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3 heart health tips for women

Fall Festival Guide There is a new Hurricane in Town

FALL 2017

VOL. 6, NO. 5

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FALL 2017 VOL. 6, NO. 5

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It may still feel like summer but it is officially the fall season. With the fall season approaching so ends the hurricane season, but luckily for us there is a new hurricane in town. The Hurricane Freeze that is... make sure to stop by Biggby Coffee and grab a freeze to go or just to cool off from the left over summer heat! Take some time to review our Fall Festival Guide for the latest and greatest activities to do around town. From shopping to home and garden shows there are plenty of activities for the whole family. Thank you, Leanne Donelsom Neighborhood Publications DISCLAIMER: All articles, information, website addresses and cartoons in this publication express the opinions of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Neighborhood Publications LLC or its employees.  Neighborhood Publications LLC is not responsible for the accuracy of any facts stated in articles, information website address and cartoons submitted by others. The Publisher Neighborhood Publications also assumes no responsibility for the advertising content with this publication and ad warranties, representations and endorsements made in the advertising content are solely that of the advertiser and any such claims regarding it’s content should be taken up with the advertiser. Neighborhood Publications LLC disclaims and denies any and all liability, therefore The publisher Neighborhood Publications LLC assumes no liability with regard to its advertisers for misprints or failure to place advertising in this publication except for the actual cost of such advertising. Although every effort is taken to avoid mistakes and /or misprints in this publication, the publisher assumes no responsibility for any errors of information or typographical mistakes. Under no circumstances shall the publisher be held liable for incidental or consequential damages, inconvenience, loss of business or services, or any other liabilities from failure to publish, or from failure to publish on a timely manner. This is not an official publication of your particular subdivision, (although we print more interesting information and take better photos) and your particular subdivision does not endorse, affiliate or associate itself or its affiliates with this publication. Neighborhood Publications and it’s Associate Publications/Business Interest, whether business or person, do not accept any assumed benefit of the QR Bar Code Readers/Bar Codes, etc. published in any of the Neighborhood Publications or it’s affiliate publications whether in print or electronic. The publisher is not liable for ANY DAMAGES for failure of the Post Office to deliver the magazine in a timely manner, so long as the publisher has delivered the magazine to said delivery point by the contracted date. All articles and photos in this publication are copyrighted. PUBLISHED BY: Neighborhood Publications, 9337 Spring Cypress Road, Suite 205, Spring, Texas 77379.

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8 3 heart health tips for women 9 Safety tips for for female travelers 10 Pregnancy and heart disease 12 Symptoms of postpartum depression 14 Post-pregnancy and exercise 16 FALL FESTIVAL GUIDE 17 How to make the post-maternity leave transition back to work go smoothly 20 There is a new Hurricane in Town 22 Tips for women mulling a career change 24 How busy moms can make mealtimes easier 25 Strategies to create a better work-life balance 26 How young women can land the right internship 28 Differences in fat stores and metabolism among women 32 How ageing women can fight fibromyalgia pain 34 RESPECT For Ourselves 36 Women can experience hair loss, too! over school breaks 37 What women should know about gum health

The Hurricane Freeze! With every purchase, a part of the proceeds benefits Klein ISD. See page 20

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3 heart health tips for women

gave manufacturers three years to remove them from their products. At press time, no such ban exists in Canada, though information regarding trans fats must be included on Canadian food labels. The Cleveland Clinic advises consumers to check labels for “partially hydrogenated oils,” which are a hidden source of trans fats. In addition, the Cleveland Clinic notes that foods such as cakes, pies, cookies, biscuits, microwavable breakfast sandwiches, and many types of crackers contain trans fats.

2. Take existing conditions seriously. Certain conditions can increase a woman’s risk for heart disease. While women may not be able to turn back the clocks and prevent these conditions from developing, they can take them for the serious threat they are and do their best to manage them. High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can increase a woman’s risk for heart disease. Take medications as directed, monitor blood sugar levels if you have diabetes and routinely have your blood pressure and cholesterol tested to ensure any preexisting conditions are not increasing your risk for heart disease.

Having their blood pressure routinely checked is one way women can protect the long-term health of their hearts.


eart disease may be something most commonly associated with men, but it can be deadly for women as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is to blame for one in every four female deaths in the United States. Americans’ female neighbors to the north also are not immune from heart disease, which is the leading cause of death for Canadian women. Recognizing the threat that heart disease poses is a great first step for women who want to avoid becoming one of the hundreds of thousands of women who lose their lives to heart

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3. Discuss aspirin intake.

disease each year. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers the following advice to women looking to prioritize their heart health.

