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We Presents! Project POOCH Model program changing lives Paws for a Cause Is it on your list?


GRAND OPENING Nature’s Pet - McMinnville 900 N Hwy 99W McMinnville, OR 97128 503-828-9418

DECEMBER 5th & 6th 10am-7pm Door Prizes, Giveaways, Free Samples and much more!!

We Presen nts! 2008 Holiday Gift Guide Tucker


200 8 Holiday Gift Guide

8 Paws for a Cause Is it on your list? There’s a very special little shop in beautiful downtown Troutdale, shining with holiday cheer and sparkle and stocked with great treats and gifts. Visit anytime for great holiday shopping, or Dec. 13, when the staff will be hosting a “fabulous holiday party!”

Friendly People Meet the Spot crew This month: Michelle and Emma


Rescue me! Meet the sweet foundlings who find their way to Spot at presstime.

19 Reader Spotlight Meet Spumoni and Grace

22 Fetch

16 Project POOCH — Model program changing lives Joan Dalton and the program she founded 15 years ago are models of success and “living in the solution.” The program, which pairs incarcerated young men with homeless dogs, provides keys to a better life — for both. Dalton is among 10 finalists for Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year award, and tech concern Samsung has modeled POOCH for two like programs now operating in Korea and Japan. Read on for more on what a little vision and determination can do.


- Holiday Pet Caricature in Vancouver - Holiday fun in Newberg - Petopia hosts holiday gathering - Santa joins the fun at Salty’s Grand Opening - Celebrate New Year’s at Yappy Hour - Pit calendars — great gift, great boost - Fetch Coupon Books are out - Shopping for felines or those who fancy cats - Sweet gift for horse lovers

18 Film, fun & felines — connecting the Dots The ASPCA partnered with Disney for a “Bolt Across America,” tour to raise awareness of animal shelters and Disney’s new animated film, Bolt. The tour stopped at Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, giant hamster ball in tow, and Spot’s Jake Faris was on the scene.




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Administration (L-R) Mo, Coco Chanel & Herbie Mo is a 2-yr-old miniature Eskimo loved by Carrie Bowers. Mo’s stomping grounds are Troutdale. Coco Chanel is a 6-mo-old Chihuahua loved by Melissa Trajano, assistant manager at Paws for a Cause. Her biggest and only turn-off is her brother pestering her. Her biggest turn-on is playing with her Jimmy Chew Shoe toy. Herbie is a 5-month-old Pomeranian whose biggest turnons are squeaky toys and Coco Chanel. His biggest turn-off is dogs who think they’re bigger than him.


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pot has been an amazing, unexpected gift. It came three years ago, just as the crew was preparing to sell our longtime family magazine and begin a new one for women. We were ready for change. And boy, did we get it! The new magazine was ready. The first issue was written and the systems were in place. But doors that should’ve been opening weren’t. In fact, door after door seemed to close. I repeatedly delayed its launch. While seemingly ready, something wasn’t right. Then suddenly, a brand new door opened, and here came Spot. We’re all Pet People around here, and Spot essentially jumped into our laps and refused to “get down.” Like that awkward, distracting moment when you’re trying to read and your beloved decides he/she must be in your lap right now. As this scenario often goes, we laid the book down and embraced the animal. A purring commenced, and doors began to open — fast. But Spot didn’t get near the TLC a fledgling publication requires. For its first two years our tiny group was overwhelmed, still running the family magazine, then its sale, and then, Spot too. The fact that Spot seemed to “sit and stay” — patiently, faithfully — made a convincing case that it was simply meant to be. I trust things like that. I’d be lying if I said I was thrilled with Spot’s arrival. It was not what I’d planned. Back then my sights were set on the high gloss, beauty and brains, “pursuit

of enlightenment” world of a woman’s magazine. Something bigger than me set us on a different path. And for that I am immensely grateful. The gifts of this adventure are huge. Like the gentleman who trekked recently from the VA Hospital to see us at Wolf to Woof. Cancer forced him to leave his home in Montana (and his beloved Chip the Chocolate) to be near medical, grocery and other necessities. The photo of his dog went up on the See Spot Smile! wall, and he was beaming when we connected again as he was leaving. He’d met a kindred soul at the exhibit, he said, adding, “I think maybe we can be friends. I’m leaving here a much happier man than when I arrived.” Here’s the note he emailed a few days later: Dear Jennifer, I am so pleased to have met you yesterday as a result of my picking up your SPOT at the Beaverton library. Thank you for assisting me as well as hosting me at your show. I think I related that I met a fellow Navy vet also w/ the same illness and that maybe we can help each other, as well. However, the star of the show and of my day was a car wash-clean Springer Spaniel; although the most affectionate was a Greyhound (no, there wasn’t a bus pic on her side). I also obtained info on ASSIST DOGS that I now can follow up on . . . All in all, a most wonderful and important day in my life, thanks to you.

This may seem a little thing, but it’s not. It’s a fine example of the bottomless Santa’s sack of gifts delivered around here . . . almost daily. Like the connection with Robert in Eugene, that allowed us all to share and honor the life of his beloved companion. With Ric in Portland, whose shining light has made the walls glow. With Val in Clackamas, who fit right in like found family. With Ann in Troutdale, whose wisdom and cheer changed the shape of things for the smarter. The gifts take the form of relationships, opportunities to make a difference, moments of learning that promise a future just a little better than the past. I’m amazed and gratified that something I did not plan, and in fact originally didn’t really want has brought so much blessing to my life and the lives of others. Perhaps the greatest gift of all for me was the lesson that if I posture myself wide open vs. getting bound up in “my own plans,” amazing things can happen.

Open wide. The gifts are all around us. And the more openhanded we walk, the more we’re able to give and receive.

What a gift!

Sincerely, Cliff Parver SPOT MAGAZINE



Tiny (490346)

Cisco (484376)

Tiny is a stunning grey and white male Domestic Medium Hair cat with silky soft fur, a big, stocky body, and expressive green eyes “Tiny,” ironically named at almost 15 lbs, is approximately 3 years old and has been neutered. He is wonderfully mellow and friendly – the kind of cat you will be proud to have lounging in your front window for the world to see! He likes other cats and will adjust to mellow dogs. He is also a TV connoisseur who will help manage the remote. Tiny is currently in foster care. Contact for more information.

Hi gang! I am a great dog looking for a great home! I like other dogs, I REALLY do! I am best suited for a home with kids 6 years or older. I have excellent skills with other dogs and would love a female dog to play with and daily walks to keep me happy! I am a pretty easy guy that is house trained, crate trained, love to play fetch, and will win you over, just ask to meet me! Contact Multnomah County Animal Services 503.988.6254.

