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Management and Business Skills Workshops


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Assertiveness and Confidence Management 1 May 2014 £175 per person The workshop will allow you to develop your confidence and learn techniques to help you assert yourself in order to effectively manage relationships in the workplace. You will learn the practical techniques to allow you to express your needs and opinions in an honest and appropriate way. The workshop will help you to distinguish between assertive and aggressive behaviour and how this affects the behaviour of others. You will learn how to identify key areas of work where assertive behaviour will enhance individual and team performance.

Change Management 13 March 2014 £175 per person This workshop is designed to develop change management skills, enabling change to be implemented in an effective and productive way, including ways to engage with individual teams or a whole organisation, leading to positive and sustainable outcomes. Delegates will learn how to engage with change in a positive and productive way, engage teams in the change process and empower them to achieve positive outcomes. You will also learn ways in which to deal with difficulties and resistance to change.

To book your place please contact the Corporate Relations team on 01752 305026, e-mail employers@ or complete the enclosed application form and send to Corporate Relations, City College Plymouth, Kings Road, Plymouth, PL1 5QG.

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Coaching and Mentoring Skills 21 January 2014 or 8 July 2014 £175 per person Many businesses do not fully understand the differences between mentoring and coaching and as a result they fail to uncover the potential in their workforce. This workshop will identify the differences and highlight when it is best to use these in business. You will learn how to identify and display listening and questioning skills and learn to apply the ‘GROW’ model for coaching, which will enable you to gain the most out of your staff.

Developing Team Performance 27 November 2013 or 6 May 2014 £175 per person You will gain the valuable tools and techniques in order to build a cohesive and efficient team that is adaptable, motivated and which can operate in an effective manner. This course is designed to give you a combination of practical management techniques and approaches that will enable you to lead, encourage and demand performance from your team.

Effective Communication 5 November 2013 or 1 April 2014 £175 per person The workshop will enable you to communicate effectively within teams, enabling you to work more productively and enhance the overall performance of your team. You will learn about behavioural profiles, the preferences and perspectives of stakeholders and the impact this has on the way you communicate. You will gain knowledge of how to effectively manage relations, implement effective decision making and create rapport with stakeholders.

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Effective Goal Setting and Performance Appraisal

Project Planning 6 November 2013 or 29 April 2014 £175 per person

3 December 2013 or 7 May 2014 £175 per person


Fundamentals of Business Finance 25 March 2014 £175 per person


The workshop will allow you to identify key components of balance sheets, interpret income statements and understand cash flow. You will learn to use basic financial ratios, understand and use key performance indicators, and analyse and interpret financial data. This workshop is ideal for those without a financial background but who are responsible for managing budgets and other financial duties.

Minute Taking

Fail to plan ... plan to fail! The workshop will provide you with a strong understanding of the principles behind good management, along with logical and highly practical tools to take back to your workplace. You will be able to gain an understanding of the principles behind planning and project management, which will lead to future business success. New

The workshop will allow you to gain an understanding of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of performance appraisals, including how to set SMART targets and provide constructive feedback to employees. This workshop will explore the performance management cycle, the performance appraisal process, and allow you to develop the skills necessary to put these into practice.

Team Leading - The New Team Leader 12 December 2013 or 24 June 2014 £175 per person This workshop is designed to develop the skills of team leaders and supervisors, enabling them to work effectively and efficiently to support and motivate teams in order to achieve high levels of performance. You will learn how to recognise the characteristics and qualities of an effective leader, understand when and how to use different leadership styles and approaches, understand the importance of team dynamics, learn how to plan activities, know how to give constructive feedback and develop strategies for motivating your team.

12 March 2014 £175 per person The success of any meeting rests not only with an effective chairperson, but also on accurate records being taken and any actions being noted. The workshop is designed to provide minute taking skills for anyone who is called to take formal minutes at a meeting. Exploring the benefits of effective minutes, and the ramifications of poor minute taking, individuals will be shown how to use a range of tools to give them confidence in their role, and the opportunity to practice their new found skills. The course will provide you with the tools to prepare effectively for meetings, prepare an agenda, select relevant and important points from the discussion, prepare appropriate minutes and avoid common obstacles to listening effectively.

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To book your place please contact the Corporate Relations team on 01752 305026, e-mail employers@ or complete the enclosed application form and send to Corporate Relations, City College Plymouth, Kings Road, Plymouth, PL1 5QG.

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Employer Sponsored Learning Agreement Form Please complete this form if your employer is paying for your course and send it to: Freepost RRGZ-EALH-SACS, Corporate Relations, City College Plymouth, Kings Road, Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 5QG


Course Details

Please enter the detail of the course(s) you would like to apply for Start Date Month/Year


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Level 3: eg 2+ A Levels, 4 AS Levels, BTEC National, NVQ L3, Advanced Diploma Level 4: eg HNC/HND, Foundation Degree/Degree, NVQ L4 Level 5+: Masters Degree, PhD, NVQ L5/6/7

Please list ALL qualifications completed or currently undertaking. (Please continue on a separate sheet.) (for example: title, module titles, awarding body, institution where qualification taken)

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# If you have a GCSE English or Maths certificate, please enclose a photocopy with this application form.

DECLARATION I wish to apply for the following fee concession: Entry/level 1: I declare that I do not already have a full level 1 and that I am undertaking this course as a step towards undertaking either an Apprenticeship or alternative full level 2 course.


