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Eagan Independent Volume 8, Issue 2

By Alanna Thelen News Editor

Eagan High School | 4185 Braddock Trail | Eagan, MN 55123

Veterans Day Assembly

Eagan High School held its 6th annual Veterans Day Assembly this morning in honor of November 11th holiday which celebrates the United States’s past and present armed forces. Each year the teachers in charge of the assembly develop a new theme that can EHS students can connect to. This year the theme focused on women in the military. This included instrumental performances by the wind ensemble band as well as vocal performances by the men of Concert Choir, Men’s Chorale, and Cavaliers. This year’s assembly also included speeches by Vicki Paverud and Major Kristen Auge. Paverud was in the Air Force during the Vietnam era. Though she was not deployed to Vietnam, she worked at Hickam Air Force

Photo Courtesy of Eagan Patch Base and worked with the first POWs who were returning home. Her story talked not only about being a veteran, but also a woman veteran during this era. Major Auge also shared her story. She was deployed to Iraq in 2009 and described her experience as a woman in the military. In addition to the performances and speakers, students once again submit-

ted photos of relatives to add to the slideshow that displays past and present service members who have relations to EHS students. Ms. Adams, one of the Veterans Day Assembly coordinators, says that they are hoping the assembly will “raise awareness and get students to think about people in community who serve in the armed forces.”

2012 Election

By Nadia Copeland News Writer Barack Obama (D), current president of the United States, ran against Mitt Romney (R), former governor of Massachusetts, in the 2012 Presidential election on November 6th. The outcome of the election has been decided but results from the winner will weigh heavily on current high schoolers as they prepare for college, military, or workforce futures. Starting with the first debate on October 3rd, Obama and Romney attempted to establish their plans to improve America domestically and globally. Both candidates were quick to state their plans for the economy; Obama’s being the reduction of taxes for the middle class, Romney’s being expansion of trade and a flat tax rate. Health care was also addressed. Obama pointed out that Obamacare would help improve the economy by reducing the amount of money common people pay to private insurances. The economy was a common trend discussed at the debates- both candidates focused on the economic aspect of their plans. Students who have been following the election have their own views about the candi-

Photo courtesy of dates’ platforms and policies. When asked about the candidates policies, Junior Mollie Clark stated that “Romney’s economic plan doesn’t add up. We already know that Obama won’t destroy the economy.” Although the debates were focused on economics, they also addressed foreign politics and issues. When several students were asked what they thought of the debates overall, Junior Alexandra Rosati stated, “The candidates ignored the original question and picked their own... Both are good at politics but not at leadership. They do whatever it takes to get elected.” Senior Sophie Callahan stated that “everyone was surprised with Romney’s rhetoric. The fiscal policies of both candidates are both hazy but

Obama’s foreign policy is relatively successful.” Junior Rachel Hlas, taking a different opinion from other students stated “Romney did a better job at the debates- he talked about his plan and laid it out for the people. Obama criticized Romney’s plan and didn’t really talk about his.” With the debates concluded and the votes rising, the election is going to be a close one. As of October 27, the polls read Romney:51, Obama:46. Alexandra Rosati believes that it will be a close race until the end and it comes down to a couple of states. Voter turnout this year is expected to be the highest since 2000. In addition to the Presidential election, two new amendments will be placed onto the Minnesota ballot this year: the Same Sex Marriage

November 9, 2012

Prom to be held at Mall of America

By Olivia Weinberger News Writer

In September, Eagan High School seniors decided, with a vote of 52.7 percent to 36.9 percent, that the 2013 Prom will be at the Great Room at Mall of America and will be held on Saturday, May 18. Prom was originally held at the high school and for the last 13 years, Prom was held at the Great Hall in St. Paul. The Prom Committee proposed the new venue for this year’s dance and gave students the opportunity for students give their opinions on this major change. Though this year Prom will be held in a different venue, the Great Room at the Mall of America has its benefits. Ms. Keech, the Prom Committee director explains the Great Room more in depth. “This room is the best kept secret in the mall. It is in a private section of the mall. The walls are sound-proof which will make it better for announcing names for Grand March and for the singers.” Overall, Prom at the Mall is intended to create a more comfortable atmosphere for everyone. “Having the prom at the mall will be a cool opportunity especially for kids who are not dating,” explains Ms. Keech. “This venue will make prom seem friendlier.” Senior Jenny Westlund sees the change positively. “I think the change is exciting because it is offering something more fun. This way prom won’t be as formal. We’re kids and we can only do this stuff once.” On the other side of this view, senior Jack Munson explains that he doesn’t like the change of venue. “This will feel more like a field trip than prom. I want to go for a fun dance, not to go on rides. Also it won’t be as fancy.” However, Ms. Keech specifically made a comment to address any students with speculation about the new venue. “I can guarantee to kids against the new venue that it will be exceptionally beautiful. We are working Amendment and the Voter ID Amendment. These Amendments are considered controversial to many Minnesotans. When asked how she felt about this, Callahan said “... Gay rights shouldn’t be an issue. There’s no reason to vote yes on it. It’s sad that it’s on the ballot because Minnesota is liberal.” In reference to the Voter ID