3 kittens to be used for dog fighting bait rescued MILLER is 9 weeks old, wormed, box-trained and VERY sweet and affectionate. DOMINOE is a B & W female who may be the sweetest cat ever . She is 11-12 weeks old, also wormed and box-trained. ORANGE JUICE is a 12-14 week box-trained male. He prefers a little outside playtime on the lead instead of always being indoors. All were raised with dogs so no issues . These are great cats who are very lucky to be alive and while they faced what they surely realized was certain death they are extremely loving to both humans and dogs. To meet these lovely companions ready for forever homes, please call Peggy at 503.842.6357. Meet Nemo


Michelle Sheridan puts the friendly in Friendly People, the longtime moniker for the dedicated folks who deliver Spot. Michelle has delivered Spot nearly two years, currently in the Clackamas and SE Portland areas. When asked why she started doing it, she replied, “I thought it would be a nice thing to do.” A professional pet-sitter of 7-8 years, Michelle also operates “Michelle’s Pet & Home Care.” Her motto is, “Taking Care of What Matters Most.” She says most of her clients are referrals, and that’s how Emma came into her life.

Never having been without a dog, three years ago Michelle lost her beloved 13-year-old black Lab mix, Murphy. Michelle says, “I still miss her every single day.” One of her pet-sitting clients had rescued a pregnant dog and, when it had puppies, asked if Michelle wanted one. Emma is a beautiful Border Collie mix whose mix, says Michelle, is a mystery. That’s just fine with her; she says Emma is the smartest dog in the world. She’s also a ham who loves to have her picture taken. Keep an eye out: Emma just might have a future in commercials! For fun, Michelle and Emma like to go to the dog park and play catch. “But don’t blow in her face,” says Michelle. “That’s her biggest pet peeve.”

Express Service • Emergency Services • Hospital Transfer Daycare Shuttle • House Calls • Temperature Controlled Roomy Van Certified Vet tech with experience in Critical Care




Paws for a Cause

Paws for a Cause

Gem of a Vonnie Harris • Spot Magazine


had no idea that hidden behind the huge conglomeration of outlet malls in Troutdale, Ore. there lies a quaint five-block stretch of small town retail charm. This historic stretch on the Old Columbia River Highway on the way to Crowne Pointe and Multnomah Falls is home to antique stores, gift shops, art galleries and a true-to-life old-time general store. Among them is a gem of a pet boutique called Paws for a Cause. Open since mid-July, the shop is aptly named. It all started with people with disabilities making dog biscuits through an agency called Living Without Boundaries (LWB), a growing division of Adult Learning Systems of Oregon, Inc. The nonprofit LWB provides vocational, residential and transportation services for adults with disabilities, both physical and mental, throughout Multnomah and Clackamas Counties.

Two vocational centers in the Portland/Gresham area help individuals excel in daily living skills, which includes jobs with purpose. Person-centered plans help match skills to promote independence and choice, regardless of the level of ability. Mentors are matched based on interests and specialty. Thus, participants look forward to going to work, and experience a great deal of pride, achievement and success. The dog biscuits were originally sold at the LWB offices. Demand grew through word of mouth, and eventually they were sold at US Bank branches and other local businesses. Then, about a year and a half ago, the concept for Paws For A Cause was born. While special in its own right, the shop is even more endearing for the fact that it gives back. All proceeds help foster the mission of LWB in supporting indi-

While special in its own right, the shop is even more endearing for the fact that it gives back. Proceeds support individuals with disabilities.

It’s a beautiful thing. Find out what it feels like for the two of you to be totally pampered. Portland’s oldest pet hospital has been completely remodeled from top to bottom just to make you and your pet feel at home. When you come in we’ll buy you a cup of Starbucks® coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and give you a tour of Portland’s newest old pet hospital.

809 SE Powell 503.232.3105



viduals with disabilities. Participants are not only highly involved in the production, packaging and labeling of the biscuits, some assist in the day-to-day store operations. Currently there are four expert biscuit makers and two who assist with packaging. In addition to biscuits in five flavors (beef, chicken, gourmet cheese, veggie and minty bone), Paws For A Cause carries other moderately-priced unique gift items for pets and pet-lovers. Inventory boasts an exceptional array of pet fashions, collars and leashes, beds and bowls, toys and home essentials. A new item near the register, called Bella Bags, at first glance looked to be cell-phone holders. On closer investigation, it was clear they’re actually chic little designer bags that attach to most leashes to carry poop bags! Chaz Volavka, store manager, is a vocational coordinator who’s been with Adult Learning Systems of Oregon for over 10 years. Melissa Trajano, assistant manager, is an idea gal who’s been involved since the concept of the store. Participating LWB member Melissa Terry assists three days a week; her love of dogs glows on her face as she plays with Coco Chanel (Trajano’s five-month-old Chihuahua) and dogs accompanying shoppers. While the boutique is fairly small, the layout makes it feel spacious, and floor-to-ceiling windows create an open-air feel. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and everyone is treated to free samples of the biscuits — even me! My dogs enjoyed them enormously, with the beef flavor being a clear favorite. Chaz mentioned they have donated pounds of biscuits to other local charities, most recently Autism Dogs of America, for a fundraiser. Holiday shopping has begun. I think I’ll bypass the stark atmosphere of chain stores in favor of this delightful little stretch of shops, which I’m told gets pretty dressed up for the holidays. Plus, Trajano is preparing a fabulous holiday party — to celebrate faithful customers and to welcome anyone interested in checking out Paws For A Paws For A Cause Cause. There will be plenty of fun for humans 345 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy and dogs alike, including Santa Paws photos, Troutdale, Ore. 97060. costume contests, Bobbing for Tennis Balls, and — my personal favorite — the Fastest Present Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Opener game. Sunday 11am-4pm While we’ve never actually played it, I’m 503.489.6575 confident my Jake will win the Fastest Present Opener game hands-down. Since puppyhood Living Without Boundaries he has delighted in tearing into gift-wrapped packages with wild abandon — not caring one Adult Learning Systems of Oregon, Inc. bit about the contents. Once the wrapping’s off, 503.489.6565 Jake looks around, ready to rip into the next one! Right next door to Paws For A Cause In fact, last year I had him personally open all my gifts just to watch him. The festivities will be held Saturday, Dec. 13, noon to 4pm in the shop’s spacious basement. All contests and games will have cool donated prizes. Everyone is encouraged to bring a $10 pet-related present to put under the tree, and partake in the gift exchange. All well-behaved dogs and their people welcome. Can’t make the party? Be sure to include a stop at the boutique in your holiday shopping. It’s a great treat, and a double-winner to give back to the community as part of your gift-giving.

