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Cowrie shells make a comeback

While we may not be Parisian trendsetters dictating the runways for Fall fashion, or Wall Street masterminds predicting hot stock market investments, or even divine forecasting fans of a fantasy football league, we’d like to think we’ve got a discerning eye on what’s having a moment in the SRQ spotlight. From burgeoning jackfruit options, a proliferation of public murals, a tessellation of mosaic tiling, the contentious welcoming of CBD, advanced Cybersecurity protection, to a wild foray of animal prints and a rising uptick in drone flying—order a snifter of honeyed mead, buckle on a pair of platform wedges and slide into our Rolls-Royce rental to see where we’re headed this season.





Holy Cowrie Once used as Chinese currency, African medicine and even sacred amulets to prolong life, teach humility and connect with ocean spirits, cowrie shells have never really gone out of style. And here on the Suncoast, where the beach vibe never sets, this seashore look has made a comeback on the necks, ankles and locks of locals. With Nokomis-based Charming Shark Jewelry’s brown and white Cowrie Chokers and Bracelets, each purchase supports Worldwide Artisans and AccessSurf while advertising your love for the sea. Then layer with Ocean Minded Jewelry, the simplest of seashore statement jewelry coming out of Bradenton, or Marmalade Salon & Boutique’s slide knot bracelets, long shell necklaces and hair barrettes, and Treat Boutique’s neon cowrie bracelets and gold cowrie earrings. For the adventurous lifestyles in and out of the water, nothing says down-to-earth beach babe, bro or bum quite like cowrie shell jewelry. —O.Liang, @charmingshark., @oceanmindedjewelry; Marmalade Salon & Boutique, 1927 South Osprey Ave., Sarasota, @marmaladesrqlove; Treat Boutique, 1849-A Hillview St., Sarasota, @treatsrq.

From Sidekick to Superfood What once was garnish now is gamechanger, as the teeny-tiny nutrient powerhouses known as microgreens make their way to the center of the plate. Occupying that middle ground between sprouts and baby greens, microgreens have long been used for a little extra suggestion of flavor (if one bothers to eat the garnish), but only recently have they entered the mainstream as a serious dietary supplement. “And you do get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to microgreens,” says Milo Paine, urban farmer and founder of Pura Verde, citing a University of Maryland study showing that microgreens can have as much as 40 times the nutrient density of the mature vegetable. This means that a handful of kale microgreens can be the equivalent of 20 ounces of the full-grown stuff. And Paine can grow, at a maximum, around 700 pounds of microgreens in a week. He supplies an increasing number of local restaurants, including The Daily Bird, Blasé Café and Sage, as well as hand-delivering batches to around a dozen or so individual consumers looking to enhance their diets. And Paine’s not the only one. The folks behind Raw! Raw! to Go at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market have been at it for years, and many more are just now starting out, such as Shane Swift, founder of Laurel Park Urban Farms, which features everything from broccoli and kohlrabi to beets and basil. “I became interested in microgreens because I loved the idea of self-sustaining my healthy eating,” Swift says. “And I really enjoyed the process of growing from seed to table in my own home.” But a “curious experiment” soon turned into an entrepreneurial endeavor, and he’s now delivering his crop around town. “The flavor profiles are intense,” Swift says. “I want everyone in our community to have access to fresh microgreens.” —P.Lederer Sarasota Farmers Market, Main St., Sarasota, 941-225-9256. Pura Verde, 941-229-0914. Raw! Raw! to Go, 727-300-6551. Laurel Park Urban Farms, 404 South Osprey Ave., Sarasota, 813-244-6388.

Top of the Animal Kingdom Find yourself on the prowl for Apex predator prints? The fashion scene is in full safari mode—dominating with predator prints and textiles. From daring to darling, garments and accessories take on a look reminiscent of the coats, or skin, of feral animals we both fear and fancy. From leopard, cheetah, snake, alligator and tiger, the wildchild in us is unearthing and channeling some serious Jane of the Jungle vibes. Gretchen Bauer, Founder and CEO of BSWANKY designs, manufactures bags right here in Sarasota. Sustainably stylish, the Sophie Python is combating a local ecological issue by sourcing python from the Florida Everglades. Bauer’s collaboration with python hunters helps to restabilize the delicate ecosystem by eradicating the invasive species. The Sophie shoulder bag converts into a backpack and features an exotic front python panel and straps, set off with metallic embossed ostrich leather and trimmed with silver embossed alligator leather. —B.Mattie PREVIOUS PAGE: Davi & Dani Sweet Scallop tank, $42, Modern Soul Boutique, 59 South Blvd. of the Presidents, Sarasota,, @modernsoulboutique. WAYF Bianca midi leopard print skirt, $108, Modern Soul Boutique. HAM yellow snakeskin wristlet, $98, L.Boutique, 556 South Pineapple Ave., Sarasota,,

7 “You do get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to microgreens.” — Milo Paine, urban farmer and founder of Pura Verde

This spread, left to right:

New Balance and ON shoes. Masa-dusted Cauliflower taco bowl from Screaming Goat Tacqueria.

Nuovo Plating It takes a daring establishment to defy the dining etiquette of the standard plate. Resourcing the unexpected instead as the “plate” are odd items not made of plastic or ceramic. And this goes beyond the hip craze of brick oven pizzas served on wooden planks and mac-and-cheese in mini cast iron skillets. Call it extra, call it eco-friendly, call it bizarre—the alternative plate movement is all in the name of new-age consumerism and food fusion. Ergo, we’re expecting to see more restaurants become increasingly resourceful with natural and edible plating. Drunken Poet proved already ahead of the curve, with its mainstay Pineapple Fried Rice bowl, served in half of a grilled pineapple, carved out to allow cashews, cranberries, croutons and wok-fried shrimp to overflow. Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar recently followed suit—adding a Hawaiian Lobster Cocktail to its new menu, served in a cut open coconut chilling in the middle of a giant bucket of ice. The fibrous coconut meat flanks a foray of cold water lobster meat, radishes, rice and scallions in a citrus vinaigrette, with a plantain chip for added crunch. At Lemon Tree Kitchen, the Salmon & Avocado Sashimi starter comes to the table on a giant pink block of Himalayan rock salt. As you eat, the elements slowly soak up the block of crystalized salinity as it melts. Over at Tsunami, the Lava Rock appetizer comes exactly as it says—a scorching hot slab of lava rock with a side of butter to cook your own medallions of filet mignon sashimi to your desired temperature. Meanwhile, trendsetting spots like Spearfish Grille and The Overton mindfully serve bites on compostable palm leaf/bamboo flatware. —B. Mattie Left: Lemon Tree Kitchen, 1289 North Palm Ave., Sarasota, 941-5529688. Above: Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar, 5353 South Tamiami Trl., Sarasota, 941-925-4444; Tsunami (not pictured), 100 Central Ave. Ste 1022, Sarasota, 941-366-1033.