with an amazing decorator. The experience will be elegant, beautiful, and like nothing you have ever experienced at the mall.” Another advantage of having prom at the mall is it will be cheaper for students. Because of the venue, it won’t be necessary to get a party bus for transportation to the dance and out to dinner. There will be many restaurants open for dinner options to choose from right in the mall. To be able to get into these restaurants and to be able to walk around the mall, all students going to prom will need to have either a Minnesota Id or drivers’ license with them. The prom website will contain more details. Prom this year is also on a different weekend, Saturday, May 18th instead of the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. There is already a schedule for the night’s events. After the Grand March in the Great Room, students will have the option of going somewhere in the mall for dinner. They also have the option to leave to go to a restaurant and come back to the mall for the dance, which is from 8-10:30. Then from 10:30-11:30, the park closes to the public and Nickelodeon Universe will be open exclusively for EHS prom-goers. “I’m excited to go on rides!” comments Westlund. “I think it’ll be weird in prom dresses but fun.” Britta Olmanson, another senior from EHS gives her opinion on how she thinks this years prom will be different from last year, “I think it’ll be more casual. I think they will be less strict and we can walk around more.” The mall is bending over backwards to accommodate EHS’s prom and right now EHS is working on getting discounts to restaurants within the mall. To keep in compliance with the mall, there will be a curfew policy which can also be found on the prom website. Amendment, Clark said “the reason it’s on the ballot this year is to reduce Democratic votes. It’s kicking a lot of relevant things off the ballot to put this on. It’s not efficient.” The Amendments will determine how the voting system will be, come next election.

Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9, 2012


Lifecycle of a Meme: The Death of YOLO By Laurel Scott Features Editor

I’m writing about YOLO, guys. Why? Because You Only Live Once! Har har. Memes have become as much a part of our culture as cheeseburgers and Tebowing. You see them online, in music videos, in political campaigns, and, occasionally (if your teacher is desperately trying to be “hip”), in your classrooms. Remember two years ago, when all the teachers suddenly decided to play Rebecca Black’s “Friday” at the beginning of every class? That was a terrible, terrible day. But why was it terrible? Because “Friday” had, as all memes eventually do, reached that point where saying it in public is going to get you groans instead of laughs. For the first few weeks of a meme’s life, they are completely hilarious. And after that brief golden age, they’re so irritating that they could turn Mother Theresa into an axe murderer. That’s why I’m going to say something that you might not want to hear: it’s time to stop saying YOLO. Here is the evolution of

your average meme: more often than not, it will begin with a celebrity. It can be a song (Call Me Maybe), a music video (Gangnam Style), a picture (condescending Willy Wonka), or a quote (“one does not simply make fun of YOLO!”). YOLO’s popularity can largely be traced back to a Drake tweet and a Zac Efron tattoo – and then, suddenly, it was everywhere. Next, the meme will spread to college campuses and high schools. It becomes a part of our cultural identity, a way for us to prove that we are a million times cooler and cleverer than the older generation can ever hope to be. But then – hold on to your hats, guys – your parents get ahold of it. Your mom starts sending you “YOLO” and “O RLY?” texts. Everything is going horribly, horribly wrong with this meme. And then, finally, your little siblings get ahold of it. When your hear sevenyear-olds saying it on the playground – “I’m gonna sit BACKWARDS on the swing set! YOLO, guys!” – it is a sure sign that it is finally time for this meme to retire. There’s one other way to

be sure that a meme has worn out its welcome. Think back to the last time you heard someone say YOLO. Did they say it earnestly, without a trace of sarcasm? Or was it “ironic”? Irony is the last refuge of those who don’t want to let go of their favorite memes.

Nope. Sorry. YOLO’s golden days are gone, and no amount of irony can bring them back. It’s time to put away our YOLOs and find something else, something even more clever and insightful, to put on our T-shirts and Facebook cover photo. And we can all

Photo by jpg?v=4f1dc67d

If you pull out a “YOLO” in a conversation and see that everyone is rolling their eyes, what to you do? You pretend you were joking! It was all ironic, bro! I can keep saying YOLO as long as everybody knows I’m doing it ironically, right?

pray, for the sake of sanity and good taste, that YOLO really does Only Live Once.

Snapchat, a new distraction

By Molly Martinez Editor in Chief

In an effort to make communication more natural than texting, Evan Spiegel designed Snapchat. Snapchat is a relatively new app for the iPhone and Android that allows users to share pictures. The sender sets the time the receiver is allowed to view the photo, up to ten seconds, before the picture is deleted, the app also notifies the sender whenever a screenshot is taken to increase privacy. This app already sounds suspicious, why would someone need that much privacy to view a picture. Instead of sending a text that describes breakfasts, Snapchat captures the image of you eating that breakfast. Instead of discretely texting someone that you are in physics, you can send a picture that includes yourself and your unaware lab partners and teacher. What is the purpose of sending an image when you could just as easily send a text that explains what would have been the picture, and Snapchat also allows you to add text to the message. How is this different than sending a picture text? While Snapchat is a new and exciting way to communicate, it is also an unintentional way to breach the privacy of Eagan students and staff.

Students primarily use Snapchat to fearlessly send cripplingly embarrassing pictures to other students, but lately those pictures are expanding to include other students and teachers. Students may be surprised to learn that the images they send are not guaranteed to be deleted immediately, Snapchat’s privacy policy states that it “cannot guarantee that the message data will be deleted in every case,” and includes, “messages are sent at the risk of the sender.” This contradicts the common belief that the images will be deleted after the receiver views the image for no more than ten seconds. It appears that the Snapchat Company is allowing users to remain misinformed about their product; it would be wise to remember that, like the internet, what you upload is permanent. One controversy that Snapchat faces is the accusation that is enables users to send and receive explicit photos. While Evan Spiegel has denied any suggestions that one of Snapchat’s intentions is to enable sexting, advertisements for his app show scarcely clothed females. However, an invasion of student and teacher privacy is more likely to occur considering the popularity of sending and receiving images during

