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Eagan Independent Volume 7, Issue 6

Quilt Exhibit at EHS

By Kameron Wilson News Writer

Eagan High School is once again presenting the annual display of quilts in the library. Ms. Nagel, the librarian who organizes the display, explained the purpose of hanging these quilts every year. “The library hangs the quilts in the month of March to celebrate Women’s History Month,” she said. She also stated that the quilts symbolize women’s opinions, beliefs, and feelings. Many of the quilts have their roots in the Civil War. When they were made, the women making them would incorporate their feelings toward the war. “The women would express their service to a certain union,” explained Ms. Nagel. After the Civil War ended, the quilts were used for the Women Christian Temperance Union. According to Ms. Nagel, the students at EHS enjoy admiring the quilts. “The students sometimes come down with their art classes and look at the color designs.” She also stated that English classes often come down and

The Traveling Speech Team recently made a trip to Harvard for the 38th Annual Harvard National Invitational Speech and Debate tournament. This tournament, which took place from February 16 through February 18, was the largest one yet with over 3,500 total competitors representing more than forty states and four countries. Eagan’s team came out victorious this year as junior Jacob Guzior advanced to the final rounds in Humor and seniors Maddie Sachs and David Newhall advanced in Duo. Head Speech Coach Ms. Anker said, “It was extremely competitive, and was probably the most competitive tournament we have been to.” The Speech Team had originally competed in the Harvard tournament for many years, but eventually started going to the Berkley tournament in California instead. It has recently returned to competing in the Harvard

Mourning the Loss of a Student Teacher

By Jenna Fischer News Writer

do creative writing about the quilts. The quilts on display have a variety different textures and designs on them. “The fabric determines what type of style the quilt is,” said Nagel. For example, quilts with designs in the middle are called “Medallion Quilts,” “Sampler Quilts” have blocks on the fabric that are different shapes and sizes, and “Pictorial Quilts” have a picture painted on them.

Eagan High School is host to five to six different types of quilts. Luckily, none of the quilts borrowed cost any money for the school. “We asked a museum to help donate the quilts to us,” stated Nagel. To see the quilts or learn more about them, students are encouraged to visit the library and talk to Ms. Nagel.

tournament. David Newhall said he had just been assigned to the duo with Maddie Sachs the Monday before the team

human being but the mom struggles with that.” He also said that it was his first time at the Harvard tournament and that it was an awesome

Photo by Rachel Larson

Speech Team Victorious at Harvard Tournament By Laura Harford News Writer

March 20, 2012

Eagan High School | 4185 Braddock Trail | Eagan, MN 55123

Devon Daly, former German class student teacher, passed away from a brain tumor on February 6 of this year. Daly was a student at the University of North Dakota and was studying to become a German teacher. As part of his certification requirements, Daly chose to teach under the supervision of a certified teacher. He chose to work at Eagan High School because his wife, Sally, was from Eagan and had gone to the school. Daly and his wife had been married for only six months when he passed away. Daly was the student teacher for German teacher Gayle Carlson, and he worked at EHS for all of trimester one and about a week of trimester two. “Devon was passionate about German and about

teaching, and [he] really cared about students,” Frau Carlson said. “He would volunteer to help out with German Club and also met with students who needed some extra help.” The hard-working student teacher went into the hospital on Friday, February 3 after getting a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a procedure that indicated that he had a tumor on his brain. At a young twenty-six years old, Daly died that following Monday. “He would have been a great German teacher,” Frau Carlson said. “He is missed by both the faculty and the students here at EHS.”

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Students donate blood at the Americn Red Cross blood drive on March 11. One pint of blood saves 3 lives.

Photo by Michelle Metcalfe

The Duo pair of Maddie Sachs and David Newhall with Speech coach Ms. Anker at the National Qualifying Tournament Submitted Photo

left, and they worked on it almost every night until the tournament. When they arrived at Harvard, the chemistry clicked and their speech went very well. The piece, according to Newhall, was about “a newly married couple who has a baby, but the baby has a deformity. The dad still loves it like a normal

experience. Ms. Anker agreed that the team was incredibly successful, and looks forward to the rest of the season.

Students relax after donating blood.

Photo by Michelle Metcalfe

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Stop Kony 2010: A Call for Change By Molly Martinez Editor in Chief