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We offer a range of additional support to help you achieve to the best of your ability. Please tell us what support you may need. This information will be treated as confidential and will only be used to help us ensure you get the support you need on your course. Completing this section will not affect you getting onto a course. Please tick all the relevant boxes.

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Learning Agreement

Enrolling Tutor I confirm that the information on this form is correct and I declare that I have supported the student in the completion of this document and to the best of my knowledge, the student named in section A is eligible. I have evidence to support the residency criteria (where applicable). Has the student already achieved any part of the proposed learning aim either through recognition of prior learning, exemption or credit transfers?



If yes, the student will be exempt from

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City College Plymouth is an inclusive college and we are keen for all students to be well cared for. We therefore ask all applicants to declare if they have any criminal convictions of a violent or sexual nature, or for the unlawful supply of controlled drugs or substances. If you have answered yes to the question above you will be asked to provide further details. Applicants with previous convictions will be subject to a fair assessment process. I confirm that I have read the Data Protection Statement, which can be found on the College website ( and at College reception areas, and agree that all of the information in sections A-G is correct. I consent to City College Plymouth providing to my employer details of my educational records including but not limited to attendance, achievement and modular outcomes. I acknowledge that any certificate of achievement will be sent, by the College, to my employer who will forward it on to me. Student’s signature


This is to be read in conjunction with the data protection details. I agree to the College processing the personal data on this form in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The College or its associated training establishments will send you information about learning opportunities, courses and events. If you do not wish to receive this information please tick this box. n Skills Funding Agency (SFA) - the personal information you provide is passed to the Chief Executive of Skills Funding (“the Agency”) and, when needed, the Department for Education, including the Education Funding Agency to meet legal responsibilities under the

Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, and for the Agency’s Learning Records Service (LRS) to create and maintain a unique learner number (ULN). The information you provide may be shared with other organisations for education, training and employment-related purposes, including research. Further information about use of and access to your personal data, and details of organisations are available at: • • documentlibrary/documents/Code+of+Practice+ for+Sharing+of+Personal+Information.htm.



Learning Records Service (LRS) - some of the information you supply will be used by the Skills Funding Agency to fulfil its statutory functions, issue/verify your Unique Learner Number (ULN) and update/check your Personal Learning Record. Further details of how your information is processed and shared can be found at: • privacynotice. Contact preference (please indicate how you would like these organisations to contact you) n Telephone n Mobile

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New! Computing Workshops Excel Basic

Word Intermediate

12 February 2014 £100 per person

11 February 2014 or 18 June 2014 £135 per person

Our Excel training workshop for beginners will help you discover the application’s capabilities while working through exercises to create simple worksheets. You will learn how to create basic spread sheets, how to format a spread sheet, including formulae and functions. The workshop is designed for those who wish to acquire the basic skills to use Excel effectively in their day-today activities.

The workshop is designed to enhance your existing knowledge of Microsoft Word and is suitable for those who can create and modify standard business documents and who need to learn how to use the more advanced features of Word. The skills and knowledge acquired in this Word Intermediate workshop will take you to the next level of Word use, giving you the opportunity to be able to use and operate the software at a higher level. This includes automatic formatting, editing and proofing tools, using pictures and shapes, columns, tables and hyperlinks.

Excel Intermediate 28 January 2014 or 17 June 2014 £135 per person. The skills and knowledge acquired in this Excel Intermediate workshop will take you to the next level of Excel use, providing you with the knowledge to use and operate the software at a higher level. This includes using advanced formatting of cells, enhanced chart features, advanced functions and formulae, sorting data and using templates. The workshop is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and who wish to progress to using more complicated functions and features.

Word Basic 27 February 2014 £100 per person You will develop on understanding of the basic features of Microsoft Word and the concepts required to produce basic business documents. The workshop will allow you to gain skills that include how to enter and format text, adjusting page margins and page layout to create letters. The workshop will demonstrate how to open and close documents, format texts, use predefined formats and create different types of documents.

01752 305026

To book your place please contact the Corporate Relations team on 01752 305026, e-mail employers@ or complete the enclosed application form and send to Corporate Relations, City College Plymouth, Kings Road, Plymouth, PL1 5QG.

The Facts Our range of one day workshops have been designed to support businesses in a cost-effective way. Workshops provide delegates with a full day’s training, which is professionally delivered and focused on achieving clear outcomes for those attending. Workshops can be tailored to meet specific business needs and we can provide dates and times around those advertised in this guide should you wish to book a session for your team (minimum/maximum 12 delegates). We can offer a special discount for businesses looking to take a whole session and are able, in the majority of cases, to deliver onsite at your premises should you require this option. To book your place please contact the Corporate Relations team on 01752 305026, e-mail or complete the enclosed application form and send to Corporate Relations, City College Plymouth, Kings Road, Plymouth, PL1 5QG.

Frequently Asked Questions ‌ How long are the workshops? One day. When can I study? Dates are as laid out in this guide and courses run 9.00am - 4.30pm. What is included in the cost of the workshops? The price includes all learning materials, lunch and refreshments. Where do courses take place? All courses take place at our Kings Road site, PL1 5QG. Exact room locations will be provided once you have booked your place. How many people take part in each workshop? Numbers vary depending on the workshop, but this usually ranges between six and twelve. Are there any exams? These workshops do not include exams or written assignments. What will I receive after completing the workshop? You will receive a level one or two (depending on the workshop) College certificate on the day of your workshop. On successful completion you may progress to other business and management related College workshops/ courses.

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