1. Consume a heart-friendly diet. Thanks to food labels, it’s easier than ever for women to consume heart-healthy diets. When examining labels, look for foods that are low in sodium and sugar. When planning meals, avoid foods that are high in trans fats. In 2015, the FDA ruled that trans fats were not recognized as safe for use in human foods and

The FDA notes that many physicians prescribe aspirin to lower patients’ risk of heart disease, clotrelated strokes and other problems related to cardiovascular disease. However, there are risks associated with long-term aspirin use, and such risks should be discussed with a physician. According to the FDA, bleeding in the stomach, bleeding in the brain, kidney failure, and certain types of stroke are some of the potential side effects of long-term aspirin use. Such side effects may never appear, but the risk that they might makes discussing the pros and cons of aspirin well worth it. Women can learn more about heart disease by visiting

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Safety tips for female travelers


any people have a passion for travel, which can provide wondrous new experiences and enrich travelers’ lives in ways they might never have imagined prior to their trips. While some may associate traveling with family vacations or backpacking excursions with friends, more and more travelers are flying solo. In its 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, the market research firm Millward Brown found that 24 percent of people traveled solo on their most recent international vacations. That study examined travelers from 25 countries, illustrating that solo travel is a global trend. Traveling alone can provide travelers with a greater sense of freedom, as such wanderers can pick and choose their trips and activities

a well-traveled street so you are not walking alone down a dark road late at night. If you plan to drive on your trip, inquire about valet parking and its availability throughout the day. A 24-hour parking service can keep you from having to park in dimly lit and/or faraway parking lots late at night.

GEOGRAPHY Many travelers may enjoy “getting lost” on their trips, feeling that such wandering is a great way to discover areas of a city that are less populated by fellow tourists. But solo travelers must be mindful of their surroundings at all times. Study maps before departing on your trip so you can get a layout of any locales you plan to visit. Learn the landmarks and their locations within the city, using them as guides should you get lost during your travels. Employ the GPS technology on your smartphone if you find yourself getting lost, and ask the front desk attendant or concierge at your hotel to mark off any potentially dangerous neighborhoods to avoid.

without having to consult with a partner or friend. But traveling solo also can be more risky than traveling with friends or family. The safety in numbers philosophy has long been applied to traveling overseas, but women traveling alone can employ a handful of safety strategies when planning their trips.

LODGING Women should take various factors into consideration before choosing lodging for their trips. Small hotels or bed and breakfasts may not be as glamorous as larger alternatives, but it’s easier to become friendly with staff at such establishments and it’s easier for staff to recognize any suspicious characters loitering on the premises. Choose a hotel on

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ATTIRE While it can be difficult to blend in with the locals when traveling overseas, try to avoid dressing too flashy or wearing lots of jewelry. Jewelry may draw the attention of pickpockets or thieves, while overdressing may announce to criminals that you’re a tourist. Blending in as much as possible can make you less noticeable to criminals and reduce your risk of being targeted. More and more travelers are going solo. Female travelers who embrace this trend must exercise caution to ensure their trip is as safe as it is enjoyable.

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Pregnancy and heart disease Did you know!


regnancy is a happy time for many women, but during the nine months of gestation, conditions can develop that put moms-to-be at risk a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes can develop during pregnancy, potentially putting women’s long-term health at risk. PREECLAMPSIA: There is no known way to prevent preeclampsia, a condition related to increased blood pressure and protein in expecting mothers’ urine. An increase in protein is indicative of a problem with the pregnant woman’s kidneys. How to prevent preeclampsia may remain a mystery, but women who have high blood pressure or are obese before giving birth may be prone to the condition. Age also may affect the likelihood that a woman will develop preeclampsia, as women younger than 20 and those older than 40 are considered to be at greater risk of developing the condition than those between the ages of 21 and 39. The risk for preeclampsia is also greater among women who are expecting twins and those who have diabetes, kidney disease, lupus, rheumatoid

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arthritis, or scleroderma. Physicians can treat preeclampsia, and women who develop the condition can have successful pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies. GESTATIONAL DIABETES: Pregnancy hormones can interfere with the ability a pregnant woman’s body has to use insulin efficiently. As a result, women must produce extra insulin while pregnant. If that cannot happen, then blood sugar levels can rise and lead to gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes produces no warning signs, so women must ensure their glucose levels are monitored throughout their pregnancies. The long-term ramifications of gestational diabetes can be significant, as the condition can raise both mother and baby’s risk of developing diabetes later in life. STROKE: Women can suffer from stroke at any time during their pregnancy, though the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada notes that their risk is high during childbirth and in the first few months after childbirth. Preexisting conditions, such as blood vessel malformation or eclampsia, are often the culprits when pregnant women or new mothers suffer strokes.

