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Tuesday, October 27 6:00 pm

Have your long-term care insurance premiums gone up?


Call us for a free analysis: 719-377-9121 At AMADA we are a PRIVATE HOME CARE AGENCY who specializes in helping you access and maximize your LOVED ONES LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE POLICY. Here at Amada Colorado Springs, it is our goal to

meet all of a family’s senior care needs and to exceed their expectations of what care can be. If we have been brought in to provide in-home care for a senior, we go beyond assisting them with activities of daily living like cooking and housekeeping to enrich our client’s life in the most meaningful ways we can. This could mean discussing a favorite scripture with Aunt May, or baking Dad’s favorite cookies, or even helping Grandma keep her prized flower garden tidy. By adding these personal touches to the care we provide, we are able to show our senior clients that they are truly valued as we vastly improve the quality of their lives.

When home is no longer the ideal environment for a senior, we will guide that senior and his or her family to the assisted living environment that ideally suits their unique needs and preferences. We will even continue to check in on clients who have moved to senior housing communities, just to make sure we haven’t missed an opportunity to be of service to them. We invite you to contact us at Amada Senior Care Colorado Springs to learn more about how we can help a senior in your life age with dignity and give your family the peace of mind they deserve. Let our family take care of yours, because, as we say:

“Someone you love needs us.”

Call for a complimentary long term care assessment.

719.377.9121 • www.AmadaColorado.com 2 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM to choose a CapTel phone! Captioned Telephone (CapTel®) service allows you to LISTEN and READ captions of everything during your phone conversations!

Colorado CapTel provides a variety of phones to choose from, allowing FLEXIBILITY to pick a device that fits your needs. There are different

models available – a traditional style, a modern touch screen or a large screen for easy reading. Let Colorado CapTel give you the confidence of knowing all conversations are captioned – giving you FREEDOM to enjoy the phone again. Order a CapTel phone, contact Communications Technology Program: n (855)

767-6128 (toll-free) n tedp_ccdhh@state.co.us (email)

n relaycolorado.com/captel


CapTel 840/840i CapTel 880i CapTel 2400i

* Available for Internet-based CapTel only. SPRINT CAPTEL: FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS ANYONE BUT REGISTERED USERS WITH HEARING LOSS FROM USING INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) CAPTIONED TELEPHONES WITH THE CAPTIONS TURNED ON. IP Captioned Telephone Service may use a live operator. The operator generates captions of what the other party to the call says. These captions are then sent to your phone. There is a cost for each minute of captions generated, paid from a federally administered fund. No cost is passed on to the CapTel user for using the service. See sprintcaptel.com for details. SENIOR LIFE 2020 | 3

4 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

GET THE FAMILY CAREGIVING SUPPORT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT Your caregiving journey can be challenging in all kinds of ways. Your caregiving journey can be challenging in all kinds of ways. You never know where it might lead you next. At AARP Family Caregiving, we’re here to help you get answers, connect with other family caregivers and find resources online and close to home. So you can take care of what matters most.

To learn more, visit aarp.org/caregiving

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Connecting with Relay Colorado SPONSORED FEATURE


aking calls through Relay Colorado is liberating, enjoyable and convenient. Relay Colorado, a no-cost, 24-hour service, allows callers who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deafblind or those who have a speech disability to call anybody using relay services. All calls are confidential and no records are kept. Relay Service —Dial 711 and call anyone, anywhere, anytime with Relay Colorado. The Communications Assistance (CA) will dial the other party’s number and the CA will relay the conversation between the caller and the called party by typing or voicing. Captioned Telephone (CapTel) is ideal for people with hearing loss who prefer to speak, listen, and read captions on the phone. CapTel works like any other phone — plus you can see the captions of everything the caller says. CapTel is easy to use, is available at no-cost and includes a 24/7 help line and installation support. This service is also available in Spanish. Speech-to-Speech (STS) is for people who have a speech disability or use a voice synthesizer. STS allows individuals to speak for themselves on the phone. The CA is specially trained to understand unique speech patterns.

6 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

The CA repeats the words exactly as they are spoken to their caller to relay the message. Relay Colorado Spanish TTY users can type in Spanish and the conversations will be relayed in Spanish to the called party. TTY users can also request Spanish to English or English to Spanish translations via relay. Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) is a free service available to Colorado residents who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. RCC allows individuals to actively participate in multi-party teleconference calls or web conferences by reading live captions through a web browser on a computer or mobile device. Saving a copy of the RCC transcript is one of the available options. Colorado Communications Technology Program provides telecommunications equipment and accessories to qualified Colorado residents who are deaf or hard-ofhearing at no cost. Qualification is based on proof of hearing status, income, residency and telecommunication use. To order a CapTel phone, contact the Colorado Communications Technology Program: • Phone – 303-866-2097 • Email – tedp_ccdhh@state.co.us • Website – www.relaycolorado.com/captel

How to connect to Relay Colorado: TTY or TeleBraille.......... 711 or 800-659-2656 Voice................................... 711 or 800-659-3656 Speech to Speech............711 or 877-659-4279 Spanish Relay....................711 or 800-337-3242 Voice Carry-Over............ 711 or 800-659-8260 Hearing Carry.................. 711 or 800-659-3656 Relay Conference Captioning...................... relaycolorado.com/rcc or coloradorcc.com For more info, go to: www.relaycolorado.com

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Household budgeting the easy way SPONSORED FEATURE


oes this sound like you? You’re prone to overspending, your financial goals remain unmet, you can’t seem to save, you worry about money, you aren’t very financially flexible and you don’t feel in financial control. This might remind you a lot of those TV commercials that highlight all of your physical symptoms and then reveal the magic cure. Well this is a lot different because according to the financial professionals at Legacy Bank there is actually a cure. It’s called a budget. If you’re like many people you associate a budget with restrictions, hassles and headaches. Rather than limiting the fun in your life, budgeting will provide you with more money to have more fun. “People without a budget tend to overspend consistently and then have less to spend in the future,” says Angie Peterie Senior Vice President of Legacy Bank. Budgeting is not a perfect process. Unexpected spending needs usually arise. Sometimes you just get busy and lose track of your spending pattern. “At Legacy Bank we encourage our customers to stay focused on

8 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

the long term goal,” suggests Peterie Start the budgeting process by calculating your average monthly income. You put down your take home pay after taxes and after health insurance and social security have been taken out. If you have a paycheck that’s inconsistent, take an average from the past few months. If you are retired and receiving retirement income, use that figure. Next, list your expenses by gathering bank statements, mortgage or rent receipts, car payments, credit card statements, cash purchase receipts, investments, utility bills, insurance invoices, and any other regularly expenses. Divide these expenses into two categories, essential and nonessential or variable. Essential expenses are those that you pay regularly to cover the basics of your life and don’t vary much. They include rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, utilities, phone, cable, credit card payments and groceries. Nonessential or variable expenses include entertainment, clothing, travel, hobbies, holiday or special occasion gifts.

Add up the total expenses in both categories and subtract that figure from your income. You can make this calculation on a monthly and annual basis. If you have money left over after expenses you’re “in the black.” If expenses are more than income you’re “in the red.” Even if you are in the red, don’t panic. You can start to put your budgeting process and spending plan in place. See where you can reduce expenses. If you’re in the black, see if there are expenses you can reduce to improve things. This does not mean cutting the costs for everything you and your family enjoy. Find ways to reduce nonessential expenses or identify categories that have gotten out of hand. You don’t have to go it alone. You will find that there are several budgeting groups on social media with the same challenges and goals as you do. “Reach out to your local banker and learn what great programs they offer to help with savings. Legacy Bank employees are always willing to assist,” says Peterie.

5 ways to show seniors they’re appreciated

At Champion, we make buying new windows easy. We handle every step of the process – we design, build, install and guarantee it for a lifetime. Beautify your home with windows by Champion. Custom-built replacement windows are an easy, cost-efficient way to enhance your home’s exterior. Save as much as 20% on your energy bills with our Comfort 365 Windows®. During our no-obligation consultation, our Champion experts work with you to custom design styles and colors for your new windows. Your windows are then custom built in our US factory. Expert installation is included, all backed by our lifetime guarantee at one all-inclusive price.



Seniors may have limited mobility or opportunities to get out of the house. Receiving mail is one way to connect with the outside world. Regularly send letters to a grandparent or other senior, sharing tales of daily life and key moments that will bring them joy. Chances are they’ll return the favor with a letter of their own.


Younger generations can introduce seniors to available technology that can bring them closer. This may include digital assistants that enable them to share videos, tablets to send email or access social media, mobile phones for calling and texting, and anything else families can customize to their needs.


Spending time with younger generations can motivate seniors to stay active and engaged. Have games and activities at the ready or simply provide a listening ear.