class. staff’s privacy and especially Snapchat first gained the privacy of those who do popularity in Los Angeles not use Snapchat and may area high schools when not understand the terms students began passing notes and conditions. It may also as images. One problem that be beneficial to remember may be overlooked is the that Snapchat is slightly more ability to send and receive distracting than texting while private information via in class. It is, understandably, Snapchat. Snapchat is another a little more difficult to take a conduit to spread confidential picture of a ridiculous facial information throughout high expression while the teacher school without leaving a trail is lecturing than it would be to trace back to the source. It to send a text. is unclear whether the app was designed for lewd or inappropriate behavior; but Spiegel has admitted that the Anthony Wiener scandal was a source of inspiration for the design of Snapchat. Snapchat is gaining popularity at Eagan and many students are sending and receiving images during class. The most responsible way to use the free app is as directed. Do not send pictures that are inappropriate and do not take pictures that include someone without their consent. Photo By other words, tent/uploads/2012/10/Snap-Chat-online-1-of-1be respectful of 298x198.jpg every student and

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Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9, 2012

Link: Helping students since 2006

By Aisha Tahir News Writer

Link Leader and freshmen at the October Flex Day Link event Since Link was introduced to Eagan High School six years ago, the transition for students into high school has been made easier by junior and senior Link Crew members serving as mentors for the new freshmen. The transition from middle school to high school is an important and rather intimidating event in a student’s life. Worries about class locations, locker combinations, and of course, being at the bottom of the food chain are some of the apprehensions felt by a freshman. Despite these understandable fears, freshmen are given a resource that can help soften the blow of high school: Link. The national Link program was introduced at Eagan High School in 2006. Link was created “to ease the transition of freshmen from middle school to high school,” explaines Mr. Becker, one of

the Link Crew advisors. “The purpose of this program is to offer mentors to freshmen. It’s basically students helping other students succeed.” 
 Link Leaders at Eagan High School include juniors and seniors who applied and were selected to be in the program. According to Mr. Becker, the number of Link Leader applicants is on the rise. “We are very happy to see so many students enthusiastic about helping others improve their high school experience,” he said. 
 Junior Link Leader Bre Schuetz explained that her ninth grade experience with Link inspired her to become a Link leader herself. “Back in ninth grade, I didn’t really have the best Link leaders. I know they had good intentions, but they really didn’t do too much for me. For that reason, I was determined to become a Link leader and

Photo by Stephanie Hobot help improve someone else’s high school experience. I wanted to be the Link leader that I wished mine were like,” she said. 
 The hard work put into this program by advisors and Link Leaders is proving successful. Freshman Peyton Banick explained that Link gave her the confidence she needed to pull through the first week of school. “Coming into high school the first day, I was kind of nervous, but the Link orientation helped me overcome that fear. I like having someone who’s been through what I’m going through to guide me,” she said. “It’s a helpful and fun program.” 
 Link has evolved throughout the years to include more fun activities and events for the freshmen. Some of the recent changes include the dodgeball and volleyball tournaments and the tailgate

Breaking Dawn Part 2

By Olivia Weinberger News Writer

On Friday, November 16th, the final Twilight movie is being released, bringing an end to the vampire romance series which began in 2005 with author Stephanie Meyer’s first book, Twilight. Like the last Harry Potter book, the final book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, was separated into two movies, with the second part being released next Friday. While the Twilight saga has been Photo courtesy of losing popularity, there are still people who are awaiting are.” However, despite this the series’s final installment view, she thinks that part two coming next week. According will be better than the other to, ticket sales movies. “I think it’ll be better are already 16% ahead than because Kristen Stewart is normal from pre orders. This actually doing well and she’s movie is predicted to be the getting into an acting groove. biggest of all of the Twilight Also, I think it will be betmovies as far as movie attenter because anything can be dance. better than Stephanie Meyers EHS students are both excited writing.” and apathetic toward the The movie will premiere with movie’s premiere. Sophomore a 10 p.m. showing. This is Stephanie Ngyuen is getting earlier than the typical midexcited to go to the premiere. night premiere times because “I am definitely going to the theatres know parents will be movie. I already own the othanxious sending their chiler 3 so why not. Plus I already dren to a midnight premiere bought my ticket!” after the Batman incident. Taylor Kaufman, another Theaters do know that despite sophomore at EHS has the the Twilight series’s waning opposite view about Twilight. poularity, Breaking Dawn “I used to really like Twilight. Part 2 will still bring in the I read them over and over at loyal fans excited to see their least like 20 times. But then favorite vampires and wareI figured out how repetitive wolves. and boring the books really party before one of the first football games. “We want to make sure that students have fun. That’s a big part of high school too,” Bre Schuetz agrees. “Things have changed since I was a freshman,” she stated. “Link is a lot more organized now and we have so many more activities to help make ninth grade fun!” 
Link advisors don’t plan on stopping here. They

belive the program can continue to improve. “There are so many ways that we can make Link better,” Mr. Becker explained. “We’re always trying to make positive changes and we are open to suggestions. Link is here for you to make your high school the best that it can be.”

