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Team N.O.W. Abhinav Jerath “Kaam kaun karega?”

Ridhi Rajpal Editor-in-Chief “Strawberry Doll”

Arihant Gupta “Kirk Hammett is the reason I play”

Sanjhi Agarwal “Nobly Savage” Kriti Sharma Associate Editor “Attracts Bugness”

Ayushman Jain “Someone blow the horn for me… I’m too horny”

Vindhya Malik “Anything but Anything”

Charnita Arora “Stay Khush”

Aastha Tyagi Associate Editor “The Sky if Falling, Charlie Brown!” Antara Anand Art Director “I go crazy, not stupid”

Other people who conspire to bring you this issue: Samarth Chandola Creative Head “Back To Work” Cover Model: Charnita Arora Contact: Photograp: FOTOGRAVITA, Benita Suchodev

Vibhuti Dhingra Sagar Siddhanti Rajul Jain Govind Chaturvedi Ameya Ghag Venika Wadhwa

Burnt Fries Gossip about Team N.O.W. Our hot-shot photographer Abhinav Jerath has recently reunited with the team after a long break of 2 months. His excuse is that his exams were going on, but we obviously suspect something else. (Who keeps the cell phone off and avoids Facebooking during exams?) We are sure he was off on some romantic honeymoon(s) with his girlfriend(s). Nevertheless, the girls on the team got a visual treat by seeing him again in our last meeting! Next, one of our oldest (as in working-with-us-for-long and not as in 60-somethingold) team member Kriti Sharma is back on-board after a gap of around 8 months. While the team members hope that she sticks for a longer duration this time, Kriti hopes that you will like her sections, ranging from 'Iconic Trends' to (from the next issue) 'Kampus Konnection'. And you guys better like them, or else she will punch you in the nose! She's good at such stuff! Our forgetful, unable-to-take-more-than-3-instructions-in-a-go writer Antara Anand has now been promoted to the post of the Art Director after a great display of creativity. Currently, she is looking at raising funds (since we do not pay her) for curing her assumed Carpal Tunnel (whatever that is!), and managing expenses of her increasing number of outings. The music section from the next issue will be handled by the new up-coming, Tokyoreturn-drummer-in-town, Sagar Siddhanti. For some reason, he likes to collect phone numbers! Those interested in networking may please contact him. Girls, beware. He might just embarrass you, as he does in the 'Mars Attacks, Venus Vomits' section this time. Aastha Tyagi failed yet again at being a vegetarian and the Editor spotted her eating huge chunks of chicken on a night-stay at her place. Animal lovers and vegetarians, please don't be judgmental about her. She will compensate by starting a section called 'Heal the World' from next time. The rest of the people are all doing the usual (unmentionable) stuff... In case you want to know minute-by-minute updates about them (which we know you want to), please catch them at the N.O.W. page on Facebook at

And the Winners of the NOW ‘Macro Photography’ Contest Are... First Position: “Life in a Macro” by Abhinav Ananad Abhinav discovered photography as his passion some three years back when he bought a Canon SX100 IS. To explore the photographic needs and features in greater detail, he decided to promote to a Nikon SLR. A software engineer by profession, he loves traveling and exploring new places. Aperture: f/5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/160s Camera Model: Nikon D5000 (18-55mm + close-up lens) Second Position: “Web Stuck” by Arya Arora Arya’s transformation from photo hobbyist to full-fledged photographer was not part of a pre-planned career path. Grabbing an array of prizes in photography at various festivals in Delhi University this year, Arya, 22, stepped his first milestone when his work received accolades at the queer festival, where he was chosen by renowned photographer Sunil Gupta for the workshop. Shutter Speed: 1/125s Aperture: f/8 Camera Model: Nikon D90

I can never really understand what to write in this space that nobody even bothers to look at. I bet you people have not even noticed the constant change in Editors that we have had in the last few months. (Oh well... all you smart people got it; I am just bragging about my new post!) However, that does not change our ultimate goal. We still are the evil mad minds who want to spread wit and sarcasm on the entire planet! Wherever we are and however rude and nitty-gritty the Editors of N.O.W. may be (refers only to our founder, firsteditor-now-turned Creative Head - Samarth Chandola), our aim is always to bring something out of the box, funny, naughty and witty for all of you. Knowing that this is the start of a new academic session where the boring nerds usually aim to make their percentage go up from 99.8% to 99.9%, our aim is sort of similar to theirs (and better too) - to give in more time to N.O.W. than what we used to give last year. The bar goes up from 22 hours a day to 23 hours now! (We save 1 hour for reading our fan mails.) The output of our dedication is in your hands right now. A pocket-friendly (yes, we have reduced our size) N.O.W. with more interesting sections (such as Gaming and Burnt Fries) is here to make sure that you will never even have to think of resorting to doing things that annoy your teacher. We provide better entertainment! Apart from that, angelic souls from our team also decided to bless you all with opportunities to show off your talent (refer: Photography, Face of the Month, and the upcoming Contests). Of course, the buzz word in campus for the next couple of months is going to be “Freshers�. For them, and for the others, we bring out the Freshers’ Special. Read on for this special now-sense! Kind retards!

The Editor is always hungry for love! Ridhi Rajpal

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Contents Freshers’ Special! - The Senior’s Advice Pg 8 - Spot the Fresher Pg 9 - A Fresher’s Guide to College Pg 11 - Life of a Fresher Pg 14

Serious Business - Careers Pg 40 - Interview Pg 42 - Words of Wisdom Pg 44

Extra Regulars What’s Hot, What’s Not - Book Review Pg 29 - Heard it Pg 30 - Scene ‘Em Pg 32 - City Beat Pg 34 - Iconic Trends Pg 36 - Blog Review Pg 38

Campus Talk

- Zoom in Pg 46 - Gaming Pg 50 - Sports Pg 52 - Something New Pg 54

Face of the Month Pg 48

- Kampus Konnection Pg 16 - Apart from the Crowd Pg 18

Stories - My Weird Internship Pg 20 - Adventures of a Wanna-be Vegetarian Pg 22

Heart-to-Heart - Mars Attacks, Venus Vomits Pg 24 - Love and Dating Pg 26 - Counselling Pg 27

Welcome Freshers It's the time of the year when we see new (and funny) faces in campus. We see wannabes trying to wear every possible brand from Prada to Chanel in college (bet they can't pronounce Estee Lauder and Bvlgari properly!), and we see the ishtylish dudes flaunting their fake Ed Hardy t-shirts. We see geeks and vulgar damsels (courtesy: Pyaar Impossible), and don't forget the 'kurta pehne huye, hum desh ko badlenge' desperate for contesting in DUSU elections kind of people. Basically, we see 'fuchchas, little buchchas' in campus! To be honest, we are not really keen on welcoming you all. You make us grow one year older (referring to those who actually manage to pass), and again remind us of the fact that ragging is a crime (we usually forget that after July gets over). You also make us jealous because First Year is more fun as compared to the other two years (that's a clichĂŠd line every nostalgic senior says). And basically, you all create a really irritating atmosphere for us during the first two months of the new academic session when all the professors expect us to set good examples for you. (They just don't understand that it's a way too challenging task for us!) Nevertheless, we can't really do without you. *LOVE* We need people to do errands for us (including bringing coffee, smuggling packets of chips from the canteen, standing for long hours outside the Photostat shops etc.) under the banner of Society Work and ECA. We also need you to carry forward our legacy of breaking blackboards, flunking in internals... wait a min... we can't reveal everything to you right now! What we can tell you right now are some do's and don'ts of campus life. We can tell you ways in which a senior can spot a fresher, so that you don't show those signs and can save yourself from being bathed in muddy water. We can tell you what a senior is most likely to advise you on and expect out of you. We can also tell you how your feeling of being a 'fresher' turns really stale towards the end of six months in college. Check out all of this in the next few pages! Wishing you a safe, happy and prosperous college life. (Diwali with crackers is much safer; take our word on that!)


The Senior’s Advice - Ridhi Rajpal Fuchchas have this tendency to seek advice and tips from their seniors every now and then. We at N.O.W have compiled a list of top 10 things that a senior is most likely to advise you on. 1. Do not bug me or any other batch-mate of mine for notes if you love your life. Trust me, we don't have them, and you asking for them to us amounts to mockery. 2. If you ever need help in life over something, do not call me. If there is a booze party, send a message and I’ll be there. 3. Make sure you flunk this semester. You need to make sure that you carry the trend forward and live up to our expectations. 4. By the time you leave college, at least two of the professors should have resigned complaining of the pressure you have given them. If three, it will be better. 5. More than 10 odd objects of the college property need to be destroyed. Make sure that the mission is successful. 6. Last year we were all broke. But this year you need to make sure that everyone contributes enough money for the good cause of bribing the watchman and getting the question papers leaked. 7. Please make sure that your class does not take more than five holidays. Sitting at home is serious work, and you cannot afford to take more than five holidays a year for visiting college. 8. Colours on Holi, crackers on Diwali, and booze on daily basis are essential things. Make sure they you get them in college – preferably without permission. 9. Get all assignments photostated. Those working on them have a lot of free time at hand and can afford to complete them, but you have enough responsibilities on your head – parties everyday and late-night campus walks are really important things. 10. Please make sure that you do not take chits to the exam room for cheating. That was our method and is now passé! Come up with other things. Every new batch needs to invent new things and keep the trend going.