Help aging loved ones perform the tasks that they may not be able to tackle on their own. This can include picking up groceries or prescriptions or taking them to appointments. Simple work around the house, like doing laundry or light cleanup, also can be a big help.


Develop a hobby that seniors and young people can enjoy together. Watching classic movies, painting ceramics, going to sporting events, or gardening are just a few of the many hobbies that seniors can enjoy with their young loved ones.



Change your view of home with a Champion sunroom. Upgrade your living space with a unique, glass-enclosed room built to your specifications. A new sunroom instantly increases the usable square footage of your home and makes the time you spend there move enjoyable. You can “get away from it all” without ever leaving your home. Custom built to fit your home, every Champion sunroom is designed and engineered by Champion with superior-quality materials to match your home’s architecture and your intended use.

30 %



Don’t Wait – We’re Here to Help! Schedule a free virtual consultation with us today. Connect with a Champion expert through a one-on-one video conference to talk about your project from the comfort of your own home. You’ll receive an estimate for your entire project on the spot. One all-inclusive price; product, installation and warranty included. Financing options also available on approved credit. Find out more about the Champion difference today!

Visit SaleAtChampion.com

or call 719-425-2735 *Buy 2 Comfort 365 Windows ® at regular price and get 1 additional window free. Free window must be of equal or lesser value. Minimum purchase of 3 Comfort 365 Windows ® required. National 20% discount on sunrooms requires minimum purchase of 120 sq. ft. complete sunroom. Earn up to an additional 10% off (up to $2,000) with participation in the YES! Program, making your sunroom discount a total of up to 30% off. YES! Program valid only on the date of your initial free in-home estimate appointment and once per residence per term. All discounts apply to the MSRP cost. No adjustments can be made on prior sales. Offer subject to change. See website or a Champion Representative for details. †The Champion Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to Comfort 365 Windows ® as long as the original purchaser owns the home. Offer expires 11/30/20. ©Champion Opco LLC, 2020

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The Gazette’s Senior Life Resource Guide — the don’t-miss virtual event of the season BY PATTY TOMSKY, PATTY.TOMSKY@GAZETTE.COM

Active healthy seniors and those who may be experiencing medical or social issues in these difficult times deserve a one-stop shop for all of their needs — the online Gazette Senior Life Resource Guide is it. Improving quality of life as we age can mean attending all sorts of selfhelp sessions online; visiting doctors and paramedical practitioners like massage therapy or other spa services if we can; and making sure we see our doctor regularly, even if it’s only during a telehealth visit. If you’ve been feeling like you need to focus on self-care after all of the recent turmoil, there’s a resource that has all of the information you need to get started. Visit live talks online where you can ask active questions or access our online resource center with prerecorded sessions; alternately, if you miss the live talks, they’ll be up there after the event.


AARP will be live to update you on the latest issues of interest to many seniors — insurance, politics, healthcare and more. Amada Senior Care’s Ken Jensen will be talking

about keeping your long term care insurance up-to-date and how home healthcare support can be covered for your loved ones — and give them great company if they’re feeling a bit isolated. And Aspen Trails will fill you in on why their retirement community is a hot property for fun-loving seniors, with wonderful opportunities to enjoy socializing as well as mealtime amenities such as an experienced chef; a dining room with a view; as well as room service options so you can stay busy doing the things you love.


From financial services to window treatments; from orthopedics to caring for your pets, our speaker sessions will be online to ensure you can get answers on some of the most pressing questions seniors face. Want to age in place? Thinking about creating a trust fund? Redecorating your home? Getting ADA compliant retrofitting for a senior who may be living with mobility issues? Dentures getting you down? Our speaker sessions will help you live your best life — today.

To register for the virtual event go to

gazette.com/senior and enter to win a $250 gift card from King Soopers!

Join us on Zoom for October 27th event.

10 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

Top 4 reasons to live in a senior living community SPONSORED FEATURE

If retirement doesn’t seem to have all the ease and fun you were hoping for, maybe it’s time for something different! Explore the option of moving to a vibrant senior living community where every day can be an adventure among new friends. Discover just some of the reasons living in a senior living community can make retirement better.

and still enjoy the things you love. From happy hours to Sunday brunches, sports watch parties to billiards tables and fitness centers, senior living communities provide convenient access to entertainment. Plus, with friends living just next door or down the hall, it’s easy to maintain an active, engaging social life.



Let’s face it — the last thing you want to do in your retirement years is more work! Mowing the lawn, fixing the sink, doing laundry — that’s not exactly what you signed up for, is it? A senior living community can take the work out of retirement by providing all the maintenance you need and even doing the linens and housekeeping for you.


A great senior living community provides opportunities. The atmosphere is convenient to make new friends, discover new talents

If you love to cook, don’t worry. Most senior living community apartments come equipped with a full kitchen or kitchenette. But even if it’s your favorite pastime, you may not want to do it every day — much less three times a day. Senior living communities offer easy access to delicious dining, from the comfort of homestyle cooking to amazing dishes worthy of a five-star restaurant. When it looks beautiful, tastes as good as it looks and is healthy and nutritious? Now that’s retirement worth living.


You may not need any help with personal care now — but isn’t it great to know that if the need arises you’ll have a caring and professional staff you already know are there for you? With 24-hour staffing and security, you can feel confident that whatever happens, someone is only seconds away, ready and happy to help. If a luxury senior living lifestyle sounds like something you want to be a part of your future, discover more about Liberty Heights. With breathtaking mountain views and a convenient location in beautiful Colorado Springs near the Air Force Academy, the experienced staff at Liberty Heights has been providing exceptional care to service members and their families for over 30 years.



Give us a call at 719-354-2597 to learn more about our upscale amenities, top-tier services and personalized care.

Beneficent assists with the high costs of long term care SPONSORED FEATURE

Beneficent helps families access programs that help pay for long term care for seniors that don’t have a long term care policy or seniors that do. Long term care might take the form of care at home, assisted living or full skilled care. Most families believe that they must spend down cash, sell assets and deplete all they have before getting help with long term care costs. This is not the case and Beneficent experts help seniors understand how to preserve assets for themselves, their spouse, or heirs. With the Covid Pandemic, many seniors are preferring to receive care they need at home. Beneficent can help families access programs that will pay

family members or friends who are providing care for a senior. Many families these days have a parent they live with because that family needs help all or part of the time. Often, children must give up jobs in order to provide care for a loved one. Beneficent can share options with families of how to pay those providing care to them at home. And what about long term care policies? Some people have them but don’t understand what they have or how to best use them. Beneficent will review your policy and tell you how to preserve the most by utilizing unknown benefits

if you have a long term care policy. When a senior files a claim, a free consultation with Beneficent ensures the greatest financial outcome. Beneficent case managers assist seniors with all the paperwork and applications necessary to gain benefits. They walk with families through the entire process all the way to eligibility. They do this with three simple steps completed during the initial consultation. And the consultation is free. First, they completely assess what assets the senior has and what is most important to the

family. They consider what care the senior would like to have. Second, Beneficent is then able to simply explain the options available. Finally, Beneficent will create a roadmap for the family to follow to ensure access to programs to pay for care. This makes certain that seniors get the care they need without “losing everything”. You have heard that “information is power” and Beneficent provides families with information they can trust. They carry an Age Friendly designation from the Better Business Bureau and an A+ rating. To contact Beneficent for more information on how to pay for long term care call 719-645-8350.

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Show the world your new smile! When Bobby got his new beautiful Renew smile, we hosted a virtual party to help him show it off to all his family and friends!

Don’t put off getting the smile you deserve.

Bobby After

+ Finally, secure dental implant anchored teeth you can afford! + Exclusive digital dentistry process for a new smile you can trust with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Bobby Before

+ Now, more than ever, is the time to address your health and fix your dental condition. “It’s nice to smile again in front of people.” — Bobby, Renew Patient

UNMASK YOUR SMILE. Call Today! Call to schedule your FREE Consultation & FREE 3-D Imaging Today! +

844.646.1597 | renewmysmile.com

Medicaid & Medicare Not Accepted Camillo DiLizia, DMD | Qualified patients can receive their dentures in one day after initial exam for candidacy and surgical treatment. Results may vary in individual cases. +Approximate value for initial consultation and CAT Scan is $550. For information on Renew’s Lifetime Guarantee: https://renewmysmile.com/lifetime-guarantee/

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Minimally invasive surgery at CS Orthopaedic Group SPONSORED FEATURE


or patients, “minimally invasive surgery” means “smaller incisions than traditional surgery.” Minimally invasive surgery is also known as a laparoscopic surgery, band-aid surgery or keyhole surgery. At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, our doctors prefer to use minimally invasive surgery whenever possible, as it is more beneficial for our patients’ overall success and recovery time.


