Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community 2019 Annual Report

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Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community Director’s Note from Brian Hansen

2 0 1 9 A N N U A L R E P O R1 T

Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community supports and empowers

people with mental health and substance abuse issues by providing opportunities to grow and thrive. Through shared experience, meaningful work and active participation in an accepting, diverse community, we help each person develop the confidence and skills to recover. 2

Executive Director Report Since 2017, Spring Lake Ranch has been working towards achieving the objectives set out in our 2020 Vision and Action Plan. The four primary pillars of the Plan are: Continuum of Care • Expansion of Work Opportunities • Reaffirm the Role of Community • Develop a Sustainable Financial Model Continuum of Care Until recently, we have struggled with significant delays in our Clinical Director search, which is key in revising our continuum of care. I am pleased to share that we have recruited Kathleen White, who joined us on November 1st, 2019. We look forward to sharing further developments after she gets up and running. The admissions process was slightly modified to increase the number of weekly residents we can admit; early signs indicate this will support an increased census. Additionally, a new sub-group of specialty staff was added to focus on expanding SLR’s recovery programming, creating the positions for both Recovery Coach and a House Advisor focused on recovery. These two positions will oversee and expand the recovery programming for the Cuttingsville and Rutland Aftercare Programs. An additional program has been presented to a private foundation for funding. This would be a step-down from the existing Cuttingsville Program, with six individual apartments located on the Ranch property. The aim would be to replicate the Royce Street Program, with stronger connections to the Ranch community and more flexible support based on clients’ changing needs. Expansion of Work Opportunities Two additional full-time Work Program positions have been added which provide those crews with the necessary staff in place to expand their program offerings. In the next year, Farm will look into adding a meat CSA program, a farm to table plan, and an interactive barn for more intentional work with the animals. Meanwhile, Shop will work towards launching a community-based service crew. Woods will take time to evaluate the balance between effective programming and syrup production, and Gardens will work towards a needs assessment for an expanded commercial kitchen. SLR has made meaningful and significant adjustments to the way residents change crews. Previously, residents would have the option to change crews every week; now, their assignment to a crew is indefinite after their initial selection. To change crews, residents submit a request to their teams which is closely evaluated and discussed, with the expectation they may or may not be able to get their first choice. The aim of this is to more closely replicate the external working environment, including the navigable challenges that arise, such as interpersonal tensions, lack of task motivation, etc. One of the main therapeutic values with less crew changes is that crews are more cohesive and actual treatment goals can be addressed over time. Thus far, the change has been very well received by the community. Reaffirmation of the Role of Community In order to simultaneously address several challenges, Matless House’s role has changed from resident rooming to a staff house. This change has allowed us to recruit House Advisors in advance of expected turnover and to reduce the impact on our programs during those transitions. Two new pathways have been created to utilize greater skills of existing House Advisors and to lengthen their stay as employees and members of the community. A House Advisor – Recovery position and a House Advisor – Med Room position have been created and filled with current lead house advisors. Developing a Sustainable Financial Model Spring Lake Ranch raised the Cuttingsville rate from $400/day to $440/day, which still keeps us in the median price range for comparable programs. The Rutland Aftercare Program has put on standby the hiring of one case manager vacancy and dissolved the Rutland Director position in an effort to reduce their program’s financial deficit. In addition to the actions mentioned above as part of our Vision Plan, SLR has made significant progress towards becoming a more evidence-based organization in this reporting period. A new Quality Assurance department, headed by Lynn Pilcher, has been established and has created multiple resident, client, and family surveys to collect, track, and analyze the outcomes of SLR’s work. The upcoming year marks the final year in the current Vision and Action Plan 2020, but planning has already been set in motion to define the following year’s strategy. An intensive strategy development period will take place in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2020 with the aim to define the organizations strategy until 2025.

