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December 2011


John & Gail’s Story W

hat type of dog is that? Are they albinos? I’ve never seen a white boxer before!

It all started 14 years ago with Suzie our first white boxer who can best be described as the quintessential “mother”. She started life with a much older kelpie cross “Skipper” who didn’t have too much time for her so Suzie spent most of her time with Mum (Gail). As she grew mum socialised her with family, friends and all sorts of animal life to the extent that when a stray cat moved in with her new kittens Suzie mothered them so much that the kittens would often sleep with her and continually follow her around. I really think she thought that she’d given birth to them. Well I guess it worked for her! When Suzie was not being mother cat she would be checking the welfare of “Thumper” (you guessed it a rabbit) who would beat her up so often that we thought thumper was a boxer. Anyway, Suzie took these “thumps”in the good nature that epitomized her wonderful temperament. Throughout her life I never saw Suzie once growl at or “boof” another dog. She was only too happy to be everyone”s friend, and funnily enough she was. You could say she was the BEST Dog you could ever wish for. (I know a rather overused clich’e.)

When we lost her to cancer at the age of 12 it was indeed a very sad, sad day in our household. However we considered ourselves very lucky to have been blessed with such a magnificent boxer. We vowed that we could not ever replace her. However as is often the case when you see something that stirs wonderful memories you want to chase it and hold onto it (or in this case them.). Fast forward to 24 December 2009 and two little white boxers named Rocky and Mia (aka Search and Destroy, The Twins) who are our current bundles of joy and work in progress.

The experience to date could best be described as an enlightening, entertaining and educational journey. These are the first dogs that we’ve ever

Mia First Pass

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August 2011-2012

Annual General Meeting: The AGM for Springwood Dog Training Club was held on the 25th August 2011. We had several new members attend our meeting. It was great to see them and thank you for coming along. Committee for 2012 is: Lynn Olson Vicki Finn Leanne Brown Ella Sweeney Bill & Ella Sweeney Robyn Assar Trevor Mawer Paul Kelly Dorothy Luker Wally Campbell Sarah Visser Ella Sweeney & Lynn Forward Ella Sweeney Nicola Read Ron Amann David Brown Charnie Cameron, Vicki Cooper, John & Gail Cameron, Paul & Maryjka Kelly

Annual General Meeting held at the clubhouse on 23rd August 2012 at 7:30pm. There will be no dog training on that night. Web Site: Email:


Honary Members: Pam Waters, Lesley Piggott.

Training Nights at Lomatia Park Agility: Monday 7:30pm Obedience: Thursday 7:30pm Wet weather call Bounce back on 19922767 text dogtraining and you will get a message back whether the oval is open or not.


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Dot Luker, Ann Moy, Ron Amann, Wally Campbell.

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. CO

They will all be working hard for our club and representing you. Remember you are always welcome to attend our club’s General meetings at the Red Cross Hall Springwood on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm. Except December.


President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Obedience Trial Manager: Obedience Trial Secretary: Agility Trial Manager 2012: Agility Trial Secretary 2012: Trophy Officer: Table Manager Obedience: Table Manager Agility: Shop Manager: Website and Newsletter Co-Ordinator: Chief Instructor Agility Chief Instructor Obedience Sporting Representative General Committee:






465 Great Western Highway Faulconbridge

4751 6119

Fax 4751 1745

Shane Grundy

John & Gail’s Story continued obedience trained or trialled with. It has indeed been an experience that is still in the writing. Around 4 months we commenced socialising the Twins at puppy pre-school and taking them on the Sunday drives to dog friendly Windsor or, Balmain. They liked all the attention. Mia was quite the lady taking in all the attention with etiquette and poise. Rocky on the other hand thinking he was the centre of everyone’s world and developed what we now describe as the Look at me! Look at me! strut. He should be on the cat (sorry) dog walk!

participating in the 2011 Royal Easter Show where the boxer was the show case breed. Over the 4 days we were there we met a lot of people who also owned white boxers and shared with us family snaps and stories. The Twins totally enjoyed the experience and attention.