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6 Varietal Coffee Bar “It’s a small shop, but we’re focused on being a place where people can walk in and just be themselves.”

Edible Landscaping It’s time for the next step in eating locally—farm-to-table is good, but yard-to-table is better. Permaculture, self-sufficient and sustainable landscaping, reduces ecological footprints, dependency on large-scale food suppliers and undesirable extra stretches of that spongy, yellow Florida grass. And in this year-round heat and humidity, backyard riches can grow sweeter, juicier and healthier than ever. Local landscape architect Michael Gilkey Jr. of Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. designs edible spaces with everything from orchards to raised veggie boxes, herb forests and heat-tolerant apple and peach trees. “There’s a romance to that… lessening our footprint and adding food to the table,” he says. While grocery store lines can be fun, there’s nothing like the down-to-earth tradition of going out back and plucking what you crave. Nuts, citrus, tamarinds, jackfruit—fresher always tastes better, so turn that wild and wasted backyard stretch into a productive eating space. —O.Liang

The coffee shop of The Overton made its official debut last February. And if you don’t believe great things come in small packages, then take a step inside this concrete haven of flamingos and pour overs. The husband and wife duo, Evan and Kristin Cooper, do wonders from such a humble “boutique” space. Evan’s eight-plus years experience in the coffee industry converges with Kristin’s marketing background and eye for branding. Their common denominator remains the passion they share for the variety and complexity of tasting notes (aroma, body and origin) that exist in coffee—arguably more than there are for wine.

Michael A. Gilkey, Inc., 5511 Ashton Rd., Sarasota, 941-924-0132.

0 ”There’s a romance to that . . . lessening our footprint and adding food to the table.” Michael Gilkey, Jr.

Proudly Serving Counter

of Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.

Culture Coffee from Durham, NC.

Funky Treats Baked goods from

Mana Bakery Co. and boxed cereal from your childhood, i.e. Frosted Flakes and Fruity Pebbles.


Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly known as rosemary, is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves and white, pink, purple, or blue flowers, native to the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, which includes many other herbs.

Specialty Merch Coffee blossom

honey, DRAM CBD sparkling water, Bare Bones bean to bar chocolate, SOL reusable straws, handmade ceramic mugs by Drippy Pots.

Fourth Wave Mantra

Mango Mangifera indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the sumac and poison ivy family Anacardiaceae. It is native to the Indian subcontinent where it is indigenous. Hundreds of cultivated varieties have been introduced to other warm regions of the world.

Persian Lime Persian lime, also known by other common names such as seedless lime, Bearss lime and Tahiti lime, is a citrus fruit species of hybrid origin, known only in cultivation. The Persian lime is a triploid cross between key lime and lemon.

Muscadine Grapes Vitis rotundifolia, or muscadine, is a grapevine species native to the southeastern and south-central United States from Florida to Delaware, west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma. It has been extensively cultivated since the 16th century

Fourth Wave Coffee These “waves” disrupt the industry’s inveterate production and distribution on a global bandwidth—shifting the way roasters and coffee shops operate—beyond the espresso machine. The latest movement seems to be inconspicuously percolating throughout coffee-crazed cities, which Sarasota and Bradenton are fervently becoming. Ready or not, the fourth wave is here. Throughout these caffeinated upswings, each wave represents significant changes in the industry—how coffee is grown and harvested, how products are packaged and transported, how beans are treated or roasted, and how businesses source their products. We’ve come a long way from the First Wave, which made coffee a convenient commodity—think big food producers launching household brands like Folgers. Pre-ground beans of average quality suddenly became widely available by the pound on grocery store shelves so people could have the best part of waking up, at the press of a button. Then, coffee chains like Starbucks formalized the Second Wave. Baristas can generally at least tell you the country where your morning brew’s beans were sourced, while introducing many new espresso drinks and fancy lattes to the public. Third Wave marked a significant step towards positive global change with the knowledge and resources to invest in direct, fair trade from single-origin plantations. Hip coffee gurus made it a point to find high-quality beans with a variety of flavor profiles—options that tend to be available in independent cafes and roasters willing to put in the education and effort to source craft coffee with alternative ingredients/options. So what’s different about this wave? With an insurgence of new kids on the local block, SRQ asks what “Fourth Wave” means to each of them. —B.Mattie

Knowledge is Power—Evan and Kristin participate in Counter Culture’s educational seminars and training workshops to stay up-todate on the industry beat and supply chain sustainability. The Coopers occasionally host “cuppings,” much like wine tastings, to educate customers in a fun way so they can observe and measure the characteristics of different types of brewed coffee to learn what coffees best jive with their palette. “It’s kinda like taking a cooking class: you go and to experience some new and taste different flavors,” Kristin says. “It’s amazing when you taste a coffee and it tastes like Fruit Loops, or like chocolate candy and caramel, and you’re like ‘How is this even possible?’”

Catchphrase “Filter Coffee, Not People.”

