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SUMMER 2018 VOL. 7, NO. 4

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Scientists and environmentalists have been warning the public for years that honeybees are disappearing at alarming rates. Scientists were initially uncertain in regards to what was decimating bee populations. Even though no single cause is to blame, data has pointed to pesticide use and the mysterious colony collapse disorder, which is a name given to the dwindling colonies seen around the world. National Geographic News says bees are essential because of their role as pollinators. Agriculture industries rely on honeybees, especially managed honeybees, to keep commercial crops pollinated and productive. Estimates indicate that roughly one-third of U.S. crops rely on honeybees – I would like to thank Mike Powell and his children Deyfa and Nicholas for taking time to save the bees – see age 8.

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You wouldn't start a job search by taking anything listed in a “Wanted” column. Nor should you pick your child's day care by just picking the first one you see. Be thorough, do some homework and start early because a good day care center fills up faster than the express lane on the freeway.

PICK THREE First choose three daycare centers that you would like to know more about. While choosing these three, ask yourself these questions. Am I looking for daycare near work? Or would one closer to my home be more convenient? Do I want my child around lots of other kids as he would be in a large center, or would be smaller daycare be better. TIME TO SNOOP ONLINE Check out the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services online website. Here you can find daycare licensing, parent reviews and any reports a daycare center has had made against them. Visit the National Association for the Education of Young Children on line and search their data base for accredited daycare centers WORD OF MOUTH Ask everyone you know – friends and family – what they know about the child care centers you are looking at for your child's care. Positive word-

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of-mouth is a powerful endorsement. If a certain daycare has a buzz, ask other parents why they're raving about it INTERVIEW AND VISIT You can ask a few preliminary questions over the phone, but you won’t really get a sense of what a daycare place is like until you go there and meet the staff and director. When you go for a visit, ask director and staff about everything, from continued

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• General, well & ill child care • Physicals • Immunizations • Same day appointments available Newborn to 18 years old!


8714 Spring Cypress Rd., Suite 170 (Corner of Champion Forest & Spring Cypress)

Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

L-R: Roxanne George M.D., FAAP, Susan Reed M.D., FAAP, Tamika Bush D.O., FAAP and Tad Shirley M.D., FAAP

hours, fees, and vacation schedules to issues like discipline, feeding, and sleeping. Get a schedule of the day's activities and the center's policies. Pay attention to the caregiver-child ratios, and how many children are in a classroom. KID-TEST IT Come back for a second visit with your child. You'll want to see how he and the caregiver interact and if he seems comfortable in the center's environment. THE DECISION Ultimately, choosing a daycare is a very personal decision. We have given you something to check out but basically you want a warm, clean safe environment and experienced staff and teachers who love their work and the children. Children need consistency, and a need to be able to form strong relationships with their caregivers. After you have checked

everything out, the decision is yours. You know your child and his needs so trust your gut and know you have done the utmost to place him in the best hands available for his daily care.h

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Saving The Local Girl Scout Deyfa Powell was brainstorming ideas with her father, Mike, on what to do for her Bronze Badge when she had the idea to do something to protect bees. Her parents had purchased some land up near Centerville, TX that came with two hives of bees and when she realized how important they were to the environment – and that certain bee populations around the world were struggling – she wanted to help.

Deyfa and her brother Nicholas with their hives.

bees and moving them to a new home where they would be safe and grow. For two amateur bee keepers, they made the move with little trouble.

Deyfa beekeeping.

With the help of You Tube video’s Deyfa and her father began to learn how to care for the bees and extract the honey. Spending hours learning all about bees and how they are necessary to our food production, Deyfa worked to grow her hives. Then in May, a call came from a local landscaper that a swamp of bees had taken up residents in one of the yards he maintains and wanted to know if they could help move the bees and save them. Though Deyfa and her father had never done a rescue job before, they immediately came to help. Bees swarm when they have outgrown their old hive and are looking for a new place to begin anew. With gear in hand, and the experience that they had acquired, they took on the task of saving the

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Whether it be for bees or another cause, Mike and his daughter Deyfa has this advice for anyone who is interested in learning more. “Do a lot of research and just find out as much as you can about whatever it is you’re interested in.” Deyfa did it for her badge, but you can get involved and enjoy the experience. Mike Powell and the hives he has built.