However the crowning glory was when the Twins finally entered their first obedience trials over the October long weekend this year, just prior to their second birthday. Mum and Dad were both nervous and proud parents. The highlight of the Weekend Gail with Mia being when Mia obtained her Around the same time we first pass in CCD at the state titles commenced obedience training and agility no less. Rocky? Well he is still struttin, trying and once a week for a little fun. Whilst neither of saying look at me look at me I’m Mia’s brother them broke any records they sure seemed to and by the way we’re White Boxers. enjoy themselves Rocky liking it a little more than Mia especially when he got up on top of the A frame where he could say: Look at me! Look at me! Our attempts to practice consistency and inspire obedience has not been without a few trials and tribulations. Such as the time when we were visited by relatives. Whilst the obedience side had been going well, the Twins get very excited when visitors call and tend to greet them at the door with double half twists with pikes and backward somersaults. Hence we banished them downstairs so they would play in the yard. Well so we thought! Rather than exploring the backyard they were indulging their cultured side “appreciating” an antique Italian chair which was a family air loom. They sure showed us. How dare you not include us in the family get together! They ripped both side arms then set to work on the settee gouging holes in two of the cushions. We all learnt a lesson that day. Another most fulfilling experiences was

John with Rock

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practical day on the fundamentals of Rally-O rules. Lyn2Forwood and I attended a Rally-O Workshop, this involved dayis The days were well presented by Christina Lowe from Tasmaniaone who practical day on the fundamentals of Rally-O rules. obedience judge. The 2 days were well known presented by Christina Lowe i Rally obedience (also as Rally or Rally-O is afrom newTasmania dog sportwho based obedience judge. was originally devised in USA by Charles Kramer. Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O is a new dog sport base Unlike regular instead • Rally-O is anobedience, exciting new sport of for waiting dogs. for the judge’s orders, then c was originally devised in USA by Charles around a course of designated stations with Kramer. theand dogtheir in heel position. The c • Rally-O is fun and e xciting for both handlers dogs. Unlike regular obedience, instead of waiting for the judge’s orders, then to• 20 signs that instruct the team what to do. Unlike traditional obedience, Rally-O can be combined with traditional obedience with around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The allowed to benefits encourage dogs during the course. for their both disciplines. to 20 are signs thatlevels instruct the team what to do. Unlike traditional obedience There three in Rally: Hi all allowed to encourage their dogsinvolved duringone theday course. Novice, the beginner’s Lyn Forwood and I  attended a Rally-O Workshop, thisclass of theory and a practical There three levels Rally: day on the fundamentals of Rally-O rules.  are Advanced, for in dogs that have completed their novice title. The 2 days were well by the Christina Lowe from Tasmania is an ANKC licensed Novice, class presented Excellent, forbeginner’s dogs who have theirwho advance title. obedience judge.  Advanced, for dogs that have completed their novice  The next level is the Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE)title. title, in wh Rally obedience (also known as Rally or Rally-O is a new dog sport based on obedience. It was  Excellent, for dogs who have their advance title. in Kramer. both Advanced and Excellent in 10 trials. originally devised in USAqualify by Charles The next level the Advanced  70pts outofof 100is=for pass 3 pass = title. (RAE) Unlike regular obedience, instead waiting theRally judge’s orders, thenExcellent competitors proceedtitle, in w around a course of designated withAdvanced the dog in heel The course qualifystations in both andposition. Excellent in 10consists trials.of 10 to 20 signs that instructthe team Unlike traditional obedience, 70ptswhat out toofdo. 100 = pass 3 passhandlers = title.are allowed to


encourage their dogs during the course. There are three levels in Rally:

Rally is a sport • Novice, the beginner’s class

in which the dog and Handler complete a course that has b the Handler to begin, and the Rally is a sport in which the dog and Handler complete a course thatathas • Excellent, for dogs who have their advance title. heel through the designated course demonstrating the skills required eac advance byonthe Judge. Judge theproviding Handler toinstructions begin, and reg the • The next level is the Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title, in which the team has to qualify in both depending theRally level). EachThe station hastells a sign Advancedheel and Excellent inthe 10 trials. through designated course demonstrating the skills required at ea is to be performed. • 70pts out of 100 = pass 3 pass = title. depending on the level). Each station has a sign providing instructions re Rally is a sport in which the dog and Handler complete a course that has been designed in is Rally toas beJudge. performed. We members aretellseager to past thisand information and instruct o advance by the The Judge the Handler to begin, the dog and Handler • Advanced, for dogs that have completed their novice title. advance by the Rally Judge. The Judge tells

on Rally- O. We as members are eager to past this information and instruct onareRallyWe as members eager toO. past this information and instruct other members on Rally-O. heel through the designated course demonstrating the skills required at each station (10 -20, depending on the level). Each station has a sign providing instructions regarding the skill that is to be performed. Vicki Finn

Vicki Finn

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Only a Mother Would know? O

ne day my mother was out and my dad was in charge of me.