Controversy erupted in relation to the amount of money directly helping those affected by the war in Twitter, Facebook, Uganda. It has been specuand Tumblr all exploded lated that anywhere from as with Stop Kony 2012 updates little as five percent to eighty seemingly overnight. Invisible percent of the proceeds from Children, who is responsible the recent fundraiser directly for the Kony campaign, contribute to aiding African recently released a thirtycommunities in need. The minute video on Youtube Washington Post recently to raise awareness and ultipublished an Invisible Chilmately make Joseph Kony dren spokespersons rebuttal and the continuous conflict to the accusations that the in and around Uganda company is spending too infamous. Within twentymuch on media coverage four hours the video that and not enough on African began the surge in concern aid saying that the charged reached twenty-five milare “myopic,” or in other lion views. words: narrow-minded. In The video on response Invisible ChilYoutube describes the dren posted a chart of their conflict in Uganda and expenses online to assure the rise of Joseph Kony, the public of their spendleader of the rebel LRA, ing. According to invisiInvisible Children expense chart. Lords Resistance Army. Photo taken from thirty seven The film depicts a reality image/4f58ed0d69bedd962500008d/invisible-children.jpg percent of the proceeds unlike any that Eagan high contribute to Central Afrischool students are familcan Programs while the reiar with, one where young mainder contributes to other but sold out within two days is doing these heinous acts boys and girls are kidnapped necessities such as fundraiser of the videos debut. Invisible solely for vanity and power. from their homes in the dead promotions, and management Children, the organization The conflict has of night and forced to join (see chart for more informadrawn the attention of todays’ that sponsors the Stop Kony the LRA. Kony is believed tion) campaign originally planned youth and encouraged a call to have abducted over sixty For a man that built his sucfor five hundred thousand for action to arrest Kony. thousand children to fight kits but quickly ran out due to cess on the blood of children, Social media sites have been in his rebel army and killing it is ironic that he is being high demand from those just promoting awareness of the more than tens of thousands destroyed by another young Ugandan struggle through ef- discovering the situation in of people standing in his way. generation. and around Uganda. forts such as establishing FaKony has been wanted by the international court since 2005 for crimes against humanity. However, the LRA has been active since 1987, and even more astonishing than the fact that this war has been going on for more than 25 years with little action being taken is the fact that Joseph Kony

cebook groups, spreading the word on Twitter by hash tagging stop Kony, and through the sale of Invisible Children action kits. Kits include a Tshirt, a bracelet, action guide, stickers, buttons, and posters to display around town. Action kits are for sale for $30

Do Grades Define the Rest of your Life By Alanna Thelen News Editor

How about those logarithmic equations? Or those specific Civil War battles and their social, political, and economic effect? Do you remember what was on the final of your third hour class second tri? Of course not! Because what is the need? The grades are in the grade books and a whole new trimester has started with all new information. Unless it’s cumulative information, it seems useless to remember anything from the past trimester. However, with this commonly held mindset, the whole concept of school seems to be down the drain. School is a medium through which students learn how to learn. Throughout life, you never stop learning, whether it is in the workplace or in daily life in general. Skills such as note taking and processing information that are taught in high school carry throughout life. In addition, students obtain important skills such as problem solving that help lead them beyond high school. Grades are thrown into the mix supposedly to

create a standardized assessment of the knowledge that students are acquiring. But for many students, grades become the only thing that matters, not the actual acquisition of knowledge. School is so gradeoriented that the actual intentions of school are being put on the back burner. The pressure is always on students to get good grades. Students use grades to compare themselves to their peers. Parents put pressure on their children to achieve as high as possible. As school gets more competitive, it seems to become more important for students to study only for the test. Especially when students are stressed about pressure to get into their “dream school” for college, grades tend to take precedence over everything else. Don’t get me wrong: grades can be a good thing. They encourage students to perform well, benchmark their progress, and help them to get into good colleges and universities. Good grades also mean scholarships, which is a great assistance in affording college. However, when the desire for good grades overpowers the real intention of school, to learn how to learn,

students often begin cheating themselves and the system. More often than not, students only end up studying for their tests with the sole intention of receiving a good grade. This is understandable. Who wouldn’t want a good grade? But students should pair studying to doing well on their test with actually absorbing the information that is being presented. The stress that is being put on the importance of grades, whether that is from parents, peers, teachers, students themselves, or the education system in general is not helping the cause. Students are almost encouraged to simply memorize information. While it may appear to be an effective strategy, in the long run, students will be missing out on crucial skills. These are skills such as logic and problem solving and learning how to learn effectively. In addition, students need to be able to explore ideas rather then simply be able to regurgitate them. These are the skills that students will need later in life. While grades are important, don’t fret: an average GPA is not going to put you out of the running for college (unless of course that’s Harvard). It is more

important if you were able to pick up on the actual learning process. Besides, grades are relative. Don’t sacrifice the learning you would gain from a more challenging course for the sake of maintaining a high GPA by taking less challenging offerings. School should be where students’ gain the knowledge and skills needed to function in the post-high school world, not a place where simple mistakes cause worlds of stress. Any teachers with your best interest would not want you to simply memorize information. They would want you to take the time and learn the skills and absorb the knowledge. This is why school should be more focused on the personal development of the student rather than simply getting the grade.

Taken from universialacademy.

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Eagan Independent | Tuesday, march 20, 2012

EHS Spring Play: The Real Inspector Hound

By Mandy Noethe News Writer

On March 1-3, the EHS theatre performed the spring play, The Real Inspector Hound, directed by Mr. Melchior. With a small cast of nine students. The Real Inspector Hound portrays a comical and mysterious experience. “It’s a satire of murder mysteries and also [describes] how peoples’ obsessions can get them into trouble,” Mr. Melchior explained. “It really ends with disastrous results.” The play was truly something new and different for both the audience and cast. Junior Justin Wirsbinski stated, “I really like being in Mr. Melchior’s plays; the text challenges us to create something we haven’t before.” Wirsbinski played the part of Birdboot, one of the critics in the show. Mr. Melchior explained his reasoning behind selecting this particular play. “I chose this play because I really liked the playwright. It’s very funny – the kind of comedy you don’t really need to think about. It does have some serious ideas in it, but it is really something for everyone,” he

Emma Randolph takes a call in The Real Inspector Hound. Photo by Haley Davis

said. The Real Inspector Hound is not like any other play performed at EHS. In the plot, there are two critics who begin simply watching a play and commenting on what’s happening. Later on, they enter the play themselves and get mixed up in the murder, which does not end well for anyone. “The critics kind of parallel their lives to the play in some manner,” Wirsbinski added. This play can be well described as a play inside of a play.

