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JUNE 2013

“I am competing with ALLU hardcore dancers, not actors, in terms of dancing” at his candid best


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from the editor...

Southscope June 2013 is simply crackling with energy. With our 3 covers and A-lister features, this edition, as I am sure you will agree, is remarkable indeed. Let me give you a sampling of what is in store for you in our gorgeously designed pages: Suriya speaks to us about Singam 2, while the cast and crew of Thillu Mullu prove why laughter is the best medicine, after all. Allu Arjun looks like a billion bucks and enthralls us with his candid views. What’s more, we’ve got up close and personal with Prakash Raj, Bharat Bala and a host of others. All things considered, this edition packs in a solid punch. Enjoy!

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Stylish Star at his candid best

A roundup of many things that caught the attention of our Roving Eye


7 ~ 15


BRIGADE Get your dose of fashion faux pas and showstoppers this month




Photo Credits: G Venket Ram

The pleasure of your own It is always a pleasure when you wear Y / _ Y) Y` [Y/ Y)( '( Y

eat fruits and vegetables from your own orchards. Trisha had one such experience recently when the coconut tree in her garden [\  &[   / {\'( % ^

yrs ago and today she stands so tall yielding the sweetest coconuts,� she commented recently on a microblogging site. Well, pretty nice to reap the fruits of your own labour indeed!




















   $                           $           %            !"



 &      '               (         


)* !+%   ,

The Banana Republic ``} ~ ~'( {%

Rule of the Road� and how he mentions mere anarchy on the roads, but for the rule of the road? A recent experience encountered by  '%`'( _ % '/%Y

)Y { &( ( %

for almost six months, I happened to go on ECR, Chennai. No rules on the road seemed like the only rule,� he commented.



Gopichand ties the knot '\\[ Y % (\ `'* ~Y+%'(

and Reshma exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony on May 12, 2013. The younger son of \``'*  Â %(' '( % ( Y 'Y Z*'

Srikanth, Gopichand and Reshma were engaged since December 2012. The wedding brought forth an array of Tollywood stars in full sartorial elegance. The wedding had a red-carpet styled sangeet, where Gopichand danced to ‘Ae China, Raa China’, his hit number, as his beautiful bride joined him in the regalia. Director Raghavendra Rao, business baron Ramoji Rao and former AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu were among the star invitees who attended the wedding. Young stars Rana Daggubati, Prabhas and Siddharth came by to congratulate the couple. From one young newly-wed to the next one, )% _Y) ( /\\ Y` ' '( '( % )

Anjana attended the wedding. Besides them, Jayam Ravi and his wife Aarthi, Satyanarana, Allari Naresh, Jagapati Babu, Brahmanandam and Ravi Teja graced the wedding.



Not into acting Maverick director SS Rajamouli was in for a shock when the online media buzzed with news that he would be acting in his next project Baahubali. To top it, a picture of the director sporting handlebar moustache also started circulating on the internet. Eventually, Rajamouli had to end the rumour by clarifying that he was not part of the star cast of his next movie. He also pointed out that the image circulating on the internet was over 3 years old!

Serial Cake Cutter! If at all any actress deserves the tag of ‘serial cake cutter’ it is be Ragini Dwivedi, who cut a record number of cakes, more than a dozen to be precise, on her birthday. The celebration began one day in advance when the production unit of a movie presented her with a cake. Ragini was present for the launch of the movie’s audio album. It was followed by celebration ' %Y` )% '( '( \` (/[ +Y( ( '('( ( '[ '

her birthday, her friends organised a surprise party and that was the last cake }%'[ '* Y % [' ‚Y+ '\\ %' '* Y( %Y) Y( % /ƒ



Glamour queen The leading stars of Sandalwood have found a new contender for the title of Glamour Queen. Mumbai-based actress Parul Yadav, who is fast climbing the popularity charts, recently won the Glamour Icon of the Year award from a leading TV channel. Expectedly, established actresses seemed to have taken notice of the new challenge in tinsel town. Parul is already making inroads into Sandalwood, with another hit in Bachchan opposite Sudeep. Her next movie is Shivajinagara, opposite Duniya Vijay. Now that’s a dream run, for sure!



Nurturing the child within There is a child in every one of us, so goes an adage. Along with that child, there are hidden talents within. Lingusamy’s hidden talents came to the fore, as the painter and poet in him took centre stage. A coffee table book named Lingu was unveiled recently with Linguswamy’s  )Y* Y +'(( '+/ ' +%YY'+% '%

coupled with one of his poems. We’re all eyes on this one!