The procedure for minimally invasive surgery consists of several small incisions (only a few millimeters long). Next, your surgeon will insert a small endoscope (a long, thin tube with a camera and light on the end) through one of the incisions. The endoscope displays the entire procedure on a large video screen to help your surgeon clearly “see inside your body.” Once the endoscope is in place, your surgeon inserts small surgical tools through the other incisions. The instruments are so small that the surgeon operates the tools by remote control. When complete, the surgeon removes all the devices. Your incisions often do not require more than bandages to heal, and the risk of infection is minimal.


Recovery time after minimally invasive surgery is typically three times faster than traditional

open surgery. The recovery time for each patient may vary dependent on the size and complexity of the procedure; however, it is often much shorter than traditional surgery.

most elective procedures are not covered by insurance. Contact your insurance provider for coverage details. Please call our office at 719-632-7669 for more information regarding financing and payment options.



The average hospital stay for minimally invasive surgery is substantially less than traditional surgery. For instance, the average hospital stay for someone who has recently had a minimally invasive spine surgery is typically less than two days compared to open spine surgery consisting of 3 – 4 days. Depending on the type of surgery, many minimally invasive procedures are out-patient surgeries where patients may return home the same day.


Minimally invasive surgery can cost thousands less than traditional surgery due to reduced hospital time, medications and follow-up care. For most, costs depend upon the complexity and severity of your medical condition. Additional fees may include anesthesia, hospitalization, physical therapy and medications.


Although your insurance provider likely covers the cost of most rehabilitative procedures,

With traditional surgery, the incisions are more extensive and take longer to heal. Stitches or staples are used to close the incisions and will have to be removed via a follow-up appointment. There is a higher risk of infection with traditional surgery as the incisions are much larger than with minimally invasive surgery. Since traditional surgery requires larger incisions, the patient may experience more discomfort for a longer period. Thus, due to higher risks and longer recovery time, more and more surgeons opt for less invasive options if they can achieve the desired outcomes. At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group, our doctors prefer to utilize minimally invasive surgeries for any patients who qualify. To learn whether you would be the right candidate for a minimally invasive procedure, speak with your orthopaedic surgeon. Call 719-632-7669 now to schedule your appointment.

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Seniors and healthy nutrition BY PATTY TOMSKY, PATTY.TOMSKY@GAZETTE.COM

As we get older it becomes increasingly important to ensure we are getting the right nutrients for a healthy and energetic retirement. Chronic conditions such as

diabetes and heart disease also require a disciplined approach to eating and exercise. Yet joint stiffness, overweight and poor eating habits create barriers to beginning a healthier regiment, especially when a person might be well-entrenched in making some less-than-healthy choices. It’s never too late to change: Here are some easy ways to make the small changes that can lead to great gains in energy, mobility and quality of life.

Ad 9.45 by 5.43.pdf 1 10/9/2020 9:52:19 AM

Do you need long-term care, but are concerned by the cost? There is help available for you. We guide you in the process of gaining access to care benefits while preserving your hard-earned assets.





• There are programs in Colorado that will pay for care! These programs won’t deplete your assets and you can access the help you need.




• We help you navigate problems with eligibility for assistance. There are non-published rule exceptions that you should know.


• Inaccurate information causes people to think they must “spend down.” This is not true and can lead to unnecessary asset liquidations.

Call to schedule a no-cost consultation to learn about your qualified benefits. 719.645.8350 14 | SENIOR LIFE 2020


• State and federal programs help pay for Home Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Care, Adult Day Care, or family members can get paid to care for their loved one!


Have you heard that old joke about kale — well, there are many of them, aren’t there? What do you call a romantic comedy about vegetables? You’ve got kale. According to a blog “Kale Recipes for Seniors: East More Kale and Boost Your Mood” by Dana Larson, because “kale contains beta carotene and the serum antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are associated with increased optimism in midlife adults according to a recent Harvard School of Public Health study” not only can the fiber get you moving but an elevated mood can help you start and stick with a new, gentle exercise habit, as well. Be careful if you are taking blood thinners — kale has tons of vitamin K and can interfere with drugs such as Coumadin.


Fibrous greens can also allow for regularity without the need for chemical laxatives. And if you’re working on a keto diet, every gram of fiber you eat can cancel out a gram a carbs, according to many keto specialists. Take care when drastically limiting carbs, however. Some experts consulted in a recent AARP article, “Is a Keto Diet for You?” say that trying to make your body go into ketosis, so that it will burn fat instead of sugar, might have dangers for se-

niors with issues with retaining muscle mass. However, in the AARP article, researchers uncovered a compelling reason to go keto after 50: The brain’s cognitive decline can be traced back to its inability to process sugars as it once did. Cognitive function improved among seniors who went on a keto diet. However, the low protein content of keto diets (15% of calories, or only 75 grams per day — about 300 calories) is linked to the body’s inability to retain or build muscle mass. People with Type 2 diabetes can look into keto, as well: However, as a “prescription-level” diet according to Carla Prado, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and the nutrition specialist consulted for AARP’s article, close medical or supervision by a licensed nutritionist is a must. Trying keto — eating fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day, about a cup of cooked pasta, and intermittent fasting together have shown promising results for seniors. As always, consult a doctor before starting these or any diet plan.


Filling three-quarters of the plate with red, green, yellow and orange veggies and the other quarter with proteins like meat or tofu is a proven strategy for maintaining health well into a person’s senior years. Long-term kidney

disease or diabetes qualifies Medicare recipients for free nutritional counseling. Medicare pays for three hours of counseling in the first year and two hours for each year thereafter. Nutritionists will need to be licensed to be a part of the program: Many have decades of experience helping seniors eat more healthfully. Calling your local health department will often yield help — they often have a dietitian on staff or under contract who is hired on as part of the various federal and state grant programs aimed at lowering medical costs associated with chronic diseases by changing eating patterns. It’s also important to mention here that food and body type/size are charged issues for many people. An unhealthy relationship with food so that one binges in the evenings or continues to eat poorly even after a major diagnosis is not a matter to handle with willpower alone. If you’re a heart attack survivor and can’t seem to change your diet — there’s no shame in admitting that you may need a tune-up with a therapist specializing in food issues. If you’ve been managing body type issues and yo-yo dieting, a nutritionist or therapist might be a smart first stop. Many seniors are wise enough to realize they may need help with problematic thought processes about food before they attack the eating habits themselves. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17

What does your lifestyle look like after retirement? When the practicality and desirability of the family home fade, discover the remarkable alternative found here. Our senior living includes exceptional dining, 24/7 security, home maintenance, wellness programs, and opportunities for fun and fulfillment.

Start a conversation personalized to your needs by calling 719-354-2597.

With breathtaking mountain views and a convenient location in beautiful Colorado Springs near the Air Force Academy, Liberty Heights has been providing exceptional care to service members and their families for over 30 years.

12105 Ambassador Drive | Colorado Springs, CO 80921 l Independent Living | Assisted Living Memory Care l Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation | #230558 l WWW.SENIORLIFESTYLE.COM SENIOR LIFE 2020 | 15

Your homecare for living fully

At envida, we know staying in your own home is vital to your health and ha Our friendly, reliable staff will support you in your everyday activities – from and dressing to moving around your home. Transportation is also available you can continue to volunteer, take classes in the community, keep medica appointments, and live a vibrant life.

Independently owned


Connecting care to those we love for over 28 years

Is this your cup of tea?

With us, you always have only two points of contact – your caregiver and member of our office staff. Even better, family caregivers make up 90% o employees. That means you can receive care from a family member or c friend. All of our homecare attendants are bonded and insured.

Where Your Pets Are Our Family Too

A whole new way to look at senior living is coming to Colorado Springs. To get the full picture, call 719-286-3036 or visit AberdeenRidge.org. Information Center 2925 Professional Place, Suite 202 Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Contact Our Team Today

719-531-0531 crossroadsah.com

PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America) Your Ahomecare for livingSenior fullyLiving Community

Your3901 homecare living fullyColorado Springs, CO 80917 Siferd for Boulevard,

Your homecare for living fully

At envida, we know staying in your own home is vital to your health and happiness.

At envida, we know staying in your own home is vital to your health and happiness. Our friendly, reliable staff will support you in your everyday activities – from bathing and dressing to moving around your home. Transportation is also available, so you can continue to volunteer, take classes in the community, keep medical appointments, and live a vibrant life.


friendly, reliable staff will support you in your everyday activities – from bathing At envida, we know Our staying in toyour own home vitalTransportation to your health happiness. and dressing moving around youris home. is alsoand available, so you can continue to volunteer, take classes in the community, keep medical Our friendly, reliableappointments, staff will support you in your everyday activities – from bathing and live a vibrant life. and dressing to moving around your home. Transportation is also available, so ENVIDA HOMECARE you can continue toIsvolunteer, this yourtake cup classes of tea? in the community, keep medical With us, you always have only two points of contact – your caregiver and a appointments, and live a vibrant life. member of our office staff. Even better, family caregivers make up 90% of our


Is this your cup of tea?