“Any audience willing to watch closely will get a lot out of it. It has a lot of abstract humor,” Wirsbinski continued. “I really like the chemistry in it.” Rehearsing for the play can be one of the greatest parts in theatre since the cast members are able to meet new people and experience something new. “My favorite part of this play is working with the cast, they are all perfect for the roles and very talented,” Mr. Melchior exclaimed.

Whitney Houston By Nicole Maeser and Anushka Mankunath Staff Writers

Will Always Love You,” was her first single and one of her international hits. Her singing Legendary singer Whitsuccess and film popularity ney Houston passed away helped to create her image as on February 11, 2012 at the an artistic icon; an image she young age of forty-nine. Acwill be remembered by for cording to the Guinness Book years after her death. of World Records, Houston Houston grew up in New Jersey and began singing in her church choir at a very early age. During her childhood, she was influenced by such notable singers as Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin. The legendary Whitney Houston. By her Photo taken from teenage wp-content/uploads/2012/02/whitney-houston.jpg years, she was performing was music’s “Most Awarded with her mother and singing Female Artist of All Time.” back-up vocals for numerous She won a plethora of awards, songs. including Emmy awards, The talented singer made Grammy awards, Billboard several successful albums Music awards, and many during her lifetime. Her debut more. As a talented singer, album, Whitney Houston, Houston released several was released in 1985 and albums. Her iconic song, “I was praised by The New

York Times as “an impressive, musically conservative showcase for an exceptional vocal talent.” Houston’s amazing vocal range made her extremely popular. A year after its release, her album was at the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart and sold roughly 25 million copies across the world. In 1986, the star began her first headlining tour, Greatest Love Tour, which was an international success. Also, at the 1986 Grammy Awards, Houston received nominations in three categories including Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Performance, and Best R&B Vocal Performance. Houston’s second album, Whitney, made her the first female artist to have a debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Other than in the U.S., she reached fame in the UK and in other countries. Her first single in the album, titled “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” reached enormous success worldwide and hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Houston became the first female artist to have four #1 singles from one album. Nine million copies of Whitney were sold in the U.S. and twenty million were sold worldwide. Continued on page 4

Choirs Perform in Showcase Concert

By Olivia Weinberger News Writer On Monday, March 5, the EHS choirs performed in the Showcase choir concert. They held a show at 6:00 and one at 7:30. Mr. Schafer, one of the choir directors, described what the showcase concert is. “Seventy-some students did Masterclass; six were chosen to do solos.” Masterclass is an opportunity for choir students to sing songs for professionals who give feedback to help the students grow as singers. The concert is then able to “show-


Japanese to Latin to love songs. Mr. Schafer very positively pointed out improvements he has seen in choirs this year. “The energetic ninth graders get me fired up for future years. Along with that, Concert choir is doing amazingly subtle things with music that the audience might not notice, but we will notice it.” Mr. Cox, the other choir director, talked about one of the songs Bel Canto performed: “‘Non Nobis Domine’ has a featured part for a bell choir so some of the girls

Photo courtesy of Wayne Moran

case” those students – thus the name. Several students in the concert included Evan Esslinger, Nicole Moran, Alexa Golemo, Madison Wilson, David Newhall, and Amy Greenberg. However, solo performers weren’t the only people showcased in this concert. All seven choirs – Choraliers, Cavaliers, Women’s and Men’s Chorales, Bel Canto, and Concert Choir – all performed as well. The featured songs ranged from Irish to

[played] bells.” Along with bells, instruments used in the concert included an oboe, flute, French horn, and a piano. Cavaliers also performed an African song with drums and shakers. “My favorite part of being a choir director,” said Mr. Schaffer, “is seeing the whole process from introducing the piece to seeing it performed. Also, choir is very community-driven. You may not be the best singer, but you still contribute to the success.”

Band Concert Tonight

By Olivia Weinberger News Writer The EHS bands will be performing in concert on Tuesday, March 20. The 6:30 show is for freshmen bands and the 8:00 show is for the upperclassmen bands. Mr. Maeck, the band director for one of the freshmen bands, explained what the concerts will consist of. “There will be some songs very ballad like, some are fast folk songs and some will be traditional marches.” The 8:00 concert will feature music from Scotland, Ireland, and also some upbeat jazz and folk music. Two freshmen in the program shared their favorite and least favorite parts of participating in band. “Band

helps with my math and reading skills,” said Haleigh Simon. “I also know it looks good on college applications.” However in her opinion, band does have its downfalls. “I don’t like how loud the band room gets!” Mikaila Johns also had a say about her band experiences. “My favorite part is the end of the concert when we get a round of applause.” Along with band students, band directors have their favorite parts as well. “I like watching the progress of students throughout the course of grades 9-12. That is definitely the most satisfying,” answered Mr. Maeck.

