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Empowering And Inspiring The Srilankan Culture in the US

Los Angeles has witnessed lots of interesting events and carnivals of SLF in the city for several years. These events are organized by Sri Lanka Foundation in order to promote the culture and beliefs of Sri Lanka among people in the USA. The Sri Lanka Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower and encourage hope for better lives and business of Sri Lankan and associated communities all over the world. Each year, this organization organizes a number of events and carnivals where many Sri Lankan expatriates and residents join hands together and advance their culture in the United States and worldwide. Founded by Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, a doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sri Lanka Foundation play an important role in inspiring and making Sri Lankan people achieve more. Here are some well known events by SLF:

Sri Lanka Day Sri Lanka Day is the most popular event by Sri Lanka Foundation. Every year, this event attracts more than 100,000 visitors. It takes attendees on a small tour to Sri Lanka through dances, traditional foods, art, theatre and music. It is a yearly carnival and honor to the culture and legacy of people from Sri Lanka. People can also have amazing shopping experience by buying striking fashion outfits and accessories, souvenirs and objects. This event is all about fun of feeling Sri Lankan culture in the United States.

The Young Expatriate Sri Lankans (YES!) World Youth Conference Hosted by SLF, the Young Expatriate Sri Lankans (YES!) World Youth Conference is for the young generation from Sri Lanka origin. The YES! The World Youth Conference offers a chance for youngsters to network, discover about Sri Lankan culture and to expand plans to assist Sri Lanka. Fashion Show and beauty pageant The Sri Lanka Foundation also hosts fashion show and annual Miss Sri Lanka America beauty pageant. This event is organized to showcase ethnic exquisiteness of Sri Lanka to the American majority.

The “Sri Lanka Day Expo This is a yearly one day event that shows and promotes businesses, musicians, food and dancers from Sri Lanka. The expo catches the attention of almost a hundred thousand people, including Americans and Sri Lankans from across the globe to experience the culture of Sri Lanka. At this event, Perahera, the cultural parade is a major attraction.

SLF Awards Ceremony 2016 – Coming Soon ‘The SLF Awards’ is also a popular event hosted by Sri Lanka Foundation in Los Angeles, California to give due gratitude and honor to deserving persons of the Sri Lankan expatriate group in each area of human discipline. Like every year, this event is all set to entertain and honor people on 20th November 2016. The SLF award ceremony is going to take place at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel, 506 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90071, United States.

SLF is honoring people with a vision ‘Inspire and Achieve’ and distinguishing Sri Lankan expatriates worldwide who endeavor to attain their goals in the mission. For more than a decade, the foundation has chosen some of the most brilliant and exceptional awards in different professions such as Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Engineers, Musicians and more. This time too, SLF is looking out for persons with unknown talents to dive forward to be the winner and display their brilliance to the world. The Sri Lanka Foundation Awards will be distributed in following categories:     

Lifetime Achievement Award Exceptional Achievement Award Outstanding Performance by Young Professional Srimerican of the Year President’s Award

The award ceremony will be held on upcoming Sunday, 20th November from 11 am to 5 pm. This event is speculated to be filled with entertaining performances and programs including:             

Cocktail Hour in Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room Doors open to the Crystal Ballroom Welcome to the SLF Awards Ceremony 2016 MC Alkamalee Jabbar introduces the SLF Award winners Welcome speeches by Founder & President of 
Sri Lanka Foundation Sri Lankan & U.S. National Anthems with
 Lighting of the Oil Lamp Welcome dance by Sri Lanka Foundation
 Performing Arts Center SLF Awards presentation Buffet lunch & music in Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room Raffle ticket draw in the Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room Music for Dancing by Colorblind with Tony & Nicola Elegance by Anarkalli presents Serendipity 
Fashion Show Music for Dancing by Colorblind with Tony & Nicola

AddressSri Lanka Foundation 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90057 Phone: (213) 483 0126 Fax: (213) 413 1233 More info- Email:

Empowering and inspiring the srilankan culture in the us  

Los Angeles has witnessed lots of interesting events and carnivals of SLF in the city for several years. These events are organized by Sri L...

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