You love them like family. So feed them like family.TM

BLUE Buffalo can be found at: ALBANY PET SUPPLY ALBANY OR 97322 (541) 967-9355 EXCLUSIVE PET FOOD INC. FAIRVIEW OR 97024 (503) 491-1111 PETOPIA NATURAL PET SUPPLY MILWAUKIE OR 97267 (503) 607-0111 BEAUTY FOR THE BEAST PORTLAND OR 97232 (503) 288-5280 PORTLAND PET SUPPLY PORTLAND OR 97215 (503) 233-3866 WIGGLES & WAGS PORTLAND OR 97201 (503) 977-1775 SOUTH SALEM PET SUPPLY SALEM OR 97032 (503) 585-0553 GROOMINDALES OF SISTERS SISTERS OR 97759 (541) 549-8836 EVERYTHING IN THE ARK VANCOUVER WA 98684 (360) 535-4118 BEASTIE BOUTIQUE VANCOUVER WA 98686 (360) 574-6400 K9 CONVERSATION VANCOUVER WA 98662 (360) 910-6411 WESTERN WORLD LONGVIEW WA 98632 (360) 636-1107


3 Off

any 5lb + bag dog or cat food




Holiday Pet Portraits in Vancouver

benefit the rescue. All of the photos are dogs from the rescue that have either found or are still in need of loving homes. The photos were shot

People and their pets can get their photos with Santa in Vancouver, in a benefit for the Humane Society for SW Washington Dec. 6 & 7, 10am-3pm, at All Great gift for Natural Pet Supply, 10501 NE Highway 99, and these financial times Howl at the Moon, 13501 NE The 2009 Go Fetch coupon books are out. 84th St. Pets or pets and their A proven winner for pet owners who love to people can get their shot with save while supporting local businesses and Santa, and a CD of 12 images animal shelters, for $25. Microchipping ($25) the latest is also being offered at the edition has event at Howl at the Moon. expanded to Details offer savings Not ready to wrap the not only in the festivities, Howl at the Moon Portland Metro will host pet caricature artist area, but throughout Oregon. A new category Sam Arneson Saturday, Dec. 13, 11am-5pm. Howl called Yonder” has been added, showcasing proprietor Terry Johnson says, Oregon lodging with free and reduced rates “This is the last chance this for traveling pets. The Seattle area will also be holiday season to have a added in 2009. Details caricature of your pet drawn by Sam (see the sample of by Josh Alsberg, a local dog my kids in the shop or on our website).” Cost portrait photographer (http:// is $20 (plus tax) for each pet/person, and Sam can do a holiday theme to be reduced for use Josh and his partner Lisa have on Christmas cards. Early RSVPs recommended; been involved with PNWPBR Sam’s schedule fills quickly. Details/RSVP howlfor about two years — first as a foster family. The pair adopted their second dog, Ouzo (on the Pit calendars — great gift, cover of this year’s calendar), who was their last foster from important boost the rescue. Both sit on the Pacific NW Pit Bull Rescue of Vancouver board and Josh serves as has released its 2009 13-month calendar, Fundraising Coordinator and available for $15. 100% of the proceeds Treasurer. One of PNWPBR’s “stars,” Oscar (formerly Petey), appeared on TV to promote PNWPBR’s 2007 Rally for Rescue and was adopted shortly after. Oscar is now a certified Canine Good Citizen, a Therapy Dog with Delta Pet Partners, and even does Assisted Disaster Relief work. The calendars are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured available at various metro-area merchants, including all Healthy In home care by Vet Tech with 35 years of experience Pets NW and Salty’s Dog & Cat providing care to wildlife, exotics, pets Shops. Details and farm animals in their surroundings.

Let us help make your holidays brighter by taking care of All your Pet Care Needs! References•PSI Member•Red Cross Cert. Pet First Aid•Exotic Bird Rescue•ASPCA


Holiday fun in Newberg A Holiday Charity Benefit for Newberg Animal Shelter Friends to benefit the Newberg/Dundee

Animal Shelter Building Fund will be held Sunday Dec. 7 at 3pm, at Hunters Ridge Grill in Sherwood. Gourmet hors d’ oeuvres and wine will be served, presented by Hunters Ridge Grill of Sherwood and Terra Vina Wines of Carlton. Details newberganimalshelter

Petopia hosts holiday gathering A Christmas Gathering will be held at Petopia in Milwaukie Friday Dec. 12, 3-7pm. The event will feature wine & cheese tastings, pet nail trims, holiday photos (call to schedule), acupressure & reiki treatments for dogs, a demo by Evangers, and samplings from Bone-Jour Bakery. Details 503.607.0111.

Santa joins the fun at Salty’s Grand Opening Salty’s Dog & Cat Shop will host the grand opening of its second location Dec. 13, 10am-6pm. Celebration highlights will include a store-wide sale, giveaways, and product demos. Santa will be on site noon-3 for photos with the pets. Photos are $10, with proceeds benefiting Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS is also accepting pet food donations during the event). Please call to schedule photos. Salty’s is located at 8119 SE Stark Ave. in Portland. Details/Photo RSVP 503.445.9449.

Celebrate New Year’s at Yappy Hour Join LexiDog, OHS and Urban Wineworks for a social hour for you and your pooch at Urban Wineworks in the Pearl, Dec. 31, 6-8pm. The evening will be a casual gathering for those wishing to celebrate the New Year with friends both human and canine.

Shopping for felines or those who fancy cats

Sweet gift for horse lovers

Cat Adoption Team’s in-shelter store in Sherwood is a great destination for shoppers seeking great selection and price, plus all proceeds help CAT offer subsidized spay/neuter services, adoption discounts, and cat food to cat owners in need. The CAT store stocks cat nip toys, Kitty Hoot toys (guaranteed to make you and your cat laugh), Kit Cat Clocks, scratching posts in every imaginable size and style, trinkets and gift cards, jewelry, decorative items, bags, dishes and more. All proceeds go right back to CAT to fund CAT’s lifesaving programs and services offered to the cats and cat owners of the greater Portlandmetro area. CAT’s 2009 calendars are available now for $10 at or at the inshelter store.

For the horse lover on your list sponsoring a rescue horse is a great gift for all. The giver can select a horse in need and sponsor it in the recipient’s name. Your special someone will receive a card with his/her horse pictured, sent by the volunteers at HyTyme Equine Rescue. The card will be signed with your name & your donation indicated. HyTyme Equine Rescue is accepting Sponsor a Horse for Christmas donations now through Dec. 15. A minimum donation of $40 is required. Details hytyme

How We Can Help • 24 hour emergency service, our phones are always answered • A Place for Viewing and Saying Goodbye • We Provide "A Place to Go" for families mourning their loss • Four State of the Art crematories • Guaranteed Private Cremation • Unique Cremation Urns • Granite Monuments and Engraved River Rock • A vast selection of Pet Loss books and literature 8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road Tualatin, OR 97062 Phone (503) 885-2211 SPOT MAGAZINE



We Presents! 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

ar Walk your dog in style with Walk Around Gear by 2 Big Dogs. Includes: Collapsible bowl, leash, and more! To see the WAG and other gear go to

Toys Dog Portraits in Colored Pencil Celebrate your friend or commemorate a past companion! Makes a great gift! Oysterbasco Art • 503.641.4585

et Dog’s whims ped all-purpose are doggie-durable, yant and minty. whole line at Do Delight Boutique in sbourne. Perfe the destructive dog! Doggy Delight 503.644.0747

og g Snow Hoodie s carries a wide selection o 0% organic wool Chilly Dog eautifully hand-knit using an techniques and following guid s • 1902 NE Broadway • Portla 5 •


Agility Need a gift for your Agility lover? We have everything you need, including practice agility obstacles, leash tabs, British slip leads, award patches, “I love my agility dog” caps, and books, magazines and DVDs. AKC and USDAA regulation equipment available by special order. Active Canine • 503.625.3030



When shopping for gifts, on’s forget your Jew friends! Hannukah starts December 21st at sundown, so there’s time to get your Jewish doggie the perfect gift. The Hannukah loofa is cute in his yarmlke and the large plush dreidel and Star of David bone both have rattles and squeakers inside! Active Canine 503.625.3030

Mom Love — what more could you want? A Big Paw Designs® original design, this 4”x6” oval euro sticker is durable and classic printed with fade resistant UV ink. Made in the USA.