Eagan Independent | Tuesday March 20, 2012


Local Bands Worth Checking Out By Abby Johnson Features Writer

Top 10 Most Popular Songs of 2012 By Nicole Maeser

1. “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele Features Writer

Howler: Named one of NME’s fifty

best new bands of 2011, this Minneapolis based band is gaining world-wide attention. Comprised of Jordan Gatesmith (lead guitar and vocals), Brent Mayes (drums), Ian Nygaard (guitar), Max Petrek (keyboard), and France Camp (bass), what started out as a way to “combat boredom” has now transformed into one of the most popular local bands. London-based record company, Rough Trade Records (who is responsible for signing bands like The Smiths, The Strokes, and Arcade Fire), recently signed with Howler. Their Photo courtesy of music is a combination of garage band grunge and surfy New Wave and can be compared to that of The Drums and the Black Lips. Aside from their three EP’s and full-length album they will be performing at the Varsity Theater on Thursday, April 19.

Mayda: Standing at a mere four foot ten, this

2. “We Found Love” by Rihanna 3. “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars 4. “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction 5. “1+1” by Beyonce 6. “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 7. “We Owned the Night” by Lady Antebellum 8. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson 9. “Someone Like You” by Adele 10. “The One that Got Away” by Katy Perry

Whitney Houston

twenty-five year old musician was named City Pages Best R&B Artist of 2010. With two albums out in just the past three years, her unique take on R&B is nothing less than extraordinary. Her music has the edginess of M.I.A mixed with the flair and funky beats of Prince. She has performed on Good Morning America and The Rachael Ray Show, and has toured with many hip-hop groups around the world. Although both of her albums are available for download on iTunes she will be performing at the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis on March 31.

(Continued from page 3)

Photo courtesy of

Peter Wolf Crier: Compared to that of Bon Iver and Woods, this Minneapolis duo offers its take on indie-folk music. The group’s music is a mix of nostalgia, country blues, and light rock—all of which sound very distant and “vintage-y.” Both of the duo’s albums are available for download on iTunes.

Other than starring as a music artist, Houston worked as a fashion model as a teenager in the early 1980’s. She became the first AfricanAmerican women to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. She also left a great impression in film. The Bodyguard, released in 1992, was one of the top 100 grossing films in movie history at that time. In 2007, USA Today listed The Bodyguard as one of the twenty-five most memorable movie moments of the last twenty-five years.

was pronounced dead shortly after at 3:55 p.m. Local police reported that there were no obvious signs of criminal intent, and the cause of death has still not been released. Houston’s death has been devastating for the public. Eagan High School choir teacher, Mr. Cox, stated, “I was sad. I immediately looked up her singing the national anthem on YouTube. I was a big fan of her voice. I didn’t listen to her music often, but she sure could sing!” He also commented, “She successfully reached across media from music to movies, which showed versatility.” Houston was one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time, and she will be greatly missed. With her outstanding

Photo courtesy of

Polica: This music is a combination

of dubstep and ghostly, light vocals. The band features Channy Leaneagh (lead vocals), Chris Bierden (bass), and their two drummers: Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu. It has captured the attention of City Pages, The Current, and local music fans alike. Their music sounds like a rougher version of Beach House and Lana del Ray. Although they do not have any upcoming concerts in the Twin Cities, they just released their first album two months ago, which is available for download on iTunes.

Total Babe: Despite the fact that this band

Photo courtesy of

broke up last year, its music made a serious impression on the indie music scene in the Twin Cities. Featuring Clara Salyer (lead singer), Jordan Gatesmith (lead guitar), Lizzie Carolan (violin), and Tim Leick (drums), the music is a combination of dream pop and folk music. Think Belle and Sebastian meets Camera Obscura and Best Coast. Although Salyer and Leick moved on to their band, Prissy Clerks, and Gatesmith on to Howler, their Photo courtesy of music when they were together is definitely worth checking out. Their EP is available for download on iTunes, and their first album is completed but has yet to be released.

Photo courtesy of

Its soundtrack, which included several of Houston’s top hit songs, is the biggest selling motion picture soundtrack album in history. On February 9, 2012, Houston made her last public performance when she joined Kelly Price on stage in Hollywood, CA. Days later, on February 11, the legendary star was found in Suite 434 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel… submerged in the bathtub. Beverly Hills paramedics arrived at 3:30 p.m. and performed CPR, but Houston

success in music as well as her popularity in modeling and film, Whitney Houston made herself a legend. Her accomplishments in the arts will serve as an inspiration for future generations. Hopefully, artists will be motivated to pursue their dreams, much like Whitney Houston.

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mr. Melchior’s Infamous Birthday Dances

All Together, Now – Flash Mobs By Laurel Scott Features Writer

By Laurel Scott Features Writer Let’s face it – our school can be quirky. Actually, few high schools would say that they aren’t quirky, but Eagan probably takes the cake in quirkiness. And if there’s one thing that almost every freshman has heard about by the time they walk into Eagan for the first time, it’s the English teacher who gives people birthday dances. Mr. Melchior, who teaches Honors Literature and AP: Literature, has been performing birthday dances for as long as he can remember. It started when he taught dance class, and then it continued when he moved to the English department. “It’s traditional to celebrate people’s birthdays in classes,” Mr. Melchior says. “The normal way is to sing happy birthday, but I think sometimes people get embarrassed by that, or it’s just a little bit predictable…This was a way of acknowledging people’s birthday in a way that they might be excited about.” The five standard dance genres that Mr. Melchior offers are jazz, African, ballet, tap, and modern – and he adds a twist by allowing

Since When Did Wearing Victoria’s Secret to School Become Acceptable?

