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A Christmas present to the world : Neighbourhood Community Network A new way in democracy is decisions by the people of the Mohalla for the Mohalla. It is people's democracy operating year round through monthly or weekly assemblies. This is going to be in operation in Delhi. It is no more about voting once in 5 years. Myself and Father Edwin travelled to Ralegoan in 2012 to demonstrate this process of grass roots democracy which is the cure for corruption by elected officials and govt staff, to Anna. After seeing its power, Anna invited us to Delhi to meet his team of anti corruption crusaders. There we did demo to Sri Arvind Kejriwal along with Anna in Maharashtra Bhavan. This was just before The big Ramlila fast by Anna. At that time, we did not dream that Arvind Bhai will be CM so soon. This is a sure way to eliminate corruption and ensure power to the people instead of power in elected reps and govt officers. Redressal is very easy. Local people's voice is at last heard. This is Indian ancient democracy of Panchayat raj as well that of Greece. Now, you will see India Progressing. Let us all bless Arvind Bhai .

I request Anna to bless our child Arvind. This is a great Christmas present to Father Edwin of NCN who has given his life to developing street parliaments as the best way to govern with multi tier small assemblies of not more than 36 at any level leading from street level to UN. Guruji Rishi Prabhakar (Pls circulate to reach Anna and Arvind)

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