Spot the Fuchcha! (It’s no rocket science!) - Aastha Tyagi The university is under attack by a new species! *RUN* These supposed prototypes of humans attack every year in July, and are called FRESHERS *shudders*. They are among us - just look around and you will find them; standing there, acting all humanlike. Yet, they are different. They might be young but they have the weapons to wipe out our existence, one year after the other! *Run* *Shudders* *Runs faster* So, how to spot the FUCHCHA? We, the mere mortals need to be careful lest we fall prey to them. Here is how you can spot them and save yourself from extinction! Mummy! 1) They might look NORMAL but they are far from it! They look very colourful on account of their fresh zeal to be as far away from the alien jumpsuits [read: school uniforms] as possible. The females look like they are fresh out of the Delhi Times fashion page. So do the males. They buy these so-called apparels just to confuse us. *Run more* 2) They are very happy to be in college. College, remember that place which was your domain few months ago? Yes, that exact same place. Well, it won't be anymore. That is because now everyone will talk about the freshers. All societies will be about the Fuchchas. There will be competitions and events held in their honour. The Jam sessions, the orientations... Everything! We will be forgotten about. *sniffles* So if you overhear people saying repeatedly that they are happy to be in college, you know it's their breed.

Fresher Detected!

run from the fuchcha! 9

3) Fuchchas are prone to roaming around the entire college with a confused expression on their faces. They will look for their lecture rooms, the canteen, the photo copy waala bhaiya, the washroom and every other room in general. Be careful, or else you might have an encounter with them after almost every five steps. 4) They will be excited at/about anything and everything, squealing with delights if they manage to call the waiter in the canteen at first go. Their sugar rush enthusiasm will give you a headache. Don't worry about it; it too, shall pass. Hopefully! *Did I mention we're running?* Other signs and symptoms to watch out for include asking too many questions (on societies, forms, library cards, ID cards and all the other random things that you stop bothering about after six months in college), high attendance and punctuality rates (at least that's the case in the beginning), showing extra interest and participation in college and society events, repeated attempts to flaunt off school achievements (“I was the Head Girl in my school and also the lead singer in my choir!� *Enter the college society, and you will forget the basics of musical notes by seeing the competition!*) etc. Is there a solution? No. But there is a less painful way out. Yes, my ageing friends, we can extend a hand of friendship and love to our Fuchchas. We can take them under our wing and help them fly! (Am I getting too senti here? Maybe. *Editor: Certainly. What happened to the running?*) But this is the only way both communities can coexist to make a cooler and more happening college. So, freshers, we might be scared of you but welcome you to the next, best three years of your lives! [Editor's note to the reader: The hand of friendship was extended because the writer lacks stamina and hence, could not run further.]


A Fresher’s Guide to College

- Vibhuti Dhingra

It's that time of the year again. No, we're not talking about the monsoons and the overflowing sewers. It's time to welcome the new batch of fuchchas [If you don't know what that word means, chances are you're either a time traveler or have recently woken up from coma (*Editor: in either case, congratulations!*)] to College. Being a fuchcha is no piece of cake. You have to know just about everything - what to wear, how to talk, and most importantly, the right usage of cuss words. We at N.O.W. pledge to be your guardian angels in these tough times and have prepared an extremely useful list just for you! a) Dogs are an integral part of your college. Most of them have names and it is a crime if you address them otherwise. If you're lucky, you may even witness a dog catching a nap beneath the teacher's table in your classroom. Don't be shocked! Chances are the dog has been specifically employed by the teacher to be their footrest. If you shoo them or refuse to share your food with them, you will be deemed a social outcast (in which case, you'll be an automatic recruit for N.O.W. *Editor: Another joke about the staff and you're fired.*) b) Sometimes (Read: on Valentine's Day, the first month of the new session, or when another corpse is discovered in Campus) the campus will be turned into a cantonment. The amount of police protection & vigilance will make you wonder if an armed terrorist has been set free in the city. Don't panic! Stand up straight, thrust your chest forward (not advisable if you're a woman) and walk confidently. Stoop and walk like you usually do after 2 minutes 37 seconds. Nobody cares.


c) Every little thing that happens on campus will make headlines. You will probably learn more about the day to day affairs of your college from the newspapers (*Editor: Umm, hello? N.O.W?! We are still circulating, you know.*) than otherwise. Enjoy the spotlight and brag about it. d) There will be a street-food joint outside your college. (And its owners are often legends in their own right. Chances are they set up their stall when your college was established and it has been into existence ever since. Or, they were that homeless beggar who came from Honolulu or Timbuktoo, took loan and started plying rickshaw. But the lazy ass soon realised that it wasn't worth it, so they miraculously discovered their culinary skills and have been making omelettes since.) It is, therefore, mandatory to eat there on a regular basis. Soon you will get so accustomed to it that home-cooked food will make you ill. e) If you are a normal student, the photocopy shop will be your Mecca during these three years. I'd suggest save all the Photostatted paper (also beg, borrow & steal the material your friends got photocopied), collect it all and sell it to your kabaadi at the end of the year. You'll get rich in no time. (*Editor: Please don't forget to write a copious cheque to N.O.W. Remember, we were your friends when no one else was!) And there are hundreds of other experiences you will be privy to. You will probably have the first sutta of your life here, get drunk, fall in love, have your heart broken, make several crazy life-long friends (*sob sob*), participate in & win/lose many competitions (it's usually the latter), and much more. You are going to love it here. Here's wishing you a splendid college life! (May you rot in the recesses of hell if you do not buy N.O.W regularly).

? 12


Life of a Fresher

- Antara Anand

As the gates of our colleges open for a new session, hundreds of first year students flock inside with a mixture of apprehension, excitement and a bit of dread. Having left behind twelve years of memories from school life (and a record of mischief too; nerds exempted), they walk into a whole new world (for more mischief; nerds re-exempted). There are good memories, some bad memories and an occasional blackout of memories (which was the night when you went over for a night-out at your friends' PG, drank gallons of booze, vomited all over their bed and passed out on their front door only to be woken up when the neighbour's dog mistook you for a pole)! When you're a fresher, everything from the first day when you file for the boring orientation, looking for your course mates to the last day of the exams, when you wish each other happy holidays, is full of surprises. For a while, all you can think is what you may just do wrong. Soon after the fresher's week, things start to settle down. And then the college fever grips you so bad that you turn into a different person towards the end of the year. Here's how: 1.

Right around the starting of college, everybody rushes back home as soon as the classes get over. You want to get sleep, catch up with school friends and do all other activities. Not for long though. By the end of the first trimester you'll be calling up your Mom (we're assuming you still live with your parents or you're just plain stupid) at 7pm saying that you are going from college to a friend's place for a sleep-over!

2. Assignments and tutorials are submitted bang on time in the first week, maybe a month, two at best. Beyond that, if you manage to continue the ritual, chances are you would probably be bludgeoned to death someday by the rest of the class (unless, of course, the professor saves you. In which case, you'll be bludgeoned to death the day after).


3. ID and library cards are the most prized possessions in the beginning. Later, you lose them more times than you can count. By the end of the year, you would either be bankrupt trying to get new ones made for the nth number of time, or you would simply be too lazy to care. If you're a little creative, you'll borrow your friend's- the one who lives in the hostel and/or is familiar with the guards so he/she has no use for theirs- and will exhibit it whenever enquired with an air of importance, while informing that the ugly guy/girl in the picture is indeed you before you got the cosmetic surgery done (a sex-change operation too, in selective cases). 4. Fests are the best places to show off (put as much emphasis on show off as is possible before you pass out due to lack of oxygen) your talents and skills in the first year, and chances are that an enthusiastic fresher (nerds re-re-exempted) would participate in the planning of the fests too. Towards the end of the year, you will be bunking even those compulsory fest duties. 5. Notes are organised in the beginning with frequent visits to the library as well. Later, you will not have the library card to get books issued (which is better because even if you had one you would never return the books on time and end up paying hefty fines), and notes will be Xeroxed from nerdy classmates who, it would seem to you, are the best lot of humans walking the face of this earth. (*Editor: Nope. That's the Editorial Team of N.O.W.) 6. Attendance, which was probably never a bother for you in school, will hit an alltime low with a fall steeper that the Indian market sensex. If you manage to survive this roller-coaster first year, be prepared for another one next year. Life in college (or anywhere else for that matter) can't get any better (nerds exempted, yet again)!