Brian Hansen, Executive Director



Jim Alic • Ludlow, VT Brenda Anastasio • Camp Hill, PA Linda Berryhill • Cuttingsville, VT Ludy Biddle • Cuttingsville, VT Bill Bull • Falmouth, ME Ann Davis • Longmeadow, MA Dana Foster • Kittery, ME Walter Harrison, III, Treasurer • Tequesta, FL Dan Jerman • Hartland, VT Bruce Maslack • Saratoga Springs, NY Patrick McKee • Charlotte, VT Muffie Milens • Burlington, VT Alissa Rubin • Paris, France Kurt Shaffert • Warren, VT Phyllis Tarbell, Co-President • Pawlet, VT Jonathon Wells, Co-President • Doylestown, PA Linnea Wilson, Vice President • New York, NY Bill Zoppo, Assistant Treasurer • Needham, MA


Barbara Aicher • Thomas Aicher • David Almond • Mary Beverage • Amelia Campbell Harley Cudney • H.F. Doolittle • Judy Elkin • Eugene Fleishman • Janet Fronk • Catherine Fondrk Kathleen Ford • Scott Garren • Lawrence Gentile • Michael Greenstein • Huck Gutman David Hedden • Jack Hoffman • Julie Ingelfinger • Carol Kaminsky • Sarah Kinter Linnea Lachman • Marcos Levy • Suzanne Lynch • Glen MacLeod • Elicia Mailhiot • Joni Martin Taffy Maynard • Elizabeth Mills • Dianne Monaco • Becky Moore • David Mosher • Georgia Mosher Susan Rosenwasser • Barry Rosenwasser • Jenna Rosenwasser • John Ross • Anne Sarcka Heather Shay • Sarah Ashley Simmons • Irwin Sollinger • Carl Thompson • Ann Vanneman Harry Welch • Phyllis Wells • Michael Wells • Sally Zoppo


Admissions Report

This year’s overall census pattern remained relatively unchanged, showing our lowest census in the winter months with the usual uptick in the spring and summer. Although the ebbs and flows were similar, we were pleased that the average census was consistently up by an average of two beds over the prior year. Staffing shortages impacted admissions with the departure of development staff, which drew departmental attention and resources towards supporting that. The most important positive impact to Admissions came late in our fiscal year with the addition of Kevin Molloy as the Admissions Coordinator. Kevin was a Senior HA, and a graduate of both the Ranch and RAP who has always shown a keen interest in the admissions process. Within two weeks, he had mastered the ability to assess fit and speak with families and professionals. In the upcoming year, we plan to take on the transition process to RAP as well as assisting in the discharge planning process from both programs.

Rachel Stark, Director of Admissions & Outreach 5

Admissions Numbers


“Spring Lake Ranch was the first place where positive thoughts began to come back into my life. I began to believe I could make it after all.” – Former Resident


Spring Lake Ranch By the Numbers Admissions

• Most residents come from home, followed by hospitals, other programs, & finally, rehab • The intersection between length of stay & a well-planned departure starts at approximately 8 months • The average length of stay increased by 32 days • 17% of residents went to Rutland Aftercare Program; 18% to another alternative residential program.


• 9 clinical groups offered • 4 full-time therapists on staff • 3 certified in-house recovery specialists

Work Program

• 20 new dining room chairs built • 386 garlic bulbs planted • 2 new hiking trails created • 14+ trees harvested in one day (plus many more total) • 90 chicken eggs laid daily • 10 new calves born • 1 ClearSpan barn purchased


• $396,677 awarded in financial aid • Nearly 30% of residents & clients received scholarships • 100% of SLR trustees are donors • 3168 community members raised almost $600,000

Donor Accomplishments In Fiscal Year 2019, Spring Lake Ranch donors helped us surpass our $80,000 goal for renovations to the Royce Street kitchen. Royce Street Transitional House is an option for clients seeking greater independence while still being supported by Ranch staff and its programs. The updates to Royce Street kitchen provide much more functional cooking and meal preparation space, which is especially important because clients there are tasked with preparing dinner for other residents and staff one night each week, including grocery shopping and cooking. These are skills we help foster for individuals to continue after their time in our Rutland Aftercare Program, and they are certainly aided by the addition of a more collaborative cooking space. The renovations were extensive and included knocking out a wall to expand the room, installing new appliances - including a double oven, and putting in new cabinets, flooring, and appliances. Thank you to all the wonderful donors who contributed to this project and made it happen!

128 of you raised over $30,000 to support our Shop Crew in rebuilding the lake house around Spring Lake. Our summer outdoor recreational activities often find us spending time up there, and this beautiful new building will provide a place for rest, changing into swim clothes, and gazing at the water. Come see the finished product this summer!