ccording to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each week women who are 65 years or older, are generally fit and have no limiting health conditions should combine at least two days of muscle-strengthening exercises with at least two hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. Women capable of more strenuous cardiovascular activity can substitute one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity with their two and a half hours per week of more moderate-intensity exercise. The CDC notes that distinguishing between moderate-intensity exercise and vigorous-intensity exercise is pretty simple. Women can use a 10point scale in which sitting is zero and working as hard as is physically possible is 10. Moderate-intensity aerobic activity will make women breathe harder and elevate their heart rates, but should not make them feel completely drained at the end of a workout. These activities will register as a five or six on the 10-point scale. Vigorous-intensity aerobic activity includes those exercises that women would deem a seven or eight on the 10-point scale. Such activities should elevate the heart rate considerably and get women breathing hard enough that they will be unable to say more than a few words without pausing to catch their breath. No two women are the same and age must be considered when developing a healthy exercise regimen, but brisk walking may qualify as moderate-intensity aerobic activity while jogging or running would be considered a vigorousintensity activity.

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Symptoms of

postpartum depression tional. The NIMH points out that postpartum depression does not result from something a mother does or does not do, but may be traced to hormonal changes in a woman’s body that occur after giving birth. After childbirth, a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels quickly drop, potentially triggering mood swings. When coupled with the inability to get adequate rest that many women experience after childbirth, these hormonal changes can contribute to symptoms of postpartum depression.


or many women, the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world is enough to overlook all of the sacrifices and physical changes they must make and go through while pregnant. While that joy is unrivaled, women dealing with postpartum depression may find their initial weeks or months of motherhood are not how they imagined they would be prior to giving birth. Women suffering from postpartum depression, a mood disorder that affects women after childbirth, often deal with extreme feelings of sadness that interfere with their ability to care for themselves, their families and their new babies. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there is no single cause of postpartum depression, which is likely the result of a combination of factors, some of which are physical and others that are emo-

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• Feeling sad, hopeless, empty, or overwhelmed

• Crying more often than usual or for no apparent reason

• Worrying or feeling overly anxious

• Feeling moody, irritable or restless

• Oversleeping or being unable to sleep even when her baby is asleep

• Having trouble concentrating, remembering details and making decisions

• Experiencing anger or rage

• Losing interest in activities that are usually enjoyable

• Suffering from physical aches and pains, including frequent headaches, stomach problems and muscle pain • Eating too little or too much • Withdrawing from or avoiding friends and family • Having trouble bonding or forming an emotional attachment with her baby • Persistently doubting her ability to care for her baby • Thinking about harming herself or her baby

Recognizing postpartum depression is not always so simple. For example, many women experience feelings of exhaustion after giving birth, but that does not mean they are suffering from postpartum depression. The following are some of the more common symptoms of postpartum depression, courtesy of the NIMH. While those are common symptoms of postpartum depression, women and their families should recognize that not all womens’ experiences with postpartum depression will be similar. Only healthcare providers can diagnose postpartum depression, and women or their loved ones who suspect the disorder might be affecting them or their loved one should consult a physician right away. More information is available at To advertise, call 281-401-9143 or email:

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Post-pregnancy and exercise After giving birth, many new mothers make considerable efforts to lose their remaining pregnancy weight. Such efforts should be coordinated with a physician to ensure healthy, successful results.


pon giving birth, women typically have pretty lengthy to-do lists. Caring for their newborns might take the top spot on such lists, but new mothers must not downplay the importance of taking care of themselves as well. According to the latest guidelines established by the Institute of Medicine, women who are considered to be “normal weight” should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancies if they are pregnant with only one child. (Note: The World Health Organization defines “normal weight” as having a body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9.) Such weight gain can improve the health outcomes for both women and the children they’re carrying. Women will lose some but not all of their pregnancy weight during childbirth. Recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy weights, many women hope to begin losing their remaining pregnancy weight as soon as possible after their children are born. Exercise can help accomp-

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lish that goal, but women must consider certain factors before beginning a post-pregnancy exercise regimen.

Why exercise? The Mayo Clinic notes that exercising after pregnancy provides a host of benefits. Healthy diets can help women lose pregnancy weight, but exercise plays a crucial role in healthy weight loss. Exercise can help women boost their energy levels after childbirth while also improving their cardiovascular fitness. Exercise also can help to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles and alleviate some of the stress that may result from caring for newborn children. Regular exercise can help women sleep better at night as well.

When should I begin to exercise? The American Council on Exercise notes that many of the physiological changes associated with pregnancy

persist for four to six weeks after giving birth. Women should not expect or feel pressured to dive back into their vigorous pre-pregnancy exercise routines in the immediate aftermath of giving birth. But women do not necessarily have to wait the full six weeks, either. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advocates that women resume their pre-pregnancy exercise regimens as soon as it is medically and physically safe for them to do so. (Note: Women who had Caesarean sections will require more time to recover than those who did not.) Speak with your physician and be fully honest about how you feel. Building an exercise tolerance will be gradual, so even when you get clearance from your doctor, take things slowly at first. Exercising after childbirth can help women return to their normal weights. Women can speak with their physicians to ensure their post-pregnancy weight loss efforts are healthy and successful.