Friendship Print

Gifts for people... Gifts for pets Find Holiday Gifts for those you love at:

Capture this moment in time with a Friendship Print. Visit our kiosk by Disney store at Clackamas Town Center or Online. 503.786.8141

ature We fe ecific p s d e s, bre Card ts! tmas f Chris ts and Gi men a n r O

Based in Portland offers fun and fabulous handmade collars, matching leads, custom made harnesses and doggy bling for big and small pups alike. Bark Boutique •

ornaments art •sculpture • vases • jewelry

cards glassware • books • treats • natural pet food

bowls collars • toys • sweaters • jackets

13501 NE 84th Street, Suite 105, Vancouver Next to Albertson's


Cupcakes Mini dog cupcakes, made with no refined sugar, sweetened with honey. Try Oats & Apples or Banana Nut, among others. Have your dog’s cupcake portrait taken for our wall of fame! Cupcake Jones • 503.222.4404

The Perfect Gift Stylish Dens 4 your Pet. All al & Green. Choose & Colors. Starting View the Collection @





Howl At The Moon Find housewares to enhance your Holiday entertaining at Howl At The Moon. Shown - kitchen towel and peppermint hand soap.

2008 Holiday Gift Guide

McKenzie Feed & Pet Supplies We have everything on all your pets special gift lists here! 4343 Main St. Springfield OR

Portraits Creative portraits of EVERYONE you love on a disc with print release. Learn more at: Ben Wood • 971.570.1059

Dining for Dogs Your delicious, healthy and affordable alternative to commercial dog food in the Portland Metro area. Order your Holiday Dinner today!


Rain/Snow Gear

Go Fetch provides a year’s worth of coupons that pamper you and your pet while supporting local NW businesses and shelters! Nose around our website at for outlets and to meet our advertisers.

Give that special doggie in your life the best: a warm, dry outing in our wet Oregon winter! We have several water-resistant and waterproof jackets, including the trusted Ruff Wear brand. Also, keep rain, wind and snow out of their eyes with Doggles brand anti-fog goggles. Special orders welcome! Active Canine • 503.625.3030

Unique Gifts

Silhouette Ornament in 270 Breeds Only $19.95! PetUtopia 8670 SW Scholls Ferry Rd., Beaverton. Just north of Washington Square 503.646.5937


Explore Salty’s to discover unique gifts for your pets. Everything from local treats to holiday toys. With two locations in Montavilla and Mississippi neighborhoods. Salty’s Dog Shop

Stam STAM, a local company, specializes in grainfree dog treats that are healthy and delicious. Products include cookies and fresh baked goods. STAM Treats

Training Custom solutions for your dog’s train behavior problems. In-home consultat day training, board & train, vacation tr retreats, summer camps. City Dog, Coun www.citydogcountrydogtrain

Gift Cards ! Available

‘Ruggedly designed with elegance in mind.’

The sporting goods store for dogs! Agility • Flyball • Skijoring Games • Gifts • Toys 16771 SW 12th Ave. Suite A • Sherwood, Oregon 97140 • 503-610-1900

Designer totes for ringside at show, grooming and more. Inside pockets keep your supplies right at hand. or call Beccie Reilly 503-939-4602

Embroider with your kennel logo or name.

For all your Holiday needs. Book your holiday grooming now! SANTA PICTURES Sat, Dec 6th, 1-4pm Sun, Dec 14th, 1-4pm

503-644-0747 2167 NW 185th Ave., Hillsboro Located on 185th and Cornell, next to Safeway




Project Pooch

Reclaiming “lost” youth & dogs


f you’ve never been to MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn you might be surprised by its serene, park-like campus at the end of a long curving drive. If not for the stretches of chain-link fence, many of the old buildings nestled in sprawling, tree-lined lawns look almost cozy. MacLaren “residents” often refer to it as the “camp,” which fits. It is here that participants of Project POOCH (Positive Opportunities, Obvious Change with Hounds) reside. Youth incarcerated at MacLaren have an opportunity to participate in POOCH, a nonprofit that pairs inmates with dogs who have “adoption issues.” Four-legged participants also live on campus, in the on-site POOCH kennel. Fifteen years ago there wasn’t a kennel, or even a desire for one, at MacLaren. There was just a new vice principle at William P. Lord High School, which serves the youth population there. That V.P. was Joan Dalton. The biggest challenge for her school was getting students to graduate. By the time most arrive at MacLaren they’ve been away from school. Dalton recalls how kids with few credits had little interest in hitting the books. School meant teachers and homework and math, and with everything else incarcerated youth face, Dalton says, they “didn’t see the point.” Dalton doesn’t shy from a good challenge. At Lord she felt she could improve the graduation rate if she could just find an incentive to get youth into school and keep them there. That’s where Project POOCH came in — beginning with just one youth and one “un-adoptable” dog. Begun humbly in 1993, Dalton’s labor of love grew beyond its original high school program to become a functioning nonprofit by 1999. This, Dalton knew, would enable her to help both Lord students and grads who still wanted to participate in the program. The process involved some “minor”

Promoting good alignment and flexibilty at all ages


personal sacrifice — Dalton not only had to quit her position at Lord, she also sold her home to sustain the fledgling organization. The idea of at-risk youth helping at-risk dogs — and vice versa — has such symmetry that it naturally catches people’s attention. That’s good, because the survival of the program relies on donations. But people really started paying attention with the release of a six-year study by Pepperdine doctoral student Sandra Merriam-Arduni. From 1993 to 1999, Merriam-Arduni studied 100 POOCH participants to determine what effect, if any, the program was having on their behavior, reformation, and recidivism. Her findings showed improvements across the board, and also this stunning statistic: between 1993 and 1994 there were NO incidences of POOCH participants re-offending (and returning to prison). Sociologists have studied crime since the inception of prisons, seeking ways to break the cycle of crime, incarceration, “rinse and repeat.” Programs that produce any reduction in recidivism are considered successful. So it makes sense that since the publication of Merriam-Aduini’s work — and a subsequent study by PSU student Kate Davis — there’s been quite a buzz over Dalton’s work. While statistics are a great way to measure success, sometimes the people get lost behind the numbers. That’s what drove me to accept Dalton’s invitation to spend time with her at MacLaren and meet POOCH participants (both youth and canine) — to get behind the numbers. There was a lot happening the day of my visit. Trainer-in-residence, Scott Raymond of Synergy Dog Training, was consulting with youths one on one. It was a Saturday, so there were two potential future families coming to visit two of the canine POOCH participants. The everyday bustle of maintaining a kennel and training dogs. When Adam Bergin of Oregon Youth Authority, which liaisons with POOCH, pointed out the computer where POOCH youth sign in and out, just like a “real” job, I got the picture: this is a business. According to Dalton, the business feel is intentional. Among myriad skills POOCH participants work on, job skills are an important set. Dalton worries that when youth leave MacLaren they’ll be thrown into a highly-competitive job market. POOCH goes beyond teaching how to train, groom and care for dogs. Dalton and Bergin make sure they add a little spice to computer