With us, you always have only two points of contact – your caregiver and a member of our office staff. Even better, family caregivers make up 90% of our employees. That means you can receive care from a family member or close friend. All of our homecare attendants are bonded and insured.

Your homecare for living fully

employees. That means you can receive care from a family member or close friend. All of our homecare attendants are bonded and insured.

Can I be a caregiver?

ENVIDA HOMECARE We hire mainly family caregivers. Our program allows anybody to assu Is this your of tea?a CNA license – so that your family members role of caregivercup without Can I be a caregiver? With us, you always have only two points of contact – your caregiver and a cared for by someone you trust.

Frequently asked questions

member of our office staff. Even better, familyprogram caregivers makeallows up 90% of our We hire mainly family caregivers. Our anybody t employees. That means you can receive care from a family member or close How much canaICNA makelicense as a caregiver? At envida, we know staying in your own home is vital to your role health and of happiness. caregiver without – soinsured. that your family mem friend. All of our homecare attendants bonded and Our friendly, reliable staff will support you in your everyday activities – from bathing We offer competitive pay for theare services we provide. We also offer 401 and dressing to moving around your home. Transportation is cared also available, forsoby someone you trust. benefits and healthcare insurance for those who qualify. you can continue to volunteer, take classes in the community, keep medical appointments, and live a vibrant life.


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS How much can I make as aCan caregiver? Contact Us I be a caregiver?


Frequently asked questions

We hire mainly family caregivers. Our program allows anybody to assume the role of caregiver without a CNA license – so that your family members can be cared for by someone you trust.

Can I bepay a caregiver? Have a question thatfor we the haven’t answeredwe or want to talk We to us also of We offer competitive services provide. With us, you always have only two points of contact – your caregiver and a We hire mainly family caregivers. Our program allows anybody to assume the your situation? Contact us we family can help youTo How much canaICNA make as athose caregiver? member of our office staff. Even better, family caregivers make up 90% ofand ourabout rolespecific of caregiver without license – soand thatwho your members can belearn benefits healthcare insurance for qualify. cared for by someone you trust. employees. That means you can receive care from a family member or close through the process. ASKED QUESTIONS at 719.301.6870. friend. AllFREQUENTLY of our homecare attendants are bonded and insured. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS How much can I make as a caregiver? Contact Us Can I be a caregiver? Where does envida provide services? Have a question thatfor we the haven’t answeredwe or want to talk We to us also offer 401K We offer competitive pay services provide. Frequently asked We hire mainly family caregivers. Our programquestions allows anybody to assume the We accept Medicaid & Private paid. about your specificinsurance situation? Contact us andwho we can help youTo learn more, call us benefits and healthcare for those qualify. role of caregiver without a CNA license – so that your family members can be the counties of El Paso, Teller, Park, Pueblo, Crowley, an I be a caregiver? We serve through the process. at 719.301.6870. cared for by someone you trust. We hire mainly family caregivers. Our program allows anybody to assume the Where does envida provide services? (719) 301-6870 Fremont. How much canaICNA makelicense as a caregiver? le of caregiver without – so that your family members can be We serve the counties of El Paso, Teller, Park, Pueblo, Crowley, Otero, and

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We offer competitive pay for the services we provide. We also offer 401K benefits and healthcare insurance for those who qualify.

(719) 301-6870

We offer competitive pay for the services we provide. We also offer 401K

ared for by someone you trust. benefits and healthcare insurance for those who qualify.

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Have a question thatfor we the haven’t answeredwe or want to talk We to us also offer 401K We offer competitive pay services provide. about your specific situation? Contact us and we can help youTo learn more, call us enefits and healthcare insurance for those who qualify.





Have a question that we haven’t answered or want to talk to us QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS



Sugar is a powerful mind-altering drug, “eight times as addictive as cocaine and where heroin and cocaine only light up one section of the brain, sugar makes it light up like a pinball machine,” writes Mark Hyman, M.D. Having a piece of birthday cake or an occasional sweet treat is one thing: But experts agree, sugar causes insulin resistance that can trigger metabolic syndrome as one ages. According to a Cleveland Clinic article, “Metabolic Syndrome” on myclevelandclinic.org: “Metabolic syndrome is a collection of heart disease risk factors that increase your chance of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The condition is also known by other names including Syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, and dysmetabolic syndrome. According to a national health survey, more than 1 in 5 Americans has metabolic syndrome. The number of people with metabolic syndrome increases with age, affecting more than 40% of

people in their 60s and 70s.” Sleep patterns also contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome. Characterized by increased body fat around the middle and darkened skin behind the neck and under the arms as well as skin tags, it is a cumulative issue and in many people, causes no physical symptoms for years. Getting a lab panel from your doctor including blood glucose, a lipids profile and blood pressure will help; talk to your doctor about getting a handle on what’s causing your love handles. They may be part of a serious condition that can cause disease impacting your quality of life.

According to The Cleveland Clinic, on myclevelandclinic.org, exercise can immediately prevent the insulin resistance that leads to metabolic syndrome. Losing 10% of one’s body weight can have a significant impact as well as eating only whole grains and complex carbs not to exceed “more than 50% of total calories.”


Most seniors have been reading conflicting articles about maintaining good nutrition and good health for a half a century or more. For example, eggs are great one day — terrible the next. Red wine will solve your cholesterol

issues; or even small quantities of red wine will cause liver problems. Myths and misinformation abound in this arena. Yet seniors can navigate these muddied waters with some good first steps. The best course of action is to sit down with your physician with a list of questions and then book your free appointment through Medicare with a nutrition expert. If you’re not old enough yet, almost all health plans offer at least some reduced cost nutritional services with registered dietitian especially for those with diabetes, heart disease or with a body mass index (BMI) over 25. Medical professionals agree: Small changes over time can make a big difference to how you’ll feel and what you’ll be able to accomplish as you might contemplate retirement and all of those things you’d like to pursue. Healthy eating can be the first big project on the list for perhaps the biggest payoff of all: vibrant health for many years to come.

99th Anniversary Sales Event Comfort … Qualit y … & Unsur passed Value N OW WITH FR EE D ELV I ERY & S E T U P




IMG Comfort

The world’s most comfortable chairs only at Colorado’s oldest and most trusted furniture and mattress company for over 99 years. 3212 East Platte Avenue • 632.6621 • www.americanfurniture.com SENIOR LIFE 2020 | 17

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hether it’s a new retirement community or a reminder of why long term care insurance is so important, don’t miss these crucial, online informational sessions from some of the most trusted members of our community. If you’ve experienced issues with your dentures; have an upcoming surgery requirement; are exploring supplemental healthcare options; need new financial advice or want to find a great veterinarian for your furry friend, these short and informative sessions can make a difference in how you understand your options and allow you to make decisions confidently about topics that matter the most to you and your family.

To register for the virtual event go to gazette.com/senior and enter to win a $250 gift card from King Soopers. Join us on Zoom for October 27 event. • AARP, LIVE ON OCTOBER 27 – learn about the issues that

affect seniors now

• ABERDEEN RIDGE – how the right retirement community

can enhance quality of life

• AMADA SENIOR CARE, LIVE ON OCTOBER 27 – get no-strings

information about seniors’ long term care options and home health care


– most common questions about a retirement resort community answered • BENEFICIENT – help navigating long term care insurance,

without divesting assets

• COLORADO MEDICAL SOLUTIONS – cutting edge healing

options using stem cell therapy


invasive surgery choices for seniors

• CROSSROADS ANIMAL HOSPITAL – keeping pets healthy

Online resources for creating a better way of life

Carefully curated speaker sessions to get you the answers you need BY PATTY TOMSKY, PATTY.TOMSKY@GAZETTE.COM

and happy

• EVERGREEN NATIONAL BANK – financial guidance

for seniors

• KAISER PERMANENTE – health insurance information for

people on Medicare

• LEGEND SENIOR LIVING – amenities for your best life in a

retirement community

• RENEW – new, anchored dentures can change your life • SAFE PLACE FOR PETS – finding forever homes for the pets

of terminally-ill patients

• SPRINT/RELAY – communications help for seniors with

hearing, vision issues

• TOPFLITE MORTGAGE – ways to improve your retirement

with senior lending solutions

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Your insurance may now cover your stem cell recruitment therapy SPONSORED FEATURE

Colorado Medical Solutions has secured a relationship with Russell Health and have spent the last four years creating an amazing relationship with Medicare. This is shocking news, and we are overwhelmed with the opportunity to help more people possibly reduce their pain and get their lives back. We have lectured and educated thousands in the state of Colorado. In the past, a large percentage of people simply could not afford this therapy. With the advancement of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy, things are changing rapidly.


Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy is a revolutionary procedure to help rejuvenate and regenerate ailing joints, repair soft tissue damage, and increase mobility while decreasing pain. Responsibly sourced acellular tissue allografts are helping people of all ages to recover from injuries and get their life back. By using a combination of growth factors and other endogenously

synthesized molecules, Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy helps to reconstruct and regenerate new, healthy tissue without surgery.


Acellular tissue allografts take advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself. With a tissue allograft, your physician injects the tissue allograft from donated placental tissue into your body. The tissue allograft is acellular and contains naturally rich growth factors that help signal cells to regenerate tissue and rebuild the body. While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, tissue allografts actually helps restore degenerated tissue while providing pain relief and promote the body’s own healing process by directly mitigating the repair and the regeneration of healthy tissue. Additionally, tissue allografts contain hyaluronic acid, which helps lubricate joints and tendons and helps restore mobility. Call to schedule your consultation

and see if Medicare will cover this groundbreaking therapy. Although it appears that not 100% of Medicare programs will cover the procedure, it is indeed covered by most insurance companies. Stem Cell Recruitment (SCR), Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy (SCRT), SCR Facial, DermaFlo, OrthoFactor and Vivaderm are trademarks of Russell Health, Inc. The treatments described on this marketing are not considered to be standard of care for any condition or disease. SCR, SCRT, SCR Facial and Vivaderm™ attempt to utilize acellular, minimally manipulated tissue allografts and are comprised of tissue allograft components intended for homologous use to supplement tissue. SCRT products are classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Human Cell, Tissue and Cellular and TissueBased Products (HCT/P) that are regulated solely under section 361 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act. FDA recognizes that human tissue was designed, or evolved, to perform certain functions in the

Colorado Medical Solutions human body with exquisite safety and effectiveness. As an HCT/P regulated solely under Section 361 of the PHS Act, Russell Health’s SCRT products are exempt from FDA pre-market review, clearance, and approval from FDA . Please consult your doctor to see if an amniotic fluid injection is right for you. No medical advice has been offered herein. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA . This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary. Call Colorado Medical Solutions for more information at 719-308-2314.

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Brain-healthy habits to embrace as we age METRO SERVICES

Cognitive decline is a condition that is often associated with aging, but even middleaged people can experience memory loss or cognition issues. The Alzheimer’s Association says that more than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. By 2050, that number could rise to as high as 16 million people. More than 747,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, says the Canadian Alzheimer’s Association. Although there is no definitive way to prevent dementia, living a long, vibrant life may be possible by encouraging some healthy habits for the brain. It is never too late or too early to begin health and lifestyle changes.


Becoming more active can improve brain volume, reduce risk for dementia and improve thinking and memory skills. The journal Neurology found that older people who vigorously exercise performed better on cognitive tests than others of the same age, placing them at the equivalent of 10 years younger. Increased blood flow that occurs with physical activity may help generate new neurons in the hippocampus, an area of the brain involved with learning and memory.


The Alzheimer’s Association indicates that evidence shows smoking increases the risk of cognitive decline. Smoking can impair blood flow to the brain and cause small strokes that may damage blood vessels.

found people ages 70 and older who consumed more caffeine scored better on tests of mental function than those who consumed less caffeine. Caffeine may help improve attention span, cognitive function and feelings of well-being. Information from Psychology Today also indicates caffeine may help in the storage of dopamine, which can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. In addition, compounds in cocoa and coffee beans may improve vascular health and help repair cellular damage due to high antioxidant levels.



The Harvard Medical School says aerobic exercise may help improve brain tissue by improving blood flow and reducing the chances of injury to the brain from cholesterol buildup in blood vessels.

Foods that are good for the heart and blood vessels also are good for the brain. These include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fishbased proteins, unsaturated fats, and foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. Neurologists state that, while research on diet and cognitive function is limited, diets, such as Mediterranean and Mediterranean-DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), may contribute to a lower risk of cognitive issues.


Caffeine may help boost memory performance and brain health. A Journal of Nutrition study

Engaging in mentally stimulating activities can create new brain connections and more backup circuits, states Dr. Joel Salinas, a neurologist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. Working the brain through puzzles, reading and participating in social situations can stimulate the release of brainderived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a molecule essential for repairing brain cells and creating connections between them. A good way to combine these lifestyle factors is to take an exercise class with friends, mixing the social, stimulation and exercise recommendations together.

Envida connects people to community

Nonprofit fights isolation with transportation and homecare SPONSORED FEATURE

When the impact of the coronavirus sent Colorado Springs residents to their homes, Envida, an essential provider of transportation and homecare services, sprang into action to ensure that vulnerable populations did not become isolated and that they still had access to physical and behavioral healthcare, food, and other necessities. Within the first weeks, Envida started calling riders and clients to make sure they were O.K. They also notified them of safety measures to keep everyone healthy. Ninety-day check-ups and annual evaluations with homecare clients transitioned to telehealth, decreasing home visits needed. Envida also launched a “Safe to Ride” campaign, assuring all clients and riders that Envida’s compassionate and respectful care keeps them safe at all times. Envida is a nonprofit with a mission to support access and promote independent living. In fact, studies from groups like AARP show that up to 90% of older adults desire to live in their homes as they age. Furthermore,

22 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

studies have shown that the cost for people to remain their own homesis lower than moving them into nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Envida’s homecare program is open to private pay for personal and homemaking services or to Health First Colorado members under Medicaid. They currently service a five-county area including El Paso, Teller, Park, Pueblo and Fremont, and they anticipate adding Crowley and Otero soon. Envida employs both family and non-family members as acaregivers under Medicaid. Fulltime caregivers qualify for benefits, and Envida is proud to offer competitive health benefits and even a 401K for its employees. Connecting to community means

transportation too. Envida operates specialized transit within Colorado Springs for older adults, those with disabilities, and those with low incomes. Its vehicles come with wheelchair lifts and are equipped to meet all ADA requirements. Envida operates two additional fixed public routes, one that extends to Calhan and another that extends beyond Ellicott to Yoder and Rush. Envida also operates a volunteer driving program in Monument and Palmer Lake so that older residents in there have access to services with transportation. Because not everyone can remain in their homes, Envida works with senior living facilities to fight isolation, helping residents stay active and connected. Online information about Envida can be found at www.envidacares.org. For specific questions regarding transportation, individuals and senior living facilities can contact Envida at 719-633-4677. Homecare inquiries may be directed to 719-301-6870.

Could anchored dentures change your life? SPONSORED FEATURE

Did you know that a dental solution is also a medical solution? Your dental health and your medical health are related. Problems with your bad dental condition could lead to bigger issues in your body. You can’t put it off and here’s why: If you have several missing teeth or you suffer with failing teeth, you may have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease may increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other health conditions, according to the American Dental Association.


If you currently wear traditional dentures, you may be dealing with negative side effects that may impact your health. Traditional dentures may increase the risk of digestive issues and depression, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Anchored

Dentures from Renew can be life-changing and a benefit to your health.

enjoy instant gratification unlike other centers that can take up to nine months to provide stable teeth.




Call to schedule your free consultation and free 3-D imaging at 844-646-1597 or visit renewmysmile.com.

Renew is changing the way people think about dentures or dental prosthetics and can help with eating, smiling and socializing. Renew’s proprietary dental prosthetic system is the only one in the United States that offers certain benefits in one day. At Renew, patients only undergo one surgical procedure. In some other centers, you’d have to have multiple surgeries. Our patients leave the day of their surgery with teeth that are secured immediately.

Our system also requires fewer office visits. You

Today, dental implants provide a more natural solution. However, implant dentistry in the United States varies widely in cost from $11,000 to $75,000 for a full-mouth restoration. Renew provides a high quality, high value solution on the lower end of the cost spectrum. When you come in for your free consultation, Renew doctors use high-tech diagnostic tools to determine your personal, customized treatment plan, including your personal cost.

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Helping seniors thrive in uncertain times Four things to help your older family members live better – now SPONSORED FEATURE

We all admire our elders. They have lived through some rough times and we always want to have them around for advice — or as KEN JENSEN the fun company they are or the great memories we can still create with them. However, many seniors are vulnerable to loneliness, COVID -19 complications and simply not having the physical strength to keep up with housework, laundry or running errands. Here are four ways you can help. 1. LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE PAYS FOR HOME HEALTH AIDES Many people do not know that if Mom and Dad have long term care insurance (LTC) they can afford

24 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

a home health aide visit several times a week if not daily. Ken Jenson from Amada urges seniors and their families to call them for more information. “Your loved ones can experience better quality of life with just a little help — safely in their own homes or at their assisted living facility.”