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How to make the post-maternity leave transition

back to work go smoothly

cult. New mothers often struggle when the time comes to leave their babies at daycare, with a nanny or with a relative. Adding to that emotional difficulty, women also face the task of diving back into their careers and all the responsibilities that come with those careers. While returning to work after maternity leave can be difficult, the following tips might help women make the transition go more smoothly.


he average length of maternity leave varies depending on geography, but the vast majority of new mothers take time away from work upon giving birth. Maternity leave affords women the opportunity to connect with and provide for their babies, while hopefully giving new mothers some time to recover from childbirth as well. When maternity leave ends, the transition back to work can be diffi-

Give yourself a grace period. Even if you’re accustomed to going full bore at the office, the first days or even weeks after returning from maternity leave will be anything but ordinary. Give yourself a grace period upon returning to work, gradually easing back in rather than expecting to dive right in with both feet on your first day back. Not taking on too much too quickly can help you adjust to your new reality and give you time to cope with any

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emotions you might be feeling about leaving your child with a caregiver. Arrange to work remotely one or two days per week. Another way to reduce the likelihood of being overwhelmed upon returning from maternity leave is to attempt to work remotely one or two days per week. Speak with your employer about making such an arrangement permanent or temporary, explaining how even working from home just a single day per week might help you calm your nerves about dropping a child off with a caregiver. Thanks to the cost savings and advancements in technology, many employers are now more amenable to allowing staffers to work remotely. But new moms won’t know their employers’ point of view on working from home unless they ask. Take the full leave. A 2013 study published online in the Journal continued on 33

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There is a new Hurricane in Town

Gail force winds are whipping through the Spring Klein area this fall with the opening of high school #5, Klein Cain Hurricanes. With the first semester in full force we would like to announce the newest hurricane in town, which has been stirring and brewing for some time. The Hurricane Freeze will be making landfall this semester. BIGGBY® COFFEE has announced a new specialty drink called The Hurricane Freeze, in honor of our recently retired superintendent Dr. Cain. BIGGBY® COFFEE wants to show their appreciation to the community, by giving thanks to the man behind the name of the drink as he was a distinguished leader of education at Klein ISD for 35 years. Store owner’s Stacey Isola and husband Michael opened their second location in the Spring Klein area this past July. BIGGBY® COFFEE is located inside the H-E-B Champion Forest Market off the Grand Parkway (20311 Champion Forest Dr. Spring, TX 77379.) As active community members who always want to give back, they were fortunate enough to work with Cy-Fair ISD at their first location and are now very excited to work with Klein ISD. Stacey and Michael plan to donate part of the proceeds from The Hurricane Freeze to the Klein school district. This Category 5 freeze will “rock you like a hurricane.” The Hurricane Freeze is made with pomegranates and blueberries spun together to make the perfect crème freeze. It is finished with a whirlwind of vanilla whipped cream and finally topped with purple and gray sugar sprinkles. Like its name The Hurricane Freeze is a cyclone of flavors that will quench your thirst in the months to come. And all for a good cause! The newest principal of Klein Cain, Nicole Patin, was the first person to get an exclusive taste of this soon-to-be favorite drink. She says, “This Freeze will be perfect for those Friday night football games.” Moreover, her favorite part about the drink – its namesake – and she is excited for the community to try The Hurricane Freeze while helping support Klein ISD. When speaking of the Lone Star State’s latest caffeinated addition, Stacey also mentions her excitement for the opportunity to work with the H-E-B. “H-E-B Grocery

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Brand in Texas is the gold standard of grocery shopping and will bring automatic name and brand recognition in the Houston marketplace. We are very excited about the potential for us here and thankful for the opportunity to partner with H-E-B, and we are looking forward to partnering with and supporting the community and local schools.” The Hurricane Freeze has finally landed and is making a name for itself. Be sure to stop at the new location and grab a menu to see all the fun drinks and treats. They also offer a full breakfast on the go or to sit in and relax. Speaking of taking coffee to-go menu . . . BIGGBY® COFFEE also offers catering services. So if you want to help out the community, make sure to visit the location and mention The Hurricane Freeze! Living in the Gulf Coast, we all know that hurricanes are a big deal and we can officially say this is one Hurricane that everyone is looking forward too.

Stacey Isola, owner and Dr. Cain.

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The Hurricane Freeze Support Your Local School District.

Stop by our location and ask for

The Hurricane Freeze!

With every purchase, a part of the proceeds benefits Klein ISD.

Stacey Isola, owner and Nicole Patin, Principal.