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Shop THREE LOCATIONS SERVING Rachael’s THE SPRING AREA: 5211 FM 1960 West at Champion Forest 281-440-5353


7312 Louetta Road at Stuebner Airline 281-376-2442 14223 FM 2920 at Hwy 249 281-255-8300

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Neighborhood Publications 9

Out & About July 11th – Christmas In July

Come on down to the historic Tomball Depot for a free familyfriendly affair! We have free games & activities starting at 6:00 pm, and the hit movie Arthur Christmas. Grab your picnic baskets, lawn chairs and come join us for some entertainment! The Depot 201 South Elm Street, Tomball

Tomball. We want you to be IN the Parade of Lights! If you would like have a car, truck, or even a golf cart in the Parade of Lights, deadline for entry is Friday, July 27th.

July 28th – Smooches for Pooches Fundraiser

Hosted by AAR - Abandoned Animal Rescue Saturday, at 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Smooches for Pooches fundraiser, sponsored by Mattress Firm and Ribmasters. Located at Four Corners in Tomball. We will be selling $5 lunch plates (hot dog, chips, and drink) and you can smooch a pooch for a $1 donation! Be sure and stop by!

August 30th – September 1st – Penny Pinching Mamas

Children's Consignment Show – 15,000 sq. ft. of bargins! Shopping a Penny Pinching Mamas Consignment Event and you can save you up to 90% off retail. We have everything your growing families needs including Baby Gear, Clothing, Toys, etc. Berry Center, Barker Cypress Rd at West Rd.

August 3rd – 2018 Tomball Parade of Lights

The Parade of Lights starts at 9:15 p.m. and is followed by a fireworks display at approximately 9:45 p.m. The Parade of Lights will run east on Main St. (FM 2920) from Buvinghausen Rd. to the railroad tracks, then turn left on Peach St. Fireworks will follow immediately after the parade at The Depot (S. Elm/Market St.). Attendance and parking are free. There is a parking lot on N. Elm by the railroad tracks, behind and in front of City Hall at 401 Market St. and parking can be found along the side streets throughout downtown

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Monday, September 3rd September 2nd – Labor Day Fireworks Come relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor at Waterway Square on Sunday, September 2th from 4:00 until 9:00 pm. We will have live music, children's activities, strolling entertainers and a spectacular fireworks starting at 8:55 p.m. We will have a KidZone with free arts and crafts while supplies last! Complimentary face painting and balloon art! 31 Waterway Square Place, The Woodlands

Mention this ad and receive $20 off of our 2x/wk or 5x/wk summer sessions. Must be booked before the start of the session. Cannot be combined with other offers.

September 8th – Shop 'til You Drop – Marketplace Presented by Cy-Fair Women's Club – hundreds of booths and unique buys. One of the largest craft and marketplace show in Northwest Houston area benefiting the Cy-Fair Women's Club scholarship fund, and various philanthropic causes. Berry Center Barker Cypress Rd. at West Rd.

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Neighborhood Publications 11

Before Harvey Harvey dropped 51.88" of rain – the equivalent to 1.2 trillion gallons of water on our Houston area.

Living through Havey has taught me a few things about severe weather conditions and how important it can be to have things in place before bad weather hits. In the Houston area we have the potential to be hit with floods, tornadoes, fires, severe thunder storms, tropical depressions and hurricanes. But it was Harvey that really woke us all up to what severe weather can do. I knew to have the usual water, candles, food, batteries, paper plates and battery operated radio but now I have added to my list of must haves before any hurricane or any major weather events hits again. ROOFER – Ever try finding a roofer after a major

HERE IS AN UPDATED LIST: SMALL INFLATABLE RAFT – When the roads flood, and you have to get out, you need something to put your pets, clothing, and other essential items into that is water proof and can get you down flooded streets. You don't have to have a huge raft, and they aren't expensive and can be stored in their box until needed. A four person raft, with oars and pump runs only about $40 at Walmart.

storm. Look for one now, put his phone number on speed dial and call early if you see problems beginning with your roof.

SOLAR LIGHTING – You know all those garden lights that you can purchase inexpensively? Buy them now before the bad weather hits and charge them up outside. If the lights go out at night, you aren't moving a drippy candle from room to room. They are especially great on stairs and can save you from a hard fall.

PET KENNELS – Nothing is worse than having to rescue your pet from bad weather and not having anything to place them in. Buy your portable kennels now, not after the weather turns bad and you are stuck with a cardboard box that they will escape easily from.

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REMODELER – Another number to have on speed dial. Mold forms quickly in rooms with water damage so you will need someone immediately to come repair walls and ceilings. continued

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INSURANCE – This is such a given, but Harvey taught all of us that places can flood that aren't in the flood plain. Call now and make sure you have flood insurance and your home insurance covers everything.

