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Everything Pet In The Northwest • FEBRUARY 2011

Multnomah County rescued 2,164 abandoned, distressed, neglected, abused, injured, loose and sick animals last year. Based on # of dispatched calls from July ‘09-June ‘10

The animal rescue that rescues animals.

License or donate on-line at 2 Spot Magazine | February 2011

1700 W. Columbia River Highway Troutdale, Oregon 97060 503-988-7387

Courtesy: Stay Pet Hotel

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BESTin the BIZ

Featuring the 2011 TOP DOG DIRECTORY

23 #1 Vet stays on top While winning Top Dog two years in a row could go to one’s head, not so with Dr. Kristin Sulis, #1 Veterinarian two years’ running. She says, “The best part of being recognized is realizing that other people are getting what you are trying to do.”

25 PetUtopia shines Margie Vincent-Robert’s sweet shop in Beaverton rose to the top in numerous categories again this year, and when you look more closely about all that’s cooking at PetUtopia, and all it’s built to be, it’s easy to see why.

12 Stay Pet Hotel wins well-earned kudos Stay Pet Hotel again rocked the Top Dog Awards, and for all husband and wife Kim Hormby and James Taylor have cookin’ in the community they deserve every accolade.

29 Parkrose Veterinary Hospital moving up This Lake Oswego clinic is making itself known in the pet community these days, getting involved in community happenings, and moving into the forefront in many positive ways.

16 Anything but muttley Jeff Slaughter and his talented crew ring up another round of huge votes this year. If the votes didn’t tell the tale, the pet people would: The Muttley Crew is #1. See Muttley’s profile under Grooming – Cat.

departments 33.Pet Photography Tricks of the Trade David Childs brings a sharp eye, keen energy and boundless passion to both photography and teaching. Dave’s easy-to-apply concepts help students discover they’re capable of creating award-winning photos — even with the most humble equipment! Join the class, happening monthly, here and at Spot’s House (www.

6. Matchmaker, Matchmaker Ready to find your new best friend? Megan Mahan shares breed basics, including temperament, unique traits and, common concerns, and introduces a sweet adoptable and rescues specializing in the featured breed. This month: The Pomeranian.

9. Rescue Me Meet the precious foundlings who made their way to Spot this month. These are often babies who need an extra boost finding their way home — a little older, sometimes needing special care, often just too long in a shelter or foster home.

34. Fetch Crunchy little newsbits to chew on - Give the pooch a treat, others a helping paw - One person’s garbage . . . another someone’s medicine - WAG celebration: good times for a great cause - MT Hood Pet Resort celebrates years - PAAWS hosts info night for volunteers - Tom & Mom helps keep pets and families together - Pongo’s annual report shines - Animal Planet on the prowl for feisty kitties - From our favorite chair (book review) - Check-up on animals in Haiti, one year later

36. MarketPlace / Classifieds 38. Furry FunPlanner Spot Magazine | February 2011 3

OUR TEAM Jennifer McCammon Publisher w/ Jack

Magazine Vol. 6 • No. 7 February 2011

contributing writers > David Childs

> Megan Mahan

> Jake Faris

> Kennedy Morgan

ADVERTISING Megan Mahan w/ Smokey

> Vonnie Harris

contributing Photographers > Marnie McCammon

Jennifer McCammon

> David Childs Photography

w/ Broadway

Cover Model 411 Front Cover

Name: Princess Buttercup Breed: Basset Hound

Century High School; Schroeder’s Den Family: Shelly Jones, Grandma Susie & Grandpa Bruce Jones, Aunt Becky Jones, 2-legged Cousins Kristy Pierson, Nicholas & Nicole Jones, & 4-legged cousins Lily, Bailey, & Whip. Princess Buttercup Loves: Century High School Athletics, Sunbathing,

administration Marnie McCammon Eugene/Springfield Office w/ Zip & foster kitten Gage 541.741.1242

Long Walks, Peanut Butter Treats, Squeaky Pig & Hide A Squirrel.

thing with pointy ears? Special notes: Princess Buttercup would like to send some special tail wags to Bethany Family Pet, and . . . Go Jaguars!! Top Dog Cover

Name: Jax (aka Jackie Boy)

Companion and working animals are important, beloved members of the family. Spot Magazine is the one-stop resource for information, ideas, and events of interest to these animals and their people.

OUR POLICIES Spot Magazine welcomes opinions and letters to the editor. To be considered for publication, letters should be signed and include the writer’s full name, address, and daytime telephone (for internal use only). Spot reserves the right to edit letters for length and clarity. Mail to: Spot Magazine PO Box 16667 Portland OR 97292; Fax to: 503.261.8945; email to: Opinions and ideas expressed by writers and/or advertisers herein are not necessarily endorsed by, or necessarily reflect, the opinions of Spot Magazine or Living Out Loud, Inc.

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Spot Magazine PO Box 16667 Portland, OR 97292 Voice 503.261.1162 Fax 503.261.8945 Published monthly. Distributed from Vancouver to Eugene/Springfield & Sandy to Forest Grove. All rights reserved. Reproduction (whole or part) without permission prohibited.

© 2010 Living Out Loud Inc

Doesn’t Love: Pawdicures . . . but that’s the price she pays for beauty. She’s also not too fond of the neighbor cat, but how can you trust any-


Subscription Rates:

Age: 3 (21 in dog years) Stomping Grounds: Orenco Station, Hillsboro;


Vonnie Harris Events, Distribution, Writer w/ Jake 360.903.4174

SPOT Magazine is printed in Portland, OR on recycled paper.

Breed: Weimaraner Age: 6 Stomping Grounds: Vancouver Lake, Ross off-leash

Jake Faris

park, Kelly Point Park, Tails R Waggin and Paradise

Webmaster, Writer w/ Buddy

Dog Ranch. Family: Molly Heikkinen, Wendy Galliart Mattie (Aussie best friend), Juju and Dooper (feline siblings). Jax Loves: FOOD (especially


Darwin’s), family, fireplaces, jogging, his stuffed toys Green Bird and Wocket, and snuggling. Doesn’t Love: Locked refrigerators, empty trash cans, getting wet. Special notes: Adopted from the Humane Society at 8 months old. Shortly thereafter he chewed through the back seat of a car to get to food leftovers in the trunk! He has relaxed now and performs like a supermodel in homemade calendars from 2007-2010.

The images of both Princess Buttercup and Jax are from Spot’s 2010 Cover Model Search featuring photographer David Childs. David strives to show off each animal’s unique character by capturing pets “doing what they love, where they love to be, with whom they love.” While running his successful studio, David somehow makes time to contribute many photography hours to organizations like Fences for Fido, PAW Team, Pongo Fund, CAT, and OHS, to name a few. Learn more at

4 Spot Magazine | February 2011

Design This! Interim Art Director

01 1




ot Magazin Sp e

Top Dog

1996 ~ 2010

Photo by Alicia Dickerson • Four Legged Photo

Jennifer McCammon with Broadway

RIP Broadway Lullaby for Broadway My “heart on wheels” left us just before Christmas afte having a number of brain-related events. Broadway will be forever dearly missed, by me, her family, and her fellow four-leggeds here at home. One friend described our precious girl this way ~ Broadway . . . was Love. We give thanks for the blessing of the time we get to have them share our lives. I wanted to share her passing with you as so many of our friends in this amazing community knew and loved this hardcore lovebug.

. . . and the winners are! A

llow me to introduce your 2011 Top Dog Award winners. You voted for “the Best in the [pet] Biz” in 28 categories last summer, from attorney to groomer, veterinarian to trainer, and “everything pet” in between. In this third year of the Top Dog Awards, it was you, our readers, that made it a blowout. You tripled this year to nearly 1500 voters! As we tabulated the results we quickly realized what a dramatic impact you’d made — bringing new players into the spotlight, new businesses into top position, and generally intensifying the competition in a way that made it so much more exciting (I love nail-biters). Of course you’ll find too that some of our leaders continue to hold top spots, and that’s really something to be proud of! You can be sure they are . . . as well as very gratified to receive your esteem. Inside you’ll find quick features on some of the businesses who made strong showings or remarkable strides this past year — please take a peek at the stories on Parkway Veterinary Hospital, The Muttley Crew, Multnomah County Animal Services, Stay Pet Hotel and others.

and acquaint yourselves with ALL of the wonderful merchants and practitioners inside. We’re blessed here in the Northwest to have such a deep, rich field of talent in the animal “arts,” “sciences,” and welfare arenas, and the more you know who/what’s out there, the better equipped you’ll be when a specific need arises in the year ahead. This edition is built to pull apart, so at month’s end just peel off the outer pages and keep your 2011 Top Dog Pet Directory in a convenient spot near the phone or computer for handy reference to everything pet in the Northwest. The Directory will be distributed at pet events all year as well, so come out and play with Spot this season, and grab one for a friend. Thanks again for voting this year, and many thanks to all the wonderful businesses and practitioners who participated, who support Spot, and who do so much to uplift, enrich and educate our pet-loving community. A pat on the back and a great big round of applause to you, winners all!

In fact, I hope you’ll peruse through Spot Magazine | February 2011 5


Matchmaker Presented by Groomindales Family Pet Salon, Tualatin

Megan Mahan

Megan Mahan • Spot Magazine

THE Pomeranian Albany: Cool’s Feed Brownsville: J & S Supply Canyonville: Roger’s Feed Coos Bay: Coos Grange Supply Hanson – Meeken Veterinary Puppy Love Corvallis: Best Friends Corvallis Kennels Denson’s Feed Cottage Grove: Old Mill Farm Store

McMinnville: Buchanon Cellars – Valley Feed

Newberg: Critter Cabana Newberg Canine Rehab

Eugene: Bare Bones Dog Wash – Amazon Bare Bones Dog Wash – River Rd. Bobcat Pets Curious K-9 Diess Feed Store Dogs A Play Down to Earth – Olive St. Down to Earth – Willamette St. End Results Grooming Evergreen Nutrition Center H & E Feed Store Holiday Boarding Kennel JCO Feed Pet Time Nature’s Pet Market S.A.R.A. Well Mannered Dog

Reedsport: Dillards Pet Products Parent Feed & Farm

Florence: Aloha Pet Grooming Florence Humane Society Harris Feed Store Maryann’s Natural Pet 101 Pet Supply Independence: Jack’s World Keizer: Copper Creek Mercantile Soapy Paws Lebanon: Alpha Dog Grooming

Though small, it is important to treat a Pomeranian like a dog and not carry her around all the time or let her boss her people around. Also, the Pomeranian may not be ideal for an elderly person due to its energy level.

Molalla: Safe & Sound Dog Grooming The Grooming Barn

Philomath: Inavale Farm Animal Care Pleasant Hill: Embarkadero Grooming

Roseburg: Atlantis Fish & Pets Grooming By Linda B Salem: Champion Feed Everything Pawsible Nature’s Pet Pet Etc. Playhouse for Paws Pup in a Tub Soapy Paws South Salem Pet Supply Whole Pet Vet Center Springfield: All American Pet Supply Best in Show McKenzie Feed & Saddlery Toledo: Going to the Dogs Toledo Feed Veneta: Critter Creek Day Care Pet Paws Dog Wash Waldport: Natural Selection Walterville: McKenzie Feed & Tackle Wilsonville: Critter Cabana

6 Spot Magazine | February 2011

Best Matches

Pomeranian Tip

Mill City: Ark Animal Care Vet

Dallas: Orchard Animal Hospital Old Mill Feed & Garden Shaggy Dog Boarding Kennel

Prone to tooth tooth decay and early loss. Feeding dry dog food, milk bones, and providing chew bones help keep teeth and gums healthy.

Poms can be well rounded, trustworthy, a wonderful family companion. Because of their size, they can make good companions for older people, but their energy can be a challenge.

Lincoln City: Paws on the Sand

Newport: Dog Port Oceana Natural Food Corp.