Reality bites YY†' ~'(% ` Y %'& ('\\[ Y` Y ` )% % /(‡+ ' ( %  '(''*'

Assembly elections. She is back in Sandalwood rearing to resume shooting of her pending projects. But the actress does not seem to be upset with her loss. For, she has vowed to visit Raichur (from where she contested the polls) in central Karnataka regularly to stay in touch with the electorate and hope for a reversal of fortune in the next election. ˆ\\ %' ' ` Y\& ( % \Y'  %Y+( %' % ' )\\ *+

her word!



Daredevil diva Lakshmi Manchu had an edge-of-seat adventure recently. In her own words, {ˆ' Y( ' '(Y  ' % \'+/Â?Â?%'

\'* '( Y/ '(Y _++ Y& '( )

were thrown off. We couldn’t get on the boat. Had to swim more than a kilometre. Was quite scary not knowing what was in the water. Snakes are a common sight % ˆ ) '& }[ ' %( }Y'

It was very intense. Thank god for my swimming lessons! It was dark and creepy being in the water. All the scary water movies came to my mind. Ahhhhh. Glad we are safe and alive to tell the story!� (sic) Well, talk about adventures!

Birthday time! Z'[ /( ‰Q Y( Š/( ‹ ‚ }%'[ }'% % [' )' }' Y( ' Z''ÂŒ/(†'} %` {'Â?[ '[ ' %Y`

yesterday. Had dear friends over and the theme was Madrasi n Punjabi. Had an awesome time!� said the actor on his microblogging page. While the guys dressed up Punjabi style, the ladies dressed up in traditional South Indian style. Sarita, his wife, wore a half-saree, and Maddy rocked in his traditional number.



As I walk into the prestigious Geetha Arts office, a life-sized poster of Allu Arjun from Iddarammayilatho greets me. As I wait for the stylish star to walk in, the cult hit and my most favourite song Uppenantha Prema (from Aarya 2) plays in my mind and some of his killer moves flash before my eyes. It is a sunny afternoon and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach! Let’s face it, I am an ardent Allu Arjun fan. My thoughts wander and in my mind, I imagine a grand opening sequence for him as he walks into the office with all the style and oomph his onscreen image is famous for. Of course, reality plays out differntly. Allu Arjun walks in dressed in a pair of jeans and a white tee, accentuating his toned physique. A pair of shades cover his mesmerising eyes. Trust me when I say this – Bunny hardly needs a film-style opening sequence to make an impact. In his simple attire, with a charming smile, he looks absolutely stunning as we settle down for this chat.

Tell us about growing up in Chennai. Oh, I grew up like any other middle-class boy in Chennai, which has a charming culture. See in Chennai, how much ever money you have, your upbringing is usually middle-class. So on the outside, I was the typical, grounded kid. At home, it was entirely different, because we used to live with my grandfather. The environment was always super charged with cinema. Fans used to come and go. I still remember, there was this culture of fans Y`( ( %/ Y/+ Y `  \` '  

Rama Rao garu used to stay next to our house and fans used to come to meet NTR garu. They would also come to meet thathagaru (grandfather) on their way back. There were ` )%( ' `'([ ' ‘ Y X }/  \\

with fans – approximately 300 to 400 people – used to come home and thathagaru used to say hello to them and wave to them from the verandah. In addition, there were also the regular visits by various artistes.

Being exposed to so much adulation, acting must have seemed fascinating for you. Yes, I have always been proud of my grandfather’s achievements. But as a child, I never seriously thought of becoming an actor myself. A year before I signed Gangotri, I did a small dance bit in Chiranjeevi garu’s  \` '[ %' `'\\ +Y`'( )'

appreciated and I got very positive feedback.  %'  )' Y &'\  \` 

that point of time, I saw some of the existing actors’ performances and felt that I could do certain things better than them. Like dancing, Y ‡'`+\ ( %' `' `  (Y  \`

You debuted as the boy-next-door in Gangotri. With Arya your stardom was established. After that came splendid back          Happy, Bunny and many more. Then, you amazed everybody with Desamuduru which made you win the ‘Macho Hero’



status. Why did you undergo this whole makeover? What’s been the effect of the transition? The idea of chiselled and well-built bodies has always been there in the industry. Though heroes had well-built bodies, the mindset %( )' %' [Y/ Y/\ Y(\[ _ '/( [Y/

forearms and chest when you wore a T-shirt or a cut baniyan. The focus was not on the abs. I believe that well-shaped abs have the maximum sex appeal. When I heard the storyline of Desamuduru and learnt about my character in it, I thought that it was a nice opportunity to implement my belief and it worked. I always say that if you have a great pack of abs, no matter what you wear, it shows brilliantly.