Caucus The Discussion Forum of Hindu College in collaboration with

The UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan Presents


Caucus - the discussion forum of Hindu College, is organizing the second 'International Hindu Model United Nations' Conference this year. The MUN will be a four-day conference from the 17th to the 20th of August, 2010. IHMUN 2008 brought some of the finest speakers and the most experienced MUNers from all over the country under one banner, making it one of the most competitive MUNs to have ever been organized. IHMUN 2010 promises to be bigger and better, and we offer you the opportunity to be a part of it. The Conference this year will consist of the following five committees: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

General Assembly Security Council United Nations Development Programmme Human Rights Council International Court of Justice

The delegate applications begin on 28th June, 2010. For further queries, you can either mail us at, or contact the undersigned. We are looking forward to your active participation. On behalf of the Caucus Team Arkaprava Bokshi Secretary General IHMUN 2010 +91-9968283081

Aneesha Chandra High Commissioner IHMUN 2010 +91-9999759609

Aakriti Mathur President,Organizing Team IHMUN 2010 +91-9818556789


Kampus Konnection

- Vindhya Malik Ankur, the dramatics society of SGTB Khalsa College of Delhi University has strongly emerged as a popular name in the recent past. It has received appreciation not only among students in the campus but has been talked about in Delhi's theatre circuit as well. And as the members of the society say, Ankur has proved ever y preconceived notion false and emerged as a pheonix when everyone thought it has turned into ashes.

Established in 1995, it is a platform for upcoming, budding actors and directors. Since its inception, Ankur has produced more than ten short plays and three full-length productions. Of late, students heading Ankur have also been developing systems of training related to the diverse aspects of theatre. As many as five productions were staged during the previous year, and all of them grew out of rigorous workshops which addressed the many dimensions of performance. The need to develop a systematic process whereby actors, technicians, directors and dramaturges get to learn the foundations of their craft was commonly felt by many who wished that Ankur should finally evolve into a sustained platform for theatre in the campus. Also, a month-long workshop on the basics of acting culminated in the first ever English language play by Ankur: Jean Anouilh's Antigone, directed by Kuljeet Singh. The play articulated an enduring voice of protest against the instrumental rationality employed by totalitarian forces that coerce and politically subjugate people into submission. The accomplished production featured energetic performances by the two lead actors, Jasmeet Khanuja (Antigone) and Ullas Samrat (Creon), who were ably supported by a cast of twelve actors, many of whom were freshers. Ankur's next stage play, Romeo, Juliet aur Andhera (based on Jan Otcenasek's Czech novel Romeo Julia A Tma) was written and directed by Trishant Srivastava and designed by Saikat Ghosh. This is the first time that Ankur decided to stage a play originally written by one of its student-members. This inspired freshers Pallavi Biyani and Sumit Jalan to write and direct a street-play on consumer awareness for an intercollege competition organized annually by the Consumer Affairs Ministry. Ankur was placed second in this competition.


Meanwhile, Romeo, Juliet aur Andhera had its maiden performance at IIT Kanpur in late October where it was extremely well received by the audience. Thereafter, it has been repeatedly performed in competitions as well as festivals where it has made a name for itself. The play won the second prize in the prestigious intercollege competition at Miranda House and Priya Tandon (lead actress) won the Best Actor award when it was performed at the Durga Deulkar Theatre Competition in Lady Irwin College. Ankur has also managed to garner tremendous fame through both its competitive street plays, Aaj Bhi Kal Ke Jaisa Kyun Hai (a successful production continued from last year) and TRP (a biting critique of contemporary media practices) which have won a handful of prizes at various inter-college competitions, including the Championship at ISBF Delhi and the Runners-Up at Kamla Nehru College and SRCC. Finally, like every year, Ankur organized an excellent and unique inter-college theatre competition, Pratyaksh '09, as a part of the college festival, Lishkara in the month of December. The event drew enormous response with 15 colleges participating in both the stage and street formats. Eminent theatre personalities participated as Resource Persons for the discussions following the performances and also judged the competitions. Through its dedication, hardwork and energised performances, Ankur has proven itself on the grandest stages ever in the University of Delhi and elsewhere, and is not looking back.


A-part from the Crowd

- Vindhya Malik

A regular student from Ramjas College turned into a model. Read on to know how Prateek Balhara managed to do it, and how he feels pursuing his dearest dream... How did you change your life plan? Modelling was on my mind from the very beginning. Ever since, I wanted to pursue it as a profession and I am doing what I always wanted to! A lot of models end up acting in television soaps in a pursuit of making way for themselves in Bollywood. Do you have similar plans? I believe what you do is certainly imperative than where you stage it. I don't have any such plans at present. What is dearer to your heart - Acting or modelling? Why? Modelling has been the thrust to my career, be it in terms of my success at Gladrags or acting or any other such profession. So, if acting is the vein in my body, then modelling is the blood flowing in it! How has your work evolved over the years? It's just been a year and a half since I entered the industry. It is a very tedious job. Modelling has helped me evolve as an individual. Besides, I have done a couple of shows and shoots for Panasonic, Samsung, Adidas, Lakme Fashion Week, Men's Fashion Week and a lot more. How would you rate your performance ability? I think the fact that I consider my job and work to be the utmost important and pursue it with complete dedication speaks for my performance ability. And it has taught me a lot about the industry. Tell us about your first photo shoot. Were you nervous? My first photo shoot after winning Gladrags was a catalogue shoot for Monte Carlo. I wasn't nervous at all. In fact, I even remember that the shoot was at 7 in the morning and all excited about it, I reached an hour ahead of it. I've come a long way now, but the memories of my first shoot will always remain fresh! Did you like the experience of the fashion shows you’ve worked in? I had a fairly good experience being a part of several fashion shows and have really enjoyed working with different people on different platforms, especially during the various fashion weeks.


How was it like being the winner on the Gladrags Manhunt 2009 contest? That moment was one of the very special moments of my life. It can't be explained in words. All I can say is that it was really special for me. Tell us about the challenges you faced when competing for the Gladrags Manhunt. Which of the two - studying and modelling demand more from you? Everyone in the contest had worked hard and was a deserving candidate in his own way but amongst all, the best one was to be picked up and the challenge for me was to be the best. Modelling and academics are two arenas that are distinctively apart and I have to manage my time to succeed in both. Tell us something about your upcoming projects... I have a couple of projects lined up in India as well as abroad. I am really looking forward to start working on them. Any words of advice for young aspirants of modelling? A good physique and hard work are they keys to success, and its an easy path to work and have fun in this industry! What do you admire most in the modelling or the fashion world and why? The praise, admiration and the encouragement that I receive for my work, the fame that this industry gives to one - it really makes this industry admirable as a whole. Did taking up modelling affect your academics? If so, have you been able to manage it? Yes sometimes I have to bunk my classes, but it's fun. I think with time I have learnt how to manage both quite efficiently. Your message to the readers of N.O.W.? Live life to the maximum, do what your heart says and work hard to your best ability to achieve the goal of your life, and success will be yours!


My Weird Internship (With Weirder C This summer I interned with a start-up internet company. (I thought as we are entering the world of Web 2.0, learning something about the internet other than Facebook and Orkut would be good!)But the experience didn't turn out as I had thought, courtesy the people I worked with: ZE BOSS: FB addict + Monster He really doesn't deserve to be a boss, you know. He delegates all his work to us, the interns- the slaves working for the internship certificate at Rs.2k (my maid gets more than that)- and sits on FB chat all day long, flirting with his best friend's girlfriend . (*Editor: Didn't we tell you that working with N.O.W. is better? Our slavery at least keeps people happy!*) INTERN 1: THE B(Com)er The B(Com)er is the boss-pe-fida and boss-ki-chamchi material. She is a B(Com) student from some girls college in DU, and has a huge crush on the boss. (Who is most definitely not crush-worthy!) With so much cheesy romanticism floating in the air, how does one work? INTERN 2: The Geek A Computer Science student form some B(tech) college, oiling his hair with one big barrel of disgustingly smelly oil is his daily ritual. By the end of the internship, I was practically anosmic. (*Editor: We just taught you a new word. Google it and tell everyone you improved your vocabulary by reading N.O.W.*) INTERN 3: Mr. Know-it-All He is from some place I don't remember. (He talks so much that it's too much information for a normal human brain to process.) While he constantly talks about himself and all that he knows (which is 'surprisingly' limited to aalu-kaparantha and the internet), I wonder if he just managed to make the world record in talking the most. Usually, he does all of this in his desperate attempts to get the B(Com)er's attention. (Yes, lame crush!)


Co-interns) - Venika Wadhwa

INTERN 4: Miss I-don't-eat-anything-except-for-curd-for-lunch Suffering from anorexia, the poor soul wants to be a model. (Why exactly is she interning in an internet company then?) Thank God she does not want to be an anchor, or else her shrill voice would kill all. Yes, my ears hurt to the core! (You see, being anosmic has granted me the superpower to hear sounds beyond the average human audio range) INTERN 5: The guy who worships the ground Intern 4 walks on Popularly known as Intern 4's personal slave (Just like the Associate Editors at N.O.W. are for the Editor-in-Chief), he does her work by staying overtime. Lucky for her, he also buys her curd for lunch every day. *Sigh* INTERN 6: The Mystery He doesn't talk to anyone; he doesn't even reply if you ask him something. Mostly he does that because he always has headphones glued to his ears. The first one to come and the first one to leave, I am positive he secretly practices dark arts or maybe the guy actually has a LIFE. (*Editor: Well, duh.*) INTERN 7: Moi I am the intern who is always complaining of a headache. Not to forget my ears and nose. Ze Experience: NOOOO! Let's not even go there!