The impression, standing amidst hoses spraying, brooms sweeping and the radio playing jazz is a clear picture of the definition of the employment catchphrase, “selfmotivated.”

Any company would be lucky to have them.

Animals pictured are available for adoption. Please visit for info on these and others ready for a forever home.

assignments, like the Christmas cards being designed in Photoshop the day I visited. Seasoned POOCH veteran Ian maintains the database of all dogs that have gone through the program. Youth are also responsible for maintaining their dogs’ files and tracking medical issues. As Dalton puts it, “We hold them to a really high standard.” All these tasks are done in a purposeful buzz of teamwork. The impression, standing amidst hoses spraying, brooms sweeping and the radio playing jazz, is a clear picture of the definition of the employment catchphrase, “selfmotivated.” Any company would be lucky to have them. The doggies’ lives in many ways mirror those of their young human handlers. They usually wind up at POOCH’s door after having been found unadoptable for behavioral reasons. This is a problem every Pooch team member works to solve every day. The handlers work on training using only positive reinforcement — treats and clickers. Equipping their pooch to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test means getting them to eligible standing for adoption.

Turning poorly-behaved dogs — typically due to circumstances, not because they decided to be “bad” dogs — into well-trained model citizens is a Mt. Hood-sized challenge.

Getting incarcerated youth back in high school is like bridging a Grand Canyon-sized chasm. The fact that Dalton tackled both shows guts. But using one to essentially solve

One of 10 finalists for Animal Planet’s 2008 Hero of the Year award. The results of the contest will be announced December 4th. Project POOCH is featured in Willamette Week’s 2008 Give Guide. Get in the spirit of the season by giving through the guide to POOCH or any of the other worthy nonprofits. Details Dave, of Dave’s Killer Bread fame, recently made Project POOCH his “pet” charity. Nov. 21-Dec. 1, Dave is donating HALF of all sales at The Healthy Bread Store to POOCH. Head to 5209 SE International Way in Milwaukie and buy some bread! Samsung, which apparently does more than make slick cell phones, picked up on the POOCH model and, after visiting MacLaren, is now operating its own version in correctional facilities in Korea and Japan.

the other, like filling up the Grand Canyon with the dirt from Mt. Hood, is inspiring genius. To keep kids in the program looking forward, Dalton and Bergin are always finding new ways to challenge them. Youth still attending Lord only work at POOCH part-time. Once graduated they can go full-time, but they don’t spend all their time training dogs. Some take college courses, others work to complete their Pet Care Services Association curriculum so they can get certified as a Level I and II Certified Pet Care Technician. There are always new challenges around the next corner, and it’s apparent: these guys love a good challenge. Sometimes the biggest ones come from their four-legged charges. POOCH sees all kinds of behavior issues in the dogs they get. There’s the usual jumping, barking and aggression issues. Brandon, another POOCH veteran, described a recent, especially challenging case. Annie, an 18-month-old Border Collie mix currently up for adoption, went from a puppy mill through the shelter system. By the time she arrived at POOCH she was extremely timid continued pg 20




Jake Faris • Spot Magazine


arrived at Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Ore. looking forward to seeing the giant hamster ball, part of the “Bolt Across America,” tour by Disney and the ASPCA to raise awareness for animal shelters and Disney’s new animated film, Bolt. So what’s with the giant hamster ball? If you’ve seen the movie or trailers, you get it. Bolt is about a German Shepherd who stars in his own TV show. In the show he has super powers — but because he’s never left the set, he doesn’t real-


ize where special effects end and reality begins. Comedy ensues and friends are made as Bolt ventures out into the world (where there aren’t any special effects). One special friend — a real scene-stealer — is a hamster named Rhino, who often travels in his ball. And that’s how a giant hamster ball came to Sherwood. Traversing America with the giant ball are four “Bolt-ers” — Ted Bean, Tiffany Phillips, Raquel Baldwin and Clayton Ferguson — who serve the dual purpose of ASPCA spokespeople and hamster-ball demonstrators.

Their October stop in She wood was in the homestre of their return to California. while they’d been wheelin one animal shelter to anoth

And that’s how a giant hamster ball came to Sherwood. July, they were still passionately spreading the message in support of shelters — like Oregon’s Cat Adoption Team. The Bolt-ers took turns in the giant ball, eventually inviting me to take a spin. I politely declined, glad to leave sphere-propulsion to hamsters. The location for the promotion — CAT’s gift shop — was perfect for Bolt-er Phillips, who quickly built a pile of toys and treats to take home to her two kitties, Pepper and Nola (rescues, of course). Supporting local shelters was why Team Bolt was at CAT, and Phillips was happy to lead by example. The team is also raising awareness about the ASPCA, which is more familiar to many in other parts of the country. Bolt-er Ferguson says, “It’s a great way to connect so many of the dots.” The line from New York to LA does just that, but there’s more.

film, the great works by CAT, and the ASPCA’s matchmaking program. So, when the other media left after playing with and photographing the giant hamster ball, I asked CAT’s Kathy Covey (the genius behind the Bolt Team visit) for a tour. Led by Ed Pashkin we started with the dedicated ring-worm room. CAT doesn’t believe in euthanizing cats with a curable fungal infection. And while walking among so many homeless beauties is profoundly saddening, at the same time, the dedication at work here inspires hope. The CAT staff’s laser-guided goal is getting as many cats adopted as possible (there are about 250 cats in CAT’s system at any given time). Finally seeing the dots connect brought that great “ahhh” feeling (no other way to describe it). Posted on the door of each kitty condo was a brightly-colored sign describing the adoptable’s personality. The cards are a part of the ASPCA program CAT is test-driving called “Meet Your Match,” and they go way beyond “nice” or “cuddly.” Broken into three main categories with three subcategories each, these descriptions speak to the souls of cat-lovers.