If Desamuduru broke your chocolate boy image, Arya 2 made you the style icon. With Arya 2, you brought in a new wave of importance to the looks of the hero. The concept of styling suddenly became a

           Sukumar came to me and narrated the story Y %  \`  '\\[ \* % )%Y\ Y(+

of three characters and the story being woven around them. That was how Arya %'++( [' # }( % Y(  \` (

the series, obviously shared common threads with its prequel. We wanted to do bring some new elements into the story. I always believe in technicians. We should not do everything ourselves. Until then, there was no designation called ‘stylist’ in the industry. There used to be this one person who would do the whole hair, makeup and costumes all at once. It was just one person doing all the multi-tasking, winding up as a manifestation Y % +Y+/\' +Y&} {Š'* Y '\\ ' '(

master of none.� I believed that there should be an organised approach to everything and wanted one person handling one job, rather than many – and in the process, ensuring that the best person was in that job. When we thought of how Arya 2 could be different

“My wife Sneha does not believe I have such a big fan following! She says the same thing happens with other actors also�



Jumper and black jacket from SISLEY, Jeans from CELIO



from Arya, one of the variations we wanted to make quite visible was the look of the  \`  %Y/%  )' % % Y++Y/([

to implement my beliefs. I introduced the concept of differentiations between the stylist, make-up artist, hair dresser and costumers. I roped in stylists locally and promoted them and it worked!

With back-to-back commercial hits, and a huge fan following, you surprised the industry and the audience with Vedam. Krish had once mentioned that Vedam happened because of your belief in the story. Why did you take such a huge risk of accepting a subject like Vedam?  %YY &[  \` Y `( }'/  \Y&

% Y[ ˆ%(&  ( '  \` `[ Y/

is that I should not get bracketed or slotted ' '( 'Y Y( ( Y ' +'/\' ( 

have always believed in versatility. As far as Vedam is concerned, when Krish narrated the story to me, I really liked it. I also knew that  '\Y( )Y/\( } / ( Y % Y[

Vedam is not a single-protagonist story and needed other actors as well. All I felt was, %Y/% %  \` ' () ( Y `/`

)Y/\ ' ( % \//  \` (/[ &[

 \` (/[ %' Y``'\ (`' '(

parallel cinema. I believe in good cinema which can happen in both, the commercial and parallel realms. Rubbish cinema can exist in both cases too. Telugu cinema is the only place that has a huge commercial cinema realm with very less parallel cinema happening. Tamil has both of them. Malayalam has only parallel cinema and no commercial cinema. I always believe that any  \` (/[ '( _ Y/% Y(\[ )%( %

is a right mix of the two. I am a commercial actor but I can, once in a while, do parallel cinema. What I am now is all because of commercial cinema, so if by being a part of a +''\\\ %`  '( +/% Y }(  +''\\\

cinema, I thought, why not? That’s how Vedam happened. Vedam is my contribution to parallel cinema. When I accepted Vedam I was certain that nobody would call it a bad attempt. Whether it would be accepted or not was not what mattered. On the professional front, there was nothing to lose. I had no fear that in case Vedam failed, it would affect my commercial success or reputation. Every time '  \`  `' % )\\ } ' Y( %'

)Y/\ \Y& %  \` '( ' Y( %' )Y/\

%' %  \` ˆ `' '` Y %' Y(

of audience that loves parallel cinema.

With a father like Allu Aravind who has transformed so many actors into stars and superstars, it must be bliss to have his guidance. Do you take his advice or inputs about a project?

Yes, of course! There are a lot of his inputs ( '\\ `[  \`ƒ &( \\ '  '\)'[ `'*

sure I seek his guidance.

