation in Sport. Not only has it built our character through strengthening our self confidence, we have also established lifelong friendships that will never be forgotten. Being the youngest members of the snapshots production, the Year 12 students showed their musical talents and inspired us to continue to practice so that we can perform to the same standard in the future. During our time spent at the SRC meetings and helping with various events throughout the school year, we have witnessed the Year 12 Prefects develop into exceptional leaders. As George S Patton once said: “Great leaders don’t just lead; they bring out the best in everybody else too.” And this is certainly true for our experience with the current Year 12 group as they brought out the best in the younger school members through sport, music and their contribution to school life. On behalf of Year 8 we would like to thank the Year 12 Class of 2010 for their friendship and for helping make our school a safe and welcoming environment. Good luck in your HSC examinations and may God guide you with all your future endeavours. Christina Andrew, Cassie Georgiou and Anthony Vasili Year 8 SRC SRC YEAR 9 Year 9 is saddened to know that Year 12 is leaving our St Spyridon family. We spent many great moments with Year 12 cohort and these moments will stay with us forever. We hope that we can inspire and succeed in our school endeavours as you did. One such occasion was when you attended our Year 7 camp and helped make our transition from Primary to High School much easier. We observed Year 12’s soccer skills in the courts every recess and lunch, but these skills vary from spectacular to the less spectacular. The Year 9 boys will all miss the fun times we have had in the courts but hope we can still continue soccer games like the ones we have had with you. Now that you are leaving to embark on new lives as individuals in the world of opportunities, we would like to express show much we will miss Year 12 assemblies every Friday morning and it will be quite a shock knowing that you will not be present at school. We have grown very close to all of you and feel as if our school will not be complete without you. Year 12 have participated in and contributed immensely to this school’s representation in sports. They have upheld our school spirit and led many different teams towards striving to complete everything to the best of their ability and in the fairest way possible. From leading the Open Boys Soccer Team, to the Open Girls Netball Team, as well as our school’s Basketball teams, they have all done an amazing job. Throughout their years at this school we have looked up to them as our Captains and Leaders of these teams, especially this year as they are the ones with the most experience and the ones we respected the most. Year 12 have not just led us to many victories in the ISA league but also when competing against the other Greek


Colleges in the Orthodox School Competition. They have shaped the way for future students to continue in their footsteps by maintaining good standards in sports. I am proud to say that Year 12 have set a very high benchmark for future year groups. Year 12 were our Peer Support Leaders. We learnt many things from them and we knew that we could always come to them for advice. They were always keen to help us and because of their impact, we have been inspired to become Peer Support Leaders ourselves. They have represented the school in many musical and theatrical performances. These have all been very entertaining and will be very hard to match in the future. The Year 12s excelled in all things they set tier minds to and definitely fulfilled our motto ‘forever excelling’. We wish the Year 12s well in their final exams and we all have faith that you will make us so proud when your HSC results are revealed. We will keep you in our prayers and wish you the very best in the future. Vicky Anagnostakis, Dean Vukelic and Leonidas Andrew Year 9 SRC SRC YEAR 11 Good morning Mrs Stefanou, Mrs Katsogiannis, teachers, staff and fellow students. Today, on behalf of Year 11, we are here to farewell the Year 12 cohort of 2010. For most of us in Year 11, this group of people has been our role models since Kindergarten. Their impact on us has been especially significant throughout our high school years. Ever since we have known our peers in Year 12, the type of character they portray as a group has been very clear. We have always known them to be people full of energy, ready to accept and overcome any challenge. We have always thought of them as people in whom we can confide for advice on aspects of school and life in general. We have always considered them as a very intelligent group of people. For their ability to constantly meet and exceed our expectations; we have always so highly admired them. Their many achievements are a reason to be commended for. As their friends and family, we are extremely proud of them for this. Nothing compares to the sense of happiness that comes with seeing your friends and family succeed at what they strive so hard to attain. Now it’s our job to further the standard they have set, a challenging task but one that will push us to our limits, a necessity to achieving our best in Year 12. Over the past 5 years together, we have shared many experiences with the Year 12s that we will never forget. The first time we really had the opportunity to get to know this unique group of people was in our transition from primary school to year 7. The Year 8s were welcoming and did all that they could to ensure that our entry to Year 7 would be as comfortable for us as possible. For some of us, it was the first time we truly understood what it felt like to be part of the St Spyridon family. The enthusiasm and determination of the now Year 12s in ensuring that we settled in to St Spyridon at this crucial point in our lives; will never be forgotten. As Year 11s, sport is one aspect of our schooling lives that we have been able to share with the Year 12s. Whether it be on the track, in the pool, on the courts or in the field, the Year 12s have consistently proved to be amazing athletes. What has been particularly astounding is the fact that such a small group of people holds so much talent. As well as being privileged to see many of their successes as they have occurred, a select few of us have actually had the opportunity to play sport with the Year 12s. Most notably, certain Year 11 students have had the chance to participate as members of the Open teams for netball, basketball and soccer. The fun experiences at Melbourne and Adelaide for the National Greek Orthodox Schools Sports Week have been particularly memorable. Many of us have also been provided with the opportunity to help organise and perform various theatrical performances with the Year 12s over the years. Throughout numerous drama performances and Greek plays, their expertise has helped many of us develop our own skills in these areas, as we have watched them do what they do best and have willingly taken advice from some of our best performers.