Meet grace Meet spumoni e, there’s TE INVESWorkingg r to keep you and ehold. You may not even know you’re under surveillance. I can vanish into thin air if anyone or anything interferes with my investigation. If you need a cat who knows how to stay out of trouble and will always keep your secrets, I just might take your case.� See? Getting that “ahhh� feeling? Curious about how they assessed each cat’s personality, I was surprised at how much work goes into each 8-step assessment. As a roommate of two cats, I to appreciate how important it is to look past the color of fur and find the purr-fect “feline-ality.�

Spumoni was rescued six months ago from an unfit living situation where his current owners found him malnourished and untreated for worms. Now a healthy and active oneyear-old mini Dachshund, Spumoni enjoys sun bathing (when the sun does decide to come out in rainy Oregon) and chewing on his favorite rawhide. His unique coloring is due to the double dapple gene he possesses, but that one-of-a-kind face is all him! With the curiosity of a cat (but don’t tell him I said that), Spumoni often finds himself in mischief with his older brother, Couper, a six year-old boxer. Nadia Portland, Oregon

Grace Lundgren Hainsworth is an 8-year-old yellow Lab who lives with her family in McMinnville, Oregon. Grace was born with retinal atrophy and began to lose her sight when she was 4. She is blind now but it doesn’t stop her at all. She loves her life with us and her best friend, Yogi the Labrador “Deceiver.� Grace is pictured with her Daddy, Terry. Enjoy! Lisa Hainsworth McMinnville, Ore.







nity portu p O s s e Busin We're looking for an internet savvy business partner or buyer to take part in preserving this important part of Historic Portland. On-line sales will keep this Hawthorne District icon on top!

contact Linda 503-341-1036 SPOT MAGAZINE



Project Pooch

continued from pg 17

— about everything and everyone. Brandon recalled her looking out from her kennel as if saying “hi,” but immediately cowering to the back when he approached. Using consistent positive reinforcement, Brandon and his fellow trainers have slowly coaxed Annie out of her shell. When the youth in POOCH talk about overcoming challenges like finishing high school, completing college credits or getting a dog to perform a difficult trick (which, for dogs like Annie, could be something as simple as confidence), their quiet pride is evident. Though the program has built-in monetary incentives just like real-world jobs, Brandon says, “Even if we got paid canteen cards like the rest of the camp, I’d still come to work.” While pride in his work keeps Brandon coming back, Dalton tries to provide a complete, real-world work experience. They can’t earn a conventional wage, but they can earn. Earnings are put into trust funds, which can be used to pay restitution, child support, or simply kept as savings. Incentives include bonuses for getting a dog adopted (youth receive a portion of the adoption fee), or when they pass the test(s) for Certified Pet Care Technician I or II. Earning through effort and achievement allow the youth to experience both sides of consistent positive reinforcement. While using it to turn unadoptable dogs into model canine citizens, they are directly experiencing positive reinforcement themselves. Talking with these young men it’s clear that between the confidence-building POOCH reward system and their pride in overcoming challenges they have realized some kind of positive change. At the core of the experience is the bond they form with an animal in dire circumstances. As Brandon puts it, “You learn more than just about dogs.” Finding education in almost any activity is Bergin’s specialty. Approaching the kennel area, he points out facility improvements done either completely by or with the help of the youth. They designed the water supply system used daily to clean the kennels. When more kennel space was needed they took their cues from the masonry contractor, working alongside him until the building was done.

Black Velvet & Tuxedo Cats and kittens Dressed for the holidays year-round! Find your well-groomed companion at Multnomah County Animal Services.


Projects like that give the youth important experience in different trades — not all of them aspire to work in the animal field — thus broadening their horizons. At Project POOCH, routine kennel issues or tasks often present learning opportunities. Dalton recalls the time Bergin and the youth built a computer. And the time a veterinarian brought in canine parasite specimens as a kind of science project for the young men. Given the variety of ways kids learn in Project POOCH it isn’t surprising that its grads continue along their path of learning. Ian, who often finds himself caring for greyhounds, is thinking about becoming a Vet Tech. Brandon has earned nearly enough credits for an Associate’s degree — a fact that seems to surprise him. “Honestly, if I hadn’t gotten incarcerated, I wouldn’t have gone to college,” he says. Francis added, “I think it’s a big thing for a lot of us.” What surprised me most about the youth in Project POOCH wasn’t their maturity, their communication skills, or their can-do attitude — although those things impressed me. What surprised me was their positive view on releasing their dogs to adoptive homes after becoming so bonded with them. These guys work daily with their dogs. They meet the dog’s every need, from shelter to food, grooming to health care. In the end, the youth also provide the essential love every creature needs. In a kind of cruel paradox, the bonds develop in the process of helping the dogs become loving, wellbehaved family members — elsewhere. For about a year Andrew was the handler for one of POOCH’s longest canine residents, Gabby. After she was adopted he says he felt “sad but not really sad at the same time.” Brandon described his mixed emotions on adoption day. “It’s hard, but then . . . my feeling of sadness is gone like that because we know it’s not going to be in a kennel all day.” Their honesty in handling what for most would be a very painful separation speaks louder than any statistic. Brandon’s words underscore an important truth about their perspective: these young men, kept apart from society — many for years — truly understand what this separation means — freedom. And with this final, selfless gift they show just how much they’ve changed.



COMPANIONS FOR LIFE 300 cats & kittens looking for forever home, altered, tested, vaccinated, microchipped, indoor, ready to love. Adoption fee $85-$125. M-F: 11-7, Sa-Su 10-6. Cat Adoption Team 503.925.8903 Volunteers welcome. Fosters needed.

LEXIDOG AT 5TH STREET PUBLIC MARKET Features Experienced grooming by Jessica Plante — Let Jess pamper your pup from nose to toes! Call 541-343-5394 for an appointment.



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BOOKKEEPING PET-FRIENDLY BOOKKEEPER in Beaverton! 12120 SW 1st St. (Across from the Beaverton post office) 503.352.4188

DAYCARE See AJ’s K9 Kamp under Boarding THE BED & BISCUIT ON SUNNYSIDE Daycare and overnight stays in my home for dogs over 30# Special needs, meds OK! Lisa 503-658-5737 FOREST PARK BED & BISCUIT Dog daycare, overnights & basic grooming while you wait or play. Private setting in NW PDX, close to Montgomery Park. Call Linda for details 503-768-9932 or 971-570-3646. HOME AWAY FROM HOME The Dog Manor for fun and friendly Doggie Daycare! Your best friend’s home away from home. 503-309-0372 M-F 7-6:30 North Portland WHAT IS YOUR PET DOING ALL DAY? Chewing, Digging, Barking Bored and Missing You. Call A LUCKY DOG. 1-800GO-LUCKY


FOSTER CARE FOSTER PARENTS NEEDED If you would like to be a volunteer foster parent for Other Mothers Animal Rescue, please call 503.452.0465 to request an application. We need dedicated animal lovers to care for pregnant dogs or cats and/or their litters until they can be adopted into permanent homes.Please check us out at, Then call if you can help these precious puppies or kittens. This is a great way to get to cuddle the baby critters without committing to more than 6 or 8 weeks. Other Mothers needs you! 971.321.6858.

