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Autumn 2013

Plymouth Apprenticeship Training Agency ... Supporting Business Growth

If you require this newsletter in a larger type or different format please telephone 01752 305300. From the Editor Welcome to the latest edition of EmployerLink; City College Plymouth’s newsletter for employers. This edition focuses on a number of initiatives developed as part of our Gazelle Colleges Group membership, including an Apprenticeship training agency detailed on page one, and on page five our media learning company. The College is working to support priority growth sectors, as identified by the City’s 2020 partnership.

To this end, we are working closely with the manufacturing sector to fill their skills gaps, including Plymouth-based businesses, MGB Engineering Ltd and Pipex px®. Find out more on pages two and three. Our International Development office is having a positive impact on the local community by creating partnerships around the world and recruiting international students to the College. There are several ways that our overseas students can help businesses who are looking to explore emerging, foreign markets - find out more on page four. Ofsted recently graded our Apprenticeship provision as outstanding and our hair and beauty apprentices are making a significant impact on local salons. Find out what employers have to say about our training on page six.

We have significantly developed the breadth of our training offer to businesses. Turn to page eight and find out about our KNX accredited training centre - the only College centre in the UK which offers KNX accredited training in sustainable technologies. You can also find out about our one-day Management and Business Skills Workshops which focus on business critical areas. I hope you enjoy reading EmployerLink. We aim to keep you informed with all the latest education and training news, but if there is a topic you would like to see covered please e-mail srobbie@ Sharron Robbie Head of Corporate Relations, Employability and Enterprise Editor

From the Principal Over the past year the City has continued to raise its head above the parapet, on regional, national and international stages, in order to raise its profile, encourage investment and to support development and growth. Plymouth is a vibrant hub of cultural, business and community activity, all of which has recently received huge media coverage as the City has endeavoured to gain national recognition in a number of spheres. The City’s recent campaigns have, in my opinion, exposed to a wider audience the vibrancy and creativity that exist in Plymouth. As Britain’s Ocean City, we are now successfully shouting louder and harder about the great initiatives, events and community we have in the City.

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Our ambitions can also be seen via our plans in 2020 to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower sailing, a celebration that will bring both national and international attention to Plymouth. These are all positive moves, enabling us to showcase what we can offer to those who visit, reside or are looking to invest in the City. As one of the City’s key strategic partners, City College Plymouth is dedicated to creating opportunities, and supporting initiatives, which help boost the local and regional economy, whilst helping to raise Plymouth’s profile. As a Gazelle College, we are committed to creating and encouraging an entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit throughout our organisation, a spirit which impacts positively on the local community too, and this partly rests on our ability to develop young people’s employability skills, fill skills gaps and support business success. To this end, we are delighted to be involved in the introduction of a new initiative, which sees the creation of an Apprenticeship training agency in Plymouth.

Launched in partnership with Plymouth City Council as part of the Plan for Jobs, the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) will provide a service for smaller businesses to take on apprentices, which provides new opportunities for young people to gain a meaningful and structured start to their employment history. The ATA will help support business growth by removing some of the barriers that employers face when trying to develop and expand the level of skills within their workforce. This will be particularly beneficial to smaller enterprises which may, in the past, have been unable to, or wary about, accessing a pool of workready individuals via the Apprenticeship training scheme. The introduction of the ATA is another step change in the City, and as such, shows how partners across the City are working collaboratively to ensure clear, tangible results which impact positively across the whole community. Phil Davies Principal and Chief Executive