GENERATOR – Even a small portable generator can save your refrigerated food. Yes they can get pricey, depending on the model you choose, but they are worth their weight in gold when the lights are out for more than a day.

Harvey caused 125 billion in damage.

2. It affected 13 million people from Texas

through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.

3. Harvey made landfall 6 times in 3 days.

MEDICINE – Make sure all your prescriptions are filled and put together a small medical kit. Add mosquito spray and topical creams for with all the rain comes the insects.

1. According to the National Hurricane Center,

4. At its peak on September 1, 2017, one-third of Houston was underwater. Two feet of rain fell in the first 24 hours.

5. At one point, nearly every stream, bayou and channel in Harris County was at or above its bank

6. Flooding forced 39,000 people out of their homes and into shelters.

7. Harvey damaged 203,000 homes of which 12,700 were destroyed.

8. Federal forces rescued 10,000 people who were trapped in their homes or on flooded highways.

9. A flotilla of private boats rescued an unknown number of additional victims.

10. The Houston Police Department Dive Team

rescued 3,000 people in four days.

11. In the Gulf area, 1 million vehicles were

ruined beyond repair, according to auto data firm, Black Book.

GUTTERS – All it takes is one big

12. Harvey flooded 800 wastewater treatment

rain to know that your gutters need to be replaced, repaired or cleaned out. All that water has to go somewhere and having it dump on your front door isn't where you want it to land. Get your gutters ready now before the storm hits. h

13. Harvey forced 25 percent of oil and gas

facilities and 13 Superfund sites which then spread sewage and toxic chemicals into the flooded areas. production to shut down.

14. Flooding covered Southeast Texas the size

of the state of New Jersey.

continued on 15

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Pile on curb appeal and raise your property value using just some rocks and your imagination. There is something quite exquisite and earthy about stone walls. For centuries, men have taken chunks of gray stone from their land as they cleared it and created border boundaries that are timeless. Long after an old homestead has disappeared, these stone walls mark the land. As romantic as a stone wall around a property might be, our suburban lots usually hold neither the room for a long winding fence, nor the abundance of natural material. But with a little imagination and some advice from a local landscaper specialist, you can easily re-work the landscape cards that Mother Nature has dealt you. Incorporating stone into your landscape design adds unique flavor to your home and can increase property value with a lifetime of year-round interest.h

Enroll Now! Summer Ages 6 - 9 years Fall Ages 18 months - 6 years

Champions Start their world Montessori SCHOOL off right!



16715 Champion Drive Louetta @ Champion Drive


education that transforms lives continued

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PHONE NUMBERS TO HAVE ON SPEED DIAL Precinct 4 Constable Non-Emergencies: (281) 376-3472 Dial 911 for Emergency Klein Volunteer Fire Department (281) 376-4449 Dial 911 For Emergency CenterPointe Energy (713) 207-2222 (For Down Power Lines) Comcast (713) 341-1000 American Red Cross: 1-800-RED-CROSS


Super kid s


$15 Kids Cuts

ive t c e Sel ylist St ly! On Color Me Tuesday’s

SPCA (713) 869-SPCA (7722) 24-hour injured animal rescue (713)-880-HELP (4357) Houston Humane Society (713) 433-6421

CONTRACTORS Shingle Hut 832-688-6426

(Ages 6-12) Tuesday’s – Friday’s

Single color or T-section highlights with haircut $75 OR Partial highlights with haircut $95

9305 Spring Cypress Rd., Suite 106 Spring, TX 77379

Roof 1 713-539-5377 Remodeling/ Gutters/ A/C and Plumbing DWR Construction 281-419-4144


Katy Kustom Gutters 281-492-1991 Randall’s Refrigeration 281-357-0820


Abacus Plumbing 281-668-4950 Air of Spring/ Tomball 281-890-0990

INSURANCE Todd Ray Allstate (281) 290-7245

Contact us for free estimates.