1430 Blvd. of the Arts, Sarasota, @varietalcoffeebar

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8 Breaking Wave Coffee Making its own waves, this laidback shop opened just this past April, in the former home of Artisan Cheese Company. The space was wiped clean with a minimalist design, giving off total Pacific Northwest or NorCal feels. Owned and run by Radu Dehelean, the simple menu lends itself to familiar favorites, without the pretension or intimidation that tend to be associated with many West Coast coffee shops. While Radu may not necessarily consider himself a coffee guru with decades of experience, his humble nature and friendly service have gained traction with locals as an attractive hideaway from the craziness of Downtown Sarasota, not to mention the cool Cali vibes of Breaking Wave’s branding and its renowned Cali-based roaster.

6 Amity Brothers Coffee Maybe not brothers from the same mother, but Christopher LeMaster, Chase Bryner and Ryan Parker have known each other longer than they haven’t. The born-and-raised Sarasota guys still juggle their M-F dayjobs, in addition to progressing their specialty roasting company, Amity Brothers. Upon startup in November 2018, the goofy trio, who definitely don’t take themselves too seriously, have poured their all into this impassioned side hustle—getting together on nights and weekends to roast, hand-package and personally ship their designer-quality whole coffee beans. Ethically sourced from Cafe Imports out of Minnesota, notice a high-quality roast, hard to come by. With 20 years of combined experience working in coffee between the three of them. Their quest to help aspiring roasters learn how to get into the game has proven an invaluable asset to collaborate with outside partners—think a coffee consulting service with fun YouTube testimonials.

Proudly Serving Cat & Cloud Coffee from Santa Cruz, CA

Funky Treats Savory and sweet housemade danishes and croissants, plus Shrubs sodas.

8 Oscura Café and Bar

Specialty Merch KeepCup reusable tumblers.

Catchphrase “All days that end

with ‘Y’ need coffee.”

1310 Main St., Sarasota, @breakingwavecoffee

6 Project Coffee The newest cafe to hit the scene is Project Coffee of Sarasota’s Historic Burns Court. Ian Steger, Emily Arthur, and Kat and Florian Schuetz completely overhauled the corner locale and celebrated their hard work by opening the doors this past July to eager admirers. The European-inspired café evokes a forthright design, showing off bright, white walls and handcrafted wood furniture. A standout feature that seems to set its space apart from many straight-away coffee bars is the large, horseshoe-shaped counter built-out to act as the nucleus for the space. It juts from the back to include an open-kitchen and reaches all angles for customer engagement. Vegan-centric in food and milk offerings, Ian and Emily notes the socio-economic, environmental and healthful advantages of operating with veganism at the forefront. Customers have a hard time tasting the difference between Project Coffee’s exclusive oat milk and regular cream 30 | srq magazine_ SEPT19 live local

or whole milk, and yet it wins in nutrition, ethical production and shelf life.

Proudly Serving Bandit Coffee Co. from St. Petersburg, FL and Kuma Coffee from Seattle, WA

Funky Treats Vegan-minded menu including avocado and radish toast, bruschetta, carrot cake, hummus, granola and biscuits.

Cafe Perk Hygge to the max. Loads of natural light and plant babies really make it a comfy, vibey setting to zone out on your laptop or meet friends for lunch.

Fourth Wave Mantra Honorable

Wages—Baristas have long been known to wake up at the crack of dawn, put in their hours and make minimum wage (plus tips, if they’re lucky). But Project Coffee is changing that status quo with a new standard in the service industry with above average pay for their employees. 538 South Pineapple Ave., Sarasota,, @projectcoffeeco

Craft bev lovers, Ben Greene and Keith Nasewicz have been life-long friends for as long as they can remember. Now business partners, they decided to quit their corporate job to open Oscura in the up-andcoming Downtown Bradenton. The corner lot sat empty for some time, formerly existing as Fosters Drug Store and Pharmacy for 70-some years. Now, the massive space exists as a hybrid hub to connect for AM and PM gatherings. Inspired from a Cape Town cafe/bar, Ben and Keith designed the space to encompass the same industrial-minimalist scene, but a welcoming component with various types of seating with ample nooks and crannies to either meet for a date, socialize with friends or get work done. “Anywhere else like this, it’s mostly like a dime-a-dozen in cities like NYC or LA, but, for us, it’s something new,” says Ben.

Proudly Serving Themselves. Roaster Perk They come to you.

Whether a restaurant, café or company, the guys love to partner, consult and deliver coffee. Amity hosts regular events lhat highlight wholesale partners and give back to the community. Recent “Amity Takeovers” included Buttermilk Handcrafted Food and The Reserve SRQ, where proceeds went to support local nonprofit organizations.

Fourth Wave Mantra

Proudly Serving Counter Culture Coffee

Funky Treats The Hyppo fruit

popsicles, craft beers and wine, affogatos, a killer turkey and brie sandwich and avocado toast.

Fourth Wave Mantra Local Pride

and Community—Ben and Keith coined Oscura as a hub for all things hyper-local. “We work exclusively alongside our local breweries, local wine distributors and local farms,”

says Ben. Oscura hosts weekly trivia nights with rotating themes like Harry Potter, The Office and Friends, as well as live music shows and art exhibitions. It is also regularly a space to hold Bradenton’s Friendly Flea Market. “We want more like-minded people, more businesses, more makers, more creative-type people experiencing downtown and what it has to offer,” says Ben. “The city has been super progressive on getting

more places opened up down here. We’re working towards developing new business ideas and things like that, so this is a good place to start—marrying the creatives, new businesses, and the public.”

Unity and Camaraderie—In an industry notoriously known for being passively judgemental and competitive, the Amity Brothers aim to steam that stigma. The brotherhood hopes that the affinity for friendship, which is where the name Amity stemmed from, will ultimately help build a community of local coffee lovers in the business bringing each other up and morally supporting one another in the shared pursuit and passion to bring this town good coffee.

Catchphrase “Death Before

Catchphrase “Provide Coffee, Create Culture.”

540 13th St. West, Bradenton, @oscuracafe, @amitybrotherscoffee, 941-275-0485.