Imagine if you were in a grocery store, minding your own business, when suddenly everybody around you broke into a choreographed song and dance. Unless you were in a Michael Bublé music video, you probably would have thought this occurrence was a little strange. However, around the world today, occasions like this are becoming increasingly common. Flash mobs – events where a large number of people get together at a predetermined Mr. Melchior strikes a pose.

students to ask for a combination of two different styles in one dance. He has also been known to perform tango as well as Russian dances – “for special occasions.” Any student who has received a birthday dance can explain how entertaining it is to watch, but the dances aren’t as easy as Mr. Melchior makes them seem. “I taught dance for many years,” he explains, adding, “I studied dance when I was in college for my theater major… I’ve been doing them so long now, it’s not difficult any more.” However, he admits that

some of the dances can be tiring. “African is the most physically challenging,” he says. “Modern gets a little wild, too.” People with summer birthdays won’t miss out, either – Mr. Melchior usually performs a longer, more elaborate dance at the end of the trimester, for all of the students whose birthdays are not during the months that they take his class. For students of Mr. Melchior, this is one quirky tradition that you won’t want to miss.

when did it become okay to wear Victoria’s Secret to school? First and foremost, every piece from the “Pink” line

Just to be clear, I have nothing against Victoria’s Secret, their “Pink” line, or the people who wear their clothes. However, I am con-

Maybe it’s just me, but does it seem like nearly everyone at school is wearing something from Victoria’s Secret’s clothing line “Pink”? A person can’t go anywhere without seeing the black yoga pants with the neon waistband, or the sequin covered hoodies that have “Pink” written on the back. Honestly,

looks exactly the same. It consists of hoodies, yoga pants, sweatpants, shirts et cetera. All of which absolutely must have either the phrase “Love Pink” or just plain “Pink” on it. Now the typical price for a pair of their sweatpants is about fifty dollars, with the hoodies coming in at about the same price. From where I stand, it seems that people are paying more so for the label than the clothing itself.

Here’s a list of five flash mobs that went above and beyond the call of duty, and will live forever in legend. 5. San Francisco: What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a pillow fight flash mob? In fact, it’s so popular that they’ve made it an annual event. Whether you’ve gone insane from the rage of being single and lonely, or you want to take out some frustrations on a terrible Valentine’s date, this is the place to go. But wear a helmet, because these things can get brutal. 4. Seattle, 2010: An army of about one thousand colorfully-dressed dancers took over the city in April – dancing to Glee songs. Seattle is considered a hotspot for flash mobs, but they outdid themselves

Photo by Johanna Iversen

Photo courtesy of

time and place, do something freaky, and then leave – are on the rise. Music and dancing are often, but not always involved, and there is never a point – the only objective is to have fun and surprise innothat much on loungewear, then at least mix it up so all articles of clothing don’t look the same. Otherwise it comes across that all one cares about is labels. I think if people are trying to dress more fashionable then they shouldn’t depend on a label to do that for them. Just because something is from Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Juicy Couture, or Gucci doesn’t mean that it is automatically fashionable or “in style.” So I say drop the labels and wear what you want. Just because it doesn’t have that Victoria’s Secret logo or well-known label doesn’t mean it’s not cool.

Photo courtesy of

By Abby Johnson Features Writer

cent passerby.


fused as to why most girls at school have so many pieces from this clothing line. Don’t they all look the same? I suppose they are a cute alternative to wearing plain yoga pants or a boring old college sweatshirt, but isn’t just one hoodie and pair of yoga pants from the same store enough? Maybe it’s just me being a fashion snob, but I feel that it’s kind of a waste of money. If someone is going to spend

Photo courtesy of hushnwonder.

here. They started a growing fad of flash mobs paying homage to all the “Gleeks” in the world. 3. Paris, 2008: This was one of the world’s largest freeze mobs – a type of flash mobs where the participants simply freeze, stock-still, in the middle of what they’re doing. It may not be the “flashiest” flash mob, but it can certainly be the creepiest. Hundreds of Parisians, all at the same exact moment, simply froze in the act of walking, or talking, or taking a picture – and held it for about five minutes, while tourists wandered around and wondered if they had fallen into The Twilight Zone. 2. Bondi Beach, Australia, 2009: A beach flash mob was led by Joyce Maynge, one of Australia’s most famous drag queens. Yes, you read that right. These things happen in Australia. And Joyce is a pretty good dancer, to be honest. 1. Mexico City, 2009: This flash mob set a world record for the number of people performing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance – nearly 14,000…most of whom were dressed as zombies. The sheer scale of this mob is what earns it the number one slot: if you watch the video on YouTube, the army of dancers literally stretches to the horizon.


Dinner & A Movie

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, March 20, 2012


FEATURING: WILL REINARTS By Nicole Maeser Features Writer 1. How do you want to be remembered? As a funny, nice, and caring guy. 2. What is your most admirable trait? I’m very outgoing. 3. What is a pet peeve of yours? When people chew with their mouth open.