3. CREATE A WEEKLY ZOOM CALL If family lives far away, it may be hard for some seniors to connect as much as they would like. Amada home caregivers can help Mom or Dad get comfortable with video calls so they can reach out to loved ones and share smiles on screen.

2. HEALTH AND SAFETY RESTRICTIONS FOLLOWED If you choose to explore home health care, Amada has been following CDC guidance since the beginning and has experienced zero cases in their workforce or among their clients. You can help the seniors in your life by following protocols as well and by perhaps contracting with Amada to come in and make sure they don’t have to shop as often; and that their environment is cleaned regularly.

4. COMPANY FOR BIBLE STUDY, CRAFTS, COOKING, EXERCISE Seniors can feel isolated while trying to stay safe at home but there’s no need for them to be lonely when Amada caregivers can spend time with them working on crafts, hobbies or in spiritual pursuits. Seniors stay vibrant and engaged in daily life by pursuing the hobbies they love — even exercise can become a routine for seniors with a helper nearby (of course

check with your physician before beginning any program). Some signs that a senior may need additional help include: the home that is not as tidy as it may have been; more frozen meals in the freezer because cooking has become difficult; Mom or Dad losing interest in activities; and weight loss or unexplained bruising from a fall, indicating they’re having issues feeding themselves adequately or moving around as easily as they once did. “There’s no reason for our beloved seniors to spend their golden years in anything but comfort and in as much company as they would like. Our caregivers are standing by to provide a better quality of life for your senior loved ones,” Jenson said. Call Amada at 719-377-9121.

Are you getting the right primary care? Here are six questions to ask yourself SPONSORED FEATURE BY MARK IORIO, CENTRAL WEST REGION PRESIDENT, HUMANA

One of the best ways to get better healthcare is through your primary care provider (PCP). PCPs connect the dots between your lifestyle, health and goals. This holistic approach enables them to keep you at the center of diagnoses and treatments. Ultimately, your PCP should put you on the path to achieving your best health and happiest life. As vital as PCPs are, they differ in their quality and effectiveness. Here are questions to ask yourself about your PCP to tell if you’re getting the right primary care:


A great PCP prioritizes learning about you. They understand not only your medical history but also your personal history. They understand your health goals. They regularly check in on you between appointments. They respect you and your decisions.


According to recent studies, many doctors only give you an average of 11 seconds to speak before interrupting. Yet public opinion research found that listening and taking time to answer questions outranked current medical knowledge as an important characteristic of a good doctor.


Many of us have come to expect healthcare as a waiting game. After all the waiting, the actual time spent with your PCP can feel rushed. But long waits and short consultations don’t have to be the norm. In fact, many PCPs focus on minimizing wait times. They manage smaller caseloads so they can dedicate more time to individual patients and truly get to know them and their health concerns.


While PCPs are healthcare generalists, not all focus on seniors or those with disabilities and their needs. PCPs not focused on seniors may not be aware of their implicit biases about aging. General PCPs may not have facilities designed for older adults or those with disabilities, including modifications like lower exam chairs, wider hallways and doorways, nonslip floors or handrails. Features like these allow for easier mobility and increased independence through compassionate and thoughtful design.


Whether your PCP offers online scheduling

or telemedicine, the technology should be intuitive and easy to use. Just like a PCP’s physical design, you as the patient should be at the center of their technology — not the other way around — and help improve your quality of life.


A great PCP offers additional services like onsite lab work for convenience and efficiencies. They may also offer coordinated care with a health coach and/or behavioral health specialist because health is more than going to the doctor; it’s the sum of all those small choices that add up every day.

Humana is a Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO, and PFFS organization, and stand-alone prescription drug plan, with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in any Humana plan depends on plan renewal.

If you’d like to learn more, visit HealthThatCares.com, or contact your local licensed Humana Sales Agent at 1-877-8680796 (TTY: 711). ¿En español? Llame gratis al 1-888-280-0774 (TTY: 711).

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What causes cataracts? METRO SERVICES

Starting around age 40, proteins in the eye may begin to break down and cause lenses to become cloudy. UV rays can be damaging to the eyes and contribute to this natural protein degradation. While pronounced vision problems may not occur immediately, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) says vision

can be impaired later in life. The organization All About Vision (AAV) states cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people over age 40 and also are the principal cause of blindness in the world. Unprotected exposure to the sun is just one contributor to cataracts. Certain medical problems, such

Personalized and Compassionate In-home Senior Care

Non-Medical In-Home Care


Locally owned and operated

Personal Care / Companionship Bathing / Dressing Assistance Laundry / Light Housekeeping Shopping / Appointments Alzheimer’s / Dementia Support


as diabetes, also can cause cataracts. An eye injury, eye surgery or radiation treatments on the upper body also can cause cataracts, as can corticosteroids, advises the AAO. Congenital cataracts, which occur when infants are born with cataracts, may be caused by infection, injury or poor development in the womb; otherwise, they can form in childhood. Cataracts form in various regions depending on the cause, according to AAV. Subcapsular cataract: A subcapsular cataract occurs at the back of the lens. People with diabetes or those who take high doses of steroid medications have a greater risk of developing this type of cataract. Nuclear cataract: This cataract forms in the central zone of the lens and is often associated with aging. Cortical cataract: This cataract is characterized by opacities that are white and wedge-like, which

Are you terminally ill and worried about your pet’s future?

Senior Homeowners -

Eliminate Your Mortgage Payment!

Please visit our website

✓ Maintain independence at home ✓ Retain ownership ✓ Remain on title ✓ Increase your monthly cash flow

safeplacepets.org or call us at

(719) 359-0201 a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

For a better quality of life and to explore your options

Donations & volunteers welcome!

Call Kevin Guttman

719-302-5820 NMLS #384936

Serving Colorado Springs by referral since 2005!


Evergreen National Bank NMLS #609177 26 | SENIOR LIFE 2020

form on the periphery of the lens. Eventually they work to the center in a spoke-like fashion. Cortical cataracts can result from aging. Symptoms of cataracts often can be slow to form, so people may not even notice they have cataracts until they start to block light, while others may learn of their presence during vision exams. Cataracts may cause vision that is filmy, blurry or foggy, indicates WebMD. In older adults, nearsightedness may be attributed to cataracts. Glare, both during the day and at night, also may affect vision due to cataracts. Double vision or changes in the way one sees color can be symptoms of cataracts as well. Eye professionals can diagnose cataracts and make recommendations on the course of treatment. Cataract removal surgery is highly effective. More than 95% of people who have undergone the surgery experience improvements. Such surgeries are often performed on an outpatient basis.

hyhh ee uuhfnaaii (719) 205-6603

MMM y NaayTh’a Wff

1520 N Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs

TTeaaann yyyy ee aa yyy y ffffff. 1324 Pecf


(719) 428-3072


The unlikely birthplace of AARP SPONSORED FEATURE

AARP was founded on the simple premise that no one should have to live in a chicken coop. The shocking discovery of a distinguished former teacher living in a ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS, PH.D. chicken coop inspired AARP’s founder, the late Ethel Percy Andrus, Ph.D. who had devoted her career to educating high school students, to turn her attention to devoting the rest of her life to improving the quality of life for all as we age. Through an act of kindness, AARP’s founder showed how one person can make a difference in the lives of others. By establishing two national organizations — the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) and AARP — she later demonstrated that the collective efforts of many can change a nation for the better. As she was volunteering on a cold, drizzly day in the mid-1940s, Andrus, a retired high school principal in Los Angeles, heard about a woman who needed help. When she found the woman, they recognized each other because the woman had been a teacher. Andrus worked to establish the NRTA as a national organization and enthusiasm was so great that AARP was formed for people not eligible for NRTA to realize the same help and comfort in retirement. Today, AARP continues this vital work. It helps people navigate the complexities of their life transitions, so they feel in control, confident and secure as they age. “We at AARP have a vision and that is a belief in a society in which all people live with dignity and purpose, and can fulfill their goals and dreams,” said Bob Murphy, AARP Colorado state director. “Here in Colorado, we keep decision makers informed of 50plus perspectives on critical issues like Social Security, Medicare

and prescription drug prices,” he said. “AARP believes your health and financial security must be protected, and the issues you care about are issues that everyone cares about.” AARP is committed to changing how we think about aging — that it is not based on a number but based on an individual’s contribution and living the way he or she wishes, regardless of age. AARP advocates for people 50plus and their families, whether it be fraud protection, utility costs or age discrimination. And the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization — with more than 660,000 members in Colorado alone — does so much more: AARP Colorado’s advocacy team of volunteers works on state legislation to protect consumers’ rights in many ways. AARP in Colorado is helping communities become great,

livable places for people of all ages, so streets are safe and walkable, housing is age-friendly and affordable, and transportation options are available and accessible. AARP helps people make a difference in their communities by organizing volunteering opportunities. AARP provides resources and tools for family caregivers, so they can help the ones they love. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide helps thousands of Coloradans file their taxes free of charge. Whether you are still working, or getting ready to collect Social Security, AARP has the tools needed so you may experience the comfortable retirement you hoped to achieve. To learn about all AARP has to offer here in Colorado, please visit aarp.org/CO.