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Lending a Hand Below: The “Stainless” CBD Cocktail from Sage SRQ, 1216 1st St., Sarasota, @sagesrq

Hemper Fi If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach (thus dodging the ribcage), this year might be the one that sees CBD hit the main line with more CBD-infused food and drink on offer in local boutiques and sit-down restaurants than ever before. At Second & Seed, arguably one of Sarasota’s CBD epicenters, owner Shelby Isaacson has long been promoting the benefits of various CBD oils, but it’s the CBD-infused nitro cold brew that’s been selling out. “We have customers that come in regularly for it and new customers that will never drink any other coffee,” she says. “Our infused products have allowed people to enjoy coffee and feeling more alert, but without the jitters. It’s a little known secret that maybe shouldn’t be so secret.” Second & Seed also sells a CBDinfused finishing oil that customers can use for everything from guacamole to pesto and even drizzled on a flatbread. It’s made a popular gift, and a suitable compromise for folks curious but unsure about CBD. Following her lead, Sage Restaurant buys CBD from Second & Seed for specialty cocktails like “The Mad King” and “Stainless”—a $100 luxury cocktail blending 18-year-old Macallan Scotch, 15-year-old Drambuie, CBD-infused honey and angostura bitters. And Rosemary & Thyme has been in talks with Isaacson about a whole CBD-infused array of menu items, from appetizers to entrees. But while Mindful Medicinals has CBD snackers covered with gummies in stock, the real local edibles powerhouse—the Glenn Family Bakery offshoot CBD Baked Sweets—continues to see most of its business out of town. This means that CBD-infused cookies, triple chocolate brownies, peanut butter fudge and a whole array of gluten-free and vegan options from lemon bars to Bete Noirs and terrines, have been getting shipped to kava bars in St. Pete and boutiques as far away as Chicago and Houston. Maybe this year will see some more local deliveries. —P.Lederer S econd & Seed, 1231

2nd St., Sarasota, 941-260-9971, @secondandseed.

While the quirky freelance artist and muralist now resides in St. Petersburg, Elle LeBlanc hasn’t forgotten her Sarasotan roots. Within just a year’s time, her identifiable wall work can now be found extensively throughout various local establishments. Take a field trip around town to her recent mural imprints, including the simplistic, black-and-white musings in the newly-renovated Libby’s Brasserie, the healthful veggies and cooking devices spattered around Lemon Tree Kitchen, a tropical Aloha-inspired collage throughout Fushipoke, abstract tinkerings displayed in the bathrooms at Urbanite Theater and colorful fairy wings painted on the exterior wall of SwimCity shop. LeBlanc’s contemporary brushwork not only enhances modern spaces, but creates a sense of stimulating warmth. She attributes her freeform flair to loosely restricting herself—focusing on primary colors, playful shapes, silhouettes and basic outlines. —B.Mattie, @elleleblanc_

8 “I love the idea that such pure elements of design can come together into a composition that has never been executed quite the same way.” Elle LeBlanc, Artist

On the Cutting Wedge One inch, two inch, three inch, four . . .no one needs to explain the miracle of a platform shoe. Some extra altitude without compromising those toes? Genius. But the newest evolutionary phase has arrived, capable of dressing down a cocktail dress and dressing up a pair of jeans, all while seamlessly stretching calves and supporting ankles. Growth spurts have never looked so good now that The Platform Wedge has arrived in full style. With woven espadrille wedges combined with metallic, suede or see-through straps from T. Georgiano’s Boutique, or nude canvas tops and snakeskin straps from L Boutique, every combination of skirts, shorts, blouses, tees and dresses stands a chance. And the selection only gets funkier, like with Marmalade Salon & Boutique’s blush wedge booties with perforated tops. But please no socks with these high-standing sandals. —O.Liang T. Georgiano’s Boutique, 1409-B

SciFi WiFi

1st St., Sarasota, 941-870-3727, @tgeorgianos; Marmalade Salon & Boutique, 1927 South Osprey Ave., Sarasota, @marmaladesrqlove.

For snowbirds who have gone north for the summer or permanent residents escaping the humidity for a week or two, checking in on the home can be a hassle. Worrying only makes it worse. Did you set the alarm? Is the thermostat working? Has the sun scorched that priceless, leather couch? Have no fear, smarthomes are here. Via integrated home control systems, everything from motorized shades to lighting, climate control and security await your command no matter where you are. Smartphones are the newest command center, not only awarding piece of mind to the out-of-towner, but eliminating millions of switches and reducing energy usage, transforming the modern home into a sleek and sustainable haven. Pretty soon, “everything will be talking to each other,” according to Damien Blumetti, AIA, principal and founder of Damien Blumetti Architect in Sarasota. Tell your car to preheat the oven or get the mood light going ahead of time… it’s supposedly just around the corner. —O.Liang Damien Blumetti Architect, PO Box 527, Sarasota, 941-780-3401.

PICTURED RIGHT: Buddy Love blush snake tie-front blouse, $75, Treat Boutique, 1849-A Hillview St., Sarasota, 941-366-6369, @treatsrq. L’Agence Margot high-rise skinny snake pant, $325, The Met Fashion House. Dolce Vita Lesly Espedril wedge, $138, L.Boutique, @lboutiques. Wing mural outside of Swim City, 50 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota, @swim_city ources.

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Perks of Being a Wallflower

Good Baggage Surfs up, and your board deserves the royal treatment when being escorted to and from the beach. Surfers and SUPers are smartening up when it comes to protecting their precious cargo. Sheathing your board when not in use not only maintains its flawless form, but extend its shelf (and water) life. Boardbags and board socks do just that— effectively protecting the fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin from scrapes, nicks, dings and collisions with other boards. They also conveniently keep melty wax from rubbing off onto unwanted places and insulate your fishtail or longboard from harsh UV rays that cause delamination. Artist, illustrator and surfer girl Tash Chapman of Chapman At Sea designs bags as beautiful as the boards themselves. “My husband Joe and I like simple, rugged things and couldn’t find any surfboard bags that fit our style,” she says. “So we started making them ourselves, inspired by a tough, old WWII army bag I’d inherited from my grandfather. They were received really well and it was so much fun that I just kept designing.” Chapman focuses on hardwearing materials with a nautical touch— incorporating scraps of vintage or reclaimed fabrics and burlap sacks, thick felt for the inside and a protective patch of leather (or natural canvas for vegans) for the nose. Each creation is entirely handmade and comes finished with clean, reinforced seams and a bottom drawstring closure made of cotton sailing rope. “It feels good to be creating things that will be part of other people’s lives, go with them on their adventures and be a part of as many stories as my grandpa’s old army bag has been for me.” Chapman at Sea boardbags are made-to-order, ensuring a one-of-a-kind, customized creation—ready to make a splash leaning on your bedroom wall and atop the roof rack. —B.Mattie $160-$228,, @chapmanatsea