Common Health Problems

Adoptable – Met Tyson! Interesting Facts In the 19th Century, Queen Victoria began breeding and showing Pomeranians. The breed had been larger, and she began breeding them down in size, making them very popular in England. Poms make excellent circus performers.

Personality Lively, bold and inquisitive. Eager to learn new tricks with a delightful nature, this dog can also be very demanding if allowed. He will train you, finding ways to let you know what he wants.

Preferences The Pomeranian will do well even without a yard because he is very active indoors. Playing will burn some of his energy, but not his instinctual need to walk. Walking and other exercise will abate some common behavior problems associated with the breed.

Size 3-7 lbs. Life Expectancy

15 years

Three-year-old Tyson was lost and his owner did not claim him at the shelter. He was nervous in the shelter so was released to Oregon Dog Rescue and foster care. Tyson needs a patient owner who will let him warm up to them. A quiet home is a must, with no kids under 12 please. He has very good house manners and loves to be somewhere in the house where he can keep an eye on everything. Tyson loves walks and playing with toys. His adoption fee is $250. He is available to meet 11-5 every Saturday at the Tualatin PetsMart at 7029 SW Nyberg Rd. just east of the I-5 Tualatin Exit in the Nyberg Woods Shopping Center. In celebration of Matchmaker, Groomingdale’s Family Pet Salon of Tualatin, OR has donated $100 in grooming services to Oregon Dog Rescue.

Megan Mahan Megan Mahan lives with visiting foster animals, quite a few fish, and her boyfriend in Eugene, Oregon. She is excited to now be with Spot full time, and devotes much of her free time to fostering pets and creative writing. From her high school gig as Dog Bather to her more recent years working at the Santa Cruz SPCA where she was contributing editor of the newsletter, Megan has always lived, loved and worked with animals.

7016 sw Nyberg St • Tualatin, OR


Rescue ME! Here are this month’s babies in need of forever loving homes. I am a pretty year-old English spot female. I was so happy when I got rescued. but had a surprise litter of babies. I was such a good mom! My babes were recently adopted to nice forever homes, but I am lonely! I am curious but quiet-natured, and I love to curl up in my blanket. I can be petted and I really enjoy exercise time. Please come meet me! Email my foster mom Jan at to arrange a date! I need an indoor Portland-area home.


Beautiful Cameron

I just KNOW you’ve been looking for a dog just like me! I am really athletic, playful, super sweet, and oh so smart! Despite my size, I can also be a sensitive girl about new things and people, but it won’t be long before I am climbing into your lap or leaning against you for more petting. I am seeking an active home that will give me the daily exercise I need to be my usual happy self. The shelter highly recommends that we take classes together, and I will need to meet any potential dog siblings. Ask about me today! I am a Rottie mix about 2 yrs, weighing a pretty 60 lbs. I am currently in foster care at A Dog Gone Good Place. Please call 503- 807-9134 to meet me! My animal number is 516827.



Orson is a beautiful, affectionate, BIG boy who wants to be a lap cat. He likes people better than toys, is a talker, and loves being picked up and held. This senior kitty is very young at heart.

Lola loves being brushed, and lounging in the sun. When she gets to know you, she stays close; she likes to be petted and laptime, but is not keen on being picked up. Having things on her terms helps Lola feel safe.

Orson and Lola had found a family that adored them. Later though, they were forced to move to a no-pets apartment. Orson and Lola are a bonded pair; they will become devoted to their new family as well. As they are dependent on each other and would be very unhappy if separated, CAT offers a special discount on adoption fees for the pair. To meet Orson and Lola, visit Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, call 503-925-8903, or visit

Girlie-Girl Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley, a feminine feline who loves to be the center of attention. You can pamper me all you want and I won’t mind a bit! It’s ok if you spoil me by holding me in your arms and telling me I’m adorable. I’m soft and fluffy and have a heart-shaped beauty mark on my nose. My favorite games are hide-and-seek and drinking from the faucet. I’ve been waiting for my family for six months . . . can I be your little princess? Please rescue me . . . I am at Animal Aid, 5335 SW 42nd Ave. in Portland, 503-292-6628.

Kudos! Dale Spinning-Bishop and the crew of Grooming-dales in Springfield, OR recently donated grooming services for over 25 little dogs surrendered by a Southern Oregon woman in ill health. Greenhill Humane Society took in 52 dogs in this case, all small-breed, ranging from puppies to adults (including a few pregnant females), all adorable. The dogs were well cared for and are in good health. Spot salutes Grooming-dales and the many professionals providing services to those in need. Thank you!

The best little billboards in town! Spot’s Lil Red Doghouses available now. Advertise! Great exposure, great premium locations. Jennifer McCammon 503.261.1162 Spot Magazine | February 2011 7

Perfectly suited to the job


hile visiting my sister and husband in Damascus about a year ago it became necessary to get my yellow Lab Jessie to the vet. The Village Vet Animal Hospital was nearby, they had an opening, and the gals up front assured me I would love Dr. Jaime Houston. Like many, Jessie doesn’t love trips to the vet. In fact, she’s not a big lover of new people. I tried to reassure her while we waited in the exam room. Soon in walked the doctor. I was surprised to discover that Dr. Houston was a “little person,” or dwarf. I was even more surprised to watch Jessie fall in love. There was no hesitation, no hiding, no fear in her eyes. She greeted this doc with the same wiggly, bouncy dog greeting she had previously reserved for only those she knew and trusted. Jessie let Dr. Houston touch and handle her as she put Jessie through the paces of the exam. I realized at once what great veterinarians “little people” make. Jessie was wholly at ease with the gentle gaze and voice that connected with her directly, rather than bending to talk down to her. And the small hands that handled her were clearly welcome. As it turns out, as a child Houston dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Clearly, the combination of her love of animals and desire to care for them led her to the perfect profession — small animal veterinary care. Growing up in Arizona, Houston’s family always had at least one dog and several cats, and like many kids, she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. “My mom says I wanted to be a vet since I was 10 years old,” she says. Living at an army base in Sierra Vista, Ariz., one of her first “jobs” was volunteering at the base vet clinic at age 12. “I was lucky to have parents that were extrasupportive of me and of what I wanted to do,” she says. 8 Spot Magazine | February 2011

At age 14, after witnessing her mother struggle with routine daily tasks like reaching the kitchen sink and driving a car, the doctor began pursuing treatments that would free her from such limitations. After several years, 13 surgeries, and plenty of pain and discomfort, Houston emerged stronger, and with a greatly expanded repertoire of physical capabilities. One procedure, called the Ilizarov — named after a self-taught orthopedic surgeon from then Soviet Union — actually lengthens bone through the body’s remarkable ability to grow new bone tissue.

Dogs seem to

Vonnie Harris • Spot Magazine

Dwarfism generally refers to a group of genetic disorders characterized by shorter than normal skeletal growth and some degree of disproportion. It can be caused by any one of more than 200 conditions. The majority of children born with it have average-sized parents. In Houston’s case, her mother is a dwarf while her father is of average size.

love me and I can

read them quickly...and I seem to have a

special bond with cats. — Jamie Houston, DVM

The details really help appreciate just what this dedicated doc has gone through. Though a bit more complex, the Ilizarov procedure works like this: bones are broken at strategic points in the arms and legs. Then the limbs are fitted with cage-like apparatus with rings on opposite ends of the fractures. While the fractured bones begin to grow together, the frame is adjusted by means of turning nuts attached to the rings, thus increasing the space between the rings. The device gradually moves apart and stimulates the growth of new bone, muscle and nerve cells. Ultimately, Houston went from a height of 3’8” to 4’6”, gaining 10 inches in her legs and five in her arms. On the move again, Houston studied at the University of Arizona and later in Colorado. In 2004 she made her way to the Northwest, for her first real job as a veterinarian at a large Alpaca farm in Chehalis, WA. “I was the only vet for 1,500 alpacas,” she says laughing.

From there, Houston moved to a small animal veterinary practice in Kent, WA, eventually settling for several years in Gresham, OR, at a Companion Pet Clinic (CPC). “It was there that I acquired the majority of my knowledge and experience,” she says. A high-volume clinic, at CPC she would see 30-40 patients each day, performing about 25 surgeries per week. She has been at Village Vet for the past two years. Despite her surgeries, Houston is still technically considered a dwarf or “little person,” as she prefers to be called. The Little People of America (LPA) define dwarfism as an adult height of 4 feet, 10 inches or less. But her diminutive stature has proven to be an amazing gift in her work as a veterinarian. “Dogs seem to love me and I can read them quickly,” she says, “and I seem to have a special bond with cats.” Houston loves people as well as animals, which just increases her efficacy as a professional in a caregiving field. “I am excited to meet the patients and the challenges,” she says, adding that when she walks into a room she is always eager for “what’s next.” Performing everything from routine exams to emergency surgeries, naturally things are not always rosy. “It’s hard especially with patients that you have worked with for a long time,” says Houston. And not all patients are four-legged and furry. “The weirdest here was a duck with a broken leg,” she says with a smile. In her personal life, the doctor shares her life with four indoor cats and Quinn, an Irish Terrier. In her spare time, she trains and competes in Competitive Obedience trials, which range from basic good manners to sophisticated agility, tricks and nose work. “I enjoy being unique,” says Dr. Houston, “and want to help others realize that they can reach their dreams too.” Village Vet - 0318 SE Highway 212 Damascus, OR 97089, 503-658-4200,

Vonnie Harris is a freelance writer, and operator of BowWows & Meows Pet Services of SW WA. She and her brood, Jake and Jessie, both yellow Labs, and parrots Pedro (Yellow-Nape Amazon) and Lorali (African Grey) reside in Vancouver. Vonnie also is “the face of Spot” at many Portland-area pet-related events. Contact her at


TOP DOGS Apparel Attorney


The BEST in the Pet Biz

Boarding Cat Boarding

Cremation/Memorial Dog Daycare Dog Wash

Groom - Cat Groom - Dog Holistic, Practitioner Holistic, Merchant Medical – Cat Medical – Vet Rehab Medical – Specialty Veterinarian Veterinary Practice Neighborhood Pet Supply Pet Event Pet Food Pet-Friendly Hotels Pet-Friendly Pubs Pet Sitter Photography Playgroups/Spaces Rescue/Shelter Trainer


Vacation Destinations

Spot Magazine | February 2011


10 Spot Magazine | February 2011



Ruff Wear Performance Dog Gear

561 NW York Drive Bend, Oregon 888-783-3932 • Est. 1992

B ydas l i d e ! L an

Philosophy/Mission: Ruff Wear’s mission is to build performance product to enhance and inspire outdoor adventures for dogs and their human companions. Ruff Wear encourages an active lifestyle for everyone with a four-legged friend — stay fit, healthy, and happy — on a trail run, a day hike, or multi-day backcountry adventure. Ruff Wear’s Performance Dog Gear™ combines technology, quality, fit, function, and safety to meet the needs of active and adventurous canines and their humans. Ruff Wear offers a full line of innovative gear for dogs on the go including dog packs, harnesses, apparel, protective paw wear, and dog flotation devices.


8670 Southwest Scholls Ferry Rd. Beaverton, OR 503-646-5937 •


610 NW 23rd Ave. Portland, OR 503-841-5410 •


The Animal

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:

From A to Z, Duckler’s practice handles hundreds of cases annually. He is a renowned trial attorney, speaker, educator, writer, and orator in many public and private forums, from Harvard University to National Geographic. He gained national and international attention representing “Snowball” the black-tail deer and his owner Jim Filipetti in 2008, when the trio took on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. In championing loss of companionship, a 2008 local case garnered additional national focus when Duckler won one of the highest jury verdicts in a companion animal death case.

Community Involvement, Special Notes:

Duckler hails from a family of artists, and paints and works in metal construction in his spare time. He recently contributed his artistic talent to raise funds for the Children’s Trust of Oregon Foundation, an organization striving to raise awareness toward child abuse prevention.