I was maybe 2 ½ years old. Someone had given me a little ‘tea set’ as a gift, and it was one of my favourite toys. Daddy was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when I brought him a little cup of ‘tea’, which was just water. After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my mum came home. My dad made her wait in the living room to watch me bring him a cup of tea, because it was ‘just the cutest thing!’ Mum waited, and sure enough, here I came down the hall with a cup of tea for Daddy; and she watched him drink it up.

Then she said, (as only a mother would know), “Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water, is the toilet?”

Advertising Charges ¼ page is $10.00 per month ½ page is $15.00 per month Please contact Ella at

Wet Weather Exemptions W

e have been given an exemption to train during wet weather in certain circumstances? If it has been dry at Lomatia Park while raining further up the mountain or when the message on the council phone number is an old one we may send a text message to 19922767 with Dog Training in subject area and a company called Bounce Back will then tell you if we can use the oval that night the call will cost 55 cents. Please also remember renewal of membership is due at the end of the month.

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Chewing And Destructive Behaviour WHY DO PUPPIES CHEW AND DESTROY THINGS? Puppies chew things – it’s a fact of life! As for why they do it, there are a number of reasons: • inquisitive exploration – mouths are the most sensitive part of a puppy, so they learn the most about something by putting it in their mouth. • teething - chewing helps their little teeth break through the gums and relieves the pain. • they’re just bored – hey, if we could do it, we probably would! While most dogs grow out of destructive chewing, it can develop into a real problem when your belongings are damaged or completely destroyed. It can also be dangerous, and even fatal, for your puppy. So you need to take action now.

HOW DO I CONTROL MY PUPPY’S CHEWING HABITS? Yes, it’s frustrating seeing your brand new shoes or lounge suite looking like they’ve gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, but there are some things you can do to curb the destructive habits: Send puppy to their room When you are not around to police your puppy’s chewing, confine them to a room without precious belongings or dangerous items. Even when you are there, try to keep the things that you don’t want pup chomping on well out of reach. Give them a chewable alternative The ideal chew toy varies from one puppy to the next - depending on the size of their mouth, their teeth, chewing capabilities and personal taste. The staff at your veterinary clinic can help you choose the perfect toys for puppy to get his or her teeth into.

Greeting Cards,

Hand Made

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Get Well, Sympathy, Births, Deaths, New Home, Bon Voyage, Christmas etc

Includes Verse and Envelope Enquiries: or see Lynn on Training nights.

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Greeting Cards Hand Made 

Tibetan Spaniel T

he Tibetan spaniel is misnamed because although it originated in Tibet, it has no real spaniel heritage in its ancestry. Small monastery dogs are thought to be the Tibbies predecessors. These small dogs accompanied the Lamas, turned prayer wheels and performed watch dog duties in the monasteries. They also became known as “lion dogs� that were sent to and received from China and other Buddhist countries as highly prized gifts. Tibbies were imported into England in the late 19th century but didn’t reach the US until 1965 when a breeding pair was brought in from a Tibetan monastery. The AKC recognized the breed in 1984. Tibbies make great companion dogs and watch dogs.

TEMPERAMENT: The Tibbie is lively, cheerful, affectionate, alert, very intelligent and thrives on lots of human companionship. Tibetan Spaniels are calm, playful and very good natured and they do well with considerate older children. The Tibbie is very devoted to its family and if properly socialized will get along well with other cats and dogs and family pets. This breed is quite reserved with strangers and may bark when they approach. Tibbies are somewhat independent and difficult to train but reward-based training will be effective as they are intelligent and eager to please. Tibetan Spaniels do fine with first time or novice owners and make fairly good watchdogs

EXERCISE: Tibbies can adapt equally well to apartment living or living on a farm. They only need a daily twice-walk or a play session in the yard. Tibbies are quite agile and sure footed climbers and love to perch on window sills and cabinets surveying their domain

HEALTH ISSUES: Tibetan Spaniels are quite healthy and can be expected to live for 12 to 15 years. The breed is slow to mature and there are no common health problems although some bloodlines have been known to exhibit later-onset progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts and allergies. Prospective buyers should ask for the breeding parents Canine Eye Registry (CERF) recent ophthalmologists report for eye disorders Chelsea, 14 weeks old. Curtesy of my sister-in-law Mary

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Christmas Party & Presentation

8 th

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Agility Results Leanne & Eisha at Agility last weekend did very well. • In Agility she got 1st in Novic • In Jumping she also got 1st in JDX and 3rd in Gamblers go Eisha!