Now Open located inside HEB at Champions Forest and the Grand Parkway


20311 Champion Forest Dr, Spring, TX 77379 To advertise, call 281-401-9143 or email:

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Tips for women

mulling a career change Consider your motivation before pursuing a change.


omen considering a career change may experience mixed emotions. The excitement elicited by such a decision may be tempered by fear. Such fear is natural when embarking on a new path and leaving behind some security and professional equity, but that fear should not be the deciding factor when women mull whether or not to change careers. The decision to change careers is something that requires careful thought and ample consideration of a host of factors. Women facing such a decision can consider the following tips to ensure they make the best choice for themselves.

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The motivation behind a career change can go a long way toward determining if that change is ultimately successful. Money can be a great motivator, but if money is the only thing driving a change, then women might be better off pursuing new opportunities within their existing field rather than changing careers entirely, as staying within the field will allow women to capitalize on the professional equity they have built over their careers while also providing a new challenge. A genuine interest in another profession or a desire to find a better work-life balance might make for better motivators to change careers than simply switching to make more money.

Such a discussion can make the transition to a new career easier, and the support a woman’s family provides along the way can serve as something to lean on if or when things start to feel overwhelming.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many people are dissatisfied with their careers, and those who aren’t might have been at one time. When

Do your homework. Career changes require hard work and, if extra schooling is necessary, a potentially sizable financial investment. Women should thoroughly research any fields they might pursue before making a change so they can fully understand the commitment they will need to make. Once they get an idea of what they will need to do make a successful career change, women should speak with their family to discuss the effects that their pursuit may have on family members.

mulling a career change, don’t be afraid to seek help. Help might come from family or friends, but women shouldn’t limit themselves with regard to whose help they will accept. If a woman wants to become a college professor, she shouldn’t hesitate to contact a professor at a local college, explaining her situation and asking for any advice. Women have nothing to lose by reaching out and such help can prove invaluable. And women might continued

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be surprised to learn just how willing even strangers might be to lend a hand.

Give yourself time. Career changes are rarely an overnight process. Successfully switching careers takes time, so don’t give yourself a quick deadline to make a change. Such pressure likely won’t increase your chances of making a successful switch, and you won’t enjoy the process nearly as much if you bury yourself in pressure. Changing careers can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Affording such a switch the consideration it deserves and doing your homework can help make the switch as successful as you envision it being.

Did you know!


ccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, only about one-quarter of those working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, widely referred to as “STEM,” are women. The percentages of women working in STEM are even lower in Canada, where Statistics Canada notes the percentage of women working in STEM has increased from just 20 percent in 1987 to 22 percent in 2015. Perhaps in recognition of those statistics, numerous organizations are working to promote women in STEM. One such organization is the National Girls Collaborative Project (, which works to bring together organizations throughout the United States that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM. Another organization with similar goals is the Women in Engineering Proactive Network (, which works to promote the inclusion of women in the field of engineering. Female students in high school or college who are interested in STEM fields should make their interest known to teachers or advisors; they can even contact certain organizations to learn about the opportunities and resources available to them.

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How busy moms can

make mealtimes easier the time you and your family arrive home at night.

Shop online


orking mothers make up a sizable portion of the modern workforce. According to the United States Department of Labor, as of 2015 69.9 percent of mothers with children under the age of 18 were in the labor force. Things are similar in Canada, where Statistics Canada reports single-earner families made up just 27 percent of all couple families with children in 2014, a figure that was 59 percent in 1976. While more and more mothers are returning to work after the birth of their children, that does not mean their responsibilities at home are falling by the wayside. Time-strapped working moms tasked with preparing family meals can embrace some time-saving strategies to make mealtime a little less hectic.

Save time during prep Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, preparing meals for a family can be time-consuming. When making dinner, keep a plastic shopping bag or bowl on the counter where you can discard scraps such as the skin from onions, fat from chicken and other items that will ultimately end

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Busy working moms can save time by involving the whole family when preparing meals.

up in the garbage. Discarding all the items into one bag rather than walking back and forth from the garbage to your work area can save time during meal prep.

Slow things down Another way to save time at mealtime is to use a slow cooker so meals are cooking during the day while you are at work. Chop vegetables on weekend afternoons or nights and separate ingredients into Ziploc bags or containers so all of the prep work is done ahead of time. Each morning you can simply unload the bags or containers into the slow cooker, turn it on before leaving for work and then the meal will be ready to eat by

Many people associate online shopping with clothing and gadgets, but working moms can now buy groceries for their families online as well. Many grocery stores now offer online shopping and pickup services that allow shoppers to fill up their grocery carts before stepping foot in the store. Simply place your order online and arrange a pickup time and everything will be ready for you when you arrive at the store. This can save you the effort and time spent navigating today’s increasingly large and busy grocery stores.