6 Samantha Benoit, soloist for the Sarasota Ballet is this year’s TrendSport’s model. Shown here checking for high-tide at The Sarasota Modern. Mata Roman leopard sandals, $35, Pineapple Lain Boutique, 407 South Pineapple Ave.,; Cowrie earrings, $22, Treat Boutique; Cowrie/puka necklaces and bracelets, $10-22, Marmalade Boutique; The Apatchee

34 | srq magazine_ SEPT19 live local

Below left:

Charlotte Osterman rolls out her new line of chic wallpapers.

Wallpaper had a hard time shedding its reputation as old-fashioned and intimidatingly permanent—until now. Peeling back for a big comeback, the polarizing paint alternative and longtime decor taboo has returned to fashion thanks to Pinterest’s 2019 Trends Report and hip lifestyle retailers like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. This return to form promises mod prints, dimensional fabrics that make it easy and economical to install (and remove) as ever before, plus eco-friendly materials that boast low VOCs (harmful gases sometimes created during the manufacturing process) and natural dyes. Offering more drama than wall paint or hanging art, the revival represents fearless fun and youthful innovation, a way to transform a room and reflect your personal style. Designers and homeowners are embracing some big, bold prints to paste across partitions. Insurge life into a space with tropical palm leaves, watercolor clouds, a sweeping landscape, marble specklings, whimsical botanicals or digitized geometrics. And if you’re still avoiding it because you’re afraid it’ll make a room feel stale or dated, local textile designer Charlotte Osterman is here to tear that faux pas down. The Sarasota native recently folded into the renaissance of wallpapers with a collection of bold, playful prints such as the ‘Azulejo’ and ‘Falling Orchid’ on premium matte paper. —B.Mattie, @charlotteosterman, shown below left.

0 Decorative tile junkie Brigid Hewes-Saah, Allied ASID and owner of Tile Market Sarasota, brings together the finest around the world, from Mediterranean to ultra-modern

Mosaic Milieus Grout-worthy arrangements of intricate, artful and geometric tilework are making statements and elevating bathroom floors, kitchen backsplashes and outdoor garden or pool areas. Designers, architects and homeowners are embracing a montage of ceramic or porcelain tile, terracotta, stone mosaics, inlaid decorative stones and metal or glass accents, as a decorative feature to create a focal point or bespoke border within a room. Decorative tile junkie Brigid Hewes-Saah, Allied ASID and owner of Tile Market of Sarasota, brings together the finest around the world, from Mediterranean to ultra-modern. For a coastal luxury home, or hotel lobby oasis, Oceanside Glasstile up-cycles high-end glass tiles from recycled glass bottles into geometric blends of iridescent patterns, in boundless shapes and colors. New Ravenna Mosaics handcrafts and fashions tiles into decorative borders, murals, field tile and medallions. Once cut, they can be tumbled, honed or treated to create distinctive imagery, subtle shade variations and texture tessellation. Through these purveyors, Hewes-Saah helps to curate these entangled looks of luxury that go far beyond a vapid, white subway tiling in the shower. “Tile can last a lifetime,” she says. “It is the most enduring element of design in your home.” Bursts of head-swiveling arrays of art seem to be around every bend, and they just so happen to be cemented onto the wall or floor. —B.Mattie Tile Market of Sarasota, 1962 Main St. #120,

Sarasota, 941-365-2356,

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Ready to Conquer Jazzercise, Zumba, Shake Weights, speed walking, kickboxing—fitness trends come in waves. But according to Dave Weiner, owner of Definition FIT, “the next natural step is to get out of the actual gym.” While exercising often becomes a task to check off the daily (or weekly… or monthly) docket, Weiner sees adventure goals quickly outnumbering the vanity goals for Sarasota residents. Think wanting to mountaineer versus gaining mirror muscle. Whether it’s due to a mid-life crisis or the dusty bucket list, Adventure Fitness Training has arrived with the help of personal trainers like Chase Pettey of ChaseFit, where you train with a purpose. Want to complete an Ironman, hike the Grand Canyon, rock climb in the Rockies, whitewater raft the Chattooga, go skiing in Tahoe or simply figure out what’s next? Adventure Fitness Training not only educates, trains and pushes you, but will get you up and out of the dreaded dumbbell doldrums. —O.Liang Definition FIT, 1471 5th St., Sarasota, 941-961-3271., 941-444-9716, @_chase.fit_, @theadventuretrainer

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11 years ago, Matt Goldy got married. Mazel tov. And his reception would have a special gift from the groom himself—home-brewed mead. At the time a rare commodity in town, the honey-based liquor had not quite caught on and commercial options were scant, if available at all. After all, the craft beer trend was just hitting Sarasota, so an old Viking brew made from bees rather than barley wasn’t quite on the radar yet. Goldy thought it would be a treat. He was right, and wrong. “It was underwhelming to say the least,” he says of his well-intentioned home-batch creation, “and I moved on.” But like those Vikings of old, mead had found a foothold and was set to conquer. Multiple meaderies have sprung up in Tampa, and this world’s oldest spirit sallies forth anew locally as well, to be found in liquor longhouses in both Bradenton and Sarasota, with options to be sampled at places like 99 Bottles, Oak & Stone, Mr. Beery’s, The Reserve, Lost Kangaroo, Good Liquid Brewing Co. and Mandeville Beer Garden, where Goldy manages the bar and rediscovered his love for the potent potable. “I was blown away at how good they were,” he says. “The diversity in meads is vast, from dry to sweet, fruity to herbal, spicy or nutty, wine-strength to beer-strength, still to champagne-style—the sky’s the limit.” Back to home-brewing his own mead, Goldy enjoys the freedom and enhances his by using local honeys and fruits, and hopes to start beekeeping in the future. —P.Lederer Mandeville Beer Garden, 428 North Lemon Ave., Sarasota, 941-954-8688. 99