Obedience Results

Sutherland obedience trial was a bit of a disaster for us mmm. Marla hurt her paw badly and needed to have complete rest for a week, she is fine now thank goodness, and Elsa won George Bartolo’s UD ring then Bill realized he had ran the wrong dog in the wrong ring lol... poor George was upset as she was the only dog through but that’s dog trialing for you mmm. Newcastle was a lot better for the Sweeney’s a busy and hot weekend but we all arrived home in one piece? • 18/11/2011 Marla won the UDX Ring judge E Temby • 18/11/2011 Marla also won her UD ring with E Temby • 18/2011 Elsa came 3rd in ud ring with Judge C Giles • 19/11/2011 Marla won her UD ring with judge P Hartwell The Friday was an extremely hot night and too hot for Elsa first in the ring. Nobody got through UDX that night which is quite common as it is hard to get through and Eisha did really well but as Leanne and David kindly offered to Steward in Pauline Hartwells ring poor Eisha was left to the last and had no chance to get ready for the ring which was a shame as the points she had got were really good had she got through she could quite easily have won her ring... next time Eisha! 26/11/2011 At The Blue Mountains Club • Marla came first in Jilkl Kaldour’s UD Ring on 190 points • Elsa came second in the same ring on 186 points Last Obedience Trial of the year and Springwood Club had a great night our little Eisha was the hero of the night. • Eisha & Leanne got her first pass in the Open (CDX Ring) with judge J Bray. Yeah! • Marla won the UDX Ring with K Charnock on 181 points • Marla also came 1st in D Anderson’s Ring on 195 points. • Elsa came 2nd in G Fields ring on 176 points. Fantastic prizes wow! Thats Trialing over in Obedince until February maybe agility not sure!


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The Mystery Mutt

by Lynn Olsen


Who am I

In Northwestern Alaska, a tribe of Innuit, developed a breed of dog for hauling heavy loads in harsh weather and assisting with hunting. The dog they developed shares its ancestry with other arctic breeds: the Samoyed of Russia, the Siberian Husky and the Eskimo dogs of Greenland and Labrador. However, this dog was not built for speed, but for power and his impressive stature supports this fact. This is a large, solid dog with a thick weatherproof coat that can be black, grey, or red with distinctive white markings. In many ways, the breed is visually like his distant cousin the wolf. However, this is a domesticated dog and is not a wolf hybrid. Colours are wolf gray, black, sable and red, all with white markings. White markings normally appear as a cap or mask on the face, on the legs and feet and on the belly. A white blaze on the forehead or a spot on the neck is also seen. Dogs ideally measure between 64 - 71cms at the withers and bitches measure between 58 - 66cms. Both dogs and bitches weigh between 38 - 56kgs. With their physical resemblance to wolves, most people assume this dog will be good guard dogs. Nothing can be further from the truth! They are extremely friendly, affectionate dogs even to complete strangers and they seldom bark! They are loyal and noble dogs but can display dominant behaviour to other dogs of the same sex. They will get on well with children but there should be supervision from an adult at all times. Whilst inherently gentle, this breed needs to learn at an early age how fragile human children are in order to prevent accidental injuries. As long as they have been introduced to other household pets from a young age, they will accept them. Owners should make allowances for the breed’s need to both howl and dig, providing an appropriate time and place to do both. Some breeders say the scavenging instinct is also strong in the breed and warn against a tendency to raid the bin. It is not recommend for novice dog owners to acquire this breed. Although this breed will never respond to commands at lightening speed, it can learn obedience and agility commands and will perform them competently.


Quote Of The Month People say she was just a dog, get over it. But to me she a friend beyond compare! Jo Winter

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Message to Members J

ust a reminder to members old and new! We are at the end of another year good heavens where has the time gone to?