The Vow By Shelley Sibley Features Writer

The Vow follows the story of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum). Paige and Leo are a young married couple living in downtown Chicago. She is a sculptor and he owns a recording studio. After leaving the cinema one night, they are involved in a bad car accident. Tragically, Paige ends up losing her memory to the point where she has no recollection of marrying Leo or even meeting him. To cope with the loss of her memory and not remembering Leo, Paige moves back in with her estranged parents. Leo, however, refuses to give up on his wife, so he tries to make Paige remember him and what they used to have together. Even though this movie doesn’t quite measure up to The Notebook, it was still pretty good. The acting wasn’t nearly as cheesy as I thought it would be based on

Dragon Palace By Annika Grassl Features Writer The Dragon Palace is a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant off of Yankee Doodle Road. It is located in the same strip mall as El Loro. Dragon Palace serves authentic Chinese food in a rather bland setting. The red plastic chairs and the wood tables match the dimly lit room with Chinese décor spread throughout. However, the amazing food more then makes up for this retro-style restaurant’s choice in minimalist décor. The paper placemats have maps with the New Year animals, which correspond with years of birth. It is always fun to go with friends and see which animal each person

Photo courtesy of

the trailers. Surprisingly, the story was actually a bit more believable than The Notebook, and the ending left the audience believing in endless love. Even without Ryan Gosling to steal the show, The Vow still seemed to hold itself together well with Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum does a

Photo courtesy of movies.

good job at playing a nice guy who will do whatever it takes to make his wife fall back in love with him and remember the love that they had for each other. The emotions he portrays are very believable, and he is convincing in encouraging the audience to sympathize with his characrepresents. The actually menu itself is quite interesting because on the cover is a lifelike drawing of a dragon surrounded by ancient looking scrolls. At first things seem a little sketchy because there is usually no one around except for a few people who work there, but once a diner is served his or her steaming meal, the white washed walls and intricate watercolor paintings give the place a nice character. The marbled and wood-trimmed tables are the perfect backdrop to the brightly colored handmade noodles, fresh, steamed vegetables, rich sauces, and juicy chicken. I ordered the chicken fried rice and the sweet and sour chicken. The total for my meal was around twenty-five dollars, but the portions were big enough that even sharing with another person I had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. All is served

ter’s situation. Though Rachel McAdams had the more difficult role in the movie, her character was truly brought to life in her raw, emotional performance. Although The Vow has a better storyline than The Notebook, the pieces didn’t quite flow together as well. The movie as a whole was very predictable, and the plot seemed to be very flat after the car accident scene. The lack of a climactic scene in the rest of the movie made the romance between Tatum and McAdams less exciting as there wasn’t much depth to their story before the car accident. The audience learned about how they met, but not really what made them fall in love with each other. The Vow had many good qualities that make it a great chick-flick, but the storyline just didn’t quite flow correctly together quite as well as it could have. The movie was over-advertised and hypedup way too much, which led to a somewhat disappointing finish. I give The Vow two and a half out of five stars. here by a small staff who are also the owners. The prices of the meals are much more reasonable than Panda Express, and are much bigger for the cost. The food is more authentic than other places and the atmosphere is much more family-owned restaurant than the commercial Panda Express or Leeann Chin. If you are craving authentic Chinese, I highly recommend Dragon Palace.

4. What are you planning to do this summer? Chilling with Gourles, my friend. 5. Who is the celebrity you would most want to meet? Zach Galifianakis, because he’s so funny in the Hangover. 6. Where do you want to travel and why? Turkey – I’m going there for Spring Break. 7. What do you like to do in your spare time? Play XBox and watch Netflix. 8. Describe the Christmas scene at your house. I go to my grandma’s house in Daytona Beach, Florida. The scene is packed with my fifteen cousins. 9. What is a big passion of yours? Watching Netflix. 10. What has been your funniest moment this year? In my Honors Speech class, I delivered a persuasive speech without any preparation. My friends thought I couldn’t do it, but I ended up with a B+. 11. Who do you look up to? Mr. Kovach, he’s very funny and caring. 12. What is your biggest fear? Doing poorly on a test. 13. What would you do for fun if you were deserted on an island? First, I’d capture some crabs. Then, I set up a crab arena; the loser would get eaten. 14. What did you do for your 16th birthday? I went to P.F. Changs, a Chinese restaurant, with my family. 15. What is your favorite book genre? Science fiction because anything can happen; the possibilities are endless. The book Ender’s Game is one of my favorites. 16. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do? I’d buy a planet, make it livable, and then I’d colonize it. 17. What career are you thinking of pursuing? Becoming a stockbroker. 18. When you’re running short of time, what do you do about breakfast? Grab a yogurt.

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19. What do you value most? My family and friends. 20. What is your favorite dessert? Cold Stone’s Red Velvet Confetti Birthday Cake.

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Athlete of the Month: Colin Fisher

By Kenzie Markland Sports Editor Junior Colin Fisher is a first year varsity wrestler who recently participated in the state tournament, finishing in fifth place. “Besides placing fifth at state, I placed fifth at the tournament in Fargo this winter. I walked away with a medal, and that has been my biggest achievement,” Fisher said. Fisher began wrestling in second grade. “The person that I would attribute my advancement to state would have to be Mitch Johnson. We pushed each other to our limits and it really paid off.” Fisher is involved with other school sports as well. “I really like wrestling because it preps me for my other sports, like football.” Fisher is an offensive linesman for the football team during the fall season. Next year Fisher wants to continue his hard work in both sports. His goal is to return to state, and hopefully place even higher.