GIFTS BIRTHDAYS • THANK YOU GIFTS CHRISTMAS • RINGSIDE SHOW TOTE Our beautiful custom hand made totes are the perfect choice for all your gift giving needs. For the trainer or ringside, garden or car, our durable totes won’t topple, keeping your supplies easily at hand. For fabric and style ideas visit us at or call Beccie Reilly 503-939-4602. Gift certificates available.

GROOMING SCHOOL GROOMING SCHOOL Learn how to be a gentle canine stylist.

Grooming-Dales (Dee)


28 West Q St. #F Springfield (541) 726-PETS (7387) With 30 Years of Quality Care

ORGANIC WHEAT-FREE DOG TREAT RECIPES Send $3 & an SASE to Mrs. Paws at 8056 E Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver WA 98664 .


WALLACE PARK ANIMAL ACUPUNCTURE Complementary integrative pet care for a variety of health concerns. 20 yrs of experience and instructor to veterinarians. On the

dog park in NW Portland. Dr.T. McCormick, LAc 503-810-0755

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1 monday 9am — Adoptable Cats & Kittens from MCAS at Gresham PetsMart daily ‘til 9. Adoption counseling available Tues-Sun 12-4pm. 5pm — Charity Dog Walk Night at Winter Wonderland at PIR. The only night of the year the track is closed to all vehicle traffic and open to pedestrians and dogs only. Get a little exercise while enjoying the fabulous displays. Admission $5/person. Dogs and humans under 15 free. Proceeds benefit The Salvation Army; food donations for The Sunshine Division gladly accepted. 7:30pm — Great Dane Owners Group meetup at Doggie Night at PIR. Join in for a lovely stroll! or vegasrose

3 wednesday 7:50am — Wet Nose Wednesday. Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio. 4pm — Santa Paws Pet Photos at Bridgeport Village to benefit DoveLewis ‘til 9. 6pm — Bone Voyage! Featuring unique holiday gifts, is an evening of “dog-gone artsy fun & fundraising” for the Clackamas County Dog Shelter at Howden Art & Framing, 1512 Washingon St. in Oregon City. Details 503.607.0217 or 503.650.3944. 6:30pm — Reactive Rover class at Oregon Humane Society. Sixweek class focuses on training for reactive dogs. Accommodations for reactive dogs to help them learn and feel comfortable in class while ensuring student safety. Details

4 thursday Noon — DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Group at 1945 NW Pettygrove in Portland. Free; no need to RSVP. Details


6:30pm — OHS Basic Manners Dog Training class. Fun, positive and flexible. Intro Training Class (prerequisite) offered today, Dec. 13 at 2 and Dec. 18 at 6:30. Details 7pm — Service of Remembrance at The Old Church in downtown Portland, 1422 SW 11th Ave. Dignified Pet Services and DoveLewis present an evening of love, healing and family. Together with others who treasure the depth of the human/animal bond, the gathering will light candles in memory of those who will forever live in our hearts. Free; no need to RSVP.

6 saturday • Santa Pet Photos with Cat Adoption Team at Portland-area PetsMart stores. Photos are $9.95 and give CAT a boost. 10am — Holiday Pet Portraits ‘til 3 at All Natural Pet Supply in Hazel Dell and Howl at the Moon in Orchards, both to benefit the Humane Society for SW Washington. Pose with Santa or a holiday backdrop. 12 photos on CD for $25. Howl at the Moon also will offer low-cost microchipping. Details 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330 AM radio. Chip helps you help your pets live long, healthy, happy lives. 10am — Pet Pictures with Santa ‘til 3 at Cornelius Veterinary Clinic, 1280 No. Adair in Cornelius. This year presenting “Teddy Bear Santa,” a set complete with oldfashioned Santa surrounded by toys & decorations. $20/2 prints, a goody bag & raffle entry. Proceeds benefit the Missy Gundry Fund to benefit needy cats & dogs. Details 503.357.2525. 11am — Save the Pets of Eugene is holding its Home for the Holidays adoption campaign every weekend this month, 11-3, at Johnson Bros. Greenhouses, 91444 Coburg Rd. This year’s goal is finding homes for 250 animals.

In addition to adoptions, every Saturday will feature special events & activities. Details 541.484.1649, ext. 2 or 541.337.2157. 11am — Holiday Pet Portraits at LexiDog in Eugene’s 5th Street Market to benefit Greenhill today ‘til 3 and tomorrow 11-3. Lexi staff will lend a hand with portraits of pets, pets & their people, or entire families. Great for gifts, holiday cards, or just to treasure. $20; all proceeds benefit Greenhill. Details 541.689.1503 or 343.9354. 11am — OHS Adoption Outreach at PetsMart in Tigard ‘til 3 and at Furever Pets, 1902 NE Broadway in Portland, noon-4. 11am — Winter Tail Pet Photos with Animal Aid at Western Pet Supply in Beaverton ‘til 3. Details 503.292.6628 or Noon — Saturday Show & Tell ‘til 4 at Animal Aid, 5335 SW 42nd Ave (south of Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy). Weekday visiting hours 11-4. Details 503.292.6628 or 1pm — Photos with Santa at Doggy Delight in Hillsboro ‘til 4. Details 503.644.0747. 2pm — Ask a Trainer at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. Certified Dog Trainer Nancy Yamin, owner of Mutts Better, chats with visitors every first Saturday about basic obedience & behavior modification. Bring your dogs and your questions — free.

7 sunday • Santa Pet Photos with Cat Adoption Team at Portland-area PetsMart stores. Photos are $9.95 and give CAT a boost. 10am — Holiday Pet Portraits ‘til 3 at All Natural Pet Supply in Hazel Dell and Howl at the Moon in Orchards, both to benefit the Humane Society for SW Washington. Pose with Santa or a holiday backdrop. 12 photos on CD for $25. Howl at the Moon also will offer low-cost microchipping. Details 11am — Holiday Pet Portraits at LexiDog in Eugene’s 5th Street Market to benefit Greenhill today ‘til 3 and tomorrow 11-3. Lexi staff

will lend a hand with portraits of pets, pets & their people, or entire families. Great for gifts, holiday cards, or just to treasure. $20; all proceeds benefit Greenhill. Details 541.689.1503 or 343.9354. Noon — The Cat Food Bank is open ‘til 2:30 at Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood. Help provide cat food for owners in financial need. Details 1pm — 1st Sunday Dane Romp (off leash) at either Normandale or Ross Park in Vancouver. Details 3pm — Holiday Charity Benefit for Newberg Animal Shelter Friends. Gourmet hors d’ oeuvers & wine at Hunters Ridge Grill in Sherwood. Details newberganimalshelter

10 wednesday 7:50am — Wet Nose Wednesday. Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio. 4pm — Santa Paws Pet Photos at Bridgeport Village to benefit DoveLewis ‘til 9.

