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S.C.O.F media kit 2019

SCOF no. 1 - 27 | 2011 - 2018

ve A FUN Summer southernHaculture

S.C.O.F issue no. 12

summer 2014

we’re better than them

Dance Poon...Dance Topwater Timing Totalitarianism Hardly, Strictly Musky Roadside Attractions Fishing the Proper Popper-Dropper



still free

Disco Shrimp Gangsters of the Pond Von Beard Chronicles Linwood Blue Crab ...and more

S.C.O.F issue no. 21

fall 2016

olde time fudge shoppe






southern culture

“Did you grow up skating around your parents’ suburban neighborhood listening to punk/metal/indie rock while drinking PBR? Do you miss the good old days when knowing how to wield an X-Acto knife and operate a Xerox copier meant you had enough ‘graphic design’ skills to make your friend’s band’s fliers? Then you will likely love SCOF, we sure as hell do. An all time American classic.” - DIE FISCHE “SCOF remains ensconced at the pinnacle of the digital heap of fly fishing mags (and with anything in print for that matter).” - CHI WULFF

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE FLY is a quarterly online journal documenting the vast salt, warm, and cold water fly fishing opportunities in the Southeast, as well as the fishy folk who make the South such a special place to live and fish...

Like a train hurtling recklessly down the mountain, SCOF has been defining everything that matters in fly fishing since 2011. One half photographic artistry, one half basic knowledge of the English language, and one more gratuitous half fart jokes (just for good measure), SCOF is the most unique and community-driven fishing publication out there. We cover the places and people the rest of the industry has poo-pooed upon, and when we’re done, nothing’s left but Shinola. Editor: David Grossman Creative Director: Steve Seinberg

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SCOF READERSHIP 20-30K unique readers per issue 9,500+ subscribers Readers from all 50 states and over 60 countries Largest market: Southeast U.S. Primary readership: ages 18-55


Instagram - 18K+ followers Facebook - 10.5K+ followers

MAGAZINE SPECS Quarterly digital publication Desktop and mobile platforms 160 - 180 pages

2019 PUBLICATION SCHEDULE ISSUE NO. 30 | Winter Release Date: February 11 Creative deadline: January 28 ISSUE NO. 31 | Spring Release Date: May 13 Creative deadline: April 29 ISSUE NO. 32 | Summer Release Date: August 12 Creative deadline: July 29


ISSUE NO. 33 | Fall Release Date: November 11 Creative deadline: October 28

“...a favorite of fish bums everywhere” - ORVIS NEWS

“Some things are just hard to look at. Luckily Southern Culture on the Fly isn’t one of them. Simply the best online fly fishing magazine in the business.” - GINK AND GASOLINE

“I’ve read it and I’m f*cked, I’m now obessed...” “...I couldn’t take my eyes out of it, I read it through the night, when I stopped, my face was covered with salt, I had scales on my hands, my shirt was wet from sweat and salted water, it was magical, the sun was rising over the mountains.” - LE MOUCHING

southern cu

“In addition to the amazing photos they always run, there is a special sense of ‘WTF?’ that happens every time i read this e-rag, thanks in large part to their unique sense of humor, something that the world of fly fishing sorely needs.” “Hurry up and check it out before Transworld Media gets a whiff of their greatness, buys them out, removes all the quirky edges, and turns our entire sport into a Red Bull commercial.” “Like that indie label you loved in the 90’s that never sold out, SCOF continues to stay true to their roots...”

“’s the Thrasher magazine of the fly fishing world.” - DIE FISCHE

ulture on the fly magazine are the dolphins fair game?

“Written by a bunch of guys you might not want your sister to marry but you’d sure as hell like to fish with.” “Daaaaaaaaamn. The bar has just been reset.”

“Pithy, gritty, and brutally honest aren’t descriptors of a lot of fly fishing prose these days, yet the SCOF boys pull it off again...” “In a (North American) fly fishing culture that’s producing an impressive load of fly fishing media that’s very good and yet sometimes numbingly repetitive, SCOF’s redfish, musky and southern focused content is a breath of fresh air.” - CHI WULFF



SCOF 2019 Media Kit  

Southern Culture On the Fly Magazine 2019 Media Kit

SCOF 2019 Media Kit  

Southern Culture On the Fly Magazine 2019 Media Kit