Tell us about your equation with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Simple. People say that I am a great actor, a fabulous dancer and all of that. To be frank, there are many who are as hard-working as I am. There are a lot of talented actors in Hyderabad who often do not get a platform to showcase their craft. This happens for the simple reason that it is not easy to make it as an actor. We got that platform easily because of Chiranjeevi garu. Also, in the current scenario, to pull the audience into theatres and make them spend 3 hours of their time, one needs a brand that the audience can bank on. Chiranjeevi garu gave me that brand to bank on, and that helped me to kickstart my career. I constantly strive to live up to all that  ‡+ Y ` ‚ %' (_ /( ` (

&[ )'[ % `Y  *+ Y(  \` %

deeper was my understanding of him. Being a family member, I get the chance to closely observe him and learn a lot.

You dance like a dream. Tell us about that. Well, thanks. I haven’t learnt dance professionally. It is just that I keep working %'  Y( \'‡ `[\ %(*( {% Y*

yeah, I am a good dancer.� I keep telling myself that I don’t know how to dance and so that makes me keep on with the task of pushing myself to learn newer stuff and to experiment more. I dance for people who love dancing. I keep trying new things to match their expectations. I worry that people try my dance steps at home because when I do, I do it under expert guidance and I know the technique of the step. When one does it without this knowledge it may actually hurt them.

One word that describes you? Free spirit!

Describe your following co stars in a word Tamannaah— Milk-beauty Kajal— Bright/radiant Amala Paul— Sweetest Genelia— Cutest Hansika— Chubby

Describe your Directors in a word or phrase Raghavendra Rao— Godfather Trivikram— The most intelligent man I’ve met  Puri Jagannath— Coolest man Sukumar— Best friend. Love him Krish— Soulmate

With all actors putting on their dancing shoes, do you feel pressured seeing the bars rise in terms of dancing? Have there been times when you have taken up                There are many good dancers, not necessarily actors. I am not competing with any actor in terms of dancing. I am competing with dancers as in, hardcore dancers. I want to dance like a dancer. Earlier I used to get so engrossed and involved in dancing that I / Y Y %  \` \ ]/ (Y)  %'&

calmed down a bit on that. I get involved as `/% ' %  \` Y Y( ( ( ' )% '

chiselled body one can dance much better.

Describe your family members in a word Sneha— Simple and straightforward Allu Aravind— Saviour (laughs) Sirish— Intellectual Megastar Chiranjeevi— Sikharam (meaning Pinnacle) Pawan Kalyan— Streak Ram Charan— Royal



“I witnessed the heartbreaks when I got married. I myself went through a similar feeling when Aishwarya Rai got married!�

“There was no designation called ‘stylist’ in the industry. There used to be this one person who would do the whole hair, makeup and costumes all at once”

Any crazy fan moment? One incident I remember was when about 15-20 fans had each tattooed my name, pet name or initial. I scolded them and told them that I knew that they all loved me but that they should not to do such things. One compliment that thrilled you? Recently at the audio launch of Iddarammayilatho, Puri Jagannadh said, ‘Everybody knows that Bunny is a fabulous actor, wonderful dancer etc. But there are a hundred other amazing qualities of Arjun that nobody knows. I wish my son grows up to be like him or at least imbibes a few of his qualities.’ That was really very sweet of him; I feel blessed to receive such compliments. One piece of criticism that you got and from who? From my wife. She often says, “Stop over-acting. You overact so much!” I know she says that in jest. But still, she just does not believe that I have such a fan following. The day I impress her as an actor would mean like impressing the entire state of Andhra Pradesh!



70MM One film that you can see on repeat mode Titanic and in Telugu, Indra. One film of Megastar Chiranjeevi that you want to act in, if remade Rowdy Alludu

On a scale of 10 rate Allu Arjun Son—8/10 Brother—7/10 Husband—10/10 (laughs and says, “No, no, make it 9) so, 9/10 Dancer— 7 for the audience but for me 6/10 (I gasp and protest at the number and he laughs)

Rank the following films of Megastar Chiranjeevi in the order of preference: Chantabbai, Rudraveena, Gangleader, Muthamestri, Khaidi Gangleader, Khaidi, Chantabbai, Rudraveena, Muthamestri One director you would give an arm and a leg to work with? Actually there is a list. Like Shankar, Murugadoss, Rajamouli. Basically, I am working with the directors I want to! One director of recent times whose work you liked as an audience Neeraj Pandey. He is just two films old and I liked his craft.



You broke the hearts of many girls with your marriage‌ Well, I had to get married at some point of time. It was nothing sudden. It was not like I got married when I was very young. But yes, I witnessed the heartbreaks. I can understand their pain, because even I went through a similar feeling when one of my favourite actresses got married – Aishwarya Rai. I ) /+ ( % \` '(  )' (Y \*

a crush and all that, but the very thought that my favourite actress was getting married got to me. I can imagine the feeling that girls had when I got married. I feel humbled to get so much love!

