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ACORNS Healthy Relationships means Happy Futures




What is it?

ACORNS is a preventative 16 session programme aimed at reducing the chances of children using aggression or violence to resolve problems.

Why is it needed?

The course teaches them positive cognitive and social skills to help them resolve arguments. It also helps them deal with emotions in a positive way and boosts their self-confidence and independence. On the Acorns Course children learn about  Why it is important to RESPECT people(even when you don’t agree)  How to keep an argument from getting nasty or VIOLENT  How to make the best decisions for the FUTURE

ACORNS Programme

Session 1 Beliefs what is important to you? Session 2 How to control my Anger Session 3 Hey Anger You Make Me Sick Session 4 Who wants to be a Superhero? Session 5 Knowing when to Walk Away Session 6 How to Predict the Future Session 7 Face the Music - Accepting Responsibility  Session 8 How to get on even when you disagree  Session 9 Talk Your Way Out of It  Session 10 Looking to the Future       

Children and Families Who is the Course for? Who delivers it?

Age 8-13 Other ages by arrangement The programme is coordinated by Crewe Women’s Aid and delivered by a range of partners across Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Partnership. At different venues across Cheshire East

Where does it run? 2 hours per week for 16 weeks How long is it? Who would refer?

How to refer?

Anyone working with survivors of domestic abuse. We also accept self referrals for this course Using the short referral form on our website, by emailing or calling the office on 01270 250390/ 07809480139 This course is free

What does it cost? Who to contact?

Contact Michelle Richards, Children’s Interventions Coordinator at or calling the office on 01270 250390/ 07809480139

Contact: Michelle Richards – Children’s Interventions Coordinator At Crewe Women’s Aid 01270 250391

Developed by

Protagoras Forensic Consultants Ltd.

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