Apprenticeships with a Difference … The Plymouth-based Apprenticeship Training Agency Plymouth City Council and City College Plymouth have launched a new venture, a Plymouthbased Apprenticeship training agency. This will enable smaller businesses to benefit from taking on an apprentice without employing them. As part of the Council’s Plan for Jobs, the Leader of the Council, Councillor Tudor Evans, has announced the City’s aim to set up a multi-sector Apprenticeship training agency (ATA) with the College, to make it easier for small businesses to create valuable Apprenticeship opportunities for the City’s young people. It is widely accepted that Apprenticeships are an excellent way of developing the right skills and experience within an organisations’ workforce. Equally, Apprenticeships are an accepted alternative to other more traditional forms of education for young people. Yet, smaller businesses often find the financial investment of taking on an apprentice too much, or believe that they cannot provide a varied or rich enough experience for a full-time apprentice position. The advantage of an Apprenticeship with the ATA is that the apprentice will be employed by the agency and placed with an appropriate employer. Potentially, an apprentice could have a couple of employers to ensure they are able to complete a full Apprenticeship framework (technical qualifications and key skills) through their placements, either concurrently or consecutively. The Plymouth ATA will therefore be recruiting potential apprentices, matching them to appropriate host employers, paying the apprentices’ wages, taxes and NI contributions, arranging the relevant training with a local approved training agency, and supporting the apprentice and employers through the Apprenticeship. The aim is to place over 70 apprentices over the next 18 months. Leader of Plymouth City Council, Councillor Tudor Evans, said: “We have put creating more jobs at the top of our to-do list as this is simply the biggest issue facing the City and particularly for our many young people, who are leaving school in an extremely testing economic environment.

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“We created the Plan for Jobs and one of the key projects was to set up an apprentice training agency with City College Plymouth. This is Plymouth’s first multi-sector Apprenticeship training agency and is designed to help smaller businesses to take on staff.

If you would like to find out more about the Apprenticeship Training Agency, please visit

“By taking on the paperwork and the time-consuming side of hiring staff, the ATA will be acting as an agent and the employer, allowing the small business to do what they are good at and pass on their knowledge to the next generation - while enriching their business with new enthusiasm and talent.” College Principal, Phil Davies, said: “This is a significant innovation for the City. We all know that there are a large number of smaller businesses in the region, and that there is an expectation that the private sector will create the jobs that this country needs for socioeconomic regeneration. The ATA is offering Apprenticeships with a difference, specifically for the smaller companies. Helping them to grow and succeed. “As a Gazelle College Principal, I have publically stated my commitment to developing enterprise and entrepreneurship. The ATA is about the College responding to the needs of its local employers in an enterprising way, and enabling local small businesses to really pursue their entrepreneurial vision while sharing this with the next generation of entrepreneurs. “The ATA will help create sustainable employment opportunities while contributing to the wealth creating potential of the City’s economy.”


Priority Growth Sector Focus on Advanced Manufacturing The advanced manufacturing sector was recognised locally as a priority growth sector, following Plymouth City Council’s 2020 Partnership. Despite the manufacturing sector’s decline across the UK in recent years, the sector remains an important player in the local and national economy. In 2009, the manufacturing sector accounted for 11% of the UK’s economic output, contributing £140 billion in gross value.1 More locally, the sector accounts for nearly 13% of the total economy and a similar proportion of the labour market.2 Recently, the sector has shown positive signs of growth following a hard few years. This signals stimulated development and boosted profits for the sector. Recent success stories include The Barden Corporation’s steady increase in sales, the opening of the Pipex px® Advanced Manufacturing Area and the successful bid for the Government’s Regional Growth Fund at Princess Yachts International plc and Southway-based technology firm, UTC Aerospace. The manufacturing sector in the City is facing challenges however, with more production moving overseas to low wage competitors, falling prices and the outsourcing of many services - all signs of these hard economic times. A recent national employer skills survey highlighted the worrying fact that many manufacturing employers consider their business to have skills gaps - with employees lacking technical, job-specific skills, as well as key employability skills, such as team working and communication.3

1. The Employment and Skills Partnership and the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, ‘Supporting Manufacturing in the Heart of the South West’, November 2011 2. Plymouth City Council, ‘Advanced Manufacturing Sector’ sectors/advancedmanufacturingsector.htm 3. The Employment and Skills Partnership and the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, ‘Supporting Manufacturing in the Heart of the South West’, November 2011, p.8.