B ydas l i d e ! L an

Law Practice

Proprietor: Geordie Duckler 9397 SW Locust St. Tigard, OR 503-546-8052 • Est. 1987/2000


Thede Culpepper, Moore, Munro & Silliman LLP 111 SW Fifth Ave Portland, OR 503-416-6160 •


720 SW Washington Street # 210 Portland, OR 97205 503-243-1718

Philosophy/Mission: Duckler’s mission is to preserve, protect, and defend the human-animal bond, the rights of people about their animals, and to ensure that those facing adversity in the realm of animal-related legal issues have a voice.

ot Magazin Sp e

Geordie Duckler

01 1


The Animal Law Practice

Top Dog

The Animal Law Practice assists those confronted by, and seeking to resolve, all animal-related legal issues, through the effective and committed representation of Dr. Geordie Duckler, a nationallyknown attorney with 23 years of specialized experience in the field.

Samuel Yale, DVM

9397 SW Locust St. • Tigard, Oregon 97223 503-546-8052 • Spot Magazine | February 2011 11



B ydas l i d e ! L an

Pawsitive Pasteries

Tyrone and Michelle Holmes 3530 SE 71st Ave., Portland, OR 97206 503- 954-4784 • • Est. 2008


Philosophy/Mission: To provide gluten-free healthy dog treats and toys for our canine friends. Their pastries have no wheat, corn, sugar or soy. They use only the freshest ingredients obtained locally whenever possible. Pawsitive Pastries believes a healthy dog is a happy dog, and enjoy making your canine happy. Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Pride in having the freshest treats around, and birthday cakes made to order. Their #1 seller is Tony’s Tempters. There are also sports bandanas and squeaky toys for the canine’s favorite team. Community Involvement, Special Notes:

Pawsitive Pastries donates broken treats to Oregon Humane Society and FIDO. They will be at the Gresham Farmers Market again this Spring. Find them anytime online. The website also lists the latest retail stores where Pawsitive Pastries are available.

Boarding Stay Pet Hotel


Kim Hormby, James Taylor 3606 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 503-288-7829 •

STAY Pet Hotel, a boutique hotel for dogs, offers all-inclusive luxury lodging, mobile playgroups and training for Portland’s most pampered pooches. Owned and operated by Kim Hormby and James Taylor, STAY features 43 Standard Suites, four large Deluxe Rooms with imported beds and flat-screen TVs, 12,000 square-feet of play-yard space including 4,000 SF of artificial turf, and a large indoor play-yard. Social dogs enjoy the playgroup while not-so-social dogs receive oneon-one attention. STAY’s Spa offers baths, aromatherapy, brush-outs, nail clippings and massage. STAY’s mobile playgroups, serving N/NE Portland, are a great solution to hectic schedules and winter weather. STAY picks up, drops off and wears your dog out, all before you get home from work. Current training and sport classes are posted online.



307 NW 10th Ave Portland, OR 503-222-4404 •

1132 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 503-236-8222 •



335 NE 8th St. Gresham, OR 503-669-8081 •

PO Box 16565 Portland OR 503-258-1208 •

Stay Pet

Vonnie Harris • Spot Magazine


elebrating four years in December, you could say Stay Pet Hotel is still a “puppy,” but winning #1 Top Dog in Boarding for the second consecutive year shows Stay is clearly leading the pack. “We never thought we’d be where we are today but we are proud of what we’ve accomplished,” says owner, Kim Hormby. “We are so thrilled to win again!” Hormby and her husband James Taylor started Stay Pet in 2006 after the success of their mobile playgroup, Waggin’ Wagon. Years of experience and input from clients helped them create a unique “home away from home” for dogs. 12 Spot Magazine | February 2011

It all started with one dog. When Hormby got Maggie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, she fell in love. “She changed my life . . . and my profession,” she says. She left the corporate world to become a veterinary assistant. Wanting to offer a service she loved and that would enhance the lives of dogs and their humans, Waggin’ Wagon was born. “Since my very first pet-sitting client I have built the business on the premise that every dog we take care of is a member of our family,” says Hormby.

“ Since my very first

pet-sitting client I have built the business on the premise that every dog we take care of is a member of our family.

l ve Pet people

Much effort goes into getting to know guests’ needs, and really listening to the “parents” is a priority. Schedules emulate home routines as much as possible in diet, medications, toys, exercise, and love. The folks at Stay don’t charge extra for that; they believe it’s all part of their guests’ daily needs.

Exercise and fresh air are priority, and guests enjoy plenty of romp time in spacious indoor and outdoor play yards. More timid pups get private playtime with dedicated staff. At the end of the day, each happy, tired pooch relaxes in his/her own suite, some with

imported beds and flat-screen TVs (if that’s your dog’s thing). For those who want even more luxury, the menu includes spa treatments, gourmet treats and more. In addition to winning for Boarding, Stay Pet Hotel also received votes in this year’s Top Dog Awards in Daycare, Petsitting, Playgroups, Dog wash and Events. Not surprising, when you take a peek at what’s on tap: Stay’s new mobile playgroup is a mix between doggie daycare and dog walking in which pups are picked up in the morning, get to play all day with furry friends, and get dropped off tired and happy later in the day. Stay’s popular Paw-tys allow pets and people to get out for some fun, check out the gorgeous ½-acre facility, while supporting worthy causes such as Fences for Fido, PAW Team and The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank. Kim, James, and their well-trained, canine-loving staff understand dogs and their people, making this little “puppy” a Top Dog. “The fact that so many happy clients vote for us and tell other people about Stay is truly our biggest reward, and guideline for letting us know we are doing it right!” says Hormby. Vonnie Harris

is a freelance writer, and operator of BowWows & Meows Pet Services of SW WA. She and her brood, Jake and Jessie, both yellow Labs, and parrots Pedro (Yellow-Nape Amazon) and Lorali (African Grey) reside in Vancouver. Vonnie also is “the face of Spot” at many Portland-area pet-related events. Contact her at


MT Hood Pet Resort Oregon’s Wilderness Retreat and Spa

Full Service Grooming, Self Service Grooming, Doggie Day Care, Boarding, & Training Convenient Access to Mount Hood from East & West bound, a popular Doggy Day Care Drop off Location for Skiers. The Pacific Northwest’s unique dognasium and spa featuring an enormous 8,400 square foot resort designed with your pet in mind. Vaccination Records Required

(503)668-8900 17440 Meinig Avenue in Sandy, Oregon directly off the Mt Hood Highway

Join us

First6Fridays - 8pm

Feb. 4th we’ll host a cooking class: Healthy Baked Treats for your Dog.

Spot Magazine | February 2011 13




Proprietor: Margie Vincent-Roberts 8670 SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Beaverton, OR 503.646.5937 •

Cat Boarding CatNurse on Call/


CatNurse Cottage

Proprietor: Randi E. Golub, CVT Eugene, OR 541-514-1472 • Est. 2007

B ydas l i d e ! L an


PetUtopia offers world-class pet food, treats, accessories, toys, and gifts for pets and people. Enjoy classes, parties, and events that bring together like-minded people and their pets.

To provide compassionate and knowledgeable care for kittens and cats in a friendly, pleasant and safe environment.

Signature Service:

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:

You can try products and activities in a supportive, caring environment. An active member of the community, PetUtopia supports local pet nonprofits such as OHS, Bonnie Hays Shelter, MCAS, the PAW Team, Project Pooch, Oregon Dog Rescue and CAT Food Bank.

Claim to Fame: PetUtopia’s community events are the ‘gold standard’ for fun with pets in the Portland Metro area. Special Notes: They listen, help solve problems, and celebrate peoples’ relationships with their pets.

CatNurse Cottage is a unique boarding facility specifically designed to meet the needs of felines of all ages. Accommodating only a few cats at a time, it is the perfect place for frisky kittens or older cats with medical concerns such as diabetes or kidney disease. Each cat has its own 5’ wide x 3’ deep x 6’ tall condo with an operational garden view window that provides endless bird and squirrel watching opportunities. Each condo also provides limited access via cat door to a fully enclosed (and escape-proof ) private ‘catio.’ Designed to incorporate fresh air and sunlight, CatNurse Cottage is a very special place for your very special cat or kitten.

Community Involvement, Special Notes:


416 NW 10th Ave. Portland • 503-243-6200 6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland • 503-245-4363 7441 SW Bridgeport Rd. Portland, • 503-431-2052 •


610 NW 23rd Ave. Portland 503-841-5410 •

Randi speaks to the public on a wide range of animal welfare issues, and also conducts humane education with her Delta Society Pet Partner, Jimmy Jet. She is a board member of the Community Veterinary Center (, and teaches pet first aid classes.

Hot Diggity!

1631 NE Broadway Portland, OR 135 5th St. Lake Oswego, OR 503-887-0086 •

Northwest Neighborhood Pet Hospital

2680 NW Thurman St. Portland, OR

Do Something Suite for the dog who owns your heart! While you’re out on the town, let your dog live it up in a Luxury Suite at Rock Creek Kennels. During your pet’s stay in their Luxury Suite, they will receive:


14 Spot Magazine | February 2011

Support an Animal Rescue and Promote Your Business!

Spacious 9’x5’ private room Individual TV and Radio Plush memory foam bed Use of stuffed bedtime Kong toy 3 walks a day by staff members

Dedicated to the care and comfort of your pet. 9735 NW Old Cornelius Pass Rd P: 503-645-4766

Hours: 7am-6pm Monday-Saturday 3pm-6pm Sundays Closed for Holidays



Dog Daycare

Dignified Pet Services

Schroeder’s Den

Proprietors: Michael Remsing and Randy Tjaden 8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd. Tualatin, OR • 503-885-2211 Est. Oct 2000

Proprietors: Wayne and Pam Pearson 2110 NW Aloclek Dr. Hillsboro, OR 503-614-9899 Est. 2002



B ydas l i d e ! L an

Dignified Pet Services is dedicated to providing high-quality aftercare for pet companions. They believe that people who lose a pet companion deserve the same care and compassion as those who experience a human loss.

Signature Service: The compassion in which they deal with the families they are privileged to serve.

Claim to Fame: Their annual Service of Remembrance held each November to honor those pet companions that have been lost.

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Dignified is active in giving back to the community, from helping support nonprofits to sponsoring Art Workshops with DoveLewis for families who have experienced a loss.

Oregon Humane Society

1067 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 503-285-7722 •

Family Animal Services

17819 NE Riverside Pkwy. Portland, OR 503-665-8300 •

To provide the safest and best possible social experience for your dog, while providing a safe environment for exercise and energy release.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Training with Dr Kirsten Nielsen, Top Dog Winner Puppy Socialization at their weekly Puppy Romp, Top Dog Winner. Community Involvement: First doggy daycare in the United States to become a mentor for people wanting to learn about this career through Vocation Vacations. Special Notes: This month marks Schroeder’s Dens’ 10th year in Hillsboro. They specialize in doggy daycare, training, and the award-winning puppy socialization playgroup Puppy Romp. The Pearsons share the honor with trainer Dr Kirsten Nielsen, a Top Dog Award winner for Training. They are excited and humbled to be selected once again for a Top Dog Award. They say it is evidence and validation that when it comes to doggy daycare, they’re on the right track.

Dogs Dig It

1132 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 503-236-8222 •

Dogtown PDX

335 NE 8th St. Gresham, OR 503-669-8081 •

Cremation & Memorials For Your Companion

We all have a

sweetie pea in our lives

We’re there for you when you need us

8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Tualatin, OR 97062 (503) 885-2211

Michael, Randy and Avani, owners

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Dog Wash

Pawsitively Clean

Suds ‘Em Yourself

Whitney Luther 3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland 503-232-5037 • Est. 2001

192 W 11th Ave. Eugene, OR 541-484-2239 •

The Muttley Crew


B ydas l i d e ! L an

Philosophy/Mission: To provide a pawsitive, clean, fun and safe grooming environment for pets and their humans. Pawsitively Clean believes in educating their customers about proper grooming techniques for their particular breed. Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:

They have 5 different all-natural shampoos provided at no additional cost. They also have 2 high-speed dryers that cut drying time in half. There are 6 tubs raised to different heights so that everyone can be comfortable as they groom their pet. Their fullservice groomer specializes in difficult-to-groom pets, as well as easy-to-groom pets at very reasonable rates.

