Pooch Scoop Oct - Dec 2018

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POOCH SCOOP October- December 2018

Mini Fox Terriers Annie & Suzie

News, views and opinions in this newsletter are those of the correspondents, and not necessarily those of the club, editor and committee. The Springwood District Dog Training Club Inc. reserves the right of rejection of material. COMMITTEE President Lynn Olson Vice President Maryjka Kelly Secretary Moina Wye Treasurer Paul Kelly Chief Instructor Obedience Leanne Brown Newsletter Noeleen Horswell Website Lynn Olson Table Manager Obedience Currently vacant Shop Manager Francoise Matter Sporting Representative Paul Kelly General Committee Noeleen Horswell Chris Lambert Leanne Brown Ron Amann. Vicki Cooper Lynn Olson Trevor Mawer

Life Members: Dot Luker, Ann Moy, Sue Fell, Ron Amann, Wally Campbell, Pam Waters, Lesley Piggott, Lynn Olson, Leanne Brown. As a member of the club you are always welcome to attend our Club’s General Meetings at the Red Cross Hall in Macquarie Road Springwood. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m. Meetings resume each January. NB There is no meeting in December. Web Site: www.sddtc.org Email: info@sddtc.org FACEBOOK: Springwood District Dog Training Club

Training Sessions Agility Beginners  Monday evening 7.00 – 8.00 p.m. Obedience  Tuesday l0.00 – 11am (9.30-10.30am if temp above 30) & Thursday evening 7.30 – 8.45 p.m.  New Beginners 8 week Course-commences first Thursday evening of each month @ 7.30pm.(Dogs not needed that night) Wet Weather: If it has been raining for a few days check the Blue Mountains Oval Closure Hotline 47805617 after 3.00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, or check the BM City Council Website. Also check our SDDC Facebook Page for any training & weather updates.

SDDC Club Member Leah with Blaze SDDC Agility Trial October 2018

Dates for your 2018-2019 Diary 

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Thursday 6th December 7.30pm, Christmas BBQ and doggy & owner dress up with doggy games. This is the last activity for 2018.Family members are welcome Australia Day SDDC performance at Glenbrook Park. Practice commences Thursday 3rd January 2019 7.30pm.See Lynn Olsen for more information. Monday 4th February 2019 for Agility. Tuesday 5th February 2019 for Obedience 1011am. (9.30-10.30 if temp over 30) Thursday 7th February 2019 for Beginners’ Obedience and Advanced Obedience.

SDDC Club member Lyn Pearce with Georgie SDDC Agility Trail

Human Christmas Food –Yum As we enter the festive season it’s important to remember that our furry friends with those big eyes looking longingly at us while we eat should not be fed food /meat that we enjoy at this time of year. It’s perfectly normal to give your pets plenty of dog treats during the festive season, but there are several indulgent human foods which can seriously injure –or even kill your loved pet. According to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) there are at least eight foods you shouldn’t feed your dog. Chocolate- can be highly toxic to your pet even in small quantities. Nutmeg- the AVA warns that nutmeg can cause dogs to suffer from tremors, seizures, issues with their nervous system and even death. Grapes/raisins-can cause acute kidney failure in your dog. Avocados- contain a toxin which can damage your dogs heart, lungs, & tissue. Macadamia nuts- are known to be toxic to dogs, symptoms can develop within 12 hours,& these include vomiting, hypothermia & an increase in the dog’s heart rate. Onions and garlic- both onions & garlic can cause gastric irritation & anaemia. Turkey skin, pork crackling, sausages and fatty meats-can cause inflammation of the pancreas in dogs due to the high fat content. Alcohol- even small amounts can kill a pet!

Things your dog wants to tell you. If your dog could talk what do you think they would say to you? Would they discuss world events, gossip about people, tell you they love coming to their dog training sessions at Lomatia Park Springwood? While our dogs may not be able to talk to us they do communicate with us in many ways. Chiara Perri from Point Dog Cook Training (Dog’s Life 149:2018) believes that we as humans need to learn dog’s language so it can be interpreted correctly. Our dogs use body language primarily. It is also important to look at our dog’s behaviour as a whole as this is all part of the dogs trying to tell us something. As dog owners we need to learn that our dogs are constant communicators & they use hundreds of stress or calming signals’ when they are feeling uncomfortable to try to calm themselves & defuse scary situations. If a dog’s body language is correctly interpreted & understood, it is much easier to intervene & settle your dog. For example with dogs who are highly aroused or have impulse control issues, learning to accurately read your dogs signs means that you as the dog’s owner can make the necessary changes to help your dog. According to Carly Bowden RSPCA Queensland dogs will try & defuse scary situations, they will always try & communicate with less serious signals before escalating up the ladder of aggression.”As humans we have the responsibility to learn how to communicate with our dogs & to fully enjoy the great pleasure they bring into our lives.

SDDC Chief Instructor Leanne Brown with Mazie at the SDDC Agility Trail October 2018

Club member Dianne Curry with Sunny at the SDDC Agility Trial October 2018

Club Members' Shop We have a number of items for sale at wholesale prices. Black Dog is one of our suppliers. Please see Françoise for special orders with Black Dog. The shop is usually set up most Thursday evenings close to the sign on area. For those who attend Tuesday Obedience Francoise is usually available to purchase items from.  Black Dog Halties – all sizes and combinations-$22.00  Haltie extensions-$8.00  Black Dog treat bags – large-$24.00  Black Dog treat bags – medium-$20.00  Black Dog treat bags – small-$12.00  Black vinyl treat bags-$5.00  Black Dog 1 metre leads-$14.00  Black Dog leads various lengths, plain or smart leads – see Françoise  Small collapsible water bowl-$4.00  Pigs ears –$1.50  Liver treats 150 g bag$2.50


Francoise with Molly

Club shirts, vests and jackets are available for purchase from the club. Always enjoy training your dog.