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The Pot of Water

A Lesson On Discipline Tips from Master Josh Arcemont Image you had a 5-gallon pot of room temperature water. You then place this pot of water on the stove top and turn on the flame. What would happen at first? At first, nothing would happen. The water would remain the same. After a few minutes, the water would begin to feel a little warmer. Keep the flame on long enough and the water will become very hot, in fact it can become dangerously hot! Boiling water can be dangerously hot, especially a 5-gallon pot of it. So, what would happen if you then turned the flame off? At first nothing would happen; the water would stay boiling. It will take a while, but the water would eventually cool down and go back to room temperature. I teach my students that we are that 5-gallon pot of water and the flame is our self-discipline. If our discipline is strong and consistent, then our water will become very hot! If our flame is weak or inconsistent, then our water will likely never become very hot. Most people can find enough self-discipline in them to keep the flame on for a short amount of time but fail to be consistent. Imagine in the example of the 5-gallon pot of water if you kept turning the flame on for 2 minutes and then off for 2 minutes . . . would the water ever heat up? The answer is obviously no. Stay disciplined with the small things in your life and practice them daily. The consistency of habit will make you boiling hot!

(832) 717-4376 6411 FM 2920 Spring, Texas 77379 18 Neighborhood Publications

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Darrick L. Castleberry D.D.S., F.I.C.O.I. 138 Vintage Park Blvd., Suite G Houston, Texas 77070

281-320-9600 • We work with all major insurance companies • Financing Options Available • Interest-Free Payment Plans Available Exam, Panorex X-Ray & Routine cleaning


(A $350 value)

Includes Consultation, Exam, Panorex X-Ray & Routine cleaning. EXCLUDES Fluoride or Periodontal (deep) Cleaning. Can not be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/18

YOUR SMILE . . . OUR FOCUS! Are you afraid of the dentist? Look no further! Dr. Castleberry, affectionately nicknamed “PAINLESS” by his fellow Marines and Sailors, has a manner that will quickly put you at ease. Considering that dental appointments are often stressful, you will enjoy feeling relaxed at The Castleberry Center. The Castleberry Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is an unique Dental Boutique offering Cosmetic and Family dentistry in a pristine atmosphere. Dr. Castleberry believes a sparkling smile represents natural beauty, youth and energy. Give our office a call today! Dr. Castleberry and his talented team will help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

We encourage you to experience the difference!



500 OFF

Invisalign Special $5,200

(Retainers NOT Included – A $5,500 value) Can not be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/18

In-Office Whitening



(A $550 value) Can not be combined with any other offer. Expires 12/31/18

Check our website for specials!

Three Ingredient Meals FOR QUICK SUMMER EAT'N

BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes P.S. We're assuming you have garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper

Sweet potato Pre-cooked bag of shredded chicken BBQ Sauce Roast sweet potato in oven for approximately one hour at 400 degrees. Warm pre-cooked chicken according to package instructions. Scoop out a hole in cooked potato for chicken and mash potato well in skin. Add chicken and warm BBQ sauce and enjoy.

Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups 1 ball pizza dough 8 oz. thinly sliced deli ham 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Roll out pizza dough on a lightly floured surface. Press to form a 12 x 8-inch rectangle. Arrange ham slices evenly over dough to within 1/2 inch of edges. Sprinkle evenly with cheese. Starting at one of the short ends, roll up dough to form log. Pinch seam together to seal. Place, seam side down, on a greased baking sheet.

Bake for 50 minutes, or until deep golden brown. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting into 8 slices with a serrated knife. Serve with mustard or horseradish sauce, if desired. continued

Spring A/C Check Up Special



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Chicken Wings with Herbs and Honey

This is home. The heart of it all!

P.S. - This recipe is great for Air Fryer if you don’t want to use the oven.

2 pounds thawed chicken wings

Check out the NEW website

3 tablespoons Italian seasoning Honey to taste

• See ALL homes listed in Gleannloch Farms • Find out what your home is worth • Request a Market Update • ...and so much more!

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees F. Place the chicken wings in a large mixing bowl and add the Italian seasoning. Use your hands to toss the wings and seasoning together until all the wings are coated (this may need to be done in batches depending on the size of your bowl). Place the wings on a large non-stick baking sheet in a single layer.

Renee Buckhoff 281-639-5982 BROKER/OWNER

Bake in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes, or until crispy and cooked through.

office 713-955-2510

Remove from oven and drizzle with honey.

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated



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Friday Night Lights


You can make your reservation on our website! We also do Corporate/Church/Bachelor Parties





PA I N T B A L L AGES 9 – 12


Book Your Party Now!

Moms & Dads Can Play Too ! See photos & videos on

AGES 7 – 9

1550 GRANT RD • CYPRESS, TX 77429


1 F R EE Pl a ye r F O R EV E RY 1 0 B O O KE D


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PARADISE WEDDINGS is a group of experienced travel

consultants, who will take your ideas and dreams and turn them into reality. Our team is equipped with the knowledge of the most up to date resources and trends in Destination Weddings, Honeymoons and Luxury Travel. We are a full-service travel firm designed to ensure that each Destination Wedding, Honeymoon and Luxury Travel are as individual and unique as each of you are!