EHS, Eagan Foundation Hold First Talent Show By Alanna Thelen News Editor On November 3, Eagan High School held its first talent show, Eagan Has Talent. A collaboration between EHS’s Muse and the Eagan Foundation, the show featured 22 acts ranging from dances and vocal performances to comedy acts. Ms. Terhark, the advisor for Muse which publishes a blog covering art, fashion, and other forms of self-expression by students, had wanted a talent show at the school for a few years. When the Eagan Foundation expressed interest in having a

talent show, Ms. Terhark saw it as an opportunity to put her dream into action. “Even with the Muse staff it’s a lot to do,” Ms. Terhark explains. “But with the Eagan Foundation interested in doing it I thought ‘Ok, now I have some adults who can help organize and plan.’” To be able to perform in the show, students had to audition in front of a number of judges. The students whose acts made it past the judges were allowed to perform in Saturday’s show. Senior Samad Qureshii was chosen from his audition and danced in the show, which marked his first

time performing in front of an audience. “I’ve been dancing since I was five. I started at weddings and I’ve just kind of kept it a hidden talent. Not many people know about it,” Quereshii shares. Ms. Terhark explains that the talent show was a good opportunity for students like Quereshii who have not had other opportunities to perform. “Sports has its venue and theater [has its venue] but our intention is to showcase students’ talents in other areas. That’s why our blog showcases students’ poetry and prose, photography, artwork, videos, music… The talent show is an exten-

sion of that. Maybe students who aren’t part of the theater program but still have talents might not necessarily have an arena to perform.” While the first Eagan Has Talent performance has just closed, Ms. Terhark and the Muse staff are already looking to future events. “I’m hoping just doing it once will establish things more and get us ready for more variation.” She also hopes that the talent show will create excitement for the Muse Coffee Houses in January and May.

Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9, 2012


Bring Out the Pumpkin Pie - Fall Food Where to Get Your Coffee Fix This Fall Anna Januszewski Features Writer

Summer has officially drawn to a close, and our mornings have gradually grown darker as we slide towards winter. With less daylight and more homework, it’s obvious that students are having a more difficult time staying awake in the early morning. Leaving this task up to caffeine, coffee shop fans seem to be downing drinks in double-time to keep up with the chilling weather and shorter days that make us tired. But as we stop for our morning coffee to kick-start our day, we may notice a new array of seasonal drinks being offered by our local coffee shops to accompany the onset of winter and fall. Dunn Bros. Coffee, a one-stop cafe for Eagan’s caf-

feine-loving students, is located off of Diffley Road, a mere half-mile from EHS. This season, the popular café is offering a variety of new beverages, to give autumn enthusiasts their pumpkin fix. For those who choose a coffee-infused drink to get their day going, three new lattes are now available to order. The Pumpkin Spice Latte, Dunn Bros’ most popular seasonal drink this fall, mixes espresso and steamed milk with pumpkin pie spices to create one toasty drink. The Sea Salt Caramel Latte, Pumpkin Maple Latte, and Autumn Spice Latte all add a sweet, rich, or spiced seasonal twist to a year-round favorite. Much like Dunn Bros, Caribou Coffee is also taking part in celebrating the season with festive drinks. The shop is promoting their

limited-time-only fall beverages, including a Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha, Iced Pumpkin Latte Pumpkin Chai, and for a bit of a snack, pumpkin bread. Whether you take your pumpkin-infused, caffeine-rich, wake-up drink in store or on the go, Caribou has got you covered. As far as personal preferences go, I love a pumpkin latte as much as much as the next person--but not enough so to make an extra stop for one on the way to school. I’m just not a morning person, and no amount of caffeine will ever change that. However, maybe I can persuade some of my coffee-loving friends to put down the thermos and pick up a Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha before winter sets in.

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Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Nicole Maeser Features Writer When we transitioned from the warm days of summer to September, the cooler days announced school was on the horizon. No real need for a calendar- Minnesota kids can smell school! We instinctively replace sunscreen with new reams of paper, plastic notebooks, and erasers and no matter how hard we plan to not run out of time – we do. The first days of school are tough, but at least we’re in shorts! As we settle into our academic reality, our shorts give way to warmer choices – jeans, scarves, boots, and coats. Autumn is a season of color and change and we change with it. It puts on a remarkable display for us – coloring our world with brilliant oranges, vibrant

reds and golden yellows. Remember autumn colors are often best closer to water. What about a visit to the banks of the Mississippi? Autumn, it whispers of winter – brushing our faces with brisk morning breezes- as we look up at the moon, and hustle in the darkness of morning to school. Through the foggy windows of the bus we see Mr. Rohr’s lights are on and his class is full of students at 7:02. There must be an essay test coming up! Autumn, be sure to taste it - caramel, cinnamon and pumpkin – or how about stew, chili, or soup? Autumn – find a pile of leaves and kick and crunch your way through them. After all, as poet Robert Frost wrote “Nothing gold can stay.”

What’s Wrong With Eagan’s Weather? Laurel Scott Features Editor

I haven’t had a single full snow day since starting high school. And yet, the past few weeks have brought more than fourteen inches of snow to the northern parts of Minnesota –before we’d even gotten into November. This will not do. Why is it that Eagan always seems to miss out on the really exciting weather? No matter how much rain or snow is headed our way, ninety percent of the time it has either faded away by the time it gets here – or,

it simply goes around us. Aside from being located in the milder, southern part of the state, a possible explanation may be that we are located just below where the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers come together. This may be part of the reason why storms always seem to split and go around us, following the path of the rivers. I’m no meteorologist, but it makes more sense than blaming Angry Minnesota Weather Gods, as I’m always tempted to do. Still, no snow at all is better than the legendary snow storm of 1991, which

dumped nearly 30 inches of snow on Trick-or-Treaters and broke snowfall records for both October and November in Minnesota. And if I had to give up my snow days to still get my Halloween candy, I’d make the trade in a heartbeat. But in terms of snow days, there may still be hope. Sure, we’re currently suffering from one of the longest-running droughts in Minnesota history, but the northern area of the state managed to ignore that. If they can get fourteen inches before Halloween, I predict we’ll be buried under a mountain of snow by next Friday.