Adventures of a Wanna-be Vegetarian! - Aastha Tyagi Ever faced those weird looks from your friends and family when you announced that you wanted to be a vegetarian? Read on to find what kind of sympathy “Wanna-be Vegetarians” get… Incident 1 “Sorry guys, but I am vegetarian now”. I said, my newly vegetarian chest, bursting with pride. I was waiting for their reaction. Would they beg me to return to the pack? Would they be supportive? But they laughed, laughed like there was no tomorrow. “I am serious re!” Now, they held on to each other and laughed! “Oh my god! Stop it. Oh…oh….my stomach hurts.” Laughing finally stopped. “Done?” I asked. “Ahan. So the plan is we go to Karim's when we come back from the break” my friend declared, completely ignoring my life-changing decision. “But I am serious! I am a vegetarian NOW”. “We know honey.” she winked. Incident 2 “Hi. We would like a bucket…” my dad said to the cashier. “8 or 16 pieces sir?” he asked. “Hmmm….well, there are 3 of us and we did not have lunch…” “Wait! Who are 'three'?”, I asked dad, puzzled. “Arre, you, me and your sister. So, we would like 16…” “Daaaaaaaaaad, I am vegetarian NOW! Remember??”, I said, exasperated. Then my dad looked at me like he had never seen me before. I think he lost his sense of space and time. Like Jason Bourne. Or Ghajini. No, wait. It wasn't Ghajini who lost his memory. Forget it. You get the point, right? “Are you serious? Since when?” “Yes Daddy.” I said, again bursting with pride. Dad nodded. “We will still take 16. In case you change your mind at the table.”, he said, smiling.

What do I choose? 22

Ok, fine. I get it! Just because I've given up a couple of times before, DOES NOT MEAN I will not succeed this time. I'll be honest. I have been trying to turn vegetarian since class 7. That is 1…2…3…4…You get the point, right? So, anyway, because of my unsuccessful track record, no one believes me now! Like the vella boy who cried wolf. But I am not vella.*pleads*. In all those failed attempts, I was genuinely trying my best to give up feeding on animals as my food. But alas! Temptation. The pattern was always the same: I would decide after watching some or the other PETA video or reading on cruel treatment of animals (laugh all you want, stuff like that still makes me cry). But one fateful day, there would be an animal, marinated and cooked. It would look like a Brad Pitt of chicken. And when Angelina Jolie couldn't resist him, the question of me, a mere mortal, does not even arise! “What are you going to eat?” my sister asked. “Veg surprise”, I replied. Again, those looks. The ones that give an impression of a dying need to use the bathroom. Or is it disgust? I could make out why she looked at me that way. “Ok, quit it alright. It's me.” “I know. I want a Veg surprise”, I answered in disbelief. “Cool. Till when?” she demanded. “Till when WHAT?!?” “Till when are you vegetarian?” she asked, assuming I would understand her random question. “FOREVER OF COURSE!! How can you even ask me that?!”, I asked in disbelief. I felt awful, insulted and irritated. “Theek hai yaar, I've given up a couple of times…” “A COUPLE! A FRICKIN' COUPLE! No man, not a couple. A MILLION is more like it.” Man, was she pissed! “You're mean. And…unsupportive”, I managed to blurt out, cowering under her. “UNSUPPORTIVE! The last time you broke the drill was because you said the chicken 'called out to you' and that it was 'God's will'! How stupid was that!!” she yelled. Ya well, I couldn't counter that. *shrugging shoulders* “Hey, that's funny. Gimme marks for creativity.” I said, silently laughing at my humour. I mean, come on, that IS funny. “%@#$ you man”, she declared. It's ok. I can live with this. Till people finally start believing me. Or till the time I can find newer ways to reduce my CARBON FOOTPRINT. You get the point, right?


Mars Attacks, Venus Vomits!

- Antara Anand, Sagar Siddhanti

As some of our regular readers (lol!) would remember, 'Mars Attacks, Venus Vomits' is that section of N.O.W. where the enemy lines are drawn between the two sexes. As per tradition, you must first pick your side and choose your weapon. Here at N.O.W. we believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, so we fight our wars on paper. The battle this month is a little different though. Instead of one side putting forward their arguments and the other replying later, we decided to let our two fighters have a heart to heart conversation. The topic, “ The Way You Dress”

She Says

*Boys, you need to start taking a little pride in the way you look. It's great that you spend an hour fixing your hair but please pay some attention on the rest of your looks when you step out of the house. Imagine our horror when you turn up wearing shorts. You don’t know how nauseated your hairy feet make us feel. Don’t look like you just woke up, rolled out of bed and put on the first crumpled thing you saw. It doesn't matter where you're headed, for the love of God put on some washed and ironed clothes!

*Slowly and carefully, till you know it by heart, repeat after me: “ I will tuck in my t-shirt, fold my shirt carefully and keep my pants where they belong.” Keep saying this till you remember to do it! It's bad enough that you can't buy original branded boxers; you feel the need to show them off as well! Nobody and we mean nobody wants to see flapping tees, falling jeans and the soul scaring sight of you bending over to pick something up.



He Says

: Girls, oh Girls, when will you ever learn? Never mind, rhetorical question. We do take a lot of pride in dressing up. You see, the only reason we spend more time on the hair is because we know what we will wear. We don't stand in the front of the mirror with half our wardrobe out on the bed, going through clothes. Also it's funny that you should mention hair, because you know what, we are proud of it. You should take a look at your unwaxed feet, at least ours isn't pointy and sharp when felt.


: I'm sorry, couldn't quite hear you because all your hair was in my face! When will you ever learn that untied hair is a nightmare for us? The only time we might like it is if it is short, which it usually isn't. Talking about bending down, the most you get to see is our boxers and lower back. But what when you wear a tight shirt and jeans and bend over to pick something? We are subjected to seeing vulgarity!

*We get that you like gymming. We get that you like building up six packs. We even get (with some difficulty) the need to show off your biceps. What we don't get is why you need to wear body hugging clothes that even your girlfriend couldn't fit into! If you think we'll start drooling over your bursting man-boobs, you'd better start building a brain before the body.


: Dear female species. Your minds will never comprehend our reasoning. We wear tight body hugging t-shirts as an example for you to see how fit we are. How everything is oh-so-flat after the chest. It is a method of influencing and motivating the chubby ones to tone up. As for our toned man-boobs, at least they don't sag.


listen up. As has been the tradition throughout history, sunglasses are worn outdoors or when it's bright. Nobody, except for those who are douchebags wear them indoors or when it's dark outside. Unless you like banging your head on hard surfaces, which would explain why you didn't know the concept of 'SUN'glasses in the first place.

: Have you even looked around recently? More girls are wearing sunglasses than boys. Inside or outside doesn't matter. And what is the deal with you people putting them on your head and leaving the rest of your hair open? You know, the glasses are meant to be worn on the eyes and not used as a hair band! That is why HAIR-BANDS were invented for the hair and not the eyes.

*You may not know this, but we judge

: Guys, always remember that girls will exaggerate anything to an unbelievable extent. It's a genetic misfortune. You don't think we care about the shoes you wear? At least when we wear footwear, it goes in the right combination, if slippers, then only slippers, if shoes, only shoes. What is up with wearing socks with sandals? Are you trying to blind us with your insanely hot pink socks? Why not just wear nice shoes if you are so scared of a little sunlight? Start with your feet, you might get some upper recognition as well.

you on the basis of your shoes. When you’re standing in the metro or walking down the streets in front of your college, we’re looking at the kind of footwear you rock. That’s right, now you know why your last girlfriend dumped you for tripping her up with those ridiculous pointed shoes and appearing for dates in respectable places wearing Hawaiian slippers. Your converse, we like. Your converse in colours like green and orange with multicoloured laces, we don’t like. Think shoes, think normal.



And as the case has always been - the battle carries on! 25

Love and Dating Why we Love?

- Komal Khulbe

Standing alone on a metro station, trying to figure out many things. What can one do when you have so much time and nothing else to do? Love being one of the most controversial and talked about topics in the world from time immemorial became the topic of the day in my bored mind. What is it that makes us desire love? Why do we always need that one perfect person? Why even after several breakups, we are ready to try one more time? The reason for that is the human want for affection. Every day we wake up, put on a mask and seal all our affections and passions from the people around us. So scared we are to be caught off-guard with our actual person, that we find it easier to pretend to be someone else. Putting on a mask is easy for many people, but at the end of the day everyone wants to be in a place where they can be themselves, to be with someone who understands them completely. We spend our whole life to find that one person who understands us like no one else does, who understands us without us whispering a word; we wish to find a person who when we are down pulls us up, and when we are flying too high does not smack us down, but is there to hug us the minute we fall. Attraction towards someone initially might be superficial, but it later inclines towards a level that becomes spiritual in which some people do not find anyone attractive apart from their partners. (And some feel guilty if they find someone else attractive.) This is the result of the lovers becoming too affectionate for each other. They feel humbled by their partner's affection for them and do not want to do anything to put their love in jeopardy. Love fills the gap that builds when a person is growing up. The affection-filled relationships of childhood never leave our hearts but the people who were with us do. We try to retrieve all those moments and all that love but end up in vain, with nothing but memories and a want to turn back time. Hence, with want and hope in our hearts all of us start looking for a relation, a person or a thing we love. Love is then the healer; it is our escape and our paradise. Some find it some don't, some live happy, some desperate, but what remains is that faith in our hearts of finding true love.


