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Ngoma Center for Dance

2016 Annual Report

Founding Director/CEO Shawn Short Communication Manager Damon Foster

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Technical Director Chris Holland Webmaster/Graphic Designer Elizabeth Renomeron Finance Associate Fran Twyman Interns Phillip Fobbs Moyston Henry Jr Lionel Julius Emmanuel Kyei-Baffour Katie Graham Jennifer Nelson Jessica Potts Momo Sakai Jeremiah Welch William Wilson Board of Trustees Chairman Corey Mc Dougle, MBA CISA Vice Chairman Tyler Lewis Secretary Josie Hoover Member Tisa Huff President Shawn Short Photography Jean-Remi Verella Shawn Short Carletta Girma

Active listening develops substantial change and growth in communities. Ngoma Center for Dance is building on that philosophy by building substantial change in the communities we serve. We have redeveloped our education programs to streamline our offerings to youth and adults alike. We continue to stimulate new energy in aspiring dancers. Our programs produce performers, arts writers, and community stakeholders that enter and support creative economic change in the greater Washington-Baltimore Area. Becoming one of the area’s host institutions for dance entertainment, education and dance publications, Ngoma is producing new works with Dissonance Dance Theatre; producing through innovation and artistic collaboration. Continuing to enlarge our community reach, Ngoma creates access to dance education particularly to working families. Offering more than just “outreach”, Ngoma still champions in imparting training, mentorship, and career plans for arts employment in dance and arts administration. Through constant evaluation of our programs, steady professional development for students and staff - anchored in the best-practices of the national dance market. This report outlines just some of the many highlights of 2016, made possible by the generosity of our donors, patrons, families, and the passion for great dance shared by our artists, staff, board, audience, and students. Thank you!

Shawn Short, MFA Founding Director

Ngoma Center for Dance (N-Go-mah) is a 501(c)3 arts organization whose mission is to provide a conduit between multicultural dance artists and their enthusiasts, across generations and social classes, with a deeper understanding of the art of dance through intense community integration, inspirational performance, competitive training, and artist development. Our Vision Our vision is to present a performing dance company known locally, nationally and internationally for its brilliance in contemporary ballet and innovative dance works; train all students with the utmost refinement and education best-practices; and to enrich the lives of communities through our love of dance and theatre. Our History Wanting to create a company that celebrated diversity in 2007, Shawn Short organized his first initiative, Dissonance Dance Theatre (DDT), and financed the performance group’s productions though his personal resources. Ngoma Center for Dance was formed in 2012 to further education and community initiatives; DDT becoming its resident contemporary ballet company.

2016 Year Highlights In February 2016, Our Founding Director Shawn Short became a Black Enterprise Magazine Modern Man (BEMM) 100 Men of Distinction Recipient.

Ngoma completes our third year of operating Summer DanceLab program at University of Maryland, serving over 80 dancers from eight to 26 years old.

Saturday Program Launched! Ngoma begins its Saturday program for beginner dancers to develop aspiring dancers through a pre-professional dance program; serving approximately 40 students.

Dissonance Dance Theatre gains national recognition in dance-industry magazine Dance Spirit; furthering our companies brand to students and dancers everywhere!

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 1

Ngoma News - Malmaison Fundraiser

Images (Top to Bottom): String trio plays for patrons, William Willson and Alice Wells perform Short’s Shall We Dance, DDT dancers Shannon Evans with Daniel Artis. Ngoma Board of Directors (L to R): Tisa Huff, Corey McDougle, Shawn Short and Tyler Lewis

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 2

Ngoma Faculty/AEA Artist Tony Thomas

Jeff Miller, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Andrew Roby (Andrew Roby Events) talking to News 4 Anchor Aaron Gilchrist.

DDT Dancer Brooke Senger

October 2, 2016 Through the generosity and support of Corey McDougle (Chairman) and Board of Directors, Ngoma presented its first special event on the water at Georgetown’s Malmaison on October 2nd, 2016. 50 patrons attended this wonderful event featuring a string trio, and a ballet performance by Dissonance Dance Theatre.

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 3


Whether you’re a high school student looking for summer employment, or a college or graduate student seeking a substantive internship supporting the arts in D.C., there’s no limit as to how far our opportunities can take you. At Ngoma Center for Dance, interns have the opportunity to gain insight into a budding dance organization, explore new career avenues and acquire lifelong skills. Our internship program has two fields of interests: Production (DDT’s production), and Administration, (enabling students to obtain job experience in the theatre and in the back office). This year Ngoma offered over $6,000 in paid internships - a $4,000 increase from FY ‘15!

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 4

Ngoma Programs

Dissonance Dance Theatre Education Ngoma Reader Magazine

In 2016, Ngoma Center for Dance underwent a program evaluation to streamline fiscal health. In conclusion, funds were redirected to successfully-performing programs. Elements of retired programs were added to current programs to aid participants in our programmatic transition.