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Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9, 2012

Thriller Going on Thirty Jenae Winter Features Writer

Phoyo courtesy of

A Classic Recipe: Fall Breads Nicole Maeser Features Writer

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By the end of this extraordinaire Vincent Price month, we will be celebrating for narration, impeccable spethe anniversary of a very im- cial effects (for the time) with pactful event - no, it’s not the zombies rising from the grave, anniversary of the Constitu- and Michael’s own transfortion, or any moon landings; mation into a thrilling charnothing trivial like that. It’s acter himself, the music video the thirtieth anniversary of became one of the most memMichael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. orable in music video history. As a whole album, None of our student body was alive for the re- ‘Thriller’ won eight Grammys lease of this famous album, at the 1984 Grammy Awards, but we still know the tune earned top reviews, and and even parts of the dance. was number one on the Bill(If you count only knowing board Charts for thirty-sevthe claws that Lady Gaga bor- en weeks, and stayed on the rowed for ‘Bad Romance’). charts for two years. As of this But ever since Jackson’s tragic year, ‘Thriller’ is still number death in 2009, his music has eighty-eight on the U.S. Billmade an incredible comeback board. That’s pretty amazing, in our generation’s playlists. considering how many albums The album, released have been released since 1982. So what should we November 30, 1982, was one of Jackson’s most successful do to celebrate this milestone works. It included the title anniversary? Well, a flash hit ‘Thriller’ as well as ‘Bil- mob of zombies would be a lie Jean’, ‘The Girl is Mine’, decent tribute to the King of and ‘Beat It’. The King of Pop Pop, or even just learning the made many other music vid- dance. (You learned Gangam eos, as he did with ‘Beat It’, but Style, you can definitely learn none of them could compare this one).Or we can simply to his master piece of ‘Thrill- spare some time to watch the er’, which got a staple time unforgettable music video, slot with MTV, back when all which marks the legacy that MTV played was music vid- Michael left behind for us. eos. Using the voice of horror Photo courtesy of

In the midst of our busy routines, weekends remind us to slow down, sleep in, and enjoy tasty breads. Equipped with a pan, several necessary ingredients like flour, yeast, and butter, and the special item that depends on the recipe you are using (cinnamon, vanilla, bananas, pumpkin, et cetera) you can treat yourself to a comforting, tasty slice of warm bread. These breads

can be served with jam and butter or by themselves. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate also pair well. With the holidays just around the corner, it is a great time to perfect your baking skills. Imagine waking your family members up with the aroma of bread filling the house. You may get to borrow the car after all. A gift of bread is always a welcomed treat. These breads use distinct, seasonal ingredients and are popular during autumn: Banana-Nut bread, Pumpkin

(top left), Sour-cream Maple (bottom right), Chocolate-chip Banana, Vanilla (bottom left), Brown Sugar-Pecan, Marble spice, Pumpkin-Cranberry, Lemon-Poppy Ginger, Chocolate Walnut, Cinnamon Streusel- the selection is endless. Most of the recipes can be found on William Sonoma’s official website, online or in just about any cookbook.

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In The Clubs: Quiz Bowl

Annika Grassl Features Writer

There are many clubs at Eagan that are available for students to join. One of the lesser-known, but most interesting clubs, is known as Quiz Bowl. Mr. Poehler, the advisor for the team, says that “Quiz Bowl and Knowledge Bowl are competitive events in which teams work to answer the most knowledge-based questions throughout rounds of competition.” Describing the events as “basically competitive trivial pursuit,” Mr. Poehler explains that Eagan’s team consists of 18 members who compete at three seasonal

meets held at Burnsville High School. Some of the rounds are occasionally broadcast on Community Access TV. Dalia Martinez, who is a senior on the team, and has participates since her freshman year. She is enthusiastic about the team and what it represents. “The best part about being on the team is that it doesn’t feel like a competition,” Martinez says. “The stress level isn’t high, and you’re always around friends. EHS looks at it as a way to have fun. We don’t stress or put as much pressure on winning” However, she does mention that, though Eagan stresses knowledge and not

winning, other schools may not operate the same way Martinez says that the teams is always looking for knowledgeable people who can contribute to the team – “people who are well rounded in their knowledge and have random knowledge which could be useful to us in competition.”


Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9, 2012

Perks of Being A Wallflower

TWENTY QUESTIONS FEATURING: NICK MARTIN Grade: 12 Ninjas or pirates, and why? Ninjas, because stealth is key.

Photo courtesy of Jordyn Zaborowski Features Writer The movie Perks of Being a Wallflower (based on the book by Stephen Chbosky, who also directed the movie) had high expectations on it. There was no room for disappointment - a bad director can always lead to a bad movie, but since the author himself was directing, there was a personal obligation to create a movie that would make his fans proud. However, with Perks, I doubt anybody has come away disappointed. Having heard great reviews, I was anxious to see this movie and review it for myself. The movie began with the character Charlie, played by Logan Lerman (who played Percy Jackson in the Percy Jackson series) beginning the first day of high school as a freshman. He has been slow to make friends, with people at school bullying him and not treating him with respect. It is shown that he is lonely, and never stands

up to anyone. You can’t help but feel bad for him, as the only person he made friends with is his English teacher Mr. Anderson (Paul Rudd). Charlie eventually finds friends in seniors Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) who are step-siblings. He eventually goes to a party and reveals that his best friend had committed suicide the year before. Charlie ends up learning, and keeping, Patrick’s secret of him being in the closet and dating a school football player. Charlie also finds solace in helping Sam with her SATs. Charlie, changes as he starts dating Mary-Elizabeth (Mae Whitman) and she becomes controlling in the relationship. He doesn’t know how to end it until he gets dared to kiss the prettiest girl in the room, and ends up kissing Sam, ruining his relationships with Mary-Elizabeth, Sam and Patrick. As all of this is happening in the movie, Charlie