Counselling You’ve got a friend! - Charnita Arora Ÿ I am 17 and I suffer from an eating disorder. I have been overweight all my life

and all my efforts to lose weight have gone in vain. Now that I'm in college, this complex is killing me. Help! Akshit Chawla, Bhagat Singh College Eating disorder is a very broad term; you need to consult a doctor and get a diagnosis of it. Once you do that, you need to follow the prescriptions carefully as it is extremely important to control body-fat, otherwise it can branch out to other diseases as well. Hydrotherapy (drinking 12-16 glasses water daily) is a very simple and extremely powerful therapy for weight-reduction. Having your meals regulated and planned by a Dietician may also prove useful. For most of us, our self-image is deeply linked with our external appearance. And so, how one feels about one self is often dependent on how one judges one's own appearance. It is essential to accept yourself and most importantly love yourself for who you are - an essence of life. Ÿ My best friend is a compulsive liar. I want to trust her but can't since I catch her lying every now and then lying about really random things all the time. Trivial things which she need not lie about, I never confront her for it might hurt her. But this has started affecting our friendship. Otherwise, she is a really nice and caring girl. What can I do to help her?

Akanksha Borgohain, Miranda House College If your friend is nice and caring and her white-lies do not affect your relationship in any fatal way, then things are in a moderate position. But as you say, it has started affecting your relationship negatively, so it is time for a positive intervention from your side. Communication is the primary key. You need to express how deeply you value her as an individual and your relationship with her, besides telling her how these little lies can threaten a beautiful relationship by sowing seeds of distrust and misunderstanding. If done with right intention and sensitivity, she would take it in right spirit.

Seeking help? Need advice? Mail us your questions at and Charnita will answer all your queries.


What’s Hot, What’s Not N.O.W. brings to you the best in - Books - Music - Movies - City hangouts - Fashion - Blogs Check out the North Campus special City Beat!

Book Review - Rajul Jain

Book - In Pursuit of Infidelity Author - Sujata Parashar Price - Rs. 95 Published by - Rupa & Co.

Every writer is not a good writer, and this book reinforces that fact pretty bluntly. A clichĂŠd story of a monotonous marriage, a college time crush and the protagonist swinging like a pendulum between what she is and what she used to be is all that the book offers. While the story is as lacklustre as it sounds, the author seems to lack the art of putting life in her characters. The language is simple with no literary frills to retain the interest of the readers. The story revolves around Sheena, stuck in a boring arranged marriage, whose life gets all topsy-turvy when she accidently meets the hunk from her college days. She happily betrays the trust of her husband but is all angry when she discovers her husband's one night stand. Then what? With her own infidelity manifesting in a guilt spiral, can she accuse her husband? If you have run out of Mill and Boons, you might just want to pick this one up as a TOTAL time-pass read. Otherwise, this one can be easily ignored.


Heard it!

- Aastha Tyagi - Govind Chaturvedi

Artist: Mika; Album: The Boy Who Knew Too Much The comeback is disappointing. At least for die hard Mika fans, that is, if there are any. In any case, the album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much is a mismatched array of sounds. His last album sold an amazing 6 million copies. So I guess, that gives you a sort of an invisible power to do whatever you want. Not that the album is completely devoid of talent. It has its moments. 'Rain' is one track that has a very decent tune. It seems to grow on to you and leaves wanting for more. Sadly, it is just one of the entire lots. The other songs lack tune and lyric. They also lack, what is common place now, common sense. Rhyming stupidity is taken to another level here. Bottom line is, Mika disappoints. Rating: * and ½

Artist: Lady Gaga; Album: The Fame Monster I will admit it, I am biased. I love Lady Gaga. And if it was possible, you can love her more after this album. The 'Poker Face' hitmaker reveals that this was initially her first album. The 2-CD pack comes with one bonus CD and the main disk. The main disk has just 8 tracks and spans 35 minutes, but it does manage to do the trick. This album seems complete in every way with every song capable of going on the music charts. 'Bad Romance' is an amazing track that will make you keep humming the tune and the awesome lyrics for a long time, though her voice sounds a little out-of-focus here. 'Dance in the Dark' is typically Lady Gaga, with its contagious effect to make you move, ala dance. 'Teeth', what should I say. Remember the famous 'Poker Face' line, “Baby if its love, if it isn't rough, it isn't fun.”? Well, it runs on these lines. But the best track on the entire album is “Speechless”. It is the only ballad on the album (Yes, she sings ballads). She makes an excellent work of it, perhaps her best one yet! I love GAGA! After you hear the album, I am sure you will too. Rating: ****


Artist – Bon Jovi; Album – The Circle The album aptly renamed “The Circle” marks the band completing a quarter of a century in the music industry. Bon Jovi's album The Circle, has once again re-affirmed the immortality of their style of music, both notorious and innocent. His songs make a special place in the heart, knowing which words to use to strike a chord with the hidden secrets in your heart that you never let out. For example, the words of one of the songs on the album are such - “When you have to say hello to goodbye, Sit down son come take my hand, Look me in the eye, Take these words, promise me, You'll live before you die live before you die” - from "Live before you die". It is an inspiration wrapped in the blanket of a ballad. Bon Jovi, known for his unique love, gives us another heartwarming song: Superman Tonight. It is easily playable on guitar, the lyrics are simple, and it has all the elements of a heroic movie. The song beats any other love anthem till date, even Enrique's "Hero". They have added a song that is epic in every sense of the word and shoots the adrenalin and makes you realize the greatness of Bon Jovi. "When we were beautiful" chronicles the 25 years of the band. The song will drive the audience out of control in a concert, with its vibrancy and its heart-warming semantics. The song that gets points for the music video is "We weren't born to follow", having historic clips; looks like Bon Jovi took a page out Nickleback in "What if everyone cared" video. The clips range from Lance Armstrong winning the tour de France, to bringing down the Berlin Wall to the Unknown Rebel of China. It can be considered the best history lesson since "We didn’t start the fire" but the music and lyrics are not what you would expect, making the song a flat-out. The album is worth listening to. You will be spoilt for choices here since every other song in this album is bound to get stuck in your head for quite some time. Rating: ****


Scene‘Em Cult Movie Review Natural Born Killers - Govind Chaturvedi If you are bored of watching the same movies on television time and again, read on to find some interesting alternatives. This section will feature a movie you surely missed out on but is a MUST WATCH! Natural Born Killers, when released, gave an insight into how television serials use scandals and controversies as a bridge to their desired ratings. The movie employed a concept so alien or unthinkable at the time when the film released, it met with degrading criticism and deriding, by audience and critics alike. But the fact is that there’s something to watch out for in this movie which even mighty blockbusters like Avatar and Titanic won't offer in terms of cinematic experience. With almost all television shows banking on the seven cardinal signs i.e. Lust, Greed, Sloth to get attention, it warned about the degrading standard of television and today can be considered a little short of a prophecy. This movie explored people's reaction to violence and how it turns people violent: scandalous shows and introduction of gruesome ideas. The movie then commented on the Carte blanche powers given to the media, and its effect on puerile minds. Yes, one might even wonder that the recently released “Rann” was loosely based on the same idea but then that is where the similarities end. The movie explores the concept of how people are no longer interested in arts, sports or politics; and that they are more intrigued by scandal and controversies. People who do not follow any of the following i.e. sports or politics, are however familiar with the Harbhajhan slap controversy; Bill Clinton's fiasco and Jessica Lal murder case. The last


one even has a movie being made on it (come on guys, we are not giving undue attention to controversies, we'll rather say instead of making a movie donate the money to the family to fight the case). However, the movie did make an impression on some people, albeit... not a good one. It sparked off copy cat crimes all over the country. It led to a number of lawsuits by people; one was even by John Grisham (yes, the writer). The outcome to one case that was slapped on Stone and Warner brothers was awaited with abated breaths. The reason was that if it had been against the studio and director, it would have led to a serious use of self-censorship in Hollywood. However, it was dismissed in 2001. All said and done, it's mind-blowing action and adrenaline pumping dialogues are to watch out for. The movie starts off with Mickey (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory (Juilette Lewis) embarking on a killing spree after falling madly in love. Having had an abusive childhood, they are quickly made into celebrity. Thereafter, what follows is how a nation falls in love with the couple; a classic scene is when Mickey and Mallory are bought to the court house. They are dressed like rock stars. And it's not Orange jumpsuits that I am talking about, actual rock stars clothes! i.e. Steve Tyler or Bon Jovi at a concert. The movie has then lesser known actors, who give a once in a lifetime performance: Tommy Lee Jones creates his despicable and morally impotent character, whom you just cannot help but hate. The present Iron-man, Robert Downey Jr. mastered the mannerisms of a Shock time reporter and is able to actually able to blow you away with his speech pattern and flagrancy of using violence to promote his show. Made by an Oscar winning director, Oliver Stone; written by a cult classic director, Quentino Tarintino (Yeah, he's the same Reservoir dogs or Inglorious Bastards dude), a movie that single-handedly was going to dictate the course of self-censorship in Hollywood, sparked off copy-cat crimes all over USA and most importantly a concept once scoffed at by the best critics, is today a grim reality. The movie has everything that is needed to establish it as a cult classic. TRIVIA : 1) Quentino Tarintino sold off the script for a meager $1000. Imagine what if he had made the movie. 2) The colour green is used to indicate the sickness in Mickey's mind and shows up prominently several times during the film: the key lime pie at the diner, the green neon at the drugstore, the green room in the prison etc.