Redeeming year

By Grace Hinton Sports Writer

Photo by Hannah Bergom Junior Shelby Williams faced up against Roseau in the Consolation game of the Girls Tournament By Anthony Metcalfe Sports Writer This year the girl’s hockey team had an incredibly successful season and made it to the first round in state. From the start of the season, fans could tell they were out for some recognition after last year’s disappointing loss to Hastings in sections. The girls started out undefeated after eight games, winning six and tying two, and they ended their season with an outstanding nineteen wins and three losses. Junior Megan Wolfe, who scored 41 goals in the regular season, led the team. When asked if she thinks they played to their potential she said, “Yeah, I thought we did well and we accomplished state.” Going into the postseason, the girls had a five game win streak, and used that momentum to bring some energy to the state tournament. In state, they unfortunately were matched up against Minnetonka – the

number one seed – and lost 4-1. They had a second chance since the tournament was double-elimination, but unfortunately the girls lost to Roseau 5-1, despite a very close first period. Co-Coach Scott Darwitz said of the girls’ season, “I believe we overachieved this season. We continued to work hard and never give up. We did not have the size and strength of most teams but our speed and determination made up for our weaknesses.” Also, when he was asked who were some of his most influential players this season, he mentioned junior Megan Wolfe, along with senior Captains Megan Jurikco, Alyssa Markstrom, and Alana Stangl, who scored the only goal in the State Consolation Tournament game against Roseau. Megan Wolfe still has one year to play for Eagan, and the team looks to improve by becoming stronger and better in the offseason.

It’s all about downhill By Anthony Metcalfe Sports Writer Alpine skiing finished off an impressive season in which both girls and boys made it to state. For the boys, senior Captain Andrew Cummings concluded his high school season with a bang, placing 14th overall in state. Another great skier was eighth grader Tommy Anderson, who ended up finishing 12th overall in state – an amazing feat for someone who is not even in high school yet. When Cummings was asked which of the skiers on the team stood out to him, he quickly replied, “Tommy Anderson.” At his young age,

No snow, no problem

it looks like Anderson will have a promising future as a wildcat. Coach Robert Boldus hopes to be able to compete at the same level again next year, but stated, “We have two [seniors] graduating from the state team and will need to really work hard to replace those skiers.” On the girl’s team, senior Captain Gina Serantoni and sophomore Sally Anderson led their team through a great season. In their first race of the year, they took home first place, setting a tempo for the remaining races. They ended up reaching their goal by finishing third – only eleven points away from placing second in sections.

Serantoni believes, “The warm weather made the snow really slushy.” This made it a lot harder to ski, and most likely affected the team’s end result. Either way, coach Boldus hopes, “The girls team will finish in the top two at sections next season.” They, like the boys, are losing two skiers, but Boldus assured, “We have replacements that should step up and be competitive.” Both Serantoni and Anderson received All-Conference honors, and Anderson ended up finishing 21st in the State Championship.

Even though the weather conditions have not been ideal, the Nordic Skiing team managed to pull off a great season and even sent several individuals to state. Junior Sonja Hedblom explained, “Overall, [the season] was a huge success! We sent nine Eagan students to State – something we haven’t done in years! The ISD (Independent School District) boys also won the conference title, and Eagan boys won sections.” However, she also admitted, “The season isn’t the same without snow.” Though many Eagan skiers made it to State, persevering through State was another challenge. Junior Nick Acton commented, “We won the entire conference and sections, and failed at State. Our performance at State was disappointing. We were concentrating most at going to State, but we didn’t train for doing well there.” The boys’ team came in seventh at the State meet.

Hedblom was the first girl from Eagan to finish (coming in 25th overall), and Acton was the fastest boy from EHS (ranking 38th). Although the State meet proved disappointing for the Wildcats, the season did have its highlights. Hedblom stated, “The team bonded really well this year. With so much dry land we all got to know each other, and we all had a lot of fun.” Junior Roxy Holt shared that to do better next year, the team needs to continue working on technique. Hopefully next winter will feel like winter and give the skiers the snow that they need to practice this technique.

First time in six years that had three of the top four teams in the state in it. We also got through to the second round of sections for the first Eagan’s Boys’ Basketball time since ‘05-’06 season.” team finished the season with The boys’ basketball a record of 14-14. The boys team will competed be losing fiercely all three against the captains toughest next year, teams of all of whom the South helped Suburban bring great Confersuccess to ence. This the team. year, they Among won their these three first game seniors is in sections leadingagainst scorer Shea Henry ManSibley dli, whose 68-54, but season in the next high was Photo by Johanna Iversen round, Point guard Drew Bauer takes the ball 33 points the boys up the court alongside 6’8’’ center Shea in a game. lost to In total, Mandli. Eastview Eagan is 62-43. losing eight Senior Captain Drew Bauer said, seniors, which will be a hard hole to fill. Luckily, the juniors “Jam the Gym night – against are just as talented and are Rosemount – all the captains looking forward to an equally had 14 points. It was really a as successful season next year. team effort that night.” When interim Coach Mike Sullivan was asked if the team reached his expectations, he said, “I feel we achieved a lot this season. We competed in a conference By Anthony Metcalfe Sports Writer


Powerhouse Team

Photo by Haley Davis Captain Michael Zajac passed the puck during a section game.