keeps having recurring visions of his aunt Helen, and when she died on his seventh birthday. All of these events let to his reclusion again. He ends up saving Patrick from a fight; this causes Charlie to black out and forget what happened during the fight, but allows him to remember what may have happened on his seventh birthday. The acting and the simple play-by-plays made Perks of Being a Wallflower realistic. Patrick and Sam become friends with Charlie again. Eventually Charlie ends up having a mental breakdown, and tells truth of a secret he has kept. The move ends as Charlie blacks out. It is unknown what has happened. The ending comes as a surprise, as it reveals how he came to be a wallflower, and what has happened to him in his past. The movie can be hard to keep up with, especially if you haven’t read the book, but a good suspense movie to see with friends or a relative. The author did a

Restaurant Review: Tropical Smoothie Cafe

If you had to be handcuffed to any teacher for an entire day, who would it be and why? Ms. Deyo. She’s joyful. What is the weirdest name you’ve ever been called? An orange potato. What’s your number one pet peeve? People chomping their gum! If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chipotle. It’s semi-healthy, so hopefully I won’t die at forty. If you were a shoe, what would you be and why? An Ugg boot, they look comfy. Do you have any hidden talents? I can pogo stick! And I can to Rubik’s Cubes. What would be the best way to die? Death by shark. That would be legendary. What embarrassing song to you always sing along to? “If I Die Young” by the Band Perry. No shame. Best gift you’ve ever gotten? Dance Dance Revolution. Favorite Disney song? “I Can’t Wait To Be King” from the Lion King. Any irrational fears? Cannibals. Any celebrity crushes? Justin Timberlake. If you could break one law and not get arrested for it, what would you do? Polygamy. (Just kidding…) What band would you camp out all night to get tickets for? Eagan High School Jazz I! How do you think you’re most likely to die? In an airplane crash. What do you that you still did when you were a little kid? I play with balloons. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done? Joining Eat Club. It was all freshman girls.

Photo courtesy of Mandy Noethe Features Writer Tropical Smoothie Cafe, located on Promenade Ave. off of Lexington, is a new bright cafe and is perfect to stop for a snack. With such a tropical and fun atmosphere, it is a great place to go with friends. This fairly new cafe really has something for everyone. Even though their signature items are smoothies, there is also a menu consisting of breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, and wraps. This laid back hang-out has enough for ev-

eryone. With a vegetarian option and a kids menu, it is easy to please anyone who stops by. There are over 30 different smoothies to choose from on their menu, 7 being low fat choices. Smoothie choices range from a chocolate taste to a tropical fruity flavor, none of which have the overpowering banana taste that fruity smoothies often do. Portions come extra large for a fairly cheap price, especially the largest size of smoothies. The cafe has the feel of a Caribou or a Starbucks, with the exception of the atmo-

sphere, which gives off exotic colors and a tropical touch. The shop has bright yellow and bamboo walls, with floral tables and chairs spread out, with minimal crowding. The pictures on the walls certainly help the island themed mood, with huge images of palm trees and cabanas on the beach. The noise level was fairly low, with light radio music playing over. For those looking for a laid back, cheerful restaurant with only the best food, I highly recommend Tropical Smoothies Cafe.

What’s your favorite TV show? Breaking Bad. Or Dexter. If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? Mint chocolate, so I could be tasty but fresh.

Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9., 2012


Heartbreak During Section Finals

Anthony Metcalfe Sports Writer

After an impressive win over Stewartville in the Chaska Tournament on the 20th of October, the Eagan High School Volleyball regular season officially ended. It did so with a South Suburban record of 8-1, making them tied with Burnsville and Lakeville North for the top spot. There was no time to celebrate, however, as Sections began only three days later, a tournament for which the Wildcats have high hopes. Captain Taylr McNeil, a junior, expressed these hopes, stating, “I expect [the team] to do very well; we have a great team, and have been playing great.” Having been fully rested as a result of the end of the first-round in the Sections tournament, the girls continued to play great, beating Simley in three sets to advance to the semifinals.

Despite the victory, it was not good enough for many of the players, including senior Captain Paige Patterson, who said, “I was glad

Photo by Rachel Larson Bri Pernsteiner gets ready to strike. we won, but we didn’t play our best, and we need to pick it up.” Nevertheless, a win’s a

win, and with only five days in between the Simley game and the semifinals, dwelling on the past was not an option. Facing the Burnsville team that they had barely beaten during the season 35-33 in the third set, the team knew that they had their work cut out for them. When asked about the upcoming Burnsville Blaze game, Coach Kathy Gillen-Melville replied: “We have to play well...the pressure is definitely on us.” The Wildcats thrived under the pressure, however, and extinguished the Blaze in three straight sets, sending the Wildcats on to the Section Finals. The success ended there, however, when Eagan lost in a close match against Lakeville North on November 3rd. The final score was 3 to 1, leaving the Wildcats with heavy hearts.

Athlete of the Month

Grace Hinton Sports Editor The Wildcat swim team has several strong swimmers this year, one such person being junior Sammy Jagler. She has had a successful season so far, and hopes that this trend continues. Jagler considers going to State last year for the 200 medley relay as one of her biggest accomplishments. Assistant coach Clare O’Donnell characterizes Jagler as a swimmer that is dedicated to the sport and consistently works hard, and she “comes to practice ready to work hard and doesn’t shy away from pushing herself or leading her lane.” Coach O’Donnell also explained, “Sammy has a positive attitude and always cheers on her teammates. She also is a very talented swimmer.”