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City College Plymouth works closely with employers to ensure there is access to appropriate training for manufacturing companies. We are currently undergoing a £4.5 million refurbishment of our engineering facilities in order to create a state-of-the-art and inspiring learning environment for the engineers of the future. The refurbishment project will ensure that our facilities and training are closely aligned to industry standards and expectations, allowing students and existing employees to learn in spaces that truly represent the manufacturing industry. This will complement the new University Technical College (UTC), which opens in September. The College has also been working with city-based rail and marine engineering company, MGB Engineering Ltd, to develop a sector-based work academy in order to fill seven manufacturing vacancies. Working in partnership with MGB and Jobcentre Plus, the College developed a two week training programme that met the skills needs for MGB. Jobcentre Plus identified 12 unemployed individuals, who then took part in the training programme. This included training on basic assembly tasks, health and safety, and interpersonal communications.

All 12 participants were guaranteed an interview at the end of the programme to fill the seven vacancies with MGB and these vacancies were all filled - a 100% success rate. Stuart Calvert, Managing Director of MGB Engineering, said: “It can often be hard for us, like many engineering organisations, to fill vital skills gaps and develop our organisation through new staff and training. “Working with City College Plymouth to create the sectorbased work academy has been a positive experience and we are delighted to be able to offer seven participants a permanent position with the company.” If you would like to find out more about sector-based work academies, and how City College Plymouth can help you to fill your skills gaps, please contact us on 01752 305026 or e-mail employers@

Case Study: Pipex px®

Local business Pipex px® are specialists in thermoplastic and composite pipe systems, bespoke fabrications and structures. They have been working in close collaboration with City College Plymouth for the past six years in order to facilitate their Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Scheme. The close working relationship between Pipex px® and the College has ensured the high calibre of apprentices year on year. Since the Pipex px® scheme launched in 2007, all individuals that have completed the three year Apprenticeship have gained full-time employment with Pipex px® - a success rate of 100%.

In addition to the Apprenticeship scheme, the College has also mentored the Pipex px® training division in achieving National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) centre status, which has enabled Pipex px® to initialise a programme to educate all current employees to NVQ levels. The close working relationship between the two organisations is formalised through the College’s Employer Endorsement Scheme. The Scheme, which is free to join, offers employers the chance to be involved with future curriculum development, as well as giving access to a pool of work-ready young people.

Jacqui Snow, an Advanced Manufacturing apprentice with Pipex px® spoke about her experience: “The College has enhanced my knowledge and really prepared me for the trade I have chosen. Whilst this is normally a male dominated role, Pipex px® have always treated me as an individual and have provided me with an excellent career path.”

Jon Barr, Operations Director with Pipex px® said: “We are extremely dedicated and committed to training and developing our business. This has recently resulted in Pipex px® being voted the Overall Best SME by the prestigious Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMECHE). “We are extremely proud of our affiliation with City College Plymouth and to be granted a place as an Employer Endorser. This allows us to engage with the College and actively input into future curriculum development, which is vital to keeping the business and our employees competitive. We have found that College staff have been extremely accommodating and really focused on our requirements. They have supported us with our current and future ambitions and not only have they mentored us during the internal NVQ process, they have also involved Pipex px® in future initiatives within the College and City.”

Following the overwhelming success of its Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship scheme, Pipex px® have now incorporated an administration programme within the business. Following the introduction of the programme, two full-time apprentices now work at the company’s Plymouth Head Quarters. Grace Bull, a Business Administration apprentice said: “Everyone from Pipex px® and City College Plymouth have been so supportive and encouraging and have helped my career move forwards. “I have found the course extremely interesting and challenging so far and due to the flexibility shown by the College on course time frames, I would definitely consider undertaking further training at the College in the future.”

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Exploring International Markets with Our Support Rusell Jones, Regional Director of UK Trade and Investment, recently spoke about the importance of the City’s businesses in looking toward international markets as a way of becoming ‘more resilient’ in times of economic downturn.1 This was said just as Ivybridgebased tyre recycling company, Bandvulc, made it into the top 200 Sunday Times HSBC International Track League - this lists the UK’s private companies with the fastest growing international sales. However, the benefits of exploring international markets can not only be seen through commerce and exports, but through the numerous international students that visit our shores every year to study. A report published by the British Council in 2007 stated that the total value to the UK economy of international students in the further education sector is £1.2 billion. In 2003/4, tuition fees for international students within further education amounted to £46.3 million, with other spending and goods amounting to £499 million. On a national level, every £1 spent on tuition fees equates to nearly £11 spent on other goods and services.2 City College Plymouth works to develop links internationally by creating strategically important, institution partnerships. This allows regular cohorts of students to study with us. We are currently promoting the College in several locations across the world, including: • Brunei • Cambodia • China • India • Indonesia • Malaysia • Myanmar • Thailand • Vietnam.