11 thursday 9am — DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Group at 1945 NW Pettygrove in Portland. Free; no need to RSVP. Details

12 friday 3pm — Christmas Gathering at Petopia in Milwaukie ‘til 7 featuring wine & cheese tastings, pet nail trims, holiday photos (call to schedule), acupressure & reiki treatments for dogs, a demo by Evangers, and samplings from Bone-Jour Bakery. Details 503.607.0111.

13 saturday • Home for the Holidays Adoption Discount Days at CAT in Sherwood through Dec 21. Because a shelter is no place to spend the holidays, grant a kitty’s wish to be home for Christmas. $25 off adoption fees for an adult; $50 off for pairs. Details • Michael Allen Harrison benefit concert at The Old Church Church,

1422 SW 11th in Portland. A memorable evening of holiday music & celebration of the conclusion of DoveLewis’s 35th anniversary year. Details/RSVP • Santa Pet Photos at Portland-area PetsMart stores. Have your pet’s (dog, cat, rabbit, rodent) photo taken with Santa for $9.95 & give CAT a $5 boost. 9am — New Volunteer Orientation at the MCAS shelter in Troutdale. Details 503.988.6254 or ann.d.pott 10am — Adoption Outreach with MCAS at Lake Oswego Petco ‘til noon. Test drive a sweet adoptable; the Red Lizard Running club will be taking them for a jog. 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330 AM radio. Chip helps you help your pets live long, healthy, happy lives. 10am — Salty’s Dog & Cat Shop’s grand opening of its new location, 8119 SE Stark Ave. in Portland ‘til 6pm. Special discounts, giveaways & product demos. Photos with Santa noon-3; proceeds benefit MCAS (who is accepting pet food donations during the event). Call to schedule photos: 503.445.9449. 11am — OHS Adoption Outreach at Wolf to Woof at the World Forestry Center ‘til 4. 11am — Pet Caricatures by Sam Arneson at Howl at the Moon in Vancouver ‘til 5. Last chance to get a caricature by Sam (see samples on the website) in time for Xmas cards. Cost $20 (plus tax) for each pet/person. Details 11am — Volunteer/Foster Care Orientation at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. Noon — Adoption Outreach with CAT at Portland-area PetsMart stores ‘til 4. Details Noon — Holiday Party at Paws for a Cause, 345 E Columbia River Hwy in Troutdale ‘til 4. Photos with Santa Paws, bobbing for tennis balls, costume contest & more. Details Read all about it pg 8. Noon — Looking for Some Bunny to Love? One is looking for you! Meet them, and their wonderful Rabbit Advocates, at Western Pet Supply in Beaverton ‘til 3. The Advocates are devoted to

rabbit rescue & welfare. Their events are fun, informative — even beautifying! They’ll clip your bunny’s nails too! (Donations appreciated.) Details Noon — Photos with Santa at Salty’s Dog and Cat Shop, 8119 SE Stark in Portland ‘til 3 to benefit MCAS. RSVP to 503.445.9449. Noon — Saturday Show & Tell ‘til 4 at Animal Aid in Portland. Weekday visiting hours 11-4. Details 2pm — Vendor & Practitioner Fair at Whole Foods Market in Hillsboro ‘til 6. Samplings of great foods & emerging therapies.

14 sunday Noon — Photos with Santa at Kiehl’s, 712 NW 23rd in Portland to benefit MCAS. 1pm — 2nd Sunday Dane Romp (off leash) at the winter park of Gabriel Park. Details 1pm — Photos with Santa at Doggy Delight in Hillsboro ‘til 4. Details 503.644.0747. 7pm — Memorial Art Community Workshop with DoveLewis at 1945 NW Pettygrove, Families Welcome 1-2:30, adults (ages 16 & up) 3-4:30. Enid Traisman, MSW facilitates workshops offered the 2nd Sunday of every month, each with an opportunity to create something unique to take home. Free but you must RSVP:

15 monday 7pm — DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Group at 1945 NW Pettygrove in Portland. Free; no need to RSVP. Details

7pm — DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Group at 10564 SE Washington in Portland. Free; no need to RSVP. Details

18 thursday 7pm — DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Group at 1945 NW Pettygrove in Portland. Free; no need to RSVP. Details

20 saturday • Santa Pet Photos at Portland-area PetsMart stores. Have your pet’s (dog, cat, rabbit, rodent) photo taken with Santa for $9.95 & give CAT a $5 boost. 10am — Adoptable Pets from Animal Aid at Western Pet Supply in Beaverton ‘til 2. Details 503.292.6628 or 10am — Great Dane Walkabout (leashed activity) at Powell Butte. Details 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330 AM radio. Chip helps you help your pets live long, healthy, happy lives. 11am — OHS Adoption Outreach at LexiDog in the Pearl ‘til 3. Noon — Adoption Outreach with CAT at Portland-area PetsMart stores ‘til 4. Details Noon — Saturday Show & Tell ‘til 4 at Animal Aid. Weekday visiting hours 11-4. Details

21 sunday 1pm — 3rd Sunday Dane Romp (off leash) at North Clackamas Park. Details

24 wednesday 7:50am — Wet Nose Wednesday. Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio.

26 friday • Home for the Holidays Adoption Year-End Discount Days. In an effort to get them home for the holidays, CAT is offering special discounts on adoption.

27 saturday 10am — Mountain Dog Meetup at Fernhill Park in NE Portland. 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on KKPZ, 1330 AM radio. Noon — Adoption Outreach with CAT at Portland-area PetsMart stores ‘til 4. Details Noon — Saturday Show & Tell ‘til 4 at Animal Aid. Weekday visiting hours 11-4. Details

28 sunday 1pm — 4th Sunday Dane Romp (off leash) at Hazeldale Park. Details

31 wednesday 7:50am — Wet Nose Wednesday. Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio. 6pm — Yappy Hour New Year’s Celebration at Urban Wineworks in the Pearl. A casual gathering for those wishing to celebrate the New Year with friends both human and canine. Details

16 tuesday 6pm — Basic Massage with Heal NW at Pearl Animal Hospital in Portland. Signup at the clinic ‘til day of class. Heal provides dog beds & take-home info; you provide $40 & your dog. Details

17 wednesday 7:50am — Wet Nose Wednesday. Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio. 4pm — Santa Paws Pet Photos at Bridgeport Village to benefit DoveLewis ‘til 9.

Dec 4, 2008: Robert Highland on helping fathers to be the best they can be while respecting motherhood. Dec 11, 2008: Naomi Smith on trying to get her husband help for an anger problem without getting her marriage broken up by the anger therapists. Dec 18, 2008: Joe Tabor, chair of the Oregon Libertarian Party, on holding all government bureaucracies accountable. Dec 25, 2008: The Christmas songs of Irish Celtic Music Band, Darby O’Gill, bring in the holidays.

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December 2008 - Spot Magazine  
December 2008 - Spot Magazine  

Everything Pet in the Northwest!