Jagler has proven to be passionate about swimming, already having long term goals developed, in addition to short term goals. Jagler shared, “I would like to make it to state again this year in the 200 medley relay and I would also like to go in the 100 fly individually. In the future I hope to continue my swimming career in college.” To achieve these goals, Jagler stated, “I plan on reaching these goals by adding lifting to my workouts and by continuing to give 100% at every practice.” Her ambitious attitude will both benefit herself, and her team.

Runners place second in State

Olivia Taylor Sports Writer

The EHS girls’ varsity cross country team had a triumphant season up until the state meet, winning several races and finishing with outstanding times. Their performance at the sections meet on October 25th at Valleywood Golf Course in Apple Valley was no less gratifying. Conditions were undesirable: lots of mud and wind, freezing temperatures, and even some flurries. Regardless, the girls dominated the race, winning by 84 points. Five of the top ten fin-

ishers in the meet were Eagan girls. Among them was senior captain Danielle Anderson, who finished first with a time of 14:22, just over 37 seconds faster than the runner who placed second. She later spoke about the race and commented, “It went really well! We had a lot of fun”. Another runner, sophomore Anna Van Wyk, shared some of the team pre-race habits that help the girls prepare for meets. The list includes “visualization and goal cards at school the day before,” in addition to eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, dressing in

warm clothes, and planning out strategies. She also mentioned that her friends, family, coaches and songs are all part of her motivation while she is running. Eagan runners Raissa Hansen, Kelli Praska, Anna Van Wyk, and Karina Johnson also had great finish times, and placed third, fourth, sixth, and seventh in the sections meet, respectively. Coach Lisa Langenhahn proudly commented before the State meet, “We are shooting for the championship. We have been progressing nicely throughout the season, and

Contributed Photo Eagan girls cross country team we are leaving it all on the course on Saturday!” Anderson said that the team hoped to win in order to maintain their current position. The girls were ranked first for the state competition, which took

place on Saturday, November 3rd at St. Olaf College. Unfortunately, the girls were not able to maintain their ranking, as they came in second place after Wayzata.

Winter Sports Season Previews

Olivia Taylor Sports Writer


With a handful of fall sports wrapping up, attention is beginning to shift towards the large number of upcoming winter activities, including EHS varsity gymnastics. The girls, whose motivational theme for this season is “One Team, One Dream, Let’s Make it happen!”, will have their first practice on November 12th. Last year, the team had no seniors, but still managed to finish with an impressive season record of 4-4. Senior Kat Torres is enthusiastic about the approaching season. She remarked, “Last year was more of a strengthening season for us. Now we have five seniors, so I think that will help to im

prove our record.” The team coach, Shelly Eklund, is also optimistic. She said that the gymnasts are a great group and are very dedicated and hard working, “not to mention we have oodles of talent on our team!”. Both Torres and Eklund commented that the team hopes to achieve more wins than losses this season. Another team goal is to beat Park Cottage Grove at sections this year, which will be hosted here at Eagan on February 15th. Last year, Park overtook Eagan at sections in a close match in Cottage Grove. The first competition for the girls this year will be on December 11th, with their first home meet taking place on December 18th.

Ameer Eldomiatti Sports Writer

Boys Basketball

The Eagan Boys Varsity basketball team is entering another season, coming off of a year in which they finished with a 10-8 record within the South Suburban Conference and finished 14-12 overall. With a majority of last year’s team gone, a new group of guys must step up their game if they hope to win the South Suburban Conference and advance to the state tournament. This new team must rely upon seniors Ryan Johnson and Mark Woodcock to lead them to potential success. Despite the lack of familiarity between players, the team appears confident. Junior Michael Gorder, a for-

ward, shared “I really think that we can surprise a lot of people this year” and “I think that we have what it takes to win the South Suburban Conference and reach State.” In addition to the new players, the team is also adjusting to a new coach, Matt Vollmer. But, it likely won’t take long for the Wildcats to learn Vollmer’s approach. The team believes that Vollmer’s system will be more fast-paced and complex than that of other coaches. Senior Danny Jackson said, “we felt like we have real good chemistry, and it will bring great upside on the court. We know that Coach Vollmer has some great things in store for us this year and we’re confident that he’ll get us to where we need to be on a game-by-

game basis.” The competition in the South Suburban Conference is expected to be extremely tough this year with Tyus Jones and Apple Valley expected to play well and with Eastview lurking as the perennial favorite. Although this conference may be tough to win, Eagan does have the tools as an overall team to hopefully bring some wins to EHS. With young confident players in Gorder and Jack Kellum, as well as experienced players like Ryan Johnson, the Wildcats have at least a fair chance.