A diverse student population enables students to widen their horizons, to work with different people and be flexible - all attributes they will need when entering employment. There are also benefits to businesses - you can work with international students who are studying at the College by: • helping develop activity and partnerships in foreign countries by getting involved in bids for funding, which help boost the economy • working with students who are studying at the College to host international visitors - students can brief staff on international protocol or help create marketing literature • gaining advice on business protocol in foreign countries, particularly in China • offering work experience for international students - research projects on a particular country and generating export contacts etc • working with the College to develop training that meets the needs of your business and the international markets you are working in. If you would like to find out more information on how you can benefit from international students and working with us to explore international markets, please contact our International Office on 01752 305748 or e-mail international@

First Aid Training - How You Guarantee Quality Last year we reported the key changes due to happen in first aid training, which will impact on your business - the changes are now here! It is anticipated that from 1 October 2013, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will remove its approval of all first aid training providers, which means employers have new guidelines of due diligence to be aware of. City College Plymouth has been a HSE approved training centre since 1997 and offers experienced trainers from a variety of first aid backgrounds. This means the training we offer is of the highest quality to meet your business needs. Employers now have new and various levels of due diligence placed upon them to ensure their staff obtain adequate first aid training. To meet this need City College Plymouth is offering two routes to first aid qualifications, which businesses can be confident meet first aid at work training requirements. Those options are: • College Certificated training or • CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) accredited qualifications. All of our first aid trainers are CIEH approved and this guarantees a high standard of educational assessment, which has been developed in consultation with the HSE, Skills for Health, Ofqual and the Scottish Qualifications Authority. The CIEH accredited first aid qualifications are nationally recognised and are rated on the Qualification and Credit Framework. Our range of first aid qualifications offer businesses a cost-effective way of training staff, with prices starting from just £35 per person. You can choose for your staff to attend training sessions in the College’s highly equipped training facilities or alternatively, our expert trainers can offer onsite, bespoke training packages. Want to find out more? Please call the Corporate Relations team on 01752 305026 or e-mail employers@

1 2


Rusell Jones ‘Focus on foreign markets if you’re looking for growth, companies told’, The Herald, 10 July 2013. Pamela Lenton, Dr of Economics, University of Sheffield, ‘The Value of UK education and training exports: an update’

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New! Plymouth’s First Media Learning Company: Providing Innovative Media Solutions City College Plymouth is working in partnership with South West Media Group to create a new media learning company in order to increase the employability skills of students studying creative programmes at the College. This includes media production, games development, art and design, and creative technology. Learning companies are fundamental to realising the Gazelle College vision for more entrepreneurial learning that will support the local community and generate new forms of employment and enterprise. Learning companies reinvent the transition into work for young people and create real working environments. Learning companies operate as commercial entities and provide comprehensive working practices that are aligned to real world working. Launching in the autumn, our new media company will incorporate a real and relevant work environment that will broaden our students’ outlook and prepare them for the real world of work. The student-led company will consist of students who are studying creative programmes at the College, apprentices and College staff. It will offer a range of media solutions, including: • animation • design • film • marketing • photo imaging.

Blanche Sainsbury, Managing Director of South West Media Group, said: “We are delighted to be working with City College Plymouth on this innovative project. The learning company will be hugely beneficial to those students involved and will, in turn, have a positive effect on the local job market. It is key to the City and the wider region that we retain creative skills in the region and develop what has been recognised as a priority growth sector for Plymouth.” The media company will develop College students by not only giving them the technical skills needed to succeed in the creative sector, but also to provide them with the attributes of enterprise, industry awareness, creativity, confidence and resilience - key components of any future employee. If you would like to work with the media company, please contact us on 01752 305026.