City Beat: North Campus special! OEMMGEE! Khaana! (North Campus Ishtyle) Let's be honest - life would be nothing if there wasn't food. We humans depend on food for our sustenance, among other things. We would not appreciate good food if it wasn't for the canteen or the neighbour's cooking experiments which were tried on you (and which leave you scarred for life). N.O.W. realizes that you need good food during the three special years of your college life. Keeping that in mind, here is our guide to places which offer amazing food in North Campus. In the next issue, if we manage to survive till then, we will bring you great places from the South Campus! Momo Point In North Campus, there is a place where students go when they don't have much money. This place is called McDonalds. But that's not what we are talking about. *Evil laugh* The place we are talking about requires you to have ze money in your pocket. But it's ALL worth it! Momo Point, the legend among students, is a place that you must try as soon as you get to Knags. Ok, we were just kidding about the million dollars you need to eat there. ;) With only Rs. 100 in your pocket, you can go conquer Momo Point. (Not exactly conquer it, but you get the point, right?) The place is filled with people at all times of the day! But once you get a table, consider yourself lucky and eat to your heart's content, say a prayer and do a dance that only gods and aliens can understand. The momos and the sea food here are amazing! Hail the creators of Momo Point! We are fans, go ahead and join the club! QD's Now that you are in college, everything has to be 'cool', right? This place is so cool, that it will make even Jay-Z cry, not that we have any plans to do so, yet. But getting here is no easy task. You have to brave the storms, fight the demons and pass the test of unforgivable spells! Sorry. Life isn't that easy, love. We are risking our lives in letting you in on the world's biggest secret! But for you, readers, we can do anything. *Whisper* It is opposite Momo Point, in the magical Chinese Alley.


- Aastha Tyagi

Their tandoori momos are God's gift to mankind! Life is never the same after their awesome mojitos! Sigh! We are prepared to die, but don't let our deaths go in vain! Go, go to QD's, child! *Beams**Dies* Chacha Di Hatti/ Chacha Ke Chhole Bhature “Chhole Bhaturreee! Chhole Bhature! Mainu chaida Chhole Bhaturreee!” If this song ever plagues your heart, pick up 30 bucks and just head to Bunglow Road at Knags. (In an actual case, if this song ever plagues your heart, head to a psychiatrist first :P) this place is a must for people who like their food all oiled up. Yummy! So what if fats are bad for your heart? So is Madonna, but no one is banning her! So, go ahead, try Chacha ke Chhole Bhature without a feeling of guilt. Our guarantee is that you will be praying for our souls that are in heaven now. (We died earlier, remember? Duh!) Regulars Apart from all these special places, those who believe in tried and tested brands for food, Knags is full of outlets of famous food chains such as KFC, Mc.Donalds, Café Coffee Day (which is more of a sit-and-keep-sitting point rather than an eating joint), Barista, Dominoes etc. Home-cooked! In case you are an outstation student and are hungry for some food that tastes home-cooked, you will be glad to know that there are a number of dhabas in Knags that offer tiffin services. (We at N.O.W. like to love all and serve all, so we did not want to miss out on you poor away-from-home souls!) Most of your seniors who live in rented apartments, or those living in a hostel or a PG are the best guides to such dhabas, some of which are open late in the night as well. Yes, an economical date can be planned with your new love interest!

Don’t forget to check out South Campus special City Beat in the next issue! Till then, happy eating!


Iconic Trends - Kriti Sharma

STYLE ICON: JAVIER BARDEM Admit it; you've loved this guy, at least once, regardless of your sex or sexual preferences. Spanish-born Javier Bardem's style is reminiscent of Hollywood's Golden Age, albeit with an international edge. Be it the casual, carefree painter in Vicky Christina Barcelona or the greasy-haired, expressionless villain in No Country For Old Men, he will carry it all with aplomb and sweep you straight off your feet. Want to know how he manages it all? Read on! WHY HE'S A STYLE ICON It's in his blood. We're not kidding. He is the descendant of a long line of filmmakers and actors, so show business and style are literally in his blood. Exuberant, expressive, accessible and the very down-to earth Bardem's excellent savoir faire should come as no surprise then. Seriously, you'd be a real douche to come from a family as his and not inherit those talents. It would also get you the label of being the neighbour's son for free. His classic Mediterranean appeal coupled with his impressive talent and easy-going style is what works for him. He is the modern, cosmopolitan man that men all over the world look up to and women drool over. DRESS THE BARDEM WAY Apply dollops of grease (use hair-oil if grease grosses you out) and make sure your hair sticks to your ears. Then carry an air gun and go about blasting people. Naah, we're kidding! For formal occasions, Bardem dresses up in a suit. Occasionally spotted in a navy blue suit coupled with a white dress shirt, or a gray suit with a hint of sheen with a dark (preferably black) button-down, he most often sticks to what works and looks best on


him: a classic black suit with sharp lapels and a white shirt. To keep his look natural (and to avoid looking like a banker) Bardem is always spotted sporting a five o'clock shadow with his hair lightly brushed off his face. He also makes it a point to vary the number of buttons on his blazer as per fashion's current zeitgeist. For casual occasions Bardem's spotted in everything ranging from military jackets, hoodies, T-shirts with outspoken political slogans to sneakers, boots, and distressed jeans. To dress the Bardem way, begin with loads of grease (*Editor: Okay, enough!*) and dollops of attitude, throw in a smart blazer with distressed jeans and a contrasting tie and finish off your look by accessorizing with an enthusiastic attitude (*Editor: Again enough!*) and the most gorgeous Mediterranean woman you can find.


Blog Review

- Vibhuti Dhingra

Name: Chronicwriter Link: Writer: Prason Christopher Robin If you thought Chetan Bhagat was the ultimate Engineer-turned-MBA-turned-writer having a mass-appeal, we take it that you haven’t visited the chronic writer’s world yet. Ranked as Asia’s best humour blog by, Chronicwriter aka Chriz has the last (and the loudest) laugh. The first thing that hits as you enter the blog is the red underwear on top and the 9 avatars of the man himself. That itself gives you a prelude for what lies ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath, as we unleash – The Chronicwriter. He has an opinion about all and sundry. And he’s out to take everyone’s case with no holds barred. Be it “Wiger Toods” or “Pritney Sbears” or our very own “Sakhi Rawant” and “Balls Talk Ray”. Full of humour, almost every post will have you in splits. Frequently updated (with 396 long posts to his credit), he often chooses current controversial topics and adds zing to it with his tongue-in-cheek humour. However, just when you’re convinced that satire and banter are his forte, you come across poignant poetry which might not be soul-stirring but is impressive nonetheless. While being wickedly entertaining, the blog also gives you ample food for thought. The content is as varied as it can be. Witty, caustic and sarcastic, the chronicwriter gives his readers value for their time. His writing style is addictive. Once visited, you keep reverting to his page asking for more. However, his blog is not recommended for the feeble-hearted. You must be prepared to laugh at yourself and the society at large. If you’re reading this review, you HAVE to go visit the blog. (We don’t take No for an answer. And contrary to popular belief, this is not a paid review.)








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Career Focus: Film-Making - Ridhi Rajpal What's Filmmaking about? A filmmaker's job includes bringing out a story on the screen, just as an artist brings out something on canvas. It's about providing entertainment or infotainment to the audience with interplay of audio and video techniques. Skills required? Being a filmmaker requires you to polish up your history, know the society better and be aware at all times. Unless you know what is happening around you, how will you get the inspiration to work on something? Increasing your knowledge about various things helps you to build a more accurate representation of things on screen. You also need to know the basics of acting, costume designing, art direction and set designing, camera and lighting techniques, editing, and methods of effective communication. Strengthening your base in all these will help you to understand each aspect (that goes in the making of a film) better. Is pursuing a course necessary? There are many well-known filmmakers who have received no formal education in filmmaking. They believe that the key to success in this field lies in strong creative intellect. However, others suggest that basic technical know-how is important to aid you in representation of your creative thoughts. Hence, as they say, it's best to be friends with your gadgets. How do I start? Short-films are a good way to start. They help to test the waters, and give you enough experience to know what all you will face in the future if you take the profession seriously. Also, sending your films to festivals and competitions is a good way to gain exposure and make other people know about you.


What all can I do? Not everyone is interested in making large scale films or films which are meant for entertainment. You could be a documentary film-maker, either covering issues of your interest or working as one who offers services to companies who wish to develop corporate films. There are also career opportunities in developing web videos, training or informational videos (available on CDs and other interactive media), commercials etc.

Institutes in India that have Filmmaking courses: 1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. 2. Academy 18, New Delhi 3. University of Mysore, Mysore 4. Bihar Institute of Film and Television, Patna 5. Satyajit Ray Film and Televsion Institute, Kolkata 6. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai 7. Delhi Film Institute, New Delhi 8. R.K. Films and Media Academy, New Delhi. 9. CRAFT, New Delhi 10. AAFT, Delhi 11. Massco Media, Noida.