Financial Report

The 2018-2019 year was one of financial rebuilding for the Ranch. We entered the fiscal year with a plan to spend investment monies to continue with the implementation of the Vision Plan. A lot of the year, and as always in relation to our programming costs, revolved around staffing. The search for a new Executive Director began in the Fall of 2018, with the culmination of that search in May of 2019 when Brian Hansen joined the organization. We welcomed a new Work Program Director and a new Communications and Development Manager into the fold in January of 2019. We also experienced challenges in keeping our House Advisor roles filled, as well as finding support staffing during much of the year. Low unemployment rates and a scarcity of eligible candidates in the state of Vermont were both major contributors to the problem, which increased our hiring costs. While most of the staffing issues resolved themselves by yearend, we did end the fiscal year with continued challenges in finding a Clinical Director. Due to the consistent vacancies in our staffing plan and a full year without a Clinical Director, expenses related to wages and benefits for the year were less than anticipated. Having a lack of leadership in many key roles also led to an overall reduction in spending in the affected departments. We did end the year on a high note with the launch of new initiatives in terms of staffing and a rally in admissions in the Cuttingsville program. This rally wasn’t quite enough to offset earlier fiscal year admissions census struggles, and we did end the year with a deficit and below budgeted census figures. Overall, the reductions in spending allowed for minimizing the planned spend-down of investment monies. We’ve been very mindful over the years to not take on debt in times of need and find ourselves grateful that we have the ability to have a year of re-building without the need to do so.


Elizabeth Karle, Business Manager

Statement of Financial Position Year ending Assets



Cash Accounts Receivable Other Assets Investments Land, Buildings, Equipment Total Assets

226,912 23,215 76,482 6,731,454 2,310,363 9,368,426

60,387 44,829 143,841 7,108,283 2,256,291 9,613,631

155,980 94,288 49,637 77,498 377,402

44,059 81,517 69,349 78,159 273,084

Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Net Assets

5,746,736 137,289 3,106,998 8,991,023

5,896,293 126,856 3,317,398 9,340,547

Total Liabilities & Net Assets



Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Gift Annuity Total Liabilities Net Assets


Rutland Aftercare Program RAP Financial Aid Washington St. Apartments Net RAP Incomes Contributed Incomes Investment Incomes Other Incomes Total Revenues

2018-19 2,604,455 -304,955 2,299,500

2017-18 2,504,945 -258,287 2,246,658

2016-17 2,770,983 -624,146 2,146,837

2015-16 2,964,780 -242,544 2,722,236

2014-15 3,109,219 -166,882 2,942,337

677,785 -91,723 67,917 653,979

852,701 -131,325 66,840 788,216

1,046,635 -114,053 48,802 981,384

1,090,773 -88,168 65,731 1,068,336

983,684 -49,337 57,681 992,028

405,923 598,425 752,209 379,837 86,030 66,502 4,066,160 4,279,036

768,382 422,973 409,654 771,546 460,209 64,769 94,257 59,953 73,087 4,762,406 4,733,707 4,481,875

Expenses CP Program and Admin Wages General & Administrative Expenses Direct Program Expenses Rutland Aftercare Wages Rutland Aftercare Program Investment Expenses Total Expenses Total Change in Net Assets

2,420,072 493,731 710,269 630,120 198,191 55,299

2,214,217 454,010 679,482 624,605 184,444 55,338

4,507,682 4,212,096 -441,522


2,196,660 423,134 701,827 658,046 223,659 54,472

2,306,570 416,971 722,987 736,156 227,254 34,958

2,159,976 456,043 746,359 699,071 252,309 8,341

4,257,798 4,444,896 4,322,099 504,608



Statement of Activities: Five -Year Snapshot

Cuttingsville Program CP Financial Aid Net CP Incomes


“Getting our daughter into SLR saved her life. There’s no doubt in my mind.” - Alumni Parent


Work Program Report As the seasons change at the Ranch, there are many things that stay the same year to year. Each winter, seeds get ordered then planted in our heated hoop house, transplanted and tended in our gardens in spring, then harvested throughout the summer and fall. Whether it’s 90 degrees or 10 degrees, our animals are cared for each day by our residents. The needed wood for warming our buildings, boiling sap, and carpentry projects keeps our Woods and Shop Crews busy year-round. There are a few things that stand out of the seasonal Work Program rhythm at the Ranch. This summer, we hired assistant department heads for our Farm and Shop Crews. Our hope is that these positions will bolster consistent, intentional programming as we look ahead to this upcoming year. In spring of 2019, we revitalized our LOC (Leader on Crew) program, creating opportunities for residents to step into key roles needed in our Work Program like covering weekend farm chores. We’ve put the finishing touches on the lake house, added beautiful chairs to our dining room, and begun a new barn project (which will cut hay costs and augment our expanding composting endeavors). The Work Program staff have also worked closely with the clinicians to enhance the balance of our Clinical and Work Programs through consistent scheduling of groups and one-on-one therapy sessions. Amy Bowen, Work Program Director

