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10 & 11 November 2018 Victoria Concert Hall

These are the Pieces of Music We’re Playing Today! SMETANA The River Moldau from My Fatherland RIMSKY-KORSAKOV The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship from Scheherazade RAVEL Mother Goose (Five Pieces for Children) SAINT-SAËNS Danse Macabre

SSO Babies’ Proms

S ing a p or e S y mp hon y Or c he s t r a HELLO! The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) was born in 1979 - that's almost 40 years ago when the orchestra first started playing music! Your mommy and daddy were kids just like you when the SSO was growing up. Our Music Director is Mr Lan Shui, he is our most important conductor. We have many musicians. Some play string instruments (like violin and cello), wind instruments (like flute and trumpet) and percussion (like drums and cymbals). At the orchestra, we want to make beautiful music that will touch your heart and make your life more colourful. The SSO usually plays in a concert hall like this one you’re sitting in. But we want to show everyone how beautiful classical music is, so sometimes we have concerts in schools near your home. Sometimes we even play in the Botanic Gardens - you can have a picnic while listening to the music! Our big concerts are held at the Esplanade Concert Hall - the giant durian at Marina Bay! That can fit 1,800 people. That's a big hall! But when we want to play small pieces of chamber music or when we play fun music for everybody or for families like yours, we will come back to the beautiful Victoria Concert Hall, our beloved Home of the SSO.

G e r a r d S a long a conductor

Hi, I’m Gerard! I’m from Manila, where I am the Music Director of the ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra in Manila. Besides the Philippines, I have also worked as an Assistant Conductor at the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. I have conducted orchestras in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia, and I’m very excited today to conduct the Singapore Symphony Orchestra for the very first time! When I’m not conducting, I love arranging music for orchestras. My arrangements have been performed by orchestras around the world and I have worked with artistes like Lea Salonga (she’s my sister!), Wang Leehom, Wu Tong, Cecile Licad, Michael Ball, Il Divo, Blake, Shen Yang, Danielle de Niese, TaikOz, and The Beach Boys.     And now, I’m going to show you how Music Tells A Story. Get ready for a musical adventure!

SSO Mu s ic i a n s Lan Shui Music Director Joshua Tan Associate Conductor Andrew Litton Principal Guest Conductor Choo Hoey Conductor Emeritus Eudenice Palaruan Choral Director Wong Lai Foon Choirmaster FIRST VIOLIN Igor Yuzefovich° Concertmaster, The GK Goh Chair Lynnette Seah~ Co-Concertmaster Kong Zhao Hui* Associate Concertmaster Chan Yoong-Han Fixed Chair Cao Can* Chen Da Wei Duan Yu Ling Foo Say Ming Gu Wen Li Jin Li Cindy Lee Sui Jing Jing (1958–2018) Karen Tan William Tan Wei Zhe SECOND VIOLIN Michael Loh Associate Principal Hai-Won Kwok Fixed Chair Nikolai Koval* Lee Shi Mei^ Chikako Sasaki* Margit Saur Shao Tao Tao Lillian Wang Wu Man Yun* Xu Jue Yi* Ye Lin* Yeo Teow Meng Yin Shu Zhan* Zhang Si Jing*

VIOLA Zhang Manchin Principal Guan Qi Associate Principal Gu Bing Jie* Fixed Chair Marietta Ku Luo Biao Julia Park Shui Bing Tan Wee-Hsin Janice Tsai Wang Dandan Yang Shi Li CELLO Ng Pei-Sian Principal Yu Jing Associate Principal Guo Hao Fixed Chair Chan Wei Shing Song Woon Teng Wang Yan Wang Zihao* Wu Dai Dai Zhao Yu Er DOUBLE BASS Guennadi Mouzyka Principal Yang Zheng Yi Associate Principal Karen Yeo Fixed Chair Olga Alexandrova Jacek Mirucki Wang Xu

BASS CLARINET Tang Xiao Ping Assistant Principal BASSOON Wang Xiaoke Principal Liu Chang Associate Principal Christoph Wichert Zhao Ying Xue CONTRA BASSOON Zhao Ying Xue Assistant Principal HORN Han Chang Chou Principal Gao Jian Associate Principal Jamie Hersch Associate Principal Marc-Antoine Robillard Associate Principal Kartik Alan Jairamin^ TRUMPET Jon Paul Dante Principal David Smith Associate Principal Lau Wen Rong Sergey Tyuteykin TROMBONE Allen Meek Principal Damian Patti Associate Principal Samuel Armstrong

FLUTE Jin Ta Principal Evgueni Brokmiller Associate Principal Roberto Alvarez Miao Shanshan

BASS TROMBONE Wang Wei Assistant Principal

PICCOLO Roberto Alvarez Assistant Principal

TIMPANI Christian Schiøler Principal Jonathan Fox Associate Principal

OBOE Rachel Walker Principal Pan Yun Associate Principal Carolyn Hollier Elaine Yeo COR ANGLAIS Elaine Yeo Associate Principal CLARINET Ma Yue Principal Li Xin Associate Principal Liu Yoko Tang Xiao Ping

TUBA Hidehiro Fujita Principal

PERCUSSION Jonathan Fox Principal Mark Suter Associate Principal Lim Meng Keh Zhu Zheng Yi HARP Gulnara Mashurova Principal Celeste Shane Thio^

* With deep appreciation to the Rin Collection for their generous loan of string instruments ° Igor Yuzefovich plays an instrument generously loaned by Mr & Mrs G K Goh ~ Lynnette Seah performs on a J.B. Guadagnini of Milan, c. 1750, donated by the National Arts Council, Singapore, with the support of Far East Organization and Lee Foundation ^ Musician on temporary contract Musicians listed alphabetically by family name rotate their seats on a per programme basis.

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Village g Weddin

Reflection of the Moon and Mermaids

Castle Vysehrad

The river joins the sea


Draw Your Version of Sinbad’s Ship from Scheherazade!

Find Your Way Out and Escape The Skeletons!

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Concerts for Children: Music Tells A Story  

Let's show the kids the orchestra's picture-painting powers! Join Gerard Salonga in this musical showcase of creative orchestral stories and...

Concerts for Children: Music Tells A Story  

Let's show the kids the orchestra's picture-painting powers! Join Gerard Salonga in this musical showcase of creative orchestral stories and...