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Andrew Middle and High School Andrew, Iowa

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Andrew Middle and High School

School Location: 13 South Marion Andrew, Iowa 52033

Present Conditions Number of students: 141

Student Surveys

Student surveys were administered to 7th through 12th graders, at Andrew Middle and High School, during the month of November in 2009. During class, students were asked to fill out the survey form about their transportation to school. The survey asked students about the safety of their route to school and what they viewed as impediments to walking or biking to school.

Travel Mode to School 114 students responded to the survey, and this constitutes 81% of the student body. Students responding to the survey travel to school by a school bus (39.47%) or by a family vehicle (35.09%).

Travel Time to School 63.16% of students responding to the survey stated that they spend less than 10 minutes traveling to school.


Travel Distance to School Only 20.18% of students responding to the survey travel less than 1/2 mile to school, while 64.04% travel 2 miles or more to attend school.

Incentives/Programs The top student suggestions for increasing walking and biking were: 1. Shorter distance 2. Reward/gift 3. Recreational activities The streets cited most often by students as being unsafe included: 1. Willough Street 2. Highway 61 3. Rockdale Road from 214th to Andrew 4. 287th Street 5. Highway crossing by Otter Creek

Environmental Factors Impacting Walking/Biking The most common changes that would encourage more students to walk or bike to school included a shorter distance, more favorable weather and making driving less convenient. The major issues brought up by students were weather and distance.


Andrew Middle and High School  

Summary of survey data and public input regarding safe routes to school for Andrew Middle and High School