The Year 12s have always been known for their excellence when it comes to the performing arts. They have in their midst many talented musicians and dancers. Year 11 are privileged to have had the chance to perform with Year 12 in Musical Snapshots in the past. As well as this, we have experienced the talent of the Year 12 group as a whole when it comes to singing, which was evident in our singing of the Easter Hymns at St Spyridon Church together last year. The passion and dedicated exhibited by the Year 12s on such an occasion will always be remembered. The Year 12s of 2010 are indeed a very special and unique group of people. They have contributed much to the St Spyridon family that will be cherished and remembered forever. Their success in continually supporting each other in good times and in bad has played an important role in the continued upholding of the values that we stand for as a community. They have never let us down but, in fact, have always exceeded our expectations. The qualities they possess are those of true leaders. Their positive attitude towards school and life in general has been paramount in setting the example that should be followed by any person who wants to be the best that they can be. Anyone who looks at Year 12 - whether it be on a group or an individual level - will see that these are people who appreciate what they have, and who make the most of it. These are people who realise their potential and who are always willing to use it to help themselves, but most importantly, to help others. On behalf of Year 11 we would like to wish each and every one of them every success for the HSC and their future endeavours. Thank you.

Leah Balayannis and Ashli Bergmann Year 11



Spring fair 2010 Junior school Sunday 31 october 11am – 5pm You are all invited!


– Dragster slide, storm, pirate ship, pony rides!

Entertaining live greek music & greek dancing! FUN ACTIVITIES – Tiger castle, Animal Farm, Facepainting, plaster painting & more Fabulous food & DRINKS – Lamb souvlakia, sizzling sausages, bbq octopus, SENSATIONAL SEAFOOD, LOUKOUMADES, cupcakes, COFFEE , Greek SAVOURY PASTRIES & SWEETS, fairy floss, gelato & more! Shopping stalls to satisfy all- JEWELLERY, assorted hampers, spring flowers & plants, BILINGUAL BOOKS, gifts, CHILDRENS ACCESSORIES, quilted handworks, toys, CANDLES, Treasured goods & more! FAMOUS STUDENTS ARTWORKS! Supportive sponsors ! TOO GOOD TO MISS! 24

2011 DATES

TERM 1 Thursday 27th January 2011 Friday 28th January 2011 Monday 31st January 2011 Tuesday 1st February 2011

Staff Development Day Staff Development Day Years 1 to 7, 11 & 12 commence Kindergarten and Years 8 – 10 commence

Monday 7th March 2011

Lent begins

Friday 25th March 2011

Annunciation – school closed

Friday 8th April 2011

Term ends

Friday 22nd April 2011 Sunday 24th April 2011 Monday 25th April 2011

Public Holiday – Good Friday Easter Public Holiday – Easter Monday, Anzac Day

TERM 2 Tuesday 26th April 2011 Wednesday 27th April 2011

Staff Development Day Students return

Monday 13th June 2011

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday, School closed

Friday 24th June 2011

Term ends for staff and students

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Monday 15th August 2011

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Thursday 8th December 2011 Friday 9th December 2011

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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia   

Following the annual anticipation  of this continuing series of talks on Orthodoxy since 1989   

‘A SHORT COURSE IN ORTHODOX STUDIES’  is again being organized as an initiative of ‘St Spyridon’ Parish of South‐East Sydney  in collaboration with ‘St Andrew’s’ Theological College, Sydney   

This year’s series will be held each TUESDAY evening in ENGLISH as always  from November 2nd till December 8th, 2010, 7.00 – 9.00 p.m.  at St Spyridon Parish Hall, 72‐76 Gardeners Road, Kingsford, Sydney   

Tuesday 2nd November  THE CROSS – A THERAPEUTIC PROVOCATION TO OUR LIVES  By Father (Dr) Dimitri Kokkinos, (M.B.B.S., F.R.A.C.P.)  Parish Priest at ‘St John’s’ Church, Parramatta, Visiting Medical Officer in Neurology at Bankstown Hospital, and  Conjoint Lecturer in Neurology at the University of New South Wales   

Tuesday 9  November  ST. GREGORY THE THEOLOGIAN ‐ A BRUTALLY HONEST BISHOP  By Philip Kariatlis, (B.A., B.Th., M.Th., Ph.D.)  Graduate of St Andrew’s Theological College,   Lecturer in Dogmatic Theology and Academic Secretary at St Andrew’s Theological College  th

Tuesday 16th November  A JOURNEY IN CHURCH HISTORY ‐ THE AUTHENTICITY OF ORTHODOXY  By Associate Professor Angelo Karantonis, (B.Ec., M.Comm., B.Th.)  School of the Built Environment, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney,  Founding Chairman of St Spyridon College Board of Governors and Graduate of St Andrew’s Theological College   

Tuesday 23rd November  OBEDIENCE ‐ A WILLING SURRENDER   By Professor Nicholas Manolios, (M.B.B.S., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.A.C.P., F.R.C.P.A.)  Director of Rheumatology – Westmead Hospital,   Professor in Medicine, University of Sydney, and Member of St Spyridon Fellowship.  Tuesday 30th November  ORTHODOX LEADERSHIP AND THEOLOGY ON ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES  By Father (Deacon) George Liangas (B.Sc. (Med.) (Hons.), MB.BS., DCH.)  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow,   Associate Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney  Wednesday 8th December  GOOD AND FAITHFUL PARISHIONER ‐ GOOD AND FAITHFUL PRIEST  By Father Konstantinos Skoumbourdis (B.Th.)  Graduate of St Andrew’s Theological College, Parish Priest at St Andrew’s Church, Noarlanga, Adelaide,  Chaplain of St Basil’s Homes, South Australia and Religious Educator at St George College, Adelaide       



St Spyridon October News  

The St Spyridon October 2010 Newsletter

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