Clinical Report It was a productive year in terms of developing our clinical support. Therapists were fully staffed for the entire year, and SLR consulting psychiatrist Dr. FauntLeRoy and staff member Rachel Stark split the Clinical Director duties, though the absence of a permanent staff person in this role was certainly felt. Per the vision, we took great strides with our clinical programming. The daily schedule was adjusted, concentrating therapy and groups in the mornings, which streamlines the Work Program’s ability to schedule. Numerous clinical groups were introduced and very well received by residents, including two weekly processing groups, a women’s group, smoking cessation, substance recovery, and SMART recovery, as well as a wellness group which teaches various mindfulness skills. This was in addition to the hearing voices and the AA/NA meetings that had been offered in the past. This year, residents and clients who found themselves in crises were seamlessly offered greater support through additional therapeutic sessions, as well as designated awake-overnight staffing, which reduced the overall stress level for staff and the community as a whole. On the admissions side, the therapists facilitated extensive safety screens for every potential admit. Professional development continues to be important to our therapists. Theresa completed the six-day Basic Training course in EMDR which is utilized to treat trauma - a common denominator for residents who come to the Ranch. Gina attended a week-long training about PolyVagal theory which is a trauma- informed intervention focused on self-regulation of the nervous system. Cynthia worked hard towards completing her licensing hours to become an LADC and has only a few sessions to go before she can sit for the exam, and Kristen racked up over 1,500 hours towards the 3,000 hour requirement needed to certify as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Rachel Stark, Director of Admissions & Outreach


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Spring Lake Ranch Alumni Alumni residents, clients, and their families believe that, with opportunities to grow and thrive, healing is possible. They believe in the power of community, either at the Ranch itself or by connecting from elsewhere. There are many ways for both family and resident alumni to stay engaged with the Spring Lake Ranch community and support those who are currently participating in our program. Visit www.springlakeranch.org/ slralumni to find out more. 14

367 times

“At Spring Lake Ranch, I felt like a peer, with strengths and struggles, no better than or less than anyone else. With some surprise, I even discovered that I had qualities that could be helpful to others. Slowly, through living in the Ranch community and participating in the work program, I developed a sense of personal value and self-esteem.� - Former Resident 15

Thank you to our 2019 donors SLR relies on the support of our donors, and we are grateful to those listed below for their gifts received between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019. We’re also pleased to recognize those who have made 25 or more gifts to Spring Lake Ranch, as well as our sustaining donors. $25,000+


Anonymous Stephen & Ann Davis

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (4) Nancy Ferguson Cara Lillian

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2) Jim Alic & Jacalyn Diesenhouse M.G. O’Neil Foundation Miles & Millicent Elmore Walter F. Harrison III Richard & Nancy Hopkins Jane Lombard

$2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous Brenda & Gene Anastasio John & Linda Berryhill Sallie Bingham George Duke Adrienne Kimball Margery & Ted Mayer Alissa Johannsen Rubin Gregory & Elizabeth Sembler Carl Thompson Michael & Phyllis Wells

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Joan Aleshire Blue Yak Foundation David Cutler Judith Elkin & Eugene Fleishman Gar Ferguson Arthur Gardiner Scott Garren & Heather Shay Larry Gentile Marty Grasberger Chris Healy Dan & Shelley Jerman Carol Kaminsky Cheryl Le Clair & Edward Newman Steven Maass Bruce Maslack & Suzanne Lynch Barbara Meyer 16

25 or more lifetime gifts Muffie Milens Jane & Robert Morse Neilson Family Trust Mrs. William Oppenheim Sam & Kathy Salem Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Board of Akron Wendy & Stephen Shalen Anne & Pete Sheret Kathleen Sullivan Lynne Tobin Marcy Venezia Jennine Williamson & John Fitzgerald Robyn & Jim Worthington