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Pawsitively Clean supports several local organizations including Pantry for Paws, Portlanders Against Breed Bans, and Portland Animal Welfare Team. Each year they sponsor two therapy dogs through Delta Society. Sponsored dogs get free washes for one year!

uttley Crew M e h T

Grooming Cat Proprietor: Jeff Slaughter 806 NW Murray Blvd. Portland OR 503-626-8212, 1-888-muttley

B ydas l i d e ! L an

You might say The Muttley Crew, Beaverton’s one-stop grooming/daycare/ boutique doesn’t have customers — it has fans. Still, its second year as the reigning Top Dog in both the Cat and Dog Groomer categories came as a surprise to Muttley Crew’s owner, Jeff Slaughter. “It’s an honor . . . jeez! Winning this two years in a row!” Jeff says, with a hint of disbelief. Slaughter humbly attributes Muttley’s success to his amazing staff’s attention to detail and their kennel-less facility (kennels are available at owner’s request). “I think the dogs have a really good time when they’re here,” says Slaughter. His main focus for 2011 is improving and growing the retail section, where which carries grain-free premium foods and Made-in-the-USA toys and merchandise.

Jennifer Wolf, Parkway VetERINARY HOSPITAL

3 Monroe Pkwy Lake Oswego, OR 503-636-2102 •

Wash ‘N Roll Mobile Pet Grooming

5263 West A St. West Linn, OR 503-638-9900 •

ot Magazin Sp e

Top Dog 2

01 1

Beauty for the Beast

3832 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland • 503-288-5280 5215 N Lombard Portland • 503-283-0920

Top Dog Winner in both:

• Dog Daycare

Show Dogs

Dog Grooming & •• Grooming Premium Cat Grooming! 2011 Pet Supplies

Grooming Salon and Boutique

All Breed Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming, Only Natural and Organic Products

Educated, Certified Groomers with Years of Experience in a Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere

Our certified master groomers will meet all your grooming needs. We carry only PREMIUM pet foods. Orijen, Acana, Evo, Taste of the Wild, Now!, Go!, Honest Kitchen and many raw food diets including Primal, Nature’s Variety, and Rad Cat, as well as several forms of green tripe. Monday-Friday 6:45am to 6:30pm Saturday : 8am to 3pm

806 NW Murray Blvd. Portland, OR 503-626-8212 16 Spot Magazine | February 2011

Here’s what our customers are saying: “The new shop is large, open and beautifully designed. It is very conveniently located right off of I-5 at the Lombard East exit. The rates are reasonable and I was able to make an appointment the same day I called.”

North Portland

(503) 283-1177 926 N Lombard Portland, OR 97217

“Just had an exceptional experience here. The staff was wonderful and attentive, and treated my 2 dogs as if they were their own. Even cleaned my little ones teeth! I have been to several groomers in town, and these guys are by far the best!”


Grooming Dog

Healthy Pets Northwest

Proprietors: Michael Carroll, Laura Amiton,

The Muttley Crew

Proprietor: Jeff Slaughter

806 NW Murray Blvd. Portland OR 503-626-8212,

Barb Cantonwine, Julie Cantonwine 7642 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 971-222-2686 • • Est. 2000 2224 NE Alberta St Portland, OR • 503-246-6571 1736 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 503-236-8036

Pampered Pooch


B yd sal i d e ! L an

3615 SW River Parkway Portland, OR 503-224-9839 •

Hair of the Dog

1211 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 503.284-9274 •

To provide you high quality, natural pet products. To offer alternative solutions for pet health without toxic chemicals, by-products, dyes, fillers or unnecessary ingredients. To find the best, most cost-effective options in natural pet foods, raw diets, supplements, homeopathic remedies, educational books, toys and supplies. To be an active community member through educational programs, participation in community events and support for nonprofits.

Holistic Merchant

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or service: Healthy Pets Northwest strives to provide customer service that goes beyond just “ringing” up purchases. They stay educated on new products and issues within the pet industry that may affect their valued customers and their pets.

The Healthy Pet

Proprietor: Doreen Hock, DVM 2777 Friendly St., Eugene, OR 541-343-3411 • Est. 1997

Community Involvement, Special Notes:

Philosophy/Mission: The mission of The Healthy Pet is to improve the lives of dogs and cats. They feel they have become a trusted resource in the community because their employees are very knowledgeable and because they are owned by a holistic Veterinarian. At The Healthy Pet they research products and try them out on their own pets before they sell them. The have the highest quality dry, canned and frozen raw foods on the market, as well as nutritional supplements, hypoallergenic treats, collars and leashes, toys, beds, and more. Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:

The Healthy Pet is

owned by Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Doreen Hock.

In 2010 Healthy Pets Northwest partnered with Canidae to provide over 700 lbs. of food to the Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank. We held fundraisers for Fences For Fido and the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. We donate regularly to various animal shelters and host adoption events in their stores.


1431 SE 23rd Ave. Portland, OR 503-233-2332 •


Community Involvement, Special Notes:

The Healthy Pet is 100% 10075 SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR locally owned and community involved. They offer educational events, fundraisers for 503-245-9922 various rescue groups, and social networking events for pet owners.

FOR PAWS 3029 SE Division St. Portland, OR 503-235-3204 •

HOLISTIC PET CENTER 15599 SE 82nd Drive Clackamas, OR 503-656-5342

We’d be happy to pamper your dog or cat! Professionally Trained Groom Staff providing Exceptional Bathing and Grooming Services for your Furry Friends! Appointments recommended

All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming




Bring in this ad and new customers will receive $5.00 off their first bath or groom. Limit: one per family, please Expires February 2012

(503) 649-4956 • Fax: (503) 642-5411

21150 SW Farmington Road • Beaverton, OR 97007 Spot Magazine | February 2011 17


Holistic Practioner

Heal Animal Massage

Proprietor: Rubi Sullivan Address: Mobile, and at Parkway Veterinary Hospital, Rose City Veterinary Hospital, Pearl Animal Hospital and Sniff Dog Hotel • 503-380-4487 • Est. 2006



B yd sal i d e ! an

To continue to provide the best support for animals in their lifelong health and well-being. Specializing in rehabilitation and geriatric pets.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: “My clients!” says Rubi. “You have all been so wonderful and definitely my claim to fame! A huge thank you to all of you.“ Basic Dog Massage for Owners class. Offered at different locations around town. This class is great for bonding and helps you keep a close eye on your best friend’s changing body. Community Involvement, Special Notes:

Instructor with the Northwest School of Animal Massage. Volunteer work throughout the community for local and national nonprofits, including; New Avenues for Youth (specifically with their Pet Care Program), Guide Dogs for the Blind, Pixie Project, The Oregon Humane Society, National Canine Cancer Foundation, Dove Lewis, The Pongo Fund and Project POOCH. Heal was recently featured in the recently published Careers With Dogs guide, by Kim Campbell Thornton.

Becca Seitz – Thrive Acupuncture

3133 NE Prescott St. Portland, OR 971-285-4825 •

Nancy Curran – Two Rivers Vet

3808 N Williams Ave. Portland, OR 503-280-2000 •

Medical Rehab

B yd sal i d e ! L an

Back On Track Veterinary Rehabilitation Center

Dr. Bianca Shaw, DVM 9045 SW Barbur Blvd. Portland, OR 503-546-8995 • • Est. 2001


Philosophy/Mission: At Back on Track, they aim for the highest ability, comfort and fitness, especially with chronic conditions. Starting with her own dog’s injury in 2000, Dr. Shaw has made it her goal to practice the best recovery medicine and provide personalized therapy for animals and their owners. Shaw’s philosophy is to educate about options that can help pets live the most enjoyable, pain-free life and to assist pets and their owners in gaining optimum mobility.

Doggie Paddle

6100 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 503-730-0310 •


Ridgefield, WA 206-819-7297 •

Four-Legged Family Massage Services LLC “This is Brian, a beautiful lab who was mistreated for years and saved by a rescue group and now adopted! My name is Allison Levy and I am the owner and Canine Massage Therapist who had the Privilege of working and caring for Brian. In as little as six weeks he went from timid and unsure to loving and fun. His recovery inspired me to build a business based on helping others.”

First time fees go directly to a deserving rescue.


Doggie Paddle

Canine Therapeutic Swimming & Exercise

dog daycare • grooming • self wash • dog and cat retail 18 Spot Magazine | February 2011

6100 SW Macadam Avenue • Portland, OR 97219 Appointments: (503) 245-4363 •

Spot Magazine | February 2011


Spot Magazine | February 2011



Medical Cats

and carry out medical treatments at home. The Mt. Tabor doctors and staff provide the education and the expertise to help guardians make the best decisions for their pets, as well as coach and support them through treatment.

Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Supporting local shelters, Oregon Humane Society, Pixie Project and Animal Care and Rescue Fund, as well as volunteering spay and neuter services for the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. MTVC supports local organizations including Friends of Mt. Tabor and Belmont Area Business Association.

Proprietor: Kristin Sulis DVM 4246 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 503-200-5555 • Est. 2008


care for patients; kind and caring interaction and education to clients; and healthy leadership for staff — all in a comfortable and beautiful environment.

3 Monroe Pkwy Lake Oswego, OR 503-636-2102 •

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Care with style — getting


1945 NW Pettygrove Portland, OR 503-228-7281 •

Philosophy/Mission: To provide the best in wellness, illness, dental and surgical

down on the carpeted floor with patients, giving out lots of cookies and making them feel comfortable. Regarding clients as the most important part of their medical team — they are the ones who know their pets best, speak for them,

Sulis again named Top Doc Jake Faris• Spot Magazine

Sulis approaches veterinary care not so much as a service, but as a community. “We want you to sit down, have some coffee, and share your concerns and stories. We want your pets to feel safe and maybe even excited to come in. . . . You are not just coming in for pet care; you are coming into our ‘home.’” And that care goes beyond Sulis’s “home,” into her patients’ homes. After all, pets don’t live at the vet. “We want to teach clients how to care for their pets medical needs and encourage them when they are asked to play nurse to their pets at home,” says Sulis.


ne might think winning the Top Dog Award for Veterinarian two years in a row might go to Top Doc Kristin Sulis’s head. Not so. In describing her reaction, Sulis is quick to mention the big picture. “The best part of being recognized is realizing that other people are getting what you are trying to do,” she says. When Sulis opened Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care in 2008 she had an ideal. “I wanted to change what the veterinary experience is like for people,” she says. “I wanted to give clients the opportunity to be involved in their pet’s care and provide a comfortable and caring environment for both pets and their human companions.” It is Sulis’s commitment to this ideal that makes her so popular with her patients and their people. A typical visit with the doc at Mt. Tabor Vet involves lots of treats and extensive one-on-one “floor time.” What’s not experienced is Fido or Fluffy being whisked away for treatments. Sulis firmly believes that pets are more comfortable when their humans are nearby.

Perhaps her proudest success of the year was Mt. Tabor Veterinary’s 3rd annual Teddy Bear Surgery booth at the Belmont Street Fair last fall. The event teaches kids about diagnosis and medical procedure, using toys & candy cleverly concealed inside stuffed bears. It’s also plain fun. Sulis says, “We were mobbed! We helped children ‘save’ over 300 bears!” While enumerating her year’s tangible successes, Sulis takes a philosophical detour. Though she appreciates the accolades, Sulis doesn’t always feel like the Superdoc she’s considered to be by clients, colleagues and peers. “I am definitely human, and feel the pressure of caring for our patients, their human companions, my staff, and my own pets,” she says. Perhaps it is this very concern that inspires such love and loyalty from her clients. When feeling overwhelmed, Sulis says she gets therapy. “I walk into a room with a new puppy and let it crawl all over me and lick my face . . . and I hear the excitement in the client’s voice as they tell me all about the new addition to their family. That’s when I remember that I have the best job in the whole world.”