Media Apprenticeships Now Available We are working to diversify our Apprenticeship offer in order to effectively meet demands of specific industry sectors, which are growing within the City. We are therefore proud to announce the launch of our new media training scheme that offers Apprenticeships in the following areas: • design • digital media • film • information technology • marketing • photography • and many more! The creative industry is a growing one, and boosts the cultural outlook of the City, whilst positively impacting on the economy. An apprentice can bring fresh and new ideas to your business and offers you the opportunity to train your staff, your way. Apprentices can be a really good way of trialling a member of staff before taking them on permanently, or adding to the workforce for a busy year, all at a lower cost, with grants and subsidies available. Are you a business who is looking to develop their workforce? An apprentice may be the solution! Please call us on 01752 305026 or e-mail to find out about our range of media Apprenticeships.

South West Media Group, as the key industry partner in this initiative, will help develop the nature of the work and business providing industry guidance, which will further benefit those students involved. In order to mirror real employment processes, 18 College students have had to formally apply and undergo a practical group test and formal interview before being hired by the company. Students employed by the learning company will have a reduced teaching timetable, allowing for their work and ensuring the development of employability skills is truly embedded into their learning.

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Hair and Beauty Apprentices Makeover Local Businesses Hair and beauty apprentices from City College Plymouth have been making a positive impact on businesses in the City. Undertaking training at both the College and in their workplace allows students to develop the relevant technical skills and key employability skills, such as customer service. It also ensures they are adequately equipped to fit into working salons from day one to help business owners grow and develop their staff. This exciting, fast-paced and everchanging industry requires technical and transferrable skills and City College Plymouth, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, is well placed to develop the hair stylists and beauty technicians of the future. Don’t take it from us, here are what local salon owners have said … Julie Langmaid, Owner of Haircraft in Plymouth, said: “It is important that all business owners in the industry realise the importance of working in partnership with City College Plymouth. Apprentices are the future and the College has given me the necessary support and training that really benefits my business. They are flexible to my needs and have created bespoke packages of training that maximise the benefits of my staff.”

Work Experience: It Works!

Denice Hall, Owner of Plymstockbased Talking Head’s, said: “City College Plymouth provides training that really benefits both students and employers. The College uses its extensive knowledge to provide the best advice and support to enable salons such as mine to work effectively. “Students who come to work for me after studying at the College possess a wealth of knowledge not only about the industry but about other key areas, such as health and safety and employer/employee rights and responsibilities. Training provided by the College allows students to come straight onto the shop floor and work with confidence - and with the knowledge to back it up.” City College Plymouth provides an employer-led curriculum that is structured and allows for progression for students. The College has a strong commitment to quality and is able to work with businesses to create programmes of training to suit their specific needs. Want to find out more? Please contact us on 01752 305026.

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We are focused on developing not only the technical skills of students through our wide range of courses, but also via key employability skills that will enable them to be ready for the world of work. Work experience is vital in helping students to achieve this, and working in partnership with employers will enable our students to develop employability skills through: • traditional work experience placements • industry visits • job shadowing • real-life work projects. Businesses can benefit from engaging with us on work experience projects, supporting, as it does, the workforce of the future in taking their first steps into the world of work. Benefits to business include: • access to a talent pool to fill short-term labour shortages • development of the supervisory skills of your workforce • enhancing your public profile • meeting your corporate and social responsibility targets • promoting workforce diversity. If you are interested in finding out more about work experience and how you can get involved please contact us - call 01752 305026 or e-mail employers@

Jodie Smith, Owner of The Hair Lounge in Tavistock, said: “Taking on an apprentice from City College Plymouth has helped my business to succeed, so much so, that I have since taken on a second apprentice. I cannot praise City College Plymouth enough and I would highly recommend them to any employer thinking of taking on an apprentice.”


Our commitment to supporting greater employability skills in our students can be seen via the introduction of structured and value-added work experience into all full-time study programmes for 16 to 18 year olds.