Tell us about your sweet little love story. Actually, to use your words, it is very simple and very sweet. There wasn’t as much drama as the media projected. I wanted to get married. She wanted to get married. My family was looking out for alliances and so was hers. A few common friends of ours suggested to me that since both our families were looking out for our alliances, why not meet up with her and see if things work out. I had known Sneha even earlier. I wanted to give it a shot, and we decided that if we were okay with it, we would tell our families and they could approach each other. By the time we met, understood each other and felt we should get married, it took 2-3 months. Being a crucial and lifelong decision, it obviously took that much time. So just when we were intending to inform our families, the media broke the news and went on to say that we were dating each other for a very long time. Our families happened to learn about our decision through the media. It was a momentary embarrassment but later &[%( )' (  % '`\ *()

before the media broke it out, the story would not have been so dramatic. I must say that everything has changed after our marriage. Sneha does not believe I have such a big fan following (he bursts out into a hearty laugh)! She says the same thing happens with other actors too. Fans like you should tell her. She is the one person who does not believe that I have a fan following!

Many South Indian stars are keen on foraying into Bollywood. What about you? Let me see. I am not interested in doing a multi-starrer. If I come across a really good story, I don’t mind giving it a shot. I '` ( ( Y( '`\ \`   '

language I am well-versed in. Right now, I \ +%( (Y '`\ \`  `Y +''\

than venturing into an unknown terrain like ]Y\\[)YY  +\'( Y Y ' '% '`\ \`Â’



( '  )'( `[ \` Y \' ( '\\ %

four states down south. I believe in a wide spectrum so the focus is on South cinema as of now.

How was it working with Puri yet in Iddarammayilatho? %  `[ Y( \` )% /  `/

say that working with him was a peaceful experience. Although we were all full-up )% )Y* % ( \`( +Y )'

done with ease and smoothly. There are many /+ ( % \` % }( Y( Y %`

/ ` )%(  '[ % % [\ Y %

( % \` }( %( Y % Y(+ Y

% '( /(  \Y& % \` ' ' )%Y\

but the aspect of shooting that I enjoyed the `Y )Y/\ } % % “/(

Are you a protective brother? Do you          No I am not a protective brother. I guide him to the extent that I should. I don’t want Y (_/( % %Y/% +Y &[}Y[

has a certain uniqueness and individuality.  (/ %'  Y( (_/( % %Y/%

with my opinions. He has his own choice and individuality. I just tell him the pros and cons of the project and let him decide whether he wants to do it or not.

What does success mean to you? Success is perfection. I feel, whatever you do, you must do it the best way you can. Even if someone is a sanitary worker, do the job in the best way. It is all about how well you do your job and not what job you do. %Y/% '( )' (Y `[  ' Y+Y(

one thing I always knew was that even if I  '\ ('\\[  )Y/\ (\[ `

successful in the long run. The one thing that is common to all successful people is desire. All those who have reached stardom had the strong desire to be there. Having said that, I also don’t dread failure. Every time we fail, there is an important lesson life is trying to teach us.

“I believe that wellshaped abs have the maximum sex appeal”

STYLE CHECK One accessory that you always sport and your favourite brand in it My watch. My favourite brand is Hublot You are generally dressed in? Shirts Your favourite look? Sporty Your favourite colour? Black One contemporary who you think is stylish? Prabhas



Manchu Manoj: Clued into blue

Aadi and Allu Arjun: Aadi, looking like a half-and-half ice cream isn’t stylish! Take a cue from Arjun. He always gets it right




Nisha Aggarwal: Loving the look

Parvathy: Looking endearing

Sharwanand and Anaika: We love the pop of colour on the lady, while Sharwanand looks dapper



Aindrita Ray: If curves could kill

Sunil and Naga Chaitanya: A lot to smile about

Upendra: Charming is the name of the game




Ragini: Style brigade!

Sundeep Kishan and Nisha Aggarwal: An evening to remember

Raghu Dixit: Casual is my style



Southscope june 2013 issue part1  

Southscope June 2013 is simply crackling with energy. With our 3 covers and A-lister features, this edition, as I am sure you will agree, is...

Southscope june 2013 issue part1  

Southscope June 2013 is simply crackling with energy. With our 3 covers and A-lister features, this edition, as I am sure you will agree, is...