Involve the whole team Working moms who are tasked with family meal planning might want to find healthy meals for their families, but that does not mean they can’t involve the whole family when it comes time to cook. Encourage children to help when preparing meals, assigning age-appropriate tasks. And let dad do some of the work, encouraging him to fire up the grill when the weather permits. Working mothers who play the role of family meal planner can make this role simpler by employing various time-saving strategies.

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Strategies to create a

better work-life balance


arents with responsibilities at work and at home commonly struggle to find balance between these two often conflicting sets of obligations. Surveys have indicated that working professionals who work less are more likely to be happy with their work-life balance than those who burn the midnight oil at work, but for many adults, working less is not always an option. A 2012 report from New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development found that the percentage of working professionals who were very satisfied or satisfied with their work-life balance declined as their hours worked increased. Canada’s General Social Survey discovered similar results, noting that, while the majority of working parents were satisfied with their work-life balance, those who

were not most frequently cited their dissatisfaction at not having enough time for family life as the main culprit behind their discontent. Creating a better worklife balance is an ongoing commitment, and even working parents who employ the following strategies may find they need to periodically tweak their routines so they can fulfill their obligations at home and at the office. Schedule family time. Since working professionals unhappy with their work-life balance often cite lack of family time as the reason for that dissatisfaction, finding time for family may be the key to changing that outlook. Schedule time for family just as you schedule the rest of your daily commitments. Listing family dinners or activities in your daily schedule will ensure you don’t mistakenly schedule other activities during family time. Employ technology where possible. Some working parents may feel as though technology has made it harder than ever to leave work at the office. But while smartphones, tablets and other devices may mean you’re never

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too far away from work, technology also can be used to create more time with loved ones. Employ an app such as FaceTime to eat lunch with your spouse or chat with your children each day. Such interactions may not be as enjoyable as face-to-face interactions, but building them into your day can help you stay in touch with family and provide a welcome respite from busy workdays. Use your vacation days. A recent study from Project: Time Off, a national movement aimed at highlighting the important role that time off from work can play in the lives of professionals, 55 percent of Americans did not use their full allotment of vacation days in 2015. That translated to 658 million unused vacation days, 222 million of which could not be carried over into 2016. Professionals who want to create a better work-life balance can examine their vacation day usage and resolve to use them all if they are not already. Parents can use vacation days on national holidays when schools are closed so they can squeeze in family time even when they are not going on trips. Parents who put their minds to it can create a more fulfilling work-life balance.

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How young women can

land the right internship


nternships provide great opportunities for young women to get their professional feet wet. While classroom lessons provide theoretical senses of what a profession might be like, an internship gives an actual sense, shedding light on how a particular business or industry operates. In its Class of 2015 Student Survey, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that women (65.8 percent) were slightly more likely to have had an internship than men (64.6 percent). Competition for internships can be steep, and young women who want to set themselves apart from the field can employ various strategies as they search for internships. Learn the recruiting schedule. Some professions may recruit interns year-round, while others may only look for interns during particular times of the year. Speak with your academic advisor or someone in your college or university’s career placement department to determine when

26 Neighborhood Publications

opportunities in your field are most likely to be available, and make sure your materials (i.e., résumé and portfolio) are ready when that recruiting season begins. Don’t limit yourself. Cast a wide net when searching for an internship. If you want to be an investment banker, landing an internship that allows you to work alongside investment bankers may be ideal. However, limiting yourself to only those opportunities may be prohibitive, and you may end up with nothing. Maintain an open mind when pursuing internships. Even if you don’t land your dream internship, another opportunity may provide lots of hands-on experience while also allowing you to get your foot in the door. Tell the truth. Embellishing your résumé might help you get an interview, but chances are the interviewer will learn pretty quickly if your purported skills are authentic. Internship programs are designed for students

with little or no experience who might one day turn into valued employees. If a company suspects an internship candidate of embellishing her skills and experience now, that candidate might never get her foot back in the door. Tell the truth and express your excitement at any opportunity that allows you to apply classroom lessons in real world settings. Don’t accept just any internship. Not every internship is worth the effort. While interns may be asked to perform some menial tasks during their internships, the right opportunities afford interns the chance to get professional experience and interact with working professionals. If an opportunity is largely or exclusively clerical, you might be better off continuing your search or volunteering with a firm. Young women looking for internships can take various steps to ensure they land the most beneficial opportunities available to them.