Advertise with City 24+ Advanced Learning Loans: College Plymouth New Government Initiative Do you want to promote your organisation, product and services to key individuals in the business community? Advertise in this publication and reach 1,000s of influential people within Plymouth and the wider South West region. EmployerLink is City College Plymouth’s flagship employer newsletter that gives employers topical updates on both education and business. Facts: A4, 12 page publication, produced termly (three times a year). Distribution: over 1,000 local businesses and third party organisations via mail, e-mail, presence on the College website and via LinkedIn. Publication dates: September, January, April. Bookings/artwork deadline: One month prior to publication. Prices*: • full page colour - £350 • half page colour - £175 • inside front cover - £500 • back page - £500 • 10 X 3 advert - £100 • sponsored column (400 word count) - £200. Annual advertising rates can be negotiated and special discounts are available for members of the College’s Employer Endorsement Scheme. Editorial and advertorial options are also available upon request. E-mail to book your advertising space now. * Prices quoted are subject to VAT.

A new ‘24+ Advanced Learning Loan’ system is now in effect, which enables those aged 24 and over to apply for a loan to cover up-front course costs (course fees). Loans are available for those studying level 3 or 4 courses, including Qualifications Credit Framework certificates and diplomas (previously known as NVQs), Access to Higher Education, A Levels and advanced and higher level Apprenticeships. To qualify for an Advanced Learning Loan you must: • be aged 24 and over at the start of your course • be resident in the UK, and have been so for the last three years • have not previously received a loan to do the same course at the same level • be studying a course at level 3 or 4. Important facts to note: • loans will only cover the up-front course costs - the course fees • loans will be paid directly to the training provider • individuals can apply for up to four loans as long as the criteria stated above is met • repayments will only begin after 1 April 2016, even if the course ended before this date, and if an individual is earning over £21,000 • if an individual takes out a loan to cover the fees for an Access course and then progresses to complete a higher education course, they will not have to repay the remaining loan for the Access course • repayments will take place even if an individual does not complete the course. For advanced and higher level Apprenticeships, individuals can only apply for a loan covering 50% of the course fee, as the employer is expected to share the cost. For any other level 3 or level 4 courses, individuals can choose to fund this partly by loan. To find out more about 24+ Adult Learning Loans and level 3 and 4 qualifications at the College, please contact the Corporate Relations team on 01752 305026 or e-mail

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College Awarded Coveted BCIA Award

Management and Business Skills Workshops Our refreshed and updated range of one-day workshops has been designed to support businesses in a cost-effective way. Focusing on business critical areas such as team leading, performance management, change management and communication, our workshops really deliver! Workshops provide delegates with a full day’s training, professionally delivered and focused on achieving clear outcomes for those attending. All learning materials and lunch are included. Workshops can be tailored to meet specific business needs and we can provide dates and times around those advertised should you wish to book a session for your team (minimum 12 delegates). Special discounts are available for businesses looking to take a whole session and we are able, in the majority of cases, to deliver onsite at your premises should you require this option.

City College Plymouth’s KNX Training Facility has won the Contribution to Training category at the prestigious BCIA (Building Controls Industry Association) Awards. The BCIA awards were established to recognise and reward excellence in the building controls industry. The College was announced overall winner in the Contribution to Training category for its KNX Training Facility, based at the College’s ABB Energy Centre. Judges recognised that the College has made an outstanding contribution to the field of training in building controls, as well as a strong commitment to offering good, meaningful training within the industry.

Training on offer includes solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pumps and biomass systems. The College also offers a Foundation Degree in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy, where students are able to use the stateof-the-art facilities on offer. For more information, call 01752 305026 or e-mail

Workshops start from just £100 per person - for more information visit our website, call 01752 305026 or e-mail employers@

The College’s ABB Energy Centre offers businesses the opportunity to up-skill their workforce in the growth area of renewable energy and green technologies. Recently, training in the KNX standard has been added to this offering - the College is the only centre in the south of England to be accredited and approved to run KNX courses, in association with ABB and the City & Guilds of London Institute.


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Workshop topics include: • Assertiveness and Confidence Management • Change Management • Coaching and Mentoring Skills • Developing Team Performance • Effective Communication • Effective Goal Setting and Performance Appraisal • Excel (Basic and Intermediate) • Fundamentals of Business Finance • Minute Taking • Project Planning • Team Leading • Word (Basic and Intermediate).