We’ve all heard it. The sunrays paint over the Ringling Bridge, water rushes up and back on the Siesta shore, then the whirring flies in. You look up. A floating, buzzing, robot from the future peers down. Drones have successfully integrated themselves into the public sphere, so what’s next for them in the SRQ area? Brent Okuley, owner of The Artistry Network, an audio, video, photo and drone company, says that drone-use has reached an all-time high in the area due to the shootable shores. Tarpon swim the shoreline of Anna Maria Island, algae blooms grow in Manatee County and birds, boats and beaches never go out of style. But while anyone can purchase a drone online, a fraction of drone-flyers receive the proper certification and often shoot photos illegally, according to both The Artistry Network and John Vargues of VibeChaos Productions, two local drone cinematographers. Whether due to laziness, intimidation or indifference, state regulations are often ignored and many commercial pilots do not complete the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test in order to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate, leading to unsafe skies. So as drone magic and mayhem make their SRQ move, picture paradise with the proper paperwork. —

Bottles, 1445 2nd St., Sarasota, 941-487-7874. Oak & Stone, 5405 University Pkwy., Sarasota, 941225-4590. Mr. Beery’s, 2465 Mall Dr., Sarasota, 941-343-2854. The Reserve, 1322 North Tamiami Trl., Sarasota, 888-417-3737. Lost Kangaroo Pub, 406 12th St. W, Bradenton, 941-747-8114. Good Liquid Brewing Co., 4824 14th St. W, Bradenton, 941-896-6381.

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Justin and Tammy Norwood lend their baller fleet of luxury cars for private hire.

O.Liang The Artistry Network, VibeChaos

Productions, @_vibechaos_

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Rejoice The Royce

Now that you’ve likely “gone green,” stay there. Sarasota and Manatee Counties are winning the sustainability game by tirelessly educating the community and adding new, inventive ways to reduce local carbon footprints in everyday ways. An impressive amount of local foundations and organizations have formed over the last couple years with the same hands-on, purifying intentions to keep this paradise in tip-top shape. Rethinking Plastic Sarasota, Suncoast Rise Above Plastics Coalition,, Zero Waste Sarasota and Surfrider Foundation: Suncoast Chapter, are tenacious local resources with helpful advice on recycling and insight on how to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. Remember to avoid plastic straws/coffee stirs, use a canvas tote or basket for groceries instead of plastic bags, invest in a refillable water bottle instead of buying packs of plastic bottles and exposing of/cleaning up your trash properly. Head to any one of these forums for regional how-to guides or inspiration to get you back on the green line of the kinetic eco-friendly train. — B.Mattie

In a world full of trends, it’s a nice break to take the classic route sometimes. Sarasota natives and husband-wife duo Justin and Tammy Norwood left their corporate jobs to redefine luxury transportation. Revving the engine of a boutique transportation company, Revvies Luxury Transportation came to life upon curating a collection of exquisite sedans from the golden era of the automotive design (the 1940s, 50s and 60s). The Norwoods’ coveted motor cars from yesteryear were once reserved for royalty, heads of state and celebrities only to step foot in. Today, they’ve been meticulously restored by local craftsmen/artisans, and retrofitted with modern technology essentials (air conditioning and bluetooth a must) for private hire service rentals with worldclass chauffeurs. Experience a serious timehop in the 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, a royal rig to transport you back to eras where transportation was at its zenith. Plan a grand getaway from your wedding at The Ringling in the timeless elegance of a 1947 Cadillac Series Sedan. Or arrive in style like Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner to the Sarasota Orchestra in a six-figure vintage cruiser. Just try not to miss the show by asking the driver for one more joyride around the block. Coming this fall, the Norwoods will expand the Revvies collection to take on a new direction—launching a more modern fleet including the latest models of Bentleys, LandRovers and Rolls-Royces, to serve the emerging Sarasota jetset lifestyle. “We believe that the birth of Revvies aligns with the broader story of downtown Sarasota’s transformation,” says Justin. “The conventional definition of ‘luxury’ in Sarasota is being challenged and recalibrated for today. Our goal is to provide Sarasota’s residents with a transportation experience that they weren’t even expecting—but will come to adore.” —B.Mattie Revvies Luxury Transportation, 941-356-4249,, @revviesluxury

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Hammock Hangs, Family-Style

0 The Hembree family hanging around for sunset at Shell Beach in the ENO Double Deluxe Hammock. From left to right: Joe, James, Annabelle, Jacob, Joe and Melissa Hembree.

Time for a family nap? Pile in and snuggle for a sunset between two sturdy palms at Bird Key Park or the North Siesta Bridge for a swinging, cuddlesome hangout. It’s not hard to notice the uptick in hammocks hanging in scenic locales. Luckily locally-owned adventure shop Environeers carries industry-leading Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO). With a weight capacity of 400 lbs, the DoubleDeluxe Hammock allows mom, dad and even little ones to get close, while staying close to nature. Not only spatially palatial, suspend off-ground with multiple bodies relaxed and at ease, due to the DoubleDeluxe’s heavyduty triple-stitched seams and 70D high-tenacity Nylon Taffeta, with aluminum wiregate carabiners on each end for locked-in support. “The ENO DoubleDeluxe parachute hammock is big enough for two—and then some,” says Sheila Siegal, part owner of Environeers. “Your family can be blissfully relaxed in suspended comfort and it easily stuffs into the attached, compression sack, making it the ideal travel companion. Take it anywhere, set it up in seconds flat, lay back and relax!” —B. Mattie $85, Environeers Adventure Outfitters, 5373 Fruitville