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Differences in fat stores and metabolism among women

Women naturally store more fat than men. Womens’ fat reserves tend to be located primarily in the thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen.


enetic differences between men’s and women’s bodies extend beyond certain physical traits and hormone levels. Women metabolize food and store fat differently than men and understanding these differences can help women looking to lose weight. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, states that women generally have a higher percentage of body fat than men. This fat is stored more readily in the gluteal-femoral region, while men store fat in the abdominal area. Women may become frustrated with fat stores as they embark on fitness regimens to shape their bodies. However, the fat that naturally covers muscle has a purpose, and curves can signify femininity. Women are genetically engineered to carry roughly 18 to 20

28 Neighborhood Publications

percent body fat, whereas men hold 10 to 15 percent body fat. These numbers are approximate and will vary depending on the individual. Fat reserves on the female body are necessary for reproduction. That is why girls will begin to develop fat reserves as they enter into puberty. Fat stores are held in the hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower abdomen and will be used to power nursing and help nourish a growing baby. Despite eating fewer calories, women can store fat more efficiently than men, according to ScienceDaily. A University of New South Wales research review has suggested a link between estrogen and fat. Studies show that estrogen reduces a woman’s ability to burn energy after eating, which results in more fat being stored around the body. Surprisingly, women can burn more fat during exercise than men, but their fat

storage due to exercise does not deplete as quickly as men’s. This paradox can frustrate female athletes. Some women may opt to restrict calorie consumption even further, but this actually may increase fat storage. When the body consumes fewer calories than it needs, fat reserves increase. At this time, the body essentially goes into starvation mode, storing whichever calories are ingested as fat reserves so there will be energy available. A key to maintaining healthy fat levels is to determine one’s optimal caloric intake for energy expenditure. A nutritionist or fitness expert can help reach that determination. Women should understand that fat on their bodies serves a distinct purpose. Working with their bodies rather than fighting against them can help women reach their health and fitness goals.

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“Dr. ‘K’ is an American Board Certified Dentist in Aesthetic Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry with 25 years experience.” Mo Koutrach, D.D.S, F.A.C.P. General Dentistry Prosthodontics

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How ageing women can

fight fibromyalgia pain


s the body ages, aches and pains might become more difficult for men and women to handle. While not all pain is indicative of a disorder or condition, aging women who experience pain may be suffering from fibromyalgia. The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases notes that fibromyalgia is a common and chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain. While anyone can get fibromyalgia, the NIAMS that between 80 and 90 percent of those diagnosed are women and that sufferers are most often diagnosed in middle age. Doctors may prescribe medication to help women fight pain resulting from fibromyalgia, and there are some additional ways to combat that pain as well. Get enough sleep. The NIAMS says the getting enough sleep can help ease the pain and fatigue associated

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with fibromyalgia. To ensure a better night’s sleep, women can adopt sleep schedules so they go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, including on weekends and during vacations. Avoid alcohol and caffeine in the late afternoon and evening, as both substances can make it more difficult to sleep soundly. In addition, avoid reading or working while in bed, as such activities can stimulate the body, making it harder to fall asleep as a result. Exercise regularly. Exercising while in pain may seem counterintuitive, but the NIAMS notes that numerous studies have indicated that regular exercise is an effective treatment for fibromyalgia. When beginning a new exercise regimen, take things slowly at first, gradually building up

your endurance levels and amping up the intensity of your workouts as your body acclimates itself to exercise. Change your diet. Some women suffering from fibromyalgia have reported feeling better when they began to avoid certain foods, though the NIAMS points out that there is no specific diet connected to reducing fibromyalgia-related pain. The AARP notes that foods such as red grapes and cherries and herbs and spices, such as ginger and turmeric, can help aging women combat pain. Examine your work space. Working women who are dealing with fibromyalgia may benefit by examining their work spaces and adapting those spaces to make them more comfortable. Replace desk chairs if they do not provide adequate support and speak with an occupation therapist regarding other ways to make work stations more comfortable.

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How to make the post-maternity leave . . . of Health Politics, Policy and Law found a direct link between the length of maternity leave and the risk of postpartum depression. Researchers followed more than 800 women in their first year after giving birth and found that women at six weeks, 12 weeks and six months of maternity leave had lower postpartum depression scores than their peers who returned to work. Postpartum depression can produce a host of unwanted symptoms, including a lack of interest in daily tasks and too little sleep, each of which can affect a mothers’ performance at work. By taking the leave afforded to them by their employers and/or local laws, women may reduce their risk for postpartum depression, which can make their transitions back to work that much easier. Take breaks during the day. Frequent, short breaks during the workday can benefit all employees, but especially new mothers returning to work after maternity leave. Returning to work can feel overwhelming, and routine breaks provide mothers with chances to catch their breath. Studies have indicated that such breaks also can reenergize workers, an especially useful benefit for new mothers who are likely not getting as much sleep as they were accustomed to prior to giving birth. Returning from maternity leave can be hard on new mothers, but there are ways to make the transition go smoothly. To advertise, call 281-401-9143 or email:

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RESPECT For Ourselves Tips from Master Josh Arcemont

We teach our students that RESPECT is an important life skills to have. The first stage of respect is Self-Respect. Respecting ourselves means doing things that are good for us like taking care of our bodies, both mentally and physically. It means educating ourselves, finding mentors to help us improve our lives, using uplifting communications with ourselves, making right choices, and caring for our possessions and personal appearances.