Pictured with #2 Top Doc Krissy Bussmann

Photo courtesy Philip Morgan

Providing care, community and education is ongoing for Sulis, and this year she’s been busy growing her practice on Portland’s east side. Along with other hires, Sulis added Dr. Krissy Bussmann to her staff — who Dr. Sulis is quick to point out is this year’s #2 Top Dog in the Veterinarian category. As a believer in strong community, the two take a teamwork approach to veterinary medicine in which they take pride.

Jake Faris is a freelance writer who’s worn many different hats, including a hardhat and the 8-point hat of a police officer. Jake and his wife Charity live with their two cats and four dogs in Beaverton. The whole pack moved to Portlandfrom Wenatchee, WA three years ago. Now a dedicated Oregonian, Jake finds new reasons to love his adopted state every day. Contact him at jake@ spotmagazinenet.

Spot Magazine | February 2011 23

Veterinarian L Banydsalide! KRISTIN SULIS DVM Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

4246 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 503-200-5555 •

KRISSY BUSSMANN, DVM Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

4246 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 503-200-5555 •

COURTNEY ANDERS, DVM Pearl Animal Hospital

1250 NW 10th Ave. Portland OR • 503-954-3393

Veterinary Practice Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

Proprietor Kristin Sulis, DVM

4246 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 503-200-5555 • • Est. 2008


4744 NW Bethany Blvd Portland, OR 503-614-9061 •


3000 N Lombard Portland, OR • 503.285.0462 •


3 Monroe Pkwy Lake Oswego, OR 503-636-2102 •


Veterinary Specialty

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital

1945 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR 503-228-7281 • Est. 1973


DoveLewis, in association with the regional veterinary community, provides 24-hour emergency, critical care, education and community outreach. Our highly-skilled professionals are dedicated to: improving the condition of animals needing emergency and critical care; strengthening the ties with, and extending the reach of, the veterinary community; and promoting the well-being of animals and the human-animal bond throughout the community at large.

Community Involvement, Special Notes: DoveLewis shares several 100% donor-funded programs with the community, including one of America’s largest volunteer-based animal blood banks, a partnership with Delta Society’s animal assisted therapy program, a nationally recognized pet loss support program offering four free monthly group therapy sessions, 24-hour stabilizing care for lost, stray and wild animals, and financial assistance for qualifying low-income families and abused animals. DoveLewis is now open nights and weekends at the Oregon Coast.


16756 SE 82nd Drive Clackamas, OR 503-656-3999 •


11140 SW 68th Pkwy Portland, OR 503-684-1800 •

Leading technology that saves lives: Diagnostic testing available: Ultrasound • CT Scan Cytology • Bone marrow aspirates Blood work • Digital x-ray Chemotherapy protocols Pain management protocols

Compassionate Care. Quality Medicine. 1945 NW Pettygrove Portland, OR 97209 971-255-5930 email: 24 Spot Magazine | February 2011

I’m Feeling Better. Watch Out Cat! Strength. Ability. Recovery.


PetUtopia . . .

Top Dog in many ways Kennedy Morgan • Spot Magazine


etUtopia rocks the Northwest as Spot’s 1st Place Top Dog Award winner in both the Boutique and Neighborhood Pet Supply categories. They also were voted #2 in Apparel, and won notable mention for Pet Event and Holistic Merchant. Spot chatted with owner/operator Margie Vincent-Roberts about her great showing, and what else is shaking at PetUtopia, which is starting the new year with a great new look thanks to a recent facelift.

Events Galore Some of the new and ongoing events in this year’s lineup include classes in canine freestyle dance (beginning Feb. 8), massage (Mar. 6), and canine nose work, plus seminars on disaster preparedness, fitness classes, playtimes, and more. Customary events like parties, adoption outreach and others continue. The experts leading classes at PetUtopia are among the best in their fields. PetUtopia’s mission is to be a destination where people who treat pets as family members can relax and enjoy being with like-minded people and pets, strengthen the bond with their pets through various activities, find products and services to help them provide the very best pet care, find joy in pet-themed gifts and accessories for themselves, and support local adoption agencies and rescue organizations.

Neighborhood Pet Supply


8670 SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Beaverton, OR 503.646.5937 •


Proprietor: Margie Vincent-Roberts

7642 SW Capitol Highway, Portland • 971-222-2686 1736 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, • 503-236-8036 2224 NE Alberta St., Portland • 503-249-6571


8334 SE 17th Ave. Portland, OR 503-239-1517 •


4039 North Mississippi Ave. Portland • 503-249-1432 8119 SE Stark St. Portland • 503-445-9449

Pugz Brand Organic & Eco-Friendly Treats, Foods & Products that your best friend will love!

ade HanSdcrm atch from and always fresh!

Featuring only the finest, 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients, 98% from Pugz Family Farms. A green company, with a Zero Carbon Footprint.



OFF Purchase of

35 or more.


(440) 941-6157 Spot Magazine | February 2011 25


Pet Food

Pet Event



May 14, 2011 at Waterfront Park in Portland, OR Benefits the animals/program at Oregon Humane Society



Doggy Dash

Bark in the Park

B yd sal i d e ! L an

May 15, 2011 at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, OR Benefits the animals/programs at Greenhill Humane Society

Pug Crawl

May 2011 in Portland. Benefits Oregon Humane Society

Dogtoberfest @ Lucky Lab Pub

Sept. 24, 2011 in Portland. Benefits DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital

Spay Day 2011 Presented by WAG

February 19th 6-9pm

Sons of Norway Lodge 710 McKinley Street, Eugene OR

All Proceeds Benefit WAG Spay-Neuter Project. sponsored by:

Pioneer Parkway Springfield

Feb 3 2011:

Grace Reed on the Bahai religion and its efforts toward fostering “The Great Peace” rather than “The Lesser Peace.

Feb 10, 2011:

Harold Shepherd on his petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to end the practice of assigning the winning parent’s attorney’s

fees to the parent who loses a custody modification action, if brought in good faith.

Feb ,17 2011:

Carrollyn Smith on trying to get custody of two grandchildren.

Feb 24, 2011: The Street Roots Newspaper on homelessness.

26 Spot Magazine | February 2011


Pet Friendly Hotels Pet Sitter

Hotel Monaco Portland

506 SW Washington St. Portland, OR 503-222-0001 • Est. 1996

Portland Mutt Strutt, LLC

Patricia McKinney 6411 NE Broadway St. Portland, OR 503-335-9889 • Est. 2009


B yd sal i d e ! L an

Philosophy/Mission: Each Kimpton Hotel has a distinct personality and a soul

Philosophy/Mission: Portland Mutt Strut believes that since your pets of its own — a story. The stories are varied and colorful; wine, literature, well-being, food, are part of your family, their role is to be their companion and caregiver when and architecture to name a few. Each promises you adventure, inspiration, and delightful you cannot. When needed, they become part of your family unit because their goal is to care for, love and nurture your pet’s happiness. Their passion for pets surprises, within the comfortable familiarity and style of the Kimpton Hotels brand. comes through their professional commitment, reliability and dedication to your furchildren. Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: The 221 guestrooms of our luxury Portland hotel include a mix of one-bedroom suites, deluxe guestrooms and four grand suites. A whimsical palette of periwinkle, persimmon and espresso complements the modern furnishings and amenities to transport you to a world of romantic, stylish comfort.


861 SW 51st St. Lincoln City, OR 541-996-3996 •


1400 S Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR 97145 • 503-436-1566 744 SW Elizabeth St., Newport, OR 97365 • 541-265-2600


1-800-SLEEPLQ (753-3757) •


1-800-4MOTEL6 (466-8356) •

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Mutt Strut’s ties to the Oregon Humane Society go deep and strong as they believe in the rehabilitation and re-homing of displaced companion animals. They are directly involved with OHS in the rescue of abused and neglected animals. They also support and volunteer with Portland Animal Welfare Team (PAW), which serves low-income families in need. They also volunteer with the Arts at Portland Center for the Performing Arts and Portland Center Stage. Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:

Mutt Strut specializes in pets that are challenging to others — caring for dominant, dogaggressive, fearful, shy, or other special needs pets is where they shine. Their Animal Care Companions are volunteers at the Oregon Humane Society where they have trained and honed their handling skills. As continual learners, they strive to excel in all aspects of their profession. For instance, on-going dog training classes help enhance their abilities and knowledge so that they can serve their clients with the highest professionalism. Their clients and pets are Mutt Strut’s number one priority.


117 NW Trinity Place Portland, OR 503-516-7425 •


1631 NE Broadway Portland, OR 135 5th St., Lake Oswego, OR 503-887-0086 •

Spot Magazine | February 2011 27



Pet Friendly Pub

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Carli Davidson 2512 SE 52nd Portland OR (office) 119 SE Main Portland OR (studio) 360-951-6170 • Est. 2010

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 503-236-3555 • Est. 1994

Lucky Labrador Public House 7675 SW Capitol Hwy Portland OR 503-244-2537 • Est. 2002



Carli says she loves photography, but that it never trumped her desire to work with dogs, cats, and giant animals that could eat her. She’s worked at the Oregon Zoo, animal rescues, and nature preserves taking care of exotic and native wildlife over the last 16 years. She has also worked with top commercial photographers in NYC and as a photographer for The House of Representatives in Washington. Carli takes photos of her subjects with the intent to capture their personalities and humor.

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Carli photographs her subjects with the intent to capture their personalities and humor. All species and temperaments welcome.

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Carli has donated services to numerous animal welfare and rescue organizations. Most notably she works with Hopes Haven associate Amanda Guise, photographing animals who are disabled or severely traumatized to help place them in supportive homes. Carli is currently writing a book on pets with disabilities, and on the homeless and their pets.


3820 NE 29th Avenue Portland, OR 503-281-6222 •


769 SE 37th Ave. Hillsboro, OR 503-310-0780 •

Lucky Lab

Lucky Labrador Beer Hall 1945 NW Quimby Portland OR 503-517-4352 Proprietors: Gary Geist and Alex Stiles • Est. 2006

Philosophy/Mission: Proud to provide casual brewpubs where people can enjoy quality beer and food for an affordable price in an unpretentious atmosphere. Community Involvement/Special Notes: Lucky Lab partners with DoveLewis, helps raise money for the Community Cycling Center, and produces Solar Powered Beer using solar-heated water.

AMNESIA BREWING PROST! 832 North Beech St. Portland, OR 503-281-7708

4237 North Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR 503-954-2674 •


Dogs Dig It

Janel Hanson and Ellie Davis 1132 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 503-236-8222 •


First Place winner in Playgroups/Spaces, Dogs Dig It was voted 2nd Place in both the Boarding & Day Care categories this year. Clearly a reader favorite, co-owner Janel Hanson is proud of the doggy daycare’s successful year and excited about the changes on the horizon. Canines love the facility’s mixture of wide-open and heated inside/outside play areas, pools, artificial turf, and extra-large play structures. The caring staff also makes Dogs Dig It loved by dogs and owners alike. “The staff really go above and beyond for their dogs,” says Hanson. “They take time out to cuddle, give massages and just hang out with the dogs. They pay attention to the dog’s body language as he/she is telling them what is needed to be happy.”