By Kenzie Markland Sports Editor The end of the boys’ hockey season finished quickly after their exciting appearance in the state tournament. The team ended up placing second in the consolation bracket. Twelve of the players are seniors and are leaving this year, and four of those twelve have committed to playing for colleges next year: Michael Zajac has committed to Princeton, Eli May has signed with

Minnesota State, and Will Merchant and Sam Wolfe will be playing for the University of Maine. These prestigious schools are welcoming some great players. Will Merchant explained, “I chose Maine because it was a really good fit for me. I really liked the school and the hockey program.” Sam Wolfe said, “I liked the tradition of their hockey.” The boys had great success throughout the entire year. During the regular

Eagan Independent | Tuesday, March 20, 2012 season, they had twenty-one wins, three losses, and one tie, placing Eagan at the top of the South Suburban Conference. During sections, they won all three games, giving them the privilege to advance to State. Wolfe admitted, “The best part of the season was beating Hastings to go to State.” In the first round of State, Eagan lost to Moorhead in a disappointing 4-0 game, allowing Moorhead to advance on to the next round while Eagan dropped to the consolation bracket. Merchant said, “Even though State went okay, it wasn’t what we wanted. But it was still great to be there again.” Once the boys played the consolation game at Mariucci Arena, they finally got their rhythm back. In the first game they won 4-1 against Maple Grove, but unfortunately in the consolation championship game they lost 1-4 to the number-one seeded Duluth East. Eagan was proud to announce two Mr. Hockey Finalists this year: Michael Zajac and Will Merchant. This was the first year for Eagan to boast a nomination for Mr. Hockey – let alone two. However, the Mr. Hockey title was awarded to Lakeville South’s Justin Kloos. Next year, the returning team will continue their hard work and commitment. The boys hope to make it to state for the third year in a row.

Kicking it to state

Swimming in State

By Kenzie Markland Sports Editor The boys swimming team excelled at state and placed in many events. The team sent six swimming events and three divers to the tournament; this was the first time that all three relays qualified to advance on to state in seven years. However, due to an unfortunate officiating discrepancy, one relay team was disqualified at the last minute and only two relays ended up advancing to the State tournament. The swim team finished with a record of 5-4. Senior captain Andy Knutson said,

Photo by Rachel Larson

“The best team to beat is Rosemount.” Unfortunately, this year Eagan lost to Rosemount 73-111. Eagan also lost to Lakeville North, Lakeville South, and Prior Lake, but won in the meets against Kennedy, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Jefferson, and Eastview. Senior captain Connor Benson stated, “When we qualified for State was the best moment this

By Grace Hinton Sports Writer Eagan’s Dance Team finished an exhilarating season by participating in the state tournament a few weeks ago. This year, the team placed 11th in Jazz and 11th in Kick. Junior captain Claire Dolney stated, “The season went very well and we were successful. We grew really close as a team, which helped us to perform better.” Captain Maddie Reding explained, “Our biggest achievement this year was qualifying for state in jazz and kick. The team hasn’t

gone to state in both for over four years, so we were really excited to make it.” The team put in a lot of effort for the chance to dance at state. Junior Emily Schmidt stated that the coaches worked the girls really hard, but she went on to say, “Even though it’s tough at the time, our hard work pays off in the long run.” In addition to the hours of practice, Dolney expressed that the team “had creative choreographers, which helped to make more unique dances.” The team was successful in qualifying for state for the

Submitted Photo

first time in four years, and they plan to continue practicing throughout the spring and summer. Reding explained, “By keeping our strength, technique, and endurance up in the off-season, we hope to start the 2012-13 season from where we left off.”

Coach of the Year for the South Suburban Conference. This is a competitive award, and Carlson was well-deserving based on her team’s placement in sections and state. With many returning swimmers next year, next season is promising to look as good as this season.

High hopes for next year By Grace Hinton Sports Writer

Varisty Jazz performing at State “Glam”.

year.” At the tournament, the team finished seventeenth overall. Junior Bill Leighton placed eleventh in the 50m with a time of 22:10. The relay team that competed in the 200-yard freestyle placed thirteenth, and the team included senior Andy Knutson, juniors Bill Leighton and Ian Pugh, and freshman Sam Zenner. The diving portion of the swimming team sent two divers to state. Junior Keith Krawza placed seventh and sophomore Toby Heller placed tenth. At sections, Eagan divers placed third, fourth, fifth, and eighth. The diving coach, Amy Carlson, was elected Dive

next year we will go through less of the “growing pains” we went through this season.” The girls’ basketball sea- Though the past season son recently came to an end, was difficult at times, the posleaving many Wildcats feeling sibility of a much better year a bit disapahead leaves pointed. With the team eight wins and with high eighteen losses hopes. Munin the regular dahl also season, the explained, girls struggled “I’m looking through a forward to rocky year. seeing how Howkids develop ever, on the this off-seabright side, son; lookCoach Mundahl Senior Jessica Hart pulls up for a ing forward stated, “A lot of jump shot at the key. to seeing Photo by Johanna Iversen juniors, sophowhich girls mores, and an 8th grader got commit and show that Eagan valuable varsity experience. Basketball means someMost of the players that were thing to them. I enjoy being in my top ten rotations are around these girls because returning next season. Knowthey bring positive energy to ing younger players earned our team and a strong work playing time and improved ethic, which will be one of our this season gives those return- strengths next season. You ers a positive outlook on next can’t coach work ethic!” season. They will be back and more experienced. I believe

Eagan Independent - March 2012  

Official student newspaper of Eagan High School, Minnesota.

Eagan Independent - March 2012  

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