I would like to remind members, especially those who have recently joined the club, that this is our club, all members, and the more we all put into it the better it will grow. So, if you can help instructors get out equipment or put it away at the end of the night, please do so. Many hands make it easier and we can all go home at a reasonable hour! No one you see working here each week gets paid for it; whether they are an instructor, table manager, shop person, or just helping out in some way. So please, be nice to them and give them a hand where you can. It will be appreciated very much, believe me! I will also like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year and please stay safe!

ch in



From Ella and all of the Committee of S.D.D.T.C. inc.

Pa n t r y Have you tried our meaty training treats & cookies? Our tasty treats are a convenient way to please your pooch. Our locally produced treats contain 50% Australian meat and use human quality natural ingredients. Recipe made in accordance with the National Research Academy’s Canine Nutrition Guidelines.

Candle Count’n Canines L. Strasser



D. Hill


10th December

T. Asser


11th December

L. Brown


13th December

E Sweeney


15th December

E Sweeney


17th December



17th December

S. Wilkes


22nd December

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27th December

Now Available @ Blaxland in Ark Pet Supplies and Pets & Ponds. Or see us at local markets Glenbrook and Hawkesbury Harvest, Penrith Phone Richard on 0408 131 775 PO Box 265 Blaxland NSW 2774 E:


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a s of antheory ANKCand licensed

Doggie Poo Bags

is an obedience. ANKC licensed d on It

ed on obedience. It competitors proceed course consists of 10 ,competitors handlers areproceed course consists of 10 e, handlers are

hich the team has to

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been designed in e dog and Handler been designed in ch station (10 -20, e dog and garding theHandler skill that ach station (10 -20, egarding the skill that

What do you think I use the bag for the other 364 days of the year. Please remember to pick up after your dog as we have up to 40 dogs at times on the oval and its nice to know in the dark we are not going to step into something soft and well... smelly. If for some reason you have forgotten to put bags in your pocket just ask anyone if they have a spare poo bag. You will be amazed at the response you will get! As we are responsible for what goes in and out of our pooch!

other members other members

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Dog Trivia… • Do your dogs eyes glow wolf like at night? That’s down to a light reflecting layer behind her retina that enables her to see better in the dark. • Paul McCartney’s sheepdog, Martha was featured in the song “Martha my Dear” on the Beatles White Album. • Lassie was the first inductee into the Animal Hall of Fame.

Upcoming Events:

Each year on Australia day we are invited to do 2 demonstrations at Glenbrook. This year we may only do 1 depending on the weather. Dogs NSW which we are affiliated with have ruled that over a certain temperature we are not allowed to work our dogs. So if it is a very hot day, as it usually is, it goes under the Extreme Weather Act and we can’t do a second demo. If this is the case we may only do one around 11am. Lynn, Ron & Leanne will make that decision on the day! Also if you have never been a part of this lovely day with your dog you must ask Ron, Leanne or Lynn whether your dog can be a part of the demonstration. Not all dogs can handle the stress and people and children all over them for most of the day and we have to care for our dogs as well as the community at large. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this year mmm...

Have you looked on the back page to see if a photo of your dog is on it?

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A Dog’s Dish DOG BISCUITS Ingredients:


1kg of minced meat 1 cup of plain flour 2 eggs cooking oil or wheat germ oil ½ cup of oats, Weet-Bix or breadcrumbs

• Mix all together. • Press into a tray. • Bake in moderate oven for 10 to 15 minutes. • When cool, cut into squares. • Place in an airtight container and store in fridge. • Also suitable to freeze.

Oh Mum, how did you know!

TREATS FOR DOGS Ingredients:


½ cup milk 1 egg 2 Tbsp peanut butter 1 Tbsp water dash of salt 1 ¼ cup flour

• Preheat oven to 180 degrees. • Combine ingredients in bowl. • Roll dough into balls. • Put on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. • Bake for 18-20 minutes and cool.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds. While visions of doggy treats danced in their heads; Pooch Scoop Monthly


Dog Of The Month? If this photo shows your dog and you claim it at the table by the end of the month from Ella, Leanne or Wally, you can then pick a small gift out of our raffle box.

DISCLAIMER PLEASE NOTE: News, views and opinions in this newsletter are those of the correspondent’s and not necessarily those of the club, editor, committee and publicity officer. The Springwood District Dog Training club INC reserves the right of rejection of material.

Pooch Scoop December 2011  

The Springwood District Dog Club's monthly newsletter.

Pooch Scoop December 2011  

The Springwood District Dog Club's monthly newsletter.