Tina Hearn

Founder & Owner


Patio Covers Outdoor Kitchens Pools Fire Features

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Chic Floors

$100 OFF $1500 or More Purchase

Johnson Handscraped



per sq. ft. Installed Glue & Trims Included

Wood Look



832-299-6432 4711 Louetta Rd., Ste. 120 • Spring, Texas 77388

Discounted Prices Present coupon at time of purchase. One per household. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18


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Custom Rugs

Present coupon at time of purchase. One per household. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18


Monday-Friday 9:30 – 6:00 Saturday 10:00 – 5:00 Sunday 11:00 – 3:00

per sq. ft. Installed pad included Present coupon at time of purchase. One per household. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18


12 Months No Interest Financing W.A.C.

Starting at



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per sq. ft. Installed

per sq. ft. Installed 1.5” Bull Nose included

Present coupon at time of purchase. One per household. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18

Present coupon at time of purchase. One per household. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18

Q UA RT Z Countertops Starting At



Installed with Full Bullnose Present coupon at time of purchase. One per household. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 8/31/18




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Coming Next Issue Fall Fun Guide Festivals, Fairs, Pumpkin Patches, Ghosts and more . . . Fall Home Preview – Best Companies in the Area For Your Home Needs The Big Game – 6 Best Spots for Watching Your Favorite Team Score!! – Hot new products for Fall tailgating and parties. And so much more! TO ADVERTISE

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End of

Summer Safaris

5 Family Perfect Wild Nature Adventures

Get your safari hat on and end summer with a fun adventure. From feeding a bison to sharing a trail with a alligator, there is still time to enjoy all the fun safari trips that are just a few hours drive away.


Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

26515 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd., San Antonio

Ostrich feathers, zebra ears and buffalo noses so close to you, you could touch them. Nestled between San Antonio and New Braunsfel, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch spans 450 acres of rolling hills, creek beds and live oaks with over 500 exotic animals wandering the landscape. The drive through the ranch takes approximately an hour and a half and there is a walk-a-bout area for closer inspection of the animals plus a Safari Camp Grill for lunch. One free bag of food to feed the animals is given to each car. To find out more about this fun family safari, check out their website for times, directions and restrictions.

24 Neighborhood Publications


Cherokee Trace Drive – Thru Safari 1200 CR 4405, Jacksonville, Texas

The lush pine forest of East Texas is home to this wildlife park with

dozens of exotic and endangered species. Drive at your own pace through 300 acres of hills and open savannas. Feed and photograph the wildlife in their natural habitat, which allows you to see the beauty of the wild in these animals. Check out the Watusi as they graze near a spring-fed pond or watch the Blackbuck studding across open fields.


Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

2299 County Road 2008, Glen Rose, Texas

Fossil Rim is the first center of it's kind to be accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Home to over 1,100 animals that roam freely across 1800 acres, Fossil Rim is a preservation facility that help endangered species from across the world. You may drive the park in your own car or take one of several different tour available.


Exotic Resort Zoo & Safari Cabins 235 Zoo Trail, Johnson City, Texas

Take a daily guided tour over 180 acres of hill country full of exotic animals and endangered

species that now live in this natural preserve. Out on the range, interact with hordes of friendly animals that run up to greet you (that may lick or even ‘kiss’ you) as you hand-feed them to your heart's content Afterwards, let loose, relax, and look forward to enjoying even more playful animals in one of the petting zoos. All this and more, will give you, your family, and friends a truly unique and personal zoo encounter.


Brazos Ben State Park

21901 FM 762, Needville, Texas

Looking for a “wild” experience? You will find it at Brazos Ben State Park less than hour an drive away. Spanning 5,000 acres of coastal prairie, you can observe a range of reptiles and animals including snakes, alligators and tarantulas. With six lakes in the park you can dip your fishing line during the day and gaze at the stars at night at the George Observatory located in the park. The Challenge Learning Center is the perfect spot to let the kids solve the problems of space travel and on the guided trails you can learn alligator etiquette. This is the perfect place to observe our Texas ecosystem up close. h

Get your safari hat on and end summer with a fun adventure!.