To know more about the challenges in Filmmaking, flip the page for the journey of Kaezar Khan, an upcoming film-maker.


Meet Kaezar Khan, a ma Management Sciences, who des for filmmaking, went ahead and coming up with his first film a Inte How did you change your life plan? No one can change their life’s plan, but life can change their plans! Initially I was signed by an artist agency for acting assignments, when I also joined the National School of Drama workshops and produced theatre independently. After that, I started writing film scripts and floated my own production company but it was a no show. I then switched to multiple things ranging from joining London Academy of Management Sciences to becoming a research student in the International Institute of Strategic Studies. My plan was to complete my research and join secret services like CIA. But life had some other plans for me and I founded AVRA Entertainment. Who are your idol filmmakers? Any influences? I was quite fascinated by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez and their style of film making. I only saw few but have read most of their scripts and screenplays. They inspire me because they came out of nothing, made their first movies without any support or big money and never went to any film


school. Another favourite of mine is Guy Ritchie who even being dyslexic, proved himself. My idols are ordinary people with extraordinary visions. Tell us about the challenges one faces as a growing filmmaker. A major challenge in India is that one has to be really experienced before transforming his ideas into reality. And the stereotypical mentality that a good film maker can only be from a good film school or he has to assist some good director before making his own film is all blasphemy! The originality of the vision dies. Secondly, if they are even ready, they’re not supported or encouraged; finances are not available to them. How would you describe the cinema you make? My vision is to collaborate reality with style. Making cinema based only on reality doesn’t have the cinematic appeal in it, and looks like a documentary. But if I present a subject inspired by reality in a stylized manner, people will not only like it but will remember it, and my message will inject deep down inside the audience.

anagement student from the London Academy of spite academic challenges and lack of encouragement d produced his first film. Now aged 23, Kaezar is soon as a director, MoU, dealing with immigration issues. erview by Vindhya Malik. What was the most difficult thing about shooting the film? The first film which I produced was a hell of an experience. We had really tight schedules and an even tighter budget. Honestly speaking, the most difficult part in shooting the film is getting the finances and managing them. But if you have the capability, you can do everything out of nothing. Small budgets and technical constraints don't affect your work if you know how to execute your ideas with lesser resources. It's not what you present, it's how you present it. You highlight controversial subjects in your films. Do you like to spark controversy, or do you think these are subjects that should be addressed in Indian films? Truth is never controversial, only the way people accept it is controversial. I don't want to spark controversy; I would like to bomb it! Not because I want attention but because these are the things which people should know. The biggest weapon today is not the nuclear weapon or any weapon of mass destruction. It's the media, a weapon of

mass manipulation. Whosoever is holding it has the power to control people's mind. It can be very lethal or devastating if it's used for our own motives or is in the wrong hands but if it's used for the welfare of mankind then a drastic change can happen. It should be a weapon of mass liberation. How do you come up with your ideas for new movies? Most of my ideas are what I have seen or experienced myself, rest is what I keep imagining. My imagination keeps running wild. Most of the times I am wide awake in my dreams and some of the ideas come while I am into some k i n d o f r e s e a r ch , r e a d i n g o r investigation. Your message to the readers of N.O.W.? The first step of film making isTHINK BIG and DREAM EVEN BIGGER! Not only dream but pursue it and try to make it the reality. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it's not something to be waited for, it is something to achieve. To my fellow youth, I would say only one thing “Our time is NOW!�


Words Of Wisdom Ze Jestless Page For We Are Afraid! I see rows and rows of faces down memory lane – some recent, some past, some distant past, some just blurred memories! There are faces –pretty, earnest, distracted, inattentive, intense, eager, focused, shy! After all, 28 years is a long time to reap this rich harvest. There are so many things I have already said over the years, so many things I would still like to say; but applying the principle of 'selection and significance' my message today is to those I think of in my mind as the “trail-blazers” and the “not-trailblazers”. Every batch has its share of students who are very bright, charged, committed and articulate, the doers. They are confident and popular. They always steal the limelight, get the teacher's attention, the applause, the adulation (sometimes the envy) of their peers; they are at the center of action. Then there are those who watch, who would love to be a part of this “in” set but are too shy, unsure or self-conscious and so remain at the fringes and go unnoticed. I would like to tell them that they do not go unnoticed; they are no less important or significant. I would like to tell them that they hold a very special place in my heart! Their role in the world is no less relevant. All of us can not be leaders. There would be no leaders without followers! What is important is commitment. It may not necessarily be to larger causes. Each one of you out there can be committed to keeping your own patch of green clean and flourishing – whether it is your family, your job or whatever miniscule part of society or humanity you feel a commitment to. After all it is the smaller details that add up to a larger canvas. Do not undervalue yourself. Even if you can make a difference to one person or one thing and it means something to you, believe in yourself, be your own person and do what you are best at with faith and sincerity. You will be surprised at what hidden depths and resources you find within yourselves! As for the trail-blazers – bravo! Keep it up, but a word of caution too! Life is not all


causes and theory and propaganda. All the discourses that you learn in the classroom have to be accommodated in life as well. Somewhere, life teaches you, you have to compromise. The operative phrase for those of you out there- the trail blazers- that I would recommend, at the risk of being “unfashionably traditional”- is, strike a balance – the golden mean, if you like. Intellect and discourse and classroom are all very well, but you must listen to life with your heart. I would like to quote a young friend, one amongst you, who says something to the effect that radicalism must be assimilated in a way which leads to an evolution in consciousness that incorporates the old and the new. I remember over the years some very bright young girls coming to me in confusion and distress because they could not reconcile what they learnt in theory with the expectations of their parents, home and environment. I would say to them – always remember the golden mean. So my young friends, go ahead and conquer whatever worlds await you - it does not matter if you are a trail-blazer or not. Neela Bhalla Asst Professor (Department of English) Ramjas College University of Delhi

Be A Part of NOW Now! All of you may not realize this, but the articles and illustrations in N.O.W. don't just write and draw by themselves, nor are they written by a team of professional journalists working on supercomputers in big office complexes. And as likely as it might seem, they aren't done by a group of 11 year-old retards either. All content, illustration and design in N.O.W. is the disastrous work of college goers like you – fans and readers who have great ideas, the ability to deliver on it, and the patience to listen to the garbage of our editor. So, are you quirky? Want to get famous and have your stuff read by thousands of people? We don't care if you do/do-not have tons of experience. If you're a writer/illustrator/designer/graphic-artist or possess strong management and administrative skills, we want you on board! Mercifully, N.O.W. does not go for stupid trials or idiotic interviews. We don't have crap cut-offs either. All you have to do is mail your Resume at and we'll get back to you. Promise!


Zoom-In! Macro Magic Macro Photography means to capture any subject at life size. That means that the image on the negative is the same size as the subject in real life. (That does not however mean that you try and shoot Godzilla or Anaconda and then scare people with a large poster of it!) Macro images are also referred to as extreme close-up (paas aao!) images in terms of common usage. Make sure your composition has a chief point of interest. Then place that focal point in a smart position in your frame in order to draw the eye of your viewer. (Just make sure that the focal point is nothing cheap or vulgar like a body part... you know!) Go for a simple and non-chaotic background for your prime subject so that it doesn't compete with the objects in the environment visually. When aiming to click macro images, depth of field is greatly condensed. An extremely small distance between the lens and subject with high magnifications is essential in macro photography. Because of this compression of the depth of field, precision focus and stable equipment is also vital. (If all that went over your head, then we are just trying to say that you need to be close to the subject, and that focus needs to be precise.) A tripod is greatly recommended even if you are applying a high shutter speed. If you take shots with a hand-held camera, the movement of your body will affect the focal point of the image. Or else, you could use an extremely fast shutter speed to reduce any possibilities of a camera-shake or change in the focal points. To get a sense of Macro Photography, you can check out the pictures on the next page clicked by our oh-so-talented photographers! Any fan mails for them can be sent at We'll be waiting to hear from you!


Vindhya Malik

Abhinav Jerath

Abhinav Jerath Vindhya Malik


Face of the Month Your big break!

Model: Charnita Arora Photo: FOTOGRAVITA, Benita Suchodrev

Got a Photogenic Face? Do you make heads turn in envy and admiration when you walk down the campus? If yes, then YOU could be on the cover of N.O.W! In what is another feather in our cap of mindblowing ideas, we're aiming to wow our readers (or scare them off!) by featuring fresh, upcoming faces on our cover and inside pages. We are looking for young people with not just the right look, but also the right attitude to carry it. So, want to featured on the cover of a radical, swanky, upcoming-numero-uno youth magazine? (That’s NOW, btw, in case you were having any ideas) Then mail us your pic(s) at before August 1, 2010 and YOU could be the next cover of NOW! (Oh, and did we mention we’re a really radical, swanky, upcoming-numero-uno youth magazine?) You can, of course, Picasa It, Photoshop It, Mutilate It, Disfigure It - we don’t mind! And since we’re really swell people here, we don’t care if the pics are professional folio shots or simply clicked from a normal digi-cam or cell-cam. At NOW, it’s all about creativity and style!