DOGPAW Vancouver WA

28 Spot Magazine | February 2011


2110 NW Aloclek Dr Suite 620 Hillsboro, OR 97124 • 503-614-9899 •


Rescue/Shelter Oregon Humane Society

1067 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 503-285-7722 •


9101 SE Stanley Ave. Portland, OR 503-771-5596 •


88530 Green Hill Rd. Eugene, OR 541-689-1503 •


1700 W Columbia River Hwy Troutdale, OR 503-988-7387 •

Multnomah County Animal Services The little shelter in Troutdale, OR has long endured scrutiny and criticism, yet continues to innovate while striving for excellence in all things pet. Multnomah County Animal Services won a strong 4th Place in the Rescue and Shelter category this year. Mike Paulsen, MCAS Development Coordinator, shared a few stats on the agency’s work this past year: • 2164 animal rescue calls: including emergency animal rescue, abandoned animals, animals in distress, cruelty

neglect, injured, loose in traffic, sick animals, and wildlife rescues • 1434 animals adopted • 1008 animals transferred to specialty partners • 1924 animals returned to owners

2011 looks to be another blockbuster year for MCAS, with the 3rd annual “Masters in Behavior Conference” for shelter professionals on the horizon, and the construction of a large, fenced dog play area complete with walking path and activity stations.

Parkway Veterinary Hospital In the tough competition this year, it was a pleasure to see new faces shine through the crowd. Parkway Veterinary Hospital is a clear favorite in the Northwest pet community — voted Top Dog in multiple categories. The crew at Parkway was honored in the following categories: 2nd Place in the Cat Medical category, groomer Jennifer Wolfe took 2nd in Groom – Cat, Dr. Steve Haley tied for fourth in the Individual Veterinarian category, and three of his colleagues also received votes. The practice also received votes in Dog Groom, Boarding, and Cremation/Memorial. Practice Manager Wendy Thompson said, “We are humbled and elated by the voting results for Best in the Biz. It is exciting to be recognized in so many ways by the community, and we are eager to continue to exceed expectations.” Parkway is an AAHAaccredited practice advocating for the humananimal bond since 1986. – Kennedy Morgan

Spot Magazine | February 2011 29


Meet your

Top Dogs in Shelter/Rescue


inning last year’s Top Dog top prize as well, it’s been a successful year for the

folks at Oregon Humane Society, who have boosted adoption rates and continued raising pet-adoption awareness around the world.

To support its goal of increased cat adoption, in 2010 OHS introduced an online kitty “playroom” that allows website visitors to interact with cats. “I know that people from around the world have been playing with our cats,” says OHS spokesperson Barbara Baugnon. Not just fun, the interactive toy has increased by 400% international traffic to the website. More importantly, according to recent statistics, OHS kitten adoptions have increased 15% over last year. While international adoption rates are unknown, Baugnon hopes that given the website’s global popularity , national and international shelters are seeing a boost in their feline adoption rates as well. But, Baugnon points out, “You can’t adopt your way out of cat overpopulation.” So, to further reduce the number of homeless animals, OHS partnered with the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) to launch Spay & Save, a program helping eligible residents get their felines fixed for $10. OHS is the organization behind Doggie Dash, the 2011 Top Dog in the Pet Event category. Baugnon proudly reports that 3,999 pet lovers registered this year, continuing the yearly 20% growth in paid participation. For pet lovers who want to celebrate local four-legged heroes, OHS will host is annual Diamond Collar Hero event Feb. 17 at the Governor Hotel.

2nd: Family Dogs New Life Another Top Dog favorite, the rock stars Family Dogs New Life had another year of quietly doing what they do best: finding forever homes for dogs that may be out of options. Tasha Williams, director of FDNL, attributes the shelter’s growing 30 Spot Magazine | February 2011

adoption rate and community support to several factors. “I believe that adopters like to support an organization that does not euthanize,” says Williams. “Our group housing also appeals to adopters. It’s nice to know that our dogs are able to have fun, socialize and enjoy themselves while waiting for their forever families.” This refers to FDNL’s unique practice of keeping adoptable dogs together in large play areas — placing 35-50 dogs that would be in shelter in play packs of 8-20 dogs. The fun the dogs have tends to rub off on visitors. “Oftentimes we hear adopters say ‘your dogs seem so happy.’” says Williams. “I believe that local pet owners are able to see how much we love our dogs and care about what we do.”

3rd: Greenhill It’s been a good year for Eugene’s Greenhill Humane Society, an independent shelter not affiliated with any national organization. Cary Lieberman, director of the 67-year-oldshelter, likes to get to the details. “We found 1,843 homes for animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters,” he says about this year. Also focused on reducing cat overpopulation, Greenhill’s trap/neuter/ return program fixed over 1,350 freeroaming cats in 2010.


Tanya Roberts

Oregon Humane Society 1067 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland OR

Philosophy/Mission: To help introduce, develop and deepen the respect , understanding and friendship between pets and their people using positive methods based on science, rewards and love. Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:

OHS offers a wide range of services to help resolve pet behavior issues. If you have a finicky feline or a problem pooch, help is available online, over the phone, and in person.

Special Notes: OHS offers Basic Manners daytime weekday classes for people who can’t make evening or weekends. They have specialized classes for “Reactive Rovers,” workshops on Canine Body Language, Pet first Aid, Help for Shy Dogs and Anxiety Issues, and Tellington Touch workshops. If structured classes don’t fit the bill, there are private one-on-one trainings as well. OHS is there to help.

KIRSTEN NIELSEN, Ph.D, CPDT Schroeder’s Den 2110 NW Aloclek Dr. Hillsboro, OR • 503-307-3168 •


503-719-7973 •


7247 NW Penridge Rd. Portland, OR • 503-488-5555 •

Vacay Destination Oregon Coast

Lieberman attributes Greenhill’s successful year to its great staff and especially its invaluable volunteers.



“We had over 700 individual volunteers donate nearly 24,000 hours — the equivalent of an extra 12 full-time staff members,” says Lieberman. “We had an additional 100 foster families who cared for and nurtured nearly 600 animals.”



These same folks are what makes it possible for Greenhill to host popular events like its annual Bark in the Park run/walk held in May at Alton Baker Park.

Spot Magazine | February 2011


32 Spot Magazine | February 2011

Tricks of the Trade… one frame at a time with David Childs


Days Ahead


n dark winter days a photographer’s thoughts naturally turn to light. So far we’ve forgone using flash in order to discover the many advantages of natural light. I also had a sneaky motivation for starting you out with natural light – it’s a great way to train your eye.

without flash you might find that on-screen the waterfall looks great but your friends are all “in the dark.” Next you might try normal flash mode. This time the even light leaves your friends looking flat and the waterfall too dark. At this point you can give your friends a knowing smile and go to fill flash mode. The camera will then expose

Since fill flash uses existing light as the primary light source it can be easier to create photos that feel natural while giving some of the benefits of a flash. But keep in mind that because it’s not changing shutter speed, it won’t help with issues like motion blur in dark environments. We’ll talk more about that next month.

One of the nice things about fill flash is that many modern cameras do the hard work of figuring the settings for exposure and flash. But each camera is different, so check your manual under fill flash to learn about yours.

This Month’s Assignment Try using fill flash. I hope you’ll try using it in a bunch of different situations so you can get a feel for the nuances of using it. Then please send in your favorite photo from your experiments. If you’re up for it, the other students and I would love to hear about your experiences and discoveries while experimenting with fill flash. What would you recommend other students try? Any tips you discovered or issues you ran into?

Most photos look best when light looks natural. So one goal with artificial light is to make it look like that of Mother Nature. To do that you need a good sense of what natural light looks like in many different situations. Having experimented with window light for example, you can now recreate that same look while using flash, and viewers will be none the wiser. In fact, that’s a great goal — that your viewers can’t tell how much light was natural and how much was you.

Study with David live! His pet photography classes are offered at OHS. Details,

One of the easiest ways to start using flash is ‘fill flash’ mode, which preserves existing light as the primary light source. The flash just adds a little extra punch. The camera sets the exposure as if the flash was turned off, thus shutter speed and aperture remain the same; the flash then kicks in light similar in brightness to the existing light.

for the nicely-lit waterfall, keeping it looking great, while brightening up your friends (who look great too!). It’ll also put that nice catch-light into their eyes. Everyone will be asking for copies of that photo and how you pulled it off.

Try the exercise

One place this helps is when you have a well-lit background but your subject is shaded. Fill flash puts a catch-light in your subject’s eyes, and brings closer the lighting of back- and foreground. Imagine photographing friends with their dogs, all in the shade at the base of a big sunlit waterfall. Starting

Fill flash also helps with photos on snow, where balancing the bright reflective snow with other subjects can be tough. It can also help when the sun is backlighting your subject. Like most things in photography, the key to using fill flash well is to practice and develop your instincts for when to use it.

Visit and click on “Photography 101” to see your photos and those of your fellow students

CLASS RECAP Send your photos from the assignment to: David@ Please put “Spot Photo Class” in the subject line

Share your great work with your friends!

Check out David’s tips and comments Meet David here in March for your next session!

David Childs David Childs is a professional photographer, photo journalist, instructor, and animal advocate. You can see his work or contact him at

Spot Magazine | February 2011 33

fetch Give the pooch a treat, others a helping paw Four Legged Family Massage Services LLC is taking its dedication to animal comfort even further in the new year. Jan. 7 to Feb. 28, the company will donate 100% of proceeds from first-time canine clients receiving mobile or in-arena massage therapy to the Animal Aid rescue org. FLFM is owned and operated by Allison Levy, who is committed to comforting animals in need. This is her second drive in a yearlong series to support veterinary care for those in need. For locations where in-store or mobile massage is being offered this month, call 503-348-1393. Services for dogs over 13 and those reaching end of life are available for donations of any amount.


little newsbits to chew on

One person’s garbage . . . another someone’s medicine

You know that old lamp in the corner of the garage . . . or that rug rolled up in the attic. Or that basketball that’s been parked on the same closet shelf for three years . . . . Whatever may be languishing unused around the house, tool shed and attic is the stuff of great value to Pro-Bone-O, the Eugene-area nonprofit serving pets of the homeless. The org will be holding a garage sale in April, and is currently gathering nice items to sell. Volunteers are happy to pick up, so once you’ve scanned the attic, the kids’ rooms, the office and closets, gathered those things that could be treasured finds for others this spring and most definitely be a boon to Pro-Bone-O and its clients, call for a pick-up. To learn more, contact

WAG celebration: good times for a great cause Willamette Animal Guild, Spay/Neuter Clinic of Eugene has performed 13,631 surgeries since opening in 2008 — preventing an estimated 67,620 unwanted births. Supporting WAG means supporting the vitality of your local community, and you can do that and also have a great time at WAG’s Spay Day Celebration Saturday, Feb. 19, 6-9pm. Fun on tap will include bingo, live music, and a raffle. The event is age 21 and older, happening at the Sons of Norway Lodge, 710 McKinley St. Tickets, $10, are available at the door or at For more details, call 541-345-3566.

MT Hood Pet Resort celebrates 4 years Surviving the economic downturn with 24/7 determination, perseverance and “elbow grease,” Trina and Greg Hohler, owners of MT Hood Pet Resort in Sandy, OR are proud to be celebrating their 4th anniversary with business not only surviving, but thriving.

34 Spot Magazine | February 2011



little newsbits to chew on


“Our great staff and the love we all have for the animals are what keep us going.” says Trina. The unique 8,400 SF resort spa designed with pets in mind offers doggie daycare and overnight boarding. On site is a full-time groomer, selfservice dog wash and gift shop. MT Hood Pet Resort is open convenient hours and is ideal for skiers and campers headed for Mt. Hood, as well as area residents. For more info, visit

PAAWS hosts info night for volunteers People and Animals Who Serve will host an informational night for anyone interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities or becoming a Pet Partner Team Feb. 3, 6:30-8pm, at the Atrium Building at 99 West 10th Avenue in Eugene. In addition to presenting the basics, the evening will feature Registered Pet Partner Teams sharing their experiences and fielding questions. The humanonly event is free and open to the public. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to share with the public how our programs and services are changing lives, and hope to inspire others to join our expanding network of Pet Partner Team volunteers”, says Amy Linder, Board of Directors, President for PAAWS.