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Neighborhood Publications 25

NATURAL PEST CONTROL Your Garden Shouldn’t Be A Salad Bowl For Insects

The line from “Field of Dreams” applies here to your garden - “If you built it they will come.” Insects are just a part of nature, but that doesn't mean you have to kill everything that moves in your flower beds and garden area. A natural approach will keep off all the unwanted bugs from eating your plants and save the good ones, like Lady Bugs who you want around.

MAKE YOUR OWN INSECTICIDAL SOAP 2 ½ Tablespoons of dishwashing soap 2 ½ Tablespoons of vegetable oil 1 Gallon of warm water Mix well and place in a spray water. Use this for Aphids, and other soft belly insects. This mixture works to dissolve the waxy protection on the insects body and dehydrates and kills them without harming your plants.

Look Out For the Pear-Shaped Aphid This tiny insect can kill your plants in just days so this is one insect that you want to check for regularly. Light green in color, but they can also be black, brown, gray or yellow, their infestations begin small but can quickly cover your plants. They love small tender young leaves so look there first for them. Good news is, they are easy to control with natural means. First try your garden hose. Spray them off if you just had spotted a few of them. If they have taken hold of your plants, then use a insecticidal soap spray that you can purchase at a garden center to remove them. This soap also works on spiders, mites, mealy bugs, thrips and white flies.

The Bigger Bugs For bigger bugs like caterpillar’s you can just pick them off or if you don’t want to touch them, then use a BTK product from your garden supply. These products are a natural bacterium that attacks the cat-

26 Neighborhood Publications

erpillar stage of development. They will immediately stop eating and starve to death and won't harm birds or bees. Working with Mother Nature, instead of just trying to kill everything that moves, will keep your garden healthy and beautiful through the summer as well as helping the birds and bees stay safe.

GUTTERS Seamless Aluminum Gutters

• Sales • Repairs • Cleanouts

281-492-1991 Visit us online at:

Joni & Jimmy Rechner,

Owners and Gutter Design Specialists Family owned and operated since 1969.

Residential/Commercial 5, 6 or 7 Inch Gutters Over 100 colors to choose from We Specialize in Covers/Screens Certified Pine Needle Specialist

FREE Estimates • Lowest Price Guarantee • LIFETIME LABOR & WARRANTY To advertise, call 281-401-9143 or email:

From Brisket To Hand Made Tables and Everything In between – The Spring/Klein Area Has Some of the Best Food and Merchanise In the State Rao’s Bakery

Rao’s Bakery has been delivering smiles to South East Texas for over 70 years. Their variety of specialty pastries, sandwiches, coffee’s and cakes combined with their excellent service, make this a must stop for everyone. You can dine in or purchase a gift card for a friend – try out their specialty bags of coffees. 6915 Cypresswood Drive, Spring 77379

walk on the hot side, try their Hellgate spicy pork tamale. 411 W. Main St., Suite A, Tomball 77375

Caroline’s Kitchen

You have never had a great tamale until you have eaten one from Caroline’s Kitchen. Their artisan gourmet tamales allow you to have flavors you will find nowhere else. All hand made, they are large, filled with meat and spices and sure to make you always want one more. The favorite is the Brisket tamale, filled with the award winning meat from Tejas BBQ, but for a


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Moore Time

This family-run business combines more than 75 years experience caring for all types of clocks and watches. Their clock shop includes a wonderful presentation of clocks, watches and fine music boxes from around the world. They can provide you with the newest clock models, the rarest antiques, full restoration services, professional appraisals, insurance warranty service and more! 202 Main Street, Spring 77373 h

Spring Shutters & Blinds H Guns H Ammo H Optics H Personal Protection & Huntin Stuff H Benelli Beretta & Special Orders

8 32 - 3 3 4 - 4 8 6 2 15926 Cypress N. Houston, Ste. 100, Cypress, TX 77429


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Stay Seasonably Comfortable With

• Air Conditioning • HEATING • REFRIGERATION Residential & Commercial

Servicing All Makes & Models

• Senior Citizen/Military Discount • Family Owned & Operated • Annual Preventive Maintenance Contracts • 10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty Available • Real Estate Inspections Super nt cie High Effi Speed e Variabl tems Sys

SAME A S CASH Financi ng


Availab le W.A.C.

Licensed • Insured & Bonded

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Purchase & Installation of Any HVAC Equipment

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Only valid on Residential Jobs. With coupon. Not valid on Sunday, holidays or after hours. Not valid with any other offer or coupon. Expires 12-31-18

Only valid on Residential Jobs. With coupon. Not valid on Sunday, holidays or after hours. Not valid with any other offer or coupon. Expires 12-31-18

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