Introducing Our Business Supper Club Our Business Supper Club has been introduced to provide an informal setting where business leaders and industry professionals can meet and discuss a range of business and community-based topics. The Business Supper Club enables the sharing of best practice, peerto-peer support and, vital to the world of commerce, networking! It costs just £12.50 to attend each Supper Club event and is open to those starting out in business and to those experienced business professionals wishing to be kept updated and informed on all the latest legislation, innovation and business focused news. Supper Club events are held throughout the academic year and meetings are run between 5.45pm and 8.00pm in our Deli Restaurant at Kings Road. There is plenty of free parking and of course a wonderful supper to enjoy.

In addition, he sits on the boards of two local charities and is a volunteer business mentor. Richard takes a keen interest in politics, locally and nationally, and has a passion for Plymouth Supper Clubs will also be held on Wednesday 26 February, Wednesday 19 March and Wednesday 11 June. It is simple to book - just call 01752 305026, e-mail or keep updated by linking with us on LinkedIn -

Become a Business Supper Club member for one year at the discounted price of just £50!* *Access to all five events

Dates For Your Diary Employer Dinner with special guest Thursday 17 October 7.00pm - 10.00pm PL1, Kings Road £25 per person or a table of eight for £175 Join us for a fabulous four-course dinner and hear from an innovative and informative guest speaker - a perfect event to reward your team and mix with industry leaders. Enterprise Week Luncheon with special guest Tuesday 19 November 12.00 noon - 2.00pm PL1, Kings Road £20 per person or a table of eight for £140 Join us in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Guests will enjoy a fabulous three course luncheon, cooked and served by College hospitality students in our modern PL1 Restaurant.

Business Supper Clubs are being held on the following dates, with some topics and menus to be confirmed: Exploring Britain’s Ocean City The Visitor Economy Special guest Amanda Lumley, Chief Executive of Destination Plymouth Wednesday 25 September Join us for an evening of dining and debate and hear from Amanda Lumley - the voice of the City’s visitor economy. Amanda leads on major strategic issues including marketing and digital strategy, events development, signage, major development projects, public space and developing transport links. Come and hear how Amanda is helping to put Plymouth on the map. Plymouth, Living in the Past or Focused on the Future? Special guest Richard Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Bright LLP Wednesday 6 November Join us for what promises to be an evening of lively debate and hear from Richard Smith, Chief Executive Officer of local commercial law firm, Bright LLP. Richard is an active member of the Plymouth business community, a Director of Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Deputy Vice Chair of the Plymouth Area Business Council.

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Commercial Offer

College Gift Vouchers

City College Plymouth is able to offer a range of commercial services to other businesses and organisations located in the City and beyond.

College Gift Vouchers Buy someone the perfect gift this year and treat them to a City College Plymouth gift voucher!

Commercial Print Services Our print team can offer a variety of professional print and design services at competitive prices. Offering a fast and professional service, no job is too small. Services include: • design • printing and copying: colour and black and white • binding • laminating. Call us today on 01752 305316 or e-mail for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

Our Hair and Day Spa offers a full range of services from luxury day spa packages, to regular essential hair and beauty needs such as a cut and blow dry, nail treatments and waxing. Treatments are competitively priced to take into account that they are carried out by students.

You can purchase vouchers for £10, £25, £50 and £100, which can be redeemed against the following College products or services: • College hair and beauty salons • PL1 Training Restaurant and Deli Café • College course fees. To purchase a gift voucher call the Finance Office on 01752 305701.

Our exclusive day spa packages make excellent rewards for your staff or corporate hospitality packages. Revive Package • Back massage, mini facial and a shampoo and blow dry for £25 Energize Package • Back massage, mini facial and nail tidy for £25 For more information or to book please call 01752 856900 or e-mail

Lunch: Tuesday to Friday Service time: 12.00 noon to 2.00pm Three courses for £10.00 per person Dinner: Wednesdays and Thursdays Service time: 6.45pm for 7.00pm Four-course meals from £18.00 per person For reservations please call 01752 305777 or e-mail Follow us on Twitter (@PL1_cityplym) for details of offers and events.

Mailing List If you have received a copy of this newsletter from a colleague and would like to be added to our mailing list, or you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please telephone 01752 305026 or e-mail your name, job title, company name and full address to employers@ 10

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