Tom & Mom helps keep pets and families together During the continued economic downturn, the organizations that coordinate the annual Tom & Mom Cat Special have all seen a rise in calls from people seeking help for their pets — with vet care, spay/neuter, food and supplies. Having access to these services enables people to keep their cats and prevents unwanted births, reducing the number of pets ultimately abandoned or surrendered to shelters.

The 10th annual Tom & Mom Cat Special runs Feb. 14 – Mar. 14 (Valentine’s through St. Patrick’s Day — easy to remember — helping tackle the problem (online and phone contacts are live now). In conjunction with Spay Day, an annual campaign of The Humane Society of the United States, Portland-area and other regional animal rescue and welfare groups have teamed up with participating veterinary clinics to underwrite $10 neuter and $20 spay surgeries on cats from economically stressed households. Low-income individuals needing financial help to alter their cats can apply online at SpayOregon. org or find the nearest participating clinic by calling 503-389-0228. Those who do not qualify typically receive referrals to other low-cost options. Space is limited for this popular program, so anyone interested is encouraged to act now. Corporate sponsorship and individual taxdeductible contributions welcome. Spaying/ neutering makes a significant impact on reducing pet overpopulation and stopping the needless euthanasia of healthy animals. S/N also helps pets live longer, healthier lives, improves behavior, and lessens the burden on shelters and taxpayers. To learn more, visit

Pongo’s annual report shines During 2010, The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank donated more than one million quality meals for animals in Oregon & SW Washington. As an allvolunteer public charity, Pongo operates without administrative overhead such as employee salaries, in order to direct every dollar donated to lifesaving programs. To join or support the effort financially, go to

From our favorite chair Book Review

Inside of a Dog By Megan Mahan

Alexander Horowitz, scientist and dog lover, answers questions I didn’t even realize I had in Inside of a Dog. While reading this one, you’ll likely pause frequently to share something amazing you just discovered about dogs. This book made the Bestseller list for good reason: it contains some of the best knowledge available on “what dogs see, smell and know,” and deepens what we know. For example, we know dogs have great noses, but did you know “a dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar diluted in a million gallons of water: two Olympicsized pools full”? Full of eye-opening facts and info, this may not be the best book to go to sleep by, but it is a smart, funny, and sweet read that’s bound to leave you in awe of the furry guy or gal curled up at your feet.

Spot Magazine | February 2011 35


PET FRIENDLY SHOPPING OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY Daycare Grooming Self Wash Dog & Cat Supplies Training

503-635-3523 18675 Willamette Dr., West Linn

Brody’s DogHouse,LLC Pet Boarding/ B & B Andrea M. Schacher 503-830-7005 Donald, OR


MARKET Large Selection:

g Natural Do .

od and Cat fo

Come See Us!

Compassionate Care

Home Pet Euthanasia and Aftercare Service


• Free Underground Parking • Foster Cats from the Columbia Humane Society • Raw diets such as Nature’s Variety, Primal, NW Natural, Stella and Chewy’s plus coming soon Bravo! • A small animal section. Coming Soon: Live Crickets and Frozen Mice

Lori Gibson, D.V.M.

Supporting the human-animal bond

111 NW 21st Avenue • Portland, OR 97209 • 503-360-1244

classifiedS ADOPTION

COMPANIONS FOR LIFE 300 cats & kittens looking for forever home, altered, tested, vaccinated, microchipped, indoor, ready to love. Adoption fee $85-$125. M-F: 11-7, Sa-Su 10-6. Cat Adoption Team 503-925-8903 Volunteers welcome. Fosters needed.


AJ’s K-9 Kamp Spoiled rotten K-9s love it here! K-9s under 25 lbs. Daycare in my secluded private home. Near the airport 15 yrs. experience. 503-252-7652

HOUSE CLEANING ORGANIC HOUSE CLEANING Dog hair is our specialty, HEPA filter vacuum Natural cleaning products. Lic, Bond & Ins. Free estimates, online or in-house visit. 503-913-4378 •

36 Spot Magazine | February 2011

HOUSE & PET SITTERS DEPENDABLE RETIRED COUPLE We do overnight and vacation house and pet sitting. Dogs, cats, horses, whatever! Responsible with great references. 503-537-9719 or 503-679-5613 BowWows & Meows Pet Services Need a pet-sitter who will love your pets as much as she loves her own? BowWows & Meows Pet Services . . . Because It’s All About Them! We also love birds! Serving West Vancouver & Jantzen Beach areas. Pet-sitting and Mid-Day Potty Breaks. 360-903-4174

WANTED: BARN HOMES FOR FERAL CATS & KITTENS 12 feral kittens & 10 cats have been left to fend for themselves on an abandoned property. They will be spayed/neutered before placing. They need regular feeding in order to keep up the good work they do in providing you a rodent-free property. Please help! Contact Serena @

Been to Spot’sHouse lately? Come Ovah!




Oregon Humane Society ……………29 Multnomah County Animal Services ….. 2

KPSU Weekend Report.............................. 26 Victoria Stilwell @ WHS ............................ 37 WAG Spay Day........................................... 26

Portland Mutt Strut................................... 27

APPAREL BiMart....................................................... 32,40 Healthy Pets Northwest............................ 17 Stock Exchange for Animals...................... 13

ATTORNEYS The Animal Law Practice ……………11 Multnomah County Animal Services ….. 2

BOARDING / DAYCARE Brody’s Doghouse..................................... 36 Cooper Mountain Kennel.......................... 13,17 Dog Club of West Linn............................... 36 Doggie Day Camp ..................................... 36 Laurel Acres Kennels................................. 13 MT Hood Pet Resort.................................. 13 Opportunity Barks..................................... 36 Oregon Dogs, Inc........................................ 18 Rock Creek Kennels................................... 14 Sniff Dog Hotel ......................................... 13 Stay Pet Hotel............................................ 20

CANCER VET CARE The Veterinary Cancer Referral Center....... 24 CREMATION / MEMORIAL / HOME EUTHANASIA Compassionate Care.................................. 36 Dignified Pet Services................................ 15

FITNESS Back on Track............................................. 24 Doggie Paddle........................................... 18 Paws Aquatics........................................... 24


PET SUPPLY BiMart ...................................................... 32,40 Healthy Pets Northwest............................ 17 Oregon Dogs, Inc........................................ 18 Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic...................... 11 Paws Aquatics........................................... 24 Thrive Acupuncture/Becca Seitz................ 18


BiMart....................................................... 32,40 BiMart....................................................... 32 Healthy Pets Northwest............................ 17 Nature’s Pet............................................... 36 Salty’s Dog & Cat Shop.............................. 25 Snowfire - distributor of fine foods........... 6 Solid Gold Northwest................................ 26

Doggie Paddle .......................................... 18 Four Legged Family Massage.................... 18 Karl Edwards Illustrations ......................... 14 Sara Monahan Studios.............................. 12


David Childs Photography......................... 34 Karl Edwards Illustrations......................... 13

Fred Meyer Jewelers ................................. 19 Greyhound Coffee ..................................... 36 Healthy Pets Northwest ............................ 17


Opportunity Barks..................................... 36 Sniff Dog Hotel.......................................... 13 Stay Pet Hotel............................................ 20

TREATS Jesses K-9 Cookies..................................... 36 Pugz Brand ............................................... 25


Bennington Properties......................... 5,31 Idyllic Beach House.............................. 28, 36


SPAY / NEUTER Multnomah County Animal Services......... 2 Willamette Animal Guild (WAG)……… 36 Willamette Humane Society..................... 36


Bows & Bones Mobile Pet Grooming ........ 36 Cooper Mountain Kennel .......................... 13,17 Dog Club of West Linn............................... 36 MT Hood Pet Resort.................................. 13 MT Hood Pet Resort.................................. 13 The Muttley Crew...................................... 16 Oregon Dogs, Inc........................................ 18 Show Dogs Grooming................................ 16

TRAINING Dog Club of West Linn............................... 36 MT Hood Pet Resort .................................. 13 Mutts Better / Nancy Yamin CPDT.............. 30

Animal Allergy & Ear Clinic of Oregon ....... 22 Back on Track Vet Rehabilitation Center..... 24 Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic...................... 11 The Parkway Veterinary Hospital .............. 15 Rose City Veterinary Hospital.................... 14 Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency.......... 21 VCA / Northwest Veterinary Specialists..... 20 The Veterinary Cancer Referral Center....... 24

Spot Magazine | February 2011 37

covers socialization, boundary-setting, success

FunPlanner report opens the KPSU Family

at home, basic cues and tips on potty- and


crate-training. Cost is $150/5 classes. Details/

SHERWOOD Looking for


love this month? Attend

SHERWOOD • Noon & 2pm

Cat Adoption Team’s Be My

— The Cat Food Bank is

Valentine Adopt-a-Thon,

open to provide cat food for

and you may just find

cat owners in financial need.

the love of a lifetime . . . affordably. Adult cat

Located at CAT’s shelter: 14175

adoptions are $14 over Valentine’s weekend

PORTLAND • 2pm — Pet First Aid 101 for Cats &


SW Galbreath Dr.

only, and applies to adult cats at the Sherwood shelter. Details

Dogs taught by OHS CVT

PORTLAND • 6:05pm — Tune into 98.1 FM

EUGENE • Noon — Valentine Photos of pets

Radio for Spot’s Report on Pet-friendly events and their people at 5th Street Public Market to benefit Greenhill Humane Society. Cost is this weekend. The Furry FunPlanner report

Leah Pfaff Manners Hall 1 Animal Medical Learning Center at the shelter. The class will cover: being prepared as a first responder in

opens the KPSU Family Show. EUGENE • 6:30-8pm — PAAWS Pet Partner

an emergency; first aid kits; taking a pet’s vitals;

Volunteer Information Night. A presentation

recognizing signs of shock and dehydration;

will provide information on Pet Partner Team

CPR and more. Class involves a live demo pet.

EUGENE • 11am — Trap Neuter Return (TNR)

$15 (photo only) or $20 (photo & CD), 100%

training class at Greenhill

of which will go to support Greenhill. Details

Humane Society. Class

focus is on how to care

PORTLAND • Noon — Tiny Tykes Drop-in

for and trap feral cat colonies. Admission is

training, registration/costs, volunteer programs

Playgroup for pups up to 12 lbs ages 2-6

free and space is limited; RSVP to volunteer@

months every Sunday at Wonder Puppy. Lil

Admission $15/person (Class is people only),

and the benefits of joining PAAWS (People and

payable in advance. RSVP to oregonhumane.

Animals Who Serve). Free, humans only. Details

Tykes, weighing 12-25 lbs, meet at 1:15. Big



541-844-1358. or PeopleAndAnimalsWhoServe.

Tykes, 25-45 lbs, meet Sundays at 2:30. Details

Adoption Outreach at PetsMart stores

at Cascades Parkway and on 82nd Ave. in

Get Your Tickets! Victoria


Stilwell of Animal Planet’s

FRIDAY Reminder - Grab the


Clackamas ‘til 4.

It’s Me or the Dog presents

camera and shoot fun pho-

MONDAYS? — It’s when

EUGENE • 2pm — BEAVERTON • Noon —

a public performance, meet

tos to share at “Spot’s House”

Spot’s Vonnie Harris accepts/

Find some bunny to Love. Meet sweet adopta-

& greet and book-signing.