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 5

Dissonance Dance Theatre Growing Stronger How Many Dancers? DDT served and employed 16 dancers and one guest artist. From Where? Dancers arrived from across the US. Qualifications? Approximately 80% of DDT dancers have bachelor degrees. The remaining 20% arrived from national schools or Ngoma Education programs. How Many Shows Produced? DDT produced four productions - one children’s assembly - for Washington, D.C. audiences, with one tour production engagement in Baltimore, Maryland. How Many People Saw You? Our performances reached approximately 800 patrons. Facebook Likes 5,900 Twitter 12,ooo

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 6

Look Right--} Dissonance in Baltimore! DDT made it’s Baltimore debut in Charm City Fringe Festival! This marks DDT’s second touring engagement outside of New York City, NY!

Dissonance Dance Theatre dancers receiving dancewear at the start of season.

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 7

Services For Dancers Through partnerships with Sculpt Fitness and RH Massage services, 2016 allowed Dissonance Dance Theatre to support dancers with massage and coditioning services. Images: (Top) DDT dancer/Sculpt trainer Damon Foster coaching dancers through private classes. (Left) Massage Therapist Ralph Henderson giving Momo Sakai her deep tissue. Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 8

New Voices of Dance Founded in the summer of 2016 by Shawn Short, New Voices of Dance (NVD) is a new program that promotes the development of choreographers dedicated to contemporary ballet and modern choreography by providing opportunities to develop their talents. NVD’s goal is to increase the number of working choreographers, that are currently emerging - not aspiringchoreographers working in their cities of artistic employment. Choreographers travel fare, received an honorarium for their work, along with a HD quality MP4 of their produced work for their professional reels. Choreographers presented works using Dissonance Dance Theatre (DDT) dancers. Choreographers were directed and guided by DDT’s Founder/Principal Choreographer Shawn Short.

Kareem rehearsing his work Vision Vs. Reality

Two candidates were selected this year: Kareem B. Goodwin, and Kamali Hill

Kareem B. Goodwin, BFA Philadelphia, PA

Kamali Hill, BFA Atlanta, GA

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 9

Education - 2016 Program Review

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 10



Children and young people served through education programs.

# of regions, students resided: Washington, DC, PG, & Baltimore



# of students accepted into third year of Summer DanceLab.

# of students transfered into fall programs.



Of program participants are male.

Amount of funding provided in financial assistance to families.



Number of student receiving financial assistance.

Students passed Fall Ballet Literacy Exam


In 2016, Ngoma Center for Dance further developed our educational offerings. We celebrate our second year of a full annual program calendar. Tuition assistance was provided to 85% of our student population, making programs possible for working families. With our new PG County office in Largo, we are expanding our youth investment by focusing on dance as a vocational skill towards self-actualization. We provide pre-professional dance training that informs and encourages the pursuit of a post-secondary education, healthy living, mentorship, self-care, and life skill mastery. Our eduction programs are central to our effort to empower a generation of young artists to be the change agents in their community. Program: Saturday Program Trainee Program Sunday Program Summer DanceLab

Dancers gaining contracts for dance employment.

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 11

Ngoma Reader Magazine

Ngoma R eader Washington, D.C.’s Dance Magazine

Blue and Yellow: A Dancer Collection

Joy Of Motion Dance Center’s New ED Steve Barberio Educating The DC Area on Dance Since 2013, Ngoma Center for Dance has been committed to celebrating dancers and dance companies: becoming the first dance magazine in Washington, D.C.

#Black Dancers Matter: All Training And No Concert Jobs Dancer Spotlight With Culture Shock Chris Murnar

Dissonance Dance Theatre Turns 10!

All Mouth and No Steps: A Millennial Dancer Rant

2016 Statistics 6,186 Reads 82,719 Impressions 15 Dancers Interviewed 4 Contributing Writers

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 12

September / October 2016

Development FY13




Progams: General Operations: Outreach:

$30,824 $5,928 $2,000

$38,222 $8,864 $1,731

$56,922 $15,352 $1,494

$85,592 $42,295 $1,621

Total Expenses





Earned Revenue: Individual Contributions: Board Contributions:

$19,880 $22,366 $1,043

$28,390 $22,751 $1,000

$61,779 $11,438 $1,600

$130,724 $4,627 $3,171

Total Income







Thanks to the generosity of many alumni and friends who have invested through charitable giving. Ngoma Center for Dance has stabilized our programs while providing creative economic opportunities for artists. We received $100,000 in non-cash service donations. This was tremendous gift that secured our operation. Thank to all of our executive volunteers for your round-the-clock dedication and commitment. We want to also thank the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities for FY16 funding. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Ngoma Center for Dance - 2016 Annual Report 13

Ngoma Center for Dance P.O. Box 2377 Washington, DC 20013 202-540-8338 (o)/301-291-7481 (o) 202-399-0174 (f)/301-363-1853 (f)

Ngoma Center for Dance 2016 Annual Report  

Ngoma (N-Go-mah) Center for Dance's annual report for 2016.

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