$500 - $999

David Almond The Backman Family Ellen Bates Ludy Biddle Michael Blum Don & Marty Dewees Bob & Janet Fronk Frederick & Kathleen Godley Margee & Dave Grow Anne & George Hanna Kinney Pike Insurance, Inc. Martin Klein The Lewis Family Mary Helen & Glen Macleod Susan & Leonard Mark Marie McBennett Karen McDowell Phyllis Mazurski & Patrick McKee Mimi Peabody Roger & Juliana Pilon Grace Roosevelt Whitney & Susan Scott David Silber & Devora Steinmetz Patricia & Richard Steinhart Patrick Tisdale Harry Welch W.M. Wingate, Jr. Sally & Bill Zoppo

$250 - $499

Guilliaem Aertsen Christine Aquino Bill Bull Amelia Campbell

Ayco Charitable Foundation Allan Crandell M.D. & Rita Shirley Dr. Thomas Curchin & Sara Kinter Rick & Laura Davis Julie & Timothy Donohue Anne Ellsworth Debra & David Gardner George & Nannette Herrick Patricia Kuntz Heidi Landecker Anthony Man & Clayton Brown Linda & Lane Miller Susan Molloy Dianne Monaco Lori & Daniel Perry The Posner/Rosen Family Susan & Tom Riley Maria Rolph Anne Sarcka Sydney & Lesly Schachne Muriel Scoler Jenelle Stefanic Vermont Transco LLC Jonathon & Lucretia Wells Lee Wilson Linnea Hayward Wilson

$100 - $249

Anonymous (13) Joseph Aiello & Mary Mitchell Margaret Argent Rick Balkin & Felice Swados Robert & Patricia Banach Tricia Bannon Mary Ellen Beall Barbara Bird Paul Bruhn Rod S. Butler Eli Christiana Thon Christiana Tom & Tabby Cochran Stuart Collinson Donald Davidson J. Allen & Gail Dougherty Lisa Duke Rick Findlay Edward Greene Michael Greenstein & Nettie Kurtz Ann Hartenstein

Thank you to our 2019 donors Jim & Kathy Hennessey Nancy & David Hines Ann E. Howard Allan Hunt & Susi Taylor Julie Ingelfinger Thomas & Nancy Jantzen Kevin Jenkins Alex & Nora Jinishian Ellen Jorgensen Rachel Kaminsky Elizabeth & Adam Karle Wendy Kesselman Caitlin & Will Krzewick Linnea & Harlan Lachman Kathryn Longstreth-Brown Judith Lynch Lisa Maneval & Jonathan Woods Rita McCaffrey Therese McDonald The McGuirk Family Elizabeth Mills Lida Miner David Mirsky, M.D. Pamela Ossont Dr. Marilyn Palade Graham Parker Jill & Stephen Parkosewich Lisa & Zoe Perry-Wood Linda & Joseph Poras Niki Reed Jonathan Resnik Bradley & Lillian Reynolds Cara Richman Jean Richon & Phil Sayre Patrick Robins Andrea Rogers Susan Rosenwasser Allen Ross Dan & Dodie Rouse Harvey & Happy Scherer John F. Sears Kurt Shaffert Carol Kabis Sheats Marjorie Shulbank & Allen Martin & Robin Smith Dr. Irwin Sollinger Lee Spaulding Mike Spoth Joanne Steinhart Joan Stone Patricia Stone Suzanne & Michael Stone

James Taliaferro Phyllis Tarbell The Royal Group The Sprinkler Connection Mr. Wallace Thompson Ann Vanneman Lana Vanucchi Russ Wolf & Marty Gilpatrick Frederic Work

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Enni’s Legacy Circle Enni’s Legacy Circle honors individuals who remember Spring Lake Ranch in their will. The Circle was named for Enni Ahonen, who worked at the Ranch for more than 30 years as a cook. When Enni passed away in 1992, she surprised the Ranch community by leaving us a gift in her will. Enni was a person of simple means who loved the Ranch. By naming this group after her, we hope to show that anyone can make a bequest, no matter the size. To request more information, please contact Abbey Harlow at abbeyh@springlakeranch.org or 802-492-3322.

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Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community supports and empowers people with mental health and substance abuse issues by providing opportunities to grow and thrive. Through shared experience, meaningful work and active participation in an accepting, diverse community, we help each person develop the confidence and skills to recover. 802-492-3322 • info@springlakeranch.org • www.springlakeranch.org SpringLakeRanchVT


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