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Enjoy Classic 55+ Living. The Retreat at Banning Lewis Ranch

The Retreat, a 55 and better age-restricted community is the newest addition to the award-winning Banning Lewis Ranch master planned community. This special and private "retreat� will boast its very own private 10,000 sq. ft. amenity center, outdoor pool and much more to keep an active and healthy lifestyle while enjoying resort-style features in the community. Classic Homes The Retreat at Banning Lewis Ranch New Homes from the $400s

THINK 55+ RESORT STYLE-LIVING 9 Distinct Ranch-style Home Designs with Main Level Living Exclusive 55+ Clubhouse & Amenity Center, Pool, Bocce Ball Courts, Pickle Ball Courts, Outdoor Amphitheater & Pavilion Parks & Walking Trails

Featured Models: The Celebration and The Sundance 9158 Braemore Heights Colorado Springs, CO 80927 (719) 452-8696 *Pricing and availability subject to change. The Retreat at Banning Lewis Ranch is a 55+ age restricted community.

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Karen Radcliffe Kaiser Permanente Medicare Specialist

719-246-4770 Mykpagent.org/karend Proudly serving the southern Colorado communities

I’m here to help you with your Medicare plan! Kaiser Permanente has the highest-rated Medicare plan in Colorado, 5 out of 5 Stars for 2021, and offers an exceptional network of doctors and specialists with the convenience and access to high-quality healthcare. We offer in-person visits, online chat, e-visits, 24/7 on-demand phone and video visits and, a 24/7 medical advice line. Let’s talk!

We’re We’re here to help you her live your 5-Star life!

At Kaiser Permanente, we want you to redefine what 65 and over looks like with the 5-Star care you deserve. Live your best life with confidence knowing you have Kaiser Permanente’s Medicare health plan. Healthier living starts today.

Why Kaiser Permanente?

1 2 3

Since 1969, we’ve been serving Coloradans for more than 50 years as the largest, most experienced, non-profit health plan in Colorado and have been offering Medicare plans to Coloradans since 1985. Kaiser Permanente offers an exceptional network of great doctors and specialists nearby. You’ll find the convenience of multiple services like pharmacy and labs under one roof. Our Medicare health plans mean predictable costs with $0 to low monthly premiums.

4 5

Only Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s Medicare health plan received the highest possible overall rating - 5 out of 5 stars in 2021, and every year for the past decade. In person, phone appointments, on-demand video visits, online chat, e-visits, scheduled video visits, email, and a 24/7 advice line. Patients take an active role with access to their electronic medicare record. (EMR)

5-Star care is waiting for you!

kp.org/5starlife/com 800-611-3615 TTY711

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Classic Homes – building on a legacy SPONSORED FEATURE

Dozens of vibrant residential neighborhoods and new home communities throughout El Paso County stand as a testament to Classic Homes’ 31-year reputation as a quality homebuilder and land developer. Today, the 160 team members at Classic Homes continue to earn customer loyalty and industry-wide recognition, locally and nationally. Earlier this year, for example, in addition to being named the “Best Homebuilder” and “Best Home Developer” by readers of The Gazette and the Colorado Springs Business Journal – the thirteenth such honor in as many years. In 2018 and again 2019, Classic Homes was recognized as one of Southern Colorado’s Best Workplaces. Year after year, the team also continues to earn a spot on the prestigious “Builder 100” list, published by industry leader — Builder Magazine. Earning such accolades is wonderful. But Classic’s goals are deeper than winning awards and stars. The company’s mission statement is “Sustained

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Excellence” for a reason. It’s about setting realistic expectations and keeping quality, value, and customer satisfaction at the forefront of every home in every community. Classic understands that a new home often represents a path to help families achieve their dreams. Whether the neighborhood is in an established area like Flying Horse and Wolf Ranch or The Retreat, a new 55+ age restricted community in Banning Lewis Ranch, the entire team is committed to partnering with each customer throughout the homebuilding experience. Classic Homes currently builds in 14 communities located throughout Colorado Springs and Monument and offers five distinct home collections with square footage ranging from 1,300 square feet to over 6,100 square feet. Current Classic communities include: Sanctuary Pointe, Forest Lakes, Flying Horse, North Fork at Briargate, Wolf Ranch, The Retreat 55+ at Banning Lewis Ranch, Indigo Ranch, Hannah Ridge, Homestead at Sterling Ranch,

Jackson Creek North and Bison Ranch. Home collections include: Classic Collection (ranch and twostory homes with full basements), Legends Collection (paired-patio ranch homes with full basements), Renaissance Collection (ranch and two-story homes built on crawlspaces), Midtown Collection (two-story and three-story urban-style homes) and a new Townhome Collection (two-story attached homes). What’s new at Classic? The team continuously evaluates home designs, included features, and new products. In fact, many of the available home designs you see today are the direct result of customer input and internal research and development. One of the most notable changes took place in 2019 when Classic introduced its Smart Home Connections Package as a standard included feature on all new construction homes, across all product lines in every Classic community. The package was a first of its kind to be added as an included new home feature in El

Paso County. Then in 2020, Classic Homes broke ground in one of the first new construction 55+ age restricted communities in Colorado Springs. The Retreat at Banning Lewis Ranch offers nine of Classic’s most popular ranch-style homes that offer main level living in what promises to be an amenity driven 55+ community like no other in the area. Residents of The Retreat can look forward to resort-style living, private community amenities including an exclusive clubhouse, pool, bocce ball, pickle ball, outdoor amphitheater and pavilion, plus easy access to parks, walking trails and more. Whether you are embarking on your first home, a larger home, or downsizing to a smaller home, Classic Homes is with you all the way. To learn more about Classic’s communities, floorplans, and new homes ready for quick move-in, please visit www.ClassicHomes. com. Classic’s online New Home Specialists are also available 7-days a week at 719-888-3445.

Locally owned and operated with two locations to serve your funeral, cremation and shipping service needs SPONSORED FEATURE

The Springs Funeral Services and The Springs Funeral Services-North are locally owned and community-based funeral homes. We are full-service funeral homes with a flower shop and onsite crematory. We provide a wide variety of pre-need, time-of-need and post-need service choices. We are military approved, green-burial certified and shipping experts. Serving the community at our Platte Avenue location for fourteen years and at our second, full-service location on Oakwood Boulevard for four years now, we invite you to stop by and allow us to give you a personal tour of our modern and spacious funeral homes and chapels.

In Times of Uncertainty..

Please visit our website www.tsfs.co or call to set up a meeting with a funeral planning specialist.

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Your legal next of kin controls your funeral, unless you have plans in place.

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The Springs Funeral Services North The Springs Funeral Services (Dublin & Powers) (Platte & Chelton) 6575 Oakwood Boulevard 3115 East Platte Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923 (719) 358-5128 (719) 328-1793

• Blended Families • Estranged Children/Families • Separated but not divorced • Partners/Companions • No surviving family

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Designed for comfort, Aspen Trail Retirement Community welcomes you home SPONSORED FEATURE

Imagine coming home to a warm, friendly community that’s luxurious, safe and comfortable. Maintenance and housekeeping are included, with every meal of the day being chef-prepared from scratch and pleasing to the palette. With all the work done, you have time for family, friends and the important things in life. That can be your life at Aspen Trail Retirement Community. Designed for comfort, the community will feature studios, to three-bedroom apartments with a variety of floor plans. Each apartment will feature window coverings, an individual climatecontrolled thermostat, ceiling fans, and ample closet space. And, apartment kitchens will be fully equipped with a dishwasher, range, microwave, refrigerator and a garbage disposal, with washer/dryer hook-ups within the apartment. Aspen Trail’s stunning main

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Aspen Trail dining room with a gorgeous view will be the perfect setting to savor meals prepared fresh daily by the executive chef in the stateof-the-art commercial kitchen.

The signature Freedom Dining program offers flexible dining hours throughout the day, where residents may enjoy casual or fine dining options and/or room service

is also included. Residents will have access to onsite banking, salon, general store, and pharmacy services. Through 24/7 concierge services, resident needs will be met, even scheduled transportation to personal appointments on the community’s shuttle. Relax by a fireplace or a night of movies or live entertainment in the 150-seat theater. At Aspen Trail there will be no shortage of activities. The lifestyle director will schedule unique activities designed to meet resident’s requests. Ultimately, companionship and interaction with others are powerful tools to enjoy retirement and with so many entertaining options and the professional, caring community staff on hand, Aspen Trail will certainly bring residents together. For more information, please call 719-387-0495.