Rd., Sarasota, 941-371-6208, @environeerssrq

Jack of All Trades Fresh, baked, boiled, fried, souped or saladed—jackfruit is packed with fiber, low in calories and only weighs 65 pounds. Well… the maturest of the mature. Often labeled as a pulled pork substitute, jackfruit shreds when young, then softens and sweetens into a banana-like consistency when fully ripe. Extremely versatile, the jackfruit fits into practically any dish: sandwiches to smoothies. Try The Overton’s JackFruit Tacos for a taste of cumin barbeque jackfruit over pickled green papaya, smashed avocado, spicy pumpkin seeds and cilantro, or veg-out with a Jackfruit Brisket Bowl with barbecue flavors and vegan sweet horseradish sauce from Veg. Of course, you could always live that permaculture life and plant a drought-resistant, easy-to-grow jackfruit tree in the backyard and never go hungry again. But for the less enthused, jackfruit is also available year-round from Detwiler’s Farm Market. Plant, pick, cook and crave this Southeast Asian tree fruit. —O.Liang The Overton, 1420 Blvd. of the Arts, Sarasota, 941-500-9175; VEG, 2164 Gulf Gate Dr., Sarasota, 941-312-6424; Detwiler’s Farm Market, Sarasota, 941-378-2727.

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Jersey Boys Gone are the days men succumbed to thick, itchy wool suits. For a slightly more casual vibe, and definitely a cooler one, jersey knits are being made into “performance suits” for menswear garments that perform, or function, to help active men be comfortable and avoid sweat-filled insulation. High-end designers are implementing “hightech fabric intelligence and moisturemanagement” by fashioning stretchy, breathable textiles for an athletic fit. Link up with Geoffrey Michel, coowner of The Met Fashion House, for a personal shopping experience of this welcomed, and likely here to stay, trend. At The Met, find Italian Designer Angelo Nardelli, who specializes in this “new formalwear,” with a 2019 collection of stylishly-stitched suits in the sporty, stretch jersey fabric. Sport it with a casual sneaker or a dress shoe— either way you’re keeping cool, looking sharp, and able to reach across the table without unbuttoning your jacket. —B.Mattie The Met Fashion House, 35 South

Blvd. of the Presidents, Sarasota, 941-388-3991, @themetfashionhouse PICTURED: Angelo Nardelli Salento navy suit, $795, John Smedley Adrian white polo shirt, $235, Good Man Brand Legend Lo Top shoe, $198, Eleventy First Class brown leather backpack, $795, The Met Fashion House.

Dispatch to the Pacific Going Green While red tide threatens havoc on the shorelines, a green tide of medical marijuana has been helping to keep things a bit mellower inland, with the industry booming and patients of all sorts turning to the previously maligned plant for a variety of therapeutic applications. As of July, the state of Florida held more than 240,000 qualified and active patients, while adding an average 5,000 card-carrying cannabis connoisseurs each week, all fueling an explosion of 142 dispensaries across the state. “Florida is becoming the largest medical cannabis program in the country, very rapidly,” says Todd Beckwith, global marketing director for AltMed, the parent company behind the Müv dispensaries located throughout Sarasota and Bradenton. Opening its first dispensary in June 2018, the company already expanded to six locations, including a Fruitville Road store that services tens of thousands of patients. Part of this stems from a successful business model, Beckwith says, that includes a wide variety of delivery methods, ranging from gels, creams, sprays and patches to good old-fashioned flower to be smoked, all made available in something more akin to an Apple store than a black market. But much stems from location, and Southwest Florida’s role as “early adopters” of best practices and necessary infrastructure, including some 2,300 physicians certified to prescribe medical marijuana. And those expecting Reefer Madness Redux shouldn’t hold their breath, according to Beckwith. “The sky falling never happened,” he says. “Just the opposite.” And with a thriving market in place and full of competitors like Trulieve and VidaCann, he’s ready to see the stigma around medical marijuana erased and replaced with earnest efforts to make it even more available to patients in need. “This isn’t a red issue. This isn’t a blue issue. This is a healthcare issue,” says Beckwith. “Our mission is to bring cannabis out of the shadows and into the spotlight.” —P.Lederer Muv Medical Cannabis Dispensary, 5045 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, 833-880-5420; Trulieve, 935 North Beneva Rd. #707, Sarasota, 941-444-6845; VidaCann, 5203 Cortez Rd. W Unit 6, 941-254-7494.

Polar Opposites

7 Adventure athlete and founder of Chasefit, Chase Pettey bending the rules in a performance-wear suit trending for men with athletic builds.

It’s time to freeze it off and sweat it out, folks. We’re talking Cryotherapy and Sweat Lodges, but maybe not one right after the other. Cryotherapy, often utilized by professional athletes for joint recovery, involves a 2–3 minute submersion in a liquid nitrogen tank, sinking to temperatures around -230°. The Athlete’s Room offers the only tank in Manatee County, which can benefit athletic performance, post-surgical recovery, metabolic boosts, anti-aging and weight loss effects and the reduction of stress, insomnia and depression symptoms. Or for those in fear of the tank, Cryo Studio Sarasota offers Cryo Slimming for fat freezing and reduction, Cryo Toning for stubborn cellulite and unwanted wrinkles, as well as Cryoskin Facials, a nonsurgical face-lifting to reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin elasticity. And then for those of you who like it hot, whether you’re in the mood for a detox, body healing or simply some you-time to disengage, Purify Sweat Lodge aids in speeding up metabolism, accelerating weight loss, clearing skin and even mending sleep patterns. Body wraps gently climb to 140° and with it, heart rate accelerates, blood circulates and sweat shall sweat. Get hot, get cold, maybe have someone’s hand to hold. —O.Liang The Athlete’s Room, LLC, 5534

Pacific Rim flavors are juicier than ever—think tropical fruits from Oceania, Asia and western coasts of North and South America. Fresh guava, dragon fruit and passion fruit are popping up in Farmers Markets and cocktail menus around town. Match Rosemary & Thyme’s Guava-Glazed Salmon with Blasé Café’s Siesta Storm, a passionfruit, ginger beer and rum, citrus concoction. Or taste it all with guava ice cream, dragon fruit cookies and passion fruit dehydrated granolas at The Beach Market, available only at the Sarasota Farmers Market. Throw these fruits in a blender and see what comes out, or glaze and grill with cuttlefish from Big Water Fish Market, a fancy Pacific Rim cousin of octopus. Travel the world without ever leaving the table. —O.Liang Rosemary & Thyme, 511 N. Orange Ave., Sarasota, 941-955-7600. Blasé Café, 5263 Ocean Blvd., Sarasota, 941-349-9822. The Beach Markets, 727-300-6551. Big Water Fish Market, 6641 Midnight Pass Rd., Sarasota, 941-554-8108.