( Send

posts photos of good times

bles and their Rabbit Advocates at Western Pet

from the weekend at “Spot’s

Supply in Beaverton ‘til 3. Conversation/info

House” on the web.

about care & adoption, plus light grooming

PORTLAND • 5pm — Basic

& nail trims for visiting bunnies (suggested

Attendees can bid on an hour-long consultation with Victoria. Details 503-585-5900, ext. 324. PORTLAND • 6pm — ORTLAND * 6pm — Weekly Good Puppy class series begins at Wonder Puppy. Details

‘em to — she’ll post the latest on Monday. METRO • 4pm — Adopt a cat this weekend. CAT counselors are on-site noon-4 at local PetsMart stores every weekend day in February. Store locations

PORTLAND • 10:30am — Hedgehog Day at the Oregon Zoo. The folks at the zoo love having fun with holidays. And about Groundhog Day they say that while Punxsutawney Phil may get all the attention, hedgehogs are the ones to watch. Today the zoo’s African pygmy hedgehog will make its prediction: Will it be an early spring, or six more weeks of winter? Free with zoo admission. Details PORTLAND • Noon — Tiny Tykes Drop-in Playgroup for pups up to 12 lbs ages 2-6 months every Wednesday at Wonder Puppy. Lil

include Clackamas, Hillsboro Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Washington Square, and 8825 SW Cascade Ave. Details. PORTLAND • 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330 AM radio. Chip helps you help your pets live long, healthy, happy lives. Airs every Saturday at 10. PORTLAND • Noon — OHS Adoption Outreach at Furever Pets, 1902 NE Broadway. ‘til 4. PORTLAND • Noon — Show and Tell Saturday at Animal Aid’s shelter at 5335 SW 42nd Ave ‘til 4. Details EUGENE • 2pm — Dog Tale Time every Sat-

Tykes, weighing 12-25 lbs, and Big Tykes 25-45

urday at the Downtown Library. Kids grades

lbs meet Wednesdays at 1:15 Wednesdays.

1-6 build skills by reading to trained dogs. Dogs


& handlers provided courtesy of PAAWS (Peo-

PORTLAND • 7:30pm — Playtime at Sniff Dog. Pooches all sizes, 6 mos. and older, meet up for playgroups at Sniff Dog Hotel in the Pearl. Details Wonder-Puppy. com. PORTLAND • Noon — Dove Lewis Pet Loss Support Group at 1945 NW 38 Spot Magazine | February 2011

ple and Animals Who Serve), a local chapter of the Delta Society. Pre-register for 15-minute reading sessions. Details 541-682-8316. PORTLAND • 3pm — Puppy Manners Program Saturdays at Oregon Humane Society. For puppies under 16 weeks at the start of the five-week series. Open enrollment means pets can begin when convenient. Class

Manners Dog Training

donation). Details

classes at OHS. Fun, positive classes built to be flexible for busy schedules. Mandatory intro class $15. Training classes offered Tues-Fri. Advance at your own pace; buy a “training pass” and go when convenient. Details/RSVP BEAVERTON • 7:30pm — Beginners Canine Freestyle Dance Class Tuesdays at PetUtopia. Limited to 4-5 teams; sign up early. No dance experience needed, just readiness to have fun. Prerequisites for pooch include: basic obedi-

PORTLAND • Noon — Show and Tell Satur-

ence skills (sit, stay, come, heel). No reactive

day at Animal Aid’s shelter at 5335 SW 42nd

dogs please (they wouldn’t love it anyway).

Ave ‘til 4. Details

Class instructor is Carrol Haines, member of Dogs Gone Dancin’. Details; RSVP to 503-646-5937. PORTLAND • 7:30pm — Weekly Great Puppy class series begins at Wonder Puppy. Details PORTLAND • 9am — Dove

Beaverton • 3-6pm — PetUtopia’s Valentine Love for Your Furry Friend! event to benefit Animal Aid. Canine Massage by Four Legged Family Massage, Nail Trims & Professional Photos by David Elijah Adams. Also a demo by Stella and Chewy’s. Details 503-646-5937; to book a pet massage contact levy.allison@

Lewis Pet Loss Support

TIGARD • 11am — OHS

Group at 1945 NW Pet-

Adoption Outreach at


PetsMart ‘til 3.

PORTLAND • 6:05pm — Tune into 98.1 FM Radio for Spot’s Report on Pet-friendly events this weekend. The Furry

EUGENE • Noon — Pampered Pet Valentine

save a life in peril or exhibited extraordinary

journey. The workshop is from the animals’

weekend. The Furry FunPlanner report opens

event presented by Curious K9 Boutique and

courage and compassion on behalf of animals.

point of view and is suited to anyone who

the KPSU Family Show.

Greenhill at 5th Street Public Market ‘til 3. For

Enjoy extraordinary tales of lives saved and

wants to learn more about them or has lost a

FRIDAY Reminder - Grab the camera and

a $20 donation to the shelter, your pooch

lives transformed, and savor vegetarian cuisine

beloved companion. Admission $38; details

shoot fun photos to share at “Spot’s House”

will receive a nail trim, a doggie massage, a

by Jake’s Catering. Individual tickets $55; tables


( Send ‘em to Vonnie@

goodie bag, and a chance to win a prize. Light

of 10 $550. Details or call

PORTLAND • 4-5pm — Low-cost Pet Vac- — she’ll post the atest on

refreshments available. Advance RSVP required


cinations from Good Neighbor Vet at Fido’s


for pet massage; space is limited and fills fast.

PORTLAND • Noon — Dove Lewis Pet Loss

indoor dog park.

RSVP to 541-343-5394 or for more details call

Support Group at 1945 NW Pettygrove.

EUGENE • 6-9 — WAG Spay Day Celebra-


PORTLAND • 6:05pm — Tune into 98.1

tion. Bingo, Raffle, Refreshments & Food, Music

FM Radio for Spot’s Report on Pet-friendly

by the Bittersweet Moonshine Band. $10 for

events this weekend.

21+, All proceeds benefit WAG Spay/Neuter.

FRIDAY Reminder - Grab

Sons of Norway Lodge, 710 McKinley Lodge,

the camera and shoot fun

Eugene, OR. Tickets online or at the door

PORTLAND • 1pm — Memorial Art Commu-

photos to share at “Spot’s

nity Workshop at DoveLewis in NW Portland.

House” (www.SpotMgazine.

Families 1-2:30, ages 16-adult 3-4:30. Enid

net). Send ‘em to Vonnie@

Traisman MSW facilitates. Create a unique me- — she’ll

PORTLAND • Noon-2:30 — The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank, helping anyone who needs help feeding their pet(s), at 910 NE MLK Jr Blvd in Portland. Details

mento of your beloved and spend a little time

post the latest on Monday.

Celebrity trainer Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog is in Salem for a series of events, including working with staff at Willamette Humane Society, a live performance at the Historic Elsinore Theatre, and a meet and greet/book-signing after

PORTLAND • 12:30pm

the show. She’ll also auction off an hour-long

— Finicky Feline class at

consultation to the highest bidder to benefit

Oregon Humane. Learn about

WHS. Details

feline matters like litterbox

PORTLAND • 10am — Pet Nutrition &

Adopt a cat this weekend.

training, moving a kitty to

News with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330

a new home, furniture damage, biting and

AM radio. Chip helps you help your pets live

CAT counselors are on-site

scratching. Free; class is for people only.

long, healthy, happy lives. Airs every Saturday

PORTLAND • 3pm — Beginning Animal

at 10.

in good company. Free; RSVP to dovelewis.

PETSMART • 4pm —

org/giftshop. PORTLAND • 3pm — Canine Separation Anxiety Seminar at Oregon Humane Society.

noon-4 at local PetsMart

Separation anxiety causes problems for many

stores every weekend day

dogs and their people. Dr. Chris Pachel of

in February. Store locations include Clackamas,

Portland’s Animal Behavior Clinic will discuss

Hillsboro Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Washing-

its causes and symptoms and provide tech-

ton Square, and 8825 SW Cascade Ave. Details.

niques and behavior modification solutions

to improve the quality of life for affected dogs.

PORTLAND • 10am — Pet Nutrition & News

Admission is free; donations encouraged.

with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330 AM.

Details 503-285-7722 or

PORTLAND • Noon — Show and Tell Satur-

Communication workshop at Oregon

PORTLAND • 10am —

Humane Society. Want to know what your pet

Take your dogs out to the

is thinking and feeling? Learn animal com-

park and hang out with

munication techniques and attend a practice

like-minded friends of the

session the following week. For people only;

human and canine variety. Mt Dog Meetup meets at

admission $50. Details/RSVP OregonHumane.

Fernhill Park at the corner of NE Ainsworth &

org/Pet_Training. PORTLAND • Noon

NE 41st Ave. Details or

— Dove Lewis Pet Loss


Ave ‘til 4. Details

Support Group at 1945 NW

PORTLAND • Noon — Show and Tell Satur-

tine enrichment event

PORTLAND • 12:30pm — Problem Pooch


day at Animal Aid’s shelter at 5335 SW 42nd

at the Oregon Zoo. Select

class at Oregon Humane in Portland. Great for

EVERYWHERE — In honor of Spay Day USA

Ave ‘til 4. Details

zoo animals receive heart-

new or soon-to-be pet guardians, and those

(Feb. 22), and to prevent unwanted litters of

EUGENE • 2pm — Dog Tale Time every

shaped treats, creating great

who just want to know what makes Fido

kittens from being born this spring, the Animal

Saturday at the Downtown Library. Kids

tick. Free; please leave pets at home. Details

Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) is offer-

grades 1-6 build skills by reading to trained

ing an additional 500 low-cost spay/neuter

dogs. Dogs & handlers provided courtesy of

PORTLAND • 12:30pm — Weekly Great

surgeries this week at five Portland/Vancouver

PAAWS (People and Animals Who Serve), a

Puppy class series begins at Wonder Puppy.

locations. Caretakers of stray or feral cats can

local chapter of the Delta Society. Pre-register


take advantage of this offer as well. Qualified

for 15-minute reading sessions. Details 541-

EUGENE • 2pm — Dog Tale Time every

cat owners can have their unsterilized cats or


Saturday at the Downtown Library. Kids

kittens spayed or neutered for only $10. And

grades 1-6 build skills by reading to trained

to help drive participation, the caretakers

PORTLAND • 5pm — Basic Manners Dog

dogs. Dogs & handlers provided courtesy of

of first 500 cats sterilized that week will be

Training classes at OHS. Fun, positive

PAAWS (People and Animals Who Serve), a

entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. For

classes built to be flexible for busy schedules.

local chapter of the Delta Society. Pre-register

details or to schedule a $10 surgery, call 503-

Mandatory intro class $15. Training classes

for 15-minute reading sessions. Details 541-

802-6755 for a cat you own, or 503-797-2606

offered Tues-Fri. Advance at your own pace;


for feral cats.

buy a “training pass” and go when convenient.

PORTLAND • 2pm — Losing a Loved Ani-


PORTLAND • 11am, 12:30 & 2pm — Be My Valen-

photo ops. Free with zoo admission. Details PORTLAND • 11:30am — Oregon Humane Society’s Diamond Collar Awards at the Governor Hotel. The celebration honors animals and humans who acted to

day at Animal Aid’s shelter at 5335 SW 42nd

mal: The Eternal Gift of Love, an intro to how

MONDAYS? It’s when Spot’s Vonnie Harris

animals view the end of life’s cycle and life

accepts/posts photos of good times from the

after death. Professional animal communica-

weekend at “Spot’s House” on the web.

Details/RSVP PORTLAND • Noon-2:30 — The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank, helping anyone who

tor and bestselling author Lauren McCall

PORTLAND • 6:05pm

needs help feeding their

discusses experiences animals have related to

— Tune into 98.1 FM

pet(s), at 910 NE MLK Jr Blvd in

her about the transition process, leaving loved

Radio for Spot’s Report

Portland. Details thepongo-

ones behind, and the purpose of their life’s

on Pet-friendly events this

February 2011 - Spot Magazine  

In this issue: The Best in the Biz featuring the 2011 Top Dog directory, #1 Vet stays on top, Stay Pet Hotel wins well-earned kudos, Vet Ext...

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