How can we build our self-respect? One of the best ways to enhance our self-respect is through the practice of Martial Arts and Leadership Training. Throught the physical training of martial arts, you keep your body in good shape, thus showing respect to your body. The mental training and the practice of Leadership Skills – allow you to demonstrate respect for your mind by pursuing personal growth. This is why we have a Junior Leadership Development Program at our martial arts school as well as regular martial art classes. Of course, building self-respect can be done other ways too, but martial arts I have found is one of the quickest ways!

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Women can experience hair loss, too!

Hair loss affects women as well as men. But many women suffer in silence.


aldness is a condition most commonly associated with men, but many women also experience hair loss, and the effects of that hair loss can affect body image. Female pattern hair loss, or FPHL, is the most common form of progressive hair loss in women. The condition also may be called androgenetic alopecia. The American Hair Loss Association indicates that up to 40 percent of American hair loss sufferers are women. Male hair loss is more common and unlikely to garner much attention. But FPHL can be difficult for women. Women who lose their hair may suffer from low self-esteem and be less inclined to engage socially. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s normal for men and women to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day, even for those people who are not going bald. But

36 Neighborhood Publications

losing large amounts of hair each day is cause for concern. FPHL is characterized by miniaturization of the hair follicles, which become shorter and produce thinner and more brittle hairs. Eventually, hair follicles may stop developing altogether. The AAD notes that FPHL has a distinct appearance in which the hair thins mainly on the top and crown of the scalp. A gradual widening of the center part of hair may be noticeable as well. Hair loss may be the result of genetics and other environmental factors that throw off the growing cycle, advises WebMD. Medication, illness, infection, hormones, or chemicals have the potential to prevent hair from being formed properly.  Hair loss is sometimes temporary, and hair will ultimately grow normally after a precipitating event, such as pregnancy, ends. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, a

derivative of the male hormone testosterone, can play a role in female hair loss, says the American Hair Loss Association. The hormonal process of testosterone converting into DHT can harm hair follicles. The process occurs in women as well as men because females have small amounts of testosterone in their normal biology. Male androgen hormones may become more pronounced in women’s bodies as they age and their own female hormones of estrogen and progesterone start to diminish. Women losing their hair should see a dermatologist to determine the cause of their hair loss. Avoiding tight hair styles, hair trauma and stressors may help as well. However, when hair loss is not preventable, a medication called minoxidil may help. This topical treatment helps slow down or stop hair loss in roughly one in four women, according to Harvard Health Publications. It also may produce some new hair growth. The process can take a year, so styling one’s hair a different way or clip-in extensions may help hide hair loss in the interim. Hair loss affects women as well as men, and women should not hesitate to discuss their hair loss with their physicians.

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What women should know about gum health berty, during menstruation, when women are pregnant, and during menopause. Female hormones can affect the tissues in the mouth, particularly the gums, leading to greater sensitivity and even inflammation. Increased levels of progesterone and possibly estrogen can lead to increased blood circulation to the gums, which drives sensitivity and irritation. Any food particles lodged or the presence of plaque may cause the gums to swell and feel tender, advises the American Academy of Periodontology.


ral health is something everyone should make a priority, but women may have some extra needs that aren’t frequently discussed or apparent. Fluctuations in hormones can create situations that may affect women’s risk for gum disease. Oral health leader Colgate says that three out of four adults are affected by periodontal disease. But women are particularly susceptible to gum disease at certain stages in their lives. They can thank their hormones, which can impact various areas of their bodies, for that susceptibility. Oral care needs change at particular times, including at the onset of pu-

Here are some changes that can occur and how to remedy them. PUBERTY Thanks to the influx of hormones during puberty, gum ailments may become more noticeable for the first time. Gums may turn red and ache. Bleeding during brushing or flossing may occasionally occur. Keeping teeth clean may require some delicacy, and this need should be explained to young women. PREGNANCY If gum inflammation leads to infection, periodontal disease can form. Infections are cause for concern to

pregnant women because they pose a risk to the fetus. The AAP recommends that women have their mouths examined and cared for prior to conceiving. Periodontal disease also may be a factor in preterm birth. MENSTRUATION Gingivitis can be more prevalent during menstruation. Menstruation gingivitis can occur a few days before menstruation starts and ends once the period arrives. Bleeding gums and swelling are common, and the New Zealand Dental Association notes that sores on the tongue and inside of the cheek may form. MENOPAUSE Women who are approaching menopause may notice distinct changes in their mouths. During menopause, it’s common to experience dry mouth or burning sensations in the gums. Other abnormalities can include altered taste, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and difficulty removing any dentures. The American Dental Association suggests women continue to consult with their dentists through all stages of life. There are treatments and techniques available that can keep mouths healthy and comfortable. Learn more at

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