THE BIG BYTE Apple iPad – “I” am not impressed! - Vindhya Malik If all you gadget freaks thought sleek phones and size zero notebooks were the last thing to take over the tech market, think again! For the doyen of the tech market, Apple Inc has again come up with another revolutionary machine- the iPad. I like! It is slim, light-weighed (anorexic, I can say!), just 0.5 inches thin and has a 9.7 inches wide display illuminated by LED backlighting. The iPad screen also serves as a larger-than-life track pad with multi-touch controls.

I so not like! The iPad still takes up finger impressions easily on use. The lack of multitasking on the iPad. If you thought you could listen to music while sending mails or editing photographs, that's not what you'll get to do. Transferring and receiving data to and from other devices could pose a problem as the iPad does not contain USB ports. The device doesn't support Flash Player as well which means no access to videos on websites like ESPN, Youtube and webgames like Farmville.

“I” am waiting. The fact that Apple intends to begin shipping this product to the east side of the globe, (that's Asia, duh!) in another SIX months, didn't amuse its fan base in India. And with Chinese technocrats set to sue Apple for design theft, the destiny of the iPad is still to be decided! 49


- Arihant Gupta

ALAN WAKE (XBOX 360) Until last night, you had never fired a gun before, but priorities tend to change when you're being hunted by unholy creatures of the night. In Alan Wake, darkness is your most fearsome enemy. The shadows are home to monsters who shun the light, growing more powerful as they slink through the jet-black unknown. You hear a noise behind you and spin around to examine your surroundings, pointing your flashlight from tree to tree, scanning the ground while you ready your trigger finger for the imminent attack. The world of Alan Wake is one of fear and tension--a place where it's perfectly acceptable to be afraid of the dark, because if you're not, you'll be enveloped by the evil forces that dwell just beyond your field of vision. The foreboding atmosphere that permeates every inch of this wilderness never lets you forget the dangers that await the unprepared, but the feeling of dread that defines the early portions dissipates as you get deeper into this moody adventure. Alan Wake doesn't offer enough surprises to keep you unhinged, but the storytelling is so enthralling and the combat is so frantic that you'll be sucked in until the thrilling conclusion. The excellent combat builds on the fantastic storytelling, ensuring there is never a dull moment during this roughly 12-hour adventure. Alan Wake has a handy way of dealing with dark-fueled creatures: shine a flashlight on them. You carry said light source in your left hand, and you use this to weaken enemies who dare to challenge you. By pointing it at them for a few seconds, you destroy the darkness inside of them, making them vulnerable to your firearms. This mechanic is not only original, but also leads to thrilling situations. When you're surrounded by a gang of growling beasts, you have to choose one individual at a time to spray with your life-sucking light, and balancing your aim to keep all attackers at bay is exciting. If baddies get too close to you, you can duck out of the way at the last second, triggering a slow-motion dodge that lets you quickly retaliate before they have a chance to attack a second time. Because there is so much ammunition sprinkled about and your health regenerates after every battle, you'll rarely succumb to their aggressive advances, but each encounter is still exhilarating. Unfortunately this game is not releasing on PC, though it was supposed to. Gamespot Rating - 8.5 IGN Rating - 9 N.O.W. Rating - Go for it but make sure to buy an XBOX 360 before it


We’ll Take You Here. And to over a dozen exotic trekking destinations all over the country. Live the moment, connect with nature, let loose the spirit of adventure. TrekkNOW. Call 011-43367777 for details.


- Ameya Ghag

The Dummy's Unofficial Guide to the World Cup Za-Kumi It's more than just the World Cup. It's a quadrennial test with our vague link to the game of football. This is not really a guide, but more like a trumpet blare to all those who have slumbered off on their coaches, since Germany 06 was discussed and digested. It cannot be our fault completely, because every four years it seeks to trick us. How are we expected to know that Cannavaro plays for Italy, and not Spain ? How can someone called Luis Fabiano not be crap? How have three teams inside the world top 20, not found a way inside the best 32? How can Greece have a good team, when their country is in the toilet? Honestly, it's difficult to keep up, so let us begin… Be the World, not American… For the next five weeks or so, please don't call it soccer. The Americans have their own game, and hence they labeled it as soccer. But please, for the integrity of the game, let it be FOOTBALL. England hasn't got a chance… Rio's out now for a month or so, and the WC will be over by then. The English are the toast of the tournament for now under Fabby Caps, but the Revenge of the WAGs is inevitable. Somewhere under all the pressure, the players would buckle. You did sure make a killing, if you bet that England won't go past the semis. Suid Afrika who? Many pundits have already counted South Africa as the worst hosts ever, after Chile in 1962. Well you can't put South Korea, especially after their fantastic performances in Korea-Japan 02. But with influential players like Aaron Mokoena, and Pienaar around, they might just create a buzz. After all, the vuvuzelas are going to blare the loudest for them. That honor is not yours… Remember the warring North Koreans? Ya, the same ones who find their way in the International section of your ToI, HT, or the Hindu for launching missiles on their neighbors' ships. Well my noob mates, they are here too. Ranked 105 in the world, they surely would not create a stir. And couple it with the fact that they are in the same group as Brazil and Portugal. They may not win anything, or get new supporters, but Kim Jong Il's men, surely won't return malnourished. Rumors have it, they train on a field laced with land mines. So we still leave them unknown and uncared for.


You'll be missed… Croatia, Egypt, and Russia. They are in the top 15, but still disappointing play offs or heartbreaking penalty shoot outs restricted their action to the warm ups. Algeria vs Egypt, would have been a classic for an instance. Some blunders on the scene… If Howard Webb and the other UEFA match referees faced the flak for bad decisions, the WC is going to have one whole herd of it. Misjudged penalties or free kicks are going to be handed. Cards may fly high. And couple that with the high Latin rages. The fans won't take wrong decisions so easily this time round. It's the finals, and honor is at stake. #@#$#$ If Marco Materazzi and Zinedine Zidane, were the highlights of last year's final, this year we do have our brand new bunch of swear packs coming along. This department is best handled by the Rooneys, the Puyols, the Robinhos, the Ronaldos, and the Drogba's. These angry, some young, and some not so young men are surely going to be the legends of cussing. As a matter of fact, Rooney has often been red carded for his not so gentle approaches to the referees and other players, even at the club level. At the touch line, the Maradonas are sure to provide the fun. He may have dragged Argentina through the qualifiers, but his talismanic charm is sure beginning to wane. A number of spats with match referees over seemingly disputable bookings sure provide some fun from this yesteryear wizard. Rant on, Maradona. The Italian School Master… Oliver Goldsmith aptly described the chiding, and dedicated English school master in his poem with the same name. But seems Mr Capello, has taken this word to heart. The English are surely in for some great discipline. Known for their booze tainted escapades, the ruthless BOYS have surely been tamed. And that goes especially with our favorite party boys Ashley Cole *injured and not playing*, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. The Dark horses… Usually it's for the Romanians, that we reserve this honor but now it's up to the likes of the Danes, the South Koreans, Japanese, and Australians to play spoilt sport. The Danes have a fair chance with the likes of Sorensen, Nicklas Bendtner and Jansen in their squad. South Korea, unlike their volatile neighbours, might surely do a lot good led by the influential winger Ji-Sung Park. The Japanese have already shown their mettle in the warm ups. And the Australians led by the Dutch master, surely can pull off a few firecrackers. Honestly, if not anything you'll end up rooting for a team, and if not anyone decided upon anyone stick to India to make it to the WC in the next 25 years or so.


Something New - Aastha Tyagi Way back in 1990, there started a show based on the lives of high school students, who were born into the lap of luxury and are most vulnerable to the dark side of glamour and fame. These were kids from Beverly Hills. The show was called 'Beverly Hills 90210', and it highlighted the real problems of the young adults facing different crises. Fast forward to 2009, where '90210', a show based on the lives of the teenagers of West Beverly High was launched. The show is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, provided you don't go looking for logic. Yes, the key to enjoying this show is to leave your brains behind. All you will need is just a tiny flair of retaining names of the characters. The first season, which premiered in India on Star World in 2009, was a huge hit! Girls just loved Annie, the new girl at West Beverly. Every girl also loved all the cute guys that went in and out of the show! The second season has a bigger fan following (and the discussions that begin with “Jasper is such a creep!�) Everyone waits for 90210! That show just has so many twists and turns that it would put Beyonce to shame! Good stuff: Liam: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Omg Omg Omg Omg! Thank you God! Thank you! * Silently thanks God for the likes of Chase Crawford and Liam*. Even if you are not a regular on the show, you must spare some moments just to feast your eyes. He is soooo pretty! *Drools* Naomi and Ade and Silver: Seriously! Like we normal girls didn't have enough complexes already that the show brings out such perfect specimens of female species. *Drools anyway* Bad stuff: The show lacks a proper plot.[ Read: Ekta Kapoor] It's sad but true. There are events that happen that will shock your pants off *sniggers*. Also, the exaggerated tragedies will also make you wonder whether stuff like this even happens in real life. Whatever the case may, 90210, season 2 is all over the place! It is the 'In thing'.


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