Comfort 365 Windows®

% * OFF




The fact that Champion designs, builds, installs, and guarantees their products here in the United States definitely sets them apart from their competitors. —Devon S.


Champion Sunroom & Siding

Book online or call today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!

719-425-2735 • SaleAtChampion.com 4610 N. Chestnut Street • Colorado Springs A MESSAGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS ABOUT COVID-19 Champion is committed to the health and safety of our customers and our employees. This commitment includes following all CDC recommended best practices and guidelines. Virtual appointments are available! Call for details and see if it’s right for you. *Buy 2 Comfort 365 Windows ® at regular price and get 1 additional window free. Free window must be of equal or lesser value. Minimum purchase of 3 Comfort 365 Windows ® required. National 20% discount on sunrooms and siding requires minimum purchase of 120 sq. ft. complete sunroom or 1,200 sq. ft. of siding. Earn up to an additional 10% off (up to $2,000) with participation in the YES! Program, making your sunroom and siding discount a total of up to 30% off. YES! Program valid only on the date of your initial free in-home estimate appointment and once per residence per term. All discounts apply to the MSRP cost. No adjustments can be made on prior sales. Offer subject to change. See website or a Champion Representative for details. **Subject to credit approval. Fixed interest rate of 6.99% for 60 months. Payment example assumes one time $10,000 purchase on approval date (APR 7.15%) with 1 payment of $236.96 followed by 59 amortized payments of $197.96. Payments assume Account Activation charge of $39 applies and is due with first required payment. Financing for GreenSky ® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, equal opportunity lender banks. †The Champion Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to Comfort 365 Windows ® as long as the original purchaser owns the home. Offer expires 11/30/20. ©Champion Opco LLC, 2020

2368 Research Parkway Colorado Springs, CO 80920 A Residence of Legend Senior Living®


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Luxe bathrooms can be ADA compliant BY PATTY TOMSKY, PATTY.TOMSKY@GAZETTE.COM

Many seniors prefer to “age-inplace” and would like to retrofit their home just in case health or mobility decline. Familiar with grab bars walls near the toilet and shower as well as retrofitted bathtubs with doors that are flush to the floor and include seating, seniors may overlook other items they will need in an ADA bathroom. Fancy bidets and technologically “smart” toilets can be a luxe part of the plan, as well. Sometimes a surgery becomes necessary as one ages. In that case, each trip for toileting should be as “complete” as possible to avoid overdoing it in those early days once the sutures are healing. In addition, sore joints and spines may not allow one to clean up totally afterward. Enter the “smart” toilet, complete with bidet. Bidet is a French loanword that means “little horse” thanks to the straddle one adopts on

a freestanding bidet. The more modern choice is to have a bidet feature included in an all-in-one toilet. A bidet spray, also known as a bidet shower describes a hand-held triggered sprayer to be installed on the wall near the toilet. They can be tricky for those with limited mobility unless their helper is the one wielding them. A bidet can be attached to the toilet bowl in the form of a movable or fixed nozzle attached within the toilet rim. These produce either a straight-on jet or a sideways stream, usually with quite a bit of pressure. Other models possess two nozzles on the back rim, a short one and a longer one, with the shorter one used for number two, the longer one for the front part of the genitals. According to Wikipedia, some models come with built-in nightlights, warm air blowers to dry off after use and built-in activated charcoal to help handle odors. One also needs

a “threaded tee pipe adapter” to install many of these add-ons and usually a “GFCI protected grounded electronic outlet.” Bidets are also recommended for those with genital health issues such as hemorrhoids. They might also reduce the amount of toilet paper a household requires. According to Scientific American, if more Americans switched to bidet use “fifteen million trees could be saved every year.” Besides the earth-friendly aspects of owning a bidet, elderly Americans can retain more independence through selftoileting with electronic remote control. These units also allow for easier wheelchair transfer, as many of them include a higher seat. Speaking of toilet seats, the Japanese heated seat is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The Toto toilet will be familiar for those who have traveled to Japan and many other

Asian countries: These toilets include a bidet and are known as “washlets” are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. However, for a low-cost solution, conversion bidets are the way to go. Other luxe additions to an ADAcompliant bathroom include tub enclosures that have no sides and doors that are watertight. There are delightful design options to mount a wheelchair accessible sink, as well. Some seniors might also consider widening the doorway and adding more space for a dressing area with seating. Cabinetry should also be lower as well as towel racks. There are as many options as there are tastes in décor. Planning for a more mobile bathroom doesn’t have to be about grab bars in toilets and showers, it could be about saving the planet and spending just a little to upgrade to a bidetready toilet.

Lift and Stressless chairs are now more stylish and affordable than ever

Get comfy this winter in a convenient, cushy lift chair or Stressless chair from AFG SPONSORED FEATURE


reat yourself this winter to a comfort chair — you deserve it after the year we’ve all had! From worldfamous Stressless chairs to power recliners, these specialty seats can do anything from relieve pressure on your knees or back to ensuring you can stay mobile. In the past, classic recliners only had 2-3 positions — today’s power chairs are stylish and affordable as well as adjustable to your special seating needs. Don’t worry — you don’t have to settle for an ugly recliner with an unfashionable silhouette — visit American Furniture Galleries (AFG) on Platte or online to shop some of the most fashionable seating around — and if you or a loved one would benefit from a lift chair or a Stressless chair, prepare to be “wowed.” AFG is starting its 99th anniversary event — they’ve been your go-to Springs source since

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way back in 1921. So which chair should you shop for? Stressless chairs are an American Chiropractic Association-endorsed chair that have excellent lumbar support. AFG pros can make sure you have the right size so you get the best results — a six-footer shouldn’t have the same support as a person under five feet tall. These chairs are designed to be

gorgeous and functional — check out the Buckingham and the Windsor models in particular — they’re modern and lend any room a delightful sense of urban cool. Lift chairs are also called lift recliners and allow those with back or lower-extremities issues to be electronically “lifted” out of the seat with a mechanism that takes you from seated to fully lifted into a

standing position with the touch of a button. The UltraComfort Power Lift Chair offers many models that lay flat as well as having outstanding lumbar support. These chairs are made by a medical device company whereas others you may source elsewhere are made by homefurnishing companies with off-theshelf lift mechanisms. “The proprietary lift mechanism in the UltraComfort was designed to be appropriate for hospitals and nursing facilities,” said Neno Nenoff of AFG. “These chairs are built to last and we can deliver to your home and make sure they’re installed properly, as well.” Some chair models also have a soothing massage and heat settings for the coziest winter you’ve ever spent. For more, visit americanfurniture. com or call 719-632-6621.

$0 premium HMO!

Zero, zip, zilch

If you want higher value from your healthcare plan, consider this Humana is here to help make getting care more affordable with our $0 premium plans. Enjoy all the benefits you’ve come to expect, like:

• Prescription drug coverage • Maximum annual out-of-pocket protection • Doctors office visits and hospital coverage • Rewards for completing preventive health screening and activities

Call a licensed Humana sales agent

Humana Marketpoint® office Colorado Springs 719-532-7700, Ext. 0 (TTY: 711)

This advertisement was sent by an independent agent licensed to sell Medicare plans. If you do not want to receive future mailings from this agent, please contact the agent to be removed from their mailing list. Humana is a Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO and PFFS organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in any Humana plan depends on contract renewal. Applicable toHumana Gold Plus HMO. For a complete list of available plans please contact 1-800-MEDICARE (TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048), 24 hours a day/7 days a week or consult www.medicare.gov. Y0040_GHHHXCFTE_21_M

Humana Gold Plus HMO

Now Open!

Aspen Trail Celebrate Life.

At Aspen Trail, we offer more than just a community – we offer worry-free independent retirement living. Designed exclusively for adults 55 and over, we take care of everything with one monthly price and no buy-in fee, so you can enjoy the good things in life.

All-Inclusive Amenities:  Live-In Managers  Month-to-Month Rent with No Buy-In Fee  All Utilities Included  Fitness Center  Weekly Housekeeping  Signature Freedom Dining Program  Three Chef-Prepared Meals Daily  24-Hour Emergency Alert System  24-Hour Concierge Services

At times like this, we know experience matters. Every day our seasoned live-in managers are moving new residents into our worry-free lifestyle with protocols in place to ensure a safe and easy move.

Call today to schedule a private tour, we know you’ll love what you see!


5455 New Car Drive  Colorado Springs, CO 80923  AspenTrailRetirement.com

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