Mountain Biking Becomes a Varsity Sport at EHS

Grace Hinton Sports Editor

The newest addition to varsity athletics at Eagan High School is the mountain biking team. Not only is this a new team at EHS, but in high schools in several different states. Kevin Dirksen, one of the coaches for the District 196 team, explained how this came to be a varsity team at Eagan. He shared, “the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) has been running mountain biking racing for high school age athletes for over ten years in California. Over the past three years they have expanded into Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, Utah, and Texas. They chose these states to start their expansion as they were states with the highest potential for growth.” Since it is still very

new at Eagan, there are only two varsity members this season: seniors Trevor Zarecki and Sonja Hedblom. Coach Dirksen stated that both have had a successful season and that “[both have] finished in the top 4 or better at every race.” Though there are only two varsity member this season, there are several bikers that plan on participating in future years. There are currently three junior varsity members at EHS ( Jackson Vrieze, Jackie Baldwin, and Joe Olsen) “who have been improving their race performance at each race,” according to Dirksen. In addition to the junior varsity members who will most likely become varsity member in upcoming years, there are several upcoming freshmen (Ben Portszen , Jackson Ellenbecker, and Kevin Bley) that Coach

Dirksen believes have made significant improvement this season. The team will grow in future years to become more apart of Eagan athletics. However, all of returning riders for next season are male. Coach Dirksen expressed, “The biggest improvements we need as a team is to recruit more female athletes for our team. Our race series scores points on a true team system. This means that we need strong male and female riders at all levels to be competitive in the league.“ As the sport is still not widespread in high schools across the nation, Eagan is very fortunate to be one of the few schools in which mountain biking has been established in varsity athletics. In the next few years, it will hopefully grow to be a significant part of EHS athletics.

A Difficult Season, a Spirited Team

Eagan Independent | Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo by Miranda Engel A Wildcat swim member warms up using a kickboard during practice.

High Hopes for State

Meredith McCrady Sports Writer

The Eagan girls swim and dive team has wrapped up another successful regular season with a 141 - 41 victory against Kennedy high school. Now, the girls turn their focus towards sections and state. The Wildcats showed exceptional depth by finishing first, second and third in eight of twelve events. Eagan looks to build on this momentum as they prepare for post–season meets. Sections begin November 7th at Richfield High School. The team’s Coach Steve VanDyne was pleased with the effort and leadership the seniors have provided for the team. Senior captain Nicole Stevens continues to be a dominating force in the breaststroke and the team looks forward to her success

in the upcoming sections meet. VanDyne feels the Wildcats’ toughest competition in the post-season will come from Rosemount, Eastridge, and Woodbury. Diving Coach Julie Linscheid had positive comments regarding her divers performances this year. Overall Linscheid said she had a good group of girls who worked well together. When asked about how she felt her younger divers competed Linscheid was particularly impressed with Freshman Jess Gartner putting together an eleven-dive list. Senior diver Claire Gutnechkt was injured part of the season but has been a consistent performer for Eagan’s diving team throughout her career.

A Surprise Ending

Anthony Metcalfe Sports Writer

Photo by Hannah Bergom Awaitng the play, the football team lines up against Lakeville North. Irene Ahmed Sports Writer The football season came to a close last month when the Wildcats failed to advance during sections. The first sectional game on Friday October 26 resulted in a disappointing loss against Lakeville North, 48-21. The season posed many difficulties to the team, but there was also some success: with one win against Jefferson high school, with a 35-0 score, the boys never lost hope. Senior Peter Economou stated that, “throughout the season the team never gave up and kept improving on doing the little things right”. When senior captain John Paulson was asked how he handled the numerous challenges the team faced, including a tough loss against Prior Lake on August 31, Paulson

said he “never gave up” and continued to give his all to achieve success for his team. Like the mentality of any committed team, defeat was not viewed as a disappointment, but instead as a source of strong inspiration that fueled the team to strive for optimal performance in future games. Unfortunately there was a series of losses, against schools such as Jefferson and Lakeville North, that made it difficult for the achieve their goals. Paulson said if he could do it over he would’ve better prepared for his opponents, and that these losses were due to lack of preparation against the other teams. The Wildcats “constantly had to practice plays and find rhythms with one another so that during the games everything was second

nature” stated Economou. Though the losses were disappointing, the team’s awareness and extensive knowledge of the physiological aspect of football (strategy, appropriate preparation) was unbelievable and stands out as an example for future teams at EHS. This tough season hurled obstacle after obstacle at the team, but they never gave up. Vince Lombardi (famed head coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s) stated that “it’s not whether you get knocked down; its whether you get back up.” That exact determination referenced by Lombardi was the spirit of Eagan high schools varsity football team. It got them through a rough season, and the important part is that united they finished the journey.

The Girls’ Soccer capped off the 2012 season with a short-lived run into Sections. After the final whistle blew on the 4th of October, the Wildcats were heading into the Section 3A Tournament with the third seed in the bracket after placing fifth in the South Suburban Standings with a 5-3-1 season. Momentum was in their favor, as they were coming off of a 3-game winning streak during which they outscored opponents an impressive 9:1. The energy continued through the first sections game, as they defeated Hastings, a team that had placed last in the Suburban East with a dismal 0-9 record, 4-0. This outcome came as no surprise to the Wildcats, who were already looking ahead to the quarter final against Park two days later. As both teams were coming off multi-goal wins in the first round of the tournament, many expected the game to be close. The game was indeed close, as the Wildcats lost in a nail-biter 0-1, ending the girls’ season. Many players were disheartened by the loss, including Marissa Ganske, a

Senior Captain, who said that they “didn’t get the outcome that [the team] expected or wanted.” One reason for their shortened postseason was the tough Section the team was in. Coach Mark Obarski believed that there were teams in the state tournament that they could beat. Although many things contributed to the loss, chief among those issues was the lack of scoring. As Senior Captain Kaleigh Solheim phrased it, despite having many opportunities, the Wildcats simply could not “put the ball in the back of the net.” These shortcomings could be the fault of the relative inexperience of the team, as only six seniors were on their roster. In fact, many Wildcats, including Kaleigh Solheim and Coach Obarski believed that this season was mainly teambuilding, and that they would improve as a team in the coming years. Despite the disappointing season and abrupt end, the team is already looking to the next season and know that there are big things in their future.

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