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Guava-Glazed Salmon from Rosemary & Thyme.

Jack Be NIMBY Sarasotans are famously proud of the paradise in their backyards, as they are notoriously particular about what gets built there. For decades, development and preservation have been the yin and yang of Sarasota—with each side claiming the light for their own— and every significant structure a skirmish. Think Siesta Promenade last year. Think the “come as you are” shelter recommended in 2014 by urban homeless expert Robert Marbut was hailed as a good idea, and he a trusted source, until it came time to find a place to build the thing. Then the project went through 80 possible sites—each rejected for some reason or another—before being shelved entirely. Similar battles rage today as both the Sarasota Orchestra and Selby Gardens plan big moves. With donors and developers reluctant to build on the waterfront, the Orchestra already tried a move to Payne Park, only to be soundly beaten back by neighborhood advocates fighting to preserve green space. Selby Gardens designed its new parking garage to be so green as to be net-positive in its impact, but surrounding neighbors have still expressed considerable consternation at the idea of a multi-story development overlooking Marie Selby’s memory. And with fierce champions and staunch defenders on each side, the probability for peace seems low —P.Lederer

34th St. W., Bradenton, 941-751-8069. Cryo Studio Sarasota, 3800 S. Tamiami Trl., Suite 26, Sarasota, 941-241-7358. Purify Sweat Lodge, 553 S. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, 941-993-1931.

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It’s a Dog’s Life Somewhere between microwavable dinners and child leashes, it was decided that our canine companions would rather be chewing on hunks of rubber than bones and bits of actual animals, but plenty of owners and vendors have been pushing back against the trend—and to great success. Paradise Gourmet Healthy Pet Bakery has been making the rounds at regional farmers markets for the last few years, selling antlers and ears for pups to chew on, and 2016 saw the arrival of the Woof Gang Bakery, followed by Three Dog Bakery and Wet Noses—all emphasizing natural treats over processed foods and rubber doodads—but the trend reached new heights late last year with the arrival of Crate & Marrow in Venice. Only the second location in what could be a budding chain, owners Karen and Sean Quillen brought their grassroots and back-to-basics philosophy of puppy pampering to Venice as the couple moved here from Charlottesville, VA, and local pet owners are straining at the collar for more. From elk antlers to pig ears, no-hide chews and bully sticks, chicken feet, duck feet, beef cheek, quail jerky and a wide assortment of raw and lightly cooked foods (made with proteins ranging from kangaroo to alligator), Crate & Marrow offers near endless options and flavors to craft a “species-appropriate diet” for even the most finicky furry friend. “I supply what the dogs have taught me they want,” says Karen, but she encourages every owner see for themselves. “Put a Milk Bone Biscuit beside a chicken heart and let your dog choose.” —P.Lederer

9 Winston the English bulldog chewing on a “Bully Stick” dog treat, $8, from Crate & Marrow.

Crate & Marrow, 235 Miami Ave. W, Venice, 941-218-6770. Paradise Pet Gourmet Healthy Pet Bakery, 941-4790732. Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, 28 South Boulevard of the Presidents, Sarasota, 941-203-8334. Three Dog Bakery, 8455 Cooper Creek Blvd., Bradenton, 941-3550399. Wet Noses, 1465 Main St., Sarasota, 941-388-3647.

Printing Emulates Life Sometimes grandma just wants some peace and quiet, and other times she wants a three-dimensional sculptural profile of her grandson’s face. While the former may seem the more easily attainable, the proliferation of publicly available 3D printers in the Sarasota area says otherwise. “It’s insane the reach it has,” says Kelly Stuart of TotalSurface 3D, where an influx of personal projects has emerged alongside the usual industrial applications, with consumers from all walks of life finding fun and utility in the growing technology. Stuart herself has printed door hooks for her house and a Baby Groot for her desk, as well as equipment for her mother’s massage therapy business. And yes, a doting grandmother did ask to make a profile of her grandson’s face. And, yes, they did it and it worked. For those looking to try their hand, the Selby Public Library creation station has 3D printing classes available that have grown into some of the most popular on offer, with curious creatives from age six to 80 all helping each other learn the ropes. Keychains are common projects, and the printers are great for recreating simple shapes like missing pieces from board games, but artists have also tackled more complex shapes in the open lab, such as original character models and stencils for screenprinting. A student from New College even printed a robotic hand, piece by piece, for his thesis project. “Everything has to be done piecemeal,” says Selby Library’s Laura Hampton, “but people make it happen.” At the Faulhaber Fab Lab, a fourth 3D printer has just been installed, meeting a local demand by entrepreneurs and students alike. Great for prototyping, one woman used the Fab Lab to design a line of feminine hygiene products to launch her own small business. Another local business-owner uses Fab Lab machines to create custom pieces for violins, sidestepping pricy go-betweens for hard-to-get items. And in the Faulhaber Helping Hands Prosthetic Club, local high school students put their new skills to philanthropic endeavors, creating a functioning prosthetic arm for a man in Peru. And with more fulltime staff alongside new machines, expect even more success stories to come, says Jennifer Sams, Fab Lab’s director of marketing and communications. “We offer a place where people with all sorts of ideas can bring them to life.” —P.Lederer TotalSurface 3D, 2024 Whitfield Park Dr. C#22, Sarasota, 941-226-0770; Selby Public Library, 1331 1st St., Sarasota, 941-861-1100; Faulhaber Fab Lab, 4452 South Beneva Rd., Sarasota, 941-840-4394. SRQ

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